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"But? What is it then?" she asked, tilting her head lightly to the side so that her hair fell over her shoulder lightly. Though she did watch him slowly come closer. It was a little amusing to see him be sort of cautious as she couldn't really explain why in her mind. This was all fun and gamed.
She hadn't really had a plan, at least not with the box. She had simply wanted to give everyone a thank you for a the help. Though now that he was kneeling in front of her she couldn't deny that it sparked some ideas in her head. "Perhaps you can help me with one other thing while you are at it," she said softly, as slowly one leg hooked over his shoulder and then slowly the second one ran along his neck, now clearly revealing more. Her gaze went down to find his.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 119d 23h 50m 8s
He listened to her and shook his head slightly. "Well yes.." Obviously they should be pleased, but it definitely seemed a little different to him, like it wasn't related to the party or the game. "I wouldn't say I'm afraid of that."He pointed out a little teasingly, though did note that she had previously opened the box anyway. He nodded a bit and got closer leaning down under her to close the box up so that he could lift it again. Obviously she sat on the desk for that reason now he could tell, aside from her crossed legs..so maybe she wasn't really planning anything aside from showing a little leg now, still he fiddled to close the box back up, and she was almost sitting over his head, so maybe this was still her plan and that's why she opened the box? Maybe he was overthinking since it was now up to her, because if she did nothing he'd obviously just pick up the box.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 121d 8h 42m 54s
While she could sort of see that the wheels seemed to be turning in his head, she did not acknowledge it, whether she was too intoxicated or not. Hearing what he said, she shrugged. "I mean, we finished our game. Shouldn't we be pleased with ourselves?" she pointed out, feeling that they had every right to be happy.
She nodded at what he said. "I think so too. Though it is a party so one would hope everyone is having fun," she replied as she slowly crossed one leg over the other, her skirt riding up just a fraction more.
Though he didn't really move, she noted. "You look like you're afraid I'm about to bite you or something," she mused with a chuckle, "The box is over here. Don't worry, there aren't any poisonous spiders or anything in it." She grinned at him, though maybe it was just a hair seductive as well.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 121d 23h 4m 43s
Listening to her go on, he didn't really know how to explain it, but she was definitely playing some game in her head. She couldn't be so intoxicated that she didn't notice the things she was doing anyway. Though how to answer her question he didn't know. He shrugged a little, "Pleased with yourself."He answered simply enough, which would be fine as an answer. Still she was seeming to change the energy a slight amount, but not too much, it was still somewhat charged again, and she kept his gaze in check with her own. "We did have a lot of fun."He agreed, but of course they did, they enjoyed working together almost as much as living together, like it was a true testament to how well they fit. "I think it's fun.."He assured her about the party thinking on it a bit, "Everyone really seems to be having a good time." What was she doing here? His heart was thumping so much he could almost not think straight..like she had some powers or something over him. Though he didn't move too much either, the box being more so beside and under her now, he took a couple steps closer, keeping his eyes on her's. Still though she was..up to something it seemed.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 122d 8h 50m 10s
She shrugged as a reply. "It came to me rather suddenly and so I just decided that it would be something nice for everyone. We all worked hard on this project and we did grow close during those nights we were forced to stay longer due to one problem or another," she pointed out, feeling like it was a good reason. Did you need a reason to say thank you?
