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When she narrowed her eyes on him, Soren wondered why she wanted him to eat that food so badly. All he wanted was stay with Aether and make sure that she was okay. He was worried because not only did she have a fatal wound, but she was inside the queens home. Who knew what would happen to her?

HE waited outside and when he managed to hold her in his hands, he brought her to his ear, using his giant hands to grab the flower and hold onto it. He then headed towards the other direction and then he walked towards the castle. As they headed out, he heard her [b [#F78F18 "Okay, we'll head back to the castle and plant it. That way we can rest up too"]] he told her, trying not to face her since it would probably be really loud.

His AI looked over at his hand and leaned in to see Aether. She squeaked and then laugh at her AI. [b [#F78F18 "You were pretty small. But we both were. Maybe not this tiny, but we were really small"]] he spoke and then he tried to move more slowly. He kept his hand balanced as he saw her AI turn huge. HE hopped onto his other shoulder and then he led then towards the castle, seeing it come into view.

When they arrived, Soren leaned into his hand [b [#F78F18 "Where do you want the flower Aether? Should I leave it with the gardeners?"]] he asked, looking at the red flower in his other hand. He walked into the house and then he set Aether down on the table as he sat down to relax for a while.

[b [#F78F18 "What's next on the list Aether?"]] he leaned into her and then he tried to whisper to talk to her.
  ellocalypse / 4h 14m 22s
The pixie narrowed her eyes, and pouted, "Why? I know you and you know me. We see each other. I can be long!" She crossed her arms, not seeing the problem here. He wasn't married. She felt pretty grumpy and saw Aether on the ground. She didn't want to help any more than this.

Aether end up by his ear and told him what she could. She felt a little shaky being this small, and afraid if she'd fall. That looked like one steep drop. Soren picked up the flower. They started to head out, and Aether was really hating her size, and speaking to Soren's ear so that he'd actually hear her. [b "Yes, we should head back, the plant we need next grows by the field around the castle. ] She would remind Soren the direction, then Aether saw his AI. She was not so small to her anymore.

[b "You're AI looks pretty terrifying at this size." ] She admitted, and shuddered remembering how she was bit as a kid, but that was just as a kid. [b "Hey, wasn't I this small once when were kids?" ] She tilted her head, trying to remember and then recalled. Definitely was. She had to grip onto his shirt, and let him climb down, but she didn't realize how the slightest movement was pretty hard on her. [b "Can you... move a little more gently?" ] Oh how embarrassing. Being this tiny and needing him for help. Her AI turned into regular size and he was pretty scary too. He giggled in squeaks.

[b "Don't you dare try anything stupid!" ] She warned, and then... [b "Soren, did you eat anything at the fairies? ] She asked, and began to see the castle more in view.
  Aether / Ravenity / 11h 2m 19s
When the pixie was pouting, Soren didn't want to take her food. He knew he wasn't supposed to eat any food from this place, so he didn't want to. He waited for Aether, but was thinking about the fact that she said she could grant him any wish. If that were true, then he could cure Aether of all of this.

He told her Aether was only a friend, but when she asked to marry him, he shook his head. [b [#F78F18 "I can't just marry you! We have to know each other first. It's a long thing"]] he told her and then he saw the doors open. He watched someone walking out, but it was too tiny to see, so he placed his hand down and then he lifted up Aether.

He brought her to his ear and when he heard her, he looked around, not sure where she pointed, but then he saw the flower she mentioned. It was a large, red flower. He walked in that direction and then he leaned in and grabbed one, pulling it out of the ground, seeing the roots still on it.

