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She grinned at him when he repeated sometimes. "You know, as good of an idea a guy can have," she couldn't resist teasing slightly. His attention seemed to be captured by the question of her bikini. It was true that he didn't know all of her bikinis. She gave a small shrug. "I mean I'm sure I have one that might be on the more risque side of things," she replied, as she thought on it, "I mean, considering that that is a family orientated place I would not go around in a skimpy bikini." She knew of decency and it seemed a terrible idea to do that. It made her wonder though what he thought of her wearing something like that out in public.
Hearing the compliment, she smiled and kissed him softly. "Of course, it's all thanks to your job," she mused sarcastically before slowly beginning to untangle from their embrace, "So... are the roles decided? Or do you want to choose my swimsuit after all?" She did wonder which one he would choose, if she let him have free reign on it. It was always curious what guys ended up doing.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 120d 22h 57m 1s
"Sometimes." He repeated as if slightly offended. He chuckled a little bit and thought on what she implied, "I don't know.. do you have skimpy bikinis? Are you this confident woman who is going around a water park in just a bikini?" He figured it was also a fair question, which he slightly grinned at. He didn't know that she wouldn't do it, but at the same time he hadn't placed that she might be going around the park in the bikini alone, maybe like a shirt on too. The more he thought the more he wondered if he would be comfortable with it. In the end he really didn't think it was up to him. "I must be doing my job right if you are feeling this good about your gorgeous body."He had to emphasize, knowing he wanted her to know that whatever choice she made he wanted her to feel good about it and all the things he clearly loved about it.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 120d 23h 16m 44s
He had a point there. The way he phrased it amusement parks wouldn't be that much fun, but the suggestion of a water park was perfect. It was nice weather, though not too hot so perhaps it wouldn't be overrun with visitors today. "That sounds just about perfect," she agreed, "You have good ideas sometimes." She gave him a teasing smile.
Still, she remained snuggled up to him, enjoying how he was rubbing her back and how snuggled up they were. However, she was aware of the fact that they would have to get up soon, if they actually wanted to make this plan a reality. "That is a good question," she mused as she thought on it, "Since I don't trust you to not simply pack my skimpiest bikini or forget something else, I would say I'm packing and you're cooking. Besides, I am organizational talent and you are the cook. Seems like a good divide of tasks, unless you have an objection." She looked to him, curious if he would object to her plan.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 121d 6h 11m 58s
"Amusement parks are mostly rides..maybe a few carnival games..and food that is terrible for you."He thought on it a bit. "Mm..well we could go to one, that is like a water park."He offered, the rides were much more tame when the goal was just getting soaked to cool off. And it was around summer now so the weather definitely permitted. "It's like a couple hours away..so we could indulge ourselves with a trip, and an amusement park."He shrugged a little bit, it was a good idea that she brought up anyway it seemed.
Still his hand worked away at rubbing her back, enjoying just being snuggled up there. They would probably have to get some things together and leave soon if they agreed on what he said. "If we are going..who is packing and who is making breakfast?"He wondered which one she preferred in that scenario, knowing he usually cooked and she only picked up meals to cook every now and again. He was grateful that she had come around on that, realizing that he enjoyed her cooking seemed to encourage the decision that she might do it more often.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 121d 9h 39m 50s
Seeing him pout at her like she usually did, she tilted her head thoughtfully. "I see why you like the pout so much. Looks pretty good on you," she teased with a grin before she rolled her eyes at what he said. Though seeing him puff his chest and what he said she couldn't help laughing out. "Oh yes, and you clearly have too much pent up sexual energy," she mused, batting her eyes at him, though it was hard while laughing.
Once their laughing had subsided, she gave a small nod. She couldn't help that she thought on these things. After all, it needed to be done, did it not? "I suppose so," she admitted with a sheepish look before shrugging, "I like some things about amusement parks. Not a fan of roller coasters cause they make me sick, but other than that they can be quite fun. Or do you have any other suggestions?" Perhaps an amusement park was a bad distraction, but there had to be something they could do instead.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 121d 11h 50m 2s
"I'm sorry, I think you'll live."He further teased her about being a stick in the mud, though he was mostly joking as he mimicked her pout right back at her. Once she went on though he found the smile growing back on to his face, "Oh that's what made last night fun? Isn't just that..we revealed you are a sexual fiend and deviant and you weren't getting your daily dosage of Craig."He stated, as if he was serious and puffed out his chest a little bit, though clearly couldn't hold up being so mockingly arrogant, chuckling some as he broke the character. Still it was also clear she didn't know what to suggest for fun and not wedding related, "So you are still thinking of things despite not wanting to."He figured she would be, somehow she couldn't turn it off, he knew that much, what with the way she liked to plan things and have them go certainly. "An amusement park..do you even like them?"He chuckled a bit more, wondering if she actually thought that she wanted to, he would be fine with it of course, but it seemed just a distracted thought.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 123d 11h 44m 47s
Chuckling she let him do as he pleased with her hair. She didn't mind much and he seemed to greatly enjoy it so that she saw no reason not to let him do that. Hearing him say that, she smiled softly. "I love you too," she replied and kissed him, enjoying his hand on her back as her own continued cupped his cheek.
His reaction to her suggestion a break made her pout slightly. "You act like I am always a stick in the mood," she pointed out before rolling her eyes, "Very funny. It's not that, it's just... since the engagement when have we spent together that didn't include wedding talk? Last night was the first time in a while that that happened and it was nice."
