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Hearing it, that he kissed some girl, her decoy made her ache even more. She didn’t even dare to ask if he had slept with her at that moment. It would be too much for her to take in if he did.

The second she saw that he was at the door, she sprint over and hugged him a rush. She pressed her forehead against his chest, feeling bad for losing her temper at him. He went to go find her that was proof that he wanted her and not some decoy. She couldn’t believe how easy it was to get him to help her, to apologize. She didn’t expect him to apologize or change sides without some convincing.

“I don’t want you to go without me either. It feels weird being apart,” She knew they hadn’t been together for so long but she’s felt closer to him than anyone else, than any other AI naturally. She didn’t like hearing Lyric telling Soren he had to do something for them. She trusted them but she didn’t think she was stupid enough to believe they cared about Soren’s wellbeing. If Soren didn’t come back in one piece, she was definitely slicing some heads and push aside any morals.

“Only do if it it’s not too dangerous, otherwise, I’ll find new people to help change things,” She meant it.
Lyric sighed, “I promise, it won’t be too dangerous. I don’t want to risk you leaving, I just need proof he’s on our side.”
Aether looked back at Lyric, and decided to only believe it when she heard what Sylus had to do.

“You have access to Avalon. If you could go in there and smuggle a food microwave with food packets to last two months at…” he drew out a scrap piece of paper out of his pocket and handed to him, “this location, and bring it back here-I’ll trust you.”
Food? That was it? “That doesn’t sound too bad,” Aether admitted.

“Sure doesn’t, we want something better than goo,” Lyric lightly laughed, but he knew that the location he gave Soren definitely wasn’t some ordinary place and that microwave wasn’t ordinary, “Make sure no one catches you. If you bring it back, everyone will be happy and your girlfriend will still be in great condition. Deal?"
  Ravenity / 39d 8m 41s
He couldn't change her mind and he could tell that Aether wasn't going to change hers either. He didn't want to fight with her, he just really wanted her to come home with him. He sighed and when she mentioned that she wouldn't be afraid, it made him feel bad. He spent a night with some decoy robot that wasn't even her and she even had him fooled for a bit.

Soren sucked it up and admitted that he kissed her too. [b "I didn't know and she kept kissing me, but I found out she wasn't you soon enough"] he told her, soon leaving for the night.

In the morning, he kept feeling really guilty. He didn't want to go to Avalon without her, so he headed back to the apartment in hopes to try and join the gang. IT wasn't long until the door opened and he saw her, hugging his arms around her tightly. He really did miss her already and he was just really glad she was safe and in his arms again. He could feel that warmth and could tell it was her.

He shook his head when she tried to apologize [b "I love you too. I don't want to go back home without you"] he told her, looking at Lyric. He figured that he couldn't join that easily, but he was a little worried about the task.

[b "It's okay Aether. I can do it. What do I need to do?"] he looked back at him and just listened in. He would work on this task and then he'll try to be a part of the group. If he did a good job, maybe he could expose how phony they really are. They were nothing but attention seeking killers that only cared about going over the wall and nothing else. He'd make Aether believe him.
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“I made my decision. I am helping.” Aether said firmly, with a head strong expression. She wasn’t budging on this discussion. She wondered if that’s how she came off to him, someone that was easily shaken up by a little kidnapping. Sure…there may be been a few times when she was spooked out but still!

“Terrifying things always happen to me. The only thing I get really worried about is being entirely alone again. But I need to help people here.” She knew that was important to her. Her decoy… She couldn’t believe he tried to help her decoy. She repeated her question and he would look straight into her eyes and he said it…she did kiss her.

Her lips waivered, “But…you kissed her too didn’t you?” Her voice weakened. She couldn’t think straight right now and she just felt upset, that he wouldn’t agree with her, that he kissed that decoy-even if it was very similar to her.

