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[#f90120 "Do these others make you feel the way I do?"] Sebastian asked with a raised brow as she mentioned he wasn't the only person she saw. He was well aware that she was a good girl. That she enjoyed company but would never stray. And if her were honest.. It was something he very much did love about her.

A sigh slipped from him as Tris walked ahead. He had stopped for a second to admire her before he followed, hands moving into his pockets. [#f90120 "You kbow he doesn't do it to make it a game. Or to make us puppets. It's more a way to try and keep is safe...You safe or as safe as you can be here.. And now also to look after 'Alice' too.."] The seveteen year old said as he used Brooklyn's old name. It had been the only name he had known or the only Hatter had told to him.

His words about caring for her were not to hook her. They were trying to tell her that she actually meant something to him. There were reasons he could not commit even if he wanted to. Tris and he had argued over them again and again. So she did know why. His father being who he was..and being one of Hatter's "puppets" as shr had put it. [#f90120 "I wasn't with Bridget or any of the others. I told you... I was out playing 'watch dog' for Hatter."]

It was her saying she wasn't afraid of anything and agreeing to come with him that made him smirk. Seb had known that it would get her. [#f90120 "Here...this might help.."] Came quiet words as he slipped a vial into her hand. He knew she needed them. Hell he was her dealer after all as she pointed out.
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The young woman was just as curious now as she had been the first time. And it was that endearing curiosity that had been one of the first things about her he had fallen in love with. Not that he could voice those thoughts out loud. Wouldn't be for awhile. [b "When you watch family and friends taken..your home all but would think that forgetting that past would be easier.."] Came a slow and thoughtful answer. Purposely had he left out the fact of losing the love of his life...But he was quick to shake that thought away. Had to be.

[b "Technically it was not a what..but a who. You see this is not the first time in Wonderland's history that the Queen has done all of this. The first time someone was able to help me and the others bring her our home. This time she happened to kidnap someone and planned to use her as a means to completely ruin Wonderland and to destroy the one who helped me in the first place. The perfect means of revenge.."] He told the truth to her.. Or as much as he was able. He just left out she had been Wonderland's saving grace...and Beatrice was her younger sister and the "tool" the Queen had planned to use against Brooklyn.

[b "Because the tea is at the front...and not many speak of this place and the under dealings done. Being against it...I am but I also know from experience what it is not to feel...and the empty vials...two 'children' I happen to look after.."] The rest was told to her only after his gaze had been pulled from where he had been looking and asked that they start the tour.

[b "How about you tell me more about you? What life was in your world?"] Now he wanted to detour the conversation a bit.
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Beatrice rolled her eyes at his reply and his smirk. Why must he be so damned attractive?! She huffed and crossed her arms. [b “I don’t only go there to see you. I have other people who love my company. Other people who would actually come over when they said they would.”] Not that she would take anyone up on the offer. He knew fully well that she belonged to him, even if he didn’t belong to her. She would not stray.

Tris rolled her eyes and continued walking forward, refusing to look and see if he was following. [b “I don’t need you to warn me. Besides, I am not one of Hatter’s puppets. I don’t jump when he says to.”] She said simply.

His words made her cheeks flush. Just enough to keep her on the hook. That was all he would ever give her.. She shook her head and tried to keep her thoughts straight. She needed a fix. [b “Sure..And I’m sure you told that same thing to Bridget last night.”] She said with a shrug. She wasn’t dumb. She knew that he had others. He wouldn’t commit to her. She wasn’t stupid enough to think he would. Hope, yes. But think it would actually happen? Never.

[b “I’m not scared of anything!”] She huffed, finally taking his hand. She grumbled as she let him lead her away from the shop. She was getting shaky. She needed a fix soon if she was going to be able to do anything.
Forgetting who he was wasn’t difficult for him? Then he must not have been a very happy person to begin with. [b “I’m sorry to hear that..Why wasn’t it hard?”] She asked, tilting her head to the side. She chewed on her lip as she watched him, he was so very easy to watch. She looked away as she thought about their time together. It had been amazing, just far too soon.

She listened to his explanation of why the Queen was after him. He was being very vague with her. [b “What did you take from her? How did you ruin her?”] She asked, watching him for any sign of avoidance.

Brooklyn blushed as he bumped her hip back. [b “It seems to make a great profit, but I must ask…How do you stay under the Queen’s radar while running a tea shop?”] She asked with a tilt of her head.

