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[div Daily Update: Virus has just hit town. Many of those infected are in the hospital and little to no information has been released to the public]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/77/a2/66/77a266bb54fc65179ec0672d97268c3a.gif]]
[center [size15 [font consolas It's April 22nd, year 2020. A toxic virus has been released into the world that has been killing over a 3rd of the population. Those that have passed due to the virus seem to spring back to life within minutes with a taste of human flesh.
Little is known about the virus and people are left to figure it out on their own as the government and military have completely disappeared.]]]
|| Days into the Virus || Weather || Month || Day || Year
5 | Chilly | October | 3rd | 2020]
[font consolas [tbl
|| Survivors || Fallen
Zoe | .
Zachary | .
Autumn | .
Oliver | .
Yukine | .
Mia | .
Winter | .
Ronnie | .
Jackson | .]
|| Survivors || About
[b Zoe]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/lAsKSmK.jpg] | [list
Younger twin sister of Zach
Photogenic memory
Good with a knife
[b Zachary]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/Ms2jBn6.jpg] | [list
Older twin brother of Zoe
Speaks/understands over 20 languages
Extremely fast thinker and athletic
[b Autumn]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/UXOWGXA.jpg]| [list
Daughter of Oliver
Good with bow and arrow
Jackson is her uncle
[b Oliver]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/xwmmJVz.png] | [list
Autumn's father
In the US Army
Top of his rank sniper/quick shot
Jackson's brother-in-law
[b Yukine]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/eZTjNbO.jpg] | [list
Extremely handy in making explosives
In school to be a doctor
[b Mia]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/doBmLUm.jpg] | [list
Good with a handgun
Anger issues
[b Winter]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/oZHVqKv.jpg] | [list
Uses a katana
Read lips/signs
Ronnie's younger twin sister
[b Ronnie]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/FoP3hbQ.jpg]| [list
Good with a gun
Knows sign language
Winter's older twin brother
Girlfriend's dead
[b Jackson]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/v4BfSTu.jpg] | [list
Good with daggers
Was a convicted fellon
Autumn's uncle and Oliver's brother-in-law
[h3 [center Chapter 1. The Camp]]
[center [size10 In Portland Oregan, a camp in Oxbow Regional Park has given a signal to the surrounding areas to anyone that needs food and shelter. They are free to stay on their campgrounds and will be offered protection. The camp is filled with children and a family area. It's time for our characters to be on their way.]]

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"There's a lot of people here, don't you think?" I asked Oliver while I looked around. I didn't realize I was gripping the fabric of my jeans, "I don't do people."

Jackson scoffed, "Even after we get you in here, you're still whining."

"You're really started to push it pill pusher." I warned. When I stood up to get in his face, I winced as I felt pain shoot out from my leg. I sat back down, "Bullshit."
  Mia Summers / myyfantasyy / 1y 7d 16h 16m 49s
"I can't help that I have an unfair advantage over your American males." Oliver grinned. He knew he was attractive and many people found his accent exotic. He couldn't help but feel confident. When Jackson mentioned his wife his grin faded.

Oliver didn't want to be the party killer so he laughed it off. "But it wasn't enough to keep her!" He replied in a joking manner. Autumn didn't quite understand but she laughed along with him.

"Sorry, I ran out of Dove." He wrinkled his nose looking towards the direction everyone was going. The Mess Hall. "How about once we get in there I'll free you from my stinky grasp."

The four of them walked into The Mess Hall. There were quite a bit of people filling the rather large cafeteria. They were offering water in paper cups towards the front of the room. Oliver found them a seat near the exit. His paranoia kicking in.
  kohler's / TRAPP / 1y 164d 14h 9m 21s
"Impressive." I told Oliver. "But you know what it is? It's the accent, so basically you cheated."

Jackie snickered, "That's how he got my sister."

I tried to hold in my laugh, I didn't want to offend the guy. "Now when can I get down? Not that I'm enjoying the view, but your hair smells and it's all up in my face."
  Mia Summers / myyfantasyy / 1y 168d 16h 31m 33s
"I wouldn't dream of it, but-" He used his arms to wrap around Mia's legs to hold them up around his hips. "You should definitely lay off the McDonalds."

Oliver laughed at his own joke and looked at his daughter then at Jackson. "Alright! Let's do this!"

Once they got back into the line, he whispered so only Mia could hear him. "Watch this."

"Sir you're next." A different woman from before was waiting for him.

"Thank you." He walked up to her with Mia on his back. He gave the woman a seducing smile.

"My friend here is quite the clumsy one and tripped on the way here. She's been all stitched up and it's already been 24 hours without her getting ill. Would you mind if we pass through?"

"Well, you see I don't think we can-"

Oliver moved in closer to the woman, not even caring that Mia was on his back.

"Darn, I can't stay here without her. I was really hoping I would be able to get to know you." He gave the woman a wink and the woman's knees practically buckled.

