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He asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend because he knew that this situation they had between them was so confusing. They were trying to be friends, but they just happened to kiss, hold hands, sleep beside each other, and do everything together? It didn't feel right and calling it friends just wasn't enough. they could call it dating, but to Soren, he's been through this situation before. He's already dated Aether....he tried again, but she seemed unsatisfied. He didn't really know what to do, other than to make it official.

When he asked her, he thought that maybe it wasn't enough to just ask for someone that wasn't from this world. Maybe he should have asked her in a more romantic way? Maybe he could find something else to do for her later, but right now, he wanted to resolve things. She agreed and Soren had a smile on his lips. His teal eyes met hers and then he promised that he wouldn't be messing around. How did she even think that he messed around? April?

He told her what he thought they did, but when he laid beside her and faced her, he felt warm, remembering what they did at the planetarium. [b "I think we always do stupid, awkward isn't just you"] he smiled and felt her leaning in to feel her warmth against his lips. Soren kissed her back, seeing her smile. She looked so attractive when she did that. [b "Yes you are allowed"] he leaned in closer, his arms slowly wrapping around her waist as he pulled her in. [b "As your boyfriend, I am allowed to hug you right?"] he kept her beside him, her warmth felt so good. Soren never thought he'd feel this comfort again.
  ellocalypse / 14d 4h 35m 40s
It wasn't the best way to ask but she didn't really want to complain either. Aether wasn't even sure if she was ready to even be his girlfriend but, what could go wrong anyway? She wanted to be close to him. [b "Okay, than, your my boyfriend?" ] She took a peak and wondered what it really meant. What that status meant here, and what did people in that relationship do. She poked his back and caught his attention and she saw how he was smiling. Soren's smile felt contiguous, making her smile right back. He promised. She was going to hold him down to it.

[b "Good." ] She kept the blanket still over her shoulders, and she was glad that Soren was going to explain a bit to her. Things were a bit different, but some things were the same. Her cheeks filled with color. Hold up. Testing the limit!? SHe wasn't about to ask. Even though...she knew she technically already had. Between the time they were separate, she did a few things but testing the limit was a whole another can of worms.

[b "Ohh..." ] She nibbled down her lip and watched him lay down beside her. She faced him and felt that fluttering feeling in her chest again. She shook her head, [b "No... I'm not. I always do stupid, awkward things when I like someone a lot." ] She sighed and tried to look at his pretty teal eyes. She scooted closer and took the plunge, deciding him to brush his lips against him and give him a kiss. She gently smiled [b "Since you're my boyfriend, I'm allowed to kiss you right?" ] Aether had a boyfriend before and with them she's never been too shy to kiss them or stay by them in bed and such.
  Ravenity / 14d 5h 27m 3s
He sat at the edge of his bed, wondering why she got so upset with him. Did he really mess up that bad? He didn't understand what he did so wrong that she'd be so upset that she'd want to be away from him. Soren was so confused, so when he asked and listened to her, he ended up trying to be honest about his feelings. [b "If being close means becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.....then I want to be your boyfriend"] he admitted, wondering if the way he asked was okay.

He didn't know if she wanted that, he would ask, but he felt like AEther might not be ready for that yet. But when she said yes, he had a smile on his face, feeling her poke him. He looked back to meet her eyes and when she said he couldn't kiss anyone else, he nodded. He remembered making this promise to Aether before. It was weird, but it was sort of like renewing some promises. [b "If you're my girlfriend, I wouldn't need anyone else"] he smiled and then he thought about what a couple does.

[b "Um...I see them do everything together. They do the same things together, spend time on dates, going out...then there's the kissing, holding hands, just wanting to be close.....and testing the limit..."] he whispered the last part and shrugged.

