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Soren could tell by the look on Aether's face that she wasn't really up for the this task. She was still hungover and to see her laying on the couch, he knew the feeling. His eyes went to hers and then he thought about completing this mission with LUke. If he could just help them out already, that would be so much easier.

He stood up and equipped his jacket and beanie. IT was cold outside so they needed to bundle up again. He watched Aether put on his scarf and beanie again, making him smile as he helped her outside to see if she could at least walk straight.

When LUke said he'd do it on his own, he shook his head and followed onto the sled. Luke decided to do his own thing, but Soren didn't think that he should. It wasn't like they knew where the hunters were anyway. How were they supposed to find them?

He turned into a wolf, making Soren roll his eyes as he glanced away. He did not want to see that. When they followed him into the snow, he saw another wolf jumping on top of Luke, seeing them fight. He didn't know who it was, but he stopped the sled, moving towards Aether to make sure she was safe. He had his sword on easy equip just in case.

WHen Luke managed to change the other wolf back, Soren saw that it was a girl. HE quickly glanced away and then he saw Aether rush over to cover her with a jacket. He stayed back letting Aether wrap her in clothes and then he walked over when she was clothed [b [#F78F18 "This is Emma? Can she stay human? Can we take her home?"]] he wondered, looking to LUke who was butt naked and then standing there before them. Soren threw him some pants and a jacket from his tablet and made sure that Aether's eyes were closed.

[b [#F78F18 "If we have Emma, can you take us to the hunter's?"]] he asked, wanting to help them all end this.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 36d 16h 26m 13s
She was not up to the task. Her head hurt, she felt dizzy and all she wanted to do was lay down, but there was clearly a time restraint on this mission and she wanted to complete it, and just be done with it. Aether had a frown, but she got up on her feet, put on her jacket, and beanie and scarf. She dragged her feet out with the two guys and wished Luke could just do this himself so she could have time to catch up on homework and rest.
"I could do with less people," Luke mumbled.
Aether roleld her eyes and and she turned her AI into a wolf. She kissed the top of his head before allowing Soren to attach her AI to the sled. Where were the ygoing to go?

"I'm not sure. Acutally, you know what, you two will slow me done. Let me find Emma myself, and you can go after the Hunters," Luke smiled, wanting to escape these two and do his own thing.

Ara groaned "No. You'll vanish off and this quest will become longer."
LUke rolled his eyes, "I'm turning into a wolf, follow along if you can." The second Luke began stripping down his clothes, her jaw dropped and she turned her back on him right away. When she grabbed a glimpse, thinking that he might be done, she saw him seconds away from fully shifting and it looked brutal. Ara winced thinking about how much it might hurt to shift into that. Ah, hell no. She had a weird face the wholte time he shifted. Luke in wolf form began looking around and then the ends of his fur raised and he growled at direction. Just as Aether turned to look at her side, another wolf began leaping ontop of Luke.
Ara backed up and saw them fight it out.

Wait. Was there a chance that that was Emma? Luke thrashed the other wolf far. Then he ran toward the wolf and pressed a paw on the top of the wolf. The wolf than shifted, into a brown haired naked girl. Ara's jaw dropped and she covered her eyes quickly at the nuditity. Nope. Nope. She did not want to see that. But wait. Someone had to give that girl some clothes! Definitely not Luke or Soren. She pulled out her AI again and searched her inventory for extra clothes and ran up to the nude girl. Luke was just staring in wolf form.

"Look away!" Aether frowned and helped the girl into a long zipped jacket at least. Luke shifted back behind Aether and began putting his clothes back on, "That's Emma." He said, "Looks like one problem is solved."
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He didn't want her risking herself in a place like the bar. The bar was a horrible place to be when you were drunk with no friends. He didn't like the idea of babysitting drunk people, but it was Aether's first time and he had a feeling it would end up like that. His eyes peeked up at her and saw her and LUke talking. Aether had the diary in her bag and he did manage to bring it back. He didn't forget how important that piece of blackmail was.

