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[b “We’ll be on a pirate ship, so I guess we’ll kind of be like pirates.” ] Aether grinned, getting quite excited about the adventure and sailing the sea with him. She received an odd message. She’s gotten messages before from an unknown contact since she was little but it was always in the same chat. This one…was in a different chat. Aether tilted her head.
[b “You think so?” ] Aether whispered. [b “An SOS? Maybe…” ] She felt weary since she tended to be separated from Soren when weird things happened. [b “You can!?” ] Aether eyes opened wide, getting a little excited to hear he could do that. She would quickly hand over her tablet to him and then move to his side to take a peak at what he was doing. She didn’t understand what he was tying. Aether dipped her head and sighed when he said it was unknown.
[b “You can’t find out which world? I suppose it would take forever hopping form one world to the next to find out where they are.” ] Aether said, since their were so many. [b “I don’t want to risk switching so much that I lose you.” ] That had to be the biggest fear she had. She didn’t want her memory wiped, or testing their luck on swapping worlds too many times at once. Aether moped into her hand, [b “Maybe I’ll just message them back and as.” ] Aether said. But she wasn’t sure.

[b “We should start packing.” ] Aether nodded firmly. [b “It won’t be our ship. We’ll have to pay a fee to a crew. I’m… I don’t have the best reputation at certain places so it’ll be difficult for me to get into the nicer ships. So…that’s why I said we may have to board with pirates.” ] Aether half laughed, running her fingers through her hair [b “I hope ou don’t mind.” ] Aether said.
Docks… [b “It’s not…close but we’ll just use a teleporting mirror.” ] Aether smiled. Teleporting to her target location wasn’t even possible since they were banned there.
  Aether / Ravenity / 125d 20h 47m 43s
It was tough being a brand new world that he wasn't familiar with at all. It was really something to be living here as if it was your new home. TO see the castle being destroyed and not knowing how to help or even just being helpless. That's what Soren felt like when they faced the evil fairy.

Seeing Aether battle against the fairy using magic he wasn't used to and bringing up barriers really opened up his eyes to how many worlds were still out there and the possible encounters of finding more people like her and him. There was a lot he didn't know about, but wanted to learn.

He made sure Aether was taken care of when she woke, making her some soup from veggies from the garden. They all sat at the table eating up, replenishing their strength as he smiled across the table, taking a peek at Aether's ruby eyes. [b "It is. I'm glad you're okay. You had me worried"] he admitted and then he finished up his soup. He couldn't stop smiling when she admitted to him how great it tasted.

When she mentioned the adventure, he nodded [b "Yeah we do. It'll be a long while, but it's something new. I'm excited. There's so much I don't know about in this world. Now we'll learn how to captain a boat"] he held her hand in his and saw her looking at her tablet. When she showed him the message, he looked over it curiously [b "I don't think so?"] he looked at his and didn't see any notifications.

[b "What if it'd someone like us? Trying to send out an SOS in order to find more of us?"] he wondered. [b "I can see if I can track where it's coming from?"] he told her, taking a peak at her tablet and then putting in a few codes, trying to lock down an IP address. [b "Hmm. It's unknown. At least not from this world. Maybe if we try going to new worlds, the question marks will show a real location if we're in the right one?"] he scratched his head, thinking about it.

He shrugged the idea off for now. [b "Maybe we should start packing tonight. Where will we get the ship Aether? Are we near any docks?"] he wondered, not too familiar with the area.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 151d 16h 54m 1s
Aether fell into the pool of color the sunset brought. She heard the chirps of little birds and felt a gentle warm breeze caress her cheek. It was beautiful and peaceful and the best part…she didn’t feel lonely. Her eyes fell onto the yellow tulips in the vase at the center of the table and then rose up to Soren’s teal eyes. Once she didn’t even realize she was lonely until she met him. She wondered…if they’d find more people like them one day. If they could have friends…just like them.

The castle walls were fortified thanks to her. She’d catch Bacon eating at the food they gave him. There AI’s were on the table feeding on the little bowls they gave them. [b “Ist it?” ] Aether stared mesmerized again by the sunset, and listening to the violins play. She’d eat the food Soren prepared. It was delicious, especially from the grown ingredients.

What a lovely date this was. [b “It’s delicious Soren,” ] Aether nodded profusely. She would eat it all up and grin when it was done. [b “That was so gooodd!!!” ] She stretched her arms and giggled. She saw a new notification pop up at the top for her. A new…message? She’d go onto her tablet and saw a new message frown ‘unknown.’

