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Moving side by side, two universes still young, were both faced with a perilous threat of unknown origins which threatened to destroy the universes... Thrown into chaos they collided, merging the two and throwing them back in time before the disaster.

The Justice League, Titans. The Avengers and the X-Men. They were now all within the same world, though the world was much bigger and different as the Earth from both seperate universes merged as when said universes merged to create a much bigger Earth. Though with this new earth came new threats, some heroes as well as villains retained their powers while others lost them and new, unnamed super humans started rising to power.... While other well known heroes and villains alike are nowhere to be found, including Superman, Captain Marvel, Batman, Deadpool, Black Panther and Wolverine. In this new world will the heroes still prevail or will the villains see this planet through till the end?

1.All Standard ES Rules Apply
2.Mild to Severe language is allowed given the origins of the rp
3.No Cybering
4.No God Modding another character unless ok'd by the player of said character.
5.Multiple characters allowed as long as you can handle posting with them
6.You must post at least once a week or give prior heads up before we continue on without you
7.So long without posting and your character will lose all powers and significance, same as if you quit and those powers can be used by another character
8.Quality is a given, whether it's two paragraphs or ten.
9. A minimum of 1000 characters, it's honestly not that hard
10. All powers allowed so long as your characters weakness is just as severe. The stronger the power the stronger the weakness
10.5Up to five powers allowed, however the greater/stronger the power the lesser the amount of powers allowed to prevent one from being too overpowered
11.All skeletons must be sent to me through pms before you are to be accepted and able to post in the rp.
11.5All skeletons must be included in the character profile to make it easier for me to link on the page.
11.7Canon characters are more than welcome, will require the same skeleton for people who don't know said characters.
12.If you've read this far then please comment your favorite fictional character be it Marvel, DC, Anime or otherwise in the subject of your pm with your character skeleton and any questions containing the rp itself or said skeleton
13.I will need an anime/artistic and a real life picture for your character and depending on the results I'll decide what I want for the rp
14.Have fun

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[ LordDalgros] as [ The Flash]!
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[ TsukikoKyuubi] as [ Starfire], [ Arubia], and [ Meriqu]!
[ Tesla] as [ Genesis] and [ Alexander Tesla]!
[ Cancer] as [ Adrian Veidt]!
[ Demonskunk] as [ Moon Coon]!

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[center [size12 Lys glared at the woman, noticing that the woman was trying to taunt her, push her into action. Lys wouldn’t allow her to harm anymore innocent people, that’s for sure, but she wouldn’t allow her to anger her enough to lash out at bystanders. Clicking her tongue, Lysette merely blinked, turning her attention to what she believed more pressing - especially after the red man dealt with her. She turned her attention to the last one opposing them and his entourage.]]
[center [size12 Lys snorted at the metal man. She wasn’t really sure how he knew about Asgard’s current predicament when even she couldn’t get in touch with them at the moment. If the Asgardian “princess”, one would think she’d be the most knowledgeable about the standing of her world. But at this point, she wasn’t really interested in anything else he had to say. His words were rather manipulative and he began to remind her of her father. His tongue must have been made of silver. Though, his words did send a shiver down her spine. When she had left for Earth, all had been well enough in her homeland. Granted, they kept her in her own castle-like structure. Since Loki was the only one able to touch her skin and not turn to stone, they never wanted to deal with the public and what could happen if Lysette were to roam free.]]
[center [size12 Lysette stiffened as the red man spoke to her. A sudden look of panic crossed the sharp features of Lysette’s face at the mention of contacting Asgard from the Flash. She quickly composed herself, clearing her throat and looking away from the redman for a moment. She brought her piercing, unearthly gaze back up to him. She chewed on her lip, the only sign that she was truly worried. Lys cleared her throat again, [#3ea99f “I’ve not been able to contact… well, any of my family for about two weeks now, when I returned to Earth to spend time with my mother.”] She muttered, dropping her arms to shove her hands in the pockets of her hooded vest, looking very uncomfortable. [#3ea99f “The last I heard, my mother was on a mission for SWORD in space. Father and my uncle were in Asgard, dealing with grandfather’s anger about… something.”] She shrugged, blinking hard with concern. She moved further away from the ship wreckage she had been standing on, coming closer to the Flash, her expression guarded. Lysette was actually beginning to wonder if this man could do any good here or if he’d end up being manipulated by the silver tongue on the other side of the dome. She might be naive in the ways of the world and easily swayed, but she knew when someone was trying to manipulate her. Did he, though?]]
[center [size12 She cleared her throat once more. [#3ea99f “I have no doubt that if I try hard enough, I could get a hold of my uncle or father.”] She kept her icy gaze on him. [#3ea99f “It won’t be easy, but what use is a demi-goddess if she can’t get a hold of the gods?”] A sly smile pulled at her rosy lips. [#3ea99f “Though, I’ll only do it if you make sure the metal man doesn’t take our furry little friend, deal?”] She murmured softly to only the Flash, hence why she had made her way closer to him. Not to mention, thanks to his full body suit, he was probably the safest one there to be next to her, other than the man with no flesh. [#3ea99f “I do not believe they have good intentions for him.”] She cocked her hooded head at him, allowing her voice to falter a bit and show that she might be a bit more worried about the situation than she was letting on.]]
  Lys||Nymphet / faultystarlight / 3y 231d 17h 45m 12s
[h3 [center Proxy]][left [pic]]Proxy kept his mouth shut as the Asgardian woman seemed to pick a fight with the fastest man alive. If she wanted to try to cause harm to the strange woman of water he would intervene, however he doubted that his efforts would be necessary given how capable he knew the Flash could be. Especially after he saw the man disable his robotic entourage so easily. Of course Proxy had not intended to harm him the first time, but his speed was still a difficult thing to contain.

