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Soren made her laugh and smile when he spun her around. It was fun. Then he grinded, and she was getting turned on by rubbing against him. She could feel his hands reach all the way to her ass. She felt dirty doing all of this, it wasn’t what she was used to, but she liked hearing him call her sexy, liked having him feel her body. [b “Wherever? It can be anywhere in the home then.” ] She could feel him from behind how he was bulging. She felt herself becoming aroused by his grinding.

He lifted her dress and it was off. She didn’t wear a bra…because the dress was so open back, she couldn’t, it had padding at the front. She held her breath when hew as gliding his hands down her bare skin. His hands went for her chest. She fell into a daze. She turned around and kissed his lips. She tried to remove his jacket, “Don’t leave me…nude alone.” She whispered to him “I want you to bang bang me all over this living room.” ] She said it without thought because she already felt the lust getting to her head.
  Ravenity / 18d 22h 4m 14s
He spoke confidently even when he was buzzed. It really made him say what he was truly thinking and he figured that was the best way to deal with everything since there was no shame. He smiled when she agreed with him and then he held her hands with him and they moved around her living room to the music.

He spun her around, his arms would go around her waist and then he would grind behind her, his hands touching down her sides and then over her ass. [b "Mmm, you're sexy"] he smiled and felt her press back against him. Soren was getting turned on by her attitude and her moves [b "Yes bang bang wherever you want"] he felt that bulge in his pants and he was sure she could feel it to when he grinded.

He reached down and then he slowly lifted her dress over her head, his hands gliding up her sides and touching her bare skin. Her dress fell tot he floor and Soren would reach up and touch her chest, getting real into it.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 18d 22h 19m 0s
She did love hearing that confidence in him. She laughed when he talked about sexy dance moves. He was properly right. [b “Okay, if you say so.” ] He held her hands and he danced with her. It was fun, dancing with him. Her living space was big, so it left a lot of room even if they didn’t need it. She felt him grinding into her, making her want to get lost in him. She fel this hands on her sides and heard him.

“I did…” She repeated, feeling his kisses on the back of her neck, accidently slipping a moan when he touched her ass. “You’re….sexier…” She pressed hard against his crotch, not caring, wanting to turn him on to the point it showed. She rubbed against him and heard his voice telling her he couldn’t wait. [b “Then do we bang bang?”] She asked, [b “I want to take things off…you.” ] She felt always a bit shy saying those things but, she wanted to push herself a bit more. She took hold of his hands, and shyly brought them to the bottom of her dress, to raise it up a bit.
  Ravenity / 18d 22h 32m 51s
He looked through her tablet and selected a few songs that they could play. He played them in order and then he could see her cheeks were red when he told her about why people were grinding at the party. He loved sex, but with Aether, he was almost addicted to it.

Soren leaned in to kiss her, a smile on his face [b "I'm sure because I'm going to use my sexy dance moves to put you in a trance and you'll want me just as much"] he ended up teasing her, but as he held her hands, they danced across the living space. He spun her around, swayed his hips to the music and then he pressed up against her.

He began dancing, grinding on Aether, his hands gliding down her bare sides as he nodded [b "Yeah you did"] he kissed the back of her neck and then he let his hands move over to her ass, his body moving with hers as he leaned in [b "You look so sexy in that dress Aether. I can't wait to take it off"] he whispered.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 18d 23h 37m 43s
Aether shrugged [b “We can do that.”] She leaned onto him and watched him select what music he wanted to be played. She read some of them, trying to keep track of what he liked. He met her eyes and leaned in. She blushed when he was so upfront about it. She was starting to wonder how much sex was too much sex for Soren, if there ever was a limit. She kissed him back, feeling herself warm up to his kisses. He stood back [b “How come your so sure we’re going bang bang.” ] She smiled, leaning into the sofa. But he held her hand and she stood up. She locked her eyes onto him.