‘You’re not alone little one. Enjoy your adventures.’
She’d sigh, and dismissed the message. Now and then, there messages like this, each year or less.
[b “We have a long adventure tomorrow,” ] Aether mentioned, resting her chin in her hand, [b “We’ll be taking a boat. IT should be a lot of fun.” ] Aether said and looked back at her boyfriend. She’d reach out her hand and hold his, [b “We can even eat fresh fish,” ] She mentioned. She then saw a new notifaction pop up. [b “One second.” ] Aether went into checking it figuring it was another one. But…this one had random digits as the user. She’d tilt her head and saw it. It only said ‘Hello Aether.’
Aether would show him , “I never get messages like this. Do you?” No one in this world had a device to communicate and this wasn’t even in the tabs for AIs. A new one popped up, ‘Can we speak.’
[b “I think…maybe I should ignore it.” ] She said. She wasn’t sure if it would ruin there dinner date or not. She’d set her tablet down and hit the ignore button.
  Aether / Ravenity / 165d 21h 34m 37s
He was relieved to see her wake up looking fine. It's been a few hours, but if she was out and something happened in the castle, he'd do his best to protect her, but it was always better to have a veteran at his side. Soren hugged his arms around her and told her what he'd been doing the whole time.

The castle was cleaner, the rooms were free of debris and everything was put back into order. THanks to her magic, the walls were up and the cracks were all sealed and repaired and with the defenses outside, everything seemed peaceful. He admitted he was practicing using magic and even found out his dominant elemental power.

[b "Yeah? I guess I should keep practicing with it then"] he kissed her and then he headed down to grab her food, but she suggested the balcony. Soren carried the pot and then had Bacon following him and his AI on her back. He laughed and then set the table with bowls and spoons. When he saw the sunset and the violin, he'd laugh [b "Oh wow! This is really romantic. A lovely dinner date in the castle"] he smiled and then he sat across from her. He poured them each a bowl of soup and then he gave his AI some as well.

Soren took a few sips and smiled at the taste. He did a good job. It tasted way better with fresh ingredients versus that packaged stuff in Avalon. He'd glance over [b "I can't wait to see our old friends again, I hope they return. You did great AEther. This place looks as if it didn't see a war"] he took a few more bites and looked over at her ruby eyes. [b "Is it okay? I haven't made anything like that before"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 306d 2h 8m 23s
Aether woke up an wrapped her arms behind Soren. She was slowly waking, yawning and rubbing her eye. [b Ah hmm… I’m for sure fine.” ] Aether said quietly. She faced him and he hugged her. His arms were so warm. She shook her head [b “No it’s okay… I’m glad hearing you practiced magic more.” ] Aether kept her eyes locked on him.

Aether nodded and then smiled at him [b “Wow, you’re better at lightening then. You should focus on it, learn more. Lightening is really good one, and also…hard to control.” ] She kissed him and he leaned into her. [b “Mmm, okay, I’ll help.” ] She said but he insisted that she’d stay and rest. She sighed to herself, and would let him go on ahead into the kitchen. He was still a little worn out. She sat back on the sofa, and would cuddle up with a book, waking up more but still lacked some energy. After a little while, she rose up and head towar the kitchen, following the smell of his soup.

[b “Soren, is it done?” ] Aether asked, seeing the pot lid closed. Her Ai would appear and sit on the counter, squeaking that he was hungry.
[b “It smells good,” ] Aether said, picking up the lid a bit to take a peak. [b “Mmm…” ] She closed it and looked out the window seeing the sun was lowering. [b “We should have dinner on the balcony, because of the great view. I’ll go set it up.” ] Aether said, and would grab glasses and levitated a few other things to follow her up. She went to the balcony, there were two chairs, set a table cloth, spoons and the glasses down. She found a violin in a room and casted some magic to get it playing a bit on the balcony. She thought it was funny and nice at the same time. She went down into the garden and grabbed some tulips and set them in the center of the table.

Then she went back to Soren [b “Ready?” ] She asked, her Ai was riding on the top of her head, squeaking he was ready.
  Aether / Ravenity / 309d 14h 58m 34s
He spent the rest of the day with their Ai's cleaning up the house. They were sweeping, cleaning up some dust and then they were rearrange what was left of the furniture as best they could. They went to each room, dusting, cleaning, putting debris away until it was late in the day. Soren then headed back up to the library, seeing Aether still asleep.

