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The woman couldn't help her deep blush as she refused to look at him. She had thought that maybe he had been about to kiss her. A girl could hope, right? She quickly looked away, willing her heart to slow it's beating. [b "I..Okay.."] She whispered, unable to keep the disappointment from her voice.

Of course..Why would someone as gorgeous as him be interested in her? The damaged girl?.. Grace quickly looked over to Anna to hide the tears that had formed in her eyes. Damn it ! Where had those even come from?! And over what?..Some boy who didn't want her?..

Grace quickly scooped Anna up in her arms and walked with her out of the room, bouncing her gently. [b "Ready to eat, little swan?"] She asked gently, to which Anna squeaked in reply. She was nervous around all of the new ones.
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 22h 42m 16s
Jasper could have killed Edward at that point. But at the same time, the man was grateful to his brother for interrupting as he had. There was no telling how much control he truly had and that thought alone scared him. He could have let go. He could have hurt her. Out of the family, Jasper was still newest to their way of life and still had his struggles when it came to controlling his want of blood.

When she jumped back from him, the man had taken a couple of steps back himself to regather himself. Dark, almost pitch black eyes came back to meet the girl's when she chanced her own glance back at him. [b "It won't be for long. Maybe an hour or two. Carlisle had asked the three of us to go with him for something."] Jasper said quietly, the lie smoothe and as if he WERE telling the truth. He could not have her know it was a little hunting trip that he so desperately was in need of.

[i "Esme, Bella and Renesmee will stay here with you and Anna. It'll be alright."] Edward said quietly, trying to help both Jasper and Grace feel at ease. The man stepped aside and motioned the others go first.
  Jasper_Hale / SheDevil / 5d 6h 48m 33s
The young woman didn't understand why she was reacting to him this way. She wanted so much from him. [b “I..”] She looked away from him and bit into her lower lip. She slowly looked back up to him and let her eyes roam along his face. She wanted to memorize every feature.

Why was she having this reaction to the man? She was never involved with a man before, she had never had any interest in anyone. But him...She was beyond interested in.

His shiver made her smirk faintly. She wanted to see the man do it again. For some reason, she wanted to see him be under her control. It was all so very confusing to her. Without even realizing it, the woman had moved closer to the man. They were so very close at this point, her eyes never left his. She was so very drawn in to him. [b “I don't think I could ever be afraid of you, Mister Hale..”] She whispered, being so close that her cool minty breath brushed along his lips.

When she heard the voice spread across the room, the woman instantly jumped back and looked away. Her heart was pounding as she kept her eyes away from him, deeply embarrassed. [b “Y-you are leaving?...”] Grace asked quietly, letting her eyes flick back up to his.
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 5d 10h 19m 32s
Edward had told the man everything that was in the young woman's head. But he also pieced it together with what he had heard back in school earlier that day. So Jasper did know so much more than he was letting on. But the man meant everything he had said. He did see her as brave and there being so much more to her. And to see that faint blush made him smile. [b "You're very welcome."] He whispered.

She wanted to run. And he could see it. But there was also that desire. Jasper had seen it and felt it all before. The draw and repellant that being a vampire came with. But with her it was different. He could not and would not allow himself to hurt her.

A shiver ran through the man at her purred words and the way her fingers gently ran along his abs. Putty was almost what he was to this girl. But he still had to keep his control. [b "I'll leave that for you to decide."] He whispered as his dark eyes were locked with hers. God he was so very drawn in. And now he knew what his brother had been through before.

[i "Esme said to come get Grace and Anna for dinner. And she also said that you needed to get ready to come out with me and Em."] Edward said from just beyond the door where Grace and Jasper were standing. He had been listening and knew NOW was a very good time for Jasper to hunt.
  Jasper_Hale / SheDevil / 5d 14h 12m 53s
The young woman tilted her head ever so slightly as the man spoke. He spoke as if he knew her. As if he had inside information on her life. She didn't know his brother had told him everything that was in her head. His words made her blush faintly. [b “I..Thank you for that..”] She whispered.

Her entire body screamed for her to run away from him. Something in him was very dangerous and very wrong..But everything in her told her that she wanted him. She wanted him more than she had ever wanted anyone.

