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She was happy that he carried her to the changing rooms. She didn't fully trust her legs at this point, but by the time she had showered, changed and dried she was feeling a little more normal than before. Truthfully, she still didn't buy that he hadn't planned any of that.
Once they were out of the park and at their car she arched a brow. It was unusual for him to surrender the driver's seat. "Indeed you did," she agreed as she watched him get in on the other side. Not about to argue about driving she shrugged before taking her seat on the driver's side.
Though truthfully after such a day she felt like she was entitled to a nap, but happily noticed that he wasn't sleeping, but talking with her and being a little affectionate. "Oh, I'm sure that last part was really fun," she couldn't help teasing with a knowing smirk. Still, she did smile. "It was fun," she agreed finally with a smile as she kept her eyes on the road.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 251d 16h 41m 11s
So it was that he piggybacked her to the place where they could change and fully dry off, making a few jokes about if she needed him to carry her to the car after as well. Finally though this very lovely day was coming to an end. Apparently the less Craig thought on his actions the more likely she was to assume he planned on how they ended up in that alley, but he decided she was impossible to convince otherwise. Once they got to the car he looked to her. "I do believe I drove here."He stated with a small grin as he got into the passenger side of the vehicle. It wasn't that he really ever minded being the one who drove, it was usually him doing so, but he figured he could take one trip from the passenger side.
He didn't nap on the way home like she normally tended to at least, he was happy to reminisce about the day and talk with her, hold her hand for some of the drive as well. "Today was really fun."He felt the need to mention, knowing they had all of tomorrow off to recover, and possibly go back to having to plan and think of work.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 251d 17h 38m 41s
Listening to his reasoning and how it then came to be that he remembered their first kiss, she gave him a look. "And I still say you could have just pulled me into the alley instead of picking me up and pressing me against the wall," she insisted, mostly teasing, "Ah, okay. Well, we can definitely practice until we do that." She couldn't help a small chuckle, though they would see, if that ever happened or not.
She had to say that she thought it was obvious what she thought would happen, but then again guys were dense like that sometimes. Though the look in his eyes when he looked at her made it seem like he actually might have an idea what might happen. Cupping his cheeks, she leaned down to kiss him passionately, as their two bodies kept rubbing together. One hand went from his cheek to her hair and she let it run through it, enjoying the feeling of it.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 294d 6h 15m 0s
He listened to her go on and lightly nipped at her neck. "I told you I was hiding us."He didn't really intend for it to happen this way, but it was. "Then I couldn't help but remember the first time we were soaking wet and I had you up against a wall.."Which again would have been the first time they had kissed, but of course the position was a lot different now. "I was teasing..our next stop is doing this at work."He informed her, knowing it was mostly a joke, but she usually was the one who made it anyway.
He didn't really know what she expected from him here, but she was getting him really going now, how else was he supposed to respond? She was encouraging this so, he went along with it as well, of course in it if she was in it. He was pretty sure they were thinking the same thing now anyway, as he came back up and looked into her eyes again.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 294d 13h 57m 24s
She had to chuckle at the way he looked at her with his mouth open. Listening to him, she shrugged. "When the mood hits you, you go for it. You're a guy, you should know the feeling," she pointed out, feeling like that seemed a good comparison, "Oh, you didn't think anything would happen with the way you dragged me off the street?" She couldn't help chuckling at this.
When he kept kissing her, she had to say he was getting used to the idea. Feeling him wander around her jaw and neck, she gave a sound. Her hands ran down his back, clawing lightly at his back. When he spoke she looked to him. "Your next stop?" she asked, not quite sure what he meant. Though it was true that it was unlikely that they would ever do this at work. For sure cause if they were caught the blowback would be horrible.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 295d 23h 12m 57s
He stopped kissing her after she mentioned anal and couldn't stifle the chuckle or the open mouth that was left hanging in surprise. "I meant I didn't think we'd be doing this today, not ever at all, you know what with last night and this morning.."He explained and chuckled once more. "I didn't know I was opening Pandora' s box with this I suppose..you are just really into the mood."He did finally go back to kissing her, letting himself wander down her jaw and into her neck, lightly sucking as his hands slid up her legs and to her butt. Now holding and squeezing as she seemed to slightly move her body against his. "Oh no..not complaining.. I suppose that's our next stop then?"He teased staying to work on her neck, knowing that would be a harder situation to have happen at work.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 296d 4h 20m 49s
Since he didn't really give her an answer it was hard to say if he was in board or not. In a way he seemed to want to, judging from obvious factors and the kissing but on the other hand he was still talking and being a little slow. She gave a soft shrug. "I mean, did you ever think we would do anal at the beginning or some of the other things we did?" she pointed out. No one ever thought about doing something until it happened and there was likely to never be as good a chance.
"As for work, I don't hear you complaining," she teased back with a grin. Though he didn't seem completely against it as he continued to kiss her. She honestly doubted that they would be caught, but wasn't the thought that they might be part of the thrill? Either way they were still in their bathing suits pressed against a wall and kissing heavily. Even this would already get them scolded.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 296d 4h 52m 1s
He didn't really think on it too much, so she could be unsure all she wanted to. Though the way she began to kiss him again after asking if it was something he would never dream of, it obviously was getting a reaction from him since she started to rub against him. He wondered why she would ask in the first place. "It's not something I thought we'd do...though you were the one who mentioned doing something at work.."He teased, though he didn't seem to want to continue to tease, his lips coming back to her's soon enough. Maybe they were still a little bit more pent up than even they thought they were, no matter how good the previous night was. They honestly could be caught, even if it seemed unlikely from where they were right now. Still he wondered how much in control of this situation she wanted to be, she certainly had begun instigating.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 296d 10h 51m 39s
She arched a brow as if to say she wasn't sure if that was actually the case or not. "Sure you did," she replied, grinning at him, though her kissing hin did seem to convince him more. There weren't any people around and it was unlikely that anyone would come here as it was a small alley.
