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Those sounds had played with her nerves, she didn't matter but naught like the sounds really cared; sounds were sounds, inanimate things, for them it didn't matter what happened to people who heard them. Sounds could care less if people become happy, sad, melancholy, or playing on someone's nerves. Being tired didn't help either, even though physically being tired meant that the mind was mentally more active, constantly searching for possible dangers whether they be real or fake. Biologically, that's how humans had evolved, so it wasn't something that came as a surprise.

She had almost missed Mike beginning to talk while stilling being paranoid about the noises. Finally they had come to a place where there was a place to rest, that was quite welcome after the long journey the two of them had done this day. Although Mike was proposing to search the place before the sun came down. [+purple "Sure, you search the left half and I'll search the right half."]

She walked into the place, there was still light shining into the place, but not enough to see as well as she wanted. Something like examining a patient with not inadequate light, but this was the wild, so not everything could be perfect.

Despite the lack of light, she began to methodically move from the most right portion of the right half of this place, all the way down to the farthermost portion. Although she did jump slightly when Mike walked in, luckily not hitting her head against anything. [+purple "To be honest, those noises I heard earlier are starting to play on my nerves real badly, although they didn't exactly sound like crawling rodents."] She assumed the person walking in was Mike, in all honesty she should've double checked who it was walking in, but her tired mind was more occupied with going through the place and making sure there was nothing wrong with it.
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He was exhausted. He was beyond exhausted. If he didn’t know the bunkhouse was so close he would probably give up for the night and sleep right where he stood. His mind wasn’t as sharp as it should have been. He kept flicking through songs in his head as if he were a radio. Different songs, different genres just flicking through his mind trying to keep him awake and alert.

Mike kept going until he noticed Hana behind him stopping every so often. She seemed altered. He closed his eyes hard for a second trying to focus. He stopped walking too, he tried to hear what caught her attention, but he didn’t hear anything aside from a few small scurrying sounds over in the tall grassy area. He shuttered at the thought rodents. He could handle blood, he could handle a lot, but rats and mice something about those nasty little things always made him squirm.

The entrance for the bunkhouse was just a few feet away. Mike looked back at Hana relieved. It was like a mirage in the dessert that feeling of sanctuary in their grasp. Normally he would be weary about the situation, terrified that it was to easy, but they had been going since the previous night, and with the sun setting soon he didn’t really want to keep going for another night.

[+forestgreen “We do a quick sweep of the bunkhouse and then we sleep, he will worry about food in the morning. The lake is just over the wall we can I don’t know fish or something. Sound good?”] he wanted to make sure she agreed. She was his partner and if she wanted to do a more thorough check of the place it was only right to comply. She trusted his opinion and he would trust her just as blindly, if they were to survive together even if just for the night the blind faith had to go both ways from her and from him. But if they were to do a sweep of the place it had to be now. Once the sun was gone the light would be gone too.

Mike gripped the box cutter tight as he stayed still listening for any other movement. Rodent or human.
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She only just realized something, she only just realized that she had missed doing something when life hadn't been controlled by the Darwins; having debates where everyone who would be impacted by the choice was included in the debate. A sort of democratic process, the Darwins on the other hand ruled with an iron fist. Mike also didn't like the specifics about the story part, getting famous was somewhat of a good thing, but not when you were on the run from an organization who treated rule breakers quite severely. In this case it was better to melt into the background and live a life of much less fame, but more likely of survival.

It didn't seem Xavier was upset that they'd be leaving him, more like he understood their decision and was ok with it. But he did give them a fire code, to communicate with each other in case of an emergency; although the last one sounded really casual. Using a fire to say 'wassup', but maybe she didn't understand the purpose of that. Also, she had just practically met Xavier, while Mike had known him before all this Darwin shenanigans had happened.

And then they were off again, walking to this old and abandoned place, which also would be a safe place to camp out. As they got close, Mike stopped and took out his pair of oversized cutters, while also yelling de to stay quiet with a wave of his hand. It was easy to see that he, like her, was tired, and wanted a place to rest and possibly eat, just like her. But first, they had to walk this last distance before they could do that.

