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Aether felt all the heat draw into her cheeks. She knew what she had in mind but at the same time, wasn't it too early? Although Soren did say people did do it more than once a month. She glanced off but kept her body close [b "Maybe...a few things, or all things." ] She mumbled, and said it in a small voice because it made her shy to talk about it. She slid her hands up her shirt and felt his body shiver form her touch. She was about to draw her hand away but she didn't because he said he liked this idea. She smiled instantly.

Aether softly kissed him, and enjoyed his hands crawling up, giving her time to enjoy his hands on her skin. She elt over his chest and they met each other's eyes. [b "Me too...I know we haven't been that long together feels weird being away now." ] He kissed her again and he lifted her shirt. She slid off his shirt too and she also slid her hand lower down his chest to his pants, trying to slide it off, pushing off her shyness for a moment because she didn't know how to express it in words on how she just...felt like doing this. She pressed her chest onto his and nibbled gently on his lips. She ignored all the noise out the door. IT didn't matter...she wanted to be close to Soren.
  Ravenity / 11d 5h 40m 42s
He really liked the idea of going back home. He missed being in Avalon and as much as he wanted to help the people around here, he knew he couldn't do it with this group. He'd probably be making it worse for everyone.

It was nice to be back in bed with her because it's been a while since they were this close. She said that maybe in a month they could be close again, but he couldn't be sure. Aether was returning his kisses and oh did it feel really good. He sure loved every bit of her warmth, her touch, and just having her attention on him.

He kissed her more deeply, letting his tongue glide in as he closed his eyes. He tried to see if he could keep her in bed longer by making out with her and then slowly rubbing her back and sides. When she said it didn't know if it was working, he felt her hands crawl up his chest and then he leaned in more to her and then he raised his brow at her question.

[b "Oh? What did you have in mind?"] he saw her red cheeks and thought she was really cute. He felt her hands crawl up beneath his shirt, making him shiver a little, but he liked it when she touched him. [b "I like this idea"] he smiled, kissing her lips again as he let his hands crawl up her shirt slowly. Maybe she wanted him this time and was allowing to get close to him again. He didn't want to mess it up. His teal eyes looked at hers and then he smiled [b "I'm really glad you're here with me now"] he kissed her lips over and over and slowly lifted her shirt over her head.
  ellocalypse / 11d 17h 12m 43s
[b “When we’re done helping out, we can go.” ] She nodded. That bed was more comfier. She didn’t want to budge form where they were. She loved being pulled in close by him, and having him kiss her like this. Being away really reminded how much she liked being close to him. She too notice where his hand were, and she had her leg over him.

She kept her lips inches away from his when he spoke. Aether nodded at his sweet laugh and question. She kissed him again, soft kisses until he licked her lips and then introduced his tongue. She allowed his tongue to slip in, layering her own tongue on top.

She nodded when he asked and then he continued to kiss her cheek and nose, [b “Actually…I don’t know…if it’s entirely working,” ] She kissed him again, kissed lower down his lips and ran he fingers up to his chest. Her body felt warmer when the space between them was closed. [b “I think we should try something else.” ] She blushed, and met his pretty eyes. Her hand gradually slid up his shirt.
  Ravenity / 11d 21h 16m 58s
He smiled when she faced him, allowing him to stay so close as he smiled brightly. He really did love her and he didn't want them to be fighting all the time over something as simple as if AI's mattered or not. He nodded [b "Yeah, I hope so too. I really do want to be back in our own bed, but I'm willing to help out too"] he told her.

When she refused to get out of bed, he grinned happily and then he pulled her in closer, kissing her warm lips, loving the way they tasted and felt on his. Her kisses were never the same and always responded to him. He held her ass and then he felt her leg wrap around him.

[b "I'd like to stay here with you longer"] he smiled and then he laughed. [b "Will kissing you be more effective?"] he pressed his lips against hers again, kissing her more as he closed his eyes and licked her lips, letting his tongue slide into her mouth. [b "Is it working?"] he asked with a smile on his face as he kissed her cheek and her nose.
  ellocalypse / 12d 18h 25m 37s
[b “Thank you.” ] She said right after he kissed her. Soren pulled her in his warm body. She pressed her head naturally onto him, feeling cozy near him. The days away sure reminded her of what she missed. She really didn’t want to get up. [b “We will get to our own bed eventually,” ] She whispered. She lifted her eyes and frowned when he said that they had to get up.
[b “No…they can wait… I don’t want to yet.” ] Aether slid her arm over his back. She liked how comfortable he seemed right now being with her. She found his lips on his cheek but his hand slid down her ass. She locked her eyes on him and nibbled on his lips just for fun and then hold her gaze on him. Aether nodded in agreement, [b “We can stay here longer.” ] She ignored the noise outside.

