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HE could see her using his bike and then when she zoomed off without him telling her any other instructions, he felt worried. IF he was the reason she ended up disappearing, he'd never forgive himself. He saw her fall and Soren just quickly rushed to her side and then he could tell his bike would need repairs. He didn't care too much about that. As long as Aether was okay, he was fine too.

[b [#F78F18 "It's okay, don't worry about it. Repairs are really fast"]] he told her, thinking that maybe she needed to see a doctor or drink a potion after everything that just happened to her. He thought about it. [b [#F78F18 "Well the potions here are a little different"]] he told her, thinking that maybe it wasn't even a potion at all.

At his house, ended up helping her make what she wanted by mixing the ingredients in the bowl, following her instructions. He tossed some sugar . on her and then he laughed [b [#F78F18 "Are you? Are you sure you're not too salty"]] he joked with her and then he drew a pan they could use. He watched Aether curiously and then he saw her looking for a stove. HE put it in an oven and then he set the time and temperature, according to her instructions.

As he placed it in, he saw her making some frosting and then he leaned in, watching her curiously. [b [#F78F18 "Oooh, what's that?"]] he asked, peeking over and then he used a spoon to take a bite and then he brought some to her lips, not realizing he had just used that spoon. [b [#F78F18 "Mmm, it's really good Aether. It's delicious"]] he smiled, wondering what the food would look like. He walked to the oven and could see their little cups rising up. IT was like magic. [b [#F78F18 "Are we making cupcakes?"]] he wondered.
  ellocalypse / 2h 33m 32s
She fell pretty hard, it pushed the oxygen out of her, and her back hurt but she laughed it off, and got back up on her feet. She felt bad when she realized that she may have broken his bike. [b “I’m fine. I feel bad about your bike…” ] SO, there were potions in this world…or not? She raised a brow, [b “What do you mean. A potion is a potion, there’s nothing like potions.” ] She didn’t really get it. There was so much she didn’t know about worlds like these.

They got back, and she was willing to give this a shot. It could be fun, and maybe it’ll end up tasting amazing and looking really good. She opened up a tutorial on how to do it and the ingrediants they needed. She flicked flour on Soren and couldn’t help but laugh a bit. She tried to cover but she covered to late, when Sren put some sugar on her. [b “What, I’m already sweet.” ] She laughed. They added stuff to the bowl and began mixing. She then would let Soren do the mixing and would tell him when to stop.

[b “You don’t?” ] She fornwed, and leaned against the counter and saw him draw one. She smiled and used the paper cups and put it on. She began pouring the batch inside and stared at it, wondering if that was all. She grabbed the tray and followed instructions with the… [b “Soren…where is your stove?” ] She turned her head, not even sure how to even control a stove in the past, forget about in this current world. She let him handle that, while she got stuff for making the frosting. She saw some pretty cool ideas she wanted to try, so she used her AI to bring some of those supplies to life. Once the frosting was done she took some on her finger and went to Soren, [b “You should try some and tell me if it’s too sweet, or not enough or…if it tastes horrible.” ]
  Aether / Ravenity / 6h 58m 30s
He listened to her and felt his chest sink a little. It made him happy to know that even though she didn't really remember him, a part of her wanted to find him. He smiled down at her and nodded [b [#F78F18 "I'm really glad you found me"]] he led her towards the empty road and allowed her to use his bike.

When he gave her some simple instructions, he thought she'd really get it on the first try, but he didn't really go detailed enough. He saw her zoom off and land on her back. Soren rushed over to her, nearly panicking because he didn't want her to disappear just from riding a motorcycle. He looked back at his bike and shook his head [b [#F78F18 "It's okay Aether. Don't worry about my bike. I just want to make sure you're okay"]] he told her, helping her up. [b [#F78F18 "Well not exactly the kind of potions your thinking of"]] he smiled and then they got back to his home as he sent his cycle off to be fixed.