[b "Well I thought you were in here because we slept here last night. I'm okay with staying beside you Aether"] he laid back against the sheets and pulled it over him. [b "Are you still mad at me?"] he wondered, not liking the feeling that she was.
  ellocalypse / 14d 14h 58m 44s
Aether nibbled on her lip and stared into the darkness underneath the blanket. Emotionally, she felt that she liked him and couldn’t really explain why. Didn’t she already said she liked him? She kept quiet and listened to him talk. Hmph…she thought they were already dating at this point considering they did do things friends didn’t do. There were differences between them. Would that collide? Would they get along in the long run? Maybe those weren’t things she should question yet. She hoped he wasn’t just saying these things and that it would always mean something It sounded like he meant it… [b “I want to be close to you too…” ] She whispered.

What a casual way to ask. She frowned and wasn’t even sure about being that with him like that, but at the same time girlfriend meant different things. She was still trying to fit the pieces together on how things worked in worlds that wasn’t like the ones she lived in. [b “If that means we’re not just friends, and it’s considered ‘official’ than yes.” ] She took a peak past the blanket seeing him brush his fingers through his hair. She rolled around and faced his back. She poked his back, [b “If that’s true, that means you can’t kiss other girls or flirt with other girls. I just don’t want to play games. Do you really really want me to be your girlfriend? I won’t be mad…I just want to know.” ] She sighed and hoped whatever happened, that a decision was made.

[b “Soren…what does a girlfriend and boyfriend even do? In my worlds normally, you’d go from secretly liking someone, to courting them, and either be betrothed – or it stays a secret. Or, I guess I can just search it up.” ] She still had to do research on that. She knew she felt something for him, that felt definite. She also knew she still had to figure it out but in the meantime she didn’t want to just be fooling around. She glanced over at the room and noticed something. [b "This is your room." ] She stated. Damn it. What an embarrassment she was. How could she expect someone like Soren to even think about her? She was pretty sure there were a lot more mature girls for him out there...but then again, they were all AI's.
  Ravenity / 15d 6h 34m 15s
He did miss her so much and he did love the familiar warmth she made him feel. Soren really wanted to be able to become her boyfriend officially and he wanted them to hold hands, to kiss and for it all to mean something because they were together. To have a real girlfriend that was just as unpredictable as him would be amazing. He really liked her and wanted her to know that he liked her, but he wasn't sure how she felt. The whole time he held back was because he didn't know if Aether wanted the same thing as him.

He didn't say anything on the way because he didn't really know what to say. If she felt the same way, maybe it would have been different, but he didn't know. What if she didn't like what they did in the planetarium? He was worried, but when he finished showering and when she grew angry with him, he was worried.

He stepped into the room, hearing her asking him to go away. He frowned, unsure why she was really mad. What was the whole thing about going through girls like clothes? He didn't get what she was trying to say. Soren listened to her and he turned red as she spoke. [b "So you really like me too? Then...if you want to be with me Aether....maybe we can start dating"] he suggested, sighing a little as she spoke. [b "I don't kiss you and think it's nothing. It's really special to me. To share how much I feel about you with you is all I want. I want to be your boyfriend Aether. I want to be closer with you if I can. Can I be your boyfriend?"] he asked, wondering if that's how he was supposed to ask. Was her world different? Did he have to ask in a special way?

[b "If there's a way I should be doing this that's more clear to you, you can tell me Aether"] he said, brushing his fingers through his hair.
  ellocalypse / 15d 15h 54m 39s
Aether loved the warmth she only felt with him. He felt real, his movements were different and there was no pattern, there was no specific way that he kissed her. It was different. Even if it was in the very tiny details, she could tell the difference. It felt amazing and she didn’t want the lights to turn and bring her back, but it did. Soren held her hand and then soon enough they were on the bike. He didn’t say anything and it didn’t look like he would even if she spoke again. Why? What did she do? He went off and she decided to step into the bath.
The bath seemed like a good idea but she kept thinking, and thinking and even when she didn’t want to think about him, she was thinking about not thinking about him. This was so frustrating that she wished that it would just go away but at the same time she didn’t want it to go away. Why were things so confusing? Why did she feel this much? She didn’t know how but she got upset and thought about what that girl said, and wondered if she was just being naïve.
She opened her mouth, shut it, opened it and blurted something. Shoot. She meant it still. She went off, and hid away. Aether didn’t know how to deal with these emotions or even really understand what she was feeling. She heard the door creak open and then she felt the weight on the bed beside her. Great. Was he going to say just how stupid she was being?