When he had it in his hands, he heard the pixie and then he headed in the other direction away from their little town. He kept Aether close to his ear to hear her. [b [#F78F18 "Okay Aether. Where to next? Should we go back and plant this flower in the garden?"]] he asked, walking and then stepping towards the direction of the castle.
  ellocalypse / 16h 44m 31s
The pixie pouted when Soren wouldn't take her offer on the food. She sighed, and listened to him talk about wanting to wait for Aether. The pixie couldn't guess what age they were, all humans looked very big to her. She knew humans married, so she wanted to know. "Only a friend? Will you marry me!" She grinned, unsure of what marriage really was in humans. She knew that meant they were together for a very long time. But Aether came along and he got distracted. The pixie took the chance to put the food in his pocket and peaked down at Aether who was trying to call out.

Aether groaned, he couldn't hear her. She looked at his hand and felt she had no choice. She climbed aboard but Soren was moving too fast for her, and she fell back and end up sitting, and end by Soren's giant ear. So close... She sighed [b "I said, We have permission to grab a flower. Can you grab one? I'll be big again in an hour." ]

She then pointed at the flower, and felt pretty unsure if he could even tell where she was pointing. [b "It's the big red one with gold sprinkles on its petals. Grab it by the roots, so we can grow it in our garden." ] She felt she had no choice but to depend on Soren on this.

"You should stay!" The pixie suggested "Please , oh please stay!"
[b "Maybe next time." ] Aether shrugged, meeting the Pixie's eyes.
"You and you are not any funny." She pointed and then went off.
[b "Soren, can you carry me for a while?" ] She asked, [b "I could use magic to fly if it's a problem."
  Aether / Ravenity / 18h 11m 41s
When she shyly looked down, Soren turned red, not believing that he said that to her. He felt really nervous for some reason and for the first time, he was actually thinking about what she thought of him. Why did that matter? He never really cared about that at all. It made him wonder why he started caring now? Soren just smiled as he tried his best to ignore the fact that he was turning as red as a tomato.

He followed her towards the ground and then he ate the sandwich she gave him. Soren listened to all of her rules and did his best not to make any mistakes. HE didn't want to ruin that for her or have themselves in trouble. When they reached the pixie village, he saw that AEther turned really small and he looked so worried. HE didn't want to separate from her, but when she said to stay in place, he just nodded and waited outside, seeing a pixie touching his face.

Soren looked back at her and remembered that Aether told him not to eat anything. He tried to avoid it, but then she kept telling him that it was good for him. What she said caught his attention. He did want to make his wish come true. Soren looked over her and then he saw her smiling. [b [#F78F18 "Well yes, you're one of a kind I guess. But I really do want to wait for Aether"]] he told her, looking around and then hearing her asking him a question.

[b [#F78F18 "Aether? No, no. She's my friend"]] he told her, wondering why she thought she was his wife. Soon enough, he heard a faint sound calling out his name, but he didn't see anyone when he looked around. He saw someone coming out of the door of the house and when he saw Aether, he smiled and then he leaned down, holding out his hand to her so that she could go onto his palm. [b [#F78F18 "What did you say?"]] he asked, bringing her closer to his ear so that he could hear her.
  ellocalypse / 1d 6h 25m 23s
Aether met his eyes and then she shyly looked down at her lap, gently smiling [b [#00cca3 "Thanks... ]] Soren thought she was cute-or maybe he just thought she was cute in his clothes. It didn't matter. She got a good view of the castle from where they stood, giving him a sandwich. It was breath taking to be here and she was glad to share time with Soren here.

Aether nodded, [b [#00cca3 "Yes, please, please don't forget." ]] She lead the way and they finally reached the pixie village. She end up pixie sized and felt frustrated but if this was what it took to get what she needed, so be it. She looked up at Soren, he was so huge! Her eyes widened a little, [b [#00cca3 "No, it's okay, I'll be right here. Just stay in place." ]] She followed the pixie and went into the queen's house and met the queen who was a red haired pixie, who was napping in hanging leaf. The pixie beside her, woke her up and Aether was made to explain the situation.

