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He put on the helmet and when she was getting into that virtual reality game, it made him laugh when she started chopping and figuring out the game when she could. He watched her and he'd try to catch her when she would drop or fall back. Soren helped her up and then he took off the helmet. He nodded [b "Yeah, it's getting late. Let's just relax and then tomorrow we'll go shopping"] he saw her dress up in cute clothes and Soren grinned. [b "That outfit fits this world too!"] he smiled and then he used his AI to change into sweat pants and a sweater with the planet Saturn on it.

He saw her AI change and then he did the same, walking towards the bedroom when he remembered the movie. [b "Oh you're right!"] he walked over and took a seat with her. He let his AI turn back into a human and then she brought over some popcorn before turning back into a bunny and sitting on Soren's lap.

[b "What do you want to see?"] he looked through the movies and when she picked out a show, he scooted closer to her and then he smiled [b "Oooh I used to watch this a lot. It's really good"] he told her, taking a few bites of popcorn and then he would wrap his arm around her waist slowly as he watched.
  ellocalypse / 25d 2h 36m 35s
She end up trying that helmet think and ended up being surprised by it. It was so weird. That animal startled her. She tried to hit him but it wasn't exactly working. She decided she had a bit too much fun she end up falling on her ass-thankfully on the sofa. She took it off and and then she laughed and blushed, [b "Yea, I think I should. It's getting late." ] She took her AI and changed into a black t-shirt with a cupcake picture and a pair of red short shorts and knee high socks. [b "It was fun." ] She smiled big.

She yawned and watched her AI turn into a bunny again, landing in her hands. She snuggled him and let him rest on her shoulder. She looked back at Soren [b "Are we going to head for bed?" ] She raised a brow and stretched out her arms and then sat back down on the sofa, one leg underneath the other, [b "I wanted to watch something or at least fall asleep to one I'll stay here for a bit, if you want you can watch with me." ] She hardly ever watched movies, since she spend most of her time in world that didn't even have TV screens.

She first ran off to grab a pillow from the room he gave to her and went back down on the sofa, and hugged the pillow as she tried to figure out how to put on a movie, it was...pretty difficult. She figured it out and put on Naruto because it looked interesting. This world did have it's perks. It seemed like she could watch anything here. Definitely a kid's cartoon. She usually liked these sort of things, and stayed away from adult content unless it was just some violence.
  Ravenity / 26d 3h 16m 58s
He knew that it was all new to her, but he still wanted her to buy something if she wanted it. He grinned up at her and then he admitted that he enjoyed her depending on him. What he could say? He really liked her and wanted her to enjoy staying with him.

Soren pulled out his virtual reality helmet and then he let her wear it. [b "It's really cool. You should try it later"] he told her, playing with her for a while until they finished up the game. He laughed at her half kangaroo bit and then he was glad that she enjoyed the indoors with him. At least she admitted to liking something with him.

When he helped her put on the helmet, he started the game and then he let her play for a while. She was in the kitchen and Soren was watching her on the screen. He saw her get up and then he smirked a little, seeing her chopping up some vegetables. He laughed and then he could see her falling back. Soren directed her towards the couch, his hands on her waist and then he sat her down.

[b "It's okay, he's just sneaking some food. You have to catch him with your hands"] he told her and then he helped her take off the helmet. [b "Was it fun?"] he asked, seeing that her dress was getting a little messed up. [b "Maybe you should change first and get ready for bed"] he suggested, seeing her sleeve had come off. He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a little embarrassed.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 26d 21h 1m 45s
Aether shrugged and bit down her lip [b "I don't think I know what half the things here are, but alright." ] She never thought about depending on him, because she's always depended on herself and just a bit on her AI. It was weird. She was sitting down with him and playing these games she's never seen before. It was a lot of fun, finding herself laughing and enjoying it. [b "Virtual reality? What's that?" ] She raised a brow as he tried to explain it [b "I kind of like doing it real time though." ] She played more around with him and then finally understood why his character was moving so weirdly.

[b "Oh! Why didn't you say so?" ] She laughed and kept jumping around [b "Yes, half human, half kangaroo." ] She made her character roll around. [b is. I never realized how fun it is to stay indoors." ] She looked up and noticed something he had done and he was looking at her confused. Maybe he didn't do it by purpose. [b "Nevermind..." ] She whispered and grinned when he said she was picking up well [b "Thanks." ] She sat up when he wanted to go grab his helmet.