Her cheeks felt so warm. Was that really why? "Did I turn you on...a bit before?" He spun her around and he swayed his hips, pulling her close. Aether decided to follow, swaying his hips with his and not minding to grind back into him, realizing she wanted him, finding him sexy when he demanded that guy not to kiss her, telling her it wasn’t allowed and having him talk about sleeping together. The music sounded muffled because she focused on him, pressing up against him.
  Ravenity / 18d 23h 43m 42s
He wasn't really thinking as clearly as he liked, but he did see someone trying to kiss his girlfriend and he didn't like that. He heard Aether scolding him and he just kept quiet, following after her outside a she kept his arm around her. [b "Okay Aeth"] he told her and hugged her.

When he sat on the back of the bike behind her, he snuggled up to her back and kept his arms around her waist. He felt the breeze as they made it back to her house. Once inside, he laid back on the couch for a moment until he sat up as she spoke.

He faced her [b "I want to continue dancing"] he felt her lean against him and he looked at her tablet. He found a few songs to play, some fast, slow, some like at the party to dance to and then he started playing a fast one with some beats. He met her ruby eyes and leaned into her [b "IT means I'm going to band bang you in bed later"] he kissed her lips and stood up, holding her hand as he held them in his. [b "THe real reason why people grind on each other at dances is to turn the guy on"] he spun her around and then he swayed his hips with her, his arms pulling her close to him as he danced.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 19d 11m 27s
Aether frowned and nudged Soren, leaning into his ear [b “Don’t get him mad. He’s going to help me get into another movie.” ] He looked mad at what Sylus said, and would roll his eyes saying “Talk to you later Aether.”

Ugh, she hoped this didn’t screw things up. She held his hand and made there way out, She stared blankly at him when she heard his demand and oddly enough, it made her find him sexy saying that. She then smiled [b “I’m not. Promise. You’re my boyfriend.” ] The cool air hit her skin. Even when it was dark outside this city always looked so bright. She heard Soren tell her he didn’t drhink that much but she wondered if it took him that little to cause him to slur when he spoke a bit to her.

He hugged her and she felt a sweet kiss on her forehead, [b “Okay,” ] She squeezed his hand. She got on the bike, an had him right behind, and noticed him snuggling onto her. [b “Actually, It’s getting kind of-Oh. Yes, I guess I am.” ] She drove them back and parked it. She unsummoned her bike and turned to him, holding his hand [b “I did. It was fun with you. I found out I’m not fired too.” ] She opened the door and watched Soren go for the couch. She sighed to herself. He was just staring at the ceiling. [b “If you’re going to take up all that space I’m going to sit on you.” ] She warned.

Soren sat up and she went [b “Hmm?” ] When he called her name, coming toward him. [b “Oh, okay,” ] She said, [b “You’re not dizzy right?” ] She wanted to be sure. Aether sat down with him and leaned into his shoulder for a moment, [b “I’ll let you pick the music because…here find one on my tablet.” ] She handed him her tablet, to make any music play in her home. “I’m not so good at that.” ] She shrugged and remembered what he had said earlier and laughed to herself. [b “Soren, what’s bang bang?” ] She asked, [b “Are we going to shoot some targets with guns?” ] She teased
  Ravenity / 19d 30m 39s
He did like the idea of riding dragons. The last time he rode one it was definitely an experience, but it was also kind of frightening. He walked with her towards the exit, but when she was stopped by a coworker, he let her deal with them for a while as he went over to the bar to grab another drink.

He looked for his friend and was unable to find him, but after he downed another one, he spotted Aether and her coworker getting a little too close. He pulled her back and glared at the guy. [b "Then ask her what she wants. She clearly didn't want to kiss you"] he stood up and then he led her outside, feeling a bit buzzed, so he said what was on his mind.

[b "Okay, just don't kiss anyone else but me. You're not allowed to"] he stopped when they reached his bike. He spoke and then Aether tried to talk to him [b "I didn't drink that much. Just another glass"] he told her, hugging her and then kissing her forehead.

He put his bike away and then he sat with her, his arms around her waist as he snuggled up to her back. [b "Mmm, you're warm Aether"] he relaxed and let her drive.