The pixie returned to Soren and sat right on his shoulder. She pouted, when he tried to pull back when she tried to touch. [b [#00cca3 "Pixie food is good for you, it can make you happy, heal and make wishes true. You really need to try." ]] She grinned and then pouted when he said he just wanted to wait for Aether. [b [#00cca3 "There is only one of me. I am one of a kind." ]] She smirked, putting her hands on her hips. Then she went over to her pixie house and brought out something wrapped in a small leave. She flew in front of Soren, [b [#00cca3 "You should try. It tastes good, it'll make you feel confident." ]] She looked back at the house and then back at Soren and nodded [b [#00cca3 "She will. We are kind pixies. Is Aether your wife?" ]] She tilted her head.

It wasn't that hard to convince the queen to give her a flower. She waved he r hand and told her to go get it. Aether at least gave her money and stepped out of the house. The red flower was growing around the pixie village, but Aether realized she was small and didn't know how she'd carry it. She walked over and realized Soren was to high up, would he notice her? [b [#00cca3 "Soren! We have permission to grab a flower! Can you grab one!?" ]] She called out and saw the pixie. [b [#00cca3 "Can you turn me back? ]]

The pixie sighed, [b [#00cca3 "You'll return to human sized in an hour. ]]
Great... She frowned [b [#00cca3 "Isn't there any other way?" ]]
"I wouldn't know." The pixie giggled.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1d 10h 49m 16s
He did admit that he found his own clothes to be really cute on her. If he could, he'd let her wear all his clothes. He saw her cheeks warm, but his were already red. He didn't mean to say it out loud, but most of the time, Soren liked to say what he was thinking. [b [#F78F18 "Yes it's a compliment"]] he smiled and then he looked away because he didn't want to be staring at her clothes or have her think he was weird or anything.

They headed down the mountain and when they reached flatter ground, he relaxed for a while, taking a sandwich she offered and then taking a bite. It was delicious eating it out here in nature. It was a lot different than when he lived in Avalon, doing quests like taking out robots or hacking onto someone's computer at their home. Here, the quests had scenic routes....even if it wasn't a quest.

Soren listened to Aether's words and tried to remember all of the rules about this pixie town. [b [#F78F18 "Okay, don't say yes and don't eat the food. No mushrooms. I'll remember"]] he told her, looking to his AI for support and she ended up squeaking and nodding her head. They headed through some trees and into a forest. He followed behind her and when she said to stop or to avoid things, he looked at his footing more. This world had both weird creatures and weird rules.

When they approached the tiny village, Soren saw the little pixie pulling a wagon, seeing them and looking shocked. She spoke with Aether for a while, but when she made Aether tiny, he didn't know what to do. Would she be okay? He wanted to follow her. [b [#F78F18 "Are you sure Aether. Maybe I should follow you"]] he told her, seeing her head into the queen's home.

He waited outside, looking down at the tiny village when the pixie continued to look at him. He would pull back when she tried to touch his face, but when she spoke, he looked over at her and then he smiled a little. [b [#F78F18 "Um, not really. I just want to wait for Aether. How many of you are there here?"]] he asked, looking at the small houses that he could pretty much step on.

[b [#F78F18 "Are you sure Aether is going to be okay?"]]
  ellocalypse / 2d 5h 37m 59s
Aether squinted. Different how? The size? That was definitely clear. She raised a brow, [b "You find oversized clothes cute on me? ] Her cheeks warmed, and wasn't sure if she understood but it sure made her cheeks warm. [b "That's a compliment right?" ] Her voice fairly quiet. She noticed him glancing away a little and guessed it wasn't easy to say that. Then, he must have meant it.

[b "Mine too." ] She nodded [b "It's not too far. This was the farthest location. But we could take a break and have lunch if you're hungry." ] She looked up at the sun just a little past to the right on top of them.

But, first, they should get away from here. She followed, going down because the pixie village was lower, when they reached flatter ground, she took out a sandwich and offered it to him and took one for herself. She looked out into the view, seeing the castle in the distance. [b We did a lot of walking didn't we." ] She tilted her head and then recalled some rules that Soren should follow.

