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Aether went up to the door and, when the door opened, he was right there. She smiled and took off her jacket. She watched the flames dance, and took a seat beside him. Aether held the hot chocolate, feeling how toasty it was in her hand. Job her memory. She stared at the cup and wondered if she should remember something about this. [b "Thank you." ] She took a sip, and it tasted real nice. [b "Okay, as soon as we finish this up." ] SHe nodded and lifted her feet up and held her hot chocolate by her knees when she wasn't taking a sip. She then leaned over into Soren

It was nice to be here. [b "We did a long mission here, I remember that, with wolves." ] She relaxed with him there, not minding the silence for a while. She felt happy that she could just be here with him like this, not alone. Her AI was chatting with his AI, staying close to the fire. Aether finished her hot chocolate and sat it down. [b "Ready for dinner?" ] She asked, getting dressed again.

She scooped up her AI and put her in her jacket pocket. He stuck his head out and squeaked sadly, wanting to talk to Soren's AI and stay by the fire longer. If only. Aether pat his his head [b "You can do that when we go to the resturant. I'll give you some food too." ] She stepped outside and wondered if Soren even had a sled. She couldn't remember. Soren came out, and her AI turned into a wolf to pull the sled. Aether remembered, being attacked by wolves with him, using her sword to defend each other. When they got there, she watched from outside of the restaurant and could remember where they sat, and feeling a bit nervous being around him. [b "I don't remember, did we ever go on a date in this world?" ] She unzipped her jacket when they went in and took a seat.
  Ravenity / 95d 8h 44m 45s
It wasn't magic at all. Avalon has it's own sets of rules and it's own way of working. There wasn't magic, but he could see that it was all that Aether knew about so that's what she associated it with. He tried his best to make her feel more welcome here and try to help her adjust, but it must be hard. He'd try and go much easier on her and take breaks once in a while. Or if she really wanted to, they could go back to her castle.

They were both sitting beside each other when Soren equipped his clothes. He had on his beanie, a scarf, and was bundled up. He waited for her to select the spot and when they hit the button, they both were transported into the snow.

He ended up in his cabin, looking around and then he had a smile on his face as he opened up the door. There she was. Aether was standing at the door and she looked so warm and comfy. [b "Come on in"] he led her into his cabin and then his AI turned back into a bunny, turning on the fire at the fireplace.

He took off his beanie and sat on the couch. [b "Maybe this will jog your memory"] he made some hot chocolate and then he gave her a cup, holding one as well as he sat beside her. When he looked at the time, he thought about the restaurant. [b "We can take the sled down into town and have dinner. THen we can go to the ice skating place"] he smiled and took a sip of the chocolate, warming up nicely. To think one day they'd be in a warm place and suddenly they can just go here and be really cold.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 95d 20h 44m 19s
It was like magic when her hand healed. [i But he says it's not magic. ] She didn't think she'd ever get it. To her, it seemed like the same thing with a different word and different way to use and understand it. Her hand felt much better after. She felt a little relief thinking about going to the snowy world, where things made more sense to her. She didn't want to give up on Avalon either, but, she felt she needed a night where everything made sense.

Aether released the tension in her body and smiled [b "Okay, I'd like that. Mmm, it doesn't matter whose Cabin. I think we stayed at yours last time, right? If we go there, it might help me remember." ] She thought that's how it would work.

She then remembered that itw as cold in that world and took her AI and changed into a teal jacket with thick leggings and boots, and Soren's beanie that he gave her that one time. [b "Okay, let's go!" ] Ah wait, she didn't remember where his cabin was. She opened it up and glanced back at Soren's map to make sure she got the right place. [b "Alright, outside of your cabin." ] She nodded, [b "On the count of three," ] She hit the button and the enviornment began to change around her, snow was falling, and she felt the cold on any exposed skin. She looked around. Where was Soren?

It hit her. She remembered being barely clothed out in the cold and she couldn't find Soren. He found her... She smiled to herself and looked ahead to see his Cabin, and when he appeared, she would feel relieved. [b "We must have had more than I can remember here." ] She was glad they got to spend some time here before. She walked up to the Cabin door.
  Aether / Ravenity / 95d 20h 59m 18s
Swords were something he's used all the time, in this world and in many others. It was the default weapon he'd choose, but here in Avalon, there were so much more. WIth the technology, they had blasters too, shields, and other weapons that harnessed the natural build up of intense heat. He had forgotten that it was Aether's first time to use a gun, so he thought that if he used his, it would be an opportunity for her to learn how to defend from something new. He didn't think it would scare her.