He set the flowers in a bowl of water and then he read through some magic books, doing some magic, practicing his elemental magic. He did notice though that his lightning magic was much more prominent than the others. He over heard Aether's voice and he'd glance over and then feel her warm arms around him [b "Mmm, I'm glad you're awake Aether. Are you sure you're okay?"] he asked, hugging her. He let her rest more.

[b "You should rest more. I've just been cleaning up and practicing some magic"] he told her, smiling as she spoke. [b "I can gather some things from the garden. You should rest more. You must be drained"] he reminded her and then he looked at his lightning power. [b "Oh really? That's why the lightning one is bigger than the rest"] he chuckled and then he felt her warm lips on his skin. He wrapped his arm around her waist and then he leaned into her. [b "I'll go downstairs and try to make some soup?"] he told her, kissing her cheek.

He wanted her to get better, so he thought she should just stay here for now. [b "It's late. Dinner time, so I'll be back okay?"] he brushed her hair back and went down into the kitchen with his AI. He went to his tablet and then he looked up a simple soup recipe with some vegetables. Soren went out into the garden, looking around for what they needed. He gathered up a few and then he headed back inside.

He started a pot and followed the instructions, cutting up the carrots, celery, the potatoes and he put it into the pot of water that was soon boiling. He's never made anything like this before, but he hoped that Aether would like it.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 346d 6h 37m 35s
Aether woke up a few hours later, waking up to on the couch with a blanket on her. She slowly opened her eyes, and would look around. She rubbed her eyes and wondered if the castle reconstructed itself more. She saw a figure doing something across from her. She adjusted to the light and saw Soren. [b “Soren…morning.” ] Aether yawned. She realized she didn’t een know what time it was. She saw the flowers he gave her set on a table. It made her smile. He was the sweetest. She got up and wrapped arms around him, resting her head on his back, “You make me really happy. Does the castle look better now?” ] She asked, still feeling a little worn but she expected that to go away within an hour.

She saw the lighting ball in his hand and it made her smile. [b “You’re doing so well Soren.” ] Aether yawned again [ “With the castle secure, we can leave for our trip soon,” ] Aether mentioned. She hugged him tight. She looked at the flowers again, wishing she got him smoothing too. [b “Are you hungry? We should pick some vegetables in the garden and supplies in our kitchen and cook something. It’s all fresh too, so it’ll be really good.” ] Aether reminded, kind of missing food here. The food in Avalon was really good too buts he missed what she was used to.
[b “You know, with lightening ou can strike multiple people. And everyone is more talented in one element than the others, normally anyway.” ] She shrugged. She was impressed that he was learning. She kissed the back of his neck, wanting to just be close and comfortable with him. She felt good having him as her boyfriend and knowing he wouldn’t waiver. She really did hate seeing him kiss her…but she understood it was forced.
  Aether / Ravenity / 347d 17h 31m 51s
He liked the fact that Aether admitted she only wanted to kiss him. He was lucky she believed him because he didn't like anyone else. There was no one else in this world that was like her. He hugged her and then he would take the cubes and walk the perimeter. Soren would take his Ai with him as they walked around the castle.

They would set the cubes down on each corner and then Soren would have his AI clean up some of the debris. He would also push some boulders and parts of the castle into one area for now before finishing up. He then stopped by the garden and grabbed some flowers before heading back up to the library.

When he met up with Aether, he gave her the flowers, smiling when he saw her reaction. He'd lean in and kissed her cheek and then her lips softly [b "Okay Aeth....I'll make sure to look after the place"] he promised, seeing her cast the spell.

When her energy drained, he could see her swaying. Soren would catch her and hold her up before heading her voice. He'd set her on the couch, letting her lay back as he went to grab a blanket, setting it over her. He'd watch her sleep for a while before looking back at his AI. They decided to tidy up the house, along with Aether's AI. They would sweep and try to put things away, cleaning up. Soren could see the barrier around the castle and he hoped they would be safe for now.

Bacon soon came up to him and he'd laugh, petting the pig and then he would help clean up the rooms. Once he finished, he went back into the library, working on his magic, making fireballs, ice balls, and lighting balls in his hand. He wanted to practice and be of some help to Aether for now. She already did so much today. He hoped she woke up soon.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 349d 21h 13m 5s
She felt like she already knew the answer but she liked to hear it from way anyway. [b “I only want to kiss you too.” ] She smiled to him, wrapping her arms around him, hugging him. Then she let him go put those cubes around, while she looked at the spell she wanted to cast. The worst outcome would be she had to take a nap, so she decided to get it prepared. Soren came back up and she saw him with flowers.

