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He heard her and knew she could do anything if she really wanted. All Aether had to do was put her mind to it and she got it. HE was already surprised with the way she handled the robots that it amazed him seeing her fight. It was only her first time here and they were already fighting in sync. He was really glad they could practice together like this.

They sliced down the mech and when they were in the warehouse, he tossed another grenade, shocking the robots as he made his way though. He knew Aether was behind him and had his back, but he would occasionally see if she needed any help at all. Soren made it to the flag with her, grabbing it and then completing the level.

He smiled and when they finished, he laughed when she said they creeped her out still. [b "Yeah, once you get that wiring severed, they're nothing but scraps"] he told her, walking up to her and then wrapping his arms around her. [b "We did great. I think we know what to do now if we had to face that robot. He'll be indoors, probably surrounded by more robots, so we'll probably need to stock up on invisibility stuff and grenades"] he held her hand and thought about doing another one.

[b "Are you tired? Should we do another once? Maybe target practice with a gun? We can do some tutorials?"] he thought and then he let her pick what she wanted to do and then he'd set it up on the room control panels.
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Aether shook her head, [b "No. I can do this." ] Her eyes went on her laser beam and then her eyes were focused on him for the right timing. The odds were against her before and she's handled it. Winning at a life or death match wasn't a new thing to her. This may be virtual but this could easily be real. Aether mentally prepared herself by deciding which path to take and how to do it. When he threw that grenade, she went in and sliced the legs off, and gave the room for Soren to do the rest.
She felt breathless by the time they got to the warehouse. She bent her knees and rested the palms of her hands on them, seeing more robots ahead. her head turned and Soren had his hand up. Aether grinned and gave him a high five. She felt something melt in her just being with him and doing a virtual mission with him. [b "Okay! Let's go." ] She walked down with him and followed through, covering his back and slicing robots that came forward or raised there arms to shoot at them. They arrived at the at the end and the simulation all ended at once.

It was fun. She had fun with him. She grinned and set her saber away. She met his teal eyes and felt really happy to be spending the day like this. [b "That was great! Robots still creep me out but I had fun." ] She nodded, her hands at her hips and then fixing up her hair. [b "I think I do... Slice them and they die, right? Use shields, those grenades, and hide if there's a mech. I think...I'll be okay." ] She smiled and realized she needed to get some of those shock grenades and figure out how to become invisible. Mmm... She watched him for a moment. [i My boyfriends is awesome.] She wanted to suddenly hug him but felt it would be weird to do that all of the blue. [b "I had a lot of fun Soren, thanks for bringing me here." ]
  Ravenity / 101d 2m 24s
He knew that the people of Avalon dressed funny, but he didn't pay too much attention to it. He grew used to it, not to mention each world he went in had it's own unique style of clothing anyway. He smiled, thinking that there was nothing wrong with robots. They really didn't bother him, but he could tell that it bothered Aether. She was really new here anyway.

The minute they stepped out of the sewer and faced the Mech, Soren pulled her back because they really had no chance against that thing. Simulation or not. He hid behind the building and told her his plan [b "It will. Don't worry. I just need you to cut it's legs, if you need help, I'm going to help you"] he waited for her to agree and then he tossed the ball from his inventory, seeing it stun the Mech. When Aether rushed in, he followed behind her, cutting the robot's circuits through it's head with his saber before making a run for it.

When they made it in, he smiled and gave her a high five. [b "Awesome! Let's head to the finish"] he headed down the hallway, seeing the flag at the end. There were robots in front of them, blocking the path. Soren pulled out another shock grenade and then he stunned them as he rushed in, using his saber to cut through some of them, slicing them in half, beheading them, and then clearing them out of the way as he pushed his way towards the flag.

He waited for Aether before reaching out and grabbing it, seeing the simulation end and they were back in that white room. He had a huge smile on his face as he faced her. [b "Yay, we did it. So what did you think? Did you have a better feel for this place? And what to do?"]
  ellocalypse / 101d 22h 45m 59s
He made a good argument. [b “Yea…they really do.” ] Aether nodded, thinking that it would have been rude to tell him that she thought they dressed weirdly before. Guess he saw it too. She got free from one robot, to be grabbed by another. That-freaked her out. They fought them off and she gave him a look when he said ‘they’re not so bad.’ She tilted her, [b “Soren…They’re bad.” ] She nodded and then shook her head in disbelief that he thought that robots weren’t bad to fight. She would rather face something with-emotions. Hell, even demons had emotions.

