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Soren only followed the man because he said he knew about the red headed girl. He really did want to find her. All the wasted time was making him restless and he'd do anything for a clue. But when he entered the building, he was soon knocked out.

It wasn't that long until he heard footsteps and then he could faintly hear the sounds of talking. Someone was yelling at someone else and then he could hear them talking about weapons and bombs. When he opened his eyes, he saw all of them. One guy mentioned he was up and he groaned out in pain because of the head injury. Soren heard that some guy named Lyric liked Aether. He couldn't have that.

HE also couldn't tell them that she was his girlfriend, they'd probably end his life. [b "She's a friend, I need to find her since she went missing"] he told them, seeing them all get up to get ready for something. Luckily the girl was nice enough to ask for him to be let go. Aether was coming back? She would be here at the end of the day? That was a relief. He'd get to see her, but what were all of these guys doing?

[b "Where are you guys going? Are you going to meet up with them? Can't I just come along? I can help you know"] he told her, seeing that no one was letting him go just yet.

[b "I can help you since I live not too far. Whatever you need done, I can help, just let me meet up with Lyric and Aether"]
  ellocalypse / 46d 23h 40m 12s
Melody slouched into the warm sofa, kicking her legs out, rapidly tapping her old phone that emulated an old game. She felt a few breezes come In through the window. She tossed her pastel purple hair when she heard sounds, and saw someone new in their apartment. She rose a brow, wondering why they brought someone in, and bam he was struck in the head and she watched him fall onto the ground.

“What are you doing Gavin?” Her voice raised, sitting up, “Why did you bring someone in here?”
He smirked and shrugged, “He was staring at our building too hard. Ah-get this, he’s looking for that girl, Aether. I think he might be from outside of the wastes-probably loaded.” His eyes sparkled.
Melody rolled her eyes, and sat her phone on the sofa, watching the two tie him up. She sat back down, not willing to actually do anything about it, “Lyric isn’t going to be happy.” She returned to playing her game, waiting for the minutes to pass by until it was time to head out.

The guys chatted with each other, about what approach they were going to take. “Bombs, I have…two of them,” Melody mentioned, and then one of the guys mentioned that he woke up. Melody looked back, “Guys, just leave him alone.” Would they listen? No. She listened on, and wondered if that was it, if he wanted to get some from that girl. She thought back to Lyric, “I think Lyric likes her,” She mentioned.

“None of your business,” The guy said, “Why were you standing in front of our home?”
Melody glanced at the time on her old phone 9:50am, “Hey, guys, it’s time to get going.” She rose up to her feet, pulled out her tablet and changed out of her shorts and top into a black hoodie and leggings. She made way towards the small rusted window sill. She put in her legs first onto the fire escape, “You should let him go. There’s no point in keeping him. And…that girl, Aether was her name? She should be back with Lyric by the end of the day.”

Aether took a deep breath as they climbed onto the second floor of the building. It was dark and they had locked up the person that was sleeping in the room in the closet with there mouth gagged and hands tied behind their back. She got Lyric to agree to keep at least that one tied up. Aether slowly creaked the door open to get a peak into the hallway. There was…a drone going back and forth. She was about to charge in but Lyric pulled her back. “It’s too big of a risk.”
  Ravenity / 47d 1h 37m 28s
He wanted to know where AEther was as soon as possible because if she was here still, he needed her to be beside him. He couldn't lose her again and it was driving him crazy to know that he shouldn't have left her alone in Avalon. If he stayed at her side, she wouldn't have gone missing at all. It was really beating him up inside just thinking about it, so he was really anxious.

When he spoke with the woman, he was really glad that she was willing to help him. If he could have any help he would take it because she probably knew the area better than he did now. [b "I hope so. If you can, you can reach me at this number"] he gave her his number and then he headed up for the night.

THe next morning, Soren was up early because he wanted to be at that area before anyone could leave. He needed to see if Aether was there. Soren waited outside of the apartment building and then he kept himself hidden behind the building across the way. When he arrived at dawn, he didn't see anyone leaving just yet.

Where were the people? Were there even people living in that apartment? He felt worried because he knew that this gang was a dangerous one. Once he looked a the time, Soren just waited for about an hour until he saw a man step out. He had brown hair and made eye contact, making Soren shiver a bit in nervousness. Luckily the man began walking away, but Soren knew he couldn't let this chance slip away.

