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Aether knew she couldn't have been the same as before. She hoped that he still liked who she was now too. Her breasts got a bit bigger, she got an inch taller but her hair was still the same, she didn't think she had the courage to cut it short. Soren, he was a bit different than her AI showed her to be but she wasn't sure if her AI got it all right either, because she could tell her AI had made Soren a bit shorter than he was, and didn't get everything perfect. She was glad to meet him, to kiss him and not wonder what it felt like anymore to be kissed by him.

Her shirt went off, and Aether remained in her black lacy bra. It did make her a little shy displaying partially what was underneath but, she felt okay. She touched his chest, feeling his smooth hard skin and was surprised by his moans. Well, this was worth a shot. She straddled him and met his eyes for a split second, seeing he was surprised. Was this wrong? He didn't tell her to stop, so she kept running her lips along his bare skin, down to his chest, partially hovering over him until he put his arms around her waist and held her against him. She ignored. him squirming below, guessing he still liked it. She bumped her lips against his and slowly kissed him, catching eyes and seeing that he did like this. It made her smile, looks like he was right after all, guys do like this.

Soren started to kiss her more intensely and it felt so good, she kissed him hard back and gasped when he rolled them over, catching her off guard. He was really sexy... She watched him and felt his lips along her ear. She tilted her head, and whined softly, and then she shut her eyes, as her lips parted when he sucked on her ear. She never thought about doing that.

"Ahhh..." She held her breath, and feeling his kisses travel down, she let her hands rest above on the pillow, biting down and noticing his soft lips going down to her chest. She doubly blinked, unsure of... But then he looked at her eyes and she didn't want to say no. She nodded, wanting him to know that it was okay. She wasn't a hundred percent sure, but she wanted to keep going.
  Aether / Ravenity / 15d 1h 38m 40s
He knew that it's been nearly half a year since he's last been with her. So much can change in six months. He felt like maybe when he saw her, she would be a completely different Aether and maybe even lose her feelings in him, but that wasn't the case. She worked and sacrificed so much to be with him right now and she didn't forget. She was slowly remembering. That was the part that made Soren really happy, that even with no evidence, she tried so hard.

He was grateful for bringing them together and felt indebted to her. HE wanted to make Aether happy and feel those feelings he once felt before, the ones he buried. He was so close to her, his hands wrapped around, getting to touch her curves, that body she had. SHe had changed physically, but in the best way possible. Soren still found her to be so attractive. He met her lips, kissing and licking her tongue, but when she decided to let him take it off, it struck something within him. This Aether was much more daring than the one he could remember. She never let him take her shirt off and felt so nervous. This Aether was willing to let him.

He removed her shirt, leaving her in her lingerie as he felt her lips travel down his skin. He held his breath and felt the warmth of her fingers just touching and tracing down. He let out soft moans, but when she straddled his waist, he met her eyes with his teal ones. What was she doing? Did she gain so much experience while he was gone? WHo has she been with?

He was surprised to see Aether taking initiative like this, so when he laid back, he felt her lips and closed his eyes, his arms wrapping around her and then he held her against his chest. He could feel the warmth of her smooth skin against his own, making him feel so comforted. He never thought he'd ever be able to do this with Aether again.

He let her kiss his skin and then he would squirm beneath her because it kind of tickled. Did she somehow read his mind? Did she know what he wanted now? He met her ruby eyes and then he kissed her lips more intensely, his arms holding her as he rolled them over so that he was on top. HE moved his lips, kissing towards her ear, sucking on her outer ear before kissing down the side of her cheek to her neck. IF she could do that to him, he also wanted to do things to her. HOpefully she liked it.

He kissed down her neck, tracing her collarbone with his lips as he slowly moved down to her chest, wondering if this was too much. He kissed down atop her chest and then his teal eyes would move back to meet hers, wondering if it was okay.
  ellocalypse / 15d 2h 5m 54s
Everyday she was changing little by little. She wasn't sure what she was like with him before. Although she knew how she was before she met him for the second time and she was surprised they got anywhere from her memory of being shy just looking at a boy she liked. Well, she was still shy now and then but she thought she was better than she was before. That AI she was with for awhile before she got here definitely taught her a few things. She listened to his moans,making her feel different...