[b “Go away…” ] She said before he spoke but he started talking. [b “I don’t know… I don’t know, okay!?” ] Her voice was muffled by the blanket over her. She didn’t know if she knew him enough, she didn’t know what taking it slow even meant, or even what actually ‘girlfriend’ meant and what people did at that state. She began mumbling [b “I don’t want to be your friend that is a girl. I like you a lot... I’m pretty sure pressing my boobs against you is considered to be proof of being comfortable enough.” ] That may be a lie… She considered that if she could hold someone’s hand that she was comfortable. Although, she did press up against him and she was a bit surprised that she said that out loud. Now-she wanted to die.

She knew she was being a bit childish, and knew she still had to grow up but she couldn’t help herself. [b “I don’t care if you had girlfriends… I care that you do things with other girls and say it’s not official and go between different ones. I don't want you to do that to me. Kiss me, and make out with me and say it’s nothing, or if it doesn't work.” ] She wouldn’t really get out of the blankets.
  Aether / Ravenity / 15d 18h 40m 56s
He felt so warm being with Aether again and he missed it so much. He couldn't help but want to be close to her like this and it just made his heart feel like it was going to burst with everything he was feeling again. It's been months since he's felt this way, but when Aether returned, so did the feelings.

He was kissing her, holding her, being so close until the lights turned on. Soren held his breath and tried to look away, letting the red on his cheeks slowly subside as he held her hand and led her to his bike. The drive home was quiet because Soren wasn't sure what he was supposed to say. He felt nervous all of a sudden and with everything going on, he didn't want to make any assumptions if Aether felt a different way. She kissed him because she like him, but she didn't even remember what did it all mean? It was sort of confusing him.

Soren took a shower and then he dried himself off, sitting in the living room to relax, wondering if Aether was going to sleep beside him. He did some lessons and when Aether walked into the room, he smiled down at her, but she looked angry. Did he do something wrong? He bit down on his lip, hearing what she had to say. She stormed off and Soren was a little stunned. [i What?] he slowly stood up and then he headed after her, seeing her in his room.

Soren walked to his bed and sat at the edge. [b "I don't.....just kiss friends. I want to be more than friends with you Aether, but I just....I never asked how you feel. Do you feel like you know me enough to be my girlfriend? Or should we take it slow until you feel comfortable around me?"] he asked, frowning as he remembered her words. Did she really think that he was switching through girls.

[b "I don't switch through girls. I haven't had a girlfriend since you. I've mostly just felt lonely and hung out with some people....nothing was ever official or anything"] he told her, sighing as he looked back to see if she'd talk to him at least.
  ellocalypse / 15d 22h 9m 51s
Her body felt so warm and cozy. She didn't exactly know why she felt the way she felt. But it never did take her long to like someone and that was entirely the problem because she couldn't count one two hands how many people turned their back on her. She was trying to be more careful... But Soren, was Soren and it felt so good to feel him kissing her, have her heart pounding from kissing him and then his hands reached her back and she remembered some things that made her a bit shy, still she didn't want to end kissing him and being close like this-at least until the lights came on.

She stepped out with him and he took her hand. She kept staring, spacing out and before she realized he was handing her the extra helmet. She fit it on and she didn't say a word, and neither did he. She held onto him while he drove, and wondered if what they did was okay. They arrived back and he shrugged and said he was going t the bathroom and that was that. Did she do something wrong? Did he realize that maybe being around her didn't feel the same as it did before? What was he worrying about? Sleeping in the same room? That was laughable, as if anything would happen.

