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He was proud of the way she handled that robot. Soren has never seen anyone else have the courage to do what he did. He ended up smiling and when she suggested they go back home and put her in the machine, she didn't seem to fond of it. Either way, it would heal her wrist.

At the store, there were so many watches to choose from. Soren looked over the one she chose and really liked the color. He showed her how to do different functions and then he even sent her a text emoji with a smiley face from his watch. [b "Yup, it's pretty cool. It can even work with your AI too"] he told her, helping her pay before they headed to the weapons shop.

There were so many swords, machines, shields, and guns. Soren shopped here for his sword, but he wanted Aether to pick out one she wanted. When she looked around, he saw the sword she picked out and then he smiled [b "That looks really cool. I can help you pay for it too. It's not much once you do quests here"] he told her, seeing that she should have a blaster too. He let her hold the sword and test it out if she liked the weight and the way it felt in her hands.

[b "Okay, we can practice at home, but we should also get you a blaster. Just something small for long distance"] he looked around, wondering what kind of gun she would use. He looked around, picking up a pistol blaster and showing her. [b "Something like this. Here try it out"] he led her to the shooting area and then loaded the gun. The target as further back, but he wanted her find and pick one that she liked.

Soren ended up upgrading his own saber for a customized handle. [ Sword]
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Soren made it sound like she did the most amazing thing, so she felt pretty great about it. Although, that thing stilled scared her. She felt a rush of happiness when he said she did so well. [b "Thank you." ] She grinned. She thought that machine did have to eat her to heal her, which was...really weird. [b "Oh, okay." ] She heard him laughing and wondered if he found it funny for some reason. She was serious about it.

They went to the store and she picked out one, and just realized just how expensive things were here. It wasn't like the worlds she has been. Every world had different values of money, which made it really hard. In some worlds, she had to start all over again. She could tell that her money from the world's she lived in, didn't have a great exchange. Soren end up helping her pay for it, but she really rather not have him help.

[b "It's a phone watch?" ] She raised a brow and then he mentioned about controlling the house. How in the world was it able to do that? [b " tablet can do a lot of those things too. For a small thing, it sure is expensive." ] She felt her AI on top of her head, and she felt so happy that he was okay, and would hug him for awhile before before Soren showed her how to use it. It was pretty neat, paying for things this way. She walked out of the shop with him and and it made her smile when he said 'You're really apart of Avalon.' She knew she still didn't fit in but she liked that she could know this world just a little bit more.

She followed him and landed in another store. Weapons! Now, this was definitely a place she liked to be in. [b "I'm not really good with guns... But I should probably get one just in case. I do love swords." ] She nodded, she still had the one that Soren gave her, and she adored it so much, but she didn't think it was a good idea to get metal with it constantly cause she didn't want to lower its durability. [b "I want one that looks like a sword." ] She nodded and one of the employees went to talk to her. Aether tried to explain what she wanted. They went through looking through sabers, and Aether thought they just looked like glowing ice cream sticks. Eventually, she found one that looked like a sword she was used to but it was still a laser sword.
[ Sword]

[b "This is definitely the one." ] She nodded. Then she saw the price-shoot. That was expensive for a sword. This would take a whole main quest's award to do. Ah, that's right, she didn't accept the award for the other thing. She opened up her tablet and her eyes widened. That much for that little work? She could definitely make more money hacking some robots. She smiled to herself and accepted. [b "Soren, I found a sword." ] She grinned, and went to show him. [b "I don't know anything about guns though." ]
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He didn't think that someone was going to come in and try to save him. Soren was just fighting off the guy because of the quest, but when he covered the area in smoke, he tried to collect the reward. He didn't see the man after him, until Aether fought him off. She had some strong armor and she managed to kill off the robot on her first try. Was she afraid? He didn't know she could do something like that, but it made Soren so surprised.

He stared blankly at her for a while and then he smiled [b "That was great. You did so well Aether"] he told her and then he stood up, seeing her smile as he held her hand, looking over her other one. [b "Yeah, we'll put you in the machine to heal. It won't eat you don't worry"] he told her, laughing at the thought.