And so they went on and on, and there was no other sound except their quiet steps. But then she heard this one weird sound, but thought nothing off it. When this sound went off the second time, only then did she take a look around slowly, but didn't see anything suspicious. It was quiet for a few seconds more, before this noise went off a third time. This time she whipped around, shoulders tensed upwards and adrenaline starting to course through her; but again she saw nothing hat would even classify as barely suspicious. Was this while escape thing starting to play with her mind?
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Michael agreed with Hana. As crazy and almost fun Xavier’s stories were if they were heard by the wrong person things could end up pretty bad for them. Tapping Xavier on the shoulder he interrupted his friend’s tall tale about what happened to tell him they were heading out.

[+red “Good luck, and listen if shit hits the fan we have a code system here. Lite three fires or smoke stacks make them as smokey as possible. Three means to haul ass and we will come to you as soon as possible. 2 fires means potential danger to be ready just incase.”]

Mike nodded but he saw the patterned. Three smoke stacks was emergency, two was a threat approaching it, he was curious and wanted to know what was one smokestack? [+forestgreen “Well what’s one?”] He had to ask.

Xavier chuckled. [+red “means s’up?”]

Michael smiled and shook his head. Leave it up to his old friend to have a signal for “Hello”. With those small tidbits of information they were ready to head towards the fort.

As they walked the small distance mike tried his best to remember the lay out. He knew there were several buildings, each had it’s own purpose. Before he knew it they were at the lighthouse and entrance. A small wooden ticket booth accompanied by a rusted turn style greeted them to their new temporary home. He always hated the creaking sound turnstiles made and seeing how rusted this was he didn’t want to imagine the sound it would make now, so he climbed over it.

It was almost just how he remembered it, except the open field in the center of the fort was overgrown and in serious need of a mowing. He wondered how many animals have taken shelter here, and if there were any survivors who made it under Darwin’s radar.

He stood still and quiet as he tried to listen for any sign of life other than his and Hana’s. His eyes scanned over the area in front of him. He needed to get back into survival mode. He took a deep breath in and reached into his bag for the box cutter he brought with him. He brought his finger to his lips to tell Hana to keep the noise to a minimum, not that he thought she would be loud but communication was key to teamwork.

In the center of the field was a painted map on a wooden sign. He searched the map for the place labeled as the barracks. As long as it was clear they could rest there and clear the rest of the fort tomorrow. Although it would be smart to do it all now he was exhausted, he wanted nothing more than to catch a couple hours of sleep and maybe a bite to eat.

[+forestgreen “This way..”] He whispered as he headed in the direction the map said to go.
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As soon as she had finished talking, there was only a slight pause for silence to be out before the play button was pressed again. With one swift motion, Mike took the overly large pliers and put them back in his bag from where they had come from. Then turning around to Xavier, Mike told him their decision. Although Xavier's response was somewhat confusing as she didn't know what riding hillbilly style meant, te very first time she had ever heard a word like that. But that question didn't remain unanswered to long, as what Xavier did next cleared that question; he had opened the back part of the truck, the so called bed, and motioned for her and Mike to sit there. Although being somewhat worried as Xavier had said that speed limits were "a thing of the past", but there was no point in going back now.

Mike jumped into the bed and sat down, all the while looking at Xavier with a weary look. Why she didn't know, and to ask would probably not be the best thing to do; instead she merely jumped into the bed of the truck, sat down, and grabbed the sides of the bed. After Xavier sat down in the drivers seat and Sasha into the passenger seat, the engine hummed and the four of them began the journey to wherever this camp was. Being in /the bed made for a somewhat uncomfortable high speed right as every turn, swerve, uneven road, even the tiniest of the tiniest of those made them feel those very well. And combined with the speed, the wind just lashed every which way at the two of them in the bed. And even though all in all it was somewhat uncomfortable, all in all the distance accomplished was a big one.

And sometime later they arrived at a grassy area, which Xavier drove upon until coming near the viscosity of a couple of tents arranged in a circle, around what appeared to be a campfire. Even though the prospect of dealing with more individuals who were unknown to her and possibly known to Mike was slightly unnerving, it wasn't a bad set up at all. Although when Xavier started to tell an exaggerated story about the two of them, for her it was a cringy moment. Not that she didn't think the story overall as bad, but having a reputation as a Darwin killer was something one didn't particular look for if one was trying to survive outside the Darwin compounds. And the part about Xavier being an idiot, she couldn't have a point of view on him as she hadn't known him as long as Mike.

