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He wanted to continue where they were going. Soren wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, she knew that he was going to take care of her right here and right now. He wouldn't do something that she didn't want him to do. All she had to do was tell him to stop.

He felt her hands pulling up his shirt and when he was topless, he slowly pulled her out of her dress as well, his hands caressing her smooth skin as he let his fingers crawl up her thighs. His lips moved down her neck, kissing her collarbone as he moved over her chest. He felt her running her hands through his hair and then relaxing him as he slowly pulled her dress off.

[b "You can do whatever you want to me Aether"] he smiled and then he saw her in just her lingerie. How could anyone be so sexy right now. She looked so beautiful and he really did want all of her. SOren laid back, letting her move on top so she could take some control and feel what it's like.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 11d 15h 54m 47s
He made it easy to forget where she was. Aether felt showered in his kisses, closing her eyes and enjoying his lips go by her ear. Her muscles tightened, her neck stretching when he sucked on her outer ear lobe. [b "Ahh..." ] She ran her fingers along his skin and slid down the fabric off until she had a good view of him. She felt the hardness of his chest, and felt all drowsed up from the little specs of pleasure she had and the heat coursing through her body.

Aether kissed him, locking lips and gave slower kisses that lasted longer. She licked up on his hand gliding up her leg, not really picking up her dress was going higher up her body just yet. "Mmmm..." She felt through his hair from behind and heard the sound of his moans when they kissed. Then, she noticed just how high up the dress was on her body and Soren was pulling it over. SHe helped and stood in her white lace lingerie. [b "You're turned on?" ] She peaked down seeing herself half naked with him. [b "I'm in my underwear, you're still in pants... Do you want me to..." ]
  Ravenity / 12d 4h 27m 40s
He was shocked because he never thought Aether would do this to him. He thought that he always had to make the first move or to start anything daring. It wasn't anything she did, but it was a good shocked look on his face. He smiled and leaned in more, kissing her more intensely. His eyes met hers and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. It was so quiet that she could probably hear it.

Soren followed after her lips, his tongue gliding along hers, sucking on her bottom lip as he let his tongue glide along hers. He felt so hot, Aether was sexy and he had her on his lap. She was so stunning right now. She definitely looked like the AValon girl of his dreams.

He had her in his arms, resting back against his bed as he kissed down her neck, his lips kissing against her skin, sucking softly. SHe tasted so good and her skin was so warm against his lips. WHen she asked him if they were going to be naked, he only told her what he thought could happen. She didn't seem to be against it though, that was a good sign. He kissed her more, moving up to her ear as he licked and sucked on her outer ear lobe. He could hear her moans as he felt her hands moving along his skin. He was soon shirtless, feeling her hands touch his stomach as he reached down, his hand gliding up her leg, lifting one up as he brought her dress up further.

Her hands in his hair though lulled him closer into her, kissing her more intensely, licking her lips. [b "Ahhh"] he moaned out, lifting her dress up more, pulling it over her head slowly. [b "You're really hot too Aether. You get me so turned on"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 12d 17h 55m 55s
She thought that that shocked look on his face meant that she crossed the line and that she shouldn’t have said that. She gently smiled at his reply, and shook her head, [b “It’s nothing.” ] Soren’s tongue made entrance and their tongues were gliding along each other while they kissed hard and he licked her bottom lip. She held her breath at the same time, feeling the heat rise in her body. Aether felt a little surprised that he could carry her with what looked like with no problem. She laid back and he was above her looking sexy, intoxicating. [i Beautiful. ] He sure knew how to make her heart skip a beat. She couldn’t remove her eyes off his eyes, his lips or stop watching how he grew near. Soren moved closer, and as he did, she left room for him, opening her legs and feeling that warmth go down her body.

Her eyes fell on his lips when he spoke and smirked. [i Oh shit. ] Naked…He’d see her in the light naked. Aether grew silent and when she was thinking about replying, his lips closed the space and kissed her. She moaned quietly on his lips, her legs naturally hugging his waist without thought, her dress riding slightly up. She closed her eyes, feeling the excitement of his hands gliding on her arms to reach her fingers. Oh, how she wanted him. She wanted him. She didn’t care, not now. She squeezed his hand gently and she felt his lips reach her ear, tickling her. She contained her giggle. [b “Ah hmm…” ] She definitely wanted to. She let him release her hands so she could slowly move his robe off his shoulders, sliding it down until it was gone. She saw his face and hair. She removed anything else in the way to see his chest. She ran her fingers down the center of his chest to his stomach, seeing his pants, him being between her legs. Her cheeks were probably going to remain red, but it didn’t matter to her.