[b “Awe, Soren, thank you,” ] Aether took hold of the flowers, smelling them. She smiled, they smelled good and were so pretty. He really was sweet. [b “They’re beautiful.” ] She said and got a kiss on the cheek [b “Thank you. We should be safe now. I’m going to cast that spell I told you about, so, I’m probably going to take a nap right after. Will you be okay with the castle on your own? Our staff…should be fine, they should probably come back in two days or so.” ] She said, because she saw a note that was left. She was glad they left. Bacon was still here though.

If it was okay, she would cast the spell and feel her energy deplete instantly. She would end up swaying and having to sit down, [b “I don’t think I can make it to the bed…I’m going to sleep right heeere.” ] Aether pointed to the floor, because it looked really tempting right now.
  Aether / Ravenity / 350d 16h 35m 47s
He didn't mind having to pay for the repair of her castle at all, but he could tell that Aether didn't want to make him. He would see all the damage and he felt terrible this happened. It didn't look like the home that they lived in a while back and it made him want to work on the repairs.

His eyes met hers and he saw her talking about going up to the library to look at different barrier options. THey headed up and he would look at the book she handed over to him. Soren would sigh a bit and then he'd flip through the pages, looking at different barriers. He would show Aether and ask her which one as she chose the dark magic protection one.

When he looked through, he watched her set up the three cubes. He didn't get this whole magic thing and he sure wasn't sure what she was doing either, but when she did that, he nodded and took the three cubes after putting on some gloves. He'd smile when she kissed him [b "You are. You're the only one I want to kiss"] he smiled. He then headed outside with his AI, walking around the perimeter of the castle. Soren would look around, seeing the shards of messes around the castle and he would ask his AI to sweet up. His AI turned into a broom and dustpan and cleaned up the perimeter.

Soren would walk around each corner and then he would drop a cube down. He'd wonder where their chef went and their other house mates and hoped they were okay. Soren would walk to the garden and then pick out a few flowers. He held the bouquet and then he headed back inside, going back up to the room. He made it back to the library and then he showed her [b "I brought you back some flowers Aeth"] he smiled, giving her cheek a kiss. [b "Barrier is ready"]
  ellocalypse / 355d 9h 56m 55s
[b “It’s too expensive…and I can’t make you pay for my castle.” ] She shook he rhead. She was pretty ortified with the damage. She felt she had to cast that spell and hope it would fix it all well. She figured she may sleep for a little while after the spell, which wasn’t bad.

[b “Okay, if the barrier holds up, she won’t eb able to come in anyway. Hopefully…” ] She sighed. She went up to the magic room. She’d open books and even give him a book for the barriers while she looked at the spell she needed. Aether popped the question, just curious on how he felt. [b “Okay, I figured,” ] Aether smiled. She would come in and saw the ones he pointed out. [b “Hmm, we can combine the one with dark magic and demons. That should be fine.” ] She said and felt his fingers brushing through her hair. It felt nice when he did that. She’d lean into his shoulder, [b “Thank you… I’ll set up the barrier.” ] She said.

Aether grabbed three cubes and set them in a bowl. She grabbed ingredients needed that the book said was required. She’d put them in the bowl, use some of her fire to heat it up and let the cubes absorb it. They started to glow white. [b “These cubes are hot, so you need to grab them with the gloves. Place these four cubes at different points around the perimeter of the castle and it’ll activate. Can you do that? I’ll keep looking at the spell to restore the castle,” ] She mentioned. She looked at Soren's eyes and then she'd lean in and kissed him, blushing a bit, "I want to be the only one to kiss you."
  Aether / Ravenity / 355d 11h 50m 31s
He looked at the castle and then back at Aether, seeing how devastated she looked. HE felt really bad because not only did she seem like she was upset from it all, but at the same time, he could see that it must have hurt. THis was the place that she grew up from and it was her home. He wanted to help somehow, so he held her hand and looked around.

[b "Oh. Okay, well we have some spare coins. We can combine them and purchase the materials needed to rebuild the place. I don't mind?"] he told her, hoping that would be of help or something. He would rather have her okay than risking her passing out and then the evil fairy coming back when she was out. They'd be in trouble then.

[b "Are you sure? I'll make sure you're in a safe place at least. When she comes back, I don't want her harm us at all. We shouldn't give her that chance"] he told her and then he followed her up to her room. He looked at the tables and shelves, seeing the mess they had to deal with. When he opened up the book she had, he looked for barriers, seeing a few different types. There were defense ones, attack ones, and even combinations of the two. He wasn't exactly sure which would help against the fairy.

