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He was really proud of being able to film a movie. He loved watching the movies in Avalon because it all seemed surreal even if the city itself was already so into the future. THey went into the house and everyone was congratulating each other and celebrating the end to filming.

Soren walked around with Aether, talking to the people she introduced him to, but when a producer took her away, he followed because she looked worried. He stood beside her, not wanting the man to take her alone into the room, but when he turned her down, he felt like it was his fault. Soren tried to walk back to the man, but he seemed uninterested now.

He spoke of Aether in a rude way and he Soren just narrowed his eyes. [b "You're rude and you don't know a good stunt woman when she's right in front of you. Too bad you got turned down. You won't be getting any tonight asshole"] he shoved the man back and pushed through as he held Aether's hand behind him. He pulled her into a hug and just shrugged [b "Forget about him. We'll be going to your world anyway. If we come back here, we can look for another stunt job then"] he tried to cheer her up.

He held her hand in his [b "Come on, we can walk back and stop by somewhere for dinner. But maybe you should say goodbye to your friends first?"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 13h 13m 46s
Aether faltered into a smile [b “I hope I did good. Me too.” ] She did feel quite excited to see herself on that screen.
The two of them separated and then she was urged to go alone in a room with the guy. She didn’t feel comfortable with it. Not one bit. Soren came in and she felt quite relieved to have Soren tell him off. Then he started talking about Soren being outside the door. She still didn’t want to go in a room alone. Aether frowned and debated her decision.

She saw Soren frown too [b “It’s okay. I’ll find another chance.” ] She patted his shoulder. He held her hand and brought them back to the producer. Aether began feeling a bit nervous. He looked at Soren then at Aether, getting a bit annoyed, “Like I said, I’m not interested. You’re work wasn’t that incredible and, you’re not pretty enough for this industry. I doubt you’d do what it would take.”

Aether felt a knot form. She looked upset, looking down, her lip quivering for a second.

“Too emotional too,” He added.
Aether glanced off and was on the fence between punching him the face and getting out of here. She didn’t want to make a scene bcause she knew people here and she liked some of them. She didn’t want them to think she was nuts. [b “Okay.” ] Was all she said and tugged Soren’s hand [b “Let’s go home…” ] She whispered.
  Ravenity / 2d 6h 32s
He nodded his head and then he held her hand in his, walking with her to the party. He kept her close and then he let her introduce him to her friends and her coworkers. He walked around and then he tried some food that was going around and then he took a few drinks to share with her.

He then saw them take Aether away and he was met with an actress in the red dress. Soren did enjoy her movies and he did used to watch her a few times. She was really pretty [b "I did. YOu did a great job. I can't wait to see this movie"] he told her, but then he saw someone taking Aether away rather forcefully.

Soren rushed over and then he held her hand and tried to pull her back. He looked at the man's hands at her waist and he shook his head [b "If you just wanted to talk to her then me being there doesn't matter. If you need to talk to her in private, I can understand, but I'll be outside the door"] he told the man.

When he said he lost interest, Soren frowned, not wanting to have ruined Aether's chance at another big movie. He saw her sighing and then he held her hands [b "Hold on"] he ran towards the man once more and then he begged him [b "I'll wait outside. Please, just give Aether another chance. I'm sorry"] he told the man, not wanting to take her opportunity away because he was getting a little jealous. He hoped he'd talk to her once more.
  ellocalypse / 4d 20h 52m 11s
[b “I’m not going without you,” ] Aether mentioned. She held onto him tighter. She wanted to stay close to him. She was becoming more familiar with this world, but she still felt a bit uneasy about it sometimes. She hung around Soren, and then she went to go to talk to that producer.

The actress lifted a smile “You have? Did you enjoy them?”” She asked and she caleed him attractive, because she could see he was. She smiled, “Thank you darling. Would youlike another drink? I could use some company” Then she saw his eyes falling off somewhere else. She looked a bit surprised to see him go off.

Aether felt such relief when Soren came in, and pulled he rback,.
“I’m not pulling her. I just want to talk to her. If you don’t want another chance as a stunt double, then fine.” He shrugged.
Aether frowned,[b “I do, but we could still talk here.” ] She said.
He looked a bit frustrated and Soren even said to go in the room together. “I’ve lost interest.” He said and walked away. Aether frowned and looked at Soren [b “I think I screwed it up…but he was being weird.” ] Aether sighed. Feeling quite upset about it.

