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SHe didn't entirely get what Tank did but she understood what Kai's job was. They were pretty okay people and then-caveman. [i Caveman. ] He called hunting and sitting by a fire a thing a caveman would do. Ooo, how it got to her nerves. What did he know!? [b "Normal?" ] She raised a brow. This was beyond 'normal' to her. This was way outside of it. Saying 'I didn't mean to offend' to her felt the same way as when you shoot someone and say sorry about the bleeding.

[b "So? I live in a place of luxury too. I lived like royalty, hunting isn't a caveman thing to do. I bet you couldn't even eat an animal if you saw one." ] She stated, nope she did not like Tank. SOren spoke and his friends went off. [i We live in luxury. ] Aether mocked his voice in her head. They even treated animals here far more worse than she could when she was hunting! Those poor creatures trapped and not being able to roam around.

Girls came up to Soren, and she watched and then they talked to her. She was a bit curious. 'We' went on dates.' Huh. All three? [b "A club..." ] She tried to recall and had a memory of one of those, briefly but it painted somewhat of a picture. It was like a party, right? And bars. She was starting to see a pattern here. Soren went out with a lot of girls, and he met them in clubs and bars. Those definitely weren't good signs. [b "Oh, Soren goes on a lot dates doesn't he?" ] She lightly smiled, and all the sudden her hand was grabbed. It startled her until she saw it was Soren.

She stared at him as he talked but was getting lost in her head. [b "Yea...I guess so." ] She didn't know him enough. [b "Do you like going to clubs and bars a lot?" ] She asked. This whole thing, was starting to become overwhelming, the extremely different environment this was and then this and that. What if Soren saw it the same way as Tank did? No, it didn't seem like that. [b "I'm going to step outside for a minute. Just need a breath, I'll be back." She said and lightly smiled before taking the back door, so she could hear silence but there wasn't any. Not really. She could still hear the noise in the distance. She hate to admit it to herself, but she felt home sick. [i Your still so childish. ]

After a while she would go back in and help.
  Aether / Ravenity / 51d 2m 47s
Soren wanted his friends to meet Aether because he wanted them to get to know her. She was important in his life and even though they were AI's, they helped him so much when they worked together. His two friends told her about how Soren was great at hacking, but they just didn't have the knack for it. Soren just really enjoyed it more and he liked the challenges that came with it.

Tank was the app developer. When Aether spoke, he wondered if she knew what that was? Still, it was nice to see her getting along with them. Kai's advertising really helped. There were people here he didn't even know, but still greeted and thanked for stopping by. But when Tank mentioned caveman, Soren knew it must have ticked Aether a bit. "Silver spoon? More like born into the normal world" he told her, wondering what she was talking about. "I didn't mean to offend, it's just....we live in a place of luxury" he told her.

Soren just rubbed the back of his head and tried to step in. [b "Um, anyways, thanks for stopping by guys"] he was then surrounded by a few of his dates. He would thank them and hear about how they liked his outfit and the cupcakes. They soon swarmed Aether and he wasn't sure how to stop them from invading her space.

"We went on dates with him mostly. His friends introduced us" she pointed to the two guys and then the other one smiled. [i "We spoke a few times online and met up at a club"]

[+red "We met up at the bars"] another girl mentioned. Soren felt like maybe Aether wouldn't like him anymore if she kept hearing he's been dating girls. He tugged on Aether's hand, pulling her away from him as he walked behind the counter. [b "'re almost sold out and it's only been an hour. Looks like we'll have to make more cupcakes tomorrow"] he told her, trying to get her mind off of things.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 51d 16h 20m 1s
Good thing she didn't say anything weird. She listened onto what his friends had to say. She felt SOren was good at so many things. Special missions She guessed not all of them must have been so-legal.SHe didn't really understand what hacking could really do. Wasn't it just using a computer and doing some thing to some other computer. She didn't really get why it would cause a big impact. THat's because she knew so little of this magic called 'technology.'

[b "Ahh, an app developer." ] What? She recalled her tablet and wondered if he made apps like that. She didn't really get it.

