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After a little while, she understood that they could actually benefit from her saying that silk wasn’t that expensive around here. Definitely brought attention. She saw the way Soren smirked, and then laugh. They reached the door and then she shrugged [b “Your motorcycle is more expensive to buy than silk for me.” ] Soren leaned in and kissed her forehead. She adored the attention and never wanted him to stop giving her this attention. She was in such awe by him. She squeezed his hand and walked along size of him. A date. That sounded fun.

She exhaled, [b “That’s a relief.” ] Aether watched him instead of looking ahead, and she took notice that he was swinging their arms. She kind of liked it. Her eyes lifted up to the building. It wasn’t a rectangle so it was weird to her. [b “If anyone that knew him was around, than you’ll most definitely be robbed thanks to your girlfriend.” ] She would never be so proud of getting him robbed.

That sounded like a good idea, [b “I could really use the training, I’m really going to need your help to learn.” ] She walked into the elevator with him. They end up at the top floor and it was-gorgeous. The view was better from up top than down there. [b “Pretty…” ] She whispered and saw people so dressed up. They all looked so nice… She grew distracted by what was around them, that she missed Soren asking for a table until he lead her on.

[b “It’s definitely okay,” ] She flashed a smile. She sat down with him and looked out [b “Wow… Eating up here is something. [b “Aren’t I lucky? I have a rich attractive boyfriend,” ] She teased and watched him for a moment. [b “Did you always do missions alone before, or did you do it with other AI’s?” ] She wondered. He really looked good…and she wasn’t used to this kind of clothing. [b “Mmm…what should I get.” ] She wondered, maybe something with fish. She looked back at Soren, damn why did he make her heart leap like this.
  Ravenity / 29d 21h 49m 15s
Soren did all the talking to the accountant since he knew this world, how it worked and how to get information. He got some information about coming back on Tuesday and looking for a certain man. IF anything they could try and kidnap him and make him talk or just observe and see where he goes because he was bound to meet the evil robot anyway if they were in touch.

He walked with her towards the door and her comment made everyone look. [i Perfect] he thought and then he replied back to her, seeing her chuckle. Soren smirked and then he he led her outside, laughing when they stood by the door. [b "It's okay. They were all looking at us and know we're rich because someone thinks silk is so cheap"] he leaned in to kiss her forehead and then he suggested a lunch date because he was getting hungry.

Soren walked with her and nodded [b 'Yeah, the place I'm taking you is close anyway"] he held her hand and walked with her, swinging their arms as they headed towards this large, odd shaped building. When he thought about waiting, he nodded [b "Yeah so we'll wait and watch my account and if nothing happens, we'll catch that guy next Tuesday. In the mean time I can take you to training arenas so you can learn how to fight some robots"] he suggested, leading her into an elevator.

It opened up at the top floor and there was a fancy restaurant with tables across the balcony. THey had a view of the city of Avalon and people were formally dressed, mingling and hanging out at the bar. Soren led her inside and requested a table for two on the balcony, letting AEther look around. [b "Is this place okay?"] he wondered, seeing the futuristic decor and more lights flooding the area.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 30d 4h 24m 19s
For the most part, she kept silent. Who knew what things she could say that would be odd here. Soren did have some silk on his hat, but that compared nothing to silk dresses, or sheets. She was starting to understand that things that were common to find in her world weren't so easily found here-like fresh vegetables or fruits. She sure knew she was eventually going to miss it too much. Aether end up speaking out and hoped she didn't say anything too wrong. Soren surprised her by the way he talked to her. So, she was a free loader? It made her almost laugh. [b "-But not that much." ] She got up with him and nodded when he said good popularity. That-she didn't know how to do. Chaos was more of her thing.

Aether lightly laughed [b "Shock them, like shit them themselves shock them? It definitely make people think you're crazy rich. Do you want me to do that?" ] She raised a brow. Soren held her hand and they walked out of the back together. [b "I didn't even do much." ] She turned and faced him when he did. She gave him another look, thinking he looked really good today. A date, she liked dates. She liked that he was telling her it was a date. [b "I'd really like a lunch date," ] She squeezed his hand.

