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Aether felt so proud in managing to make a delicious pizza with him. She didn't believe she would have been able to do it. The extra cheese was amazing. She could eat the whole thing if she didn't have to share. She listened onto what he'd like to do and she figured he would want to go back to Avalon. She felt that she just needed to learn more, and get comfortable there like any other new world. "I want to practice. I want to learn how to do things so that I don't need your help so much." She took a bite of her pizza and zoned out for a moment.

"We do?" She raised a brow, "Why don't we just follow his henchmen? Probably would lead us to him." That beat waiting. She tasted the sauce on her lips and thought about it. "I want to drive around the city with you. I've been here a lot of times," She decided. She watched as a patch of cheese dropped on her lap. "Shoot." She picked it up and shrugged, and put it in her mouth. It just tasted sooo good.

She saw her Ai and his belly was full. He was laying flat on his back and she laughed. She poked his little belly, "You're so full. That's what happens when you eat before," She smiled to herself. She felt a little better, removing those thoughts from before and forgetting what happened.

She got up, and looked down at the pizza, "There's still some left over. We should bring it to Avalon," She suggested and began nibbling on her pizza crust.
  Ravenity / 14m 51s
He saw her playing with her AI and he patted his own, seeing them eat the slice of pizza. Soren took another bite, seeing the cheese just stretch out as he smiled because it was really good. It was like restaurant quality food, but they did it themselves.

He ate another slice and told Aether about his hobbies and such. He knew that all of that was mostly done in Avalon, but they could do a lot here too. [b "When we get back to Avalon, I can take you on my bike again and we go around...or we can have you practice more"] he suggested and then he grinned as she told him about reading her books. He read with her a few times in the castle when it was nice and quiet.

Soren nodded [b "We still don't know who he is, but we do know one of his henchmen"] he told her, sighing a little as he thought about what they could do here in the snow world. [b "We can go ice skating again or sledding? If you want to stay in the cold. BUt if you want to go back to Avalon, we can drive around and see the city lights"]
  ellocalypse / 1d 17h 10m 40s
Aether smiled, nodding while she played with her Ai, “I didn’t. I’m glad we did pretty well.” Who’d ever thought cooking would be a lot more fun than she expected. The pizza really was good and there AI’s were enjoying it too. She finished her splice and saw Soren take another. So, she decided to take another too.
“That sounds fun, playing games. What do you even do at a club or bar? I wish I knew how to drive a motorcycle like you.” She sighed. She was practically useless in this world and she didn’t want to be. She also felt bad for depending on Soren while being here. Hers sounded pretty simple, reading books and maybe going out with friends if she didn’t have quests.
“Yea, I really do,” She smiled, and was finishing off her pizza, “I hope so. We still don’t know who the guy is huh…? Longest wait ever.” She nodded. “Do you want to stay inside or should we go out? I’m guessing you would be too tired to do run missions in that 3D world now, so it’s a matter of indoors or outdoors. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable in a club… So hmm…should we play games in doors or do something else outside? I’m okay if you want to ride your motorcycle too.”
  Ravenity / 1d 18h 9m 48s
He smiled when she agreed that it was really good. He couldn't believe that they managed to get it done because he's never really cooked anything like this before. Soren saw her playing with her AI's ears and he laughed because their relationship was showing that they got along really well. [b "I'm glad we were able to make something like this. Who knew we could really cook"] he smiled and took another bite out of another slice.

[b "Me? I usually either play games or I go to that 3D world and just run some missions or beat levels. Sometimes I like to unwind and go to the club or a bar....sometimes just drive my motorcycle around if I'm not visiting any other worlds"] he told her, surprised that she liked to read a lot of books. He did remember the book in the library in her castle.

[b "Yeah I can tell you like doing missions. Once we get back I'm sure we'll get a lead. It'll be Tuesday and that link will be at the bank. Maybe we can try and lead him away and see if we can get a location or something"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 2d 18h 2m 28s
Aether took a bite of it herself. “This actually tastes like pizza,” She nodded, not believing they actually managed to do it. She watched there AI’s taking nibbles of the shared slice. She smiled to herself and leaned over, patting her Ai’s head and pushing his ears. He shot her a look and rubbed his head. She laughed and looked back at Soren, “Yes, it’s not too hot anymore. It’s really good!” She was glad that it turned out so well.