Slowly she straightened as he spoke and furrowed her brow. "Pleased? Pleased how so?" she asked as she sat down on edge of the table, her skirt once more riding up slightly, "We had a lot of fun in here." Meaning the working together naturally. Her legs fell slightly open, allowing for the tiniest of glimpses, whether on purpose or not was a different question. "How are you enjoying the party?" she asked, looking to him with big eyes.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 122d 23h 39m 6s
"Sometimes I do."He shrugged a bit, knowing it wasn't all too often the more he thought about it. She certainly stood in front of him to open the box, that had to be on purpose, she wasn't that careless or was she just that drunk? "Huh..uhuh that sounds nice. I didn't know you were gonna do something like that."He smiled at her, kind of noticing now that she was straying from his eyes to just along him and looking him over a bit more. He felt his face get a little bit red now. This was..getting a little charged in their cubicle, but she was also standing in front of the box and facing him now. A large part of him wanted to ask how much she had to drink, but another part of him didn't know if he should say anything. His heart clearly began thumping against his chest. She wasn't playing fair it seemed, but his mind wasn't latching on to that thought. "You look..pleased.."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 123d 7h 10m 6s
"Well, it is," she replied, batting her eyes once more, "Once more? You act like you have to lift things for me on a daily bases." She did pout slightly, though naturally she had said it quietly so no one would hear and she stood so they couldn't see her expression.
She went along with him to their cubicle and gestured to a medium sized box next to her desk. Leaning over, she opened the box, though she was aware that leaning over like that did reveal quite a bit of leg and maybe the slightest peek of butt cheek. "Some chocolates and other little gifts in small little boxes," she replied, turning her head to look at him, "I thought it was a nice little thank you for everything that we have done over the past months." She looked into his eyes, eying him a little.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 125d 5m 39s
Once she so called him out he shook his head a bit. It wasn't fair, of course he dodged it, but it wasn't all that bad. Regardless, she had his attention. Appealing to his helpful nature it seemed was an easy way. "Oh too heavy? I suppose I will be your professional lifter then once more."He teased, but her batting her eyes would rarely get a no anyway. They were a big part of the game it was true, but a lot more had also gone into it. He supposed he would just enjoy and not keep thinking on it. So he did head to their cubicle, a bit away from the party as it were, obviously not taking place in the main office. "What did you end up getting everybody?"He asked her as he stepped into their cubicle.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 126d 12h 45m 12s
One would hope she could pick up on certain tells. After all, they were getting married and it would be bad, if she didn't understand him. At the same time it was likely a very bad time to be able to read him, with them supposedly only being coworkers.
She gave a small shrug. "Well, we are the people that spearheaded this game so I would say at least half of this party is for us. The other half is for the company," she replied, feeling it was fair. Without them this game would have turned out vastly different.
Hearing the compliment, she smiled. "Thank you," she said, "And you are dodging my question." She grinned at him again. He did look handsome. There was just something about the formal tie look that she liked on him. "You know, I do have a box full of small thank you gifts for the staff that helped us in our cubical. It's kind of heavy. Mind helping me get it?" she asked, batting her eyes at him ever so slightly.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 126d 23h 47m 38s
Seeing her come over to him, he figured she read something more than just his smile. Hearing her speak he realized it was indeed her picking up on more..rather predatory of her honestly, but again he had to remind himself to be a little less susceptible to it..though it was hard. Her grin was quite telling she probably garnered what he thought of. "*Ahem* Well..It's not necessarily in our honor..it's most of the company that participated in making the game."He didn't know how to steer himself in the right direction with her next question so he thought it better to maybe think on something else, no matter how hard that might be. "You certainly look nice."He informed her, though honestly they showed up together of course he knew as much already..he was sincere, it just wasn't his best cover up, when didn't he appreciate when she put on something a little more nice, after all he did the same, tie and all.
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 127d 13h 50m 34s
She had to chuckle softly. "I suppose we do," she agreed with a nod. Wedding dress shopping with friends was fairly fun. She was surprised how much fun her entourage had, mostly she suspected because for them it was all fun and games while it was partially serious for her,
- - -- - - -- - - --
A couple of weeks had passed and it was time for the official sales release for their game. It still was a little bit surreal that this was actually happening. Their game was actually going to be released and out for sale. Naturally, this warranted a party. One more fancy and with quite a bit of alcohol, which was mostly due to the fact that people seemed to keep offering her drinks to toast and celebrate.