[b "Pixies like to trick you, they'll sometimes speak in riddles or their own language. Just, you know, don't say 'yes', don't eat what they offer you, some may be nice...but some are tricksters. And oh-avoid eating the mushrooms. They can make you delusional. " ] She finished her sand which and would lead deeper in the forest, she squeezed between some bushes and came around a drawn circle. on the ground. [b "Avoid stepping on those, or you'll get stuck until they release you." ] She grabbed a stick and broke the circle with it. She walked around and kept going forward, being careful before coming to a tiny little village, with small tiny homes made out of twigs and leaves, and some holes on the trees where pixies lived. She spotted a pixie pulling a tiny wagon forward toward another house. She turned her head and screamed, her voice tiny. She flew right up between her and Soren.

"Humans are not allowed!" She folded her arms, but then her eyes lurked over at Soren "Pretty." She went directly in front Soren's eyes, trying to seperate his eyelids more to look at his eyes and then quickly went over to Aether and touched her hair.

[b "Ow!"] Aether frowned, [b "Stop. I need something. I need some of your pixie dust, I'll trade you something for it." ]
The pixie moved back and went between them again "Dust, dust! I have dust. You can have what you can clean." She flashed a smile and then shot out her hand, "But a coin first."
Aether sighed and brought out a coin out and gave it to her, she took it but then started dropping, having trouble carrying it.
[b "I want a flower that produces the pixie dust. The dust that helps you fly." ] Aether clarified.
"You must speak to the queen of our village. The queen can help. But only if you are one of us." She shrugged.
[b "I want my coin back." ] Aether narrowed her eyes.
"No! I can make you one of us. You just have to eat."
[b "Can't do." ]
The pixie scoffed and flew off and got some pixie dust and threw it right at her eyes. Aether tried to back up but it still hit her, and the pixie said something in her language and Aether turned pixie sized. [b" What did you do!" ] Aether glared.
"This way human, you'll meet the queen. It will go away, don't worry." She lead the way and Aether looked back at Soren [b "Wait here." ] Aether stepped into a house she lead her to.

The pixie than left Aether and flew right up to Soren, and sat on his shoulder and smirked, and then winked, [b "Hi pretty human, I'm Flay are you hungry? ]
  Aether / Ravenity / 2d 11h 25m 7s
He smiled when she spoke because he was really nervous. He didn't realize what he just did when he gave her his shirt, but as she handed it back to him, he could tell. HE could smell her scent against his clothes and he realized that it touched her bare skin. Soren bit down on his lip and then he laughed a little. [b [#F78F18 "I know they're meant for me, but something about seeing it on you is a little different. I don't really get it, but you look.....cute"]] he brushed his fingers through his hair and then glancing away a little.

They had things to do, so he did his best to get up and then head further up the climb to the forest. When he saw the beast, Soren did his best to stay quiet. He didn't want to have to fight such a thing. He wanted to get it over with too because they were risking a lot to be here. That monster looked strong and it was huge.

He tiptoed to grab some flowers, snapping one and hearing the beast move. He froze and looked over at AEther, seeing her grabbing some as well. When he had a handful and put them in his inventory, he heard the beasts' breath as he held his own and then followed Aether towards the forest. When they were in the clearing, he sighed and let out his breath.

[b [#F78F18 "That was scary. My heart stopped"]] he shook his head and then he nodded, and then he rubbed his AI's head, seeing her so frozen too as she squeaked in relief.

[b [#F78F18 "Okay, let's head to the pixie forest? Is it far away or should we head back to the castle and go tomorrow?"]] he wondered, seeing that it was about noon. Soren looked down the cliff and realized it was going to be a long way down. He started the climb down, using the rocks to hold onto as he made his way down the mountain.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 2d 19h 58m 49s
Aether shook her head, [b [#00cca3 "It's...okay." ]] She peaked back at him and saw him looking nervous. What? He was looking at his shirt. Oh...maybe. She nibbled on her lip and kept quiet for a bit. Aether scoffed and smiled [b [#00cca3 "I don't think so. They're way too big on me, it's meant for your body." ]] She didn't see the appeal of seeing her in his clothes, that didn't fit. Unless, he was thinking the same things he she was thinking before, or something else that she didn't know about. [b [#00cca3 "Why do you think they even look good on me?" ]] She raised a brow.

