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He didn't know why she couldn't see that they were neglecting them. All he wanted was for Aether to believe him. There she went about taking care of herself and he knew she could, he just felt worried....he loved her. He wouldn't let some gang just take advantage of them like that and he knew they were up to something.

[b "I don't know, but something is off about them"] he held her hand and led her back to the bike. When they got back to the apartment, he stepped inside and didn't see or hear anyone there. He nodded [b "THey [i are] doing something they don't want us to know about"] he told her, sighing a little and then he heard her and shook his head [b "I'm not mad. I'm a frustrated you won't believe me, but I just have to find you proof right?"] he shrugged and then he just ended up sitting on the couch.

SHe didn't seem to mind being close to him, so he allowed her to. [b "We can distribute the money in the morning. We can relax and talk about how we want to distribute it"] he suggested, sitting on the couch with her and then looking back to face her [b "I don't mind...snuggling for a while...since no one's here"]
  ellocalypse / 4d 9h 27m 3s
Aether ruffled her hair, “This place is bad luck. That’s not their fault. They’re doing what they can.” She listened to him but it was just like what he said before. She didn’t think she would get hurt. [b “I’m fine. I can take care of myself. They trusted that I could handle it. Even if they did lock us here, it’s not killing us is it? They’re not trying to hurt us.” ] She didn’t get it where he was getting this form. She sighed [b “I don’t like how they sent you off alone, but you’re okay.” ]

She peeped down at what she was wearing again, and nodded. She wasn’t minding it so much, although this definitely wasn’t what she’d be wearing out again. Shhe took his hand and maybe it was all in her head, but it didn’t seem like he wanted to. She got on his bike, fitting the helmet on. They arrived back, and headed back inside. There…was nobody. Aether heavily sighed and shrugged, “I don’t know…maybe they are doing something they don’t want us to know.” She lifted her legs up on the sofa. [b “Maybe we could just sit together for a while. I’m s tuck on this question. I could use some help.” ] She mentioned and half smiled. She frowned and looked at her knees, [b “Are you mad at me for not thinking your right?” ]

She just couldn’t see it. There was nothing to really prove that they were bad. So, she believed that they were still good. [b “Ah! I’ll get changed and we can help give out some money to people who realy need it and then how to help people make more money with money...or you could...snuggle with me..." She whispered the last bit, blushing a bit.
  Ravenity / 4d 11h 56m 20s
He knew that if he mentioned anything else bad about Lyric, she wouldn't believe him. Would she ditch him to help Lyric and his gang? He wasn't sure, but he didn't want to give them a chance. THey made him get a microwave....what did that do? That wouldn't help the poor? He disregarded his safety and Aether was harmed in the last mission...he knew Lyric didn't care about their well being at all. Why wouldn't she see that?

He walked past the people in the club and made it outside. He walked over towards his bike and then he felt her bump into him. [b "Doesn't seem that way to me. Ever since I came, it's been nothing but bad luck"] he mumbled and then he felt hurt by the words she spoke to him. She didn't believe him again. [b "I don't want you getting hurt AEther. They don't care about our safety. I could tell by that last mission when they sent me off alone....when they made you do that stunt....and then leaving two people here locked? That doesn't sound promising"] he wanted her to at least think there was a chance he wasn't good.

[b "Let's get back though so you can change into something warmer. We'll figure things out from there"] he summoned his bike and felt her take his hand. It didn't make him feel good, but he just held her hand and led her to his bike. When he got on, he gave her a helmet and then headed back to the apartments.

He parked his bike and then he stepped down and waited for her. When they headed inside, he looked around. No one was home. Where did they go? [b "Looks like they had some plans they didn't need to tell us about"]
  ellocalypse / 5d 7h 50m 57s
[b “Soren…I thought we were over this,” ] Aether folded her arms, [b “You said you’d give them a chance and now you’re doing it again.” ] She followed along, climbing into the small vent and made it to the other side to open the door. She turned the knob, and out Soren came. Ahh right, she forgot to check for them first.

Aether took a look around but didn’t see any of them. She only saw people who worked her and the customers. She would walk around for a moment, to check if they were talking somewhere around the place, but as she pushed through some people-she realized they weren’t here anymore. She pushed back through people again and returned to Soren. [b “I don’t know. Maybe they went back.” ] She followed him outside and accidently bumped him from behind.

