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[center [h3 Raine?! What?]]

[center [b Rex blushed crazily as Raine clung on to him. He even softened a bit leaning against her body as he panted breathing heavily.]]

[center [+orange R-Raine.. H-H-How can we... I mean....]]

[center [b "How can we trust them?" Rex was thinking they could be trying to score an easy win. Lower Mally's guard as well this groups and than boom! Take us all out when things calm down, Rex didn't wanna go down like that. At the same time... He found it hard to disobey Raine.]]

[center [b As he struggled a bit with the idea to himself he sighed unsure what to do. Raine had began to heal him but he shook his head. His wounds weren't bad at all if anything Kanzaki powerful as he was hadn't done any damage to Rex really. If that last attack had hit sure but Eric took that and probably needed to be healed much more than Rex.]]

[center [b Rex's eyes popped as she spoke his name! Agh how he couldn't take that! It felt so personal... As if she wasn't asking Rex the swordsman but Alvin the person. Is that why she did it? Rex almost wanted to ask but he didn't have the heart too.]]

[center [+orange W-Won't.. f-forgive me...?]]

[center [b Rex had wished he could say to himself that wouldn't weaken his resolve but it did. Oh that it did but at the same time it made him want to take emotional distance. Was it really that easy to lose Raine? Maybe it was reasonable of her to ask? Than again was it? These people were out to get Rex more so than them from the start! Styles treated Rex like a beast and now she wanted Rex to forget that ever happened? If he didn't she'd drop him like that? Rex had wiped at his face as he began to tear up. He might as well listen even if it hurt it would hurt more to lose Raine even if he felt a little hurt.]]

[center [b Rex had shot up not making sure if she was done healing or not. He was a little sore but his damage to begin with wasn't much as he began to walk over the group he was starting to wonder. Was he the black wolf? The odd one out? From what Raine said Peyton hadn't known about this deal it would seem. If they join forces with Styles and Mally... People that Rex would have killed if not for his friends. Raine had saved Styles and Eric saved Mally. It was easy to imagine them working together at least easier to imagine than Rex working with them. Styles and Mally would be weary of him eager to strike him down if he even moved wrong. If he was to be defeated he'd want it to be a fair fight at the very least.]]

[center [b There was that other side... That brimmed with excitement. Mally seemed so unafraid so unworried even when she faced Rex's gaze and her demise she tried to keep a calm face. She tried to find a way out of her situation despite how hopeless and that made her a worthy opponent. Styles was afraid but he used that fear to fuel his strikes like a desperate intelligent animal fighting for his life. A cornered fox can be more dangerous than a jackal. Rex was looking forward to fighting these people but he supposed what Raine was saying made sense.]]

[center [b Wait... did it make sense?! Really? This felt so sudden for them to work together? He was also surprised she had admitted she found Eric dumb at first. Wait... not as crazy anymore?]]

[center [b Living... in the real world? What was Rex hoping for here? A worthy death? Wouldn't this be worth fighting for? To be honest? Yes Rex found it worth it he just was not looking forward to being back stabbed by their new allies. Also the fact this whole place was probably under camera under tight watch. This plan wouldn't have too much stealth they'd have to bust through. Well they stood a chance that was for sure if they really worked together.]]

[center [b Before Rex could really say much more Eric pulled the two over. Wrapping his arm around Raine and Peyton and his right arm around Rex.]]

[center [b Styles wiping under his nose giving the group a wave the smile he gave seemed a little nervous. "Because of me I'm sure.." Rex sighed as Eric spoke up.]]

[center [+brown Dumb? Awe gee thanks Raine! Haha, well I'm glad you guys finally see it my way! Raine have I ever told you that I love you?]]

[center [b He smiled ruffling her hair as he chuckled. Something about his voice made it sound like... He was so proud of her. Rex couldn't help but be... A little envious of her. Strange did he want Eric's attention like that? Perhaps he just wanted somebody to be... Proud of him instead of disappointed.]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue It's up to the boss but I think it's a pretty badass path for a hero to take! Course I hope they have no hard feelings!]]

[center [b Kanzaki nodded as Mally had told them to stand down Claire had stretched yawning. As Kanzaki leaned over to her.]]

[center [+darkblue So could you maybe heal me up too? In my defense I actually got hurt in my steel form! You know that wasn't on purpose!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire rolled her eyes as she sighed giving Kanzaki a dirty look as she crossed her arms.]]

[center [+lightblue Still doesn't change the fact you get way to into it. Besides I'm fucking exhausted I know you'll manage.]]

[center [b Kanzaki couldn't help but nervously chuckle rubbing the back of his head. Rex had paid attention to that group carefully his blade still drawn. Despite Kanzaki had sheathed his blade as well as Styles. How did Kanzaki call them friends? Mally talked like a robot! Claire was kinda like a teenage punk maybe even harsher than Peyton youch! That last guy just had a standoffish aura about it, that guy had to be Eric 2.0 only a guy like that could care.]]

[center [b Than Peyton had mentioned saying sorry? Rex had shot his head over but it was to Eric?! Rex was beyond confused why was she apologizing to him? They weren't the ones who fought right? Though Rex owed Eric an apology come to think of it. Just... In front of these people? Maybe he'd wait till they could talk alone. If they are still alive by than of course.]]

[center [b Eric ruffled Peyton's hair as he smiled shaking his head softly pressing his forehead against her own with a childish grin.]]

[center [+brown Don't be sorry my queen you've done a great job. I wouldn't have anyone else as my queen but you Peyton. I'm proud of how much you've taken charge of this group I want you to know that.]]

[center [b Rex sighed a bit yup he was proud of everyone but Rex right? Course how could he proud of him? He literally crossed blades with him over a stranger. "God I sound so whiney" it was times like this Rex was happy he kept his thoughts to himself. He was just complaining a lot maybe he was complaining so much to try mask pain with anger? He was both angry and hurt he just... He had hoped to be close with them. Now it felt he was on eggshells with Raine if he made one wrong move. Eric and Peyton? Oh he broke that egg today that is for sure!]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b As Peyton turned around to tell Styles "thank you" the man rubbing the back of his scruffy hair.]]

[center [+blue Haha, aye don't thank me lass I would thank your first mate here.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SDBW2mP.jpg]]

[center [b Rose chirped in wrapping her arms around Raine from behind. Rex raising his blade slightly but tilting his head instead. It didn't look like she was attacking Raine but he had to be sure.]]

[center [+purple Yes Raine was soooo adorable when she asked us to help! She really is a life saver! I can't ever thank this cute little face enough.]]

[center [b She let out a giggle as she pinched at Raine's cheeks before finally letting go. Eric to had let go of them letting Rex get a little bit of breathing room. Not that he minded Eric's attention but he just need a minute to think to himself. It made Rex feel like... Maybe they were still friends right? Did Eric think of him as a friend? "Do I?" Rex wondered if he thought of Eric as a friend still. "He did stop my attack.." he also kept a secret between him and Raine. Behind that innocent smile he was hiding something wasn't he? Still even if that was a nuisance he couldn't forget what Eric had said. That they were friends even after Rex threatened to kill him. Eric seemed different from the others... No matter how much wrong Rex would do Eric would always.... Forgive him. He may be upset or even disappointed but if he killed Styles and ran off right now? Raine said herself she'd never forgive him. Peyton would be topped off but Eric? Eric would be upset sure but he'd chase after Rex surely. Would he? Or does he think Rex is a lost cause now?]]

[center [b Though as everyone had time to think about Raine's speech someone voiced a thought. Someone other than Eric it was... The chain user. Though he seemed to go a full one eighty? Than... He did exactly what Rex had worried about. He had attacked Raine right on the spot!]]

[center [b Eyes stinging Rex's eyes as Mally came over to check on Raine. Rex slid in pushing Mally away as he shoved at her. As he barked at the woman.]]

[center [+orange S-Stay away from he!!]]

[center [b Tears bursting from his face as he stroked Raine's hair behind her ear. He never thought he'd be as emotional as Eric was when Peyton had gotten hurt. This can't happen this can't be happening. She was there for him at the cave when no one else was. When he had hurt Peyton and Eric Raine stayed beside him. He was so stupid not to believe in her. He took his distance from her and let her get hurt just so he could "think" about how she hurt his feelings. Stupid! As he shouted her name he heard her cough and her wound began to close.]]

[center [+orange Thank god.. Thank god....]]

[center [b Rex held her close as he heard Mally tell her comrades to not get involved. As Kanzaki stepped forward yelling to his leader.]]

[center [+darkblue What?! We should stop him! Or break this up! He's our friend he can't control what he's doing!! Mally you can't just abandon him!!]]

[center [b As Kanzaki began to walk in drawing his blade. Claire stood in front of Kanzaki flinching. Using her body as a shield if Mally gave an order it was for good reason. She hasn't led them astray not yet. Claire doesn't always understand Mally or why she does what she does. She does put the good of the team first. As Claire tackled Kanzaki and clung to him she began to plead.]]

[center [+lightblue Please please! Kanzaki for once listen to her... If we lose you too we won't be much of a team you dumbass!]]

[center [b She yelled as she looked up at the "big idiot" as he sighed patting the top of her head. He supposed he had no choice but to listen to his friends and trust their judgement even if he didn't agree.]]

[center [b At that the man took down one of Style's crewmates Eric ran over to the corpse. Yelling if Claire or Raine could heal the man instead of focusing on the fight Eric worried about who he could save.]]

[center [+brown Stay with me your going to be okay stay alive come on!]]

[center [b Rose fell to her knee's as a fit of tears flowed through her face and Styles watched in shock. This was the second ally he had lost and it was apparent it took it's emotional toll. It was also apparent Mally and her gang weren't getting involved. Rex stood up drawing his blade as he jumped into the fray without a moments thought.]]

[center [b As Peyton and Rex worked together to take the foe down more effectively Rex was surprised she was the only one who kept a straight head. Rex had thought he'd be fighting alone he didn't expect Peyton to help him out.]]

[center [b As she held his foe back Rex charged in screaming as he slashed through the mans neck. Before he could turn around Rex flipped his blade back handed stabbing behind him. Through the mans back and through his chest. As Rex's blood began to pump he realized this was the first fight he had finished since being here. That wasn't the greatest fight but Peyton did make it easier. As Rex panted and his blood began to cool and the excitement vanish. This was when.. Guilt usually hit in. The guilt that he had stolen a life forever true Peyton said he could but he always had this guilt. Though it wasn't as strong this time around because it was either this man or Raine so he chose Raine. Maybe it was anger that kept his guilt at bay? His last words were an insult to Raine it was hard to feel bad for that. Eric looked at Peyton and Rex as Kanzaki rushed over to the second corpse. Shaking him trying to wake him up. Kanzaki looking at Rex with distain and... Pain behind those eyes. Rex swinging the blood off his blade began to sheath his sword.]]

[center [b Kanzaki clenching his fist as he took the body and headed into the forest. He wasn't going far just a short burial.]]

[center [b Eric had done the same taking the first body as Styles and Rose simply watched in horror. Eric went beside Kanzaki to give them a proper burial.]]

[center [b Why? The first man had tried to kill Peyton before why bury him? The second had just tried to kill Raine! As cruel as it sounded it made Rex more at ease to not worry about so many possible foes around him.]]

[center [b Though it only proved his point that Kanzaki was much like Eric 2.0 some differences. Kanzaki was willing to kill his opponents and start a fight. Eric was not willing to do so but still. Least Eric looked at Peyton and Rex horrified considering she did condone it. Kanzaki saw simply one murderer and that was Rex.]]

[center [b As Peyton rushed over to check on Raine she seemed to be completely healed. Rex began to wonder what could she live through? Well in an anime a character with a regen factor like that? Would need to be killed INSTANTLY. Stabbed through the brain multiple times or the heart.]]

[center [b There was one youtube video Rex had watched that disproved that however. Something he hoped Raine would understand a weakness every anime and video game glosses over with regen effect.]]

[center [b In fact it was a video on how a great Marvel character who loves to shatter the fourth wall shouldn't be so unstoppable. In the real world where science applies? Well if a part of your brain is destroyed and it heals?]]

[center [b Things like memories aren't physical there is nothing to heal they happen between a set amount of neuron charges going off. The video was much more intelligent about it than Rex could remember if they had access to the internet one day he'd show Raine.]]

[center [b Basically though if parts of her brain were destroyed she'd lose chunks of her memory. If her whole brain was destroyed? She'd start back at day one and be practically like a baby. On the plus side come to think of it Raine... She probably doesn't realize it but... If her cells regenerate like that? She... Can't age wow Rex never thought of it like that.]]

[center [b In a hundred years when Eric,Peyton,Himself are all gone she'll still be the cute little busty girl she is today. Walking around doing who knows what. Rex wondered if she thought of it that way yet? That weakness and that strength she could lose memories. She had forever to make new ones right? Well if she was well educated she'd already know that without the help of anime or some video like Rex.]]

[center [b Still that made her insanely tough even harder to kill than Eric in some ways. True his skin and muscle was thicker and tougher harder to pierce his brain. His wounds may close but they sure as hell don't heal like that. Just seeing her heal again made Rex think of all of this.]]

[center [b As Kanzaki and Eric returned Mally had given her answer it was straight forward. There wasn't much emotion behind the entire thing. She simply said she would go for it.]]

[center [b Well now they were probably going to need to eat,rest,heal and ect and be at full fighting power. Rex was he wasn't tired and ready to go--]]

[center [b Come to think of it... A Fighter can only have two gifts right? Enhanced strength,enhanced reflexes and speed and... Extended stamina? Why wasn't he labeled a secret weapon? Perhaps the stamina simply went along the reflexes and speed? That it was one gift Rex wouldn't understand? Science wasn't Rex's forte but still and that but they kept his real name out of the picture. Rex wondered if he was overthinking like usual?]]

[center [b Maybe the gifts weren't unique enough to be anything but a fighter. Perhaps they forgot his name or never had it to begin with. Rex couldn't remember how he got here in the first place anyhow.]]

[center [b So right now where was his focus needed? Should he focus on "They are my friends you should make them yours too?"

[center [h3 Moving Onward]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Aoiwktr1Z8]]

[center [b Eric returning from the forest he came over to his comrades. Offering his usual smile though he hadn't meant to let it out he was a bit drained and tired.]]

[center [b Eric wasn't one to have a lot of thoughts to himself he was a simple man. He just wondered was that the only way? Did Peyton and Rex have to kill that man? They could have helped him see reason right? Eric had thought Peyton didn't want Rex to kill anymore Eric had wanted the same for Rex. It wasn't to be harsh or cruel to Rex it was to protect him and his state of mind.]]

[center [b Eric was worried about Peyton as well that was part of the second live she had... She didn't deliver the final...]]

[center [b Eric shook his head just keep smiling don't worry things will work themselves out. Besides now was the time to ponder about escaping right?]]

[center [+brown All right than if were all going to work together we should have an awesome team name! Right? Every awesome team has one!]]

[center [b Kanzaki lightened up a bit as he placed his hand around his shoulder with a flex. Letting out a childish grin beside Eric.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh yeah! How about something like badass hotties! I mean we got like one.. Two... Three... Four Five hotties! Wait I just realized I don't even know everyone's name here..]]

[center [b Kanzaki crossed his arms puzzled as Eric patted the mans back with a laugh.]]

[center [+brown I was thinking something like the Queen's guard! Ahh don't fret! Okay you know Rex and my names so that over there is Raine. Over here is Peyton she's the Queen.]]

[center [b Eric said as he pointed his finger from Raine to Peyton as he Kanzaki and Eric placed an arm around each other. Kanzaki quickly asking Eric.]]

[center [+darkblue One through ten what do you say?]]

[center [b Eric confused scratched at his head as Kanzaki laughed a bit forgetting the idea. Eric had pointed at Styles and Rose stating their names.]]

