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She knew she hadn't always made the best decisions either. She learned from them, if only she didn't learn it the way she did. [b "Good intentions doesn't equal good actions... I've learned that too. I'm a lot more careful now." ] She didn't know what he did and was worried that if it really was bad...but at the same time she didn't think he meant to do what he did. Sometimes things were a lot more complicated. She frowned when he mentioned the red queen. She remembered that. That red queen was her best friend. She wasn't always so bad. She took care of her for a while.

Aether shook her head, [b "It wasn't right. Just because someone is bad doesn't mean you have to kill them. There's other ways but, She was my best friend as a kid. You left and I didn't have her around anymore. But you were a kid just like me. We didn't know what was right." ] She rest her head on his shoulder and felt that warmth grow. She felt a little too comfortable.

Still love her? How could he? [b "It's okay if you don't. I've been gone again and we never did stay together for a very long time. Right..." ] As friends of course. That' what she technically wanted, but it was pretty hard when she still felt past feelings even if it confused her. Well he said it, there was nothing that would stop him from dating someone else or even her if they were friends. [i It'll be okay.]

[b " was, but it must have been hard on you too." ] She looked into the stars and then met his eyes. She felt such relief to know he was right here, he was real. The way he smiled made her heart melt. She grew quiet and enjoyed just meeting his eyes and resting her head on his shoulder. He grew near, and time felt as if it slowed down. Was he... Aether's eyelids fell, feeling soft lips press on her own. She took a deep breath and kissed Soren slowly back, waiting for him to kiss her again, enjoying the bundle of warmth that was filling in her chest.
  Ravenity / 18d 1h 30m 28s
Did she kill someone to get here? Did she have to make another sounded like she lost a loved one....probably someone that meant more to her than him. He didn't know, but he'd wait for her to tell him when she could. He knew he's killed a few AI's trying to do what he needed to do. He definitely did it when he was trying to save her life in her world, but failed to do it correctly.

[b "They weren't that horrible because I thought it was for a good cause, but it's still ending someone's life"] he frowned and then he thought about the decisions he made even as a hacker, or when he did quests that required killing off someone. Even the red queen was killed by him. [b "Well even when we first met. I killed off the red queen. I didn't really know if it was right or wrong, but she seemed like a bad person"] he admitted, feeling her warmth against his shoulder. Soren could feel the heat building a little and then he told her when he loved her.

[b "You don't know that. I could still love you Aether. I just have to get to know you again as friends and we can see where this goes"] he smiled, trying to be more optimistic about this than anything. He didn't even know for sure if the old AEther really loved him. She explained the feeling of missing something and it must have been really frustrating and upsetting. He knew what he lost, but she didn't know what she was missing. [b "It must have been really hard on you. But I'm right here Aether. We're together again"] he smiled, meeting her eyes and then he wondered if she knew what that meant.

[b "My heart is racing too. It's not bad though"] he leaned in and then he closed his eyes, slowly pressing his lips against hers. They were both in a dark room and he was so close. His lips were only inches away, he just had to kiss her.
  ellocalypse / 18d 13h 20m 53s
Had he killed many other AI's? What situations made him do that? to think he killed someone to keep her alive too... She didn't remember it and she didn't know if what he did was right. That was a horrible thing to do but at the same time, she didn't know if what she did was any more right either. She still felt guilty for it. She wondered if Soren felt guilty for it.

[b "Were they really that horrible?" ] She whispered. She always had a sense of what was right and wrong just from trying to put herself in the other's person situation and knowing she wouldn't have want that done to her. It wasn't like she was perfect either though. She made decisions where she thought was the right thing to do...but it wasn't. [b "How young... You didn't know what you were doing was wrong?" ] She leaned over and rest her head on his lower shoulder, near his chest. It was nice to be near him like this. So familiar... She loved seeing him look up and talk about what was on his mind.