Soren said something that made her think of how sexy he sounded saying that. Aether giggled, because she’s been trying to keep him here with her. [b “Really? What are you going to do to keep me here? …I mean you could always tr kissing me more.” ] She slid her bare leg along his. She watched him so carefully, mesmerized by Soren. She kept her body pressed up onto him, because he was warm, because he was her boyfriend that was willing to do these things for her.
  Ravenity / 12d 20h 44m 5s
He faced her and was unable to sleep right now. He couldn't sleep in enemy territory and he was able to get some rest at the bar. He kept his arm around her and was glad to hear that she enjoyed sleeping beside him too. [b "I'm glad you slept well"] he kissed her warm lips again and then he just pulled her in closer, his arms wrapped around her, holding her back.

[b "I don't want to get up either, although I prefer being in my own bed or yours"] he heard the knocks and then he sighed a little. [b "If they have a mission don't we have to get up?"] he told her, curling up into her and then he leaned in, kissing her cheek, his hand moving down over her ass as he cuddled beside her.

[b "Staying here is much better than going out there fighting on a mission"] he smiled, hearing the footsteps all come together. He could hear Lyric's voice outside and then he met her eyes. He didn't want to move. [b "If you try to move and get out, I'm going to work hard to keep you here. Just letting you know"]
  ellocalypse / 13d 20h 9m 43s
Aether laid on her side, her face only a few inches from his. [b “Okay.” ] Her lips formed a smile. [b “I’m like sleeping next to you too.” ] She was happy that he was with her. She nodded and went for what she wanted since he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. She kissed him again and then met his pretty eyes, [b “I did. I slept a lot better than I have these past few nights.”]

The sound of footsteps made it’s way. She sighed and kept her eyes till on him. She didn’t want to get up. She laid one leg over him, [b “I don’t want to get up. I want to stay here with you longer…not fighting.” ] She heard a knock on the door. She groaned, [b “I’ll be out later,” ] She called out and looked back at Soren, [b “Do we have to get up?” ]

Lyric was in the living room with the rest, “Is she alone in there?” He asked one of the guys. One shrugged, “Think she has some guy there-probably her boyfriend.”
“He’s back…” Lyric mumbled, “Okay, everyone-eat up and we’ll discuss today’s plan.”
  Ravenity / 13d 22h 39s
He climbed into bed beside her and when she said she was upset by his questions, he still didn't understand why. She was the one that was still worried about sleeping with him, so he just wanted to be sure. Was it such a bad thing?

Soren kept her in his arms through the early morning. He tried to sleep, but couldn't. He knew Aether had fallen asleep though and it was nice to have her relax with him. He felt her movements for a while, but when she hit his forehead, he opened his eyes. When they were face to face, he felt her lips on his and then he just leaned in to kiss her in return. She enjoyed it and that made Soren smile.

Was she awake? He looked back at her and then he shook his head [b "It's not weird. I like sleeping next to you"] he didn't want to bring up more problems, so he just ended it like that. He faced her [b "Did you sleep well?"] he asked, seeing that the sun was up and he could hear footsteps outside. They were awake.
  ellocalypse / 14d 3h 21m 37s
It made her question if he wanted to be in the same bed with her at all. She didn’t get what he meant by it. She nodded to it and would go into the bed. She lay down and heard him yyawn. She looked back at him and he wrapped his arm around her. His eyes closed first. “You too,” She whispered. She closed her eyes and it wasn’t long before she fell asleep. She tossed a bit, stretched her leg over him after a while. Then she’d bump her forehead with his. She would slowly open her eyes a little later and found him awake. She leaned in and bumped her lips against his, still half asleep and just wanting to kiss him, so she kissed him. “Mmm…so nice.” She said after, and laid on her back and then looked back at him, “Is it weird for you to be sleeping next to me?”

She hoped to get to the root of the problem of him asking her if she wanted to do what she asked him to do. Or maybe it was just a thing that non-AI's did. Although, she didn't remember herself doing that. DId she? She must have sometime.
  Ravenity / 14d 4h 11m 12s
He knew she wasn't against him, but he also knew she wouldn't believe him. He'd try to prove that they were wrong and complete this mission so that she would see that she's been doubting him. He listened to her and he still didn't believe it. Sure it could be different gang members, but for all he knew, the same gang members could also be in it. IT wasn't that long ago when he was that young and saw the whole thing unfold. Some of these members were still older than him, so they had to know.