She gave a glance at the hover car and decided on one thing, [b "Can we go somewhere within walking distance?" ] She would eat anything that didn't involve going back into the hover car right at his moment. She knew that feeling would fade away give it a few more times, but she couldn't help but try to avoid it anyway. She began to wonder about the whole mission. [b "So, now we just wait, right, for the mission?" ] She walked with him, and her eyes followed down to his eyes, to his lips... With him standing like that, she felt like she was just an occasional side piece-but the way Soren treated her, oh did it make her feel great. She smiled to herself, deciding that she felt good about herself after all.
  Ravenity / 30d 7h 15m 22s
Soren always carried around a shield with him just in case because that was always some kind of protection. He wanted her safe, so he allowed her to bring that at least. He didn't want her to be in any danger while she was with him.

Soren led her into the bank and then they headed towards the accountants. He couldn't believe he had such a beautiful girlfriend and Aether looked so stunning in that dress. WHen he stepped into the bank, he could tell that people's eyes were all on them. He kissed her lips and when he saw her ruby eyes facing his, he felt so happy. All he wanted was to be with her and spend more time getting to know her.

He sat down and when he spoke to the accountant, they got some information about the evil robot. Now they had to track him down and they had a few ways. They needed to look for this man with a monocle and cane. If that didn't work, they could always monitor his account.

He stood up and thanked the man, hearing Aether say it wasn't that pricey. Everyone looked and Soren leaned into her [b "Now now darling. I know I can buy you whatever you want, but it'll still cost money"] he tried to tell her. At least she made it seem like they could afford it. If that robot had eyes in the bank, he'd definitely look at them.

[b "Good popularity"] he whispered and then he saw eyes on him and thought maybe that was good enough. [b "I think you'd shock everyone here if you pulled that out. Silk is expensive here"] he told her, holding her hand as they stepped out of the bank. [b "I think we made a good statement"] he took off his hat and put it into his inventory, along with the blazer. He wore his white top and then he faced her [b "Well we got some information. Shall I take you to lunch? Maybe a a lunch date since we're already dressed fancy?"] he suggested a smile on his face. He wanted to take her out since she looked so beautiful.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 30d 14h 47m 53s
At the very least, she could have a shield her. It was better than having nothing in the event of something happening. [b "Got it! I'm definitely bringing a shield at least." ] Getting shot seemed life ending and separating from him wasn't on her list of things to do. She went into the damn hover car, and sucked it up until they landed. Soren...Soren kept watching her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world and it made her fill with this gleeful happiness. She liked this, liked the attention he gave her and she couldn't help but resort to watching him all the same back.

Aether kissed him, and she felt his lips reply to her. The way he smiled still made her heart leap. She walked through the metal detectors with him, holding his hand at the same time. She did try her best to act the part. She kept her head high and kept he posture straight. She felt Soren squeeze her hand too, while she quickly looked around. Soren lead her onto one of the tables and she took a seat with him. She wasn't really entirely sure how a bank functioned here.
She did her best not to look around to much. She then looked at the man that was facing them and saw him smile and talk about finding a guy with a spectacle and walking with a cane. Aether raised a brow. She end up picturing this man with an odd mustache, and a cane, and she cracked a very tiny laugh that was hard to make out. She kept a straight face the second the accountant looked at her.