Maybe she was right, maybe Soren just went after one and another girl. She head off and found the bath he showed her. She stayed in there, and sunk into the heat. She wrapped her arms around her and she just blew bubbles under water. [i You know what... no. I am not going to let myself feel like this. ] Maybe he was the type of guy to call it 'friends' and then kiss someone anyway. No way. How dare he!? This wasn't right. [i You know what I need to do? I need to storm in there and demand answers.] He could not just kiss her and make her feel like that and shrug and go off. She wanted to scream. She hated this. These strong emotions.

Aether shot up and from the water, and nodded to herself. That's what she needed to do. She wrapped a towel around herself, and then changed into a black baggy hoodie and a pair of teal shorts. Her AI climbed on her head, and sighed, telling her to that she should not think about it. But she wasn't about to let this go.

[i She walked right into the living room, [b "Soren, we need to talk." ] and glared, [b "You said you wanted to be friends, but then you kissed me, and then shrug off, don't say anything and go on and do your own thing. We can't be friends if we're kissing. I'm sure you can sleep with any girl you want in this world and call them a friend but not in my damn world you don't.]] Was what she wanted to say.

Instead, she walked into the room, opened her mouth, shut her mouth and chocked up. She sat down and had this angry expression on her face. What if he kissed her just for the sake of kissing someone? What if he wanted only...that. [i Over my dead body. ] [b "You know, you don't kiss friends and should never switch girls like you switch clothes."] She blurt out and then walked off and head off into his bed by mistake. Ahh, why was she feeling so much. She squeezed her eyes shut and put the covers over her. Her AI rested on the lump that was Aether and shook his head [i 'Teenagers.' ]
  Ravenity / 16d 2h 22m 45s
He knew that he's learned a lot more than he did when he was younger. The person he was now was all thanks to the mistakes building up to this point. He knew what was right from wrong, what should and shouldn't be done based on his decisions. All of it was a learning part of growing up.

As he faced Aether, her warmth and comfort pulled him in as he leaned closer to meet her lips. They were so warm and soft like he remembered and Aether had a different taste. He missed it so much and it was reminding him of all those memories they had together, especially in the flower garden. To think that he'd never see her again made him smile so brightly. She was here in his arms again. It made his emotions well up as he smiled more into the kiss, meeting her ruby eyes as he felt her lips travel down his skin. It felt so good that he didn't want her to stop. His hands touched her back, moving down her sides and then he saw the lights turn on.

Soren slowly pulled back and then he sat up, holding her hand as he walked with her back to his cycle. He held his breath and then he put on his helmet, handing her his extra as he zoomed on back to his hideout. They soon arrived and then he led her inside, stepping in and then he shrugged a little as he stepped into the living room. [b "If you want to shower, you're welcome to. I'm going to use the other shower"] he headed into the bathroom and cleaned up before taking a seat in the living room. He didn't know if Aether was going to want to sleep in his room again, but he decided to wait for her, just watching some shows on TV while doing some lessons with his AI.
  ellocalypse / 16d 13h 23m 19s
She learned to forgive mistakes she's made before, because she was still growing up and knew she still had much more to learn about everything. She wasn't sure if even what she still did now was anymore right but Soren felt right. When he kissed her she felt like her heart would burst. Even with fragments of her memory lost she remembered some and remembered the emotions that were packed with it. No matter what, those memories weren't going away, not forever. It felt good to be feel his warm lips, good to have his tongue touching hers and on her lips, and then he pulled her closer and she felt his chest. She could feel something radiating throughout her body but mainly down.

Aether locked her eyes on his whenever she opened them, listening to him. She laughed quietly. That's why he asked, just to hear it. She kissed along his neck, sucking gently at times, going lower down his neck and then kissing him again and soon feeling something run down her back, and was drawn back to Soren with her in that field, naked. She felt... Ohhh no... She noticed the lights turned back on and he pulled back and end up looking a bit sad the lights turned on. Definitely couldn't do this when it was easy to spot. She glanced off, [b "Ah...yea, it is. We really should." ] Oh shit what did she just do. Did he like that? Was she bad it? No, it definitely seemed like he liked it-seemed like it. She got up and end up staying a bit quiet for a while.

