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[center [font "Arial" A chat thread for me and bae]]


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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ubuntu][center [Ubuntu Ryousuke's eyes trailed behind the departing figure of the taller male, his cheeks burning, heart racing. He suddenly felt a bit light-headed, and it wasn't because of what just transpired between his chemistry partner and his bullies. [i What just happened?] He felt like that was a scene right out of a shoujo manga, a scene that he only fantasized about but never expected to actually happen to him.

The feeling of Kohaku's fingers grazing his face when he pushed back a strand of his hair still lingered, the expression on the other boy's face flashing on Ryousuke's mind. He sucked in a sharp breath and slapped both of his cheeks, vigorously shaking his head. [i This won't do!] A supporting character like him wasn't supposed to---

His train of thought came to a stop at the sight of the scars on Kohaku's stomach. He blinked, his gaze flitting to the other boy's face when he stalled to glance at him and call him over. When Kohaku turned away and continued walking, Ryousuke groaned inwardly, glaring at Kohaku's back with a pout. Amaterasu is [i definitely] testing him with his classmate who is the epitome of fanservice.

[b [+darkcyan "I'm coming!"]] Sighing, he followed him, evading the other students in the busy hallway.

They soon reached the school's cafeteria, welcoming the pair with the buzz of the other students' chatter. Ryousuke would usually just pick up several kinds of bread and a drink from one of the vending machines then either eat at the school's rooftop or at his desk, as he wasn't sure if anyone wouldn't mind having one of the schools the otaku share a table with them, but for the first time in a while, he's actually with someone else.

He poked Kohaku's shoulder twice, calling his attention. [b [+darkcyan "What do you feel like eating today?"]] he asked, gesturing to the list of food by the lunch counter. [b [+darkcyan "Don't hold back, I'm willing to pay for anything you want!"]] Flashing him a grin, Ryousuke made two thumbs up. It was a dangerous offer, at least for his poor wallet, but feeding one person was still better than feeding three violent gluttons. He still wanted to hope he could buy himself one curry bread, however, even if it wasn't nearly enough to last him until the last period.

[b [+darkcyan "And, uh,"]] he looked around, searching for an unoccupied table, before looking back at Kohaku's face , [b [+darkcyan "Do you want to eat here or somewhere else? I can just deliver the food to you and, uh,"]] he pressed his lips together, considering his next words, [b [+darkcyan "leave you alone if you wish."]] He forced a chuckle, looking away, scratching the back of his head.
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[center [pic http://orig05.deviantart.net/0a83/f/2017/217/5/4/lds_10__f2u__by_akumiirako-dbiyfxa.png]]

[center [font "Arial" The delinquent watched as his underlings ran off in defeat. Kohaku ran his fingers through his hair with his free hand, letting out an exhausted sign. He let his temper get the best of him.
It took him a second to realized he still had his forearm pressed against the wall behind the small blonde. The way he stood it seemed he was shielding the boy from anything that could possibly hurt him: whether it was a papercut or a broken heart. His blazing glare stared down at Ryousuke. He surveyed the boy's face for any scratches or fear in his expression. But there was none.

It was actually quite nerve wracking being challenged by those emerald eyes with so much curiosity. Without hesitation the larger male pushed a strand of golden hair out of the boy's eyes. He gently tucked it behind his ear. As soon as he processed how gay his actions were he pulled away hastily causing whiplash. He placed a hand over his mouth trying to hide his blush as he turned away.

[b [#626262 "I'm fine. This was nothing. Don't get used to it kid."]] He grumbled. Reaching his arms up, he started to walk away while stretching. His shirt lifted over his stomach slightly revealing a few scars on his pale skin. Scratching his neck he glanced over his shoulder that the boy.