Ah yes, their original plan before they had met up with Mike's friends. [+purple "I think we should move as well. I don't mind publicity now and then, but that type of publicity is just being asked to be killed."]
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Mike took back the weapon, slipping it back into his bag. He told Xavier their decision to go with them and they were lead to a large pickup truck.

[+red “Ya’ll ganna ride hillbilly style, so hop in back and hang on tight. Speed limits are a thing of the past!”] Xavier excitedly unhitched the gate to the bed of the pick up.

Mike hopped into the bed, and looked at his friend wearily, he knew Xavier for a long time, he also knew that he and Xavier often competed over their perspective branches of the military before joining. After high school, Xavier joined the Navy, they may have spoken one other time before now, but it was a simple case of friends outgrowing each other. But still he seemed like the same Xavier that broke onto the roof of the high school just to egg the freshman. He wasn’t the most responsible person then, and Mike just hoped he matured over the years.

As soon Hana got in the truck they took off. Being in the back of the pick up Mike was able to feel everything. Every sharp turn out push them to the side, every bump jerked their bodies slightly. And with Xavier’s speed the wind was whipping at them. Though Mike couldn’t complain they passed through the cities and towns pretty quickly. Mike used his best judgment and guess that they maybe had made it to the park in little under thirty minutes.

Xavier pulled into the park and onto the grass driving inwards away from the blacktop traditional parking lot. Five or so tents were set up in a circle around what looked to be a makeshift fire pit along with camping chairs. If the country was in a total mess Mike would have thought this would have been a pretty decent camping weekend set up. To to live there for years he seen way too many flaws with their set up. Sitting around the firepit were three other people he recognized from high school, but couldn’t remember their names.

[+red “Alright, introducing Mighty Mike fucking O’brian and Darwin Slayer- Hana O’Kill-a-homie!”]

Mike rolled his eyes and turned to Hana. [+forestgreen “Ignore what he says he’s an idiot.”] he whispered to her as Xavier spun some epic tale of how he found Mike and Hana surrounded by dead Darwin soldiers, how they had no weapons and killed forty of them with sheer teamwork and skills.

Mike pointed over to a lighthouse in the distance, if it weren’t for the tree’s it would have been a straight shot. [+forestgreen “That lighthouse is at the entrance to the fort. From here it’s probably 10 minute walk. And unless you want to stick around to hear yourself become some urban legend Darwin slayer I think we should head out toward it. From what they were saying the fort should be clear. We could set up there rest up.”]
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She listened to him carefully, being out here was a new experience for her and Mike was evidently much more experienced than her in these matters. Letting someone with her experience being in charge, it wouldn't end too well. And one might make a point that this situation did have a sexist element to it, but that was but only an extremely small nuisance compared to the rest of the problems. And she was surprised when he gave her what looked like big pliers, and then proceeded to instruct on how to use them. It felt similar to some of the medical equipment she had used while working as a nurse, but this tool was for killing, not healing. She had never killed anyone on purpose and hoped she would never have to do it, but then considering the times that were it would probably be inevitable sooner or later.

And then they proceeded forward, following Mike as he led to this safe place he had mentioned. They stuck to any cover that they could to avoid detection at all costs as there were still two unknown people in this part of the city. And then it happened all of a sudden, someone ran up and tackled Mike, and she froze from just the speed and efficiency of what had happened. This turned out to be a fortunate event as this person had recognized Mike, and from Mike's expression it looked like he recognized this other person. And then the second significant other was introduced, a woman named Sasha, who also was a cousin to this first significant other. Revolver versus these pliers, that was one hell of a fat chance, but it did appear there was some sort of camaraderie with these three. The woman named Sasha, mistrusted her, but that wasn't surprising at all.

She let them have their reunion, they knew each other very well and it would probably be rude to simply butt into their merry reunion. She slipped the oversized pliers into her handbag, she could've skipped them into her pockets but she didn't.

And then Mike introduced her to Xavier and Sasha, and Xavier responded with a nod and a smile, before going on about something else. It appeared these friends of Mike had their own 'sick' hideout somewhere, and they weren't afraid of using a car to get there. That gave her a pause as he thought about this, essentially not hearing what Xavier was talking about. Yes it was rude from one point of view, but it wasn't like she was engaged in an active conversation with them, she was still a sort of side person to this little threesome. It did make her feel an outcast, but unfortunately the times when being not so openly suspicious were buried in the past. Even though she wasn't, they thought there was a possibility of her being a spy for the Darwins, ready to kill when necessary. She wasn't going to argue with someone who had a pistol at the ready.