It was strange how he kept his gaze outside for so long. When she went to look, no one was there. [b “We shall..”] She said slowly. Something told her that he was hiding things from her. Very important things. [b “If you are so against the emotion usage…Why do you sell them? And why are there so many boxes of vials half empty?”] Beatrice had raided his supply again.
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The faintest of smirks crossed Seb's lips as she asked why he thought she was going there to see him. It was cute how she behaved when she was angry with him. Which in retrospect he couldn't blame her for since he had promised that he would come back to her the night before and hadn't. [#f90120 "Because I'm usually the one you come there to see. AND we both like to fool around and see what we can get into before it opens for the day.] He said with a shrug and let his hands slip into his pockets as she huffed out her last words of the dealer not answering her call.

And then his smirk all but fell. The young man DID know all about her torture at the hands of the cards and of their dear queen. He also had been there to help Hatter rescue her. [#f90120 "I know Beatrice... I know. It was more a warning since Hatter has us on high alert.."]

Again he fell silent and then shot her a look when she had said to stop acting like he gave a damn about her. [#f90120 "That right there isn't true. You know I care about you. Probably more than I do anyone else.."] He muttered and then his eyes fell on the hatter himself who happened to be in the shop and with...well with some girl who looked to be into him. And what was even worse was the look being shot their way. Well more so the young woman's. And it was one that said a lecture was coming.

[#f90120 "Swim mostly. Unless you're too scared."] Seb said with a smirk as she would not take his had. He was purposely trying to make her mad now so she would forget about the lecture she knew was sure to be coming.
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When she spoke of not hearing his own name for a long time and how it must have been hard, Hatter shook his head and gave a sad smile. [b "For some I suppose it would have been. But it wasn't really for me."] The man admitted softly, hating that he was so open and honest with her. But at the same time he was thankful he could be. It helped in some ways not having to be the man everyone expected of him. It helped to be him, even if it was just in these moments when it was just the two of them. And when he had said she could call him his name when alone, there were more nights he planned to have alone with him. He was not ashamed of those thoughts as he had loved every moment they had spent together.

[b "I took something from her...Something she was planning to use as her own personal weapon against the Wonderlandians.. And this would be the second time I have ruined her. That my dear is why the Queen wants my head so badly."] Again, the words just rolled off his tongue as he answered her question with ease.

The man stood and smiled when she took his hand and agreed to the tour. It was the bumping her hip against his that had taken him off-guard but the man did bump hers back. [b "It's been so long...I can't remember now."]

Dark eyes looked past Brooklyn and locked on the girl he had caught a glimpse of just outside the shop. Beatrice was coming in early and he knew what for too. She was one of the few he was TRYING to get away from the allure and the addiction of the emotions. She KNEW the dangers they held and he would be talking to her later. His looking telling her so. For the moment though, Hatter was thinking it best to keep Brooklyn away from her sister. She was confused enough as it was and he was more than sure that seeing Beatrice would make that worse.

[b "Well, shall we?"] He asked, taking his gaze away from the direction he had been looking in. Before the young woman at his side could answer, the man was beginning to lead her through the shop. The tea part first and then the emotions that they kept in back. Usually he did not trust many, but he knew from experience that the beautiful young woman at his side could be trusted. After all, she had helped him save it once before and deep down was still the woman he loved so very dearly.
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Beatrice let out a squeak as Sebastian spoke from right behind her. His words made her scoff. [b “What makes you think that I was going to the shop to see you? I was simply going to get some vials before Hatter showed up.”] She said quietly, crossing her arms over her chest and making sure not to look at the boy. She pushed her long brown hair from her face and tucked it behind her ears before straightening her shirt, quickly crossing her arms again. [b “Since my dealer can’t be bothered to answer when I call.”] She said with a huff.

[b “You of all people should know that the cards do not scare me. They have tried their best to torture me into submission, they haven’t succeeded yet.”] She said with a shrug. That’s how she had met Hatter. He had rescued her from the Cards after months of captivity. She had been locked in the dungeons of the Queens castle, tortured until she couldn’t feel anything anymore. Hatter had been trying to get her clean since, but after so long of not feeling anything, she never wanted to go back to that feeling.

[b “Besides, it’s not like you are my boyfriend, so quit bothering acting like you actually give a damn.”] She said, obviously pissed off at him. They had reached the shop. Sure enough, Hatter was inside. He had just stood up with the other girl. From what she could see of the girl, she was definitely into Hatter. Though, she looked almost familiar. [i ‘Fuck…here comes the lecture..’] She thought as Hatter locked eyes with her. His disapproving look was enough to make her drop her gaze to the ground. [b “What kind of fun do you have in mind?”] She asked, looking to the man’s hand but refusing to take it. She was definitely angry. But why? She was just his regular hook up..
Brooklyn tilted her head. A place could erase your past…erase who you were? A dark blush crossed her cheeks as her thoughts went to his next words. [i ‘when it is just us’] He planned on them being alone again. She quickly adverted her gaze and bit into her lip as she tried so very hard not to think about the night before. [b “I would love that.”] She said quietly, looking back down at the table. She had to think for a moment. How long had she actually been there? How much time had passed in her world? Time was funny here. She looked back to the man and studied his face. God he was so very attractive. [b “It must have been terrible not being able to hear your own name for so long..”]

