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He didn't really think on it too much, so she could be unsure all she wanted to. Though the way she began to kiss him again after asking if it was something he would never dream of, it obviously was getting a reaction from him since she started to rub against him. He wondered why she would ask in the first place. "It's not something I thought we'd do...though you were the one who mentioned doing something at work.."He teased, though he didn't seem to want to continue to tease, his lips coming back to her's soon enough. Maybe they were still a little bit more pent up than even they thought they were, no matter how good the previous night was. They honestly could be caught, even if it seemed unlikely from where they were right now. Still he wondered how much in control of this situation she wanted to be, she certainly had begun instigating.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 116d 16h 40m 1s
She arched a brow as if to say she wasn't sure if that was actually the case or not. "Sure you did," she replied, grinning at him, though her kissing hin did seem to convince him more. There weren't any people around and it was unlikely that anyone would come here as it was a small alley.
The more they kissed, the more he seemed to get into it. Slowly she pulled back and looked at him breathing a little heavily. "Or is that something that you would never dream of?" she asked amused before kissing him again, arching her back so that her body rubbed against his. It was definitely a nice feeling and she wouldn't mind doing this, but he didn't seem to be so sure. She would have to see what he would say.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 117d 1h 30m 49s
He offered a small shrug, not really having thought about it too much, still assuming he hid both their faces that way. As she proceeded to tell him she wouldn't spell it out he looked up at her for a second, "I just had to..make sure.."He stated but was then kissed, as she seemed to get less patient about it. It wasn't that he didn't know so much as he was in disbelief she would actually want to do such a thing in public like this. Though if she continued this way she didn't have to shift to much to really start to convince him. He didn't know if the heat on his face was the only one now and she had already come to terms with it or not, it wasn't really easy to tell. Besides that, this position with this clothing seemed to be one that didn't leave too much to the imagination.
He could deny that he knew all he wanted, but it was clear his chest was thumping and he was very into kissing her.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 117d 3h 17m 4s
"I would say just pulling me behind you would be faster than actually picking me up and carrying me. Not to mention a lot less inconspicuous," she pointed out, shaking her head slightly amused at his reaction. It was unorthodox to say the least.
The way he paused at what she said made it clear that he didn't understand what she was saying. Was it not obvious from the circumstances what she was suggesting? "Well, what do you think I mean? You and me alone... Don't tell me to spell it out," she said, looking to him. He couldn't be serious. When he leaned back to give her room, she leaned forward to wrap her arms around him more and to kiss him, hoping that would make her intentions more than a little obvious. It couldn't be that hard to understand what she wanted.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 117d 5h 28m 51s
As she went on he shook his head a little bit, "I just..acted fast, so she wouldn't see our faces or anything.."He really didn't know how else to explain it, but using her body he sort of had put up a just in case shield for either of their faces. When she went on and looked down into his eyes he felt his heart start to beat a little faster. He thought he knew what she was saying, but he really had to take an extra second to process that it was what she was actually saying. There's no way he could be reading that right, even if there was a slight heat coming off his face and her's. "What..? What do you mean..?"He asked her, his eyes not leaving her's, only slightly moving back from the wall so she had room to lean or move, closer or farther really that was up to her. At first he was just reminded of their first kiss, but he did take in her figure a few moments ago, not being able to help it when she was pressed up against him, but now she had his gaze locked to her's, so he wasn't looking over her body again.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 117d 11h 44m 11s
Lemonade after such a long, hot and exhausting day sounded right just about now. She had just been walking towards it when he suddenly picked her up and carried her away. "What the...," she began, completely caught off guard by the sudden change in everything, "The lemonade...?" She hadn't seen Ms. Sunshine until she saw her walk past the entrance of the alley. Seeing her, she did frown in discontent. "What is she doing here?" she asked, not really expecting an answer, but logic didn't really apply when it came to that woman.
Only then did she realize what position he had put them in and her face flushed slightly. "And you couldn't have just pulled me away?" she pointed out with slight doubt, but it was clear that this position was very familiar and very intimate. To make sure she didn't fall down her legs wrapped around his waist more and she wrapped her arms around him.