When they arrived at her home, he looked up and saw the moonlight. [b "Did you have fun at the party?"] he asked, holding her hand as they walked inside. He ended up laying on the couch, looking up at the ceiling for a while and then sitting up. [b "Aether? Let's dance with some music..."]
  ellocalypse / 19d 1h 12m 51s
Aether laughed [b “Yea…that’s too bad. We should go ride dragons when we’re back.” ] She liked leaning into him, being held by her waist. She felt happy with him and was glad she came to this party with him. She got up with him and looked around [b “Yea, there are a lot of people. It was just that-over in the worlds I was in, it was really rude if you don’t thank them, unless it was royalty-they can’t meet with everyone. ]

She smiled at him, wanting to kis shim again. He was looking so good and she was glad they got do so something together tonight. [b “Okay, let’s go.” ] She squeezed his hand, but then she spotted a co-worker. She end up sitting down with him and talking. It was good to catch up and she was excited about doing more stunt double stuff, it would help her make money too. Maybe she could make some friends like Soren had friends here.

He leaned in and nearly bumped her lips, but Aether leaned far back and had to stop him. She felt a tug on her hand. She looked back at Soren and blushed seeing Soren point and tell him not to.
“She can do what she wants,” The guy said.

Ara shook her head, and she found herself being brought outside with him. [b “I won’t kiss anyone else. He tried to but I stopped him. Honestly.” ] She felt his arm around her and realized that…he didn’t sound right and was moving funny. And then she could smell the alcohol.

Maybe she should have considered drinking wasn’t good for Soren either. They made it to his bike and knew she could not allow him to drive them back. She blushed when he talked about ‘bang bang.’ She somehow understood what that meant. She laughed, [b “Bang Bang huh? Soren-how much did you drink while I was talking to him?” ] She watched him mimic grinding.

[b “Yea, yea, but hop on your bike. I’ll take us home,” ] She said, wanting to get him safely back. She realized…she didn’t have the key to his cycle. She sighed [b “Let’s use mine, put yours in your inventory.” ] She summoned hers and gave him a helmet and put it on his head and strapped it. She got on the cycle and pointed to sit behind her [b “Come on Soren. I’ll take us back. Maybe you should have drank juice like I did." ]
  Ravenity / 19d 1h 46m 35s
He loved having her here with him as they talked about his world and he would explain things to her. [b "Yeah, well this is their idea of fun. And there's no dragons in this world"] he laughed and held her waist as he kept an eye on her. The last time he left Aether alone in the bar, she got wasted.

He looked around the party, but didn't see his friend anywhere. There were so much people dancing and the crowd filled the room. [b "Not missing. I just don't know where he is. It's a big party"] he told her they should go because she's pretty much seed everything.

[b "I don't. I usually just come for the dancing and the drinks"] he told her, leading her towards the door. When Aether spotted someone, het let them talk for a bit. He grabbed another drink and downed it, soon seeing some guy almost kiss Aether.

He walked over and then he tugged Aether's hand and pulled her away from that guy. He pointed at him [b "Don't touch my girlfriend"] he said in a threatening tone. Soren had drank a few drinks now and he was buzzing. He walked with Aether out [b "'re my girlfriend. Don't kiss anyone else"] he told her, his arm around her, his walk a little slurred as he moved side to side.

He made it down to his bike and he faced her. [b "Can we go bang bang at home? I want to keep dancing with you like that"] he mimicked the dance and pretended to grind on her, showing her what he was talking about.
  ellocalypse / 19d 2h 41m 12s
She pressed her forehead against his neck, hearing him talk to her and explain. She didn’t care for it, but she wanted to understand, and she also find it…kind of sad that they couldn’t find something that give that riding a dragon feeling. [b “The only thing I want to crave is adventure, and…you. Don’t worry, I won’t.” ] She half smiled, [b “I can always go ride a dragon.” ]

She kept her arms around him and watched him lean in to take a sip of her cheek. She blushed, [b “I didn’t mean to… I’m sure I can handle it. You’re drinking.” ] She reminded and heard his sweet laughter. She kissed him happily, loving to be kissed by him and that he was kissing her within view. Aether nodded to him. She didn’t know what else to do here anyway. She got up and she held his hand. She saw him messaging. [b “He’s missing?” ] She asked. Sometimes she wondered if he was embarrassed of being with her.