"I mean she's not sick so it should be fine!" The woman's face was red. "Go on a-a-ahead!"

Oliver gave her a grin as a thank you and one final wink as he began to walk away. Autumn followed behind her dad giving the woman an intimidating stare. The woman just smiled at her nervously.

The woman's eyes shot open and called after Oliver, Oliver stood frozen for a moment, afraid she had changed her mind.

"My name is Fawn! I'll see you around!"

Oliver let out a sigh of relief and headed toward the mess hall. "I had it all in the bag!"
  kohler's / TRAPP / 1y 168d 16h 37m 5s
I huffed, looking to Autumn then to Jackie.

"Do I have a choice?"

I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck then jumped onto his back. I widened my eyes when I was lifted. "Oph." I looked down to the floor then tightened my grip, "Don't drop me Oliver and Company... unless you want a knuckle sandwich."
  Mia Summers / myyfantasyy / 1y 168d 16h 58m 47s
Oliver covered Autumn's ears when Mia cursed. He laughed when Mia said they were dorks.

"What can I say? The apple doesn't fall from the tree!" Oliver grinned as he stood back up. Autumn still clinging to him.

"You shouldn't be applying too much pressure to the leg, at least while it's still fresh. here." He turned around and bent down onto one knee. He had to go all the way down in order to even give Mia a chance to climb onto his back. Before she could give a response he added in, "I know you'd rather not, but I have a plan to get you into the camp."
  kohler's / TRAPP / 1y 168d 17h 8m 10s
Oliver came running up to me with a first aid kit in his hand. "Don't worry soldier! Believe in me! We can do this."

I gulped, "Yeah, whatever."

Jackie put his hand on my shoulder and I shrugged it off. "I'm fine." When Oliver started pouring the peroxide on my gash, I bit on my lip from screaming. I don't want to gain attention.

"If you thought the peroxide hurt, this is going to hurt way more. Grab onto Jackson if you need to." Oliver told me before he was going to insert the needle. "Just shut up and do it." I breathed out. When he inserted it, I bit on the inside of my cheeks and grabbed onto Jackie's arm and gripped it tight. Oliver looked up to me before continuing, I nodded.

By the time he finished, I knew my cheeks were bleeding. I was breathing in and out heavily, letting go of Jackie's arm and putting my head in my hands. Oliver failed to warm me when he poured more of the peroxide onto the now stitched wound.

"Fuck!" I hissed. I cleared my throat after, "Sorry."

"Hoorah! Army proud!" He gave a thumbs up to Autumn and she returned one, then threw herself onto her father in a huge hug.

"You guys are dorks." I said with a groan as I stood up from the log.
  Mia Summers / myyfantasyy / 1y 176d 16h 17m 45s
"You should've said something sooner! I'm on my way!" Oliver raised his voice a bit into the talkie. His father instincts taking over. He grabbed Autumn's hand firmly.

"Keep up buttercup!" Autumn looked at her father with a determined expression and kept close behind her father. Oliver made his way through the upcoming crowd.

"Sir where are you-"
"I forgot something in my car!" Oliver yelled to the lady in charge of the letting people in. He ran to his truck and let go of Autumn's hand. Autumn looked around and noticed Jackson with Mia. She ran up to them, she noticed the blood on Mia's leg and immediately put her arm on Mia's shoulder.

"Don't worry soldier! Believe in me! We can do this!" She gave Mia an encouraging thumbs up.

Oliver came running close behind with a first-aid emergency kit, Military standard.

"Alright, lets do this!" Oliver bent down on his knees so he was at eye-level with Mia. "I can definitely promise you, this is going to hurt. A lot."

Oliver removed his belt and wrapped it around Mia's thigh in order to stop the bleeding.He grabbed a pair of scissors from the kit and began cutting along the pants. He pulled out a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and poured it on the open wound. Immediately after, he placed a compression against the wound.

Once he checked to make sure the wound was disinfected and clean he pulled out the medical thread and a needle. "If you thought the peroxide hurt, this is going to hurt way more. Grab onto Jackson if you need to." He inserted the first thread and watched her expression. He waited until she calmed down in order to continue. Autumn watched with enthusiasm.

Oliver sultered the wound shut and poured more hydrogen peroxide to ensure it was clean.

"Hoorah! Army proud!" He gave a thumbs up to Autumn and she returned one, then threw herself onto her father in a huge hug.
  kohler's / TRAPP / 1y 176d 17h 14m 34s
"Okay, so I decided to stay." I said into the talkie. "Not a big deal Oliver and Company, but I can't get in."

"I'm not bit, but it sure as hell looks like I did. I have this huge gash, and it's not cleaned or anything so there's blood everywhere. If they see it, they're going to think I'm bit and either let me leave, or shoot me on the spot." I sighed. "Sorry to ask, but do you mind helping a girl out?"
  Mia Summers / myyfantasyy / 1y 176d 17h 42m 47s
"It was good! I had a dream about bunnies!" Autumn called into the walkie-talkie. "Mhm! He's right here!"