He saw her suddenly change moods and put her weapons away. It made him worried to see if she was really hurt. He hurried over and then he saw her looking stiff. If she didn't want him to help her...why did she make that face? He didn't really get it, but he wanted to cheer her up. WHat if she was so upset that she went away?

He helped her heal her hand and then he tried to make a suggestion. [b "Yeah, we can go. We can eat at that restaurant and then go ice skating. Then we can stay at my cabin or yours if you want"] he wanted her to relax and forget about what happened. Maybe she had a thing with the guns?

He saw that her hand was fixed up and then he sat beside her. [b "Okay let's go?"] he had his AI with his tablet, going over the bookmarked world as he waited for AEther to do the same. He changed his clothes into a warm jacket, scarf, and a beanie with boots. He selected the area and then he told Aether. [b "Let's meet up outside of my cabin?"] he suggested so she knew where to go.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 95d 21h 33m 20s
When it came to swords, she felt she had in the bag. She didn't know how much time Soren spent using a sword, buts he always used it to fight. She loved it for some reason, more than any other weapon in the world. She was fast, and she was trying to get in there, trying to get Soren to slip up, even once. Then he suddenly fired. It caught her off guard, and a hole appeared in her hand. It shook her up. She wasn't used to anything that was like a gun. They scared her. They were faster, and harder to dodge and those machine guns. It hurt.

She held her tears up. No way she was going to show Soren how frustrated she was. [b "Don't apologize. I'm not weak. I can handle this." ] But it hurt, and being fired at with those things made her stiff. Swords-no big deal. Arrows-sure. Certain type of magic-fine. Not guns. She didn't think she did get that much practice. She knew she couldn't do good like this if she couldn't stand against a gun or blaster, whatever they called it.

Aether looked at him surprised when he kissed her cheek. Why did he do that now? Was he trying to comfort her? She glanced away, feeling embarrassed. She followed him and it turned into a desk thing. She sat down and her arm was shaking a bit. She sniffed but tried to cover it up with sighing. She saw her skin returning right back to what it was before, the pain going away.

Dinner...She wasn't thinking about dinner right now. [b "Mmm, can we go back to that world? Ice skating sounds nice." ] She nodded. Maybe being away for the night from this world would be a good idea. It seemed safer there, because she could use magic, and could rely on a sword. Then she remembered [b "We can even go that restaurant we went before together there." ]
  Aether / Ravenity / 95d 21h 54m 20s
He didn't like it when he lost his limbs in battle. IT was strangely weird, as if moving an invisible hand. He didn't like it though because it honestly freaked him out a little to see his hand or leg missing. He didn't want to harm her at all and he knew that Aether was really good when it came to fighting, so they sparred for a little bit.

She was fast, able to dodge his attacks and even get in there, almost threatening Soren. He tried his best to defend, but she almost had him a few times. If he didn't spend a lot of his time fighting here, it would be tough. He managed to dodge her swings, but when he backed up, he fired his gun and saw that it made Aether upset. He turned off his sword and then he quickly ran over, seeing that she was hurt.

He held her hand, taking a peak and then he put his weapons away. [b "I'm sorry, let's go to the machine and heal your hand. As long as you got to practice with your new weapons, that should be good enough"] he helped her up and then he leaned in to kiss her cheek. He wanted her to be okay.

As he led her back inside, he brought her to the machine and turned it into a desk. He brought out a seat for her and let her relax, holding her arm out as the laser scanned it over and brought her skin back.

He ended up watching her and he felt bad. He didn't think that it would scare her, but he guessed she wasn't used to guns just yet. [b "Is there something you want to eat for dinner Aether? Or maybe we can go to the ice world and have dinner and maybe ice skate for today?"] he suggested, hoping to pick up her mood.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 95d 22h 39m 48s
That has happened to her before too. She nodded [b "It always is. It's weird because, I feel like I'm moving my arm but there's nothing there to move." ] They got back at his home, and they were getting ready to fight. She didn't know exactly know how good she would be compared to him, and if there things she didn't know about how these swords worked. She tried, hard. She tried to pick up her speed and make it hard for him to find an opening. Soren was good, he locked everything and she had to make sure she kept track of him.

