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She was happy with this kind of victory. At least, she called it a victory, even if it was a tie. It was probably true that she brought up more naughty things, but then again, she knew he would enjoy them and maybe he had them too, but didn't voice them as often.
Hearing the part about work, she stuck out her tongue at him. "Am I not allowed to tease you?" she inquired, "Though I do remember a fairly naughty picture I sent you." The only good part about him being hurt.
The kiss and the lip biting was nice, making her give a soft sound. "Just saying it as it is," she mused softly, "I don't know. Put on the suit and you should be fine." He was a handsome guy, just hid it sort of. The slap on her butt made her give a surprised sound as she turned to him. "What was that for?" she asked innocently.
What he said made her laugh. "I think so," she mused, snuggling against him, "I mean, maybe the couch will call our name, but other than that nothing. So what about that wedding planner?" He just seemed to drop that subject. She did want it figured out and on the same page.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 19h 54m 13s
"Hm..maybe."He would concede a bit, though he felt on the board she had more points like this and was generally bringing up more naughty things than he did anyway. He let out a small breath, "Yeah..not that you haven't brought up a scenario at work as well.."He pointed out, "I haven't actually tried anything at work." Which was fair enough anyway. He could tell she was a bit hesitant about the planner.
Once he heard her teasing he did a small little gasp and let her kiss him, biting on her lip as she pulled away, "You're brutal."He said, "I assume people will probably think that anyway."His hand did venture to give her butt a little slap, but for sure she had that one coming. He didn't know what else they had to talk about, they had to find locations if they were gonna do it themselves. "So are we planned out for the day then..?"
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 20h 20m 25s
"No, I just accused you of wanting to see me in a bikini and you went on to say that you might not be able to control yourself," she replied, pretty sure that was how it had been, "I will admit the other two ideas were mine, but you started it." She would fight him on that.
Maybe he had a point about the attention span, but she did love to argue with him, at least a bit. Well, not even really argue, more a playful fight. "Hm, then I must have a good reason for that, though I would say that you don't have that affect on me at work," she pointed out.
The idea of a planner was still slightly odd. She kind of wanted to do it on her own. She just felt... incapable in a way otherwise. "If you find someone, then yes," she finally gave in, feeling like he wouldn't back down from this.
The question about his hair made her shrug. "It's your hair, it's up to you," she reminded him, "Oh, is that so? So I look more beautiful in my white dress or so everyone pities me and is wondering why I'm marrying you?" She gave him a teasing grin and turned her head to kiss him softly.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 21h 10m 40s
"Mm..actually I think you said that much..you're the one putting those words in my mouth. I just neither disagree or agree."He grinned at her, though honestly that was what it was clearly. "Uhuh..I know how much your attention span seems to wane whenever I simply have so much as a hand on you."He figured that has actually happened a few times so he wondered what she'd have to say. He nodded his head at what she said next, "Yeah, we need a planner for that very reason I think."He informed her, "Just to help us out a little bit."He figured that was their job. "I dunno..should I be trimmed or have no facial hair?" He wondered about it, "Aren't I supposed to look, middle of the road for the wedding?"
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 21h 35m 58s
She rolled her eyes at what he said about a sexual bucket list. "This coming from the guy that says he might have problems controlling himself, if he saw me in a bikini," she replied, sticking her tongue out at him, "Not a bucket list, just some thoughts that might be nice to keep in mind." She was not going to fall for that.
"Maybe," she agreed thoughtfully, trying to think of how to do it best, "Oh, you aren't going to wear a suit or growing a whole beard for the wedding?" She couldn't help teasing him. Sighing, she turned her head to look at him. "I know, but will it still be the same? And can someone help us when we don't know ourselves what we want?" she asked. Somehow she was hesitant about everything. It was only a small event so why have someone help? Surely, they could do it on their own.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1d 16h 26m 6s
"That's true."He agreed, they'd have to make sure someone else didn't fall in love with their cat. He chuckled a little bit at what she said next, "I see..you've already got a sexual bucket list going for us that you just haven't told me about."He grinned, pinning all these ideas and actions to her head anyway. He thought about it, maybe a field was okay, "Well maybe we need multiple locations."He chuckled about the view. "That's obviously for you, you're the one who needs to look elsewhere." He nodded at what she said next, "Yeah, its the wedding planner's job to listen to us and try and match..not the other way around." At least in his head it would still be their wedding, he was pretty sure that was how the job worked.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1d 16h 44m 18s
She nodded softly. "She is easy enough to take care of. Just feed her. We might have a problem of getting her back though, because I'm sure the person taking care of her will fall in love with her as well," she mused softly. There was a soft laugh at what he said next. "Though wouldn't that be a nice way to break the law?" she mused, "If we had a car, I would suggest we practice there first." She stuck out her tongue at him slightly.
She shrugged unsure. "An open field doesn't sound much better," she pointed out before teasing, "Oh, so you need something else to look at than me?" Of course she was joking.
She gave a frustrated sound. This was harder than she thought and she felt like they couldn't completely agree on anything. The idea of a wedding planner wasn't bad, but it made her thoughtful." But would it still be our wedding? I just want it to be special," she pointed out unsure. She wasn't sure how to feel about it yet.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1d 19h 56m 40s
"I'm sure we could find someone to come look after her."He shrugged a bit, it wouldn't be too hard. He let out a small chuckle, "Well..it'd be our first time breaking the law together."He suggested, joining the mile high club was certainly an adventure. He wondered what kind of wedding they'd be able to have at such a place, "I dunno..maybe just somewhere that has an open field on the property..hopefully a view."They still hadn't decided whether the marrying or the partying would be inside or outside. It seemed undeniable that this was harder than they thought, "We could..get a wedding planner."He offered to her, that would certainly make things less stressful, and it seemed to be the exact remedy since neither of them were concrete on any decisions.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1d 20h 38m 15s
She rolled her eyes. "I am aware of that," she replied before thinking, "But where do we leave her for that time?" After all, she would wish to know that their kitten was being well kept.
