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Question..... who let deku be so fuckin cute

Asking for a goddamn friend

He is literally just a green all might
Smh what a pure boy
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Every time I see her I’m bewildered by how big she’s gotten qwq
My baby Lily grows so fast and I’m excited to celebrate all our babies birthdays this year
Happy one year, my love.

You’ve been my sunrise on the darkest and longest nights. My warmth in the coldest winter.

Our meeting was bumpy but a year ago I knew it was you that could love me whole heartedly. I knew it was you who could handle me when I couldn’t make sense of things. When I was in tears and when I was angry.

Through every pout you’d put a kiss on me and showered me in love.

You’ve opened your heart to what mine has adored. You’ve taken care of me even when I’ve forgotten to.

Like bamboo you stand tall and strong, but it does not mean you don’t sway and bend. You walk into things so often it worries me. You are the limelight of my life.

You are adorable and sweet. So caring and reassuring. You always make sure people don’t misunderstand you and it helped me realize you don’t mean to harm me.

I never thought you existed. I love you so dearly.
[center Hey ladies
Did you know
Chuntaro is best boi?
[pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEFZIMrXsAAasN_.jpg]
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hi i finished two animes today because i hate myself

charlotte got me but that ending really felt.... uh... dull
build ups are usually the peak of all things so idk what I expected
but it made sense

also i wasn't really on board with the whole tomomori and yu thing

btw i did not learn anyone's names besides Ayumi and Yusarin
took me a hard 4 seconds to remember the names besides those two
I'm awful with names smfh

so awful that when i watch movies that have characters with no names i don't notice unless I'm hardcore looking at them credits
that's right
I watched The Road not noticing they didn't have legitimate names
I am not very bright yall

learned this the other day playing Nintendo's new release of 51 mini games
6 color puzzle is my specialty because no think only match color

versus connect 4 hord idk what is going on

edit: I came back to say that LOL faith really told me to tell my friend to cool it
bro you of all people should fuckin know that I don't control anyone's words or action
I'm not their momma
like idk if 'your history has some poc blood in it' if you're not enraged you're not really worth defending imo not that there was anything to defend because YOU WERE VOICING YOUR OPINIONS I didn't take her side nor yours yall can duke it out lmfao

like it's one thing to be emotionally drained from your shitty life-which i get that you are...smh-but you don't get to comment on a post relating to literal unjustified murders to POC that are 100% POC and not white passing that we 'need to be calm.'

u love playing devil's advocate and tbh that must be the white blood in you
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Me: wow Charlotte stabbed me in the back out of nowhere
An episode later: *btw here’s a snippet of angel beats*
Me to me: that’s why
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The world is in fucking shambles

People suck
Can’t even be compassionate towards one another
Kills animals that are desperate

I hate people

I’m out here tryna be the silver haired anime girl I was always meant to be

And somehow y’all fucking up my vibes smh
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I wrote this whole thing down and chrome crashed on me -w- fuckin pissed

I guess that’s all I’ll report today lmfao

Something black owned Etsy shops witchcraft
Make my own spells makes sense to me but only if it comes naturally

Watched Invisible Man and glad it wasn’t [spoiler all “lol jk girl you is crazy it’s meds”] scapegoating
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I can’t stop crying. My heart aches so fucking much. I don’t want to believe people are this terrible.

I feel so exhausted.

I always say mankind were the worst of all living creatures. And I wholeheartedly believe that everyday. It still hurts to be reminded. I guess.

I hope everyone is okay.
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My heart aches. I’m full of anger.

People so blindly believe that protestors started everything.

People so blindly take the bait that POC are just thugs.

POC are so easy to turn on one another.

We all deserve to live. We all deserve a chance.

I can’t believe so many people choose to nitpick things other POC do. Shut the fuck up. Get over yourself. This isn’t just about you anymore. It’s about all of us. There is no community to recover if the police kill us all off when we slightly inconvenience them.

It’s not like half these people mattered to me. I appreciate and cherish the memories we had, but if they can’t think with their hearts then I don’t want them.

I don’t want to be in a world where being killed because people have issues with skin color is normal. I’m disgusted with mankind.

I only wish I was home. With others who carry the same heartbreak.

I would rather die than live in a world like this. I already hated this world, but seeing how bad it truly still is??

Just kill me while you can. People are so selfish.
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Not enough Cloti videos.

Need a song to make one.

And after I’m done watching all fucking 11 hours of the cutscene only movie then I’ll get to it.
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also high key dont wanna love clerith but here my slut ass am loving and livin for it

stop squenix wanna ship cloti thamks
  ʟᴏᴠᴇ / Indefinite / 113d 16h 14m 14s
“Protestors shouldn’t steal and destroy gov-“
Shut the fuck up

Boston Tea party this bitch fuck the government
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When you call yourself one thing and you’re literally the most rotten smell that came from the bowels of jealousy and delusion.