[center [+darkblue That's Styles and that over there is Rose her and Raine are very sweet. The Queen is too but she won't admit as easily.]]

[center [b Kanzaki bursted out laughing slapping his knee Eric tilted his head wondering why was that.]]

[center [+darkblue I know that feeling! See over there? The beauty with cold blue eyes? That's Claire she's the same way trust me. Though if we are the Queen's guard Mally's gotta be the queen. Oh the one with the horns is Mally!]]

[center [b Eric nodded as he listened and Claire shook her head. They weren't exactly being quiet everyone on every side could hear what they were saying. Claire considered saying something but she seemed like she had changed her mind on that one.]]

[center [+brown Ahh I feel we are at an impasse my friend I can't imagine anyone else as the queen!]]

[center [+darkblue Haha fine fine! We'll come up with a name along the way right?]]

[center [b As the two talked and time had passed Raine had taken care of everyone's wounds. Per usual she was always on top of things and Claire and Eric had managed to gain some rest. Eric was as exhausted but he took things easy to make sure of course Peyton was very tired herself.]]

[center [b Rex had stayed on the outskirts of the group keeping an eye on Styles and Mally. Had hoped that maybe Rex would warm up to them. Eric heading over to Peyton had decided to ask.]]

[center [+brown What should we do next? Should we head out? Charge through?]]

[center [b Despite the group had grown greatly Eric still treated Peyton like she was the leader. Eric wasn't trying to disregard anyone's feelings or own thoughts. He was just looking for a little bit of guidance and advice himself. He had hoped he'd get a chance to talk with Peyton and Rex alone later on. Or perhaps even just the three of them Eric felt like he had a lot to talk about with them. He owed them an apology for keeping that secret. He also wanted to make sure how they were holding up. As well they needed to work things out it was apparent Rex was too shy to come close to the group. Rex must think Peyton was still mad at him. That may not be important in the large scheme of things but to Eric? Getting along was extremely important. That was just the kinda guy he was.]]

[center [b Maybe if they ate and camped out before setting out they'd get a chance to catch more of a... Mental break. Eric wouldn't mind holding off the escape till tomorrow they could use the chance to relax right?]]
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Raine smiled instantly once Rose appeared. Not being able to help herself she swept into a hug. A chuckled cracked from her mouth at Roses hug and she wiped her tears away quickly. Then seeing Styles right after she ran and hugged him as well.[#6495ED "T-thank you so much..."] she mumbled. She even hugged Phoenix who had emerged silently as always.

[#6495ED "I know it's dangerous for you guys to jump in...but there's nothing else I can do...A-and I really appreciate it."] her voice carried her determination. She had to find someway to learn how to help. Nodding she listened to Style and Rose. Determined she nodded
[#6495ED "He won't. I swear it."] Grabbing the two by the hand she lead them back to the fight. Once on the field she walked slightly in front of them. They reached the center and once Rex had noticed them Raine was ready to stop him. In the calm of the moment, while no fighting was being done.
Everyone was looking around Raine ran up to Rex and threw her arms around him. Stopping him from rushing to what he thought was Peytons aide. Holding his arms down at his side, he couldn't hug back. She wasn't trying to hug him either, she just wanted to make sure he wouldn't try to move or act before she could explain.
Trusting he wouldn't try to do anything while she literally hung on to him.
[#6495ED "Look, Rex they aren't enemies. They came to help, I asked them to come help...I didn't tell you this but after we fought them and they left...When Eric and I were looking for firewood we ran into them. I healed them, of my own accord. I've been giving them our medical supplies too...They don't want to fight us. You are not to fight them, not now. Not ever. They aren't just allies, they are apart of our group...I am their healer too!"]
Her words were rushed needing to make sure everything was clear and out. Once that was out she pulled back and stood in front of him. He was still watching them. Grabbing his face she whispered
[#6495ED "Alvin, Rex...You hurt Style, Rose or Phoenix [b ever.] I won't forgive you. They are my friends, you should make them your friends too...please."] her voice was firm, gentle and also pleading. She sounded like a stressed mother asking her kid to stop doing drugs. Serious, but scared. She pressed his forehead to her own keeping eye contact. [#6495ED "Sit down...Let me heal you."] she muttered softly looking at his wounds.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally coughed up a mix of bile and blood. Eric had laid a hit and the next thing she knew Rex had too. Weakly, her head spinning she looked up just in time to see Eric, stop Rex from finishing her off. Sighing she took his hand. However she couldn't keep herself up, sitting back down she waited on Claire.
Before then Kanzaki got back up, crawling out of the way as he plummeted down on Eric and Rex. Michael had barley escaped his chains rushing away just in time.

Eventually Claire came over and kissed her. The spit was gross, but Mally thought of it logically. Even going as far as to swallow the extra spit Claire left behind. Gagging a little but she knew she needed it to heal her wounds. Standing back up she took a defensive stance a few yards in front of Claire. Claire was out, Mally knew that she could see her comrades energy was almost out.

Off to the side Michael and Peyton stood eye locked, but not attacking. Both of them were panting. Peyton's state kept changing it wasn't stabled. Suddenly something new came into vision. More people analyzing them, they were powerful foes as well. One in captain garb took place next to Peyton, another stood down the by Eric, she wore witches clothes. Another stood between the two fights, he was the weakest link but certainly still a steady fighter. Her mind flicked between every one of them all.
Claire was right, they were out numbered. Two supers, and four skilled fighters, each style varying so uniquely it would be impossible to fight them all at once. They were good but not that good.
[#EC871C "No, we aren't fighting. Not like this...Stand down."] Mally's voice carried like a leaders. Clear cut and firm, not harsh not full of passion, just matter of fact.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

[#8A2BE2 "I-I am fine."] she told Rex who had taken a stance by her for a moment. Her voice was harsh, but it wasn't because she was still mad. Her anger still pumped from fighting. It was hard to talk calmly with adrenaline flowing through her.
Peyton stood defensively, staring her opponent down. Her levels surging, one moment she wanted to collapse the next she wanted to go crazy. However hearing foot steps and watching her flames freeze. Hearing the foot steps stop next to her, she balanced out seeing Styles stand next to her. Looking over at him, her face blank.
Not sure how to assess the situation she literally waited to watch the others react.
Listening to Raine talk to Rex, until she began whispering to him, then she shifted to Eric casually conversing with Rose. Blinking, she stance relaxed. [#8A2BE2 "H-hey..."] she mumbled not making eye contact.
While they were still next to each other she looked up at him, and calmly blurted [#8A2BE2 "I am sorry."] she was referring to their first meeting.
Confused, a little upset Raine and Eric had kept a secret she couldn't bring herself to be mad. Swallowing her pride she admitted it would be unwise to make them enemies. Especially since they still came to help them, even after how their first meeting had gone. Looking away again she ran her hands through her hair. [#8A2BE2 "And uh... thanks."]
This time referring to them coming to the aide.

Raine then stepped into the middle of everyone.
She had something she needed to say, and idea she wanted to express while everyone seemed calm and collected.
[#6495ED "H-hey...Before you guys run off. Please stay for a second..."]
She stuttered calling out to make sure Mally and her group didn't run off. Raine had been giving this idea some thought and she thought expressing it now could be a good idea.
[#6495ED "So I am about to say something and it's gonna sound a little crazy off the bat, but give it thought."]
Clearing her throat, she put her timidness aside.
[#6495ED "Let's escape."] the words met silence in return. Raine then continued [#6495ED "When I first met Eric, he proposed escaping and I thought the idea was well, sorry Eric, but dumb."] turning around and making eye contact with everyone as she explained. [#6495ED "When I met Rose and Styles...They said we didn't have to fight...It seemed silly and we did fight. But they were right and Eric isn't as dumb or crazy as he seemed."]
Clearing her throat out again, her nerves trying to bite at her as she kept giving her speech.[#6495ED "If we all joined together, what scientist or Neanderthal guard could stop us?...Look we might not even have to fight through the lab we could escape the grounds, the arena...And yes I remember the implanted chips. If they're chips under the skin they won't be hard to find. We can cut them out, and just run off the battle field. What benefits do we gain from continuing to fight? If we win, they aren't gonna set us free...How are we to know that once the winning teams emerge they aren't gonna just make us all kill each other? Are we all so interested in playing by their rules still? We don't even have to try to escape. What are they gonna do if we come to stand still and refuse to fight? ....I-I just think if we all work together we'd have a real shot at...real life again."]
Raine smiled sadly at the end of her presentation. Hanging her head she waited to be laughed at. The silence of everyone thinking was choking her.
When a sudden laughter burst out, Raine's had snapped up in Michaels direction. He seemed off, unstable something was wrong.

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[pic https://65.media.tumblr.com/14edfdc89389889343ea773639b3930a/tumblr_og8awfsA9K1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Michael listened hazily to Raine talk, something fighting in his head. His vision going blurry, his head felt crammed. When suddenly his pupils dilated almost as wide as Peytons had before when they consumed her eyes. Raine looked at him, when he began laughing wildly.
[#FC7AD4 "You little naive girl."] his voice sounded crazy as he lunged forward a chain shooting from his wrist so fast it ripped through Raines stomach.
The little girl coughed blood. This stab hurt more than any stab she had received before. They didn't train her to take this kind of stab inside the lab. Raines body went limp, her vision blurred. She was alive, and once the chain was ripped out, her flesh instantly began to connect back and heal. Falling to the ground she couldn't focus on what happened after. [#EC871C "You idiot!"] Mally yelled at Michael, she was among the first to rush to Raine and pull her up. Making sure she was okay she assessed her. Weakened greatly, but not dead.
Standing up she watched Michael and shook her head. Looking between Claire and Kanzaki [#EC871C "You two remember my explanation of the split personalities...He just acquired his. He snapped."] she stated firmly, falling back to stand by her own comrades again. [#EC871C "Neither of you get involved in what is about to happen next. It won't be pretty for us."]

Mally watched then as Rex immediately jumped to action after. Peyton took to it too, followed by another guy who had joined with the other group. His hair was black, the standard fighter she had observed.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/8c1b962f4347104a64f4eb851830516e/tumblr_oe8fcr3p2m1ucxjaeo1_500.jpg]

Phoenix had listened to Raine and even agreed with her. He was going to send a message to Rose mentally about it when suddenly someone had launched a chain through Raines stomach. Being one of the closest to her attack he lunged. Raine was considered an ally to him, and if someone was going to hurt, he'd try to stop them.
Phoenix drew his sword, it was a standard katana. [#E72C0B "Shit."] he mumbled as he slashed at the man who attacked, regretting said decision as a quick little spare came down between the two.
It was only a moments noticed before Michael's chains wrapped around Phoenix and crushed him. Breaking his bones, crushing him in on himself, before his neck was broken and then his limp body was cast aside.

Peyton angrily observed. Raine was precious, extremely precious to Peyton. In the few short days they had known each other Peyton mentally adopted her as a sibling almost.
Growling her pupils dilated but something was different, she was still in control, like she had summoned it forward instead of if being triggered.
The white swords man, Rex had jumped forward too. While fast enough to avoid the chains Peyton watched, it was able to keep Rex off him.
Knowing she wouldn't be able to land the hit to kill him, like he had attempted for Raine, Rex would be able too. If she helped and she knew how. Using her own power she stopped his chains and pulled his arms wide open. Shaking as she held him open she nodded at Rex.
[#8A2BE2 "Do it."] her voice was strong, loud and 100 percent sure. She condoned this, this time.

And once the deed was done, Peyton returned to normal and rushed over to make sure Raine was okay. By the time Peyton had gotten back over, Raine was already on her feet again. This time, with a hole in her shirt and literally no scar. Sighing relieved she stood by Raine now.
Rex on the other side of Raine. It now was almost a circle formation.
Rex, Raine, Peyton, Styles, Rose, Eric. Then across from them Mally, Clarie, Kanzaki.
Mally was the first to say something again [#EC871C "Raine, was it? I like your plan. I am not opposed to the idea."] her tone was again not firm not passionate. It was nonchalant, sure and sounded like she was stating fact.
  ⊗ OCC ⊗ / Lypophrenia / 2y 251d 14h 29m 15s
[center [h3 God I Don't Believe In]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdybA9SKx8w]]

[center As Raine called out for aid and help she screamed and screamed and cried. Though as she finally gave into the tears a soft hand reached her shoulder it was Rose she had pointed at her eye.]]

[center [+purple Don't worry sweetie I kept an eye on you. Get it cause Clairvoyance?]]

[center [b She knelt sticking her tongue out playfully she knew this wasn't the time for jokes but she couldn't see her new friend hurt like this. As far as Rose was concerned Eric and Raine were her friends even if Peyton and Rex scared her a bit. Or rather a lot it was dangerous to help out. Rex? He'd kill them without a second thought and Peyton already had killed one. Rose had begged Styles to get involved into the fray. Well now here they were.]]

[center [b As Styles came into view with his right-hand man rubbing the back of his neck.]]

[center [+blue Aye lass I understand you are in need of our help. We owe you and the lad quiet a deal. He had spared Rose before and of course you have done us a favor too. Any good captain could see there was compassion in those eyes you two shared. Though I ask but one favor of ye and I know we are in your debt. I ask you this...]]

[center [b At that Rose had chirped in for her "captain" as she rubbed Raine's shoulder.]]

[center [+purple We need you to run by Rex's side and ask him... Well if he would not attack us. In fact after the battle could you ask him to... I hate to say this but not look for us? Styles had been worried about it for some time now.]]

[center [+purple I know we aren't on the same team... It's a lot to ask but.... It's the only shot we have to make it here.]]

[center [h3 Turning The Tide]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b That must have been it for Kanzaki strange Rex was expecting this foe to be more... Unstoppable when would he meet his match? If not other legendary fighters like Styles or Kanzaki than whom? Perhaps it'd be fun to take Styles on with his friends as a decent challenge. That aside Rex had to focus on supporting his friends. Peyton was doing better than Eric soley because she wasn't holding back as much as Eric was.]]

[center [b She seemed to go... Back and forth for sure but that sure as hell beat Eric's style of fighting.]]

[center [b As Claire leaned in to heal her partner Michael wincing in pain. She leaned in pressing her lips against his own again. She had healed through saliva and it was best applied mouth to mouth. How she had hated that fact she swore Kanzaki would not use that steel suit as an excuse to be healed. She had a feeling Mally and Michael weren't big fans of it either so she knew they didn't receive wounds on purpose. As she deepened the kiss she pulled back she hated how wet they had to be. Though she couldn't sulk about it long as she panted it drained her energy she couldn't have forgotten that. This was when she began to literally lick her own wounds it sapped her physical energy but she was in better shape. She could see Michael's pain lessen as the bullet began to be pushed out.]]

[center [b Speaking of which Eric's wounds seemed to be healing fairly well to Rex had noticed this before. He did mention his enhanced endurance meant his wounds would close up quickly they weren't fully healed but he'd be good as new awfully quick. He was less likely to bleed out or have permanent damage that must be nice. This girl was smart trying to lower his speed by damaging the muscles but it barely slowed Eric down at all. True she did damage Rex could tell but not as much as she honestly should have. A tactic like that would actually do more against him. If she was able to hit him of course but Rex took more pride in his strength than his speed.]]

[center [b Well they were struggling but he was proud of his comrades. Rex didn't adapt to... Well murdering others so easily. It tore his heart out and tore him to pieces it still hurts. It hurts to have killed someone who respected him so much. So as Rex dashed in the battlefield Claire gasped. Claire had wished Mally had given her an idea of how to take Eric out sooner now! Things were going worse she respected Mally but sometimes she could be difficult as hell.]]