He hurried across the street and stopped him asking if he'd seen a red haired girl. THe man said he saw one arrive last night, but had left early in the morning.

"Why are you asking?"

[b "She's a friend and I've been looking for her. Do you know when she'll be back?"]

"You know....she's probably already back" the man had a smirk on his face, leading Soren into the apartments.

When he made his way inside, the man hit him behind the neck, knocking him out. Soren fell to the floor and he carried him up into their hideout. They tied him down to a chair, his hands behind his back and his feet tied as well. The guys stripped him of his clothes, so he only sat there in his boxers knocked out.

After about two hours, he woke up, looking around curiously. The back of his head ached and as he looked around, he could see a few guys wandering around. There were four of them, one man was smoking, another was walking around with a gun in his hand, one was watching TV, the other was just playing with a switch blade. When they saw that Soren was awake, one guy smirked. "Hey the kid's awake" he pointed and then the other glanced over.

"Heard he's looking for that new girl boss took in. Probably wants to get some. Sorry man, but looks like boss ain't letting her go"

Soren felt dizzy, but as his eyes focused on the two of them, he felt sick. [b "Where is she?"] he would mumble.
  ellocalypse / 47d 19h 35m 17s
"Oh I see...Okay, I'll try to notify a few people I know. But how will I even contact you after?" She asked. She frowned and shook her head, "No idea...I'm sure someone will know." ] She shrugged. A man came in and she listened on. Soren thanked her and he left. She was going to offer to help more but he was already off. She made her way home and would ask a few friends if they saw a girl that looked like his friend to tell him Soren was looking.

Aether wasn't as snug as she wanted to be, it still felt cold even with a thin blanket covering her. She couldn't imagine how Lyric would be doing. She fell asleep that night and then would feel a tug on her arm. She slowly opened her eyes, sunlight hadn't even hit yet, the room was still purely black.
"What....What time is it?" She yawned.
"Five am," Lyric said, sitting himself down for a second "We're need to head out early if we're going to do this right. It'll be easier to sneak around."
She groaned but she knew he had a point. That was sometimes her tactic if they didn't have guards twenty four seven. She rose up, fixing her hair with a brush from her inventory. She put it up and she followed Lyric out of the building, "What about the others?" She whispered.

"It'll be difficult to sneak in with all of us. They'll show up for support a little later. You said you've done something like this before, right?" He asked, as she followed him out. Aether nodded [b "Many times, at least something similar anyway." ]

They went out into the dark streets. There were barely any street lights, not that she was used to street lights anyway. Aether followed Lyric through the streets, away from the taller buildings and toward a gated house, but it still looked rusted up, used...nothing like the big city Soren introduced her to.

"This gang, they don't own this place, they took it. We need to eliminate some, and kick the rest out."
Aether's eyes widened, she looked back at Lyric, [b "You mean kill?"
He nodded.
[b "No...that isn't right. We should just kick them out." ]
"You won't say that when they're trying to kill you. They like to steal from us, other people, demand money and sometimes work those robots. If you want to get out of the wastes, you have to do this."
Well, then so be it. She sighed and decided to go ahead with him, climbing over the concrete fence and climbing onto the second floor balcony.

~ ~ ~

A brown haired guy came out of the apartment, deciding to head out before the others did. He gave the place look around, and noticed someone with teal eyes across the street. He looked away and would go for the walk unless Soren interrupted him.
  Ravenity / 48d 2h 40m 29s
He wandered through the streets trying to find Aether, but he couldn't spot her at all. It was really making him so upset because he couldn't figure out why he couldn't find her at all. IT wasn't fair. All he wanted was to spend time with someone real. Someone that could understand him and he be just as unpredictable as him. It was special, but he was getting more irritated because they were always separated.

He drove past some alleyways, trying to see if anyone else in the area had seen her. He traveled around the Wastes, even to his old hometown, but still nothing. It wasn't until he spotted a woman calling out to him. Soren was surprised to hear that she knew of Aether.

[b "I was raised here in the Wastes. Maybe you've seen me around before"] he told her, not really paying attention too much because he was trying to look for Aether. When she said she could lead him, he was sold. Soren hurried to follow after her, heading into a bar. When he saw that it was a bar he'd already been into, it made him wonder if Aether was making him run all over the place. [b "I'm Soren. Nice to meet you"] he looked around and frowned when she said that maybe she was with the Tri rebels gang. That meant she was with some dangerous people.

