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Just a place for my thoughts and feeling. Read if you dare...


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[+red [Size10 You surprised me with flowers today... they are beautiful. They are my favorite. I love roses. You even apologized to me when you got to work.

I still feel off but I am happy we are okay.
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 3d 18h 35m 51s
[+red [Size10 I guess we are okay... You tried to be cute putting your hoodie on my and hold me in silence... You said I was still mad I am not mad I am just hurt...

You didn't even say I love you... before you left...

Nor did you apologize...
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 4d 9h 19m 58s
[size10 [+red You put another scar on my heart. My feelings, emotions are delicate. I wish I could be like you brush off whatever bothered me... Not feel a damn thing...

I hate driving but you will never understand...

All I wanted to do was help. I wanted to get you a sandwich but you were upset. Yes they skipped you. I try to get you one... I offer to take you to another subway. You said no. Then as we were leaving you told me you didn't know how I function in daily driving.

You told me not to be offended but....that HURT....

You don't know how anxious driving makes me... How I hate... I know I'm not good at it....I don't need you to point it out to me...

You don't know the weight of your words...

Coming for you it hurts the worse... My heart hurts... I feels like it's shattering... Everything you said to me feels like a lie all the cute romantic things... just a lie... were not a match now are we? Every time we fight I am remind how different we really are.

I am too damn tired to pick up the pieces....
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 4d 14h 53m 37s
[size10 [+red Perhaps you are right it wasn't the declawing it was the person...

I still disagree with you... When ever we fight or argue I always feel we are falling a part.... I feel like we are so different... Maybe too different. Opposite might attract but they don't last....

I get scared we are getting closer and closer to the end... even though we talked about getting married someday.... I feel that is so far out of reach... How you wanted to prepose with a kitten... You don't want another cat.... so I guess me saying what I did made it easier for you... Maybe you don't want me either then...

That is just how I feel right now... I know we said sorry... kissed part of me still unsettled... When you said you wouldn't be awake when I got home. I guess I'm just used to you being up. Greeting me and trying to be sweet. I understand you are tired we have been busy these past couple of days...
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 9d 9h 13m 10s
[size10 [+red Today didn't go well at work. I know I was behind tonight I work with her.... Surely she will be made at me for things not being done. Well some of that isn't my fault. I didn't have the trays I need for the cookies or brownies nor did I have any time to do those... I should of but I didn't I move to slow.

I am sure I am going to hear about it... I am just so tired....All of my passion there is lost...Why do I keep holding on? I have been there for so long... getting a new job is scary... Starting over...

I talk to Aussie today about it he said there only so much I can do... He try to be supportive but like he said it all come down to me where or not I stay in the situation. I didn't feel good after he said that... I know what he is saying...

I just don't want to be a quitter or give up I guess... part of me doesn't know what to do or why I told on...

  Wolfy / Wolfy / 11d 11h 59m 25s
[+red [Size10 I don't want to work tonight... I am nervous.... Everything is on sale... I know I am not as fast a my boss or her...

Next week my boss is on vacation. So I will be stuck with her all week... I'm not looking forward too...

What sucks is I used up all my flex days :( I didn't think I went through them that fast but I guess I did.
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 16d 9h 46m 11s
[size10 [+red Today hasn't been a good day. We're at each other throats it's my fault.

I am cold when I get home. I am sorry I am so bitter hardly say a word. I don't know what is wrong with me.... The stress with work that follows me home...

The thought of changing and getting a new job... The thought of losing you to someone else or just pushing you away hurts. I am sorry to be so hurtful...

The negativity here so crazy...
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 23d 10h 6m 57s
[size10 [+red I feel... I have a lot to say but the words just don't want to come out... Maybe it's because I am complaining about the same damn thing... Feeling unless... not good enough... stressed... It's all because of work...

Yesterday wasn't a good day at all....I forgot a rack down in the egg cooler again... it I know it bothered by boss.... such a beginner mistake... I was behind on the wrapping when the day before I had such a good day. I even felt good but empty....

I need to look for another job but it just hard.... There so much history there.... So many people I will miss... I am sure it is time... it is just so hard... I have been there so long... I don't know if I am just being a baby...

It funny how my boss can hide here annoyance but I know it is still there... she asked me if I was going to the Rens faire she even show me a cute art project for me to try...

Sometime art and music is really the only way I can escape...
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 25d 2h 33m 14s
[#b10637 Name || Alucard

Nickname|| Ally or Alu

Birthday|| November 14th

Birthstone || Citrine

Age|| 581

Species || Vampire/ Dog

Hair color and length|| His hair is long and black like night sky

Eye color || Red

Gender|| Male

Sexual Orientation|| Bi Sexual

Loved ones|| He use to love this girl who was always frighten of him

Married|| N/A

Height || 6'0'

Weight || 145lbs

Weapons|| His two guns that he has on him, his vampiric blood, and his demon dog form

Favorite song || Whispers in the Dark ~ Skillet | It's been Awhile ~ Staind

☾ The art on my profile doesn't belong to me! Credit goes to the original Artist! ☾
  Mikadzuki / Wolfy / 28d 20h 23m 41s
[center Name|| Izaya Orihara 折原 臨也

Birthday|| May 4th

Birthstone|| Emerald

Age|| 24

Species|| Human?

