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She sure didn't like being treated as a kid. She had never thought that the guy in the car wasn't driving one of those 'taxi's.' This was probably why she shouldn't go out on her own. [i How could you get yourself into all of this. ] She laid back and even Soren's AI was trying to take care of her. With two AI's watching over, she didn't think she could possibly get anymore hut. She lay there for a while and eventually wanted to get up, going to Soren and wrapping her arms around from behind.

Soren, turned around and she felt warm arms wrap around her back. She was getting used to this and it hadn't even been that long. [b "I'll be okay in an another hour or so. It was just roughed up a little, I've had worse." ] She met his eyes and it made her smile when he smiled at her. She head back and sat down on the sofa again and eventually even Soren returned.

He looked tired. It probably wasn't a good idea to bug him about shopping then. She scooted toward him and shared her blanket with him [b "Tired? I"m sorry you had to do that all alone. You're so responsible..." She wondered if he was hungry. [b "Do you want me to get you something? I should do something to make it up to you for that really stupid thing I did." ] Maybe she really couldn't fit in with this world after all. She bet Soren didn't have to worry about being attacked so often the second he stepped out of the street. They could probably tell she was not from around here.

Her AI tried to rub Soren's forehead, because he seemed so tired.
[b "If you're too tired today, we don't have to go shopping," ] Aether added.
  Ravenity / 18d 23h 49m 16s
He didn't think that if he left Aether alone, she'd end up flying around with a stranger! He looked around and then he bit down on his lip curiously because he wanted to find her and make sure she was okay. When she came over to him, she looked beat up and her nose was bleeding. He could have lost her again forever! He needed to keep a closer eye on her.

Soren brought her to the sofa and let her rest. He told her AI to take good care of her and to now leave the house. HE knew she took care of herself, but they had to stay together now. She couldn't just be risky doing whatever she wanted. IF she disappeared, they'd never see each other again.

He headed through the teleporter, running the shop as he handed out cupcakes and had his AI deal with the register. WHen they almost sold out again, he felt warm arms wrap around him. His eyes looked over her and then he turned around to hug her [b "It's okay Aether. I just want to make sure you're okay. IF you feel fine we can still go shopping after we close"] he told her, looking her over and seeing that she was okay. Soren smiled and then he told her to just head back since they were almost out of cupcakes anyway.

He sold a few more and then he ended up closing the front doors and started sweeping and cleaning up with his AI. After they finished, he headed back into the teleporter and then he sat on the couch, sighing a little. IT was nice to finally be done and able to relax.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 19d 8h 16m 57s
She had never expected to be randomly tried to be taken like that. Who would have ever thought a modern city was just as dangerous as her world. Although, at least in her world they wouldn't go after her for no reason. The fall shook her up and she sure liked being hugged by Soren, even if she didn't really want to know she was shaken up. Ship accidents were definitely not fun.

Aether rested back on the sofa where she orginally started. She couldn't believe she caused this much trouble, and end up in the exact same spot she was trying to get away from to get the bakery. She frowned and used the ice pack he gave her on her swollen nose. [b "Okay... I..." ] She pouted. 'Don't go with strangers.' [b "I can take care of myself. I meet strangers all the time." ] She added. She could understand why he wouldn't want the added risk.

Her cheeks warmed when he patted her head, reminded of her childhood with him. He even gave her a blanket. It was such a weird feeling, being cared for someone that wasn't her AI. [b "Thank you..." ] She watched him head through the teleporter, and felt bad that she wasn't helping him today. She rested for a good while, changing back into cozy clothes and watched some TV once she figured out how to use it again.

After awhile, she made herself sit up, and stand up and eat the breakfast. She was feeling sore, just like she expected but, nothing that she couldn't get back up from. She eventually wandered into the teleport machine, to watch him. He was working hard, selling cupcakes. Once the customer left, she wrapped her arms behind him and pressed her forehead against his back. [b "I'm sorry..." ] She spoke [b "You think we could still go shopping today?" ] She asked. She sniffed, hoping it wasn't blood trailing down her nose again. Eh, she'd give it another hour.
  Ravenity / 20d 4m 59s
He didn't understand why she was off on her own and why she was in trouble. He felt like he needed to protect her, but when he noticed that she was missing, Soren was so worried. He hurried after her coordinates on his bike as he zoomed off, trying to see if she was okay. He wasn't going to lose her again. It would probably take years to find her.

