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Soren was sitting back with a blanket underneath him and a basket. The emotions swept in one wave. [i So kind. ] She made way for him and lowered herself down feeling a gentle breeze pass by. She raised a laugh and shook her head, “I am… But I’ll be up and running in an hour.” ] She leaned back, using her arms to carry her weight behind her, stretching her legs out. Her eyes fell onto him. [i Fearless. ]

[b “I did?” ] Her ruby eyes shimmered [b “I didn’t…look afraid at any point did I?” ] She mumbled, not wanting her emotions to give her away. She titled her head and leaned more to vie what was in the bag he opened up. Chicken and fries! [b “Aww Soren, thank you. These are one my favorite food.” ] She took a fry he offered her. Salty and tasted like a potato. She took another one from him and poked his lips with it and ate it herself and then grabbed another one and gave it to him this time as he spoke.

[b “I’m glad… I don’t want to get fired.” ] She drew out a breath and took a a crispy fried chicken. Soren sweetly kissed her cheek. She munched on the chicken and saw him licking his lips. This was his favorite food for sure. [b “Mmm… I remember that. I wish we spent longer as kids together. But at leats we get to now. These are really good,” ] She ate away and thought about the memory. Laying on the floor and feeling so full.

[b “Hmm, you are talking about when we were kids right?” ] She wasn’t sure since there was still holes in her memory. Aether’s attention fell on his eyes, [b “Can I…” ] She looked at his lips and wasn’t sure if she should finish it and just shook her head, whispering ‘never mind’ under her breath.

[b “I wonder if this is what families like. Always being around for each other.” ] She smiled to herself, because ever since they’ve met again, she’s seen him every day.
  Aether / Ravenity / 66d 2h 21m 29s
He did want to come watch her see her do her stunts. He always thought Aether was really fearless, so seeing her be able to do those jumps, flips, dodging, and moving around was incredible. He watched in the crowd, seeing her come in to replace the actor, but when she looked hesitant as she jumped out of that balcony, Soren felt worried.

He went too see how she was doing, but when he followed her, she disappeared. Soren sent her a text and hoped she'd be fine. To cheer her up, he set up a small picnic with food in the park nearby. He sat down and watched the kids play in the playground, others were walking their pets, some robots testing out the holographic park.

He saw her approaching him and then he smiled [b "It's okay. I just wanted to have lunch. You must be tired from doing all of those stunts. You looked so incredible....fearless"] he said, so proud of her. [b "I brought us some lunch. Your favorite"] he opened up the bag and revealed some fried chicken and the fries to her. He sat beside her and then he offered her a fry [b "It went great. The director seemed really pleased, so don't worry about it"] he brushed her hair back and then he leaned in to kiss her cheek, hoping to calm her down and assure her she did fine. [b "Here, just eat up and rest for a bit"] he smiled, taking out his portion and biting into the crispy fried chicken, licking his lips. [b "Mmm, it's really good. It reminds me of when we ate together a long time ago at the party in Wonderland"]
  ellocalypse / 66d 20h 41m 3s
The height was daunting and it made her sick. She kept telling herself that she could do this, that this wouldn’t end the same. Yet, her fear didn’t listen, so she went to do it and leapt from the height and landed safely. She took a step away from it all. As she stayed in the restroom she got a notification. She took a peak at it and hoped that he couldn’t tell. That she was afraid. [i ‘I’m okay. Just needed to take a break.’ ] She hit reply and she got another one just as she hit send.

