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The terrain built up before them and it was like it was loading up a whole new world when she teleported. It was pretty amazing. They were in a forest, tall trees-this was familiar scenery. Aether looked around, slowing down her breathing and focusing on the sounds, wanting to be alert. She heard mechanical movement and she saw the robot. She hid behind a tree and felt the anxiety rush through her veins. What if she couldn’t do it? What if they were much harder? She glanced at Soren, seeing him pointing, smiling. He thought she could do this-and she wanted to proof that she could.

Aether nodded and held her saber firmly. She wasn’t sure how many more other robot were around. She preferred to do things quietly. She moved between two trees and then caught the robot from behind and sliced it from the head to neck and waist. She watched it crash down on the floor. [b “Huh.” ] That was easier than she thought. She looked back at Soren, smiling and gave a thumbs up, “I did it.” ] She heard some movement behind and saw a robot looking at her and then it drew out it’s guns. Aether gasped and ran forward, trying to dodge it’s aim, her heart leaping.

She was frozen up. Bullets-officially scared the shit out of her. She hid behind a tree, trying to think, while the tree was being shot at. Ugh! She couldn’t cower like this. She brought that shield out and used it, to protect herself from the shots, while it came close. The second it was close enough she quickly moved around and sliced his waist. Then she sat down because he heart was racing and robots freaked her out. She looked at Soren [b "I really hate robots, you know." ]
  Ravenity / 110d 1m 50s
He tried to explain to her that it wasn't surprising here to have two significant others. He didn't want her to be surprised if she saw some outside or at a club or something. She seemed to get it, but he already promised her that he would be only dating her. He walked with her towards the building, a smile on his face as they swung their hands. He really did enjoy walking around with her and just being a couple like this. It felt really nice to have someone around just like him.

He changed into some workout clothes and when he saw her step out, he smiled, thinking she looked great. Even Aether looked good in anything. Her figure was sexy and she had the height and the curves in all the right places. He couldn't wait to show her how to do the fighting.

They arrived and then he started the simulator, seeing the ground raise up. THey were now on terrain and the path before them was heading into a warehouse. He took out his saber and then he waited for her. [b "They can't. Not in here. We'll just feel things like little zaps from guns or puffs of air hitting you if you get hit by a robot. You'll still want to dodge them all though. Don't let your hearts run out"] he told her. [b "Just relax"] he led the way, walking through the path. They entered through the forest and there were trees everywhere. Soren pointed out a robot walking back and forth and then he smiled. [b "Do you want to get him? Just run up and cut him with your saber"] he told her, so she could get a feel for it all.
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She didn't exactly get why he said it in the first place but she decided to nod, and not worry about it. She trusted Soren, and she felt that he knew that she didn't want to go off with someone else. They were in the elevator together and she swung their arms, and noticed the smile he mad when he saw their hands swinging. It felt nice to be a couple, to be with him. Aether nodded [b "I do." ] She separated from him to go to the restroom, and she changed into her leggings and crop top and brought out the laser beam that she bought. She thought-it suited her. She walked out and met up with Soren, catching him in his shorts and shirt. He looked good in anything...

Aether followed him and they walked toward the area. They stepped inside in one of the rooms and she hadn't had a clue on what they should be doing. She felt-a little nervous because she's never done this before. [b "Run and fight, got it." ] Robots..She was worried about the robots, rough terrain was an ordinary day if it was like the ones iin the world she was in, constant climbing and such. [b "Got it, don't get hurt." ] She watched him pull out his saber and she inhaled a deep breath and prepared herself, taking hers out.

Soren clicked some sort of button and the room completely changed. It-amazed her, how it changed. Come on, that had to be magic! How could this be technology when it did things like magic? She didn't get it. [b "Soren-question. Those virtual robots, they can't [i actually ] hurt us can they?" ] She was worried that maybe it would scare her and she would seriously just run or get startled and get cut. [i Don't screw up Aether, you have to look cool. Be cool. Be a bad ass. ] She nodded to herself as everything formed.
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He didn't really know what to say because here in Avalon if she wanted to date someone else, he couldn't stop her. It was their custom here, so he told her if she wanted to, then she could...but then he thought twice about it and was being more honest.

[b "I know....but I'm just telling you so that if anyone asks or says's not surprising"] he was glad that she wouldn't date anyone else though. He didn't want her to. He saw her smile and then he paid for the bill and held her hand on his, leading her back down the elevator.