Morning arrived. Aether slid the jacket on, and it was light, comfortable and it held there symbol. It lifted her to feel like she was a part of something. She lifted a smile, sunlight falling onto her through the window. But, her thoughts darkened, thinking about Soren. She didn’t want him to go too far from her… Even if he was against her or kissed her decoy. She could understand a bit on why he did if it looked exactly like her. As long as he didn’t sleep with the decoy.

She pulled out her tablet to track him and as she did, she saw him already loca ted at the door. There was a knock and she ran toward the door and couldn’t stop herself from hugging him. As she opened her mouth to apologize for her outburst, he apologized first. She released her hug from him, her eyes widened. He would come help? Wow…she didn’t expect him to change his mind like that.

“Really?” Hope shined through her eyes, “Thank you…and I’m sorry. I feel really bad about yelling at you. I judged you, I’m sure you want to help. I was going to look for you if you didn’t come because…I love you,” She held eye contact with him. She meant it. It didn’t feel right to be far from him. She was glad he understood she had to do this and that he would help.

The group would watch Soren curiously.
Lyric looked at Sylus up and down, “Can you? You were against us not that long ago. How do we know you won’t betray us? You need to gain our trust first. How do you feel about a solo mission to prove your trustworthy?” Lyric stepped forward, hands in his pocket.

Aether faced him, “No. He’s not going anywhere without me.”
Lyric shrugged, “Then he can’t help us. Maybe your boyfriend should just stay at the most fanciest thing in town and wait until things are dealt with.”
Aether narrowed her eyes, “He’s trustworthy. I know him.”
“But we don’t,” Lyric sighed, “I’m sure you understand Aether, that we need to make sure he won’t backstab us because I don’t want anyone of my team members to get hurt. It’ll just be a little job, he’ll come back safely. You can kill me if he doesn’t, promise. What do you say Soren?”
  Ravenity / 39d 59m 48s
He couldn't believe she was doubting everything he was saying. He's lived in Avalon for so long. He wasn't just going to fill her head with lies. Either way, this was an AI world....wouldn't she rather be with someone real than be alone like this with AIs? He frowned when she called them good people, but Soren knew what they did to his friends when he was younger. [b "I know you want to help, but we can talk about it later and decide together"] he wanted to pull her aside and convince her elsewhere, but it didn't seem like it was going to work.

He knew she was independent and strong, but he didn't know what happened to her. What she went through when they kidnapped her. She could be afraid for all he knew just like when she was almost harmed by the taxi driver. [b "I don't know. People get scared when terrifying things happen to them. Your decoy looked shaken up, so I wanted to help"] he told her, looking back at her ruby eyes. [b "She kissed me..."] he mentioned before sighing again. She kept taking this gang's side, so he decided to leave.

The next morning, Soren was making his way to the gates, debating if he should leave. He wanted to go back home and not stay here, but Aether was here....she blew up on him, but he couldn't just leave her. He loved her too.

He got back onto his cycle and then he drove towards the apartment building again, knocking on the door. He waited for them to let him in and then he looked around, wondering where Aether was. [b "Can I see Aether"] he waited until she came to see him, his facial expressions relaxing as he smiled, giving her a hug. [b "I'm sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to make you upset, but I won't leave you. I've...come back to help"] he told her, wondering as he looked around if they'd let him.

Soren would never forgive these guys for his friends and he knew that if he just had some proof, he could get AEther to believe him and she could come back home with him. [b "I can help in anyway I can"] he looked over them and then his teal eyes fell towards the man that beat him up. Maybe he could start with exposing that man.
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Aether shook her head, glancing off not believing Soren would give up on people here. They needed help. People in Avalon were fine, they had wealth there. She saw it as him abandoning the people here. “Lyric and his team are good people, and it isn’t just them. I want to help people here so they don’t have to suffer like this. I did this in other worlds before, and I can’t stand for how unfair this is.” She made her decision. She liked Soren, loved Soren, but she needed to do this.

