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He had a smile on his face because Aether seemed to be having just as much fun as he was. [b "I think so too! We can be classmates and we could help each other. I always wondered what it was like to learn with a lot of other people"] he thought to himself and then he felt her arms around him. It was so warm and comforting [b "Yes you do. The best hugs"] he grinned, hugging her too as they headed back to the hover car.

When they got back to his house, he stepped inside and went into the kitchen, thinking of something sweet to cook for them. [b "I can make some"] he smiled and then he pulled out some chocolate chip pancakes and some fruits. Soren set it up and put the packets into the oven and then serving them on plates. He gave her a plate of pancakes with syrup and bananas and blueberries on top while he had another plate.

[b "Today was so much fun. I'm really glad you decided to stay with me Aether. It doesn't feel so lonely anymore"] he smiled and then he laughed when she brought up the hugging thing. [b "You are getting so much better. Do you like my hugs too?"] he asked, wrapping his arms around her and then meeting her ruby eyes. [b "You always look good though. Even in your school uniform, and even in your pajamas"] he laughed, sitting down at the table and then eating the pancakes with her.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 78d 21h 24m 9s
[b "Yea, we can put it down on the list of things to do together," ] Aether smiled gently, [b "Me too... I bet it'll be nice to go with you." ] She watched him and how he looked and noticed Soren doing the same. It kept her smiling. The played around together until and she hugged him. [b "Really? Do I give okay hugs?" ] She hugged him tight and looked up at him. He spun her and she giggled. She held his hand and-they were in the hover car. Not her favourite place to be.

[b "You're right, candy wouldn't be enough. Okay, that sounds fair." ] She sighed and her eyes lit up [b "Really? You can cook sweet things?" ] She liked that idea. They went inside the hover car and she was holding onto the seat but Soren was driving pretty slowly, so it made her slightly less anxious.

They arrived back and she followed him to the kitchen. She leaned against the kitchen counter, She raised a brow, [b "Pancakes for dinner? Well, I mean, I have no objections," ] She grinned, and sat ontop of the island countertop, watching him put something into the convection oven. She watched him and motioned with her hands to come towards her. [b "Today was great, wasn't it?" ] She asked and put her arms around him. [b "I'm getting better at hugging and being close right?" ] She tilted her head, smiling. She then leaned backed, admiring him. [b "We looked great for lunch today, didn't we? Today...really was fun." ] She sighed and wondered when it would be ready to eat.
  Ravenity / 79d 29m 19s
He was at the school with her and Soren realized that he never really went to school like normal AI's did. He thought about how he learned through his tablet and that was it. His AI was the one teaching him all he knew, it made him wonder what it was like to go to school.

[b "Yeah, maybe we can go for like a week and see how it goes. I always wondered what it was like since I see it in movies and on TV too"] he saw her in her uniform and he had a smile on his face. She looked really pretty in anything she wore though.

THey played around, writing things on the board as he laughed, writing a checkbox as he hugged his arms around her. [b "I know you would. But You're getting a lot better in the hugging category"] he smirked and then he spun her in a circle before holding her hand in his. He led her out to the hover car, thinking of what they should eat.

[b "I don't think candy will be enough though. We should probably have a meal and then candy for dessert?"] he suggested, thinking about what to eat. [b "Maybe I can make you something sweet for dinner?"] he led her to the car, lifting them up into the air and driving towards his home slowly. He didn't want to scare her, so he drove at a good pace and landed in his garage area.

Soren stepped out and then he headed inside, waiting for Aether as he saw his tablet jump off of his shoulder and turn back into a bunny, hopping around the house. Soren walked into the kitchen and then he looked around, thinking of what he could make. Maybe a soup? He found some pancakes and fruits and then he smiled. [b "How about pancakes?"] he asked, looking back and then scratching the back of his head thinking before he put some into the convection oven.
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They were at a school, and she's never stuck around much at a school before. Would it be fun with Soren? [b "I guess we both didn't." ] She tilted her head, and saw what he wrote. She changed her clothes and Soren did too. She giggled when she saw he matched her uniform. She shrugged and then nodded [b "Yea, maybe just for a few days." ] She blushed a little and then smiled [b "Really? I think you look good too." ] Aether got up and wrote down on the blackboard.

[b "This is not a question," ] She shook her head, [b "This is a statement," ] She laughed and watched him draw a checkbox. She felt in such awe. She saw A+ on it right after. [b "Ah, I told you I'd ace this class." ] She playfully stuck her tongue out. She faced him and giggled. SHe wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight [b "How's this hug?" ] She asked, before b acking up. Soren loosened up his tie and she didn't know what about that was kind of sexy but it was.

[b "Alright! What do you think we should have for dinner? I was thinking candy." ] She said. Soren took her hand and VR turned off. They were in a plane room again and then they were in the hover car. Damn it. Not this again.