[b "She's my friend and I need to find her"] he sighed, knowing they were dangerous, but he needed to find his girlfriend. [b "Please have the others give her a message. Do you know where they hang out? I need to see if I can at least find her"] he frowned, figuring that maybe she'd know where they were. A man overheard their conversation and glanced back at Soren "If you want to find those goons, I see them around the apartment complex on fifth" he told them.

Soren thanked the man and soon got up. He thanked Musa and looked at the time. He wanted to bring Aether home for the night, but it was getting late. The man allowed him to stay at the upstairs room in the bar for the night, so Soren just stayed there, trying to get some signal to send Aether a message. When he was unable to, he fell asleep for the night and then he woke up the next morning really early.

He got back onto his bike and headed for the apartment complex. Soren drove outside and he knew that it would be dangerous. He had to even have a good reason to speak to those men. When he waited outside, he stayed across the street, looking to see who would come out of the building.
  ellocalypse / 48d 22h 42m 45s
They agreed to take her help, because she showed them the weapons she had on her and even sparred with one of them. At the very least, she could pull out her weapons out of inventory. They allowed her to stay the night. She sat beside Lyric for a while, the dark haired guy that lead her here. It was cold here…nothing she wasn’t used to from the outdoors but would prefer it if it were warm. She promised to help to take down this opposing gang and then take down some robots that came from Avalon that were making sure some people stayed in line.

[b “Why don’t you come with me?” ] Aether leaned back, her knees up against her chest to keep herself warm, [b “All of you?” ]
He shook his head, [b “My family is here. There wouldn’t be anyone to take care of them. I don’t want to go there, I want to change this place. I want to take this city as our own, and make every single bot never show up again. They’re the reason we’re so poor, taking all of our resources, making us do twenty-four hour work, even some kids after they’re old enough.” ]

Aehter frowned, and wished she understood what ‘family’ really meant. [b “Then…these people are your brothers and sisters?” ] She thought about it and felt like it was similar to world’s she’s been, the imbalance of rich and poor. This…sounded horrible.
“They’re not, but they’re still my family,” He slid his hood over, “You can sleep in my bed for tonight. Tomorrow will be a long day. I insist.”

[b “Thank you,” ] She smiled and went over to sleep in a different room. She thought about Soren, how he must be wondering where she was. She’s been gone for quite a while, and she wondered if eh thought…she disappeared. She needed to get back there, or give him a message somehow. She let her AI rest on her tummy, [b “We’ll get to him soon enough, won’t we?” ] She asked. He squeaked and nodded. She thought also how these AI’s must be struggling here. Soren said he was here for a while too. Why would he stay here? Why when he could go to a different world?


She slowly nodded, “Yea. You look familiar. A friend? Are you even from here?” She raised a brow and folded her arms, “Good luck finding your friend,” She said. She walked ahead, figured she couldn’t help much anyway. Then He spoke and she stopped and turned to face him. She nodded, “You and this…other girl. Her hair…it was unsual, it could have been pink or red, and her eyes-they were red. I don’t know where she could be… But, I can lead to you where I last saw her.” She lightly smiled.

She turned back, leading to the direction of the bar. “My name is Musa by the way,” She added, her pink lips forming a smile. They arrived at the entrance of the bar, “She was here, she was asking others for a way to get out of the wastes. A guy came in, told her he could help her and she followed him. I think he might belong to the Tri rebels gang. I would stay away from them…” She advised, looking back at Soren, “Why are you looking for her? I could tell people around here that if they see her to give her a message.”
  Ravenity / 49d 24m 17s
It was hard being in the wastes again. He forgot how far behind in technology they were compared to Avalon. Soren couldn't use his GPS or his tracking devices. It would have been easier if she was captured in Avalon. He could at least hack the electronics and use a find tool to try and locate her.

He sighed and sat at the bar, speaking to the man sitting beside him. He must have gotten into a fight. Luckily the man had some useful information about the whereabouts of Aether. It lit Soren's eyes as he headed towards the alleyway, looking around for any clues of a missing Aether. He drove around the surrounding area, but he still couldn't see a thing.