LUke once again was being of no use at all. They needed to find Emma, but no one knew where she was except him. Now they had to wait for a full moon too? HE didn't really get it, but he'd trust LUke to at least find Emma. That meant they needed to find her today for LUke's sake. [b [#F78F18 "Okay you can find her today, but are you two up for the task? You're both hungover and I don't know how well you'll do out there today"]] he sighed, seeing Aether looking tired.

[b [#F78F18 "Well if LUke does this today, the better"]] he looked over at Luke's suggestion and he didn't want to part from Aether. IF was killed or if she was hurt, he didn't want to risk losing her again. He shook his head [b [#F78F18 "We're either both going or we're not going. YOu need to go today, so we'll all go"]] he told the two, seeing them going back and forth. Aether made a point...he did attack him on his arm. It was almost healed, it just had a few scabs left, but it really did hurt.

He waited for Aether to get dressed before he stepped outside and started loading the sled with some supplies. He turned his tablet back into a wolf and attached him to the reigns. When they were ready, Luke sat in the sled and they attached AEther's wolf as well.

[b [#F78F18 "So where are we headed. Into the woods? OR where would Emma even hide if she can't go home nor to your place. WHere would she want to be when her body is freaking out. Wouldn't she seek help from others like her...or maybe go to you?"]] he asked LUke, wanting to know if they had a way of even tracing her down.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 37d 16h 22m 34s
[b [#00cca3 "Agreed." ]] Aether released a nervous laugh. She never wanted to behave like that around Soren again. She did not want him to stop liking her.
Luke nodded, "Yea, you can say that. Yea, but you will give my mom's diary after this all, right?" He raised a brow and mostly was looking at Aether.
Aether nodded, and then thought about it. She frowned and realized something. Did Soren bring her bag while she was knocked out? The diary was in there... Her eyes shifted to Luke for a second. Nope, she would definitely ask Soren privately if he brought her bag over, or else they couldn't blackmail Luke to stick around.

"I have no clue," Luke ruffled his hair, "Yea, we do. I can talk to her in wolf form, mentally but, she won't respond. Although, when it hits a full moon, I can track her down. The problem with that is, Emma is new to the whole wolf thing and might kill someone or get killed by a hunter before I find her. So, if tomorrow is a full moon, I have to find her today."

As Aether listened to what Luke had to say, she closed her eyes. She massaged her head and really didn't want to budge. She wanted to lay down and do nothing until this headache came into an end. Aether let her head fall on the sofa arm. She kicked her feet up on the sofa and entirely ignored Luke. [b [#00cca3 "Can we rest? My head really hurts, and I got some homework." ]] She frowned and then took a peak seeing Soren grabbing his jacket and beanie.

She should get up. If it was as serious as Luke said, she needed to get up. She had a frown and sat up.

"Me and you could go, and leave her here," Luke met Soren's eyes, wondering if that was a good idea. Aether narrowed her eyes at him, "You'll try to hurt Soren." ]]
"No. I won't." Luke rolled his eyes.
[b [#00cca3 "You hurt him before." ]]
"Not directly. I never attacked him or bit him."
[b [#00cca3 "You got others to attack him." ]]
"Still wasn't me."
[b [#00cca3 "Still counts."]] Aether got up on her feet and really didn't want to get up but she wasn't about to risk Soren.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 37d 20h 37m 11s
He did remember LUke wanting to just shit all over the place out in the open. His mind really was set on him being a wolf. If only he could somehow answer all of their questions so that they could move on and solve this case. He looked over at Aether and laughed a little as she spoke. He probably spent a lot of time as a wolf, so there was no surprise that he'd actually think he was using the bathroom in the right place.

He didn't want Aether remembering anything about LUke and his boxers....but when Luke spoke, he shoved his shoulder and just rolled his eyes. He was being such an asshole, just like every other AI guy that was attracted to a girl. It made him wonder though....could him and Aether turn into wolves?

