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He was still as sweet as ever. It made her heart melt. What kind of guy would be so open and willing to tell you how he felt? Not to mention, she was engaged to this man, ring or not. It did suck that she didn't really have anyone she could tell, but she would live. "Fine, I'll stay in my work clothes. You win," she mused, though did kiss his cheek, "You're right. Maybe you raided your old apartment and found some things." She gave him a teasing look.
Hearing that he was feeling better was huge for her. She was glad. "You mean more than the average person sees their significant other?" she asked teasingly, "So I finally get to be stared at from across the cubicle again. I was missing that." Still, words couldn't express how happy she was that he was doing better.
Reaching her hand out for his, she smiled, "I really am happy you are feeling so much better. I have missed you at work, not just because you fill the cubicle and take half the work." It could definitely explain the dinner. Sure, it was a bit more romantic and over the top than a dinner for that occasion needed to be, but this was Craig, he was always over the top and loved to spoil her. She supposed she would see where it went from here and just be happy to spend this time with him.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 4d 46m 12s
"I'm sure. You're as beautiful as ever."He told her with a smile, as sincerely as he always did. Listening to her he shook his head a little bit, "You say that, but maybe it'll taste better than normal and you'll think we might have had a stash of good food."He offered, though sure he could only do so much to the food. Still he happily accepted all her kissing and praise. Beginning to eat himself as well, "We'll get to see each other more again, I've been feeling pretty good without pills or anything so."He shrugged, of course there was more to it tonight. Luckily, if that was what was on her mind then she might just accept that as the reason, after all Craig had certainly been a spoiler of her more often than not. The atmosphere was of course a little more romantic than usual if anything else, so she did pick up on that.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 4d 6h 18m 1s
Her work clothes weren't that fancy. It was a blouse and pants or a skirt. Nothing that done up, but he always seemed to think so. "I am aware you do," she replied, remembering how he had ripped her blouse during a particularly large bout of passion, "You sure I shouldn't be changing?" She honestly felt underdressed right now.
Still, she chuckled at what he said about the kitten. "Very true," she agreed with a nod and let him scratch her head before setting her down so that they could have dinner. Hearing the rant, she rolled her eyes. "I'm pretty sure we don't have a reserve of good food since it's all pretty good and I don't think the kitten needs a bow for that," she pointed out, smiling slightly at him touching her leg, "Thank you for dinner, cleaning the house, but I won't thank you for the cat feeding. You would do that anyway." She gave him a teasing smile before leaning in to kiss her.
It wasn't that she completely blanked on the ring, but she wasn't sure, if this was possibly to celebrate something else. Her birthday was close and he could finally work again. She didn't want to jump to conclusions. Taking a bit of her food, she smiled. "It's delicious," she told him and leaned over to kiss him again. The atmosphere definitely made you want to kiss more.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 25d 12h 17m 20s
Listening to her he chuckled a little bit and shook his head. "No..you look nice. I like your work clothes."He informed her, knowing that she did get a little done up for work as it was. Still her questions and all were a bit on the nose now. "She's adorable, until she gets tired of the bow."He stated and shrugged a little bit. That time would surely come. As for her question he rose an eyebrow at her. "'What's going on?' That's a very odd way to say, thank you for dinner, the house looks clean, good job feeding the cat."He chuckled a little again, serving her up the food and sitting next to her. He offered the kitten a few scratches on her head, but his hand did land on Tamara's leg after and he offered her a grin before taking his hand back. "Maybe it's possible I just found our reserve of good food.."He offered as a possible reason, but it wasn't exactly true. He just hoped she'd blank out like she did at the jewelry store.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 25d 12h 29m 25s
How was she supposed to feel when she came home and suddenly their entire apartment looked like it came directly out of a movie or something? It looked beautiful, but she obviously hadn't expected anything like this. She barely had time to register that he looked like when he came out and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her. Naturally, she kissed him back, though she was still looking around. "Sure, I shouldn't be calling you beautiful?" she asked, jokingly, but he did look very handsome.
