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[center The Ministry of Fate is a place between worlds. Inside are various departments that help keep the spirit world organized and the living world on track. There is one department that specifically works with the living world, keeping it free of spiritual threats and protecting the fate of each person. The department is known as The Department of Investigations. Those that work there are the investigators and fighters that protect the fate of the living. Those people are known as...]

[center The Guardians of Fate.]


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[h3 The begin]
Allen watched as the male from earlier made his way into the room. He really didn't give him much thought other then curiosity due to the males weapon. Allen then turned his attention to the other male Cin had been around. Clumsy was putting it lightly from the scene Allen had walked in on earlier, but hen again wasn't to a bad thing. Allen smiled shaking his head of course it was, but to an extent. Allen had his own issues with direction so he could understand the male a bit.

Cin on the other hand was eyeing the male for other reasons he found him to be to lazy looking. Cin shivered at the idea. Oh how he hoped that wasn't the case. One was clumsy and the other lazy that would be about the strangest pairing he could think of and then there was Allen. Cin sighed shaking his head getting a slight headache.

Allen and Cin both looked up as Kenji mentioned a meeting.

[b [#07f293 "So When is this meeting and when do I get to go outside-"]] Cin knocked Allen on the head.

[#4775D1 "Excuse his manners.." ] Cin sighed as he rubbbed his temples. Allen groaned lightly at the excessive force his partner used on him. Cin followed the other two males to there destaination dragging Allen along.

Allen sighed as his partner basically wouldn't left go of him no matter what. How the hell did they even become partners. Allen glanced down at his Scythe which was on his heckles around his neck. On the up side he didn't have to carry some heavy thing around unlike others he glanced at Arata and his sword. His more conveniently grew or shrunk.

[b [#07f293 "Hey Cin, I'm hungry."]] Cin just ignored Allen as murasuki cooked his head at the request before going through Cins coat pocket pulling out a lollipop and dropping it in allens hand.

[#4775D1 "Hope it rots your teeth.."] Cin growled under his breath as he realized they had stoppped at a door. [#4775D1 "Is this the briefing room?"]
  Allen Insanity / Lexic / 1y 357d 19h 46m 27s
[size12 Arata kept eating without missing a beat. He was a fast eater anyway. After about five minutes, he was done. After his mess was cleaned up, still in the dark, he wandered out, adjusting his sword so it would hang right. He heaved a sigh and left to find his partner.]

[size12 It didn’t take him long to find Kenji. Arata found Kenji on the floor picking up papers.] [b “That idiot goofed again.”] [size12 He mumbled to himself before a yawn took over. Arata approached the little group. The new arrivals were there and apparently arguing about something. One happened to be a talking bird. He left them to bicker and called to his partner.] [b “Yo. Kenji.”]

[size12 Kenji looked up and beamed a grin.] [b [#0000FF “Hey Arata. About time you got up.”]]

[size12 Arata just looked at Kenji. He wasn’t much of a talker.]

[+red “Alright Kenji. That’s everything. Next time I’ll remember to put a lid on the box and tape it down.”]

[b [#0000FF “Alright.”]] [size12 Kenji said, a pink flush on his cheeks. He got up and heaved a sigh.]

[b “Who are the new guys?”] [size12 Arata said, shoving a thumb in the other team’s direction.]

[b [#0000FF “The one with the white hair is Allen and the one with the dark hair is Cin.”]]

[b “Kind of lively aren’t they?”]

[b [#0000FF “A little bit. I think it’s mostly Allen though.”]]

[b “Just like you. Here’s to hoping he’s not as accident prone as you are.]

[b [#0000FF “I don’t think that’s a problem.”]] [size12 Kenji turned to the others.] [b [#0000FF “Guys. Let’s save all that for later. The meeting is going to start soon. And this is my partner Arata.”]]

[b “Yo.”] [size12 He said groggily. He had his left hand resting over the end of his sword. He had a very lax air to him.] [b “What’s the meeting for? New mission?”]

[b [#0000FF “Possibly. Only one way to find out.”]] [size12 Kenji said. Mitsu had gotten up and made his way over to his master. He greeted Arata with a light lick to the top of his hand that was resting on his sword. Arata reached up and petted the beast.] [b [#0000FF “Let’s go. Don’t want to be late.”]]
  Arata Miyamoto / -Mirror- / 2y 47d 7h 8m 1s
[h3 The Begin.]
[Arima+Madurai Allen slightly flinched as he thought the male would say something. As they made eye contact for a split second the other male just kept going on with what he was doing. As if Allen himself didn't exist in the equation. Allen raised an eye brow as the male then pulled out food and proceed to heat it up. For the smell of it, the food was spicy. And not your typical spicy like over the top for no reason. Though it didn't bother Allen much. In fact Allen liked spicy but there was spicy an then there as over doing spicy.

Allen just shrugged his shoulder and proceed to turn off the lights and walk out closing the door behind him.

[b [#07f293 "Nothing important in there..."]] He smiled lightly walking on word to the next few rooms peeking in and then moving on.