She stared at the helmet, wondering why would she wear a helmet indoors. [b "This is a game?" ] She stared at it and she end up putting the helmet on and soon enough was in some cooking game, and she got to slice things. [b "Whoa! Soren this looks so real!" ] She got up on her feet as if it would help and just slicing virtual fruit. [b "Ah, I got it! Oh shoot, I didn't chop it right." ] She frowned and would jump to reach something that was tossed at her. [b "I don't think I'm too good at this one." ] And then she accidently took a step too far back and end up tripping back and sitting back down on the sofa [b "Whoops. This game is kind of dangerous." ] She looked around, wanting to Soren [b "Soren, how do I see you now? Do I have to take the helmet off and then she yelped, getting startled by an animal character. [b "What the hell Racoon!? ] She tried to whack it's face but her arm would just go through it like a ghost.

Aether was still in her dress and was only realizing now, that it was becoming difficult to play a game like this in a dress but it was only for a short moment, so it didn't matter too much.
  Aether / Ravenity / 27d 1h 11m 25s
He wondered if she meant that she didn't need anything else because the only reason was that he was here. He smiled [b "Well if you see something you're interested or like, just let me know"] he did want her to depend on him and need him. It was a feeling he really did enjoy but never got enough of. If Aether needed him, that was all he really wanted.

He explained to her how the games in this world differed from others. [b "There's even virtual reality games...I have that too if you want to try it. I like playing that sometimes too. It's less dangerous than doing it in real time"] he told her. As they sat down and played, he chased after her with his character and then he would laugh. [b "I got poisoned. I can't help it"] he laughed, seeing her jumping around. [b "You're like a kangaroo"] he teased and then he asked if she wanted to try the virtual reality.

[b "I'm glad you like the games at least. We can enjoy them indoors and not have to go anywhere late at night. It's nice"] he looked down at her when she spoke. [b "Tease?"] he looked a little confused and then he saw the time. [b "You're doing well for the first time. You pick things up easily"] he grinned and then he went into one of his cabinets and pulled out a helmet. [b "Here this game is pretty fun"] he told her, putting on the virtual cooking game and handing her the controllers.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 27d 19h 37m 52s
Aether nodded quickly and then frowned [b "I don't know if I need anything else in this world. I'm not famaliar with it." ] She was glad to know that she needed something to pay easier. She couldn't understand why having her lean onto him was a good thing. Maybe, it was just because Soren was the first she's met that was like her. Aether lightly smiled [b "Alright, I don't exactly get it but I accept it." ]

[b "Hundreds, that's a lot of games." ] She couldn't recall the last time she touched a game that wasn't with Soren. She sat down with him, noticing little things he was doing, but got lost in the game and had some fun playing around with him. It was funny to see his character move in weird ways. [b "What are you doing Soren! Your character looks like he's drunk." ] She laughed She made her character roll and jump everywhere, dodging every single time.

She never expected to like games this much. The games really were the best. [b "Really, that's what you like the most? I think I like the games and you the most here." ] She stared at the characters [b "I wonder what it's like to be those characters." ] She sighed and then looked up at him, seeing him holding the controller and saw his unbuttoned shirt [b "What a tease." ] She whispered but still loud enough to be heard. She smiled to herself and looked back at the game, defeating the enemies with him.

She glanced at the time [b "Ah, it's already eleven? I thought it was still nine. I was having so much fun..." ] She smiled and then smirked to see her score [b "I'm pretty good aren't I?" ] She peaked up at him, wondering if she read the score wrong and she wasn't doing too good afterall.
  Aether / Ravenity / 28d 3h 58m 51s
He wanted her to really enjoy this world and to be more comfortable here. It wasn't fair that she wasn't happy because she wasn't fitting in. He'd do whatever he could to make sure she was okay. He saw her smile and he was glad he could at least make her happy. [b "Okay, we'll do some shopping tomorrow and figure out what you need or if you want anything in specific. Just let me know Aether"] he talked to her about the cabin and when he said she was cute and he liked how she depended on him, he frowned a little.

[b "You already depend on yourself. I like that about you already. I just like it too when you lean on me sometimes"] he admitted and then he held her hand, walking with her to his car. They made it back home soon enough and then he led her inside [b "The games here are much more advanced. The controller is smaller, the console is pretty much attached to the TV and I can choose from hundreds of games"] he told her, taking a seat on the couch.