It was the laser blast of the ice dome that needed more of his attention, and he made sure that his troops were well deployed. Even as the woman reinforced it from within using her abilities. If the raccoon decided to launch another attack, or if the Asgardian decided to get violent his troops would reinforce the dome quickly. Given the size of it they were unlikely to be capable of destroying it all without also damaging the civilians outside, or the group currently sitting inside it. So he made sure that his troops were also prepared to quickly deploy their shields.

[b “Pardon me miss, as I had no intention of speaking for Asgard. All I said was that I doubt that SHIELD would be so quick to request such a favor from them, as they are dealing with their own predicament from what I have heard,”] Proxy said. [b “Asgard would most likely help out if asked, however I cannot see SHIELD doing so given the situation. Their agents are well equipped enough for this situation, and they have been known to keep things in house.”]

While defending himself was important he decided to let the Asgardia matter drop, as he did not want to get into it further with the woman. Given the fact that she was unwilling to listen the first time he figured that she was unlikely to listen the second time. So he decided to focus on something that was within his control.

His castoff portion alerted him to the fact that raccoon was growing suspicious of his closed armory. If the raccoon tried to open his armory he would find himself locked out, and Proxy was confident that his castoff portion could keep the door sealed. However if the raccoon was violent enough to start shooting; he could very well cause a catastrophic explosion by triggering his own explosive devices. Which would be amusing to Proxy, but would probably not be good for avoiding public panic.

That was when he calculated a better option for dealing with the situation given the statements given thus far. All it would take was a little prodding, and just to be safe he did have a team ready to deploy their shields in support. If it went well though there would be no knowledge of his intervention in the spacecraft.

[b “Pardon me for interrupting, however I do believe that what the woman said was accurate in regards to our extraterrestrial friend. They should be quarantined given the risk of disease, and of course their willingness to shoot first being a danger to the public,”] Proxy said. [b “Given that SHIELD is already here I believe having them quarantine him and his vessel would be for the best. Amanda Waller's team is more than capable of handling him.”]

Since they seemed to be unaffected by the changing of the world Proxy hoped that this information would put them a bit off. If he could leverage his knowledge of this new world to get what he wanted there was no reason not to do so. However it could also force the Flash into dealing with him more directly, as it would clearly reveal that The Metal knew more about this situation than most.

[h3 [center Omicron Calculus]][b “Farewell then,”] The Machine Lord said before Omicron Calculus reshaped her heads and hand.

[b “Goodbye,”] Omicron added with a wave of her hand before taking off to the stratosphere.

If Ozymandias was unwilling to see the risk of bringing the world's brightest together in a room then there was nothing to be done. Just like other geniuses the man was likely to be stubborn to a fault, and unwilling to yield to those he considered beneath him. Based on what data Alexander had on him that seemed to be a fair guess, and so relocating Omicron made the most sense.

[b “I apologize for this Omicron, however it appears you will not be coming home just yet,”] Alexander said over his technopathic connection to her. [b “Several of our satellites have picked up the same small unidentified floating object, and you are the one I most trust to investigate. Sending you the coordinates now, and feel free to move out at top speed.”]

Omicron gave an affirmative beep before traveling further up to make sure that her speed did not interfere with anything in the atmosphere. Whatever it was that was floating in the sky it seemed that Alexander was interested in getting to it before it could get away. Unlike the last mission she had been sent on this one had several unknowns, and so speed would be key.

[h3 [center Genesis]][left [pic]]Despite wearing a new vessel Genesis found that none of his pawns seemed to pay too much mind to him. Something that would be more disconcerting if not for his use of the boom tube to arrive. However the sudden appearance of his assistant Damien put the worries out of his mind.

[b “You recognized me by my gait,”] Genesis said as the well dressed Damien approached with a tablet in hand.

[b “I could recognize your walk from a mile away sir,”] Damien said without diverting his eyes from the tablet. [b “All of our projects are currently moving along ahead of schedule, and Project Alva is doing especially well. Even with all of your requested changes to the formula; we should have a working prototype by weeks end.”]

Genesis nodded as Damien continued discussing their various projects as they walked through the facility. Each one was doing at least a bit better than expected, but Project Alva was the only one that was so close to completion. However the fact that everything was running so smoothly left Genesis confident in his selection of Damien as his assistant.

[b “We have also started work on deciphering the encrypted message that came over all of the airwaves, but I have no projections on completion,”] Damien said concluding his update.

[b “Tell the scientists they need to work on that problem separately, and that any who manage to decipher it in time will be rewarded,”] Genesis said as he came to a stop in front of his office. [b “I need to know the ones that are capable of solving such a problem alone, and if they all work together it would be against the rules.”]

Damien tapped away at his tablet for a few moments as Genesis spoke, but came to an abrupt stop at the mention of rules. It was the first time that his eyes were drawn away from his tablet and finally focused on Genesis.

[b “Are you telling me you already solved it?”] Damien asked.

[b “Just make sure that my order gets out,”] Genesis replied with a smile. [b “Now I need to check in on my most ambitious project.”]

Genesis did not wait for an answer before entering his office, and closing the door behind him. While there were a number of projects that were under Damien's purview; Genesis was also smart enough to compartmentalize things to at least a certain degree. Which meant that his most ambitious project the reborn Hellfire Academy was kept out of Damien's reach.
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[b [#0000FF "What makes you think blowing anything up is a good idea?” ]] Moon coon cracks up, snrking before busting out laughing, slapping the control panel as he leans his head back and has a good hard belly laugh, the turret of his ship whipping and swinging around violently to match his motions, likely almost hitting Lys a few times as it whirls wildly. [b “HAAAAAH HA HAH, Listen to this broad - “What makes you think blowing anything up is a good idea” - Haaahaha, oh man. Can’t write comedy like that” ] He wipes a tear [b “I haven’t met a problem that “Blowing it up” isn’t a good solution to!] He gives a shit eating grin before disengaging the guns and getting up out of the pilot’s chair and walking toward the back, toward his gun locker.