Her heart was pounding hard, blood had rushed to her face, brightening up her cheeks. He was really getting to her. The draw was making her dizzy. She was like putty in his hands at the moment. [b “Should I be afraid, Mister Hale?”] The young woman almost purred, raising her hand and resting it on his chest, gently running her fingers along his abs. Her eyes never left his. His words made her shiver. She adored his drawl. If they kept this up, he would have damn near complete control over her.
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 5d 22h 25m 57s
Dark, almost black eyes were upon the girl. He would have to hunt soon to get the honey colour to come back and also to make sure he didn't end up biting her. Her blood just got to "the beast inside" and literally "sang to him". It was hell trying to fight it, but he could NOT hurt her. [b "Honestly I do. You've obviously been through a lot..but you still manage to smile and to try and get through life. You have grown up quickly and try to be both a sister and mother for Anna...Just there is so much there."] The man said quietly. He did not think her childish or immature at all. Instead he saw a brave young woman.

It amused him when she had looked away and pouted. It was obvious she didn't understand that something in her KNEW that he was dangerous deep down. Could he tell her? No, of course not. He would let her make her own decisions and just pray it was not going to send them to hell.

Only for a few seconds were her eyes faced away from his before she turned back to him and their eyes were locked once more. And he could see the change that came in her. Could feel it. In those moments, the girl was drawn in and so was he. But he had to fight himself and the urges within. [b "Are you afraid to let me close and to know you, Miss Sloan?"] He found himself asking, easily falling to his old southern drawl. Easily falling into the same easy flirtations she was using. It shocked him how easily she brought it out of him.
  Jasper_Hale / SheDevil / 5d 14h 22m 10s
Grace tilted her head to the side and thought about his words. [b “Do you think there is more to me?..”] She asked quietly, really just curious as to what he would say. She was sure he would think of her as simple and childish. She could take it, she just wanted the truth.

Grace's lower lip poked out in a cute pout as she lost the mini staring contest. She was sure something was different about his eyes though. Earlier, in class, they had been honey colored. Now they were almost black. No matter the color, they were beautiful. He was beautiful.

When his eyes locked to hers once more, the young woman blushed faintly. She tried to hide it, but the man was very appealing to her. His drawl made her shiver. She was leaned in the doorway, he towered over her by at least a foot. [b “You look like a man who knows what he wants..”] She whispered, slowly running her tongue over her lower lip. [b “I'm not so sure I should let you get to know me, mister Hale.”] She was amazed at herself. The woman had never been one to flirt so openly and here she was in the room flirting with the man even in the midst of all of the chaos .
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 6d 22h 54m 32s
He knew she didn't and wouldn't understand his words. But he didn't know how to explain them to her either. [b "Just everyone is worth getting to know and has more to them then meets the eye."] Jasper said slowly and quietly, it being the only sentence he could think of that would make sense.

Jasper couldn't help being slightly amused. It amazed him when she attempted to hild his gaze. To keep looking as if to not back down. But when she looked away from him, the vampire couldn't say hr was surprised either. In its sense it really had been "prey versus predator" and "predator" had won the stare down. It was a sad thought, but deep down no matter how he was starting to care and be drawn in, there was the predator in him.

When Grace spoke, Jasper's eyes were locked on her again. [b "I would like that...getting to know more about you and to talk more about this.."] The man said, the drawl again coming out in his voice as again he used his gift on Anna to calm the child.
  Jasper_Hale / SheDevil / 7d 2h 57m 5s
The woman kept her eyes on the ground as she listened to Jasper speak. She was scared of what they would think of her..Of Anna. She slowly looked up to Jasper, blushing faintly from his last words. [b
“I..Why would you say that?..”] She asked, making sure her eyes stayed on his. She wouldn't show weakness by looking away. Her heart was pounding. There was something about him that made her want more..want to know him more..Want to know everything about him. She didn't understand what was happening.

The woman quickly looked away from him as she walked up the stairs with the child. She watched as she ran into the room, excited to play with the toys, all sorts of toys she would never be able to supply for her.

The girl turned to Jasper, blushing at his closeness. [b “I...Maybe we can talk..I..I mean once I get her to sleep..I just..”] She was rambling on and on. [b “I think we need to talk..about all of this..And...him..”] Just the mention of him made Anna whimper.
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 9d 14h 50m 22s
[b "Esme and Carlisle aren't as judging as others are. Each of us have a history and past we aren't proud of..but they love us all the same. So I am sure there is nothing that you can say that will make them hate you. Believe me when I say you're more worth knowing than you think."] The man said, letting his southern drawl take over. It wasn't something he let happen often but he remembered how it had seemed to sooth her. Besides they were "home" and it was okay to mostly be free. The thought of MOSTLY came to mind because she didn't know what they happened to be and he did not want to scare her and her sister or give it away.

He was silent the rest of the walk to the room. Jasper could feel the child's eyes on him but he didn't look back or make it clear that he knew. After all, he was sure he had in a sense made a bit of a mess. But he was only trying to help.