[b “Thanks for coming,” ] She told him, holding his hand. She leaned into him, and was glad she could count on him to help her out. But she did wonder if she should have just got in alone with him anyway. [b “Who were you talking to?” ] Aether asked, [b “What did she say?” ] She said.
  Ravenity / 4d 21h 37m 14s
He remembered that her movie also finished...maybe it was a big celebration for that too. He just thought Aether was a big part, so he wanted to support her either way. Once they were all dressed, he went outside with her, taking the cab to the house.

The place looked amazing with the view and when they headed into the party, Soren was already greeted with famous actors. He's seen them around the city before and when they asked what he did, he told them he was a software developer.

He held Aether's hand and was glad they were getting more customers for their business too. He walked around and grabbed them drinks, giving her one [b "Oh, maybe we can go to the premiere together"] he suggested, feeling Aether hold onto him tighter. A few of the stunt doubles and other actors enjoyed seeing Aether doing some stunts, so when she walked around, they all tried to talk with her. Soren let her go off and talk to them, but when a woman came over, he simply smiled [b "Oh really? Wow, yes I am. I've seen a few movies you were in too"] he told her, stunned he got to meet the actress in real life. WHen she called him attractive, he just rubbed the back of his head [b "Thanks. You're really pretty too"] he told her.

Soren would look over to see where Aether was and she looked a bit uncomfortable. He felt the woman touching his arm and then he saw Aether waving to him. He looked over at the actress [b "I'm sorry, I have to go for now. I'll talk to you when I see you again"] he went to go after Aether, following her and then he held her hand, pulling her back away from the man holding her waist. [b "Hey, what's the problem here? Why are you pulling her like that. If she wants to go with you, she will"] he told the man as he wrapped his arm around Aether.

[b "If you want to speak with her, we can all go into that room together if you want?"] he asked the man, not wanting Aether to be alone with a guy that looked a bit forceful.
  ellocalypse / 5d 16h 19m 12s
[b “It is? I thought it was just for…Is it?” ] She pondered and guessed it was.

They were all dressed up. Soren looked amazing in his outfit. He was so attractive…and she knew others would think so too. She believed he wouldn’t wavier with her, so it would be okay. The penthouse had a beautiful view. They made one of the actors first. She smiled listening to Soren explain what he did.
“Interesting, that’s a good career. The two of you?” He asked.
“We sell cupcakes made from real ingredients.” Aether explained.
He raised a brow “Aren’t you two wealthy. I’ll stop by.” He promised.

Aether held Soren’s hand and she felt him hold he rhand even tighter. Then he xplained what paparazzi was. [b “Ohhh. I didn’t know that was a thing. I heard in a month or so,” ] She smiled. Soren grabbed them drinks. She thought it was so pretty. She would take small sips. She introduced Soren to some others. One girl had a specific eye for Soren, watching him a little too carefully. Aether held his arm a little tighter.

He asked her to dance. Aether finished her drink and held his hands, dancing a bit goether and even grinded back into him-because she assumed that was the norm everywhere here. One of the girls came over to her “Hey, come and meet this producer, he really liked your stunts.”
[b “I’ll be back Soren.” ] Aether old him. Following the girl. They went to talk to a man. Aether felt pretty nervous.

Another girl went toward Soren, in a red dress, “Hi, I’m the main lead. Aether was my stunt double. You’re the boyfriend?” She asked, and offered him the second drink in her hand “Heard you were in software developing? Wow, you’re very attractive.” ] She said feeling his arm for a split second.

The producer took Aether’s hand “Come with me, let’s talk somewhere private. I can help you land a better job.”
Aether would glance back at Soren, [b “Ah, I’d rather not be somewhere private.” ] She saw the girl that was the main lead with Soren. She frowned, but knew it was fine. She trusted him.
“It’s okay,” He said, “Come, it’s noisy here.” He nudged her by the waist toward a room.
[b “I’d rather not.” ] Aether half smiled, [b “My boyfriend would wonder where I went.” ]
“It’s just talking.” He said a little louder.
She didn’t want to make a scene. So she waved over to Soren to get his attention so he’d come with her. If he didn’t notice than she’d go along with it.
  Ravenity / 5d 19h 35m 19s
He thought about how Avalon let people freely dress as they wanted to as long as they had money. If they didn't, they were just sent to the wastes and that was that. [b "Yes you are aren't you? It's a going away party for you?"] he wondered and then he saw her looking at him, getting close and taking a whiff of what he smelled like. He chuckled a bit and relaxed with her, feeling happy to be spending time with her like this, together.

