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It had been a long time since anyone had called him by his real name or asked for it. And to be honest, Hatter had almost forgotten himself until those blue eyes specked with the green had locked with his own brown. Her eyes had been shifting colours a lot since she had been in Wonderland and he had noticed each. It was beautiful and mystifying to say the least. And for a moment, the man was lost in her eyes before having to pull his gaze away and having to focus on the question that she had aaked. [b "Dante Alexander...But everyone knows me as Hatter. I've not heard my real name or thought about it in a very long time."] The man was finally able to say, turning dark eyes back upon the young woman.

The moment the emotions in her drink began to wash over her, Hatter could see them dance in her eyes. But he could tell she was trying to keep her bearings and wits anout her as well. It was why she had given him another question to answer for her. [b "Sorrow and longing...They had matched emotions I had been feeling at the time and I thought I could handle them. You can ask March or one of the others how badly that ended. It took me awhile to get back to normal."] He said quietly as he took another sip from his tea.

[b "Why did you choose that particular mix to try?"] He asked, motioning to the cup within her hands. A question for a question and he was trying to get the attention off of himself.
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 335d 17h 50m 10s
Brooklyn didn't understand the way he was acting around her. She bit her lip as she looked over at the man. [b “Your name isn't really Hatter...What is it?”] She asked quietly, looking up into the man's eyes. Her own blue eyes with specs of green locked onto his as she waited for his answer. Her eyes changed colors often while here in Wonderland. They had gone from brown and gold to blue and green. She was trying to keep her thoughts together. He was making her head cloudy.

His blush made him even more attractive, if that was even possible. Her heart was pounding as she watched him, though she was not making it obvious that she was watching him. She was trying to keep her cool. It wasn't working.

Almost immediately, the emotions washed over her. A smile crossed her lips, but a lusty look entered her eyes. [b “What did you mix them with last time?...”] She asked quietly, letting her eyes drink him in.
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 335d 21h 2m 7s
Before he had fallen so madly in love with her. She had been the one to save not only him from the darkness but his home too. Never would he be able to repay his angel and now she didn't remember anything or anyone. She didn't remember him. Being the one to remember but having to keep quiet on it killed him. Having to try and pretend he did not know her when all he longed to do was take her in his arms was hell. But she had had all memories of him and their love erased. Had had all of Wonderland erased so to her this was both a dream and one hellish nightmare. And Hatter knew it. The only thing she did have was the locket he had given her before she had left but he could not tell her. That was his pain. That was what he could not tell her.

Hatter flushed the faintest bit when she had caught him staring. He probably should have looked away at that point, but couldn't. His eyes would not let him, nor would his heart. So when she had been the one to look away, the man was both grateful and disappointed.

For a moment, Hatter watched as she took a sip from her cup. He was almost afraid what it would end up doing. [b "I chose Jasmine. One of my many favourites...After the last time I tried my teas mixed with the emotions...well lets just say I stay away from them."] He said quietly, finally taking a sip from his own cup as he took a seat.
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 335d 18h 2m 59s
Brooklyn could tell that something was bothering the man. It was in the way he spoke to her and looked at her. He had a deep pain hidden from her, it made her wonder what it was. [b “I..Okay, fine..You aren't most men..I'll leave it to you to prove it to me..”] She whispered, her eyes flicking up to meet his.

The woman blushed as she caught him staring at her. Why was he acting this way when around her? He was acting as if he was in love with her or something. She quickly looked away, biting into her lower lip. Her heart was pounding. Why was she acting like this with him? She didn't even know him..Did she?...His..She couldn't explain it. It was like her soul new him.

The woman took the cup of tea from him and looked over to his cup. [b “Thank you..What brew did you choose?”] She asked as she slowly sipped from her cup.
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 336d 9h 14m 4s
Brooklyn didn't know who he was or the things he did. And given what they had done the night before, the time they had spent together of course she would think he would ALWAYS sleep around. She would think he would have anyone he wanted. And believe him he had had MANY offers, but always had he turned the others down. He didn't want anyone but her. [b "I won't say you're wrong. That is most men...But I'm not most men."] Hatter said quietly, completely drawn to her laugh that had seemed to add light to the ever darkening of Wonderland.