She had been talking to some coworkers when she saw him flash her a smile. While it was a bit further away, he did seem to be a little preoccupation. When he was alone she excused herself before moving over to him. "Kind of crazy this is all in our honor," she mused, taking another sip of her current drink, "And what are you thinking about? Seem a little preoccupied." She said that last part more quietly with a grin, though honestly she could very much now take him to the next cubical and have her way with him. She doubted anyone would notice with the amount of people here and the commotion going on.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 127d 20h 53m 22s
"Well, we have to keep to some traditions don't we?"He knew for the most part they weren't having a super traditional wedding in a few senses. Still, it seemed that they had a few more skeletons in the closet to deal with as it was. There was the fact their job didn't know and it still wasn't addressed about her father for the most part. It would be easy enough to shop for wedding outfits with their friends, it made more sense than going together anyway, he was sure she would see that eventually, probably when she managed to have fun without him actually being there.
- - -- - - -- - - --
The time did eventually come a couple weeks later when they were at the party for their official sales release. Of course there was always the reveal of how it sold at that time, but he could tell from the online scene already that their game was a hit, so he was sure spirits would be high at this party. Anyway, it was office party that they actually allowed alcohol at, so he could easily assume the boss was happy. It was a happy occasion after the boss addressed them all with the speech and raised a toast to everyone. Of course everyone was a little bit more dressed up than normal expecting about the same as Craig that it would be a largely fun occasion. Still, he found himself looking around to see Tamara after the toast and offering her a smile, obviously hanging around their other co-workers was her best strategy, aside from the alcohol they all kept shoving her direction. Craig recalled the other time that had happened..oh boy did he recall the other time she was drink..he had to shake his head to remove the thoughts as well, because that was a very very steamy occasion .
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 128d 11h 45m 56s
Hearing what he said, she rolled her eyes, though she did give a small chuckle. "Perhaps. Though that's not exactly a dress that lends itself to being worn often," she pointed out. As for going shopping he supposed he had a point, though she didn't quite get the whole running off to find a dress with a bunch of women, if it wasn't your dress to pick, but maybe she was weird like that. "That makes sense," she agreed, remembering Ted. He was a nice guy. "I'm sure he will find something nice for you," she teased lightly.
It was becoming quite clear he wasn't all too upset about a wedding free weekend. "I see the loss of not working on our wedding is killing you," she joked, but decided to admit defeat in this case, "As if we have ever run out of groceries." She chuckled, but it decided it would be relaxing to not think about the wedding, if possible.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 128d 23h 41m 29s
"I suppose you'll have to wear some more often then."He stated as if it were a simple solution. After all, she got lucky almost every time she had been in a dress around him for the most part, one that wasn't just work uniform anyway. Hearing her say probably he shook his head a little, of course her bridesmaids would enjoy it. "Well..some groomsmen I guess. Probably Ted." The driver who had picked them up on one of their first mornings together, he only had a few but it was enough to match her bridal party anyway, so it worked out.
Still he knew she'd be conflicted about them only really going to grocery shop today, but he supposed she'd have to deal with it. He finished up his food and took her cereal bowl to the sink as well, "So it seems like a relatively wedding free weekend for us...that's not too bad. We'll have groceries at least."
  Craig Spencer / Willofiam / 133d 5h 8m 25s
As he went on to speak about how she had several friends and women that were pretty much destined to help her with finding a dress, she supposed that he did have a point, though she pouted a bit at how he put it. "Oh, so you don't want to see me in various dresses?" she asked teasingly, "But we still have to do a lot of things ourselves. Very well though, I will find some females to go dress shopping with me. I'm sure they would like that. Probably..." She didn't know how much fun it was to just sit and watch someone choose a dress. "And who is going to help you choose a suit?" she inquired curiously, as she did realize that he hadn't mentioned himself in that whole speech.
Hearing the last part, she stuck out her tongue at him. "Says the guy that doesn't mind watching me shop. That makes you just as bad," she replied before shrugging, "So we're going to have another whole day without wedding planning?" In a way that made the day more relaxing, but at the same time she knew that meant one day less to get anything done. She wasn't sure how to feel about that.
  T.M. / Hoshizora / 133d 6h 36m 24s

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