Aether gasped, seeing the blaster. She didn't see that coming. It startled her enough that the first one hit her arm while her reaction was picking up to block the other two. Ouch! She winced and stared at her wrist. There...was a hole in it. [b "Ow...ouch Soren." She frowned, not expecting a gun out of all things.

[b "I guess so... That really hurt." ] She stared at the hole and wondered how long that would heal. [b "We should stop."] The hand eventually lost grip of the sword and it fell on the ground. She could always fight with her other hand but she would rather not with Soren holding that blaster. She couldn't believe he shoot at her. Guns, they definitely scared her. Then she remembered robots had guns, another reason why they made her shudder. They could kill her so easily.

[b "How do you do it? Fight against robots..." ] She picked up the sword with her other hand to turn it off. Just when she thought she would be okay in this world.
  Aether / Ravenity / 96d 1h 22m 35s
He didn't want her to think about being afraid of robots all of the time. He wanted her to enjoy it here and not just walk around the streets so afraid. He nodded [b "I've had my arm cut off before. IT was scary, but I was able to get it back. You don't have to be so afraid though. It's okay"] he promised her and then he led her back to his home.

Soren had a sparring room just a level down from the main floor. He led her inside and then the room lights turned on. He stood across from her and pulled out his sword. He charged in and tried to swing at her, getting some real practice in. Nothing made you a better fighter than attempting to fight for real.

He swung at her feet, but when she dodged, he smirked and then he blocked her sword when she came down. Soren backed up a little, but she was fast. She moved all around him and when she attacked, he tried to dodge, moving and then he would swing his sword at her side. If she wanted to get serious, he would. He backed up and pulled out his blaster, firing a few shots in her direction, knowing it should be pretty easy to deflect with her sword, but she could test out her gun too.

He smiled [b "You're pretty good Aether. I think with these weapons you'll do fine"] he told her, feeling proud that she was pretty cool.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 96d 20h 5m 52s
[b "I hope so. Having a limb chopped by a robot seems horrifying." ] Robots always made her skin crawl. She would rather handle demons. It made her smile that Soren sounded like he wanted to protect her too. She was really starting to feel like they were good friends or a couple. When they got back, she was changed and in the room where lights were dimmed. It wasn't her usual practice space-because she normally trained outside.

[b "Oh...alright, let's try not to hit each other for real then, okay? I really don't like the pain that comes with losing a limb-" She was about to keep going on and he swung. Now, she was plainly fighting so that she wouldn't get hurt. Soren had to go down. She definitely needed to knock him out. She kicked him back and was finding the sword she had lighter than she was used to, and swinging it and when their swords collided felt different . She was pushed off. [b "I've used a lot of swords," ] With many different weights, balances and uses. Aether jumped when he swung for her feet and at the same tried to strike him from on top, hoping his reflexes were good, and at the same time afraid how far this would continue.

If he blocked that, she would circle around him and tried to attack quickly, from side to side, high, not wanting to leave him an opening. Then she would back up, let him try to strike, dodge it and tried to strike him from behind. The second her sword would get too close to him though, she would stop. Aether seriously did want to get hit by a hot beam. He was...really good. Why was so good at many things? She almost spaced out for a moment, thinking about him.
  Aether / Ravenity / 96d 20h 27m 31s
He helped her purchase a few things if she didn't have enough and then he looked over her weapons. Aether would do fine with those, especially since he knew she was a good fighter. She made it here all on her own and back in her fantasy worlds she was great with a sword. [b "You'll be okay. I won't let you lose a limb"] he smiled and then he led her back to the house.

WHen they arrived, Soren helped her heal up in the machine and changed into easier clothes to move in. His eyes looked over her and then he clicked a button on the wall. The lights dimmed so that they could see the flame of their sword. There were teal lights at the top of the room and on the floor scattered. He held out his sword and turned in on, looking across to see if she was ready.