They walked and he could see her swinging their arms, making him smile. He enjoyed spending time with her like that. He stepped out and then he thought about their attire. [b "Yeah, do you have any clothes with you that's easy to move in? We can change in the restrooms and then head to the training area"] he told her, walking down the halls towards the restrooms.

Soren headed into the guys and then he changed into some shorts and a shirt. He waited for Aether to finish as he waited outside, taking her hand again and then he walked with her outside down the street.

THe building was close by, so he walked along the streets, pointing out some buildings, places he liked to eat, and other places like shops and clothing stores.

When they headed into the training area, Soren walked with her inside, heading towards one of the rooms. [b "Okay, this simulator is kind of like you run through and fight off some enemies. All you have to do is reach the flag at the end. We can use our sabers. There's going to be robots, and tough terrain. We just have to try and not get hurt. We have three hearts each, try not to lose them all or else we have to start the level over"] he told her, pulling out his light saber and then clicking on the start button.
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Soren was really confusing her with the whole thing about being able to call the other guy up again. It was weird. She thought that if she was dating him, she most definitely could not call up some guy, and she wouldn’t him to call up some girl. She just…didn’t get it. Then he said it-that he didn’t want her to call him up. That. Made sense to her. She frowned when he said different rules. Different rules? Was he talking about dating multiple people? That made no sense to her.

[b “Just because Avalon has a certain culture, doesn’t mean I’m going to carry with it. And you are. Good, I don’t want you to let me go either.” ] She smiled, not wanting to let him go too. As if she wanted to just go off with different people. She gave him the note and Soren end up paying for the bill. She wanted to pay half but he got there before she could.

Soren stood up and she followed, holding his hand and stepping into the elevator. [b “Alright! I can’t wait,” ] She grinned and noticed him holding her hand tightly, so she did the same. She swung their hands a little and watched the number of floors decrease. [b “Good, because I wouldn’t know how to be with someone who wanted to have another girlfriend other than me.” ] She admitted. She looked down at her clothes and stepped out of the elevator. She liked how this dress looked on her-but. [b “Soren, I think we should change our clothes, right? Something more comfy. But, I sure like dressing up this nice for once.” ] She smiled.

What should she wear for training was the question? Maybe just a pair of black leggings and black crop top. That would work. She walked with him, feeling like they were going to have a great time considering there was no risk in a virtual environment.
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He did like the idea of singing together with Aether at home. If they spent time together doing hobbies they both enjoyed, maybe they'd be able to be closer. There was so much he didn't know about her and who knew how much she's changed. She didn't seem like the old Aether he knew at all, besides the features and the kindness.

He thought about before and he nodded [b "I didn't want to lose you either. It was horrible trying to go through it all alone"] he sighed and then he just took a few bites of food when it arrived and then the note came with Aether's food. He was irritated and he didn't want others trying to give Aether their numbers or to think that she'd give them a chance.

He tried to tell her that she could do whatever she wanted, but he guessed that it was confusing her. She wasn't used to Avalon's rules where they could have more than one partner if they wanted to. [b "I...I'm sorry. Yeah, I know. It's just that Avalon has different rules and since you're in Avalon, I can do whatever you want, but I still want to be the only person you look at. No. I won't let you go that easily"] he told her, seeing her hand him the note. He just left it on the table and paid for the bill.

When they finished, he stood up and then he held her hand in his, walking with her back to the elevator. [b "Let's walk to the training area, that way by the time we reach there, we won't be so full"] he suggested, holding her hand in his tightly, glad that she didn't want to date someone else while she was with him. [b "I'm not going to have more than one girlfriend either"] he stated.
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[b “I’d love to sing together, or yea-we can do that too.” ] She grinned. She was excited to do that too. They were going to go train and then they could go back and sing, and play. She thought this day would turn out just swell. She wasn’t glad that she made the impression of shy and timid, because if it wasn’t anything that had to do with romance-she wasn’t but she knew how it was still hard for now and she most definitely believed he was right. [b “I wonder how I felt… I still don’t want to lose you now.” ] She let her mind wonder and wondered if he or she was going to vanish today-would she do it? Probably. Maybe that’s what happened.

[b “Not that much older,” ] Aether laughed [b “Well, I mean you’re an adult now-sorta.” ] She shrugged. There food came in, and here food came with a note. Soren was starting to really confuse her. Sometimes she wondered if he even actually liked her since he didn’t want to continue to kiss her, he said it was alright to go do that…she didn’t get it. [b “Why not?” ] She raised a brow. Soren was confusing, he cared but he wouldn’t stop her if she wanted to? Maybe it was the way she grew up that made it seem confusing.