Stop playing honey, no one believes you’re sweet LOL
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Since I’m dying and there’s nothing I can do about it let’s talk about racism in the creation of characters on tv shows

Some of these are tv shows I absolutely love and adore mind you

But wtf is up with the “Hispanic woman who is emotionally closed off and tough as shit” stereotype

[b The Magicians]: Kady. Kady has an especially great story, she is a hedge witch. Hedge witches are often seen as the drug addicts of the magic world. HMM. Smells like some bullshit stereotype already to me. How often are Hispanic people depicted as thugs? Oh right. Too fuckin often. And this is written off as “they’re desperate and do what it takes to live.” DONT get me wrong, it’s a nice spice to a character. But I’ve seen it too often in Hispanic roles. Kady is also blunt. If there’s something she doesn’t like she voices it. Like Julia not killing Reynard. Remember how I said Hedge Witches are like the drug addicts of the Magic world? Well, Kady is ACTUALLY a drug addict. She grew up poor, fending for herself and her mom, doesn’t listen to what she doesn’t want to hear, and loves hard. If you don’t think this is stereotyped on Hispanic women maybe keep your eyes peeled. She also chooses to open up to very few people. The only people she got especially close to was Penny and Julia. Kady has very few different defining traits that barely makes her stand out. She knows ASL. Some of Kady’s strong points are the fact she is so intelligent. She is snuck into the school to steal books, resources, anything magic related. Yet she keeps up with the classes like a natural. She has a great singing voice. In fact this was brought up many times throughout the series. She’s very talented vocally. But that also just falls into the “she’s not who you think she is” stereotype. Ex: She’s a badass, but she has unexpected qualities. Often used on Hispanic characters. She is also surrounded by tragedy. Her mother is murdered. After recovering from her mother’s death she makes friend who were all slaughtered before her eyes. The god responsible for the slaughtering was not brought to “justice” Which for her was death. She was forced to murder a demigod whom she didn’t want to murder. Penny is dying for many episodes before her eyes and they can’t meet very often because if he is on earth time continues on his body and the cancer ensues. She also has anger issues... surprise. But she is very willing to talk about it with those close to her.

[b Orange is the New Black]: Rosa. She’s in prison because she robbed banks with her ex boyfriends. Now this show is about criminals so we can’t exactly call some shit on her being Hispanic and a criminal. Her life is also surrounded by tragedy. The group she used to rob banks with were her friends and a boyfriend. Only later to end up dating all of them. Each time each boyfriend would die from the robbery because things would go astray. She is the only survivor of her bank robbing group. But she has cancer. There’s the tragedy. She tends to keep to her own group and isn’t keen on opening up. She is old and dying, though. Old people are bitches. Her defining traits? She almost doesn’t even have any. Her role was appraised because she stole a van and killed of an annoyance of a character.

[b Brooklyn Nine Nine]: another Rosa, lol. Rosa is a common name so I’ll give it that. But here it is again. The bad ass who doesn’t take no for an answer. She doesn’t ask for help and she doesn’t like anyone knowing anything about her. Are you getting bored yet? Because this is all so repetitive? She is often seen breaking any machine or electronic that doesn’t cooperate with her. There are many times she is very hostile and critical with her coworkers. She’s also very blunt. In one of my favorite scenes she tells her superior he and his husband are fighting because they need to have sex. Despite the fact it is a workplace environment and it was in front of everyone. She has issues with her family and becomes especially worried about her relationship with her mother. She doesn’t say much about her family at first, saying they’re too happy about everything. But later she’s imprisoned after being framed for a crime she didn’t do, she decides its time to become closer to her family despite their differences. Her love life is often very wild. She loves people she describes are “creeps.” Her long time ex-boyfriend/ex-fiancé was a man who suffered from PTSD from being undercover for 12 years. She liked strange and questionable men. But often her relationships ended badly for her. The ex fiancé however ended a lot calmer than usual. With him sobbing at the department window. Defining traits? Rosa is able to put on a facade with no problem. When visiting her apartment, a staff member describes her has happy, giggly, and quite a talker. The group even compliments her taste on interior design. Growing up she went to a catholic school and learned ballet. But regardless of these traits that try to make her stand out it just seems like it falls into the “surprise she’s not all badass, you’ve never seen this side of her” to try and make her 3 dimensional. She is however bisexual, this plays a large role in the later seasons because she is scared her parents won’t accept her sexuality. She even is afraid to introduce her girlfriend to her Captain because she sees him as a father figure. Her bond with Captain Holt definitely makes her different from the previous two. Their relationship sees awkward moments , understanding , appreciation , and so much more. She is shaped into a 3 dimensional character throughout the series and it blends very well regardless of the disturbing stereotypes thrown in. She loves things people wouldn’t expect her to and instead of being taught that “it’s ok to depend on others” she is encouraged to push herself further.

All in all I just wish Hispanic roles in media didn’t depict strong women the same way. Strong women come in different shapes and sizes. They aren’t just black leather jacket wearing fighters. They could be a nurse who was adopted and stutters. It’s “daring” to stray from typical tv troupes/what people think certain races are like but it makes characters so much more real.
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