[b [#F78F18 "That's a good idea. No more alcohol for you"]] he sat beside her on the couch and set his plate down. He asked Luke more questions and was surprised to hear the answer. [b [#F78F18 "So there's another enemy pack? We need to solve this quick and you're going to help us"]] he told LUke, knowing that the blackmail was definitely working.

He liked Aether's idea and thought that maybe they should help out Luke so that he would help them out more. [b [#F78F18 "Okay, we'll find Emma. Do you have any idea where she could be? Like do you have pack senses or something because if she's near, we can definitely get to her"]] he told Luke, his teal eyes moving back to Aether. He could tell she looked really tired. [b [#F78F18 "Are you up for this Aether? Or should we rest for a while until the headache goes down?"]] he didn't like seeing her feeling horrible and he sure didn't want to put any strain on her.

He cleaned up the dishes and then he started equipping his jacket, beanie and scarf if they were going to be heading out soon.
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She vaguely remembered Luke wanting to shit in the bar. Aether squinted her eyes, and tilted her head. There was a sense of panic, and she recalled seeing Luke's blue boxers. A laugh burst out of her lips [b [#00cca3 "Wow! Did your wolf brain think it's the wilderness? Do you shit outside?" ]]
"No..." Luke gave a long frown and, narrowed his eyes at her, scoffing, "I don't remember any of that. He's probably lying."

[b [#00cca3 "I sort of do remember," ]] Aether smirked, "I remember seeing your boxers."
"Oh, did you see anything else?" He smirked right back.
[b [#00cca3 "No. I don't remember seeing anything else." ]]She shrugged and set her plate in front of her for a moment. She sure didn't lie the effect alcohol had on her. It was best to be avoiding that, and this new found headache. Aether shook her head, [b [#00cca3 "No, I'm just going to stay away from getting to that point ever again. I didn't know that would do that to me." ]] She pulled up her knees up on the sofa and tried to think a bit, but her headache was doing a great job to make it difficult. She didn't know if she trusted what Luke was saying or not.

Luke's head rolled to the side, meeting Soren's eyes, "Don't you think if I knew where they were, I would have done something by now? My step-father isn't involved the last time I checked. He's just a sad old man that misses my mother, and likes to hunt, but it's mostly rabbits. The only wolf he killed wasn't part of my pack."

Aether pulled up her tablet and she noticed some homework needed to be done. Ah, she really didn't want to do that either, but she definitely needed to make time for it today. She opened up the file and read through it for a moment, but picked up what Luke was saying. "So, is there another pack running around?" ]]

"Why should I tell you?" Luke shook his head.
[b [#00cca3 "Because you moron, we want to help solve this conflict about the people going missing, and the missing people are from your pack. So, common sense says, we want to help not kill you, so it would be kind of you not to tell your pack to kills us either. Deal?" ]] Aether watched him from the corner of his eyes.

He frowned, and wasn't sure if she was even telling the truth, but he could care less about anyone not in his pack. "Yea, there is another pack, but there was another pack, but I thought we got rid of them but they're not entirely gone. They were the ones that killed others."

A smile lifted on her lips. Soren thought she was right. Maybe he thought she wasn't that dumb after all. Luke said nothing about getting anybody's consent, and just pretended he didn't hear that part.

Luke grabbed a look at Soren, "I'll help but only because It's in my interest. Although, I need to find Emma first, and then I'll help."

Aether groaned, [b [#00cca3 "Emma is going to take a long time to find." ]] But it seemed like Luke was right. They should find her first.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 38d 7h 42m 12s
He stepped out of the room and when he heard the two arguing, he wondered what was going on. Soren peeked out to see her hiding her face in her hands and he looked really confused. Wait what? He remembered what they did last night, but it was nothing more than closely hugging. They've hugged that close before. IT was closer than usual, but he didn't want to make it seem like he phased. It made him really happy that he got to hold her tight, but at the same time, he wondered if she thought it wasn't right. Did she remember?