[b "We're going to test your sword, so like a real sword fight"] he smiled and then he charged forward, swinging his sword at her and then he saw her block. He was kicked and then he fell back, but managed to move his sword to block her from hitting him. He pushed her off of him and then stood up, backing up a little. [b "Looks like it's pretty easy for you to hold that"] he swung his sword for her feet, getting a feel for how light his new sword was. He really liked it, but he did enjoy sparring with Aether. She was really good at fighting too. IT was more entertaining than fighting against dummies and laser programs alone.
  ellocalypse / 96d 22h 14m 56s
A watch, and weapons, and she took down a robot with her armoured arm. She felt she was starting to get the hang of this world-despite the fact she nearly got kidnapped. Even Soren praised her for beating the robot. She felt pretty good about herself now.
[b "Got it, I'll be fine if I lose a limb then." ] She nodded, glad to know that she wasn't going to get some robotic arm. That would be horrifying. What if that arm controlled itself? When they arrived back, she used the machine and was changed into comfortable clothes. She was ready for this. She definitely wanted to practice with Soren.

The room seemed enough space for them to do whatever they wanted. She went near one of the dummies, patting it, and all the sudden, the lights dimmed. She raised a brow. [b "Soren I think the lights are-" ]

"Ready?" he said. She turned and looked over at him and his sword had lit up. Hold it. Was he really going to try to attack her with that sword? That was going to hurt. Sharp swords? Fine, hot flaming swords that could remove a limb just by getting to close...yikes. [b "Ah...well, we're not really going to hit each other right? Unless this world has a safety mode when we have a match." ] About the same thing. She sure hoped she could compare to Soren now. She did have a vague memory of going against Soren before.

Aether wasn't exactly ready but he was running forward. Shit. She drew the sword and was fazed by the light for a bit, that she almost didn't block his swing. She blocked it and since she wasn't the one to fight fair, she kicked his thigh to throw him off, and took a step back and charged forward, aiming to go for his right arm and then kept going, picking up speed, and keeping her footing in mind. She may be new to this world, but she wasn't new to swords, even if it wasn't exactly like a sword. Mostly...she was afraid about being touched with that heat.
  Aether / Ravenity / 96d 22h 43m 1s
He was laughing because it was funny to see someone new in this world that was still getting used to it all. She was still afraid of bad robots and this technology was so different that she mistook it for magic. He wondered if he was like that though when he went to her worlds. Still, he grew up here all his life, so he was used to living here.

After she bought the gun and the sword, he explained to her that the shield could last. It has a certain amount of durability that you could see on your watch. Once it shatters, then you'd need another one. WHen she said that they couldn't heal their limbs here, he shook his head [b "You can, but the AI's can't. Once they lose it, they just gain these robotic limbs"] he told her, heading back home with her.

Soren sat on the couch for a moment, looking at the new sword he bought. He smiled at the color and then he looked over at Aether, seeing how excited she was. He helped her heal up in that machine, soon changing into some shorts and a shirt before leading her down to the spar room.

It was just an empty room with some mats on the walls and floor. THere were some dummies and such, but when Soren pressed a button, the room turned dim and then he pulled out his sword, lighting it up. [b "Ready?"] he asked, holding his sword up and standing across from her. [b "You're already good with a sword. It's about the same thing, just don't let the end touch you"] he then ran towards her, swinging his sword.
  ellocalypse / 97d 1h 4m 25s
She didn't know why but it made her happy when she heard him laughing because of something she did. They got to go weapon shopping, which was the right place for her. She was glad to find a sword that she would even like. There weren't too many like that in the store that she could find. She nodded when he said not touch it. It was probably too dangerous. It worried her though, because she often touched the blade of her sword, even used it to deflect something. Crap. She had to really pay attention to what she was doing.

With Soren's help, she got it in the target, but...being so close, it made her heart race. She saw Soren turn away. This must have done nothing to him. She couldn't believe they had something like a magic shield here. It was amazing. [b "Can we only use it once?" ] She wondered if she should buy a good number of them. Although...this was starting to break the bank. [b "Yea, yea, it's not magic." ] Definitely had to be magic.

Aether's eyes widened [b "What?" ] She chocked. Cut her hand... He stared at the guy's arm. She shuddered. Nope. [b "Soren, does that means limbs don't heal here?" ] She did not want a robot arm. She shuddered again. [b "Wow, your house is really big." ] She went on the back of his motorcycle and put on the helmet. She wrapped her arms around him and would look around as he drove them. She took off the helmet and followed Soren inside. Her AI went right beside his.