[i I’m safe. Yea, I should be. I think,’ ] She sighed to herself, hoping she didn’t make a fool of herself. She came back out and did a few more stunts, leaping over obstacles-even fake shooting which she had to reshoot two times. After all that, it hit lunch time and some of the cast asked if she wanted to go lunch with them. Aether would gently smiled, and thanked them, but [b “I promised my boyfriend I’d go with him.” ]

Since they’d get only an hour, she didn’t see the point of changing out of her clothes in the meantime. She saw a notification and smiled when Soren sent a location. She hoped on her cycle and arrived there safely. She saw him with a blanket, there was grass and it felt peaceful. She was in awe for what he did. She came toward him, [b “Hey, you’re so thoughtful Soren.” ] She looked down at her outfit, she only removed the wig, the black slim outfit she kept on, [b “Sorry, I have to go back in an hour and don’t feel bothered to change.” ] She sat down with him and saw bags that must have had food. [b “What’s in there?” ]

She poked his shoulder. [b “I’m really hungry… How did your job go by the way? And…do you think I did okay?” ] Her forehead drew lines. She watched him and wanted to kiss him but after jumping off that height, she felt it was best not to take the chance of overthinking his reactions right at this moment. Maybe once she calmed down a little bit more.
  Ravenity / 67d 37m 46s
She had him smiling with how warm her lips were against his. He knew she was probably still sleeping, but it still felt really nice to have someone to wake up to. He saw the look on her face when she opened her eyes and he smiled, getting dressed and then heading over to his place through the teleporter.

Soren made her food and ate beside her, wanting to come watch and see her in action. He knew she'd look really cool doing stunts too. He wanted to see if he could make her day better, so he offered to have lunch. He decided to leave a little later than her, letting her head off first.

He dressed up and then he took his bike into town to the place Aether said she'd be going to. He walked towards the crowd and looked around curiously. He ended up seeing her in a black outfit, making him keep his eyes on hers. [b "Oh wow, she looks so cool"] he spoke and then he saw her having to jump off of the balcony. This was what he was talking about. What if Aether got hurt? What if they didn't care about her?

He frowned, watching her hesitate. When she headed off, Soren gasped, hoping she was okay. He ended up seeing her get up and leave the set. Was she okay? [i "Are you okay Aether?"] he asked, knowing she must have knew he was watching.

[i "I just want to make sure you're safe. Do you think you'll be free for lunch soon?"] he asked, deciding to do some hacking jobs for a while as well. He'd meet up with a man that would have two or three jobs set up. He paid a decent amount too, so Soren would help him out and then he would decide on a place to eat for lunch. He knew how much Aether loved nature, so he went to pick them up some fried chicken and fries. He grabbed a large blanket and went towards one of the parks. Maybe AEther would enjoy a little picnic break. He sent her the location of where he was at when she was free.
  ellocalypse / 67d 18h 4m 28s
She noticed something soft on her lips, moving. She response and fell asleep, and woke up again. She felt really good waking up to him. She looked at him while he looked out into the window, [b “Mmm, yea it is a nice view.” ] She smiled. Then-her AI gave her a wakeup call. She got up quickly, got dressed, and got to his home to get some food.
[b “You think so?” ] She chewed and still felt a bit nervous doing those stunts today. She lifted a smile [b “You can come watch…I think. Alright,” ] She really hoped she didn’t mess up in front of Soren. He said he could do his job there too-somehow. She nodded, liking the idea of him texting her every hour. [b “We could have lunch.” ] She was slowing down and then he told her to hurry up. She ate quickly and then laughed [b “I can’t be late.” ] She shook her head.

[b “Are you coming with me?” ] She raised a brow. She head downstairs and brought her cycle. She would put on the helmet and drive away toward the shooting place. When she got there, it was instantly getting back into the costume. All Aether understood was it was some action movie. She end up a form fitting black outfit. She waited for a while, watching the actors and actresses perform.

Then it was her turn. Although…she had to go to the fifth floor balcony…and they told her to jump down onto that cushion below. She stared down at the height and felt scared. She still remembered falling off that building when she was young. Her heart was racing. She would keep looking down and then at the people around waiting for her to do it. She didn’t want to do this… It was safe, at least, they had something catch her below but, it still scared her.

