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You feel like you're being hunted, yet you're not, since there are a group that are protecting you from what's happening from the outside world. The house you're in is in the middle of a lake near a forest, and most of the nights the water causes some people to get sick briefly.

Ever since you got there, you feel like the tension between the two halves of the house will snap, and you feel like you may or may not be the cause of it.

If it happens, you're going to have a bad time.


You need to describe the character to me. The image won't show up on my IPad, but it'll show on my phone.
Any AU characters from Homestuck, Marvel, Sonic, Undertale, and other fandoms are allowed.
Give people three days to reply. If they don't reply, just continue on. I'm not trying to sound rude.

Character List:
[ Nick]///[ Injected!Nick[Aka Sonic]]
[ Madame Clairvoya]
[ Neo]
[ Alkana]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (100 character limit.)

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