She looked back up at his eyes and leaned up to kiss him hard and deeply, letting her fingers go into his hair, oh it felt so nice to feel his hair and kiss him at the same time. She nibbled on his lips and then rested back and touched his lips [b “Your so…hot. No wonder…” ] She realized she shouldn’t finish that sentence.
  Ravenity / 12d 23h 21m 16s
He was looking at her with this intense look because he found her to be so attractive. She was so sexy and with everything she was doing right now, he couldn't help but want to wrap his arms around her and just pull her even closer. His eyes met hers and then he pressed his lips a little harder against hers.

His arms weaved around her, pressing her chest against his as he met her eyes and felt a little nervous. There were so many butterflies just filling his stomach that his cheeks were turning a little red, but he wanted this. He shook his head [b "Sorry for what? You're doing all the right things"] he smiled and kissed her even more, his lips pressing harder against hers, his tongue, gliding along her own as he licked her bottom lip. He wanted her, so he lifted her up, his arms carrying her as he headed to his room.

Soren laid her against the bed and then he hovered over her. [b "You're so beautiful Aether"] he told her, leaning in, resting between her legs as he went after more of her lips, pressing them down her neck slowly as he kissed her skin. WHen she brought up the question, Soren smirked [b "DId you want to? Maybe we will"] he whispered, kissing her again so she didn't have to think too much and just focus on him.

Soren let his hands glide sown her arms, reaching her fingers as he laced his with hers. He kissed up to her ear, licking her earlobe. [b "Do you want to take off my robes?"] he wondered, knowing she did already feel his chest. Maybe he could get a little closer with Aether.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 13d 3h 49m 44s
Never had she someone look at her the same way Soren did. The way those clothes fit him drew her in, fighting her shyness. She hung her arms around him, sitting on his lap and went for the kiss she wanted. Her mind drew back to a moment, where an AI helped her gain a little confidence in kissing someone. She was getting there with Soren and she didn’t want to think too much about it because if she did, she would crack and stop.

He stuttered. Maybe he felt hesitate about it. It made her nervous. She went through it anyway, and she said something that shocked her. His shocked look made it worse and she burned up bad. Well, so much for not being nervous. [b “Sorry…” ] She mumbled. She glanced off and he went for a kiss. [i It’s probably better if you keep your mouth shut. ] That was probably a good idea. She felt him reach down to her ass, and he pushed her closer to him. Her chest bumped against his and she was meeting his eyes. So sexy… Her body was burning up, especially after he said the same thing back. So, him being shocked wasn’t a bad thing. His room!

Aether lightly nodded, her eyes never leaving him. Soren lifted her up, and she hung on until she was laying back against the bed. Damn, he was sexy. She rested her arms up and bended her knees too, waiting for him to get in, wanting to kiss him and fool around. She wondered if this feeling would always be there every time he got near. “Are we eventually going to take everything off?” She whispered.
  Ravenity / 13d 4h 53m 36s
He didn't know how she saw him in his outfit, but he could see her staring and wanting to touch. IT was cute to see her looking at him like he was something she really wanted. He smirked and then he decided to use it to his advantage and lean into her, letting her have a feel before he helped her out in letting her pick an outfit.

He saw her in that dress and she looked so stunning. Even in futuristic outfits she could pull them off so easily. Soren smiled and then he leaned in, pulling her closer, his eyes fell to her bust and he didn't mean to stare, but she was so pretty. He leaned in to meet her lips, kissing her softly as he was pushed back onto the couch.

His teal eyes peeked up and faced her, wondering what she had in mind. She was being really sexy right now and it was turning Soren on so much. He met her ruby eyes and then he let her sit on his lap as he kissed her, following her lips as they pressed harder. HIs hand slid down her back, biting on his bottom lip as he leaned back, letting her take the lead because he's never seen Aether being so forward before.