[b “Can we please stop with this? He’s done nothing but good since I came here. I think you’re just being paranoid and basing him off of the past people, but they’re not like that. Soren…” ] She tugged his wrist, shaking her head, trying to get him to look at her, her hair falling over her face. [b “Stop… you’re on a witch hunt. Why don’t we go back? Maybe they’re there. We got the money, and we can help others. They really can’t be that bad.” ] She wanted him to realize that he was overreacting. She looked down at herself [b “I mean, I’m safe and you’re safe. Everyone is. He kept his promise.” ] She half smiled and took hold of his hand slowly,
  Ravenity / 5d 10h 50m 48s
He was glad to be with her again, seeing that she was happy that Lyric was able to take money from this man. To be honest, how did they even know that this man was bad? He sighed and told her wanted to tell her about what he saw, but she really did believe they were good. IT was frustrating.

He shook his head [b "I don't think so. I also think they're the ones who locked us in here"] he sighed, frowning when she said he needed to trust people more. That's how you got taken advantage of. He sighed and then he helped her up into the vent. When she couldn't carry him, he waited for her to open the door and then he stepped outside and closed the door. At least it would make the man just seem like he was taking a nap.

He stepped out with her [b "Where are they? Why'd they leave us?"] he walked outside and looked around, wondering where the gang went. [b "I'll prove it to you there's something fishy going on. Everytime we go on missions, Lyric goes off on his own to get something he needs. He doesn't care about the money or the poor"] he wanted to convince her that he was right. There was something they were hiding and he knew it. If only he had better proof to show her because he hated it when Aether thought he was being unreasonable.
  ellocalypse / 6d 7h 23m 23s
Soren hugged her and smiled at her. “Of course,” She smiled, knowing she would be able to handle herself. Lyric wasn’t so bad after all since he gave the money, and she end up pretty safe. [b “Find out what?”] She frowned. The door closed and she figured someone must have locked it from the outside. [b “I think so…” ] She shook the door knob a bit more and it wasn’t opening up for her. [b “We don’t know if it’s them yet. It could have been anyone.” ]

She was glad to hear that sum of money. They really could so something with this money. She shrugged, [b “We can’t assume. He gave the money, maybe he just needs the code for something that isn’t bad.” ] She decided. She didn’t think Lyric was a bad person, there was no reason to believe that, and she thought Soren moved on from it but it didn’t seem like it. So, she sighed and nodded. [b “I think you need to learn how to trust more…” She added. She watched him squat, and she took his hand. She let him lift her up and she crawled into the vent. She then bent down to help him get up, but she found that she couldn’t lift Soren’s weight.

[b “I’ll be right back. I’ll open the door from the other side.” ] She crawled through the vents and eventually found an opening. She leapt down, and drew attention. She quickly went over to the door to open the door for Soren. Then she pulled her sweater down a bit.
  Ravenity / 6d 10h 14m 51s
When Soren returned back to the club, he quickly went straight for Aether because he was worried that the passed out man could have been capable of harming her. When he saw her safe in the room, he hugged her [b "I knew you could take care of it"] he smiled and then he told her the good news.

She said Lyric wasn't so bad, but he had a a feeling it was all a front. [b "Maybe, but I did find something out. I'll tell you later when we're alone"] he thought about who to give it to and he knew it'd be best that they show the people how to make money as well. HE looked over at the door and when she said it was locked, he scratched the back of his head.

[b "WHy did they lock us in here? Do you think they don't want us on the next part of the mission?"] he was confused, but when AEther knocked the man out again, he sighed [b "We got just over 500,000 coins"] he told her, walking towards the door and trying to break free.

[b "I think something is going on Aether. I saw Lyric stealing some codes from this man's computer. It looked like it was for some new machines they're making here. I don't know what though"] he looked around the room, seeing a vent in the ceiling. [b "We're going to follow them and see what they're up to. I have a bad feeling about this"] he told her, squatting a bit and then holding out his hand. [b "I'll lift you up and then you can help me and we'll get out of here and follow them"] he mentioned, using his strength to help her get up into the ceiling after he opened it up.
  ellocalypse / 7d 6h 7m 50s
Aether lifted her eyes from her tablet up to the door when she saw it slightly open and then fully open. She felt a sense of relief it was Soren and not someone else she had to knock out. She nodded [b “I’m fine. I had to knock him out again, but I’m fine,” ] She gently smiled and was surprised by him hugging her already. She hugged back him. Her eyes widened and she looked back at him with such happiness, “Really!? That’s great! See, Lyric isn’t so bad.” ] She said still having the sweater to cover her up.

[b “That’s a good diea. Also, I think we should help them find a way to keep making money though with this money. This place doesn’t have to be like avalon’s big main city, but it should be at least a place where they can have a nice life.” ] She said. She saw the door close behind them. She raised a brow and got up to the door. She would grab the handle to take a peak at who must have looked…but the door was locked. She couldn’t open the door. [b “I think…we’re locked in,” ] She said and then shrugged, “Guess it was by accident. Either way, I want to get out of here. This place isn’t so comfortable.” She said. She saw the man trying to wake again. Aether head over and knocked him out with her fist this time.

