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Angela looked a bit chest fallen at the comment. She knew Gabriel wasn't coming back. She knew full well that he was going to stay a Talon agent. As the cowboy got up and left, she called after him [#EE9B0A "Stop smoking those disgusting cancer sticks Jesse!"] She sighed but smiled faintly. After doing a quick clean up, she stood out on the balcony, staring out at the sunset. Her mind was swimming and seeing Gabriel's face in her head made her grip her right shoulder through her suit. The memory burned her.

[i [#EE9B0A "Reyes! What is the meaning of this? Gab!"] Her hand grabbed the muscular upper arm, stopping the male. Angela panted, her hair free from its usual ponytail and flowing down her shoulders [#EE9B0A "What do you mean by leaving? We need you Gab!"] She pleaded to the taller man, brick red meeting brilliant blue. Her other hand grabbed his arm, standing before him [#EE9B0A "Come on, let's sit and think this over. Did you and Jack fight again?"] She gave him her usual, kind smile. He, however, stayed quiet, staring at the blonde. The others seemed to come see the commotion. The Swiss tugged at his arms [#EE9B0A "Gab come on."] She said before a sharp bang echoed the hall. Her eyes slowly trailed up to his eyes, her pupils small and shaking before her eyes slid down. In his hand was the smoking shotgun. Her eyes then slid to her shoulder, showing the gory shoulder. It was dislocated for sure and the pain hit her like a train after the shock wore off. Her scream pierced the hall and Jack instantly jumped to help her. He screamed profanities to the Hispanic while her falling body was caught and lifted by one of the Shinamura brothers. She faintly remembered it being Hanzo. As she was swiftly whisked away, she swore she saw the red scarf fluttering into the fight but she blacked out.

When she woke, Lena was sobbing at her bedside. The medic had been asleep for a week and from the mass amount of flowers and cards, everyone was worried. Even a massive bundle of red thorned roses that didnt have a card or a name of who they were from. Angela was babied and worked her right arm back into its normal condition but that took months. She still didn't have full control over it.]

Ever since, no one spoke of Gabriel around her. Jack always muttered angry things about him. Even Lena, who liked everyone, hated him for hurting the medic.

Shaking her hair, she pulled her hair tie out. She needed forget him. Turning out her office light, she made her way to her room, her eyes half closed. Angela was known for not sleeping for days. She was exhausted though and her warm bed sounded wonderful. Pausing before Jesse's door, she stared at it. Maybe he was still in? Maybe she could join him for that drink? Smiling, she shook her head. He wasnt asking her to be nice. It was Jesse Mccree. He wanted to sleep with her not make her feel better. Placing her hand on the door, she weighed her options before moving away, going down the hall to her room.
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[center [b "Ah, Angela, darlin', you break my heart-OW..!!]]

[center All in for the flirtatious attempts, poor McCree was cut short when the stinging yet sharp sensation of pain coursed through his body. Granted, it was something he was all too familiar with, it still damn smarts. Letting out a sigh as his body relaxed slightly, the cowboy only clicked his tongue in reply to the doctor's question.]

[center Gabriel Reyes... Now known as Reaper.]

[center Shaking his head, Jesse eventually replied with a brief: [b "Yeah, I did. Right smack into those guns of his.. But sadly, no."] It was followed by a chuckle, [b "That bastard is still runnin' with the likes of 'em, and honestly, he seemed right at home."] Voice dripping with a venomous irritation, the man sat a bit rigid as Mercy began to dress his wounds. In some ways he'd be happy about her closeness, but with the current topic at hand.. the man was tilting more towards the upset side, which was a rarity.]

[center [b "Thanks, doll. You always did them best."]], Jesse gestured down towards his bandages once the woman was finished before craning his neck to the side and popping a joint, [b "Mm.. Well, how 'bout you and me get ourselves some drinks? Let loose and forget this mess, huh?"] McCree was known to be one of the Overwatch's most heaviest drunks - he would drink all day and night long if it weren't for most of Winston's and Mercy's lectures of how it could kill him, how it was bad for his liver, let alone his breath, and how he could not fight while under the influence of hard alcohol... And not to mention it was against protocol.]

[center Chuckling, the cowboy stood and reached over for Besse, his trusty hat. She found herself on the top of his head before the man tilted the rim over his eyes, [b "Just take it easy, Angela. Things'll work out."] Angela, he only ever called her by her first name in serious cases - but that was a very odd, but rare side to Jesse. Only very few saw him like this, even back when he was just a kid and when the Overwatch was... well more put together than it was today.]

[center Eventually, the man dressed himself and slid his bright, obnoxious orange poncho over his shoulders, [b "Much better."] A cigar met his lips and he was about to light it, but the gloved hand lowered itself, [b "Sorry, Doc, forgot your not much of an after smoke sorta' folk."] Mercy tended to forbid such actions in her medical wing, let alone in general. Lifting his left arm, his very shiny and sometimes obnoxious as hell robotic appendage, Besse was tipped in a gesture of farewell before the cowboy slinked out of the medical room, silver spurs clicking down the hall.]
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It was like watching children at times. Someone was always in her medical wing for something as small as a paper cut, which was usually Lena, to well...this. After Genji dragged the bloody cowboy into her office, she made the man remove his shirt while she finished up with Jack. The fool took a solo mission and was oddly reckless. At times, Angela believed he got hurt just to see her. But that wasn't possible.

