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He was able to message her that he was going to find her and when she sent a message back, he hurried to try to get to the front of the castle. As he walked with his AI, he noticed that Bacon was staying in the forest and he wondered why until he saw all of the chaos that was happening inside the castle. He hoped that everyone else was safe.

He hurried around the castle and spotted Aether. As he approached her, it zapped him and he tried to use some magic. Nothing was working and he wasn't sure what to do. He couldn't hear her at all. He saw her drawing a figure and was able to get the gist of it. HIs eyes looked over and then he looked at the castle. Soren nodded his head and then he ran with his AI back into the forest to try and lay low for a while.

He met up with Bacon again and hit behind some trees and brush. He stayed low, seeing fire glowing in some of the castle rooms and other monsters wreaking havoc. He hoped Aether could get through the barrier at least. [i I'm hidden in the forest. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help get to you] he sent, thinking if he could travel and teleport to a different location.
  ellocalypse / 3d 12h 48m 14s
The bedroom balcony door seemed guarded too. She got back down and saw Soren’s text. She head back to the front, and texted him ‘At the front door.’ Ara sent back. She made it to the front door and began contemplating how she would get in. She saw Soren rushing over. His voice was really muffled and she had trouble making out what he was saying. [b “I can’t hear you!” ] She shouted and then whacked herself in the forehead because he probably couldn’t hear her either. She had her AI into a tablet and sent Soren another message [i ‘I can’t really hear you! What did you say? Don’t worry, I think I can find a spell that can open up the barrier.’ ] She said. Getting Soren out there felt priority. Then Soren reached against the door.

Aether began shaking her head and arms [b “No don’t!] But he touched it and got zapped. She sighed. She tried to read his lips and he looked confused. She began drawing with stick figures. One stick figure was angry with wings, sitting down with a speech bubble saying ‘destroy everything Aethers and make this mine!’

She then set a text message ‘[i You need to hide from her. Stay hidden until I break it down. She can casts spells on people to make them do their bidding.’ ] She told him. Feeling worried. And then she remembered the secret entrance that may work.’ [i Soren, hang on. I’ll try to find a way to you. Keep messaging me, just stay hidden.’ ] She messaged. She walked away, and went toward the pond. There was another entrance she could use to get inside…and maybe that wasn’t blocked.
  Ravenity / 6d 17h 43m 24s
He walked with his AI towards the castle, seeing it look pretty empty and silent. Bacon was squealing, but he wasn't sure why. What was going on? He stared blankly at the pig and when she refused to go any further, he wondered why. Soren glanced over to his AI [b "Can you see what's going on?"] he saw a glimpse of something large on the second floor of the castle, flinging things around and then seeing parts of the castle being destroyed. HE stared blankly for a moment until he got a message and his AI jumped into his hands to show him. He read over it and gasped.

He sent her a message [i "I'm going to meet up with you. Where are you?"] he asked, walking around the castle to see if he could find her. He turned his AI into a large inflatable balloon as he ran around, hoping she'd see him. HE made it to the front of the castle, soon seeing Aether trying to break through the front door. Soren rushed over [b "Aeth! What's going on? What do you mean dark fairy?"] he asked, seeing her struggling to get in.

Soren reached against the door and felt the zap through his body. He pulled his hand back and gasped. [b "What's going on?"] he was so confused. He's never seen anything like this before and he wondered if AEther did. This place was still new to him. He could still barely use magic, only fire to be exact. [b "Do you need my help?"] he asked, trying to make a flame and throw it at the door.
  ellocalypse / 9d 13h 9m 37s
When she chased that bunny, she end up being further than she thought she would get. Her AI popped up and shook her head as she would look around and walk her way back to find Soren. He was squeaking a lecture at her. She ignored him, and made it back to the castle and seeing Soren go right in.

“Hey!” Aether called but he wouldn’t turn. She tried to go through the door and she was flunged back from some invisible force and landed on her back. She stared blankly at the sky. What just happened? She looked at her AI w as on the ground too, and got up. [b “That’s weird.” ] She got up and would touch the door of the castle and felt electricity shoot through her-it hurt. She stepped back and called out, “Soren! I’m outside, I can’t go in!” She called but her voice couldn’t be heard. Maybe she could find another way inside-whatever was going on. She went around the castle and even tried to climb up a tree, that would lead into a balcony. She climbed into the balcony, tried to open the door and she fell back on her ass again. [b “Oh come on!” ] She shouted.

She turned her AI into a tablet and sent a message to Soren, remembering she could do that. ‘Hey, I’m outside of the castle, none of the doors is allowing me inside.’ She sent. She decided to take a peak into the room and saw a freaking winged monster inside there, taring things apart. Well-shit. It was that bitch wasn’t it? Aether began banging her head in into the glass. She sent a message to Soren ‘You should get out ASAP. I’m pretty sure a dark fae girl I know tried to take over my castle when we left and the place is crawling with demons.’