[b "We still need to check your bank account too, remember? I think I'm ready to kick some robot's ass." ] SHe smirked and then stared at the interior of the hover car, [b "ALthough riding a hover car not so much." ]
  Ravenity / 80d 2h 42m 35s
He did enjoy spending the rest of the day here because they could really do whatever they wanted. They didn't have to risk fighting the scary things that appeared whenever they switched worlds together and they weren't risking their lives in this room because technically they were always close to the ground.

Soren let her pick and when they went through different worlds, he was amazed that these places even existed. He never thought that a world made of donuts was a thing. It amazed him so much. He smirked when they ended up in a classroom, thinking about how he did notice AI's always going to these.

[b "I've visited them a few times too when I was younger. I never really went to one though"] he wrote on the board and pointed. He laughed when she spoke and then he thought of something he could teach her, but then she changed and wrote on the board too. Soren pulled out his tablet and changed into a white button up, a tie and some black pants, following her uniform color as well. He sat down in his dest and kept his eyes on Aether. She looked really good in a school uniform. [b "You know...maybe we should try going to school one day. You look good in the uniform"] he admitted and then he saw her written note.

[b "Oooh ooh! I know the answer to that question"] he stood up and walked to the board, drawing a checkbox beside the note and then he checked the box and smiled, looking over at her and then he laughed, writing and A+ beside it all. [b "I think you passed"] he then folded his arms and smirked [b "I do think you need to study more though. At least in the 'Hugging Soren More' section"] he told her, loosening up his tie.

[b "Well class is over. Let's go home. We can have dinner and then work on our cupcakes for tomorrow"] he held her hand again, turning off the VR. He waited for Aether before leading her out of the building, heading towards the hover car.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 80d 19h 2m 3s
She sure liked going from place to place with him without any risks. She had a throne to herself and Soren was staying quiet and watching her for a minute. It was different, the way he lookd at her. What a view it was...

[b "Yea...guess that makes sense," ] She nodded. She thought VR was pretty cool since she could do all of this without risks. It was like a safe mode for reality. [b "Mmm, that sounds good. Yea, we could go somewhere different for the night, but as long as we're together, doesn't matter too much where it is." ] She hit random again because she was curious where they would land. They went to the best world possible. It was amazing.

Aether laughed [b "Really? I think I'd end up turning very round if you know what I mean if I had this much candy all the time." ] She went into the settings again to change the location and end up inside the classroom.

[b "I've visited a school like this once or twice but I never stuck around, it was fit in with the AI's." ] She sat on the desk and wondered what it would be like to mindlessly go to school everyday like those AI's, to not know about all these other worlds. It was really hard to picture.

She nearly jumped when Soren spoke. It caught her off guard. She watched him run across the desk. Aether laughed and patted the table she is sitting on [b "I am sitting, just not a chair." ] She smirked. She watched him write something down, and it cracked her another laugh.

Aether tossed her head at the side, [b "I don't need to study, I know this one, II'll get an A for sure on this subject" ] She then met his eyes and couldn't stop herself from smiling, [b "Teach me something I don't know. "] Aether than got on her feet, [b "Oo! Oo! I know." ] She brought out her tablet and realized, she still could do that. She went through the list of clothes and selected on that looked like a high school uniform with a black skirt and a t-shirt style top with a tie, She set her tablet away and the rotated herself [b "Soren, look! I've seen schools where they have school uniforms like this. Well, there's a lot of different ones too." ] She then head over to the board and decided to write in chalk, She wrote 'Soren' and then drew a heart and then wrote 'Aether'. [b "Better." ]
  Ravenity / 80d 23h 18m 51s
He thought the throne was a natural place for her to be. He smiled and then he saw her swinging her feet. [i Cute] he thought and then he held her hand and took her on a hot balloon ride by chance. He looked over at the view and then he nodded [b "Yeah, we're in a room that's just changing to the scenery. Even if you fall, you'll just be hitting the ground of the room"] he told her and then he mentioned that he had one at home.

[b "Yeah when we go home we can go some where. Eat some snacks, maybe even spend the night in a different place"] he suggested and then he saw that she picked another place and they were surrounded by candy. Soren smiled and then he took some of the stones and put it in his mouth. [b "Mmm, this is great"] he smiled and then he laughed when she said she wanted to live here. [b "I'm sure we can find a world like this"] he wanted to show her that he could give her whatever she wanted too.

