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Aether snuggled against his body, her skin feeling still a bit cool to touch but warmed a bit when he hugged her. She smiled a little at him when he looked down at her. “Will you do it all from home?” She asked, and brushed her lisp on him and he kissed her. She ran her fingers through his hair and watched how he looked at her when she did. She felt around his back, her naked chest against him, and she slid her leg a bit between his legs. [b “Me too. After work… Yes, we can do something together after work. Should we spend time together here after work?” ] She asked. Soren buried his face into her neck. She stroked through his hair again and then down his back. [b “I still have some time now. Do you want to do anything or, should I go home and start my day?” ] She whispered.

[b “You’re still thinking about the dream? It’ll be okay Soren. I’m here. I can help you,” ] She reminded, expecting that it would comfort him.

If he said she should go home, she would raise up and walk around naked to get to the portal. If he didn’t, then she’d stay and kiss him even more In bed.
  Aether / Ravenity / 52d 8h 16m 10s
He wasn't sure if this was the real Aether or not, but it really did scare him to see that she was a robot in his dreams. It felt like a nightmare because she wasn't there with him and he really didn't like it. He bit down on his lip and then he shook himself awake with a sweat. It made him really feel really nervous, so when he saw her beside him, he asked her some questions just to make sure.

[b "Oh...okay. I just want to make sure that I'm not dreaming"] he sighed, feeling like something must have happened with her when she blacked out. He hugged her close to warm her up and when he looked down, he wasn't sure if he was even allowed to look. [b "I'll be okay. I'll just work on some small side jobs, so if you need me just text me"] he told her, feeling her lips as he leaned in to kiss her back.

She relaxed him when she touched his hair and he wondered if maybe she was back to normal. [b "I...just want to spend more time with you. Maybe after your work"] he buried his face into her neck, just wanting to forget about that dream and having the real Aether back.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 53d 5m 15s
Aether hugged the bedsheet. “I am a bit cold.” She said. They went to sleep. She went on alert when she sensed movement and heard a voice. She looked back at him and slid her body closer to calm him. It didn’t seem to be working. He was still asking all sorts of questions that worried her. “Yes. I remembered going on my cycle, being out cold and then I woke tied up to a table. It was really weird. They knocked me out again, and I woke up earlier than they thought. So, I escaped.” She paused, trying to come up with a solution to what face she saw. “He wore a mask, I only saw his eyes. They were blue.”

He leaned in and pulled her close. Her chest pressed onto him. She released a soft sigh, “You’re so warm. It’s really nice.” She closed her eyes. His hand went down her bareback, “Lower Soren… pull me closer, I feel pretty cold being naked,” She whispered. She ran her hand down his back, and then said, “Are you feeling okay? I should probably head home soon, get dressed and get ready for work. Will you be staying home?” She met his eyes and gently bumped her lips on him, but left out kissing because she didn’t want to upset him like she had done before.

She frowned, looking at him. She ran her fingers through his hair once, "You don't look too happy. Was it the dream? How can I make you feel better?"
  Aether / Ravenity / 53d 6h 2m 52s
He didn't want her snooping around his house, especially if she wasn't Aether. If they were doing research on her, she could possibly hack through his data or take things away. He wasn't fully trusting her, but he thought it was really hard to recreate something like her.

He laid beside her and pulled her in, holding her close. Her body was cold, so he pulled the sheets over her more [b "Are you not cold Aether?"] he hugged her and then he sighed, not wanting to fight, but to help her. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but he had a horrible dream that woke him up in the morning.

He glanced over at her when she held his hand. SHe was cold and it made him even more worried. [b "I...uhh...It's fine. Do you remember anything at all yesterday? LIke what happened after work? Or do you have a face of who took you?"] he asked, leaning in, pulling her close to his chest and letting his hands feel down her bareback. This definitely wasn't Aether. She was colder, she had to think about things before she where was the real one?
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 53d 7h 57m 33s
[b “I am okay.” ] She said, and registered his expression. He wasn’t happy. He looked worried. She left and found his computer, which she had trouble accessing, even when she was about to try something else to access it. He came in and he pulled her to the direction of his room, “I don’t need to wake you up because I can’t sleep. I didn’t want to watch TV, I wanted to play something. Then why won’t you let me go on your computer? If you trust me you’d share everything with me. I’m...not going to break it. Why would you think that?” She frowned and released his hand, “Clearly, you don’t trust me.” She went in his bed, and lay down. She watched him step in with her, telling her to get some sleep. She felt worried he’d find her again if she slipped out.