He grinned and then he relaxed, loving her fingers through his hair. [b "Mmm"] he moaned out and then he saw where her fingers were going. She was removing his clothes? Aether never really did that. Was this some black magic? All he really had to do was wear something like this? It shocked him, but he really didn't mind it. [b "Y-Yeah of course"] he told her, seeing her pick up his shirt, his chest exposed as he heard her. [i 'Woah'] did she really say that? He looked at her in shock, but then he leaned in to kiss her again, his hands moving down to her ass, squeezing her as he pushed her closer to him. [b "Mmm, look good in nothing too. Can I....take you to my room?"] he asked, slowly standing up to lift her up as he made his way to the bedroom, laying her back against his bed.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 13d 17h 11m 15s
Soren looked incredible in that outfit. It may had to do with her taste in guys. She found him so luring, and sexy. She felt all bubbly and excited inside of her watching him. She wanted to kiss him, and have him kiss her. Well, more than that but it would be a start. That burst of excitement, kept her going and she changed into clothes that he preferred. It was out of her regular attire, just like she bet Soren never wore clothes like that. She stood in front of him, and she couldn’t lie to herself that she loved this attention she got form him. And she loved being near.

Although, his eyes dropped to her chest, and she wasn’t sure if she felt all that comfortable with his eyes dropping there but it just wasn’t something she was used to. She was sure that was okay since they’ve been touching each other. She hugged her, he kissed her and the kiss was slow and heating her body up. Time slowed down and she was focusing on how there tongues were touching, lips pressing against each other. She released a breath and smiled gently when he complimented her. It was different…being looked at him like that and an AI. She pushed him back into the couch.

[b “Because I say so.” ] She pushed his shoulders, trying to lower him to sit down. Damn, he was sexy! Looking all so dark and mysterious with those pants and that hood… Mmmm…. She spaced out for a moment and then pulled herself back. Her cheeks warmed a little. [i Forigve me if I’m not that good. ] She thought mentally to himself because she didn’t want to ruin the moment and show her shyness. She straddled his lap and kissed him softly and then let the kisses grow harder. She then grinded her hips slightly against him, her lips falling to his neck. She ran her fingers into his hair and pushed his head slightly away very gently, so she could kiss more of his neck and behind his ear. She sucked gently on his skin and then she began to push open his jacket more and slide it off. She leaned back and met his eyes [b “Can I…take it off?" ] She slid her hands to his shirt at least, to slide it up and see his chest, [b "You look so good in nothing too." ] She said it woutout thinking. Her eyes widened soon after. What the hell did she just say? [i Take it back, take it back!" ] Ah, there was no undoing that dirty sentence. At least, it was really dirty to her.
  Ravenity / 13d 20h 50m 15s
He knew she wanted to help out too and it just didn't seem right to be doing everything himself. He just didn't know what else she could do right now since they were just waiting for the evil robot to take all of the money. It was kind of like fishing. They were waiting for him to take the bait.

He came out in his assassin clothes and when he took a peek at her, he's never seen Aether's eyes widened so much. It made him laugh as he smiled, looking down at his outfit. He smirked and then he walked up to her, telling her he'd wear it all night if she wanted him too. To be honest, he's never seen her eyes twinkle for his outfit like it did now. Not when he was dressed all formal or in club clothes, but in this assassin clothes, he knew he struck her somewhere.

He gave her a suggestion of what to wear and then when he saw her step out, he had a grin on his face. She looked so good right sexy. He never knew Aether really had that figure because of all the clothes she was wearing. He tried to hide his smile, but his eyes went to her chest and then he hugged her.

He pulled her closer, meeting her warm lips as he kissed her slowly. HE could feel her tongue gliding in as he let her, kissing her back intensely as he faced her. She was stunning from head to toe right now. [b "Wow. You look amazing"] he was pushed back against the couch as he sat down and looked up at her. [b "Why do you want me to sit?"] he wondered, biting down on his lip as he smiled innocently. In his head he had a few dirty thoughts flowing through, but he wondered what she was thinking. It got him really excited.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 14d 21h 51m 30s
[b "Thank you, I want to do half of the work too. With the two of us together we should be able to do this easily. " ] That rush of excitement of completing a mission with him filled in. This might go as well as the virtual world, but hopefully without the giant robot trying to kill them because in real life-that would be much more scarier. Ah...but... she sighed, sitting down thinking about the last virtual world game they tried, with her aim being sloppy....

Soren came out and he was dressed in this sexy black assassin outfit with leather pants and she began to undress him with her mind, layers upon layers, getting her mind excited about the possibilities. His eyes even popped against black. she felt all giggly inside, and she contained 80% of what she was feeling because she didn't want him to find her really weird.