She looked out, wandering if Soren was there. She didn’t want to chicken out, but she felt sick to her stomach staring. Eventually, she was told to hurry it up.
[i I can’t lose this job.” ] She took a deep breath. [i Just jump, it’ll be over before you know it.” ] She nodded to herself and ‘fell’ off the edge backwards. She closed her eyes doing it, waiting for it to over. She landed safely, feeling the impact. Her heart was racing. After that, she went to hide in the restroom by a place nearby, trembling a little. She just needed to shake it off. She did with Soren, using the parachute. She eventually managed to calm herself down and would return.
  Ravenity / 68d 3h 4m 2s
She really was all over the place when it came to sleeping. She rolled all over the bed and sometimes it would wake up Soren in the middle of the night, but then he felt really warm so he'd fall back asleep quickly. He heard her in the morning asking for kisses and he wasn't exactly sure if she was awake, but he wanted to kiss her.

He leaned in and then he pressed his lips against hers softly, kissing her a few times until he saw her eyes open to look at him. His hair was a bit messy, but he liked watching her wake up. She looked so relaxed and when he heard her and saw her sweet smile, he grinned [b "Me too"] he slowly got out of bed and he looked out the window, stretching out as he smirked. [b "This really is a great view. You can see the sun shining"] he said happily.

He heard her AI and then he quickly headed to his house, really glad that he built the teleporter in her house. Soren quickly made breakfast, changing into some jeans and a shirt as he set the plates at the breakfast bar. HE sat beside her and began eating. [b "You'll do great. You're a natural at doing all of those stunts. Do you want me to be there today? I'm curious to come watch"] he suggested, looking back at her. [b "From there I can pick up some hacking jobs, so no worries"] he did like to see her in action.

[b "I'll text you every hour if you want. Or even if you want to have lunch?"] he smiled, wanting to spend as much time with her as he could. He was just really happy she wasn't mad at him anymore. [b "Eat up! You're going to be late"] he told her, finishing up his pancakes and then he said he'd meet her there later.
  ellocalypse / 68d 23h 28m 10s
She was really sung in him. She rolled in her sleep, tangled herself in the bedsheets, kicked them around, rolled closer to Soren, and then rolled away again. She couldn’t stay still in her sleep. She mumbled something as she half opeed her eyes. Amidst her sleep, she heard Soren’s soft voice reply to her. “Gimmie lots of kissed then…” She mumbled, driftin

Aether felt snug pressed up to his body heat. She tossed, turned, tangled herself in the besheets, rolled and she slowly half opened her eyes, mumbling under her breath while she dreamt with her eyes half open. Admist her sleep, she heard Soren’s soft reply.
“Gimmie lots kisses then…” She mumbled in a whisper, her mind falling into the dream, feeling soft lips on hers. She smiled in her sleep and snuggled in. A few minutes in, she opened her eyes and woke. Soren was in bed with her, looking good as usual. She lifted a smile, “Good, because I like sleeping beside you.” She yawned softly. She wandered if he had his arm around her the entire night. Probably not. She didn’t want to get up yet. But, her AI gave her a reminder.

She definitely had to get ready. She shot up and realized, she had nothing to eat here. Again…depending on Soren but she needed food. “Okay!” She yelled out and fell…that wasn’t embarrassing. Soren helped her up. He must think she was clumsy and she definitely wasn’t! She changed into suitable clothing, suitable as in not in her PJ’s, she stuck with high waist shorts and a blue top. She had to get in costume later anyway. She rushed over to Soren and he helped them get to his home.

Soren was already picking out something. She sat down and saw him coming in with breakfast. She grinned and looked back at him, “Thank you!” She felt so happy, that Soren made her breakfast and she had a job. She ate it all up, and felt a little worried she would be late. She felt the butterflies in her stomach and frowned…she felt pretty nervous. “What if…I don’t do good this time,” She sighed, and lifted her eyes up to him, “I’ll be gone for awhile. What will you do?” She wanted him to be safe, and…well, she decided she trusted him. “Promise me you’ll message me a lot.”
  Ravenity / 69d 44m 47s
He really did love her kisses, so when she spoke, it made it sound like she didn't believe him. That made him really sad. Soren just thought that maybe she didn't want to be near him anymore and that's why he offered to leave for the night. Then she said other things too and now he was really confused.