Allen for some divine reason unknown to Allen, he actually found his way back to Cin in an rather odd atmosphere. Two males papers everywhere and Murasaki speaking his mind.

[b [#07f293 "Interesting...."]] Allen smiled clapping his hands together.

This cause Cin to spot his very much pain in the ass partner.

[b "Found."] Murasaki Flapped him wings landing on Allen.

[b [#07f293 "How mad.."]] Allen whispered to the bird.

[b "Your dead.."] The bird jumped to a near by table only for something to fly right at Allen and smack him dead center in the face. Which in turn sent him to the floor with a thud.

[#4775D1 "I told you not to wonder off! Including with your bad directions and crappy sense of direction at that!"] Cin growled forgetting that the other two were in the room. Cin quickly composed himself and ran a hand through his hair.

[#4775D1 "Please excuse my manners... This is my no good partner Allen..."]

Allen sat up and rubbed his nose. [b [#07f293 "Allen... Insanity... Nice to meet you."]] He smiled at the two males with slight tears in his eyes. To which Cin just ignored.

Allen pouted and got up. [b [#07f293 "Your so mean Cin. You know I get curious..."]]

[#4775D1 "Doesn't mean to wondered off knowing you get lost."] Cin put out his arm and Murasaki returned.

[b "Idiot."] Murasaki crowed.

[#4775D1 "That's right, Allen is an idiot."] Cin rubbed his temples in frustration. God knew he would lose Allen much more in the human world. Allen was like a five year old child who didn't understand the phrase don't wondered off. The white hair male barely even had any sense of remorse about it.

Allen sighed patting his clothes down before glancing around slightly. [b [#07f293 "So when do we go outside."]] He smirked causing Cin to sigh heavily. Not only didn't he dread the idea but he kinda welcomed it. If he lost Allen for god he could be free from baby sitting.

Cin then turned to the guy he assumed was the chief or director of the department. [#4775D1 "We were told there was a job that needed our help."]
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[size12 Arata didn’t so much as twitch when the light came back on. However, his stomach did wake him up. He sat up on the table, yawning and stretching.] [b “Lunch time already?”] [size12 He grumbled as his stomach growled. He slid off the table and head towards one of the fridges. He didn’t quite realize the lights were on since his eyes were closed. Once he opened them to see in the fridge, he turned around and spotted the one that had the lights on. He turned back and pulled out a container, took the lid off and popped it into the microwave. Once it came out, one could smell just how spicy it was. He sat down and ate it without a problem. It was super spicy curry and only Arata could handle that level of heat.]

[size12 Meanwhile, Kenji was scrambling to pick up the mess he made. Mitsu had moved to keep in his master’s line of sight but offered no help. Not like a beast like him could do anything anyway. There was a voice and it made Kanji jump a little. He turned to see someone picking up a bird and one of the papers to hold it out to him. Kenji took it with a smile.] [b [#0000FF “Thanks. I heard there was a couple new guys coming in. Glad to meet you. And don’t mind the mess. I’m slipping up like this all the time. I tripped over a cord this time.”]]

[+red “He slips up so much that it the department norm. He’s a hazard to himself.”] [size12 The guys said as he tried to organized the papers somewhat as they were picked up.]

[b [#0000FF “My name is Kenji Akiyama, by the way. My partner is Arata Miyamoto. He’s the lazy one. He’ll sleep anywhere. Oh! My familiar other there is Mitsu. He usually hangs out around the department. If I’m needed, they send him to find me. He can track me pretty much anywhere. Kinda creepy now that I think about it.”]]

[+red “Kenji.”] [size12 He looked over to the voice and the other man swatted Kenji on the head with a stack of papers.][+red “These papers aren’t going to pick themselves up you know.”]

[size12 Kenji twitched and started plucking up papers again.] [b [#0000FF “Sorry, boss. Oh. Cin right? If you find Arata, you’ll know who he is. He would either be out cold or eating. It’s usually one of the two.”]]

[+red “Knowing him, he’s probably eating. Have any idea what he brought this time?”]

[size12 Kenji heaved a sigh.] [b [#0000FF “He brought curry again. The one with the super hot, burn your retinas spice in it.”]]

[+red “How the hell can he eat the stuff?”]

[b [#0000FF “That’s what I’d like to know. He doesn’t even get red.”]] [size12 He looked up to the new guy.] [b [#0000FF “A little advice, if you don’t like having your eyes burn from the fumes of Arata’s food, avoid the break room if you can.”]]
  Kenji Akiyama / -Mirror- / 2y 55d 18h 42m 6s
[H3 Chapter one The Begin]
[Arima+Madurai The Ministry of Fate Was one of two things. Too big to understand where you were going and two slightly almost always too busy. Allen had found himself once again lost on his way to a new department. Ironically he had lost his partner in the commotion of everyone going every which way to get this done or that done. There was one of two ways he could probably figure out where his new department was one ask someone, Or two wait. Cin was bond to find him and make sure this time not to lose sight of him. Possibly along with scold him for the fourth time that day.

Allen decide his best bet was two. Stay put, and without fail not even two minutes later Murasaki landed on his right shoulder.