"Oliver here, how can I help you, Mia?" Oliver asked into the small device. His eyebrow raised in concern. People were walking into the mess hall where people were beginning to collect. He was sure the ranger was in there directing people. He wondered if there was going to be a limit to how many people were allowed to stay in the camp. He already made sure to enter Jackson's, Autumn's, and Mia's name in case she changed her mind on staying the camp. He could always erase her name if she really did leave.

"Autumn don't leave daddy, stay here with me at all times. Okay?"
"Okay, daddy." Autumn was young, but she was not naive.
  kohler's / TRAPP / 1y 176d 17h 49m 31s
"This lady, copies." I said into the walkie talkie. "How was your nap little one?"

"Can you put Oliver and Company on the talkie for me please?"

Jackie looked at me, "Why do you need to talk to him for?" I rolled my eyes, "To tell him why I can't go in. Maybe he can help."

"But I thought you didn't want to stay at the camp anyway." He raised a brow. I shrugged, "I'm not going to make it out there with this leg, and I'm almost out of bullets. Now, leave me alone."
  Mia Summers / myyfantasyy / 1y 176d 18h 14m 25s
"Don't be afraid to ask for help if you ever need it!" Oliver gave her a warm smile. An idea popped into his head, he grabbed the walkie-talkie from Autumn's hip. She stirred a bit in his arms, but only nuzzled her nose into his neck.

"I have the other two that go with it. If you run into any trouble, make sure to give me a call right away." He handed the walkie-talkie to Mia. "You can always come back, Mia. I'm sure Autumn would really appreciate." He scooted Autumn higher up on his shoulder and gave Mia one last final smile before turning back around in the line. He was almost next.

Oliver gave a quick glance behind him to see Mia sitting on a log with Jackson right beside her. He figured Jackson was trying to lay a move on her before she went on her own way. He would've never guessed Jackson to like them as stubborn as she was.

"Right, sorry." Oliver turned to the woman speaking to her, he sat Autumn down on the table to be examined. A man came up to him asking for him to hold his arms out and legs out. He announced the weapons that were on his person and how many bullets were in each one. He didn't take his eyes off the lady examining Autumn for any bite wounds.

"Sir, your daughter and you may pass."
"Thank you." He picked up Autumn who was now awake but terribly groggy.

"Daddy, where's the lady?
"Hmm, well how about you ask her?"

Oliver handed her his walkie-talkie and placed it on the correct channel.
"Autumn talking, can you hear me, lady?"
  kohler's / TRAPP / 1y 176d 20h 16m 1s
I leaned onto the truck, with my arms crossed. I got nervous when I saw they were checking for any wounds, and considering that I'm limping and have a pretty big gash, isn't going to get me in the clear.

"I think I'm just going to head out." I said slowly, "Thanks for the ride Oliver and Company. Tell Autumn it was nice meeting her and that my name is Mia."

I tried to walk away without limping, but as I put pressure on my leg, I hissed in pain. "You okay?" Jackie asked, walking closer to me.

"Just peachy." I nodded. He put his arm around my waist and lead me to a log to sit on. I sighed, looking down to my leg and saw that the blood slightly bled through my jeans. "Your bleeding." Jackie pointed out the obvious. Before I can stop him, he went and rolled up the end of my jeans. I smacked his hand away, indicating that it hurt.

"Your bit?" He asked with an emotionless expression. I looked over to Oliver. "No." I shook my head quickly.
  Mia / myyfantasyy / 1y 177d 14h 38m 32s
"I'd rather her hate me. What she needs at this moment is hope, and I don't want to be the one to take it away from her. Thank you, I appreciate your advice."

A soft smile appeared on the older man's face. They were starting to drive into the entrance of the campground. The leaves were yellow and orange and made the surrounding forest so serene. It was beautiful. Oliver drove until he reached the campground. He parked the truck where many of the other cars were parked. He gently guided Autumn's head up so she could wake up from her nap. He jumped out of the truck and scooped her up into his arms.

Oliver nudged his head towards to the line was beginning at the entrance. He wanted him to join him in case things got a bit dangerous.

"Care to join us? Maybe you can get a quick snack?" Oliver asked Mia. He turned and joined the back of the line. There were about eight people in front of him. A few kids from the looks of it. Many of the people looked rattled from the chaos. The line was to check in weapons and to check if anyone had any signs of being infected or bit.
  blank / TRAPP / 1y 177d 14h 53m 4s
"I'm not a therapist or anything, but you should tell her now. Because when she's older and finds out the truth, she's going to hate you for lying to her all those years." I said. "I'm a girl... and, I know how she'd feel."

Jackie peeked over to me, "How?"

"Confidential Information."

"So, you still won't tell us your name?" Jackie asked. I shook my head, "I'll keep it a mystery until that camp corny thing."
  mia / myyfantasyy / 1y 177d 18h 40m 19s

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