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Ten years ago, your childhood friend disappeared.

The five of you were playing by the riverbank, splashing in the water and building sandcastles, catching fish and bugs, when he spotted an abandoned house. The four of you were hesitant, but he, ever adventurous, charged ahead and ran inside.

When you followed behind, one hesitant, one emboldened, one fearful, one proud, you found nothing. No trace that he'd been there at all. Slowly, the four of you explored the house, calling his name, peering under dust-covered furniture, but he was nowhere to be found. One, smarter or perhaps just more observant than the rest, finally noticed that his footprints stopped dead in the dust inches inside the house; at this, the four of you fled, terrified of the house that had eaten your friend.

[center [pic http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh505/r2d2y/b067d7c5-47be-43f5-b719-95fc305f5cd9.jpg]]

He was reported missing the next day. One of you came forward with your story, and the rest were found and interviewed; nothing ever came of the investigation. Your friend was gone.

You fell apart after that. Unsupervised play was severely restricted, naturally, but you stopped going to each others' houses, too. It was too much to bear for children, to keep coming together without him there. And after all, wasn't he the one who'd brought them together in the first place? You saw each other in class, at church, and you were friendly, but that was it. You were the tight-knit group you had once been no more.

[center [pic http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh505/r2d2y/be3a6fcd-03ea-408a-b870-8f5a051dbd74.jpg]]

Ten years later, you're home on break from college, or taking a vacation from your job, or still searching for a job, living at your parents' house. One night, the five of you share the same dream; he comes back, still ten years old like you were back then, and gestures from your window, beckoning you into the night. You jolt awake to find the window opened, cool fall wind swirling inside, when you were [i sure] you'd closed it the night before.

Two of you get in contact with each other, then contact the third, then fourth. In the end, you resolve to return to the house where he disappeared to solve the mystery, at last, of where your friend went, to put his spirit to rest. At night, you meet; at midnight, enter the house--and step into another dimension. This strange new place seems like something out of a fairy tale. Or was that a horror story? And where on this new earth has your friend wandered off to?

[center [pic http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh505/r2d2y/b7666b41-9f81-4642-a814-c3d56ca9f230.jpg]]

[center [b Roles]]
I'm looking for 4 friends. Two men/two women is ideal, though if you put in a particularly good application, I might bend the rule.

Your character should not be exactly the same as they were when they were younger. It's been ten years. Consider the differences.

I want this RP to be free. You are equally a writer as I am. I do not control it. This does not mean that you can suddenly change into Pikachu and charge into the bushes, however. I want you to put thought into it and want to create a good story alongside me and two other writers. This includes what the other world looks like, what the characters meet, what adventures they find while looking for the lost friend. If that's what you're looking for, come on in!

In the other dimension, you may gain powers, or become cursed. Be open to your character changing; if you have plans for how you want them to change, even better! It's even possible that they change by the very act of walking into the new world. Run ideas past me if you feel insecure, or simply run with them if you feel bold.

Feel free to add details and twists if you like! Each friend should know different dimensions of the fifth friend they're looking for, and each friend will find clues along the way! I'll supply some of them if I feel the RP is slowing, but you should come up with most. I want this RP to be very free and open. Don't feel as though I am in control. We are all equally writing this story.

[center [b Rules]]

Typical ES rules, you know the drill.
This is not first-come, first-serve. Don't get insulted if you are refused; it might be your character simply wasn't suited to the RP.
Literacy is vital. I will reject people based on lack of ability to conjugate verbs, use contractions, spell, use possessives, and abide by other basic grammar rules. If this offends you, don't apply.
If you do not send me the whole skeleton on the first message, INCLUDING SAMPLE POST, your skeleton will not be considered. I will make exceptions for extraordinary situations, but please don't rush to get me a character. I intend to thoroughly consider all skeletons before I finalize my choices. I will not hold spots, but if you need help, want a question answered, or need inspiration, feel free to contact me.
Sample post can be of any character, does not have to be specific for this rp.
Images should be tasteful. I'm not particularly worried about pictures, but if you send me an image of an anime character I recognize at a glance, I'll probably ask you to find a new one. Illustrated is preferred to anime. If you can't find a picture or are having troubles, contact me. I have a library of pictures and I'm happy to help.
There WILL be a posting order. This will be declared once all four members have been gathered.

[center [b POV]]
I know the description is in second person pov, but unless otherwise indicated, the rp itself will be in third, not first person pov. If you feel strongly one way or another, feel free to express those views to me via pm. I do not intend to write a second-person pov rp.

[center [b Skeleton]]
[center [b Username: // Name: // Age: // Gender: // Personality (present): // Personality (past): // Bio: // Physical description: // Picture: (illustrated) // Sample post: ]


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It felt like a long time since Clyde last visited his home town and checked up on his folks. It had been even longer since he last set foot into the forest, traveled down the barely beaten path, and discovered that strange house along with the others. Speaking of them, he had no idea if he would recognize the once-close group of friends nor if they would recognize them. He has changed over the years and he assumes that they have as well. So many years have passed, after all. They’ve all gone their separate ways, had their own experiences, and grown in young adults one way or another. They all shared one focal point that affected their core; Sam’s disappearance. How it affected everyone, however, he wasn’t sure of.