[b “Look, lady, I’m not the one that decided to murder and slurp up the blood of a crowd of people, I’m not going into any kind of quarantine.” ] He absently lifts an arm and takes a sniff [b “Yeesh, I could use a shower, though, maybe.] He laughs, going to reach into his locker and finding it closed…

He stares uncomfortably at the locker door and squints, mumbling [b “I don’t EVER close this. not unless I’m docking at a nova base…”] He turns suspiciously, looking around the back portion of his ship, genetically enhanced eyes focusing and unfocusing as he searches for anything out of place. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small dongle with a few buttons on it, pushing one that causes the hatch on his ship to close and seal suddenly. [b “If anyone’s in here with me, y’d better say something now, or I won’t be responsible for what happens next…”] He mutters in a low growl, unholstering his pistol with the other hand and flipping the switch for maximum charge - a raising pitched whine emitting from the gun as it’s capacitors fully charge.
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Ozymandias waited and listened patiently to the individual acting as relay for the Machine Lord. His eyes wandered across the monitors for a moment before returning to the camera feed at the main entrance. Finally, in response to the queries, he spoke.

[b "I appreciate the offer of assistance and the explanation for your early arrival, however security will not be required. Those attending the summit are to be the brightest minds that this world has to offer. Only a fool would come here seeking a fight, and thus shouldn't have been able to decipher my message,"] he explained, [b "also, I expect to meet you in person. This meeting is of the utmost importance, and is to be discussed through word of mouth only, which is why I have given a substantial window of opportunity to make travel plans. There will be no recording or broadcasting, no one allowed admittance except for those able to decipher my message, and simply put: no proxy."]

After that he paused. He looked down at himself to see what he was dressed in. [b "Meeting me in person will also have to wait for the summit. I am not dressed for a meeting just yet. Unless you have more concerns, I must bid you farewell until the scheduled date."]
  Ozymandias - Adrian Veidt / Cancer / 3y 253d 19h 51m 8s
With all the attitude going around, be in the "matter of fact" kind or the "angsty teen" variety, the Flash did see merit in noting that the Alien Invader seemed to be a lot more forward in achieving a goal rather than arguing.

As the arguing between the two women and the Metal Man continued, the laser turrets of the Raccoon's spaceship [b melted] a clear hole through the ice! It did occur to Barry that the ships weaponry achieved what that massive fireball could not, but at the same time he'd easily put together that the Host, the Blue-haired Girl, was no longer supplying it with her power.

As the conversation progressed the Flash thought over what each of these three individuals brought to the table, though some words lingered far more than others:
First, with the Metal Man, the Flash noted that tone he took and the words he used caused an unnerving tingle in his spine; it definitely seemed like this Metal Man may very well comprehend the "Universal Problem" that Barry had only recently uncovered, however, with what had happened to Iris and with the unknown statuses of Wally West and many core members of the League; he decided it may be best to keep his mouth shut about it for now...
Second came the Blonde whose high-and-might sort of talk made her the spitting image of Diana in her early days, Barry thought, and if she had an attitude anything like an Amazonian he knew it was futile to try and change her opinion on the spot. For now he chocked her hostility up to the fact that just a minute ago she was in the heat of battle.
Finally the Blue-haired Girl seemed to come back to life after her prolonged silence, lashing out words at the Blonde in an attempt to justify her actions! Barry could've continued the argument and scolded the both of them, however, this was neither the time nor place for that.

"... those humans outside are in pretty bad shape..."

Little did they know that the bulk of the damage caused outside of the Ice Dome had been from the third party that caused the power outage and the ball of fire, as the [i melted ice] couldn't have done much with how intense the temperature around the park still was. In fact, smoke and ash quickly began to fill the air of the dome with the hole now made and mix with the hot steam caused by the dome continuing to melt around them: it obscured a lot of what the public could see. It wasn't until a green light began to glimmer through the grey smokey air that it finally began to clear away and the form of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, stood before them all.
[+green "How are folks doing today? Just your average everyday space-cop come to check in on ye."]

[b "Good, GL, you're here."] the Flash gave the Lantern a nod of approval, seemingly arriving just in the nick of time to save him from the rabble of arguing parties, [b "I'm sure you've got just as many questions as I do and I'm sure all parties-"] He gives a look toward all but the Blue-haired Girl, [b "- will be willing to explained what happened prior to this whole mess. Our chrome friend here even has a recording of the entire affair after the ship landed... I'll be back in just a second to help, of course, but this one,"] nodding to the Blue-haired Girl, [b "needs to be handled first..."]

Just as predicted by the Metal Man, along with police media and the public; there had been a series of vehicles bearing the eagle sigil of the SHIELD organization that arrived on scene just a few moments before the doorway was made. From the information Barry had gained through the bat computer, he knew enough to know that SHIELD seemed to be about on-par with ARGUS from his own world, and it could be assumed then that they'd be able to properly contain the Blue-haired Girl as the Metal Man suggested.

So far Barry hasn't seen anyone show complete awareness of the Universal Problem, however, Hal did seem at least partially aware that [i something] was different. Could it have been because he was in space at the time? Did both universes operate with Earth as their focal points? If so, that would mean that whatever happened to cause this amalgamation wouldn't just start at Earth; it would slowly make its way across the stars and change reality until all of existence is under its effect. If his theory about Hals location during the event had any merit to it than it's possible even that the Raccoon who just landed from space could be feeling the same uneasiness. There were a million questions and a billion new faces, it was impossible to tell who could and couldn't be trusted and who Barry may but in danger by revealing his knowledge of the combined worlds!