She tilted her head at his explanation. That’s right. Wonderlandians could not feel on their own, they needed the emotions to make them feel. What a world that must be. [b “Does the Queen really want you that bad?”] She asked, tilting her head. [b “Why so bad, other than you being the leader of the revolution?..”] She asked while stirring the contents of her cup.

She blushed and took his hand, standing from the couch. [b “A tour from the mad hatter himself? Don’t mind if I do.”] She teased, bumping her hip against his as she fell into step beside him. [b “This is a lovely shop..How long have you been running it?”]
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Fingers ran through dark brown hair as he looked in the window. The young man of about seventeen had intended to go back home the night before. Had meant to be there when Beatrice woke, but as was the case many nights he had not made it. He worked for Hatter who as it so happened was one of the most wanted men in Wonderland. And to top it off, The White Rabbit, his father played as a double agent. He was never sure if he could trust the man or not. Which sucked because he WANTED to have a relationship with the man but always had to watxh his back. Beatrice's too as Hatter in a way had taken on a role as father to the both of them.

Sebatian had stayed close enough to home that he would be able to catch the girl if she woke and decided to go for a stroll. He knew better than any that she could not be tied down so to speak. Also was the one who helped her get her hands on the emotions she was constantly getting into. He was a dealer in his spare time after all. Well when Hatter didn't have him running all over for him.

[#f90120 "You of all people should know that wandering alone and so early isn't a good idea. The cards are still patrolling more heavily since the outsider got through the mirror. Which reminds me...why are you heading to the shop now? I don't work until later and with our luck, Hatter MIGHT be in."] Seb muttered when he was actually able to catch up with the girl. [#f90120 "Why don't we sneak away and have a little fun before 'dad' tried to ground us again. You up for it?"] He asked as he held a hand out to her.
  MourningGlory / 39d 5h 17m 30s
Dante Alexander. Saying it after so long had been odd. Like a fading memory and was a long lost dream. Honestly, Hatter thought that she would find it uncommon and pwrhaps odd. And even now as it so happened, Brooklyn's opinion mattered the most to him. So after the spoken words, Dante found himself sitting straighter than before and awaiting her words. Her assessment so to speak. It was when she had gicen it did the man let out a breath he had not even realised he had been holding in. [b "It is being here...It at some time or another slowly erases your past and helps you forget things you rather forget. Or in my few know my real name and I have not heard it in years. But if you may call me it only when it is just us."] The man said thoughtfully, quite liking how his real name seemed to roll from her tongue.

The man set his cup down and leaned on the couch, turning more to face the young woman. [b "To remind me that I was still alive and could still feel. It had not been very bright.. But it had done tne trick. takes the most unkind of emotions to remind us we are still 'human' for lack of better words. And they remind us we are still alive when all else fails. Before I had done that.. i wasn't sure I could feel much of anything and had been shutting down. I had almost given up all hope and given myself to the Queen.."]

A chuckle did slip from the man and he nodded to her. It wasn't at all what he had expected for her to say, but the innocence and honesty had been refreshing. [b "Fair enough. They were pretty bottles."] He said with a smile as he stood and held a hand out to her. [b "Would you like to see the rest of the shop?" ] He asked
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Bright beams of sunlight flung through the curtains. Far too bright. Deep chestnut hair covered the occupant’s face. In the messy bed, a young girl laid, barely asleep. The girl felt a ferocious pounding in her head. Withdrawal. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. A soft whine slipped from the girl as she stirred, the mixture of the sunlight and the pounding would not let her resume sleep. She looked over to the empty spot beside her and let out an aggravated sigh. He didn’t come home…again. The girl threw the blankets off of her and pushed herself out of bed. The son of the white rabbit was a hard one to nail down anyways.

Beatrice pushed her hair from her face and let out a sigh. She pushed herself out of the bed and stretched, cracking her spine as she had. She made as way to the bathroom and removed her pajamas, entering the shower.

She was relatively young, but boy did she feel so very old. Being in Wonderland for so long would do that to you. The girl’s memories of her previous life were fuzzy, possibly from the overuse of emotions on her end. She remembered having an older sister, but that didn’t matter. Her sister never looked for her so why should she matter to her?