Aether laughed [b "Just a random thought. I wonder too..." ] She wasn't sure about travelling space. It sounded pretty-frightening. [b "Maybe there is, and we just haven't really looked through the whole library of worlds yet." ] She shrugged. She noticed him spacing out. Was there something else on his mind? She wondered if that was true, or if he just believed that. It was hard to move on from...this. She felt her heart pound when he met her eyes again. Loved. Her cheeks warmed up.

[b "Loved... But you don't love me anymore." ] She clarified and then smiled [b "That makes sense. I'm probably different." ] She figured as much. She didn't know if she loved him but what she did to get here, that must have been part of the reason why. She sighed, glanced off and figured she should talk. [b "I woke up-really upset again, like the first time I woke up when you were gone but I didn't know what I was missing. I'd feel depressed, or some emotions that I didn't understand and I guess...I always missed you I just didn't know who or what I was missing for a while. I kind of fell in love and obsessed with my few memories of you. And now..." ] She nibbled on her lip [b "My heart is racing because you're so close." ] She lightly laughed. She looked back at him, and was glad just to be with him here.
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He didn't know why she felt so down about coming here, but he hoped she'd feel comfortable enough to tell him one day. He really wanted to be closer to her, closer to her than they used to be. He wanted to continue where they left off, but they were set back a little. She had forgotten a lot about them, but maybe the feelings were still there.

When he mentioned that it couldn't have been as bad as killing some AI's, he saw her surprised reaction and he felt really bad. Did she not remember what he did for her? Soren frowned a little [b "I'm not. I've done some horrible things to people Aether. FOr a job, for a task. WHen I was younger, you don't really know what's right from wrong"] he admitted before leading her to the planetarium.

[b "You can see it here because there's a projector showing it to the roof"] he explained and then he saw her looking at him. Soren leaned in more. Was she looking at him because he had something on his face? He wasn't sure, but he did his best to lean into her, letting her relax. He looked up at the sky and then tried to reach it. There were still so many things he hasn't done yet, or has been able to.

[b "A space dragon? That sounds unique. I wonder if there's a world out there that has it. Or maybe one all about traveling space"] he thought. His mind went blank when she spoke. Miss her? [b "Everyday I did"] he told her, shaking his head. [b "It's hard to just move on from something so special"] he admitted, his teal eyes meeting her. [b "I really....loved you Aether. I know what I felt when I was with you was something so different. It was....irreplaceable"] he spoke softly, meeting her eyes. [b "I don't really know how you felt about it though"]
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Aether didn’t feel like she did right by how she came here. Technically, it wasn’t wrong either but…it still didn’t feel right to her. If she felt guilty than she it must have been wrong. She drew out a sigh and stared out into the darkness of the sky above for a moment. In amidst their silence, Soren spoke. Her ruby eyes widened and she shot a look at him. [b “Killed? Killed people? Not one…people.” ] She clarified. Her lips wavered. [i Why would he have to kill?” ] She doubly blinked and sadly that part of her memory felt lost to her.

[b “How, why? What happened? Why would you say you’re not a very good person? You’ve been pretty kind to me…” ] Maybe it wasn’t the time to talk about this. He held her hand and he brought her somewhere else and it was amazing. She’s never been in a room that showed the stars before. She didn’t know too much about planets.

Aether nodded [b “I know that but why can you see it here?” ] Maybe it was just ‘technology.’ She had so many questions that she didn’t think she could get the answers off. She understood so little. She looked back at Soren and she felt something warm grow in her chest. He was the only one that made her feel a certain way, something real and so strong. She blushed when he caught her eyes but she wouldn’t move her eyes off him for that moment. He squeezed her hand and was leaning in more, so she decided to go for it. She moved in closer and leaned her head on his shoulder, feeling uncomfortable at first because she wasn’t sure if this was okay but soon grew relaxed. She didn’t want to let go of something that felt so real.

