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He was drinking at the bar and talking with the woman until he drank too much and eventually passed out at the counter. He felt like he was all alone in this place and now that Aether was with Lyric, he felt so alone. His eyes were drooping down and when he fell asleep, he was knocked out for the night.

In the morning, he was found hunched over the counter, his eyes asleep, his face pressed against the marble surface as felt some warm fingers through his hair. It made him smile and feel relaxed as he leaned into it. He could hear a small voice as he responded [b "Aether. I miss you. You're only mine..."] he whispered softly and then he slowly opened his eyes.

He met her ruby ones and then he sat up, feeling her poke his cheek repeatedly.

[b "Aether? WHat are you doing here? I thought you were still with Lyric at the apartments"] he rubbed his eyes and looked around, seeing everyone else looking at her. He saw her jacket and then he sighed [b "You should take that off. It scares the people around here"] he told her, yawning softly. [b "I'm sorry about yesterday. I was just so angry with everything. That place...those people. I don't think I'll ever fit into that gang..."]
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The morning came too soon. She woke up on the floor somehow-with a blanket on. She sat up and saw everyone was still sleeping. She sat back on the sofa, thinking about yesterday’s events. How Soren ran out like that. Why…would he think that would mean anything? She was with him. She was mad at him, for leaving like that, mad that he didn’t trust her own judgement too. But, she wanted to make one thing clear. She opened her tablet and found where he was located, and already made a decision that if he was in Avalon, then there was no point in chasing him.
He was at a bar. Great…

She looked around the two sleeping on the sofa.
If Soren loved her, than he would come around. Than that meant he wouldn’t reject her if she went to him. She tried to fix her hair up. She head down and walked toward the bar that happened to be not too far. She opened the door to he bar, wearing the Jacket she got from the team because it was cold outside. She found Soren passed out by the bar. She had bags over her eyes because of her lack of sleep. She poked his back, “Hey, it’s morning,” She spoke with a tired voice. She looked around the place and realized some eyes fell onto her-or wait not directly onto her-it was her jacket. Huh.

She sat down beside him and rested her head on the bar and would peak over but he was still asleep. She ran her fingers through his hair, “Soren. Wake up.” She kept annoyingly poking his cheek after. Her AI popped up and squeaked to her some horrible advice.

She stuck her tongue at him and realized just how thirsty she was. She got water and drank it, and end up playing tick tac toe with her AI until sleepy beauty arose.
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He had already calmed down when he headed back inside, but seeing that Lyric was kissing Aether on the cheek, it got his blood boiling again. He was upset and just stood there taking it all in, but seeing someone that sent him off to die kiss Aether's cheek really pissed him off. All he could think about was how they persuaded Aether into joining their group and manipulating her so they could use her skills to take down others.

All he saw was the kiss and he was really upset by it. He left the apartment, not wanting to be there anymore. He was more mad at Lyric than Aether, but for all he knew she could be betraying him too since she called him and idiot and didn't trust him. He headed off, driving down the path that led towards the bar. He just headed inside and wanted to forget about it all. What was the point if he didn't have Aether beside him? He didn't even need to be here anymore.

He frowned and ordered a drink at the bar, just trying to get himself to relax. He saw the woman he met a few days ago beside him. His teal eyes met hers and he gave her a nod.

"What you doing back here? Did you find your girl?"

[b "Yeah. She's been getting all chummy with that gang. She probably doesn't want to be with me anymore"] he downed a shot of whisky and he sighed softly.

"The gang took her in? Well hopefully they haven't persuaded her yet. They're really good at that. Don't worry, if she loves you, she'll come around"

[b "You think so? I think she'd rather help that gang than come with me. She won't look for me"] he told her, taking another shot. [b "I've always been the one looking for her"] he mumbled, slamming his fist on the counter.

"THanks for the help earlier. Here, I'll buy you a drink" he bought her some shots as well as he looked around the bar and saw some people dancing so freely. It was much different than a bar in Avalon. [b "I forgot how relaxed this place is"] he told her, his AI speaking to him [i Let's go back home. It's better there] she spoke and Soren looked over and nodded. [b "Maybe in the morning. I don't have anything left to do here anyways"] he felt the woman's hand on his shoulder.

"CHeer up. Spend the night here and maybe you can think clearly in the morning.
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Aether was taken surprise by Lyric kissing her cheek but she decided not to think too much of it because…it was just on the cheek. He knew that she had a boyfriend, so she assumed it was just a friendly action thing to do when you say bye. She saw Soren come in and the anger showed clearly through his expression before his words did. Her eyes popped wide open.

