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It was definitely wrong to keep him up. It wasn't like she couldn't wait until he woke up. He needed rest, and she understood that. She never thought he would be up because of her. She had trouble sleeping but must have slept still earlier than him, and woke up just fine and couldn't sleep now. Aether nodded and smiled [b "Yes, of course I'm sure. You need your sleep. Okay, let me just go fix up the bed." ] She went over and made sure the bed was warm and cozy enough for Soren. She didn't want him to be cold or get uncomfortable. She sure hoped the mattress was okay.
The bed sheets were in a strawberry pattern and even the big blanket was red. She watched him curl up in bed, and found it...nice to see him falling asleep. [b "Sweet dreams Soren," ] She whispered, before slipping out of the room. She sighed. Well, time to pass some time. She decided to step outside and go skating just for a while. She tried to do some tricks and end up falling but still had some fun with it. Then she came back inside, and took a peak at the door to see if Soren was still asleep. Yup. He definitely was.

Aww... She sat down on the sofa and played whatever was on. At first she thought this was a movie about a group going to a nice camping trip until...some demon was trying to kill them. It scared the shit out of her, and then there was bodies, naked bodies. She shut that down and was spooked the hell out. She ate some fruits she had in the fridge and decided to crawl into Soren's room and would look behind her at all times. He looked so-peaceful. He wouldn't notice would he? She crawled into bed and stared like a werido. Yup. this was definitely weird. She stared at his hair and just had to touch, feeling how fluffy and nice it felt. Mmm, this is great.
"Nice chat." She spoke to herself, "Want some strawberries Soren? Say Ahhh." She whispered and put the piece of strawberry near him and then ate it herself, since he was asleep. She sighed, and would wait for another ten minutes before she would get up and leave if he hadn't woken up to sit on the sofa.
  Ravenity / 176d 21h 58m 29s
He didn't know that it was something relatable to food or a quest. He's learned from other worlds that you couldn't treat people like objects. He wasn't going to complain either because he really didn't think that people were that interchangeable. He understood where Aether came from.

He was really tired, but he's been through days like this before. It wasn't hard to try and stay up, especially since Aether looked a little disappointed. He didn't want to disappoint her, but he really was tired. He let out a deep sigh [b "Are you sure? Okay, then I'll make it up to you when I wake up"] he told her, and then he stayed snuggled in the blankets. He didn't really want to move, but when AEther started setting up the bed for him, what could he do?

He slowly followed her and then he laid down against the bed. He let out a yawn and curled up, looking around. Aether slept in this this room. He smiled and could smell her scent lingering among the sheets. He wanted to be by her side, or to even fall asleep on her lap, but he knew she wanted to do other things. She wasn't a lazy person, at least not as much as he enjoyed it.

He ended up falling asleep quickly, feeling more relieved now that they were together. He'll make up for falling asleep when he woke up, but he at least wanted Aether to sit by him, maybe play with his hair, or give him a kiss like she always did. Maybe they could continue to be close when he woke up.
  ellocalypse / 176d 22h 20m 43s
Nope, she didn't get it. [b "That's what you say about food, or a quest, not a person." ] He couldn't possibly think that way right? She had been worried he had the same mindset as people in Avalon, that it was okay to date more than one person. But, he said he wouldn't and she believed him. She didn't think he'd leave her either... Maybe she was being too optimistic, but she'd rather have it that way.

Soren wanted to sleep. She felt a little disappointed but it wasn't a deal breaker. That meant she had to wait, but she could definitely pass her time with something, maybe a little skating, or some indoor activity.

[b "That's what I meant, because of Avalon, you have more money than me." ] Avalon's quest reward could have made life a breeze back in the worlds she went to. Although...she wasn't sure if all that money transferred very well or if it transferred at all in some worlds. Soren definitely looked tired. It really was better if he went to sleep. Aether shook her head [b "No...nothing specific." ] She did want to do things together but that could be done after he woke up. She narrowed her eyes and poked his cheek [b "You definitely are sleepy. Go to bed Soren. I can wait until you wake up. There's lots to do, I'll be fine." ] She nodded. She couldn't be selfish and make him stay up.

