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He nodded his head [b "Yeah, I made mine from scratch. I think it's free as long as it's outside of the city. I made mine from my AI, just like how we made the cupcake shop. The only thing you really need is a steady income to stay here. I already got a ton of money from that mission, that should last a long time"] he smiled and thought about her making a small castle as a home.

[b "Okay I can help you if you want. We can make it cozy"] he was pretty excited to help her just like how much fun they had making the cupcake shop. They relaxed and talked about how well they did on the mission, Soren looked over and shook his head [b "No you don't have to. It's just something I picked up while I was here. It was interesting. Kind of like a game"] he told her, feeling her arms around him. She was so warm.

Once they were in the bedroom, he laid back and then he felt relieved she was okay. She mentioned doing things with him in his suit and he now he felt sad. [b "Really? You were thinking of that? Maybe....we can still do it? I'll try and get to the machine"] he told her, trying to get back up because that really did make him happy.

Tomorrow sounded like a really fun day and he was excited to go cycling with her. He nodded [b "Yeah that sounds good. I don't have anything. I just really want to spend the day with you"] he smiled, leaning in more to face her, wondering if she'd really change her mind if he healed in the machine. [b "We can buy some cool stuff and maybe use that money to see if we can buy some things for your house or any upgrades you want for your cycle"] he suggested, his teal eyes on hers.

[b "You're really pretty in that dress and you were so cool beating up those robots. I kind...of do a lot with you too Aeth"]
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She never thought about [i building a place. ] [b “I could do that? I want it to be tall! I want to have a really great view. Do you think, I could afford to build a place?” ]She didn’t know how much things costs here. She believed she would be fine with a small place for now since she didn’t want to put too much money into it. [b “I’m okay with something small for now. Just a place where I can have a bed, a kitchen and a small living room.” ] She decided.

She had a feeling he wasn’t using the machine because he wanted her to pay attention to him. She thought it was dumb, because she would help him anyway. But, it was cute. She helped him out and heard a thank you, [b “You’re welcome. Me too. We would have been fine either way. I still don’t really get what hacking actually is. I don’t need to do that do I?” ] She hoped not because that looked really difficult to do. She decided to hug him and then realized-his pain. She backed up and leaned against the sofa.

[b “Of course. We’ll see each other every day. I don’t know how to do that but I’m sure you can show me how.” ] She tucked in her legs and fed him another chicken wing, [b “Mmm…we can.” ] They finished up and she helped him up to get in bed. He laid down and she looked back at him. [b “I’m okay. No, I don’t need help.” ] She then laughed at the mention of it being warm. [b “Is it? You know…it’s such a shame that you’re injuried and can’t move much because you were so attractive in that outfit and being so cool doing all of that stuff. It made me want to do so much with you.” ] Aether smirked and it almost looked a bit evil. She knew he could heal himself, and she wanted to tease the hell out of him. Even if, she didn’t mean it one bit.

[b “Thank you. I’m really glad I could be some help. Mmm, that would be good. I would like…to practice the cycle first, figure out where I’m going to either build or find a place and then go shopping. Is that okay? Or was there something you needed to do? Tomorrow?” ] She took a seat on his bed.
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He sat at the table, seeing her helping him out with the chicken. All he really wanted was to spend time with her and have her here beside him. Being with Aether was so much fun and it felt so comforting to know that she had his back. He hoped she wasn't even more afraid of the fact that robots were scary. If anything, he wanted her not to fear them anymore after all that they did to a robot boss.

He didn't want her to get her own place, but if she really felt the need to get her own place, he wouldn't mind it either. [b "Okay, I can. We can even build your own place if you really want to, just like mine? Or the cupcake shop"] he smiled, thinking about how cool it would look. It'd be pretty amazing to see the kind of house she'd come up with.

He heard her complaining about the machine. He felt really bad though because he didn't want to move and he liked it when someone took care of him. It was a comforting feeling. [b "Thank you"] he ate the chicken and then he felt her wiping off the crumbs. [b "I'm just glad we're both okay after the mission. THe difficulty level was pretty high, but that can't stop me....Soren the hacker!"] he smirked and then he just laid back, not wanting to strain himself.

When he thought about her going to another place, he just nodded [b "Okay, but if you need anything, just give me a call or we can even put a teleporter to my house from yours"] he suggested, thinking about teaching her how to use her cycle. [b "We can go tomorrow and practice?"] he offered, soon slowly getting up. He loved hearing the words she said. She was so amazing at times [b "I hope you really like it too"] he smiled, getting her help to take him to the bedroom. He held her hand and slowly walked towards his bed, laying back against the sheets. [b "Are you okay Aether? Do you need any help? You's pretty warm beside me"] he offered, a smile on his lips, really glad they made it out alive.