[b “How much money did we get?” ] She raised a brow.
  Ravenity / 7d 11h 27m 45s
He followed into the building using his cloak as he moved through the hallways. He made sure to keep his steps quiet as he followed Lyric up into the office. Soren stayed a few feet behind him as he looked over his shoulder, seeing what he was doing to the man's computer. He watched as he transferred some data and from what the codes looked like, it seemed like he was getting information about some new devices being made.

Soren would try to get a closer look, but it was hard without him noticing. Once Lyric finished, Soren quickly made his way back to the others, removing the cloak and then seeing Lyric approach him. He gave him an account number and then he took the money. There was so much. IT could be given to the right people and they could build better lives here. [b "Yeah we're good"] he told him as they all headed back to the club where Aether was.

He quickly headed into the room to see if she was okay [b "Aether? Are you alright?"] he called out, seeing her just relaxing. He walked over and then he hugged her, holding her hand [b "We got the money. I know who to sent it to also. I'm going to give some to the people that run the small bar and I'll distribute some to the locals here"] he told her, wondering if she'd like that or if she also had people in mind to give the money too. He'd tell her about what he saw later.
  ellocalypse / 8d 6h 22m 36s
Aether watched the door close. She opened up her tablet and decided to spend time one that. She did some homework, got a bit confused… She would look back at the door and wonder when they would come back.

Lyric went through security, and into an office he opened up with a code that he had gotten previously. He walked into the room and found a computer. He sat down on the computer and opened it up. He leaned back and stuck small round device on the computer. It begin downloading some information and money into his account. It took a long time, so he kicked up his feet and waited. He was careful to look around and pay attention to his surroundings, not wanting to miss a single thing.

Once it finished, he walked out and down the stairs to meet up with everyone else. It was much easier than he had expected. He found Soren, “I’ll send you the money, give me an address to send it. You can distribute it.” He waited for Soren to give him the address and then he would send the money over to his watch because he wasn’t interested so much in the money, only keeping what he knew they needed to build the place up more and get some more resources. “We good? We should head back.”

Aether looked over her shoulder, seeing the man sit up a bit. Aether stood up, grabbing the lamp and knocked him out again. She shrugged to herself and returned on her tablet.
  Ravenity / 8d 12h 19m 24s
He didn't want to leave Aether alone, but he knew that she could take care of herself and she could definitely keep this guy unconscious if she needed too. He's seen her do so much worse before and she's lived without him for most of her life. He covered her up and gave her a kiss before heading out. He just wanted her safe.

AFter he followed the group, Soren headed towards the building, making him bite on his lip a little as he thought twice about leaving Aether...maybe he should have stayed? He listened to Lyric and followed him inside. Soren didn't need their help at all and it seemed like they were leaving it all to him anyway to take care of himself. [b "I guess I'll stay out here"]

He turned on his cloak and went in last, thinking it was better if he was invisible. He followed inside and stayed a bit back from the group. Soren stayed close to Lyric, trying to see what he was after. They gave money to the poor, so why was Lyric working so hard for what seemed like something else?

Soren stayed close as the group had their disguises and headed in. Lyric had his own disguise, so he was already heading up for what he wanted. Soren stayed behind him, hoping he wouldn't notice. He needed to get proof and see what he was up to. First a microwave....what else did he need?
  ellocalypse / 13d 8h 14m 14s
Aether looked back at the unconscious guy. She decided she would, but also worried a bit about being caught. The sweater had kept her completely covered since it was oversized for her. [b “I’ll be okay.” ] She half smiled. She listened to them talk and was surprised to hear that Soren would go. Maybe he changed their mind about them-and nope. She sighed, [b “Oh, that’s why….” ] She saw him come in to kiss her, and she allowed it.

Lyric looked back and then he shrugged, “Okay. I’m surprised you’re willing to leave her in there. Really risky, but yea she’s a strong girl, she can take some guys on,” he said. Lyric walked along the side walk, making direction for the building they needed to heat too. “You can be in charge of distributing it to the people then since you’re so eager. We just need a bit of it ourselves to keep us up float.” He said. It wasn’t money he was looking for after all.

They faced the building and Lyric pulled out a watch and messes with a settings to make him appear like the guy they had knocked out. [b “We’ll get in no time. You should all find a disguise to get up there, including you Soren. I’m not responsible for how you get in, if you get in. Or you can wait here,” He shrugged and walked into the building without a problem, passing security.