[b [#626262 "Are you coming? You owe me lunch."]] He teased biting his lower lip. Strolling off, he didn't wait to see if the other would follow.
Haku couldn't figure out why he had freaked out like that. His mates were always harassing the student body and this wasn't any different. But he couldn't stop himself from jumping between those beasts and the small boy. The small boy that was now [i his.] [s Whatever the fuck that meant?] Kicking himself internally he was frustrated with how protective and homosexual he was acting. Yikes.

[p garbage post from a garbage boy that loves you vv much]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ubuntu][center [Ubuntu Talking back to a group of physically larger and stronger guys was Ryousuke inventing a new kind of stupid---it was almost he was asking to be beat up. He wasn't really sure what came over him, how he even got that unwelcome surge of misplaced courage, but maybe that was just his constant desire to fight back even if it was a losing, one-sided battle, like that of a shounen manga hero's pride.

Too bad he wasn't anywhere close to being a shounen hero.

Ryousuke shrunk under the guys' presence, covering his head with his arms, preparing himself for an assault of any sort on his body. They would have little room to attack him with something elaborate as there were other students around, but he could never underestimate them.

The pain he was bracing himself for never came, though, but instead he sensed the impact of body hitting body in front of him and heard the screech of rubber shoes on the floor. Cautiously, he opened his eyes, lowering his arms. His eyes widened at the familiar back before him, and at his torturer who was gradually gaining his balance, with his companions around him. Ryousuke blinked hard, realizing that the male in front of him was his chemistry partner he was so intimidated of earlier.

He looked back to the other guy who was meters away from them, and he could see the recognition flood into the other's face. [i What's going on?] Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, his gaze shifted back to his classmate, who, to his surprise and even greater bafflement, asked if he was okay. He wasn't given a chance to respond, however, and growled three words that would surely get Kohaku misunderstood and had heat rushing to Ryousuke's face. The latter tugged at Kohaku's shirt, spluttering in a hushed tone with an alarmed gaze, [b [+darkcyan "W-What are you saying?!"]]

His harassers once "playfully" mentioned that there could be other things that made him disgusting, and Ryousuke didn't want that getting confirmed while dragging another person into the mess. He looked back to the three, but, what he saw was far from the mocking looks he was expecting---he could see a mix of recognition and fear flooding into their faces, as two of them stepping were behind their supposed leader.

[+gray "Geez! Why didn't you say so sooner?"] The one at the front attempted a casual chuckle, but Ryousuke saw how his knees shook slightly. [+gray "Ryou was just so fun to hang out with that we couldn't help it---"] He was nudged by one his lackeys, who also shook his head violently. [+gray "W-We didn't know he's yours to mess with! Anyway, we're going to have lunch, so bye!"]

For the first time, Ryousuke saw them rushing away with their tails between their legs, bumping into several students in the hallway. He would've found the sight satisfying, if not for the cause of the said scene.

He took a deep breath, hoping that Kohaku did come to his aid. [+darkcyan [b "Hey, um... Thank you for that,"]] he started, looking off to the side, unsure if he was using the same tone or if he picked the right words. [+darkcyan [b "Are you okay?"]] he added after a few seconds, inspecting the arms that Kohaku must've used earlier from the corner of his eyes, checking for the smallest sign of bruises. [+darkcyan [b "I-I know first aid! And maybe I could treat you to lunch as thanks...?"]] He mustered a sheepish grin and shrugged. [+darkcyan [b "If you wouldn't mind, that is!"]]
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[center [font "Arial" Class had passed by much faster than Kohaku thought it would. He wouldn't admit it but he actually enjoyed the company of the little blonde. The brute never got along with his classmate unless it was the thugs he ditched with. But Ryousuke was different, he didn't make Kohaku want to slit his throat like most did. The bell startled him awake from his daze. He hadn't realized that he had been watching the smaller male the entire class. It was so calming to watch such a warm being. Ryousuke quickly babbled a good bye before Haku could say anything. It wasn't like he wanted to hang out with him or anything. [s maybe.] Kicking himself, he noted the speed of his partner's escape. It was kind of odd.