He unbuttoned two buttons down his shirt to breath a little easier and then he relaxed, seeing her sit beside him. He gave her a controller and let her test it out, figuring out the controls and then he told her what to do and they were out and about in the world.

He saw her move onto his lap and then he smiled, wanting to brush his fingers through her hair, but he didn't know if her could. It was distracting him that she was on his lap though, making his character move and wabble around sometimes not knowing where to go.

[b "There are. Life is easy here as long as you have the money. I mostly like the technology and the cool vehicles and the clean streets. Everything is so efficient and fast"] he told her, letting his character chase after her own.
  ellocalypse / 28d 18h 53m 10s
She felt really glad that Soren was helping her to try to get more comfortable with this world. She wanted to be able to pay for her own stuff, and understand and how things worked. [b "Thank you Soren. I'd like that." ] They were sitting on the bench and she learned something new. She didn't get how he would ever find being clueless cute. It wasn't a 'cute' thing. Aether frowned [b "Why? Wouldn't you like it more if I depended on myself?" ] He mentioned the cabin and couldn't help but think that there was a reason he wanted to go there so quickly. She didn't fit in, and he tried to dismiss it and he did it really convincingly.

Aether wasn't a hundred percent sure but she would take what he said. She nodded [b "Alright." ] He held her hand and they stepped into the hovercraft again, it was much warmer inside. [b "What are the ones here like?" ] She raised a brow and let him drive them back. She continued to peak out the window until they arrived. She stepped inside his home again, it was much warmer and cozier.

Aether smiled and nodded [b "Okay." ] She sat down with him and watched what he was selecting. She didn't have a clue how to really play. [b "Me too. I think you did." ] She giggled and took the controller [b "So...Soren, how do I play?" ] She took instruction from him and got used to it a lot faster than she thought she would. It was so weird being able to sit down and do things that she could actually do without moving in a faster amount of time. She had fun with it, and imagined really doing all of this with Soren. She eventually started resting her head on his lap and playing sideways which didn't work to well but it sure was funny. [b "There really are good things about this world." ] She added.
  Aether / Ravenity / 29d 23h 28m 51s
He nodded his head because he agreed that if he could get her something that would make her life easier here, she'd adjust better. HE had the clothes down, all they needed now was to get her the watch so she could buy whatever she wanted. [b "Okay tomorrow let's go stop by the mall. We can look around and get you what you need"] he led her to the park and then he sat down on the bench, taking in the fresh air.

They went down the slides, talking about robots and the virtual abilities in this world. It was cute to see Aether trying to associate it with something she didn't know. He heard that she felt like she was embarrassing him, but he really wasn't. He just wanted her to be where she felt most comfortable and didn't want to force her to do anything. He sighed and explained how he felt, seeing her blush.

[b "It's different, but I like being the one that you depend on"] he told her, thinking that she'd like it much more at the cabin place. [b "We can stay here as long as you're okay with it. Just let me know if you need a break or want to get away for a while"] he told her, a smile on his face as he held her hand in his.

He walked with her back to his hovercraft, thinking about his cabin. [b "I do have some games. Nothing fancy like the ones here though"] he explained and then he led her towards the car, stepping in and then driving them back to his house. Soren parked his craft and then he led her inside, feeling the warmth fill him up. It was always nice to be home.

[b "So let's stay here a bit longer and then maybe on the weekend we'll go to the cabin"] he suggested and then he sat on the couch, turning on the TV. He chose a game where they could play coop and explore an open world. [b "Let's play. I'm really glad you're here though Aether. I don't know if I told you, but I really missed you"]
  ellocalypse / 30d 17h 8m 54s
[b "I'd like that. I do need to buy things to fit in here." ] She needed to definitely know more and was getting the sense that not fitting in might be annoying Soren. She really didn't know how...

It was nice to see a park, there was even a ro-virtual slide. She wondered what classified as a robot and virtual. She heard him laugh and felt embarrassed about it. She kept quiet after about it and nodded when he said to watch a movie and play some games. But then... It must have been it. That must be the reason why he wanted to go back so soon. She stared down and wondered if the grass here was even real. [b "Are sure that's not it?" ] She asked, wondering if he was just sparing her feelings.

