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Hearing the question, she had to chuckle. "Only the ones that I think did an extra good job," she mused softly after accepting the other kiss with a smile.
The suggestion made her smile as she thought on it. "You are willingly giving up on a chance to eat sweets? Are you sick? Or do you just want me getting fat?" she asked teasingly before he covered her eyes with his palm and gave a small surprised sound, "I see this isn't up for discussion. But what if I want to peek?" Not that she minded one bit and opened her mouth for the first bite of cake.
It was fun to do this and she happily ate all three variants, taking a moment so savor each one of them, thoughtfully. "Hm... they are all pretty good," she replied, tilting her head, "The third, I guess. It's chocolatey, but also something different." She was a woman and they loved chocolate. Her brow furrowed when he said that, but didn't open her eyes. There was a surprised sound when he kissed and sucked her neck that turned into a soft moan. That was definitely unexpected. A hand went into his hair to grasp lightly as her head tilted to the sound. She was curious if he would do more.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 4d 10h 52m 40s
"Is that how you tip all your driver's too?"He teased back, but would affirm it with another kiss to her. "It was a good tip."He told her and he looked towards the cake's, shaking his head a bit. "Mm..here. I'll feed them to you, eyes closed, and you tell me which one you like the most."He figured that was a fun and neat idea. Looking towards her he gave a smile, it seemed he was set on this already now anyway. "No peeking."He said closing her eyes with his palm anyway before readying all the kinds of cakes. First the chocolate with a cream frosting, then the strawberry with the cream frosting, then the yellow with the chocolate frosting. "Which number was the best?"He asked her, "Oh wait don't open your eyes yet." He said, giving a few moments to pass, kissing her neck and sucking a little to hopefully be unexpected.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 4d 11h 43m 9s
She rolled her eyes at his offended manner before leaning up to kiss him in a slow and loving manner. "Good tip?" she asked with a small smile once she pulled back to settler against him again. Him teasing her for being a bad girl made her chuckle. "Yeah, I'm all kinds of bad," she mused back jokingly, knowing she was the complete opposite of bad.
Still he had a fair point. It was typical to eat the wedding cake after food, but then if they ate first, they would not be able to taste the cake as it would taste. Since he clearly didn't care or had no preference on the subject, she thought on it for a moment.
Ultimately, she grabbed a fork and took a forkful of cake to hold it up to him to east. This one was typical chocolate and she supposed you couldn't really go wrong with that. As for how they would ever decide, she had no idea. They had like five options here.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 44d 10h 16m 4s
"Maybe even a tip." He reiterated in a slightly offended manner, but he was joking of course. As they settled in and sat on the couch he rose an eyebrow at her actions, "Dessert before dinner is that what you're suggesting?"He nudged her slightly, "Aren't you just a bad girl all the sudden." Though he didn't know if he did or didn't mind, the cake could taste different after the meal, but at the same time the meal wouldn't be as good after having something like cake.
He offered her only a shrug in the end, leaving it sort of up to her what she really wanted to do about it. "I'll take whatever you're serving me."He told her, clearly passing the buck off on this, not wanting to have to choose himself.
He was curious as to how they'd decide which cake would be best tasting, he wasn't really looking at which one would seem more wedding like.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 44d 12h 4m 33s
Even if she had been sort of expecting it, that he did it was another thing entirely and she did blush slightly, though the way he said it with confidence was something. It had something sexy to it. "You seem to know me well," she mused softly as she settled in, making sure the cakes didn't get smothered.
They did get a few stares, but she was happy when they got to their apartment and he kissed her head. Laughing at the voice, she searched for her keys as she joked, "If I had to rate the trip, I would give it a ten. Maybe even a tip." It was nice like this.
He was sweet enough to help and when he settled on the couch, she did bring over plates and forks to sample the cakes. Settling down beside him, she cuddled against him before looking up at him. "So... which cake do you want to start with?" she asked, opening the box of samples, wondering if he would even have a preference, since he just liked sweets in general.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 67d 12h 54m 52s
After she took the cakes it was only natural now that he lifted her up into his arms for the remainder of the walk home. "Just..exactly what you so clearly wanted me to do."He informed her confidently, knowing of course that she hinted and prodded at it, with a little help from him.
It didn't take them too long to walk home anyway, and he got them to the doorway before kissing her head and setting her down to open the door for her. "You have arrived at your destination."He said in a slightly mocking tone, as if he was the GPS. Once they were inside he looked to her and smiled, helping her now with the food and closing the door. He sat down on the couch once they were ready, like usual, and turning the television on for background noise as well.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 67d 13h 4m 21s
Being impossible really was in his job description, but she loved that about him. There was just something silly and fun about it. Her brow arched at his words. "Oh, is that so? I have to catch up with your cooking? I don't know. I do some baking and we do eat quite a bit of take out," she challenged playfully with a teasing grin.
Seeing that grin start to form on his face, she furrowed her brow slightly. "What?" she asked, though slowly it was dawning on her what he was grinning about and her face grew slightly red and into a small pout, "That looks weird you know." Only a little and the way she looked at him clearly told him that she didn't mind either.