[b "Okay,"] the Flash spoke aloud but before the words had even reached the ears of the party surrounding him he was gone: the Blue-haired Girl was secured inside the special containment vehicle that the SHIELD agents had brought and just as Barry had done minutes ago, he sprinted across the perimeter of Central Park and tended to the medical needs of anyone and everyone he could. It hadn't been as severe as many worried, thankfully, but entirety of Manhattan was still dealing with its blackout and every second it was dark was another second things could go wrong.
[b "Agent,"] the Flash's next words were to one of the SHIELD Agents on site as the storm of red and yellow motion across the streets finally came to a stop before them, [b "The woman I've secured in your vehicle is responsible for the corpses down the street - but the matter here in the park is more of an intergalactic incident. Can I trust that you'll bring [i her] back to a secure location to await trial? The Green Lantern and I can handle the situation here."]

Without skipping a beat, as if the Agent had known who the Flash was as a hero their whole life, the Agent gave a nod of approval and turned to verify that the Flash had indeed secured the girl inside. It was pretty clear at this point that the average human couldn't hope to overpower whatever was suppressing their proper memories of the separate worlds, but it did afford Barry the convenience of these other-Earthlings accepting his presence as a hero and cooperating.

The Flash immediately returned to the group just a few seconds later, focusing his attention on the Blonde,
[b "Asgard,"] He stated, realizing the potential roaster of allies that had yet to be affected by this Universal Problem, [b "Ma'am do you have a means of contacting them?"] his meeting with Doctor Strange would have to be put on hold for now...
  The Flash (Barry Allen) / LordDalgros / 3y 254d 23h 44m 43s
Meriqu's clone stood quietly for a long moment, assessing the situation before shaking her head. She was content to just listen for the most part but when that woman jumped in once more it made her blood boil and the ignorance of the raccoon creature just helped to push her over the edge. "[b First off]" she began looking towards the raccoon as he blew a hole in the ice dome after she'd stopped using her powers to reinforce it. "[b What makes you think blowing anything up is a good idea? I erected this wall to keep from further harming anyone else and now you propose blowing it up? Especially when there are innocents right outside... How ignorant!]" she didn't care how she sounded anymore, dropping all acts.

"[b And to you]," she turned towards Lys. "[b As I stated I learn from blood, as a new born I couldn't be expected to know right from wrong, however since it pisses you off so much it honestly makes me want to do more... The only reason I refrain is because the lives of everyone here are more important than you, asgardian or not]." she knew that speaking of Lys's homeworld pissed her off as was shown multiple times already and not just by her, if things kept up this way then eventually disposing of such a threat would become rather easy.

Upon saying this, Meriqu raised her hand and the hole that had blasted open closed once more after she saw a few civilians struck by the ice that had exploded outward. "[b Alright, no one leaves until the Raccoon is out of his ship and safely quarantined]" turning to the flash then she spoke up again. "[b I promise I will go wherever you want but for now those humans outside are in pretty bad shape, you're fast... Fast enough to enter a completely frozen dome of ice, please worry about them first. I'm sure you can make it back before we have a chance to even think about fighting]"


Meriqu shook her head as the ice dome blasted open, issuing orders to get an ambulance right away to help those effected by the blast, controlling the situation from the outside as her clone handled things inwardly. It sucked that her clone would be taken into custody and thus could not act on her behalf and she would have to act as a hero on top of being a scientist in her dopplegainers absense, worst of all she wouldn't be able to use her powers without raising suspicion or having the likes of The Flash connecting the dots and linking the two.

The woman after issuing the command and having a dispatch unit sent out she quarantined the zone and started checking in on the patients, linking with her clones mind long enough to send an order. They needed The Flash if she was to keep these people from dying and knew that he'd put the lives of innocents above all else... Afterwards the rest of the situation could be contained, though Lys would be sort of a problem, her theory proved correct when recieving a message on her phone to her heritage as provided by shield documents.