[b "This room is only ever used if we have people staying with us. But I thought it would be good for the two of you.."] He said as he moved to the bed and set the suitcase upon it. [b "Is there anything else I can help with?"] Jasper asked as he tilted his head and chuckled as Anna went to the toys and was trying to find something she wanted to play with.
  Jasper_Hale / SheDevil / 9d 15h 29m 10s
Grace let her hair fall over her face, biting into her lower lip. [b “I don't think anyone would want to get to know me...”] She whispered quietly. Her heart was racing as she thought about anything she could tell them. Everything about her was bad. Horrible, really. She was shaking slightly, trying to keep her thoughts together. She didn't know what to do about her father or anything.

Grace watched as Anna hid herself against Grace's neck. She wanted to go to Jasper, but she wouldn't leave her sister. Grace could feel that the child wanted the man, she could see her eyes move toward Jasper before she quickly looked away.

Grace's jaw dropped as they went into the spare room. There were all sorts of toys she would never be able to afford to Anna, there was a desk and a large bed for Grace. Bookshelves full of books. [b “I-it's perfect...”] She whispered, setting the child down.
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 9d 20h 18m 58s
Both Carlisle and Esme gave the girls warm smiles. [i "It is very nice to meet the both of you."] And they watched as Grace followed Jasper. They would be asking the man later about the draw that he had to her. But from what they could tell, the young woman and her sister seemed sweet and like they did truly need the help that they had been told they did.

Jasper had her suitcase as she had her sister. His steps in front of her were slow. [b "I told you that they would like you and there is nothing to worry about. You may just have them curious and wanting to get to know you."] The man said gently as he could feel the fear radiating off the child in Grace's arms. Even with the reassurances from her older sister, Anna did not seem to be calming down and could throw herself into a fit.

He hated to use his "gift" on people but if it was needed or to help he would. Now it seemed needed and so he did use it to get the child to calm. The vampire did not calm the child completely but enough to where she could breath properly and stopped the shaking. [b "This is the room that they mentioned... Hopefully it will be alright?"] He asked as he mived aside to let Grace and Anna look around.
  Jasper_Hale / SheDevil / 12d 10h 2m 16s
Grace bit into her lip as she watched the ground, walking hand in hand with Anna. She didn't know what to expect. [b “What if they don't like me?..”] She thought out loud, blushing afterwards.

[b “I...thank you so much.. This is Anna, my little sister.”] Anna was hidden behind her leg, shaking hard. She was so very scared, she had seen her father.

Grace gently stroked the child's hair before picking her up. She followed Jasper up the stairs, holding Anna close to her. [b “Calm down, little swan..I've got you..I promised you he would never touch you again..I meant that promise..”] The woman whispered to the child, trying to get her to calm down.
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 12d 10h 49m 14s
Jasper had gotten one of the other suitcases from the trunk and was soon at her side. The man knew better than using his gift on the girl. Knew it would definitely confuse her. But what choice did he have? The girl had been working herself up and to a point where she would not and could not calm down. Besides, he hated the overwhelming emotional stress she was under and had been trying to relieve her at least the slightest bit. However, the vampire male could not say any of that.

Again her nerves picked up as she walked with him towards the house. Her questions seemed almost funny to him in a sense, but he had to remember she did not know hos family. [b "Rosalie will most likely be the hardest to handle. The others will like the two of you. Especially Esme as she is like our mother and loves 'children' and helping people."] Jasper found himselt saying as soon he led the young woman inside.

When they got inside, all the others were waiting in the livingroom. And was expected, both Esme and Carlisle had come forwards. [i "Welcome Grace. It is nice to meet you."] Esme said warmly with a smile. [i "There is a spare bedroom upstairs...perhaps you would like to get settled and then have some dinner?"]
  Jasper_Hale / SheDevil / 50d 12h 41s
All of a sudden, Grace was calm. It confused her. She had been crying so hard and all of a sudden she didn't know how it happened. She looked up at the man and forced a smile. [b “That sounds good..”] She said quietly as she unbuckled her seat belt and turned around in her seat. She quickly unbuckled the sleeping Anna and picked her up, rocking her gently. [b “Sleep well, sweet girl..”] She whispered, rocking the child as she slid out of the car.

She hit the trunk button and went to the back of the car, pulling out a suitcase, rocking the child gently. She followed Jasper into the house, focusing more on his footsteps than on anything she was doing. She tried to keep calm on her own, but she didn't know how to. She was also nervous about getting inside and meeting his family. This man made her very nervous. [b “What if they don't like me?...”] She whined softly.
  Victoria Grace Sloan / Kat_Attack / 51d 22h 8m 2s

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