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She decided they were much better at taking down enemies than building sand castles. It sure looked funny but she was enjoying the time with him. AAether leaned back, watched the castle and thought it would be funny if she put sand down his pants. Soren was getting up, shaking and it made her laugh. It was hilarious! She's never a seen a reaction like his before. He stuck his tongue and pouted but she couldn't stop laughing.

Aether shook her head [b "I don't know that." ] She kept on giggling and then hearing him sigh. He was frowning but she didn't think he really was upset. He walked towards the sand, and she watched him sit down and bury his knees. SHe rose a brow. He couldn't actually be upset for something that silly? [b "Oh you're no fun," ] She pouted and sighed.

[b "It was just a joke..." ] She mumbled. Guess she couldn't pull these things on them. [b "Oh well...I'm sorry then." ] She stretched out her legs and stayed in silence. She didn't really know what to say now. She nibbled on her lip and then shrugged [b "I guess I won't pull jokes." ]
  Ravenity / 87d 23h 18m 31s
Soren did enjoy the water and the sun. He had a beautiful girlfriend beside him too that was depending on him here in his world. He played around with the sand and he tried to make a pig, looking at her castle and then they were both laughing. They really weren't good at this, but they were both trying.

[b "It was worth a shot"] he laughed and then he felt sand in his shorts and it felt so uncomfortable. Soren gasped and stood up, trying to shake out the sand, but it went down even deeper. Sure it was all virtual, but he still felt it. He walked into the water and then washed it off, shaking his hips and then seeing her laugh at him. He stuck out his tongue and then he pouted, wanting a hug.

When she stopped coming, he just sighed [b "I won't do anything"] he told her, seeing her still avoid him. He cleaned up and then he walked towards her, sighing a little. [b "You just don't want to hug me. What did I ever do to you"] he frowned, pretending to be upset as he walked towards the sand. He then sat down and just buried his face in between his knees as he stayed motionless, wondering if he could get her attention.
  ellocalypse / 88d 16h 43m 17s
She felt relaxed being by the beach. Their sand castle wasn't great and Soren's Bacon was oversized and didn't look anything like a pig. But, this sure was nice. She had fun. Soren splashed her, she splashed him back. She heard his laughter follow. [b "It is...and we suck." ] She laughed. SHe thought it would be funny to do what she did next. She started to burst out into laughter when Soren gasped and frowned. She wanted to say 'It's all virtual' but she couldn't stop laughing when he went down into the water to soak the sand off.

[b "It's not real!" ] Aether called out but then he gave this disappointed look and it made her laugh even more. She tried to make to him, but half way, she sat down and kept laughing, [b "You-look-so-silly!" ] She dipped her head and tried to stop herself from laughing. She watched him hands out. [b "You're going to push me in the water aren't you! No way," ] She shrugged and sat right where she was. She liked playing jokes.

Besides, she didn't think Soren would actually be mad. It was just a childish prank. SHe was sure he wasn't realllly upset.
  Ravenity / 88d 23h 50m 6s
The sun was so relaxing to be in and Soren really liked visiting worlds that had beaches. They were so calming and peaceful. He knew that fighting all of those robots must have been overwhelming for Aether's first time, so he thought this would be a good way just to spend some time together and relax.

He let his feet dip into the water, feeling how warm it was. This was what he liked about VR. He didn't have to travel anywhere, just stay in this room if he needed to relax. He faced her, seeing her start to work on making the castle. IT made him smile to see her trying her best. He wasn't the best at making things like that either, so he tried to at least make Bacon. He focused, shaping the sand in his hands as he tried hard.

He splashed water on her, seeing her get surprised. He laughed and then he felt the water hit him back. His teal eyes went to her castle and then he chuckled a little. [b "This is too hard, but it's fun"] he grinned and then he soon felt some sand moving into his shorts. He gasped and felt all grainy [b "Hey! That's not nice!"] he frowned, trying to scrape it all out. It felt really gross and Soren didn't like it deep in his shorts. He stood up and then he walked towards the water, deciding to just go in, dipping his entire waist beneath the surface to wash off the sand.

