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It was potentially true enough though her just saying it was something else entirely. He responded to her kissing much in the same way and their makeout session just seemed to grow more heated as his hands continued to explore and appreciate her body. He leaned back with a small tug on her lips by his own and let out a breath, "Oh, so you want to scream?"He leaned back in kissing her again. It was very telling even if she thought she didn't need to, he supposed making her scream wouldn't be him just letting her remain in control like she had been, so it was something to keep in mind. His hand did finally venture up to unclip her bra. His head moving to kiss along her new and down her neck, stopping to suck along it as well.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 174d 11h 45m 11s
It was definitely heated and perhaps that was simply the point of this. To feel loved and desired by the other after such a long time of not having sex. The striptease really had only been a joke, since she was well aware of how undressed he was.
They kept kissing for a while longer, enjoying the feel of the lips and the bodies pressing together. When they pulled back she chuckled. "Is that your way of saying I should still be stripping?" she asked amused, "A striptease with one article of clothing would be quite mastery." She grinned at him before thinking on what other wish she might have. Was there anything in particular she wanted? A shudder did run down her spine when he nibbled on her earlobe. "I mean, I don't think I need to tell you how to make me scream," she mused, knowing he knew fully well how to go about with her, kissing him again.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 174d 13h 19m 5s
He let out a small chuckle as he heard her purring. It was pretty heated between them at the given moment, which he didn't mind at all. Once he heard her joke, but moved to straddle and kiss him he had to wonder, sure it was typically the other way around, which she showed and proved tonight already, but he couldn't really do much currently. As they kissed some more and clung to one another her finally did pull back for a second. "It wouldn't be much of a tease, considering all I have left is one article of clothing. But you still do have two. Any other birthday wish I could make come true for you?"He asked, once he got to the actual question leaning in to whisper in her ear and nip at her earlobe.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 174d 21h 11m 8s
His red face was actually kind of cute. It made her smile as she heard the reassurance. "Glad to hear it," she mused, naturally enjoying the thought that she could do that to him.
When he lifted her up she did try not to move too much, since she was still a little hesitant about irritating his old injury. "I do enjoy that nickname," she mused as she settled down on the bed. She did give a small purr of sorts, mostly teasing, when his pants came off. Happily, she kissed him back, cupping his cheek.
The question made her pause for a moment. Did she have a birthday wish?" No longer tantalized?" she asked amused, "How about a striptease?" She couldn't help a laugh before moving over to straddle him again as they kept kissing. That had been meant as a joke, though the idea was fun. Right now a bit of kissing and touching wasn't a bad idea.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 174d 23h 10m 0s
He was glad for these few moments of just passion before she got back up again. Looking to her smiling back a bit, though still kind of red faced, he breathed out. "I did.."He informed her, just to be more reassuring. He took her hand and moved it back up to his shoulder, leaning down to lift her up into his arms, this had been a little while since it had happened as well, it was harder to work right back into the routine when a part of her clearly worried about his previous injury, no matter how healed. He nodded his head a bit. "Anything for you Princess.."He told her definitely ready to see what more she wanted as he brought her to the bedroom and set her on the bed. His pants coming all the way loose now as he sat down beside her, not being able to stop himself from locking his lips to her's once again, his passion clearly riled up. Though he did wonder if she had more in mind or if that show was all. "What is your birthday wish now?"He asked her, managing to find his voice and put a little something behind it finally.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 174d 23h 23m 57s
Well, if she had to say she would say he was enraptured, if she had to guess from his reaction. That was definitely flattering and she was enjoying it. Kissing him back, she also gave some sounds as she cupped his cheek.
Her hand began to shift along to his body, down to his pants to begin to unbutton them. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she looked to him with a smile. "Well, I would say that you thoroughly enjoyed that," she mused, tilting her head lightly. Getting up, she reached her hand out to him. "Shall we?" she asked, her eyes twinkling lightly. She imagined he wouldn't need to be asked twice.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 174d 23h 32m 1s
He couldn't exactly tell it was weird, she definitely had him there, he just noticed her moving and he was taking in her body, sometimes just following along with her hands with his eyes. Seeing her drop her skirt as well, it was never a bad thing to have her in her underwear, and he certainly appreciated the sight for the brief time that he could as she came back to kiss him. Just like that she was apparently back in his lap, and they were kissing, perhaps the breaths and passion getting a bit heavier on his end, that much was clearly coming through. His arms moved up to her sides, just exploring along her body, lightly rubbing her sides and shifting down to her waist, taking in the soft feel of the small remaining cloth and feeling like his hands were hot against her skin.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 174d 23h 50m 32s
It was true that it was her birthday, but wasn't it a treat in itself to see him like this in front of her, pretty much shocked silent. Perhaps in a way it was her way of proving that she was still desirable, even when she was now a year older. Not that she thought that it changed how she looked, but it was a good fluff of her ego, if nothing else.
In a way this striptease felt a little silly doing so. After all, running her hands along her body and stuff like that in front of him was weird. Still, she hoped that it didn't show as she shifted in front of him, turning here and there so he could see all sides of her as her hands kept running along her body. As she did so her hands went to unbutton her skirt, letting it slide down to the floor.