[b "Good job for accomplishing your first mission. We can also shop around tomorrow too"]
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“You and me both,” She set the food down in front of him. She wouldn’t know what to do if she still felt as paranoid as before about all the robots. She…still felt a bit afraid but, beating that robot with Soren made her feel much more confident than before. “I know, I want to enjoy it too because you like it here. I don’t know what I’d do if I hated it.” She knew she could never possibly ask him to leave this place when he spend so much time here. She didn’t think that would ever be fair.

She thought getting a place of her own would be smart. She really liked Soren’s place, but it was Soren’s place. She felt like she needed a place of her own here, and not depend so much on him. Aether lifted a smile, “Okay, I think I’ll try to. Outside…? Do you think you could help me find a place?” Since she seriously still didn’t know too much about how it worked here, how to buy a place, how much it would cost, what was good… Considering she would have been fine even if the place didn’t have any electricity since that’s what she was used to.

Aether pouted. “You’re so silly, you should just use your machine. I’ll help you anyhow,” She went to sit near him and lifted the chicken and offered it to him. She had a feeling that he just wanted her to feed him but, she didn’t mind. “Yea, you need lots of rest.” She smiled and wiped some crumbs off his face, “Oh Soren…” She thought it was cute that he wanted her to help him out. “It did, remember? We had to wait a while before we could really get into it.” She kept feeding him the chicken and even ate one herself. “Of course I will. I don’t want to be apart from you. I just…want some time to get familiar with this place without always needing help so I don’t be burden. I want to learn how to use the cycle, so that, I could race you and we could do more missions together. I want to discover this world you like so much.” She meant it, she wanted to know more about him.

Once the chicken was finished, she spoke up, "Do you want me to help you into bed too?" She quietly laughed.
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He couldn't believe how cool the reward was for their mission. To think they got a bike, more than half a million coins, and some cool gear. He was excited to try out that laser SMG. It would beat everyone he faced close range and with that suit? They could do the mission over and make it through easy. He told her how the rewards worked and then he had a smile on his face, glad she was enjoying it here in Avalon.

[b "I'm glad you're not as afraid as before. All I want is for you to enjoy it here too"] he looked down at the food and it smelled really good. He faced her and just felt really tired, but he knew it wasn't anything life threatening. It would just take longer to heal if he didn't use the machine.

[b "Yeah, you can get a place if you want. You can even make one to your liking, it just usually has to be outside of the main city. That's why mine's past the bridge"] he tried to eat, but his arm hurt when he lifted it up. He really didn't want to use the effort to go to the machine, but at the same time, he really loved AEther's attention on him. [b "Okay, I can't really lift my arm. It hurts"] he admitted and then he just tried to bite into the chicken as she helped him out. [b "I think bedtime after this sounds great. I can't believe we did it so quickly! I thought it'd take a few days"] he spoke as he offered her a bit of the chicken, getting some crumbs on his cheek.

[b "If you get a place, would you still visit me too?"] he wondered how the alternating days would go. He wouldn't mind it as long as he could stay with her.
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Missions were fun and it was even more fun doing all of this with Soren. She couldn’t believe she got a cycle! She really planned on getting good at it, so that she would be able to race Soren. She wanted to fit in, or wanted to get used to this world and see what he liked about it, even if this wasn’t more of her scene. She hoped to get good at things here. Then it made sense, “Ahh! It would be nice to get some help. So reputation, is definitely important,” She nodded to herself.

She realy wished they had that suit when they were there, being bulletproof would really help. Next time. There was going to be a next time. It made her lift up a smile, “Yea, we can. I can’t wait to do more things here with you.” It realy was a whole new world to explor and discover and it was kind of more exciting than scary than she thought it would be. She was scared before.

Ather pekead down at her dress and smiled, “I’m glad it fits me. I should probably change out of it if I don’t want to ruin more of it,” She sighed and would use her tablet to change into a cozy sweater that was long enough that made it appear like she wasn’t wearing shorts underneath-even though she was. She rested the food on the center table by the sofa he sat. She sat down on the sofa near him. He worried her…looking sick like that.