They arrived outside and she felt the cool air run through her. It was a lot colder out here. She shivered and looked back at Soren, finding it hard not to think about what they were doing a minute ago. [b "So, we're taking your bike back?"] She asked. It was getting pretty late, it was a good idea to go to sleep. Then she thought about how she slept in the same bed as him and wondered if she would even think about doing that today. Maybe that wasn't the best idea... [i Ah but... But then.... But. But what if... ] She spaced out for a moment. She looked at him and spaced out once more. She wanted to slap herself because she kept spacing out and thinking about Soren, even if he was right here.
  Ravenity / 17d 4h 28m 18s
He knew that as a kid he couldn't really tell himself what was right and wrong. IT was a long time ago and he could only really atone for his mistakes or do better. He tried to touch the stars, but when he reached up, he was only thinking about all of the worlds he hasn't been to yet, the places he hasn't seen, and how vast the entire world was.

He faced Aether, leaning in to kiss her because he could feel the heat radiating off of her. He knew who this Aether was. To him, he loved and missed her dearly, so he couldn't help it. HE naturally wanted to lean in and give her a kiss, to pull her close and remind her that she said yes to being his girlfriend, that they were so close to admitting how much they felt for each other when she disappeared. Soren could feel her warmth, her embrace. IT really was here and she was right beside him.

HE felt her warm lips kiss him back in return, making Soren look a little surprised as he leaned in to meet her. He let his tongue glide along hers, tasting her lips as he pulled back, wondering if it was all okay. He had her against his chest, feeling her curves, the warmth spreading, he really did want to be closer, remembering that day they were out in the flower fields.

[b "I can tell you like me. I just like hearing it from you too"] he felt warm where her lips went. THey travelled down his skin and when they met his own, he kissed her once more, his hands gliding down her back as he felt the warmth fill him up. He wanted to do more with her, but the lights suddenly turned on and when they were seen in the light, he held his breath and then he slowly pulled back from her, blushing and rubbing the back of his neck. [b " is done. We should head back to my place..."] he shrugged, slowly getting up and then helping her onto her feet.
  ellocalypse / 17d 5h 2m 33s
Aether shrugged, [b "You were a kid. We were just doing our best." ] She did like hearing what he had to say. She liked watching him look at the stars. Aether felt something for him, she didn't know what the word for it was but she definitely felt something. She wouldn't have done what she had done for anyone. She had leaned into him and he kissed her. It felt so good to be kissed by him. She felt that heat spread throughout her body. She touched his cheek and kissed him slowly. A gently smile made its way on her lips when he spoke between their kiss. She felt him press her lips on hers again.

She held her breath, and closed her eyes, grown to focusing on kissing him and only hearing the sounds of their movements. Soren wrapped his arm her and he drew her closer, and naturally she liked it. Her lips parted a bit, allowing his tongue to go past her lips. She remembered the times she's kissed him before. She let her tongue rub against his, and then she took a breath when he pulled back, noticing that she had her chest pressed up against his. She didn't notice until now but didn't want to budge. Was this too much? She really had a hard time reading him. She wasn't sure if he meant like as in, generally or like as in, like like. She definitely more than just liked him.

[b"How can you not tell by now that I do?" ] She smiled, [b "I wouldn't do all the things I did if I didn't. I want t say love but that's a big claim, and I still don't really know what that means." ] And right now... She wanted to keep kissing him, keep feeling this. She kissed along his neck and got enough room to press her hands against his chest, and brushed her lips on his again. Didn't he say he wanted to be friends? this definitely wasn't something friends did... She figured she should stop now but she loved this, being in the dark with him, alone and feeling the heat of his body, being kissed.
  Ravenity / 17d 6h 20m 39s
He didn't mind being this close to her for some reason. With Aether he felt very comfortable, like he's known her for so long. Most of that was true though because he has known her since they were kids and the more time he spent with her, the more he felt like they were becoming closer friends. [b "I know. It wasn't very good of me to be doing all of that. I know what I did wasn't the best course of action, but that's why I know what I need to do now"] he smiled and then he kept his teal eyes on the stars.