[b "I never really went to school, but this is nice"] he looked out the window and then he stood up on another desk and smiled [b "Heeey. Sit down! Class is about to start!"] he ran across the desks and then he made it to the board. He grabbed the chalk and started writing on the board [b 'Aether likes me'] he glanced back at her and then he tapped the board. [b "Are you paying attention? I want you to study this"]
  ellocalypse / 81d 3h 27m 29s
[b "I do?" ] She looked down at the throne. It was a bit to tall for her, since her feet couldn't touch the ground. She did like holding the title of queen though, it reminded her of when they were kids. Soren held her hand and then they were in a hot air balloon, looking at his amazing view. [b "You really did," ] She giggled. She really was curious what would happen if she jumped. [b "Ahh, so for sure we won't die. I wonder if there's actually land we can walk around." ] She thought more about and figured having food here would be even better.

Her eyes widened "You do! We could have done this at your home?" ] She looked back down and relaxed for a little while. She didn't feel stressed about falling. [b "Oh sure!" ] She hit the button to randomize and they end up in a land that was entirely made out of candy. Candy cane lights, cookie stones. Aether was amazed, [b "I want to live here." ] She nodded and looked back at Soren [b "I officially love ma-technology." ] She bend down and pulled on the grass and put it in her mouth, it tasted like watermelon taffy. [b "So cool. Again, let's do it again." ] She hit random and the world changed into a classroom.

[b "Well, this isn't as fun but..." ] She looked out into the window and saw mountains, [b "The view is still sure nice." ] She sat on top of the desk and leaned back. [b "I always see bunch of young AI's in one world that go to school everyday besides Saturday and Sunday. Doing that all the time must eventually get boring." ]
  Ravenity / 82d 10h 21m 42s
He was glad that she wasn't against his idea on the cupcakes. He thought about what rainbow would taste like though....[b "Maybe just a rainbow frosting, but a vanilla cake sounds good"] he thought and then he watched her on her throne. For some reason a throne and her sitting on it fit perfectly. Soren had a smile on his face remembering when he first met her in Wonderland. [b "You fit that so well"] he laughed and then he walked over and held her hand, picking a random area for them.

Soren peeked over the edge, seeing all the small buildings and then he smiled when he saw her reaction. [b "Wow! I picked a good one then"] he smirked, looking down. [b "I think if we jump.....we'll eventually hit the ground. OR it'll skip the height and we'll fall quickly"] he shrugged, unsure, but he didn't want to find out. [b "You won't die though. It happened to me once"] he remembered.

Soren ended up laughing when she mentioned food. He really did enjoy spending time with her. She thought the same things he thought. [b "Maybe we can go on a picnic next time. I have a kind of similar one at home, but you have to wear it over your eyes"] he told her, peeking down and enjoying the view from up above.

[b "Do you wanna try picking another random place?"] he let her pick and he closed his eyes, wondering where they'd end up next.
  ellocalypse / 82d 20h 1m 3s
[b "Rainbow! That would be nice. What flavors would we do?" ] She started to think, maybe just go for vanilla. Aether got excited with this whole virtual reality thing and end up sitting on a throne. She watched felt pretty happy about it. Soren came forward and she watched him kneel down. Aether giggled [b "You can stand." ] She thought back to their childhood, when Soren made her queen. She wished she had spent more time with him as a kid. Aether came forward to him to change the settings. She watched Soren click random, and she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she felt movement below and a breeze. [b "Whoooa." ] She instantly leaned forward and looked down at the view.

[b "They really are so small!" ] She laughed and looked back at his eyes, [b "I've never been in one of these before." ] She then looked up and saw the large balloon. It was so big. [b "This is really cool. I wonder if we can still go down there." ] She peaked out again, [b "I wonder what happens if we jump." ] She was thinking about testing it but felt that may just freak Soren out and then-what if this virtual reality could still kill her somehow.

[b "Well, I can tell you I want to visit this place often-I mean the the virtual thing, but-hot air balloon is amazing too." ] She looked around more, making out hills, homes. [b "Glad we didn't end up somewhere scary."] She remained quiet ofr a moment, as she looked out and then turned her head again and met his eyes [b "You know what would be better? If we had food with us here..." ]
  Ravenity / 83d 11h 1m 2s
He did like the idea of coming up with more cupcake flavors with her. He had a smile on his face, thinking of something he'd like. [b "Oooh, maybe we could do like a rainbow one or something. That'd look really cool"] he thought and then he decided to let her choose the place she wanted to visit.

When she picked out a castle, the surrounding area changed into a throne room. He looked around and thought it looked amazing. He still found castles to be really cool. Soren did miss living with her in her other castle and he wanted to go back someday. [b "Yup. I'm glad it went away"] he smiled, sniffing himself and then looking around. He saw Aether sit down and he laughed [b "Yes you are my queen. Queen Aether"] he kneeled down and bowed before her feet, laughing again. The times back in Wonderland were fun too when they defeated the previous queen.