He picked out his clothes and then smiled when she chose a dress. Aether had a great figure and he knew that when she put it on, she'd look so pretty. Soren went upstairs and changed into his outfit, putting on his jacket as he headed back down. He spiked up his hair to the side since it was usually all over the place anyway. He just tamed it down with some gel.

When he met her eyes, he smiled, seeing her grin. [b "You do also"] he walked over and then he held her hands, kissing her lips softly because she looked so stunning. He liked being her boyfriend and getting to hold her hand and call her his.

They headed into the cab and he stayed beside Aether, nodding his head when they reached the penthouse [b "I hope so too"] he walked in with her, hearing the music and seeing the people mingling and getting food and drinks. He saw the food and wanted to grab some with her, but when she met her friend, he stood beside her. WHen the man said she looked smoking hot, Soren just raised his brow curiously. Who was he?

The man was good looking and since he was an actor, he was sure he probably had a lot of fans. Soren's even seen him on a few posters around town. [b "I work with computers. Mostly software developing. We also own a bakery"] he told him, asking about how he liked his job and trying to see how close he was to Aether.

He saw Aether looking a bit confused. He held her hand tighter [b "It's just people wanting to take pictures of the famous actors. Getting a picture is worth a lot of money to them if they get it. They're a bit annoying. But....when will I get to see the movie or you in action on the screen?"] he wondered, grabbing some drinks and then handing her one. IT was colorful with lit up ice cubes. He relaxed and listened to the music, letting Aether meet her friends and introduce him before he decided to ask her to dance on the dance floor.
  ellocalypse / 6d 13h 1m 57s
[b “Oh, so it does happen here.” ] She wondered what strict dress codes they had here. [b “I am?” ] She looked at him puzzeled. She could see him still trying to dust himself. It made her laugh. He still smelled like cupcakes…yummy cupcakes. She could eat him up.
Soren get brushing her hair back. She felt so well loved and cared for. She never felt like this with any of those other AI’s. He made her feel so…cozy. She wanted to snuggle up with him and nothing more. Aether was filled with awe. She never did think of herself as beautiful. [b “Aw,” ] She blushed. She sat up and hugged him tightly. He really did make her feel beautiful.

They showed each other the outfits they were going to pick. She rose up and he was saying such sweet things to her. It made her feel so much more confident. [b “I will be in this dress.” ] She promised [b “Okay.” ] She nodded. They went into her room. She chaged into the dress, and her AI help with her hair, making it a bit wavy. She realized, that she didn’t depend so much on her AI as she did before. IT made her smile, because she knew why her AI was here. He always told her after all, that he was here for her, to help her and he went only away when she was feeling okay enough, and not lonely.

She went to Soren, seeing him looking so…sexy. They matched, so well. She put her hands behind her back and saw him spike his hair a bit. Then he’d turn and look at her. Aether pulled out the biggest grin she could imagine. [b “Thank you. You look…so incrediable.” ] Aether mentioned. Aether nodded [b “Okay, if it stays on the ground…it’ll be okay.” ] She decided.

He came in and, he held her hands. Then she was kissed. She returned the kiss softly, mesmerized by him. His eyes were so pretty and he was so sweet to her. Soren was such a good boyfriend. She hugged him for a moment again.

They went outside and they stepped into the cab. Aether sat back with him. The party was at one of the actors place. The cab stopped and they faced a tall building. They went into the lobby and Aether knew that he had a penthouse, so she tapped the button. It registered her bracelet that she had access, so it brought them to the penthouse. She looked back at Soren and held his hand, [b “Some of them already know you’re my boyfriend, so they won’t bother you…like that…I hope.” ] She bumped her shoulder against his.

The door opened, music was playing, quite a few people were around with drinks in there hands. The penthouse was very own concept and had a bar. One of the actors that she worked with spotted her. Waving over. Aether made way and smiled at him [b “Hey!” ] Aether said, [b “You’ve got a really nice place.” ]
“Thanks, you....look smoking hot.” He laughed and then looked at Soren, “Boyfriend?”
[b “Ah…thanks… Yup, he is. This is Soren, we’re exclusive.” ] Ara said.
“What a bummer. You look good together, what’s your job?” He asked Soren, and then would say at the end “Well, go ahead and enjoy yourself. And don’t worry, there aren’t any paparazzi. “
Ara nodded and raised a brow, wondering what ‘paparazzi’ was.
  Ravenity / 7d 2h 28m 15s
He knew that Avalon had rules for dressing up, but a lot of the people that lived here were just so free spirited that it didn't matter at all. [b "Sometimes that happens here too, but I think this party won't really matter. You're the main guest"] he told her, dusting himself off because he smelled like the bakery.