When he led her to the store, he let her pick out a watch, helping her pay for it since it was pricey. He knew Aether couldn't have much money in this world. [b "You can check the time, answer calls, control your house, whatever you need to check really. It's connected to the database in Avalon so you can keep updated on news, watch videos, and other stuff. It's pretty cool"] he told her, seeing her AI return and sit on her head.

He showed her how to bring it up to a device, like the register, and it would pay for things. He then showed her how to check the time, the weather, the area of the city. He smiled and then he led her out of the shop. [b "Okay, we got you one of those, now you're really a part of Avalon"] he walked with her further down the street, looking for the weapons shop, soon leading her into another store.

This store had everything from sabers, different types of guns, shields, and other weapons. Soren let her look around. [b "So you can try out some guns if you want, or even the sabers since you like swords?"] he suggested, seeing so many customizable weapons on the shelves. Maybe he'd get a new handle for his sword.
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All she saw was smoke and her mind couldn't help but think the worst had happened. She didn't know if he was killing them or if they were killing him. She charged forward and she did the best she could. The pressure was there, enough that she was in kill or be killed mode. Her heart was pounding and her body slightly shaking. She really...wore her AI out. That happened when he took a lot of damage.

First, Soren. It seemed like he handled it all and she didn't understand how could someone could do that, be that brave to charge forward. She only did it because she wanted to help him. He looked spooked, or shocked...? She couldn't tell which one until he spoke out. She stared back, he thought that was awesome? Well, it sure made her feel pretty proud of herself if he thought she was awesome. [b "ha, I guess I did." ] She was damn terrified, and still was. Those eyes... She shuddered even more. [b "You did much more...I wish I was like you. Do you think, you could teach me more how to fight in this world?" ] She asked, but wouldn't forget how amazed Soren looked when he thought she was awesome. It truly made her feel like a bundle of happiness.

But oh, her hand was hurting just a little. She looked down at her hand [b "Yea...but it's not much. You know, we've had worse, chopped arm and such." ] In plenty of worlds, it wasn't hard to heal, she wasn't sure about this world though. It wasn't like the other ones. [b "You mean being eaten by that machine again to heal?" ] SHe guessed she could. It wasn't too bad, although being trapped sure was.

She followed Soren into the store and she stared at the watches. They definitely did not look like the traditional watch. Aether pointed at teal and black one. Teal, reminded her of Soren's eyes. [b "That one." ] She got help how to actually pay for it and realized just how expensive a silly watch cost here. How did Soren afford to live here!?

[b "So, I use it to pay for stuff? What else does it do?" ] She asked and then would glance back at her tablet to see if her AI was doing okay. She worried for him. It made this lump in her throat grow. It said the time was extended to 5 minutes more, but he was appearing on the screen at least and telling her mentally 'You can't do anything without me can you.' It made her smile a little. She was so used to being protected by her AI that she forgot that sometimes even he couldn't handle some things.

She tried on the watch and would stare at it, [b "What do I do..." ] Then her AI appeared again, into a bunny, right on top of her head and snuggled into her hair. [b "Hey, your back. I'm so sorry, I should have been more careful." ] Her eyes warmed and she snuggled him tightly against her cheek He was telling her not to hug him so tight.
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He wanted to teach her more about Avalon so that she wouldn't be completely clueless and the next time she went out and about, at least she'd be able to protect herself properly without getting people's attention. He showed her how to kill them on his table, cutting through the metal exterior and then ripping out the wires. That would shut them off.

After they ate, he held her hand and walked with her through the city, going to the stores that had the essentials she would need. When he saw the quest appear, he covered Aether, looking around and then deciding that the only way they'd be able to shop here, was if he cleared the area.

He ran in and used a smoke bomb, using his saber and slicing the robot in half. He finished the quest, but when he heard Aether's voice, he glanced back, seeing her tackle him as they fell to the floor. His AI tried to help also by becoming a shield. Soren tried to get up, but when he saw Aether with a metal arm, he gasped and then he saw her knock out the robot, ripping the wires.