‘Startled and afraid.’ Aether rolled her eyes “I. Am. Not. Weak. Why would I be startled and afraid? I wouldn’t be afraid of those assholes. I was ready to take them down myself but I woke up here.” She couldn’t calm her rage down, it was rising. But she was glad he said he’d take care of her like she thought he should have done. But he didn’t saying…say anything about kissing her.
“Did you?” She repeated firmly. “And you don’t know anything about them. You just met them, you didn’t talk to them. Oh really? What did they do to your friends then? Maybe you’re mistaking them with a different group of people.”

She had it. Sylus was accusing them of being bad with no real proof. She thought they were good since they were even willing to help her get out of here without wanting to get out themselves. She…could go back with him?
“No..I don’t want to go back. I’ll go back when I make things right here,” She mumbled. She would miss…the comfort of her new home though and everything but it would be wrong to abandon people here. She wasn’t like that.

Morning rose, she woke up in bed and thought about how angry she got at Soren. [i Maybe… I was too harsh. Maybe I should talk to him. ] Maybe he would see what she meant about helping out here. He tried before, so that meant it wasn’t like he didn’t want to help, he just didn’t have the man power before. She heard a knock on the door. She sat up and it was Melody.
“Hey Aether, we’re got some real solid food. Want to eat? It’s a thanks for defending us yesterday,” She said.
She smiled and got up, “Yes, thank you.” She yawned and saw the whole group sitting by the sofa, and eating…boiled eggs. Well, it was better than goo. Lyric offered her one.
“Thanks,” She sat down beside him.
“So, do you want to officially be a member of a team?” Melody raised a brow.
Aether nodded, “Sure-but I will leave later. Because…well, I do love my boyfriend and I want to live with him after back at his home or mine.”
Lyric sighed, “After what he said you still love him?”
Aether raised a brow, “Of course… Everyone comes with flaws.”
“If you say so,” Lyric said, “If you’re going to one of us, then you’re going to need to look like us.” He tossed her a light leather jacket with there symbol. Her eyes widened and she looked back, “Really? Wow…I’ve always been pretty solo, this pretty cool, thanks Lyric,” She filled a smile.
“It’ll look good on you,” He smiled, “Because you’re realy pretty.”
Aether half awkwardly laughed, holding the jacket. She really wanted to make a change here and with there help-she felt she could do it. But…Soren…She felt bad that Soren wasn’t with her. Could she change his mind? Maybe she should find him. She lifted her phone and remembered the tracker he gave her. Would it work here?
“I think I’ll go find my boyfriend after,” She decided. If Soren didn’t show up, she would go out and find him.
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He sighed when she spoke about helping these people. These people did horrible things and it really pissed him off that they were able to persuade her to think that they were good people. HE's known about their gang ever since he was younger and they were just striving to break through that wall in order to cause a riot and make a giant mess of things. He shook his head. [b "It didn't need to be those people"] he frowned and then he wouldn't listen. He's heard and seen things that gang did and he didn't like it. Maybe she'd see for herself.

He walked towards the door, [b "THe clues I got to find you led me to your decoy. She seemed startled and afraid at first, so I believed that she was you. When I took her back home I realized it wasn't. WHen I go back to Avalon, I'll take care of her"] he skipped out on the kissing part and then he could see she was getting angry. [b "I know what they are and what they do. Sure they seem like their trying, but I don't trust them. THey've hurt a lot of my friends here. I don't believe them at all"] he glanced back at her when she called him an idiot.

[b "I'm no idiot. If you really wanted to go back with me we could. I already told you that you just have to be with [i me] and we can get through, but it's clear that you don't want to"] he left and just headed back to his old home. Soren looked around, kicking some rubble on the ground. Everything was just like he had left it. He looked at his tablet and he could see Aether's location. Looks like she was staying at that place. He just shrugged and headed back to the bar. Luckily the owner was nice and he allowed him to stay another night.

In the morning, Soren got on his cycle and drove around the area, looking for some materials that he needed to restock on. He headed into the main town, grabbing things he needed. He even bought himself a few new clothes. He got some intel on how the Wastes was doing and then he drove towards the gates to see if it was really difficult to get through.