He liked the sound of her coming to visit him at work, but when she rested on his lap, he brushed his fingers through her hair, keeping it from her face. [b "Actresses or not, I got the most beautiful girlfriend"] he smirked and then he showed her pictures of what he wanted to wear and then he smiled at the dress she showed him. IT was beautiful and he knew it would look really good on her.

[b "I will be looking at you the whole time, especially if you're in this dress. Come on, let's change"] he held her hand and then they went up to her room. He'd change into his white pants, shoes, and shirt and then he'd add his jacket on top. Soren fixed up his hair, letting it spike to the side as he waited for Aether.

When he saw her in her dress, he smiled [b "Wow, you look so pretty Aether"] he walked over and held her hands in his [b "We can take a cab? I'll arrange for it to pick us up. It'll stay on the ground"] he told her, leaning in to kiss her lips. She looked too beautiful to have everyone's eyes on her. He was lucky.

When the cab arrived, Soren, led her outside as they stepped in. He gave the driver the address and relaxed in the back seat with her until they arrived.
  ellocalypse / 7d 4h 55m 17s
It surprised her that there was a chance that people wouldn’t get upset, or care. [b “Wow, in the worlds I go to, some of them go nuts and in shock if you don’t’ wear [i exactly ] what’s expected.” ] She never did like that. She wore what she wanted anyway, but it was a bit annoying.

[b “I’ll come with you next time.” ] She promised. She smiled [b “I miss those cupcakes.” ] She said. She rested on his lap. She looked upat him and hear him talk about being her boyfriend. She loved the sound of that. The sound of him being her boyfriend. She lightly laughed [b “Nahh, they’re not interested in me. Especially with the list of beautiful actresses they have there.” ] She looked at the pictures he showed her, and at the same time he began caressing her cheek. It made her smile, feel so warm and happy with him. She loved this attention…feeling his fingers in her hair while he was smiling at her. She kne witw as because of her. She wanted to kiss him.

She showed him the dress. She looked back at the dress at herself [b “Okay, I’ll wear this.” ] She nodded and she giggled [b “I will. You’re…really nice.” ] She didn’t think people would. [b “I only need your pair of eyes on me.” ] She said. She tried to find shoes too. She looked at what he showed her [b “We’d match! Ah…Soren…you’ll look to good.” ] She thought about how he’s been with some girls and that…here, everyone could have multiple boyfriends and girlfirends…so there was a good chance that they would flirt with him. It would be annoying…she hoped, they wouldn’t.

[b “Ahh hmm, let’s get ready.” ] She got up and then would change into the dress. She let her hair down. She waited for him to change too, “I don’t want to take that weird flying car thing, but…I can’t ride in my motorcycle like this.” ] She looked down at herself. She looked back at him and sighed, he looked…attractive, like he fit perfectly in this world. That’s because he did.
  Ravenity / 7d 6h 44m 10s
He wondered what he should wear to try and impress her coworkers. He knew that Aether really enjoyed working there, so he wanted to have her going away as a great time. [b "I'm not sure. I think you should maybe ask someone. But I'm sure we can find something semi formal or casual. I don't think anyone would get upset about your clothes when it's your going away"] he tried to tell her.

He thought about their little cupcake shop that they made [b "It'll be really nice to see you stop by when I'm working. I'll give you a cupcake for free"] he chuckled and then sat with her, relaxing and leaning in close. [b "Really? Well I'm glad I'm your boyfriend. I also gotta keep the other guys away that have their eyes on you"] he told her, taking out his tablet.

He showed her a few pictures and then when she rested on his lap, he caressed her cheek and then ran his fingers through her hair gently. It was nice to just be home with her. When she showed him what she was thinking, he smiled [b "Oooh, that one's nice. It's both formal and still nice to move in. I like it. Just stay with me though. I think everyone else will be looking at you too"] he shrugged and then he thought about what he wanted to wear.

He showed her on his tablet the [ clothes] he picked out. IT was all white to match hers, but he had on a reflective blue jacket. He wondered if she'd like it too. If she did, he'd continue watching with her until it was closer to the time they'd have to leave. [b "Let's get ready? You have to introduce me to your close coworkers"] he smiled, wanting to know the people she worked with.
  ellocalypse / 7d 13h 31m 14s
Aether slowly turned her head and stared back at him. She never even thought about attire. [b “I don’t…know. Is it a formal thing? ] She titlted her head and realized maybe she should have asked them. [b “Should I ask them?” ] Aether asked, since she’s never been to one and she didn’t want to look stupid.

