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Heya. I'd like to make a marvel rp that involves the films and tv show Agents of Shield. If you haven't seen AoS, then go watch it on tv or Netflix. It's a great show, but you may or may not agree with my opinion.

Anyways, where was I? Oh, yeah. This RP takes place, or may involve, the cinematic films and Agents of Shield. If you want to stick with the comics, that's fine. But I'll warn you, on this rp, it may be all over the place, but in my eyes that's ok. It don't matter what the length of the text is, just as long as it's related to the rp in some way I'm ok with it.

There's some ground rules I need to put out there:
1. No killing off the good guys unless it's necessary. I want to follow the Movieverse and TV show.
2. Swearing is allowed, just as long as it's brief and short.
3. Some OP characters are allowed, such as Deadpool, Wolverine, etc. I think Ghost Rider's in that category because I go on the Marvel 'Cinematic' wiki a lot.
4. Original Characters are allowed. However, you have to introduce your character in a comprehensible way.
5. Rider's mine for a RP character on here. So don't say dibs on the rider.
6. Plz reply in the realtime chat. That makes it way more easier for me.

Anyways, lets have fun on here. ;3

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