He decided to stay with her in bed, his arms around her as he felt her snuggle in. He slept more peacefully because he felt like he was really glad that she allowed him to be there. That meant she wanted him there. Soon enough, he woke in the morning, feeling cold again. Aether was always in some weird position with all of the blankets. He was slowly getting used to it, but he pulled her in and took some blanket with him.

When he saw her wake, he met her ruby eyes and then he heard her voice. [b "You do. You're cute"] he leaned in and then he kissed her lips, smiling because she didn't seem upset with him at all. He then watched her slowly wake up and realized that she wasn't really up yet. He smiled when she said good morning. [b "Morning. Yeah, I slept fine. It's really warm and I like sleeping beside you"] he admitted and then he kept his arms around her, wanting to stay in longer too.

When her AI came over and brought up that she had a job, he forgot about that too. [b "Oh you're right. Okay, let's use the teleporter and go back to my place and I'll make breakfast. You focus on getting ready"] he smiled and then he saw her trip. He helped her up and then he walked with her towards the teleporter. He turned it on and selected his house through his AI. He then stepped through and then he appeared in his living room.

He walked over to his kitchen and grabbed some packets. He picked out a pancake packet and some sausages. He set it in the oven and made two plates, setting it on the breakfast bar with some orange juice. [b "Aether, Breakfast is ready"] he said happily.
  ellocalypse / 69d 20h 28m 3s
Aether frowned. Kiss him again and doubt if he wanted to in the first place? She pouted to herself and continued to hide. She thought he left but, she felt the movement on her bed and his arms wrapped around her. She peeked out and rested her head onto his chest. She fell asleep within seconds of him brushing her hair back.

She had her arms stretched out as she slept,. She felt like tugging and gripped onto the sheets, cuddling into the bed for a while. She started to roll off but something pulled her back. She groaned and felt something against her back. She tried to roll over it, but failed. Aether slowly opened her eyes, and had turned to face him. She stared for a good long while, trying to really wake up. She wiped her eyes and stared back at Soren. Was that Soren in front of her? Yea, it was. “I deserve kisses,” She mumbled to herself, half asleep, wrapped up in a dream.

She closed her eyes again and drifted off back asleep for another five minutes. She would open her eyes once more and he was still there. She yawned and looked back at him. What was he…doing in her…oh! Her eyes slightly widened, [b “Morning.” ] She said and then lightly smiled. She felt really happy he slept with her. She yawned once more, [b “Soren…did you sleep okay?” ] She asked, her eyes kept on flickering open and close. She tried to sit up, but felt a little joy in her that Soren stayed in bed with her, and hugged her. She lay back down and snuggled into him because she liked the feeling, [b “Just a little longer…” ] She whispered.

Soon her AI jumped ontop of her head and squeaked ‘You have a job!’
Her eyes widened and she sat up, [b “Ah! I forgot. I have to be there in two hours.” ] She looked at Soren, [b “Let’s go have breakfast okay!?” ] She tried to climb down the bed, but her foot was tangled in the sheets and she fell onto the ground. [b “Ow!” ] She got back up but blushed because she felt embarrassed [b “You didn’t see that.” ] She mumbled, [b “And…thank you.” ] For staying with her last night. She fumbled onto her new kitchen and narrowed her eyes at it and realized, she didn't have anything to use to make food. [b "I think we have to go to your place..." ]
  Ravenity / 70d 2h 8m 35s
He showed her what else was in this world, how there were many different races meeting in one place. That was one thing about Avalon, they accepted everything and anything no matter how weird it was.

They got back home and Aether seemed like she was upset at him. Soren didn't get it at first until she spoke. He just got a little embarrassed by the kiss and didn't know how to act at that one moment. He didn't mean to make her feel this way. Was she overthinking things? He didn't mean to make her sad like this.

[b "You can kiss me whenever you want"] he tried to tell her, but nothing he was doing seemed to be working. HE took in a deep breath and climbed in, his arm wrapping around her. Sometimes he thought she was going to push him away, but he didn't want to leave her side.