After a moment she smiled as she stepped up to him and kissed him. Slowly she began to move against him.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 175d 1m 46s
It seemed like this was going to be as long as she wanted it to be, and he couldn't really say otherwise either, it was in a way slightly agonizing, but not in a bad way, she was very tantalizing. Listening to her go on, it seemed he'd be contradicted in everything he would say so she could have him on the ropes the entire time. He didn't know what to focus on when she leaned in, her lips or her pushing against him, he did want it all that much was clear to him. As she leaned back he didn't actually expect that, but watching her get up with some exaggerated swaying and touching her own body, he felt his face get a bit hotter. This was new. Again wondering if this was her birthday or his, cause he seemed to have forgotten, he was definitely enraptured in whatever was going on in front of him. If her goal was for him to re-appreciate every angle of her body that he could see, he definitely was doing so.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 175d 26m 35s
She had to say this was getting more and more amusing by the second. For some reason she found it immensely amusing to watch him grasp for his words. Normally, he didn't have that problem. Perhaps, it was a little payback for the whole inviting her father thing without asking, but either way she was having a blast right now.
Or it really was that they had been missing this. With work and planning a wedding their sex life had gotten pushed to the side quite a bit, hadn't it? "Do I?" she asked teasingly, looking to him, "Are you sure?" She leaned slightly forward so that her chest lightly pressed against his, her lip brushing ever so slightly against his lips before pulling back again.
Did she have any suggestion? She thought on it for a moment. Of course, she could simply take off her clothes. That would be more than enough, but perhaps she could have some more fun with this. Pulling away from him, she got up to stand in front of him and swayed her hips lightly. She couldn't say how good she was at a striptease, but she was willing to try. With an amused smile she let her hands run along her body slowly and tantalizing.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 175d 7h 51m 22s
He really was impressed, wasn't this her birthday? She seemed to be enjoying doing this more than being treated, at least it appeared, he hadn't seen her having such fun at his 'expense' in quite a while. Her questions though he didn't actually know if he was meant to answer or not. He couldn't deny her actions did definitely provoke him into wanting to see more. Though for now he was still a slightly red and looking like he was searching for words. Her ask for suggestions did bring him to slowly blink at her, did he want to interrupt what was going on here with any suggestions, he really didn't think so. "I..think you have it handled.."He managed to think up, trying to at least assure she didn't need suggestions. "Do you..have any suggestions?" Again, it was her birthday, though he could not muster up a seductive slur in his voice as she had taken that ability from him temporarily. He definitely felt his heart already racing, it could be that it has been a while since they did anything like this..being distracted by work and winding down after planning their wedding..had this really been something they lost for a bit? They were pretty active before at the very least, still these thoughts barely registered since he was caught up in the moment.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 175d 10h 3m 9s
It wasn't hard to see the power she had over him. At least, not very hard. There was definitely something about being able to make him pause that felt very empowering. She could see how his eyes almost glazed over a little bit. "I think so too," she mused with a smile before chuckling, "Maybe, I have to keep my clothes safe from you. You can't seem to control yourself." Her finger ran long his lips gently.
Would she tease him a little more? She honestly didn't know herself, but a little more teasing never hurt anyone. Tossing his shirt aside, she looked to him, biting her lip ever so slightly. "Now what should I do with you?" she muttered in a tantalizing way, leaning forward to kiss him on his lips before going down to his neck and then pulling back. "Any suggestions?" she asked curiously, as her hands reached behind her as if to undo her bra.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 176d 7h 50m 39s
It was all easy enough to say that was all she was doing but she seemed to realise what power she had quickly enough. She certainly began to flaunt it a little more too, a shudder running up his back as she whispered into his ear and nibbled on him. "It would seem so.."He informed her, and though her next and as for more, he felt like that would be all the better, she was aware how good he thought she looked most of the time as it was. "You just got that off quickest so I wouldn't rip it off again."He teased her as his shirt came off, there was that one incident where he ripped open her shirt, though he did fix it. She definitely completed her task, if it was to get his focus to be on just what they were doing now. He seemed a little eager even, wondering if she'd do more to tease him or if she didn't want to wait either.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 176d 9h 44m 30s
She gave him a look with an amused smile. "Yeah, you clearly should have given me harder questions since we have gotten together," she joked back with a chuckle. It hadn't been meant as a stab at him, but it was true that this was one of the hardest things she had to mull over.
His reaction to her unbuttoning her blouse made her smile amused and chuckle. "It certainly seems to be," she mused, arching a knowing brow as she finished unbuttoning her blouse and letting it slowly slip down onto the ground. She couldn't help teasing him a little more as she leaned forward. "So... all I need to do is undress a bit?" she asked into his ear tantalizingly, gently biting down on the lob before pulling back, "Though I'm sure you wouldn't mind me undressing a little more." She ran a finger over her decollete before moving to pull his shirt off.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 176d 9h 54m 16s
He shook his head a bit at her slightly biting comment, chuckling a little, "Well excuse me for giving you such no brainer questions like will you marry me, or let's live together, or I love you. "He countered back, though her teasing was very on point it seemed, what a blow to him there, and she definitely kept her dominance over the situation as she began 'helping the mood along'. He felt his face get a little hotter and his mouth opened slightly, why did this feel so damn sexy more now than before, how did she manage that? "I..yea well it's. It's certainly helping me."He blushed a little more, maybe swallowing slightly harder, she was always good at catching him unaware romantically, she just seemed to want to continue her trend now.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 176d 10h 31m 3s

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