A place seemed like a good idea. She definitely liked staying here with him, but she did feel that if she was realy get used to it, that she should get her own spot. “I think I should, I think it would be a good idea. I love spending time with you, maybe we could even take turns. I just want a space to feel my own too and get used to everything, maybe even get more time to practice on the cycle.” She felt excited and she was glad she felt excited because Avalon felt so scary before. She didn’t shink she could get used to the AI’s but that was fine, she had Soren.

She raised a brow, “Why tomorrow? Soren…do you want me to help you eat then?” She asked, felling worried. She knew he wouldn’t die but she didn’t want him to suffer, “No kidding. That robot…was terrifying even when it’s face wasn’t fully there. She sighed and got up and grabbed a glass of water for him, “Would you like a pillow too? Maybe I could help you to bed after. You shouldn’t suffer.”
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He was excited to go on missions too, but at the same time, he really like to enjoy himself in those worlds as well. He remembered when she took him in a dragon, or the time they beat the red queen or even those wolves and hunters. Having her here really helped them beat that difficult mission.

He was glad she got a cycle as a prize. Now she didn't really need to buy one and they could go riding together. [b "It's helpful when you're in trouble because some people will help you or take your side"] he told her, knowing that a lot of the stuff they just got would have helped them. It would help in future missions too at least.

[b "It's okay, we can use them next time"] he told her, smiling as he sat on the couch. His body was still in a lot of pain, but at least he was patched up. HE couldn't wait to go shopping with her. HIs eyes looked over her dress and he smiled [b "I really do like that dress too"] he saw her put the food in the microwave and just waited.

To think she was going to get her own place? Here in Avalon. That made him really happy, but he didn't want her to leave his side. [b "I like having you here, but if you feel comfortable getting a place, just in case you need alone time, that's fine too"] he nodded his head [b "There's a fee for staying in this part of Avalon every month, but since I designed this place and made it myself, I don't have to pay much.

[b "I could, but I'll use it tomorrow. I just want to relax for now. We just finished a really dangerous mission today. Robots can be scary"] he mumbled, laying on his side and then just watching her do what she wanted. In truth, he wanted to feel what it was like to be taken care of. Maybe Aether would take good care of him.
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She knew they did missions together in the world she usually stayed in but her memory was a little rough on the edges. Aether was amazed at the money and the cycle she got because now, she really could give it a shot. Her eyes gleamed when e described the rest, [b “Well those sound useful!” ] People would know who they are? [b “Oh-does that make difference?” ] She wondered.

[b “The suit sounds like we could have used it back there with the amount of robots shooting at us.” ] She made her way to the kitchen and she thought about finding work for herself. [b “I won’t, but I think I need to settle a bit here, get familiar with things. You have work here, don’t you?” ] She thought shopping would also be a good idea since she had more money now. [b “Okay, we’ll go then.” ] She lifted a smile. He looked…like he was in pain. She nodded, and wen tto look for the fried chicken around his kitchen.

[b “That’s really sad…” ] She sighed and looked down at her dress and realized-she forgot to change, [b “Just a little bit from where I got shot. It should be repairable.” ] She found the fried chicken and put it in Soren’s microwave. [b “More clothes…weapons, I guess. I was thinking about getting my own place but, I don’t know if you’d rather have me stay here with you. So, do you pay monthly for your place?” ] She asked and looked down at him, laying down [b “Soren…are you okay? Shouldn’t you use that creepy thing that heals you?” ]
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He sat in the ambulance feeling a bit down because he was in so much pain, but he was glad that they were both able to take down this boss stealing money from hardworking people. They gained some rewards and as he looked over them, he smiled when Aether talked about how great he was. He shook his head [b "That's why we do missions together. Just like when I come to your world"] he then looked it over.

[b "We got some really cool things! Woah these cycles look really cool. I'm gonna use this one too. So the laser SMG is rare. It's a sub machine gun, but fires just as fast with lasers. I don't think I've seen anyone else with it before. The reputation just means that people of Avalon know what you've done for the city. So some people now know who we are. We aren't nobody's no more"] he told her, then he thought about the suit.

[b "The suit is more for protection. This one is really good too. It's bullet proof with a built in shield. They're usually body fit, but their great for missions because they can even camouflage" he told her, explaining the rest of the rewards.

Once the doctors had her wounds treated, they took the taxi home to his house. Soren stepped out and then he walked slowly inside [b "You don't have to work so hard. We just earned a huge reward"] he smiled and then he laughed, hearing she was going to go shopping. [b "Yeah we can tomorrow if we want"] he sat on the couch, still feeling the aches on his back and his arms and legs. He sank down and then he thought to himself. [b "I kind of want fried chicken"] he told her, laying back and just closing his eyes.