Standing up from the table, he grimaced. Running his fingers through his hair, he couldn't wrap his head around the previous period. The squirt was sweet and moved at a million miles an hour. Haku had been living in a dull slow-motion. But now he couldn't stop the people around him from entering his fog.

Without thinking, he dropped his bag and rushed for the door. He couldn't stop his feet. He had to find Ryousuke. Once in the hallway, he glanced both directions. Haku spotted the fluffy honey hair at the end of the corridor with a gang of boys.

Kohaku recognized the three. They were some of the flunkies he hung out with. He had completely forgot that recently they had been bragging to him about harassing a girly looking boy. It didn't even cross his mind that it would be [i him.]

The sight of one of the bully's with towering over Ryousuke boiled his blood. He couldn't put a word on the feeling and he didn't know why it bothered him so much. But at that moment he didn't care.

Taking large, hurried strides, he clenched his fists. His fingernails dug into his palms. Puffing out his chest, his muscular arms rammed into the bully. The shift in weight made him stagger backwards. Kohaku saw that it was Ren, a lower rank male in the gang he was in. Rolling up his sleeves, Kohaku stepped in front of Ryousuke, shielding him with his broad body. He glanced over his shoulder and stared down at the boy, his crimson eyes burned with rage.
[i [b [#47476b "Are you okay?"]]] He grunted through a locked jaw. He didn't let him respond before he averted his attention back to Ren. Squaring his shoulders, Kohaku growled at the other, asserting dominance. Ren knew he was in trouble especially because Haku was the [i righthand man,] to the gang leader.
[b [#47476b "He. Is. Mine."]] He spat.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ubuntu][center [Ubuntu The normal response would be to just nod in agreement, in fear of an unspoken threat.

The blond knew that, but instead his heart rate was accelerating at his partner's "greeting", the same way it did whenever he listened to a talk CD and the character romancing him does something that would make his heart race, such as licking his ear or a kissing his lips. Once he was released, Ryousuke's wide-eyed gaze remained on him, even as he turned away, coughing. [b [+darkcyan "Um, okay. I'm good at shutting up,"]] he mumbled before looking down, palms rising to cup both of his burning cheeks. Kohaku was definitely not being friendly, and yet here he was, certainly [i captivated]. He frowned. It shouldn't be this way; surely, it's only because he definitely sounded like a voice actor! And he definitely has the visuals to be an idol! That must be it! Slapping both his cheeks, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, pulling himself together.

He tensed at his partner's question. [b [+darkcyan "To be honest, I have no idea,"]] he replied thoughtlessly, before realizing that he shouldn't do anything to to get on the other's nerves. He has enough people pushing him around for the sole fact that he was "an eyesore". [b [+darkcyan "And that, I'd definitely deal with!"]] he quickly added with a nervous chuckle, and proceeded to look around for someone nice enough to inform him on what they should do. He found one of the girls he got along with, approached and asked her playfully, to which she replied with a look of casual disappointment and a recounting of their teacher's instructions in simpler words.

Ryousuke took his seat by his partner and managed a sheepish grin, then proceeded to explain what they were supposed to do in the most straightforward way possible. Vaguely aware that Kohaku had just entered the room minutes ago, he subtly led their activity, taking necessary notes in his messy handwriting since, even if he generally disliked the class, he still needed something better than simply passing it. Once they got their work checked and the bell rung, alerting that it was unfortunately lunch period, he turned to his partner with a small smile and said, [b [+darkcyan "See you, then!"]] for the sake of being polite, before placing his things into his bag, pocketing some of his money, skipping out of the classroom, and rushing into the hallway. Maybe if he was fast enough, he wouldn't encounter them.

But of course, reality has a way of constantly telling him "fuck you".

In the hallway that was only starting to be filled with students on their way to the cafeteria stood the trio of tall, toned teenagers that Ryousuke dreaded to encounter every single day. Locking gazes with one of them, he quickly about-faced and walked towards the other direction, back to the classroom where he could probably hide , but he was too late. The three were already on his trail, and before he could take a step into the room, a hand was grasping his shoulder. He froze.

