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It was still sort of the same in Craig's eyes, what would this man have to do to get into her life, or if he realized that he was missing out on a great person, or maybe it was more selfish? He didn't actually know, but he did go over behind Tamara's seat to stand behind her, in a more figurative and literal way. He leaned a little on the seat behind listening to this man. Probably not the greatest start by referring to himself, but it made sense he would have to come up with some way to prove it to her, and it wouldn't be walking her down the isle since he didn't even know about that yet..well hadn't exactly observed it anyway.
He didn't really remember her ever talking fondly of her father, but it couldn't have been all bad times, sure she moved out as soon as she could and she was really being in the parent roll but there had to be something that they shared, though Craig really had no idea, maybe they didn't at all. All he knew was the man wanted to reach out now for whatever reason and Tamara really hadn't ever talked on the subject, even when brought up for their wedding she just mentioned that her father was around, but not if she'd get him involved, which was still up to her. "There was nothing nice between you two at all?"He wondered aloud, in no certain accusing way at all.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 181d 12h 43m 25s
He wouldn't have had to referee, if he hadn't invited her father in the first place so technically it was all his fault to begin with. Honestly, she would have been fine leaving it buried in the past, but now she couldn't. Either way, it wasn't like she had prepared for this.
Hearing him interject, she gave him a look. "Then what is the idea of this?" she asked before turning back to her father. "I am aware that things haven't gone well and I want to make amends," her father said, looking to her. "Well, you can't give me back my childhood, can you?" she pointed out, but seeing the look Craig gave her she sighed and sat down to at least be on eye level.
"Unfortunately, I cannot. However, I want to be there for you now. I've gone to rehab and sobered up," he told her, looking to her insistently, "I want to be in your life again and prove to you that I deserve to be in it." She looked at him. Sure, they were nice words, but was it more than that? "And how would you prove that to me?" she asked, since she had no idea how he could ever turn her opinion of him around.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 182d 12h 53m 46s
It was hard to referee something like this, he would try, but he couldn't be on both of their sides really, he knew some of the story and he knew their general relationship, where Tamara was more the parent. He walked over after he had finished picking up all of their things and putting away some leftovers. He heard what Tamara said anyway, and shook his head a little, "The idea of talking isn't just taking what he's saying and throwing it back harder."He felt his face heat up a little after he said it, he didn't know if he should of or not, or if he'd now be in hot water, but he had to believe that her father meant well here and wasn't just being the jackass she so assuredly thought he was. At the very least Craig had made sure,as best he could without actually knowing the man personally, on the phone that this wasn't some sort of trick or something, that it was genuinely him wanting to reconnect with his daughter, or start trying to be some sort of father. He couldn't understand how bad loss might have felt, but he knew how he would be if he lost Tamara, maybe not to her father's extent, but at the very least he somewhat understood. All in all, Craig did look at Tamara in a sort of pleading way, he didn't want her to go into this being angry right off the bat, he knew she was a hothead to begin with, but she did turn out this way in part because of her upbringing.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 182d 13h 28m 42s
Perhaps she was just in an affectionate mood. Naturally, she would never say no to sex, but it was hardly the reason for being affectionate. It was a fun party and she did appreciate that Craig set it up for her, even if it had required a terrible day to start with. Having friends and family there was nice, especially considering that they usually only celebrated things on their own, because no one really knew about them. Though she doubted that even if people did know that they would stop celebrating alone. Those were always fun.
Slowly the party was winding down and without realizing it she was left with her father more or less alone, since Craig clearly wasn't going to referee this. She still wasn't sure, if she wanted to talk, but her father clearly wanted to. "Please, Tamara, let us talk. I know a lot of things went wrong between us," he said as he moved to sit on the couch. "A lot of things went wrong? That's the understatement of the century," she pointed out and did move over to the couch, but didn't sit down.

  T.M. / Hoshizora / 214d 14h 24m 1s
He was curious if all this affection was because her father was there or she was just in need of some of it today, he knew the surprise was kind of underhanded and made a worse day to start, but he hoped to make it up. As they doled out the cake and finally got a word in with her father he just sort of looked over at her trying his best with a small smile. Cake did help once he got a piece though. The party was pretty good as far as things went, it wasn't a large party or anything like that, but that didn't matter too much, the one's there were important to them to some degree.
As the day went on and the few slowly left it seemed it did finally come down to them and her father, the last one left.
He did look to Tamara as he picked up the slight mess from the party and put away leftovers. It was really up to her whether she talked to him at all or told him anything as well.