The rain let down, and she knew she had to get ready and get this done. She got up and they reached the field. She nodded, [b [#00cca3 "We won't be able to do this at night, or even fight it at night,'ll be a lot more harder. Okay, good, than we can do this." ]] She went closer and started moving quietly toward the flowers that were around the beast. She held her breath, almost as if she was afraid he could hear her breath too. She gave Soren a nod. She froze up like a statue when the beast shift.

She put her hand on her heat, in relief it wasn't waking up. She bend down and decided to use a sharp blade to cut the step, hoping it would be quieter than snapping. She got a few three, and for a second she thought she saw an eye slightly open. Her stomach dropped. [i Don't make a sound...] She waited and began taking three more before deciding that was more than enough her heart could take from being around this beats. Aether slowly tip toed back out and waved over at Soren to get away now. Once they were in good distance, she breathed and whispered [b [#00cca3 "That was tough, wasn't it. I think I would have died if it even just startled me." ]] She looked at the plants in her hand and then back at his [b [#00cca3 "This should be enough for now. The other plants shouldn't be too hard. One is by this pixie village, just make sure you don't say 'yes' to anything. They're not really dangerous though. Ready to go?" ]] She put the flowers in her inventory and she peaked at her AI who looked in such relief, keeping quiet was hard for him.
  Aether / Ravenity / 2d 22h 25m 22s
He didn't know if he would make her upset for looking, but he remembered in the bath she was pretty upset. This time though, she didn't really look so mad. [b [#F78F18 "I'm still sorry for looking"]] he told her, turning around and when he had his shirt back, he put it over his head and could get a faint smell of her on his clothes. His face turned red and he realized that this shirt touched her bare skin. Soren quickly looked away and then he laughed a little at her words.

[b [#F78F18 "Well if you want to borrow some, you can. You look good in them, better than when they're on me"]] he smiled and then he noticed the rain had died down. Soren followed her lead as they made it further up the mountain. When they reached a forest, he stood behind the trees and then he peeked over to see what it was. There was rustling past the trees and when he saw what it looked like, it was hideous. It wasn't a bird at didn't even look like an animal he knew. It looked frightening even from it's facial features.

He was pulled by Aether and when he listened to her, he nodded [b [#F78F18 "Okay, so our best bet is right now since it's daylight"]] he told her and agreed with not trying to fight it. It looked really strong. Soren kept his eyes on the plants around the beast and then he nodded his head. [b [#F78F18 "I've done stealth missions. I think I can do it too"]] he told her, looking at his AI and bringing his finger to his lips to shhh her.

He followed Aether, stepping on his toes one step at a time, avoiding leaves and grass. He stepped over them and then slowly approached the beast, hearing the sounds of his breathing. He was huge up close. His furry body and antlers reminded him of a deer, but his face was ugly to look at. Soren made it to the plants, seeing the white flowers that surrounded him. He looked back at AEther, pointing to these and waiting for a nod before leaning in to pick one up. When Soren pulled on the flower, it snapped from it's stem and made a sound. He held his breath and didn't move, seeing the Beast shift over onto it's side. The movement scared Soren as he froze there, hoping it didn't wake.