He looked up at her in shock as he sat up. [b "I'm fine. But Aether! That was awesome! You beat that robot"] he said surprised, remembering that she was perfectly capable to taking care of herself. He slowly stood up, looking over her [b "Are you hurt?"] he asked, looking at her hand and then seeing the shopping area fill with people again.

He looked around and spotted the store they needed to go to. [b "When we go back home, you can lay in that machine. It'll heal you up again"] he told her, not wanting her to be injured at all. [b "Let's get you a watch"] he walked her into a store that was filled with glass casings and many different kinds of watches. They were a glass screens that had colorful bands that you could customize. [b "Here look around and pick one you like and I'll show you how to use it"] he told her, wondering if her AI was going to be okay.
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Aether simply didn't get it. How could one defeat a robot when it was hunk of metal and how could she get to the brain if it was made out of metal. She didn't think a sword could gut through that. They seemed...impossible to kill. It made her shudder. Then Soren showed her on the tablet. Wires, she had to rip those off? [b "Oh, so that's how you know they're evil, got it." ] She nodded and figured she somehow had to get to the wires. Seemed easy enough. Was it easy though?

The cake was definitely yummy, and after being stuffed with that, she was ready to shop for weapons and that watch Soren mentioned. She held his hand and it still amazed her how crowded the place was. Then-there was screaming. It freaked her out. Soren was even putting his arm over her. [b "Soren, you shouldn't." ] She called out but he went on ahead. She couldn't let him go on his own. She couldn't really see anything, people were running away, shoving her and there was smoke up ahead. Where was Soren? She ran forward into the smoke, not caring that she wouldn't be able to see. The smoke disappeared and she saw Soren standing there, in good condition. He fought them. Then she saw something come up from behind while he was accepting the money. A new quest popped up from her 'Save the civilian'

[b Soren! Behind you!" ] She shouted while she ran forward, and the robot tried to shoot Soren. Aether shoved Soren down, along with herself, while her AI also turned into a big rabbit to protect the two of them, taking hits. While that happened, Aether thought of something. The robot overheated for a moment and stopped. Aether took this moment to get up, quickly used her AI to turn into strong and thick metal armour for her right hand up to her elbow. She swung at that robots face with rage and grabbed the wires like Soren taught her to, watching it fall down. Aether was panting and trembling. Her AI turned into a tablet and it read 'repairing physical body in 10 mins.' She felt a lump in her throat, worried for AI too. It didn't happen to often where he needed to repair. She looked back at Soren [b "Soren, are you okay?" ] She asked. She couldn't believe...he handled those guys even before when she trembled before one. Her hand was bruised, but besides that, Aether wasn't hurt.
  Ravenity / 11d 23h 10m 49s
He didn't want to put her in danger if she didn't have to be. Still, he had to show her some self defense from these robots in case she had to deal with them. He told her what to do, but he guessed showing her was the best idea. He told her about ripping the control box from a robot's head, but when she spoke, he figured it was best to show her.

He took hold of his AI and drew a picture on the tablet. He showed her where to rip off the wires from and then he thought about how she could tell the difference. [b "If they look at you and they have red lit eyes and an angry expression, that's probably a good start to know they're bad"] he told her, finishing up the cake and then smiling as he stood.

[b "Okay, let's take a walk. It's actually pretty close by"] he made sure to hold her hand, not wanting her to get lost or anything as he led the way. When they walked along the streets, he kept beside her, seeing so many people out. He walked around and when he heard the fire, he ducked down, his arm over AEther. He saw the quest and decided that they couldn't shop until they took down the evil robot. [b "Just wait here a sec"] he told her, accepting the quest and then going into the crowd.

Soren could spot some people down on the ground. He moved further towards the center and saw a man with a mask, red, lit eyes blazing through it. He wore a good and had a laser gun. Soren pulled out his own gun and hid behind cover, firing his gun at the man. He shot a few shots and the man dodged, aiming at Soren as he fired. Staying behind a table, he stood up and then he threw a colored bomb at the guy, filling the area with smoke. Soren ended up running in, pulling out his saber and then piercing the man through the chest. He wore his goggles that allowed him to see through the smoke and then then sliced the man in half, ripping the wiring from his back and then seeing the pieces just crumble to the ground.