"[b Damnit...] she hit her fist on the ground as she chewed her bottom lip, trying desperately to think of a way to get Lys to work with them while keeping from blowing her cover. If anything she supposed she could have Lys kill her clone, and though it was just that no one else knew that the Meriqu inside the dome was in fact a clone, and how would they? After all she had her own mind and will. Anyone who would take a look inside would instantly see that she was indeed the real deal.
  *!Meriqu~- / TsukikoKyuubi / 3y 256d 15h 49m 14s
[center [size13 Now that she was calmed down, the man in the red suit was really beginning to annoy her with his righteousness. She didn’t like people who were black and white. Grey was best as far as she was concerned. Honestly, she didn’t believe this killer needed help. All Lysette wanted to do was turn her to stone and let her wake up in one of Asgard’s holding cells. Maybe even torture her a little bit for purposefully taking innocent lives as if it were nothing and then acting so [i “I’m a perfect good guy”] right afterwards. She huffed. [#3ea99f “You’re right, we do it differently. We tend to just go ahead and kill someone after they’ve murdered dozens of innocent people.”] She shrugged, glaring at him with a look that could kill, if she had those kinds of powers. [#3ea99f “By the way, human, unless you missed the memo, I don’t believe we are [b “where you come from”] if you haven’t noticed. So, get off your high horse. We very well could do whatever our hearts desire with this evil being if we wanted to.”] She gave him a look that said she didn’t care if he felt she was talking down to him, like he had just apologized for. Thor had taught Lysette to stand up for what she believed in and to not let anyone push her around. She was a demi-goddess and could act like it if she so pleased, though she prefered trying to blend in. But at this point, this people were getting on her last nerve. Everyone clearly thought they were better than each other and that was one of her biggest pet peeves; if a demi-goddess could be humble, then humans - superpowers or no - could be humble too.]]
[center [size13 Lysette watched the little creature flitting about. He was curious in his moves. Make a door? Just as she was about to say that her fist could easily make a door in a less dangerous manner to everyone inside and out of the sphere, his fired his damn lasers. Lysette shielded her eyes from the light, grumbling under her breath as steam began to fill the air. She cursed under her breath, [#3ea99f “Damn it. My hair…”] She bemoaned, pulling at the long flaxen locks as they began to frizz up thanks to the steam. Lysette angrily kicked at the ship under her feet, casually flipping the rodent the bird as she tried to tame her now unhappy locks.]]
[center [size13 The mention of SHIELD caused Lysette’s pale eyes to snap up towards the metal man. Her mother had been a part of SWORD back in the day, so she had heard stories of both branches that protected this realm. Carol Danvers had been a mighty agent for both groups, even before she became Captain Marvel. The fact that the metal creature knew of the factions made her very uncomfortable. While they were somewhat… “public” knowledge, their inner workings were discreet and hidden from people who didn’t need to know what was going on within the ranks. His mention of her home made Lysette eye him warily, crossing her arms over her lacking chest as she watched his machines separate. Asgard was in turmoil…? [#3ea99f “I [b kindly] ask,”] she started, sounding extremely sarcastic with the first part of her sentence, [#3ea99f “Do not speak of Asgard and what we will and will not do as if you know. Thor is the protector of this world and would willingly come if asked by his fellows among SHIELD; no matter the state of affairs in our world.”] She cast a glance to the red man. [#3ea99f “Don’t let him confuse you. Asgard is no longer part of this world and hasn’t been for a long time. You’re lack of that knowledge does not make you lesser than he, seeing as his knowledge is even dated itself.”] She shrugged, hoping off of the ship now that the ice encasing them had been taken care of. At this point, Lysette didn’t really like any of these people, except for the racoon, maybe, except he messed up her hair… But still, the metal man’s words about her world concerned her, so she stood silent for the moment, chewing on her lip in thought.]]
  Lys||Nymphet / faultystarlight / 3y 256d 18h 26m 17s
[h3 [center Proxy]][left [pic]]Proxy adjusted his tie as the Flash spoke, while maintaining his reflective face focused on the Flash to show that he was listening. The Flash may be well known as a kind hero, but it did not mean that he was well equipped to talk to two beings as strange as himself and the Asgardian. However Proxy was happy to cut him some slack if it meant avoiding a fight.

[b “Of course, SHIELD is perfectly well equipped to provide a meta of her caliber proper care,”] Proxy said in a happy tone.

Thanks to the knowledge provided to him by The Metal, Proxy knew very well that Flash would not be knowledgeable of SHIELD. However given his location they were most likely going to be the first responders after SWORD failed to arrive. So he made sure to press on the Flash's lack of knowledge of the other half of their new world.

[b “Actually Asgardia was located on Earth much like Themyscira for a time, although I can understand how you would forget such a thing given how recently that change occurred,”] Proxy added in a helpful tone. [b “I doubt that SHIELD would be so quick to request such a favor from them though, as they are dealing with their own predicament from what I have heard.”]

[b “While I appreciate the apology sir, I would suggest against saying something like that so easily in the future. The Asgardian and I are on the record as originating from Earth, and you know as well as I do that the public may not react well to the discovery that a hero is not from this world,”] Proxy whispered so only the Flash could hear with the help of his sound system. [b “Your lack of apparent knowledge regarding our world might raise red flags, and I believe we all would like to avoid any unnecessary panic. I can understand that you are not yet comfortable with this world, however I hope that it begins to feel like home for you soon.”]

[b “Pardon me, but I do believe a more controlled demolition is-,”] Proxy managed to say before the raccoon blasted a hole just inches away from him.

With a thought Proxy had his active followers split into three groups to deal with the situation. One to protect the Flash and the prisoner from any paparazzi, along with any potential villains looking to up their game. Another to hold up the dome, and dismantle it in a controlled fashion so that there are no deaths caused by falling ice. Along with a third to help him keep an eye on the raccoon and the spacecraft.

[h3 [center Omicron Calculus]]Omicron quickly responded to the message from Ozymandias by shapeshifting her hands and head into a screen. Much the same way that her master's proxy did to relay information to the Flash during their meeting.

[b “Forgive my impropriety Ozymandias, as you know running a large organization requires the sacrifice of pleasantries on occasion. I sent Omicron in my place with the hope of a quick meeting with you,”] The Machine Lord spoke as a regal member of the Calculus appeared on the screen. [b “You know based on the way that you encrypted your message that there are not many individuals who could decrypt it. However all of the individuals capable enough to decrypt it are also potentially dangerous given their skills.”]

[b “That potential danger is one of the reasons that I sent Omicron to meet with you, as I would like to offer the services of The Metal as security for your gathering. Based on your message we support what it is that you are trying to do, and to be honest we would like to show that we too seek to help the world,”] The Machine Lord said. [b “Just like you we have some unpleasant history that we would like to overcome to help the world at large. Which is why I believe providing security to your gathering would be mutually beneficial, as our recent actions would help to ease some concerns regarding your gathering.”]

Omicron Calculus maintained her position, and the shaping of her head and hands as the regal Calculus on screen adjusted their mantle.