They had two rows of fences, each entry door guarded by robots. He saw them scanning their Avalon watches as they entered and exited through the gates. He could go home if he really wanted to, but something about leaving Aether bothered him. He didn't want to go back without her. WHy couldn't she just listen to him?
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“How can you expect me to leave here if these people need help?” She said firmly. She thought they were the same in that aspect, that they would both want to help people. Anything she’s ever done, she done it for the better good. She wanted to help Lyric and his friends because they seemed pretty good people. Sure they were rough around the edges, but she was sure it was just this place that made them like that. They must be good people on the inside.

Aether shook her head, “I’m not going to get caught and those guards won’t know. Lyric and his team have been doing this for a while and they’re not dead.” She thought that was a strong argument to make. And then he mentioned her decoy… She didn’t like how a fake version of her was made. It wasn’t her. She was sure it was probably like that robot she saw that had Soren’s fake, he didn’t behave like Soren.

“No she wouldn’t be. She can’t act like me. But you didn’t answer my question. Did you think she was me? Did you kiss her?” She asked, stepping forward. She felt her stomach twist thinking about him…possibly thinking it was really her and then getting close to her. She didn’t care if it was a clone of her-yet those in her world always just stood still and blinked and did what she told them to do, but she was entirely sure that it was a robot pretending to her.

“Get her out of my house,” She stated, “If you know it wasn’t me, you should have made sure she stayed away from my home. And-they’re not just a bunch of nobodies. I can’t believe you’re like this.” She felt a little disgusted that he would call them a bunch of nobodies, “They’re just struggling, just like you were, but you don’t care. If it’s a ware then so be it, clearly no one in Avalon is listening.” She really hated how he thought like that.

“You didn’t hear me?” Her voice picked up, “I can’t go back you idiot! They won’t let me go through!” She watched him leave and she was filled with fire inside of her. She couldn’t how Soren was like this.

She spend time with them and eventually it would get dark. They had a plan for tomorrow too, to steal a robot alive and hopefully get some data out of it. Lyric let her use his room again…which was really nice. She insisted that he should sleep in his bed but he refused.
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He was trying to explain to her that it wasn't that easy, but he could tell that Lyric already got to her first. Everything he said didn't seem to get through to her, she was just focused on trying to make the Wastes a better place. He knew how she felt....he was there before when he lived here. [b "I know you can take care of yourself, but if you're with me, we can get back into Avalon"] he tried to tell her and sighed when she kept mentioning that they should help them.

[b "I told you I tried. I got in tons of trouble and a lot of those guards don't care if they kill you either"] he sighed and just frowned when she said how bad it was. He knew. There just wasn't much he could do about it by himself and he didn't trust this gang either.

[b "Your decoy is exactly like you. She's probably taken over your job and house by now. You do what you want Aether. I'm not going to trust them because they're just a bunch of nobodies rebelling against the robots. They just want attention so they could just start an outright war"] he glance back at Lyric and then he left the room. [b "If you want to come back to Avalon, use that to find me. I'm going to leave in two days"] he left the building and felt really bad. He couldn't believe she chose to help those goons than be with him. It's been such a long time since they were separated. It just didn't feel right.

He walked back to his cycle and then he headed towards the area he used to live in. This place gave him chills. It reminded him of the loneliness and all the struggles. The last time he tried to escape over the fence, they got him into custody. He made it towards the house he used to live in and then he looked around, seeing that it was a wreck. THe last time he was here, he fought his way to be free. He stared at the broken down walls and the burned furniture. Soren just stayed in the house and sat on the couch, laying back. [b "WHy won't you just come home with me"] he whispered to himself.
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What Lyric told her was true. Soren wouldn’t care for making this place better, care for the crazy inequality there was in this world. She still had a long frown on her, “Sending some money doesn’t help make this place better. Something needs to be done,” She said so firmly. She shrugged, “I can take care of myself. If middle class is too dangerous than it’s clearly not middle class now is it?” She couldn’t believe this. That Soren couldn’t possibly care about how things were still here.