Following him to the table, she was still completely baffled as he sat her down. "Should I go change into something nicer?" she finally inquired, suddenly feeling very under dressed for whatever this was. She smiled as he brought out dinner. "It looks great," she told him before seeing their kitten and picked her up, "Cotton Jade, what are you wearing? You were able to put a bow on her?" She only remembered that during Christmas the kitten had been very adamant about not wearing a bow. Still, it looked adorable on her. With the cat on her lap she looked over to Craig. "What's going on?" she asked. This was too extravagant for just a dinner.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 27d 57s
It was easy when she announced herself he supposed. He came out of their room though, slightly fancied up already, walking up to her. "Hey."He smiled leaning in to kiss her lips his arms wrapping around her and her waist. "I made dinner Beautiful."He informed her, though clearly that the least of what he did, judging on the dim lighting, candles, and roses. He took her hand and led her to her seat at the table. The dinner was simple enough, if not looking better than normal as he went to get her plate, a steak and broccoli with some pasta on the side. Luckily, for Craig, taste also accompanied just looking good for his food. She was certainly baffled looking when she came in though, he could almost chuckle at how it seemed like she was worried despite his trying to set up a romantic sort of atmosphere, maybe he was just bad at it. Even the cat had a little red bow on her now as she strolled by.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 27d 8h 1m 34s
She shook her head amused. "You are impossible," she mused softly, but she knew that was the way he was and she wouldn't be able to change that. That and she did like that about him. She didn't think she would be able to get anything out of him, but this would be special either way.

It was another long and exhausting week. She was really starting to miss Craig being at work, not just because it halved her workload. As for where things with them stood, she had stopped asking. He wasn't telling her anything, as expected.
When Friday finally rolled around she was glad the week was over and that on Monday he would be back at work with her. Their cubical was too big for one person to sit there. Expecting to have to cook dinner and all that, she opened the door to their apartment. "Craig, I'm...," she began, only to fall short when she saw what was going on. It was pretty dark, but there were candles everywhere. She hadn't even seen the roses yet. Slowly she stepped, closing the door behind her and looked around. "Craig?" she repeated, not sure what was going on.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 28d 8m 29s
"Nothing's wrong with that at all. I just enjoy keeping you guessing."He smiled over to her, knowing what would come next, also feeling he succeeded in keeping her on her toes. However, she knew his secret would remain secret until he wanted it to be revealed.

Later in the week would be a good enough time, or the end anyway, her last day at work before the weekend and before he could go back to work with her. There wasn't too much more talk on how things between them were or when he'd get the ring, things like that. Still it was all fine for him, now that the ring had actually shown up. Having her out of the house made surprises a lot easier. He got a nice dinner set up, a couple of roses in a vase on a table, and he dressed up real nice for her. Tie and dress pants and all. So she'd surely be walking into something fun again. At least he hoped she thought so. The room was dim and lit by candles.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 28d 3h 55m 32s
She had to chuckle at what he said about letting him live this down. "You know if very little, if you think I'll let you live this down. Why, these are the stories that gold are made of. In your boxers, not even special ones for the occasion and no ring on hand," she teased lightly before shrugging, "How I wanted what to go? This evening? What's wrong with wanting to spend some special time with my then boyfriend this evening?" She gave him a teasing look.
His words were true. He was very tight lipped about secrets. He adored them, almost literally. Pouting slightly, she was about to bite his tongue when he kissed her and she kissed him back, looking for any and all contact between the two of them. When he leaned back, she smiled. "Maybe I can persuade you to let a little bit slip," she mused softly and shifted her hips lightly so they rubbed against his before she began kissing his neck again. Surely, she couldn't be the only one wanting to feel very close and connected after this occasion.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 39d 16h 54m 15s
He chuckled a little bit. Her biting of his shoulder could assure him that he wouldn't have it any other way. He did manage to shake his head a little bit, "I believe you are going to have to let me live this one down..and not mention over and over how I was in my boxer's...when I already let you know I'll be formal at a later date. Beside's..you're the one who wants to remove my boxer's altogether, what's that say about how you wanted this to go?"He grinned a little bit at her. Her fishing for information, "Hm..I guess if I told you that then it wouldn't be a surprise would it? I've done surprises for you before..I think you're familiar with how they work."He stuck his tongue out for a second, but then locked their lips and forced it's way to meet her's, playing around with her for a short while before leaning back again.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 39d 17h 6m 42s
She pouted at him for his comment. Who could blame her for being unsure or a little feisty. This was coming from the guy that had proposed while in his boxers. "You wouldn't have me any other way," she replied, sticking her tongue out before nodding, "I am aware. I don't know, are you? I was assuming a birthday gift, but I was wrong apparently. What can a girl do?" She shrugged playfully.