[b “You’re not…forcing me.” ] She mumbled. She locked her lips and was just plane out confused. Did he like her enough to care if she went off on a date with someone? She lifted her head when he said he didn’t want her calling him. Now-that made sense to her. Aether smiled [b “Why didn’t you just say so? I’m not going to call him, definitely not for a date because you’re my boyfriend. You’re not…that easily let me go, are you? In my world if an AI loves someone, they go fight for them until they get utterly rejected.” ] She was going to leave out the part where some of them made stupid decisions based on ‘love.’ She made a promise to herself not to make dumb decisions but…she kind of already broke that, although she wasn’t entirely sure it was out of love, more like she wanted to meet the person that was like her and stuck in her head. Or maybe that was love.

Aether squinted while she was trying to wrap her head around it but just couldn’t figure it out. She shrugged and ate her food and then, decided to give Soren the note [b “Here, you can do whatever you want with it. I’m not into having more than one boyfriend.” ] She was to push herself to hug him and decided not to. Odd. He was the one that was touchier and now things flipped a bit. She bet that won’t last long though.
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He could see her smile and he was glad she was willing to show him more magic if she could. He liked learning new things and he wanted to be able to help her and fit into her world too. Soren kissed her, but then he didn't really want her to continue because although it was natural in AValon to kiss everywhere, he felt like that was something the public didn't need to see, but more for just them.

He told her about how he sang at home and played the guitar, hearing she loved to sing too. Maybe they could sing a song together. [b "Ooh, maybe we can sing something together, or I can play and you can sing"] he grinned, telling her about the old Aether he remembered. [b "I think so. THe only reason we really tested the limit was because we really felt that deep emotional connection and we didn't want to lose each other"] he thought about it, remembering the garden and then remembering how sad it was. He shook his head and then he glanced back at her [b "Yeah, but right now we have each other and we're older"] he smiled, taking a bite of food and then sharing some with her.

Then when he saw the number, he felt like he couldn't really say what he wanted. If she really wanted to call him, he couldn't stop her. When she spoke, he just shrugged, shaking his head when she directly asked him. [b "I do care, but if you really want to call him....I can't stop you can I?"] he sighed, thinking that maybe if she liked the waiter better, she'd leave him.

[b "I don't want to force you to be with me, if you don't want to...that's just what I'm saying"] he sighed and then he heard her and then he frowned. Maybe he was making this more complicated than it seemed.

[b "Fine. I don't want you calling him, or looking at anyone else. I....just want your eyes on me"] he admitted, glancing off, wondering if she thought he was really selfish now.
  ellocalypse / 114d 19h 10m 24s
Aether smiled and nodded, [b "Sure, I know a good bit about magic." ] She liked the thought of being back at her world too, but for now she was facing this one. This one was so new to her, so there was definitely a lot to learn, and she did want to learn from it. She didn't know if Soren didn't want to kiss her because he really was getting to excited or he was embarrassed to kiss her in public... Neither of those scenarios sounded too good. She kept to herself anyway and decided to ask him questions about him. [b "I like to sing too. It's a lot of fun." ]
She did wonder what she was like before. Shy and timid, she thought she wouldn't be timid, or shy alll the time but she must have. He must have made her anxious being around him. Loved? [b "Loved me...? Do you think you really did? I am...Aether with just a bit more guts." ] She lightly laughed. There food came in and she hadn't taken the first bit because she noticed the paper there. She didn't know what it meant here.

Well-it meant what it usually meant. [b "But...I'm dating you." ] She whispered and saw him take a bite of his fries and offer her. She took one and wondered if he cared. Soren sure didn't make it seem like he cared since he was saying she could. It kind of worried her. [b "You...don't care if I call him?" ] She wanted to clarify. Aether stared down at that note. She couldn't accept this when she was already with someone, why would Soren even say she could keep it and call. She wanted to know what an Avalon AI was like but never if it meant turning her back on him and not in a date. She took a bite of her food. Soren really did confuse her, one moment he was all over her, and the next he was telling her not to kiss him out here and saying she could call the number and that it was up to her.
[b "You're really confusing..." ] She mumbled to herself very quietly.
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Soren has been trying the trials for a long time but that was because it was an easy way to earn some money when he was younger. Soren would go everyday in the mornings and find odd jobs and quests around the city that were doable other days. [b "I want to learn more magic too. It seems really cool. Maybe the next place we can go to could be a place where you can show me magic"] he told her, remembering how she taught him back then. He thought it was so cool.