[b “It would be.” ] She watched him shrugging and reaching his hand up into the sky. He was adventurous, that she could tell. She smiled and felt her just falling so hard for him, or maybe it was just the memories that helped. She loved the sound of his voice and that wonder in him. [b “Maybe… Maybe we can find a space dragon.” ] She giggled and looked back up at his beautiful eyes that she always found familiar. Did he feel it? What he felt for her before she went away? Did it hurt a lot when she went away? If it did, did he move on from it… [b “Soren…did you really miss me? Did you move on from me? I can handle the truth.” ] Aether’s voice soft and quiet, while she kept looking at him.
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He loved the futuristic worlds much more than the fantasy ones only because he loved the technology. HE was used to these places growing up and when he traveled to other ones, they didn't make him feel as comfortable as he was here. He told her how much he liked it here and she said she could tell. Soren smiled and then he just sat with her at the fountain talking about how she was able to even get here.

When she looked upset, he wondered what she really went through to get here. She explained, but it wasn't in that much detail, but she did say she'd leave it for later. Soren just decided to leave it at that. If she wanted to tell him, maybe she would later. [b "You know that I'm not a very good person either Aether. I've killed people too. Even when I was trying to save you"] he reminded her of the guy he killed. Sadly it all failed.

He held onto her hand and then led her to the planetarium. He laid back and then the starts lit up the room. HE showed her the ones he knew and then he named some planets. [b "It's too bright outside. You have to be somewhere with not many lights to see the stars"] he told her, thinking about the other planets. HE wasn't really sure. He felt like he could go anywhere with the touch of a button though.

When he glanced over to her, he met her eyes, seeing her look at him. He slowly leaned in, squeezing her hand as he leaned in more. [b "I don't know, but It'd be cool to travel the world like that"] he shrugged and then he reached his hand up as if he was touching the sky. [b "It'd be fun to ride on a dragon and reach the stars though. I wonder if we can"]
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There must have been many reasons why he liked it here, but she wasn’t sure if any of those reasons would be why she would like being here for long. That was only natural since she grew up in different type of worlds and she bet it was the same with Soren. [b “I can tell.” ] She smiled and then nodded. She hadn’t skated for a good long while. It seemed like a good idea to get back to it with Soren. They must have had more great memories, and excited to her to discover them.

She went on to explaining what happened since he asked but found it hard to talk about it, because it still hurt. Although, she could tell the difference when she loved an AI and likes someone that was someone like her. Soren didn’t sound interested, but it was more than letting him know. [b “No I do. You need to know what I sacrificed to be here, and what kind of person I am. It’s important to me…but I’ll leave it for later.” ] She wasn’t the one to hide things, and it was these kinds of things she would want to know if it was the other way around.

Her eyes dropped to her hand, when she felt him hold on tightly. She smiled to herself and raised a brow [b “Now? Where?” ] She followed him in they went into some sort of building and she would look around again, seeing walls, people talk and then they went into this room with some seats. [b “What is this?”] She sat down on the seat, and saw him lay back, so she did the same thing. She looked up and her eyes widened. [b “Whoa. I can see them in here but not out there. How?” ] She saw stars, planets. Planets? [b “I wonder if planets are other worlds. I wonder if those planets are the other worlds we visited.” ] She rambled, a bit amazed by it all. She rolled her head to the side and saw Soren looking up into the stars. She still couldn’t believe she was here with him. She got stuck watching him for a moment, his brownish hair, the outline of his face…and then would return her focus into the stars. It sure was nice…

[b Dragons can only fly so high… I wonder what the solar system is like in that world.” ] She mostly spoke to herself. She looked back at Soren again and she wanted to stay close to him, snuggle maybe. -Ah she couldn’t do that. She didn’t have the boldness to do that.
  Ravenity / 20d 7h 6m 13s
Soren thought all of the lights were really cool. He really did enjoy the futuristic worlds because that's what interested him the most. He liked all of the advanced technology and the cool weapons. He also liked how lazy he could be if he could. Food was just made instantly, plus the cleanliness of the buildings were all taken care of by robots so the streets were neat.

[b "There's a lot of things you could do here. It's really cool. I like it here"] he told her and then he finished sipping his drink. [b "I would like that. Maybe you can show me a trick or two"] he suggested, remembering when they stayed out in the cold. He wasn't a big fan of her remembering Jace and Luke, but he did want her to remember the time spent with him.