It was raining and it was getting dark soon, so he needed to find something and fast. He walked with his bike along the streets, getting a bit tired from all the zooming around. IT wasn't until he heard a woman's voice, that he glanced back at her, seeing her teal eyes. THey were the same color as his. [b "Me? I don't really know where I am actually. I'm looking for a friend"] he spoke, wondering if he knew her.

[b "Wait"] he stopped her. [b "Two people from the outside? What does the other one look like? Do you think you can lead me to her?"] he asked, looking at the teal eyed woman's eyes. He really hope they'd be able to help him. He didn't think he could last another night with whoever it was.
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Aether leaned in toward the bartender, [b “Do you know a way into the city? You know-the nice one?” ]
He stared back at her and then laughed at her, moving to someone else. She sighed and wondered if she would ever get out of here. She went onto asking the stranger beside her, [b “Do you know anyone that could help me sneak into the Avalon’s city?” ]
The blonde slowly turned her head, looking a tad bit annoyed, “No one sneaks inside. I lost a limb trying to get past those gates,” She pointed to her leg, “My friends weren’t so lucky.”
She bit down on her lip, [b “Got it…” ] No luck. She pulled out her tablet and started to look into research about this world. ‘The wastes’ it was an extremely poor area where lots of crime occurred with very downgraded technology. Criminals in the main city sometimes would be thrown into here, if not killed. She read a bit about how to get out but she saw the number of how much money she needed to get out of here, plus skill…holy crap. She was never going to get out of here.

“I heard you wanted to get out of the waste?” A voice spoke behind her.
Aether turned around and faced a guy with a hood, unable to really see his eyes. Aether nodded, [b “Mmm… I need to get out.” ]
“Follow me.” He said, heading toward a door behind the bartender. She followed, figuring nothing could get worse than this anyway. They walked into the back and then out into another door into a different alley. The walked down the alley and faced a fire escape. He climbed up, she followed and climbed over a window and was met with a fairly empty run down entire floor. There were old sofas randomly placed, carpets. There were a few more others there. She saw a computer, but it didn’t look like Soren’s. He lowered his hood and she just noticed a symbol on his jacket, three triangles in a circle. He couldn’t have been that much older than her, roughed up black hair and brown eyes, fairly attractive.
“This is my gang, if you tell anyone our location, I’ll kill you,” He said.
[b “Promise I won’t.” ] She smiled.
He circled her and the other five in the room would watch curiously, and looked back at the guy, and asked ‘Why did you bring her here?’
“You don’t look like you belong in the waste. You must have money.” He said to her.
[b “I’ll pay you to help me get back in if that’s what you mean.” ] She said. She would look at the group, one laying on the sofa, another on the computer, another seemed to be sleeping. They didn’t look like a friendly bunch at all.
“Good, five million,” He said.
Her eyes widened and she stared back at him, “I don’t…have that much.”
“Three?” He asked.
She shook her head.
He rolled his eyes, “What a waste. Can’t help you then.”
She frowned and groaned [b “Come on… I’ll do anything, and pay you…just not millions. Do you want me to pick something up, or beat someone up? I can fight. I can even kill robots now. ]
_ _ _

A blonde girl walked past the alleyway and noticed someone with dark hair and teal eyes. She took steps back and looked at him, squinting at Soren, "Have I seen you before? You look like someone I knew, but he got out of here years ago." She then shook her head, staring back at him, "Nah you couldn't have be him. This is odd, two people that look like they belong outside of the waste show up in one day."
  Ravenity / 50d 2m 25s
WHen Aether left for work, Soren knew he had to do something. The real Aether was probably still out there kidnapped and taken. He needed to find her so that he wouldn't get separated from her. When he took out his AI, he was looking at the GPS tracking system. He was able to track Aether before, but when he looked for her signal, there was nothing. Where was she. THe only place he could really think of was in the wastes where he saw the van.

He cycled towards the last place where he found her and he searched through the building. He stepped down the hallways, taking a peek in each door. There were guards and robots monitoring the halls. Was she here? He slowly walked up behind one robot and pulled out the wiring in its neck. He had him destroyed, peeking into other rooms. It didn't seem like it was a torture facility, so he just kept moving in, unable to find anything.

He managed to connect his AI to one of the computers and found of a map of the building. HE hacked into the files and looked to see all of the information from the contained people. WHen he stumbled upon Aether's picture, he gasped. Where did they take her? It said that she was exiled. So where did she go?

