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[center [size13 [Vollkorn Aether stretched out her arms into the air, with her mouth widely open. She kicked her feet back and forth on her bed, and ruffled her hair. A little musical tone echoed in the small space of her bedroom. Aether rolled off her bed, and followed the sound of the musical tone to her desk. A tablet. She stared at the glowing display. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn [i 'Aether, draw with me.' ]]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn [i Is that my name? ] She stared. Aether looked around the room and found no door. Why? She climbed on top of her bed, and peaked out the window. A large field was in her view, and a pretty red tree. It made her eyes widen, she's never seen anything so pretty. She frowned, and went around the room, and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. [i Do I really look like that! ] ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn The tablet chimed again. She turned her head, and frowned, not knowing how to get outside. She went to the tablet again, and she stabbed it with her finger a couple of times, but nothing happened. Then, she noticed the pen. She lifted it up and tapped the screen with it. It gave her instructions. She clicked what she was told, and then it opened into a black page.]]]

[size13 [center [Vollkorn[i 'Draw a wall, then a door. ' ]]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn Aether tried her best, but she wasn't much of an artist at this age. She made weird faces as she did her best to draw a wall. She then made her attempt to draw a door. When she managed to get the right size of the door, the tablet chimed. Go outside it said. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn [b [#00cca3 "I can't," ]] She whined and turned her head around and nearly jumped when she saw a door on the wall. She ran to the door and she turned the knob, when she felt a pang of sadness strike her when she saw outside. It felt like she should be seeing something else than a field, but she didn't know what. She wanted to call to something, but what? She end up crying for a while until the tablet called for her again. She scrambled to get it. The tablet end up being her comfort. Something that couldn't talk back, but at least could tell her what to do. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn Aether ran out into the grass, and sat under the red tree. The tablet gave her instructions more on what to do. It explained to her all the things she could do, and showed her the library of worlds she could visit. They were all kid friendly ones for now. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn Months passed since she first woke up. For a month, she slept in a tree in the land of wonderland. With her little stuffed bunny companion that she created; she jumped on top of giant bouncy colorful mushrooms. Her little bunny was ahead of her, but she was having so much fun. She jumped mushroom to mushroom, with a forest surrounding her. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn Aether jumped off the mushrooms once they ended, and followed the path to the palace for the day. They were having a festival and Aether missed a chance to eat free food. Even wonderland had some currency that she could get by doing quests. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn [b "Would you like a ride?" ] A knight in white armour came from her path. Aether nodded, and she mounted the horse.]]]
[center [size13 [Vollkorn [b "Little miss, you should wear clothes from our marketplace," ] The AI noticed that she wasn't wearing the registered selection of clothes for the world. ]]]
[center [size13 [Vollkorn [b [#00cca3 "What's wrong with my clothes?" ]] Aether peaked down at her teal dress, thigh high socks, and laced loose ankle boots. She stared at the knight but no reply. She sighed. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn It rode her into the red queen's town. Aether got along with the queen, and thought she was a funny AI. The knight went through two large iron gates with vines and roses taking over most of it, and arrived at the queen's courtyard. The courtyard was decorated for the festival, and had tables and tables of different food. There were also some vendors selling objects and clothes.]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn Aether dismounted the horse, with her companion on her shoulder. There were some human AI's and some talking animals ones. Then she saw the love of her life, a table of fruits. She darted to it and snacked on every single berry. Then, she heard some yelling. Aether looked over her shoulder and saw two big fat troll looking AI's yelling at a small bunny family. She heard a chime from her tablet. When she was in these worlds, her tablet normally took in a different form, and in this land it was her stuffed bunny. She lifted the bunny out of her shoulder and it turned into her tablet. ]]]

[Vollkorn [size13 [#990000 [center [i ' [b Quest: ] Defend the people from the orgs.' ]]]]]
[Vollkorn [center [i Accept] or [i Decline ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn It normally only counted as a quest if she was going to receive anything. Aether shrugged, and hit accept. The tablet turned back into her bunny. If she declined, the bunny family would just get bullied. Aether swallowed one more strawberry before walking between the orgs and the family. She put her hands on her hips and made a mean face, [b [#00cca3 "You're being rude. You need to stop." ]]]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn [b "No! They called us ugly" ] One AI org said. After the back and forth of telling him to stop and be nice, she decided it was time for drastic methods. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn [b [#00cca3 "I tried," ]] Aether shrugged and kicked the org in the stomach. ]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn [i Mission fail. ] Her tablet told her mentally.]]]

[center [size13 [Vollkorn Aether frowned and felt miserable that she failed. Then that org pushed her down. Aether felt the uncomfortable tingles on her leg, that scratched a bit on the ground. "Oww," She was set on crying, but she got up again and then grabbed an apple and threw it at the org, [b [#00cca3 "Big meanie!"]] The apple struck the org's head and it fell down on the ground. Now, there was one left, and she was set on fighting it. ]]]
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