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He wondered what exactly she meant by that, and chuckled a little bit at her slight lapse in thought. "You have bridesmaids, that is their entire purpose."He looked at her and shook his head as he sat down with his meal next to her. "You have a colleague at work who..despite our initial few interactions is still the one you asked to be the maid of honor, and has yet to rat on us, that's especially her job. There's Joy, you two get along. There's..whoever the other couple of girls you have up there, all of them would probably be better help with a dress than I am."He smiled at her, wondering how exactly it didn't stick in her head, "I know I'm pretty much your other half already, but that doesn't mean we have to do the rest of this all alone."He thought about it a little more, "And obviously we'd have to tell the planner about how we're gonna look." Boy did he ever find out the hard way that Tamara liked to butt heads with most females with any input on her life.
"We can go grocery shopping together anyway, just to sate your need to shop as a female."He teased her.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 166d 9h 37m 11s
"Of course not, I would never," she replied with an innocent grin, as she finished her cereal. She was aware that he thought it weird that she had started a list, but she hated forgetting something and having to go back to the store.
Listening to his answer, it was becoming apparent that they both didn't really care too much as long as they got married in the end and likely at least looked a little nice. "I mean... who else would I ask? I don't exactly have a long list of people to choose from," she pointed out with a shrug, "Even if I do know that you won't be a lot of help when it comes to picking a dress." She gave him a smile, knowing he would like everything.
Thoughtfully, she looked at him. "So... I guess we go shopping together?" she asked slowly. Today was a good day to go shopping and why not get it over with?
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 166d 19h 12m 32s
"I'm sure you had nothing to do with it."He doubted and chuckled. Seeing that she already started a grocery list, he shook his head a bit. Some things were still too organized for him. Listening to her ask about the dress he shrugged a bit. "I dunno. I mean would you want it to be me who goes dress shopping with you?"He wondered, it wasn't the most normal thing sure, but also he knew he couldn't really say his taste would provide much input for her. She knew for sure he would think that anything she put on for the most part would look good. She had a bridal party anyway. Though as for him he didn't really know what kind of suit would be best for him either. It probably seemed like neither of them really cared about it too much, as long as they both looked nice and showed up to be married.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 167d 8h 55m 41s
Hearing what he said, she couldn't help a small chuckle. "I did no such thing. I fed our so called attack dog, so it's not my fault, if she decides she wants to spend time with you," she replied as she took another bite of her cereal.
With a nod she wrote down eggs on their grocery list that laid on the table. "Easy enough to buy on our day off. Maybe we could head to the store later," she said, since she didn't have a plan yet on what this day off would entail.
Listening to him list what they had, she nodded, pausing when he got to the last point. He had a point there. They would have to get clothes at some point. "True...," she agreed slowly, wondering on that for a moment, "Would you want to go shopping together? Or are you more traditional in that sense?" What was his stance on seeing the dress before the wedding? Not to mention, at least for her it wasn't like she had an entourage that could help her make a decision on what dress to get so it was not that easy to answer.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 167d 19h 25m 12s
As he came out and heard her, he rose an eyebrow,so it seemed it was a planned attack then. As she leaned up, of course he knew by the motion and followed suit, leaning over her to lock their lips for a moment, for some reason bringing an extra length to his smile. It was sweet of her. "You wanted to let me sleep in, but sicked our attack dog on me..I see."He stated and opened the fridge to make some eggs for himself, grabbing the last couple. "And we're out of eggs.."He said quietly cooking them up. Looking to her at the table he shook his head a little bit. "Well..we have most of the guests..everyone is seated somewhere, the parties are set, the cake is set, we still don't have..clothes I guess." Which obviously was a very big part of the wedding, and would probably affect some decorations and whatnot.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 170d 11h 3m 3s
She had just finished making cereal for breakfast and had sat down to read the paper with her breakfast when he came shuffling into the kitchen. "I see Jade made sure you didn't do anything silly," she mussed as she saw the kitten follow him with a slightly protesting meow, "Just breakfast and figuring out what to work on next." She leaned up to give him a kiss.
Placing the newspaper down, she looked over to him. "I wanted to let you sleep in for once. Seems only fair," she explained before sighing, "I feel like we still have so much that we need to do." Why did this never seem to be covered when people talked about weddings? It was all happiness and cheer. Or maybe she was just terrible at planning a wedding.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 170d 18h 59m 48s
It didn't take long after she set the cat down beside him for her to rub her face against his, until he awoke. His eyes noticing the little cat craving the attention. He let out a small breath as his hand came up to pet it for a little bit. It seemed Tamara was already up without him, but she left him to sleep, or so he would believe without knowing she left the cat here. He was very tempted to shut his eyes again and fall back asleep, but he figured he shouldn't. Getting up from the bed, much to the protest of himself and Jade he walked out of their room and rubbed his eyes a little looking around. "What are you up to?"He asked her curiously as he came out to find her. There was surely enough to work on or do, but he didn't know what she'd be doing on her own.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 172d 6h 21m 3s
"I suppose so," she agreed with a small shrug, not sure what else to say on the matter. They would just see and likely adapt to what the situation required of them. So far it had been serving them well.
Feeling his hand run along her back, she gave a content sound. It felt nice and thanks to being so tired she couldn't really think on what to plan for their day off. They still had a lot to take care of and it needed to be done. "Good night, I love you too," she replied and smiled at the kiss before falling asleep to him rubbing her back.