[b "Oh! Well thank you," ] She smiled at Kai, [b "It clearly worked." ] She was really glad they had people coming in and enjoying what they made. Hold up. Caveman!? [b "Yea, I forgot most people here are born with silver spoons in their mouth right? You wouldn't know a single thing about it." ]

[i Caveman my damn ass! ] [b "Somewhere far," ] Her tone fell flat. She saw a few girls go to him, compliment him. SHe wasn't the on to feel jealous, not really but she also knew that this world... These types of worlds he grew up in and these people were what he was used to, including these girls. They never had been together for long, what if he got sick of how different she was?

Maybe but, she didn't think she should worry about something that may never happen. Then those girls came to her. Oh god. [b "Ahh, I met him when were kids, and...we just gained touch again. It's a long story. How do you know Soren?" ] She asked but didn't care too much for it, just wanted to figure out how she should carry a conversation in this world.
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He was familiar with certain people in the crowd, but not all of them. Most of them just brought their friends to check it out and he made a post on some popular food places so that some people came to check it out. He had some blind dates he's been with, a few of the girls his friends tried setting him up with and just everyone in Avalon that really knew him.

He did his best to try and make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. It was their new shop, so everyone was welcome to see around the place and try some cupcakes and just have fun. He walked over to Aether, introducing her to some of his friends as he glanced back at TAnk. He wanted them to be nice to Aether, especially since she was from out of town. [b "No you didn't"] he smiled and held her hand in his.

"He's good at hacking that was for sure. It was no wonder the boss always sent him on special missions that apparently only he could do" he told Aether. "I now work as an app developer"

[+blue "I'm an advertiser. I helped in posting this shops grand opening all over websites"] Kai said.

Soren thanked him and then he told them how it was all homemade. Aether started talking about a fresh kill cooked by a fire while watching the stars and he really did like that idea. "Kill and cook over a fire? What are we cavemen? You don't see that in Avalon. Where did you move here from Aether?" he asked, curious now as they spoke.

Soren wondered if their cupcakes really tasted that great. A few of Soren's dates stopped by and greeted him, really excited about how the cupcakes tasted. They even mentioned how good he looked in his uniform. The three girls had somehow become friends as well. They eventually walked towards Aether, asking about her and Soren met.
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She assumed that Soren would be familiar with the crowd but his Ai said she didn't recognize anyone besides the two he was talking with. That didn't add up. He must have known a god number of them, maybe they weren't close friends, that's all. There were a few girls and then there where the friends he was talking to. It felt harder to interact than she thought it would be. Soren appeared like a really confident person.

Soren came forward and she was glad he was by her again but-hoped she wasn't acting weird. Then-her cheeks warmed slightly. She didn't know why Soren looked upset at Tank. She had many answers to that question, more than she thought she did. Even if it hasn't been that long, she really could actually list why she saw in him. Her eyes widened, [b "Why, did I say something wrong?" ] Soren looked nervous now. Did she something wrong? Nah, she only said two positive things about him. He was sweet to her.

[b "Ah, so you were working together before. It seems like Soren's pretty good at a lot of things," ] One more thing she admired about him. [b "If not hacking, what do you do now?" ] Then she brought up their amazing cupcakes. It made her fill with glee to hear that they liked it but hold up. [b "Packet? What's a packet?" ] She accidently said that out loud. She looked listened to the conversation. Ah right, they must have called those things they put in the magically device packets. [b "Of course we did. It's called cooking. Where I'm form, the food is always made and sitting by campfire and with a fresh kill and cooked...underneath the taste and feeling in the world." ] She rambled on before she knew it and regreted it knowing that they would find that very strange. [b "I mean once in a blue moon but still happens." ] She felt pretty proud of these cupcakes. They did god.

Aether went to Soren and held onto his hand and leaned onto him, feeling more comfortable with him now that they...well they did more than she ever thought last night. [b "I'm really glad everyone likes our cupcakes." ] They were selling out, but she did leave two out for her AI and his. [b "Thanks for showing up Tank...and Kai was it? It means a lot. Do you know a lot of people here?" ] She looked back and wondered if they really should have made more cupcakes.
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He didn't really know how to run a shop before, but he was sure that their AI's could help them along the way. They could even hire more people if they were doing well, but in truth, he just wanted it to be a small shop to fill their wishes. He hoped that the people of Avalon really liked the fresh cupcakes they made.