“What do you usually do after dinner?” She asked, since she didn’t really know what to do in Avalon. “Depending where I am, I usually go into the library, read books, learn more about magic or myths and sometimes go out into a lively town and hang out with AI’s. That’s if I’m not on a mission which I almost always am.” She admits. She couldn’t wait to really get back into doing missions or quests.

She sat on the dining table and went to look at the pictures she took before all that had happened. He looked good in the photos and looked good together.
  Ravenity / 3d 5h 28m 32s
He never thought that he'd have so much fun just cooking some real food that he never thought about twice before. He always just got something instantly, went to restaurants, or just popped it into an oven. He never thought it was so much fun to be doing this with someone. He smiled when she said it was fun with him. He never thought that someone would think this was fun, but it really was.

Soren was glad that Aether was feeling much better. She seemed to be staying close to him again. He saw his AI and hers just sneaking off cooked toppings. He laughed a little and then he took a slice because he was really hungry. He took a bite and felt it burn his mouth as he dropped it back onto the plate. She took it and he gasped a little, wanting to eat it still. IT was delicious.

He saw her coming back with snow and Soren laughed a little, doing what he was told. He ate the snow and felt how cold it was. It cooled his mouth, but when he saw her take it into her hands, he nodded [b "It tasted really good though. I think we did a good job"] he said proudly as he watched his AI take another piece of topping. [b "You two and have a slice"] he gave one slice to the two of them as he watched the pizza. [b "I want to eat it now"] he sighed, not wanting to wait any longer. He took hold of the slice and took another bite.

[b "Oooh, it's yummy. It's not that hot anymore"] he smiled brightly and wanted to see what she thought.
  ellocalypse / 3d 14h 46m 51s
She never thought she would be enjoying something like watching the pizza cook in the oven while having his arm around her. It was really nice and she had more fun than she expected. “Yea, we really could. It is fun. I think it’s only fun because of you.” She smiled. She got up and pulled the pizza out and lay it on the counter. She let Soren cut it up. It looked sooo good! She brought out plates and her AI went to sneak a pepperoni out. She thought there AI’s were just the cutest.

All the sudden, she heard Soren yelling out. Her eyes widened, “What are you doing!? Soren-your not supposed to eat it yet.” She took the pizza away from him and narrowed her eyes, “Don’t burn yourself.” She thought of an idea, “Ah-why don’t you put snow in your mouth, that will cool it down.” She thought that was an amazing idea. “I’ll get you some snow.” She smiled and went off before he could say anything. She went outside, grabbed a bit of snow and came back inside with it in her hand, “Quick! Put it in your mouth.” And then she realized, “Maybe…ice would have been better.” She then shrugged to herself.

She wondered if the pizza really was that out. She grabbed a slice and it felt hot to touch, “I think we should wait for a bit more…” She sighed. She didn’t want to burn herself too, “Is your tongue okay?”
  Ravenity / 3d 17h 43m 43s
He caught her stealing, all thanks to her AI blurting it all out. Soren laughed and then he saw the two talking to each other, making him smirk. As she did her studies, Soren watched the pizza, never having really cooked for himself before. He's only watched shows on it and he's only bought food before. He sat down, watching the pizza cook, the head raising the dough and cooking the toppings. The cheese melting all over. It was making him salivate.

He called her over and when she sat with him, he smiled and then he kept his arm around her, watching. [b "I had fun too. Maybe we can cook our meals once in a while. IT's so much fun"] he opened up the oven and saw her pull it out. His eyes were on the pizza as he looked at it. [b "It must be really hot. Here, I'll cut it"] he told her, grabbing a knife and then trying to cut it down the center, seeing it break into pieces.

Once he cut it up, he grabbed some plates and gave her one, taking one for himself. HIs AI hopped onto the counter and took a mushroom, eating it and then squeaking to her AI about how good it was.