Aether had locked the door and sat back on the bed. She sighed, and decided…she was bored. She poked the passed out man. She had a plan in case he woke up, assuming she noticed in time and even then…she was sure it would be fine. What to do in the mean time was the question. She pulled out her tablet and started to do some homework instead
  Ravenity / 13d 11h 54m 42s
He really didn't want the world seeing his Aether like that. The girls in this club were working here because they wanted to work here and show off, but not him. He didn't think Aether wanted that either, but she just did it for the sake of the poor people. Soren didn't even believe that this money was going to the poor, otherwise this gang wouldn't be seen as bad.

He saw Aether distract the girl away from him as he looked back at her and tried not to stare at Aether's outfit. That was wrong. He let her do her mission and when he managed to get the guard away, he stepped inside and then he covered her up. [b "You can change now if you want"] he told her and then he saw Lyric and his buddies go inside to take all the information from the guy.

He didn't look very thankful or happy that the money was going to the poor. With the way he acted, he figured something was going on that him and AEther weren't allowed to know. When he heard Lyric sounding suspicious, he glanced back at Aether [b "Okay, I know you can do it. I'll be back, I just want to make sure the money goes to the right people"] he leaned in to kiss her lips and then he headed off to find Lyric.

He hurried after them before they got too far. [b "Lyric wait up. I can help you guys, Aether's got it in there"] he told him and then he followed the others. [b "So, let's get his money and give it to the people"] he told him, waiting to see him go into the man's account.
  ellocalypse / 14d 6h 52m 9s
Aether fought all the alarms in he head to cover up her body that was so exposed. She felt uncomfortable… She felt the guy feel up behind her leg. She tried not to look stiff by keeping a still expression. But….she spotted that girl just coming in to Soren and it…bothered her and she didn’t get why it bothered her so much. She caught Soren looking at the girl’s clothes, how see through it was. She did something about it and then left.

[i Is it really this easy?” ] Maybe dressing like this was a benefit. She had a bit of doubt about Lyric but now so much anymore. Everything went smoothly and she wasn’t in any danger. Aether turned her head, hearing the door open. Her stomach plummeted a bit, afraid that it was someone else. Soren…

Aether released a deep breath, her shoulders dropping the weight. “I’m okay,” She stood up and watched him come near to wrap the sweater around her. She gently smiled, “Thank you. It was easier than I thought. I never thought dressing like this would make it so easy. Guess Lyric was right.” She saw the door open again, and in came Lyric.

“Good job Aether,” Lyric said while going to the man that was passed out. He began collecting away to scan his finger print and a few other things. Aether passed Lyric a key.
“Thanks,” Lyric said, appearing a bit distracted. He looked back at the two of them, “Um… You two can remain here. Make sure he doesn’t wake up while we get a few things handled.”

Aether frowned, “But…we could help with other things.”
Lyric shook his head, “Yea…no, well, we need you to stay here to make sure he doesn’t wake-thinks something happened between you and I doubt your boyfriend will leave you alone.”
He made a good point. She looked at Soren, “You can leave me here alone you know. I knocked him out pretty easily, I could do it again.”
  Ravenity / 14d 11h 42m 4s
He felt bad because he didn't want her to have to do all of this for the sake of a mission for people that weren't even good at all. He took in a deep breath and then he looked around, watching Aether in her skimpy outfit heading inside. It was nearly nothing and he felt bad that she had to go ahead and do things like that. He wished he could have convinced her to just stay back at the lake or just head home.

He stayed with Lyric and his gang, heading into the bar like some customers. Soren sat down with them and ordered a drink. His teal eyes would glance over at Aether, seeing her walk up to the guy. Just seeing the way he touched her and his dirty eyes looking at her, made him upset, but it was part of the mission. He knew Aether wouldn't let him do anything.

He sipped his drink and saw a woman sit on his lap. She had a large bust, blonde hair and green eyes. He told her that he was just there for a drink, but his eyes went to her clothes. He could see she was practically wearing nothing. Soren's eyes saw Aether tug her away and she disappeared with that man into the room.

When the group spotted that he was with a guard, they watched the door. Soren spoke with Lyric about distracting him. He would pretend he was drunk and tug him towards the back so the others could take care of him. He went ahead and then he moved towards the guy, bumping into him [b "Yooo....that was a great drink. You want one man?"] he nearly fell to the floor and tugged on the guards pants. They slid down and he tried to hold them up "Get out of my face" he spoke to Soren.

[b "Let's get a drink....let me buy you one. I'm sorry"]

"No. Back off"

[b "You sure? I got a friend with me, who's interested in you too"] he spoke, waving for Lyric's friend to wave. It lured the man towards the back and they managed to knock out the guard. Once they got Aether's text, they all headed into the room and Soren quickly wrapped her sweater around her, seeing the man on the bed [b "You okay?"]
  ellocalypse / 15d 9h 16m 19s

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