Soren kissed her forehead, wrapped around her naked waist. She allowed it and she shut herself down. She rose up when she sensed movement in the bed, hearing a gasp. She watched him lay back. She pressed her chest against his arms, [b “Are you okay? It seems like you were having a bad dream,” ] She kissed his cheek, her lips slightly cold. She took hold of his hand and gave a light squeeze, her body feeling a bit colder than his body.

[b “It was just a dream…Would you like to talk to me about it?” She asked and let the bedsheets continue to cover her. She shifted her face to a concern expression, with a little pout on.
  Aether / Ravenity / 53d 9h 6m 16s
He didn't know why she was acting this way. Her personality was so different and it made him wonder if it was really her or not. She didn't seem robotic and she had warm skin, the same smell and appearance. It was her, but something was off. Was her memories removed? Maybe her sounded farfetch'd, but he really didn't know what else it could be.

[b "It matters because I want you to be okay Aether"] he showed concern in his eyes as he frowned, seeing her leave. In the middle of the night, he went to look after her, seeing her at his computer. He asked her to get off, but when she said she wanted to play, he shook his head [b "You can still wake me and ask me. There's also the TV. I'm not hiding anything, I just don't want anything to break if you don't know how to use it. Especially my computer"] he told her.

She was sitting naked, but he brought her to his room anyway, trying not to just stare past her neck. He laid with her in bed and relaxed, facing her and then moving his arm around her. He wanted to be close to her, to remind her that she loved him and would be safe and warm in his arms [b "It'll be okay. Let's get some sleep"] he told her, his hands around her waist as he kissed her forehead to cheer her up a bit.

Soren soon fell asleep for the night, feeling tired, but he ended up having a dream that Aether was replaced with a robot. It looked and acted like her, but when he went in for a kiss, her lips were cold and a part of her face drooped down, making him gasp and wake up suddenly. As he looked around the room, he tried to calm back down, laying back and just staring at the ceiling. He hoped the old Aether would return soon.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 53d 19h 4m 17s
Aether stood unclothed and he went on to telling how he did but didn’t. It didn’t make sense. “What’s the big deal about not thinking straight? Why does it matter?” She asked and went off, went into her room until she wasn’t. She roamed the home, finding out what belonged in each door and then would wander into where the computer was. She sat down, messed around a bit, trying to figure out the password. It was hard, and she had to use some thought and questioning to get through it but in the end she decided she was better off to-

She turned her head, her naked body out, knees against her chest. “I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to play something. Why? Are you hiding something?” She frowned, “You really like rejecting me.” She glanced off and he would take hold of her hand and make her go to his room. She stood there, comfortable with her own nakedness but didn’t look pleased with him bringing her back to his room.

“Fine,” She sighed, “But I’m sleeping naked. If you have a problem with that, say it now. I’ll go sleep in the room you gave me, or go home.” She decided, waiting for his answer. Things weren’t going the way as planned and he was hard to read. She assumed he had stayed asleep. Could she have been too loud? If Soren agreed, she’d slid in his bed, naked, putting the bedsheets over her. She assumed he didn’t want to be near, so she let him have his space but she didn’t want to push more buttons and set it off.
  Aether / Ravenity / 54d 2h 52m 45s
He helped her out of her dress, but when she undressed in pretty much nothing, he felt like it was wrong. Aether wouldn't want him to see her like this so easily or be this close right now. Something was definitely wrong and he was going to stop it or figure it out right now. He sighed [b "I want to, but I know it's not right. You wouldn't want this if you were thinking straight"] he told her, feeling bad. He made her upset and when she walked off, Soren just pouted. He ruined it again.

He felt bad because he always seemed to disappoint Aether, but he knew it was better this way until she got back to her usual self. Soren stayed in bed, but the guilt kept bothering him. Why was Aether not like her usual self. It upset him and he really wanted to be able to do something about it.