[b “You don’t stay here long here do you?”] Then she shrugged [b “Sure, we can go back.” ] She still held his hand. Aether didn’t want to risk losing sight of him when they’d have to squeeze through. Then she accidently caught sight of her co-worker and he caught of her. He waved over. [b “Soren, wait a second.” ] She went over and smiled over to him. [b “Hey!”]
“I didn’t know you liked to party.” He laughed.
She was going to say she’s never been, but that would be pretty odd, wouldn’t it. [b “I’m here with my boyfriend.” ] She mentioned, [b “Did I get fired?” ]
He laughed “Why would you get fired? I haven’t seen you in three days because of our break, we start finishing the final shoot tomorrow.”
Aether felt so much relief. [b “That’s good. It’s good to see you.” ] She said, and was set on going back to Soren.
“Yea…you’re looing good Aether. Do you want a drink?”
She shook her head [b “I’m not even legal yet.” ]
“Who cares?” He scoffed.
Aether raised a brow, because she thought that did matter. [b “Will, either way, that’s okay. My boyfriend doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and he’s right. Anyways, was nice to see you again,” ] Aether smiled and was about to step away.

“Actually, I was wondering if we could talk. It would great if you could give me a few tips, and I was going to do a new movie, maybe I can get you in.”

Aether’s eyes widened, [b “okay!” ] She looked back at Soren [b “I’m just going to talk to him for a bit.” ]
She went to sit with her co-worker and she explained to him some tricks. He would just nod but was staring at her oddly. She got him to at least talk about the new movie he was in and how he could help her get in. Then he tried to kiss her but she backed up. She explained to him that she was exclusive and all he said was ‘that’s selfish but okay.’ She shrugged and went off to grab Soren again to head back.
  Ravenity / 19d 4h 18m 46s
Sometimes it surprised him to hear what words were coming out of Aether's mouth. She seemed so innocent, but when she mentioned the honeymoon and what they'd be doing, his cheeks turned red as well.

They danced and then Soren was surprised to see AEther grinding back on him. He could feel her on him and it turned him on, but he tried not to show it. He ended up kissing her and then buying them drinks as they sat in a booth.

He loved holding her like this because it showed that she was his girlfriend and he only wanted her near him. He smiled and held her, finding her sexy in that dress. He glanced over seeing some people doing drugs and he nodded [b "It's normal. They usually drink a lot to loosen up and talk to more people. The drugs just make them feel high....kind of like that feeling you get when you ride on a dragon. You feel exhilirated. Good"] he tried to explain. [b "It's not good for your body though. You'll start to crave and need it all the time"] he felt her kissing his neck and he smiled.

[b "I don't have a lot of friends, just a few"] he admitted and then he leaned in to take a sip of her drink. [b "The last time you had alcohol I had to fetch you all over the place. No one is getting too much tonight"] he smiled and then he laughed. [b "IT's okay..."] he kissed her again and when he heard the whistle, he didn't pay too much attention to it.

It wasn't until he remembered he needed to say high to his friend that he stood up. [b "Oh yeah. Let's see. We can try to find him and then we can head out? I don't really like staying with this crowd for too long"] he told her, soon getting up and holding her hand in his. He messaged his friend, but he couldn't find him anywhere.

He shrugged. [b "I'll just let him know we came. How about we go back to your place?"] he wondered if she was tired or if she still wanted to party.
  ellocalypse / 19d 12h 9m 0s
She liked to hear him sound excited about what she really looked forward to. [b “Yea, our honeymoon would be so much fun. MMm, we can go somewhere tropical, ride dragons, eat more food…and we can have…sex.” ] She blushed.

Aether enjoyed being with at the dancefloor, not minding grinding back into him. She wondered why people did it but, she really noticed how she was rubbing on Soren’s junk while she was doing it. She wondered…if that actually made him feel anything. She turned around and she happily kissed him.

Aether sat on his lap, letting him carry her weight. She leaned onto his shulder. She was amazed by what they could get away with here in a party. Definitely couldn’t get away with acting so affectionate at the ball, or sitting on anyone’s lap. She would look out the the people and did spot some dirty things going around. She wondered why…people got so drunk, or took drugs. [b “How come? Is that normal here?” ] She spotted what he spotted. She raised a brow, [b “If you even think they’re not good, why did you take them?” ] She curiously asked, honestly wanting to know.