He did enjoy kissing her, but he didn't want to go any further out in public, so he didn't want to get turned on too much, but it was hard with Aether. She was always so tempting. He knew that he wanted to continue at home though. Soren wasn't much for public displays of affections since he thought it was kind of weird when he went to other worlds too.

He thought about the kinds of music he liked and he told her that he played the guitar. He played it before her too back then, so maybe she'd like listening. [b "I never really took any lessons or anything, but I like to sing in my free time"] he admitted and then they talked about how she was before.

[b "Yeah...we were both kind of shy getting to know one another, but you eventually came to really like me and I liked....loved you"] he told her, smiling down at her [b "But I like you the way you are, even now. You're still Aether"] he saw the food come in and then he started to eat, taking a bite of shrimp, but when she asked him about what it meant, Soren looked at the paper and then he sighed.

[b "It means he finds you attractive and wants to date you. If you want, then you can call that number and meet up"] he shrugged, taking a bite of the fries and then he offered her some as well. [b "It's up to you, you can keep it, toss it away, whatever you want"] he told her, feeling a bit annoyed because he worked hard to show that she was dating him, but that guy still didn't get the hint.
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[b “ Ohh, so you practiced a lot. I have something like that in the worlds I stay in but it’s a bit different…it’s using magic.” ] She liked the idea, of training and then she imagined Soren little and doing all those things. He really was cool. She remembered quite a bit from where they were small and she thought he was really brave, really cool and she wanted to be like him. She looked up to him.
[b “Me too. Maybe next time you could try that again, if something happens.” ] She hoped that nothing would ever happen again. She felt his warm lips and she wanted it to last longer but Soren said, that she shouldn’t be doing this now. So, she stopped. She wondered if public display was an odd thing here like it was back where she was.

Soren brushed her hair behind her ear. The warmth raised to her cheeks. She began to realize how she still didn’t know simple things about him, like the music he liked. [b “What’s techno? Really! Are you good at it?” ] She grinned, leaning forward. Aether nodded [b “I’d like that. Do you know how to sing too?” ]

Of course she was different. She remembered not that long ago she was super shy about being around guys and she could understand why Soren would make her extra shy because he wasn’t like any other AI. But timid? She didn’t know she was timid. “Huh…well it must have been because I really liked you and you made me nervous. I am?” ] Her eyes widened. [b “And here I thought the me that you met months ago was more daring since she tested the limit with you. You like it when I'm daring? I kind of like it when you are too. Well-I mean, I do like it.” ] Well, as long as he liked it. The waiter came in with their food. She grabbed the fork and accidently locked eyes with the waiter. He was looking at her differently… Weird. She just tried to hold a smile to be nice and then he left.
Then she noticed it, some paper underneath the plate. She looked back at Soren and wondered if he had the same thing. Nope. Huh. She pulled it curiously out and understood exactly what it was. She just couldn’t believe a AI from Avalon would give there for number to her because she felt like she stuck out like a sore thumb.
[b “Soren…” ] She whispered, [b “He gave me his phone number. What does that mean here?”] She was used to it meaning that they wanted a date but she couldn’t be sure in this world. [b “What should I do with it?” ] She looked back at it.
  Ravenity / 115d 23h 50m 23s
He did want her to practice with him for a while. IF she could get the hang of it all, then maybe she could be better off with him when they engaged in actual combat. He nodded [b "Yeah kind of. You fight robots, but you don't really get hurt. It's how I was able to get used to all of this in Avalon when I was younger"]

[b "I don't know if it's still open, but I don't want to be separated from you, or risk it"] he told her, leaning in and then feeling her warm lips. He loved the attention from her, loved how she kissed him and was being so daring. She was much different from the other Aether he spent most of his time with, but he did like it. In truth, he wanted to kiss her, but he didn't want to be too disrupting out in public. He wanted her affection more so at home if things would get steamy.

He felt her fingers glide up his neck and when it went through his hair, he smiled relaxing a bit. He laughed when she called him a dog [b "Well I mean it feels really good"] he smiled and was glad she liked it. He could see her hair blowing in the wind and he'd lean over and push it behind her ear. He thought about the kinds of music he liked and he smiled [b "I like listening to techno, sometimes more acoustic songs too since I play the guitar"] he told her, liking that she liked classical music. He had an idea that she'd like that. [b "I can play some songs for you when we get back home?"] he told her and then he thought about the last time they met.

