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Soren wasn't exactly sure what was going on. He didn't know if something was wrong or not, but Aether wasn't' acting like herself. It bugged him because he didn't know what it was, or how it was happening. He was curious to see if maybe she was an imposter...but how could she be? She smelled and felt like Aether, so he didn't get it.

He sat with her on the couch and just relaxed at her side. He bit down on his lip and then he watched her disappear with the hot chocolate. Did she drink it down that fast? Her breath didn't smell like chocolate. He just stayed with her watching the romance movie, his arm around her as he felt her chest and body press up to his. He sighed softly and told her how he found her again with the camera.

He felt her kissing down his neck slowly and he wondered why, but he felt a bit uncomfortable. He met her ruby eyes and when she kissed him, he slowly pulled back. [b "Other things? BUt you don't want to do any of that? Remember?"] he didn't understand why this was happening, but it was confusing him so much. [b "I don't think we should do any of that. You must be scared, how about we just go to sleep?"] he suggested, finishing up the movie and then looking over at her, hoping he didn't upset her....or if anything, maybe he could figure out what was wrong.
  ellocalypse / 58d 22h 40m 54s
“Me too...I was knocked out for most of it. I woke up and I don’t think they expected I’d wake up so soon.” She sat back the sofa for awhile. Soren came in and kissed her and she kissed him but not in the same way; it was fast and quick. Aether lifted a smile when he said she looked really good in it. “Exactly, I’m sure it won’t be too much of a distraction when we watch something,” she picked a channel and sat back with him.

Aether returned without the mug and sat back again. He kissed the side of her forehead “I’m glad you found me...I don’t know how I would get away without you... how did you find me.” she raised a brow. She snuggled into his shoulder, her chest and stomach slightly against his side.“I’m feeling fine. No different then before, how about we forget about the event?” She suggested. She took a moment and then responded “I will go to work. You should too. Will you be working at home?” She asked. Her eyes rested on the tv for a little while longer.

Aether than would kiss his neck softly, “should we have dinner together? Or...we could always do other activities.” She placed herself to sit on his lap, meeting his eyes, and then kissing him again, the kisses being repetitive.
  Ravenity / 58d 23h 25m 56s
He wondered if she was still frightened because it didn't seem like it anymore. Soren faced her and then he looked a bit confused. If they were trying to do something to her earlier, how did she not know? [b "I know. I'm glad you're safe"] he gave her the chocolate and then he saw her still not pick it up. Was there something wrong with the hot chocolate?

He felt her lean in and he kissed her lips back, holding her close. She didn't seem as frightened as before, but when she came out in that dress, he was confused. WHy was she wearing a dress like that? Wasn't it too weird? He smiled [b "You look really good in it"] he felt a bit odd because Aether wouldn't really say anything like that.

He sighed and then he just shrugged and stayed beside her. He looked at the TV curiously. What was she trying to do? He knew some girls would do this in order for him to sleep with them...but Aether didn't want to sleep with him anytime soon.

[b "Me? No, I put it all away when I found out you were missing. I'm really glad you're safe though"] he kept his arm around her, leaning in to kiss the side of her forehead. [b "Are you sure you're okay? Are you going to skip work tomorrow?"]
  ellocalypse / 59d 20h 20m 50s
Aether lightly shook her head, taking a seat, [b “No… Not really. I don’t know, I didn’t stick long enough to find out.” ] She peeked down at the hot the hot chocolate but left it untouched after she said a small ‘thank you’ under her breath. Soren wrapped his arms around her, making her lean her weight more onto him and gave his lips a brief kiss back. She rose up to her feet, making the decision to go get changed into more clothing.

[b “Yea, I remember that, but I don’t remember what was in there.” ] She wandered into her room when he showed her. She opened the closet and she came out a black dress and smirked to herself. She faced him and there was the compliment. [b “Thank you.” ] She did a little turn and smiled back at him. She raised a brow, [b “Aren’t I prettier in this? We could still sit by the sofa.” ] She suggested and slid her hand to hold his. She led him down the hall and into the living room. She took a seat with him, [b “I’m, still shaken a little bit up.” ]
She whispered and leaned into him, taking hold of the remote and changing the channel into a romance TV series she’s never seen before.

While they watched, she got up, and grabbed the hot chocolate and whispered [b “I’ll be back. I’m going to add a bit more sugar.” ] She said, heading off into the kitchen, having her back facing him as she stayed in the kitchen. A few moments later she came back and took a seat with him, [b “Are you going to do any work today? I’m sorry if I disturbed you.” ]
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He was glad that they made it back to his house safely. Soren didn't know anything about those guys and why they wanted to kidnap her. It really did confuse him and he felt like he needed to get revenge. Anyone who frightened Aether like that would be killed.