Ara sighed to herself, figuring she need to just remember how to break down those barriers and raid her castle and take her down-again. She started casting spells, but she kept screwing up because she knew she was missing a word.
  Ravenity / 10d 2h 2m 3s
He didn't want to be forgotten and he didn't want the memories he shared with her to just disappear. If they disappeared, he didn't know what he'd do. Aether was already missing some some memories that they shared together before.

Soren liked the idea of having a home cooked meal, prepped fresh and eating it outdoors by the garden. It got him really excited and he couldn't wait to go back to the world that welcomed him. Aether's world. He let her help him pick out an outfit and he put it on, choosing the shorts and boots as he leaned in to kiss her cheek.

Once they were both ready, he smiled [b "Yeah let's go. We can gather the eggs and pick the fresh veggies together"] he then picked the place on the tablet and they teleported to her world. He ended up landing in the forest. His eyes looked around as he got up. He looked over and felt the weight of his bunny AI on his head. [b "Let's go find Aether"] he told her, looking around curiously. [b "Aeth?"] he called out, walking around the trees, trying to see the castle. He could see the tip of the building, so he walked in that direction, stepping through the brush and hearing the birds chirping. IT smelled of fresh air and greenery. IT felt relaxing.

Once he was able to see the castle in view, he looked around, not finding her. Maybe she was already inside? As he headed towards the door, Soren was soon tackled by an animal. He fell back against the grass, looking up and then seeing Bacon on him. [b "Bacon!"] he cheered, hugging the pig as he pet her head. He slowly got up and rubbed her back. [b "Come on, let's look for Aether"] he told her, seeing her walk off towards the castle as if leading him there.
  ellocalypse / 11d 10h 20m 22s
It frightened her to think of losing her memories again. They came back-eventually but it was a horrible feeling to know she was missing him. Aether nodded, smiling and making sure they had it all stored safetly.
Morning came, and she was woek up to his amazing face. She nodded, [b “We can watch the chef and then eat together by the garden,” ] She sure missed nature, being under a bright blue sky with mountains at view. She rose up and changed. She saw him trying to pick out an outfit. Aether peeped over. [b “This grey top, those black pants…these black laced boots,” ] She picked and then said [b “Or these shorts in case it’s hot.” ] She pointed. She pressed the side of her head against his shoulder, [b “Either way, you’ll look good,” ] She whispered. Then she rose up.

[b “Are you ready to go?] She filled a smile, swinging back and forth on the balls of her feet, feeling pretty excited. [b “Mmm, I can’t wait to eat fresh eggs…and those fresh vegtables. Maybe we could make some really nice omelette.” ] She thought about it. She was also happy to regain her magic. She’d wait until Soren was ready to warp by the castle. When she got there, she felt the sun on her skin, seeing the beautiful view. [b “I missed this place.” ] Ara then spotted something moving at the corner her eye. Rabbit? Ara tried to follow it with her eyes but it was fast. She began to chase after it, seeing two ears popping up.

Aether then went to tackle it and she caught it out of curiosity. She held it and smiled, “You’re such a cute bunny!” She smiled, petting it and then all the sudden something else that was white and furry landed on her face and pushed her on the ground. She released the bunny and when she got up, the bunny and other rabbit hopped away. Ara rubbed her cheek, [b “Ouch…” ] She looked around and said, [b “Soren? Where you go?” ] Seeing she was a bit farther from the castle.
  Ravenity / 13d 20h 39m 21s
He really wanted to keep their pictures and everything about them safe. THey always had to think about these things whenever traveling to a new world because they were more exposed to the fact that they could be taken down by the reapers again. [b "Me too. Let's keep it all safe, just in case we lose our memories"] he told her, soon getting some rest.

In the morning, heh eld her close, seeing that smile on her face. She was always so pretty. [b "SOunds like a great idea"] he was glad she was happy because she made him really happy too. [b "Oooh, that sounds delicious. I never really cooked much before too, so maybe we can watch the chef or eat together by the garden again"] he said excitedly.

Soren got up and decided on what to wear. He picked out something more for that world and would show Aether, letting her help him pick out an appropriate outfit. He saw her in her dress and smiled [b "I like it when you dress this way too. You look really cute"] he smiled and then he showed her his clothes.