Aether held her breath when his hand reached her ass. She didn't mind it. She got her fingers underneath his shirt and met his eyes. She smiled, understanding that it was okay and took off his shirt, seeing his bare. She felt pretty proud of it. She heard him laugh and wondered if he thought she was weird, but that didn't matter as long as he still liked her. Ah right. She felt his hands touch her stomach.

She glanced down and then back up to his eyes. [b "Mmm, It's okay, you can take it off." ] She nodded, remembering the last time she wouldn't. She lifted her hands up slightly to help with taking her shirt off. Her chest caved in and out, and she still felt a little shy about being shirtless with Soren but she didn't feel like she was going to freak out any time soon. Aether drew a line on his chest with his finger. It felt nice to be with someone, someone just like her. She didn't know exactly what to do but she was glad to keep going.

From what she learned from that AI she had been with just for a while...that guys liked it when...but maybe Soren wouldn't. Maybe he would. Only one way to find out. Aether moved and straddled him. Oh how her face burned-good thing it was dark. She leaned in and kissed his lips again, her chest bumping against his. What if he didn't like this? What if she was just making a fool of herself? She kissed along his neck, under his jaw and then she went to kiss his collarbone, and lower down the center of his chest. She paused and moved a bit back up, meeting his eyes, wanting to see if he liked this so far, and then kissing his lips again.
  Ravenity / 15d 3h 55m 46s
He told her how he felt and he wondered if she thought he was silly or something. The real reason why he couldn't do anymore was because he didn't want her to be upset or push him away, but seeing that she already was pushing him away made him really sad. He didn't want her to be mad at him.

He was able to tell her the truth and she said that everything would be find, so Soren ended up kissing her right back, his eyes met hers and he would hold her close, feeling her warm lips travel down his body. He never knew that Aether was brave like this. The old her never really had the courage to do something like this to him. He let out a soft moan, but he tried to keep himself quiet as he let her do as she wanted. He called out her name and felt her licking his ear. It felt so good, but he never thought Aether would be the one doing it.

He held her against him, his hands moving towards her ass, holding her close. Soren then felt her hands touching his skin, his bare chest. He met her eyes to let her know it was okay as he felt his shirt being taken off. He laughed a little as she stated it. [b "You did, but would it be okay if I took your shirt off too Aether?"] he asked, his hand reaching up, touching her stomach slowly.
  ellocalypse / 15d 16h 2m 3s
Now that things were settled, she wasn't questioning if he even wanted to. It felt good to know and good to talk about it. Aether watched how he would smile, how he would move, how his lips moved when he spoke. She wanted to be really familiar with him and never forget him again. [b "Mmm, I will. ] She kissed him and it went all right back to kissing and feeling that warmth return. It felt so nice.

The chance to kiss his body, lick his skin whenever she kissed the spot. His moan send something warm down her body, letting her mind drift into a short moment, making her blush. He moaned again, this time she heard her name, and it made her shy and also a bit aroused. She licked right behind his near and then Soren switched onto kissing her neck, making her feel a bit ticklish and so good at the same time. [b "Ahh..." ] She always felt embarrassed hearing her own voice so she tried to hold it down.

Aether squeezed her eyes, her breathing picking up, her mind going blank for a moment. She rose his shirt higher up and got a déjà vu feeling. She then remembered laying in bed with him, being shy to take off his shirt but he let her, and then he wanted to take her shirt off-but she was too shy to do it. That's what happened-oh. She opened her eyes, noticing his hand going down her waist. [b "Mmm..." ] His kisses felt so good.

Since she had taken his shirt off before-than... Aether fully put her hands underneath his shirt and felt his chest and oh was it a nice feeling to feel his bare skin. Aether than proceeded to take his shirt of and grow a little happy, "I got your shirt off." She stated like it was an achievement.
  Aether / Ravenity / 16d 8m 36s
He did enjoy kissing Aether. SHe was someone he never wanted to lose. SHe was really the only one that made him feel not alone and that was all he wanted. His eyes faced hers and then he met her lips, stopping soon because he didn't want to do anything he might regret later. Aether when she was upset with him did scare him. When someone cared about you and they were upset, it didn't sit right.