HE managed to put the flower in his inventory....but it was only one flower. How was he supposed to get more and not wake him? Soren leaned down and tried to pull up another flower, using his other hand to hold the step, breaking it off more quietly.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 3d 4h 45m 57s
She shook her head, [b [#00cca3 "It was my fault, even if you looked." ]] She hated being such a wreck and having Soren see what a mess she was. She saw him turn around and she changed back into her clothes and laid his shirt on his lap. He...was wearing his shirt, his shirt that touched her chest... Her cheeks stayed so warm. Aether lightly laughed [b [#00cca3 "Really? I kind of like your clothes... but careful or I'll might take all of them." ]] She wondered if he they separated, would she still have his stuff in her inventory? The rain was beginning to stop, which meant they had to get going.

Aether got up on her feet and nodded, leading the way. They climbed up higher and she almost missed her footing thinking about Soren-shirtless. [i Get a grip Aether. ] They came across a small forest and they got behind the trees. She held her breath and tried to stick her head out and get a better view and her eyes widened. It was huge...and ugly, so ugly. It was resting on the top of the hill, only it's tail was whipping back and forth, but it appeared to be asleep.

[ beast]

She stopped sticking her head. She took his hand and drew him farther from the area, and whispered, [b "I forgot it's name but it's nocturnal. It's blind during the day, and has a bad sense of smell, but extremely strong and fairly intelligent, and extremely strong hearing. It's better if we don't fight, we should just be as quiet as possible not to wake it and take some of the plants, it's the white one around the field around him. " ] She inhaled a deep breath, feeling a little scared to try it. That beast is huge.
[b [#00cca3 "Have you ever had to do stealth missions before? If you haven't, it's better if I go on my own." ] ]She suggested, not even knowing what magic to use if that thing woke, because it could hear them. [b [#00cca3 "If we have to fight, avoid the antlers and, aim for legs, or behind." ] She suggested, [b "And...make as little noise as possible." ] She looked back at the area and then back at Soren [b "Are you ready?" ]] Her forehead creased. She walked closer to the area again, her AI on her shoulder.
[b [#00cca3 "Don't make sound," ]] She narrowed her eyes at her AI.
He covered his mouth.
Aether took the first steps, taking one step at a time, tip toeing.
  Aether / Ravenity / 3d 10h 24m 12s
He didn't think that she was being weird at all. Soren was only smiling because he thought it was cute how she looked in his shirt. Sure she must have been nervous because he was too. Only Soren was doing his best to make sure that he didn't seem weird even though his stomach was fluttering with butterflies around her. The last thing he wanted was for her to awkward around him.

He told her it wasn't a big deal to see him in just his boxers just to try and relax her more. He stayed close to her, his head leaning against hers as he kept his arm around her, hoping to keep her warm. Soren watched their AI's fight it out and it was funny. THey were like little pirates hitting their swords.

Soren told her he was right here to warm her up and then he saw the fire blaze up. Her shirt was burning as he gasped in shock. Did she have spare clothes? He saw how upset she looked at her AI. He saw her begin to change and then he saw her bare skin, quickly looking away. [b [#F78F18 "No it's okay Aether. I just...didn't mean to look"]] he knew how she felt about him peeking, so he quickly turned around. When she gave him back his shirt, he put it over his head and felt warmer again.

She did make a good point. [b [#F78F18 "You're right. That's true. I don't mind. As long as you warm, you can always borrow my clothes"]] he laughed and then he slowly stood up, seeing the rain soon stop. He grabbed his belongings and then he set his AI on his shoulder again as he followed Aether.

[b [#F78F18 "Okay let's do this"]] he walked with her further up the mountain, climbing up more rocks until they reached another cliff. There was a small forest where they were and as Soren stayed behind her, he crept up beside the trees, trying to hide. In the distance he saw movement of a large creature....maybe this was what AEther was talking about.

[b [#F78F18 "Aether? What is that?"]] he asked in a whisper, hiding behind a few trees.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 3d 20h 55m 14s
She was trying so hard not to be weird but, she felt like she was failing at it. Her cheeks warmed, [b [#00cca3 "Oh." ]] She brushed her hair back, her hair still dripping from the rain. It would take a while for her hair to dry. She mentioned his bottom half and she guessed he was right. Only she saw it as a big deal. [b [#00cca3 "I're not wrong." ]] She sighed. He really wasn't shy about showing her body like she was. Her fingers wrapped around the edge of his shirt she wore. She leaned against him, and felt his arm around her waist. So close...