[b "Okay! I'm excited," ] She grinned, [b "Let's get started, I want to do quests as soon as possible!" ] Mostly because she spent a lot of money... She looked down at herself [b "Hmm, I need something that is easy to move around in." ] She decided and then looked at her hand [b "I should probably get eaten by that machine to heal first, though shouldn't I?" ] She sighed and decided she needed to do that first for sure if she wanted to practice with Soren. She didn't like it though. With Soren's help, she used it and it still freaked her out, but when she got out, her hand was definitely better. [b "Okay, sparring room?" ] She suggested, changing into a pair of black shorts, a form fitting t-shirt and a pair of shoes. She always loved fighting evil beings, just because there was no guilt trip.
  Aether / Ravenity / 97d 1h 52m 4s
He saw her sending him a shocked face and it had him laughing. They were so cute and he thought that Aether was really cute right now looking for weapons with a smile on her face. It was normal for people like them to try and defend themselves in this world. It was only a matter of time before she would be accustomed to his world.

He saw the sword she picked out and he thought it fit her. THat color looked really good on her and he liked how futuristic it looked.[b "Nope, don't touch it one bit"] he told her, helping her then pick out a gun.

At the range, Soren helped her aim, holding it up and then leaning in close. He held her arm up, seeing how close her cheek was to his and then he turned away because his cheeks were a little red. HE helped her shoot and she got the target. Soren grinned and then he led her back outside, showing her the shields they had. He waited for her to come at him and when the reflective dome appeared, he smirked. [b "Yeah, it's useful. I always carry one just in case. It protects from incoming dangers"] he smiled and saw the surprised look on her face.

[b "It's not magic, it's a different type of thing"] he told her, seeing the robot man come in.

[b "If you touch the sword, it'll cut off your hand like that guy, so be careful"] he told her, holding her hand after they finished. He walked with her outside and then he headed back to his motorcycle. [b "I'll teach you when we head back. I have a sparring room in my house"] he told her, walking with her and then he gave her her helmet. WHen he got back onto his cycle, he drove her back to his house, walking her inside.

His AI bounced into the house as Soren took a seat on the couch. [b "I'll show you how to use your sword and gun and then we can practice with some small quests"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 97d 3h 14m 37s
Aether took Soren's example and send him a shocked face after, and found it pretty funny. At least this would make it easy for her to pay for things. They went to buy weapons, her favorite part. She picked a sword and saw Soren's. It looked like a shining popsicle, and it sure made her want one. [b "Right, right, it's hot, not cold. So...that means I definitely shouldn't even slightly touch it, right?" ] Definitely more dangerous than holding any other sword. Guess she couldn't hold the 'blade' part of the sword for sure.

Soren at least helped her figure out how to hold the blaster. Her cheeks warmed from him being so close, and holding her hands that it was just too hard to focus on the target. But, somehow she got in a second try. [b "Yea, thanks." ] Her heart raced when he was this close to her.

[b "I mostly want to use it to punch a robot again." ] She nodded and followed him, and saw some card. What the hell was that supposed to do? It definitely wasn't armour. She looked at him like he was crazy for a moment, and then even crazier when he said swing the sword at him. [b "Soren, I can't do that..." ] She frowned, and he just stood there. What if she hit him? What if he got hurt? She held her breath and swung, and nearly stopped herself half way, and then all the sudden, this thing appeared. What in the world!?

Her jaw dropped [b "A magic shield!" ] Who would ever thought that this world had something like that. [b "I don't know Soren, this world seems a lot like magic, even if you say it's technology." ] SHe figured it could be useful. She grabbed one [b "definitely seems something we could use." ] She nodded and then this half robot came in. Oh god... She scooted away and nudged his arm .

Accidents... That's why? [b "Oh...I thought maybe they were born that way." ] She whispered [b "Does accidents happen often here?" ] She knew those robotic arms could have been useful to some AI's. [b "I guess it's not all bad." ] She sighed and then met his eyes [b "Should we had back? I want to try practice with this sword and stuff. I'm still scared of robots, but they sure make good money when you kill the bad ones." ] She blushed again, remembering him being so close to her that night. She still couldn't believe that she did all those things with him. [b " could teach me how to use the g-blaster more? Or more about how to rid of evil robots." ]
  Aether / Ravenity / 97d 4h 17m 45s

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