The galaxy was huge. It filled the sky with thousands of stars and planets. Who knew what else was out there. He faced Aether and when she leaned in, he pressed his lips against hers, his eyes closed as he kissed her softly. His chest was pounding and his face flushed, but it was too dark to see. When he opened his eyes, he nodded his head [b "You make me feel a different way too. I don't know what it is, but it's not a bad feeling"] he admitted and then he felt her lips press against his again.

Soren followed and kissed her, his arms slowly moving around her to hold her close. He let his tongue glide past her lips and was getting really into it as he pressed his chest against hers. Did she really like this? He's really missed this and he wanted more, but he didn't know if Aether wanted the same thing.

He slowly pulled back and then he took in a deep breath. [b " you like me?"]
  ellocalypse / 17d 16h 59m 43s
[b "No, I know that." ] Aether was leaning more far in than she took notice of, half of her was more on his side than hers. [b "I only thought at the time you had. She did...but sometimes it's best to be the better person and not do the same back."] She really believed that hurting someone was the last option possible. She knew now that just because she meant good doesn't mean she did good things, and doing good things mattered more than having good intention.

The stars were beautiful to look at, but the more she spend alone in a dark room with Soren, the more she focused on him. She never could talk to someone like this to an AI. They couldn't they did. Maybe Soren didn't love her and she would accept that too. Things took time...right? So she couldn't just say she loved him when she wasn't even sure what that meant. [b "Me too," ] She spoke softly, [b "I was worried that when I found you that you wouldn't want me by your side. I'm so happy that you do." ] She wondered if he had worried the same thing.

The warmth within her made her want to remain this close to him. Soren leaned in and wow, did it feel amazing to kiss him. He leaned more and her heart raced before slowing when he kissed her again. She stared back at him at the question. She wasn't sure... All of her life the only thing she's ever felt loved by was her AI. When she said she loved an AI, it felt like she fell in love with a character in a book. But Soren, she couldn't even explain it. [b "I...I'm not sure, but you make me feel something I never feel with anyone else." ] She heard him speak and it made her heart beat loud. He could tell she was nervous sometimes around him? Probably. She probably made it obvious.

She kissed him again, and again. She caressed his cheek and kissed him deeply, and would gently suck on his lip. She wasn't sure what Soren liked when it came to kisses, she hoped that he did like it.
She loved this warmth, and remembered some details about him while this kept up.
  Ravenity / 17d 22h 31m 10s
He didn't know what was wrong and right as a child, but he did whatever he could to make sure that he wasn't killed at all. She was right about that one. Sometimes doing good things mean that some bad things had to be done too. He didn't mean to kill anyone on purpose though for no reason. He did kill the red queen and made Aether queen, but he didn't really know what happened after that.

She mentioned her being her best friend and that made Soren frown. He didn't mean to kill off her best friend at all. [b "I didn't leave. You were pushed off of the building remember"] he sighed and then he met her eyes. [b "I'm sorry that I killed your best friend. I didn't know, but she was trying to harm up back then"] he told her.

They stared up at the stars and then he told her that he could still love her. [b "It doesn't matter. We're back together and I'm really glad that you're back at my side again"] he smiled and then he could see her being so close to him. Soren leaned in and then he pressed his lips against hers slowly, kissing her and feeling her warm lips against his. He felt her kissing him back and then he leaned in more, kissing her lips once more.

[b "Do you know what love feels like Aether?"] he asked, wondering if she knew what it was like. [b "I think the loud beating in your chest and how nervous you feel around someone is a start"] he smiled, leaning in to kiss her lips again.
  ellocalypse / 18d 1h 20m 8s

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