[b "Okay let's try"] he closed his eyes and then he clicked on the randomized button. He waited for Aether to close her eyes too before picking a destination. When he opened his eyes, he saw the area around him. It looked so odd. He was sitting in some sort of basket. He saw Aether still beside him, but when he peeked around, he could only see clouds. Where were they?

Soren stood up and looked around, feeling the floor wiggle beneath him. When he glanced over the edge, he saw green pastures passing by. He could hear the sound of something blowing really hard and when he looked up, there was a huge orange balloon on top of them. He looked around and was shocked to see it all. They were on a hot air balloon.

Soren's teal eyes widened. He's never been on one of these before. [b "Aether look! Everything is so small"] he called to her, pointing at the tiny buildings below them.
  ellocalypse / 83d 18h 6m 21s
[b "Yea you did." ] She shook her head and laughed. She thought about cupcakes and it sounded great. SHe had no idea what to make. [b "Umm...yea, we could do that." ] She tool hold of his hand for a moment. He brought her to the settings. She stared down at it. Could it really take her anywhere? She typed "Castle" just to see if it worked. She got a list of different classes. [b "Cool." ] She tapped one and the world formed around them. Aether giggled and saw the throne just waiting for her. She looked back at Soren and then she shook her head, [b "That smell went away." ] She laughed when he started to sniff himself. She patted his shoulder [b "You smell fine now." ]

She looked ahead at the throne again and decided to go over there and sit on it. [b "Hey Soren, look, I'm queen again." ] She grinned and then looked at the settings again, [b "Oh, I have an idea. What if we close our eyes and pick a random one?" ] Her eyes lit up, liking not knowing what will she be next. This castle was sure nice though, it reminded her of the one in Wonderland. SHe felt like she could go in this virtual world foreverrr. Was there a limit?

[b "Is there a limit to what this virtual thing can do?" ] She asked, kicking her feet back and forth, because the throne was a bit too tall for her.
  Ravenity / 84d 20m 8s
He tried to look upset because he wanted to tease he and get her back. She had his shorts filled with sand and it wasn't very comfortable, so he washed it off and wanted her to give him attention. When he sat beside her, he could see she felt bad and said she wasn't going to joke with him anymore, but he hugged her and laughed. [b "I got you"] he smirked and then he thought about going back and prepping for the cupcake shop tomorrow.

[b "We can experiment. You can try making ones you want and I can taste test"] he suggested, thinking what else he'd want in a cupcake. He then slowly stood up and held her hands. [b "It can. Did you want to go somewhere before we leave. Just think of any place in the world and this thing can take you there"] he pulled up the settings and then he let her type in a destination.

[b "I didn't stink that bad....I hope. Besides I washed up in the water anyway"] he raised his arm and then he sniffed himself, wondering if he still smelled back. He'd definitely take a shower when they got home.
  ellocalypse / 85d 20h 22m 31s
He looked upset. Guess that joke wasn't very funny. She sighed, and watched him look like she did a horrible thing. She sat down and remained quiet for a while until he wrapped his arms around her waist. SHe raised a brow and heard his laughter, [b "What?" ] Now she was confused. Was he faking? "You faker." ] She patted his shoulder, and watched he looked out into the water.

[b "I guess we could," ] She leaned back. She thought about doing more cupcakes with him. Aether nodded [b "Yea, I wonder what flavors we can make." ] She tilted her head and wondered if people would really come and enjoy their cupcakes. SHe hoped that she wouldn't see that one friend Soren had that insulted how she had lived most of her life. [b "Mmm, we should go back. I really want to see what else this virtual thing can do. Can it really take me anywhere?" ] She wondered. It would be so risk free... No worries of separating from each other.

She got back up on her feet and stretched. She faced him and smiled [b "Today has been fun. You're a lot of fun." ] She nudged him, [b "Even when you stunk of sewage," ] She laughed and took hold of his hand. It was nice to have him as a boyfriend. She looked back [b "So, how do we go back?" ]
  Ravenity / 86d 1h 27m 30s
He was having so much fun with Aether in Avalon that he never thought she'd end up liking it like how she was right now. She was enjoying the simulation and even though she was afraid of robots, she fought hard anyway.

Soren shook off the sand and then he stood in the water, wanting a hug, but she didn't step any closer. He walked back to the sand and then he sat beside her, burying his face in his knees when he tried to pretend to be upset. He took a peek, seeing her look apologetic and then he smirked, wrapping his arms around her waist and then laughing. [b "I'm just kidding. You can pull jokes. I just really wanted a hug from you"] he smiled and then he kept his arms around her waist as he looked at the water.

[b "Should we head back? I'll check to see my accounts to see if anyone took anything and then maybe we can make more cupcakes for the shop tomorrow? I bet everyone's wondering where their favorite cupcakes went"] he told her, thinking about how he was going to catch this robot.
  ellocalypse / 87d 20h 30m 51s

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