HE hurried to her, looking so worried as he hugged her close. She was shaking....that meant she was in shock. He saw her nose was bleeding and then he told her they were going to go back home and she'd rest. Soren helped her onto the bike and then he led her back to his home. He set her on the couch and then he grabbed some ice packs, hearing her speak the truth. [b "It's okay Aether. Just make sure that next time you let me know. Stick with me and don't go with strangers. I don't want to risk anything with you"] he told her.

He patted her head and brought her a blanket, letting her rest as he stood up and headed towards the kitchen. [b "Breakfast is on the table. I'm going to open up the shop, so you just relax for a while okay?"] he told her, walking with his AI through the teleporter and then opening up the cupcake shop. There were already people waiting in line, filling up the store and buying cupcakes.

Soren brought them out and his AI took care of the register, speaking with some of the customers as he handed the cupcakes out.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 20d 7h 37m 9s
Her nose felt off when she kissed the concrete, it definitely didn't love her. She groaned at the ache of her arms and chest. That was rough... She crawled back up on her feet and saw Soren in the distance, making out the details of expressions the more he grew near. He looked-so worried. She never had anyone show a look like that. She wished that her AI didn't send him that message because she wanted to arrive at that bakery all on her own looking great. She felt his arms around him, and she couldn't hide her trembling body from being shaken up by the fall. [b "I'm okay, just...need sometime to recover that's all." ] She was hurting all over the place.. She hoped that she'd heal quickly in this world.

[b "Yea, I can't drive." ] She stated and felt underneath her nose when he mentioned she was bleeding. She cussed and looked back at him [b "I've had worse." ] She shrugged [b "Those machines sure know how to rough you up." ] She stared at the ship and shuddered. She didn't think she wanted to be in one of those for awhile. She laughed [b "Yea, I think that's a good idea." ] She felt unsure about going on his bike too but it wasn't like she could walk. She went on the back and hung onto him. She got Soren's help to sit on the sofa. She tilted her head and faintly saw him bringing an ice pack. [b "Tank you." ] She spoke without using her nose.

She sighed [b "Soren... I'm sorry I lied." ] She felt bad. [b "The teleport thing, it was off and I didn't know how to turn it on. So, I figured I'd find another way to get there. Then some guy followed me for some reason. I got rid of him. Then this guy in a car stopped by...and I thought it was a Taxi." ] She wished she had left that part out. [b "My level of intelligence is clearly not as high as I thought. I never thought this city could be covered with criminals that randomly want to kidnap someone." ] She breathed out and grabbed a tissue to cover up her nose. [b "I'm sorry for all the trouble." ] She added. All of this just because she wanted to sleep a bit longer. Never again. Not ever.
  Ravenity / 21d 2h 11m 37s
He didn't know what happened all of a sudden. Aether was just sleeping on the couch and they were bringing back the cupcakes, moving back and forth. He sighed a little and then he stared at the teleporter, seeing it was on. There was nothing wrong with it on his what was happening?

He got on his cycle and went home with his AI, seeing that there was no one home. He turned on the teleporter and saw Aether's message. She was in trouble? He had to go help her. He hurried back onto his bike and then he drove into the city, following the coordinates as best he could.

He hurried and looked around, seeing a ship above....she must be on that ship! He called out, but there was no reply at all. Soren sighed a little and then he just followed, seeing the ship begin to wobble. He could see that the driver was soon unconscious on the wheel and the ship came flying down.

Soren hurried to move over to the side, almost getting hit by the ship as he held his breath. He bit down and then he swerved, almost falling off his bike. He stopped and when he saw the ship stop, he hurried towards her, seeing her limping as he ran to her, hugging his arms around her. [b "Are you okay?"] he asked, thinking someone came into his home and took her. HE remembered those Reapers and started to feel that anxiousness. He couldn't lose her again.