They climbed up into the streets and she knew she had to act quickly to get through this. There was no room for error in real life, so she wanted to treat it the same. She sliced and hacked off the robots and even landed on top of when she cut through the circuits in it’s head. And then…

The color of her skin left her. She gawked at the size of it. And she thought that those other robots could scare the shit out of someone. [b “Not good? What do you mean NOT good!?” ] She raised her voice, waviering. He pulled her and she was running behind him, just in time behind the warehouse. [b “What the hell! What the hell!” ] She covered her ears and lowered her head. Her heart was pounding so damn loud.

Her head turned [b “It can’t? What can then?” ] If they had to face one that wasn’t in this virtual reality… she’d be teleporting out of there as soon as possible if she could. She listened passed the machine guns at him, meeting his eyes and wondering what crazy plan he had in mind.

Aether stared at him-not blinking [b “Are you sure it will short circuit him?” ] She dipped her head. Of course it had to be her slicing the damn goliath down. She could hear the trembling building, pieces of metal denting. She quivered and sighed and then gave one firm nod [b “Okay. Throw the grenade.” ] She properly stood up, with the light saber in one hand. Aether sweated a little and she took a small peak.

She briefly looked at him, and then smiled to herself. Even if this robot was scaring the shit out of her, she was glad to spend time with him on missions. When he threw the grenade, she watched the mech pause it’s firing at them. Aether rushed forward into the field and toward the mech. She was still scared, that it may just shoot her right in the face. She sliced one leg and then the other in one slice. She moved behind it and went inside the warehouse.
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He shook his head [b "You've seen the people around here. Don't some of them dress funny?"] he asked, helping her break free as they approached the end of the sewer. This was where they got to make their break. They could head up from here and then head to the finish line for the level. Soren let her go up first, but when the robot got her, he fell back, catching her and then falling on one robot. He shot the robot in the head, seeing it's body lay lifeless into piles of scraps.

He then shot the other one and then he sighed [b "Yeah, we're okay now. They're robots, but they're not so bad"] he tried to tell her, but mostly because he was already used to them. Soren watched her head out and he nodded, climbing up the ladder onto the streets. When he saw her run, Soren followed after her, using his gun to shoot some robots nearby. He looked at his map, seeing that they were so close to the finish.

A huge mech appeared before them and then Soren just let his jaw drop. [b "Not good. Not good. Not good!"] he told her, pulling her arm and then running behind the warehouse. The mech fired it's machine guns as Soren stayed back. [b "That shield won't protect you from that thing"] he told her, trying to think. [b "We can't fight it. It's too strong. I have a plan since it's blocking the way"] he told her, taking out his saber.

[b "I'll use this grenade. It shocks the area. The robot will short circuit and that's where you cut off it's legs with your saber, so it'll fall. Then we'll touch the flag at the end of the warehouse"] he told her, biting down on his lip and then scooting down since the side of the building was getting destroyed from the mech's bullets.
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Aether raised a brow and scrunched up her face. [b “You’re really not kidding? People wear robot limbs as a fashion statement?” ] This world was weird. She shuddered, remembering how it felt to be gripped by that arm a second ago. She sucked it up and went to climb those stairs. She dared, and she had her leg grabbed. Her heart pounded and she panicked. She sliced her blade right through the robot. She fell back before she knew it, and-landed on Soren. [b “Oof…” ] She exhaled deeply and saw no moving robot in sight. That was good. She landed on something hard yet soft. Her eyes widened when she realized she landed on him. [b “Sorry.” ] She rolled off him and saw the robot on the ground, not missing the sound of Soren’s gun when he had shot it.

Aether shuddered and saw him looking as cool as usually. [b “Phew? Robots are-hell.” ] She wanted nothing more than to be away from these emotionless creatures. She sniffed and could smell the nasty sewage on him. She held up her nose [b “Oh boy… I’m okay.” ] She nodded and he urged her to head up. She hesitated but she climbed up the ladder, and peeked out, seeing a robot walking along. She closed it again and sighed. [b “You said we’re making a run for it right? Okay, run for it is.” ] She felt nervous and opened the thing again and crawled right out. The robot turned and saw her. Aether didn’t hesitate this time.

She was experienced in fighting. She sliced right through it, letting it fall and running forward to where the map directed her. She went past the buildings, seeing robots becoming alert. Aether ducked-as if it would help when she ran. [b “Shit, shit shit!” ] She cussed out and a robot came toward her. She leapt and stabbed it’s face, landing on top of it. She made sure Soren was behind her too. The warehouse was close and she saw this 10 foot mech in front of it. She stared for a moment. [b “What the hell is that!?” ] It rose it’s arm, filled with ammo, aimed and fired. Aether tried to open up her shield quickly.
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He didn't like the smell, but he grew up in a place that sort of smelled like this. The outskirts of the city was full of old trash, abandoned buildings, and scraps everywhere. Sometimes the safest place to be was in a sewer. He looked over, keeping an eye on Aether, seeing her hold her nose. He saw the robot on her leg and he couldn't help but laugh. IT was funny.