Hair color and length|| His hair is a ebony color and he keeps it mid-length

Eye color || Copper


Sexual Orientation|| Bi Sexual

Love one|| Shizu-Chan

Family | Kids || He has two annoying sister that tent to get him into trouble| None

Married || N/A

Height|| 5'9'

Weight|| 128 lbs

Weapons|| He very good in parkour, Pocket knife he keeps hidden on him

Favorite song|| Sarcasm ~ Get Scared / Bitemarks and Bruises ~ Good with Grenades

☾ The art on my profile doesn't belong to me! Credit goes to the original Artist! ☾
  Izaya Orihara / Wolfy / 28d 20h 25m 37s
[size10 So I hurt your ego.... I'm sorry... I did that... Perhaps it best if I just stay away from you... I'll sleep out here on the sofa... you can just stay in the bedroom...

  Wolfy / Wolfy / 31d 18h 9m 39s
[size10 It's been a long time since I've gotten on here... I just came here to clean up my profile and post in my journal. There are a few things trapped in my mind...

Today is the day that I lost my best friend. It's hard to believe it's already been two years. I know it's crazy that I still think about my cat right? I miss him. He was a sweetie even though he was a crazy. Always so vocal about something. I miss hearing his loud purrs and his meow. He sounded like a cranky old man. I really miss holding him. I just hope he knew I loved him very much and still do even though he been gone for quiet a while now.
  Wolfy / Wolfy / 2y 53d 14h 40m 1s
Name || Shiroi Wolf

Birthday || February 21

Birthstone || Blood Stone

Age|| Unknown

Species || Wolf that can shape-shift

Hair color and length || His hair is ivory color that is sometimes streaked with red. His hair is between mid-length and long.

Eye color || Chartreuse

Gender || Male

Sexual Orientation || Bi Sexual

Loved one || ...

Married || ...

Children || None

Height || 5'5'

Weight || Unknown

Weapons || His teeth, claws or his knives that he has hidden on him. He use to have a beautiful katana.

Favorite Song || Let It Die ~ Starset

☾ The art on my profile doesn't belong to me! Credit goes to the original Artist! ☾

Name~ Miku Masao


Race~ Neko/ Vampire



Gender~ Female

Sexuality~ Straight

Personality~ Shy ,quiet and unknown

Likes~Cooking, Cleaning,Dancing and painting

Dislikes~Getting hurt or being frighten,People who are mean to other people,People who hurt animals,and Anything that stings


Relationship Status~Taken

Status~Maid/ Servant




Theme~Underneath your clothes ~Shakira

Bio~She was young when she got separated from her parents. She was chasing after a bunny when she fell into a pit. She was stuck in the pit until dark. She cried and yelp for her mother but she never came.She was picked up by a wounded vampire and he drain her some of her blood and took her home with him he had fallen in love with her.

☾ The art on my profile doesn't belong to me! Credit goes to the original Artist! ☾
[center [#2e96ff Name || Ame

Birthday|| March 23rd

Birthstone || Aquamarine

Age || 17

Species || Neko

Hair color and length || His hair is white color. It is between short and mid-length

Eye color || Light Blue

Gender|| Male

Sexual Orientation || Bi sexual

Love ones || Unknown

Married || N/A

Family || Claws and Tsune are his only family. They are both older than him.

Weapons|| His claws and teeth

Favorite song|| Payer of the Refugee ~ Rise Against
[center [#990099 Name || Tsume (Claws)

Age || 23

Hair Color and Length || Her is normally black with silver or purple streaks

Eyes color || Red

Species || Neko | Vampire

Height || 5'2'

Weight || 112lbs

Gender || Female

Loves || Unknown

Relationship Status || Alone

Weapons || Sword or her claws and fangs

Tattoos || bat wings on her back

Piercing || Her ears

Friends || Miss Kitty,Kuro

Family || All she has left is her little brother Ame and Tsune.

Kids || None

Favorite song || Deja Vu ~ Juby Phonic and Rachie

☾ The art on my profile doesn't belong to me! Credit goes to the original Artist! ☾
  Wolfy~ / Wolfy / 28d 20h 35m 50s
I figure this place need some cleaning up and updating XD
  Wolfy~ / Wolfy / 3y 158d 18h 32m 24s

Even at 6am you guys start to fight.... what a lovely fucking day it already turning out to be.
  White Wolf / Wolfy / 3y 318d 6h 10m 33s

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