It was clear they were in an alley that no one would really see them and most guests had left the park already. Her gaze met his, just as red. "Maybe the fun doesn't have to end yet...," she said slowly, feeling like she was speaking exactly what he was thinking. Much didn't need to be done and she had the feeling they were sort of ready for it.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 117d 12h 33m 14s
It seemed like it would have to be coming to an end soon, but they could milk this for what they could while they were here. He nodded his head seeing the lemonade place, but soon enough his eyes widened a little and he lifted her up, though the way he did so and headed around a corner to hide in a small alley. The way he held her, she was in front of him, legs mostly wrapped around his waist and with what they were wearing they were pressed against each other since he so hastily got them out of the way. "Of all the people to see..."He muttered out, glancing towards out of the alley until, Ms. Sunshine passed by. Finally he did look up to her though, and realized the position he had them in now. They were discreetly tucked away between a couple buildings, he basically was pushed up against her and she was up against a wall. He looked up into her eyes now, his face getting red, "I..didn't want to run into her..and.."He figured she didn't either, but now something about this was very different to him. A familiar situation to them honestly, their first kissed they were soaking wet in the rain, against a wall. Now though she was lifted and clasped around him pretty much her legs around his waist, he couldn't help as his eye wandered up her body to her eyes now, his face remaining red.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 117d 23h 43m 45s
She gave a shrug. She honestly wouldn't have thought of a water park, but she wasn't about to complain about it. This was one of the most enjoyable days they had had in a while. "Okay, then we were able to come up with a good idea together," she conceded, since it was true.
There was a certain amount of satisfaction at seeing him tip over. She hadn't expected that he would try to climb onto her tube. Not to mention the position was more than a little precarious as she held onto her tube, praying it wouldn't tip. She looked up at him. Listening to him, she did grin up at him slightly. "I would think I am," she replied, not being able to resist being a little cheeky. Still, she more than happily kissed him, a little surprised at how much heat there was behind it and she cupped his cheek lightly. Still, she was thankful that he didn't have her tip over and they went back to holding hands as the ride continued.
When the ride was over she looked to him and nodded. "Lemonade sounds good right about now," she agreed, looking around for a stand, "One is over there. I suppose we also should start heading back at some point." All good things had to come to an end.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 118d 9h 27m 39s
He thought it was an equal gesture really, and mostly her idea, so he shook his head, "I only thought of it because you said an amusement park, and we are technically at one, not matter if it's not as high octane it's still just as fun." Still he didn't expect to be flipped over, and not kissed, so she had won her payback this time indeed. Her grin when he came up he supposed would have to keep him satisfied too. Though two could play here as he hopped up, straddling her on her tube, of course that not being the most balanced thing they were now both in danger of tipping. "You think you're so clever..with your sexy bathing suit and your caramel chocolate eyes..and your grin.."He said with some sultry tone now. Closing the gap for their kiss himself, clearly not having given up on that notion, it was enjoyable enough for as long as he felt appropriate in this setting. Though the setting didn't seem to take the heat away from how he kissed her, or the words he spoke to her, he figured he'd let her off by carefully moving back over to his tube until the ride was over.
Soon enough they were walking and drying in the sun with the park mostly finished to them, "We should get some lemonade or something."He suggested.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 118d 10h 34m 34s
Being of the female persuasion it was one of the many things that one could do. Much like dressing warm but still looking good in the winter, this was looking good without showing too much skin. Compromises were a great thing indeed. Hearing what he said, she gave him a small grin. "Don't I always blame you for everything?" she asked teasingly. When he tugged on her bathing suit she spun around surprised, looking at him with a slight flush. "Oh, you are in for it now," she warned him, knowing she would get her payback later.
