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Grace gently stroked the child’s hair, humming a soft tune as she tried to keep the child calm and asleep. She refused to look up at the boy. She figured he would try to make her feel better, but she didn’t deserve to feel any better. She was the reason that her sister was going through all of this. It wasn’t fair to the little girl. None of this was.

She let out a soft musical giggle as she heard him speak of Rosalie. [b “She seems to be a tough one, but I can tell by how she looked at the kids..she cares.”] She said quietly, finally looking up at the boy. He looked so…nervous. She tilted her head and pushed her hair from her eyes. He was cute though. [b “You seem troubled. Why?..”] She asked quietly, unsure of why he seemed so uneasy.

When she was finished telling her story, he seemed to finally begin to speak. She blushed softly as the man seemed to be begging for her to stay. She had to change the subject. [b “So…You and Jasper..are you…ya know…together?”] She asked slowly, glancing up at him to see his reaction.
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She studied him in the same way that he did her. For those few moments, Jacob felt almost as if he were looking into a mirror. One he was not sure would crack or not. But when she told him she would be telling him when her sister fell asleep, the wolf boy nodded. "Yeah...she seemed pretty upset."

There hadn't been much to tell her. So short as his story was, it was true enough. "I didn't really have a choice. Some things came up and well here I am." Came his words. And then he chuckled and smirked at the girl who was much shorter than he. "So you think you can make me go back?" He asked. But then the words 'drag by the tail' had been said and his face fell and he froze up again. DID the emotion controlling leech let something slip? Because she was making WAY too many dog and wolf based references and it would be thought that she knew something. "Yeah the barbie. She's like that to nearly everyone. Instead of letting her scare me I pick fights with her"

Jacob listened to her words in silence as she spoke. Man did she have it rpugh. No one deserved to live like that. "Trust you two would be safe. Or mostly safe. Most of us would be willing to help you and your sister...if you'll give us the chance." Though without meaning to, Jake was begging her to stay. He didn't want her to go..
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Grace watched the boy as he tried to figure out why she had asked her question. She thought for a long while before answering. [b “I will tell you after the little one is asleep..”] She said simply. The child had enough nightmares..She didn’t want to add to them. She gently stroked the little girl’s hair as she watched Jacob.

His reaction to the word pack was definitely interesting, though she wasn’t sure what to think of it. She couldn’t think of a reason that he would have reacted that way. She then listened to his story and nodded along. [b “You dropped out of school?! Well that won’t do. You are going back, if I have to drag you in by your tail.”] She said with a huff. [b “Ah..The cold one. She is…I’m honestly terrified of her.”] She said simply.

Now that the child was asleep, she could speak freely. [b “Me?...Well I don’t have many friends. I keep becoming the new kid. Running from my past. My father…was a terrible man. I am the reason he is in jail…was in jail…”] She said quietly, panic rising as she spoke about it. [b “He was released recently…he..knows where we live, which is why we are here. But we can’t stay here. I…it’s not safe for her..”] Though if the man found them, it wasn’t the child that he would torture.
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Her words had him look to her and he gave the faintest of smiles. "Thanks...and good advice. Just I am sure you would get that being a lot easier said than it is done." He said softly. Not that he knew WHY she would know, but something in her words told him that she at least understood and in some sense dealt with it. "From the road you can's see this place. It's pretty much its own property. The Cullens like their there is nothing to worry about..Though there a reason you asked?" Jake asked, with a tilt of his head as it had been an interesting question to say the very least.

There was no way he could tell her everything. But he knew there were SOME things he could. Basics really. Before he could even decide on what to say, Grace asked about a pack and he all but froze. "Pack....?" He muttered the word, obviously at a loss even when she clarified meaning friends. God if only she knew. It took a moment and he let out a laugh. "Well..I lived with my dad and run a mechanic's shop. Kind of dropped out of school because I wasn't good at showing up...and yeah, I have friends but it is interesting.." Came thoughtful words. And then he chuckled. "Rosalie is the only one I don't get along with. But most the time I do spend here.."

