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Ax was realived when Jedidah walked over. He wasn't expecting Jedidiah to agree. I mean, the guy gave off the vibe of being horny all the time but it was...Ax. Ax was not...a good person. People didn't like him. They only liked his body- but...he supposed for a guy that gave off that vibe, that was probably all he needed.

That was probably all Jedidiah was being sweet to him for- but honestly? Ax was fine with that. It was the most kindness he'd gotten in a really really long time.

[b [+lightblue "I'm trying not to let it get to me- paradise?"]] Had Jedidiah brought that up before? If he had- Ax wasn't paying attention.

But to be honest he didn't have enough energy for this- [b [+lightblue "Nevermind- you can tell me about it later. I don't mind if you fall asleep I..."]] He wanted to flirt. How did he flirt when they weren't a customer and he actually liked them-

So he just grabbed Jedidiah's arm and gentle pulled on it to coax him into bed. [b [+lightblue "I mean- cuddlings nice, right? We could both just..take a nap. Wrapping up in your arms sounds kinda nice-"]] Was this how romantic flirting worked? Fuck, he was awkward. [b [+lightblue "If you don't mind? I mean- I'll at least keep you warm-"]]
  -sentientStatic / 3y 65d 11h 45s
The pain hadnt left. It was fading, yes, but it hadnt left. All Jedidiah could think to do at the moment was double in on himself and start full on sobbing, but he ignored it to, instead, listen to Ax's request.
He wanted him to stay? Jedidiah felt his metaphorical heart flutter at the request.
Ohh, Ax is hallucinating? Jedidiah knows a bit on that subject! Or, at least, he knew what Eliezer has told him.
Which is to say... not very much.
But he did know that--
1. Jedidiah was too loud for him to handle on top of his hallucinations.
2. They made Eliezer lash out violently sometimes.
3. They were apparently really, really bad.

Jedidiah smiled and walked over.
[b [#FF00FF "Dont take it personally, Eliezer doesnt like anyone! He doesnt like me, either. Thats okay, though, hes simply another victim of the society we find ourselves stuck in. Unfortunately, there wont be any room in paradise for him."]]
Not that he was too disappointed about that. Eliezer was helping him, but he wasnt right for paradise.
And he certainly wasnt the savior.
[b [#FF00FF "But Ill stay here with you, if that helps you feel better! If you dont mind me falling asleep too--Im really tired..."]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 65d 12h 15m 23s
Ax felt...awkward after he prossesed what he'd done. He waited for Jedidiah to come back and just kinda stared at his feet until he saw Jedidiah in the doorway. Fuck- Jedidiah seemed so...sweet? I mean, Alex had been sold the moment Jedidiah killed his boss but- still. Ax shouldn't have been taking advantage of that kindness but-

He couldn't...not. He didn't want to just rest, he wanted to rest [i well]. [b [+lightblue "Would you mind...staying? I..."]] He looked away, messing with his binder under his shirt to stim. [b [+lightblue "I'm not even gonna lie, because there's no sense in hiding it anyway- I'm hallucinating like crazy and I'd...feel safter with someone in here. And the other guy obviously hates me so I mean-"]] He looked over at Jedidah again. Maybe if his hunch was right he could even get more than that- once he [i did] get some rest. [b [+lightblue "Would you mind?"]]

He kept messing with his binder as he waited for an answer. He was...aware that he should take it fof. But he just. Couldn't. He didn't want to. If it broke his ribs, so be it. The dysphoria felt so much worse-
  -sentientStatic / 3y 66d 11h 41m 3s
As Jedidiah exited the room, he felt a white hot wave of sickness wash over his entire body. He found himself clutching his torso in immense pain, a gag breaking out of him.
It felt like he was being torn apart from the inside. And that wasnt too far off from how it really was. He felt like he was just seconds away from crumbling apart and falling into the endless void of his own mind.
He had to hold it together.
He had to.
He was so close... so close to building paradise. He couldnt go now. He couldnt.
He was going to save everybody.
He just had to believe...
He just had to believe....

He just had to find the savior.