[b “The other reason is that I was hoping that you would allow Omicron to confirm that you are who you claim to be,”] The Machine Lord added. [b “If we are allowed to confirm that you are Ozymandias, in return we would offer to covertly confirm that it was you who sent the invitation to those that seek that information over the internet. Yet again another offer that we believe to be mutually beneficial given the fact that it would almost certainly help guarantee you more guests.”]
  Spare / Tesla / 3y 260d 11h 53m 57s
An unsettling smirk spreads across the Raccoon’s face at the mention of ‘Making a doorway’. He lets a low chuckle rumble out of him as he stands back up and takes a couple of lackadaisical steps toward the hatch of his ship [b “Make a doorway, you say? Well, if one of earth’s mightiest is asking, who am I to say no?”] He laughs as he hops down into his ship, slipping on one of the guns he’d tossed in and making a racket as he rights himself, tossing things about and moving them.

The ships lights flicker to light, illuminating the cockpit and showing, through a filthy, cracked windshield, the small creature at the controls. He reaches up to flick 4 switches in sequence and a small cylindrical protrusion pushing out of the top of his ship, two large canon barrels emerging side by side and rotating as he turns his head, moving with his head as he looks around, although apparently slightly misaligned. He turns to an area of the ice dome that one might consider… dangerously close to Proxy and his robot cronies before raising both hands with fingerguns armed and ready.

[b “Ba-Bam!”] He excitedly exclaims, knocking his thumbs onto his fingers like the hammer of a proper pistol, the cannons erupting in plasma fire to match his actions, melting a hole in the thick ice wall and causing the whole thing to start to melt, filling the dome with steam with the sheer discharge of heat warming the enclosed, chill air.

[b “Your door, my sir~”] He slips into a faux British accent, rolling his open hand in front of him and bowing in the direction of the big, steaming hole he’d just blown open.
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[b "You won't be going to a normal prison... You'll go to a special place that can properly keep your powers in check, and you'll talk to people who can help you get better..."] Barry understood the unforgivable nature of her crimes, but he was never one to turn down the chance for the fallen to find redemption, and he had no reason to suspect her true evil nature.

First, as he took hold of the now seemingly unconscious girl, he addressed the Faceless Man,
[b "We still work on a justice system; the proper authorities with containment equipment will come and the Court will decide which metahuman facility she'll go to..."]

Then the pale blonde spoke,
[i Asgard - I suppose we've got the Greeks and they've got the Norse...]

[b "Correct me if I'm wrong, Ma'am, but this "Asgard" isn't Earth - the crime she committed was on American soil and it'll be the American Justice System that passes judgement on her, especially if she truly does need help..."] Realizing that he has indulged in a bit of fanatical ranting, the Flash takes a moment to regain his composure, lifting the unconscious girl into his arms and proceeding toward the closes wall of the ice dome, [b "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to talk down to either of you - but where I come from we do things differently..."]

[b "Now... If she really is composed of water than I can't vibrate out of here without unnecessarily hurting her..."] He finally turns his attention to the Raccoon, who had just reached the end of his own monologue, [b "Well you can start your tour by making us a doorway in this dome..."]
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[center [size12 Lysette stared at the man in the red suit for a long, hard second, the words that he spoke washing over her. It took her several seconds, but she suddenly realized what he was talking about. This woman in white was the individual who had been crying out for help in the middle of the sidewalk just before Lysette had made her way to the crash site of her furry companion. She had been acting as if she were wounded… Lysette didn’t believe she needed to offer any aid, because there were so many people reaching out to help her… And this man claimed that the white woman killed them all?]]
[center [size12 An unbridled rage began to well up within Lysette. She might not be the best person out there and she might do some questionable things, but she would never slaughter so many innocent people for nothing. Especially if they were trying to help her. Lysette was more like her mother than her father, thanks to her uncle being such an integral part of her raising. Between Thor and Carol Danvers, it would be just about impossible for anyone to be black of heart. Lysette had a soft spot for the innocent individuals with no power to their names who still tried to be everyday heroes. Not everyone can just walk up to someone and turn them to stone, but the fact that they still reached out and tried to help, even when it might be completely futile… Those were the kind of people that meant something to Lysette. And those were the type of people who had tried to help the monster before her.]]
[center [size12 Heat rushed through her, warming her deep in her belly. Lys had never felt such a primordial surge of rage like this before. It felt like it was eating at her sanity. What did those people do to deserve to die, outside of helping someone so… evil? The guilt of leaving them behind for something like this began to eat at Lysette’s heart. She wrapped her arms around her tighter, trying to focus on anything else, otherwise she would blow and hurt even more people. She couldn’t risk doing that, but she knew deep within her that she couldn’t leave these two behind. The red man [b had] to be good. He wanted the white woman to pay for her crimes, just as Lys did.]]
[center [size12 The white woman’s words caused Lysette to pause. She was actually going to let him take her in? This didn’t seem right… But, the little furry one’s actions were what really calmed Lysette down. She wasn’t going to be only one left fighting. The only reason she was called to arms was because they were clear threats to the humans and Lysette’s pride. But, if they would end their own attack, she would too. Her icy gaze turned towards the new comer. She thought for a long second before speaking up loud enough for the others to hear. [#3ea99f “What about Asgard? We have prisons powerful enough to hold Loki. If they can hold a god, why wouldn’t they be able to hold someone like her?”] She practically spat out the world “her”, glaring at the murderous monster before her. Lysette crossed her arms over her chest, suddenly wondering if they’d even be able to get her to Asgard. If her mother was missing in action, would her uncle be too? Or her grandfather for that matter? Surely Asgard had been unchanged, unlike this human realm… But, she wasn’t so sure anymore…]]
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While the machine rocketed through the sky heading towards the small island, Adrian was dusting off some shelves. He wasn't expecting anyone to arrive so soon. At the earliest he was expecting people to arrive a few hours early, but nine days early was not something that he would have guessed. However, he was not going to be entirely rude and ignore them.

The large blast doors of a long forgotten bunker stood before the one identified as Omicron Calculus. The aged doors looked like they hadn't been opened in years, however as she addressed the area a small camera feed captured and relayed the message to Adrian.