There AI's got laughter out of her, fighting with their sticks. She looked back at him, hearing his voice, feeling him lean in. She was starting to get a little fed up with how simple words would make her heart leap. She didn't like not having that control over herself. She lightly laughed, [b [#00cca3 "I'm not worried." ]] She really wished she was less shy and just be who she really was inside of her, but it was hard...around him. Her eyes widened, seeing her shirt lit on fire and vanish into burn out in the fire. Why? Why!? She glared at her AI, wanting to do something to him or that but kept herself from acting. Instead, she felt in such a rush to get back into her shirt and accidently showed Soren skin. She saw his eyes look away soon after.

[b [#00cca3 "I....really am sorry though. I didn't mean to show I..." ]] She frowned and locked her mouth. It wasn't right...that he was shirtless and that she wore his shirt, when she could grab another one from her inventory. But if she grabbed her AI right now, she might just squeeze him really hard. Her eyes fell to the rain, and he was right. It was starting to quiet down. She could make out the trees and the view in the distance. She made sure Soren was looking away, and then removed his shirt, and changed into her own shirt and a different pair of leggings. She put his shirt on his lap, [b [#00cca3 "Here...and thank you, Soren. It kept me warm." ]] She sat down, and waited for the rain to completely let down. [b [#00cca3 "Just like your hat and scarf did. I keep taking your clothes don't I?" ]] She tried to make a joke out of it but she wasn't sure if it was even that funny.

[b [#00cca3 "We should get going soon, but, we should be quiet while we go up there, and hide behind the bushes and figure out if we have to face anything...then devise a plan." ]] She saw her sword laying at the side of her and felt excited to use it, to fight something with him, as a team. When the rain let up, she got up, [b [#00cca3 "Ready?" ]] She
expected that if they had to fight something up there, it would probably be a giant bird species of some sort...or something worse.
  Aether / Ravenity / 3d 21h 58m 24s
He sat beside the fire, his teal eyes just staring into the flame, being so mesmerized by its random movements. He really didn't feel alone anymore and that was because Aether was there. [b [#F78F18 "That's exactly how I feel too"]] he had someone to go on adventures with, to laugh and talk about their lives with. She wasn't just an AI, she understood him and she was also so unpredictable.

When his hair dried off, it was much fluffier than normal. He ran his fingers through them, but when he felt her hand run through them, he looked back at her and then he saw she removed her hands. Why was she touching his hair? Did she just want to? Like he ran his fingers through her hair...[i Yeah, maybe that was it] he thought. Soren gave her his shirt and when he sat closer to the fire he felt so warm.

[b [#F78F18 "No. I really do like it"]] he admitted and then he told her there was nothing wrong looking at his top half. But when she mentioned his bottom half, he looked at his boxers and then he shook his head [b [#F78F18 "It's not big deal. It's like I'm wearing shorts"]] he told her, seeing that she looked cute in his clothes.

Soren felt her head against his shoulder and he leaned in more, his hand moving around her waist and then he rested his head on top of hers. She was so warm against him and he didn't want to move, but as he watched their AI's, he laughed and then asked if she was still cold. [b [#F78F18 "Don't worry. I'm here"]] he smiled and leaned in closer to her.

When Soren saw her top getting thrown into the fire, he gasped and then he saw AEther taking off her shirt, showing her bare skin and then he panicked and tried to look away. [b [#F78F18 "No, no don't be sorry Aether. You can keep wearing my shirt if you want or....I can just look away"]] he promised and then he let his back face her, letting her calm down or finish changing.

[b [#F78F18 "I'll just change into a shirt when we get back. The rain is lightening up anyway"]] he tried to tell her.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 4d 5h 3m 56s

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