[b “What!? No! He didn’t kiss me. Just my cheek, that doesn’t mean anything!” ] She called out and got up when Lyric was shoved away. [b “Soren! What the hell!? ] Aether yelled. She couldn’t recall ever seeing him this angry.

Lyric backed up, “Chill man, I kissed her on the cheek, not fuck her.”
Aether met his eyes and he looked like she betrayed him, [b “Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t kiss him!” ] She saw him head for the door, [b “Soren!” ] She tried to follow, making it downstairs bare foot, but he was already out with his cycle. She looked around but couldn’t find a way to go after him. Why was he like this!? Why would he freak out over something like a kiss on the cheek?
He was leaving her… She felt her eyes water but she sucked it up because she was no baby. Lyric stood beside her, “I’m sorry Aether I didn’t mean to make him upset,” Lyric said.

She shook her head, her lips trembling. She took a breath and then managed to use her voice, [b “Forget it. It’s not your fault. He clearly likes being in Avalon more than me.” ] She almost cried but she refused to do that in front of Lyric.

“You’ll find him,” Lyric said, “I’m sure if he loves you he’ll come around.”
She held her breath. Did he? She walked back inside without a word.
“I’m sorry to leave you like this, but really have to go. Get some sleep,” Lyric said. She nodded and tried to back into the bed, but end up miserable and so angry. She couldn’t sleep, so she sat down on the sofa with the two other guys, figuring it would be better to have company. She’d watch one guy play, the one she remembered Soren said tied him up.

Lyric and Melody head toward a building and up the fifth floor, broke it down and began demanding some supplies they got a tip they were hiding there.
  Ravenity / 38d 4h 35m 54s
He listened to her and he was really only here to expose these people, but he could see why Aether was trying to support them. He felt like she believed people too much and sometimes that wasn't always a good thing. He's heard about these people for a long time now, so he really wanted to do something and figure out what they were really up to.

He was so angry when everyone was against him. Even Aether. That's what pissed him off more, so he said things without thinking, saying he didn't need her. He stood up and stepped outside, not wanting to be around them. He ditched the food Lyric offered and headed towards the porch to clear his head and relax. The only real friend he had now was his AI. Everyone else was against him.

He ate a sandwich from his inventory and then he sighed softly. He felt bad and he didn't want to leave Aether when she was hurt, so he went back inside, seeing everyone just doing their own thing. He was going to go into Aether's room, but when he saw Lyric kissing her cheek, he just stared blankly at the two. [i What the hell?] he thought, the anger coming back. [b "What's going on? Why are you kissing my girlfriend?"] he asked, shoving Lyric back. [b "Stay away from her!"] now he was really pissed.

He looked back at Aether and just felt his heart sinking in his chest. Soren left the room and just headed back out onto the streets, pulling out his cycle from his inventory. Why did he even try? She was already acting chummy with that guy. It wasn't fair. Soren put on his helmet and just drove off in the middle of the night. He didn't care where, but he wanted to get away from there.
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Aether nibbled on her lip and then shrugged, [b “I don’t know if you are. It’s just that you didn’t want to be here in the first place, so... How am I supposed to know if you’re not just saying this to get us back?” ] She saw his hands ball up into his fists. He mumbled and she couldn’t figure most of what hew as saying but she heard ‘without you.’
[b “Without me? IF you want to say something just say it! If you don’t want to do something with me than I’m not stopping you.” ] Her lip trembled but she said it in angry tone. She decided to move away from him. Why was he like this?

She ate but she felt less hungry with all the arguing. She glanced back at him when he mentioned that she didn’t trust him. [b “I trust that you think they’re not good. But you don’t know everything.” ] She wanted to give people a chance, and these people didn’t have any reason to really turn her back on them.