Jedidiah had not walked too far down the stairs before he heard the bells dinging.
He paused, straightening up and releasing his stomach.
He walked back into the room that Ax was in and just silently smiled, giving a tilt of the head to ask what the other needed.
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 66d 20h 55m 1s
Ax couldn't remember the last time someone...helped him. Like, actually helped him up to a room when he was freaking out instead of just telling him to "find it" or making him ignore it and stay up and doing shit-

So having Jedidiah lead him up with an arm through his was...a weird change. He didn't...know how to feel about it for a few seconds but he...quickly warmed up to the kindness. It didn't make sense, it was him, and niceness had never been a part of his life. But that didn't mean he didn't absolutely love that it was happening.

When they got to the second floor Ax just...stared. Only three weren't bedrooms? What kind of rich bitch- no. He was just going to accept that this was how it was and ignore how stupid he thought it was. He listened to Jedidiah and smiled. [b [+lightblue "Must be nice, getting to switch rooms all the time- or having an entire floor to yourself. But awww...maybe I wanna go sleep on Mr. Grumpypant's floor- I guess that can wait for another day, though."]]

He followed Jedidiah to the closest room and happily laid down, trying not to let his slight trembling be too obvious. But the walls were full of bullet holes and he thought he saw an eye in one AND EVERYONE WAS JUST BEING TOO LOUD. He struggled to make out Jedidiah's words through all the mumbling- extremely thankful that he at least got the key words. He glanced at the "bells" but...weren't they just...weird hanging intestines? No? Just him? Okay that's fair. [b [+lightblue "Ah- thank you. I'll...keep that in mind."]] They went back to being cords and Ax was really grateful because he...didn't want to touch it when it looked like that.

He watched Jedidiah get ready to leave and just...stared. He was nice. Nobody was ever this nice. It didn't make...sense. None of it did. The only time people were this nice to Ax was when they were- wait was this guy just horny all the time or some shit? Or was he just like this somehow? Because either way Ax wanted to take advantage of that shit.

So before Jedidiah got too far Ax reached over and started tugging on one of the bells.
  -sentientStatic / 3y 77d 2h 3m 46s
Jedidiah happily hopped around the moment they walked into the building. Yes! New help! New help! He was so excited, so very excited! And this one was helping him of his own accord!
He had to bribe Eliezer into helping him, and Venelope too! And the two of them were hardly part of the cause anyway.
They were part of the problem.
Ax, however, might not be.
It was too early to be sure, but maybe, just maybe...
Maybe Ax was a bit of brightness.

He smiled cheerfully as the other spoke to him, only to pause when Ax jumped.
What the--
Ax seemed to look around blindly for a few moments, so Jedidiah naturally felt concerned.
It wasnt until Ax started to stumble and ask for a place to lay down that Jedidiah actually made a move towards him. He hooked an arm through Ax's and then led him down past the front room. Up the stairs they went until they were on the second floor, which was compiled of at least 10 different doors.
[b [#FF00FF "All of these except for the two on that end, and the one on that end, are bedrooms! You can sleep in whichever one you want, I switch around every few days! Ezekiel's is on the fourth floor, so I wouldnt go up there if I could avoid it! He doesnt like people bothering him."]]

Jedidiah took Ax into the closest bedroom and helped him get into bed.
[b [#FF00FF "Ill leave you in here so you can get some rest... we have a lot to talk about!"]]
He stood up straight, only to gesture to a series of bells with tug lines above the bed.
[b [#FF00FF "If you pull one of these, some bells downstairs will ring. They were made to alert butlers in the house to come up to this room when someone needed something! If you pull it, Ill come up right away and check on you, okay?"]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 77d 2h 41m 5s
[font "Poor Richard" [size16 Yeah, Ax had expected that. He flinched when pushed off, sitting up quickly when he fell on Jedidiah because holy shit that sounded like it hurt. [b [+lightblue "Are you okay?"]] He asked, and then just kind of...settled into the sidecar, half on top of Jedidiah and stayed quiet, the hallucinations setting in hard. He could have sworn they ran over someone a while back. But neither of them reacted so he didn't know if it wasn't real- or if they were just really casual about murder. Eventually they pulled up to a fucking GIANT mansion and he just kind of stared because what the fuck how could anyone afford something like that. He didn't think this guy was as rich as August- what did this guy do for a living? He just stayed seated because of the shock, until Jedidiah made a motion for him to get up.