He faced her, seeing that she was upset until he began explaining everything. HE told her that he was unsure about when was enough or when was going too far. THey agreed to just try things until the other didn't feel like it was okay. He smiled when she said she wouldn't be mad and he nodded his head [b "Okay, I'll make sure you're okay with it and you can always tell me if it's too much"] he leaned in and then he met her warm lips again.

He shook his head [b "What's really good? I don't know"] he frowned and then he felt her lips move down his neck, making him moan a little as he tried to bite on his tongue. He felt her knee and tried not to get too aroused. [b "Mmm, Aether...."] he kept his arms around her, his lips kissing after hers again then his hands moved around her waist towards her ass, holding her close to his chest as he moved down her neck with his warm lips slowly. He would wait for her to tell him if it was too much as he moved along her collarbone, kissing her and slowly wanting more of her.
  ellocalypse / 16d 1h 2m 11s
Aether loved how it felt to be kissed and then kissing him. It felt like it was going on forever and also not enough, then he stopped. Soren wasn't an AI, she didn't know what he was thinking, what was on his mind, why he stopped. When she mentioned it, she could see his point, only wished he said it. How far was too far? She wasn't familiar with relationships. She didn't even know what Soren was comfortable with and not comfortable with. There really was still so much she needed to know about him.

[b I'm not going to be mad at you. Do what you normally do and I'll tell you if its..." ] She could see why he would be worried. She never thought about it. [b "I will." ] She nodded, and hoped that he was okay with doing anything with someone that hadn't done much. She was glad to at least know why now. She loved being this close to him, feeling his body heat.

Aether smiled and leaned in to his lips and gave him a soft kiss. [b "I'm sorry if I'm not too good at this, but you can always teach me what you like." ] She kissed him again and kissed along his neck, sucking gently. She bumped her knee against his thigh not on purpose. Aether kissed right behind his ear. She at least knew how to do this. She ran her fingers down to his shirt and nearly slipped her hand underneath but was unsure of herself.
  Aether / Ravenity / 16d 2h 47m 48s
It was nice to realize that he liked her and she really liked him. Soren always thought that maybe it was one sided or that maybe he was the one that had so many feelings for her while she didn't. He was glad that they were now officially together though. IT's been such a long time since he could call her his girlfriend and he's always wanted that. He's liked Aether ever since they were little. Those feelings just kept growing stronger.

Their kisses lead to touching, caressing, making out, and then he would slowly pull back for a breath because he really didn't know how far he should go with her. He knew he was allowed to kiss and hug her, but when he thought about possibly removing her shirt or even touching her skin, he didn't want to get slapped or anything. Soren spoke to her, trying to distract her and hope that she wasn't mad, but when she suddenly got defensive, he thought that maybe he was wrong.

He told her that he wasn't sure what they should be doing, but when she said that she couldn't test the limit, he understood that. HE didn't think she would be ready for that at all. He nodded and then he apologized [b "I like you Aether. I just don't want you mad at me or anything. I can tell me if something is too much"] he admitted and then he kept his arms around her, holding her close and feeling her body head.

[b "I really do like being this close to you though. If you still want to kiss....I...I wouldn't mind either"]
  ellocalypse / 16d 15h 10m 52s
It felt good to know what they somewhat were to each other. She saw him being different a good thing too. Someone that felt so real, just like her. [b “Me too.” ] One kiss let to another and it felt good to be kissed. She missed how it felt, but it definitely felt different with Soren. Something that an AI couldn’t mimic that was for sure. She felt the warmth of his lips on her neck, making her skin tingle, making it unbearably good. Aether let her eyes stay close, “Mmm.” She noticed Soren’s hand going to her sides. She was a bit ticklish, and then he stopped. Why?

She didn’t want this to end. She didn’t know where it was going, all she knew she wanted to continue feeling this way. It seemed like Soren, didn’t. He backed up and started talking about other things for some reason in the middle of this. Aether briefly met his eyes again while he spoke, hearing his whisper.