She then pointed at the door behind them [b "That's the bedroom. The bed should be comfy enough, there's more blankets in the closet. Do you want me to go get them for you? Actually, I'll get the bed ready," ] She got up and opened the door. She went into the closet and looked back at the bed. Did Soren sleep with two pillows or one? She should have paid more attention. She grabbed another pillow just in case and a blanket. She closed the window's curtains for him. [b "Soren, you can come in." ]
  Ravenity / 176d 22h 27m 27s
He didn't really get the the whole stay with one person forever since he didn't grow up to that kind of thing. He was off, but at the same time, with Aether, he knew he could do it. She met a lot of people and was sure that even though many of them probably had their lives end, she dated them for good reason. [b "I don't know? People just get bored and want something different?"] he thought and then he stayed beside her.

He didn't really want to go back to Avalon yet. He liked the way Aether was being right now, so comforting and relaxed here in the snow world. He liked seeing her capable and not afraid of being around any robots. He pulled out a blanket and laid it over the two of them, snuggling up to her and his teal eyes went to the TV. He saw the high school movie playing and was getting a little tired. He didn't get much sleep worrying about Aether leaving, but when he heard her, he shook his head.

[b "I'm not that rich. If you spend time in Avalon as long as I have, you'd probably have more"] he told her, seeing that she was wide awake. Did she sleep fine yesterday? Maybe she didn't want him to sleep? Soren met her eyes and could see she looked a little disappointed. [b "Is there something else you wanted to do today AEther? You can tell me. I'm not that sleepy"] he lied, telling her that he was fine. He'd probably last the day if he forced himself.
  ellocalypse / 176d 22h 52m 15s
She felt sorry for Soren growing up in a world where people didn't say together. She knew he liked the whole high tech thing, she could accept that, but it sucked that people seemed so distant there. He even thought that was a common thing everywhere... [b "That's horrible. Why wouldn't they..." ] She simply didn't get it. She knew she didn't exactly stay with the same person for a really long time, but it very highly had to do with the fact that they died.

Never did she think she'd hear Soren say he didn't want to go to Avalon, but so be it. She liked getting attention, being kissed n the cheek, having him wrap his arms around her. It was so nice and sweet. She liked being close, just didn't exactly how to be close... she hoped that he would at least believe now that whatever happened wasn't his fault. Her wasn't like Soren's, she sure hoped that it didn't bug him, but it didn't appear that way.

[b "No need to be nice, I knw it's pretty small. I think you're clearly richer than I am with all that money you get in Avalon." ] She watched him pull out a blanket. She never did watch much movies, she hardly even stood still for long. She was usually outside. The blanket went over them. She turned on the TV, some random movie came up, in a high school setting. Fall asleep! Oh that was just great. She definitely couldn't sleep at this time. She ddidn't want it to show, that she definitely didn't want him to sleep, even though she knew it would be the right thing to let him sleep. [b " can go to sleep. I still have a bedroom here that you can use. I'll be fine here by myself. I'll do some things until you wake up."] Boo... Guess she'd have to wait until he woke up before doing anything.
  Ravenity / 176d 23h 12s
Avalon was a different place than the world's she's been in, but he wasn't going to complain at all. He grew up in a world he chose to stay in, while she grew up in her own worlds. He liked Avalon though, for the simplicity, the technology, and the fact that it was his first home. [b "I guess not. I don't really see too many couples staying with one another for a long time"] he admitted.

He didn't want to go back to Avalon just yet. The girls in Avalon were what caused him to be this way. He stayed with Aether and then he kissed her cheek because he was really grateful for having her here to cheer him up. He stayed beside her and then he smiled when she said she wanted to be with him. [b "Your cabin is nice too. It's cozy"] he told her, leaning into her side and then going into his inventory to pull out a blanket. He felt tired. Even though it was only morning, he was exhausted, mostly because they fought today.

Soren took hold of her arm and just thought about it [b "I don't really care what we watch. You can just turn on the TV. I just want to relax with you, maybe even fall back asleep because I couldn't really sleep last night"] he told her, seeing his AI sitting on his head, rubbing his hair slowly to try and calm him down.
  ellocalypse / 176d 23h 24m 34s
She sure found Avalon's normal very weird. She didn't want to say it to Soren but she thought Avalon was a pretty sad lonely world if things went that way. Although, she did find some things pretty neat and kind of did want to battle her fear of robots and bring them down. [b "Doesn't seem to me that Avalon AI's are capable of long term from the sounds of it." ] He was leaning into her, and it was good to actually be near each other.