He agreed to be nice, so when they headed back to the apartment, he stepped inside with her, feeling tired still. He's had a rough few days and Aether was finally at least willing to accept him at her side. He ate some of the food and saw that his words made her upset again. [b "Sorry, I just like to be sure. I won't do it again"] he told her, heading into the room with her and then he laid down on the bed beside her. He yawned tiredly and then he faced her, his teal eyes watching her for a moment.

She probably still doubted him, probably didn't want him here, but was allowing him to be. It was time to play out his mission. He draped his arm around her and pressed up against her back. He closed his eyes and just sighed softly to himself. [b "Sleep tight Aeth"] he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

It was nice being beside her, but the atmosphere worried him. He felt like any one of those guys could just bust in and kill him if they wanted to, so he couldn't really sleep again. He just made sure Aether did.
  ellocalypse / 14d 5h 34m 10s
[b “I’m not against you… I just think you could give them more of a chance.” ] Aether shrugged, resting her head. She lifted a smile when he agreed to head over. She stood up, getting ready to leave with him. [b “Soren-Lyric told me that the previous memories were crazy. They probably did it, not Lyric and his team. And he said that mission you went on shouldn’t have been dangerous, so he was set up too. ] She stopped for a moment and narrowed her eyes, [b “You don’t know it’s them. You’re just assuming it’s them. It’s not right. If you’re going to come with me you better not accuse them.” ]

She was starting to think that bringing Soren wasn’t the smartest idea, but she didn’t want to be apart. He promised to be nice, she they head off and arrived at th apartment. She sat and ate with him, but was still feeling tired. [b “It’s okay with me. If it’s not okay with you-then it’s fine… I’m not saying we have to do-the thing or anything. But why do you always do that? Question if I want to do what I just ask you to do? I don’t like it… It makes me upset.” ] She finished eating.

[b “I’m going in bed…if you want to, then come with me.” ] She went into the room and laid down in the bed. She stretched her legs and arms, “I woke up too early,” She yawned.
  Ravenity / 14d 9h 23m 41s
He shook his head [b "No, I was just really mad. I felt like everyone was against me, even you, so I was really upset"] he sighed and then he nodded [b "It's okay. I'm over it all. Let's just head over and I'll help out"] he felt bad because she really has been yelling at him a bunch. They've only been arguing at each lately and it made him upset because he didn't want to fight with her.

[b "Why don't you believe me? I already told you...they killed my friends when I was younger and they set me up on that mission! I showed the guy their patch and he started trying to kill me. Something is off and I know it's them"] he didn't care if she didn't believe him. He knew.

[b "Yeah, I'll be nice to them"] he told her, holding her hand as he got back to his bike. When he drove back to the apartment, he stepped inside and took the food she offered him. He ate slowly and then he nodded. [b "Is it okay to share the same bed?"] he asked, nodding his head. He wanted to sleep properly and be close to her again because he missed being together. She's been all about this gang lately and he guessed he felt a huge amount of jealousy because she was picking them over him.
  ellocalypse / 14d 18h 17m 19s
[b “Well you really had me believing that you thought I’d fall for him.” ] She frowned. She felt some relief to know that he didn’t think she wanted anything with Lyric. [b “Okay…I accept your apology. I’m sorry I yelled.” ] She sighed, knowing she’s been yelling at him a lot.

There was a good chance what she said still wouldn’t make sense to him but she wanted to give it a shot anyway. [b “Soren, you can’t say you ‘know’ they aren’t good when you really don’t know. That’s not fair to them. And what if you’re wrong? What if they are good and you’ve just been a big douche to them?” ] She frowned, and groaned because she didn’t want to get into argument about this again.

[b “I’m definitely not.” ] She mumbled. She saw him look through something, she couldn’t see what. She didn’t care too much for it, so she didn’t ask. She watched him head over to the bathroom, and she sat by herself for the meantime. Soren came back and he offered his hand, [b “Okay, but…be nice to them, okay?” ] She slipped outside with him and it felt cold. She shivered and rubbed her arms until he summoned his bike.