When he walked into the kitchen, he wondered if they'd be able to do this. He's never baked anything in his life before. He watched her look things up on her AI and then he decided to help her, getting out the ingredients they needed. When he felt some flour flick onto him, he blinked in shock and tried to dust himself off. [b [#F78F18 "Hey!"]] he laughed and then he felt her wipe it off and then he smiled. He grabbed some sugar and then he dusted some onto you. [b [#F78F18 "See now you're sweet Aether"]] he laughed and then added the amounts to the bowl. He then helped her mix it up, looking around the kitchen for the materials they needed to bake this.

[b [#F78F18 "I don't know if I have any of those pans Aether. We might have to draw some like it"]] he told her, pulling out his tablet and then trying to draw the pans in the picture, seeing it come to life onto the countertop.
  ellocalypse / 1d 10h 43m 29s
Aether pressed her lips together and sighed, [b “I do know who you are-some part of it anyway. It was enough to make me find you, that’s all that matters.] Maybe Soren didn’t really have a good way in this world to try to find her. Maybe there wasn’t magic in this world after all…or maybe just not powerful ones.

Soren brught her to an empty road and his instructions were kind of vague but she trusted his word [b “Touch screen…oh, like my tablet!” ] That made sense. She did what Soren tld her but she flipped and landed on her back. It hurt…but she was willing to try it again. She kept on trying and was getting the hang of it. Oh-was she hurting. She got Sren’s help back up and realized maybe she caused some damage on the bike, [b “I will…I can pay for it getting fixed, if I did something.” ] She mentioned, feeling a bit bad. Then she smiled and nodded but wait, [b “Potions work in this world?” ]

Soren did mention his motorcycle needed to be fixed. Ah, she did feel bad. They got back soon enough and she watched his bike disappear. Magic. She went t the stove with him and patted the countertop. She met his eyes and laughed, and shook her head, [b “Not really. No but it can’t be too hard can it?” ] She pulled out her AI to look for instructions [b “Three Fggs…oil…milk, and flour.” ] She read off, [b “We can do this!” ] She took out bowls and tried to crack an egg but part of the egg shell fell in, and so she attempt it to get it out. [b “I’m starting to thin that we might…need a chef or someone to make this stuff, and we can learn from them too…” ] But she still wanted to this. She decided to be playful and flick some flourr at Soren and laughed at his slightly ghostly face. She then leaned in and wiped his face and her eyes fell to his lips for a second, before drawing back. [b “Ah, we have to get sugar too!” ] She almost forgot the most important part.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1d 17h 40m 35s
Soren felt like he's experienced a lot, but not too much. He knew that everyone that grew up in a different world had their own experiences, so he felt like it didn't matter who he was with, as long as he was with Aether, he'd learn a lot more than he didn't know and he could show her new things as well. [b [#F78F18 "Me too. I'm glad you made it back to's pretty amazing since you don't even know who I am. It makes me really thankful Aether"]] he smiled and then he finished grabbing all the ingredients they needed.

They kept it all in their inventory, so they didn't have to worry about it too much with carrying. He went back to his bike and then he asked her if she was ready for the empty road. Soren drove them further out of the city towards a long empty road that went up a mountain. He then stepped off of his bike and then he allowed her to take a seat on top of it. [b [#F78F18 "It's touch screen, so as long as I have the key card in, you're good to go"]] he let her take a seat and then he watched her twist the handle.

He saw her zoom really fast and when she hit the breaks, he saw her fly. [b [#F78F18 "Aether!"]] he called out, running up to her to make sure she was alright. He saw her laughing and then she got right back up and went again. She was getting better, but Soren was stunned. She looked so beat up and she kept falling. There goes his bike. It was going to need major repairs, but he should be able to fix it. She fell again and then Soren leaned in, helping her up. [b [#F78F18 "I think you're good for the day. Let's get you back to my house and we'll relax and bake. You need to take a few potions though"]] he told her, getting back onto the motorcycle.

[b [#F78F18 "Let's head back. I need someone to fix up the damage on my motorcycle too"]] he joked with her, just needing to send it for maintenance. He zoomed them back home and then he stepped off of the bike, looking around. He opened his menu and then sent his bike for repairs, seeing it disappear slowly.