Aether lifted her eyes back onto Soren's hat. Is that why he wore it? Silk? Is that it? She could get him silk. She had more than enough money to afford that back where she was from. The poor couldn't but she definitely could. [b "Silk isn't that pricey," ] She accidently said. Where the hell was Cerul? They would be back? She got up after Soren stood up. She heard his whisper and she faced him, [b "That depends, good popularity or bad popularity? We can always pretend argue to cause attention, or talk about the next big expensive thing we're going to buy out loud." ] She suggested, and would look around and already spotted some eyes on Soren, and up to his hat. [b "Or maybe you don't need the help...? I could always pull out a silk sheet out of my inventory," ] She giggled.
  Aether / Ravenity / 30d 21h 50m 26s
He didn't do anything special, but he did buy her some dresses for her closet. He always wanted to be prepared for whenever Aether came over. The only reason why he had the money was because he had to make a living for himself here. In AValon it was all about having the best things and spending money.

He dressed up and then he waited for Aether before helping her out. [b "Yeah we'll leave anything else important in the inventory, but keep the shield equipped. As long as you have it equipped, it'll block out anything harmful like gun shots and attacks"] he told her, soon enough stepping into the driver seat.

Soren drove them to the bank, holding her hand to try and calm her down until they reached the lot. He stepped out and offered her an arm, telling her how beautiful she looked. HIs teal eyes kept focusing on her because there wasn't anyone else that caught his eye like she did.

He felt her lips kissing his and then he closed his eyes and kissed her back, a smile on his face. When they headed inside, he held her hand and looked around the bank. They stepped through metal detectors and then they entered the bank, walking around and then seeing other people pass by them dressed all fancy. This bank was more for the people that had large sums of money.

He walked around with her, squeezing her hand and then looking for any robots that were suspicious. He headed towards one of the tables with an accountant and then he sat down with Aether.

[b "Hello. We were wondering if you've seen anything suspicious going on lately here at the bank. We're trying to help gather some clues"] he told the man, seeing that the quest led them to him.

The accountant looked at the two and would smile. "I have some information. The one you're looking for is not here, but his acquaintance shows up every Tuesday. He has a golden spectacle and walks with a cane. I can have him meet you if you'd like" he told Soren and he would glance over at Aether. [b "That sounds good. is my account doing? Anyone curious?"] he wondered, seeing that maybe they could maybe advertise him a little.

"No Sir. Nothing yet. that a silk top hat? Those hats are so pricey. I didn't think anyone could afford those anymore" he blurted out and Soren just rubbed the back of his neck and quieted him down. [b "No one needs to know. I bought it when I travelled to Cerul. Thanks for the info, I'll be back Tuesday"] he stood up and held Aether's hand again. [b "Do you have any ideas to make me a little popular in here?"] he wondered, whispering to her.
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Why did picking outfits have to be always so stressful? It never mattered where she was, if it was an even that didn’t consist of cutting down monsters-than it stressed her out. She didn’t know how she would make it without a weapon if robots were all over this world. That-made her almost as nervous as taking the hover car to the bank. But, she wanted to do this mission. She liked the challenge.

[b “Okay, so, I am going to bring a shield. Just in case.” ] She nodded. A metal detector-definitely detect her sword than, wouldn’t it? She sighed and nodded [b “Understood. No weapons.” ] She didn’t want to leave any precious weapon in the hover car just in case it would get misplaced either. She head into her room and fit herself into the dress. She thought it looked nice on her but…she wasn’t a hundred percent sure if this was okay.

Soren…made her really feel beautiful. There hands intertwined and he lead her to the car. She looked passed the glass and felt the bubbling fear of falling. Her fingers began gripping at the bottom of her seat, her head dipping low so she wouldn’t see any upcoming hover cars ahead. She knew she could have done a better job of hiding it. [b “Right…right, Of course not.” ] She could have sworn half of the ride she was holding her breath. She felt warmth introduced to her hand. Her ruby eyes lifted to him, feeling him hold onto her hand. She felt embarrassed for making it so obvious. [b “I know…I’m not that tense.” ] It warmed her heart when he kept watching her. She never thought of herself to be nothing but average but Soren sure didn’t make her feel average. Hold up. If he was looking at her, he wouldn’t be focusing on the road.