Cute? She blushed but still held a frown [b "How is being clueless cute? I mean...I guess. Everything is so different. But if you'd like to stay here, I don't mind it. I can't get used to any of this or know if it if we live. You probably want to be here most of the time right?" ] She didn't like sticking around this world all the time but, at the same time she thought being out on her own was much worse.

[b "We can go to the cabin, but I don't want you to go there just because I don't fit in here." ] She looked back at Soren's eyes. She took hold of his hand. [b "I don't really remember your cabin too much, did you have games there?" ] Aether asked, and was glad that she even just got to hold his hand like this. She shuddered and looked down at her legs, [b "I should probably change into something cozy if we're going." ] She mentioned, [b "Unless we warp into your cabin than..." ] She shrugged and reminded of how attracted she was to him.
  Aether / Ravenity / 31d 5h 52m 44s
He could see the smile on her face and it made him grin because she looked so attractive when she was interested in things about his world. He loved being able to show the place he loved to her. [b "Yeah, we can stop by and buy you one so that you can just buy what you want more easily"] he led her to the bench and just relaxed, taking a breather and finally being able to just focus on her. The club had too many distractions so when they were out here, they were able to just focus on one another.

He knew she was trying to fit in and it was only day three, but he didn't want her to feel so uncomfortable that she wanted to leave. He wanted to make sure she was comfortable here. He didn't want her to leave because he was forcing her to stay in a world she didn't like.

He went down the slide with her and when she called it a robot, he chuckled, finding it funny, but he understood it could look that way to other people. [b "Okay, let's head back and just watch a movie and play some games"] he smiled, but then he suggested going to the cabin to see if she wanted to go.

When she said that he was embarrassed, he shook his head. [b "No no! That's not it! I just....if you don't feel comfortable, I don't want you to force yourself"] he sighed softly and then he frowned. [b "I don't get embarrassed. It's cute when you're clueless sometimes, so I don't mind it at all. It's normal for people like you and I to not fit in to a world we've never stayed in before"]
  ellocalypse / 31d 19h 25m 59s
A device like a watch... She narrowed her eyes while she was trying to picture it in her head and then smiled and nodded [b "Okay! That sounds interesting."] Aether was trying to understand more about this world and even what a club was and what people here were like but...she wasn't liking it. At least not how those girls so easily went up to him or how that guy bugged her even after hearing she had a boyfriend. Did 'boyfriend' mean nothing? They sat together outside, and he was sweet enough to give her a jacket. She felt warmer, and felt reminded when he gave her his scarf.

Aether frowned [b "'s not exactly prohibited in other worlds I visit either, but...that doesn't mean that just because something is allowed, that you should. It's wrong to get in someone's relationship, at least that's how I see it." ] She lifted her eyes and saw him smile when he spoke, [b "Do you think that way? Well...naturally, romantically I am." ]

Soren definitely thought that she didn't fit in here at all. She was trying but she didn't know what was right or wrong here and it was hard to, when she just didn't know. She frowned and looked down at her lap, [b "I guess..." ] She lifted her head when he went down that slide. It did look really cool. She got up and decided to go down too, peaking down, amazed by it. It was like magic but Soren said it wasn't. Then he laughed, wasn't called a robot then. [b "Virtual...okay, got it." ] She nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed.

[b "Okay, we can do that. I want to play some games, and then watch a movie. Movies help me fall asleep." ] She mentioned and looked back at the slide for a second, wondering how something like that worked. She frowned. The mention of the cabin again. It wasn't that she didn't like it, or didn't want to but he kept pushing for it. She had hoped to go in the weekend. Maybe... [b "You want us to go to the cabin don't want me to embarrass you here because I can't fit in, right?" ] She asked, figuring that might be a possibility, [b "I get it...We can go." ]
  Aether / Ravenity / 31d 23h 33m 37s
He didn't mean to just pay for everything, it was just that he had a tab opened here already. [b "I can show you. We'll have to go to the store tomorrow and buy you the device. It's sort of like a watch. You just wear it and it's like your money in your hands. When you go near something that you have to pay, you can just pay it with a click of a button"] he explained and then he felt like maybe they should just leave.