He entertained the guests as best he could, but Soren didn't really have too many friends. He never really made the effort to talk to AI's because they just weren't interesting to him. He had some friends that he used to work with, people that's helped him before, but that was it. He's been gone to different worlds to have lasting relationships here. It was more like saying hello everyday and that was it. He did have two friends thought that always helped him out.

His AI told her he didn't have much, but he had a few. When Soren introduced her, he narrowed his eyes at Tank and then he shook his head [b "Hey don't say that. I really like Aether"] he told him and then he saw that his friends liked her appearance at least. They asked her a question and Soren turned a little red. [b "You don't have to answer Aether. You don't have to say anything for these guys"] he tried to tell her, but then she started talking.

Soren turned red and then he felt really happy she thought of him in such a way. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to keep his cool, but he was happy inside.

"We're all friends. We used to work together as hackers. I decided it wasn't the thing for me. Soren was really good at it though" Tank told her and his other friend Kai just nodded. [+blue "The cupcakes taste great. What packet did you guys use so I can buy some?"] he asked and Soren just smirked.

[b "I told you guys. You'll only be able to get them from here"] he folded his arms over his chest and felt happy that the customers were enjoying them. They were selling out quick.

"There's no way you guys just made all of this? How? Who makes things anymore..." he asked and Soren pointed to him and Aether. The two guys seemed so stunned they couldn't believe it. Everyone else seemed to be having the same questions.
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The shop looked good, and Soren matched well with it too. She couldn't see any reason why a place like this would be disliked. She couldn't wait to share this place with other people-well until she got shy and a bit nervous about being around people in this world and not knowing how to behave around them.

Her AI's smile dropped, "Aren't you a killjoy." He folded his arms and decided he'd take one later. He was sure Aether would at least give him one since he helped out. He watched her and could tell she was nervous, so he tried the whole 'patting' her head thing and Aether shrugged him off and gave him a 'what are you doing look.' He looked disappointing, guess it only worked when Soren did it.

Would asking them if they hunt, or what they've seen be wrong? Soren must have recognized most people here since hew as the one that helped advertise it. She couldn't talk. much and up trying to help out the AI's and ask Soren's AI a question.

[b "Oh," ] She nodded, [b "Huh, I thought Soren had more friends," ] She tilted her head. How could he had invited two people and end up with this many? She squinted her eyes and tried to make sense of it. It didn't add up. She noticed Soren coming up and he was with his friends. It made her a bit happy hearing him call her 'girlfriend.'

[b "Hi." ] Aether smiled. His friends looked pretty good. What's up? What did that mean. [b "Hi Tank, I'm Aether, " ] and took his hand. Then her cheeks grew warm. Look good? Wait-hold it-rest? Was that a figure of speech? [b "Uh...thanks." ] She nodded and then came the question. What do you like about Soren? The way he looked at her, the way he talked, how he was adventurous like her, how brave he was, that he could do things she couldn't...there was so much. She couldn't help but admire him and wish that she was more like him.

[b "He's really sweet to me, and pretty adventurous...and a lot more." ] She did wonder what his friends were like. [b "So, how are you all friends? Are you really close. Oh! By the way did you try the cupcakes? They're good aren't they? We worked really hard on them" ] Her eyes lit up, thinking that they definitely would like them.
  Aether / Ravenity / 54d 8m 31s
He wondered if she'd still want to teach him magic when they went back to her world. Soren would really like that. He wanted to learn more about the places she liked and he wanted to make that promise of having a ball in her castle happen. He helped transport cupcakes into the shop, letting his AI take care of the setting up while he made sure the signs outsides were set up. When everything was ready, he changed into the uniform he remembered making when Aether decided on a pattern.