Thankfully, they landed soon enough and she was trying to open the door before he fully parked. When her feet was on the ground, she felt so much relief, “Oh sweet land…yes, I’m great.” ] She smiled and she looked at his arms. Soren was really sweet. Aether nodded [b “Got it.” ] [i Confident as you dress. ] Ahhh, he melted her heart. It was easy to smile when he talked like that to her.

Soren closed the space between them, and she felt the softness of his lips on her skin, her mind swirling with thoughts. He looked good today, mixed in with the things he said and looked at her…why did have to be so damn charming? Her cheeks warmed just a little bit [b “Thank you, I can’t either,” She leaned in and gave his lips a kiss, figuring it would b okay. She took his hand and would walk inside with him, making sure she walked confidently. She has done quests where she needed to go undercover before. Aether would gave a quick surveillance of the bank, checking who was there.
  Aether / Ravenity / 31d 22h 1m 45s
He wasn't sure how she felt about his plans, but he was the one living here for so long so he had an idea of what to do. A part of him also wanted to impress her with his skills, so he did a little bit of planning with his hacking. Once they were ready with his fake account, they just had to back up how real the account was with making a personal appearance.

He headed into the closet, picking out an outfit. [b "Yeah we can't. The only one you can bring is that shield. Everything else has to go through a metal detector"] he told her, wanting her to be safe. [b "If you don't want to get caught, just leave them in the car at least"] he told her, heading back outside all dressed. He's never really worn a top hat before, so it was a first for him. He had his eyes on AEther though when she came out in her dress. She looked stunning and fit into Avalon well.

He smiled and held her hand, standing beside her, leading her to the car. He opened the doors, waiting for her to step inside. THe look of horror on her face made Soren understand. [b "Don't worry. I'll drive carefully. I won't let anything happen AEther"] he closed the doors and then he flew the car into the sky, driving towards the city. He would occasionally glance at her and then he would hold her hand. [b "I'm not that guy, don't be so tense"] he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She looked so stunning. How did he end up with such an attractive girlfriend. He smiled and then soon enough, he ended up parking into the lot.

He stepped out and went to her side, hoping she'd calm down a little [b "Are you okay?"] he asked, offering his arms. [b "Right now, we're rich business owners. Just smile and looked just as confident as how you dress"] he grinned, leaning in and giving her a kiss on the cheek. [b "You look really good in that dress. I can't look at anything else"] he whispered to her honestly.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 31d 23h 32m 35s
Soren's plan sounded solid to her but she didn' tknow much about this world, so she never could be sure about her opinions here. This time, she felt it would be smart to let him take lead, take his example and learn from it, so that maybe she would be even more help next time. Aether stood back, seeing him pick something out. She didn't like the whole 'no weapon' rule but she understood. She guessed that maybe it was too risky to bring a weapon. [b "Alright, no weapons." ] Would he get mad if she snuck in a weapon anyway? This place probably had different security, so...for now she'll leave it.

She changed into the dress she found in the closet. When she saw his eyes widen, it made her feel-so happy. She loved how he looked at her. He was so attractive too...and it sure made her feel like maybe he was out of her league.

Aether couldn't help it, she grinned when he called her beautiful [b "Thank you." ] Soren held her hand and it sure felt good to have him as a boyfriend. Mess her hair? She raised a brow. She didn't care too much about her hair. The slight horror in her face showed at the thought of heading back into the hover car. [b "Uhh..." ] She followed anyway but she didn't step in the hover car. She stared at it, and felt scared to go back on. [i You can do this. You've had worse falls. ] Like the one that killed her as a kid. She could ride dragons but couldn't go in a hover car. Well-dragons always could catch her.

[b "Okay..." ] She spoke to herself, and forced herself to get in. [b "Don't drop us." ] She said.
  Aether / Ravenity / 31d 23h 44m 27s
He didn't want her to get hurt, so he told her most of the dangers they would be facing. HE already had her equipped with some good defenses, so he knew that it was going to be okay. His eyes met hers and then he could see how excited she looked for the reward. Was she having money troubles? He could help her out if she wanted him to.