“What does that have to do about helping people here?” She fluttered her eyelashes, “I get it, you want to go live in Avalon but it’s not cool to leave everything else here behind like this.” She paused for a moment. He did? But she didn’t like giving up. She didn’t really know when to give up when it came to injustice. “Well, one person maybe but it doesn’t need to be done alone. The wastes sounded bad, but I didn’t think it would be this level of bad! I thought maybe they just lived without those crazy technology, not struggling to find food or to live.” She felt it, the need to make changes a round here.

Lyric came in and she tried to settle her racing heart. She looked back at Soren and he talked about how he was glad to find her. She…was still happy to find him too but she couldn’t agree with him on this.
Decoy? “What? How!? Were you fooled for a while? I…want to help them. I don’t understand why you don’t trust them. They just want to make this place better. I’m staying here,” She decided. She looked down what he gave her. “I don’t know how to use this. But I can’t go to Avalon Soren. They won’t allow me in anyway.” She watched him go out the door and leave. Lyric looked back at her, “What did he say?”
She sighed, “What you told me he would probably say.”
“Come on, we’re going to eat out. My treat,” He said, and she followed him into the living space where everyone else was.
“Aether will be staying with us for awhile,” Lyric said, “I think we’re all hungry, so let’s head out.”
They would just nod there heads while looking distracted in whatever they were doing. They took the window out and wandered into the broken streets. Aether spotted a few looks on her…it really was a different environment from the city. It wasn’t the same kind of looks, it was more of a threatening kind. They walked into this really rusty restaurant. No meat, but it had goo in a stick and a drink. She found it-really weird. Her Ai would pop up and whine saying ‘Let’s go back.’
  Ravenity / 41d 1h 54m 48s
He really wanted to see her again because he knew that if he couldn't find her, things would go down hill. He's spent so much time with Aether recently that the happiness was more overwhelming than anything else. If he couldn't find her or lost her again, he didn't know if he could make the next ten years or more. He'd probably go crazy by then.

He pulled her aside to speak to her and he sighed when she also spoke without knowing them. Of course they were suspicious, she couldn't just join some strange gang pretending to be nice to her because they already saw her skillset.

[b "Even the people in Avalon work hard. If you're on the border of making enough, it's a struggle"] he saw her folding her arms and then he sighed softly [b "I was raised her and I worked hard here. I still send the people that helped me here some money once in a while"] he told her, seeing that she was so upset with his decision. [b "That's cause I don't want to take you the middle class or here. It's too dangerous"] he told her, knowing she wasn't that great yet at fighting robots, but she was getting there.

When she immediately judged him, Soren just felt like she suddenly saw him as trash. He sighed and just didn't want to fight with her [b "You don't know how hard it was just to move to Avalon. How hard it is to change one simple thing like that. People do whatever it takes to get one step higher, like manipulate, take advantage of the weak and clueless. I know you want to fix things, but it's a long process. I've tried and just ended up in prisons, tortured, until I decided to just move on my own way. Some of these worlds are difficult to fix with just one person"] he stated, seeing Lyric soon come in and ask if everything was alright.

[b "Everything's fine"] he stated and then he looked over at AEther. [b "I'm really glad I found you. You had an robot AI that is taking over your house and job as we speak. She's a pretty good decoy that almost had me fooled. If you want to stay, I can't stop you, but I don't trust these people"] he frowned and then he gave her another tracker. [b "Use that to find me if you need to. I'm going to visit some people here before I go back to Avalon"] he sighed and then he just left the apartment building. He couldn't believe they managed to persuade her into helping them that much that she'd doubt everything about him and see him as some trash.