She half meant what she said. [b Good." ] She nodded and held his hand. It surprised her to hear he didn't want to go to Avalon. [b "Really? Okay, we can stay here for another day." ] She blushed when he kissed her cheek, not because she hadn't had gotten kisses on her cheek plenty of times, just because they were warming up to each other.

[b "Oh, then we'll spend it here. Don't worry about me being comfortable to much, I put myself through uncomfortable situations plenty of times." ] And by that she meant on missions that were difficult or being in another world.

Aether shook her head [b "no, nowhere specific, I just want to be with you." ] She saw him looking around her cabin. It was small... She didn't have much in it. There was her red sofa, a carpet, an arm chair, a lamp, and the kitchen, and a fireplace. She had a TV but it was small. Soren's cabin had a bigger one... [b "Um...yea. I know my cabin isn't as great as yours... Should we go back to yours?" ] She wasn't sure what movie either since she knew very little about them. Were movies a big thing in Avalon? [b "Soren, I don't really watch to many movies. Is there something you want to watch?" ]
  Ravenity / 176d 23h 42m 47s
He didn't think that he was broken or anything. He honestly had a feeling that something was wrong, but no one ever pointed it out to him. This was the first time that someone pin pointed his mistakes. Could that only be the work of a real person that actually cared?

He missed kissing her, holding her, and just doing what he wanted to with her. A part of him built up a wall and would only do that if the other person said yes. He took in a deep breath and was soon lectured by her. [b "I was raised here, so to me it's normal..."] he mumbled, not realizing that every girl he dated wasn't that great. [b "There were some that were great....I guess they just couldn't handle long term"] he sighed and then he took in a breath and just leaned into her. Aether was natural comfort and she was the only one that understood him.

[b "I won't"] he didn't know if she was joking, but she probably didn't want a wimp for a boyfriend. [b "I'll work on it too"] he smiled and held her hand in his, feeling more like a better couple. [b "After thinking about it...I don't really want to go to Avalon yet. Let's stay here for one more day"] he told her, kissing her cheek again. [b "I just want to spend more time with you like this. In a world that you're comfortable in too"] he figured maybe the whole Avalon thing was also influencing her into changing a little or holding her true self back.

[b "Is there somewhere else you want to go to?"] he asked, looking around her cabin and then thought about it a little. [b "Can we just relax and watch a movie right this time?"] he asked, wanting to make up for last night.
  ellocalypse / 177d 6m 6s
She never thought he'd ever break from some girls that were just messing around. She always stayed away from those types. Normally, she could spot it easily. [b "Right... ] SHe sighed. It was good to kiss him. She wanted to be able to kiss him. She wanted that Soren that would go and hug her even if she wasn't a fan of being to close at the time. It had bugged her a little but she also liked it and didn't want him to stop doing it. She wanted it to be that way. She hoped this worked.

Aether raised a brow and looked at him strangely [b "What do you mean you thought it was normal? How can you possible think that's normal. Of course they would be together for a long time." ] Jeez, Avalon sounded like a horrible place to meet someone. She leaned back [b "If you want to be my boyfriend, don't act like a wimp." ] She stuck her tongue at him [b "And I'll work on it too, promise." ] She laughed. He realy did date some pretty horrible girls. [b "You would have been better dating girls in the world I stay in." ]

Why did it all go wrong for him. She figured it was just bad luck. She could understand him on being gone. [b "I've done that a couple of times... or maybe she was too cold?" ] She suggested it [b "You just needed someone who was compatible to you. That's all, just keep being apologetically yourself." ] She never thought she'd have to say something like that to him. She leaned onto him and took hold of his hand. She didn't know how this would go. [b "Do you...want to go back to Avalon today?" ]
  Ravenity / 177d 18m 40s
He liked that she admired him, but he wasn't any different from her. He was just a young boy trying to have courage in this world and survive. He's seen her do everything on her own too and when they met, he only had the courage because he thought he was supposed to be her knight to protect her. [b "I don't think anyone is perfect at all though"] he told her and then he leaned in to kiss her, meeting her lips and then being able to hold her. It was nice to be able to hold someone like this. So much comfort.