Today was tough, but he felt really lucky to have a partner like Aether helping him out and covering his back. [b "My suit...yeah, I'll need to buy a new one too. Did you damage your dress?"] he asked, looking her over, just happy she was alright.

[b "What are you going to buy with your money Aether?"]
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She felt relief seeing Soren getting patched up and treated. She was glad he was okay. Aether shrugged, [b “You protected me too, and I thought he was done, but clearly not since he tried to shoot you. Plus, you found out where we needed to go. I have a long way to get good here,” ] She he adored seeing him smile, and feeling through his hair. She heard an alert from her tablet. She gave a quick check and she felt a burst of excitement seeing the money and didn’t realy understand the rest. Her eyes widened, [b “Really! I get a cycle! What’s a Laser SMG, or 500 reputation? Or…upgraded suit?” ]

Then she noticed the pain. Ah, did it hurt! Getting shot was hell. She nodded, [b “Just…hurts.” ] She frowned and the paramedic came in. It wasn’t bad, nothing a few hours couldn’t heal up on it’s own. She thought about how she wanted to try that cycle. She pulled herself out of her own mind when he mentioned his arm. “Oh no-a kiss?” She wondered if he just did that to get a kiss. She laughed and leaned in and kissed his arm, “There all better,” She wrapped her arms around and hugged him.

Soren called a taxi and she got up with him. She waved at the people who helped them and went into the Taxi. [b “I realy like the reward. You’re so cool Soren, I really want to get better at things here. I should be able to make my own money here too. Maybe I’ll look around tomorrow.] They soon arrived over at the bridge by his home. She got out of the taxi and began thinking about what she was going to do with the reward, [b “I definitely need to do some shopping,” ] She mentioned and went into his home with him. [i Wow, what a day ] She thought to herself. She laughed to herself, [b “Bullet coming out of his mouth, that was…weird. We should eat, I’ll get the packets, I think I got the hang of it now. You just rest. But…what do you want to eat?” ] She asked, making her way to the kitchen.

She really did like missions. There were missions where even if she died, she would just be revived and everything would be okay and she’d start all over. Although, there were those ones were one death meant…memory erasing-clearly. It always gave her a warning in the missions. She looked back at Soren, staring, [b “Shame that robot ruined your outfit.” ]
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He was already getting so beat up that it was hard just to stand. HIs back was burning, his body spazzing with electricity and now they had to jump off of a building. He did his best to make sure no one else came into the room before equipping the parachute and then flying down.

He held onto Aether and then they drifted through the sky until they reached the ground. Soren felt so tired and worn out after giving the information to the cops. He sat in the ambulance and just let them take care of him. He was soon patched up and then he saw Aether coming over to him. He smiled and then he thanked her [b "Yeah, but you protected me and got Xur down"] he told her, feeling the comfort of her hands through his hair. He smiled and then he looked at the status of the mission on his inventory.

It went from incomplete to complete.

[center [b Reward:700000 coins, Upgraded jump suit, Laser SMG, Speed Cycle, 500 reputation]]

[b "Wow look at all the stuff we got Aether. You even got a cycle! Woah, this suit looks cool"] he looked through and then he saw the damage on her wrist. [b "Are you okay?"] he wondered letting the paramedics take a look at it.

[b "Here, how about I call a ride"] he pulled out his inventory and requested a ride back. He smiled over at her and then he leaned back [b "Oww, my arm hurts....can I guess a kiss on it?"] he asked, smiling, hoping she was happy with the reward they got. Soren was just really tired.

A taxi car soon drove by and waited for them. The paramedics were able to treat Aether's cuts and bruises before they were released and thanked for all of their hard work. [b "Let's go Aether?"]
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There may be no end to the robots coming through that door. She felt a rise of panic. She didn’t know how to deal with robots, and they could shoot. She knew she didn’t have enough shield power to protect them. She heard a fire, and looked back, seeing Xur up and then not… She watched Soren get up and walk, “Don’t walk so much,” She came over to him and felt such relief to hear he got parachutes. She held onto his hand and felt the wind blow in from the window. She peaked down at the height and felt sick to her stomach.

She remembered the fear chilling down her when she fell from the building. She hesitated, her lips trembling. How terrified she was when she was pushed. She snapped out of it when Soren equipped his parachute. He hugged her and she held on tight. She end up closing her eyes when they jumped out. She peaked down near the end and saw the cops. They landed safely and they let them check up on Soren. She followed Soren, wanting to make sure he was okay.