WHen they headed inside, he walked her towards the stove he had in his house. It was really advanced, but it still had the functions of a normal stove. [b [#F78F18 "Do you know where to start Aether?"]] he asked, not really having a clue.
  ellocalypse / 2d 13h 43m 9s
It definitely was odd to have someone that knew a good amount about what experienced, and also such a relief. It felt less lonely knowing he was out here. [b [#00cca3 "I'm really glad I found you before we grew really old. It really scares me that we might not see each other until we're really old again. Living on my own can't be the only way to live." ]] There had to be more than AI's. They decorated the shop and it looked really cool. It would be fun to run this place. But-what was those kind of swords?

Her eyes widened, [b [#00cca3 "Really!? It's a FIRE sword!?" ]] She never thoguth... Her eyes widened and she was amazed by the 'magic'. It lit up like a glow stick she saw in one of the worlds she been at a dance. She got near and she could almost feel the heat coming off of it. [b [#00cca3 "It must be really dangerous." ]] He took it away and they went off to a shop.

Aether felt so happy that a spot like this existed in this world. It was a good trip. [b [#00cca3 "Umm...I guess back? An empty road?" ]] She wondered why and then she remembered. She grinned and nodded and held onto him while he drove, they reached a empty area. She felt a bit nervous to try riding the motorcycle. She got on the motorcycle, trying to kept it balanced. [b [#00cca3 "Make sure it's on? Oh okay, how do I know it's on?" ]] She looked at the steering and at the digital interference. [b [#00cca3 "Then go..." ]] She whispered to herself. Twist right handle...and breaks. Okay! She nodded and twisted the right handle-what she thought was a little bit but was a bit too much. She zoomed through and it was great at first, but then she hit the break s a little too hard-and flew off and landed on her back. Owe.

Aether end up laughing, [b [#00cca3 "Wow, that was a lot harder than I thought. Okay, let me try again." ]] She sat up and felt a little sore already. She got on and this time twisted it more gently and went on, and realized-she didn't know how to turn properly, so end up turning to fast and falling on the ground again. But she wasn't about to give up. She enjoyed learning it, and Soren's bike was so sturdy. She got a hang of it-well she thought. When she hit the breaks near him, she end up tipping on one side and almost fell again, [b [#00cca3 "That was really fun, thanks for taking me." ]] Aether smiled brightly, she got a few scrapes but nothing a good day of sleep couldn't fix. She really was fond of the motercycle and now even wanted one even more.
[b [#00cca3 "I really want one..." ]] She whispered to herself and looked back at Soren. [b [#00cca3 "Hey, we should finish baking today and then, maybe invite your friends over here, so they can try and spread the word. What do you think? ]]
  Aether / Ravenity / 2d 16h 57m 45s
This was the first world he saw, the first place he realized was his home. Avalon will always be the world he grew up in and nothing would change that. He remembered standing by the bridge when he was younger. But as he remembered, he always was alone. Ever since he was a young boy there really was no one there to help him besides his AI. He was always by himself.

[b [#F78F18 "I don't know, but I don't like that feeling. Not having someone to share your experiences with or would share their own adventures and not repeat things. I'm really glad you found your way back to me too Aether"]] he smiled and then they had so much fun decorating the little shop. He drew some things that he thought were really cool and by the time he put up the laser swords, he showed her. [b [#F78F18 "It's like a really hot flame that can cut through pretty much everything. See"]] he pulled one out and lit it up. [b [#F78F18 "You have to be careful though. You don't want to accidentally hurt yourself"]] he told her and then he saw the building take shape on the plot of land.

Soren took her to the ingredient shop just on the outskirts of downtown. The elderly woman took them outside to her backyard where she had the garden and the fields. He looked around and saw Aether looking at the fruit. She grabbed what she needed and Soren would just wonder how much they needed.

By the time they paid, they thanked the woman and then he held Aether's hand, leading her back to his motorcycle. [b [#F78F18 "Okay, where to next? Let's go to a nearby empty road. I'll let you try out my motorcycle"]] he told her, driving her past the city and into the empty plains. There were roads that extended really far away and would twirl up mountains and hills. He knew Aether would have some fun riding it and she'd get a lot of practice.