SHe didn't think they did anything more and he smiled up at her as he handed them each a plate of food. Soren sat down and he took a few bites, thinking about why he needed the full moon and trying to get more information out of him. Luckily he was being cooperative a little before he stopped talking.

[b [#F78F18 "It's okay Aether. I wanted to bring you both back safely. I mean Luke was going to go to the bathroom at the bar! You were so out of it"]] he rolled his eyes and then he saw her laughing at the beating up LUke part. IT was actually really funny because she really was winning. She could definitely hold her own.

[b [#F78F18 "Yes no more drinks. If you do drink, at least have someone who is perfectly sober to be there too"]] he then talked to Aether about Luke and what was going and when he said that he was helping her, he really didn't know if he was telling the truth or not.

The more she spoke, the more Soren felt like she was right. [b [#F78F18 "So if the hunters are making them disappear, isn't your father involved. You know where they are don't you Luke?"]] he asked, seeing his tablet chime. He saw the uncompleted quest and was relieved to know that the alpha quest was over. They didn't have to kill him.

[b [#F78F18 "I think Aether's right. We should at least find them and try and make peace. Otherwise, the disappearances will continue and you'll keep turning more people into wolves. I really do hope you at least get their consent before turning them into wolves"]] he sighed softly and then he looked back at Luke. [b [#F78F18 "So are you going to help? Or are we going to have to burn that journal, maybe even share some pictures of you trying to shit on the ground, exposing your wolf secret to the town?"]] he asked him, wanting a straight answer from him.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 38d 16h 23m 8s
How could Luke blurt that out loud? She hid her face in her hands for a moment. Soren heard... Did he remember? That they had their bodies against each other last night? She couldn't believe it. She refused to look at him, and then he spoke while handing her the food.

Hugged? That was just called hugging? Well, now she felt stupid. But wait. If that wasn't the limit... There was more!? She locked her lips for a second and then released a laugh, [b [#00cca3 "I didn't think we did. I was just messing around with Luke." ]] Hopefully, he believed it. If...if the limit wasn't pressing up against someone else like that, with almost no clothes, what was it? Maybe she should read a bit of it after all.

Aether kept her head low, as she ate, hearing him converse with Luke for a bit.
"Yes, but it makes me stronger and has strong affects on new members," He shrugged and then glanced at Aether he was happily eating her food. She was still wishing for something to kill her headache, and wished that they stopped talking so loud but she really didn't have much energy to talk that much, but she had to apologize.

[b [#00cca3 "I behaved weirdly, and you had to drag me back here." ]] Then she frowned, setting her fork down, [b [#00cca3 "You knew it would happen? There was? I don't remember that part." ]] Then a gentle laugh escaped her, [b [#00cca3 "I do remember that. That was fun." ]]

"That wasn't fun," Luke narrowed his eyes at her.
Aether scoffed and nodded, "No more drinks is right. I don't like feeling dizzy and not in control. Oh yea, we still have to do that." She nodded and was nearly done the food that Soren provided her. Luke was looking back at the two and rolled his eyes. He didn't want to talk. Why was he even here not trying to get out? This was a perfect time-oh but his headache. He didn't want to try anything right now.

Aether's eyes widened a the lat bit she heard about killing him. [b [#00cca3 "Why? We don't know everything yet Soren. ]]

"I am right here." Luke frowned, not hearing the last bit about killing him, "And for the last time, I am not holding Emma hostage. She's a new wolf, and has no control. I was helping her by tying her up so she won't hurt anybody. That's all I'm going to say, so leave it alone."
Aether turned her head, "So...did you turn Emma?"
He shrugged.
"You did, didn't you?" She slapped his shoulder.
"I never said I did!"
"Well you never said you didn't," Aether sighed and slouched into the sofa and wondered, [b [#00cca3 "So, are all the missing people wolves then? Than...that means people who are hunting them down are the ones causing the disappearances. Ahh, don't tell me this is one of those 'make peace' between two separate groups is it? I'm not very good at those." ]] It was too damn early in the morning to focus on this. She just wanted to eat more and rest. She opened up her tablet quickly and saw that that they had a next step to the mission.