Just then their food was ready and she took it as well as the cakes he offered to her. It was a small pile, but it was still okay to hold for the most part. "And what are you going to do now?" she asked, slightly challenging, though the smile on her face should clearly tell him she did want to be picked up and was possibly expecting it a bit.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 85d 8h 52m 31s
He was always 'impossible', it was more fun that way. Her teasing was met with a small shake of his head, "It's okay..it's cause you have to catch up with all my cooking."He informed her with a grin. As they went to the place to get dinner and she confirmed they had everything he did notice her looking at him, though he was holding the cakes. A sort of slow forming grin appeared on his face, almost being able to tell what was on her mind really, it made it seem so much funnier at how she expected it. He wondered if she knew why he was grinning, because it was clearly aimed at her, in the way that was more like he knew what was going on. He did wait to see her reaction before he offered over the cakes so that he could actually lift her up.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 85d 9h 30m 20s
She rolled her eyes amiably at what he said. "You are impossible," she replied with a shake of her head, but she was happy with the walk and everything else in general. Hearing he was happy with getting a lot of different ones, she smiled and wondered what they would ultimately end up choosing.
Once they had their cakes, it was a valid question. After all, this needed to be thought about carefully, so they could try them all when they were all still fresh. That meant trying a lot of different cakes. "Don't I always pick dinner?" she asked amused with a teasing smile, "I think we should get a light dinner so that we will be able to eat these cakes. And if you really want to you can carry me back regardless." She stuck her tongue out at him playfully.
Thinking a moment more, she did decide on Thai food, since it was close by and could be light enough. Once they had that she looked to him. "Now, I think we have everything," she told him, holding their dinner, "Let's go home." Curiously she looked to him, wondering if he would actually pick her up or not.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 88d 13h 16m 51s
"I only act like you can't? I thought I've clearly stated as much before."He continued to tease as they left. The walk was pleasant enough, and the bakery wasn't too far like she had said. "We can just get all kinds of flavors."He agreed, he wasn't picky about cake either. Mostly, the important part would be how it tasted, he wasn't one for the pretty cakes if they didn't taste good.
So it took them a short time to get some samples before he had their box for them and he looked to her curiously, "Now what should we do? Get dinner and try these after? Sit down and try them now..then you'd make me carry you back."He grinned a bit, of course just playing around with her. Still as for dinner he didn't know either. "I think you can pick dinner tonight."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 88d 15h 52m 59s
She shrugged. "We could get some pizza or some Chinese take out. I'm very flexible with that," she replied, knowing he was the one to usually cook. Feeling him sort of reply the hug made her smile as she snuggled against him.
Hearing the teasing about being able to keep up, she stuck her tongue out at him. "You act like I have never been able to keep up with you teasing," she pointed out, "But if you are very interested in what happened in the world, we can get a paper." She gave him a teasing smile before taking his arm so they could walk outside.
It was a nice day outside, but she still happily kept to his side. The walk was relaxed and the cake bakery wasn't far from their place. "There it is," she pointed it out to him, "We can get all kinds of flavors to try? Any in particular you want to try?" She wasn't sure, if he had an extravagant taste when it came to cakes or not. She would probably be fine with some simple things, such as chocolate, strawberry and stuff like that.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 102d 13h 22m 3s
After he was dressed as well she soon walked up to him and hung on him again it seemed. He looked down at her as she spoke and he thought on it a bit, "What real food would that be?"He wondered, he was still the cook a majority of the time as he recalled. Still he could only return her slight embrace as they talked and looked at one another. They seemed barely able to leave the room, but he still offered her a smile, it was obviously too.
He did follow to get his jacket as well. "Hm..you seem to be able to keep up with my teasing today..I wonder what has happened in the world?"He asked her walking out the door with her, offering his arm out to her, to begin their typical walks in the world together. Fresher of a day at least, he hadn't blown up at her again of course, so that was a plus.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 102d 13h 42m 44s
She definitely heard his breath hitch and it made her smile. However, she wasn't sure, if she was supposed to act on it or if they should first get the cake and then they can do whatever. They could have some fun with the cake. She did notice that his eyes followed her as she slowly, almost intentionally slow, got dressed.
Once they were dressed she looked to him. She walked over to him to wrap her arms around him. "The cake place isn't far from here. We could also get some real food for later, if you want," she said, looking up at him. She still wasn't sure, if he wanted her to act on something or if he was serious that they needed to go and do things. Still, she was happy like this. She didn't doubt that she could get him into the mood, if she tried later. Happy for this she let him go to start putting on her jacket and figuring out where to get food.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 103d 13h 19m 6s
That was the plan anyway, though the way the stated it made him chuckle a bit. No sooner than he went to get out of bed however she may have stepped her teasing up far beyond his. He felt his breath get a little stuck in his mouth once he heard her begin to whisper and feeling her chest on him..which was more than obviously intentional made him wonder how he could ever forget that later. He felt himself shake a little bit once she finally let go and he couldn't help but watch her get up and go first. Now he went after and got some clothes on himself, letting out a small breath as he did so. There really wasn't anything stopping them at all..but he supposed he made the choice, or he was waiting for her to make good on what she said..like a little challenge or something.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 103d 13h 51m 1s
She smiled at hearing him sigh before rolling her eyes at his words and stuck her tongue out. "I meant in general. I'm well aware that you wouldn't know any. I know the walk would be to pick up the cake, but that doesn't mean we can't stop somewhere else on the way," she replied amused, resting her head on him, "I feel more like I can fix most of my problems."
His words and action of squeezing her butt was more than obvious. It was definitely nice, but by getting up he also signaled that for now it was over. She couldn't help, but tease him a little about it as she moved over to him and wrapped her arms around him from behind, her chest pressing against his back. "Then I hope you don't forget that later," she mused quietly into his ear and gave it a nip before she did move to get out of bed. They had cakes to find and eat. Perhaps after that would be a nice time to do something.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 104d 13h 52m 28s

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