[b [#F78F18 "Okay so first, all you have to do is make sure it's on and then to go, you have to twist the right handle. These are the brakes"]] he pointed to them and then he let her have his cycle. [b [#F78F18 "You can start off slow and just try to get the hang of it"]]
  ellocalypse / 4d 12h 34m 12s
He must have seen this world first. It was still a mystery on how when she first opened her eyes she that she was alone, in a small house and came by a red tree. She must have been a baby once right? Sometimes, she just wandered if she was just a smarter version of an AI. Aether nodded, [b [#00cca3 "I get why you like it too. I wonder...if we were ever babies, if we had parents. I hate feeling alone... I'm glad I got back to you." ]] Aether gently smiled, spacing out for a second, always wandering a bit about the world. This was great, Soren was going to be her king-and that meant... She tried to shake it off even if her cheeks were pretty warm for a while.

They pieced it together, and it was coming out into a cool place. She even tried the outfit and her old crown. It was smaller on her head now. It had used to be so big on her when she was just a kid. She peeped on Soren's glowing stick thing. What was that? Her eyes widened, [b [#00cca3 "That's a sword! What's laser? Yea we could." ]] She nodded, not really sure how that thing would cut.

She was pretty excited to bake with him. She nodded, looking into the space, [b [#00cca3 "I think so too." ]] Her head lifted off the location when he took her hand. It made her smile a bit, and feel slightly shy but she didn't let go or tug back. [b [#00cca3 "Awesome!" ]] She put on the helmet again and wrapped her arms around his waist, while they were on his motorcycle. When they arrived, they reached a small shop. Aether kept her hands behind her back, leaning back and forth on her heels and toes as they waited for the door to open. An elderly woman. She hadn't seen that many old people pass by around the city.

Aether noticed the old woman looking back at her, so Aether gently smiled and followed. Wow, she really did plant. It was nice to know that stuff like this was still around in this world. [b [#00cca3 "Wow... The only one? Why? It's so delicious when it's fresh." ]] Aether wanted to just go straight to the fruit. Aether checked recipes she had in her inventory and made a list of what they should get. Aether smiled at the old woman, [b [#00cca3 "Thank you for what you're doing. It makes me feel more at home to know that at least one person still does this..." ]] How she loved to go in the garden, or wherever fruits were.

They choose what they needed, and Aether paid up, hoping they could sell well. The soil here...definitely wasn't the same as the places she lived in, but nevertheless it was grown with care. She leaned against Soren's shoulder, becoming pretty comfortable with him, [b [#00cca3 "We have our ingredients', we can start baking, together." ]] She liked the idea, she saw families sometimes make food together, eat together and it seemed all so nice. She craved for it, for something like that. She wanted to know what it was like to live with someone daily, and never abandon them or be abandoned.

[b [#00cca3 "If our batch comes out good, we'll give you a try," ]] She said to the old woman, before they went off. Aether look around the street and did wonder, [b [#00cca3 "Soren, are there poor people in this world too? ]]
  Aether / Ravenity / 4d 18h 12m 49s
He knew what was popular in this world, but he didn't really want to ruin Aether's dream shop by telling her what she should and shouldn't have. If she wanted to put whatever she wanted into her shop, he wasn't going to stop her. Not when it would be their first shop. Whether they had a lot of customers or not, they were going to introduce freshly baked goods to the city of Avalon.

They talked and drew more interior designs and Soren suggested some egg chairs. Maybe have it around to keep the look futuristic. THey could combine some thrones and wooden tables to keep the castle feel to it. The outside stunned Soren because he loved tie idea of the red trees. IT reminded him of the dates he had with her, missing them a lot. Aether liked him and he wanted this Aether to feel the same way the more time spent with him.

HE talked about their date and then he saw that she really liked that place. [b [#F78F18 "Really? Yeah the first thing I saw was that bridge I live by. It's always there and I like to be near it. I can see why you like it"]] he smiled and then he told her that he really liked that it was her shop. [b [#F78F18 "Okay, it can be ours together and I'll be your king here"]] he smiled, seeing her cheeks blush. Did that mean something special? He didn't really understand, but then he heard her giggle and he couldn't help but find her so cute. He really missed having her with him and keeping him company like this.