He headed back outside an then he got back onto his cycle. He drove to the surrounding areas asking people if they saw Aether. He would show them a picture, but was unable to get an answer. When he headed back into the main city in the Waste, he asked more people.

Soren sat in the middle of a bar and sighed, getting a drink and feeling defeated. He had to find her no matter what. Even if it took another ten years, he'd believe she was still alive. When a large man soon came and sat beside him, he glanced over to see he had a black eye. Soren asked if he saw Aether and the man looked stunned. "That bitch gave me this black eye. Do you know her? If I see that woman again, I'll make sure she can't see either" he spoke and downed a beer.

Soren asked the last place he saw her and agreed that he'd help find her to help him. He told him of the alleyway and Soren quickly got onto his feet and headed there.

IT was raining. The water falling all over him, soaking his clothes as he drove around. He couldn't find any trace of where she was. Zooming down the streets, he stayed around the alleyway, hoping to at least spot her in the same area.
  ellocalypse / 50d 23h 46m 27s
Aether whined a bit, “What’s that supposed to mean? Do you think I won’t do well?” ] She asked, stroking his hair to get him to relax. She smiled when he agreed to have dinner together. She nodded, “Dinner at your place.” She shared kisses with him and it was clear he didn’t want anything more. Soren input the address and she went off to live her day for today at least.

~ ~ ~

Her body ached down to her bones. They gave a lot of questions that she refused to answer, personal questions, and questions about Soren…where did she have work today? Some, she gave him and others she refused and she would get zapped. The pain level wasn’t extreme, so she didn’t like it but she could tolerate it. Eventually, she blacked out again. They couldn’t get any useful answers out of her.

Aether felt something wet drop down her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes, and faced a bruising sky that was lightly drizzling. She felt stiff. She rolled and got up, feeling the hard ground below her. She sat up and she had no idea where she was. She was in an alley that was for sure. She sat up, looked up and saw the buildings beside her, but they weren’t anywhere as tall as what she was used to for Avalon. She got up on her feet, and looked over at her arms, bruises… The wind was too sharp, too close to her skin. She looked down and groaned. She was only wearing a tube top and a pair of shorts. Great.

Her Ai popped up and she turned him into a tablet to get into her inventory. She changed into a zipped up black hoodie, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, thigh high socks and boots. She stepped out into the alley and the buildings and homes, streets were too run down to be Avalon. Where was she? She took out her phone from her inventory. ‘No service.’

A bigger man came up to her with a blade in his hand.
“Empty your pockets,” He instructed.
She stared at the blade and then back at him, cocking her head to the side, “You really don’t want to be messing with me.”
“Empty,” He came closer.
Aether sighed and showed him she had nothing in her pockets, “Can’t help you. Go bug someone else.” She said, and would watch her up and down and smirked. She rolled her eyes and made sure she kept that arm with the blade away while she punched him in the face, and then kicked him into the ground. Then-while he was down, she made a dash for it because she didn’t want to kill anyone. She pulled out her AI again and looked at the map. Still in the same world, but definitely not in the city. She tried to summon her cycle from here, but it alerted her that it was impossible to do it from here.

So, she walked. She walked over to the border, fences barricaded her path back. A good number of robot soldiers stood in the way. She tried to explain to them she lived there, but couldn’t provide any identity proof that she did, and she knew she couldn’t fight them alone here. She gave up on that, and went down the streets, hoping that maybe this world had people she could hire to do missions with like in other worlds she was in. Usually, it was in bars, she managed to find a bar at building that seemed more pleasant than the rest, yet still old. There were a few people inside, but not too many because it was still during the day.
  Aether / Ravenity / 51d 23m 56s
He met her eyes and he nodded [b "Yeah, don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm more worried about you at your work than me at mine"] he did enjoy feeling her hands in his hair. IT was really relaxing and he really did want to be closer to her, but he could tell that something was off. Something was different and it wasn't truly Aether.

He nodded [b "Yeah, after your work we can grab dinner and then come back to my place? I just want to make sure you're still okay"] he kissed her and returned the kisses before seeing her head over to the teleporter. He input her address and then he said his goodbye, realizing that she didn't even know where she lived. He needed to figure out what happened to the old Aether and where she was. Maybe he'd go back to that same area today to see if he could really find anything more.

