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Shooting monsters n shit out big ass guns


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She sighed as she sniffed the air "kerosene, careful what you light or this place is gonna go up light a goddamn Christmas tree", she says quietly not trying to attract attention.
He looked in shock as a few missed him, looking down seeing one very close to the family jewels, bleeding already from it. Limping his way to the APC he grabbed the machine gun an grenade launcher already making his way into the mine while contacting over the radio "Brother, it's Sacha where are? I don't's..cold...I'm so very cold..ammo's running dry it's dark as shit in here too." the chatter through the radio said.
"Fine...but were gonna need alot more fire powder", she says as she grabbed her bag and set the alarm that made knives shoot from the handles if anybody tried to rob it.
He pointed his AK-47 at her, fully loaded with PIE rounds, a special round that'd blow up on impact "We're going in to find my brother whether you like it or not! Take me in there!!"
"I..I looked for 2 hours and nothing but that place is crawling with creatures", she says as she breathed heavily then seen a deadite, grabbing a chainsaw from the back and cranking it up.
"You find him?!" The older one asked while landing many headshots on any his brother didn't kill "Please tell me you found him! We gotta go in for him!"
She climbed out of her armoured truck and followed them in, shooting at anything that came her way then looked around, turning on her high powered flashlight, smelling a familiar scent but found no trace of then and high tailed it back to her armoured truck, her cb handheld on her side.
He chased after his brother, the wolf one firing at any undead not caring if it was a headshot or not, now deciding to use his machine gun as a blunt weapon for a little more up close and personal time with them, seeing something run into the mines as he chased. Hell bent on blood lust for another kill
She could hear him since she was near the mines and the waterfall then grabbed her gieger meter to check for the radiation in the air then heard a low bellowing noise, seeing a Licker on the side of the tree.
The lighter one jumped out first, carrying the machine gun in one hand and grenade launcher in the other, firing at the trees all drunk on the power he felt when holding the weapons "Get some! Haha c'mon get some! You want it? Let's go huh get some get some!" He yelled running off into the trees towards the old mines, the only sound being him laughing and firing the weapons
"You idiot! Get back here you don't know what's out there!" His brother yelled firing at the ones near the vehicles
She grabbed the CB "yea, I'm here", she says as she shot a creature in the head then heard a loud wailing noise, making her wince from it then put some UV rounds in her pistol.
Both kept driving with ease through clearings, the only thing to worry about was getting stuck in a bog as they crept through the swamps. Very large crowd of undead chasing them "Hello? This thing on? Could use a refuel if possible"
She got into her trick and drove into the forest and made it to the middle, quickly loading her guns and turned on her CB to the right channel then looked around as she waited.
They continued driving, the echo of the cannon still heard as they reloaded it with incendiary rounds. Blowing a hole in an undead body while squishing others as roadkill under the large tires of the vehicle
She shook her head as she went to the sparring area and started to wrestle a few people, Easily dominating and won every round then went to the fishing area To make some fish hooks for catching fish.

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