He did his best to try and fit her color scheme and then he added a beanie on top. He turned up the music and then he headed outside when he saw of the people coming in. Soren greeted them as they entered the shop. He saw a few of his friends, seeing their friends, some people that helped him out at his old workplace, and some of his dates even came. Soren let them in and led them to the counter.

HIs AI watched hers as she saw him take a cupcake. He offered her and then she shook her head, taking it from his hands. "These are for the customers. Can't you see we have so many?" she told him and then she helped out with orders. She grabbed the cupcakes and checked them out to help out.

Soren's AI heard her and she nodded. "I've seen them with him before. They used to work together at a hacking company" she told AEther. "Only the two guys though. I don't know the rest" she told her. Soren looked over at the counter and then he led his friends over [b "Yeah, this is my girlfriend Aether. She just finally moved into town to visit me"] he told them. One of the males had their eyes meet and then he held out his hands "What's up? I'm Tank. You look good. I can see why Soren picked you out of the rest" one friend mentioned. THe other male with the blonde hair just smiled. "What do you like about Soren?" he asked.
  ellocalypse / 54d 17h 42s
[b "Don't worry. You don't need to learn everything," ] She gently smiled, holding the metal tray and bringing it on the counter, setting up cupcakes one by one. The space truly was beautiful, a balanced color scheme, small tables and comfy chairs. This...was just perfect. How could someone not want to come in?

The music wasn't what she was used to. It didn't sound close to what she listened to, but it wasn't bad either. Aether switched into her outfit and made her lift up a smile with a compliment like that. She didn't believe it was entirely true but she wasn't going to find him on it. It made her feel warm inside and realize that he was a pretty good boyfriend so far. Aether glanced back at Soren's AI and wow, she was pretty! She wondered if she picked out that from out herself. Ah, she could actually talk to her now that she was in human form, but..then she thought about people coming and what if they didn't like it...

[b "Good." ] There was nothing to worry about. She smiled over and held his hand for a moment. Her AI in the meantime was trying to pull a fast once and sneak his hand to grab a cupcake but caught Soren's AI glancing over at him. He sighed and an idea popped up. He took the cupcake and offered her it, whispering, "Take one, they won't mind much. We need to eat too." He figured if she ate one, than she couldn't go tattle tailing on him.

Aether sat down and stared at the door and began to see people coming forward. Her stomach dropped, and the excitement surged. [b "Thanks to you there are," ] She got up on her feet and went with Soren to the door, [b "Welcome," ] She smiled. and her AI got into position, getting ready to help work.

Then bam, she felt suddenly shy to talk. It hit her hard. She didn't know what to say, didn't know how to talk to people here, and she knew that Soren's friends were here...what if she made a fool of herself? She felt a hundred percent sure sure they didn't even know she was now his girlfriend either. She should have thought this through more carefully. [i I don't think I even really fit in here. ] A lot was different in the world she stayed and this one, clothes, mannerisms.... She decided to go help her AI out and gave people their cupcakes. Her AI was being friendly, thankfully. Aether watched Soren talking and he had such an easy time with everything. Why couldn't she be like that? Be able to act normal no matter where he went. Those two guys must have been his friends. She didn't have the guts to say hi.

Funny enough, back in the worlds she lived, it was pretty easy to do and say what she wanted. She went to Soren's AI. [b "Are all of them Soren's friends? " ] She asked, figuring she would know.
  Ravenity / 54d 23h 49m 47s
He tried to explain that it wasn't magic at all. That the people here built these things and it's become more normal. Magic wasn't in this world at all, so people made guns, weapons, and other things to defend and attack with. It was much different than her worlds and he wanted to show her what he liked about these types. [b "Yeah. I need to practice more"] he told her, setting up the shop.

They had all of the glass cases filled with their cupcakes for the day. Soren turned on the music, set up the sign outside and then he began changing into his uniform. He remembered seeing Aether in her suggested outfit for the shop, so he decided to quickly customize one and then he wore a teal beanie on top.

His AI changed into the same clothes as Aether, seeing her brown hair also in a ponytail. Hey blue eyes watched Aether's AI, feeling like he was going to do something really immature. Soren looked over at Aether and then he saw how pretty she looked. [b "Thanks. You look better"] he admitted and then he saw her AI and thought he looked pretty cool too.

