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I missed when you actually listened and didn't constantly fight me for my choices. I miss you. Everyone said you were toxic, you said bad things, you picked fights, but you were literally the only person in the world who knew how to make me feel better. I'm sure now you'd be able to distract me from my attacks. You'd be able to help me cope. You were my best friend, but I'm not going to ask for you to come back. I blew you off months ago because I am self destructive.

You always hated my boyfriend, and I don't know if it was because a part of us always liked each other, but you couldn't see what I could. You were always so cynical, though. So I suppose I could understand.

I guess you wouldn't have be helpful when it comes to my attacks.

We will never have what we used to again. And it makes me sad.
  Bunbun / Hostile / 4y 6d 6h 28m 39s
I really need to find me a sweet heart who will edit pics for me. Or save up for a new bomb ass laptop.

Car or laptop?

Car: can practice driving, actually go places, see people, won't have to ask bitch ass pick me only to have her dead beat bf pick me up, and can play pokemon! But no space or money or an idea on insurance for it.

Laptop: can edit pictures, make AMVs again, can swiftly Roleplay again, and play games! But cannot go on it often unless I go back to less than 50 hours. And if I get an actual sleep schedule.



You always said [b real] friends say shit they refuse to see. Well I guess we ain't friends so Imma keep this mouth shut and watch this funny shit crash and burn.


I don't know if this girl is going to hit it off with me, but she called me cute. Kind of. I think things might go my way with her.
  Bunbun / Hostile / 4y 6d 11h 10m 8s
[Center "...because no one cares, right?"

No, it just makes it [b hard] to care when you're being such a fucking pain in the ass.

But that's what you're good at. Being a fucking pain. To your brothers, to your boyfriend, to your mother, to me, to yourself, and to your daughter.


Everyone is so over it. [i Get over it.] Even she is so over it. I hear it from the chuckles in the crowds that you think are watching you. I see it in the hopelessness and fatigue when she cries.

You're fucking it all up for yourself and yet you're so blinded by your disgusting self that you can't see it
  Bunbun / Hostile / 4y 7d 10h 16m 0s

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