There was only one way to find out.

“I’m leaving now,” Clyde called from the front door as he finished slipping on his worn-down pair of sneakers.

“Will you be back late?” his mother asked from the living room.

“Not sure. I’ll try to let you know when I know.”

“Alright. Have fun.”

He smirked in amusement, highly doubting that ‘fun’ was the right word to use in this situation. She didn’t know anything about today’s meet-up, of course, but it was humorous all the same.

Stepping out the front door, he took in a deep breath of the fresh air and held tightly onto the strap of his messenger bag. Inside contained a sketch book, pencils, pens, erasers, and other things which could not be considered necessarily important but necessary to him. Art became not only a main coping mechanism but a way to express himself clearly without any need for words. Though conversations held their importance and he knew how to talk semi-confidently, he still preferred having some space between him and the outside world in order to feel truly comfortable. One of the few remnants of his childhood self.

The travel through the woods gave Clyde some time to think back to the dream he had one night; the one that prompted everything that was occurring now. He was used to having imaginative dreams, but this one was the most memorable. It was none other than Sam who came to visit him, looking exactly the same as the day he disappeared. He was smiling, eyes bright and filled with endless possibilities. There was a moment where he thought he was back in the past. All too soon, however, it ended with the boy trying to guide the young man somewhere and was unable to follow him. When he woke up, he saw that his bedroom window was open .

With a start, he realized how far he had made it when he heard the voices of people just around the corner. After a deep breath, he came into view and saw three people standing together. Surprisingly, it took a moment to place the names on each familiar face; Killian, Piper, and Rin. The only one missing was Sam— no, he’s gone. Wasn’t he?

With a smile, Clyde raised his hand in greeting and joined the small group. “Hey… Long time no see, huh?”
  Clyde / nomey1 / 1y 125d 9h 52m 44s
[font "Cambria" [size13 [i The fall wind took leaves from the trees and dirt from the ground, spinning them all up into a scent that very clearly warned her of the rain to come. So why, in this rain-to-be, was she wearing only her undergarments? The ground was like clay, thick and changing, and she approached the house as quickly as she could with her bare feet sinking into the ground at every step.

She was following Him, she could never catch up to Him, not even now.

[#04B45F "Wait--!"] Her voice fled faster than the leaves and blades of grass swaying passed her naked body. When she reached the house, he ran inside, calling out to her. Telling her that he had something amazing to show her. What? What could be more amazing than the bugs they had collected together, or the book we glued our favorite pictures inside of? Where did these things go, when He disappeared? The old house whirred at her approach, creaking and whining and growling beware. [#04B45F "I don't want to be here either, I don't want to be back here..] Please, just give Him back. That's what she would say, or at least try to. The house was much louder than she could ever be. The boards holding it together began to peel away like a rotten orange, peeling and snapping and groaning, so much groaning. Rin covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut, what could He possibly want to show her? In there? However, when she opened her eyes--]

She knew.

Rin recalled the dream, while she ate away at her cereal. She couldn't remember the end, what she was supposed to see, only a sense of urgency flashed through her chest. Strange that Killian called, strange that they all seemed to share such a dream.

Were they naked too?

Rin took another large spoonful into her mouth. Her bare toes rubbing idly at the scars on her feet and ankles. They would likely be meeting today, Rin would not go. There was no way she could be there again, the place where things vanish, where things no longer exist. Anything could happen there, anything that would make her therapist very concerned.

So no, she wouldn't go. Picking up the bowl, Rin slurped down the rest of the milk, slamming the dish back onto the table. [#04B45F "They're probably waiting now.."] She wondered how Piper had been doing, briefly, then shook her head. [#04B45F "I'll go for a walk, to clear my thoughts."] and she did.

All the way up the highway, to the dirt path that lead to the old house. Rin never did leave town, she didn't have the courage. At a first glance, she probably didn't change very much, but Rin carried herself with less fear and more confidence, her expression was never so tense as it was when she was a child. She was still quiet, sure, but she was no coward.

Not a coward. Right. Except when it came to this place. The source of all evil, the old house that stole Him. Rins hands shook, clinging to the bottom of her black turtleneck sweater, as she walked down the path. She counted the whole way, until she spotted two others lingering by the house.

The blonde couldn't help but perk up, and quietly trotted over to them. She looked between Killian and Piper with a warm smile.

[#04B45F "It's .. really nice to see you two again."] Her smile however, began to fade. [#04B45F "It's a shame it had to be here, of all places.."]
  R i n / Hella / 1y 130d 12h 57m 31s
[font “Trirong” So much has changed in ten years. So much has been morphed and shaped and [i eroded]. Piper didn’t expect the others to recognize her, nor did she expect to recognize them. They were no longer the young wild kids that they use to be. That innocence died a long time ago: the day Sam disappeared out of existence. Everyone seemed different after that. It was like a switch was flipped inside their psyches. Piper had tried desperately to keep everyone together, back when she was emboldened and stupid. The tension was too great, she understood now, that Sam was the invisible link that kept them all together. The tie had been severed, no one was the same since. In those years, Piper found it her mission to understand the human mind. She sought solutions and answers to this strange psyche and why it reacts the way it does. She was a junior in college seeking a degree in Psychology. Maybe then, she could bring everyone back together again.]