He wanted to know more about what she did to get here, so when she mentioned that she loved someone and Soren felt bad. So she was able to love someone before finding him again. Figures.....he wasn't even sure if the old Aether had fallen for him. [b "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. You don't have to explain it to me Aether. I'm just really glad you're here and are okay. I're slowly remembering things"] he smiled and then he thought that she as right. IT was better to keep trying and meet a faster way than ten years.

He looked at her ruby eyes and then he held her hand tightly in his as he walked further down the street with her. [b "We can check out a place. I think you'd really like it"] he walked with her into a building and then he stepped inside. He led her into an auditorium where they could lay back against soft seats. Soren stayed beside Aether and then he laid back. [b "Just relax like this"] he patted the empty seat beside him and then they faced the ceiling. The room was then lit up with stars in the sky.

[b "We can't really see the stars outside, but we can always do this"] he smiled, looking up to see them showing the different constellations and even the planets.
  ellocalypse / 20d 17h 52m 24s
She could understand why they liked all of this light. She peaked up into the sky. Too bad that meant you can’t see the stars. [b “I think it’s really cool too. It’s a lot of fun drawing anywhere and not having to worry it’ll be there forever.”] The environment was different, and it was a little too much but it wasn’t always such a bad thing. She was glad to see the world Soren normally lived in. She liked learning more about him, what he liked to do, what he did.

Aether laughed, [b “We should skate together again.” ] She nodded, and was still amazed by all of this light. She would keep gazing in different places, amazed by what people had on them, things that she’s never seen before. The flying machines, or just how people dressed. She had always been so…uncomfortable in worlds like this but now that Soren took her here, it wasn’t so-scary.

There was no good indication of what Soren went through. She knew they both experienced things differently, separating. If she hadn’t met him, if he hadn’t been what she remembered, than this would have been all for nothing and she knew her mind would sink into the void if…it didn’t turn this way. [b “I told you a bit about it… I…really liked someone…maybe loved someone…” ] She nibbled down on her lip and felt bad about telling him about this, but she wanted him to know too. [b “To get that object to get here, I didn’t tell you one thing. He and I found out that it can only be used once. Naturally, he’d rather kill me than let me use it for something like this…umm… I’ll tell you more about it sometime.” ] She hated what happened.

But this is what she needed. She wanted to feel alive. Aether shook her head, and looked back at him, her eyes showing a bit of sorrow. [b “The last time you found me was ten years later. I couldn’t wait ten years, and that was by accident.” ]

Aether half smiled, drew out a breath and met his beautiful teal eyes that gave her so many mixed emotions but most of them were really good ones. [b “I think so. ] Soren finished his drink and she realized she had to catch up. [b “In the end, so am I. Me too.” ] She wanted to hug him but, felt that maybe she shouldn’t yet. [b “Okay, we can go back. Are there more other cool places like this around this world?” ] She wondered. SO much she didn’t know. She followed Soren, and took hold of his hand.
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He thought it was funny, seeing innocent Aether just draw on someone's face. He knew she didn't know much about this world, but at the same time, it was cute to see her be so clumsy like that. He drew along the streets with her and then he ended up getting a little parched. Soren grabbed them both a drink and then he made it to her side and handed her one.

[b "I think people really enjoy the lights here. It's everywhere in Avalon, but this street is known for it. IT's pretty cool"] he sat with her and they started reminiscing about the past. [b "I didn't really know how until you showed me. I could only stand on the ice really"] he admitted and then he remembered holding her hand, spinning on the ice and just having so much fun. He wished he wasn't the only one who remembered it all though.

HE asked about how she knew where to find him and she showed him a frown. He wondered what she had to do to get here. [b "What happened? You needed need to go extreme. I could have found you eventually"] he wasn't sure what she went through, but it seemed tough.

Soren understood she must have felt empty, but he was glad she was back here [b "I'm still really glad you're here and you found me. Does it help? Are you feeling more at ease?"] he wondered, shaking his head as he finished up his drink. [b "I'm glad you didn't forget me. I'm really glad you're here"] he ended up smiling because the past few months have been lonely after being with her. HE really did miss her. This was much better than not having her here at all.