She dusted his hair and heard his sweet laughter. [b “You were…I’ll come next time.” ] She said. She kissed him and enjoyed how he grinned. She wanted to always see him happy when she kissed. [b “Of course, our cupcakes are the best.” ] Aether said proudly. [b “That sounds good.” ] She nodded.

They took a seat on the couch. He wrapped his arm around her waist, making her feel comfortable, warm and loved. She held onto him as well while they watched cartoons together. She was glad to be held. [b “I am. ] Aether admitted [b “I’m excited to show them that you’re my boyfriend. You will… You’d make a better impression then I had. She snuggled into him. She saw him brought out his tablet and she viewed his clothes. [b “I like that dark teal and black one, but…anything would look good on you.” ] She admitted. She looked through the images with him and rested her head right on his lap because she was glad to be home with him.

Ara pulled out her tablet and showed him the dress she was thinking to wear, since she got some feedback from some co-worker. [b “Soren, what about this one?” ] She showed him. [ this one] She looked up at him.
  Ravenity / 8d 18h 23m 42s
He came back home and when he entered the house, he looked around, wondering where Aether was. He knew she was probably back, but as he headed to the living room, he heard some noises coming from the bedroom. Soren saw her walking in and her smile brightened up his mood. He hugged her and thought she looked really comfy in her clothes.

He wondered if he needed to get ready for the party. [b "Hmm, okay, what should I wear? Should I be formal?"] he wondered and then he saw her leaning in and dusting him off. He laughed a bit [b "Well I was at the shop all day"] he was met with a kiss, making him grin as he nodded [b "Yeah it was fine. We sold out really quickly. Looks like our shop is doing well. I hired another guy to help out, so hopefully they'll look after the shop for a while until we come back"] he held her hand and nodded, taking a seat on the couch with her.

He wrapped his arm around her waist, feeling pretty lucky to have her as his official girlfriend. He put on some cartoons and just relaxed with her for a while. [b "Are you excited? I get to meet your coworkers and you get to introduce me. I want to make a good impression"] he thought, seeing his AI jump onto his lap. He turned her back into a tablet and looked through some of the clothes he had, showing it to her. [b "Should I wear this?"] he'd ask, wondering if she liked something specifically on him.
  ellocalypse / 10d 14h 43m 45s
Aether took a peak at her phone, seeing his message before she finished off bathing. She was wrapped in her towel, sitting at the edge of her bed. Then she heard noise in the living room. She changed into a yellow sweater and black leggings. She came out and smiled at him [b “It went well. I did pretty good.” ] She smiled and he came over to give her a hug-which was so nice. She hugged him tightly back.

[b “Yea there is. It’ll start in three hours.” ] Her eyes lifted up to his hair. Aether iggled and noticed that he smelled-soooo good. [b “I could eat you up.” ] She said. She tried to dust off the flour off his hair but the cupcake scent was still on him. She leaned in and kissed him quickly, “You really smell so yummy. You had a good day too?” ] She asked.

She felt pretty excited to bring Soren to the after party with her. TO show she had this amazing boyfriend that was all for her-and no one else to share with. She held his hands [b “Want to…just sit down…and cuddle until it’s time to get ready?” ] She asked, hoping he’d say yes. She wanted time with her boyfriend after being away form him. She would sit on the sofa and would cuddle into him, arms around him, her head nestled into him.
  Ravenity / 10d 18h 17m 56s
Soren went to drop her off to the movie and he made sure she was doing okay before he left. WHen he finished, he rode his bike back to the cupcake shop to try and work on making the days batch of cupcakes. He had one of their workers already trying to make some cupcakes. When they finished, he helped set them into the display before opening up the shop.

People rushed in and started making purchases for some cupcakes as they all picked out what they wanted. They were all sold out by noon and when they finished, they just decided to close up shop. Soren finished up and cleaned up the shop when he saw Aether's text. HIs eyes looked over adn figured he should go on home too.

He soon replied back [i "I'm on my way home"] he sent and then he headed back to Aether's place. ONce he arrived, he looked through the house and then he heard her in the bathroom. He waited in the living room and when she finished, he met up with her [b "Hey you. How did your last day go?"] he asked, walking over and then leaning in to give her a hug.

[b "Is there an after party? Or all you all done?"] he wondered, he had flour in his hair and he smelled of cupcakes, but was glad she was okay.
  ellocalypse / 14d 15h 21m 4s

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