He heard Aether asking the question and he'd shake his head [b "Of course not. I wasn't even paying attention. I wanted to break free"] he told her and then he showed her the barriers. [b "Which one should we use? THere's some against certain magic. Maybe this dark magic barrier?"] he suggested, holding her hand and then brushing her hair back. [b "I'm here and we can protect and fix this place up. Just let me know what else I can do"]
  ellocalypse / 362d 2h 37m 31s
Aether felt a huge relief that she was gone. She didn’t want to deal with that ever again. Really needed to bring up her own barrier. She watched her AI change too. “We’ll help!” Her AI said and then they faced the castle and it did look like a mess. Too big of a mess to fix. She’d take hold of Soren’s hand and walked inside [b “It’s so…ruined.” ] She frowned. She shook her head [b “You can’t just draw anything and make it appear to life in this world. Not like that anyway. I need materials, that’s going to cost some money. I know a spell that may restore it back to the way it was. But it’ll tire me out and I will probably pass out for a day.” ]

That seemed like the better option right now. Materials were expensive. [b “Well…barrier first, and then I will try to do that spell.” ] She sighed, cursing Mila in her head from screwing things up. They were in the front of the castle, the castle walls damaged, chipped, cracked, some bricks fallen. This castle meant a lot… [b “Let’s go to my potions room.” ] She said and would go take the flight upstairs and opened one of the doors. There were a couple of bookshelves, tables, and shelves with items. She’d grab a book from the shelf and open it up. She coughed a little because of the dust. [b “Soren, could you look up a barrier in this book. I’m going to try to find how restore the castle.” ] She grabbed another book and it was much bigger. She graoned, but sat down on a table and began reading. She’d glance at him, and feel glad…he was here.

[b “Did you…Did you like kissing her?” ] Aether mumbled, curious more than anything.
  Aether / Ravenity / 364d 2h 25m 21s
He didn't mean to wrap his arms around her and choke her, nor trying to kiss the fairy, but he was forced to after being charmed. He did his best to fight it, but it wasn't working. WHen his AI managed to get her away, he stopped and got back to his senses. He held Aether and then he would look back to the castle, thinking about how they could rid of the barrier and get it back to the shape that it was.

HE saw Aether going in for a kill, but when it freaked her out, she disappeared. His teal eyes watched in amazement, wondering how she could use magic like teleportation... [b "Okay, we'll try and clean up a bit here too"] he saw the barrier begin to disappear with Mila. His AI turned into a bunny again [b "Okay guys, I need some help. Let's start cleaning up this castle"] he told his AI, seeing her change into another maid. She quickly went off to the castle, waiting for Aether's AI.

Soren faced her and he hugged his arms around her waist [b "I'm okay. I'm still really sorry"] he kissed her cheek and then he held her hands in his [b "Let's head inside. We'll try to create our own barrier or something to fight her off. If anything we can rebuild the castle by drawing in the missing parts?"] he suggested, wondering how they could even start to rebuild everything.
  ellocalypse / 1y 5d 2h 4m 34s
It stung a little to see him kissing her buts he knew it was forced and she hated it. Poor Soren… She couldn’t strike Soren, so she end up being chocked for a while. She tried to break away, pull on his arm. She couldn’t breathe until she allowed him to stop. Her AI went to attack and so did his. She breathed normally.
[b “I’m okay,” ] She said, and shook her head [“I know, it wasn’t your fault.” ] She glanced back at there AI’s who were overwhelming Mila.

[b “Yes, but…” ] Her eyes fell onto her Castle. She wanted to save it. She felt like by the time she’d come back, that her castle would be all gone. She pouted and then remembered [b “We have to get out of the barrier first. So…that means you have to wipe that demon’s blood on you,” ] She explained quickly. She looked at Mila, and decided she needed to fight now. She took out her sword again while Mila was distracted by there AI’s. [b “I’ll handle it now,” ] She told him and went for it. She went in between and tried to impale her with her word but Mila tried to back up. It freaked her out at how much of a close call was.

She started turning into dark particles and vanishing, along with the demons. Aether breathed in relief [b “She’s gone for now, but she might come back. I need to secure this place.” ] She decided, and looked down at herself, grossed out with the demon blood she had in her, [b “I need to take a bath.” ] She looked back at Soren, and felt a little...weird now that she thought about it...being held like that by him and if Mila made him do that any longer...She held her breath. But, she could shake it off in ten minutes. [b "Are you okay?"] She asked.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 7d 15h 18m 9s

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