So, he did want more but was worried. But right… She didn’t even know what she was ready for. Testing the limit? She didn’t think so. Not that. Everything else? She didn’t think she knew what ‘everything’ else was except a few things. [b “You’re right, I don’t even know what I’m ready for. All I know is…” ] She blushed madly and glad it was dark, looking elsewhere, [b “I can’t…test the limit yet. But, I think the only way to know what I’m ready for is to try things. I won’t get upset at you. If you don’t think we can, then I’ll be okay with that.” ]

Aether hesitated and met his eyes again and gently smile, [b “Either way, it’ll be okay. I just like being here with you.” ]
  Ravenity / 16d 20h 56m 28s
He really did like the honesty they had between each other. It was so weird talking to the AI's because it felt boring. They would eventually move into saying the same thing after a while and there wasn't anything unpredictable anymore. He was glad he could speak his mind and have Aether agree with him. All he wanted was someone just as confusing as him and he got that.

They were both official now and he felt really glad that he could be her boyfriend. [b "I don't really either. I try to blend in, but I'm glad you're really different. I don't see it as a bad thing"] he told her, smiling as he leaned in and ended up having a small make out session with her. He loved the warmth that filled his entire being when he close to her. He's never really felt this way about anyone else before.

Soren's lips went down her neck and then he kissed her more intensely as his tongue wrapped around her own. His hands touched her sides and then he would kiss further down her neck, but wondered if it was too much. He didn't want to stop, but he also didn't want to get slapped or have her upset with him again.

He met her eyes and then he heard her say he wanted to stop. Where was she getting all of these assumptions? He shook his head [b "I don't. I just don't know where to draw the line. If I keep kissing you like this Aether....I'm going to want more and I don't really know what you're ready for yet"] he admitted, whispering softly as he faced her.
  ellocalypse / 17d 23m 28s
It was becoming pretty easy to forget what she did to get here when she was right here with him alone. Now that they established that they were into each other, it felt good to know that there was less holding back from trying to be ‘friends’ which clearly wasn’t what was working anyway. She still wanted to be friends just…friends and more. When she got to looking at him, and remembering how much she admired him as a kid, and still kind of did, seeing his eyes, him looking at her…she had to kiss him. She loved being kissed by him, feeling that loneliness drain out in a way she couldn’t remember it did before. Probably because she forgot.

Aether sighed [b “Well I don’t always fit in in the worlds I stay in either. Most of the time girls are supposed to be a certain way and I don’t fit in that box.” ] She didn’t think Soren would like her if she even fit in that box. She asked and he started to kiss her and it felt amazing. Their tongues, their lips and she got to feel his hair and soon he left her lips and went down her neck. “Mmm…” It felt so good to be kissed there, making he nibble down and enjoy it. She ran her other hand down his back and all the sudden he stopped and started talking. She didn’t get half of what he was saying cause she was in a daze.

Why did he stop? Why did he always stop? She frowned a bit and made out the last bit, [b “Yea…” ] She glanced off and figured he was trying to send an indirect message. She swore she remembered him being pretty direct and blunt with his words. Maybe that was only a few times.

[b “You want to stop…don’t you. It’s fine, you can say it. We can go to bed.” ] She was starting to wonder if he really didn’t want to do anything at all with her. [i What did you expect? I don’t know… ] Why the hell were guys so confusing? She waited for him to say okay and then move back.
  Ravenity / 17d 57m 22s
He really was glad to be by her side again. Soren missed her dearly and he wanted to remember what it was like when he was happy with her again. It was a sad thing to have her disappear on him and be the only left with memories, so to see that she was here now made him really happy. He watched her curiously beside him, feeling that warm feeling in his chest because they had just made things official. He was glad that she wanted to be with him the same way he wanted to be with her.

He faced her, his eyes looking at her features. Her beautiful red hair, those ruby eyes, her gentle touch....and that independence that showed how strong she was for someone that was a girl. She was just like him, living in this world, finding something that was real.

He smiled [b "You are, but when I see you in your own world, you fit right in, so I don't mind it"] he heard her request and ended up kissing her slowly. He followed her warm lips, tracing after them and then feeling her tongue play with his. He loved the taste of her lips, how comforted she made him feel. HE never felt alone with Aether.

He felt her hand run through his hair, making him leaned in more to kiss down her neck slowly, holding her close as his hands reached her sides and then he wondered if she was okay with this. If they just kept kissing, or did she want more. What did boyfriends and girlfriends do?