"What about you..? What can you tell me about you?" He asked as he turned the question back her way. Only fair.
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Grace nodded slowly as she listened to the man. She couldn’t blame him for not wanting to dish his secrets. [b “That is understandable. I do hope you open up at some point. Too many negative emotions piling up can be bad for your health.”] She said quietly, she knew from experience. [b “Say…how far from sight are we here? If someone was to drive by…can they see the cars in the driveway?”] She asked, trying not to sound too panicked. Jasper leaving had her emotions working in overdrive.

[b “Of course it counts.”] She said as she rocked the child. She smiled softly and gently stroked her hair. It didn’t take long for the little girl to fall asleep in her arms. She headed over to the couch and gently lay the child down, putting a blanket over her. [b “Sleep well, my love..”] She said tenderly. [b “Tell me about yourself, Jacob. Have a pack of your own? Ya know, friends?”] She asked with a tilt of her head. [b “Or do you spend your time with the family of abnormally beautiful people?”]
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Telling an off day was a bad idea. That had been evident from the moment the words slipped his lips and she turned the look of concern his way and asked if he wanted to talk about it. For a moment he had frozen and was studying her. Only when she said it could distract her from her own thoughts did he ease off some and give a weak smile. "Not exactly. I wouldn't even know where to start evrn if I wanted to." Came the soft and almost sad admission.

A chuckle did escape when she tossed the towel at him for trying to be smooth. "I was being honest. So that counts as 'sweet talker'?" Jacob teased her as again he looked to her little sister. "Yeah, I think I will join you. We did say we would both cook and it would be rude for me to start without you." He said and gave Grace a smile, motioning that she go first and he would follow her.
  MourningGlory / 42d 7h 33m 53s
Grace tilted her head as he spoke. [b “An off day? Care to talk about it? It will probably distract me from my mind.”] She said quietly, rocking the child gently. She needed to lay her down, but wasn’t sure where she could while being able to keep an eye on her. She gently brushed her hair as she kept her eyes on Jacob. He was very handsome.

[b “Well I’m sure it will take a master chef to make boxed mac and cheese, so we may need your assistance.”] She said with a wink. She could see the unease in Jacob’s face and she was not sure what it was from. She rocked the child gently, trying to figure out what had upset the man.

[b “I think it is a cute name.”] She said before blushing a dark red from his words. [b “Ohhh someone is trying to be smooth.”] She said before tossing a kitchen rag at the man. [b “I can lay her down on the couch, I suppose. It won’t take long to get her to sleep, would you like to join me while laying her down?”]
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Perceptive was what this girl was. Way more than Bella had been when he had been acting the way he had back when she first got with her leech. A belssing maybe? Or was it a curse? "Just it's been an off day.." Not a lie, but a FAR cry from the truth as he could not say anything.

"I can cook thanks for letting me help. Gives me something to do." Came his quiey words and he gave a small smile. It was when the child came in did he try to seem better. She looked very upset and started to cry. Jasper should NOT have been co trolling their emotions. He knew it was hell the moment he stopped.

"Jakey? Well now I've been called everything. Though not the worst thing a pretty girl has called me." Yeah, he was flirting a little. But to his credit, Grace was very pretty. He just felt bad seeing her little sister as upset as she was. "Why not try and get her to nap until we're done? She does look tired.." The man suggested as he moved closer to the girls.
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Grace watched the man, blushing softly. She quickly looked to Jacob. [b “You look upset..”] She said quietly, unsure of why he had such a frustrated look on his face. When Anna rushed into the room and took her hand, she picked up the child and rocked her gently. [b “It's alright, little duck..”] She whispered gently, rocking the child.

[b “You are good at cooking?”] The girl asked, wiggling her brows at the man. She couldn't help but to giggle as she imagined the man in the kitchen with a frilly apron cooking pancakes. [b “S-sure, you can help..”] She squeaked, kissing Anna's head gently.