He frowned to hear that they took her things. He knew they probably couldn't take anything from her inventory, but she carried anything with her, it might be gone. [b "Did they say anything else? Were they trying to kill you?"] he wasn't sure and he hoped it wasn't one of those Reapers. He didn't know exactly know where they screwed up, but they might have.

The thought of another Reaper coming in and separating them for another ten years didn't sound good at all. When they were at his home, he sat her down and gave her some hot chocolate. He could tell she was frightened, but to see her afraid like this made him upset. Soren wrapped his arm around her and then he met her lips.

[b "You have a closet here with Avalon clothes remember?"] he showed her to her room and then he saw her come out in a black dress. [b "Huh? It is distracting. You look really attractive"] he told her, wondering why she chose a dress. [b "Aether....don't you just want to relax in your PJs and sit with me on the couch?"] he asked, wondering what was wrong with her. How could she forget about what was in his house....she also still hadn't touched her chocolate.
  ellocalypse / 60d 18h 43m 51s
Aether didn’t look back too often. The van vanished out of sight. They parked infront of his ome and she began shuddering. She rubbed her arms and looked at him with eyes that showed slight terror until he said her sentence like it sounded slightly sexual. [b “No, I mean they took my stuff. Well…maybe my clothes too now that I think about it.” ] She gave a shrug, [b “I don’t know. I was out for the most of it.” ] Her top half was mostly sticking out. He put his jacket over her shoulders, and she used it to cover it up but didn’t look impacted by it.

[b “Thank you, although I don’t need anything.” ] She said and followed him inside. She watched him lead her to the couch. She sat down and looked over the walls and out into the hall, and then back at him coming in with hot chocolate and whipped cream…and marshmallows. Her eyes held onto the hot chocolate for a moment, resting it on the table in front of her. “I’m okay. I got a bit scared but I’m okay.” She smiled, and leaned onto his shoulder when he pulled her in. “I don’t need anything right now. It’s okay, you’ll protect me next time.” She kissed his lips and then got up, still with his jacket on, but she stopped using it to cover her top half. “Ah…I can’t remember. Do I have some clothes over here I could wear?” She raised a brow and went down the hall and would open the first door she saw, but it was locked.

She tried to open a few more doors until she landed into her own room. She opened the closet and found a few dresses. She stripped down what was left on her, leaving the door open. She picked out a black form fitting dress. She slipped it on and then would go back to face him, [b “I think I’ll wear this for little while, if it’s not too distraction,” ] She added, and flared a smile.
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When Soren saw her running outside from the building, he glanced over to catch her. Why was she half naked? He looked over at her and frowned, running to her side as he turned on the shield around them. He stepped onto the cycle and he waited for her to grab onto the back. What happened to her? Who were these people? He didn't really get it at all.

HE could feel her shivering against his back as he continued to drive down the streets quickly. He wasn't exactly sure if she was okay, but now wasn't the time to worry. He hurried, heading back to Avalon and then glancing at his rear view mirrors. He could see that the van was following after them quickly. Soren headed down some alleyways, zooming past a few people and then heading down slim turns. He knew Avalon pretty well, so once he turned a few more corners, he didn't see the van following anymore.

When they were free, he glanced back and knew that he had to take care of her. She must have been really frightened and he didn't want her to feel along. [b "Yeah of course"] he headed back to his house and then he parked his cycle, looking back at her [b "What do you mean they took everything off of you? Who were they?"] he wondered if she knew. If she saw a face or anything. He noticed her top half was naked as he put his jacket over her shoulders gently.

[b "Yeah, you relax. I'll make some hot chocolate"] he told her, leading her inside. He let her take a seat on the couch as he went into his kitchen and grabbed two cups.

He made them both some warm hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows as he walked over and took a seat beside her. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulled her in [b "Are you okay? Just let me know if I can get you anything. I'm really sorry I wasn't there to protect you"] he frowned, feeling stupid. He couldn't believe he allowed this to happen. He wasn't there when she needed him most....what kind of boyfriend was he? In his own world, he couldn't even protect her.
  ellocalypse / 62d 19h 16m 13s
Aether sprinted out from the building, robots shooting at them with not the best aim. She reached Soren, his hand held onto hers firmly. His shield went up and she boarded the cycle, wrapping her arms around his waist loosely. [b “Thank you,” ] She said in one deep breath.