[center [b Rex came in clashing with Claire as she ducked and slashed at his waist he moved slightly to the side cutting at her neck. Ahh she moved enough to spare her life but she wasn't in good shape. Rex took advantage that they couldn't support Claire if they had foes to face holding Peyton and Eric down wasn't easy. Claire won't be out of the battle yet but at least for a bit as she fell to the floor holding her neck trying to recover from the devastating slash. They were not bad at all in fact they probably would have won but they weren't as powerful as Styles or Kanzaki. Rex had waited for Eric to slash at Mally's leg and as she struck back Rex dashed in cutting her from behind with a few shallow slashed as he kicked off her back shoving her to the ground. As Rex came in to finish her off he was stopped. A new comrade?! What the hell! No..]]

[center [b It was Eric!]]

[center [+orange Eric move out of the way you idiot! We won this doesn't have much longer to go!!]]

[center [+brown Rex! We don't have to kill them!! If they realize they are beaten the can just leave!!]]

[center [b Eric looked back at Mally true she was vicious and she had mentioned she WANTED to do this. That... couldn't have been true. He looked back at her as he shoved Rex away offering her a hand.]]

[center [+brown This can't really be what you want can it? Do you really want to see your friends fighting for their lives?]]

[center [b Agh! Yes it was endearing and it made Rex feel an asshole he wasn't heartless but this was frustrating. How could he just stop his own allies attack? Was he still mad at Rex? Rex went to stand in front of Peyton pointing his sword at Claire who wasted more energy healing her wound. And at Michael with his chains he looked at Peyton as he gulped looking forward he asked quietly.]]

[center [+orange U-Umm... Are you uhh... Are you um... A-Are you okay...?]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but feel awkward last they talked she stormed out on him. He said a lot... of things he didn't mean. Though before Rex could help turn the tides anymore Kanzaki had punched through the burning wood popping his shoulder. As he let out a loud chuckle least it hurt a little huh?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/rmvR5vR.png]]

[center [+darkblue Wow I... That actually hurt! I honestly was just thinking how excited I was to fight... Well you! I'm sorry guys I'll take him off your hands now!]]

[center [b Kanzaki said as he dashed forward Rex tried to block the strike but Kanzaki managed to leap himself forward. What was he wearing a jetpack?! That hurl couldn't have been possible how could he just dash forward like that? His feet were barely touching the ground! Rex could feel chains around his body oh sneaky bastards. Raising his blade up he'd have to take the ton of steel head on no choice. Rex couldn't help but smirk he'd prefer to be backed into a corner. Yeah he didn't have steel skin or enhanced endurance like Eric but still. It didn't change the fact Rex liked the feeling of facing an unstoppable foe. Nice shot was all he could think before Eric came in between the two!]]

[center [b Eric covering Rex's body into a bear hug his back toward Kanzaki. As Kanzaki tackled into him crushing him through a the firey tree's out of the circle of fire. Eric the larger male had the shorter male Rex covered in his limbs protecting him from the smashing trees. As Eric rolled off Rex coughing up blood. Mally had done a number on him and Kanzaki being made of steel and strong as he was must literally feel like being hit by a truck. Eric though didn't stay down long as he came back up to his feet. Rex and Eric looked at Kanzaki together.]]

[center [b That idiot! Rex would have been fine... Right? He always was before and now Peyton was going to what? Fight three on one?]]

[center [+brown Peyton run get out of here! There is no way they can catch you! Just get out of here we'll draw them away!!]]

[center [b Rex shook his head Eric was a fool indeed if he thought Peyton would listen to that. Peyton may not want to fight but she was stubborn and she didn't want to be pushed around. Heck she'd probably push Rex if she felt like it. Despite what he said she wasn't the type to back down outmatched or not.]]

[center [b Eric should have let Rex get hit with that blow. Wait had the chain user went through the flame too? Or did he release his chains just in time? Rex didn't really take the time to look though as he focused his attention on Kanzaki. He was probably the most frail here out of these titans wasn't he? Yet Rex didn't feel like it he probably had the most pain tolerance for it. Any pain he received he had to handle with his own power. With his own tolerance and he'd prefer it that way. To rely on his own willpower to continue a battle.]]

[center [b Fighting side by side with Eric? After everything feels.. Awkward. Incredibly so and he's more likely to get in the way to be honest. If Rex gets the upperhand he'll have a comrade who will lay his life down for his enemies.]]

[center [b It made Rex angry... Angry that Eric got to just... Play the hero! Not worry about the aftermath but to think in the moment? To have such a big heart to be such a strong tower. To save Rex the way he did to take Peyton's side. To chase Peyton even when Raine said not to. If things weren't like this... If they were in the world Rex knew he'd want to be... He'd want to be like Eric.]]

[center [b He couldn't focus on that not right now what was the point. If Eric got in his way again what would he do? He wouldn't kill Eric not after what Raine said. He'll just have to take him down... Or get around him? This was going to be a hard one if fighting a steel titan wasn't hard enough right?]]

[center [h3 She Has My Back]]

[center [youtube https://youtu.be/5bshGHIidc0?t=3118]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric gripped his blade as he looked forward. He hated leaving Peyton over there like that but maybe Kanzaki's teammates would come over to support him? Peyton really saved Eric's neck well.. Literally! Eric couldn't help but let out a soft hearted chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Peyton! Thanks for saving my neck by the way! You've done enough just get some cover all right! Please? I mean Rex here would be heart broken if something happened to you! Haha, I'll be fine I promise!]]

[center [b He hollered into that ring of fire Kanzaki couldn't help but laugh a bit. It wasn't exactly a mocking laugh this man truly cared for his friends huh? Kanzaki and him had that in common. It made Kanzaki respect him though the laugh was deepened by his current form. These were truly heroic folk weren't they? Kind and strong the way they looked after each other Kanzaki couldn't help but respect that.]]

[center [+darkblue You know had we met differently I think we would have been friends. Two cute girls and guys like you two? What a crowd I haven't run into anyone like you guys. Not just cute too but they really stick their neck out for you two. You protect each other, it kinda reminds me of Mally and Claire! Even if they don't like to admit it I know they care deep down.]]

[center [b Eric couldn't help but place his hand over his forehead as he began to laugh and laugh and laugh. "Oh boy I know what that feels like!"]]

[center [+brown I know what you mean! I feel the same way about Peyton ya know? She's rough around the edges but she always take charge when we need her to. I'd honestly be lost without our beautiful queen isn't that right Rex?]]

[center [b What... Was he doing? Getting all chummy now? Rex... didn't understand how they didn't take this seriously at all. This was far too much talking for the battlefield. Making it this personal just makes things... Even harder.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire couldn't help but roll her eyes they know we can hear them right? Kanzaki may have been a talker but... He's never talked this much. He was similar to that Eric guy similar but not exact. Kanzaki would never have dashed in to protect his enemies like that. He'd give them an "honorable" death and for this place? Was as kind as Claire thought it got.]]

[center [b She thought Kanzaki was too soft for this place but that boy takes it to a whole other level. Does he really expect Mally to stop because he saved her? If anything she'll chock him up a fool or not even admit she needed help. She wasn't going to fall for this drivel either way and good thing to if she did that'd be a problem to have a comrade second guess themselves.]]

[center [b Claire couldn't even convince herself that was his strategy it'd be a poor one. It'd have been a better one to take Mally out but Claire wasn't about to complain. True she was annoyed with Mally keeping her in the dark as she was trying to support her! Still that didn't mean she was ready to lose her or anything.]]

[center [b As Claire went on her knee's she leaned over to grab Mally's face. As she let out a hefty sigh she leaned in pressing her lips against her own. As her eyes widened she realized Rex had done a decent amount of damage. Ouch that hurt she could tell by how the kiss was sapping her energy. That slammed kick she had to keep in mind Mally didn't have enhanced endurance or any defensive gifts. So as Claire kissed at her more and more she pulled off panting as drool fell from her lips. Eek disgusting she wiped at her mouth as she fell on her back heavy and breathless.]]

[center [b That was a lot of wounds to rapidly heal she managed to stand back up. Pulling away farther in the backlines taking a more nimble and defensive position. She wasn't able to fight anymore not offensively she could defend herself and that was it. It was up to her comrades to handle the secret weapon two on one at least she put them in full condition. They wouldn't need to protect Claire at least.]]

[center [b Michael was a secret weapon who didn't have any splitting sides to himself. That gave him a huge advantage over other secret weapons. As well as Mally was a pretty seasoned fighter herself.]]

[center [b So even if Kanzaki can't win the results are the same he'll last long enough.]]

[center [h3 The Calvary Is Here!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SDBW2mP.jpg]]

[center [b Before the fighting could resume a new lot had entered the fray! Rex looked over and saw... What the hell?! Styles and his gang? Alongside Raine? Had they taken her hostage for an advantage? They must have... Forced her to heal them! They looked in tip top shape!!]]

[center [b Rex gripped onto his blade as he grew frustrated and his brain began to hurt. Ugh he'd be happy to fight Kanzaki and Styles gang at once and let his friends get of dodge. This was getting too complicated that was Rex's solution when multiple parties hit the fray. Don't form a group don't talk things out just slaughter everyone there. Course Rex hadn't realized how cruel that really sounded. It was the goal anyhow and... It did haunt Rex but still.]]

[center [b Rose reached for her staff as she span it through the air releasing a blue mist. Slamming the staff down the flames began to drizzle and freeze up. Blue flames...? No she simply froze them solid still pretty impressive she must have more control over non living objects. Or else she'd freeze any enemy solid in a second and call it a day. At that Styles climbed over the ice and took Peyton's side. Rex had to wonder again what were his gifts? Oh yeah incredible reflexes and insane brain processing power. The second part was more than it sounded it was almost as if every second he had to dodge an attack or think about it. Every second equaled more like fifteen seconds and with those reflexes and speed he was quick. He wasn't as fast as Rex but at the same time he had quicker reflexes? His body just wasn't as fast Rex's even if his reflexes were indeed faster. He was a dangerous foe more offensive than Kanzaki.]]

[center [b Peyton can't handle that! Rex looked at Eric as he went to run to help Peyton.]]

[center [+orange Peyton look out!]]

[center [b Rex yelled in a desperate tone! He couldn't lose her not now! He just couldn't! Not before he said sorry! As tears reached his eyes Eric reached his hand to stop him with a soft smile.]]

[center [+brown Stop, they are here to help.]]

[center [b Eric seemed.. Relieved what the hell? Is he crazy?! He must be crazy insane. He needed to take Styles out first chance he got. As Kanzaki turned his back to pay attention to Styles. It seemed like Kanzaki knew who exactly it was. Styles had his two comrades still alive and kicking too. As they surrounded Peyton... Backs turned to her? Did they think she was the lesser threat in her tired condition? What an insult!]]

[center [b If Kanzaki and Rex attacked them together they could eliminate the new threat easily. Trying to back-stab someone made of metal was a stupid idea anyhow. Kanzaki was already rushing back to stand beside his comrades as he hacked through the ice. Styles seemed to nervous about attacking Kanzaki's group so head on.]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but dash in between them as he pointed his blade toward Styles and his group. He wasn't facing his back toward Kanzaki's gang but they were way too close to Peyton. That ice wasn't much a hurdle for Rex to jump though Eric had done what he did best. Smashing and hacking his way through.]]

[center [+brown Hey Rose! How have you been? I'm glad you guys could make it! I was starting to wonder if that Clairvoyance broke?]]

[center [b Rose playfully rolled her eyes as she flicked his forehead adjusting her witches hat.]]

[center [+purple Those sort of things don't just break goof ball! We were just being careful! Wait a second... How the held did you know we were watching anyway?]]

[center [b Eric couldn't help but chuckle as he walked beside her. Checking on Peyton as he put his blade away.]]

[center [+brown Are you all right? I'm sorry about leaving you like that I didn't think that through. I was hoping maybe they'd try and support Kanzaki. I'll make sure to have your back no matter what I promise my "queen"]]

[center [b Eric chuckled a bit rubbing at his neck the one she SAVED earlier.]]

[center [+brown I mean you did save my neck out there right? You were all like "Eric!" and just dived right in!! Awe were you that worried about me? You sure are compassionate to your loyal subjects.]]

[center [b He said as he teased her playfully he was glad to see she was okay. Eric turned over to Raine as he flashed her a thumbs up.]]

[center [+brown Thanks Raine I'm glad you found them for us! You three are life savers thanks a lot.]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head did Eric just say... Thank you for... What?! No way that's crazy when did they form an alliance with them? Did everyone know this but Rex? Is this why Peyton got so mad about hunting others down? Because they formed an alliance while Rex was sleeping? They must have! Why would they keep Rex out of the loop like this? Did they not trust him? Still... Could Styles really be trusted that close to Peyton....?]]

[center [b Claire looked at her comrades and back at the opposing groups.]]

[center [+lightblue Tsk Mally,I think this is more than we signed up for. I'm not sure who these guys are but I'm not liking our odds. I don't think I can heal much more. If you three stay in a defensive position we should be able to escape. They could wipe us out but if we make it known they won't without losing anyone they may not find it worth it.]]

[center [b Claire crossed his arms she didn't like the idea of running away. At the same time she wasn't trying to get them all killed either she wanted to be the voice of reason. Though for every yin there was a yang.]]

[center [b Kanzaki had very quickly chirped in reverting to his usual form. He turned asking Mally.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh come on! Can we stay? Please please! You know it right? That is Styles! I mean he's no White Swordsman but he's kinda famous too! This is the perfect chance to show what we are made of! Imagine the stuff they have. Besides a real hero never backs away from a fight come on cutie! We got this I know we do!!]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head it looked like Mally had the lost call. Which meant either one of two things it either meant... Simply Mally had the most experience and knew what she was doing. No Kanzaki looked more seasoned in combat than why? Either Mally had a commanding aura about herself much like Peyton.]]

[center [b Or she was like Styles and had a reason to be leader a reason tied to their gift anyhow. So it was up to her to decide huh? Rex was hoping she'd decide to fight but than again he could attack before they ever decided. He would if Styles surrounding Peyton didn't make him want to keep an eye on them. He wouldn't make it if they struck at her now but he wanted his glare to say one thing. As Styles looked over giving a soft shudder Rex wanted Styles to know he'd end him. Even if meant Rex would die right afterwards.]]

[center [b Styles shrugged at Kanzaki's comments. As he let out a long sigh.]]

[center [+blue Kinda famous? Youch not exactly what I was hoping for mate.]]

[center [b Styles couldn't help but give Raine a look that said... "Help?" He didn't want to need healing again anytime soon. True he could hold his own against Rex he had proven that fact but... He wasn't as unafraid as Rex was to go toe to toe like that. Rex seemed to be enjoying himself Styles however most certainly was not. Though he was glad he could repay his debt to Raine for everything she had done for them. Including those supplies they picked up earlier.]]

[center [b She saved their skins it was time to return that favor.]]
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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally laughed as Eric swung attacks at her. He hit hard, but he was slow. Having a slight advantage, because she was faster, but not much faster. He only kept missing her by small little hairs. [#EC871C "No, you can't just ask me to move."] amused when he pushed her back, she didn't give time to recover, coming right back at him again. No hesitation she swung her ax again. Of course he blocked it, but she wasn't even all the concerned in killing him. Not yet, she just needed to keep him distracted.
[#EC871C "Claire, spare her. Her healing is through blood. We won't give them enough time to do that. If anything, she's last. "] she yelled after her. She yelled after her comrade who soon came back down to them anyway.
Otherwise he'd actually be able to do damage. Mally knew the goal was to keep the other team as split up as possible. It would be harder for them to help each other.
The only loophole this team had access to with that strategy was that one girls mind powers. Telekinesis, she seemed to be the only subject that possessed that specific power.