He tried to close his eyes, but when he felt the bed shifting, he looked down at Aether and felt her head on top of his chest. He smiled and nodded, brushing her hair back as he soon fell asleep with her.

In the morning, he didn't want to move. They havent slept in the same bed in a while, so it was really warm. SOren snuggled more into her, seeing she took the sheets again. HE tug some over to his side and faced her, laughing a little because she was almost falling off the bed. HE pulled her back into the center and pressed up against her back, not wanting to get out yet.
  ellocalypse / 70d 10h 14m 36s
It amazed her that there really were aliens in this world. She felt it would definitely rude to go up to one and ask about them. Maybe there were some information she could find about them in her tablet.

They got back and she flew off the edge when he asked her if she was okay with it for the millionth time. At least it felt like it. Aether hid away, tears bundling up in her eyes, white sheets over her head. Who was to tell he was just saying that? His excuse was lame, “We kissed like a day ago. How is that in a while? I guess I can’t kiss you when I want to, can I? Only when you want to,” ] She mumbled, feeling upset about that. He said he enjoyed it but when she looked back to his face she thought he looked indifferent about it.
Soren hugged her but he would move away again. She stood quiet and tried to close her eyes. She just wanted to fall asleep and wake up the next day and feel better. She felt the bed shift the weight once more and then she was pulled into a hug. It was warm and she liked it, not being alone here and having him stay with her like she wanted. She whipped her eyes underneath the sheets.

She rolled to her side and slid the sheets down slightly, and rested her head against the top of his chest. “I don’t want you to ever leave me alone.” She whispered. She wrapped her arms around him too and closed her eyes. She started to fall asleep into him, feeling a lot more at ease.
  Ravenity / 70d 12h 59m 55s
He shook his head and knew there was a diverse amount of people here in Avalon. [b "Yeah there's a lot of different types of people here"] he showed her one of the aliens and then they finished dinner and decided to head back home.

He led the way back to her house, entering her home and following her lead. He didn't want to just do whatever he wanted since it wasn't his own home. He walked with her up to her bedroom and then he wanted to ask if it was really okay for him to sleep beside her. [b "I did like it that's just that we haven't really done anything in a while, so it just surprised me. Believe me. I really enjoy your kisses"] he wanted her know that.

Soren tried to hug her, stay with her for a while, but he was scared she was going to push him away again. He slowly pulled back and then he asked again if it was better for him to stay on the couch....or if she was really mad at him, he'd go home. She said she wanted to be near him, so that meant...she wanted him to sleep beside her?

He took a leap and then he climbed into bed beside her. He knew that if he just moved into a place for the first time, he didn't want to be alone, but that was something they were just used to. He pulled her into a hug again and just hoped she didn't push him away. Soren laid beside her and just snuggled in [b "Okay, I won't leave you alone then"] he whispered.
  ellocalypse / 70d 20h 43m 19s
"I thought they were just weird robots." She couldn't believe it. Aliens. She wondered how they behaved, if they were really different. She felt curious but didnt want to flood Soren with a bunch of questions either. Soren lead the way, thankfully because she hadn't had a clue how to get back from where they were. She could always look at the map though...

They stood in her room and she felt the emotions overwhelm her. She didnt understand what was going up in his mind. Why he did the things he did. She hid herself under the blanket, feeling that he may be embarrassed by her because she didnt know how to fit in this world or plenty of other reasons. She heard him say but she didnt know if he meant it. "It didn't seem like you liked it that much..." she felt movement in the bed and she stood still, curled up into herself.

She found arms around her and she liked that warmth and comfort. She was still upset but she liked it. He apologized for letting that drug get to him. She understood that it wasnt his fault. It just made her feel like she was being used. She didnt think she looked at him like she didnt want to be near him but what did she know about what faces she made at what time. "I want to be near you... you dont need to ask me hundreds of times if I do," she whispered, just not sex yet.