The roller coasters were fun and they definitely got wet. It was a lot of fun and a great way to forget the wedding for a day. When they finally got to tubing down the river she smiled when he grabbed a hold of her tube. "Not that I mind you complimenting me, but wasn't the water park your idea?" she pointed out, taking the hand that was holding her tube into her hand, "I'm not against amusement parks. I just can't handle the rides most of the time." Just then she grabbed his tube and flipped it over with a chuckle, landing him in the water. When he came back up she grinned at him, happy her payback worked.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 118d 11h 19s
"I am ready."He informed her, noticing her bathing suit, ever a master of compromising. "I think you sometimes say things as if I'd do them, and then find some way to incorporate them yourself, but in your head you probably still blame me for it hm?"He figured she know what he was talking about when she stepped ahead of him and he made sure no one was looking before he snapped a little bit of her bathing suit on her leg with a light tug, being playful of course. Possibly a mischievous grin coated his face, but it was just as payback for what he stated she probably did in her head.
After they proceeded to the ride it did succeed in getting them wet, and while it wasn't as intense as a roller coaster it was fast enough and fun enough. Many more similar rides were around, and then they did finally get to the tubing down the river, forgetting the wedding for today, and the park seemed to be an amazing idea for the two of them. As his tube floated over to hers he caught the little handle so they'd stay together now, his head leaning over towards her. "I think you have great ideas, Beautiful. And we've almost actually found most of the rides in the park..so we can still say you aren't totally against amusement parks."He teased, leaning a little closer though even so.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 118d 12h 53m 35s
She definitely didn't have control over her weak spot, but after so much activity last night her body needed a break. Either way, she was excited for the day at the water park and she imagined it would be fun, since they had never done this before together.
"Good," she smiled as they headed to find a place to change. She stepped into a changing room and soon was in a green bathing suit that had a bit of neckline and a low back. While definitely not skimpy, it did show a little more skin than the average bathing suit. Stepping out of the changing room, she looked to him. "Ready," she said and hooked her arm with his, "How about we try that ride there?" There was one not too far away that would probably be a good one to start with. Though there was also a stream where one could simply float in tires down it, which also looked relaxing and fun so maybe they would do that later.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 119d 8h 2m 3s
Of course he was totally fine with her gaining more confidence. That would never be a problem with him. Still though, he was overall glad she grinned up at him when he groped her butt, though maybe he was a little worried she was gaining some control of her weak spot. It was probably just cause of their night before where they got out so much as it was.
Once they arrived at the park and she suggested they change he nodded a bit, lacing their fingers together. "Sounds like a plan."He told her and walked with her to find a place to change, wasn't very hard for him, he just got into a t-shirt and some swim trunks. He waited for her to get out as well, figuring they would find a water ride of some kind, it seeming to be getting a little hotter later here in the afternoon, that car ride probably was getting a bit hotter by the end too since the windows were open instead of the a/c on.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 119d 9h 35m 34s
She grinned to him when he groped her butt. "No, not asking for it. I just stating the obvious," she teased, kissing his cheek softly. Hearing that she was getting spoiled, she pouted slightly. "I'm not spoiled. I don't take it for granted either. I am very happy you give these compliments to me. If it makes me a little more confident, is that bad?" she asked, kissing him again.
Once roles were divided it was easy enough to pack and get everything ready for the trip. After they had eaten they were on the road. It was a few hours, but they talked and passed the time well enough and soon they were there. Looking at the map, she thought on what they should do. "Maybe a ride? After being here for a few hours I'm sure we'll be exhausted and then we might not be up for a ride," she pointed out, wondering what he would say to that, "But first we need to change. Can't exactly go in with our street clothes on." She grinned to him as she took his hand.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 119d 13h 35m 48s
"You're asking for it." He chuckled a bit, slightly gripping at het butt after she teased. He listened to her go on and found himself grinning a bit that she was being sarcastic. "I think you are starting to get too spoiled, take for granted how often I comment on you and maybe I'll do it less." After all, time had that effect, in the beginning she seemed surprised when he'd comment on things he liked about her. Though she did finally start to move away and he let himself stretch out. "No, I'll get breakfast it's fine."He stated and found some pajama pants to pull on while he went to cook for them.
It was simple enough, they are they packed, and they got ready then began their drive over. Of course it was a couple hours like he said and he drove there. Once they did arrive and they had the whole park to sort through he looked to her. "Well what do you think we should do first?"He wondered, maybe a ride or maybe some games, he really didn't know, they hadn't been to an amusement park together before.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 119d 21h 32m 50s

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