[b "Sweets? Yeah everyone likes sweets here"] he told her, not wanting her to stress. His friends would come over and they were inviting acquaintances too. He saw that it was almost noon and some people were gathering outside, waiting for them to open the doors. [b "Wow Aether! Look there's already people"] he smiled, walking to the door, letting them inside. Soren met up with two of his friends from the hacking company he worked at. He greeted them and thanked them for coming and bringing their friends. Soren spoke with them for a while, one was tall and thin with blue eyes and silver hair. THe other had green eyes and blonde hair and about the same size as Soren. He would let his AI handle the orders for now as he entertained of the guests.
  ellocalypse / 55d 21h 11m 18s
She didn’t get the whole ‘technology’ thing. She understood a computer was ‘technology’ but teleporting? That had to be a type of magic. [b “Well, you don’t have to be good at every magic. There’s many different types.” ] And she thought technology was probably just another type of magic of some sorts. They carried the cupcakes in the shop and everything looked pretty set to open. She could imagine having a lot of people coming in and trying the cupcakes out. She definitely thought they would love them, but if they didn’t, then more for her. It felt like a win-win scenario. [b “Ah, not too far from now.” ] She stared down at her clothes and was unsure.

Maybe the custom clothes she made would still be fine to wear. She changed into the teal skater skirt with knee high socks with nearly knee-high boots and a short-sleeved crop top, her hair tied up into a high ponytail in curls. Aether smiled back when he completed. She actually liked Soren with a beanie on. [b “Thanks. You look good.” ] She snuck in her hand to hold his. She sure liked having him as a boyfriend now. Her AI changed into a person, dark brown hair and nearly silver eyes, dressing up in jeans and a shirt too. He instantly went to Aether, knocked on the top of her head “Can I please have a cupcake now?”

[b “Ow,” ] Aether pouted and glanced back, [b “No.” ]
He didn’t look happy but stood quiet after and glanced over at Soren’s AI, wondering if she would tattle if he took one anyway.
[b “Do people even like sweet stuff in this world?” ] She wondered, feeling a little nervous now that she thought about it. What if she behaved weirdly? What if what she said was weird because she hadn’t been there-that long. [i You shouldn’t worry so much. ] That’s right, everything would be okay, and this was about having some fun and making some business. She would take a seat and stared at the door. Her AI in the meantime tried to sneak one out and stuff it in his mouth.
  Aether / Ravenity / 55d 23h 22m 44s
He told her to make them pretty like her because he really thought she looked pretty. Soren smiled and then he felt a little embarrassed, so he headed out and went to the shop. He ended up drawing the teleporter and then connecting them as he stepped through to meet Aether again. THe expression on her face was priceless because he could tell that she was stunned. More magic? WHen would she get it into her head that magic and technology were different?

[b "It's not the same. I'm good with technology, not so much magic..."] he tried to tell her. He then carried a few of the finished cupcakes and then he brought the through the teleporter and set them down into the glass case. He soon finished and their AI's were set on cleaning up the shop and getting ready for it to open. Soren just played some popular music right now.

He drew the sign outside and then it lit up in lights. He looked back to see her watching and he tried to think about what time he set. [b "I think I put around eleven. So we've got half an hour"] he looked at her clothes and then he held his AI. HE showed her the picture of the uniform they decided together. [b "We have to wear these remember?"] he drew them and then he wore his outfit. He wore a teal beanie to go with it and then he looked back at her. [b "Your design looks really good"] he wore his shirt and jeans and then he had his AI wearing the skirt and crop top she decided on.
  ellocalypse / 56d 18h 45m 5s
She must have heard him right. He was flirting! Aether smiled to herself while watching him head out. Pretty as her huh? He definitely thought she was pretty. She worked on the cupcakes but kept worrying about Soren and what may or what not may happen. She felt a sense of relief when he was right back. Teleportation existed, that-was good news. She couldn't help but roll her eyes a bit when he said it's not magic. [b "Tomato, Tamato, nearly the same thing." ] She shrugged.