And then Mike decided to have a side chat, to debate about what to do. And it somewhat lightened this situation; she and Mike were still acquaintances but he wasn't making all the decisions by himself, he wasn't forgetting that their group had two individuals.

Pulling her aside, their were two options. Option A involved following Mike's friends towards their place, Option B involved sticking to their original plan. In a way, the second option was better as each group would be farther apart, making it difficult to capture all of them. On he other hand, splitting up meant that there was some chance of accidentally killing each other off, and together there was a better way to come up with something.

[+purple "I don't mind going along with your two friends, I think the four of us would be able to come up with something."] Reaching into her bag, she took out the big pliers and handed them to Mike, [+purple "You should have these for the time being, the one called Sasha understandably suspects me, so until she doesn't suspect me anything dangerous looking should stay out of my hands."]
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That was a good question, but looking at where he seen the people run to and the water tower being in the way it would be difficult to follow them without drawing attention to themselves.
[+forestgreen “We will continue on to go where we were going. If they follow us and confront us we will deal with it then.”] Mike reached into his pocket and placed the box cutter in Hana’s hand. [+forestgreen “If needed go for the throat if they come at you head on. If someone you end up behind one aim for the soft spot where the skull and neck connect.”] He wasn’t sure of her survival skills let alone her fighting skills. Giving her the instructions whether she would take them or not made him feel a little bit more at ease. He was confident in his fighting skills, sure he was only a mechanic for the airforce but there is still certain things they teach you.

Michael proceeded forward toward a side street sticking to the original plan of looking for a place to rest. They probably got half way down the street when he heard footsteps pounding hard and fast against the broken pavement. He turned to react but was greeted with a heavy tackle to the ground. Michael fought to keep the attacker from getting on top of him but it was useless.

[+red “Ho-ly Shit. Michael fucking O’Brian.] As the man got off Mike he could see the familiar face of his highschool friend Xavier. Xavier held his hand out and helped Michael to his feet. [+red “Sorry about that broski, didn’t know who you was, and I wasn’t about to get screwed in the giblets by some orangutan fucker.”] Xavier motioned for his partner to come over in the direction. [+red “Sasha, you remember Mike right? Mike you remember my cousin Sasha?”] Sasha came walking closer to them lowering her revolver to her side, she smiled to Mike but still seemed tense by the presence of Hana, the stranger.

Mike nodded, and a wave of relief washed over him. [+forestgreen “Wait a what?”] Mike was confused but not surprised Xavier had always been eccentric when describing well anything.

[+red “You know, Darwin like in the cartoon with the little redhaired girl with the glasses?”]

Mike did not know what he was talking about but nodded his head like he understood. Looking around he looked over to Hana, wondering how exactly she was taking this. One second they were trying to escape an unknown enemy, the next they were about to being attacked, to now chatting with them

[+forestgreen “Guys this is Hana. She’s with me, helped me escape a darwin sector.”]

Xavier nodded his head and smiled, his way of saying hello. [+red “You know Sasha and I got a pretty sick setup at the state park by the lake. If you wanted you could drive back with us. With almost everyone gone there is really no one to complain about borrowing a car or two to get where you’re going.”]

Xavier explained how while Darwin was attacking he, Sasha and a small group of other people hid in the basement of a funeral home for a few days. He said when they came out to see if everything was safe everyone was gone. There had been not one darwin soldier roaming the streets, and no civilians around. Only broken buildings, streets and dead bodies. He and the group headed north to try to get into Canada but they never made it that far. Both bridges leading there had been torn down and none of them really felt confident in their swimming skills to even try to make it to the other side. They have lived over by the great lake ever since.

[+forestgreen “Xavier, do you mind if you two give me and Hana a second to talk it over?”]

Xavier nodded and lead Sasha away from Mike and Hana.

[+forestgreen “Alright, so here’s the deal if you want we can go with them. The lake they are talking about is about a 10 minute walk from the fort. Or if you want we can get there ourselves. I am letting you decide here because I don’t want to put you in a situation you are not comfortable with.”] Mike kept his voice low, he and Hana were a team now meaning her opinion mattered just as much as his.
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The two of them had kept walking in silence, a very wise decision. Even though talking made the journey seem to go by much faster than it really was than if one walked without talking, but they were still in the sector. Meaning, they could be easily overheard which would then lead them down a quick path to the land of the dead. None of the two of them wanted to die, both of them wanted to live although to her it seemed like something else was driving this guy as well. He concealed it, but if it was something personal then it would better to leave it alone, unless he decided to share it.