He looked over and heard her explanation. [b "Your AI said you were in're bleeding"] he told her, looking over her then at t he man. Soren did know him, but he decided to just leave him be. [b "Come on, let's go back home and you're going to rest. No more sky rides for you"] he helped her onto his bike and then he zoomed on home with her. Parking at home, he helped her out and then he led her to the couch as he went to grab some ice packs.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 21d 5h 59m 57s
How in the world did she ever get herself into this mess? That height...she definitely didn't want to drop from that height. She felt her stomach empty. She could remember this faint feeling of falling of that building. Her AI hopped on top of her head and squeaked to her 'We got a message. Soren said 'Where are you two?' He mentioned and decided to send the coordinates to them.

[b "Why did you do that? I didn't want him to know." ] She whispered quietly. Where the hell was this guy taking her? How dangerous would it be to if she knocked him out? She gulped. [i I can't just let him take me to wherever he wants.] She nibbled on her lip and decided to go for it. She moved forward and tried to strangle him with her arms, and he started to chock. He struggled to get her arm off but Aether held strongly. [b "There's no way I'm letting you take me to stop random place." ] The ship was starting to drop in height and she accidently loosened her hold out of the shock, enough that he broke out of her grip. He rose the ship and then pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. "Try that again, I dare you to try that again."

She stared at the gun. Getting shot didn't seem like a good idea. She couldn't hear anything out of the ship. He eventually had to stop aiming and drive. He still had his gun at the side, but not in his possession. She grabbed it quickly and kicked hard on the seat behind and slammed the back of the handle of the gun in his head and it was lights out, but now they were falling. She screamed, and all she could think about that this was not the way she wanted to vanish off again. She unbuckled her seat quickly and tried to make it to the steering wheel but didn't know how to use it. All the sudden the ship was extremely close to the ground and used a fail safe, starting to drop in speed and hover right on top. Aether crashed down on the center of the front seats. She felt the air knocked right out of her. Ow, that hurt. She managed to sit up. Ah, thank god she was okay. She opened the door and was crawling out of it but didn't realize that they were about tweleve inches off the ground and fell on the ground. She groaned, that hurt...

Her AI had tried to cushion her fall but couldn't shift fast enough and was just squashed by her. Aether lifted her eyes and forced herself on her feet. Whoever this guy was, she didn't know how long he'd be out for. She walked-or well slightly limbed and spotted Soren in the distance. Se lightly smiled [b "Hey, sorry I was just...having some fun. This guy was trying to teach me how to drive but I sucked." ] She definitely didn't want him know that she got kidnapped by her own fault. [b "But we should seriously go before he gets up and get's mad at me, okay?" ] Then her nose started bleeding. She could feel it trickle down and wiped it and cussed underneath her breath, [b "Shit." ] [i You definitely handled that well. ]
  Ravenity / 21d 11h 31m 0s
He knew that Aether must have been tired because from the look on her face, she was drifting off into sleep. He was trying to wake her up without her getting mad at him, but when she fell flat on her face, he didn't know if he should wake her up anymore or if she was all good. He told her she could rest more, so he dressed up and headed into the kitchen. His eyes looked over his AI and then he saw Aether's AI getting a little annoyed. He bit down on his lip and then he started making some deliveries to the shop.

He went back and forth, finishing up the cupcakes and then bringing them into the glass case. Aether's AI disappeared and he figured he was going to wake her up. He shrugged and just went to the shop and started setting up. They were cleaning up the tables, putting down the chairs. HIs AI got the register ready and was taking some inventory as Soren cleaned up the windows.

They opened in an hour, but when he decided to see how Aether was doing, he couldn't go back to the house. He walked into the teleporter and it wasn't teleporting him back. [b "Huh?"] he looked around curiously. [b "What happened?"] he looked back at his AI and wondered if she knew. She shrugged and gave a confused look.

He looked at his AI, wondering if she got any messages, but she said no. Soren sighed and then he headed out of the store, clicking a button on his watch. It called his cycle, so as he waited, he tried sending a message to her AI. [i Where are you two?] he sent and waited. He turned his AI back to his ghost and then he got onto his cycle, driving towards his home.

WHen he headed into the house, he noticed no one was there? Where were they? Where did they go? Soren walked over to the teleporter machine and saw that it was off. He frowned and turned on the button, looking through all the rooms [b "Aether?"] he called out, not hearing a reply. He looked at his AI and she said there were no new messages.