She was about to step in when Soren said it didn't work that way. [b "Oh, show me." ] She looked back at him and he grabbed a trey. She followed after SOren and they arrived at the beautiful shop. She felt good about this. SHe grinned, [b "Really! The more people the better." ] She couldn't wait to have everyone enjoy the cupcakes. That's right...they never did have that ball. SHe forgot about that. She frowned a bit, at least they could have this.

She watched Soren place the cupcakes and they looked good sitting right there. She got her AI to take a picture of them. She opened her mouth and then shut it. People here wouldn't take a liking to her music. [b "Ah, you should pick the music. I don't think they would like the music I enjoy." ] SHe felt warm seeing Soren draw the sign outside. She watched him, admiring him. He was She sighed happily and then called, [b "What time did you tell them we'd open? I should probably change...clothes." ] SHe stared done, thinking it was best but wait... [b "I should wear clothes from this world shouldn't I? I'm not sure if custom clothes is safe." ] SHe had so little from this world, barely bought much when she went with Soren.
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He really did enjoy making the cupcakes with Aether and their AI's. It really felt like they were a family and he's never really had that before. It made him feel warm inside and he couldn't help but stare off watching them for a moment. He grinned and then he made the teleporter. Soren then turned on the machine and then he told Aether that he would be back soon.

[b "Don't worry, just make sure the cupcakes look as pretty as you do and then we'll bring them to the shop"] he told her, waving and heading out. He didn't want to separate with her at all, but he did have to make a way for them to bring all of their cupcakes quicker. He headed to the shop with his AI and then he walked into the shop. He drew another teleporter and then he turned it on.

When he stepped inside, he appeared in the kitchen by Aether again. He listened to her [b "Uhhh it's not magic. It's technology"] he told her, not wanting to think it was the same. When she headed into the machine, he laughed a little. [b "Wait! You still don't know how it works wait for me!"] he grabbed a tray and then he headed into the machine and appeared at their shop.

[b "Yeah they said they'd come! I hope they bring their friends too"] he grinned and placed them into the display case as he let their AI's take more from their kitchen. He looked at the stereo they had in their restaurant and then he wondered what to play. [b "Is there something you want to play? I could put on a playlist of popular music here?"] he suggested, thinking and then he headed outside, drawing a sign that was filled with lights. It said [i Grand Opening].
  ellocalypse / 57d 21h 37m 16s
She never had pictured a scene like this, baking cupcakes with someone she felt something for, someone like her. It was just perfect. Now and then she would glance over to see Soren, making sure he was real and moving. This really was what happiness felt like. She didn't know what in the world he was drawing though. Ather's forehead drew lines, and she peaked over. That thing he drew looked odd. What in the world was it?
He wasn't really saying anything...

[b "What will I see?" ] SHe raised a brow and wasn't sure about him going off, [b "But the shop isn't seconds away. Soren...we shouldn't..." ] She sighed seeing him head out. She turned her head and grabbed her AI before he munched on the cupcake. She sat down on a stool and moped a little on the counter. She kept looking at the door. Anxiety was spiking up. What if something happened to him? What if he disappeared too? What if he forgot her just like she did. She felt that sinking feeling in her gut and she got up. Maybe she should go find him. She sat down again, no...she would only get lost.

Her AI squeaked at her, "It's okay Aeth, have a cupcake, it'll make everything better." He nodded. Aeth laughed and tapped his head, [b "You just want one. But those are for our customers." ] She still felt nervous. SHe heard some sort of noise. SHe turned her head and Soren appeared out of thin air from that device he made. Her mouth opened, [b "Oh!!! You have teleportation magic here too! Good to know. I worried." ] She got up and grabbed a tray of cupcakes, [b "Guess, it'll be easy to carry them now. Let's go," ] She took help to bring the cupcakes over and felt a surge of excitment and she couldn't stop smiling.

[b "I can't wait till we open!" She met Soren's eyes, and took his hand [b "Did your friends say they would come? I bet they've never tasted a cupcake like ours." ] She sure felt excited, [b "We should put on some music too, don't you think?" ]
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