Aether sat down in the truck with him, seeing police going into the building and probably searching. She met his pretty teal eyes, “How is it thanks to me? You did nearly all of the work and you got really injured,” She ran her fingers through his hair, “It was cool though…just scary. He looked so ugly. Well, guess I’m not going to be in an advertisement,” She laughed and then went to kiss his cheek, “So, do we get a really big reward now!” She grinned. As she calmed down to form the even she felt-burning pain on her upper waist. “Ow,” She said to him and then said it again, “Ow!” She peaked down and saw the slight scrape on her dress and her. It wasn’t anywhere bad but it stung, “Aw no…my dress. I'm glad you killed that bastard." She pouted.

She looked back athim and sighed, "There's no way you can drive us home like this. Should I get us a ride?" She asked, but didn't know exactly how. Last time she thought caught a taxi but it wasn't and that got her into trouble.
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The pot fell and luckily he had Aether there to back him up. He wasn't exactly sure what else he could do to get his attention away from the computer. He did his best to make sure he had all the data on his watch, but when he saw Soren looking at the computer, Xur caught onto something.

He walked over and then he saw the alert saying that the information had been breached. Soren knew everything was still on that computer since it had the same IP address of the one who stole from his bank. He ended up tossing the napkin, seeing that Xur was detonating it. It blew up, and jumped to cover Aether, but was burned from behind. He slowly tried to get up, hiding behind the couch, but there was the sound of laser gunfire. Soren peeked to see the half melted faced man before him. He looked creepy as hell. Soren tried to fight him off before he could reach them, slashing off his arm.

BUt Xur got him with his other arm and electrocuted him down. He fell back onto the ground when he saw Aether stab him in the chest. He sat up and coughed up some blood, his body still feeling the electric current as he tried to get a grip. He reached over and grabbed his sword, seeing Aether taking care of the robots coming in.

He slowly pulled himself up, but could see that endless robots would be after them. Xur was able to get up since AEther too her sword. He aimed his gun at Soren and fired. Soren deflected the beam back at him with his sword and it got Xur in the face, his circuits were out and he laid lifeless.

After managing to catch his breath, he walked over to where Aether was [b "Let's get out of here. I took your advice about the parachutes"] he told her, holding her hand and then reaching over to the window. The explosion had already broke through the side of the building, so as he walked towards the opening, Soren equipped the parachute on and then he hugged Aether. [b "Let's go"] he made sure she hung onto him as he jumped out of the window.

They slowly drifted down, seeing the cops surrounding the building. Once they landed on the ground, Soren met up with the chief of police. He was an Avalonian. He gave him the information they needed to close the bank robber case and he sent them the files. The cops had an ambulance there waiting as well. They checked up on Soren and patched up the wound on his back and gave him some stabilizers. He sat in the truck just to relax for a while as he glanced back at Aether. [b "You did great Aether. We caught him thanks to you"] he smiled over at her.
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She heard the pot scattering onto the ground, it was obnoxiously loud but it seemed to draw his attention away. [b “It was an accident…” ] So, she got that she’d be a model. That would be fun-except it wouldn’t include any fighting and she believed she would ultimately suck at it. That reminded her that she needed to somehow make her own money here. She didn’t want to be depending on Soren all the time. [b “I like the sound of that. Your company is bigger anyway,” ] She kept going, hoping to keep him distracted but…his attention drew to Soren and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

[b “It’s true, he’s obsessed with them, “ ] She tried to help out but she could tell…that he wasn’t falling for it. Aether slowly sat up and had one hand on her wrist to get prepared for an attack. Aether widened her eyes and gave this innocent look [b “Did what?” ] Nope, that didn’t work. She had the napkin in her hand still and Soren took it and tossed it. She turned on the shield quickly to block the bomb from harming them. She wasn’t sure if she made it in time, because Soren covered her from the blast.

Aether looked back-and that was a mistake because the damn robot looked so horrifying with half a face that it made her scream in surprise. She snapped out of it when Soren mentioned they needed to restrain him.

“Got it, I’ll get him restrained,” She pressed a button to draw out her sword and it came out. Soren guided her to hide behind the couch. She heard blasts, and she felt sick to her stomach about facing a robot. [b “Oh, I think we can,” ] She scoffed. As she waited, she realized-it would take al ong time before he ran out of ammo because of future tech. Damn this futuristic world. Soren reacted faster than she did, he slashed his arm off. She stood up and saw the elevator door open. She repaired herself but Soren tossed a grenade. That was easy. She ran over to the elevator and figured out the buttons to make it not go down to other floors for the meantime, at least until they had him restrained.