[b "Come on, let's head back to my place? We still have to get everything set for tomorrow and our advertisement"]
  ellocalypse / 20d 20h 48m 46s
Aether shrugged, [b "Than I guess it doesn't matter. He won't know it was me anyway." ] It was plenty of fun drawing around the streets and she saw some other people doing the same. She liked seeing the other pictures others did. Some people had far more skill. She stared down at the drink he brought to her and was just really curious about everything. She felt like a kid again in a whole new environment with so many questions.

[b How come everything glows? Do people realy like glowing things around here?" ] She took a sip and it was pretty sweet. She moved to the fountain and remembered a few things but didn't remember about ice skating. Her eyes widened [b "I did? Do you know how to sakte now?" ] She sighed and wished she felt more familiar with her memory and in what order they happened. [b "Mmm...Yea, we can do that. Maybe having you with me, will make it easier." ]

Shje smiled. At least the phone worked for a bit. She lifted her eyes off the water and back on him. [b "I didn't...not exactly. I didn't know where you were. Like I told you, I used this magic object that will grant ever wish I want. I have to be specific to a point, so I was pretty sure it wouldn't even work. I thankfully remembered your name, and your face. So, I asked it to drop me where you were. And...I end up in Avalon." ] She shrugged. She frowned thinking about what she did to get here. She looked into the blending lights of the city.

[b "I sacrificed a good load to be here but I couldn't take it anymore. I was so tired of feeling like I was missing something. Sometimes I hoped I forgot everything about you, emotions and all, because maybe it would hurt less..." ] She shook her head and smiled [b "Sorry, I'm ranting." ] It looked like Soren had been fine and it was good to see that, knowing how she vanished like that.
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He saw her accidentally drawing on someone's face, but they didn't notice. Soren ended up laughing and when she laughed, he thought it was so funny. Sometimes Aether could be really clumsy, but other times she amazed him. He shook his head [b "I don't think he noticed. IF he looks in a mirror within ten minutes, he just might"] he smiled and then he would walk around, drawing more pictures on the water on the fountain. It glowed and the whole street was filled with color again.

Soren grabbed her a drink and brought it over [b "I don't think so. But I've never seen inside of me, so I don't know"] he admitted, thinking about what was in the drink. [b "It's cold and is carbonated"] he told her, seeing her sip as he took a gulp. He sat with her and remembered when they relaxed at the fountain in the center of town. [b "I don't really know how to ice skate, but you showed me how"] he told her, remembering when they held hands and slid through the ice.

[b "I'm sure you'll remember things soon"] he knew the more time they spent together, the more she'll remember him and their memories. [b "We can go back to those places to jog your memory too"] he nodded in agreement. [b "I didn't think the phone number would work, but we were able to talk to each other for a while"] he was really glad when she answered. It was like she didn't forget and meeting her again was a dream come true.

[b "So how did you find me? It was like a miracle that you were able to meet me in Avalon again"]
  ellocalypse / 21d 14h 56m 34s
She somehow accidently drew on a persons head and she blushed from being embarassed about it, and Soren was laughing about it. She end up laughing a bit to, [b "I hope he didn't notice." ] Good thing that went away after a while. She would take a look at what Soren drew. She decided to draw n the fountain too.Aether than stared at the drink he brought for her. What was this? It glowed and it was smoking? She doubly blinked and stared at it fr the longest time.

[b "Will this make my insides glow too?"] She asked out of curiosity. [b "Why is there smoke? ] She dared to take a try and it was actually pretty sweet. She sat down with him and recalled when she sat down with him by the fountain. [b "It was? I thought it was the world were Epius is at. But I do remember the snow world quite a bit too. We did a pretty good job didn't we. Yea, we can do that. Do you know how to ice skate Soren?" ] She couldn't really remember if he did.