She locked her lips for a while. She finished and end up peaking over at Melody’s game. She end up sleeping on the bed again, but it was hard to sleep with all of this arguing. She sat up and stared at the wall. Then the door opened, for a second she thought it was Soren but it was Lyric.
“Everything okay?” He asked.
She nodded, “Yea… It’s just a fight. I’m sure everything will be okay.”
Lyric sighed, “He’ll come around. Me and Melody have to grab something. It’s late but we need to go. The three other guys here will be here and well help you out if something happens. If anything happens, give me a call the way I showed you.” He smiled lightly.
“Thanks… I’m sorry about Soren. He really thinks you’ve done something wrong or something.”
Lyric shrugged, “That’s okay. A lot of people think we’re some evil gang, because of the word ‘gang.’ The members before us,-okay they were crazy but we’re different, promise.” He came and gave her cheek a kiss, “See you later Aether.”
She watched him exit the room. She got up and saw him take the door out with Melody. One other guy must have been in his room and the two others were on the sofa, one still up playing some game. He glanced over her. She looked away and wondered wher Soren was. She looked around and found him at the porch…but she couldn’t make herself to talk to him, so she went back inside into the bed. Her AI popped up and shook her head at her. She rolled her eyes. It was safe enough here, they had three other guys to help fight if something happened.
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He was accusing them because he knew it was true. He showed them the patch and that's how he was attacked by all of the robots. Why couldn't Aether believe him right now. It really got him irritated. It was all the proof he needed to show that Lyric probably sent him off here to be killed.

When he returned, he thought that he'd be able to just join them, but when he saw Aether was hurt, he didn't trust any of these guys. It was making it difficult for him to just do what he needed to do, but what made him gasp even more was Aether asking if he was lying. [b "You think I'm lying?"] he stared back at her dumb founded and then he just balled his hands into fists [b "I just want to go back with or without you"] he mumbled under his breath and then he just let her go. If she didn't need him or want his help, what was he doing here? He should just let her get swallowed up for all he cared. She didn't believe him.

He listened to each of them making him look like they didn't know what he was talking about, but Soren knew that Lyric knew. He could see it in his eyes. He saw the look that AEther gave to Lyric and he felt so disgusted inside. How could she be so nice to these people...they just tried to kill him. [b "I know she's strong. I don't need you telling me that"] he glanced and saw Lyric put something in his pocket....why was he the only one who could see this?

He saw how happy they looked when the microwave was given to them. He looked back at Aether and didn't care at all how these people felt. They were the enemy. [b "I don't care. You don't trust me anymore"] he stood up and then he looked at the sky. It was going to be dark soon.

[b "The floors fine. I used to live here. IT's no big deal"] he hated how they just assumed that since he was from Avalon he only lived in luxury. Soren refused to have any food. These people murdered his friends and he would never forget that. There was no way he was going to leave himself defenseless at night like naive Aether would. He stepped outside of the apartment, sitting onto the porch. He looked at his watch and just felt like how he did when he used to live back here as a child. Alone.

He sat on the porch and just opened up his inventory. He grabbed a sandwich and just ate slowly, having his AI turn into a ghost. [b "It's nostalgic isn't it. We haven't lived like this in a while. I can't say I miss it"] he spoke to his ghost.

[i Let's go back] his AI said as Soren nodded. [b "Soon. There's just something we have to finish here first"]
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Aether sat back down, not understanding why he was accusing them again without real prove. They seemed like they wanted to do something good and she put herself at risk. She could have said ‘no’ to going onto that robot’s back but she didn’t. Soren whispered to her again and wondered if he was lying to her just so they would go back. Aether looked back at Lyric and he didn’t look surprised to her. [b “Are you lying to me? Because before you were so against them for no reason, so it’s kind of hard to believe you. You just want to go back with me so that there’s no danger. But I want to help people here. I’ll be fine, stop treating me like I’m really fragile.” ]

Melody glanced off and groaned, becoming annoyed. She sat down and pulled her game, “Well, it’s not like we know what’s in there. We got a tip from someone that it would be a good place. We’ve never been there,” Melody reminded.
Lyric nodded, “It’s true, we don’t know what’s there. If it was dangerous than Jill set us up to get caught. Yea, we couldn’t-so thanks for the help. I won’t make Aether do something I don’t think she can handle, she’s a lot stronger than you give her credit for.” He smiled.

Aether smiled to that. At least Lyric thought she could handle things.
“Melody, help me to get this thing to work,” Lyric said, and would open the box. Melody helped him out, and set it up. He would pull out a note from the box and shoved it in his pocket. He would use the packets to get pasta.

“Real food!” Melody cheered, “Ah thank god, I’m so tired of the slob here.”
Aether heard and looked back at Soren who looked really grumpy, “See, they’re not so bad. They probably didn’t know it would be that dangerous. I’m really glad you’re okay.” She slid down her shirt to cover up the cut. Lyric would give everyone food, even Soren. The air was tense though because Soren was accusing them.

The sun was beginning to fall.
“You’re more then welcome to stay for the night here too Soren,” Lyric spoke, “But…we’re going to need another bed.”