He pulled back away and suggested sleeping on the sofa or going away. Her chest felt heavy. She didnt know what he wanted at all. "I dont want to be alone, but do whatever you want." She gripped on the sheets tighter and wiped her eyes. All she wanted was to be close to him-not naked but just close but she couldn't speak anymore. She wanted to be in bed and fall asleep with him. She sniffled and figured he'd choose to go away. She would close her eyes and try to fall asleep but it was hard when she was sad and just couldn't.
  Ravenity / 70d 23h 8m 24s
When she disappeared from his hands more than twice, he didn't want it to happen again, especially if it was just for a job. He had enough money saved to support the two of them if he had to and he could do his job from home. They'd be safe and Aether wouldn't have to do any life threatening things. [b "I don't want to lose you either"] he admitted and then he continued to finish up the food.

[b "Yeah there are aliens here. It's mostly just one race, you've seen them before. THey have a pale green skin and usually have a lot of body markings"] he told her, glancing around the restaurant and seeing one. They looked just like humans, but with green skin. After they ate, Soren paid for the food and headed outside towards his cycle, leading them home so that Aether didn't have to look at a map or anything. He drove slow so she could keep up the pace.

Once they arrived at her house, he headed up to her room, seeing the one bed. He only asked her if she wanted him there just in case because he didn't want to cause any trouble. If she really wasn't comfortable with him, she'd tell him and he could just stay on the couch. He heard her reply and her voice was suddenly raised.

Soren just looked at her a bit confused and when she spoke. Was that bothering her? He walked over towards the bed [b "What are you talking about Aether? I liked the kiss. It just caught me a little off guard, but I liked it. I like it when you kiss me"] he sighed, walking over and then he climbed onto the bed, his arms hugging her from behind.

[b "I'm really sorry for the bathroom thing...someone put something in your drink and I wanted to help you. I really didn't mean it and it upsets me that I caused all of that. You look at me sometimes like you don't want to be near I always just want to be sure it's okay. It has nothing to do with anything you did"] he frowned, getting upset himself now.

He pulled back and then he let her stay on the bed because he didn't know if she wanted him to even hug her. Soren frowned sadly and then he sighed [b "I....I'll take the couch if that's okay with you then....or if you'd rather be alone tonight...I can use the teleporter"]
  ellocalypse / 70d 23h 41m 39s
She remembered her first death and the second one was coming back pretty well. She choose to have her first time with him before he vanished away. Aether met his eyes "I won't, I would never risk separating. I dont want to he alone again..." she whispered quietly. Soren felt real and for some reason a lot didnt. She ate her burger and for Avalon, it was pretty damn good. She couldn't exactly find burgers easily where she usually stayed there. She kept munching and then she realized...heat, she forgot heat.

"I definitely need heat. Yea, blankets could work for tonight. Does it get cold in this world?" She asked and took another bite of her burger. Her eyes widened and she stopped chewing for a moment. "Aliens! Theres aliens here? What do they look like?" she would look around wondering if she could spot one. She couldn't believe there was aliens in this world.

She went for it, gave him a kiss because she felt thankful for his gift and felt happy but... she didnt get the reaction she thought. He didnt say anything more and she felt like she did something wrong. She tried to forget about it and took the cycle home. She put her cycle in her inventory and it kept crawling back in hear head. Maybe he suddenly didnt like kissing her... Maybe he was embarrassed  by her being with him. Getting a job probably made no difference. Maybe he didnt want to be together anymore. She sat on the sofa first and got distracted with her own thoughts.

There was a long pause before she replied, snapping out of it. "Okay, bed time." She felt worn, maybe that's why she was thinking all these things. She climbed up the stairs with him and changed into a t-shirt and short shorts.

He asked her a question that for some reason made her tip of the edge. "I wouldn't ask you to come here if I wasn't okay,.  Why are you asking? Because you dont want to sleep in the same bed with me? Fine don't. Who needs you. You can embarrass me by doing it in a dirty bathroom but I cant even kiss you when I want to without  you looking at me weird or like I shouldn't." She nearly cried. She crawled into her new bed and put the bedsheets over her head. She tried really hard not to cry.
  Ravenity / 71d 9m 43s

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