Once she left, he locked down his home just in case and then grabbed his AI [b "Let's go see if we can find Aether"] he spoke and then he headed outside towards his bike. When Soren got on, he headed towards the Wastes again trying to find that building, soon parking his bike outside. He took a peek and slowly made his way towards one of the doors, heading inside slowly.
  ellocalypse / 51d 6h 29m 21s
Aehter lifted a smile, holding her gaze on him, [b “Good, you’ll have fun.” ] She kept her hands through his hair, understanding how much he liked it. Her body grew near, and he even leaned into her as well. Aether picked up the slight shift in him when she said do something else after. [b “Or not…We could just spend some time together.” ] She said.

Soren’s lips followed and she kissed him, pressing her lips a bit harder and then returned them to more gentle ones. Soren parted there kisses and gave questions, [b “Um…I should.” ] Then she trailed her lips down his neck. There he went onto rejecting her again. She sighed, and slid out of bed, “Yes…I do.” She got up, [b “I’m heading over to my house then. Thanks for letting me stay the night.” ] She wandered out of the room. She made her way for the teleport device and realized…she couldn’t recall knowing the code to access it. [b “Um, Soren, do you remember how to get my house?” ] She called out, hoping to get his help. It didn’t seem like he wanted her to be around anyway.

Once she would get through, she would search around for clothes and find a path to get to her job, but she would call for a taxi to get there instead to get to the location.
  Aether / Ravenity / 51d 7h 24m 3s
He knew that the real Aether wasn't this clingy. She was more shy about things and not willing to initiate things like intimacy with him. There was something off and it seemed like she wanted him to leave his home. He met her teal eyes and then he nodded [b "I will, don't worry"] he told her, relaxing from the way she ran her fingers through his hair.

Soren leaned into her, liking the idea of having dinner together, but when she said they could do something after, he didn't feel so sure, but decided to play along for now. [b "Okay, we'll see"] he leaned into her, kissing her slowly and then feeling the same kisses being given back. He felt her press harder and the way she moved was definitely not Aether. What was she after?

[b "Are you late? Shouldn't you head to work first?"] he wondered, seeing she was so relaxed with him in bed right now. Her cold lips pressed down his neck to where his shirt was and seeing her pout and look up at him confused him. [b "You have to get ready. We can't have you missing another day"] he tried to tell her, but she seemed persistent.
  ellocalypse / 51d 23h 45m 47s
She didn’t leave room for them to separate, keeping her body in close, and he so willingly leaned into her too. “Why don’t you head out to your friend’s place? I bet it’s a lot easier and fun anyway. You should go.” ] She lifted a gentle smile. She had her fingers in his hair grew for a moment. She watched how he smiled at her, and how he relaxed in her arms when she stroked his hair. He must have liked that. [b “Okay. I like that idea. We could have dinner together and maybe a little something after.” ] She released a giggle.

Aether fit her leg between his and heard she could stay. [b “I’m glad too. Thank you.” ] She ran her finger down his arm, [b “You’re so sweet.” ] She gave his lips a gentle kiss, repeating the same kiss over and over again and then would press her lips a bit harder. She pressed her pelvis against his. She held her eyes on him, [b “I believe I do. Would you like me to stay in bed with you instead? We are meeting at a seafood restaurant, we’re filming there. “ ] She kissed him slowly again, Soren running his hand down her back. She kissed his neck, and then kissed lower down his neck, down to where his shirt began. Aether pouted at him, fluttering her eyelashes.
  Aether / Ravenity / 52d 29m 34s
He loved being next to her like this, she made him feel warm inside. It was amazing to see everything was okay, but he still felt off. There was something off about Aether, but he couldn't pinpoint it at all. All he really wanted was to be able to have her there with him. He had a horrible dream and he couldn't even imagine losing her again.

[b "I will work from home, but if anything is too hard, sometimes I'll go and head to a friend's place"] he told her, leaning in and taking her warmth. Soren held his breath and tried to just imagine that nothing was wrong. This was the real Aether and right now she was comforting him.

[b "Okay, I want to do something with you after work. We can spend time here"] he smiled and then he relaxed in her arms, feeling her stroke his hair. It felt so nice. [b "You can stay here longer. I'm just really glad you're okay"] he grinned, smiling up at her. [b "You do help me. You make me feel better"] he kissed her lips softly, his fingers running along her back, brushing through her hair. He was glad she was okay at least.

[b "Do you have to go to work today? Where are you meeting them?"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 52d 2h 54s

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