When he got back outside, his AI tapped him, showing him a hologram of Aether's message and her location. [b "Trouble? Let's go!"] he hurried on his cycle, following the coordinates as he zoomed into the city. He followed the dot and when he was just over it, he didn't see Aether at all. Where was she? He looked around and then when he peeked up, he saw a ship flying. [b "Aether!?"] he called up into the sky, hoping she could hear.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 21d 19h 15m 14s
Mornings, oh how she wasn’t a fan of mornings. [b “Hopefully.” ] Aether mumbled, falling down the rabbit hole and sleeping peacefully. She had it, the poking, the yelling, the shaking. It was bugging her. Her AI made her get up, she noticed to the teleport thing opened and the second Soren said ‘you can sleep more’ she fell straight on the couch and missed everything else he said. Although, even in her dreams she could pick up the smell of cupcakes, and sometimes would hear the noise being made in the background.

Her AI was getting fed him after twenty minutes, and was jumping on Aether’s back as a bunny, and eventually tugging her hair. Unconsciously Aether ripped him off and threw him away, rolling around and sleeping on her side. When she finally opened her eyes, she sat up and noticed Soren wasn’t there. Where did they go? SHe looked around the room and noticed her AI on the ground, looking dizzy and not getting up. She picked him up by the ear, he squeaked angrily about something.

Soren was probably at the bakery. Guess it was time to go. SHe looked up and noticed something else. The teleport machine thing-was not on. Her eyes widened. Oh no. She got up instantly and wondered how you even make such a thing work? She tried to use magic words-nothing. Her AI had accidently disabled it when Aether threw him.

[b “Hey, how do I turn this thing on!?” ] She shook him.

He tried to pat her hand to tell her she was holding him too tight. SHe released her hold [b “I’m sorry,” ] She frowned.
[i I don’t know how that thing works. ] He said.
Aether whined [b “Oh come on. How am I going to get there now? I can’t have Soren come all the way here to pick me up, that’s just...I don’t want him to think I can’t take care of myself.” ] She set her AI down, and figured she could walk or find some other method of getting there. She changed her clothes into what she bought at the store with him that one time.

She had a good sense of where the bakery was. She stepped out of his home, and was right outside. Ooo, breezy. She turned her AI into a tablet to figure out what direction to head for. She walked a good chunk and she was starting to realize someone was tagging along the same path for a good long while. She stopped walking and looked back and the person in the hood attempted to grab her wrist, and Aether released her wrath on him, kicked him right in the gut before he could and and bash her elbow right in his neck.

[b “Who the hell do you think you are?” ] She scoffed and kicked him again once he was on the ground, then turned her back and walked off. How come this street was more empty than others? After a few more minutes of walking, this person in a car-whoops flying thingy stopped right by her. “Are you lost? I can provide services, where do you need to go?”

Her eyes lit up. Was this a taxi? It must have been. [b “It’ll be easier if I show you.” ] She showed him the map and he smiled “I know where that is, hop on.” Aether smiled and hoped right on, it wasn’t until after she realized they guy was dumb enough to get the wrong direction. [b “Hey...I think you got the location wrong. It’s west not south.” ] She mentioned.
[i Aether I think I should message Soren’s AI and ask for help. ]
[b “No way…” ] She frowned.
“Was it? Don’t worry, sit back you’ll get there.” The guy said.
[b “Um, but your going the wrong way.”]
“Well, I have to make another stop.”
[b “Aren’t you supposed to go where I need to go?” ] She narrowed her eyes and then it hit her. This wasn’t one of those ‘taxi’s’ was it? She peaked down and saw the height. Nope. Definitely cannot jump. Well, time to take him out and hopefully be able to drive this thing.

[i I’m telling Soren’s AI. ] Her Ai chimed before she had a chance to say no and send the message [i Aether is in trouble. ] He send the coordinates.
  Ravenity / 22d 1h 13m 56s
He knew that tomorrow was Friday. They could keep their shop open just for the week. He knew that he probably wouldn't wake up early, so he gave his AI instructions for when they woke up. Their AI's didn't really need sleep, so he knew he could count on his AI. He looked over at Aether and then he saw her pretty smile. [b "Okay, hopefully we don't sleep too late"] he told her, smiling as he fell asleep.