  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 214d 22h 16m 32s
It was something. He didn't know about the wedding yet, but at the same time she felt like she had to decide now whether she wanted him there or not. After all, any later it would seem weird to her father. "Okay," she replied with a nod.
Chuckling, she followed Craig into the kitchen. She had to say she was impressed by the cake. It wasn't fancy, but self made and looked delicious. "It looks delicious," she told him with a smile and kissed his cheek softly. Naturally, she knew Craig could never refuse the little girl her cake.
Cutting the cake into even pieces, she took one for herself before handing one to the little girl and then the others. Her father came last and she handed him the piece silently. "I am very glad he invited me. Maybe we could talk later," he suggested carefully. "Maybe," she replied before taking a bite of cake, "It's amazing, Craig." Again she kissed his cheek.

  T.M. / Hoshizora / 217d 9h 43m 22s
He didn't feel he really decided it, aside from he supposed this current gesture. He looked at her and he let out a small breath, nodding, "Well..I didn't tell him about the wedding yet."He let her know quietly, figuring that would be a little comforting. He listened to the child and her converse, and he made a mock offended gasp, "Of course not, I made one I didn't get one."He announced as he brought them over and presented the cake to her, a simple enough one, but a 'Happy Birthday Tamara' was written on it and it was large and frosted with chocolate.

The little girl excitedly walked along with them and looked up at Craig, "Well, I think it's fine if everyone got some cake now."He chuckled a little bit, "Of course the birthday girl gets her pick of the pieces first."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 217d 10h 50m 31s
Of course, she was happy for the birthday party. It was a sweet gesture. What she didn't understand was why her father was here. How did Craig even find him? Seeing him brought back a lot of memories she wasn't really ready to face.
If she was quite honest, she hadn't thought as far as to, if her father should be at the wedding. It had been something she had pushed off thinking about. She didn't mind walking down the aisle alone. "I don't know, but it's not something you should have decided over my head," she pointed out, calmly. It felt like now the decision was taken from her.
She did give him a small smile when he said he would allow her to do whatever she wanted. When the little girl came up to them and hugged her she gave a big smile and hugged her back. "Thank you. You are so sweet," she replied, hugging her back for a moment longer, "Shall we go see, if Craig got a cake? I'm sure he did." At least she assumed. Her father was here so it seemed like playing nice and figuring out what to do next was the name of the game. Taking the little girl's hand and then Craig's, she looked to him with a smile to lead them to the cake.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 217d 11h 11m 20s
Craig was glad at first,that she was so happy for the party, but quickly it seemed to take a turn. He took her hand after their exchange and talked to her off the side, "He's your dad...it's your birthday..and we're gonna get married..don't you think he should know that? Did you not want him to be in the wedding?" Since so far it seemed to be assumed he would be, after all it was a tradition for her to be given away. He didn't know how to feel on this one. "..it's a party, it's your party..I want you to enjoy it."He assured her. He supposed he'd do whatever she told him, so far as what they would do about her father if anything.
They were briefly interrupted by the little girl running up to give Tamara a hug "[b Happy Birthday!]"
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 217d 11h 43m 59s
Even though they had agreed to tell their boss, they somehow never got around to it. Something always seemed to get in the way. Thus, they were making progress with their wedding, but still hadn't told anyone.
Time came and went and it was her birthday. So far it was turning into a pretty cruddy birthday, considering Craig didn't even seem to remember and she was stuck longer at work than planned, while Craig left early. So much for a relaxing birthday.
The day only seemed to get worse when she finally came home and Craig greeted her with almost reproach for being late. "You left early and someone had to finish the paperwork," she pointed, slightly frustrated, but then blinked confused and surprised when suddenly everyone jumped out of their hiding spots. "What are you all doing here?" she asked completely surprised before looking to Craig, "You invited them? Thank you." Walking up to him, she gave him a soft kiss before pausing.
Stepping back, she looked at her father. "What are you doing here?" she demanded, this time in a slightly more unpleasant tone. "It's nice to see you too, sweetie. Happy birthday," her father replied, trying to ignore the tone. Tamara gave Craig a look of, why did you invite him?
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 217d 12h 31m 3s
It seemed it would be looming on them, but they probably had to come clean before they did share a last name. He looked to her thought as she asked how they would bring it up. "I dunno..."He responded and let out a small breath, "Together."