He walked with her outside, seeing the night sky and the flying cars above them. He walked her to the park and took a seat, giving her his jacket as he listened to her. [b "It's different here. Here you can love anyone you want and if they want to love someone else, it isn't prohibited"] he told her, thinking about it. [b "I do like knowing that you think that way. It means that you're all mine"] he smiled, showing her the things at the park.

He could hear that she didn't fit in and he knew she didn't, but he didn't mind. It took time as well to adjust. [b "You just came here a few days ago, it takes some time"] he told her, not wanting her to think that she couldn't stay here.

[b "I'm glad you had some fun"] he led her to the slide and went down, seeing the field of vision change as if they slid down from the sky. He saw her go down and then he laughed when she laughed. [b "It's not really a robot, it's more virtual slide, but I get you"] he chuckled, thinking her terminology was hilarious. She was cute.

[b "Let's head back? We can relax, and just play some games or watch a movie?"] he suggested, thinking about how maybe she wanted a break from this place. [b "Or we can do all of that at my cabin in the snow?"]
  ellocalypse / 33d 16h 33m 25s
Aether shrugged [b "I don't need that kind of help. I just, want to know how you even pay here." ] Because she had no damn clue, since somehow Soren paid without her even seeing it. She didn't really get it. They danced, and then they got bothered, than everything was confusing. She didn't get why people behaved the way they did or why even Soren was being weird...or maybe it was just her being weird because she didn't know so much about this world.

It got a little chilly but it was nothing she couldn't shrug off, or go into her inventory and wear what she wore before outside. Instead, Soren got his jacket out. Her cheeks warmed. Why was he doing that? She didn't say anything, but it was kind of sweet. [b "Oh, alright..." ] Daring indeed. [b "I don't think that's right...not if someone already has someone. Anywhere I go, if a person makes a move on someone's lover, they would get decked in the nose...or worse." ] Violence was wrong but, she it felt called for if a person persisted.

There were other things she's never seen before, people doing so many different things. She sat on the bench with him, [b "Ah, that looks fun. I bet those kids are having fun." ] She mentioned what she assumed he must be thinking. He confirmed it. She couldn't fit in here. [b "'s not the same. From the things I do remember, you were fine. I...I don't belong here." ] She frowned. She was trying to like it, really trying to but it was hard when she knew she was doing things that were weird to other people here, and it wasn't the best feeling.

[b "Yea, dinner was good." ] She nodded and watched where he pointed. [b "I guess so."] She watched him go first and her eyes widened when an image of a cloud appeared. [b "Soren. Did you-" ] She was about to say 'use magic' but it wasn't. At least he said it wasn't. She decided to try it, it didn't feel too much different than other slide but it was fun. She laughed [b "Well I can say I slid down a...uh...robot slide?" ] Is that what they call this. [i Aeth, keep your mouth shut. ] She didn't want to look at Soren, feeling like he would have looked at her like she was weird for calling it that. Unless it was called that.
  Aether / Ravenity / 34d 6h 7m 42s
He shook his head, not wanting to take her money when she's sacrificed so much to be here with him. He shrugged [b "No. Don't worry about it Aether. You worked so hard to get here, I should at least help pay for your stay here"] he promised, holding her hand as he looked at the dance floor. He didn't feel like being here would be anymore fun with the mood change, so he decided to leave with her.

He led her outside and then he walked with her down the streets, seeing her in her dress and then he pulled his jacket from his inventory and then he placed it on her shoulders, letting her stay warm. [b "It's not like I wanted to talk or dance with those girls. THey don't interest me"] he mentioned and then he nodded [b "People are really daring to do whatever they want to people here. If they're interested, they won't hesitate"] he walked with her towards the park and then he sat down.

The park had a lot of cool things to do, Soren would come here a lot as a kid to play with others. Sometimes their parents would take them away seeing that he always looked a bit dirty. [b "They're kids games. They can sit and ride those or race"] he told her, looking up at the sky. He couldn't see any stars, but it was still relaxing.

When she guessed what was on his mind, he sighed [b "I know you're still adjusting, but that's how I feel when I go into your worlds sometimes"] he listened to her saying she had a good time. [b "I'm glad you enjoyed it at least. Do you want to go on one of those?"] he asked, pointing to the slide. [b "It's pretty cool if you haven't been on one before"] he held her hand and walked to the slide and then he sat down at the top. The slide lit up and then a virtual image appeared beneath him as if he was sliding down a cloud.
  ellocalypse / 34d 20h 58m 29s

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