Taken off guard when he got in close, the headbutt knocking her vision off for a second. Blinking, just in time for the blow to land, she tightened her core. Softening it, she coughed but it was bloodless. [#EC871C "You're right I don't have to do this...I [b want] to do this."] Quickly she used her ax almost like a javelin, running up him she stood on his shoulders and when she jumped she pushed him to the ground.
Now behind him she quickly turned around and moved her ax over her head, in order to just behead him. [#8A2BE2 "Eric!"] Peyton called as she watched. However, suddenly Michael's chain wrapped around her ax and pulled her off to the side so she missed. Looking over, she realized Michael hadn't done it, Peyton used her telekinesis to pull the chains out.
Mally glared over at her.
[#EC871C "Claire, help him...She can use his own ability for herself that's our disadvantage right now."]
Ignoring the request for a fuller analysis of Eric, she was positive herself could take him. He was too slow, he was a heavy and hard hit. Mally might not be able to land a killing blow, but she could definitely keep him from rotating around the field.

Eric tried to move closer to Peyton, who was now taking on Claire and Michael. Mally quickly swung her ax in his way. [#EC871C "Not so fast. Don't worry about her, it's about evened up now. "] she muttered as she swung for his side, while she moved fast it took time for her to wield the ax. Her initial attacks were just as slow as Eric's. Mally however recovered quicker and could move a bit faster. Getting in close like he had, she rammed her own head at him. The horns that had grown on her head during experimentation, served no purpose. Not yet anyways, she was an unfinished experiment. If she could prove herself in this test, they'd finish her.

Those horns stabbed into his skin. Mally was as short as Raine was, so she again used her feet, turning herself her horns rotating in his abdomen. Pushing herself off of his chest, blood spurted out once the horns were pulled out. Flipping, she slid back gripping her ax with both hands she ran at him again, yelling as she lifted her ax up to try to deliver another hit. Missing she used her throwing blade, as she sidestepped sliding under his sword slashing at the under of his arm. The string pulled it back and it snapped into place. Taking his arms out will make him even slower, especially at the muscles he uses to lift that massive thing.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

[#8A2BE2 "I am fine."] she mumbled to Eric who had asked if she was okay. More quick whips from Michaels chains approached her, they were quick. She couldn't block them however once again she used them to her advantage, her pupils dilated even further. Things slowed down for her when this happened, taking the moment to grab his chains, she pulled on them hard yanking him close. Michael made the mistake of trying to wield his chains in. Hoping it should shake Peyton lose it did not. Using the momentum Peyton delivered a rough kick to his chest. Still holding onto his chains, she turned it into a flurry of kicks, speeding each one up.

Until suddenly something slashed her side, Claire was behind her now. Prying Peyton away from Michael. Peyton took a stance, her side now bleeding, she had been shanked but she didn't let it affect her. If anything it made her angry. Anger seemed to be one of Peytons driving forces. Glaring over at Claire she sent out a wave if fire, the girl was fast however. She was able to dodge it. Peyton looked quickly between the two, she had to get distance between the two. She ran for Claire, no weapons, but right before she got in close she used her power to yank at Michaels chains again. Wrapping them around Claire and then even Michael himself.

His chains seemed to go on forever, Peyton could pull them as far as she wanted. After wrapping them around in quiet a few twists, she grabbed the ends of the chains before Michael could retract them. Using her tactic from earlier she grabbed the chains, setting them on fire the hot metal heating up and burning the two, and Peyton as well. Sacrificing her hands, which received bad burns from being at the main source of heat to the metal. Burning Flesh took the air, and it woke the other side of Peyton up. The off field Peyton let go immediately and she stumbled away.
The moment she fought with her mind, gave the other two a moment of advantage. They recovered quickly, but they were obviously burnt Michaels skin was starting to turn black where his chains connected. While his metal was still hot, he was striking Peyton on the sides and in her center. Giving her burns as well.
Soon on field Peyton came back, her pupils re-dilating as this occurred. Pushing his chains away with her mind she sent him backwards. Her nose began to bleed, a small throb moved through her head.
She was using her mind power to much, it was physically exhausted her. Wiping her nose, smearing the blood across her face some. She took a defensive stance and watched wildly at the two.

[hr ]

[pic https://65.media.tumblr.com/14edfdc89389889343ea773639b3930a/tumblr_og8awfsA9K1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Michael aggressively tried to keep Peyton as busy as possible. He was succeeding. If she shifted her focus up the hill, it could cause problems. That was obvious. She didn't have any weapons of her own, however she was a quick thinker. He noticed her eyes kept changing, and one moment she was ruthless and the next she wasn't.
Michael remembered a previous fight where this happened. Mally told him about the split personalities in the secret weapons. He was one of the few that didn't split. At first he didn't understand how it helped or disadvantaged them. With Peyton it was very apparent in her.
One moment she was a psycho and the next moment she wanted to be sparing.

After being tied and burned with Claire, who had taken the close moment to heal him, but it wasn't enough time to heal fully. Besides she was being damaged at the same time. His skin burnt, especially where his chains would create themselves from his skin.
[#FC7AD4 "You bitch."] he muttered taking the moment to lash his red hot chains back at her. While she fought within herself, thanking the labs for such a flawed character input. One he didn't receive, so he truly benefited from that. Grabbing her ankles with his chains, quickly he trashed her around. In the air, then back to the ground. Doing this a few times before finally throwing her against a tree off to the side that hadn't been lit up by the forest fire Peyton caused.
Grimacing he looked to Claire, nodding at Peyton. Who just laid on the floor for a moment. [#FC7AD4 "What are you waiting for? Do it."] she yelled. Smiling as Claire lunged for the girls motionless body.

His frown turned again, because Peyton began to get up as Claire reached her, a stab straight into the lower stomach. He watched as Peyton used her power to push Claire up into the air. Quickly he lashed his chains out and grabbed his teammate, catching her before she could hit the ground to harshly. The dagger had stayed inside Peyton who was on her knees. He watched, Peyton's pupils expanded out beyond her actual iris. Black out pouring from the center it covered the whites of her eyes now too.
Confused when he heard her laugh, watching as the blue haired girl pulled the blade from her own stomach. [#FC7AD4 "W-what's wrong with her?"] he asked Claire. As Peyton then took the dagger and threw it, using her mind to accelerate it, it zipped around the two. Landing cuts and slashes all over Claire before it suddenly just fell and hit the ground in front of the two. Peytons eyes contracted again, the black of pupil coming back in. Still widely dilated you could now see the whites of her eyes again.

Mally looked over, distracted as she analyzed she missed her chance to duck a blow from Eric. Taking it, the sword lodge into her leg. Growling the cut was deep but she kept her stance. Calling over to Claire and Michael [#EC871C "Stop getting her angry! It's acts as a fuel to her power."] the command wasn't very helpful, how were they go fight her and killer her, without angering her?
Mally sucked her teeth. Looking up the hill at Rex and Kanzaki, who seemed to be sparring and even once his armor was unleashed they're power levels broke even together.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine shrunk into the back of the cave, watching Rex fight this new guy. Kanzaki. Listening she was able to pick up on everyones names. Looking at Mally, fighting Eric, then Claire with Michael against Peyton. Rex and Kanzaki.They all seemed so strong. Sadly she watched, fear sitting her knees. Feeling pathetic because she could hardly do anything, she remembered the gun and the dagger Peyton gave her. Gripping the tightly, dagger in one hand Gun in the other.
She rushed past Rex and Kanzaki. Almost getting caught in the mix, but she was able to run fast enough. She didn't plummet into a fight, she ran past them all actually making a break for the woods. However Raine was grabbed before she could get free.
A chain had wrapped around her and pulled her back violently. Her face hit the ground and she dragged back. But just as quickly as the chain grabbed her it let go. Raine looked up, her forehead bleeding, the wound healed up though and left dry blood behind. Peyton was holding off the chains, Raine watched horrified as they started to choke her friend. Shakily she grabbed her gun. Firing a shot into the Michaels leg, the bullet ripping through the side of his skin. She wasn't the best aim but at least it still somewhat hit. Watching as he let go of Peyton she waited to make sure Peyton got up, before turning and plummeting into the woods.

Raine had a plan, she didn't have skills but she had allies.
Styles, Rose, and Phoenix. They hadn't formed an alliance like that but she had to find them and try. After all, in Raine died they'd lose their source of medical supplies. Running around the woods, she knew they wouldn't be camped very far away. They probably wanted to stay close to where Raine would be dropping supplies off for them.
The fire hadn't spread very deep yet. As she ran around she began yelling for them even too. [#6495ED Rose!! Styles!! Phoenix!!"]

Raine ran around like a chicken with her head cut off. Trying desperately to find them. If she could find them, she could convince them to come help. After not being able to locate them, she started to cry. [#6495ED "Oh no...Oh no....I am sorry."] she mumbled to no one in particular as she started to sniffle. Wiping her face she kept spinning around hoping to see them. Praying to a god she didn't believe in as tears brimmed her eyes.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 251d 19h 20m 40s
[center [h3 Cutting Me Off?]]

[center [b Eric grunted as Mally entered the fray, Eric knew not to underestimate the woman here. Rose wasn't an easy fight even if Eric had managed to win it wasn't scot free. He couldn't hope to get so lucky again anyhow hopefully his training with Rex helped. He felt less afraid... a little more prepared he hated this. He knew this team could fight well together but they always cut them off into cruel one on ones Eric couldn't use his enhanced endurance like that. He wasn't able to protect his friends.]]

[center [+brown Oh that's a shame I have to say your friend Kanzaki seemed well mannered. I guess I can't just ask you to move?]]

[center [b Eric reached forward clashing with the woman with overwhelming strength he blew Mally back. That wouldn't be enough he knew that but he had to hurry and make it to Rex. Yeah Rex was strong but him and Raine shouldn't have to fight alone. This girl... She seemed to peer right into Eric's soul as if she could read them so easily. Styles brain worked kinda weird too didn't it? This was different though it was like she peered in for a sneak peak. That didn't work in Eric's advantage if she knew he wanted to win this without killing anyone. He was going to have to play a little rough like Rex had showed him.]]

[center [b Her ax had caused a pretty massive crater Eric had jumped up slamming the ground with his blade. Forming a massive crater as he shook the earth with insane strength. Claire couldn't help but stumble with some of the others. Eric clashing with Mally again as he rushed forward launching a headbutt directly to her face. Lifting the hilt of his massive blade to hit at her core. His attacks were slow and a bit off but not as bad as before. They had range and power though with his arm length and massive blade. Eric span his sword over his head crashing his blade downward into a massive arc he had swung with about 80% of his strength. He was afraid to swing with everything he had what if he had made contact? He could kill someone.]]

[center [+brown You don't have to do this! You can still walk away from this fight please!!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b As Claire leaned against the tree and shook a bit. Holy shit that guy looks like a teddy bear but he packs a punch.]]

[center [+lightblue Mally get a read on that guy I can tell he isn't trying to kill you. Still I think he may have more raw strength than Kanzaki even be careful.]]

[center [b Claire valued Mally's gift to read others minds Claire had a deep respect for Mally. She was probably the strategist of the team well her and Claire. Claire wasn't as strategic but more self aware perhaps. Drawing a knife from her back pocket she was a flexible fighter sure. Though she knew she was the weakest fighter in her group without a doubt having no offensive gifts so that made sense.]]

[center [+lightblue Thanks for the tip Mally, if she isn't willing to fight maybe I can take her out. If she's such a gifted healer she could heal Kanzaki's target and that would be a problem. I'll support that knucklehead. Michael,Mally you two can handle yourselves right? I'm willing to swap support if things go south.]]

[center [b Claire was rather offensive for a healer she would help her friends in support quiet often. Making most encounters three vs four since most groups kept the healer away. It gave them an edge she'd help the comrade in most trouble. Though that comrade could change in a moments notice. The way she had healed was... Annoying but quick.]]

[center [b Her comrades were strong but not too cocky save Kanzaki they were reasonable to ask for assistance. Something Kanzaki could learn from the others to be willing to ask for aid. True in some cases Kanzaki had fought an entire group alone. Still those were unneeded risk she was just glad now Kanzaki was pulling a bullshit stunt. At least not yet.]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b As Kanzaki rushed up the hillside he couldn't help but throw a few strikes Peyton's way to help support Michael. Giving his comrade a thumbs up he looked at Mally.]]

[center [+darkblue Thanks for the heads up cutie! I'll handle it don't worry about me. Claire help them out I got this! I might have to use that gift after all.]]

[center [b Kanzaki before rushing in the cave gave Peyton a smirk a comment about him being a villain huh? He couldn't help but chuckle and shrug.]]

[center [+darkblue Maybe I'm a flawed hero than you can't survive here without fighting. Sorry about that gorgeous. Hey Michael buddy if your in trouble just give a shout out all right?!]]

[center [b Kanzaki wasn't quiet as slow to swing as Eric. Though they weren't quiet as fast as Rex either. They weren't as powerful as Eric's but far stronger than a strike from Rex. Eric shouting out Peyton's name as he tried to rush over it was better to make this a two on two! Eric taking a few swings from Mally as he shrugged her off managed to swipe Michael's chains away from Peyton. Standing side to side with her he looked at Michael and Mally this was much better. He wasn't going to let Peyton get hurt not again.]]

[center [b Hopefully Rex could handle himself in the cave right? No he could Eric should be more worried for he has to fight right? No that didn't make Eric feel any better at all.]]

[center [+brown Peyton are you okay?!]]

[center [h3 Entitled Warriors]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Rex raised his hand to catch the blade from Raine. It happened so fast but Peyton managed to warn them. This was his chance to make it up to her wasn't it? He couldn't have her dying before he would apologize.]]

[center [b Rex managed to come just outside of the cave as he began to clash with a newcomer. The clanking of metal intense through the air as Kanzaki's eyes raised. Mally wasn't kidding! Claire and Michael might not know this man is. Still as fighters? Mally and Kanzaki would understand exactly who this is. As Rex moved his foot calmly forward he spaced Kanzaki's feet apart with two swift kicks. Kanzaki clumsily headbutting forward as a defensive forward strike. Rex moved to the side kneeing Kanzaki straight into the face slashing through his shoulder. At least he thought he had Kanzaki managed to grab the blade with his hand! As his palm bled grabbing the blade he through Rex down the hill. As Rex caught himself handspringing back to his feet Kanzaki blew at his hand a bit chuckling.]]

[center [+darkblue Holy cow! Mally you could've said "dude the white swordsman is in here!" I think only a few reputations go past that! Hey Rex man you may not be number one yet but dude you were always my favorite. All the stories I heard? You're a legend man if anyone here is a hero it's you dude!]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head confused looking at the man how were the fighters so well informed? They were grouped up together a lot and Rex did keep to himself. The strong here... weren't much different from Rex huh? To survive they had to start enjoying combat at least to a degree. Styles his way of coping was well winning with style adding a flare of beauty. This man had called Rex a hero? Adding glory to the titles these warriors held at this death match.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm not...]]

[center [b Rex... Wasn't a hero he knew that he had made a lot of mistakes here. He was anything but a hero fights for more than survival a hero fights for something greater than himself. Winning a difficult fight wasn't a heroic act. Rex didn't understand where this guy was coming from. Though he did look familiar... Or sound familiar anyhow.]]

[center [+darkblue Man I doubt you heard of me but I'm a big fan!! I heard so much about you. I can't even begin to start dude! This is such an honor. The names Kanzaki man I've always wondered what's your name? I mean it can't be the White Swordsman duh.]]

[center [b Kanzaki? Kanzaki... Ahh the Black Berserker? Rex had heard of him boasting before. He'd ask the lab coats questions about the other fighters a lot. Rex had trouble tuning him out he didn't seem rude or even cruel. Still Rex was just too shy to really interact with others unless they had shared a cell of course. Even than he'd try to sleep all the time. Black and White huh? What was funny or kinda ironic anyhow. As Kanzaki stood on top of the hill Claire took his side.]]