He took off his goggles and the smoke dissipated as he looked around, seeing the quest being completed. Soren accepted the money reward and then he looked around for Aether again.
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She couldn't really tell what was dangerous and what wasn't here. She didn't even know what Soren really meant by life support or how in the world would she rip off their brain from there head. It seemed like a lost cause. [b "And how do I remove said brain? It's not like I can cut through it." ] She she definitely felt it was important to know how take them down just in case. Aether frowned and sighed [b "How can I tell the difference between the ones that are dangerous and not?" ] She didn't know what was considered 'normal' behaviour here and what wasn't. It was so different.

Well, damn, the robot did make cake. She took a bite of the cake and it definitely tasted god. [b " does taste pretty amazing." ] She smiled and nodded. When they were done, she got up [b "Shopping time?" ] She asked. They head outside and she was weary about everyone that got near. She stayed close to him as he lead the way since she didn't really know where to go.

The streets were starting to become crowded. [b "Where are all these people going?" ] She mumbled, and saw someone speaking into some sort of camera. She popped her head in there and the girl looked back at her confused. Aether was just plainly curious [b "Soren, is it possible for our faces to be on TV?" ] She wondered. Suddenly, there was firing in the crowd. People screamed and tried to run. Aether froze up for a second, what was that... She ducked her head and looked back at Soren, and took hold of his hand, not knowing where to go, but knowing they needed to go out, so stepping into some random store seemed like the best idea to take cover. [b "Were those evil robots?" ] She asked, and saw a quest manager appear, saying to kill them. Oh hell no, she wasn't getting involved with any of those damn things. She wasn't even armed.
  Ravenity / 13d 40m 38s
He was glad she also understood that she didn't want to lose him either. It was hard living with someone that was just like you and then they suddenly disappeared. Sure there were many AI's in this place, but no one would ever be like Aether.

He drove her to a pizza place and then he walked down the line, making his own. When he finished, he sat at a window seat across from her, taking a bite of pizza. It was delicious. [b "Well to kill one, it's best to rip out their life support. Usually it's a mechanical box in their brain. So if you can stop that, they won't move anymore"] he told her, kind of like a human.

Soren finished eating, talking about some evil robots and half human ones, but he knew how to avoid them and keep Aether safe. [b "Not all the people here are dangerous. You just have to know which ones are and which ones aren't"] he told her, looking through and dusting off the crumbs. He let his AI relax with Aether's and then he went to the counter and ordered them some chocolate cake.

He sat back down and then he placed the cake between them. [b "It's pretty good"] he offered her, letting her try as he took a fork and took another bite.
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She understood what he meant. [b "I know..." ] She sighed, wishing she could take better care of herself in this world but ther ewas so much she didn't know and that made it hard to live here. She wondered if she ever get used to it, or if she ever slightly fit in. They took his bike and they got something she has eaten before, pizza. Although, robots...making them? What if they tried to kill them and put something like nuts and bolts in them? She just viewed robots as evil things.

[b "Yea, your right. How do I kill one just in case?" ] She whispered very quietly. [b "Weapons and watch sound good." ] SHe nodded and ate the pizza. The robots made a pretty good pizza, it tasted pretty fine. She saw the sauce all over him and it made her laugh a little. Aether shrugged [b "It's alright, I think my tongue will get better soon." ] Her AI watched Soren give her AI some pizza, and tugged at Aether to give him some. She gave him some too, even if he didn't really need to eat.

[b "Half robot, half human...that sounds pretty scary." ] She couldn't understood how a such a thing could be real. Evil robots. She froze up at that part. She definitely wasn't a fond of robots. She remembered the first time she went into a world with robots, they were rude, and it scared her. [b "And I thought the people here were dangerous..." ] She didn't want to meet an evil robot, that was for sure.