Hearing that it was a surprise, she did pout slightly. "Already starting this off with secrets. That's not a good start," she teased lightly and gently bit his shoulder, as if to punish him, "I don't know. This coming from the guy that did it on the spot in his boxers in bed. How am I supposed to know, if there is more? And what time range are we talking with soon?" She gave him an inquiring look from below her lashes, as her mouth began to trail lower to his chest.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 39d 17h 19m 33s
"Oh..she's feisty again.."He muttered to her and chuckled a little bit, he seemed to have lit a fire there. Well obviously he had taken this seriously..and why wouldn't he? Maybe it was a little bit out of character, but it was serious and he took it that way. "You do have a birthday coming up."He remembered, "Maybe I'm good at covering hm?"
Her question he shook his head a little bit, "Really? Realllly?"He repeated raising an eyebrow at her like she was crazy. "You think I'd tell you when..?" He noticed she had begun to celebrate even after she asked the question, with her kissing his neck. "It's a surprise..soon...yes we're engaged..but you are a little cooky if you think I wouldn't make a bigger deal of it for you.."He said, his breathing starting to pick up a little bit again.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 39d 17h 42m 2s
Hearing him chuckle was infectious and she found herself chuckling as he kissed her, which was an interesting experience. "Well, I'm definitely into the thing in your boxers. As for the ring, I would take it without the boxers," she teased lightly with a smile.
Him going on about the ring made her look at him confused, trying to figure out what he meant. When he explained about the jewelery store, she looked at him definitely surprised. "I am aware that you had time, but I thought you were fixing shirts," she mused, "I don't know. I wasn't expecting you to propose. Maybe a necklace or bracelet." She gave a shrug.
"So you have a ring," she concluded, "And when can I see it?" She couldn't help being a little curious what he had chosen for her. Then another question popped into her head and she smiled. "Though maybe the more important question is does this already count as engaged, even without the ring present or would celebrating be considered premature?" she asked and kissed his neck softly. Now, she was definitely in the mood for more.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 39d 18h 5m 28s
He had accepted her passionate kiss with much relief, and even more relief at her slight joke. He returned the passion though, now able to do so. Still it was silly when she asked and he began to chuckle a little bit, placing a few more small kisses on her lips, "I didn't know you were into that sort of thing.."He told her, referring to a ring in his boxers, but continued to chuckle a bit. "I don't..uhm.. [i have] the ring yet. But I do have a ring.."He informed her, maybe a bit more to her surprise. "I had a lot of time on my hands..."He reminded her and chuckled a little, "But really..you did space out quite a bit when I was bugging you at the jewelry store..what else could I have been looking for?"He teased her a bit, "So..y'know..based on what you thought, which was basically you trusted in my taste for you..I ended up ordering a ring."He smiled happily, "So I do kind of have a ring."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 39d 18h 11m 37s
This was definitely a lovedrunk moment. The two of them happily cuddled together and being silly and loving. Still, it probably helped her also be more energetic than she normally was. It was just a good moment. Chuckling at his repeated I love yous, she smiled and kissed him back happily. "I love you too," she replied softly once her lips were free to do so.
It was still a fun moment which was why she was confused when she noticed that he suddenly became very serious, or at least as serious as he got. "I agree. Staying like this would be nice," she mused softly before pausing at what he said next, staring at him surprised. When she had thought of being proposed to she would admit she hadn't seen it coming in bed mostly undressed. Still, if the incident had taught her anything, it was that she didn't want to lose him. "Yes," she replied with a smile and leaned in to kiss him passionately for a moment, "I'll assume you aren't hiding a ring in your boxers?" She chuckled softly, fairly sure that this had been a spur of the moment thing.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 39d 18h 20m 5s

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