He tried to find them a lead, so Soren quickly created some fake account on the bank's website. HE managed to get some permissions from them since he was helping to protect their bank. He created a CEO that had millions and then he stood up and faced her. [b "We are going to let the robot take it. That way I can track him down and we'll know where to go"] he smiled and then he headed into his room to find something fancy to wear.

[b "No weapons. Not at the bank. OR they won't trust us"] he changed into a suit and then he headed out to meet her, seeing her in a nice dress. His eyes widened [b "That's perfect AEther. No you won't be a freeloader. You look too beautiful to be a freeloader"] he held her hand in his and then he looked at the time. [b "I don't want to mess up your hair so we'll be taking the hover car"] he headed towards the garage with her and then he stepped in, hoping she didn't mind right now even after her last accident.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 32d 22m 44s
[b "Trying not to get it. Definitely sounds dangerous." ] She nodded. She still knew very little about killing robots.She hoped that she would do okay when it called for it. The money excited her. That kind of reward would get her so much! She couldn't wait to get it started. Sadly, she knew nothing about computers, so just tagged along and let Soren handle all the decision making. She followed him and watched him put some numbers and letters in there, some words that she didn't understand.

[b "Huh...odd." ] She had so many questions but she didn't want to bug him. So, there was a rank here too. Was CEO like a ranking? She was still trying to understand things. [b "And-we're going to let that robot take it from you?" ] She tried to clarify. She followed him still and saw him trying to pick out what to wear. "Oh! I don't know if....oh, okay, I'll pick something out in the closet." ] She smiled and frowned about not being able to bring a weapon. [b "Alright...not even a pocket knife?"] She didn't know how to really dress like a rich person here.Was it supposed to casual, or fancy? Or what... Ugh, this was hurting her head.

She went into her room and opened the closet. She kept looking back and forth and end up picking the white one. She just put hair up.

[ Aether's dress]

Aether stepped out, [b "Soren, is this okay?" ] She then saw him. He really did look rich. Her eyes followed up to some sort of hat. It looked funny to her because she's never seen something like that before. [b "You really do look rich! I'm acting as a freeloader girlfriend aren't I?" ] He always looked did he do that?
  Aether / Ravenity / 32d 48m 19s
He knew that as long as he had AEther with him, he could do the hard missions, just like with the wolves in the snow world. He laughed at her words, thinking about how he could relate them to Avalon, but he couldn't really think of anything. HE guessed she meant lair as in their hideout. [b "It's mostly shooting robots and trying not to get killed by them. That's the most danger really"] he accept the quest and then he saw AEther's face light up at the reward.

It sounded too good to be true, but she could buy a lot of things with that reward. [b "Yeah, then we could ride around together"] he smiled and took a seat at his computer. He started out the mission using codes and setting up fake accounts at the targeted bank. When he finished making a profile, he glanced back at her. [b "Yeah it's all fake. All electronic. Nothing is real, but whoever it is will think it's real"] he stood up and then he tried to think [b "They're like the owner of a company. THe highest rank. If that evil robot sees my rank and sees the money, maybe he'd be tempted to take from me"] he told her.

He decided to look through his clothes, leading her to the room and picking out a suit. [b "We have to look like we're rich if we have millions in the account. Dry and dress into something fancy. I think there's a few dresses in your closet"] he told her, thinking about the weapons. [b "No we can't. THe bank has security. We won't need any then, but when we track him, we should be able to bring weapons"] he told her, picking out a suit and then dressing up. He wore a white longsleeve, a black blazer, and a red tie. He even wore a hat to make it seem extra fancy. He changed and waited for Aether.