[b "What do you think would look good on me there?" he showed her some tunics, some pants, boots, and decided to let her pick.
  ellocalypse / 16d 16m 39s
That meat, everything would be safe… [b “Okay, that sounds like a good idea,” ] Aether smiled, [b “I don’t…want to lose any of it.” ] In case it ever happened again. Maybe it wouldn’t, but better safe then sorry. His arms were around her. They fell asleep together. But, she had tangled herself up in the sheets, and woke up right close to him. She smiled when he spoke to her. She rested against his chest. She listened to him [b “Okay, we can go to the castle, and eat.” ] She said. She kissed him and enjoyed being kissed back slowly. His fingers going through her hair. Aether felt the warmth in her chest, unable to contain her smile.

[b “Yes… We can get vegetables from the garden and eggs from chickens.” ] She whispered and thought about her Dragon. She missed all of them. [b “We could…spend some time there, Prepare stuff for what we need for a trip to a different island.” ] She said and felt him rest his head ontop of hers. She smiled to herself and hugged him tightly. She kissed his neck and laid there for a while.
Aether then moved and looked over at his eyes. She felt like she really found her soulmate. She took hold of his hand [b “Let’s go change.” ] Aether said. She would get up and then realized, she would miss this house. It was…so nice. But they would be back again. She changed into a cute pale pink dress, short, her in a braid. She knew it would be sunny there. She couldn’t wait to feel the sun on her skin and look at the landscape. She then remembered the premiere. She went into her tablet and set the date, because she wanted to attend with Soren.
[b “Soren, do you need help changing?” ] Aether ssmiled looking back at him in bed.
  Ravenity / 21d 1h 7m 17s
He liked seeing the pictures of the two of them together. IT was a good idea to save the files somewhere with an encrypted lock so no one would be able to figure out what was in that folder. [b "I can set one up. I'll move all of our pictures to a folder that only you and me can get into. It'll have security questions and a password to be extra safe"] he smiled and then he wrapped his arms around her.

He slept peacefully beside her, waking up and seeing that she was entangled in the sheets. Soren did his best to set her back straight and then he heard her calling out his name. He nodded [b "I'm here Aeth"] he let her rest against his chest and then he thought about the food. We can change, decide where to travel to and just eat there. He felt her lips against his and he would kiss her back slowly. He brushed her hair back and smiled, snuggling up to her, his hands around her waist.

[b "Fresh food sounds nice. I wouldn't mind eating something not out of a packet once in a while. We also have to plan on what we need to set up and clean when we get there. I do miss the castle"] he said happily, leaning into her and rested his head on top of hers.
  ellocalypse / 22d 13h 30m 54s
Looking through all the photos that were taken made her smile. She swiped through them, showing him them. [b “We can? I don’tknow how to do any of that. I don’t even know what ‘encrypt’ is.” ] She mentioned. She saw pictures he sent to her. And she began doing the same, sending him images. She laid back on the bed, and he hugged her. He was so warm…and she was starting to feel sleepy. She kissed him back. [b “It is…goodnight Soren.” ] She said to him.

She had moved around the bed quite a lot. Bed sheet tangled in one of her legs, but completely down. When she woke up, she had arms around her, and a blanket over her. She slowly opened her eyes and then looked up at Soren, his eyes closed but she wasn’t sure he was awake. [b “Soren?” ] She whispered. She was surprised she wasn’t all over the place on the bed. [b “Soren.” ] She whispered again. She hugged him and pressed her head against his chest, [b “Mmm…so warm…” ] She felt good waking up to him like this.

[b “We’re travelling today.” ] She reminded in a whisper, [b “Maybe we should eat first…or maybe we should eat there with fresh food.” ] She spoke, not sure he was up but she would speak to herself. She yawned and would lean up and kiss him.
  Ravenity / 26d 3h 46m 41s
He really liked the sword he made her because it took a lot of special material and he wanted to surprise her. [b "Yeah I remember. It's going to take some getting used to"] he needed to practice when they got back again.

Once they were done swimming in the pool, he headed up to the room with her, letting her shower first. He really did want to go in with her, so he stepped in and just kept his hands to himself. His eyes would look over at her, but he just tried to wash up and then step out as soon as he could. He smiled and changed into a shirt and shorts before climbing into bed beside her.

He looked through her pictures and thought it was cool she had them [b "Oh wow, there's a bunch. Yeah we can exchange and even probably make a linked account. I'm sure I can figure out a way to encrypt the folder so no one has access besides us"] he nodded and then he sent her some pictures he took of them and was able to get hers. He laid back and hugged his arms around her waist [b "It's so much better being with you. Someone like me"] he leaned in to kiss her and then he slowly began falling asleep.