Soren was too used to seeing a lot of robots, so it didn't scare him at all. He ripped it off and then he nodded [b "THere are a lot of weird things people wear here. BUt yeah, trophies can be one of them"] he told her, walking further down the tunnel until he could see the exit. He stepped towards the robot, but when he didn't see any movement, he told Aether to climb up first.

SHe was almost there when one of the robots grabbed her leg. Soren tried to stop him, but then the other robot lit up and grabbed him. He fell back, soon catching Aether on top of him, the added weight crushing the robot behind Soren. He took out his gun and shot the robot in the head, seeing the lights in it's eyes turn off.

He laid back still holding Aether on him [b "Phew"] he glanced over to see that the other robot was pulling out it's gun. Soren glanced up at him and fired his gun repeatedly. The robot fell back, the lasers leaving holes in it's body as he fell into the water, turning into nothing but scraps.

SOren sighed in relief and glanced over at AEther. [b "Are you okay?"] he asked, getting up and trying to dust off his clothes. Sadly, he fell into the water with the other robot, so he was soaking wet and could smell himself. After this, he was going to change for sure.

[b "We're free now, let's get out of here"]
  ellocalypse / 103d 16h 22m 35s
Aether began to plug her nose as she walked. It reeked...really bad. She kept at it, and couldn't wait to get out and at the same time, felt frightened by the robots. Something grabbed her, and it startled the hell out of her. She opened the map that Soren told her about in her inventory. So...there it was. She still had a problem though. Soren turned back and heard his laugh and forwned [b It's not funny... What? People wear robots as accessories...or trophies?" ] Still.

[b "I still need this off me." ] She kept shaking her foot, and was bugged by it. Soren came and he pried it off her. She shuddered and walked along the tunnel with him, looking over her back now and then and feeling scared that something else would grab her leg. Ugh, what if it was like a lizard or worse-another robot? Aether stayed in place when she saw the robots at the end of the path. Shit. [b "Soren don't," ] She tugged on his shirt but he mved on ahead and stared it right in the eye. Aether froze and covered her eyes for a moment and he made it to the ladder.

Her face went pale. Those robots were there...what if they just suddenly grabbed her? What if Soren went first instead? Then what if they garbbed her after Soren passed. [b "Is there another" She moved toward the ladder and climbed up, when her leg was grabbed a gain and the robot stared right at her. She yelped and stabbed her beam sword right through the top of it's head and down. wasn't releasing again. [b Soren... Get this damn thing off me." ] She shook her leg, feeling all crept out. She end up losing her balance and fell back on the floor, onto Soren if he was right below her.
  Ravenity / 104d 18m 24s
He didn't mind it that Aether caused the alarm to go off. It was only a simulation and the more she knew now, the better off she'd be on their real mission. Soren stayed in the dumpster with her, looking for his cloak upgrade as he selected it. He stepped out with her and held her hand, walking quietly passed the robots as he stepped into the sewers.

It was quiet with only the sounds of dripping water, the darkness filling their surroundings. Soren turned on his watch, lighting up a path as he walked deeper into the tunnels. It smelled horrible, but he wanted to make sure they were safe.

[b "We're almost to the end. If you go into your inventory, there's a small map of this level. It shows how close we are to the finish line. Once we get out of this sewer, we just have to cross two streets and we'll reach it"] he showed her, soon hearing her call out his name. When he shined the light at the floor, he saw the arm and then her leg. Soren laughed a little [b "I's pretty cool. If you wore that outside, people wouldn't think too much about it"] he laughed and then he bit down on his lip and helped her pry it off.

When they reached the end of the tunnel, Soren shined the light, seeing some still robots at the end of the path. They weren't moving. One was missing an arm, the other was sitting on the ground, but their eyes were facing them. Were they functioning? Soren walked a bit closer, narrowing his eyes. [b "I don't know if they're alive or not"] he told her, approaching them slowly. He made it to the ladder, letting Aether go up first. [b "You go up first"] he told her, standing right next to the robots that were motionless. They were on either side of the ladder as he waited for Aether to climb up.
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Aether felt a bit guilty for causing the robot to alert them. It was probably best to treat this as a stealth mission. They weren’t always her favorite, especially if the enemies were too difficult when caught. They had guns…she was sure she would lose a heart instantly if she hesitated for a second. Aether nodded and sighed. At least he forgave her for it.