So, he didn't know her? [b "Well, I do the same." ] She shrugged and thought about it. [b "Cake. Where can we get some? Are Robots going to be making the cake too?" ] She raised a brow [b "Do robots make good cake..." ] She whispered, and tossed the napkin away. Her AI was sitting down, rubbing his tummy because he was full.
  Ravenity / 13d 23h 5m 7s
He knew that something could always go wrong, but if he could stop it, he would. Two people was always better than one, so when she went off on her own, he really wanted to be with her. He smiled [b "I know. I don't want to lose you either Aether, so if you're in danger, in a world I know, I want to do something to stop it"] he told her, holding her hand as they headed towards his bike.

He didn't want her to be frightened, so when he drove them towards the pizza place, he helped her off and then he smiled. [b "Yup there's all kinds of toppings. I'm sure you'll love it"] he grinned, walking with her inside and then lining up. After he made his pizza, he could see Aether looking at the robots worriedly. [b "THey won't do anything to hurt you. I'm here too. After we'll go shopping so you can get your weapon and watch"] he suggested, taking a seat and then eating his pizza, licking his lips when he got sauce all over them.

Soren would see her take a bite and then he frowned. [b "If you want we can cool it down with some ice cream"] he smiled and then he nodded. [b "My stomach is all full"] he gave his AI a slice and then he thought about it. [b "There's a half robot, half human ruler.....and there's many evil robots, but I don't try to get in there way unless I have to"] he told her, wondering if she wanted to take them down or something.

He finished another slice and then he heard her say something and looked over at the girl. He's never seen the girl before, but he just waved. [b "I don't know who that is, but I try to be friendly with the people around here. THey could help me in the future"] he told her, wiping his lips. [b "Did you want some ice cream or cake?"] he asked, feeling he could use some sweets too.
  ellocalypse / 15d 20h 3m 37s
[b "Something could always go wrong no matter where. I don't think we could live in our lives in a padded room either... But I don't want to lose you." ] She felt he understood her more than anything in the entire world and that made him beyond important. She sat with him and she figured that they needed to open on weekends too except Sunday. Thankfully, not. She usually started things and never really entirely finished them, unless it was a mission that had give her some reason for having motivation. She smiled thinking about going with him the snow world.

Then Soren's stomach growled. Definitely hungry. She laughed when he turned red [b "Why are you embarrassed?" ] Aether changed her clothes and got up right on her feet. She followed him and realized he was going towards the hover car. Her face showed concern, she did not want to get on that thing. Soren must have noticed without her saying anything because he called for his bike.

She took the helmet, wrapped her arms around his waist and held on as he drove them into the city. She followed him to a restaurant, curiously looking again. [b "There's more than one sauce?" ] She raised a brow. She saw the robots, and they still freaked her out. She watched Soren order carefully, to know what to say. She mostly stuck to what Soren got, plus extra cheese and got pork instead. Her AI had to help her figure how to pay.

When they got there pizza, she sat down with him and took a bite and gasped [b "Hot!" ] Her AI was laughing on the table. She narrowed her eyes at him and waited for it to cool a bit. [b "I think I burned my tongue." ] Even pizza places are dangerous. [b "Now, your stomach should be happy." ] She referred to his stomach growling before. It was definitely odd not to be doing crazy missions, or using magic for a while. Her days mostly consisted of a lot adventure. This was pretty relaxing, which was good too.[b "Do you have anybody who is very evil here that you have to take down? My worlds are usually like that." ]

She saw this girl looking at Soren, and was about to come over and open her mouth but then she saw Aether. Aether took a bite of her pizza, figuring that girl might know Soren. [b "You know lots of girls don't you?" ]
  Ravenity / 15d 23h 44m 0s
He wanted Aether to be safe because if anything happened to her in this world, he'd only blame himself. He heard her and then he ended up laughing a little. Of course she knocked him out, she was so good at protecting herself. He smirked [b "I know you did. I know you can take care of yourself too, but it's being in a new world that I'm worried about. There's a lot of things that could go wrong, so I want to just make sure I'm there"] he told her, sitting on the couch.