He looked like a disappointed child sitting in the water. He frowned, holding his arms open, wanting her to come and give him a hug.
  ellocalypse / 89d 23h 21m 38s
Being out in the sun was sure relaxing. She thought about what they did and, it made her smile. It was fun. She had fun going on a virtual mission with him. Her eyes fell on him and she felt so lucky. SHe wondered how he really thought about her in his head. SHe wished she could read minds sometimes. Well, there was a spell for...but magic didn't exist here and she wasn't sure if it would work on Soren.

[b "Yea, we can." ] Aether nodded and laughed when he talked about making Bacon. She made the walls and they were very lumpy and oddly shaped. It really sucked. She bumped into him and did it again by purpose. He glanced over at her and she wondered if he was confused. She sighed and started to do the first floor of a castle and second, but it end up looking like a badly shaped cake. [b "This really doesn't look good..." ] She stared at it, and tilted her head. Yup, it looked bad.

"It normally is," She smiled back at him and she got splashed. She closed her eyes, not expecting that. [b "Soren, you're cruel! ] She splashed him right back and laughed. SHe looked at the wall she made and she shook her head, [b "Nice sarcasm." ] She saw his 'Bacon' and laughed. [b "Looks exactly like him. I can hardly tell the difference." ] She sat back and stared at it. It sure was a mess but it was fun. She grabbed a load of sand and tried to pull the back of his pants to push some sand in there.
  Ravenity / 90d 25m 18s
Soren told her his plan to get into the building and to try and infiltrate the boss' lair. He knew it was going to be tough, but at the same time, he really knew he could do it with Aether. She was really good at protecting herself and being able to make decisions, so they just had to practice that in this world.

He wanted her to be able to complete a mission with him and see that robots weren't so bad as long as you knew their weakness. He apologized for picking that tough level, but she seemed like it was a really bad level. He sighed and then he felt bad she didn't really like it. He tried to change her mind though, by picking a beach.

THe sun was nice and warm, the waves crashing as he sat beside her on the shore, dipping his feet into the water. He suggested they make a castle and then he laughed. [b "I know, but we can still try anyway. I'm going to try making Bacon in the sand"] he told her, working beside her as he felt her soon bumping him. He glanced over at her with his teal eyes, seeing her making the walls. [b "I like this too. It's fun. I think whatever I do with you would be really fun though"] he smiled, splashing a little water on her.

[b "That's a nice looking wall you got though"] he finished making Bacon and then he placed him inside [b "What do you think?"] he laughed, knowing it looked more like a blob with ears, but he tried anyway. HE liked spending time with Aether like this.
  ellocalypse / 92d 18h 1m 8s
[b "So, we have to sneak in there. Got it! I've done plenty of those." ] She felt that will be no problem. Well, until she remembered that this was a different world with different types of buildings. It definitely wasn't no castle and the buildings here were way too damn big to climb. They didn't exactly have a entrance at the top either and it would be difficult even if they did. Maybe...this would be a huge challange afterall. She sighed, hoping she wouldn't be a drag to him. SHe wanted to do good, she wanted him to be proud to have a girlfriend that was strong because she thought she was. SHe wanted him to believe she was.

[b "I thought I did it quietly that time," ] She frowned, not knowing how things realy worked here.

The simulation came into an end and she definitely thought that was beyond her. He helped her up, [b "Kind of?" ] She scoffed. That was damn terrifying. She nodded, not realy wanting to do one where a bunch of zombie robots were trying to kill her, and the gun burned her hand.

The beach...the beach was really nice. She felt the sand through her fingers and she watched Soren. He looked good. He looked really good and she was glad to call him her boyfriend. She didn't know if she was doing this realtionship right but she liked it. Soren sat beside her and he took off his shoes. She decided to the do the same. He got some water and she started to dig into the sand a bit and build clumps of sand.

Aether laughed [b "There's no way I can make a castle that looks that good in sand." ] She shook her head and then shrugged [b "But we could try." ] She tried to build the walls, and would accidently bump into Soren, and at one point she purposely bumped into his shoulder, nudging him a little. [b "This is fun... and relaxing. I never thought something so simple could be so nice with someone else," ] SHe met his eyes and smiled. THis was perfect.
  Ravenity / 93d 17m 35s
Soren thought about the robots they'd be facing and he just shook his head [b "Maybe. If they're trying to keep the boss safe, it's a good possibility. They probably would have cameras set up in the building and good defenses. We wouldn't be able to just walk in there"] he shrugged, thinking about it. [b "I think the best way to kill them off is to take them one at a time quietly so they don't sound an alarm. That would be bad"] he told her, thinking about it.

