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"Wouldnt be the first time", she says as she pulled out her knife from a hidden holster, spinning it in between her fingers then set it on the table, the scars up and down her back slightly showing "name's Amy.....Amy Winchester", she says, hoping they didn't recognize the last name, her being in the Campbell-Winchester Mafia crime family. She heard Thunder and groans slightly "I hate the rain...... mainly because I have titanium in my body and the drop in pressure cause me intense pain", she says as she rubbed her shoulder slightly "a family member in Mexico tells me there is a guy by the name of Tuco Salamanca that needs to be taken out", she says to Walter as she looked at him with intense eyes
He gave the bird while going to the basement to put cash in the cash hole they made in the wall from profits "Whatever, just luck I didn't leave us in the dirt"
  Jesse Pinkman / Askredsamurai / 2y 105d 19h 10m 41s
"I was getting a tissue, Jesus Christ. And if I wanted you dead, you'd already been killed before you called your friend", she says as she looked at him with her multicolored eyes then wiped her face off, coveted in tattoos and scars.
He lokked quickly pulling out his piece "Yo, don't be getting no ideas bitch!" He yelled cocking the s!ide back chambering a round in it as Mr.White just used a sewing kit and some gause to fix it
  Jesse Pinkman / Askredsamurai / 2y 111d 8h 47m 51s
"Side is going have to be stitched up, cut is pretty deep but missed any major veins or arteries", she says in a thick Irish accent as she was being fixed up then reached into her pocket for something but couldn't find it.
They were arguing on who's house to take or just take her in the hospital, "Alright we'll take her to your house since you and your wife have the medical shit.." Jesse said as he turned on the hip hop station, rapping along the words. Little while later they were at Mr.Whites house, taking her in a guest room as they cleaned off the wounds as best as they could for a chemistry teacher and drug dealer could do
  Jesse Pinkman / Askredsamurai / 2y 111d 9h 55m 37s
"Ow", she says as she squinted her eyes in pain when Her head hit the Window, blood Soaking through the right side of her shirt, soaking through her entire right Pants leg and her left sleeve of her shirt, dried blood on the right side of her face, hands and arms.

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