Find the Alpha. [+green Cleared. ]
Find the hunters hideout. [b Uncompleted ]

[b [#00cca3 "It can wait." ]] She turned her AI into a bunny and hugged him.
"Now will you let me go?" Luke groaned.
[b [#00cca3 "No. You're going to help us find where the hunters are and we'll have a nice little civilized chat and resolve this issue between your pack and them." ]] Seemed like the right move. She looked up at Soren, but her eyes traveled to his chest. How she pressed against him. What was she going to say to him again? She cleared her throat, [b [#00cca3 "What do you think?" ]]
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When she slept beside him, it still shocked Soren to see her so close to his body. He saw her asking more questions and he just wanted her to sleep. [b [#F78F18 "So you can relax. Your head is probably going to be hurting tomorrow"]] he told her, seeing her cling onto him. Soren was still new to this whole thing, but he did like holding her. SHe was so warm and tiny. She fit into his embrace well and he liked the feeling of knowing she was safe here.

He slept peacefully until morning when he felt the cold brush over his skin. His eyes opened and he saw that Aether was no longer beside him. WHere'd she go? He slowly got up and out of bed, walking towards the sound of the argument. When he stepped outside into his living room, he looked at the two, seeing them looking so surprised. Soren saw her freeze and then Luke talked about this 'sex' business and bad deeds....the limit? HE was a little confused, but when he looked at Aether, he wondered what he meant.

[b [#F78F18 "The limit? Aether we didn't do anything last night. We just hugged"]] he told her, handing them both a plate of food that would help with the hangover. His eyes peeked up to see her eating and Soren just ate quietly until he heard Luke. [b [#F78F18 "What do you need a full moon for? Can't you just transform instantly?"]] he wondered, soon looking back at Aether.

[b [#F78F18 "Why are you sorry? It's okay. I knew it would happen. YOu've never been to a place like that, so don't worry about it. I'm just glad to bring you back here safely. There were a lot of guys that found you attractive...even this guy. Good thing you practically beat him up"]] he laughed, remembering how she kicked him and wanted to fight him off more. Maybe she would've been fine if he left her alone to fend for herself.

[b [#F78F18 "Still, no more drinks for a while. At least not too much. We still have to figure out what's going on with LUke and his family. WHy he's holding Emma hostage and his father trying to hunt them. We have to kill him too"]] he whispered that last part because it was a part of the quest they needed to finish.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 39d 16h 51m 29s
His words came out in jumbles, but she still nodded her head. Aether cuddled into the darkness and warmth that Soren provided, asking him questions, while she closed her eyes. His fingers stroking her hair lulled her to sleep. [b [#00cca3 "But whyyy," ]] She whispered and clung onto him for the night. It didn't take long before she drifted off into her dreams.

Soren... This darkness and hard body was Sorens'. Her heart began pumping blood to her cheeks, coloring her face in red. She fell, she crawled and successfully escaped. Luke told her the most shocking thing she's ever heard. She learned a new word. She had that option to learn what the limit was but she never did look at it. She never wanted to read about it. She just didn't want to know. So...she thought what they did was it.

Soren came in. Her body froze. She stared at his face, then his body. She pressed against that. She did that. She should have never, ever done that. Great, he definitely thought something was wrong with her.

"We're talking about how you and Aether had sex, did the bad deed, test the limit. The last two are her words, not mine." Luke blurted it out, but halfway Aether covered his mouth and felt her whole world crash around her. Maybe Soren didn't understand what Luke said.