Her eyes popped back on him and she...oh, she could just kiss him right now. She tried to snap out of it but she couldn't stop smiling either. She tried to dodge the thoughts for now while he was giving her the options. She picked one, and head off into the room, to put on the clothes. This wasn't what she was familiar with and she never wore an outfit that showed her chest a bit before. It sure was odd, but maybe in Avalon it wasn't a big deal at all.

Aether stepped out and for a second she thought his widened eyes could be anything from loving it, to, maybe it didn't suit her. Although, the second she heard a long 'wow' she definitely knew that he was loving it. She giggled-not wanting to-but it came out. She twirled a little [b 'Looks good?" ] She watched him grow nearer, and her heart rate elevated. He arms would around her and he was so close, she felt the heat in the air thicken. Her smile grew more subtle, as she admired him, finding him intoxicating. [i Pretty. He called me pretty. ] She felt a little spark in her chest form. And then...his eyes dropped. Her eyes widened and she really could feel her cheeks go warm. She met his eyes again and he leaned in and she happily obliged to his lips, he went in slow and then she was kissing him softly, feeling the warmness of them and taking notice of his hand gliding down, pulling her closer. She pressed her body against him. She met close to his height thanks to the heels. Her tongue poked his lips to get permission from him to feel his tongue on hers. He was so hot...and so was her face. She pushed him back , and more back, until they were close to the sofa. [b "You should sit." ] She whispered.
  Ravenity / 15d 7h 9m 27s
He knew she wouldn't be able to help much with the coding, but at the same time, he really did like the idea of getting help with slicing robots and stuff. He smirked and then he had a good idea in his mind. [b "Okay I'll definitely make sure that you're going to help out when I need some robot heads sliced off"] he smiled and then he thought about what else they could do to track down the evil robot.

Soren got distracted though when he dressed up in the assassin attire she wanted him to wear. He looked at himself and then he met her ruby eyes, wondering if she really did like it. Soren dusted himself off and then he could see her eyes on him. Soren liked it the way she looked at him and he figured that maybe she would be all over him if he wore things like this more often.

[b "It's not weird. But I would expect some kisses and maybe making out if I am wearing this outfit"] he smirked and then he wondered if she'd like that or not. He figured if she was touching his clothes like this, maybe he could get some attention out of her.

Soren gave her options and when she chose the dress and put it on, his eyes widened. How did she look amazing in everything that she was wearing. He was so stunned by how beautiful she looked right now. [b W.....wooow"] he smiled and then he walked up to her, his arms slowly moving around her waist, wondering if she'd let him touch. [b "You're so pretty"] he smiled, his eyes moving over her chest, seeing how well her curves looked. His teal eyes met hers and he couldn't help but want to kiss her. He leaned in and let his lips slowly press against hers, his hands gliding down her back as he pulled her in closer.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 15d 15h 58m 38s
[b "That doesn't sound good... I can't help you with the um...coding. But if you need some slicing robots heads off-I can definitely help," ] She excessively nodded, [b "Or if you need me to distract, go undercover, I can do that too. Your the boss." ] She deifnitely felt it would be better if she let him take the reins on this one since she knew nothing of how things worked around here. Ara watched him dress up and oh damn was it sexy. She was smirking away and just day dreaming of all the great things. Kissing him, pretending he really was an assassin. There were a lot of things going on in her head.[b "I'd love to join you on missions dressed like that but...I also think you'd distract me too easily."] Her mind drifted off.

He pulled out his tablet and she was off in lala land and then she grew near and touched the coat and ran her fingers down. She didn't realize what she was really doing until he looked at her and she removed her hand slowly away.

Aether took quiet a pause when he said the last sentence. She didn't get it at first, and then she did. Her eyes widened and she blurt out [b "Really!" ] And then blushed madly, "I wouldn't really know what to do...but that sounds fun, I mean...if it's not weird. Is that weird?" ] She wondered. She let him show what he wanted her to wear. She saw the two options and both would show her assets. Wow... She didn't know what to pick. She definitely had worn skintight flexible outfits before, for convenience more than anything. She knew Soren liked Avalon stuff, so she decided to wear the outfit with the dress.

She put it on and stood in front of him, and looked down. Yup. Her chest definitely showed more than what she was used to. [b "What do you think?" ] She felt a bit shy because she's hardly wore clothes from Avalon and wasn't sure if it suited her. But, she sure liked how Soren looked at her when she wore that white dress earlier today.
  Ravenity / 16d 4h 36m 40s
He did like the idea of trying new things with her. If it was him alone, he didn't know if he could handle pulling those crazy stunts. It was more comforting to have Aether there watching his back anyway. He finished up his food and when he saw her staring at him, Soren was wondering what was going on. He didn't mind it though because he enjoyed having her eyes on him.