The question on what to do made her thoughtful. "I don't know. Something fun. Something not wedding related that we can just enjoy. Perhaps we could... go to an amusement park or something," she replied, making it clear she had no idea what to suggest, other than not working on the wedding.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 137d 22h 57m 18s
He would have to disagree with a small chuckle. Her mentioning that she hadn't actually heard it despite him just saying it made him chuckle again, "Well I love you." He informed her, as a matter of fact. His hand moving along and rubbing her back as he waited for her to answer. While the question did get answered he heard her suggest they take a break. He rose an eyebrow his head leaning back some as he was surprised, "Wow." He let that hang for a second, "What have you done with my fiance? Take a break.. am I too bad an influence on you?" Though he wasn't much one for taking breaks per se, she had gotten much more relaxed in general. "And what would you like to do today, Princess?" He wondered if she had something in mind possibly, or maybe just nothing at all.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 138d 53m 32s
She had to laugh at what he said. Perhaps it was a little too much affection, not that that really existed, but they had been a little absent as of late. "It can't possibly look good sticking up from the ends," she mused, but let him rearrange it as he pleased, finding it fun in a way.
Kissing him back, she smiled at him lovingly. There was a special energy in the room right now, at least it felt like that. She put on a thoughtful expression at the question. "In the last bit of time? I will have to think on that," she teased before smiling and cupping his cheek, "I mean, I won't mind hearing it again." No woman had anything against that.
Him bringing up the wedding again made her mind go back to that as she thought on it. "I don't think so. Most people that we want there were sent. Unless there is a best friend you haven't mentioned until now, I think we have that part covered," she pointed out, her mind wondering more. What else still needed to be done? A bit. "Maybe we should take a break from wedding planning?" she suggested out of the blue, almost surprising herself as well.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 138d 22h 50m 12s
It seemed like it was a lot of affection in light of the previous day, leaving her in the dark and doing a surprise party. He looked at her and nodded slightly. "I'm just always so amazed at how many different ways it can look good."He teased as he cleared her face, his hand lingering on her cheek. Another passionate kiss to her lips. "Tamara, have I told you how much I love you?"He knew he was more telling her, but he was a little silly. He didn't know what they'd do the rest of the day, they probably had some wedding planning to do, more getting towards the finality of it.
"We don't really have too many invites left to send hm?"He mentioned the wedding clearly on his mind since they had a day off.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 140d 8h 25m 14s
He had a point there. He usually didn't do that in bed. "Well, that was quite a surprise," she mused, slightly teasing but kind before chuckling, "Her? It's now its own person? Well, you should definitely check. That was quite a night." She grinned down at him, happy they were both in a good mood.
Happily, she linked her hand with his, giving it a small squeeze as she looked to him, a little surprised he wasn't immediately kissing her. "You mean the part where you made me think that you forgot my birthday or the day part?" she inquired amused before laughing slightly, "Going after your favorite pastime? Rearranging my hair? This is as a thank you for yesterday." She leaned over to give him a quick kiss.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 152d 4h 38m 2s
"Well I usually don't do that unless you're asleep on the couch, figured I'd break the habit for your birthday."He informed her with a chuckle. "Just have to check in on her after such a night."He winked, referring to it as another person entirely. He did continue to kiss her a few times, glad they were in such a bubbly mood, but more that he felt very affectionate right now,no small amount of passion from him either. His hand sliding up her arm and finding her hand, linking their fingers. The grin not seeming to leave his face as he gazed into her eyes, now not attacking her with kisses. "Maybe I just have to make up for the first part of yesterday.." He told her, his free hand coming up to move hairs out of her face, or in any given direction.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 152d 8h 21m 22s
It had definitely been a night to remember. Maybe in a way it was the unloading of several missed times that had been happening more frequently as of late. Perhaps it was also that slight struggle in dominance that was present, neither of them quite relinquishing the hold on it. It was something else.
Thus it was no surprise that they both slept well. She slept soundly, not being woken up by anything until the morning delight happened. That was quite the nice surprise, she wouldn't mind that happening more often.
When he came back up, she kissed him softly. "A very good morning. I thought yesterday was my birthday," she mused, running a hand down his chest, "I would say that was quite a good birthday." If one excluded the surprise of having her father show up, but other than that it had been pretty good.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 174d 9h 33m 42s
Truly it had been one of their finer nights, all things considered, there was some screaming, there was a clear tussle over who remained in control and dominant ending in a truly blissful struggle between them. It was quite easy to get to sleep that night. It was still morning when he felt his eyes begin to open a bit, after last night it was kind of surprising even to himself that he was able to wake up now, much more surprising that it was before her. He let out a small breath and sort of just took the time to observe her like he would do when she fell asleep, but it was a little different now that she was going to wake up sometime. He noticed they barely had moved away from each other, still snuggled up even after being so close. Maybe another present was in order for her, he'd done this before when they slept on the couch, but it was much easier now that she wasn't clothed, so he slipped beneath the sheets and woke her up with a little morning delight.
After that was finished he did finally reappear and offer, "Good Morning."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 174d 10h 24m 11s
It was true. So far he had always been a good lover, if nothing else. The continued make out session was nice and she greatly enjoyed it. Naturally her hands also ran along his body to explore his contours. Him pulling back while tugging on her lip made her give a small sound. "Well, I would object to it," she mused before kissing him again.
Actually it was kind of fun to be in control, though it was true her being dominant would not lead to screaming likely. Feeling him undo her bra, she moved to let it drop to the ground. She leaned back a little so he could take in the view fully, imagining he would enjoy that quite a bit.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 174d 10h 58m 27s

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