Mike had stopped in front of her, and she had stopped behind him while carefully listening to the surrounding area. He was looking at the city as if he remembered how it looked, what it was actually like before the Darwins came and decided to blow everything up, and kill many people of using many different cruel methods. They had begun moving into the city, but to her this wasn't a city she really remembered, she wasn't even from this city. Even though it was a foreign city, it didn't mean she wasn't trying to picture it how it looked before the Darwins had applied their hand to the city, although that was difficult since she had never seen this city before destruction in her life.

Mike spoke up, but not too loud so others would have a hard time hearing, apparently both of them were getting somewhat tired. Tired enough to start searching for a spot to rest, maybe not right away but relatively soon. She merely replied with an affirmative nod of her head, if it was possible to avoid noise then at least for right now she'd work that way. Call it lazy or being shy, but then just consider the fact that if they were overheard and then killed because of her, just think about that.

They kept walking further and reached a sign that was right outside the city, but something huge and fallen over was blocking the most direct access into the city. Craning her beck around, it looked like a water tower but she couldn't be sure what exactly it was having never really lived in this city. Her curiosity was interrupted by a question, more like a couple of questions, but the common question behind them all was where had she come from. She couldn't remember where she had come from, one time some time ago she could remember that but ever since being forcibly moved around and worked she had forgotten that information. While they kept walking she attempted to dig out the information from whatever nook in the brain it had hidden in itself in.

She heard the wait, but that didn't stop her from walking into Mike. She wanted to apologize but then she saw the same thing that had caused Mike to stop. There was someone else in the city, and then a second figure appeared to be following the same route that the first figure had walked through. She sort of froze, who were those people? Were those people like them, escaped from one of the Darwin sectors and trying to live free, or were they Darwins? If it was the second option then they were seriously screwed in their ability to continue their freedom run. If it was the first option, it all depended on how much those figures would trust them that they weren't part of the Darwins. It wouldn't surprise her if the figures would kill first and ask post hoc.

She unfroze, but was still unsure of what to do. It was an option to tail the figures as discretely as possible, or they could not trail and try to quietly get to wherever Mike had been trying to get to. That did leave them at the danger of being trailed by those two figures. Walking up closer to Mike, and with a low voice, [+purple "We can either trail them discreetly to see who they are. Alternatively, we can try getting to wherever you were leading me to, but that leaves us at risk of being followed by them."]
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Once they had gotten a decent distance away from the sector. Mike stopped, and looked around trying to remember the city as it was before Darwin. He could see the broken bottom half of what used to be a Bison statue. They were close to the old zoo and as they passed the pile of rubble that used to be the entrance gate. He couldn’t help but to wonder what exactly happened to the animals.

It wasn’t the most exotic zoo, if fact he was pretty sure it landed on the list of top 5 horrible zoos in America. But still, animals had very decent survival skills, and there in Western New York there wasn’t too many predators around. There may have been the occasional mountain lion and coyote. But it was further down south where you ran into bears, and even then it was almost rare to actually see one.

They were getting close to the city border, entering the suburbs and getting closer to the old fort. They had been walking for about nearly four hours now. Michael was trained into long distances, but even he had to admit he was getting tired.

He felt bad for a little bit for walking in silence for the most part, but they were still close to the sector, They could be overheard. Once they made it into the suburbs things could be a little more relaxed, they would be able to rest for a little bit. The sign for the nearby town was just a few blocks ahead. That would be the goal at least for now.
[b “Just a bit further and we will take a break. Okay?”]

He needed to keep pushing. He couldn’t focus on the ruins of the city right now. The city used to be lively, and the architecture of the place was astounding, it fet unnatural walking through the city the way it was. They had finally reached the sign, behind it was the water tower, tipped over and broken blocking the main street path.

It was just a minor setback, but what better time to look for a place to rest than while looking for a detour?

[b “So, Hana, Did you grow up around here? Did they ship you here? Or were you just one of the unlucky visitors here when everything went down?”]

He needed to keep his mind off how tired his legs had been getting, He was sure a distraction would do her some good too. As they walked he kept an eye out for any house left in decent condition.