In the morning, he tried to wake her up slowly, tapping her shoulder, but when he heard her say cupcakes, he laughed a little. That's what she's thinking about? He saw her roll and when she met his eyes, he smiled, but then saw her go back to sleep. Soren sat up and changed into his uniform, but then he saw her AI trying to wake her up roughly.

She got more frustrated and then he met her eyes and then he headed into the kitchen, seeing his AI working hard. She set out some pancakes for him and Aether that she put in the oven. Soren sat the table and then he ate slowly [b "You can sleep more if you really want to. I'm going to help them bring the cupcakes to the shop at least"] he told her, seeing her fall flat on the couch.

Soren helped decorate the cupcakes, bringing them to the shop through the teleporter. He placed them into the glass case and then he went back, helping put some frosting on the other ones as well because it was almost time for them to open shop.
  ellocalypse / 22d 6h 59m 8s
[b "I guess so.." ] She didn't like the thought of waking up early and it showed it in her expression. Her AI though, that was a good idea. She smiled and nodded [b "I'll get my AI to start it up too." ] She knew he didn't like to be bothered, that he wanted to sleep in her time but he never did really need it.

The movie was a lot of fun to watch. She imagined it would be a lot of fun to even do those kind of stuff. She definitely wanted to throw those kind of bombs and make fire appear, and fight like that. Ah, that would be great. She turned her head, [b "Ah! so it's something your born with and not learn over time like magic." ] She figured that's what it was. She was starting to yawn and get sleepy.

She went in bed with him and her eyelids were closing. [b "Really? I can learn how to fight like that? I thought there's no magic here." ] She yawned most of her words. She fell asleep fairly easily. She end up shifting around the bed a bit, snuggling up into him.

She picked up a voice, a voice that was calling her name. The voice said something about 'cupcakes.' [b "Mmm...cupcakes." ] She giggled and rolled around the bed, and felt a pat on her shoulder. She slowly opened her eyes and faced him and yawned softly. [b "Morning Soren." ] Then she closed her eyes again and end up falling right back to sleep.

Her AI had gotten up as well and helped Soren's AI bake, but he didn't look to happy about being up and doing all the work while Aether was still sleeping. He turned his head and noticed Soren [b "Good morning. I'll wake her up." ] He said and went into the bedroom and shook Aether roughly, and even slapped her cheek. She gasped and opened her eyes wide open [b "Hey!" ] She shouted.

He poofed into a bunny and started squeaking at her and lecturing her about not waking up early and doing the work. She squeezed his cheek and narrowed his eyes [b "What's wrong with that? Your my AI. You're supposed to help me and let me sleep. Why can't you be more like Soren?" ] She huffed and got up on her feet, and realized, she could smell cupcakes. She carried her AI, even if he was being a jerk and went into the kitchen. [b "Cupcakes! You already started baking them. Mmm...I'm so glad." ] She yawned at the end and rubbed her head. [b "Soren...can we get some more sleep?" ] She asked and went onto the couch, face flat and end up sleeping for another ten minutes.

Her AI huffed, turning back into human form to help cook, "Lazy..."
  Aether / Ravenity / 22d 23h 58m 37s
He had a smile on his face when he was reminded of making the cupcakes. [b "Well we can wake up early and start making some. At the most, our AI's can get to a head start prepping. They don't really need sleep anyway"] he told her, thinking that Aether could fit in if she really wanted to. He wanted her to feel like she could be wherever he was.

The movie was really good. It was so cool to see kids with special powers, working their hardest. He wanted to be just like them, maybe not with special forces, but he wanted to do his best all the time. [b "I don't really know. Super powers seem like something that you can be born with though. Maybe even something in your body?"] he didn't really get it, but it seemed different. People couldn't just make super powers.

He could see her yawning, making him yawn, so when it ended, he stretched out his arms. [b "I'm sure you can be. It'd be pretty cool. Maybe we can try one day to check out a dojo or something"] he suggested, a smile on his face as he walked with her towards his room. When he climbed into bed, he faced her and nodded [b "Good night Aether"] he hoped that she at least enjoyed the day and could relax with him. He ended up falling asleep really quickly.