He thought about the evil robot [b "Well he can take as much as he wants, but if he notices anything suspicious, he could just lock his accounts and disappear. I just have to make sure my coding isn't noticeable when I try to track him"] he told her, scratching his head and then heading into the living room to try and decide what he could wear for her.

When she showed him the options, he chose the one he's never really been in before. He put on the layers and the good, his teal eyes, showing through the shadows as he faced her. He could see the twinkle in her eyes when she faced him, a smile on his face appeared when she spoke. Soren laughed, glad she enjoyed it. HE tried out a few poses as he snuck behind the wall to pretend to be an assassin. [b "You can join me on missions whenever you want"] he liked that idea. The look on her face tempted him so much. He loved seeing her want him that much.

When it got to his turn, he looked through his tablet, wondering what he wanted her to wear. He also let her have two choices. He picked up a black jumpsuit that was body fit. IT was zipped up to her neck, her curves showing and it would hug tightly on her skin. The other one was a sleek teal dress that had a silver zipper along her back. THe front dipped low to show a bit of chest and it was styled in the Avalon formal dress code. He had some high heels on it as well, along with facial paint with a tribal design. He met her eyes to let her pick but could see her touching his coat and being so close. IT caught him off guard.

[b " know if you really like this, I can wear it tonight and you can do what you want to me"] he smiled innocently, showing her his table to let her pick.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 16d 5h 41m 10s
Aether nodded and smiled [b "It would be... We definitely need to do it." ] She liked that image in her head of them going to school together. She ate pancakes with him and she would daze of imagining things. She stared at him while she was imagining. She eventually snapped out of it and noticed him looking confused. Crap. She had been staring at him. She hoped she could avoid the conversation on why she was staring like that. That...suggestion sounded fun.

[b " there a way for him to find out it's fake?" ] She played with her fork before setting it away, [b "I don't think he could lure us without us knowing. It's not like he knows we are going to beat him up. How would he?" She stepped into the living room with him and she showed him the two options. She handed it to him and then she sat on the sofa. Soren was all dressed up and she had stars in her eyes. That was so damn sexy and bad ass to her. She smirked, not being able to help herself. She leaned back and nodded slowly [b "Hell...yea...Damn. Damnnnn." ] Her eyes wandered on the hood, to his pants... Her face warmed a bit and she looked back at his eyes. [b "You look so se-bad ass and dangerous. Someone that shouldn't be messed with. Makes me want to go do assassination missions with you," ] She felt blissfully happy to see him wear it.

She could just..., at least not yet. She cleared her voice a little [b "Anyway, what do you want me to wear?" ] She let her eyes follow up to his. She hadn't given it a thought about what he'd want at all. She just imagined him wearing what she wanted him to wear, and it was a copy of what she had in mind to see him in. She wanted to just touch! Ah, she didn't want him to think she was weird. But she got up for a moment and couldn't help herself but just feel his coat, [b "Wow..." ] SHe whispered again to herself.
  Ravenity / 16d 6h 38m 58s
He did like the idea of trying things together with Aether. Being with her was so much fun compared to whenever he did things by himself. He didn't really liked that at all. He felt her in a hug and it sure made him smile. He really did enjoy her attention.

[b "I think that'd be fun. We'll be chased down by teachers and principals and then we could run away"] he laughed at the image in his mind. He then took more bites of his pancakes and popped some blueberries into his mouth, licking his lips and then meeting Aether's eyes. She was looking at him in an odd way, but that didn't bother him too much. What was she looking at?

He made a suggestion about dressing each other up, so after dinner, he put the dishes away and then he thought about the evil robot. [b "He steals money, but after all the accounts he's been through, he's probably really careful. He could lure us in too if we're not cautious"] he told her, putting the plates away and then heading towards the living room.

[b "Okay I'll go first"] he waited for her to pick an outfit before putting it on. He ended up dressing in the assassin attire, putting on the layers and the hood with the boots. He met her eyes and then he turned around, looking at himself. [b "Do you think this fits me?"] he wondered, never having worn something like this before. It sure was warm and comfortable though.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 16d 14h 19m 13s

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