Soren just sighed and got back onto his cycle. He drove back towards where he used to live for the night, feeling like crap. He couldn't believe he wasn't able to bring her back to Avalon with him. All he wanted was for her to just enjoy the city, not get caught up in the crimes and all the problems.
  ellocalypse / 42d 9h 58m 22s
Aether didn’t think he’d ever find her. She hoped that she would get out of here herself and go to him. Aether hugged him tightly. She smiled, “I’m glad you did. I was worried you’d think I vanished off again.” She sighed and thought about her work. Well-it looked like she missed a day of work and she was pretty sure she would get fired for one day miss because schedule was tight.
At least now she found people she wanted to help. She nodded, watching the group curiously watch when Soren suggested to talk to her alone. Aether followed Soren into a different room. The door closed behind them. The more he talked, the more he irritated her.

“You don’t even know them! They were probably thought you were suspicious and you’re still okay, aren’t you? And-they don’t want to go over the border. They want this place to not be a shit yard. How can you even blame them for being dangerous? That’s the way to survive here. How is it fair that everyone in Avalon lives like that and everyone here works hard but gets nothing?” She crossed her arms. She couldn’t believe this. She shook her head, “You know I thought since you lived here for a while that you would understand. Lyric told me that you would probably be like that, like everyone else in that city.”

Her jaw tightened, “How can you just accept that that’s how it works!? It’s not right. I don’t even see a middle class, I just see rich and poor. Did you know that they dump some Avalon’s criminals in here? People here are afraid, and these guys, help protect them from those criminals. I can't believe you're like this, that you stayed in this world for so long and all you've done is just make yourself more rich and date multiple girls” She didn’t like this injustice here.
  Ravenity / 42d 13h 44m 23s
He was waiting in the run down apartment for Aether, hoping she would return. In all truth, he just really wanted to get out of here, but that didn't seem to be the case. Aether didn't seem to be anywhere until he saw them returning to the apartment. Finally, he was right. She was here and there was the proof. That woman with him last night definitely wasn't Aether, but he sure had to get rid of her when they returned too.

He saw her come in and then he smiled, hearing her voice and then feeling her warm hug. She really was Aether! He felt so relieved to know she was okay. [b "It took some time, but I managed to find you. I used the security feed when you were in the parking lot of your work. I asked around and managed to find you"] he smiled, remembering there were other people here.

To his surprise, Aether wanted to stay here and help these people. He didn't want to. He heard rumors of what these people did, not to mention they tied him up and beat him. Why would he help them? He met her teal eyes and then he held her hands in his [b "Can I talk to you for a second?"] he asked, leading her to another room. Soren closed the door [b "Aether, I know you want to help them, but they tied me to a chair and one guy beat me up. These people just want to get over the border and wreak havoc. I came from here and know how hard it is to just get over the other side. I know you want to help them, but they're dangerous. If they get over by the means of force, they're probably going to do the same in Avalon"] he trie to tell her.

[b "We can go back, but I can't bring all of them over too. It's something they just have to work hard for. Save, earn enough to bypass the guards and see if they could make it in Avalon. That's just how it works here"] he tried to tell her.
  ellocalypse / 43d 21h 14m 51s
Aetherr made it up into the floor, and there he was- Soren. Her eyes widened, “You’re really here.” She smiled gently, feeling a burst of happiness to see him. She went over to him and…hesitated to hug him. She wasn’t sure what was appropriate for this situation. “I’m sorry for vanishing like that, I was knocked out, then kidnapped and tied and then somehow I end up here. I’ve been trying to get back but they wouldn’t let me through,” She explained all in one breath. She stared back at him for a moment, “How did you find me?” She tilted her head.

Melody crashed onto the sofa, kicking her feet up, “Ah, that was one easy raid. I’m surprised you got it done that quick.”
Lyric set the remainder of his weapons on a table, “It was because of her, thank you Aether.”

“Oh sure, no problem,” Aether smiled at Lyric, her attention turning toward him and then back to Soren, “Oh…Um…I’m still stuck here Soren, but even if I weren’t, I really want to help these guys. It doesn’t seem fair that everyone here gets to live in trash while everyone in Avalon live like they each own a separate kingdom.” She mentioned, figuring he probably didn’t realize that these people really needed help. She had fun today too…even if she was stressed about going back and not seeing Soren. Now that she saw him, she felt a lot of weight off her shoulders.
  Ravenity / 44d 49m 0s
He really wanted to save Aether from this place. He was here as a kid and it was a struggle. He didn't want to ever start over again from such a place and he didn't want all of this to turn Aether away either. Not all of Avalon was pretty and the wastes had tons of weird people as well. He asked Melody if he could come along. He knew how dangerous these people were and he wanted to at least meet up with Aether and maybe find a way to get away from their gang.