[+gray "We're talking for a bit again today, scum, did you forget?"]

He caught the eye of one of his classmates, who turned away and pretended he didn't see anything. He was abruptly pulled to the side and found himself pinned to the wall by the three towering guys glowering at him. How he hoped he was in a reverse harem situation instead.

[+gray "Oi, oi~ Did you avoid us just now? That hurt, you know? How about you grab us lunch to make up for it?"]

He took in a shaky breath and dared to look up at them. [b [+darkcyan "And if I don't want to?"]] he asked, his voice cracking near the end. His trembling fingers grabbed a fistful of his pants's cloth. [i It should be okay, it should be.] There would be witnesses. Surely, they wouldn't dare actually hurting him here.

A fist pounded against the wall an inch beside his head. He jumped, forgetting how to breathe, his chest feeling tight as his eyes closed shut. [i Stupid, stupid, stupid.]

[+gray "Haa? What did you say?"] He could sense the same guy inch closer and the other two shift in their places. He hung his head down, turning away from the one who was closest.
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[center [pic https://cutekawaiiresources.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/small_divider.png?w=513]]
[center [font "Arial" Sucking the paper butt of the cigarette, Kohaku inhaled the scorching substance. Breathing it out in slow puffs through his nostrils, the coarse scent burned his airway. Leaning back, he rested his head on the concrete wall he was propped against. It was cool against the bare skin on his neck and sent shivers down his spine. The hair on his arms rose with goosebumps. It was mid morning and the sun was already up, but the temperature was still chilly and autumn. The courtyard was quiet and all of the other students were crammed in the small classrooms being brainwashed. Glancing at the cracked watch face on his wrist, he took another hit of the tobacco. It was already 10:34, chemistry had started fifteen minutes ago. Grumbling, he tossed the cigarette in the dirt before smashing it with his combat boot. Slinging his bag over his shoulder, he sauntered off to class.

Once he got to the sliding doors to room 3A, he could hear the lecture babbling on. The science teacher had a [i particularly] annoying voice. Reaching for the handle, he stopped himself. Did he really care about going to class? [s fuck he needed to graduate.] He needed to graduate for [i him.] He was doing it for Kyoya.
Kohaku's hard exterior and standoffish attitude kept everyone at arms length. No one knew that the gang member and failing student was raising his little brother Kyoya on his own. No one knew that he worked the night shift at a dead end job in his dead end life for that special little boy to have everything. But bartending in a scummy bar in the sketchy part of town just blocks away from his gang route didn't pay well. The other guys didn't know that Kohaku was trying to graduate, quit the gang, and get a high class jobs so Kyoya could go to college and succeed.

Biting his lip, he furrowed his brow. [i fine.] Quietly sliding the door open, he tiptoed in. He carefully shut it behind him and he ducked down behind the lab desks.

[b [#626262 "Hohaku Rei please hurry to your seat. Your partner is Ryousuke."]] Sensei barked without looking up from the chemistry book. [b [#626262 "Also, try the window next time."]] She added with a smirk.
Standing up straight, he kicked one of the empty chairs and it screeched as it skid across the tile. Cursing under his breath, he stalked over to his seat.