Once she was out of the shower, she quickly dressed. She supposed she would pop into Hatter’s tea shop, that’s where the son of the white rabbit worked. But she hoped that Hatter would not be there. She didn’t need another lecture or another forced sobriety. Last time was brutal. She would just go back to using once it was over anyway, so why try to stop her? So she made her way to the shop.
It took the man a while to answer her. Brooklyn was unsure are to why it had taken so long. Was she mistaken? Was his name actually Hatter? She shifted slightly as she waited for the answer, but soon his gorgeous dark eyes were back on her ever-changing ones. Then he answered. God his voice was like leather. She couldn’t help but to pull her lower lip between her teeth and chew on it. Dante Alexander. It fit perfectly. [b “Of all the things that should be forgotten, your name should not be one of them. And what a lovely name it is.”] She said thoughtfully. God knows she had plenty of things she wanted to forget.

The emotions were seeming to hit her hard. Her head was getting fuzzy. Sorrow and longing? Why would anyone want to willingly feel those emotions? She had plenty of those while in the asylum. Sorrow from being there. Longing to get out. Longing to find someone, though she couldn’t remember who. Someone seemed very important, but the emotions were not letting her focus on that. She had someone to look for here, but at the moment, she didn’t have a clue who it was. [b “Why would you want to double those emotions though; it isn’t quite smart.”] She said with a raised brow.

When he asked her about her cup, she looked into it and watched the liquid swirl. [b “Honestly, the bottles were pretty in the menu.”] She said with a soft musical giggle. She couldn’t think of a better reason, as that was the actual reason for her choosing. Great, now she seemed dumb.
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It had been a long time since anyone had called him by his real name or asked for it. And to be honest, Hatter had almost forgotten himself until those blue eyes specked with the green had locked with his own brown. Her eyes had been shifting colours a lot since she had been in Wonderland and he had noticed each. It was beautiful and mystifying to say the least. And for a moment, the man was lost in her eyes before having to pull his gaze away and having to focus on the question that she had aaked. [b "Dante Alexander...But everyone knows me as Hatter. I've not heard my real name or thought about it in a very long time."] The man was finally able to say, turning dark eyes back upon the young woman.

The moment the emotions in her drink began to wash over her, Hatter could see them dance in her eyes. But he could tell she was trying to keep her bearings and wits anout her as well. It was why she had given him another question to answer for her. [b "Sorrow and longing...They had matched emotions I had been feeling at the time and I thought I could handle them. You can ask March or one of the others how badly that ended. It took me awhile to get back to normal."] He said quietly as he took another sip from his tea.

[b "Why did you choose that particular mix to try?"] He asked, motioning to the cup within her hands. A question for a question and he was trying to get the attention off of himself.
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Brooklyn didn't understand the way he was acting around her. She bit her lip as she looked over at the man. [b “Your name isn't really Hatter...What is it?”] She asked quietly, looking up into the man's eyes. Her own blue eyes with specs of green locked onto his as she waited for his answer. Her eyes changed colors often while here in Wonderland. They had gone from brown and gold to blue and green. She was trying to keep her thoughts together. He was making her head cloudy.

His blush made him even more attractive, if that was even possible. Her heart was pounding as she watched him, though she was not making it obvious that she was watching him. She was trying to keep her cool. It wasn't working.

Almost immediately, the emotions washed over her. A smile crossed her lips, but a lusty look entered her eyes. [b “What did you mix them with last time?...”] She asked quietly, letting her eyes drink him in.
  Brooklyn Rue Callehan / Kat_Attack / 2y 158d 15h 39m 9s
Before he had fallen so madly in love with her. She had been the one to save not only him from the darkness but his home too. Never would he be able to repay his angel and now she didn't remember anything or anyone. She didn't remember him. Being the one to remember but having to keep quiet on it killed him. Having to try and pretend he did not know her when all he longed to do was take her in his arms was hell. But she had had all memories of him and their love erased. Had had all of Wonderland erased so to her this was both a dream and one hellish nightmare. And Hatter knew it. The only thing she did have was the locket he had given her before she had left but he could not tell her. That was his pain. That was what he could not tell her.

Hatter flushed the faintest bit when she had caught him staring. He probably should have looked away at that point, but couldn't. His eyes would not let him, nor would his heart. So when she had been the one to look away, the man was both grateful and disappointed.

For a moment, Hatter watched as she took a sip from her cup. He was almost afraid what it would end up doing. [b "I chose Jasmine. One of my many favourites...After the last time I tried my teas mixed with the emotions...well lets just say I stay away from them."] He said quietly, finally taking a sip from his own cup as he took a seat.
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