[b [#00cca3 "Well, I'm fine." ]]She shrugged. No she was not. She couldn't recall her head ever hurting this much. She slouched back into the sofa, and could confirm that she didn't really feel like moving, and everything was a bit too loud. Her eyes fell onto the food and it looked pretty good. [b [#00cca3 "Thank you."]] There was sweet silence soon after. She ate what Soren drew her and so did Luke. Luke's eyes were half open, and he had no energy to put up a fight or leave. Wasn't he supposed to steal the book? Oh yea. He should do that...soon.

"We weren't fighting. She was freaking out about-" Luke began and once more he had his mouth covered. He narrowed her eyes at her. When Aether released her hand, he decided to keep quiet about it. "It's nothing." Aether said.
"Does anyone know when the next full moon is coming?" Luke mumbled.
Aether shrugged. Not bothering to ask why right now because she just wanted to eat. Instead, she frowned, [b [#00cca3 "Soren, I'm sorry for what happened last night. I didn't know that those drinks could do that to me. That wasn't my usual behaviour. I promise." ]]
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 39d 20h 13m 20s
HE laid beside her, listening to her words and then he laughed a little. She made him smile because he knew she was just out of it. [b [#F78F18 "I've been in your position before. I know what it's like to feel drunk, but it's worse when no one is there to help you"]] he told her, seeing her trying to focus on his words, but couldn't. HE ended up smiling and brushing his fingers through her hair for a little while.

[b [#F78F18 "I like patting your head. Now no more questions, you just go to sleep"]] he told her, holding her against his chest and then trying to fall asleep as well, but it was hard with Aether so close and gripping so tightly. His eyes looked down at her, seeing her already half asleep and decided that she would be okay as long as she was here.

Soon enough, Soren soon passed out as well for the night, tired and exhausted from bringing those two drunks home. He slept peacefully until morning when he opened his eyes and no one was there beside him. HE clearly remembered Aether snuggled up to him so tightly....what happened?

HE looked across the bed and then he slowly stood up, feeling so cold when the sheets were off. He heard some talking in the living room and rubbed his eyes, stepping outside as he saw Luke and Aether arguing so early in the morning.

He approached the two [b [#F78F18 "What are you two talking about? You're so loud"]] he stretched his arms up into the air and then he could tell that Luke had a headache so Aether probably did too. [b [#F78F18 "Are you okay Aether? Do you have a"]] he called his tablet over, turning her back into a screen. He made them some eggs, potatoes and bacon, then handing a plate to Luke and Aether. [b [#F78F18 "Greasy foods help. Try some"]] he told them and then he sat down on the couch, changing into something warmer. HE equipped a sweater and pants and then he laid back a little. [b [#F78F18 "What's going on? Why were you fighting?"]]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 40d 7h 35m 11s
She held her dress down, not wanting to take anything off and definitely not wanting to test anything. Soren laid down beside her and her fingers instantly went to feel his hair through her fingers. [b [#00cca3 "How? can you read my mind?" ]] Her eyes widened because she was definitely dizzy, and didn't really get what he was saying at the moment.

She felt that there was a good chance that he was mad at her. Aether had a long frown that lit up when he said he wasn't mad. [b [#00cca3 "It was my fault, not yours." ]] Soren pat the top of her head and she wrapped her arms around him. "Why do you pat my head?" She whispered, her words still slurred. She smiled to herself at the mention of him liking her hair. "Kay, I'll sleep," Aether mumbled and closed her eyes, her body press against him.

Soren's body was so warm, and strong. She was too tired, too dizzy to be nervous or pay much attention to his arms wrapping around her too. Her eyelids fell and her breathing became even, slipping slowly away to sleep. She couldn't remember falling asleep in someone's arms like this. She felt hands touching her skin but she didn't care so much and it sort of nice. Did he say something? [b [#00cca3 "Hmmm..." ]] Was her response but meant 'yes.' She fell asleep, the last thing she remembered was feeling his hand stroke her back.