The more they kissed, the more he seemed to get into it. Slowly she pulled back and looked at him breathing a little heavily. "Or is that something that you would never dream of?" she asked amused before kissing him again, arching her back so that her body rubbed against his. It was definitely a nice feeling and she wouldn't mind doing this, but he didn't seem to be so sure. She would have to see what he would say.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 296d 19h 42m 27s
He offered a small shrug, not really having thought about it too much, still assuming he hid both their faces that way. As she proceeded to tell him she wouldn't spell it out he looked up at her for a second, "I just had to..make sure.."He stated but was then kissed, as she seemed to get less patient about it. It wasn't that he didn't know so much as he was in disbelief she would actually want to do such a thing in public like this. Though if she continued this way she didn't have to shift to much to really start to convince him. He didn't know if the heat on his face was the only one now and she had already come to terms with it or not, it wasn't really easy to tell. Besides that, this position with this clothing seemed to be one that didn't leave too much to the imagination.
He could deny that he knew all he wanted, but it was clear his chest was thumping and he was very into kissing her.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 296d 21h 28m 42s
"I would say just pulling me behind you would be faster than actually picking me up and carrying me. Not to mention a lot less inconspicuous," she pointed out, shaking her head slightly amused at his reaction. It was unorthodox to say the least.
The way he paused at what she said made it clear that he didn't understand what she was saying. Was it not obvious from the circumstances what she was suggesting? "Well, what do you think I mean? You and me alone... Don't tell me to spell it out," she said, looking to him. He couldn't be serious. When he leaned back to give her room, she leaned forward to wrap her arms around him more and to kiss him, hoping that would make her intentions more than a little obvious. It couldn't be that hard to understand what she wanted.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 296d 23h 40m 29s
As she went on he shook his head a little bit, "I just..acted fast, so she wouldn't see our faces or anything.."He really didn't know how else to explain it, but using her body he sort of had put up a just in case shield for either of their faces. When she went on and looked down into his eyes he felt his heart start to beat a little faster. He thought he knew what she was saying, but he really had to take an extra second to process that it was what she was actually saying. There's no way he could be reading that right, even if there was a slight heat coming off his face and her's. "What..? What do you mean..?"He asked her, his eyes not leaving her's, only slightly moving back from the wall so she had room to lean or move, closer or farther really that was up to her. At first he was just reminded of their first kiss, but he did take in her figure a few moments ago, not being able to help it when she was pressed up against him, but now she had his gaze locked to her's, so he wasn't looking over her body again.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 297d 5h 55m 49s
Lemonade after such a long, hot and exhausting day sounded right just about now. She had just been walking towards it when he suddenly picked her up and carried her away. "What the...," she began, completely caught off guard by the sudden change in everything, "The lemonade...?" She hadn't seen Ms. Sunshine until she saw her walk past the entrance of the alley. Seeing her, she did frown in discontent. "What is she doing here?" she asked, not really expecting an answer, but logic didn't really apply when it came to that woman.
Only then did she realize what position he had put them in and her face flushed slightly. "And you couldn't have just pulled me away?" she pointed out with slight doubt, but it was clear that this position was very familiar and very intimate. To make sure she didn't fall down her legs wrapped around his waist more and she wrapped her arms around him.
It was clear they were in an alley that no one would really see them and most guests had left the park already. Her gaze met his, just as red. "Maybe the fun doesn't have to end yet...," she said slowly, feeling like she was speaking exactly what he was thinking. Much didn't need to be done and she had the feeling they were sort of ready for it.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 297d 6h 44m 52s
It seemed like it would have to be coming to an end soon, but they could milk this for what they could while they were here. He nodded his head seeing the lemonade place, but soon enough his eyes widened a little and he lifted her up, though the way he did so and headed around a corner to hide in a small alley. The way he held her, she was in front of him, legs mostly wrapped around his waist and with what they were wearing they were pressed against each other since he so hastily got them out of the way. "Of all the people to see..."He muttered out, glancing towards out of the alley until, Ms. Sunshine passed by. Finally he did look up to her though, and realized the position he had them in now. They were discreetly tucked away between a couple buildings, he basically was pushed up against her and she was up against a wall. He looked up into her eyes now, his face getting red, "I..didn't want to run into her..and.."He figured she didn't either, but now something about this was very different to him. A familiar situation to them honestly, their first kissed they were soaking wet in the rain, against a wall. Now though she was lifted and clasped around him pretty much her legs around his waist, he couldn't help as his eye wandered up her body to her eyes now, his face remaining red.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 297d 17h 55m 23s
She gave a shrug. She honestly wouldn't have thought of a water park, but she wasn't about to complain about it. This was one of the most enjoyable days they had had in a while. "Okay, then we were able to come up with a good idea together," she conceded, since it was true.
There was a certain amount of satisfaction at seeing him tip over. She hadn't expected that he would try to climb onto her tube. Not to mention the position was more than a little precarious as she held onto her tube, praying it wouldn't tip. She looked up at him. Listening to him, she did grin up at him slightly. "I would think I am," she replied, not being able to resist being a little cheeky. Still, she more than happily kissed him, a little surprised at how much heat there was behind it and she cupped his cheek lightly. Still, she was thankful that he didn't have her tip over and they went back to holding hands as the ride continued.
When the ride was over she looked to him and nodded. "Lemonade sounds good right about now," she agreed, looking around for a stand, "One is over there. I suppose we also should start heading back at some point." All good things had to come to an end.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 298d 3h 39m 17s

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