[font “Trirong” Through the years, trauma had affected Piper in many ways. She was more reclusive and suspicious than her extroverted and exuberant eleven-year-old self. Then again, she was not the only one that seemed different. When Killian called, it was more than a great shock to Piper, it was astronomical. His voice sounded different, his speech was more enthusiastic, even for the grim topic he brought up. Who knew that, Killian, the shyest person she knew , would turn out to be so [i buoyant]. Piper wondered what he would think of her now that she had grown up too. She was certainly not the same naïve little girl he knew when he was ten.]

[font “Trirong” Piper’s bronze eyes turned away from the train’s window out of shame. The music blared into her ears to block out, not only the outside world, but her memories as well. Her therapist told her to find another source of creativity to distract the dark thoughts. The rain that pattered on the window certainly did not help her anxiety at all. The rain, it sounded like…splashes.]

[font “Trirong” The red-haired young adult nearly jumped out of her skin when the announcement of her stop was broadcasted through the intercoms. Piper quickly shoved her headset off her ears and sat rigged in her seat. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. Her pale hand could feel it through her sweater. Before the woman sitting next to her could ask what was wrong, Piper furiously gathered her things and squirmed her way out the train doors.]

[font “Trirong” [i I skipped classes this week for this?] Piper questioned her broken sanity as she marched through the old path to that forsaken house. She tugged on her grey sweater sleeves anxiously. Her fall break was last week, but she had to come back here. She had to. Things were all too coincidently to be real. Killian confessed to having the same dream she did. The phone call they shared happened the day after Piper experienced her dream. There had to be some psychological explanation to this phenomenon. There had to. Piper would discover the answers she needed even if she had to be in this horrible town for another two weeks.]

[font “Trirong” As Piper drew closer to the house of nightmares, she could spot a white haired figure on the porch. She could smell the coffee from meters away. The figure almost seemed familiar. [#000080 “Kil? Is that you? What did you do to your hair?”] Piper asked with a smirk on her face. He looked ridiculous, but it was a nice change. He certainly seemed more grown up since she last saw him in high school. Maybe there was hope for a better future? Piper was more grown up herself. She was more physically fit than her lazy years as a teenager. Her fair skin free of old blemishes, her exotic red hair was wavy and longer . She looked much better than she did when she was younger. [#000080 “You’ve gotten taller. Now I feel like I’m the younger one of the group.”]]
  Watery Soul / JakeTheHybrid / 1y 131d 3h 52m 40s
It was the dream that did it.

Just before fall break, while he was still on the fence about whether to go home or stay in college for the weekend, he dreamed about Sam.

A rattle at his window woke him from a dead sleep, loud and obnoxious. Irritated, he rolled over, stuffing his head into his pillow. Had to be John, again. He couldn't go down for drinks, he had a test tomorrow, he'd [i told] them!

The rattle came again, then again. Killian snarled, then sat up sharply. "Cut it out!" he snapped, and found someone at his window--someone he'd never expected to see again.

Killian stopped dead, eyes widening. No. It couldn't be. But... "Sam?" he asked, climbing out of bed.

The boy smiled, sitting on the outside of his windowsill. Sam hadn't aged a day since he'd last seen him, since the day he'd disappeared. Sun-bleached hair, bright blue eyes, a deep tan from a summer spent playing outside spotted with freckles. Even details he hadn't remembered were perfect; the green t-shirt from that year's t-ball team, the too-big shorts. It was Sam. But it couldn't be.

As though in a trance, Killian moved to the window and pushed it open. "You--you can't be," he breathed.

"I came to get you!" Sam replied, brightly. "Come on, I have so much to show you!" He jumped off the window ledge into thin air; Killian's breath caught, but instead of falling, Sam floated, light as a cloud. He giggled and gestured for Killian to follow him, but Killian shook his head. This was the fifth floor. He couldn't.

"Aww, you're no fun," Sam pouted, and then Killian startled awake.

He looked around at the dark dorm, pushing his hair back. What'd that been? Sam, but... what was he...Why was he dreaming of Sam? After all these years?

A wind ruffled his hair, and he turned. The window was open.


Fall break, and he was spending it back home. Honestly, what a waste. Killian leaned back, sipping his coffee, bored out of his mind. Where were the others? Hadn't they agreed to meet up? Maybe it was stupid, but after that weird dream they'd all shared in some form or another, he just...he wanted to check it out. They'd just swing by the house for some fun, that was all. No big, right?

He took another, longer sip of his coffee. Right.
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Hey everyone! We've got all four members, and we're ready to go!

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Everyone should have access to the thread. PM me if you can't get in.

Posting order is as follows:


I'll delete this post and post by the end of the week. I'm a little busy right now but I'll post soon!
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