[b “Is there a place here that we could shop in? Or…could we shop online like in Avalon?” She asked Soren, and ate her pasta. This place was definitely not luxurious and a little uncomfortable but she understood that this is what people had to go through here.
  Ravenity / 38d 7h 47m 24s
When Soren came back home, he didn't expect Aether to be hurt at all. Lyric promised that she would be in great condition when she returned home, so he wasn't too worried. That was if he put all of his trust in that man. By the time he got back to the apartment, he was shocked to see Aether bleeding! He hurried to her side and then glared back at Lyric. Sure it didn't mean a thing if they died....since they'd just respawn after a while, but if Aether was killed, he wouldn't be able to find her anymore.

Right now, Soren just clicked things together in his mind. The fact that this gang was just using them was clear now, not to mention after what happened to him at the warehouse and he knew Lyric knew what he was doing. It wasn't a was a chance to get Soren out of the picture. He bet he was surprised to see him back here.

He laid Aether back onto the couch when she raised her voice at him. Everyone was starting to be against him and he didn't know what choice he had if Aether wouldn't believe him. He sighed softly and then he tried to calm down his anger. He whispered to Aether again [b "Why is it so hard for you to believe me. I almost didn't make it back if it weren't for my cloak. He sent me off to my death. I bet he's surprised I even came back"] he stood up and then heard Melody talk about him.

[b "This pain in the ass has what you want. It was tough to get too, so you better show some respect because you guys couldn't get this in years if you wanted to. Make sure my girlfriend is unharmed and you can get more out of me"] he narrowed his eyes and then he tossed the food packets on the ground.

He hated working with these kinds of people and Aether wasn't helping. He was frustrated that she was on their side and now he had fork everything over and look like an idiot. He placed the microwave down on the table and had his feelings about Lyric and the others already. They were fakes.

Soren just sat beside Aether, an upset look on his face as he sighed softly. He couldn't believe he was stuck here helping out these people than being at home, doing what he wanted. Now he couldn't even talk to Aether because she was giving him that 'what is wrong with you' look.
  ellocalypse / 38d 8h 29m 20s
Melody fixed Aether’s wound. It sure ached but Ather took a peak at it and knew it wouldn’t take long for it to fully heal. Sylus made it to the door and it made her smile to see he made it out safely. Yet…he looked-really pissed.
Lyric rubbed the back of his head, “I know, I didn’t think she would get hurt. It wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t use her as bait because I was worried she would get hurt, but she got hurt anyway. It’s not a major injury but I’m sorry for her getting her hurt. You’re okay right Aether?”

Aether nodded, [b “Soren, I’m okay. Lyric apologized to me like at thousand times. Plus it’s not his fault, it’s an occupational hazard.” ] Melody stepped back when Soren came in and helped Aether sat up.
Aether met his eyes and knew he must have been very worried. She would have been too if it was the other way around. She hugged him, [b “I’m okay, don’t worry. I’m not that fragile.” ] She felt his fingers in her hair. She truly felt like he was treating her like she was a helpless child. [b “I’m fine!” ] She repeated, [b “It’s really minor, it’ll heal in a few hours.” ]
The others looked annoyed, some rolling their eyes.

“She wanted to help,” Melody said, “We’re not using her more than we are using ourselves. Why are you being so dramatic? If we wanted her injured we wouldn’t patch her up.”

Soren half made her stand up and she didn’t want to right now. She listened to his whisper but didn’t believe him. He was unharmed, so that meant that it couldn’t have been nearly that bad. She knew that doing these stuff with Lyric and his team wouldn’t be a walk in the park, especially with the kind of change they wanted to do.

[b “They’re not using us, they’re just taking our help. Why is that so hard to understand?” ] She kept her voice low, not wanting the others to hear.
“He’s too much of a pain,” Melody mumbled.
Lyric folded his arms, “Give us the microwave Soren. Your girlfriend is safe. For good measure, I won’t take it away from you by force. I didn’t want her to get hurt, but a lot of things we do aren’t a hundred percent safe. Besides, Aether is a big girl, she can take care of herself. We didn’t force her to help us, she wanted to come with us.”
  Ravenity / 38d 10h 55m 5s
He wanted to prove that he could do this so that she didn't think that he was some trashy boyfriend. She even called him an idiot the other day. IT pissed him off, but he was still going to get her out of here one way or another.