HE laid in bed, unable to sleep as he thought about it and then he stood up, heading outside. HE looked around, heading to Aether's room, but she wasn't there. As he headed down the hallway, he could hear clicking noises. What was that? He opened the door to his study and saw her on his computer. HE quickly went over and turned it off [b "What are you doing? You can't just touch my things without asking Aether. Come on"] he held her hand and led her back to his room. [b "You need to rest, just lay with me and let's sleep"] he tried to tell her, really wanting the old Aether back.
  ellocalypse / 54d 20h 54m 29s
Aether slid down into nothing with Soren’s help. She looped her arms around him and he went along with kissing her. Then he drew back and she read his body language, expression and words. She frowned and stared back at him, [b “You don’t want to. Why don’t you just say that you don’t? Great, I look stupid being naked in front of you.” ] She folded her arms over her chest and looked off. She grew quiet and turned away, [b “I shouldn’t have even asked…” ] She walked down the hall, and wandered into the room she had went in before with the closet.

Aether slid into the bed and waited for the home become silent. She looked down at her naked body underneath the sheets and would look back at the closet. She would raise up to her feet and open the closet up more time but couldn’t find anything casual. So, she went into the living room naked, not able to let herself sleep. She sat down for a moment and then got up, looking through what he had, and then wandering around the halls, opening a door and finding the bath. She peaked over at Soren’s bedroom door and slid it open slightly, to check if he was awake. She’d close the door back anyway, and soon found herself in the room where he kept his computers. She sat down on his cheer and pulled up her knees and sat there for a while. She curiously looked at the blank screen and then at the keyboard. She found the power button and it lit up.

Aether messed around, figuring out where things were and what some of the things was. She would decide to go to sleep a little later and wake up early, to leave for her own home.
  Ravenity / 55d 1h 45m 25s
He was driving her away and he didn't mean to. Soren just wanted her to relax and feel better because she was taken hostage and he still wasn't quite sure if she was okay or if she was even Aether! He shook his head and told her he would be beside her all night because right now, she needed comfort. Maybe this was her way of trying to cope with what happened? Soren still didn't really get it.

He saw her zipping down her dress and he gulped a bit. WHy was he so nervous? He's done this with her before. When she smiled, Soren had a weird feeling in his gut. This wasn't Aether. Aether didn't smile like that. It confused him, so when he headed towards the bedroom, he laid back and then he saw her unzipping more. HE stood up and helped her out of her dress, unzipping it down completely and then he felt her arms wrap around him. Soren kissed her, feeling like this was wrong. IT didn't feel the same.

Then she called him 'baby' and Soren knew something was definitely wrong. [b "Aether...I'm only willing to do kisses okay? You have to get some sleep. I think you really need rest"] he tried to tell her. Maybe in the morning she'd be back to her normal self?
  ellocalypse / 55d 20h 51m 58s
Aether laid her weight against his arm, her body feeling a bit heavier when she leaned against him, [b “You’re not very convincing since you rejected me.” ] Her fingers brushed over this thigh and she felt him shiver, but couldn’t read it off as either a negative or a good emotion from him. [b “Good. I don’t want to be alone.” ]

[b “Oh… Well, it’s not that important right now is it?” ] She zipped down the center of her dress, revealing the center of her breasts. She held her gaze on him, looking so focused and holding a mischievous expression. [b “I’m sure. We don’t have to do much. We can do it until we fall asleep. I need to relax.” ] She read up on his expression more and could tell he was beginning to lean toward her decision.

[b “Then…” She slid her dress front zipper slightly even lower, [b “Then…why are you so hesitate in kissing and touching me?” ] She lifted a smile when he talked about lying in bed. He held her hand, turned off the TV and brought her to his room. Aether stood infront of me, [b “Could you remove my dress? It’s a bit uncomfortable now.”] She asked, if he didn’t help, she’d remove it off no matter what he would say, staying only in her white underwear. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, repetitive kisses. She sat down at the edge of his bed, pulling him gently by his hand to come closer to her. [b “Will you kiss me more baby?” ]
  Ravenity / 56d 11h 33m 14s
He didn't know exactly what the right thing to do was, but when she said that she wanted comfort, he didn't feel so comfortable. He didn't want her to be upset though, so he just leaned in more and wrapped his arm around her waist, hoping to cheer her up. [b "I do. I do want to be near you. YOu know that"] he tried to get her to relax.