Soren took a bite and burned his tongue, gasping a little. [b "Hot, hot hot!"] he told her, blowing onto it.
  ellocalypse / 3d 20h 11m 2s
Aether blushed. He caught her… Or more so her AI pointed his finger at her. “Aren’t you supposed to be helping me not making me look bad?” She whispered to him and pushed him further aside. Aether peeked over to watch Soren slid the pizza in the oven. She went into her studies and came when she heard Soren calling at her. She had to kneel down to get a look, “Whoa! It does look like a real pizza!” Her eyes widened and she was felt with such happiness. They did it! They made a pizza.
She giggled, seeing him watch so carefully. She decided to sit down beside him and lean on his shoulder for a moment, “Cooking is fun with you.” Aether said. Little things were fun with Soren, and she never really enjoyed things with no real risk in them.

The oven beeped and she went over to grab an ovenmit. “Okay, you open it, I’ll take it out.” She said, letting Soren open the oven door. She bend over and used the one hand to pull the pizza out and rested it on the countertop. She looked at the gooey cheese, how it sizzled and the smell of it… “Mmm…It smells so good. I wish we didn’t have to wait to eat it.” Her AI went on the countertop, standing by the pizza. He stuck out his hands and squeezed happily because his hands were so toasty. Aether laughed, “Just don’t fall in it.”
  Ravenity / 3d 23h 33m 36s
He couldn't narrow it down to just one. He liked both places. Still, it was so much fun to be able to cook with her like this. She looked like she knew what she was doing. He chopped up some veggies, moving slowly because he didn't want to cut himself. He finished and set them aside as he noticed the missing pepperoni.

The two blamed each other and Soren laughed [b "It's fine. Just make sure there's some left for the pizza!"] he teased and then he watched her take care of the sauce.

After everything was on top, he placed it into the oven and then he saw her head over to work on her lesson. Soren thought about what he could do for the time being, so he just cleaned up the mess they made, his tablet turning into his bunny as she bounced and took a peek at the pizza in the oven. He smiled, seeing her peek and then look back at him squeaking excitedly. Soren looked and saw the dough puffing up. He called Aether over [b "Aether! Look! It's starting to look like a real pizza"] he said happily, smelling the food and it looked really good.

He sat by the stove, watching the pizza rise as he wrapped his arms around his knees. It was amazing because he's never seen anything like this before since he didn't really cook.
  ellocalypse / 3d 23h 50m 29s
“It doesn’t sound like you have a favorite.” She tried to get the dough right but it was harder than she thought it would be. She let the dough rest, watching Soren slice things up. Her eyes sparkled hearing him grab what she wanted and then he changed his mind. Aether sighed, “Okay…” She glanced at the door waiting it for it too poof up. Then she stole some pepperoni and her AI did too. Aether pointed at her AI, “He took some.”
Her AI squeeked madly and pointed at her.
Aether glared at him.
Soren sliced more anyway. Once the dough was ready, she roled it, and she end up rolling it a bit too thin, but it was what it was. She grabbed the tomato sause she found in the fridge and spread it around, not knowing how much or how little, and she end up overdoing it. She helped Soren place the ingredients on top. She liked this part a lot more.
The pizza was in the oven and she smiled as he faced her. “I hope so.” She nodded. “What should we do until the pizza’s done?” She asked, feeling the urge to go play outside, wonder, or go do a mission. Although, she figured the pizza would be cold by the time she finished that. “Ah-I forgot, I do have to do my lesson for today. We should figure out what to do after,” She suggested, “Maybe go somewhere outside.” She pulled out her tablet and tried to do her lessons for the meantime. She scratched her head and did the small quiz after. The oven beeped and she set the tablet down, “Is it done! Can we eat it?” She grinned.
  Ravenity / 4d 3h 34m 59s
He thought about it and shrugged [b "I don't really know, but I do like going to the hot? But then it's also nice to go to a place like this sometimes"] he grinned, seeing her work with the ingredients. He laughed and then he cleaned up her face, thinking she looked cute with her pout. [b "Flour is messy. So now that the dough is resting, let me chop up what we put on it....and maybe you can work on the sauce?"] he suggested, looking at the ingredients.