WHen they kissed, it really did feel good. She was special to him and her warmth and comfort made him smile. It was something he really enjoyed and the closeness between them meant so much to him. He said his goodbye and went to Avalon to retrieve that microwave. He almost was caught by security, but he always came prepared when he had to deal with infiltrations like this. He made it out and drove all the way back to the apartment, knocking on the door.

WHen the door opened, he saw Lyric and then his eyes immediately went to where Aether was. He knew it! He shouldn't have trusted them. [b "I got what you wanted...but I'm not handing it over. You broke our deal!"] he glared at him as he hurried to Aether's side. [b "You said I'd come back to my girlfriend being in great condition. What the hell is this? She's hurt!"] he leaned in and looked over her wound, helping her sit up.

[b "Aether...I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have left"] he frowned, brushing her hair back as he stood up. [b "You guys are just using her. What the hell!"] he was furious as he helped her up. He leaned into her ear [b "They're using us. I just found out when I went to grab the microwave. We need to get out of here"] he whispered to her.

[b "No deal. Aether's hurt"] he told him adamantly.
  ellocalypse / 38d 21h 53m 3s
Ara’s forehead drew lines when he talked about proving himself. When he said don’t worry, she worried even more. [b “I’m going to worry either way.” ] She admitted. When he kissed her, she gave kisses back. She loved how it felt, that it was Soren and she didn’t feel alone with him. She wasn’t ready yet to dive into all of that just yet but she felt she could slowly ease back into it. She faltered into a smile when he said he missed everything about you. Soren pulled her into a warm hug and she wrapped her own arms and held him too.

He was…very sweet. Soren even kissed her forehead. She remembered how he patted her head for comfort. She squeezed his hand before he went off. She…felt worried but Lyric told her to get going because they had their own little mission to do.

They walked around the streets and Aether noticed people avoiding the side of the street they were on. They walked around the buildings. There was a robot standing in front one of the taller sized buildings, no where near Avalon tall but still tall. He stood there, as if on guard.

“Hello humans,” He said, his voice sounding actually robotic. It must have been older.
“Yea sorry, we have to take out your memory chip,” Lyric shrugged.
“I will report you the authorities,” The robot said, “Jail time will equal, five years or more. Three-two-“
And Melody caught the robot form behind and took out the memory from I’s head, “Got it, easy enough.”

Aether thought that would have been a lot harder. Then a shadow casted for them. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped-that was a big robot machine. Shit. They ran and hid inside a building. The robot was searching for them, “This is the hard part, we have to steal the memory of that robot.”
[b “You mean, that wasn’t the robot you wanted take the memory of?” ] She asked.
“No,” Lyric said, “You’re light Aether. If we distract it, you could probably get up there and grab it.”

She didn’t want to but she followed with the plan. The five distracted them with different directions and she climbed unbaord the back of the machine and grabbed the memory chip, but then the robot’s security protcally activated, and send her flying onto the ground. She was panting, groaning and felt the pain spread in her chest. She tried to roll around, but it hurt… Then she realized, she had some metal in her wasit, it wasn’t that big but it hurt. She groaned. Lyric came over to help, “I’m sorry Aether, that was my fault, let me help you out.”

Lyric helped her walk back, and when they got there, she sat down. Melody helped take the metal piece off and stop the bleeding. Avalon pain sure hurt… She tried hard not to tear up. It wasn’t so bad that she wasn’t going to be okay but it still hurt. There was a knock on the door and she felt a sense of relief to see Soren, “Oh thank god your back!” Aether called and then winced because she breathed to heavy.

“You got what I wanted?” Lyric came forward and smiled once Soren gave it to him. He set it down and opened the box, and found the not he needed in there, “Alright, I guess we can trust you, you got what I wanted. I'm sure everyone could use a good meal now."

[b" Yea...I realy could, " ] Aether admit it and winced as Melody began cleaning the cut.
  Ravenity / 38d 22h 21m 34s
He wasn't really here to help out the cause, but he wanted to expose them more if he could. It meant lying to Aether, but he'd do anything to keep her safe. If he had to show her that this gang was bad for her to leave, then so be it.

The mission didn't sound too bad, but at the same time, he felt like it might also be a set up. He saw the map and he knew what was in that area. It was a warehouse where the smugglers kept their resources that they stole or traded. Soren saw the symbol and wondered if it would even help him? The symbol looked familiar though. He put the patch in his pocket and then he went into a room with her. Of course he wouldn't be doing anything like that with her. She wouldn't let him still.