When Darwin attacked Michael had been in the suburbs, he watched as they used c-4 and other weapons to tear down the homes and buildings. They were relentless, killing people for at the time seemed like no reason. It happened so fast, and soon they were all forced into sectors. Some people were shipped to different sectors than their families, other were just placed in the one closest to where they had been captured. The whole thing seemed so surreal for the first year. No one would ever expect this to happen, not in America anyways.

[b “Wait..”] Mike said stopping in his tracks, he seen something-someone moving in the distance. They had rushed from a broken brick wall to another broken structure across the street. At first he thought he was losing his mind until another figure followed the same path as the first one. If it was it Darwin they were completely-utterly screwed, if it was other people, well how screwed they were would just depend on the people.
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That was somewhat weird, she had expected him to at least say what his name was after he explained his thoughts on her apology, but that evidently wasn't on his mind at all currently. Instead he turned around to look over his shoulder, if he was being paranoid she wasn't too worried. Considering they just ran away from a government which had just wiped the entire city minus the two of them and which had strict laws, it was much better to be extremely safe than extremely sorry. But at the same time she got a feeling he was searching for something, searching for something that was valuable and had been lost. And she couldn't shrug it off as paranoia as being in the medicinal field for quite a long period of time she had run into these types of people quite often. But now probably wasn't the time to bring it up.

He turned back around, said that they had to keep moving, before taking a quick glance behind him and then closing his eyes for some time. She waited for him to arrive at wherever his train of thoughts needed to arrive at, it seemed as if he knew where to go. The two of them made for a somewhat decent impromptu tag team, there was the tough guy who know how to fight extremely well and then there was support in the form of a female who knew how to take care of wounds. Considering the seriousness of the current situation, it was somewhat funny and helped lighten her up on the inside.

He finally ha everything thought out, a relatively safe place that was twelve hours walking distance away, that should be perfectly manageable. And then he told her his name, it was make. Both of their names were somewhat common, but what they were doing was definitely far from common. But enough of that, they started to move and she followed wherever he led, careful to tread as quietly as he did so they could hear everything else but everything else couldn't hear them. It would've been a good time to get to know each other better but they were still in a dangerous place, if they were overheard it would be a quick end for the both of them. And after taking the pains to escape from a fucked up government, it just wasn't worth it to waste an opportunity at freedom. Just not worth it at all.
  Hana / Arya / 124d 7h 51m 49s
She introduced herself as Hana. Had they really never introduced themselves? That seemed so bizarre, they had escaped together and all he could really knew her as was “that girl”. If times were different, and if his mother was still alive he was sure she would smack him a few times in the head for lack of manners.

[b “Uh, Yeah, that’s fine. It easy to lose your temper in high stress situations. I didn’t take it personally.”] Mike looked behind him again paranoid that they had been followed. He had evolved from cautious to paranoid. Every since they crossed that fence he knew he would spend his life looking over his shoulder. He was prepared for that, as long as he could find Amy, he would be prepared for anything.

[b “Let's keep moving.”] he said glancing back again. He closed his eyes for a moment trying to remember the layout of Western New York. Major perk of being a handyman was that he was able access into Darwin offices, and with that he was able to see the Darwin map.

It was perfect there was a place his mother used to take him over by the lake, it was an old fort. It was said to have been used during the American Revolution, but it was now just historic site, used for reenactments and tours for families and school classes. Currently it may have been deteriorating but it had been remained untouched by Darwin.

It would be a perfect place to camp out for a few days, the large area, multiple buildings and the catacombs underneath would provide a decent place to hide out.

[b “There is place I know. It should be safe there. It's about 12 hours away.”] he paused for a second he was so caught up in the escape he almost forgot to tell her his name. [b “I'm Mike by the way.]
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She stood in that pose, like someone posing for a medical journal to advertise the advances of medicine while he probed her arm with his two eyes. To be fair it was quite dark so spotting a thin pale-red line on white skin was somewhat difficult, but couldn't he have sped up the process by taking a much closer look on the arm than from the distance he was trying to spot?

There were guards walking but due to the dark the guards wouldn't be able to spot them right away. She heard him whispering 'shit' before grabbing her arm and dragging her with him into the forest. If it hadn't been for the Darwin guards she would've cried out for sure from the unexpectedness of him grabbing her arm and then pulling it like a dog owner who didn't want the dog to dilly dally behind. To be fair he did have a point in grabbing her like that, he wanted to quickly and quietly disappear into somewhere where he wouldn't be spotted and that meant taking her with him just in case she wouldn't rattle his name out if she was captured.