[b "Well you were a lot different than before. You were more shy and timid back then. Well....we were also new to dating one another, so everything was really firsts. You're a lot more daring now. I like it"] he told her, seeing the waiter bringing their food over. His eyes met Aether's and then he slipped his number beneath her plate, a smile on his face.
  ellocalypse / 116d 21h 30m 31s
A training ground where she couldn't die, it sounded perfect. [b "So, it's like a game"] She thought she was going to have fun. she wanted to finish up this lunch and head over to do some training with him. Aether raised a brow [b 'What-really?" ] Her eyes widened, [b "Do you think there's that teleportation opening is still open?" ] That would be useful...maybe it would be an easier way to find him. Soren leaned into her, so she end up kissing him and she liked how it made her feel. It was clear that he didn't think this was the right time. She was a bit disappointed but she understood. She liked the way he looked at her.

the waiter came, they ordered there food and she turned her head to him, and ran her fingers up his neck into his hair. Aether giggled [ b "You're like a dog-not in a bad way. Really." ] she liked feeling his hair and heard him laughing. She loved touching his hair so it was a good thing he liked it. [b "Great, because I really like touching your hair." ] Her eyes followed to where he was pointing [b "Wow, everything is in a building. I thought only people lived in buildings like that." ] she felt his hand reach hers. Aether turned to him and then leaned against the table, her hair blowing with the wind.

[b "Soren...what music do you like to listen to?" ] She figured she didn't actually know the answer to that and felt that was something she should know. [b "I like a lot of classical music."] There food came out shortly and she wondered what she could talk about. [b "So, tell me, what did you think about me the last time we met? How was I like?" ]
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He could see everything from up here at this restaurant. The entire city of Avalon was clearly in view and he really did like it. He liked seeing all of the cool looking buildings, the tiny people walking around on the side walks below and seeing all of the hover cars just driving by.

Soren suggested they do some training and Aether seemed like she really couldn't wait. He smiled and thought about the training grounds he went to [b "I think you'll like it. You can use the light saber you just bought and we can go through some's kind of like the first time that met you. I was training and then it suddenly teleported me to your world"] he remembered and then he ended up seeing their eyes meet.

Soren leaned in and ended up kissing her too, closing his eyes and feeling those warm, comforting lips. IT felt so good. He had a smile on his face as he met her eyes and then he told her that she was getting him excited because he really wanted to kiss her more and hold her. She was so sexy in front of him right now. Soren glanced up when the waiter came and then he ordered his food, seeing how all of his attention was on Aether. He just sighed softly and then as he walked away, he felt Aether leaning in a little more. He felt her fingers behind his neck and then he nodded [b "Yeah. I like it"] he grinned, loving how her attention was on him and not the waiter.

[b "I like it when your attention is all on me"] he admitted, laughing a little [b "You can touch my hair as much as you like"] he smirked, his hand moving down her side and then pointing at the view at a building. [b "See that's where the training camp is. We'll go there after lunch"] he showed her, his hand sweeping beneath hers to hold onto it, enjoying their date so much. He really did feel like they were getting a little closer and closer each day.
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The view was beautiful, and the whole restaurant felt pretty high end. Hopefully, not too high end... She had this amazing view and her eyes would just start to drag back onto Soren. But then he got her mind thinking about training and doing a mission and being good at taking down robots. It sounded a lot of fun and she really couldn't wait to do it all. [b "Cool, i really want to try, that way I'll be ready for that evil robot." ] She definitely wanted to help him take it down and just stand on the side. He pulled her closer and it was not want to kiss him.

[b "I could do that." ] She nodded, and went for it and kissed him, he kissed her and felt so soft and good. She liked kisses and thought it wasn't too much since it was just a kiss. Her eyes widened when he said she's getting him excited. Nope. Couldn't have that-not here. She blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed for doing that, [b "Sorry, I didn't mean to." ] Damn it Soren...that just made her want to kiss him more. She decided it would be the best if she refrained from it.

[b 'I don't either." ] She shrugged. The waiter came in and Soren held her more. It was weird hearing 'ma'am' to her. Beautiful? Well, this AI was sure nice. She smiled [b "Thank you, Uh-I'll have the same." ] She turned and looked at Soren [b "I think you're right. I do look good today," She leaned against his shoulder and ah, she wanted to tease him. She wanted to kiss his neck, to kiss him, but she opted for running her fingers behind his head gently [b "Is this okay?" ] She asked, [b "Your hair just feels so nice." ]
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