[b "Hello and welcome. I was not expecting anyone to arrive so soon, forgive me but I am not yet prepared for the summit. Please return to the Machine Lord and inform him that his direct presence is requested."]

Adrian didn't want to turn anyone away, however he had intended that this meeting be only for people that had deciphered the message broadcast. Having a group of representatives was futile. He needed men and women of action that make decisions together.
  Ozymandias - Adrian Veidt / Cancer / 3y 275d 17h 19m 54s
[h3 [center Proxy]][left [pic]]Although doing his best to help, Proxy was hesitant to make any sudden moves as the Flash watched his replay of events. Given how trigger happy the other participant was he made sure to slowly revert his form back once he was certain that the Flash would not be requesting any replays. All the while maintaining his hands up position until the scarlet speedster decided to interact with him again. It was his first line that allowed him to relax his stance, as the Flash was quick to reveal that the Swamp Thing had not shared information of The Metal with the league.

[b “We have already deployed crews to assist with repairs across the territory, along with working as backup generators to those most in need. Although I should point out that our activities have been restrained enough that we could not have been the cause of the power outage,”] Proxy replied. [b “That is another area where we are currently working to provide aid, as I believe we will be better suited to finding the cause of this power outage.”]

Proxy maintained his relaxed posture even as the Flash spoke with the strange woman who had supported him. While he was intending to focus his efforts on more pressing matters the Flash's tone drew his attention, and he was quick to crane his neck for a better angle. The moral guardian speech regarding science was annoying, but it was the murder accusation that caused him to fully turn and face them.

The raccoon had of course made an attempt at defending himself, but it would take a lot more than a finger point and folksy conversation to get out from a murder accusation. Something the raccoon was lucky enough to not have to deal with thanks to the durability of The Metal. Of course based on the last few things he picked up from his castoff portion the woman was going to end up getting herself into trouble one way or the other.

[b “It is not me that you should be apologizing to miss, however I do appreciate the thought,”] Proxy said before turning to the Flash. [b “She raises a fair point though, as I do not believe that you would trust her in The Slab given her abilities and its location. Do you have access to a safe location that can hold empowered individuals young man?”]

While their conversation was going on the raccoon made the decision to toss his heavier weapons back into his ship. Leaving Proxy's cloaked portion to deal with concealing even more weaponry while it worked. However given the raccoon's apparent surrender, Proxy made sure to order his castoff portion to go a bit above and beyond for safety sake. Just because the Flash did not ask for his help repairing the spacecraft did not mean that he was not allowed to provide it free of charge without their knowledge.

[h3 [center Genesis]][left [pic]]The agent of The Metal nodded in response to Starfire's statement before she reached out to the true door. It was not exactly what Genesis had hoped to have happen, but it was nonetheless within their expectations. While it would not leave the Tamaranean inside the dark stomach of a beast, it would quite possibly answer some of Genesis' and Alexander's questions about the door. Something that was no less valuable given their respective pursuits.

However Genesis would not get to stick around to see the effects of the door, as several allies of the League were moving in on their location at supersonic speed. While their new vessel was a significant improvement over their old vessel; it was not yet ready for a firefight with so many powerful enemies. So with a thought Genesis prepared their boom tube to take them away to their base of operations before saying their goodbyes.

[b “It seems that we have a few more uninvited guests on the way, and so I believe that you will not miss my company,”] Genesis said with a smile. [b “Enjoy your little get together.”]

The members of The Metal that were present were all quick to ready their weapons at Genesis' statement, but a flash of light and a loud boom came before they could. Once the light and sound faded it was clear that their target had disappeared, and however they did so prevented The Metal from being able to pick up any sort of trail on them. Unfortunate given the reinforcements that arrived shortly after Genesis' escape, but a not unsurprising turn of events given what all had occurred with the entity.

With The Metal being left to deal with the fallout of their disappearance, Genesis returned to their own base of operations on an island in the Caribbean. A decent sized location that housed remnants of a number of criminal organizations that Genesis had assembled into a makeshift army. The most impressive being the Hellfire Club, as the loss of their leader had made it a target that was all too easy to take over.
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Moon hops down from the ship he’d been standing on, walking up to the Flash as he addressed everyone [b “Now wait just a minute, Red! I didn’t invade SQUAT!” ] He jams a tiny finger into the Flash’s chest, extending his arm almost fully upward in order to be able to reach, trying to look as intimidating as possible… and failing. Gosh he’s so cute when he’s mad. [b “I passed out at my controls, my frikkin computer’s database got erased, and then I found out someone moved a WHOLE FRIKKIN PLANET into my flight path!”] He huffs indignantly [b “Then I wake up to this metal freak having surrounded my ride with his armed armor tellin’ me how everything’ll be ok and there’s nothin’ to fear!] He gestures back at Proxy and his robots for emphasis.

[b “How often is it that gun totin’ robots surround you, tellin’ you that everything is fine, and it actually turns out fine!? I was jus’ defendin’ myself!” ] he grunts, crossing his arms as he noticed that the flash had already begun to address the woman in white.

[b “But I guess I’m not gonna turn down a free repair or whatever. I don’t know what the hey a “green lantern” is, but I wanna meet the guy before he sets a finger on my baby - nobody gets to touch her without my permission!” ] he huphfs and stomps over, once again adorably, to his piled up guns and grenades, grabbing them and tossing them with alarming haphazardness up into the open hatch of his ship, one of the two massive grenade launchers catching the cloaked Metal agent right on the head before the second comes crashing in, followed by one laser gun - the other being shoved into Moon’s hip holster before he scrabbles up onto the ship and sits on the edge with a mopey frown, crossing his arms.