[center [b Rex had noticed she was wielding a dagger it wouldn't be hard for her to go in and attack Raine. Yet... she took a stance beside Kanzaki? Drawing her dagger pointing at Rex. That's a foolish move why turn her back to that cave? It's almost as if they KNEW Raine wasn't willing to fight. How could they know that? Rex felt better taking on more than one foe this time he had preferred that. He could even be reckless with Raine around she'd patch him up.]]

[center [+darkblue Claire get some distance please? I'm going to need a little room for this.]]

[center [b Claire looked his way he was planning to use that after all wasn't he? He had only showed them that gift he hadn't been forced to use it here yet. He must really respect this man Mally wasn't off the mark at all. Yet she couldn't offer much info on the Secret Weapon but Claire understood. Just knowing as much as they did gave them a real advantage no matter how tough this White Swordsman think he is. Claire was more worried about the unknown anyhow.]]

[center [b Kanzaki must know this mans gifts and limits to a degree. Mally could read anyone else but that woman so she decided they would use her help. Besides Kanzaki like this would be likely to hit Claire by mistake. Michael and Mally were more careful with the strikes they threw it was easier to work beside them. Like that she was off and quick too she ran faster than Rex even as she slid between Peyton and Eric between her two other comrades. Making sure to be behind them she was ready to strike for an opening. As well as heal her comrades a three on two? They'd rap this up even if Kanzaki can't beat that man. He can hold off long enough for sure.]]

[center [b When they rap up here they can all work on the White Swordsman together. They can't rush defeating a secret weapon. With that large stalwart defender she can use her gifts from a range if she possess any. He took Mally's strikes easily he must be more durable than a regular human. A fighter can only have two gifts and with that crater he caused? Immense physical strength and immense enhanced endurance. There had to be a downside to such powerful gifts what were they? Mally would keep an eye out. If they can take that defender out the secret weapon may be dangerous but she can't handle three on one. Claire knew Michael and Mally were dangerous themselves she'd hate to be them.]]

[center [+lightblue Mally, if you can figure out that Eric's weakness's and tell me how durable and just how strong he is. That would really help out if we take him out the girl won't hold out long. Than we can support the moron afterwards.]]

[center [b Rex grunted as he looked up at Kanzaki so much for two on one. His friends were valiant but if they were going to be so... Wishy washy they wouldn't last. Rex was a hypocrite he was the most wishy washy person ever. With so many "feelings" and heck he just got done sobbing on Raine. Had he gotten a chance to respond to her he may have been even more pathetic.]]

[center [b Maybe wishy washy wasn't the right term they just had to... Go all out. They couldn't try and talk this out and they couldn't hold back. Peyton had proved she is willing to kill but that doesn't mean she will without flinching. Eric? Well Eric may be the bigger problem but they can hold out right? Yeah they can Rex will make short work of this guy.]]

[center [b The way they had fought up the hill it was clear Rex was the more skilled fighter. This man had brute strength over Rex but not as much as Eric. True he wasn't Eric slow but being unarmored and slower? Rex would handle this easily he's the second man with more brute force than him. Rex normally was a brute himself in fact awe well.]]

[center [b As Rex prepared to strike Kanzaki began to yell and clench his fist. His teeth began to grit as his skin began to... Shift? Tingle it was strange like goo? As the skin turned darker and darker before falling still on black. Black as the knight even almost as if he was wearing armor. Wait that wasn't armor... That was his skin!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/rmvR5vR.png]]

[center [b No way the rumors were true! Rex hadn't believed them the rumors about him were ridiculously over the top. He had heard the white swordsman could shine a glowing light. With that light he'd bring down divine judgement on others as he flew around the field. Or the fact he could fire white shards of energy with the snap of his fingers or the swing of his blade. Or he could level in an entire building with but a few sword strokes. Yeah if he could that would he really still be here? The legend would have you believe he chooses to be here. It was crazy and nobody liked him for it at least not till this guy. Hell Styles knew him but it wasn't respect he felt for him. He treated Rex like a rabid dog without a leash.]]

[center [b Rex was strangely flattered by Kanzaki but embarrassed all at the same time. He didn't know to feel when others gushed over him because really? It never happened, yeah Serah and Vincent did it. Now Eric too he kept telling Rex he was a great guy. Raine was nice to Rex sure but gush would be pushing it. Same goes for Peyton but maybe not.. That affectionate persay.]]

[center [b Ahh of course his mind had to wander during a time like this didn't it? He never had someone admire or respect him that much that was for sure. If they did he never knew about it. Maybe it was a ploy or a tactic to lower his guard? A smile crept on Rex's face as he raised his blade. Black-Steel skin so that wasn't just a myth huh? Rex began to tremble as his body shook from toe to the top of his head. Kanzaki's face enveloped around his dark helmet. As his voice grew deeper and more... Demonic almost it still carried his light cheery tone.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh man! Maybe I used that too soon! I didn't mean to scare you! Damn it I wanted this fight to be fun! This happens every time! Well it's usually after they try every attack they have. This happened way too soon... Well if it means anything I still think you were awesome.]]

[center [b As Rex shook and gripped his blade his hair hiding his face. As Kanzaki began to walk down the hill hitting even level. As he made his way to Rex the boy shot his head straight up with a wide grin across his face. As he dashed at Kanzaki this is real! He's real! A titan like him exist! It was almost like... Clashing swords with a real demon! This was perfect!! Hahahaha! This just what Rex needed to cheer up see this he was good at! Honestly he wasn't sure how he was going to respond to Raine. He had come off way too strong, the way she had said this isn't the time to? Oh Rex caught that big time and this was perfect timing. He shouldn't have called her lovely she was friendly but that didn't mean a pass to just... Be so forward or weird. Having a chat it was easy to make so many mistakes and he must have made them all. He was a terrible person to talk to or be friends with wasn't he?]]

[center [b He must have made Raine so uncomfortable and her knowing his name made things even more... Personal. Imagine her rejecting him with his name? He loved the fact he was just Rex, if someone hated him? They hated Rex if they thought he was a monster? It wasn't Alvin it was Rex they hated.]]

[center [b Had she rejected him she'd have rejected Rex not Alvin he couldn't go through that. Not again... Wait again? Why again? Had it happened before? Who knows but he knew this was a time to prove to Eric and Peyton he was worth keeping around. Right? Nah this may just make them think he's even worse.... Beside the point he didn't have time to worry about it. That was the beauty he isn't allowed to worry! If he focused on it too long or worried too much he'd make a mistake and... Die! He had the perfect excuse not to think about anything unpleasant.]]

[center [b As Rex swung forward clashing with Kanzaki he faked out a lower kick. Parrying the blade to the side as he slashed and stabbed at Kanaki with no avail.]]

[center [+orange Nothing! Not even a scratch! That's... Perfect!]]

[center [b Rex yelled rather excited no one has ever blocked such vicious attacks without even trying. Kanzaki let out a laugh almost as if he was proud of Rex. As Rex slashed and hacked at Kanzaki it was apparent Rex wasn't doing an ounce of damage to this foe. That made the excuse even better. Who could blame him for fight so viciously? For not focusing on how he made everyone upset? He has no choice but to focus on this fight he was allowed to push everything out for what might be a long fight.]]

[center [b Rex had backed up wiping at his face as tears flowed. It was... Tears of joy as he chuckled slightly. This... This was his world this is what he's familiar with. He was stupid to think he could do anything else to be Peyton's friend... To make Raine happy? To be Eric's brother in arms? He was a fool to think any of that.]]

[center [b He could never be like Eric never he'd never be a hero either. He was tired of getting his hopes up and this way he could for this moment at this second.. He'd feel alive.]]

[center [+darkblue Wow! You are braver than I expected! You never did answer what is your name?]]

[center [b As Kanzaki let his guard down it was obvious he believed he was immortal and for good reason. Slashing and stabbing attacks weren't having any effect. Hmm an enemy in one Rex's favorite anime was like that. See they recommended blunt attacks against such a foe is that a good idea? Well let's try it! As Rex came in he stabbed his blade into the ground. As he held onto the blade bouncing his legs up he kicked into Kanzaki's core and face over and over again. Each strike harder and harder as the rattled metal began to dizzy Kanzaki. Rex back flipped away hacking and chopping at a blazing tree as the thing fell on top of Kanzaki. The fire spreading around the metal making it hotter and hotter as the tree crushed him. The wood was easier to chop this way but Rex would have found another way to do some damage. His mind was quick to come up with a solution if it meant winning a fight. Course he never had to think so much till fighting others with gifts anyhow.]]

[center [+orange M-My name...? M-My name it's well...]]

[center [b He took a deep breath as he looked forward and saying in a softer tone. As calmly as he could without stuttering at least for this sentence he'd say something with a straight voice. Looking forward as he stared into the fire unaware if Kanzaki was alive or not he still felt he needed to answer. Even if the answer was more for himself than anyone it was a chance to reassure himself. A chance for him to remind himself who he was. Something he was starting to forget.]]

[center [+orange My name is Rex, Rex Rider.]]
  Eric / Isamu / 2y 252d 1m 36s
Just as Peyton was about to protest going back, they were stopped. A group of four emerged from the bushes. Frowning she stood behind Eric, observing the people carefully. Only one of them seemed to have the interest in fighting them. Frowning even more when he stopped to gush over her. Growling a bit she glared at him, then rolled her eyes.
[#8A2BE2 "A hero doesn't go out of his way to rob people, that's a villain. I don't think you ever properly read a comic book."] smiling as sarcastically as her tone carried.

Peyton stared at the cave, Rex and Raine were both inside. Debating if she should call them out. It was two against one, but say Eric and Peyton do hurt this guy, it could turn into a two against two or maybe their healer could fight. Then it'd be a three against two. Shaking her head she Gently rattled one of the branches near the cave using her powers. Shaking it loud enough to get the attention of the two inside.
When Eric offered her to leave she scoffed. [#8A2BE2 "Oh please, I will be right back."] turning around she went back to back with him. Waiting for the given moment to go. Which was after the first strike, which went directed towards Eric. However when he lunged Peyton used her mind power, he had let both his feet of the ground when trying to get to Eric.
Using her mind she focused on one ankle and pulled back. The force was enough to make him fall short and miss Eric. After that she made a break for it. Is she got to Rex and Raine, she could defend Raine and Rex could help Eric fight. It would be a better match up, reflecting back on this guys numbers.
She didn't like the way he talked, like he was all that. Rex had a higher kill count, he wasn't even the best in the arena but he sure acted like it.

[hr ]

[pic https://65.media.tumblr.com/14edfdc89389889343ea773639b3930a/tumblr_og8awfsA9K1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Swinging the chains attached to his wrists, he sighed. Already bored as Kanzaki wasted his time, chatting up the victims. Crossing his arms he leaned against a tree and waited. He knew he probably wouldn't be needed, however once the first strike was finally set out, the girl began to run up the hill. Curiously he watched her for a moment. Why go up hill? Nothing was there. Rolling his eyes he extended his chains, they ran out from his wrist links like snakes. Attaching to her ankles he pulled her back.
Amused as he watched her hit the ground, hearing her gasp. Flipping her over he hit her against the ground roughly. Another gasp, this one induced blood to drip from her mouth.
[#FC7AD4 "Where you going?"] he asked her. When she looked up, her smile was wide. Something about her looked weird. Her eyes kept morphing, and he watched puzzled and horrified as she grabbed the chains around her ankles. Using her new gained power, she let her own anger surge through her.
The blue flames cast out of her hands, and down the metal chains. Heating the metal up hurt her own skin, but once the fire reached him it burnt him so bad the pain distracted him. Releasing his grip, she could smell his burning flesh from here she was. Peyton made the break up the hill. Throwing open the cave entrance, by using her mind to move the trees she had placed earlier. Not saying around, not even making it all the way up the hill. She just needed to get Rex to see what was going on.

Just she was was about to turn around, Micheal, the man wielding the chains had sent back out for her. A chain roughly lashed at her side, knocking her over and tumbling a little before getting back up. He wasn't going to make the same mistake of trying to wrap around her.
Peyton's pupils expanded, picking up on of the trees she had used to cover the cave up, she threw it down the hill.
[#8A2BE2 "Eric, Jump."] she yelled giving him the warning. Once it past Eric she dramatically set it on fire. Her point wasn't to try to hit them, she wanted to start a forest fire. They wouldn't be able to run away or back out. Successful she was as the fire moved to the bushes and trees at the edge of the hill. Calmly she smiled [#8A2BE2 "Now we have a proper arena."]

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally watched from her spot next to Claire, Michael had previous stood next to her. But he decided to step forward and intervene in Kankazi's play. Which, if they survived he'd probably be lectured about later. Growling as she was skipped over in description. Mally stood by grimacing. Her black ax, which had intricate dragon symbols carved upon them. A long dragon wrapped around the handle a blade sat at the pommel. It was detachable, she could use it for throwing. And it was attached by a wire so it always came back.
[#EC871C "You probably won't have to heal up Kankazi...His opponent seems unwilling to fight or do much damage anyway."]

Mally was a fighter, she enhanced strength as well. It seemed to be the labs favorite power to give out to fighters. However, her special power was analyzation . Her herself wasn't sure how it worked, however she could look at someone, and like a loaded data screen would rush over in her mind. She'd know all the in's and out's of a person on the field. Their powers, their strengths and sometimes she got special access to ones thoughts. Focusing on Peyton next, she couldn't pick up on her thoughts, but something was fuzzy about her. Almost like she was trying to read two people at once. One moment it was one set of stats and the next it was different. It caused a ringing in her ears, shaking it out she noticed the tree coming there way. Then she noticed the fire, grabbing Claire calmly bridal style. Jumping, then coming back down. It was casual and neither of them were that surprised as they went back to just standing. [#EC871C "Now her...She's hard to read...She's probably the secret weapon..."] she carried on, calmly talking while these fights went on.
Mally had discovered in most of the fights they ran into, that the secret weapons, would have split personalities. One on field one off field, most of the time they mixed. There was no clear cut, some she encountered could readily just switch between them. Others had no control of it, some would even radically go back and forth between the two. It made them easy targets. They spent too much time in conflicting mindsets, and not enough time targeting.
Once the cave was revealed fully Mally got a look at the two others that had been inside.
First the girl, she nodded at her [#EC871C "Healer, she doesn't want to fight...As of now she can't either. She has no skills...however....her healing has virtually no downside...she herself heals almost instantly and her blood has the healing factor....I say we spare her, once we take care of the others. That way you won't have to expend your energy over wounds that are too big. "] Mally then turned her attention to the box standing there with white hair. Something cold rushed over her and she smiled.
[#EC871C "Him. You know him? His reputation is even bigger than Kankazi's."] was all she said before calming walking over into the fight. [#EC871C "Be on stand by, this could get interesting."]

Carrying her ax, she stepped into Kankazi's fight. [#EC871C "Hey, don't waste your time on this one...Look up the hill. "] she nodded over despite the glare she was getting. Knowing very well, he'd get over it once he realized. [#EC871C "I can handle this one. Go get him."] With that her team mate rushed off to play with the new toy that emerged.
Turning to face the tall boy with brown hair, Eric was his name he said.
[#EC871C "Hi Eric, sorry to be so unprofessional about this...however we weren't aware of your other teammate...You'll have to settle for fighting with me."] a small smile spread across her mouth.
[#EC871C "I assure you, I won't be disappointing."] she mumbled before she swung her ax. Missing she hit the ground and it created a crater.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine just sat there with him, listening. [#6495ED "You said it out loud...yelled it even. Peyton and I both heard you from the cave entrance."] she blinked explaining. Had he not realized he did those things? Her face lit up as he kept talking. Blushing she turned her head away embarrassed.
[#6495ED "N-now isn't the time....to rea-...."] she mumbled her face to red as she mumbled. Now wasn't the time to try to be romantic. It really took her for a surprise. [#6495ED "W-well...I am definitely real!"] she mumbled hastily. Blinking when he asked to go out to look for them, she couldn't say no. However she worried Peyton may not be able to talk.