It was some time later and while they had made more progress with the wedding, they also hadn't come clean about dating at work. It was however close to her birthday, and while he knew they didn't really have too many friends that knew about them they had some. So without her knowledge, he planned a little surprise party for her. It had Craig's friend and her daughter that idolized her, her friend Amanda, which took some doing, and her father, which he knew they would have to address at some point, he didn't exactly know their relationship aside from she avoided him for the most part, but they were getting married,so it would come up he assumed eventually. When she walked through the door, he came up to her "I can't believe you took so long."He told her, crossing his arms and furrowing his brow for a second, before his features softened and the guests jumped out with a surprise, including her father.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 217d 14h 18m 45s
Hearing the teasing, she chuckled softly and rolled her eyes playfully. "How crazy is that," she agreed, pretending to be shocked, "I'm not refusing to eat it. I'm just too full to eat my own food. Your food on the other hand is enough." She grinned before leaning in to bite his tongue gently. Chuckling, she pulled back afterwards.
Him bringing that up made her pause. She knew he was right in a way. They acted the friends at work, but had been living together for so long. Not to mention the fact that they were engaged to be married. They couldn't really keep it hidden for much longer. Weren't they obligated to inform their employer even? Still, at the same time she didn't want to be let go because of the no dating at work thing. Though maybe it would ensure that they could keep working together?
Finally she shrugged with a sigh. "I guess we kind of have to tell them. It would be a dead give away when I show up to work with your name at the latest," she gave in, though clearly wasn't thrilled about it, "We do sound crazy." They had gone from hating each other's guts to getting married. Not to mention, they spent more time together than it was normal, with working together. "So how would you want to bring it up?" she asked, not sure how was best or what would the aftermath of it.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 265d 2h 19m 59s
"It's almost as if I got it to eat or something, because I thought it would be good. And I believe you also have your own food that you're refusing to eat."He informed her and stuck his tongue out chuckling a little bit afterward. Thinking on it though, they did have a lot to get done for their wedding, but the most important thing still sort of stuck in his mind. "We've been together for some months now..What like..maybe..eight, and we still act like we're friends at the office, occasional exceptions. Don't you think we have to make the boss aware we're engaged though?" Truly enough they weren't on any bad terms with their boss, and they even did that trailer for him. Their game was a success, it was about to launch, they'd be given a new project soon, possibly even being separated because of that. Then again maybe it would be assured they were if they told them now. "We'll sound crazy probably.."He mumbled sighing out some. They had spent so much time together simply by living next door, and together, it was more than most people. Sure they had a few hours to themselves because of scheduling sometimes, but undoubtedly they saw each other now living together every day.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 265d 8h 38m 21s
Chuckling, she did have to nod in agreement. "That's true... though if you think about it, then we have had a few," she pointed out, considering how much they had hated each other in the beginning and now they were getting married, "But it feels good to get something done, doesn't it?" The list felt endless so there was still a lot that had to be done.
She gave a feigned shocked expression. "How could I have been so wrong about you?" she asked, playfully shocked as she dramatically pressed her hand to her chest before laughing, "As if, Jade isn't mean, she is too cute to be considered mean." She smiled towards their kitten that was never far away.
Her attempt was terrible and while she was aware that he was watching her, she ate it anyway. "I think so too," she agreed, pretending like she hadn't noticed, even if she clearly had, "Oh no, Jade ate your food." She gave him a teasing grin. It did taste good and she was trying to figure out how to steal another bite. When he offered her another forkful, she smiled and happily took it. Leaning up, she kissed his cheek. "It's very delicious," she told him with a smile, curling into him.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 316d 14h 35m 31s
He shook his head a bit, "I mean the miracle was agreeing wasn't it?"He teased her and he felt a little better having something finally crossed off of their wedding list that they managed to do on their own. Still when she seemed to accuse him of being mean he chuckled a bit more, "Little did you know I'm totally a mean person this whole time..maybe not.. but our kitty is teaching me her ways."He began to eat his food regardless. Her comments about dinner aside. Though her attempt to make him look away at the window probably was the lamest he could have hoped for, he just narrowed his eyes and watched her eat his food the entire time. "Amazing."He commented sarcastically, shaking his head as he continued eating on his own now. A few seconds later holding up another forkfull to her mouth.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 316d 15h 6m 44s

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