Unfortunately he was turned down and left tied up. It just wasn't fair at all. He sat in the chair, looking around the room to make sure no one else was around. He looked over at his watch and then it turned into his AI. His AI cut the straps on his arms and legs and Soren was soon free. He looked around the hideout and couldn't really find anything useful. All of their weapons and bombs were home made and the place looked like a dump. It was no different than from where he grew up, but he lived in Avalon and got used to it. There really was no helping the people here once you were in Avalon. That barrier and lifestyle is so different that unless they had the will to get through, they wouldn't last there.

He waited for a while until he saw the group returning to the hide out. Soren waited on the chair again, just sitting and hoping that Aether would at least be able to come back to his side and they could return home safely. He didn't want to anger their gang anymore than he already did, so he just stayed seated. He was able to plant a few traps around the apartment for a planned escape. He just hoped it wouldn't get violent.

When they made it up, some of the guys came in and saw that he was untied "Why are you free? Who took off the ties?" he asked.

[b "Sorry, my wrist was getting uncomfortable. I had to loosen them a bit"]
  ellocalypse / 44d 20h 33m 53s
Melody picked up on what Soren had to say and she looked at the boys. Sometimes she thought they were pretty stupid. She sighed, dropping her head, “She’ll be back. It’s better to stay here than go wandering around. If you’re really her friend…” She mumbled. It didn’t seem like they were going to let him go and she wasn’t entirely sure of letting him go either. Because it was weird of him just to be staring at the building and asking about Aether. For all she knew-he wasn’t her friend and wanted to hurt her.
She slipped out of the window.
“No can do!” One guy shouted.
All of them left, leaving Soren tied up in the room.

Lyric pulled out a tablet and hacked into the drone. The drone dropped to the ground dead. They handled the place, one by one they knocked a few people out. Aether got busted up a bit-at her own fault. She spotted who Lyric said was the leader down stairs. She could spot him from the second floor indoor balcony. So, she went for it. She leapt from balcony and landed right on top of him and knocked him straight in the head using the handle of her laser sword.

Robots swarmed in. She used the shield she had on her, they instantly started firing. Lyric dropped a bomb from the top and all those robots short circuited and fell down. She laughed, finding it pretty entertaining with all of this adventure. They tied up the leader’s hands together onto a chair, he had such an angry look on him when he woke up.
Everyone else in Lyric’s team had come in and gathered anyone else in the house together on the main floor. Whatever money was in the house, they took in sacks. Aether flinched when Lyric killed the leader.
Melody then spoke, “Ah, the boys tied up a guy at our place. He’s looking for Aether.”
Aether’s eyes widened, “How does he look like? Does he have teal eyes? Dark hair?”
Melody nodded, “Then I guess he really is your friend.”
“My boyfriend actually,” Aether stated.
Everyone heads turned.
“Boyfriend?” Melody repeated.
Aether nodded, “Yes…”
Lyric wasn’t surprised because he told her on the way here, “The one that lived in the wastes before?”
She nodded, “He said this place was horrible, he’s right…” She frowned.
Lyric scoffed, “Yea, he is, and he is just as bad. He’s just like the rest of them in that damn city, they don’t blink twice about people over here.”
She didn’t get it either… If she were here to begin with, she would have tried to help change things. There must be a quest to do something about it. She walked with them back, bruised him with a few cuts on her but-nothing she wasn’t accustomed to. The more Lyric talked, the more frustrated and confused she became. They stood at the front of the building. She got Lyric’s help up the window because her legs were kind of aching from that jump she made.
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