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She was almost playing dirty, by getting her way and somehow finding something they'd enjoy at the same time. He knew there was a lot of stuff that needed to be done for the wedding, but it seemed like a waste of a day at this point. Her being ever resourceful though, she found something they'd like to do that was wedding related. That didn't mean he had to be complacent with the whole thing. Besides, she seemed like it when he bit her lip, which he nipped at again, a little longer before pressing his own lips to her's, hoping to convey some message to her. After the long deep kiss was finished he nodded his head a little bit. "You are too good at solutions you know..you could've given up and chilled out for the day."He chuckled a bit, not at all displeased with her decision to go do something.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 299d 7h 23m 33s
Hearing the answer he gave her, she shook her head in amusement. "You are clearly a sweet talker," she mused and leaned up to kiss him softly. She knew he meant it and what more could a woman want than that? Happily, she stayed curled against him, thinking over what he said.
It was clear by his reaction that the options were nothing he was thrilled about. She was surprised when he tugged on her lip and gave a soft sound at him doing so. That had felt good. Still it was clear that he wished there were more options. She did her best to think on it. "There is a lot that needs to be done," she simply replied, having thought that was obvious with how stressed out she had been. Still, she wanted to think of something that they could enjoy together. "I do think cake testing would be nice. Come on, it's eating cakes to see which we like best," she pointed out, hoping it was the right mix of relaxing and wedding for him, otherwise she had no idea.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 42m 27s
It was a fair question, but honestly, he could provide her an answer. "I suppose that would be what I find sexy about you." Of course, what he found sexy about her sometimes wouldn't be what he found adorable about her, sure they might overlap, but that was okay. Once she mentioned what they could do, he shut his eyes for a few seconds, but heard her next statement and opened them, slightly narrowing them and moving over before lightly tugging at her lip with his teeth, "Don't tease. If it needs to be done then we can."He said, even if he knew that this would not be totally fun, or it may be, and they did both want to relax, if she would want to push for something about the wedding he'd help. He said he would help so he would help. Still whatever they could do was curious to him as well, he had asked her and she answered, but he wanted some other options this time, he didn't want to say so though.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 300d 54m 6s
Okay, now she was a little embarrassed. Who wouldn't be when a guy went through so many details while she slept? "What don't you find adorable about me?" she challenged lovingly, considering he seemed to find everything cute or adorable about her.
It was one more day before they had to go back to work so it was nice to relax, especially after the fight they had had yesterday. Hearing the question, she looked to him thoughtfully. "Well, I'm sure I can dig up something about the wedding we need to discuss. Flower arrangements, cake sampling, seating chart," she listed, pointing out the sheer number of things they still had to do, "But that's not the answer you were hoping for, was it?" If she knew him as well as she thought she did, she was sure he would want them to relax a little and to take it easy. That and maybe wedding stuff wasn't a good idea after yesterday.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 1h 4m 8s
He of course enjoyed it, it was hard not to enjoy anyway. Still he would give it to her, she did really well and it felt really nice. Her response about her kissing him made him chuckle a little bit, and he was happy to receive her quick peck. He nodded though once more, "You did..and your lips stayed a little puckered after you stopped kissing me."He teased a little bit more, "That was more adorable of course."He let her know, since it really was anyway. Clearly he wasn't the quiet observer though.
They didn't have anything to do today apparently so she slept decently, "What should we do today?"He wondered, knowing that they had some free time, maybe she'd want to finish something on the wedding or ask him this or that. He believed they were due for some relaxing too.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 300d 1h 23m 51s
It was a good morning like this and she was happy to feel all loving and close to him today. Maybe after yesterday's fight she kind of needed it. She had to chuckle at what he said. "Maybe. You clearly seemed to have enjoyed it," she mused, remembering how he had fallen asleep on her before looking to him curiously, "And what's that?"
Hearing what he told her, she couldn't help a small blush, though not because of embarrassment, but more because of the compliment and happiness. "I thought you already found that adorable," she pointed out, but was clearly happy either way, "As for that last one, come on, no way I kissed you back." She couldn't imagine that was possible asleep.
The joking about her kissing anyone made her roll her eyes at him. "Of course, it was because it was you, silly," she mused and gave him a quick kiss, "Besides, as it stands, I can't imagine you would let other guys into our bed to kiss me when I was asleep, so that is not something we need to worry about." Still, she happily curled up to him, knowing she didn't want to kiss anyone else.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 1h 41m 34s
"Hm..well.."He said and continued just looking into her eyes as they laid there feeling all romantic and close to each other. "Helped you with sunscreen hm? I feel like your subconscious is feeling like it already wants some repayment for last night."He teased her, and went on to think about it. "You wanna know something too?" He was of course going to tell her something or other, "It's rather adorable when you're asleep and you keep cuddling..and you kissed me back."He chuckled a bit, even if it was a little silly that her face stayed like it was kissing for a few extra seconds, but that was obviously because she was asleep. "Maybe you'd kiss anyone when you're asleep who knows...You did say I was the one in your dream so I hope that was why you reacted that way." Still it was nice to think of.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 300d 1h 56m 1s
It was a sweet thought to know that he had been watching her in her sleep. She supposed she felt safe and protected, like nothing could happen to her while he watched over her. Not that anything was likely to happen here anyway, at least nothing that she needed protection of.