Ryousuke was a small, mousy boy with golden hair. He always had a goofy smile and was one of those otakus. Grimacing, Kohaku slumped into the empty seat glaring out the window. Just his luck he would get the shota kid who was soft as a bean bun. Flicking his tongue against his teeth, he scoffed. Running his fingers through his messy long charcoal locks, he turned his attention to his new partner.
The kid was babbling on greeting very much like a nervous uke boy. Kohaku snickered at the thought. Tilting his head, he leaned in close to the boy, their foreheads slightly touching. Pulling him down by the tie, he grinned a wicked smile.
[b [#47476b "Listen here beansprout, keep your mouth shut and we will get along just fine."]] He hissed between his clenched teeth. His hot breath brushed against his partner's skin. Just as he pulled away, he caught Ryousuke's gaze. They were like raw emeralds and boy were they intoxicating. Inhaling quickly, he choked on his own air. Coughing, he tangled his fingers in his hair again, turning his blushing face. [i That was weird.] Nothing bothered the wolf of the school. Why did this boy's intense gaze make his skin crawl and his heart skip a beat. Clearing his throat, he regained his composure and leaned on his elbows and frowned.
[b [#47476b "Sooo, what the hell are we doing?"]] He questioned emptily not really caring about the answer.]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ubuntu][center [Ubuntu Chin propped by his open palm, Ryousuke idly made doodles of his favorite magical girl character in chibi form among his halfheartedly written notes for this class. The teacher's voice explaining some criteria for the following scientific activity droned on, her words entering his ear and exiting from the other. Eyes narrowing in boredom, he gave one of his doodles a more detailed outfit, then proceeded to shade parts of the character appropriately, paying extra attention on her hair and her eyes. The sketch finished, he took a moment to admire his work, his pen being spun by his fingers.

He raised his gaze to the front of the class, where the chemistry teacher was just finishing discussing whatever it was that Ryousuke just missed. His eyes met hers, which was sharpened to a not-so obvious glare, making his heart jump to his throat in sudden fear. He swore she knew that he wasn't paying attention. A reluctant toothy grin forced its way to his lips, accompanied by a nervous nod of acknowledgement, as if telling her to proceed with her explanation, as if he didn't just fill a page of his notebook with a ton of doodles instead of listening to her talk. She narrowed her eyes, and, to his relief, picked up a sheet of paper from her desk then continued addressing the class.

[+gray "As I was saying, your partner for this activity will be your partner for the rest of the school year,"] she said, eyes scanning the class, lingering on Ryousuke for a second, before she turned to the piece of paper and started mentioning names of his classmates in pairs.

[i Partner?] The blond's fingers froze at her words, launching his pre-spun pen to the arm of the person beside him. The person glared, rubbing his arm, before handing him the pen. [b [+darkcyan "Ah! Sorry, sorry~!"]] Ryousuke said in a hushed tone as he took the pen, earning a dismissive shrug from his classmate.

He looked around, wondering who his partner would be, hoping that the person wouldn't mind having him as their lab partner. A number of his classmates saw him as a disgusting otaku, thus steering clear of him. Some seemed okay with him; he was invited to karaoke and goukon occasionally, but he couldn't be assured by the decent chance that he'd get a nice partner. Teachers could be unknowing jerks at times like this.

[+gray "Furuya."]

[b [+darkcyan "Yes!"]] came the reply that left his lips a little too quickly. Tensing on his seat, he blinked with a small smile, staring at their chemistry teacher who was regarding him through her lowered glasses. She then said the name of of his would-be lab partner, before moving on to the next pair.

Ryousuke turned to look at the owner of the name, realizing that it was who he was thinking of. His pulse quickened in nervousness. He wasn't really familiar with the person enough, and he kind of intimidated him. He was aware that it's not nice to immediately judge people, but he couldn't help it if it's his initial impression. [i But!] One of the things that anime had taught him was that the delinquent-looking characters could be the most precious ones!

Once their teacher finished pairing everyone off, everyone went to their respective partners and settled on their places. With a smile that he made sure to appear enthusiastic, Ryousuke walked over to the person he would have to get along with for quite a long while and approached him. [b [+darkcyan "So, uh...,"]] he started, glancing to the side and entwining his fingers behind him, before he looked straight at his partner, [b [+darkcyan "I'm looking forward to some chemistry with you~"]] He made finger guns and clicked his tongue playfully with a wink, before realizing that [i maybe] this wasn't how one would [i normally] approach their partner. He quickly added, [b [+darkcyan "Please take care of me, I mean,"]] before forcing out a stiff chuckle.
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