Standing up she nodded [#6495ED "Come on."] As soon as she said that a rattling in the bushes was heard. Then Right as they were about to emerge the blockade Peyton had made disappeared.
[#6495ED "R-rex!"] Raine yelled as she looked down the hill. Another group was here and attacking.
Raine screamed watching a giant chain hit Peyton off. She was standing there and then gone, but Raine sighed relieved watching her get back up.
Raine watched, someone was running up the hill toward them. He almost looked like Rex too. White hair, fast moving. Quickly moving away she run into the cave. Grabbed Rex's blade and threw it at him just in time to be caught.
All she could do was watch, soon another girl came and stood by her. Raine was cautious and made space. She had black hair, and looked like she didn't plan on fighting either. Were her and this girl both healers? Why was she standing by her though, what was her reasoning? Was she simply watching over this other guy? Raine blinked, observing the fight going on down hill. Eric was fighting an ax wielding woman, it looked like she had horns. Peyton was fighting someone using chains. A fire began to roar out behind them in the brush.
Raine thought about the hidden supplies. Praying Styles or Rose got to them earlier. Otherwise, the fire would reach them and burn them up.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 252d 2h 35m 30s
[center [h3 Bad Timing]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFg4XcyjVJQ]]

[center [b Eric hushed her as continued to pet her hair. As he pulled away she had reached back in to hold him. He couldn't help but smile and hold her tightly.]]

[center [+brown Than we should tell him that, you don't want to lose him. That we don't want that things might go smoother Peyton. He didn't mean that by the way as hard as he's fought for us? The way he looks at you? If anything that boys smitten! I mean he wouldn't have been in tears otherwise right? He wouldn't hurt you.]]

[center [b Eric rubbed at his own cheek after he winced a bit. Eric didn't have a doubt Rex wouldn't kill Peyton or attack her. Even if he had attacked Eric that was different guys play a little rough right? "I hadn't realize he held back during our sparring" or maybe Rex just hit harder upset. Though behind that punch Eric could feel Rex's instant regret throwing it in the first place. He knew Rex must have felt terrible for everything just as Peyton was crying. He was probably in tears in the cave.]]

[center [b As Eric held onto her he felt something hot. Eric raised an eyebrow as Peyton pulled away almost horrified. Eric taking his coat off he shook it a bit realizing he had been burnt. His flesh was singed but already the pain was disappearing. Though had it still hurt Eric would have reacted the same he was a calm person through and through.]]

[center [b He ruffled her hair and smiled softly he didn't want her to worry or feel too bad.]]

[center [+brown Peyton don't worry you didn't mean to I still have trouble controlling my strength at times. I'm glad I didn't crush you into a bear hug actually. The more excited I get? The harder it gets to control it I guess we are connected to our gifts in a way?]]

[center [b As Eric turned around he wrapped his fingers around Peytons hand. He wanted to make sure she was close the way back as he turned to give her a smile.]]

[center [+brown I think he loses himself to these battles because he doesn't know what he's fighting for. I believe had he not been brought here? He could have been... a protector to others. Fighting isn't always bad sometimes you have to fight what you believe in. The problem is I think Rex doesn't what to believe in. So like you said we have to be patient and understanding to him. Let's go back I'm sure he's dying to apologize.]]

[center [b Eric wasn't sure if Rex would be ready or not by than but he will be one way or another. Eric was learning more and more about Rex he was a really sensitive guy. Eric believed Peyton and Rex had a tough time expressing how they felt that's why from day one... Eric believed they both liked him. Well this was only day two right? Eric could have been wrong they could both still hate him. Peyton could have meant to burn him and Rex? He might not have regretted punching him. True Eric had bear their attacks both physically and emotionally. Both were emotionally distance and cold in different aspects. Either silent or harsh but that was just a shield of sorts. Momma said there is no such thing as pure evil some people are just misunderstood.]]

[center [b As Eric began to head back holding Peyton's hand Eric had heard rustling. It was rather... Loud and obvious almost as if they weren't trying to hide themselves.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [+brown Peyton stay behind me]]

[center [b Eric's face turning rather serious as he reached for his blade standing his ground. A woman walking out with her three comrades. Her get up wasn't as crazy as Rose's a lot more down to earth. The shorts were a bit on the short side. As she pulled apart some rather fresh ice cream popsicles apart as she began to ate at one. Another figure appeared beside her as she had offered him a piece he put his hand up shaking his head no.]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue Thanks for the offer Claire but I think after we see what supplies they have. Than I'll decide what to have tonight okay?]]

[center [b The girl simply shrugged as she began to eat and nom on her ice cream.]]

[center [+lightblue Whatever.]]

[center [b The man walked forward as Eric tried to look for there other two teammates he couldn't find them. Or rather get a good look the man in front seemed rather laid back. Even more so than styles yet the fact he talked about robbing them like nothing? That struck him rather uneasy.]]

[center [b The man reached on his back drawing a rather massive blade. It looked like a strange hybrid between an axe and a sword it wasn't as large as Eric's. Not that it was a competition or anything but maybe Eric had greater physical strength? That was thinking on the bright side.]]

[center [+darkblue The names Kanzaki a pleasure to meet you! Wow your the first person here that uses a larger weapon than me!! You know I might try and use that blade later today it looks sweet!!!]]

[center [b At that Kanzaki circled the two as Claire went to simply lean on a tree. As Kanzaki began to rest his blade on his shoulder. What worried Eric was that smile upon Kanzaki. It didn't seem... Devious or cruel. It was bright and sincere Eric couldn't help but feel the way he carried himself was similar to himself. Minus the fact he's here to rob them but he's being way to confident so he must be an experienced fighter. Like Styles or Rex, they all had one thing in common they weren't shy to have a straight forward fight. So if he's on that kinda level do Peyton and him have a chance? The fact he's having his teammates on the side screamed how overly confident he was. Though that did work to Eric and Peyton's advantage better a two on one than four on two.]]

[center [b It was at moment Eric remembered his words to Rex. He promised he'd defeat anyone that this place through at him. He couldn't let fear overcome him not now. Even if it was him against the world for his friends he had to win. Eric let a smirk crawl onto his face he had to give it his all save for actually killing anyone.]]

[center [+brown Thanks for the compliment but I need this my friends are counting on it. As well as the supplies we have and I can't say we have much.]]

[center [b Kanzaki chuckled a bit before bursting out into laughter. It wasn't a mocking laughter... If anything it seemed like Kanzaki really enjoyed what Eric had said.]]

[center [+darkblue I see you have to do whatever to protect your friends right? We have that in common! I mean it is up to a hero to stand tall for his comrades. I wish it'd didn't come down to this I'm not sure if you know but this match is almost over. All the lesser experienced groups have been wiped out rather easily this thing hasn't felt really fair. You almost made it to the end though! This should be over sometime tomorrow I'd say.]]

[center [b As Kanzaki began to speak more his eyes locked onto Peyton's blinking a bit. He looked rather surprised to see her as he leaned in looking at her.]]

[center [+darkblue You look really... Cute! Wow I didn't think they had cuties like you out here still!! Oh man this really sucks why did you have to be drop dead gorgeous? I think if my friends weren't on the line I'd just follow you around here. I'm kinda tempted Claire does have a bit of an attitude.]]

[center [b Claire crossed her arms as she rolled her eyes throwing her popsicle sticks at Kanzaki. As he rubbed the back of his head laughing.]]

[center [+darkblue I'm kidding! A hero never betrays his comrades even for a cute girl!! I got your back Claire don't worry.]]

[center [b Though she rolled her eyes again she couldn't help but blush slightly as she looked away tapping her foot on the ground.]]

[center [+lightblue Just don't get hurt too bad this time. It's a pain healing you up sometimes.]]

[center [b Kanzaki let out a nervous chuckle as he came full circle around Eric and Peyton. He shifted his attention back to them as he changed into a more prepared stance. Lifting his blade to the side of his hip. He wasn't wearing any armor at all maybe that was a good sign.]]

[center [+darkblue Before we start I should give you a fair shot it makes this feel a little more fair. The names Kanzaki Muller and as you know a fighter can only have two gifts. Though I'll only be using one gift against you. That would be enhanced strength as vague as that sounds you'll see soon enough. As for Claire over there her gift is healing her method? Through mouth to mouth the downside is drains through her physical energy. She is also an expert at gymnastics so she stays out of danger rather easily. May I add many groups who shifted focus on her too early on find an early grave little tip.]]

[center [b Eric cocked his head to the side was he really giving them advice? Eric couldn't help but laugh a bit this guy didn't seem all bad. He was a knucklehead but Eric could relate with that. Had they met in a different situation he would have liked the guy that is for sure.]]

[center [+darkblue Last but not least I have reached around 450 victories in arena matches. Long enough to gain the title Black Berserker that has to do with my second gift I suppose. That's it not a lot to work with but I hope it gives you a fighting chance.]]

[center [+darkblue Are you ready? I can give you a minute if you wanna talk strategy.]]

[center [b Eric was surprised how polite this guy was in fact Eric was shocked on how bad people WEREN'T here. True they were trying to kill them but it sadly reminded Eric. This was a situation no one chose. Not Styles,Kanzaki,Rex had Rex been against them? Rex would have felt bad about having to kill them. So a warrior that gains a "title" are fighters with exceptional strength and have won many victories? Eric has won around twenty matches but none of them were to the death. So those probably don't count huh? Well best not to worry about it! Only way to improve was with practice after all! Eric pointed his blade forward as he opened his mouth.]]

[center [+brown I'm a fighter as well, the name is Eric. I had no idea a healer had to have one gift or a fighter two thank you for that. Let me return the favor I don't want a unfair match. My gifts are--]]

[center [b Kanzaki held his stomach laughing as he stabbed his blade into the ground placing his hands on his knees. As Kanzaki raised his head back placing a hand on his forehead. As he continued to laugh he kicked the blade back up catching it shaking his head no.]]

[center [+darkblue Never has anyone offered me such an advantage if anything most folk try to attack when my guard is down. No thank you though I don't recognize you and I'm guessing you've yet to earn a title besides a codename. So things are fair enough thanks anyway are you ready?]]

[center [b As laid back as Kanzaki and Eric were conversing it was almost as if they were prepping for a game of chess. Or a video game not fighting for their lives. Eric was ready to fight he had looked to Peyton to make sure she was.]]

[center [+brown I think he's going to be fighting alone, so if you want to run back to the cave I'll understand. I won't hold it against you if you aren't ready for this.]]

[center [b Eric wouldn't have been upset if Peyton was ready to run off or escape. If anything he'd be glad she was okay but if she does stick around Eric will have no choice but to win this fight.]]

[center [h3 Pain and Regret]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MteSlpxCpo]]

[center [b As Rex heard her apologize and hold him close. He clung to her for dear life as he began to cry into her chest. As he himself apologized over and over again. He had felt terrible for everything he... "I didn't mean it!"]]

[center [+orange I-I... I didn't mean it I just...]]

[center [b As he muttered to Raine it wasn't her fault he fell apart. What was the point of being anxious? He was too upset to worry about being judged right now. He smiled a little as she coo'd stroking at his hair. His heart fluttering as he held onto her he sniffled before looking up at her.]]

[center [+orange I-I... How did you... know my name....?]]

[center [b He looked up to her as he raised his head up his forehead pressed against her own. As he laid there rather exhausted as he shook and fell into tears.]]

[center [+orange Y-You mean that...? I didn't mean it... I-I-I... Ugh Eric and Peyton must hate me now.... I swear I didn't mean it.... I-I just.. I... Wanna protect you guys... I...]]

[center [b He almost screamed he wanted to be like Eric a hero but that was far too much. Even if he couldn't make himself look stupider he wasn't willing to admit that. He was so easy to influence wasn't he? Just Raine holding him like this he was ready to apologize and he was so angry just a second ago. He hated being so easy to sway did that make him weak? That it was so easy to change his mind? At first he judged Eric and now he looked up to him? He couldn't stand Peyton's harshness at first and now... He wants to be close to her? He hasn't really changed the way he's felt about Raine from day one. She was..]]

[center [+orange Your so lovely..]]

[center [b Rex blushed realizing what he had said as he stammered and blushed. He considered saying "I mean.." and fill in the blank. What was the point of fixing that? Hopefully she really isn't paying attention to his sniffling and words right now. Yet at the same time... He was glad she was here to listen to him. He felt at ease and at peace around her. She was so soft and warm and kind.]]

[center [+orange You know.. Sometimes your so nice it's hard to believe your real...]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but say what was on his mind now. All these words were spilling out like a waterfall he couldn't control it. They just fell out he was doing fairly well to hold back some things actually. Things like..]]

[center [+orange And you're really pretty..]]

[center [b Rex raised his hand smacking his forehead nevermind he wasn't doing a good job at all. He giggled a bit as she talked about getting snot on her as he shook his head wiping under his nose.]]

[center [+orange N-No I wouldn't do that!]]

[center [b Rex smiled as she held his hands he held onto her own tightly. If someone was to walk in now it'd be easy to mistake them as a couple. Course Rex didn't exactly mind that she was like a dream to be around. He got so weak in the knees when she was around in fact he felt even more talkative around her. There was so much he wanted to tell her. Something about her made Rex want to... Open up it took all his strength to hold back a bit. He listened to her talk about Peyton as he nodded and listened.]]

[center [+orange I-I-I umm... You think so...? I... Can we... Umm... M-Maybe err... Go look f-for them...? I'd like to tell them I... That.. I-I'm sorry...]]

[center [b Rex clung onto her hands he was scared to do so and he still didn't understand why Peyton was trying so hard to stop Rex from fighting. He might not understand it and he might even ask her why but first thing was first he knew he had to apologize. He wanted to explain himself too... He looked at Raine for the okay. He wasn't as strong as Eric to shrug Raine off. If Raine tried to stop him Rex would stop and listen. He couldn't say "Sorry Raine I have to" yeah he wanted to go super bad! Though if Raine wanted to stay like this? He'd listen to her Rex's gaze into her eyes screamed that. They screamed he'd listen to her advice with a full heart.]]

[center [+orange That and they shouldn't wander the forest a-a-alone.. Y-You know..? They could run into Styles again...]]

[center [b That wasn't just an excuse yeah it sorta was but Rex really worried. It was easy to get ambushed here and that group might be searching for revenge right? They are wounded but Peyton don't have the heart to finish a wounded animal. Styles might take advantage of that weakness. Maybe that's why they got so mad at Rex? Because Rex thought that kindness was weakness? How could something like that be used a strength in a place like this?]]
  Eric / Isamu / 2y 253d 4h 8m 33s
Peyton shook, violently. As she rushed herself away, she didn't get far before a hand yanked her back and she jerked away violently but to no avail did not escape. She hated touch, hated being touched and right now she wanted nothing more than to be alone. To blinded and fogged up by rage she didn't actually hear anything Eric had said.
She hadn't even realized it was Eric who was pulling her, until she was being embraced and she could smell him.
[#8A2BE2 "S-stop!"] she tried to yell but her voice broke. Still shaking as Erics hands stroked her hair and wiped her eyes.

When he backed off, Peyton abruptly and most definitely out of character reached her arms back around him, hugging herself to his chest. She screamed into him, muffling herself so she wouldn't be heard. There she stayed for a moment. Just breathing, heavily trying to talk down.
Then she drastically tightend her grip. [#8A2BE2 "He doesn't understand...The more he fights the more he looses himself! I don't want him to fight, because I don't want to lose [b him]."] and that was all she could say after that. She fell into a silent fit of hot tears, which all instantly dried up on Erics coat.