Hearing the two bicker behind her, she looked back with sapphire eyes, hard due to her being in her 'doctor mode' as Jesse loves to put it. Turning, her hands propped on her hips [#EE9B0A "I don't like seeing either of you in here. You,"] She pointed at Jack [#EE9B0A "Have enough scars already, you need to be more careful. How could you run off and do something so reckless? And you,"] Her gaze went to Jesse [#EE9B0A "It's no surprise to hear that you were showing off but you also need to be careful. You're an excellent gunman and now you have to be off missions because you had to run into gunfire."]

Like she said, children. Sighing, she fixed her ponytail and put the last of the items she'd need for Jesse on a small tray [#EE9B0A "You're free to go, Jack, get some rest and come see me for those bandages to be changed."] She said before grabbing her tray, making her way to the cowboy she rued being in her office.

Sitting in the chair, her soft fingers trailed along the bullet holes. These weren't normal bullets. Too clustered together. Her hands paused and her body stiffened as she realized the source. Gabriel. The very man she once called a comrade and, much to her demise, a very close friend. Hearing that he betrayed Overwatch was a huge blow. Angela shook her head, learning her mind of the Hispanic man she once trusted [#EE9B0A "You ran right into him didn't you?"] She muttered before pulling on some gloves and beginning to pull the bullets out. This wasn't too uncommon. The Swiss medic had seen Jesse not only shirtless before but also injured in her office, many times. He seemed to have a nack for getting hurt over things that could have been avoided. She, however, wasn't looking forward to the flirting. This man would flirt with anything with two legs and sex appeal. She seemed to be one of his favorite targets. Glancing up at him, her glittering blue eyes showing some small amount of deeply buried sadness [#EE9B0A "Gabriel...was he doing okay? Did he look like he was maybe double crossing Talon?"] Her voice seemed to carry a small amount of hope.

Giving a weak laugh, she dropped the last of the bullets on the tray and started to clean up the tanned chest [#EE9B0A "Nevermind, don't answer that."] She brushed off her sadness and wrapped his chest, having to lean close to get her thin arms around the cowboy to tie and tape the bandage off.
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[center Today was July 17th, and the time was nearly 2:00 PM with a striking temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit that was blanketing itself over an already scorching Arizona desert. For whatever reason, the now newly reformed Overwatch sent out a small squad in this direction in hopes to cut off a small cluster of Talon forces that were seen in this area - the bad guys were heading East.]

[center Today's little team had consisted of a few of Talon's finest - Gabri-I mean Reaper, being included to our heroes' dismay. Dealing with him proved to be such a pain. Now on our side of heroes, Tracer, Lena Oxton, had decided to tag along the merry group of not only herself, but with Omnic-Man Ninja, Genji Shimada, and a rather cocky, flirtatious cowboy by the name of Jesse McCree.]

[b [center "It's high noon."]]

[i [center BANG! BANG! BANG!]]

[center Off went the Peacemaker as a few of the Talon grunts fell to the ground - this action seemed to save Lena's behind as she found herself temporarily cornered. [b "Thanks, love! I owe ya!"], and off she went, zooming back into the fight. Jesse smirked before it softened into a smile. Tracer had an odd knack of just making you feel appreciated - then again, that woman was all heart.]

[center [b "Ryujin no ken wo kurae!"]]

[center There was Genji. For a while, Jesse had assumed his fellow man had been killed off or something. He had been quiet for a while, but then again, you had to remind yourself: he was a ninja, he was always quiet! Letting out a huff of his cigar, the cowboy was trying to make his way over to his team. The baddies were dropping like flies around them - well, all but one...]

[center [b "DIE. DIE. DIE."]]

[center Shit. That was the sound you never wanted to hear. In panic, Jesse decided to make a wrong turn and ran right into Reaper's Death Blossom. [b "Jesse! What the hell are you doing?!"] Genji shouted, running towards the man in attempts to block off the spray of bullets. Tracer, who found herself safe behind a conveniently placed boulder, shouted out incoherent words of worry and panic as her eyes stared at the scene before her.]

[center Jesse had take a few good hits from Reaper's attack - he now was laying on the ground, somewhat bloodied and "hole-y". Satisfied with this, the shadow man shadow-walked away, leaving a black wisp of smoke in his wake. [b "Jesse, you are a fool-"] Glowing somewhat green with irritation, the Omnic ninja knelt down to his comrade, shaking his head in what appeared to be dismay. His reprimands were cut short as the cowboy sputtered out, [b "-Ahaha... I'm hole-y. Get it? DAMN, this hurts like the dickens.. If I die, butter my ass and call me Shirley-"], this was then followed by a few sets of gags and coughs, blood painting Jesse's lips. Lena rushed over and began to move the man, [b "Genji, we need to get Jesse back to base...-"] [b "I know. But the idiot won't shut up."] Genji then aided the woman with lifting McCree's battered body; the cowboy now between them with his arms draped over one and the other's shoulders, [b "But, I must admit, he thinks this is bad..? Ha.. Ms. Ziegler will have his head for getting hurt again."] Jesse's tired eyes suddenly went wide at the sound of that name: [b "Say what?"]]

[center And this is, my friends, is where our story begins... With Jesse McCree eventually finding himself on a medical bed - shirtless, but bloodied to hell as the little bullet wounds dripped out his red life liquid.]

[center [b "You're always getting hurt, aren't you?:]]

[center Soldier 76 was on a neighboring bed, already bandaged up. Jesse only rolled his eyes, [b "One to talk, Jack. You're in here as much as I am. Besides, Angela LOVES to see me over your ugly mug, ya old fart."] Jack only grunted at this, too tired to really put up much of a fight with the mouthy cowboy.]
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