In the morning, Soren didn't want to move. He laid close to her and just tried to fix her positioning. She was still such a moving sleeper. He pulled the sheets over her and held her in his arms again. He knew they didn't really have a plan today other than go back to her world, so he didn't want to get up yet. He wanted to snuggle.
  ellocalypse / 32d 13h 17m 46s
[b “Me too. I really liked those swords. They are heavy. Beam swords are so light compared to them.” ] She always found the weight weird, and with it being that light she worried she may accidently break the wrong thing. They caught up to their AI’s catching them. Aether held hers tightly and had to tickle him a bit.
[b “I’m sure they’ll remember you, we visited one night not that long ago, remember?” ] She got up and dried herself off. She went inside the house with him and into their room. She let him start upthe shower. She raised a brow at him [b “Soren, don’t be silly. But okay if you don’t think you can keep it in.” ] She shrugged. She popped into the shower and would was herself clean. When she came out, she wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She then leapt into bed and put the covers over, waiting for him to come in.

When he came in, she opened up her tablet and showed him pictures of them throughout the day. [b “If we separate again…I think these pictures might go away too. So, could I send them to you? I think there’s a way to put a password on the files and that might protect them in case something happens but…I can’t find a way to do that yet.” ] She rested on her side, looking back at him. [b “Life is really that much better with you.” ] She yawned [b "Shall we sleep?"]
  Ravenity / 33d 4h 11m 1s
He did like the idea of the real thing, rather than spending so much money to be something that wasn't. He shrugged a bit and then he looked over at their AI's having so much fun together. He couldn't wait to relax a bit more in her world. IT seemed like Avalon brought a lot of problems for Aether. IT was one thing after another, but at the same time, he hadn't seen that reaper. Maybe they were doing something right.

He liked the idea of using magic and potions. Soren liked to see new things with her [b "Okay, just show me once we get to your world. I almost forgot that we made each other swords. I can't wait to use those again. They were a lot heavier than I remember"] he smiled and then he swam towards their AI's. Aether caught hers and he grabbed his by her tail, hugging her and then deciding to get out of the water [b "Yeah, we have a long day tomorrow. We'll head over to your world and get reacquainted. I hope they still remember me"] he chuckled and then he grabbed two towels to dry them both off.

Soren held Aether's hand in his and then he led her into her home, walking up to her room and then starting up the warm shower. [b "You can go don't want any of us to get tempted"] he spoke softly.
  ellocalypse / 33d 13h 7m 40s
[b “That’s cool.” ] She nodded and peaked at the price and then shook her head, [b “Not that cool. I can be the real thing when we go back.” ] She would rather do that. That was far much more fun. She pictured all the things they could do. She wanted to dress up and go to a ball with him, and wreck the place up-sort of.

[b “I can, I’m not the best but I can definitely.” ] She leaned into him. She thought about going on a ship, and she knew a good place to travel to. Aether lightly laughed [b “No, remember? You made me a sword back there, and I made one for you back in my world. Beam…swords are out. They don’t exist there.” ] She said.

Aether leaned aginast the edge, [b “We can, well…of course we can only get it to by magic. I got a few spells and potions,” ] She smiled thinking about how much fun they would have together. His arm wrapped around her. She leaned into him. The AI’s were having fun. Aether splashed some water at them. Then Soren suddenly carried her on his back and sawm. Aether clung and contain her laugh. They AI’s were swimming as fast as possible. Her AI told his to go faster. And then when they got to close, he’d float up again and she his ass ‘you can’t catch me.’ Ara leapt up and caught him, he squeaked around and Aether laughed [b “I caught you now!” She snuggled him “You’re not as fast as slick as you think.” She said and then looked back at Soren [b “Should we head to bed?” ] She asked, since it was getting late.
  Ravenity / 34d 2h 41m 18s
He fell and ended up in the water, resurfacing and then laughing a bit. IT was so much fun and he enjoyed spending time with her like this. [b "It's where you can buy pants that form to your skin like a mermaid or merman. I've seen people wearing them at the beaches"] he told her, looking and seeing the price. Maybe not worth it.

Soren imagined dancing in a really nice suit and holding Aether in one of those old fashioned dresses from her world [b "If you can show me how to dance, I'm sure I can learn"] he promised her.

He thought about going on a pirate ship and fighting off others as they stole some treasure, finding old treasure maps and just sailing the seas. He almost forgot they have their swords. [b "I wonder if we can change them into actual swords and not beam ones"] he shrugged and couldn't wait to go back to her world. He loved Avalon, but he loved visiting new places with her.

[b "Ooh, or we can find some old treasure buried deep in a sea cave....maybe you can only get to it by magic? Like breathing underwater"] he thought. He did see somewhere one time that people were paying money for lost treasures. [b "Ooh, yeah, let's do that"] he wrapped his arms around her and saw their AI's just jumping into the water, splashing the water on them. [b "Hey you two!"] he laughed, carrying Aether on his back as he swam towards them, pushing the water and making waves that would crash into them.
  ellocalypse / 39d 10h 35m 14s

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