[b " No. I won't be going anywhere"] he promised her because he didn't want to leave her side at all. Soren felt her hands move along his thigh and he felt a shiver up his spine. What was she doing? Did she really just want him to keep her company? HE was so confused.

[b "I just was thinking about it and thought you'd remind me"] he told her, seeing her pull down his zipper. He wasn't sure if he should do this, but it seemed like Aether really wanted him. [b "Are you sure? I don't mind doing what you want to do, but are you not tired? You went through so much today"] he told her, soon feeling bad when she mentioned him being interested in something else.

[b "No. I'm not interested in anyone else. We can do what you want"] he knew that something was off, but if she wanted could he deny her? He's actually waited for her to allow him to be close like this again anyway. [b "Let's just lay in bed together and see where it goes okay?"] he held her hand, turning off the TV and then bringing her to his room.
  ellocalypse / 56d 20h 50m 33s
She took a long pause after the first question he gave her. [b “I remember, I just want the comfort right now and what happened doesn’t matter anymore. I remember things, just still a bit shaken up and feeling a bit ditzy, that’s all.” ] She shrugged, holding her eyes on him, trying to read him. When he rejected her, she sat back and frowned.

[b “I don’t know about that. It doesn’t appear like you want to kiss me, or be near me.” ] She rested her chin on her knees. She glanced back at him when he denied being bothered by her, [b “I do want to be close.” ] His arm wrapped around her waist, remaining close. [b “You’re not?” ] She remained near his side and received a kiss on the side of her head, while his hand ran along her arm.

She drew close to him and ran her finger tips along his thigh, [b “Why are you asking me the question right now? Are you hungry for it?” ] She slid the zipper at the front of her chest a bit, “Can we…do something together? It doesn’t have be to be all the way. She watched his eyes, and then the way his body stood or how it moved. She lifted her eyes back up at him and then at his lips, [b “Unless, that’s too much for you too.” ] She pouted again, [b “Did you find some other girl your interested in, is that why?” ]
  Ravenity / 57d 7h 29m 18s
He could feel her pressing her lips against his skin, getting closer to him, more than he'd like. Something was off and he could sense it. IT was Aether beside him, but she wasn't acting anything like her. Clearly she didn't remember why they didn't do was big....there was no way she couldn't have remembered at all. [b "You don't remember? I am your boyfriend, but what happened to you? Why don't you remember anything?"] he wondered if she knew.

[b "I do find ou attractive!"] he tried to tell her, but she was looking down now. He didn't mean to make her feel that way at all. When she spoke, she sounded more like her....but what happened? Did she get her memory erased? He didn't want to be the reason she was upset or was driving him away. HE couldn't lose her.

[b "No, no. I don't mind sleeping beside you and staying close together. I just thought you didn't want me so close"] he told her, sitting closer, his arm around her waist again. [b "I'm not going anywhere"] he told her, pulling her back to his side and then kissing the side of her head. [b " you remember what my favorite food is?"] he asked, running his fingers along her arm.
  ellocalypse / 57d 22h 42m 58s
Her lips grazed over his neck, giving soft kisses. She met his eyes and drew closer to him until she was kissing. He slowly leaned back and she nodded as he said other things. She raised a brow. She frowned and pouted a little, [b “I don’t? I would like to now. I can’t even remember why I wouldn’t want to since your my attractive smart boyfriend.” ] She picked up the confusion in his expression and leaned back.

[b “You don’t want to,” ] She said it as a fact, [b “It’s not about me. You don’t want to. Why? You don’t find me attractive anymore? You’re not interested in me?” ] She let her voice weaken.

Her bottom lip trembled a bit. [b “I’m not scared of you. Okay, I’ll go to bed. I shouldn’t sleep in the same bed as you. I wouldn’t want you to be upset if I tried to come onto you again.” ] She removed herself from his lap and sat on the sofa instead. She folded her knees against her chest, watching what was on screen. [b “You may go to sleep. I’ll spend some time alone after all.” ]

Aether rested her chin against her knees. She would peak back at Soren now and then, waiting for him to go. There was no logic on why he would turn her down unless she missed something.
  Ravenity / 57d 23h 58m 59s

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