What he said made her chuckle. "I think that's a you problem. Though you might have to find a place to be alone with me," she mused teasingly, already thinking she would need a new bikini for that occasion, "Though what if we're on a plane and you feel like joining the mile high club?" She gave him a teasing smile. Though it was true that he hadn't seen her in a bikini before.
His words made her smile as her hand squeezed his back. It was nice that they could still be this affectionate with one another, despite how long they had been together. "Maybe... Like a botanical garden? If there is a greenhouse, it would be green and warm, but also pretty," she suggested, the only thing she could think of.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 1d 21h 48m 3s
"Well. Unfortunately our cat may not be totally involved with our vacation. I believe that is most people's cases as it is."He chuckled a little bit. He offered a small shrug, "Hm there's a dangerous thought, what it I can't contain myself when I see you in one?" They hadn't been swimming before. Not that it exactly had ever come up. It was still very much cold for them now as it is. He thought about what kind if place they could get. "That's a good idea. We could have a place where we could get married inside and have the reception outside, or vice versa probably.." That would probably work out somehow, even if it was a little hard to find. He have her hand a small squeeze, enjoying how much affection they could still give, it was like they never tired of being so close.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 1d 22h 40m 23s
She was happy that he liked what she thought of, but then again it was probably silly and stupid to waste time and money on a reception when only so few people would come.
Of course, she supposed that he had a point. The cabin was special and all, but maybe they should do something else for their honeymoon. Make it even more special. "I mean I really like the cabin so yeah, I wouldn't mind going back there. It's close to home, it's fairly cheap and we can bring Cotton Jade," she told him truthfully before hearing his suggestion and chuckled, "Tropical? That sounds like you just want to see me in a bikini and hang out at the beach. Though that means we can't bring Jade." She did realize that he had never seen her in a bikini and gave a teasing smile.
Hearing that he liked fall, she smiled softly. "Fall it is," she agreed happily and let her hand tangle with his, naturally the one with the ring on it, "Now... a place... Maybe somewhere where we can be both inside and outside, depending on the weather?" It would make it challenging to find though.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 2d 17h 3m 23s
"We could do that for the reception sure." He figured that was a good enough idea. Still her teasing caused him to chuckle a little bit, he wondered what she would even do honestly, clearly she didn't want to at this very moment, even if she pushed it. As she asked he shook his head a little bit, "I was just wondering if you were really okay with just going back to the cabin..I know it's special so I don't mind it'll be nice."He stated thinking on it some. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a different kind of vacation or something."He explained, "Maybe tropical or whatever."He didn't know if either of them had either been somewhere like that anyway. He could agree about that easy enough, "I like fall."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 2d 17h 22m 34s
She nodded at what he said. "Well, a reception isn't probably that big of a deal for us. After all, we will only be like 10 people or something so maybe just a restaurant and a small space to dance?" she suggested, since it sounded like that they wouldn't need a big reception.
Hearing what he said about that topic, she chuckled slightly. "Is that so? Well I suppose you had a good nap then. Maybe I'll have to check how long you need," she mused and did slightly snuggle against him for a moment before just laying against him.
"That's what you hope that I can pull it all together better. Maybe I don't have a better overall picture," she mused, teasingly, though she supposed that he was right that it was right that it would be more a girl thing to work on the wedding.
Thoughtfully, she shrugged. "I mean we could go somewhere else. Do you have any idea where you would want to go?" she asked, curiously, "Well, maybe start with the season that we want to get married. Maybe fall. When the leaves are changing and it's not too hot." Maybe that was a good idea.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 2d 21h 22m 27s
"Well..they were I dunno..like a dining room, but with a party atmosphere. There could be all different kinds."It wasn't exactly a broad thing to be explained, it was as simple as he made it sound. He shrugged a bit, not really thinking she would or wouldn't mention it for any specific reason honestly. He nodded his head a bit at her next question though, "I don't need long I don't think.."He 'warned' her, if she pushed it he probably would be ready enough. "I didn't say it doesn't matter at all, I'd say your overall picture would probably be better than mine..and I think I'd like it anyway."He informed her, knowing he'd disagree if he really needed to, it just seemed like more of a girl's thing to be in charge of the wedding.
They had spent time in the mountains in the winter, "You wouldn't want to go somewhere totally new?"He wondered, though he was fine with the cabin, "Or in a different season with the cabin."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 2d 21h 59m 54s
Rolling her eyes, she gave his arm around her a tap with her hand. "I know what a reception is. I meant, what were they like? Where and what did people do?" He could be dense at times. She shrugged. "You asked about my past relationships before. You think I wouldn't have mentioned that tidbit, if I had been?" she asked amused. Still she was glad for this moment to talk.
His teasing did make her blush slightly as well as the tap. "Oh, you think you're ready to go again already after all that?" she challenged amused, turning her head slightly to look at him. Of course, he had a point there. "So the guy's opinion shouldn't matter at all?" she pointed out, "I just want you to be included and it's not like you would disagree with anything I say." She sighed softly. The options on the season made her nod. "As if you would be cold. You're wearing the suit. I will be cold. Though it it was winter we could have our honeymoon in the mountains, spend some quality time in front of the fire..." She gave a small smile. "Though with summer or fall maybe outside would be nicer. The scenery is beautiful," she pointed out.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 2d 22h 32m 43s

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