She turned her eyes back onto him. She kissed his neck and felt pretty happy being with him right now. “Hmm…do you have alot of friends?” ] She asked. She felt his fingers through her hair and it made her smile. She took a sip of his, [b “Yea I can tell. You don’t trust me to drink alcohol, do you? That’s fair. ” ] She let him take sip of hers. She did feel like a kid going into some adult party though. [b “Isn’t that the best juice you’ve ever had?” ] She joked and hugged him. She found him leaning in and kissing her lips. She kissed him happily. She remembered a few times Soren avoided kissing in public…it had bugged her because she thought he was too embarrassed of her for a moment. She heard a whistle and she blushed. [b “Why whistle at us…there’s people here who are literality testing the limit.” ] She said. She heard his pretty laugh and felt his fingers go down her mostly bare back because of how open her dress was form behind.

[b “I’m okay with spending the night here. We’ll have a few nights back there anyway.” ] She took hold of his hand for a moment, playing with his fingers. [b “You didn’t meet your friend that invited you did you? Maybe that’s not a normal thing here.” ] She figured, since it was so crazy.
  Ravenity / 19d 15h 1m 41s
He really did want to get married with her and have such a beautiful ceremony in one of her worlds. [b "It would be. I'd like that! I'm excited for our honeymoon. Maybe we can go somewhere tropical or ride the dragons up to another world.

He led her to the dance floor and then he started dancing with her, moving around the floor with her in his arms. He started grinding on her and when she grinded back, he would smile and then dance more wildly with her. He ended up facing her and then pulling her in, kissing her lips.

Once he got them some drinks, he handed hers and then he took a sip of his. She said she was okay, so he figured she was having fun. He leaned in again and nodded [b "Yeah, some of them are all ready drunk and going crazy high on drugs"] he saw some sharing drugs not too far away. [b "Don't take any of those Aether. It won't be good"] he told her, holding her on his lap. He smiled and felt her warm lips. [b "Not really. I go if I get invited from a friend, but not too often"] he brushed her hair back and then he saw her sip his drink [b "Hahah, that's alcohol. Let me take a sip?"] he asked, trying to take a sip of hers as well.

[b "Mmm"] he ended up kissing her lips again, seeing a couple watching them and then whistling. He laughed and then he ran his fingers down her back. [b "Do you want to spend the night here? Or go back to your world?"]
  ellocalypse / 19d 15h 53m 59s
She loved the picture of getting married to him and hoped that he would like that idea a lot, so that maybe… She leaned onto his shoulder [b “Doesn’t it? IT would be really magical. We could ride on dragons after…and have a fun honeymoon.” ] She said, liking how he smiled when he said it.

Aether laughed [b “Well…you don’t get kicked out for that.” ] She knew it would be fun to go to one with him too. This party was something. She grinded back into him and then he spun her around. She hung her arms around him for a moment, and gave him a kiss. She took his lead and went to the bar with him. She took what he gave her. His looked different then hers. Hers tasted pretty sweet-fruity-yum. She sat down and would star at the swirls of colors in her drink for a bit. She would move her eyes off I tand noticed people doing some…really-oh they were definitely having sex. She blushed and looked back at him, snapping out of it. [b “I’m okay.” ] She decied to sit on his lip, not seeing why she shouldn’t.

She leaned into him [b “You weren’t kidding when you said people could do whatever they wanted. Is it actually okay for people to…do that while there’s so many others here?” She whispered, deciding not to look. There were others that seemed so drunk, and others that looked like they really weren’t here.
She met his eyes, [b “I’m glad I’m here with you.” She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder and gave his neck a kiss. [b “Did you go a lot to these parties?” ] She then recalled him mentioning that he even took drugs. At least he wasn’t doing that anymore.

She stroked Soren’s hair and then leaned in to take a sip of his drink “Oh… That’s not juice” ] She reached over and grabbed hers to drink that she had rested on the table near by for a while. She liked relaxing with him for a bit. She liked seeing him dressed up, and the best part, she had him to herself. She felt pretty happy.
  Ravenity / 19d 20h 17m 16s

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