He kept his eyes on her tablet, seeing her drawing what she wanted to wear. It looked really cool and he could tell that she would look great in it. She'd look great in anything because Aether was so attractive to him. He saw her put on a crown and it fit her so well because he always saw her as a queen. [b [#F78F18 "It's just some swords they use here. They're laser swords. I thought we could put some weapons up too"]] he suggested and then he thought about ingredients. [b [#F78F18 "Oh you're right. Okay, let's go get some"]] he saw the full restaurant appear on on the plot of land and he grinned.

[b [#F78F18 "I think we did a great job"]] he smirked and then he reached over to hold her hand without thinking. [b [#F78F18 "Okay, let's go to the special shop I was telling you about. They have those ingredients to make a cake"]] he led her back to his motorcycle and then he waited for her to get on before zooming into the city. They passed by a few skyscrapers and then they slowly drove outside of downtown until Soren stopped by a small trailer shop.

He walked towards the door and knocked, seeing and elderly woman step outside. [b [#F78F18 "I'm interested in buying some of your ingredients. I was wondering if you still sold them"]] he asked, seeing the woman smile and then her eyes fell on AEther. "Sure. Come out back. I have a stock" she said, leading them around to the backyard. She had a few plantations of wheat fields and grains. She even had some fruit trees and gardens. [b [#F78F18 "She's the only one here that's growing things left"]] he told Aether, walking towards the stocked barrels the woman led them too.

She gave them a choice of different kinds of flour she had, along with some fruits and other ingredients.
  ellocalypse / 5d 10h 26m 53s
She didn't know what in the world the people in this world liked. Soren had some pretty cool ideas, "That sounds like a great idea! Yea, yea, chandeliers, are you sure about glass tables? Wooden one could work too couldn't it?" ] She asked and wondered what an egg chair is. She searched it up and fell in love with it, [b [#00cca3 "We can have one or two of them!" ]]

The red forest...she remembered being there with Soren but she didn't know how they got there or what they were there for. She just remembered it being really nice, being with him and playing around. Aether smiled to herself, [b [#00cca3 "I did, didn't I? I really like that place, I'm glad I took you there. When I first opened my eyes in this world, the first thing I saw out the door was this beautiful red tree...I don't know why but it makes me feel less alone." ]] She didn't even know if she had already said that to him. She wasn't sure why Soren name the place things related to her.

[b [#00cca3 "I wanted it to be ours...together." ]] Why did he always do things like this? He could have taken even the crown when they were kids and become king himself, but he gave it to her. She figured he always treated her like she was a queen. Aether smiled and nodded, [b [#00cca3 "I want you to be..." ]] She blushed knowing that king and queens were also married to each other. Part-time? Ah, of course. [b [#00cca3 "Okay, you can be my knight too." ]] She giggled. It was pretty-cute. She felt like, Soren really treasured her and it was a great feeling.

She imagined their AI dancing and singing around and thought it would be pretty funny to watch. [b [#00cca3 "I'd think they'd do that without our consent anyway. But I like that idea. We can pick out music...or you can, I don't know what people here like." ]] She shrugged figuring she had a much different taste.

Eventually she got down on making her uniform and hoped that Soren liked what she made, thinking it would look cute on her. She wore a skater skirt and tested the outfit with a pair of knee high socks with long boots. [b [#00cca3 "Mmm, you can. Oh...a crown." ]] She went into her inventory and pulled out the crown from wonderland and put it on her hand and then laughed, [b [#00cca3 "You mean something like this?" ]] But then she remembered that she shouldn't bring something into this world that wasn't in this world, so she tucked it away. She took a peak at Soren's picture and thought it was cool. [b [#00cca3 "What's that?" ]] She pointed at the laser swords.

[b [#00cca3 "Oh, we should go get fresh ingredients, and start trying to bake things together. What do you think, should we do it now?" ]] She asked, letting the full built of the resturant appear before them. It...really did look amazing. It made her feel-so happy that she couldn't stop grinning.
  Aether / Ravenity / 5d 17h 17m 18s
HE drove her to an open field just a few miles out of the city. They were close to a main road so a few cars would pass by now and then. He could imagine having a small, castle like cafe with a mixture of futuristic designs. He knew the people that lived here liked to live with the high tech gadgets and things, so he thought the outside could look historic but the inside more up to date.