Her body was half naked, the cold touched her but she didn’t shiver. She wouldn’t look back, she clung onto him and stayed silence until he asked questions. Her face tightened, showing concern in her forehead and frown, [b “I think I’m okay. I don’t know. They said they wanted some information on me and you. That’s all I know” ] The van chased them, but soon enough they drove past the bridge, the sunlight high up in the sky, her hair dancing off with the wind. She gave a nod to herself. Soon enough the van was lost in alleyways without much try.

[b “Could we go to your place? I don’t…feel safe being alone right now,” ] She said as he slowed down once the van was out of view. She let him drove them there and would gave a look around the area. They stopped near his home and she rubbed her arms back and forth. She would look back at him, [b “They took everything I had on me. I’m so happy you came…” ] She shivered and met his eyes, [b “I didn’t mean to disappear like that. I was traveling back home and I don’t know what happened, I blacked out… Can we go inside? I should probably put on some clothes…” She looked down at herself and looked back up at him.
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It was so odd to not see any messages from Aether. She wanted to do everything to get near him, so where did she go? There was no way she just decided to up and leave...she couldn't....she told him that she cared for him and even loved him. She wouldn't leave without him and Soren was convinced something went wrong.

He tried to hack into the camera to find some clues on her whereabouts and luckily he was able to find something. He grabbed the image of the license plate and he zoomed in, enlarging it and then he headed towards the police station.

Luckily the police station was cooperative and allowed him to track the vehicle. With a location, Soren headed off to try and find her before anything else happened. He rode his bike out to the wastes, looking past all of the worn down shacks and buildings. He reached his destination, seeing the van outside, but when he looked around there was no one.

He walked around the building, but when he heard the door opening, he quickly ran over and saw Aether! There she was! He hurried towards her, but saw the robots with their weapons. He turned on his shield and stopped the gunfire. He quickly kept Aether's hand in his and walked with her towards his bike, the shield still making a dome around them. [b "Get on!"] he told her, hurrying to drive them away as he got back onto the street.

He looked back, seeing the two get into the van to chase after them. Soren looked back [b "Are you okay Aether? WHo are those guys?"] he wondered, figuring that they needed her for something, but why would they want her? Soren drove past the bridge back into the city, trying to zoom through alleyways to lose them.
  ellocalypse / 63d 17h 7m 9s
[b “Me too.” ] There were a few things. [b “Oh…so people don’t tend to make families here, but they do outside. Do robots have robot families?” ] She found the idea to be weird. It wasn’t like they could have babies. After they talked, she went off and end up missing.

The situation was confusing, she didn’t know why she was here, why there was a Soren look alike. Although she was beginning to wonder if she was just seeing things. She closed her eyes for a moment, running through ways she could get out of this. He couldn’t hold her for that long.

[b “I’ll answer any questions you have,” ] She blurt out.
He kept looking at the screen, and things would change on the screen. She didn’t understand what he was doing on that thing.
“They’re not answers you could answer. Although, I am interested in how you casted that flame.” He admitted.
[b “Magic.” ] Aether replied, [b “What do you mean not answers I could answer?” ]
“No such thing. That’s not for you to know.”
[b “How do you look like him?” ] She asked and began to try to push her weight on one side of the table, hoping to use some of her weight to throw off to the side. It was…seriously hard.

“Oh, I can look like whomever I want to look like.” He turned around and faced her and changed appearance with a strangers face. It freaked her out. Magic. Her skin paled, this world was truly fearsome.
“I assumed that you’d be less panicked if you saw a familiar face.” He said.
Aether scoffed. The man neared her with a needle. [i Oh hell no. ] She didn’t know what happened next, but she blacked out.

The blue van faced a small building that looked worn but still put together, similar to the ones in the waste. Windows were covered with blinds, and there wasn’t much sign of life around. The grass surrounding was dry and straw like. A

Aether came sprinting out the door, hair falling over her face. She looked behind her and saw Soren ahead on his cycle. [b “Soren, help me get out of here!” ] She made it toward him. Two robots burst out the door and aimed there weapons.
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He smiled and then he nodded [b "Yeah, I'm glad we kind of like the same things"] he knew that she felt like family and she was the closest thing to anything he's ever had before. [b "They have a high population mostly from outside people coming into Avalon. Usually the aliens just stay with the aliens though and the robots just make more robots"] he told her.

When she left, Soren simply went home for the night, getting some sleep on the couch. The next morning he didn't get a reply from Aether, so he was worried. Instead, he got onto his bike and he drove out, looking for her. She wasn't answering his messages and he couldn't even find her on the map with his locator. Where could she be? Did she leave the world? No, she had to be here....something must have happened. Aether usually told him where she went.