He let her try a new simulation, but as they shot some robots, he could tell that he forgot to mention a few things. Aether's gun overheated and he had to protect her, but was soon overrun with robots. He leaned down to help her up [b "Yeah...that one was kind of creepy. Let's not do that one anymore"] he changed the VR settings to a nice beach so they could relax for now. They both could teleport to a world with a nice beach, but he didn't want to go through the trouble.

Soren shook his head, seeing the water crash onto the shore. He smiled at the sight and then he saw Aether walk over as he leaned down and looked at the sand. [b "Okay!"] he felt the wind blow through his hair as he watched her sit down. Soren sat beside her and then he took off his shoes, putting them aside. He dipped his feet into the water, gathering some sand with his hands as he brought it over between them so they could mix it into the dry sand too. [b "How about we make a castle like the one we used to stay in in your world?"] he suggested, flattening out the ground.
  ellocalypse / 93d 17h 59m 45s
[b "Got it... Do you think we'll run into them?" ] She wondered what was a safe way to kill a robot without causing the alarm go off. [b Is there a better way to kill them off?"] She raised a brow. They room changed and they were shooting up robots. It was okay for a while.

Soren came behind and helped her direct her aim. The closeness, it almost made it harder to focus. This closeness was still so new. She wasn't used to it and it was comforting. She got the aim right, and started to do a bit better because of him. [b "You really tink that?" ] She paused for a moment, smiling, getting distracted by him. Soon enough, she overused the gun and the gun burned her hands. She dropped it right away, [b "I didn't know-!" ] She raised her voice and saw robots coming. She grabbed that gun and tried to fend them off. Too many of them were coming forward, and she end up being piled up with them. The virtual world ended, and she was laying on the floor.

[b "That was hell..." ] She groaned, and start to get back on her feet. She put her hands on her hips [b "So-guns heat up. Got it." ] She sighed. Guns were really hard to use... [b "No, I'm just not good." ] She frowned, [b "A break sounds good." ] She walked closer toward him, seeing him change the location and this time they were on a beach. It looked much more relaxing.

[b "No Robots will jump here right?" ] She asked and stretched out her hands, [b "Ahh, it's really nice here. She sat down on the sand and ran her fingers through it [b "We should make sand castles." ] She looked back at him, seeing his pretty eyes, his hair. She pictured him behind her and helping her hold that gun again. Her cheeks warmed for a moment. It was really nice to be that close to him. [b "Sit with me?" ] She suggested.
  Ravenity / 93d 23h 29m 46s
He knew that she was slowly adjusting to the fact that the enemy in this world were the robots. He was glad that she was feeling a lot better about it though. HE really wanted her to enjoy this world. [b "It's not really common unless they're trying to hide something from someone. I have to make sure that we can't be careless though. Those alarms are dangerous"] he told her, seeing that she was getting the idea that they were all connected.

[b "You're not horrible. You haven't used these, but you're decent enough to know what to do without anyone showing you. You'll be great in no time"] he showed her how to correctly hold and aim the gun, seeing that he actually got in pretty close. He bit down on his lip and then he held her arm up. He could pretty much smell her scent, remember that warmth whenever he was close. He tried not to look phased though, even though Aether could make him nervous. When she pulled the trigger, he grinned, and saw her shooting them right where it hurt.

He nodded [b "See you got this"] he told her, seeing that the next level had already begun. Soren did his best to help her out, shooting the robots that came in close. He could see her just constantly firing.wait. HE should tell her that.....

When she dropped the gun, he had her back, staying close to her as he shot some of them away. [b "You can't just keep shooting. Your gun has a cooldown. Kind of like when you use magic too much"] he tried to imagine and then he saw too many robots coming for them. Even he ended up being overrun with too man that one eventually got him and the level ended.