The darkness and the peep of light to view the robots were daunting. She held her breath most of time, wondering if they would be even able to detect movement… What could they detect? [b “Good, we can use that.” ] She watched him turn it on, and she followed him out, remaining ery quiet. She held her breath when they walked passed the robot sand end up leaping right into the swearers. [b “You don’t have to. You already took me to the restaurant.” ] She reminded. She sure didn’t like sewers. She looked ahead and couldn’t see much. It was really dark. [b “Run for what?” They’ll shoot at us. We need another shield or, bombs or something.” ] She walked along the water and made a face, [b “Ugh, gross.” ] She watched light emit from his arm. That-was useful. All the sudden she felt something grab her ankle.

Her eyes widened [b “Soren…” ] She called, and tried to tug her ankle and it worked. She looked down and she nearly yelped but covered her mouth. There was a robot arm gripping at her leg. She shook her leg and found that it wouldn’t let go. [b “Soren.” ] She kept trying to shake it off and pry it’s hand off. [b “I can’t get this off me.” ] She stated and pulled out her saber to try to slice it off and she did-but the hands were still gripping on. [b “Well, this isn’t how I’d accessorize.” ]
  Ravenity / 105d 23h 55m 25s
He could see how happy he made her when he said she was awesome. He's never really had another girl with him like this in a long time and Aether could be badass. He smiled and then he held her hand, leading her further into the city, hiding behind cover and then peeking out to see how many robots there were around them.

WHen he heard the sound of the alarm, he glanced at Aether and then he held her hand, tugging her to move faster. He headed down an alley and when he jumped into the dumpster, he stayed quiet and then he felt Aether touching his face. [b "Yeah, it's okay. You didn't know"] he whispered, keeping quiet and then seeing some robots pass by.

WHen they managed to pass by Aether brought up a good point. He forgot that he had some invisibility things in his inventory. [b "You're right. I have an invisibility upgrade on the shield. It'll give us enough time to get to the sewers unseen"] he told her, turning it on and then stepping out of the garbage can. [b "I'll take you to somewhere nicer when we finish. It's just a simulation"] he led her down the alley, passing by a few robots and then heading towards the sewer. He opened it up and then he helped her inside, walking towards the bottom.

The cloak ran out of time as he looked around the sewers, holding his breath. [b "We'll be safe in here for now. Once we reach the end, we'll climb out and then we can make a run for it"] he told her, stepping in the water and then moving towards the other end of the tunnel. It was dark, so he used his watch to turn on the light, lighting up the path.
  ellocalypse / 106d 21h 29m 59s
Aether felt so proud of herself when Soren said she was awesome. He even gave her a kiss-which was a great reward. She kept grinning and wished she wouldn’t make it so obvious on how happy it made her [b “Thank you.” ] She cleared her voice, trying to play it cool but it was hard. Soren completely shot that robot. It was kind of frightening to watch Soren do that in a split second. [b “Clearly.” ]

There were a lot of robots around and she really didn’t know how things worked, how easy would they be able to detect them. Usually she had time to fight when spotted, but they had guns and she was pretty sure she’d lose a life instantly if she rushed in. She slashed a robot, and then an alarm whooped in the area. Her heart pounded against her chest, and Soren dragged her down an alleyway. There was this tin can of some sort shaped like a rectangle. Soren hoped right in, and she didn’t question it, she climbed in and the lid closed over them.

It was dark. Her hand searched for him and it found his face. [b “Found you…” ] She whispered. [b “Got it, we need to hide…I’m sorry Soren. I didn’t think that-“ ] She stopped when he put his index finger against his lips and said they needed to be quiet. She shut up and took a slight peek, at the robots. They were terrifying.

Garbage cans, and sewers. How fun. [b “Okay,” ] She whispered and held her breath. She looked over at him. Hiding a garbage can with him… She lightly laughed, never expecting this. She leaned on his shoulder, waiting until it was clearer. [b “How did we go from fancy restaurant with fancy clothes to giant garbage cans and sewers? Um…is there something in this world that can make us invisible for a while?” ] She said very quietly, [b “Do we have bombs?” ] She tried to take a peak outside but they were still there. Damn it.
  Ravenity / 107d 8m 32s
He knew that Aether lived her life alone trying to make it in this world just like him. It wasn't easy, but at the same time, he knew she was capable of being alone. This was also just a simulator, so no matter what happened, they would be okay at the end of it.