She tried to think back to the snow world. The cottage there was really nice. She remembered him giving her his scarf at that time. Remembered being in the cottage, in a room with him and throwing pillows at him. It Then she remembered him hovering over her, and how hot her cheeks felt, how fast her heart beat was, imagining kissing him. That place felt so warm and cozy. [b "I like that idea. I wish we could replicate what happened, so I know what it truly felt like." ] Her cheeks went warm, [b "I'm glad I found your phone number. It was good to know you existed and weren't a figment of my imagination." ] For a good while, she had thought he was.

She remembered being a room with him and throwing pillows at him. It Then she remembered him hovering over her, and how hot her cheeks felt, how fast her heart beat was, imagining kissing him. That place felt so warm and cozy. [b "I like that idea. I wish we could replicate what happened, so I know what it truly felt like." ] Her cheeks went warm, [b "I'm glad I found your phone number. It was good to know you existed and weren't a figment of my imagination." ] For a good while, she had thought he was.
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He didn't know why she was so curious about his love life but he figured she must have talked to April since she was asking him all of these weird questions. Soren listened to her and just tried his best to answer honestly, he didn't get where she got the word 'feisty' though.

They held hands and that made him smile because it was the simple things like this that made him really enjoy her company. He didn't feel alone and with Aether, she was more than company. She was someone he enjoyed being around because she was so different.

They ended up at downtown and when they started drawing with all of the light pens, he felt like he was at peace. This street was so cool because they could draw whatever they wanted anywhere. He drew on her shirt and Aether wore a smiley face down the street. He had her name on him as they drew pictures on any surface. He would glance over, seeing how much fun she was having and he smiled [b "I do like cupcakes. They taste amazing"] he smiled and then he heard her say magic.

It really wasn't magic, but he guessed that it was the closest thing that she could relate it to. After all, she never really spent so much time in futuristic worlds. She liked the fantasy ones. [b "I guess it's Avalon magic"] he laughed and then he saw her drawing on a person. Soren laughed and then he drew another picture on the water of the fountain. He walked over to one of the stands and he bought them both a drink. It glowed neon colors and it had smoke.

Soren handed her the teal one [b "It's fruity kind of like a soda"] he sat down and remembered when they relaxed at the fountain. [b "Yeah I remember. It was at the snow world. We even beat the wolves and made them friends with the hunters. We had a lot of good memories together there. Maybe we can even go back and visit again. We can ice skate"]
  ellocalypse / 24d 16h 8m 10s
After trusting the wrong people, she felt she needed to gather just abit more information. But, when she was back with Soren, she didn't know if she was any closer or if anything April said was true. This was a lost cause and she felt that she should give it up.

They walked along the street, and she end up holding his hand. It was nice... It was simple but it felt nice. The city was something else. I twas a bit overwhelming to her because she's never been in somewhere that was this crowded. The waterfalls were beautiful and there was so much color. She's never seen so much color all in once, so much of it before. She followed Soren and end up with something called a light pen.

It was fun. It really was fun to be drawing in light. She felt like a kid again and started drawing on everything she could even if it wasn't the best. [b [#00cca3 "It doesn't stay huh... oh well," ]] She laughed, figuring whatever she did would go away, so it didn't matter what she drew. She drew a rainbow, a sword, a shield, a stick figure. She saw him draw a robot and than a cupcake.

[b [#00cca3 "Hmm, you drew a cupcake. I guess you like them too." ]] Right, not magic...even though she couldn't tell the difference between magic and technology. They all looked so...similar. [b [#00cca3 "Avalon Magic," ]] She teased, wondering if it bothered him a lot that she called it magic. It didn't matter to her but she wanted to poke a little fun. [b [#00cca3 "It's Avalon light magic, right?" ]] She glanced off and drew for the distance on a wall but someone walked by and she accidentally drew a line on their head. Her eyes widened [b [#00cca3 "Whoops." ]]

She heard the music in the background and it definitely didn't sound like music she listened to. She didn't think she fit in very much but she sure liked playing with the light pen. She walked up to the fountain and sighed, [b [#00cca3 "I remember us sitting by the water fountain together...The water fountain glowed almost like this. I don't remember if we talked or what we did but I remember that." ]]
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