[b "We don't have to open up. That way, you and I could do some things on the weekend if we wanted to. Like take a trip to the snow world"] he suggested and then he bit down on his lip and heard his stomach grumble. He turned red and then saw her staring, making him glance away for a bit. It was embarrassing and he hasn't remembered the last time he had someone here to hear his stomach noises.

He saw Aether change and he smiled. It fit this world. [b "Oooh pizza sounds good. Okay, let's go"] he held her hand and then he led her towards his hover car. He bit down on his lip and then he just called for his cycle instead. He didn't want her to be traumatized.

Soren gave her a helmet and then he shook his head [b "You don't always have to be on the look out, but there is crime. Bad robots and bad people exist here"] he knew they still had to go shopping too. [b "Yeah, when we go shopping, we'll pick up everything that you need"] he smiled and then he got onto his motorcycle and waited for her before driving them across the bridge into the city. He led them to a pizza place and then he parked.

Soren helped her off and led her to the restaurant. The pizza place was a make your own pizza, so when they stepped inside, it was a line of people customizing toppings on their pizzas. He led Aether to the line and then he told her how to order. [b "Just pick whatever sauce and toppings you want on your pizza. They'll make it for you"] he told her, pointing to the robot workers.

He went down the line, making his pizza with some mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and some spinach. He looked over at Aether, wondering if she had everything under control.
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She didn't think she'd run into trouble like that. It wasn't anything she couldn't figure out, but she could see where he was coming from. [b "I don't want to either. I mean, I handled it. I knocked the guy out." ] She gently smiled, trying to look at the bright side. She relaxed at his home, and Soren soon came back to her. He looked tired. [b "We don't?" ] She heard his stomach grumbled and stared. [b "You definitely sound hungry." ] She didn't know exactly how to use the stuff Soren had here to make the food. But she wanted to help him out anyway.

[b "Are you sure? Ah, I guess we could eat outside." ] She figured and then she shrugged [b "I'm okay. I've had worse than this." ] She saw him change and decided to change as well, in a black jacket, and a pair of leather leggings. It made her smile seeing his AI. She was so cute. She nodded [b "I kind of want pizza. I haven't had that in such a long time. But, what do you want to eat?" ] She followed him outside and wondered if she should be more cautious and watch out for people.

[b "Is crime a common thing here?" ] She had to ask [b "Should I always be on the look out?" ] Her AI nodded just because he didn't want Aether to be careless. She coiuldn't believe how much she had to depend on Soren here. It was so odd because back in the worlds she was more than fine for her to handle situations and know what not to do.

That reminds her. [b "Oh Soren, do you think we could get weapons? I'm going to need one if I ever run into a bad situation again." ] She figured.
  Ravenity / 16d 23h 10m 45s
He didn't mean to treat her like a kid. He only wanted her to be careful, especially in a world she's never really been to because there were dangerous people everywhere. He was worried because she was risking her well being for no reason. They worked so hard to get here and he didn't want an incident like this to be the reason they couldn't see each other again.

He felt her arms around him and he turned around to hug her [b "I'm just glad you're okay. I don't want something like that happening to you. What if you disappeared again"] he frowned and then he ended up closing shop with his AI before returning to his home. He sat back against the couch and relaxed, letting out a sight and then he heard Aether. [b "It's okay. You got hurt. Besides it's Friday. We don't have to open up on the weekends"] he told her, hearing his stomach grumble.

[b "I am kind of hungry"] he looked at the kitchen and then he shook his head [b "No we can still go shopping. It's only noon. We can grab lunch and then go shop around if you want. We can just eat out"] he suggested, not wanting her to work too hard if she was still hurt. [b "I don't want you strain yourself Aether"] he stood up and then he changed into casual clothes. He had his black and orange striped jacket on and some jeans. He then looked at his AI, letting her turn back into a bunny, resting on his hair.

[b "Let's go? Maybe you can think of something you want to eat and we'll head over?"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 18d 16h 56m 4s

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