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in need of an o.c

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"O-Okay..." Isis stuttered worriedly and trotted off
  nakabi / eeveelover / 273d 18h 15m 49s
Isis heard a familiar voice, and it spoke [I I wish to see you, Isis me at the tree of harmony...]
The three heard a loud shot, and the head of a changeling behind them exploded, and that was when Widowmaker approached, her rifle on her back. [I [U It has been a long time Isis...]] she said, making Isis slightly uneasy.
  Widowmaker (Earth Pony) / SilentHiller / 1y 36d 8h 31m 38s
The two saw a changeling charging at them, and out of nowhere, a blue flash blinded them, and when they looked up, a mare had already snapped its neck with her hind legs. [I Cheers loves! The cavalry's here!] she shouted in a British accent.
  Tracer (Earth Pony) / SilentHiller / 1y 37d 6h 30m 26s
"Winter!!!"isis exclaimed. "What in equestrian happened to her?!?"
  nakabi / eeveelover / 1y 38d 1h 41m 43s
Winter was unconscious, and they could see that she was beat up and wounded.
  Winter Fashion / SilentHiller / 1y 40d 4h 35m 20s
"Oh! It's about time you showed up!where have you been?"isis exclaimed.
  nakabi / eeveelover / 1y 41d 29m 56s
An old friend of Isis' skidded across the ground towards them, and stopped at the hooves of the group.
  Winter Fashion / SilentHiller / 1y 41d 4h 39m 43s
Isis smiles. "Well,he's vinyl's stallion now, so I can't stare too hard..."
  nakabi / eeveelover / 1y 42d 22h 43m 9s
[B [I You should see Thunderclapper when he's shooting...]]
  Abyss the Wight Knight / SilentHiller / 1y 43d 4h 41m 7s
"Three crowns, mare!! you're the best fighter i've ever seen!!!"
  nakabi / eeveelover / 1y 44d 2h 19s
[B [I Yes, I heard, but right now is not a good time for that.]] she said, and without looking, cut down two more changelings like nothing.
  Abyss the Wight Knight / SilentHiller / 1y 44d 4h 38m 46s
"Good job!hey,did you hear? Thunderclapper here's getting married!!!"
  nakabi / eeveelover / 1y 44d 6h 9m 43s
[B [I I was busy killing Chrysalis...I guess that she was working for Sombra...]]
  Thunderclapper / SilentHiller / 1y 44d 6h 16m 18s
"About time you showed up, abyss,"isis sneered. "Where were you?"
  nakabi / eeveelover / 1y 44d 6h 58m 17s

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