[b "Found."]

[#07f293 "How mad on a scale of one to ten..."] Allen looked at the large black crow.

[b "15"] Murasaki said before leaving his shoulder only for Cin to come ten seconds later yelling and scolding him.

After Allen's fourth scolding of the day he and Cin made there way to the new department. That was Cin tied his hands together with a rope and dragged him there like a sack of potatoes. Which is how almost every day played out. Either he tied him and dragged Allen along or held his hand like a five year old child who got in trouble with his mommy for running around the store.

upon making it to the new department Allen was untied only to silently wondered away from his captor for the fifth time that day. Allen found himself instead exploring the new department. Allen had wondered into a room that had apparently had the lights off for what reason no clue. But Allen took no time on flicking the lights on for a better view. to his surprise the was a male just sleeping there in the dark. Ironically no one seemed to even noticed that or even cared enough to acknowledge it.

Cin After walking into the department and untying Allen found he had lost him almost immediately.

[#4775D1 "Record time."] He mumbled shaking his head as he walked into a very odd sight. Two males one of which seemed slightly angry and the other slightly sorry and a mess of papers all over the floor. Cin slightly confused turned to Murasaki.

[#4775D1 "I must have the wrong department..."] He glanced over his shoulder and then back at the two males.

[b "Wrong department? The door said investigations department."] The bird flapped his wings before making ti was over to a piece of paper on the floor. [b "is this yours?"] The crow glanced side ways at the sliver haired male. Cin sighed picking Murasaki up and the paper as well.

[#4775D1 "Excuse his manners. Here."] He held out the paper for the male to take. [#4775D1 "I'm Cin me and my partner were resigned to this department it seems I have wondered in on your cleaning of a mess."]

[b "Big mess."]

[#4775D1 "Murasaki..."] Cin sighed rubbing his temple.]
  Allen Insanity / Lexic / 2y 55d 8h 12m 22s
[size12 The Ministry of Fate has always been a busy place. It was a constant and tough job things on track and organized. No matter what time of day it is, there is always something going on. Thankfully the Ministry has plenty of people to take care of it all.]

[size12 Of all the departments, the Investigations Department got the least work but they had the toughest work. The people here did the field work. They were the ones to actually go out into the living world. They weren’t exactly the most liked group either. In fact, the only one that had any contact with them was the head of the Ministry. He would relay information to them that the other departments found as well as any abnormalities he finds in the Soul Life room he guarded. However, the dislike didn’t bother anyone in the department.]

[size12 Kenji Akiyama and Arata Miyamoto are one of the many pairs that the department has. They are actually one of the strongest pairs. However, they don’t look it.]

[size12 Kenji is a clumsy fool while Arata is a lazy bum. They work incredibly well together in the field. While Arata deals in death, Kenji deals in life. It’s the regulation in the department that each pair has life and death dealers. Both Kenji and Arata have very special abilities. Kenji has a familiar known as a Hikari-ju or ‘light beast’ named Mitsu. The beast is like a massive blue and silver lion with snaggle teeth. Mitsu is a sweet character but he can turn vicious in a split second. Arata’s special power is almost demonic in nature. He has what’s known as a Blood Claw. It’s a rare ability that turns one of the wielders arms into a claw that appears made of metal with blood red marks in spots. The release of this power changes many things of the user. It is an ability Arata tries to avoid if he can but with his anger it’s hard for him to not tap into the power during battle. It seems the angrier he gets, the stronger his Blood Claw seems to be.]

[size12 It was a normal day at the department. Everyone was going about their work. Arata was sleeping somewhere. Either he was seen eating or sleeping. He never did do much work. Kenji, on the other hand, liked having something to do. At the moment he was helping one of the higher ups move some papers into the file room. Well, he was until he got his foot caught on a cord and faceplanted the floor. Papers went absolutely everywhere. Mitsu, who never seems to leave Kenji’s side, literally facepawed. People used to laugh all the time but now that it’s become such a common occurrence it was just another event at the office.] [+red “You clumsy fool!”] [size12 It was a man’s voice and it made Kenji scramble to his feet.]

[b [#0000FF “I’m sorry! I didn’t know there was a cord there.”]] [size12 He said. He gave the man puppy dog eyes.]

[size12 The man sighed.] [+red “You have the worst luck of anyone I have ever known.”]

[b [#0000FF “I can’t help it.”]]

[+red “I know. Help me get these papers back together.”] [size12 And that he did.]

[size12 While Kenji was dealing with his mess, Arata is snoozing away. He usually sleeps wherever he can. This time it was on one of the tables in the break room. A woman came in, flicked the lights on and was greeted by Arata snoring away, all sprawled out on one of the round tables. He was out cold. She heaved a sigh.] [+red “Lazy fool.”] [size12 She mumbled before she went to the coffee machine and got herself some coffee. She left, the lights going back off. This, too, was so common that no one seemed to care anymore.]

[size12 Other than the disaster that is Kenji and the lazy ass that is Arata, the office was pretty quiet and normal. However, it can change in a split second.]
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