The next time her eyes opened, she was facing darkness with a spec of light peaking at the corner of her right eye. It was still night? What was she holding onto. She felt something against her body and it was odd. She lifted her head slightly and saw she pressed her face into Soren, and her body. Her eyes widened, and slowly she was realizing. She was only wearing a dress and she pressed against Soren! Super close! There was barely any clothes to separate them. Oh no. Her face burned, and she felt him against her chest, and even her legs was close to him, and his arm around her. Oh no.

She backed up. Her body heating up at the fact that she had a lot of contact with Soren. Oh no, no no... She moved back while watching a sleeping Soren, and end up falling off the bed. [b [#00cca3 "Ah!" ]] She fell on her ass. She covered her mouth and felt so embarrassed. How did this happen? And then she remembered. Oh hell no. They tested the limit! That had to be limit. She couldn't imagine what else it could be. It was practically the limit. Their bodies were touching. She crawled away slowly to the door to escape and pretend like it never happened. She leaned up turned the knob and continued to crawl out of the room, and then slowly shut it.

Luke had just woken up, feeling like shit and saw Aether slowly getting up from her crawling.
"No, no stay down. Oww." He had the worst headache ever.
"Fuck off and why?" Aether shouted, and then covered her mouth again. She didn't want to wake up Soren. She began searching for her AI, and then she developed a headache. She groaned and had to sit down on the sofa. Then she realized where her AI was. She grabbed her arm bracelet and turned him into a tablet to change her clothes.

"You had a good time with Soren?" Luke spoke quietly.
[b [#00cca3 "We tested the limit," ]] Aether whispered in horror.
"What's a limit?" Luke stared back at her.
[b [#00cca3 "The limit." ]] Aether repeated, [b [#00cca3 "You know. The bad deed." ]]
"What's the bad deed?"
[b [#00cca3 "You knowwww, the stuff people who like each other do." ]]
Aether's eyes popped, [b [#00cca3 "That's what that's called!" ]] Her jaw dropped. She learned a new word. She covered her mouth again realizing that she was being too loud again.
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He saw her laying back and let out a deep sigh. Finally they were able to just relax for once. At least Soren could. It eased his mind knowing that Aether was in bed and Luke was passed out in the living room. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked through his tablet to cook something in case they woke up or were hungry. He drew some french fries and chicken nuggets on the kitchen counter and then he felt her head on his back.

Soren couldn't believe that she wanted to take off her who knows what! But still, he wasn't going to do anything to her when she was drunk at all. He wasn't going to resort to Luke's level. Then she said she didn't want to do that with him and he rubbed the back of his head....really? He was hoping maybe one day they'd see what that limit thing was, but he didn't let it bother him too much.

He laid down beside her [b [#F78F18 "So you're more comfortable. I know how dizzy it could feel"]] he admitted, seeing her run her fingers through his hair. [b [#F78F18 "I'm not mad Aether. You just drank too much and I should have been more careful. It was your first time at a place like that in my kind of world"]] he frowned and then he patted her head, his hand doing the same, running his fingers through her red hair, feeling how soft it was against his fingertips for the first time.

[b [#F78F18 "You do? I really like your hair too Aether"]] he saw her slap herself and he was in shock. He held her hand and put it at her side [b [#F78F18 "You will after you get some sleep. Just try and relax"]] he told her, seeing her lean in. Soren's cheeks burned up a deep red and then he looked down at her curiously. She was so warm, but she was so close. Soren held his breath and then wondered if she'd get mad. He leaned in as well, his arms moving around her waist to hug her, running his fingers up her back gently, realizing that it was bare...[i [#F78F18 Damn....bad idea....maybe she won't...]] he thought, looking down to see her pressed up against his chest. He could feel her curves on him as well, making him really hot.