[ Soren's suit]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 32d 1h 16m 39s
[b “Me too.” ] Aether smiled [b "We can definitely do this together."] She heard him laugh about her mention of an ‘evil lair’. She didn’t know what to expect in this world. [b “Dangerous… I wonder what kind of dangerous.” ] She mumbled to herself. Did they have knights? She accepted the quest with Soren and felt pretty happy about the reward. She really hoped it transferred okay to the worlds she was in. The things she could afford…

[b “It really would be nice to buy a motorcycle like yours,” She really wanted to try it out. She followed him toward his computer, hovering over him and seeing him type things out. None of it made sense to her. [b “If we can track him down, we definitely are.” ] She nodded. She saw the numbers add up into an account. Ten million. [b “And that money isn’t real?” ] She stared at the screen until he backed up when he was done.

Aether bit down her lip [b “Uh…dumb question. What’s a CEO?” ] She tried to picture a robot with a girl. Why? Why would a human being stick around a robot? She looked back at her quest and wondered what bank he would hit next. It did list the banks that he already had robbed though. There probably was a pattern to it. Aether filled up a smile [b “Of course!” ] She took his hand [b “I already am your girlfriend after all. Can we bring weapons?” ] Aether could already feel the excitement of doing a mission with him. This was going to be lots of fun.
  Aether / Ravenity / 32d 2h 48m 8s
He knew that this mission would be tough, but he's done a few around here before and knew what he was up against. He was glad that he had Aether to help him though. She could watch his back and he could watch hers. [b "I think we'd make a great team"] he smiled and thought of where they could start.

Soren thought of how he could track down a criminal stealing money. He heard Aether and laughed [b "I'm sure he's got a dangerous and really nice looking lair. They all usually do"] he scratched his head and then he accepted the mission. He saw her do the same and then he smiled. [b "It can buy you a really nice motorcycle and more if you wanted"] he headed towards his computer and then he nodded.

[b "I'm going to try at least. Once we track him down, maybe we can head over and try to take him down"] he used his computer, creating a fake account at the bank. He put in some fake money in there. There was about ten million. When he heard her, he tried thinking. [b "I don't really know. We have to bait him though so we can track him. Right now I'm a man with millions. My background is a CEO. Maybe that'll attract him"] he tried making a profile and then he soon finished.

[b "Now we just wait to see if he takes the bait. Let's head to the bank and pretend to be this CEO. He'll be dressed all nicely and have a beautiful girl at his side. If that robot happens to be there, or has eyes watching, I'm sure we'd catch his attention"] he suggested, wondering if she'd let him take the reins for now. [b "Would you be this fake CEO's girlfriend and take a trip with me to the bank?"] he laughed, offering his hand.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 32d 19h 35m 36s
Four out of five sounded hard considering she hasn't been in this world for long. SHe always welcomed challenges though, plus it was with Soren. [b "It's alright. I'm sure we can do it goether," She smiled and he said he knew nothing about how to start. she hadn't had a clue... she knew nothing about how to catch a person in this world-or well robot. [b "Unless...?" She saw him smile when he said 'kill a ton of robots.' Maybe he didn't robots that much either. [b "Maybe he's hiding in his evil liar,' ] She joked.

Aether nodded and got up to him to see what he was doing to accept the quest so she could do the same. She followed what he did to accept it. The mastermind. That robot better be dumb. Her eyes followed down to the reward and her eyes widened. Holy shit. That could buy her a kingdom. [b "That can buy me a motorcycle right!" ] She felt a bit more motivated now.

Fake account with fake money. She raised a brow [b "You can do that? there anything I can do?" ] She asked, figuring that she couldn't really help with anything that related to technology. Ugh, maybe she would just become a burden then. [b "What's the chance of him robbing your bank account and not someone elses?" She asked. She sat back down and looked back down at the mission. She decided that soren would be in charge and that she would take direction from him since she didn't think she knew enough about this world to make decisions.

[b "Well Soren, you're definitely in charge. I'll follow whatever you tell me to do - unless I have an idea." ] she felt that it would be a good way to learn.
  Aether / Ravenity / 32d 21h 7m 10s

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