He went to her workplace, looking around. One man said he saw Aether go to her bike down in the parking lot. Soren walked over and looked around. There wasn't anything trails of someone trying to getaway. He sighed and just sat in the corner of the street, wishing he could figure something out. He leaned his head back against the wall of the building, sighing softly.

He then noticed something shining in the corner of his eye. When Soren saw the camera, he gasped and then he took out his tablet. He started hacking into the security camera, looking through. After a while, he managed to find some video files, so he watched through a few. Once he spotted Aether on her cycle, he watched carefully. There was someone that came by in a van, grabbing Aether and putting them inside, leaving without a trace.

Soren looked to see that movement looked a little robotic...definitely robots. He managed to zoom in on the license plate number and then saw the van drive south. He now had a lead! He quickly shut it off and then he hurried onto his cycle, heading for the police. When Soren stepped inside, he asked about that specific plate number and wondered if they could track it down. Every vehicle was traceable by tracker in the city of Avalon. If someone ever needed to find you, it was easy, but to turn it on required money and a valid reason. Luckily kidnapping was one of them.

Soren saw the police use their computers, turning on the tracking system on the van. It was located just outside towards the Wastes. When he saw the location, Soren thanked them and then he headed towards where the van was parked. Hopefully it didn't move until he got there.
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Aether gave an affirmed nod, [b “They’re sometimes even better than desserts.” ]
A family would have been nice. Her AI was sort of like her family. [b “It’s not often people have families here? How do they have such a high population then? Me too.” ] She warmly smiled, and was reminded to raise up to her feet.

The air wasn’t cold nor hot, it was perfect, like it always seemed everyday out here. Aether rose up to her feet. [b “No pressure or anything,” ] She gently laughed, running her fingers through her rosy pink hair, fixing it to the side. She nodded at Soren and waved over to him, taking steps back until finally turning with her heel to reach her cycle.

Blue light obnoxiously flashed ontop of her eyelids. Her ruby eyes fluttered open slowly. The world was a slow blurry mess at first, her throat ached with dryness. She dropped the weight of her head to the side. An inch of cool metal could be felt on her wrists. She shuddered, becoming aware of everything. The blurry mess of movement became clear and she saw a face looking above her, a perfect replica of Soren. She stared carefully and got outright confused. [b “Soren?” ] She whispered, still feeling loopy.

She sluggishly viewed the room, a pure white room, windowless and a door that was hard to spot. She lifted up her eyes back into Soren, but the shade of teal was the wrong pair.
[b “You’re not…” ] She mumbled.

“Soren?” He asked. “What makes you say that?
Aether attempted to push against the metal holding her wrists to each side of the cool metal table she lay down. She tried to take a peak down at herself, and she was in this white strapless bra and shorts. She groaned, feeling a bit sick.
“For one, he wouldn’t do this,” She mumbled, “Two, Soren’s eyes are just slightly more green.” She looked at the ceiling and saw old notifications that she missed. Soren’s text messages. A few hours ago.

[b “Send a notification to Soren,” ] She whispered to herself but she got an alert that any communication has been blocked. She sighed, and wondered how she would get out of this. ‘Soren’ was by a wall that popped up this interface, but it was blurry to her. Her feet weren’t restrained. She thought about it and decided she would most definitely strangle him with her legs if he grew near enough.

[b “What do you want from me?” ] Aether asked in one breath.
“Information, research,” He said, eyes not falling on her.
[b “Okay, great, I need you to let me go before I light your ass on fire.” She felt sore… Eventually, eventually she’d get out of this. [b “This is too weird for me.” ] She mumbled.
  Aether / Ravenity / 65d 2h 10m 21s
He was glad to be the one that was here for her and waiting for her. He knew what it was like to have no one waiting for you at home, no one to talk to, just people doing repetitive things over and over again. He smiled as they sat at the picnic, just talking about the things they liked [b "Me too fruits are sweet. LIke dessert"] he ate up his chicken watching her look as if she wanted to ask something. It seemed she didn't want to ask anymore, so he left it alone.

He guessed it really was like a family. [b "Yeah, I get what you mean. Here, family is just what lucky people have. At least what I've seen. But I'm really happy you're here with me now"] he smiled down at her and then he asked if she was doing okay or if he'd get some time with her later.

Soren has never really kept a stable job. He usually just got bored of it and left it at that. There were always so many more worlds he could visit and do other things, he didn't just want to stay in one all the time. [b "Well just make sure you do a good job until the movie finishes then"] he smiled and saw that she had to go. He leaned in, but when she hugged him, he just hugged her back [b "Be careful"] he waved and then he got up and decided that maybe he should just head back home.