He drove them back. It was still too early in the morning for anyone to be up. When they came up there, they were still sleeping. [b “Honestly, they can’t even be that bad. If they were bad, then they would probably try to kill me in my sleep-and they didn’t. They even were going to help me get back to you-back to Avalon.” ] She didn’t understand why he was so against them.

She frowned, [b “I’m hungry.” ] She walked toward the microwave and found a packet. She put it in and waited for the eggs to be done. She put something in for Soren too. She yawned, “I’m…still a bit sleepy. Do you want to lay down in a bed after? I miss being close to you.”
  Ravenity / 14d 20h 48m 52s
He was fast asleep because he was tired. He was exhausted trying to fight the gang and have Aether be convinced that they were bad. Sure he didn't have enough evidence to prove it to her, but to him, he already knew. He's seen the things they've done and he knew they clearly set him up to be targeted back in Avalon. He opened his eyes to meet hers and he had a smile on his face because it was just her.

[b "I didn't think you'd fall for him, I just got upset and I was already angry from the day. I just wanted to talk to you alone without them watching over my back"] he admitted and then he nodded his head. [b "I'm sorry for accusing you of anything, I didn't mean it"] he still wasn't going to be a part of the gang, but it didn't seem like Aether was going to leave anytime soon.

She explained that certain people can make mistakes and he understood that. There's been a few times he'd do missions and find out the culprit was someone other than the one being targeted. [b "I know you don't. I don't have any proof right now, but I know they aren't good. I still have my doubts. But I don't want to leave here without you with me, so I'll stay with you and help out the group until you believe me"] he told her, getting up and then running his fingers through his hair.

[b "We're not going to Avalon just yet"] he saw a message pop up off to the side and when he clicked on it, it was a mission. A mission to expose the gang for what they really were. He glanced back up at Aether and then he nodded [b "I'm going to use the bathroom and then we'll go back together"] he lifted a small smile and headed into the men's room. He read the missions details and he accepted. It was the perfect opportunity to expose the gang and rid them of the Wastes.

He kept the mission a secret and then stepped back outside and offered his hands to Aether. [b "Let's go?"] he headed outside and then he ignored the looks being given to Aether and her jacket. He'll take care of it somehow.

He summoned his bike and then he let her ride behind him as he drove them back to the apartments. Soren was going to try and get along with them for now.
  ellocalypse / 14d 21h 18m 17s
Aether felt the time pass horribly slow. She played a game with her AI on the tablet. She stared at the blue hue directly at her face. She then heard his voice when she ran his fingers through his hair. [b “I’m not an object dummy,” ] She mumbled but inside, she was happy hearing that he missed her. That there was such a high chance he wouldn’t turn her away. Now and hten, she would poke his cheek and even pinched his arm. Her AI suggested flicking some water at him or putting his hand in a cup filled with water.

Finally, she saw his eyes opened when she pressed her finger onto his cheek. She drew her finger away, [b “I was…” ] She mumbled, [b “But… I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, even if you said you’d rather leave without me or something like that.” ] She saw where his eyes fell, onto the jacket.

It didn’t bother her if the jacket scared them, because that meant that they would be too scared to bother her [b “Good… No weirdos will bother me.” ] She heard him yawn and there came the apology. His hair looked a little silly but it made her smile to see him just waking up.

[b “I’m…sorry too. Maybe we should have talked a lone. But-I didn’t okay? I didn’t kiss Lyric. I thought a kiss on the cheek was just a friendly thing. Some places I went to, that’s how people greet each other. I don’t like him like that… You’re my boyfriend,” ] She stared down at the bar. She still wanted to stay with the gang and help them. It was clear to her that Soren was against them.

[b “You could if you wanted to. I just think you judged them too soon. One time, I had a mission to go hunt a witch because the villagers were scared. There were all these crazy stories about her, but when I went there…she was just a twelve year old girl who was afraid and spoke a different language then them. Yea, she had magic powers but she only did something when someone came to hurt her-she was scared. My point is…I don’t like to judge too soon,” ] She didn’t think Soren would still understand her. She didn’t like to assume that the ‘evil’ labeled person truly was evil. She was found of the red queen when she was younger because she still had a good side and Aether could tell she was just lonely.

[b “You don’t have to help me with the gang if you don’t like it. I can’t find a reason to not trust them yet, and If I do, I’ll turn my back on them.” ] She didn’t know where Soren would go. She still wanted to be near him but if he didn’t want to be part of it, she knew she would have to understand. [b “You can…go back to Avalon if you want,” ] She said.
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