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[center [#f80deb [size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Charmonman] [Charmonman [size30 Lotus ]

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"This is just a journal for me and my Love and a few close friends"

Now kindly leave!

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I ended up adding a few on here. If you like any of them and need me to resize them let me know. I also post back to you as well.
  -Ren | / -Ren / 6d 6h 34m 46s
I was just looking for anime girl pictures last night!!
  Caleb [Six] / -Larkspur / 6d 9h 8s
If you like to use any of these Caleb, Envy be my gust!
[pic https://i.imgur.com/ZOhdmm2.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/YX7WTbG.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Yb2zmJx.jpg]
  -Ren | / -Ren / 6d 9h 54m 20s
Thought you might like this for your beast man he is so pretty :D

[pic https://i.imgur.com/5ldVBxU.jpg]

These are cute too!

[pic https://i.imgur.com/VTVFnbY.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/vuK8iUC.png]
  -Ren | / -Ren / 6d 10h 6m 29s
I had a lot of fun today as well. That is okay, it was wroth it. I can't wait to see where are rp will be going. It is nice having a clean profile.
  -Ren | / -Ren / 6d 16h 56m 40s
It was so fun reliving memories with you today! Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun. I’m so sorry that you didn’t have any sleep though.
  Caleb [Six] / -Larkspur / 7d 1h 51s

  -Ren | / -Ren / 7d 5h 12m 15s
.< I really wish I could figure this google font thing out...It's driving me crazy....oh well I guess I'm fine with the two fonts that I know! As long as you like my profile the away it is I wont change a thing...your the most important people in my life you option matter the most.
  Nicky | / ConfinedFox / 7d 5h 28m 1s
[h3 [center [b [#f8cee4 "I'm going to do a sample post too! ]]]]
[font "century gothic" Nicky sighed softly as he stared into the golden colored eyes of the man that stood across from him. Those ravaging eyes looked as if they could devour him. Those eyes frightening lured him into a trans. This male was different the hunger that hid in his eyes was attractive but all at the same time it was horrifying.

Nicky tried shake himself out trans he was in but he couldn't help it. He sighed softly as he bit his bottom lip. First off he was suppose to be delivering a letter from his father to his uncle not staring at people. It was very rude of him to do so. He quickly walked away. Once he got to his uncle house that was deep in the woods. He felt as if he was being followed but each time he would turn to peek over his shoulder nothing was there.

He sighed softly as he knocked on the large wooden door. It open slowly but with a sweet smile that stood behind it. It was his uncle the older male was so sweet or so he thought anyway. There was darkness that seem to hide behind that male sweet smile. He gave his uncle the letter and his uncle of course invited him in for a drink. Nicky normally would refused, but he was actually pretty thirsty this time.

He smiled softly as the male invite him and made up some time for him. He smiled softly as he was handed the porcelain cup. He smiled softly as he sipped the tea. It tasted great, it was sweet and not bitter. Unlike most the his father and him drank. He then started to feel off. Nicky head was spinning, Nicky fell to the floor taking the porcelain cup. It shatter into pieces and the last thing he remember was his uncle sweet smile.

When Nicky finally came to everything was still blurry. His eyes finally came back into focus. He looked around. He was outside? The last thing he remember was being with his uncle. He sighed softly as he try to move. He couldn't, he had be tight tightly to the tree. His heart was racing he wanted to panic.

It was was when he heard a low growling that he let out a small scream. A pare of golden eyes emerged from the darkness. It was a wolf? No that couldn't be? Could it? He remember his father and uncle saying that wolves no longer lived in this forest...
  Nicky | / ConfinedFox / 7d 5h 28m 48s
[h3 [font "Century Gothic" [center [b Sample post for Profile]]]]

[center [Font "Century Gothic" The only sound that filled the white padded room was the annoying tick of the clock. Those hateful amber eyes stared up at it. Why had they put it in here? It hadn't been in here before. It was just out of reach too. The clock was driving him crazy and he wished he could knock the damned thing off the wall and break it. At each tick his hand would twitch slightly. Oh how he wished he could make that clock disappear. They must have put the thing in here on purpose. They wanted to drive him crazy. That had to be it.]]

[center [Font "Century Gothic" Finally those amber eyes moved off the clock at the sound of the door opening. People dressed in white came inside. More than one. All of them had more muscles than he thought was necessary. He had taken down a man like them before, but when they out numbered him like they did now it was dangerous. He tilted his head off to the side and a smile came over his lips. [+red "Now... You be friendly and we won't have to use force."] One of the men said. The boy simply watched them with those hateful amber eyes.]]

[center [Font "Century Gothic" They came close to him and he backed up a step. They were watching him as if he were a wild animal. A small smirk came over his lips. They should be. He could be a wild animal if he wanted to be. He could tear all of these men apart, but if he wanted to get out of here... He had to play by the rules for now. Pretend that he was slowly getting better. He let them restrain him. Forcing him into the jacket that held his arms so tightly. He had to be restrained like this when they sent him to talk to his doctor.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" When he wasn't restrained he proved how dangerous he could be. He hadn't attacked his doctor before. He'd just attacked the people that tried to restrain him. The people that kept him locked away. They were the ones barring his exit. Of course the doctor didn't help by telling them he wasn't getting any better. That didn't matter though. As they forced him to walk down the hall he slowly looked around. No one was out of their rooms today. Had they learned their lesson since last time?]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" Clearly they had. Just because he was restrained didn't mean he couldn't still attack. He had a mouth. He had feet. He could use his whole body and he proved it. He was lucky that today they didn't restrain all of him. He had always been known to be violent. It wasn't his fault. At least that's what he told himself. It was his family's fault. They were the ones that put him in this horrid place. Though it hadn't started here. First it had been in the basement, but he found his way out of there and would go outside. They didn't like that too much. Of course when they couldn't restrain him at home they sent him here. He never told anyone what happened at home though. That was none of their business. It wasn't like they could help him anyway.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" The room he was forced into was small. Only enough room for a desk and a bookcase as well as two chairs. He was forced to sit down in a chair across from his doctor. The overly muscled men left and now he looked across at his doctor with cruel and hateful eyes. What could this man possibly want from him now. They had already had a session. Was he stupid enough to think that more than one session would help? He hated when he was asked questions. It was irritating. Just like the sound of a clock ticking. His eyes slowly moved to the window. They were on the bottom floor. He could easily get out through the window.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" [+orange "So... You came without causing a scene this time. Either they have a new way of bringing your... Or you have calmed down a bit."] The arrogance in the doctor's voice really frustrated the boy and he leaned back in the chair and watched him with those hateful eyes. He wouldn't be staying here today. He wouldn't be going back to the padded room. He wouldn't allow it. Slowly he got up. It didn't take much to get up. It was difficult, but it wasn't like he couldn't do it.]]

[center [Font "Century Gothic" He stared at the doctor before he charged at him leaping across the desk. He knocked the both of them to the floor. Wiggling around and trying to keep himself from being pinned the male was able to get back up. To his surprise the doctor only laid there and watched him. Then the doctor smiled. [+orange "Go ahead and go... You'll be back here soon anyway."] Quietly the boy turned and walked to the window. He threw himself through it. Once on the ground he struggled to stand. He then quickly headed for the gate. There was a part of it that was missing. Who knows why they didn't fix it. Once he was through that he looked back to see the doctor watching him through the window. Smirking coldly the boy turned and ran off. The next thing he'd have to do is get this damned jacket off.]]
  Fantasme [Nine] / Uragiri / 3y 346d 12h 48m 20s

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