[b [#F78F18 "Like maybe something that can combine the castle and futuristic things. Like maybe small thrones for chairs and marble tables and chandeliers....or maybe some glass tables and egg chairs?"]] he thought and then he saw her putting red trees and then remembered the forest she took him to.

[b [#F78F18 "We did have a picnic. You wanted to take me to the place with red trees. It was really pretty"]] he tried to remind her and then they thought up a few names. He said a few and was glad she really liked them. [b [#F78F18 "I like the ones where you're the one featured. It's your sweet shop. I can just help you run it"]] he knew it was her idea and he liked making it about her. It was going to be a shop all about Aether and her sweets. He didn't want it any other way.

Soon enough they had a basic castle with the windows and doorways coming into place. [b [#F78F18 "I can be the king if you want me to be"]] he smiled and thought about his other duty [b [#F78F18 "But only a part time king. I'm still the queen's knight"]] he smirked and then he helped pick out some of the interior with her. [b [#F78F18 "Ooh a live stage with music. Maybe we can let our tablets have a playlist going or they can sing and dance too"]] he liked that idea.

It would be a fun, relaxing place that made desserts from scratch. They went through more of the colors and the exterior and thought her outfit sounded like it would look pretty on her. [b [#F78F18 "I like that on you. Hmm, maybe I can wear it with jeans and a shirt. We can have something cool like wearing actual crowns too!"]] he suggested, making a picture of a crown and then adding things to the decor like laser swords and guns.
  ellocalypse / 6d 10h 12m 37s
The spot Soren brought her too seemed pretty nice. They had such a big space and they could create whatever they imagined it to be. The hard part was-deciding things . She stood in front of the area, and brought her tablet to pick up ideas. She gave a list of ideas and then lifted her head up and smiled when Soren agreed about the colors. [b "Yes, exactly, a cozy cafe." ] She nodded, imaging it feeling so inviting. [b "What's a cool table and chair? You have an idea? How futuristic-I want it to still be cozy." ] Soren made her grin when he mentioned it reminded him of their picnic. Wait...picnic?

[b "I remember going there together, I don't think I remember having a picnic. But...I do remember feeling pretty happy." ] She wished she remembered all of it. She listened to Soren's name and she had to admit, his was clever but it made her giggle. "Queen of Tarts' ' Aether's sweets.' [b "I like those! Maybe even 'Tea time' like in wonderland or "Red Queen's Sweets' or something else that involves both of us. How come you want to name it after me?" ] She tilted her head, finding it really sweet and made this warmth grow in her chest. He clearly thought about her. She peeked over and saw what he did, she liked it, and even put her input to make it a bit more classy but not too much, or adding certain windows, or hanging bottle lights. [b "Mmm, then we should have a queen and king crown...I mean if you want to be my king this time." ] She half whispered, but remembered Soren always telling her that he wanted to be her knight, to protect her. She never understood why he felt this strong urge to protect her but she loved the feeling knowing someone cared this much, and it made her want to treasure him too.

[b "We can also pick music to put on... oh, oh, maybe we can have a stage too! You know, so that we can have live bands or live music now and then, or maybe we can even sing," ] She joked about the last bit, thinking it was a fun idea.

She leaned into Soren, as she contributed to the design and let him help out with the exterior too, until they made the final decision on what they wanted. Although, uniforms! "We should have really cool uniforms, like maybe, maybe using around the same colors, something cute... hmm...I'm not too sure." She drew something out, a high waist skirt, short and teal crop top, t-shirt length on the shoulders. She pressed her lips together and tried to figure else-she wanted to wear boots for sure. She looked at Soren and blushed, thinking he would look good in -anything and she meant anything-or nothing.
  Aether / Ravenity / 6d 17h 7m 28s
He made them both food and hoped that she really liked it because even though it was from a package, it still tasted like the real thing. Soren was smiling as he sat beside her and ate. It's been such a long time since they did something like this, so it really did make him happy. It felt warm again and having her here in Avalon was like a dream come true.