He couldn't believe he was holding her this close right now. It felt amazing. [b [#F78F18 "Are you okay Aether?"]] he let his finger move down over her dress this time instead of touching her skin. He rubbed her back gently, trying to make her fall asleep. Soren had a smile on his lips. He was really happy to be holding her safe and sound like this. He managed to bring her back here safely at least.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 40d 17h 48m 6s
When her head rested on a pillow her ruby eyes opened to Soren above her view. His amazing hair, his lips and how his clothes hugged his skin. He was above her in a dark bedroom. Her legs pressed together and she stuck out her hands. He's seen a girl before but she didn't wanna do that! "To-to take off my..." She mumbled shyly, tugging down her dress that had rolled up slightly and he left.

That wasn't the end though. She smashed her cheek against his back and said thing she didn't know what she was saying. Rejected - twice. Still, she couldn't help but take a deep breath in relief. "Oh that's good. I really, really, really don't wanna do that with you," she nervously laughed. She meant anyone though. She didn't even know what the limit really was.

Aether had her fingers in his hair when he faced her suddenly. "Why lie down?" She frowned, but she was a bit dizzy but how would he know that! She yelped when he put her over his shoulder and then on the bed. She looked up at Soren and her cheeks were so red. He got in bed and she watched him remove his tie carefully.

"Mmm, I don't want to test anything." She said wondering if he had changed his mind all the sudden since he was in bed with her. But Soren turned his AI back into a tie and spoke to her about her request to touch his hair. He seemed upset or something.She pouted, "Are you mad at me? Im sorry." She didn't know what she was sorry for. She felt the blanket over her body still wrapped around her tight dress. She touched his hair anyway, "I like your hair, I like a lot." She put her hand away trying to gain thought back to not upset him. Soren was cool and attractive and then there she was slurring her words and saying stupid things. She slapped her forehead and groaned. "I don't feel great." She whispered and looked up at his eyes. He felt so close. She leaned in and snuggled into Soren, her body against him, not thinking much besides she wanted some comfort and wanted to feel better.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 40d 18h 1m 38s
He didn't think that Aether would actually drink all of that if she knew what it did to her body. He sighed softly, knowing he'd have to deal with all of this later. He took the drink and gave it to Luke, letting him drink it all so that he could expose his secrets more, while he kept an arm around Aether because he knew she was going to just start wandering off in her own little world since she was buzzing.

Luke killed his father? Did Emma a favor? He was confused and none of it really made sense because why would he want to stay with his step father if he was trying to hunt them all down? But why is he keeping Emma? He saw him trying to take a dump and Soren just brought him into the bathroom before making sure Aether was okay.

The two were hard to keep an eye on, but he had to take care of them somehow. He managed them get them both home, practically dragging Luke, while he brought Aether inside. He tossed Luke onto the couch and then he brought Aether to the room, doing his best to lay her down without looking beneath her dress.

[b [#F78F18 "Ready? Ready for what?"]] he looked confused. He walked off, but then he heard her voice and then felt her pressed up against his back. This would not have been good if all three of them were intoxicated. [b [#F78F18 "Test the limit? What? No...Aether, you're drunk. We're not doing any of that"]] he told her, seeing her mind wander.

Then she started asking him such random questions and it was making him so confused. [b [#F78F18 "My hair?"]] he spoke. Too late. He felt her hands in his hair and then he turned around to face her. [b [#F78F18 "No, you should lie down before you do anything else"]] he brought her to the bed again, lifting her over his shoulder and then laying her back down. He climbed into bed beside her, loosening his tie and letting his tablet turn back into a wolf to guard outside. He laid beside her [b [#F78F18 "You can touch my hair all you want. Just stay here okay. No more wandering around, just relax"]] he tried to tell her, facing her as he laid down. His teal eyes were on her red ones, seeing her still in her revealing dress that started to slip down.

Soren pulled the blanket over her and then he just sighed tiredly. These two really were too much to deal with. Next time he wouldn't make such a suggestion unless they both decided not to drink.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 40d 18h 47m 18s

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