Soren rode his cycle back to his house, sitting at his computer and working on a few hacking jobs for certain people. It was getting late and Aether hadn't been around yet. He saw her message and just ate dinner by himself and ended up playing a few video games.

He ended up trying to stay late, but there were no messages, so he fell asleep on the couch. In the morning, he rubbed his eyes and saw that he was in the same place. He looked at his messages [i nothing]. Soren texted her [i Aether? Are you home? Are you alright?] he sent and waited for a while, sitting at the counter after making himself some coffee. Still no reply after an hour.

Now he was getting worried. He used the teleporter and went into her place. Soren called out her name, going through each room [b "Aether?"] he looked around the backyard too, nothing. Everything looked the same as when he left it yesterday. The security system was working fine too. What happened then?

He quickly changed and then he got onto his bike, driving towards the area where they were filming and when he went up to the people around, he asked if Aether was in. They said she hadn't come in yet. Where was she? He kept asking around if anyone saw her yesterday and all he got was that she left around eleven. Where though?

HE drove around the area where they said she left from and Soren began looking around, but he was unable to find anything. Where did she go?
  ellocalypse / 65d 3h 1m 6s
There was someone who could remember what she liked, that was an achievement in itself. [b “I also like fruits.” ] She lifted a smile to here his thinking. She was happy too, being with him. Even if she got upset sometimes, she was still happy even then that she got to be around him. She began saying something but had trouble continuing it. She shook her head, whispering ‘nevermind’. She relaxed and thought about how this might be what a family would feel like.
[b “Hopefully. I remember in some worlds where family would matter so much to them, through bloodlines. Some become king and queens just because they’re family to the ruler. It kind of amazes me.” ] She knew she was born without one, at least, it was all she could remember. They were special, different than any other kind and Soren didn’t have any parents either… She sighed to herself.

She ate away the food and Soren’s voice brought her back. [b “I don’t…know. I think it’s until the movies done, or until they stop needing me.” ] She half shrugged [b “The cast and some people working invite me to stuff but…it really makes me nervous talking to people here.” ] She wished she wasn’t a nervous wreck.

Aether smiled and nodded [b “I will. Thank you Soren.” ] Her Ai came bouncing on her head, reminding her to head back. [b “Soren, I have to get back. But thank you so much for this. I had a really good lunch.” ] She leaned in and neared his lips and gave him a warm tight hug instead. Aether got back up and she head off to her cycle. She would return back to filming location, and did the stunts inside the building.

She slammed herself back into the glass that separated the room. The shards fell, and surprisingly-it didn’t hurt at all. She lay on the ground and then rolled back up to her feet and took cover behind the desk.
“Switch,” The director called.
Aether got back up, and let the actress go in. Aether sat back ontop of a desk, where the camera couldn’t see her. She watched her act out. An actor came by, nudging her and saying she did good. It made her feel so proud of herself. She end up having to do late filming. She sent a message to Soren at 7pm [b ‘I’m going to here late, don’t wait up for me. Eat dinner.’ She sent and then stayed until 11pm. She was so…tired at that point.

She dragged her feet out into the street and brought her cycle out. Her eyes were closing as she sat ontop of it. She yawned and felt…unusually tired, the kind of tired that knocked her straight to sleep. She passed out on her cycle, her AI couldn’t wake her.

Aether would be taken away from the space, leaving almost no trace of her.
  Aether / Ravenity / 65d 4h 2m 20s
He waited for her, just watching the people at the park. He really enjoyed being able to just do what he wanted. Aether was really cool too when she did those stunts. He was kind of sad she had to work everyday, but at least he'd be able to be with her on the weekends.

He set out the basket and when he saw her, he smiled, excited to be with her. She felt like a movie star to him a bit now. [b "Yeah I figured. It's okay. I'm happy you get to have lunch with me"] he said as he pulled it out. [b "You didn't look afraid at all. It was amazing!"] he said proudly. Aether seemed so stunning to him right now because he never even thought of doing something like that before.

He ate the chicken and then he smiled as he fed her, seeing her look more happy now that she was with him. [b "I'm glad they're still your favorite"] he told her, and then he nodded [b "As long as we're together then I'm happy"] he took another bite and then he looked at her. She was looking at him curiously and then he wondered what she was going to ask.

[b "Can you?"] he wondered why she was acting a bit odd. [b "I don't know how it feels, but I would guess it's something like this. It's a warm feeling"] he really liked having someone there for him when he came home or even just meeting up with her just for lunch.

[b "Will you always be working like this everyday?"] he wondered, thinking if he'd get some time with her, or if they could even travel more through the worlds. [b "Just let me know if you want to try something else or if it's too much"] he told her, wanting her to know it was going to be okay if it didn't work out.
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