The more she thought about it, the angrier and sadder she got. Something was stirring inside her, and Peyton could feel something trying to burst out of her. Trying to pull away from Eric, she was to late. Her hands caught fire, the blue fire that had sparked from her briefly before. The smell of burnt cloth and slight of flesh took the air. While trying to push away again, she had burnt Eric. Her eyes turned wide and she stared up at Eric. [#8A2BE2 "I-I...I d-din'.."] she couldn't form a coherent sentence. As she stared at the hand shaped holes in his shirt, the small burns left on his skin. Frowning she hung her head and just began shaking, yet again. [#8A2BE2 "I-i...."] she felt her knees wobble. Holding herself up, she didn't want to go back in there, she didn't want to be anywhere.
If she went in there and pushed Rex, would he follow through? Would he kill her? She'd achieve her current goal mood. Her mind started to wander but then, Eric still standing in front of her like that. She crumbled again. Leaning her hanging head against his chest as tears began to streak her face again. It was all she could do and she hated it. Hated her lack of control on her emotions, hated being weak like this, hated fights. She hated everything about this moment.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine stared wide eyed. At Rex, fear had stricken her. Hearing his [i calm] tone. His sureness in wanting to kill Peyton if she dared to touch him. His burst at Eric surprised her too. Stepping back and away she had to cover her ears. It was like listening to her foster siblings fight. She cared about them all, but she couldn't pick a side or even listen to it. Watching as Rex and grabbed his sword to chase the two froze her up even more. She herself trembled, flinching when he threw his sword she watched as he crumpled himself up against a wall.
Surprise shook her again as he then started to hysterically sob. Slowly inching over, she froze when he looked up at her though. He looked sad now, hurt, maybe even confused. Once he looked down again, she went back to creeping over. Gently she put a arm over his shoulder, placing her own back against the wall.

[#6495ED "...Sorry."] she mumbled. Even though she had no part in the argument or what happened, she felt bad. She was sorry and it was all she could say. Despite her fear, she pulled him closer and held as tight as she could. After a moment she gently pulled his face away from his hands, despite the resistance. Wiping his tears, she blinked at him and pushed his hair out of his face. Remembering what he said, earlier in his sleep yell. His name she coo'd softly [#6495ED "Alvin."] she mumbled softly stroking his hair. [#6495ED "You're okay...It's okay. No one is going to kill you, none of us want that. None of us want to loose you."] she said very softly. It was all she could muster, getting up momentarily she dragged over a sleeping bag and unzipped it. Getting back into her position along the wall with him. Placing her arm around him again, all she knew to do to provide comfort was touch. Then dragging the sleeping bag over them. It was starting to get cold, sunset was approaching. It's what calmed her down, hugs fixed everything in her home. So she hopped this would help, however she was almost certain it wouldn't.
[#6495ED "You can get snot on me...I don't care."] she mumbled running a hand under his nose too.

A long moment of silence briefed them and once he seemed more calm she had another statement. [#6495ED "I don't think...that everything she said she meant...I think Peyton doesn't know how to express her emotions very well... and she means something more than what she's saying...but she doesn't know how to say it...And I think that's why she yells and gets violent too..."] she was very quiet and spoke like a teacher or mother trying to explain something gently to a child. [#6495ED "I know you probably took that very...personal...But I think she means well and...just can't express it right...so she gets frustrated and yells."] still softly mumbling she grabbed his hands and held them. Silence briefed over them for a little bit more and Raine started rocking and humming softly. This worked for her, maybe it would help him too. Raine just wanted to help, so badly.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 253d 14h 28m 19s
[center [h3 I'm Sorry Raine]]

[center [b As Peyton exploded at Eric he tried to come between the two. He didn't want to see his friends fight yeah he agreed with Peyton. Well to a degree the fact he didn't want to fight was true. She didn't need to talk to Rex like he didn't know what he was doing. She told us to be patient and understanding didn't she? Now she was growing terribly angry at Rex it reminded him a bit of his father when he'd go into screaming fits. As Eric went to go after Peyton Raine had indeed stopped him for a moment.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry angel you are probably right but I can't let her go like this. Make sure Rex is here when we get back please?]]

[center [b Eric ran off to go chase Peyton as bleak as things seemed Eric had managed to keep a weak smile on his face. He was worried about his friends but everything was going to be okay. He knew it had to be.]]

[center [b After a bit of running and jogging Eric had finally caught up with Peyton. They weren't far from where they leave supplies for Styles he wondered if Raine already had? She probably did she said she would.]]

[center [b Eric grabbed Peyton by the arm much like a father would to a teenage daughter after running off. He was stern and his face more strict than usual but one could tell he had concern and worry in those eyes.]]

[center [+brown Peyton! Didn't you tell me to be patient with him? I get it Rex is a little... Misguided but in his own way he's trying to help us. I don't think your wrong I don't but you helped me show some understanding now it's my turn to help you.]]

[center [b Eric pulled Peyton into a tight hug suddenly and abruptly of course she'd kick fight and struggle. She may even tell him to piss off or to stop and normally he would have. Right now he had to make sure she didn't run off. Not in this place it just wasn't safe to even if it was a short distance. Stroking at hair as he saw remnants of tears on her face he smiled softly stroking under her eyes.]]

[center [+brown It's going to be okay I promise we'll work this out.]]

[center [b Eric pulled off a bit with his hands on her shoulders gently as he gave a half smile. He wasn't going to let anyone run off certainly not Peyton.]]

[center [b Eric looked at her he may had been smiling but he had worry painted across his face. He didn't seem too torn up at the same time he was sure this was going to be okay. This didn't mean he didn't take Peyton's or Rex's feelings to heart though.]]

[center [h3 Anger?]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Peyton said they'd talk strategy when they got back well they didn't. She did all of the talking Rex tried to chime in there and here as she just yelled more and more. Rex clenched his fist as his eyes began to stung. She wasn't even listening! She really was so bossy it's gotta be done her way doesn't it? Rex swarmed with thoughts it was the first time he offered a suggestion.]]

[center [+orange Me? Hurt? I was fine! If we had maybe ambushed them you wouldn't have gotten hurt!!]]

[center [b Rex shouted back the normally timid boy having tears flow from his face. He thought Peyton was his friend it was easy to admit but damn! He was jealous of Eric even! Why the hell did he start liking this girl? "This is why I like nice girls!!" his heart twisted and churned as he grew even more angry he couldn't hide the tears.]]

[center [b As she punched the wall beside him Rex hardly flinched simply shoving her away. If she wanted a fight Rex would give her one and if she was trying to scare him he wasn't having it. Her throwing that punch made Rex almost strike her down out of habit. Rex wasn't good with fast motions let alone aggressive fast motions. Him shoving her away was actually pretty fine. Eric gave Rex a look as if he was to step in at this action getting closer to Eric. What was he going to do? "He can't stop me, not Peyton either" Rex had lived by might makes right for so long he couldn't help but think a little animalistic at times like this. Rex remembered other foes bargaining with him, for either an alliance or a trade. There was plenty of pushy and rude people with foul moods. It was nice because instead of verbally arguing Rex got to cut them down simply instead it sure as hell was less stressful than being yelled at.]]

[center [b God that's terrible yeah Rex knew it was terrible but he hated situations like this. He always ended up in tears or made fun of or yelled at. Peyton talked to Rex like he was this moron! Yeah he didn't think he wasn't one but being treated that rudely hurt. She talked about them caring about him? She sure is showing it he couldn't help but clutch at his chest as the tears fell.]]

[center [+orange Ever touch me again? And I'll kill you.]]

[center [b Rex said he didn't enjoy her backing him to a wall it instantly put him into fight or flight mode. Survival of the fittest this was he was more of Rex than Alvin. Whether he realized that fact or not. His words weren't loud or booming it was calm and direct almost as if he was just stating a fact. "Did I mean that?" Rex shook his head so if he won this without his teammates who cares right? He'd just have to fight more fights. No wait... didn't he start this fight to save Peyton? Not just her but all of them? "I mean I really did like her... Ugh no I didn't I just like anything pretty that's nice to me like a pathetic loser" Rex had a bad habit of being harsh when he was attacked. Either verbally or physically he'd always take an argument at school between jerks way too far. He never considered killing anyone but this place only made that worse. Though he was being meanest to himself that wasn't an insult for Peyton. That was telling himself he was a stupid idiot to think Peyton thought of him as a friend.]]

[center [+orange Oh yeah good talk, it's either your way or the high way that's not talking about strategy! Fine go run off!!]]

[center [b Rex growled as she took off Eric struggled with Raine before he went to chase Peyton. As he looked at Rex almost like a look a disappointed father would give to his son. Filled with love sorrow and disappointment even a little bit of stern anger.]]

[center [+brown I know you didn't mean that Rex I know Peyton's important to you. All the same please don't ever threaten that again because Peyton doesn't know friend. I know your hurt I agree with her on this strategy. I don't agree the way she told you this and I mean that. Just don't say stuff like that okay?]]

[center [b Rex scoffed as Eric tried to place a firm hand on Rex's shoulder Rex spaced Eric's legs apart landing a few punches into Eric's core and right plant into his face. As Eric fell on his behind he wiped under his chin looking up at Rex.]]

[center [+orange Or what?! You'll kill me? You wouldn't be the first to try but word of advice make sure I'm sleeping or at least be willing to die when you try otherwise.]]

[center [b Eric got up dusting himself off as he gave Rex a bright smile.]]

[center [+brown I know you don't mean that Rexy. No I wouldn't kill you Rex your... Your my friend.]]

[center [b And with that Eric ran off to chase Peyton as Rex reached for his sword he ran to the entrance of the cave. He could see Eric and Peyton farther ahead it'd be so easy. So easy to just... Kill them both. They did more damage than help they didn't know how to fight. All they knew to do was make Rex feel like shit. At least he thought that for a moment before he screamed throwing his sword deeper into the cave careful not to hit Raine. As Rex took a few steps back sliding against the wall as he began to sob hysterically Raine probably hated him now too. She'd most likely take as many supplies as she could and catch up with Peyton and Eric.]]

[center [b Who cares... He didn't need them or those supplies if they wanted to figure out an offensive strategy after being attacked? They can be his guest he has seen groups form alliances and fall just the same. It being one person or a group didn't change the scared and weak fall. She had a point fighting can get you killed too but at least the quicker this thing ends the better. Rex didn't even hardly care about who was wrong or who was right.]]

[center [+orange Damn it.... Damn it...]]

[center [b Rex's voice turning into a whimper.]]

[center [+orange How could he be so god damn nice?!]]

[center [b Rex couldn't believe Eric responded the way he did. It was an act it had to be Rex was cruel to him why would he be nice? Rex didn't care if Peyton his "Queen" asked them two to leave him behind they would. Rex placed his hands over his face as he began to cry that was one advantage to being alone. In every match every night he could cry himself to sleep and he had no one to judge him. He didn't have to hold in his pain or sorrow. This was Rex's least favorite part of the argument it was never the argument itself it was always afterwards. The other persons words would really sink in than. Peyton talked about him wanting to fight and she didn't mention he meant well didn't she? He glossed right over that and focused on the bad and the yelling. True she did make it sound like SHE was in charge but she wasn't being as harsh as Rex was. He hated to admit that he was probably the more hurtful one. He wouldn't admit it to anyone they'd just say "I told you so"]]

[center [b Part of him already wanted to say sorry but parted of him wanted Peyton to apologize too. She didn't say it in a very nice way and her taking charge without a vote or anyone agreeing? I mean she's so bossy but that doesn't mean Rex wasn't wrong on some accounts too. He still felt he was right to do some damage you can't shy away from fights here it's not possible. Maybe it was best they split up Peyton probably hated him now same goes for Raine. He didn't even bother to see if she was still there. Hell she might take Rex's sword and kill him with it he did appear to be a loose cannon. If they left him he'd be a loose end better to tie that end up right? Raine wouldn't do it out of hatred she'd do it for her friends Eric and Peyton. If Rex would let anyone kill him it'd be Raine he didn't have the emotional strength to fight her. At least Eric was somewhat aggressive when protecting others. Raine was so passive and kind... Rex thought of how flustered and red her face had become earlier when he had stared at her. She's way too cute to fight. In fact Rex had decided to raise his head up looking forward. If she was going to kill him he wanted to see her face one more time at least. He couldn't hold it for long however before he buried his face into his hands crying again. It'd be easier for her to kill him if he wasn't looking. Shriveled up sobbing like this at least she could tell herself she put him out of his misery. In a way she really wouldn't be wrong would she?]]
  Eric / Isamu / 2y 253d 5h 23m 24s
Peyton carried the bag as Raine got re-dressed. Listening to Eric and Rex bicker about strategy she rolled her eyes.
[#8A2BE2 "What's not logical is yelling about it in the forest, where we could be over heard."] she snipped back at the both of them. Her tone carrying enough aggression behind it to make a bear crawl backwards. Once Raine finished getting her clothes back on Peyton nodded for them to move.[#8A2BE2 "We can talk about it more in the cave."] she mumbled obviously a little annoyed. Strategy was important, she had to agree. But this wasn't just a few groups of individuals running around the forest. This was everyone, everyone who had ever gone through an experiment was in this arena. It was unlike any test anyone's ever gone through. This was an new test and while Rex may be partially right, Peyton didn't agree entirely.

Once back in the cave Peyton dropped the bag, without opening it. Turning she looked at Rex and then at Eric and then Raine. [#8A2BE2 "You wanted to talk strategy. Let's talk strategy then."]
her tone got nasty as she smiled grimly.
[#8A2BE2 "You're the only one of us that knows how to fight the best, or even wants to fight in the first place. So do you really wanna go out to "survive" or just to satisfy your need to fight?"] Taking a step towards him, she frowned.

[#8A2BE2 "Instead of gathering supplies to actually survive, you'd rather go around hunting people and throwing all caution into the wind. You may have done things similar to this, but you haven't done [b this.]".] stepping even closer as she kept talking [#8A2BE2 "This is something they've never done before. It isn't a few individuals running around killing each other to survive. This is everyone. Everyone is in this arena...and you don't know everyone and what they're capable of. But yes let's go run out looking for opponents and fight people with only one fighter capable of handling anything thrown at him. While the rest of the people in your group have to struggle not only physically but mentally with that burden."]
Peyton's chest heaved as she kept talking [#8A2BE2 "I know you mean well, but guess what...I don't want to fight. Raine doesn't want to fight and Eric would like to avoid it as well. It would be nice to have an offensive strategy when we NEED to be offensive, yes. But I have no interest in hunting...I'd like to avoid fights, I don't know if you remember what happened in our first fight but I almost died right off the bat..."] her voice began to steadily raise.
[#8A2BE2 "We all got hurt, except Raine. And God forbid we all get to caught up in a fight and no one can go protect her then she does get hurt! You got hurt, Eric got hurt too. What happens then, when Raine get's hurt because you want throw caution to the wind. It's illogical to go looking for a fight. You aren't an individual playing this game this time around, you have a team. "]
Her fist clenched and she backed him up towards a wall.[#8A2BE2 "You know who died first? That girl I killed in a fight. People don't die looking for supplies and playing smart. People die in [b fights.]"] Peyton was yelling and she brought her fist down on the cave wall, next to Rex's head. Her chest heaved and she panted, shaking she jumped when Raines small hands grabbed her and pulled away from Rex.

Peytons knuckles began to bleed, a small amount of cracked rock from where she punched crumbled. A small fist shaped dent in the wall now. Raine went to grab Peytons knuckles. However the girl pulled her hand away. [#8A2BE2 "Don't."] she hissed to Raine, who backed up then.
[#8A2BE2 "You aren't allowed to risk your life...You might not care if you get hurt, but you've got people who do... The least you could do is pretend to care."] she mumbled still angry, shaking her head. She exited the cave and sat outside. Hot tears busted from her eyes the second she was alone, but she quickly sucked it up and wiped them away.