She shot her head back hearing Soren yell out of pain. How dare he!? Aether came in and slashed his other arm off, [b “Nobody hurts my boyfriend you crazy robot!” ] She then stabbed him in the chest to pin him down with her sword. Then she saw the damn robot open it’s mouth and out came what look like a barrel of a gun. She backed up and it shot a laser into the ceiling, [b “What the hell!? If you try that again, I’ll kill you,” ] She warmed and glanced back at Soren, “Soren? Soren, are you okay?” She leaned in and helped him sit up. He…tried hard to protect her.
She could see it, he was injuried, the burns… Her eyes watered. [b “I change my mind, I’m killing you Xur.” ] She got up, the blade removed from it’s chest and back in her hand and out came more damn robots from that door she didn’t know what had behind. Aether quickly used a shield as they started to fire at them. [b “I seriously hate robots.” ] She grabbed a grenade from her inventory and threw it at them, and watched them fall. Watching Soren really helped.

More came up, and she tossed another one, but she realized-she was going to run out eventually. [b “Soren…what do we do?” ] She looked back at him and saw him laying down there, looking in too much of a bad state to do much. [b “Shit… ] She went to the door and started hacking there heads off as they came but one managed to shoot her, thankfully it was just a graze. She shut the door and locked it, [b “Soren…what do we do, what do we do?” ] She panted.
  Ravenity / 79d 4h 59m 44s
He saw the napkin and immediately knew there was some kind of tracker on it and the closer look he got, he could see a small light reflecting. They definitely handed these out to their guests in order to track them while they moved around the building and if they wanted to get rid of them, it was quite easy.

Soren just answered questions he needed to answer and when they sat on the leather seats, he felt a bit intimidated, but he always told himself that he was a robot and he was a real human. Robots make tons of errors just like humans, so he had a chance. He spoke about having a collaboration with his company just to get him distracted while he took the information from his computer. Once he revealed the files to the police, they would eventually have this guy on wanted list.

Still, it would be good if they could restrain him as well. He slowly was taking all the information, but when he asked about Aether being the one to wear the shirt and promote it, he headed towards his computer. Aether was pretty....he'd agree with that anyway. The plant fell off the desk with a loud crash. Xur looked over, his eyes scanning the plant "I'm sure it was an accident. Someone will come to clean it. That's a shame. Maybe you'd be interested in working for my company then. I'm sure I could sell quite a lot of products if they're worn by you. We'll make your name big" he told her.

Soren felt relief when he got distracted and went back to talking to Aether. His watch completed the file transfers and Soren met his eyes again. His red eyes looked curiously at Soren and then to his computer. "Why do you keep looking over there?" he asked as he walked over and looked at his screen. Nothing looked off.

[b "It's just amazing. I always wanted so many monitors like this in my office"] he told him.

Xur noticed an increase in heart rate from Soren. What was he afraid of? Something was wrong. His computer had an error of a file breach soon pop up and Soren knew that this was it.

"What is this? You did this!" he glanced back at the two and Soren reached for the napkin in Aether's pocket and threw it towards Xur when he pressed on a button. The bomb blew up as Soren covered Aether, his back getting singed with fire. The buildings rooftop sprinklers were activated and started showering them in water.

The fire soon was put out and Xur fell back against the wall, half of his face burned off, showing the robotic build underneath. He stood back up "Security!" he alerted security and chased after the two.

[b "Aether we have what we need. I already sent it to he police, but we need to restrain him"] he told her, pushing to hide her behind the couch. HIs jacket was burned, so he took it off. The flames had burned through his inner shirt and singed his back as well, but he could care less about that right now.

[b "Let's use our swords"] he took his out and then he tried to stay hidden.

Xur approached the couch, pulling out a laser gun as he fired. "YOu can't escape. This is my turf" he spoke back. He kept shooting as he approached the couch.

Soren jumped and slashed his arm off, the gun falling to the ground. "So you found out it was me? You traitor" he spoke. The elevator door opened with four robot guards coming in with laser guns. They aimed for the two as Soren tossed an electric grenade. IT shocked all of them, making him power down.

[b "We took what we wanted and I've alerted the police. They're coming"]

"You think you've caught me?" he grabbed Soren's arm, his hand sending electric currents into him. Soren was getting shocked as he tried to reach for his saber that fell to the ground, but it hurt too much to move. He grit his teeth and yelled out in pain.
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