He let her go ahead and when she took down the robots, he was really impressed. She was able to do it so quickly that Soren didn't even think she's never been to Avalon before. She was capable of staying here and decided to give her a kiss. [b "You are. So awesome"] he smiled, leading her into the city as they hid behind some empty warehouse. Soren had a sniper like gun as he shot the robots on the rooftops. [b "I've just been doing this a while"] he told her, sitting back.

When he listened to hear all of the sound of the footsteps around then, he knew there was a lot. He saw Aether knock one down, but when it sounded the alarm, Soren gasped and held her hand, tugging her down the alleyway. There was a dumpster on the side, so he opened it up and helped her in. He climbed in as well and closed the top. [b "There's a lot of them and they're going to head over to that dead robot. We need to stay hidden for a while. At least until the alarm dies down"] he told her, holding his index finger against his lips. [b "We just have to be quiet for a while"] he whispered, seeing robots pass by, scanning the area.

Soren leaned into her [b "Once they clear up, we'll try to head down into the sewers so they don't spot us....or into the warehouse"] he thought about it. They needed to get past this area.
  ellocalypse / 109d 1h 41m 54s
Aether was comfortable in combat, but combat with robots wasn't a sure thing. SHe knew they couldn't really hurt her, but those expressionless faces and mindless shooting made her shiver. She moved ahead and fought, and got the hang of it until bullets were flying over her head. THat had her heart beat pounding as fast as when Soren kissed her for the first time. She sat down for a moment. She nodded when he asked and then smiled when he said she was awesome [b "I'm definitely okay." ] Guns still scared the shit out of her.

He hugged her, and she didn't know if it was because he wanted to comfort her or he just wanted to hug her. SHe hoped it was the second. She grinned when he said it was like she was from here. That-made her really happy [b "You really think so?] She felt all giggly inside when he kissed her cheek. Score! She got Soren to think she was awesome.

She got up and followed him down the forest. She was careful with her footsteps and saw the robot with red eyes. It sent chills down her spine. Soren pushed her back. She felt like she could handle it still. Soren went ahead without hesitating even for a split second. Her eyes widened [b "You're aim is frightening." ] She mumbled. She found him olding her hand and she walked forward with him, leading to behind an abandoned warehouse. She was looking for a way to climb up but the structure was too sleek to do any sort of climbing and it wasn't like she could fly here-and who knew if there would be some other entrance at the ceiling. She heard noise, mechanical nosies.

[b "It sounds like there's a lot of them around here." ] She whispered. She heard noise behind her and turned around, seeing a robot walking along down the path behind her. She froze up and stayed quiet, and it just kept walking. Where robots really that stupid? She had to kill it... She slicked it's back and watched it crash. [b "Wow, this one was a dumb one." ] And then a loud sound emitted from the half sliced robot, shooting an alarm. Aether's eyes widened [b "oh no..." ]
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When he took her hand and led her into the building, Soren was really excited to show her around. He really wanted her to be able to enjoy her time here with him in Avalon. He turned on the virtual world and then the entire room began changing into some rough terrain. He glanced over at her, seeing her looking a little anxious. He could understand that it was the first time she would be able to fight robots, so he wanted her to learn what was the best way for her.

Soren hid within the trees, letting her follow behind him as he approached some robots monitoring the area. He stayed back and when he pulled Aether over, he could see she was really in her element. She was already hidden in the trees when he saw her rush in and then she sliced the robot in half. Soren smiled and could tell she was still well accustomed to combat. He forgot how fierce she could be. It was badass.

He smiled and then he saw another robot coming. Should he help her? Soren watched her leap forward and then use her shield. She was already getting the hang of this. He headed over after she sliced the second one, he walked over, seeing her looking a bit stressed. [b "That was awesome Aether. Are you okay?"] he smiled, leaning in and then hugging her because he thought she did an amazing job. [b "It's like you're from here"] he saw that the path was clear and then he rewarded her with a kiss on the cheek.

[b "You're so badass. Those robots don't have a chance with me and you"] he smiled and hugged her, looking around and then he headed forward. [b "You're doing really well. Just let me know if you need help okay?"] he told her, leading the way out of the forest. There was a robot hiding out on top of the building they were approaching. Soren spotted his gun's red dot laser on the ground.

HE pushed Aether back [b "Hold on, let me get this guy"] he told her, taking out his gun, aiming and then shooting it, seeing it hit the robot through it's head. The dot laser disappeared and then he held her hand. [b "Okay looks like the coast is clear, let's go"] he told her, leading her further into the city, hiding behind some abandoned warehouses as they progressed slowly.
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