[b “What am I supposed to do, go for a sight seeing tour while I wait? jeez. The hell backwater world am I on anyway? Frikkin super villains just runnin the place.” ] he mutters to himself, looking around at the scenic ice dome surrounding them all, starting to shiver a bit as the proper cold started to set in past his fur.
  Moon Coon / Demonskunk / 3y 276d 3h 5m 48s
Meriqu watched with as everything unfolded around her, she was still freaking out internally and in a hurry sent a message to The Metal via the Nanobite giving her the address of the Laboratory where she worked, the real her that was. She made sure it was decoded in case someone could actually see such a small particle before stepping forward.

Her game was up and she knew it, at least on one front so she replied as simply as she did and though she held no remorse for what she'd done she knew that lying would ruin her front with The Metal which she couldn't yet afford, that on top of her real agenda. If she were to have any hope of obtaining The Flash's blood then she would need his help as well... So this really was the only option. "[b Yes]" was her answer towards his question. "[b I suppose you could say I killed those people but I really wasn't... Myself]" she decided to choose her words carefully, though she was telling the truth she knew if she worded things wrongly then it would definitely be the end of things for her. At least for awhile.

"[b To be completely honest I was only born but two weeks ago and obtaining blood, dna is how I learn... I was, scared to say the least and very very weak and so I lashed out in an attempt to find a cure for this weaknes... Like I said blood is my main source of knowleadge... I suppose you could thank my freak of a creator for that one though I never got the chance to ask him myself]"

"[I assume someone here's heard of the fire that collapsed a major warehouse, destroying millions of dollars of merchandise... Was considered a freak fire that took days to put out]" Of course how could someone not know about it? The event was all over the news for the first few days since her "birth".

"[b But I guess that doesn't matter, and if it avoids a fight as I've been hoping for then I'll gladly let you take me in]." She sighed as if in defeat before turning towards The Metal. "[b Hopefully this doesn't ruin your perspective of me, I apologize either way as it appears I couldn't really do anything to help the situation at all. I suppose I'm just too inexperienced]" she turned to The Flash once more. "[b So where am I going? I doubt any normal prison will accept someone like me]."


Meriqu cut connection with her clone after securing the message, staring out the window of her office. It was time for her to leave, a good thing considering all that had happened.

The woman left the building with a large amount of supplies to help with the black out, ranging from glow sticks and lanterns to small devices she created using a combination of her abilities and various technologies that she distributed to companies, mainly of the grocery department, that you could place on the wall to cool the entire room without the need of an external power source that should last for at least three days or seventy two hours.

After rounding up a few of her colleagues to help distribute everything she decided to set out towards the center of the city, it was still mid-day and so she had time before night would settle in and people would really begin to freak out. She was thankful that as circumstances had it, this was literally the perfect front for her, she would be known not just as a brilliant scientist but a peacekeeper as well, while working behind the scenes as she already was with various villains in order to gradually weaken and take over the city... And eventually the world.

The woman walked up towards the ice shell that her other self was in, thankful she was tanned and with darker hair in this form, so that she looked or sounded nothing like her copy. "[b Alright everyone, please clear from the ice dome!]" she spoke loudly after clearing her throat. "[b The situation is being handled as we speak, I have the most well rounded group of scientists working to secure the location and to figure out what has transpired here recently, it's clear the power outage was a diliberate attack on the city. Most likely to avert our attention from this freak crash landing but need I remind you we have the likes of The Justice League and The Avengers to help us!?]" her voice only grew as she spoke, noticing as the masses turned to face her.

It took only seconds to gain their admiration as she led them away from the scene and towards a truck that was readily handing out food to try and calm the situation. They seemed content which is what she was aiming towards, a good thing and to think she'd accomplished so much in such a little frame of time. Pulling her Cell Phone from her pocket the woman began to dial numbers, ranging from the cities technicians to experts in the field from elsewhere.

"[b Great, it seems whoever did this didn't count on our secure back-up generator and the power from our plant is holding much more stable than out here... Alright, uh huh convert all energy sources to the city. We can handle a few days without power at the plant. Yes, within the hour would be preferable, if you wish to keep your job. Uh huh, I hope so]" was the jist of what could be heard by prying ears before she hung up. Things were definitely in her favor now





Starfire blinked as more doors appeared around her, all very similar to eachother save one which was completely different. It seemed that somehow Genesis was able to see the door though it seemed as if he'd seen differently than her, that or he tried messing with her mind to alter her memory of the door but if that was the case then did she really want to go through the one that was obviously different?

"[b Thank you Metal but I don't think you can help here, just... Just make sure this guy doesn't try anything else and that he doesn't get away... I have a lot of questions I want to ask him but I think I need to do something else first... Sorry]" she added at the very end before opening the door seperate from all the others. Even though she'd originally decided not to for some reason something was pulling her towards that particular door and though she held a feeling of dread as she reached out towards the handle, she couldn't help but be drawn closer. It felt right, terrifyingly wrong but... Right.

Upon opening the door she saw blankness, it was literally nothing but pitch dark nothingness which confirmed her feeling of unease but nevertheless she stepped into the realm beyond the door, the mechanism closing behind her as she vanished from The Metal and Genesis's sight. Any connection to her or her mind would be severed as she was no longer of this world...

Starfire stopped as the door closed, spinning around to reach back forward but before she could fully extend her arm the door vanished from sight and then she began falling... Falling into what could only be described as a living hell. There was continuing darkness for what seemed like forever and then out of nowhere a light which soon opened to reveal a lake of lava, the ground jutting out like knives which spiraled and twisted upon a strange area. "[b Wh... What is this place, this can't be right... I, I couldn't have chosen this door]" she stammered after falling roughly onto a solid patch of ground, a single path stood in front of her. The only part of this world untwisted and tainted.
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