His eyes were drawn to her. In love with her really. And he could not stop them from drinking her and her beauty in. It had been far too long and he was trying to remember every detail. When she looked away, Hatter couldn't deny that he was disappointed. But he could not blame her either.

[b "Careful with that mix...It is one of the worst you could choose."] Hatter said as he had picked a brew he remembered she had liked and brought it to her with the enotions ahe asked for. Even he wasn't "brave" enough to test them out. He had a couple times and they had REALLY messed him up.
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 336d 1h 10m 27s
The woman was damn certain that the man slept around. With his looks and..Appeal, she was absolutely certain that he was screwing anyone he could. The woman rolled her eyes and let a laugh slip through her lips. It was like a ray of sun in this gloomy hell Wonderland had become. [b “Sure, you don't want to. Every man wants to."]

Her heart was pounding as she saw the way the man was looking at her. Her body was trembling as she blushed a dark red, quickly looking away from her. [i [b 'He doesn't feel anything for me..He just wants another piece of me..']] She thought, biting into her lip and looking down.

She slipped into the tea shop, looking over the menu. [b “Umm..Pick your favorite brew..But add half lust and half bliss.”] She knew messing with emotions was a bad idea..But wanted to see what it was like..She wanted to see what she was attempting to save Wonderland from.
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 336d 9h 12m 48s
Her words stung him more than she could ever know. He had never said those words to another. Well unless she counted the her she used to be before her memories were completely erased. [b "Actually I don't. With this rebellion and trying to keep those who are left safe.. I don't have time...nor do I want to."] Hatter muttered. The man was not sure if she heard him, but he had had to tell her. She needed to know at least that much.

When his hand had taken hers, Hatter had thought she would pull away. So for her not to was a nice surprise. His eyes were locked with hers as they walked. He knew he should look away but he couldn't. [b [i 'Stop this! She does not remember you and thinks you ALWAYS do this sort of thing...this is a dangerous game, Hatter..']] Those were his thoughts.

As soon as they got to the shop, the man held the door for her. [b "Anything you want is free game."] He said as he went and got some of the tea.
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 336d 17h 59m 25s
Honestly, Brooklyn did not regret a thing. Was she embarrassed by her actions? Hell yes! But she didn't regret it. It had been amazing. It had been more than anything she had ever felt before. She stole a few glances behind her to make sure he was still there, blushing a dark red when she saw that he was watching her every move. She was shivering as it was still cold, but she ignored it. She went ahead, following memory mostly.

Her heart began to pound as she heard his words. [b “I'm sure you tell all the girls you sleep with that..”] She whispered with a darker blush, moving further ahead. She didn't know what to think at this point. She didn't regret that she had slept with him, but she figured it was because he felt sorry for her and that he did this with every pretty girl he met, even though she didn't consider herself pretty.

She bit into her lip as she felt his hand slide into hers. Her heart skipped a beat, but she didn't pull away. She couldn't make herself do it. She headed toward the shop with him, her eyes never leaving his. [b [i 'Stop this! You can't feel this way for him! You don't know him and he is just using you! Be smart Brooklyn!'] ] She thought, but it was useless. She was already too far to gone.
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 338d 23h 1m 31s
As dark eyes were upon her, the man almost wondered if she regretted it all. If asked he would say he hadn't. It had been one of the best nights he had had in a very long time. But if she did end up regretting him, the hatter knew that he would hate himself. The last he wanted was for her to regret something she had done or to regret being with him. Even if she had forgotten, Brooklyn still meant everything to him.

[b "I would follow you anywhere."] He found himself saying as he was snapped out of his thoughts by her words and flirty little wink. Such a simple statement but he had meant it. Perhaps more than she would ever know.