He chopped up more veggies and then he smiled when he saw her saying what she wanted. [b "Yes Ma'am!"] he saluted her and then he chopped up some potatoes and then he looked at the recipe....maybe we should just put what's on this pizza right here? IT says it's the most recommended"] he showed her the picture of the combination pizza and then he started cutting mushrooms, olives, and then noticed the sausage he cut was a lot less.

[b "I thought we had more of these?"] he looked at the pepperoni and then he just shrugged and finished cutting all he needed. He gave her the chopped tomatoes and then he pulled out the spices needed for the sauce. [b "Okay, you mush all of these together and I'll add the spices and then we'll cook it up"] he smiled, looking at the list and then he grabbed his measuring spoons and put a few tablespoons of the spices into her sauce.

Soren then went to the oven, turning it on to heat up and then he put a pot on top. [b "I think we're doing okay right?"] he wondered, grabbing a bell pepper and taking a bite. He wondered if Aether was liking this time with him.
  ellocalypse / 4d 13h 47m 3s
“Do you like the cold or the heat more?” She asked, stepping in and warming herself up. Soren looked really cozy. She smiled to herself and began to try to get the dough to work. The flour blew up on her and she heard laughter coming from near her. She pouted, “I’m not-it’s not my fault.” Things like having someone to wipe her face was new to her because of the closeness. She poured the ingredients for the dough together and was plane out confused. She had it in a bowl and let it sit out.

Aether rested her chin in her arms while she rested them on the countertop. Her eyes followed him chopping up the ingredients. “Mmm…tomatoes, extra cheese, potatoes, on-“ As she began he said he didn’t want any. She didn’t even know what was normal on a pizza since she didn’t much of it. “Okay.” While he was turning to grab something, she snuck in some pepperoni in her mouth. She tried to swallow it quickly and keep a mellow expression. If he asked her, she would deny it.

Her AI popped up and started to sneak one in his mouth too. She giggled quietly and then nudged him, “Stop eating it. We need it.” She said. He put it down, put his hands on his hips and squeaked at her a few times, telling her ‘Like you can talk.’
  Ravenity / 4d 21h 52m 47s
He wanted to continue where they were going. Soren wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, she knew that he was going to take care of her right here and right now. He wouldn't do something that she didn't want him to do. All she had to do was tell him to stop.

He felt her hands pulling up his shirt and when he was topless, he slowly pulled her out of her dress as well, his hands caressing her smooth skin as he let his fingers crawl up her thighs. His lips moved down her neck, kissing her collarbone as he moved over her chest. He felt her running her hands through his hair and then relaxing him as he slowly pulled her dress off.

[b "You can do whatever you want to me Aether"] he smiled and then he saw her in just her lingerie. How could anyone be so sexy right now. She looked so beautiful and he really did want all of her. SOren laid back, letting her move on top so she could take some control and feel what it's like.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 72d 13h 27m 58s
He made it easy to forget where she was. Aether felt showered in his kisses, closing her eyes and enjoying his lips go by her ear. Her muscles tightened, her neck stretching when he sucked on her outer ear lobe. [b "Ahh..." ] She ran her fingers along his skin and slid down the fabric off until she had a good view of him. She felt the hardness of his chest, and felt all drowsed up from the little specs of pleasure she had and the heat coursing through her body.

Aether kissed him, locking lips and gave slower kisses that lasted longer. She licked up on his hand gliding up her leg, not really picking up her dress was going higher up her body just yet. "Mmmm..." She felt through his hair from behind and heard the sound of his moans when they kissed. Then, she noticed just how high up the dress was on her body and Soren was pulling it over. SHe helped and stood in her white lace lingerie. [b "You're turned on?" ] She peaked down seeing herself half naked with him. [b "I'm in my underwear, you're still in pants... Do you want me to..." ]
  Ravenity / 73d 2h 51s

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