His teasing about the kiss made her smile and giggle lightly. "You were," she mused before giving in to the kiss, happy to have him close as a hand ran through his hair. Once he rested down next to her, she smiled to him lovingly. Her hand reached out to take his in hers simply to hold it.
"Unfortunately, it didn't include that," she replied, looking up at him lovingly, "We were on a beach. Just enjoying ourselves. You helped me with my sunscreen. Stuff like that. Though those kisses would have made it a lot better." It seemed like they were in a very romantic mood as it stood right now.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 2h 16m 12s
He noticed her start to wake up, but he was watching the whole time, it was very interesting and he loved watching all her small motions. Somehow he was enveloped in it, even when she awoke, and leaned up above him, even though she was close. "Good morning."He replied back finally and listened to her. "I was watching you."He was fine with that. His smile matched her's anyway. "I was in your dream? Did it..go..a little like..this..?" Each word he slowly drew closer into a very similar kiss as to before, gentle and soft, yet sweet and loving, a few seconds longer than before as he let his head rest down again and looked at her happily. "What happened in your dream..?"He asked her curiously if he hadn't nailed it as it was. He was glad she seemed happy about it as well.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 300d 2h 25m 36s
She slept undisturbed for a while longer, not realizing that he was watching her. Sometimes she would move slightly to readjust her sleeping position, such as snuggling closer to him or tilting her head slightly, but other than that she was unmoving.
After a while she did slowly start to wake up and she could feel that someone was watching her. Slowly her eyes fluttered open as they fixed on him watching her. There was a lazy stretch of sorts before she gave a small smile. "Good morning," she whispered softly, "You were watching me." She didn't say it accusingly or anything like that, just an observation.
Resting her head on her arms, she gazed to him. "You were in my dream, do you know that?" she asked with a still slightly sleepy voice as a small smile appeared on her lips, looking back at him as she stayed close to him, not wanting to ruin the moment that she could feel had started way before she had even woken up.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 3h 24m 23s
He was sort of in the same boat she was in last night. The reflexes in her body to kiss him and throw her arm to hold made him smile to himself. He laid his head back down on the pillow and thought on it a little more. The slightly fading pucker on her lips was adorable to watch fall back into place, and it seemed rather quickly they switched places as he watched her sleeping away. He didn't get much opportunity to do so, but he took this one, almost studying her features, the slight hairs out of place, but still seemed to conform to the part and bump on her head somehow. Clearly he thought she was beautiful without even trying, considering it was done while she was sleeping. He couldn't exactly move his eyes away from her though, it just felt sort of warm to watch her sleep like this, the small smile perched on his lips.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 300d 3h 39m 7s
She couldn't help smiling down at him as he slept there. She rarely had the chance to watch him so peaceful and it was sweet. Still, the sweetest part was when he still reacted the same as always and moved closer to her. It was moments like this that she knew he loved her without words. "I love you too," she whispered softly, looking down at the ring on her finger before falling asleep.
It was indeed a rare case, but he was awake before her. Though it was only fair, considering he had fallen asleep before her. Obviously, she didn't have any of those thoughts about him falling asleep before her and she hadn't minded one bit.
Feeling his lips against hers, she stirred slightly, but not enough to wake up. It was enough, however, to kiss him back and to move an arm around him, though other than that she stayed unmoving. As far as her body knew they had nothing important today, so it told her it was okay to sleep for a moment longer.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 7h 56m 12s
Her question was clearly unneeded by the time she asked it. Her working out and relaxing his body has definitely done the trick, he was zonked out and it showed. Though when she did manage to find her way back into the bed his body responded the same and shifted ever so slightly to be closer to her once she snuggled up to him.
After the night passed by his eyes slowly opened to the morning around them. A bit of confusion set in as well as he tried to remember just how their conversations ended and what happened. He remembered the massage though and figured he must have passed out, but still he felt somewhat like he shouldn't have, maybe there was something else she wanted to say or..maybe she wanted to fall asleep together. Regardless it was a rare case that he was up before her, maybe she was awake. Either way he slowly and softly leaned over to place his lips against her's, in a gentle kiss.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 300d 10h 36m 46s
There was something to him falling asleep on her that she found sweet. That she could get him to relax in such a way without having to have a romp in the sheets first. Hearing him actually say it, she gave a small chuckle before she leaned down to his ear to whisper, "Then sleep." She had no problem with that.
Meanwhile she had reached his lower back and finished the last of the kinks, keeping it all on a 'professional' level. When she was finally done she sat back before smiling down at him. Running a hand through his hair, she asked softly, "You asleep?" It definitely would appear to be the case. If so, she would move to darken the room before going to snuggle up beside him. In the meantime Jade had moved over and curled up happily beside Craig, purring away. "Good day, isn't it?" she mused to the cat as she snuggled up to the two of them.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1y 302d 8h 6m 1s
It was getting harder to respond, his breathing leveling out into much deeper breaths, slower, the tenseness slowly leaving his muscles. She seemed to at least know what she was doing, though it wasn't totally a hard concept to grasp. Her kiss was noted, but his eyes didn't want to open anymore, just slight noises and simple enjoyment coming out of him as he was being massaged. This was pretty relaxing, it felt like something he might have actually needed, and it was a good call on her part. "I'll fall asleep not too long.."He told her, mumbling through the pillow mostly, his body not shifting around too much to move at all.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1y 302d 13h 10m 33s

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