He finished up and then one robot came over to clean up the dishes. He led her outside and then he showed her his motorcycle as he took a seat and then waited for her. When she wrapped her arms around him, he smiled and sped off past the bridge. They passed by a few buildings, but weren't close to the city. It took about five minutes before they reached their stop.

Soren stood up and then he helped her off before showing her the plot of land they could use to draw her shop. [b [#F78F18 "I like that idea. Okay, let's make it those colors. We can make the inside cozy like a cafe. Maybe have some cool tables and chairs. Maybe it can be like a small castle with a futuristic interior? I like the red trees! It reminds me of our picnic"]] he smiled and told her and then he tried to think of a name for their shop.

[b [#F78F18 "Hmm, what about... Queen of Tarts! Since you're like the queen of the castle....or Eats and Treats...or Aether's Sweets!"]] he suggested, trying to think of some cool ones. He met her eyes and then he took his tablet and started drawing some basic castle designs and then showing them to her to see if maybe she liked one or had one in mind.
  ellocalypse / 8d 10h 40m 1s
The food wasn't too bad, she even got a blueberry muffin. It made her pretty happy to be eating it and sitting right beside Soren. It was...really nice to share a meal with him, or just sit beside him or just see him. She didn't fully understand why she felt a little excitement when she was with him. Aether nodded, dusting off the little crumbs on her lips and was about to help clean up thinking it would be polite but a machine came over-and cleaned it. Huh. She followed Soren out the door and was amazed on how his motorcycle appeared.

[b "That's really cool." ]] She took the helmet he gave her, fixing it up and shyly put her arms around his waist. Before she knew it, they were out in the road, facing the wind and passing tall buildings. She kept looking around again and noticed where they were heading, into a more-emptier space. Maybe that would be for the best, it was...quieter. They stopped, and she took the helmet off.

[b "Okay, let's do it." ] She grinned and met his eyes, [b "We can draw one together. We should use pastel colors for our restaurant or cafe or bakery. Maybe a pastel teal and a pinkish red. We can add a water fountain."] She brought her tablet out and began to draw some ideas, [b "Places couples to sit, famalies...beautiful red trees. Maybe, maybe we can use mirrors inside. We can make it a bit castle themed but-still a bit more um...modern?" ] She suggested, thinking it was going to look great. But then she frowned as she tilted her head, "But...what would we even call it?" ] She turned her head and looked at Soren wondering if he had any ideas. [b "Sweetness? Dessert heaven..." ] She sighed. This was tougher than she thought it would be.
  Aether / Ravenity / 8d 19h 28m 26s
He was glad that she was pleased to find out that he wasn't an AI. It was pretty easy to tell when someone wasn't an AI. They had their own thoughts, their own mindset and they were unpredictable. Aether was every one of those. He was really happy to have her back here because he really did miss her.

He woke up the next morning, seeing her beside him, a smile on his face because he wasn't alone. Today was going to be an adventure. A break in his monotonous schedule because he didn't have to go to Wonderland. She was right here. He was smiling uncontrollably as he faced her, seeing her ruby eyes meet his. Soren slowly stood up and then he put on some jeans and a jacket before heading into the kitchen to make them food.

He had two plates and he sat there eating slowly, taking a few bites and then he watched her eat. He hoped she didn't think the food was really bad or anything. After he finished up, he nodded [b [#F78F18 "Yeah, we'll use my motorcycle to get around the city. Let's go?"]] he cleaned up the table, putting the plates into another machine to clean them as he headed towards the door.

He clicked on a button on his watch, his motorcycle appearing from an elevator that brought it up to him from underground. When they were ready, he gave her another helmet and then he sat down and waited for her to put her arms around him. Soren rode the bike past the bridge, a little closer to the city towards an empty field. He stopped and let her look around. [b [#F78F18 "So we can draw and make a store here. It's on the outskirts of the city, so they'll allow it"]] he told her, seeing that it was a few miles out of downtown, but cars still passed by.
  ellocalypse / 10d 28m 4s

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