Fear began to slowly sink back into her as Jasper's presence was gone. She didn't understand the shift of emotions. [b “I think the nickname might be stuck.”] Grace said with a forced giggle as Anna watched the man. Now that Jasper was gone, the girls were letting the emotions get the better of them. Anna was whimpering, beginning to cry. [b “Hush now, little Duck..We'll have you dinner soon. Someone is getting sleepy..”] She said gently as the little girl rubbed her eyes and whined softly.
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Jasper gave Grace a nod. He was telling her they could talk or do anything she wanted when he and the otjers got back. He was more than aware that both he and Jacob had become like children. But it also was not his fault that they both seemed to have a draw towards the young woman. There was so much he wanted to say and to explain.. But until she discovered it, Jasper had to keep his mouth shut.

And the man gave the faintest of smiles before he was gone. He didn't have the choice as the blood and beating hearts were calling to him. And the moment he made that mistake.. the moment Jacob would be able to tear him apart.


Renesmee's chocolate brown eyes met the other little girl's. She knew how confusing it had been. And she REALLY wanted to be able to tell her. It was just with her mother and everyone hovering so closely she really was at a loss.

"Mac and Cheese!" The little grl cheered as she turned and hid against Bella. She knew that she was going to get talked to later for what she had been up to. But in her defense..the two girls deserved to know what they were walking into. She liked them and didn't want them hurt.


Bella smiled and then pointed at Jacob. [b "It's actually something he is good at. We both are... Esme likes to cook and she teaches us."] The young woman said with a smile. She was still keeping her hold on Nessie though.


Jacob shook his head. It seemed that this was getting trickier and trickier. But then that meant they would have to tell her soon, right? He hoped so because it was a pain having to hide it all again.

"Yeah, my name is Jake. But you can call me Jakey.. If you want." Jake said as he gave Anna a smile. The man knew that she seemed scared now with Jaspet gone. The stupid leech had been using his ability before and so had helped with the tension there had been.

"Bella's right...I love food and so love being in the kitchen. Let me help?" The man asked as he gave a smile.
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The girl looked between the men and sighed, shaking her head. The were acting like children. She looked away from them trying not to blush as she saw his smile. [b “Easy children.”] She said to the two boys before looking over at the two ACTUAL children. She smiled as she saw them play. It had been so long since Anna had been a child like this..It was nice to watch.

[b “Maybe we could have a drink while we talk, after I put the little duck to bed.”] She said quietly, looking over at Jasper. His eyes were so dark. She was confused. She didn't understand why his eyes shifted so much after their conversation in the hall. She bit her lip and watched the man leave. It almost made her sad..

She entered the kitchen with them and nodded. [b “Mac and cheese.”] She said as she picked up the child. Anna looked back at Nessie, obviously confused. She didn't understand the big wolf she had been shown. She nuzzled gently against Grace, trying to get her to calm down. She watched as Jasper left, whining softly. He made her feel safe...The child looked over at Jacob and Bella before biting her lip and sliding her hand into Grace's. [b “Graceee..Him names Jakey?..”] She asked nervously. Scared.

Grace went into the kitchen and looked over at Bella. [b “I..I'm not a very good cook..”] She said quietly.
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Jacob and Jasper were still very stiff. Had she voiced her thoughts of them struggling like they were and because of her.. Well she would have been right. Not that either male would admit it right out. Well maybe one of them would have. But the fact remained that she didn't and so they did not.

Jake had given a smirk to Jasper when she had asked him to stay. "I like to hang around here. Like Bella said, we're friends and I guess I am used to fighting over pretty things. Besides I love mac and cheese." The wolf man said, flashing Grace a smile. But after he gave the smile to Grace, Jake turned to sticking his tongue out st Bella. It was like the woman was TRYING to give something away. Not cool.


Jasper had given Bella a look at her words as well and also had shot one at Jacob. He knew that the wolf was doing this to get under his skin. But he also knew he had to keep control. [b "It would be good for you to have the company...and like you had said early to explain...But should eat with them."] Jasper tried again.