[b "Aether. I'm really glad you remember me a lot more now. I think doing these things and going to familiar places will help your memory too"] he told her, meeting her eyes. He didn't want to push any further because he didn't really know what Aether wanted.
  ellocalypse / 17d 1h 23m 20s
She loved seeing him happy like this. Deep in her, she knew she wanted him to always be happy. She still didn't know if any of her decisions were any good but for now, she was going to follow whatever her heart wanted, and right now it was Soren.

Her behavior still must have been strange to Soren, since she was pretty awkward and she wasn't familiar with this world at all or what certain terms meant, or what people did with relationships. Every world had it a bit different, which made it even harder to switch back and forth. [b "That's a relief. I know I must be a bit weird to you." ] But she found him a bit weird to because of the differences buts he didn't see it as a bad thing. She wanted to kiss him, and kissing him once always made her want to kiss him twice. He leaned in and she was right up against him. She heard his whisper and could feel his breath. "I remember... We'd sleep in the same room. We even had fun one time, throwing pillows at each other." Her heart was racing again.

It was hard to push herself to say these things but didn't know if he would if she didn't say anything at all. She kept watch following leaning in and kissing her. She let her eyes rest and felt his hands running along her back. Aether followed his lead, kissing him slowly and feeling his tongue on her lip. She parted her lip and glided her tongue against his, and then exhaled deeply and kissing him again, sucking gently on his lip and feeling her chest cave and out. She let he hand go up to his hair, feeling through. Every few seconds she felt that sinking feeling in her chest, but it was a good one. She started to speed up with there kissing. She got lost in it, so easily.
  Ravenity / 17d 1h 31m 51s
He wasn't the type to really kiss and flirt with others if he had someone. Soren has had dates before, sometimes maybe more than one, but none of them were really long term relationships. The one he did have before Aether, he never really cheated on. He spoke honestly about how he felt and when Aether agreed to be his girlfriend, he had a smile unlike any he's had on before.

He laid beside her and then he remembered how odd Aether was to him the first time he met her. It was normal though since she was from a different world. THey were both raised in different situations, so he was sure if he ever went back to her world, he'd do some weird things too [b "You're fine. I like you the way you are Aether"] he nodded and then he leaned in, feeling her lips as he closed his eyes and then he kissed her.

Soren wanted a little more warmth, so he would lean in, wrap his arms around her and hold her close. She said he was allowed to and he smiled brightly, [b "So are you. It's nice and familiar. We used to be this close back at your world"] he whispered in the dark as he heard her request.

He met her eyes and felt a little embarrassed. Just because she asked doesn't make it any easier. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers again. He closed his eyes and let his hands run along her back, his lips following hers as he kissed her slowly, his tongue gliding along her bottom lip, waiting for her to allow entry.
  ellocalypse / 17d 1h 49m 34s
As long as she felt confident enough that he wouldn't kiss anyone else, wouldn't flirt with anyone else, she felt good. Who knew if anything April said was even true to begin with. She couldn't believe she end up in his bed. It worked out in the end anyway. When Soren laid beside her, she recalled what they had did, kissing him and listening to him talk about how he felt, what he wanted to do. This was more than just wanting to kiss him for the sake of wanting to kiss someone. She liked the few things she picked up about him.

Aether laughed a little nervously, [b "Yes, but I think I take stupid and awkward to a whole new level. I'll get better-I hope." ] She shrugged. Maybe the more time she spend time with him the less awkward she would be. Maybe. She leaned in, feeling the warmth in her chest grow again when she grew near. She softly kissed hiim and hoped that he would like it. She couldn't help but smile so much when he said she was allowed.

Soren's arm moved around her and pulled her in. She pressed her body gently against his. [b " can. We can do almost anything. ] She wrapped her own arms around him and pressed her forehead against his chest. [b "You're so warm... hmm. I couldn't wait to feel this." ] Safe, comfortable, not alone. Aether met his eyes again, wondering if he was okay being this close. She knew he must have been comfortable with being close to a girl than she would with a guy. She didn't mind, she only hoped that she didn't show that she didn't often do these things so much.

"I...I want you to kiss me again, like when you showed me those stars." She spoke quietly, still shy about being vocal about things. The last week she's been pushing herself to say things she normally kept quiet about.
  Ravenity / 17d 3h 7m 34s

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