After a he spoke, Hatter put his hat back on and followed her from the room. A hand did slowly go to hers and gently take it. But he was leaving the choice if she wanted to pull away. And slowly, Hatter led her towards the shop he had mentioned not long ago.
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 339d 3h 31s
The woman shivered as she felt his fingers trail along her back. She had goosebumps from his touch. Hell, she craved it. She craved more. [b “I..Yes...We can go get breakfast..”] She whispered, trying to compose herself. She was still shaking just a bit.

She pushed her feet into her heels and threw her hair up in her hair tie. When she caught a glance of herself in the mirror, she realized just how bad she looked. Walk of shame bad. She quickly looked away, ignoring the deep bruises on her wrist. She liked the feeling at the time and didn't regret it now.

The girl went to the door and slipped out of it as he held it open. [b “Coming?”] She asked with a flirty wink.
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 339d 4h 10m 42s
The man couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him when she told him to turn around. There was really no point since he had already seen all of her the night before. But since she seemed so embarrassed and shy, Hatter did as she bid. Though a couple of times he did steal glances at her over his shoulder. When he was caught, the man gave a look but he wasn't sorry and only turned back around like she had said.

Putting on the dress hadn't taken her terribly long. Before he knew it, Brooklyn was turned with her back towards him, asking he help her zip it up. Slowly, Hatter turned back around and slid the zipper up for her, letting his fingers linger longer than he should have. God she was still so very beautiful.

[b "It's zipped.. Come on. There's an old tea shop that we can go to and get some breakfast. That is if you would like?"] The man was trying to regain himself. But after the night before and having her back in a sense it was proving VERY difficult
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 339d 3h 5m 9s
Brooklyn watched as Hatter gripped her dress for her and laid it on the bed. She bit her lip as she watched him get dressed, drinking it all in. God he was so very attractive. She bit her lip and looked down as she sat back on the bed and looked at her. She quickly covered herself up. [b “Turn around..”] She squeaked out. It was kind of pointless now, he had obviously seen her naked all the night before..But still.

When he looked away, she quickly stood and threw her dress on. [b “No peaking!”] She squealed as she saw him look over his shoulder at her. She finally had the dress on and turned around. [b “H-help me z-zip up?..”] She asked bashfully, biting into her lower lip harder. She was trying not to be so nervous around the man she had slept with, but it was hard..
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 339d 4h 55m 54s
Wonderland mornings were cold and could be terribly so but it was his home and he was used to them. Hatter's eyes watched her as she seemed so terribly shy. It almost made him think back to the very first time they had been together. Slowly he nodded as he did get out from under the blanket and get her dress for her, setting it upon the bed.

It did not take him long to get dressed himself and then to sit back upon the bed. [b "I'm sorry to wake you like this.."] He said as he turned his dark gaze upon her. He could not keep the curiosity from his eyes as he wondered what might be going through her head.
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 339d 15h 53m 56s
The sun hurt her head. She kept the blanket over her face but peaked over the top at him. Her cheeks were a dark red. It all came back to her. What they had done. She quickly slid back under the covers, though she couldn't help but to like his gentle strokes of her hair. Her body was trembling slightly from the cold. Wonderland's mornings were usually very cold. She bit into her lip and shivered.

[b “C-can you give me my d-dress?..”] The woman asked bashfully, refusing to come out in the open. [b “no..I guess we don't want them here..”] She whispered quietly.
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 339d 18h 32m 18s
He had known she would regret the drink in the morning and when she turned over as she had to try and hide from the sun, Hatter's theory had been proven right. It was the same nearly everytime. They would drink, let it control them and lost themselves, and he would be fine by morning and she would be like she was now. God how he had missed those days and just being together in general. But the sad truth of the matter was she did not know him the way he did her. And this could and would become disastrous.

[b "I know it's bright and early...But we do need to be up soon. They will be looking and don't want them here, do we?"] He whispered as his fingers brushed through her hair that was not covered with the blanket. Oh how he wished this would be more simple and wished he could stay with her.
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 339d 21h 3m 41s

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