In the morning, he was up and when he saw her still asleep, he gently patter her shoulder [b "Aether? Wake up, we have to help make cupcakes"] he whispered, unsure if she'd get upset from him waking her up. He slowly backed up and could smell the oven already baking stuff. His AI must have already gotten started.
  ellocalypse / 23d 18h 56m 3s
The shop! [b "That's right! How are we going to make more cupcakes tomorrow by the time we open?" ] She completely forgot about it... She never opened up a shop before and never stuck around one place long enough to keep doing something daily. It made her smile when Soren said she could fit in. She felt so hopeless about fitting in a world like this, but maybe she could.

She was enjoying the movie. She never imagined that ninja's could have magic powers like this. It really was the best, magic mixed in with fighting. She normally liked to fight with both and it was really nice to see it all. [b "Super power? What's the difference between a super power and magic?" ] She knew about super heroes, but always boiled everything down to being it just another form of magic, a special ability.

Aether was starting to yawn near the end. It was really good, it had a happy ending. [b "Can I be a ninja?" ] She mumbled to herself. She had curled up her knees against her chest. Her eyes widened [b "Really? We can be in movies!" ] Her eyes gleamed. She giggled [b "That's alright, that sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes I do missions where I have to use a spell to look like someone else and pretend to be them." ] She really had no idea of how most worlds worked that weren't based on magic.

Her eyelids kept dropping. She took the hand he offered and figured this meant she was sleeping in his room again. She went in his bed and put the covers over herself. She faced him and gently smiled [b "Goodnight Soren... I had fun today." ] There were ups and downs but she never had a day like this. It was different being with him. It felt right. She closed her eyes to get some sleep.
  Ravenity / 24d 7h 13m 20s
Soren was glad that Aether was really enjoying the games with him. It seemed like the more time they spent here together was opening her up. Even just something as simple as playing games together made a huge difference. [b "Me too. Tomorrow we can go after we close up shop for the week] he suggested, knowing they did just start a cupcake business.

[b "I don't doubt that. You'll fit in for sure"] he smiled and then he sat with her, watching the move. His AI was also with him, staying by the popcorn as she watched his AI eating one at a time.

Soren kept his eye on the film, having seen a few episodes before. [b "Yeah, it's really cool. It's like each one of them has a super power"] he smiled and then he didn't mind seeing the movie.

He stayed at her side, snuggling up to her and then soon he was also getting really tired. He stayed with Aether until the movie finished. [b "Do you want to try? There's always castings going on in the city. You can be a voice actor or some reporter if you really wanted to"] he scratched his head and thought about it. [b "But you'll have to play parts that aren't really you, which might be a bit difficult sometimes"] he yawned and then he looked at the time.

[b "Let's head to bed"] he told her, offering his hand as he turned off the TV and then led her towards his room. Soren climbed in and laid back, yawning softly.
  ellocalypse / 24d 18h 45m 34s
She felt surprised by how much fun she had with the helmet. Maybe too much fun. Aether nodded [b "Alright, I can't wait to go shopping with you again." ] She smiled brightly and changed into something much more comfy. Soren looked really comfy too. She peaked down at her clothes [b "Really? Maybe I can fit in." ] She mumbled the last bit to herself. She sat down on the sofa and decided to watch something before she went to bed. She didn't realize how nice it was just to sit on a sofa with someone she liked and watch something. His AI even brought popcorn.

[b "Thank you," ] She thanked her and played the first Naruto movie, Clash in the Land of Snow. She had read it had ninjas and she couldn't miss out on a ninja animation. She wondered what would it be like to be a ninja. [b "This, it has ninjas." ] She leaned back into the sofa, feeling just right and ready to watch the movie and fall asleep. She took some popcorn and Soren even wrapped his arm around her waist. It felt...really nice. [b "Really? You've already seen it? You don't mind if we watch it again, do you?" ] When he said he didn't mind she started up the movie.

She found the whole thing pretty cool, but she didn't imagine ninjas being able to do all of these amazing things. [b "Soren...the ninjas have magic powers! Wouldn't it be cool to be a ninja? Or a samurai or..." ] She yawned, not realizing how sleep she was getting but she wanted to keep her eyes open, wanting to know this movie ended. She leaned into Soren, [b "I wonder what it would be like to be an actress." ] She whispered, saying random things at this point. Her AI took a nap in the popcorn.
  Ravenity / 25d 1h 7m 1s

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