He didn't know how much he's changed, but he didn't know if he could go back to that Soren so easily. At least she was willing to stick around. [b "I'm glad you want to stay around me too"] he smiled and thought that they didn't have anyone else in the world like them. He didn't want to part with her.

Soren explained to her the dates he's been on and the people he's been with. It felt like that was what relationships were like, to spend a night together, maybe a week. The world's he's been in were always like that and Aether put that into perspective. [b "Oh...I always thought that was normal, so when I went to your worlds, it amazed me to see people being together for that long"] he told her, figuring he should stay away from those types of AI's at the bars. [b "I guess I do. It doesn't matter now though. I want to be just your boyfriend"] he told her, trying to remember how his long relationships ended.

[b "I guess it was mostly because I was always gone and rarely came home. That was one. I wanted to see more places....then there was another one where I was a little too clingy. I think....she just got tired of me..."] he sighed and didn't really want to think about that. [b "It's all so confusing. Sometimes I don't even know if I should be doing something anymore since everyone's so different"]
  ellocalypse / 177d 59m 28s
She nodded [b "You always seemed so strong, like even if something happened, you'd get back up easily. I admired that. I guess even you can break..." ] She didn't find it fair that he went off dating other girls and let them hurt him. If he hadn't, then maybe he'd be the same. That was probably wishful thinking. He leaned in, and it made her fill with happiness agian, to be kissed by him and feel like she was someone he liked, and not just liked as a friend. She wanted to kiss him, hug him, be close to him and have moments together.

[b "You really should. I think the Soren I met before is probably the real you, your probably just afraid to be like that again. It doesn't matter how mad I get, or what happens, I'll always stick around you, even if you try to kick me out," ] She lightly laughed. She felt like they only had each other that they could relate the closest to.

She liked having him wrap her arms around her and be close to her like this. She nodded [b "I want to know. I want to everything." ] She listened to him. SHe knew he had gone on a good amount of dates. She didn't think they left because he made mistakes. [b "Soren..." ] She sighed, [b "I doubt you made mistakes. I'm pretty new to Avalon but, so I can't be entirely sure. Although, everyone there seems like they have huge commitment issues and just use each other instead of being there for each other. They probably already have it built in their system to do that." ] She shrugged, [b "I for one, don't have that it in me." ]

She looked at him [b "Some AI's at bars still do that in my world, and there's just the type of AI's that want a fun night and to never see you again after. Those-are the ones to avoid. They're probably easier to spot in the worlds I go to, but what I'm saying, it's not your fault. You just have really bad luck running into them. How did the long ones end? They just vanished the next day or something?" ] Dating those type of people always end up with the same result.
  Ravenity / 177d 1h 30m 26s
He didn't really like talking about the girls he's been with, or the girls that wanted to be with him and just left him hanging. It was hard to keep dating thinking that he'd screw up all the time. IT wasn't like how he used to be, but just thinking about it made him feel like maybe he wasn't cut out to hold a relationship if they all kept leaving.

He told her that if she liked something about him, he could try and change for her, but she didn't think it was fair. He'd work hard if she really wanted him to. To his surprise, she thought he was really strong. [b "Really? You think I'm strong?"] he asked, biting down his lip and smiling to himself. He leaned in and met her lips, kissing her softly and then kissing her again. Her lips were warm and she tasted so sweet. He liked doing these kinds of things with her.

He admitted that he didn't know if she ever wanted him to kiss her, but when she assured him it was okay, he smiled [b "Okay, I'll try to keep doing what I want then"] he pulled her in and she hugged him right back. It was nice to have someone's warmth wrap around him. He felt so cozy and not lonely.

He smiled brightly, hearing she still wanted to be with him. [b "Me too, I want to still be your boyfriend"] he wrapped his arm around her and rested his head against her shoulder, letting out a soft sigh. [b "Are you sure? You really want to hear it?"] he asked hesitantly, thinking about it.

[b "Well...I guess I've just felt really lonely those past few months, so I went on a few dates, hung out at a few bars....there's so many AI's that wanted to spend time with I went with them. They were mostly just for fun, like spend the night or hang out, but in the morning they'd just leave, disappear on me. I had a few long lasting relationships, but they always just if I did something wrong to drive them away. That's why I don't want it to be like that with you AEther. I don't want to make any mistakes"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 177d 2h 41m 36s
Something must have happened. She met his eyes and could see where he was coming from. Maybe he was beaten done by others and he let it get to him. She forgot...that he wasn't perfect. She always saw him as really strong, that nothing could get to him. That...couldn't have been realistic. He was real, not a character from a book. [b "I don't want to change you, I don't think that's fair. That's why I thought it was best to be friends. I always thought if you could be that strong, that I could too. What happened Soren? Can you tell me?" ] She wanted to listen to him about that. She wanted to know what made that side of him drift off.