He hurried out of the side cart and looked around, following Jedidiah to the house and smiling slightly when Jedidiah mentioned feeding him. Food. Damn, he was so excited to be able to eat things! Things were finally looking up! [b [+lightblue "Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to-"]] Wait was the mansion on fire? He suddenly jumped, eyes flashing up before the fire started going [i down] and he realized that, yeah, no, that wasn't a real thing. [b [+lightblue "me.."]] He did a once over of himself to check for burns, but he didn't have any. He took a deep breath and walked inside. [b [+lightblue "This place is huge...how do you-"]] He flinched, but the blood splatter that splashed against the walls was already gone. [b [+lightblue "How do you find your way around? I-I'm sorry. Is there somewhere to lay down? I-"]] It kept happening, all on different walls. [b [+lightblue "I can wait for food. I just need to...calm down."]]
  -sentientStatic / 3y 155d 10h 41m 48s
Eliezer stopped the car just as abruptly as he had started it the moment Ax opened his stupid fucking mouth. The scowl he gave him was enough to curdle milk, and within moments he was roughly shoving Ax off of his bike and onto Jedidiah.
Who responded with a clearly pained yelp, before quickly replacing his grimace with a smile and sitting up a bit so Ax had more room.
[b [#FF00FF "Ah, hello!"]]
[b [+green "Du dummpkopf..."]]
Fall off the fucking bike, see if he cares.
He started the bike back up, and Jedidiah hooked his arms around Ax's waist so that he had less a risk of falling off or something of the sort. The sidecart wasnt really built for two, but Jedidiah was skinny and didnt take up much space anyway, so Ax was able to relatively easily slip into the space between Jedidiah.
Sort of.
He was kind of half in the cart half ON TOP of Jedidiah but yknow.

It was a little bit before they approached the fancy mansion located in a particularly quiet and unpopulated neighborhood. Eliezer drove in through some sort out bars in the front gate and sped up the trail leading to the actual front lawn, stopping the bike in a random part of the yard and parking it.
He got off of the bike and silently walked up the steps to his door, not even giving acknowledgment towards the fact that he had two people with him.
Maybe if he ignored them they would go away.
Living here alone was way better than when there were other people, anyway.

Jedidiah sat up a bit and made a small movement to signal that Ax should get off of him, and then stood up once he was able to.
[b [#FF00FF "First, lets find you something to eat! Im not sure what we have--but hopefully there will be something that you like! We dont have to talk about anything until youre ready--you had a long day!"]]
Jedidiah walked over to the steps, around a little patch of broken glass that clearly belonged to the window on the third floor that was suspiciously shattered, then stopped and waited for Ax to come over to him.
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 157d 14h 36m 59s
[font "Poor Richard" [size16 Alex frowned as Eliezer told him they were leaving him there, fully prepared to get off the bike and just hide in an alley and hope for the best. But Jedidiah cut him off and Ax felt relieved. Holy shit- Ax had a chance. And Jedidiah was offering to feed him! That was- that was amazing. He sighed in relief, then looked over when Eliezer got off the bike in confusion because dude what the fuck are you doing you need to drive- oh.

This position is really...gay. He looked at Eliezer's arms basically around him because of the position and just kinda...leaned back comfortably against Eliezer because hey he had a death wish anyway it didn't matter if this guy literally killed him. I mean, he had a [i slight] preference to him, y'know, [i not doing that]. But it wouldn't be the biggest deal if he died. [b [+lightblue "Y'know, if you wanted to hold me you could've just said so, hun."]] He purred and winked and was [i fully] prepared to be thrown off while they drove.
  -sentientStatic / 3y 172d 5h 7m 25s
Eliezer scowled at Ax with the fury of a thousand suns. If looks could kill...

[b [+green "Are you trying to say that if ve bring you vith us ve vill have to deal with freaky posessed shit?? Hell no, Im not dealing with this!"]] On top of everything else. [b [+green "Ve're dropping your ass--"]]
[b [#FF00FF "It isnt a big deal."]]
Jedidiah cut off Eliezer with a smile. Eliezer stared at him in irritated shock, but Jedidiah waved him off. The axe didnt really affect them--it was only an axe, after all, it couldnt hurt them! Ax could, but he wouldnt. He had a kind heartbeat, he wouldnt do anything to them, Jedidiah was sure of it. If he was wrong, they could handle it.
[b [#FF00FF "We cant just leave Alex in this terrible place, especially since he can help us pave the road to Paradise! Itd be such a waste of his potential!"]]
[b [+green "Are you serious!?"]]
[b [#FF00FF "Absolutely!"]]