He led her on like that until he stopped behind a tree that was just behind the treeline that formed the entrance to the forest, only then did he let her go and start looking behind him. She just rubbed her arm as it felt cold and lifeless, she wanted it to feel warm and alive instead. She kept quiet as possible because there was no need to ruin the perfectly good chance fate had given them for this escape. The city was still dark for the Darwins were still 'reorganizing' it, until they had finished that the lights wouldn't pop back on.

When he apologized, well at least he had some morals of his own. He quite right feared the Darwins, even though the Darwins claimed they weren't another Nazi party the events of today showed otherwise. He quickly double checked before saying to continue moving out.

They walked in the darkness, through the branches over and under head, carefully weaving through the forest. Time, it was inconsequential at this point. Well, it was consequential, the more time they spent walking away the greater the chances of living. But they also needed to trust each other more, she had a feeling of slight distrust from him.

Coming up on a grove of trees she accelerated to be in front of him before turning around and facing him. [+purple "We haven't even formally greeted each other. My name is Hana, and I'm sorry for yelling at you on the fence."]
  Hana / Arya / 146d 8h 19m 46s
Michael studied her arm for a moment, she was right. It was gone. He took a deep breath in and looked through the gate and into the sector. A few guards had been passing by on the sidewalk across the short field of grass, when one of them turned to their direction. It was dark thankfully, so it did give them a little bit of time, after all who could truly trust their eyes in the dark.
The guard turned to his partner and they started move cautiously to the gate.

[b”Shit,”] He whispered as he grabbed the arm she was just showing him and taking off further away from gate and toward a wooded area. Even though it was night time an open field was not the safest place. No where to take cover. At Least in the woods they had trees to hopefully stop a bullet if need be.

He let go of her as he peeked back from behind a tree. From where they were it was almost impossible to see through the night. Ever since Darwin had taken over a lot of the bright lights of any city were cut and left dark until they were able to reconstruct in their image. Michael tried to listen for footsteps or talking, or any sign that they had been followed.

As far as he could tell the guards brushed it off as an animal or something.

[b “Sorry about that, I didn’t know you already had it out. I didn’t want us to get caught because you still had the gps in you.”]

Michael looked back one more time just to double check, but once again everything seemed clear, that was until a light from a flashlight was shone in the direction of the woods, Still too far to the left to reveal where they were hiding.

[b “Let’s go, and stay low.”]

Michael ducked down and moved from tree to tree for cover. He regretted not adding the faked death part to his escape plan. Perhaps they found an empty house with a tracker, perhaps they noticed the girl was missing. He was sure she didn’t think of plan to make sure they wouldn’t come looking for her.

They needed to get far enough away to a place they could safely discuss a plan. It was driving Mike crazy not knowing her intentions.
  ::The Rule:: / -JD / 151d 15h 54m 57s
It seemed as if he had a lady's first policy or something along those lines because he had let her go up and over the coat covered barbed wire before jumping down safely. Now she had to wait for him to haul his own ass over the fence, but to be fair he hauled ass extremely fast and even retrieved her coat for her. The coat was slightly damaged on her the outside, a few scratches on the material but overall it looked fine.

The guy started talking about trackers and out, and then he started fishing for something in his own bag. What the bloody fucking hell was he doing? Was this guy even thinking straight? Probably not as he was quite intent on finding something within the bag in a place where did they were noticed, they'd be shit first and questions would follow after they'd be dead. Recalling the comment about her being a spitfire, considering the position they had gotten themselves into there was a need of moving forward, a very bad need before the Darwins found them and killed them.

It looked like he had found the object e had been liking for the whole time, it looked like some big pair of cutters, although for what she didn't understand. Recalling his previous words about the lines of trackers and getting something out, so that's why he had took that thing out. He didn't didn't she had already removed her tracker at the hospital, the question would she be able to convince him?

As he ran up to her she showed her right arm where there was scar tissue in a neat and straight line down the middle of her arm. Even with the advancement of healing, there would still be scar tissue around after surgery, even aft t a small one like this. [+purple "You are wasting both of our times, I've already had mine removed."]
  Hana / Arya / 164d 11h 13m 55s

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