He leaned in, and it felt so nice to be kissed, and kiss him again, and have him kiss her for the third time. She loved the feeling, when the space closed between them and she felt like they were in their own small world.

She doubly blinked [b "That's the problem?" ] Her problem was different in a way. She just wasn't used to being forward about romance stuff. [b "Are you afraid I'll get upset if you kiss me, or do something? Because I won't. Just do what you feel like, I liked that about you." ] She gently smiled. She guessed she still wanted to be with him. He still made her heart pound and she wanted t obe treated like his girlfriend. She felt his arms around her, pulling her into a hug and it was really nice. It made her smile and hug him back. He was so warm and cozy.

[b "Okay, I'll cheer up." ] She nodded [b "I guess I still want to be your girlfriend." ] She wiped her eyes for the last time. She was glad they talked. She kissed his cheek and snuggled right in [b "Will you tell me what happened the few months I wasn't here? " ]
  Ravenity / 177d 2h 50m 52s
He tried to tell her what he's been through, but he didn't really like talking about it. All he could really think about was the feeling that he was left with when they just used him for a night and that was it. He didn't want to deal with any of that anymore. He wanted something long term, not just for fun. He listened to her talking about the world she grew up in. It was much different than Avalon. Once she was with someone, she was hoping for forever. That meant she wanted the same thing.

He trailed off [b "Reminded of the Soren I used to be. THe Soren you really like. I know I've changed, but if you liked something about me, I'm sure I can try being like that again"] he told her, meeting her eyes and then speaking with a soft tone. He didn't want her to cry anymore. He leaned in and then he decided to take the chance and kiss her lips. Soren felt his cheeks heating up, but it was so warm, so nice to kiss her. He pulled back, but when she kissed him again, he kissed her once more, his lips tracing hers. WHen he pulled back again, he nodded. [b "I will. I just sometimes can't figure it out if you want to or not"] he scratched the back of his head.

She was much different than AI's he's been with. He could usually tell if they wanted something, but with Aether, she had a mind of her own and he couldn't really guess. He figured if he just did what he wanted, she'd tell him if it wasn't okay. [b "So cheer up. I know we'll work out"] he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug, feeling more relaxed when he was closer to her like this. He held her and felt the warmth, his hands rubbing her back and hoping that she would at least feel better.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 177d 3h 14m 8s
Aether knew she couldn't possibly understood how he felt or what he went through since he experienced it. Could it really have been that bad... She didn't want to be compared to them. [b "Yea but... I'm didn't grow up in Avalon, in the worlds and cultures I live in, once your with someone, you're with them forever. I want to be with you forever, no matter what we are to each other. If you do, then don't ever think I will leave by purpose." ] She didn't want her effort to make it here to be brushed off. It wasn't like those AI's worked hard to make it to him with all the risks.

She couldn't be a hundred percent sure if he was completely different. She still admired him for being so brave to fight those Robots, and still stepping up when she was still trying to learn how to do that. [b "reminded of what..." ] She whispered. She watched the snow fall outside. She said what she needed to say. She felt like they were just friends, and maybe that was the problem.

Aether turned her head when he spoke. That little ache in her chest dulled. He really did want to try to be with her. She stayed in place when he leaned in. She could feel her chest pound when he caressed her cheek. She liked it, when he was close to her. It didn't have to be a lot. Aether rested her eyes, feeling soft lips on her own, feeling his lips move and she responded back. She loved that, she loved kissing him.

Her cheeks warmed. All of this...because she wanted to kiss him more and really be a couple. [i Don't cry. ] She hesitated but she leaned in again to kiss him again. Maybe she didn't want to be just friends after all. She backed up again and shyly and quietly added [b "I want you to kiss me more often...or hug me, know. I'll try too,'s hard if you don't either." ] She never liked admitting it. The AI's she was with, usually just went for it, so she never had to say it.
  Ravenity / 177d 4h 9m 30s

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