The room cleared up again and then he sighed. [b "Aww, ya, I think I might have started that one too hard"] he told her, scratching the back of his head. [b "How about we take a break"] he selected another area. They appeared in front of the beach, the waves crashing against the shore as he faced her. [b "How's this place?"]
  ellocalypse / 94d 19h 52m 22s
Robots still were really odd to her, but if she could slice them-it should be fine. [b "The alarm thing isn't too common is it?" ] She raised a brow, worrying if that would happen out there and cause more attention towards them, which would put them in danger which didn't sound too good. She was glad she proved to be useful, that they didn't lose a single life together. She felt so proud of herself, and then they went onto guns. Not something she was really good at... She was definitely going to be a disappointment at this.

[b "Soren, you must be blind, I'm horrible," ] She frowned, struggling to aim right. She didn't get how to aim with a gun. SHe thought she was aiming correctly and then it went off-it definitely didn't hit the robot most of the time. Soren came behind her and he got in close. Now, she was focusing more on him than aiming, which she really shouldn't be doing. She tried to clear her head and listened to him, trying to remember what he was showing her. Ah, but he was so close that it made her feel all gushy.

She nodded and she shot once he helped her correct her aim. SHe shot right in the head. Her jaw dropped a bit [b "Whoa! That was amazing!" ] She smiled. Have a steady grip and aim by that line on the gun. Got it. She focused and used to hands this time to aim correctly. THen she saw Robots jumping-flying. What the hell was this!

Out of panic, she started firing, hoping one of them would hit, but that wasn't working. One end up leaping on her and Aether yelped and shot it multiple times and rolled it over. ANother one came in and she corrected her aim, had a frim grip and shot it blank in the head. Her heart was racing and there were more coming. [b "What the hell, how many are there?" ] She kept looking side to side, trying to shoot right. Soren mostly took care of it. [b "Go to hell robots!" ] She shot, fired and she fired so much that her gun started to heat up and she dropped it because it was too hot. [b "Shit! Hot!" ] She saw the number of robots coming in like zombies. She may just shit herself. It was a good thing this was virtual.
  Ravenity / 95d 37m 46s
He really did get along with Aether so well. She understood things that no one else could really fathom here. It was nice to be with someone that actually had a mind of their own and were real. He did like the way she described the robots though. It was something new. [b "Yeah, they really do have a lot of capabilities. They're all just fakes though"] he told her, finishing up the mission and then picking out another type they could do.

He was glad that she had his back though. For the longest time no one ever really cared about him or what he did. He could always just wander off and go wherever he needed to be. He ended up wanting to kiss her, seeing her sweet smile. She must like it when he did that too? He smiled and then he started the target practice, seeing robots just popping around the room. He watched her shoot a few times, missing, but that was understandable. She liked to use close range weapons in her worlds.

Soren shot one and then he saw her trying again. He moved to her side and shook his head [b "You're doing great. YOu just have to focus a bit more"] he moved behind her, his hand holding her gun up. [b "You want to aim down this line"] he pointed atop the gun to the little pointer at the edge. He held her arms straight and used her other arm for support on the handle. [b "Hold on tight when you pull the trigger"] he held onto her gun as well to help with the recoil as he watched her shoot again.

When she shot a robot through the head, he smiled [b "Yeah, just like that. That was a lot better. The more steady your grip, the easier it is to shoot straight"] he showed her, holding up his gun and shooting a few more robots through the head and chest.

The second round was robots moving around. They were walking, jumping, others flying through the air. [b "Oooh, this ones a bit harder. You have to get em while they move"]
  ellocalypse / 97d 17h 9m 20s
Aether nodded [b "Yea...and armed at all times. At least they die when you slice them...well I mean alarm thing is weird." ] She shrugged. They were still different but she was glad she could kill them with the beam. THey seemed pretty useless when they were up against a laser too. If she could get that close. They finished it off and they reached the end together. Aether swiped her hand, [b "I meant for things I can't do in real life that would be too risky. Yea...of course it wouldn't be-but there are no risks." ] That she really liked. Aether fixed up her hair and regained her energy standing in front of him while they talked.