The motorcycle was stopped long enough for the axe to catch up to them, and Jedidiah leaned out of the side cart to reach out and pick it up. He put it next to him in the cart so that it wouldnt fall out, and then smiled up at Ax.
[b [#FF00FF "We arent just going to ditch you, thatd be terrible! You can still help us! Assuming you still want to, of course--we still have to talk about everything once you get settled in! But for now, we should get you some food--and help you wash up."]]
Eliezer glared down at Jedidiah for a moment, not enjoying having ANOTHER person making decisions for him, but not caring enough to argue it. He rolled his eyes and got off of the bike, pushing Ax forward a bit and sitting down behind him.
[b [+green "Vhatever, youre still coming with us--keep talking and I push you into the engine, though."]]
The hallucinations werent that active right now, but they were loud enough for him to have a particularly low tolerance for other people. He wanted to go home and nap, being outside SUCKED.
He grabbed the bike handles, and soon enough they were back on the road, nearing Eliezer's fancy mansion so they all could discuss business.
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 172d 16h 33m 59s
[font "Poor Richard" [size16 Of fucking [i course] the axe was following them. Ax just sat there as the two discussed it, frowning when Eliezer stopped and asked Alex about it. [b [+lightblue "It's...my axe. I'm sorry! I don't know why it does that, it just [i does.] I've tried to escape it before it just...won't go away. I even tried melting it once! It just...doesn't work."]] Welp, there went his chance at getting this job. They'd throw him off the bike and leave him now. Just to...better his chances at them maybe [i not] doing that, Ax let go of the angry man and just held onto the sides of the seat, avoiding eye contact.

[b [+lightblue "It...doesn't matter if we put it on the bike or not- it'll just keep following us. There's...not really any way to escape it."]] He'd tried [i so hard]. [b [+lightblue "If...If you don't want me to come because of it I understand."]] Fuck, that just made it easier for them to leave him behind. He had to...sell this somehow. Turn it into something good. Come on Ax, put the skills you got from August to work. [b [+lightblue "But hey, I mean, it could come in handy. A living Ax and all? You could...um..."]] Yeah, there was no way to sell that thing. They were just gonna leave him here. [b [+lightblue "Um..."]]
  -sentientStatic / 3y 177d 10h 30m 10s
Eliezer felt arms snake around him and visibly tensed up, letting out a sort of strangled yelp from the surprise of ACTUALLY being touched.
His immediate response was to snap his head back to glare at the other with clear hostility in his eyes. He already found Ax quite obnoxious, this was just ANNOYING.
Before he could rip off the guy's ear with his teeth, he noticed... something. Not that far away. He paused for a second before leaning over to look past Ax and get a good look of what it was. Was that... an axe? An actual axe?
That was... a new one. It was trailing after them as if it was alive, and was one of the more... unsettling hallucinations hes had.

[b [#FF00FF "Is that an axe?"]]
Wait, what?
Eliezer immediately looked over to Jedidiah, who had tilted his head back to look at the exact same thing Eliezer was staring at. What the fuck.
[b [+green "Vait, you see zhat too??"]]
Jedidiah looked over at Eliezer and tilted his head a bit.
[b [#FF00FF "Yeah, of course I--"]] Jedidiah then paused, perking up a bit in realization. [b [#FF00FF "Oh-- sorry. Right. Yeah, I see it! Its blurry, but I can see it."]]
He tilted his head back to continue looking at the strange sight.
[b [+green "Zhe hell--??? Is it FOLLOWING us???"]]
Definitely looked like it was. Just to test his theory Eliezer took a random turn, then scowled as Jedidiah confirmed it was still behind them.
[b [#FF00FF "Maybe we should stop and pick it up?"]]
[b [+green "Vhy is it--"]] Eliezer stopped mid sentence to come to a full stop and glare accusingly at Ax. [b [+green "Vhat is zhat zhing??"]] It didnt start following them around until HE showed up.
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 180d 14h 41m 33s
[font "Poor Richard" [size16 Ax wasn't expecting Jedidiah to be so...light. He blinked in confusion, staring up at Jedidiah and then just...shrugging it off. He couldn't think about that right now... He was covered in blood and felt disgusting. Speaking of blood. He grabbed Jedidiah's now clean coat that he'd washed for him after their first meeting on the way out, and then followed him out to that asshole.