The man then gave a small smile and nod. [b "Yeah.. see you later..."] And with that, he went to join Edward and Emmett for their hunt. He was beyond hungry and afraid that he would be slipping any minute.


Nessie and Anna came back over to Grace and Bella. Renesmee actually had gone to the new girl and touched her hand and showed her a giant wolf. She was TRYING to give a hint. And then she showed her family with the honey gold eyes they had when they came back. But before she could show more, Bella was behind her and scooping her up.

[b "So mac and cheese?"] She asked with a smile.
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Grace tilted her head as she looked between the two men. They seemed to have something against each other. [i ' Do NOT get involved in their drama..You have enough of your own..'] The woman thought with a sigh, shaking her head slightly. The two were like children..But it was kind of nice to have someone fuss over her.. [i ' Don't flatter yourself, Grace..'] She thought with a soft sigh.

The girl tilted her head to the side. [b “Maybe you could..join us for dinner?...”] She asked quietly, trying to hide the fact that she was inviting someone to someone else's house for dinner. She felt like such a burden..She glanced at Jasper and bit her lower lip.

Grace looked away and shook her head. [b “I think I will just feed her..I'm not hungry anyways.”] She said slowly, chewing on her lower lip. It was definitely a lie that either men could pick up on. [b “I um..I'll see you when you get back, I suppose..”] She said slowly.

The glanced over toward Bella and smiled softly. [b “If you are willing to help, I would appreciate it..though I won't need much..The poor girl doesn't eat a variety of things..Mostly mac and cheese..”] She said quietly with a shrug.


[b “I would love to help, I am a wiz at mac and cheese.”] She said with a soft smile, glancing up at Edward. She pushed herself onto her tiptoes and gave the man a gentle kiss, shooing him away. [b “Now get going..I'll keep them entertained. Besides..Jake is used to fighting for pretty things.”] She said with a wag of her brow, sticking her tongue out at Jake. He was still her best friend, even after everything.
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"You didn't tell her?" Jacob muttered to Jasper as Grace seemed to be in her head for a few moments. When he got the shake of a head, the wolf male's arms crossed and he gave the vampire a glare. "Typical. Can get people in trouble but can't explain anything." Again the words were spoke quietly.

His attention was soon on the girl before him and the leech. "Yeah, tell me when you can. I wouldn't make you in front of her. Just like I said I can't do anything if I have no clue what's going on."


Jasper gave Jacob a quick shake of his head and a glare. He did not need a lecture from the other man as he knew how bad all of this was.

[b "It might be a good idea if you both eat something. You must he hungry too.. I mean I am sure Anna would rather have someone to eat with her and not eat alone."] He was trying to coax her into eating as he had been able to feel her unease of the food and could also hear her stomach. Of course neither thing he could voice.


[#31f42f "Bella can help the two of you down in the kitchen. She was going to make sure Renesmee ate something too."] Edward said as he had come up behind his wife. He like she was studying his brother and the wolf. He did a much better job at hiding the amusement at the situation than she did though.
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Grace didn't know what she was going to tell the man. Did she tell him everything? Risk him getting involved with James as well? That would be tricky. She kept her eyes on the ground, biting her lower lip as she thought it over. Not only did she not know what she was going to say, but how did she say anything without crying? It was so overwhelming..

Help? Now he wanted to help her too? Since when did she become so damned weak that she needed the help of all of these people? How could she accept it? How could she let them all put themselves in danger?..Because it wasn't just for her..It was also for Anna..She bit her lip and looked back up at Jacob. [b “I'll explain it...but not around her..”] She said quietly.

The girl sighed as she looked to Jasper. He seemed so stiff all of a sudden, as if he and Jacob had a long running with each other and they hated each other..But why? Now she was interested, not that she should be. She couldn't focus on boys...Not when there was so much at risk.. [b “I'll get her something to eat..Thank you..”] She didn't want to take anything for herself.

She nodded as Jasper replied. She looked away from the male and her eyes hit Bella. The woman was observing her, as if she was calculating what was wrong with them. When really she was trying not to laugh about another girl being caught between a vampire and a werewolf.
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