Tired from the day she had slept like a rock, though that didn't mean that she didn't wake up early either way. It was just wired into her brain. Seeing him still asleep beside her, she debated on what to do and ultimately decided on letting him sleep for a bit longer while she went to get some cereal for breakfast. Getting up Jade walked over to her and after feeding the cat, she placed her on the bed beside him. "Make sure he doesn't do anything silly," she joked as she went back to the kitchen.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 180d 19h 28m 9s
Her comment definitely lingered and he continued to try and smile it off, knowing he wasn't the usual business man in their relationship, sometimes. He didn't really know what else to say on the matter. He offered a small shrug. "I suppose we'll just see when we get there." His hand passively began running along her back as it did, still just keeping close to her and snuggling. Tomorrow would definitely be more planning, her having suggested something fun was rare too, but it was her decision, that could only mean tomorrow a lot was going to have to get done or she wouldn't be satisfied. "Good Night Princess, I love you.."He informed her, his eyes shutting as he leaned to kiss her forehead and settle, his hand passively still rubbing her back like usual.
It was a peaceful night of sleep for him, but like the typical order of the things, a day off meant he was going to sleep late unless she had something to do with it.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 181d 6h 8m 28s
Hearing his reply to her question, she did give a small chuckle. "I suppose you must be awake," she replied and happily let him cuddle closer to her before rolling her eyes, "It has to be done." In her mind at least it had to be done, since otherwise she wasn't sure if she could fall asleep knowing things were laying around everywhere.
Relaxing back into the bed, she closed her eyes, before opening them when he spoke. Her brow arched as he addressed work. That was a rare thing for him to do. "Now who's being Mr. Organization," she teased before thinking on it, "Obviously we should be friendly. We worked on a game. How friendly were you suggesting?" It was a tough question to answer and she honestly wasn't quite sure what the right answer was. It was a balancing act after all.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 186d 18h 57m 45s
He didn't manage to go to sleep, actually waiting for her to come along of course. Once she did ask him he looked to her as she laid down, making eye contact once again. "Yes."He informed her obviously to be a contrarian for now. Still he scooted closer to be able to cuddle with her. "Are you done being Miss Organization for the night now?"He wondered, just to tease her a little bit. Still, she probably knew it by now that he valued a lot of the qualities she had, regardless of her thinking they weren't good one's.
It was very good that they got the next day off, but it would be more about either the wedding, or getting ready for work again, finally shipping out their game. "When they have the company release party..it would be odd to not act too friendly..I mean we work in the same cubicle some friendliness is expected ..but.."He was the one that actually brought up business this time, and him stopping short was probably him realizing he did so, plainly trying to smile it off at her like she didn't have to answer.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 187d 6h 27m 41s
While the day had been nice, it also felt amazing to be back and able to relax. When he grinned at her words, she rolled her eyes slightly. "Now who is interpreting too much into things? I mean you can go to bed and sleep," she reiterated before kissing him back.
Still, she was glad that he allowed her to put things away while he went to bed. After this day it seemed like the least she could do. After feeding Jade, she started on hanging up their wet clothes and putting other things into the washing machine. Taking her time to just sort of let her thoughts float, she was done probably in thirty minutes.
Finally she did make her way to the bedroom and stripped out of her clothes into her pajamas. "Sleeping yet?" she asked softly as she slipped between the covers beside him.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 187d 19h 27m 28s
He was sure he wasn't the one actually bringing it up ever, confirming that when he saw her face turning red. "Mhm.."He muttered triumphantly. That discussion clearly being over, though she knew he was rather pleased that he might have won.
Being back in the apartment was nice after such a day. He smiled down at the cat, noting that Tamara wanted to put everything away, though her choice of words allowed him to grin back at her. "Bed already? You really are insatiable.."He teased her, his finger moving under her chin to tilt her head into a kiss on her lips. He chuckled a little bit after, but honestly again this was a day he didn't protest like normal, he did somehow feel a bit more like he could just go to bed and she would handle everything, which was a nice feeling to have. Making his way to their room he shed his clothes into the hamper before actually crawling into the bed and waiting for her.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 188d 18h 21m 37s
It was nice that he continued to hold her hand while he was driving. Hearing what he said, she grinned over to him. "You should know by now the easiest way to avoid any conflict is to simply say the woman is right," she told him teasingly, though her face did flush slightly at him pointing out that she was always the one going on about being in public, "I don't know about that. I'm sure you've said it as well." She honestly couldn't say if that was true.
It was probably good that the drive wasn't too long or she might have feared that he would have fallen asleep at the wheel. Once they had arrived she kissed his cheek as a thank you for taking her bag as she followed him up into their apartment. When Jade came running to them she smiled and picked the kitten up. "Of course she has," she smiled before looking to him, "Why don't you head to bed while I get the rest sorted." She wasn't all too tired and could at least unpack their bags so that everything was in order.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 188d 18h 59m 31s
He heard her comment and slouched a bit more in his seat, still holding one of her hands as they drove along. "You may be convinced you're right about me planning that..but you aren't always right. And you're underestimating how little I thought about what I was doing..just to avoid an annoying situation." True enough though, he was nothing if not impulsive at times. "Besides I would have let it go..you're the only one who ever mentioned being..in public at any point in time.."He blushed a little bit now just thinking of it really. In some respects it seemed she was braver than him when it came to things like that. Still the last of the drive wasn't too long for them.
When they did arrive at home he had managed to stay awake the whole time. Stretching out as he left the car he went about gathering most of their things they had brought himself, her bag for her included. Once inside their house he set it all down though, figuring sorting could be done later. "Cotton Jade! Have you kept the home in order while we were gone?"He called out as the kitten came running up to brush against him.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 190d 3h 41m 57s

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