When told he looked like a murderer Ax flinched, digging his hands into his hair and feel like shit because he [i was] and he never wanted to be. Not like this, at least. He watched the exchange uncomfortably, avoiding eye constant and...instead catching his Axe slip out of the door, preparing to follow him again. He just stood their uncomfortably until Eliezer told him to get on, and then he did, holding onto the seat for a while once they drove off before realizing this guy told him what to do.

Fuck this guy. Ax was gonna do it anyway. Cause you know what, Alex didn't care about literally dying at this point anyway. So no, fuck you, Alex was gonna hold onto the hot guy.

He moved forward and wrapped his arms around Eliezer's waist, smirking. This was one way to distract himself from...y'know...his axe following them. It's teleporting forward was...very uncomfortable. [b [+lightblue "So, your house, huh? Hey, it's got a bed, if I'm there you can always take advantage of that."]] He purred, half joking and half serious.
  -sentientStatic / 3y 184d 6h 37m 46s
Jedidiah fell down very easily when Ax dragged him down. While he was holding Ax, he was also sort of using Ax to support his weight. His very small amount of weight.
Ax cried against him and he sat there silently, just kind of watching the other's breakdown without any particular emotion behind his eyes.
He just watched.

But then Ax pulled away and thanked him and Jedidiah's response was to cock his head to the side with a smile.
[b [#FF00FF "I dont mind~~ I hope youre feeling a little better!"]]
Jedidiah scooted away a bit to look up at Ax.
[b [#FF00FF "We can get going now if you want to!"]]
He reached up and took a hold of Ax's hand, standing up with the other's assistant. Which was probably very, VERY easy for Ax to help with, considering how little Jedidiah weighs.
Once he stood, his legs trembled for a moment before he was able to properly gather himself. He then took Ax's hand and trotted on out of the room.
They went on down and met Eliezer on the motorcycle, the latter looking up from his cell when he saw them approach.

[b [+green "Yo-- vhat zhe fuck happened to YOU? You look like murder."]]
Jedidiah walked over and gestured for Ax to get onto the motorcycle.
[b [#FF00FF "You sit here! Its a long drive to Eliezer's house!"]]
[b [+green "Ve're going to MY house? Do I get a say in zhis?"]]
[b [#FF00FF "Its only for tonight! He can come with me tomorrow if he decides he wants to help us!"]]
[b [+green "Zhat isnt reassuring. Youre usually at my house."]]
Jedidiah didnt respond to that and instead hopped into the sidecart half-hazardly, giving Eliezer a perfectly happy smile.
Eliezer just glared down at him and then looked at Ax, nodding towards the seat behind him.
[b [+green "Get on. If you try to hold onto me vhile ve drive zhen you are going to lose an arm."]]
Once Ax got on, they were off.
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 185d 17h 30m 47s
[font "Poor Richard" [size16 The moment physical contact was given Ax fucking [i melted] into it. He started crying even harder and just [i clung] to Jedidiah. Fuck. Fuck. He couldn't even focus on the words because he was in so much pain. All he knew was that Jedidiah said he could still go with him, and that made Ax feel a little better.

He couldn't keep himself up. Fuck.

His knees buckled and he fell to the floor, dragging Jedidiah down with him because...he...couldn't stop himself. He'd been clinging too tightly to Jedidiah. [b [+lightblue "Fuck, fuck. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't want to."]] He kept crying, unable to let go of Jedidiah even if he tried. [b [+lightblue "I'm so sorry."]] He kept crying. It took him a long time of tuning out mumbling and clinging to this guy before he was able to...somewhat stop.

Once he was able to he...hugged Jedidiah more gently and focused on his breathing, trying to catch his breath. [b [+lightblue "I...I'm sorry for...being all over you. Th-Thank you. I...nobody has bother comforted me like that in...a really long time."]] Not since Morgan left. [b [+lightblue "I...I can't express how much it means to me."]] He finally pulled away, taking a deep breath. [b [+lightblue "We should...get out of here. Fuck."]] He stood up on the shakiest legs, holding a hang out to help Jedidiah up. Which was hilarious because...well...he was short as shit.
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