Her eyes widened [b "Really? OF course I have your back," ] She grinned. She actually could imagine it, being extremely difficult to do that all on your own. She locked her eyes on him and just kept feeling herself slipping into that warmth. He leaned in and she didn't know why until he kissed her. Aether kissed him back and then she nibbled on her lip, unable to stop herself from smiling. She dazed out for a while.

[b "Uh hmm..." ] She didn't hear exactly what he said, but she saw him pick the VR settings. She tried to remember what he did on there, hoping she could use one later. [b "Okay." ] She sighed, robots...popping. As if robots weren't scary enough. She had a gun with her and she really wasn't exactly sure how to use one. She used one before but wasn't very good at it. She held it with one hand first, and tried to aim and completely missed and-tried again-missed. Soren then showed her, and she tried to mimic how he held the gun, and how he focused. She jumped when the robot appeared and Soren shot it. [b "You're fast." ] She had to do good, she needed to look cool. One popped up at a distance and Aether tried-really tried to shoot but would miss or when she got close it would be a scrape. [b "I suck at this." ] She mumbled to herself and she kept firing and end up getting three at random parts on his chest, going trigger happy. [b "Hah it worked!" ] She looked at Soren and smiled [b "Well...sorta." ]
  Ravenity / 97d 23h 47m 15s
He knew that it was a new thing to face a different kind of enemy. Sometimes Soren didn't really understand how to fight the things in her world, but he managed thanks to her help. He really wanted to be able to help her out here as well, so he did his best to keep her protected, simulation or not. He laughed when she said she still didn't like the robots though.

[b "THey are, but they're a bit more....metallic, and robotic"] he scratched his head, trying to think of the word. But when they managed to finish, Soren was surprised to see he didn't lose a heart and neither did she. That meant their team work was great. [b "It is cool. You can use it for lots of if you want to run through the snow, or climb mountains, or swim in the ocean...pretty much anything really. It's still not as good as the real thing though"] he told her, thinking about what more they could do.

[b "Still, I haven't gone through levels without losing a heart before. It's awesome how you have my back"] he smiled, wanting to kiss her because she had been really cool. He leaned in and kiss her lips softly, smiling as he pulled back. He turned a bit red, but he was getting more comfortable doing what he wanted with her.

[b "THe grenades and stuff aren't that crazy, but yeah we should get some more. Let's work on some target practice"] he picked the VR settings and then he selected one that did robots first. [b "We'll do one with robots, so you get the feeling. They'll just be popping up randomly though from all sides"] he told her, letting her have a shot.

Soren stood beside her and pulled out his gun too to show her what to do. When the first robot appeared on the left, he shot him through the chest with his gun. [b "Like this"]
  ellocalypse / 98d 16h 25m 59s
Those robots still crept her out but she definitely wanted to make sure she could take them down. It was fun. They did it together and they did it without losing a single life. She felt so proud of herself, and hoped that Soren thought she was good at fighting and knew she could take care of herself. Aether smiled big when he laughed. His laugh-he had a nice laugh [b "Kind of just like humans." ] She nodded. They were much easier to defeat than some super, or magic human, humanoid or demon. She felt a little more confident in herself since she did this virtual reality thing with him.

[b "Virtual reality is so cool! Is it only used for fighting?" ] She wondered. She thought about it a little and then he talked about how the robot they needed to face would be indoors. [b "That's probably good idea...are those expensive?" ] She raised a brow. Yea, definitely still had more to learn about this world. But, she was glad to know she could handle a robot as long as she didn't let them shoot her first.

Aether shook her head [b "No, I'm not tired. We can do another one," ] She grinned and then he said practice with a gun. Her smile faded a little bit but she knew she needed the practice. She definitely wasn't comfortable with one and there may be cases where she needed it. [b "Yea, that's probably a good idea." ] She didn't want to cause trouble for Soren out there on that mission because she couldn't use a gun properly.

She look at the interface that Soren used to control the room but she didn't exactly understand everything. There were different categories. [b "Which one is for practicing with a gun? Are we shooting at virtual robots?" ] She met his eyes and felt reminded that he definitely wouldn't think she was cool when she would constantly miss.
  Ravenity / 99d 1h 2m 26s

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