He met her eyes and looked worried more for her sake than his. He shook his head [b "The only way I can prove myself is if I go. Don't worry I'll be back soon"] he met her lips and found her kissing him back in return. Her kisses were warm, comforting and he knew right away they were Aether's lips. He nodded [b "I missed everything about you"] he kissed her again and felt her meeting his lips once more. He closed his eyes and smiled as he pulled her in for a hug. [b "I'll do anything for you"] he kissed her forehead and then he pulled back [b "I'll be quick"] he smiled and then he stepped out of the room.

Soren looked over at Lyric and the others. [b "I'll be back before sun down"] he left the apartment and then he got onto his cycle, driving towards Avalon.

He was allowed in through the gate after scanning his watch and then he headed towards the location of the warehouse. He parked his bike and looked around. Soren spotted a few robots walking back and forth through the walkways. He headed for the warehouse and then managed to head inside without anyone seeing. When he looked around the area, he moved through some boxes until he found the microwave. He put it into his inventory and as he grabbed a few food packets, he was stopped by a robot.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? It's off limits"

[b "Oh...I was looking for some appliances....I'm with them"] he pulled the patch from his pocket and showed the robot. His eyes scanned the patch and it started flashing red, an alarm sounding through the area.

[i Shit]

Soren reached behind the robot, pulling on it's electrical cords and shutting him off. He then quickly peeked outside, seeing others headed his way. He went into his inventory and then he used a cloaking device, giving him a few minutes of invisibility as he hurried out of the building, back to his bike. His invisibility soon wore off, but he was already zooming away.

He drove back to the wastes, heading towards the apartment and then knocking on the door again. He knew something was up. He had a feeling Lyric did that to him on purpose.
  ellocalypse / 38d 23h 17s
It was a relief to her that he wanted to help out and that he would stay with her. She hoped he wasn’t only just doing this for her, but at least that meant he would stay. It…worried her that he would be going alone though. But, she doubted that Lyric would say she could kill him if he didn’t think Soren would be safe enough. “I don’t feel comfortable with you going on your own,” She mentioned.

Lyric shook his hand and smirked, “Good, oh and take this symbol with you. Show it to them,” He pulled out a patch of their gang symbol, “It could help if you run into trouble… Yea, just don’t use my bed if you catch what I’m saying.”

Aether blushed, “We won’t…” She followed Soren into the room and listened to Soren. “Smuggler? Is it really dangerous? I’m sure Lyric wouldn’t send you somewhere that’s really risky. I need you to be okay. You don’t have to do this…You can still help me without being part of the team,” She didn’t want him to get harmed in anyway. She frowned when he said that she should make sure she was safe.

“Of course I will be. We’re going to do something later but we have five people, and I’ll get out of there if it gets bad but it’s only one robot,” She wondered why he looked so worried. She found him kissing her and it made her smile to feel his kiss. “That…really did feel nice. I’m so glad you found me, and I’m sorry for worrying you.” She leaned in and kissed his lips soflty again because she liked the feeling of kissing him. She missed him too much. She kissed him again and again, loving how his lips felt, “I missed kissing you…being close to you. Being away made me realize just how much I miss being close to you.” She caressed his cheek, “And thank you, for doing this with me.”
  Ravenity / 38d 23h 14m 27s
He didn't really want to tell her that he kissed her because he knew it would make her worried. He could see it in her eyes that he bothered her. Still, he worked really hard to get here, so he wasn't going to just let her slip away like this.

When he came back, he knocked on the door and was met with a hug. He really did miss her and he missed being close to her like he used to be. He ended up smiling a little too much, but when Lyric had to come on over and give him a task, he ended up sighing a bit. [b "It's fine, I'll do it. I just want to be helping out my girlfriend"] he stated and then he listened in on what he needed to do.

The minute he mentioned Avalon, Soren had an idea of what he was going to do. He felt like this plan was a little sketchy, but he couldn't really say 'no'. He just agreed and shook Lyric's hand [b "Deal. I'll get it before tonight, but can I at least spend some time with my girlfriend before I have to go?"] he asked, before taking Aether's hands in his and then he led her to a room, closing the door.

[b "I know it doesn't sound tough, but this location...I know where it is. It's in smuggler territory. THere's definitely going to be people on monitoring the area. It's not going to be that easy. I just...just make sure you're safe okay"] he didn't want to tell her that they were bad people without any proof, but if anything happened, he knew Aether could take them. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. His teal eyes met hers and then he smiled [b "That felt really nice. I was really worried the past few days"]
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