She wanted to be alone, she didn't want to talk. Not anymore, she said what she had to say. Angry she huffed as she picked up a pebble and chucked it down the hill. Angrily staring out she felt something surging through her it was new and as she raised her hand little sparks emerged from her fingers. Curiosity replaced the anger in her, as she focused on the sparks. A small blue flame grew in her fist, however her mind went back to anger. Closing her fist her flame went away, no new excitement over this power, she'd talk about it more later. Right now, she angrily scribbled in the dirt with her fingers. Making little circles and twists.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine blushed deeply when she met Rex's eyes. She had caught him staring at her, but when they met eyes. His stare was obvious and it made Raine's face flareup. When he sighed a bit, she blushed even more. Nervously she threw her clothes back on and stared back at the pond. Listening as Rex started talking about strategy but when Peyton jumped in, Raine knew that it wasn't going to be a nice conversation. Following back to the cave silently, the second they entered through the brush covering it, Peyton popped off. She didn't really give anyone the chance to speak. However Raine couldn't disagree with her. Raine didn't want to fight, or even watch them fight.

Watching anxiously between Peyton and Rex, until Peyton had punched the cave wall. The sound echoing off the shallow cave, Raine intervened and pulled her away. Immediately she noticed Peytons hand began to bleed and her knuckles had swollen up.
As healer she automatically grabbed her so she could heal her, however Peyton pulled away and told her not too. Raine didn't understand why, Peyton wanted to remain injured. But from the tone in the girls voice she didn't question her.

Silently she stood between Eric and Rex, as Peyton left the cave. Of course Eric went to chase after her automatically, but Raine grabbed his wrist and pulled back. It didn't do much and Eric dragged her forward a little but he stopped. [#6495ED "D-Don't...She needs to be alone."] Raine knew, when someone get's like that they need to be alone. She could definitely tell Peyton didn't want to be talked to right now. Considering she denied physical help...she would do the same for emotional help. Nodding over at Rex, she believed he was the one that probably needed to be focused on right now. Raine gently looked at Rex and shook her head, approaching him [#6495ED "Are you okay?"] she asked. Knowing Peyton's burst had to have had some affect on him. Peyton had looked and even sounded terrifying, and Raine wasn't even the one on the receiving end of that. It was all Rex who got that heat. Frowning she sat on the floor and sighed deeply.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 254d 2h 38m 50s
[center [h3 Lucky?]]

[center [b Rex had finally found the courage to look up from the ground. That long pause is a good sign right? Or people were staring horrified that'd make Rex feel horrible. Though as fate would have it the girls were still on watch! Eric fairly asleep stirring and moving in his sleep as he moved around.]]

[center [b All he could hear Eric mumble in his sleep was something about Peyton. A blush sprawled across Rex's face. Though it didn't last before Eric had asked in his sleep.]]

[center [+brown Rex... Raine... Your okay right? I'm here if you need me.]]

[center [b Eric smiled rolling over as he hugged at the air muttering "I love you guys" Rex blinked as his blush vanished. Maybe he wasn't into Peyton like that? He was so... Childish like a kid running into his favorite friends in school. Rex could sorta relate he'd never have the heart to be so direct but he still felt that way. Well he was a bit more embarrassed to admit it even to himself. Though the girls had returned Eric had shot his head up yawning with a stretch he gave the two a wave and a grin. His hair was such a mess some of it sticking straight up Rex would feel so awkward with his hair so messy. Eric must have slept without a care in the world that smile screamed. "I don't have a care in the world except you guys" the messy hair kinda suited him.]]

[center [b Peyton had gave Eric his coat back as he put it on giving her a soft smile.]]

[center [+brown Thanks I'm shocked you didn't keep it looks much better one me than you Queen.]]

[center [b He said with a bright smile as they prepared to head out. Peyton had decided to hide the cave a bit. Nice strategy it made sense to that didn't it? It also gave Rex less an excuse to hunt other teams down. In fact the team hadn't talked about an offensive strategy since the beginning of this thing. Were they just gonna simply try and outlast this thing? He wondered if they knew how unlikely that would be. They would run into at least two or three more encounters and that was if they were careful.]]

[center [b Rex might bring it up with the fearless leader Rex would much prefer to be the one attacking. Not the team getting ambushed the quicker this ends the better. Than again was it better that it lasted longer? It was nice to spend this time with this group in the forest. No if they take their time Rex will end up being left alone... Again.]]

[center [b Rex shuttered he was remembering more than he would have cared to. Some of the memories were good and others not so much the trip was fairly quiet actually and that didn't help. Until they came across a body of water. Raine and Peyton had discussed what to do. Eric would sink like a rock with his current gear. So Rex prepared to enter the water when Raine had beat him to the punch.]]

[center [+orange A-Ahh!]]

[center [b Rex flailed his arms forward in front of his face as she began to undress. Rex looked away his face glowing hot red. As he stared at the ground intensely grabbing at his arm. He had caught a quick glimpse and all he could think was... Wow! He hated to admit that he didn't want to be that sort of guy. She was gorgeous though almost like a work of art.]]

[center [b Eric had managed a chuckle as Peyton shot them a glare. Rex gulped looking Peytons way as he shook his head looking into the forest. Yikes! He thought he was getting along with Peyton I guess she didn't trust him not to look? It put Rex a bit on edge as he just decided to stare into the sky. Eric had shifted his body in front of Peyton looking into her eyes.]]

[center [+brown Hey didn't I say before I'd only peak if it was you?]]

[center [b Eric laughed playfully of course he'd be unfazed by her icy glare. Eric that man had no fear of getting on Peyton's bad side didn't he? If Rex said something like that to Peyton? He'd probably die or run away in fear of her reaction. Yeah it might not be much an eyeroll or a "fuck you" but it was enough to bother Rex.]]

[center [b Eric turned around looking at Raine as Rex kept his gaze at Peyton and Eric for that moment. Rex shrieked what was he doing just catching an eye full!?!]]

[center [+brown Hey Raine! I guess I was wrong there was no angel wings under that shirt after all huh? I guess you were wrong too though I did get to check if there was after all!!]]

[center [b What... Was he talking about? Maybe it was something they had talked about when they separated? It sounded like a nice light hearted conversa--]]

[center [b Wait why were they talking about seeing under her shirt?! Did Eric prefer them b-bus... Oh gosh. Not that busty was a bad thing true it was attractive... Wait what? "This isn't where my mind needs to be"]]

[center [b Rex decided to ask himself what should I be thinking about? What should my mind be on?! That for ONCE wasn't such a hard question. Rex had decided his mind should be on talking with Peyton about an offensive strategy he was able to hold it in this long. Yeah it'd seem like a challenge to her authority and that thought made Rex anxious but a big part of the ordeal annoyed him. It annoyed him they haven't even thought about what move to make forward past "supplies"]]

[center [b It was lucrative to take others supplies and Rex knew it had risk but they'd get caught in a fight either way. Might as well be the one starting one. I guess that did come off as aggressive maybe even too much for Peyton. He would doubt Eric and Raine would like it. Rex didn't like "killing" others. In fact this whole thing would be pretty fun to Rex if it wasn't to the death. Still Rex felt ten times more at edge trying to win this way. He had never won this way before and he knew why. The weaker groups of both heart and body always attempted to win by this method. They would always be the groups to die out they'd form alliances in fear. It was always those who hunted who survived. If they ever did survive it'd be by blind dumb luck and Rex didn't want to rely on that.]]

[center [b He didn't want to kill... But he didn't want to see this sweet hearted people die even more. So much more he'd slaughter the entire forest to save them even if that counted himself. If anyone deserved a chance to escape this place it was those three. So innocent Peyton still felt guilt over anothers life. Rex can't let himself feel that guilt or it have crushed him by now.]]

[center [b His thoughts were cut short when Raine slapped the bag on the ground. She began to ring her air. Rex looked up at Raine from her legs to her waist up her body. As his eyes finally locked onto her own he gulped his face beat red. It was official Rex's Hormones zero. Raine's body? One point, he didn't mean to stare but it was hard not to. Still her eyes... They were just as gorgeous. He couldn't help but fall into her gaze his face softening and his look beyond obvious.]]

[center [b He couldn't help but let out a soft sigh something about those eyes put him at peace. Looking away he realized how gushy gushy the look he had was. It must have looked like a look a lover would give. Hopefully she didn't notice.. Right?]]

[center [+brown So what's in the bag?]]

[center [b Eric bent over grabbing it as he grabbed Peytons hand. Pulling her hand to open up as he placed the bag into her hand. Closing her fingers around it he handed Raine's clothes over to her.]]

[center [+brown We should move it's not safe to stay in one place.]]

[center [b Eric really wanted to avoid a confrontation actually staying by the water... Was the best way to get in a fight. Others could use the water to drink if prepared properly. The obvious fish too or a way too cool down was so appealing. To think of it Rex would get in most of his fights catching a drink around a body water. That's why Eric was so uneasy to be here as Eric began to try to pull the group away. He was smarter than Rex had thought.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onSjMeURIiA]]

[center [b As Rex followed he stopped his hands gripping tightly. No wait this was his time to speak up.]]

[center [h3 Rex?]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric wasn't having too much time moving the group along maybe they knew this was dangerous to be around too. "I'm lucky to have such understanding friends"]]

[center [+orange N-No..]]

[center [b Rex stopped as Eric tilted his head stopping as he scratched his head. Maybe he was still waking up? He knew being around here was a bad idea right? It's okay! Some people just aren't morning people.]]

[center [+brown Rex, staying around a fresh bountiful body of water like this could attract other groups. We should move before we run into another encounter.]]

[center [b Rex sighed as he fiddled around his fingers he looked as if he was trying to find the right words. What was he trying to say? Rex ruffled the side of his head rubbing the back of his neck with a hand on his hip. He seemed almost frustrated was he still wounded from yesterdays spar?]]

[center [+brown If your tired or hurt I could carry you on my back I wouldn't mind. Maybe our spar yesterday was a little too muc-]]

[center [b Rex instead reached for his blade grappling the handle tightly. As he began to un-sheath the long white blade slowly. Eric hardly seemed alarmed he was simply more confused as he crossed his arms puzzled.]]

[center [+brown I don't get what your saying I mean you don't want to run into another fight right? Last time we almost lost Peyton.]]

[center [b Rex gripped the blade tightly as he took a deep breath this seemed really hard for him.]]

[center [+brown Buddy are you okay?]]

[center [b As Eric walked over to reach at Rex he withdrew finally beginning to speak up.]]

[center [+orange L-Look Eric, since we have started this thing. We... I....]]

[center [+brown We haven't what?]]

[center [b Eric asked a bit worried it wasn't like Rex to withdraw or pull away or to hold the group up. Eric wasn't annoyed he just wanted to know what was wrong with his friend.]]

[center [+orange We haven't.. We haven't come up with any offensive strategy yet. What's the p-plan? Just gather supplies and h-h-hide? I-I-I've done enough these to k-k-k-know people like that end up always dying first!!]]

[center [b Rex shouted at the end as he breathed a bit heavily. Rex looked... Upset almost like he felt he didn't want to do this. Yet Rex felt like he HAD to this it made sense. He did have the most experience here so he would know how to survive these death matches. Eric didn't doubt Rex's experience here but... He couldn't in good thought hurt others or looking for a fight.]]

[center [+orange I-Isn't this.. Why we w-were training Eric?]]

[center [b Eric sighed and rubbed his hair back with a long breath. Was that why Rex thought he was training? It was to be able to protect his friends not kill anyone. This was bothering Eric his face looked perplexed and upset even. This side of Rex was starting to worry Eric more and more.]]

[center [b Eric had to remember what Peyton said he had to a lot to survive here. He's not a bad guy and we need to be understanding.]]

[center [+brown We don't have to go looking for a fight. If anyone attacks us I'll make sure to handle anything they throw at us! We don't have to kill anyone.]]

[center [b Eric pounded his chest proudly placing his arm around Rex as he ruffled his hair.]]

[center [+brown I mean we don't have to kill them to win a fight right? I mean we beat Styles without killing him. I don't think he'll be messing with us anytime soon! Don't worry no matter what happens I'll make sure you guys are safe that's a promise.]]

[center [b Erc letting go as he popped his hand into his fist he was willing to fight. If he grew stronger he'd be able to defeat his enemies without killing them. This had to be the right way to do things right?]]

[center [h3 Hero or Fool?]]

[center [b Rex blinked and looked at Eric he really believes he could do that? Beat anyone in his way to protect them? Not JUST beat them but do so without killing them? This guy was outta his mind and yet at the same time his ideals touched Rex. If Eric wasn't stuck in this death game he might have become a knight. Became a true blue hero but right now? He's just being a fool he can't do things like this! "He can't even beat me! How does he expect to that?!"]]

[center [b As Eric let go Rex looked at the girls hoping for some input. Rex had already decided if they disagreed he'd stare here and thin the herd as best he could. He didn't want it to let them separate from him he was afraid they wouldn't make it. At the same time though he could do more for them fighting this way than scavenging for supplies. It was easy to gain equipment and supplies from other groups.]]

[center [b Rex felt like the bad guy here Eric seemed like such a nice guy. "Heroic" just spewed from him.]]

[center [+orange T-That's not possible.. It's just n-n-not logical.]]

[center [b Eric popping his knuckles and flashing a grin as he began to pop his shoulder.]]

[center [+brown Throw logic to the wind make the impossible possible that's the way we roll!]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but smile he reminded him a lot of one of his favorite anime characters. The thing is that character landed himself into an early grave as well. If that was the case than why was he Rex's favorite? Maybe cause deep down Rex wanted to live life that way. To be a hero to honestly be like Eric to throw logic to the wind. To be strong in both body and mind to not to rely on doing things logically just what was right. As much as the made Rex feel torn he wasn't budging as he kept his stance where he was. This is where he would hold his ground even if it was against a hero.]]
  RR / Isamu / 2y 254d 3h 54m 53s
Peyton's face lit up, her eyes widening. For a moment she stared like that, but then snapped out of it and sent glare his way. Smacking the back of his head lightly before rolling her eyes and storming off.
After her intense conversation with Raine, about their pasts before the facility. Peyton decided to keep things light, with just small discussion.
[#8A2BE2 "Well you've gotta have hobbies and stuff, tell me about those."]

[#6495ED "Oh...Well I like video games. During hard times I'd go to the arcade and beg for quarters on the corner. I'd go in and play till I ran out. "]
[#8A2BE2 "That's cool, I liked watching...but I was never good at actually playing. The stories always interested me though."]
[#6495ED "Ah, well what did you do?"]
[#8A2BE2 "Oh, well I played violin... I hated it at first. My parents thought it would help me make friends when I was younger...I ended up loving music more and disliking people more too."]
[#6495ED "Oh wow that's so cool...I wish I was talented with something like that...I used to do art...well more like graffiti. But nothing tasteless like words or gang symbols, I used to make pictures."]
[#8A2BE2 "I could never even manage a simple doodle!"]
[#6495ED "Well hey...! Once we get out of here I can spray some stuff for you and you can play for me."]
[#8A2BE2 "....Yeah, I'd like that."]

Smiling and laughing, they almost sounded like normal high school girls just talking. Peyton found Raine's optimism to leaving, comforting. The other night when Eric proposed the idea it sounded insane and preposterous. Peyton was going to carry on more conversation when Rex could be heard yelling from the cave.
Allen? His name was Allen... no he said [i Alvin]. That wasn't menacing at all, Peyton was definitely expecting something different. Given his reputation the name didn't make sense, but when she thought about how he acted off the battlefield, it fit. A small, nervous and stuttering kid. A small chuckle escaped her mouth and she looked back at him. Deciding to keep her comment to herself, she smirked and shook her head. Raine was trying not to laugh as well. Her small hand covered her mouth. Peyton jabbed an elbow at her, and they laughed lightly together. Once the boys got up Peyton finally took Erics coat off and gave it back. The sun was enough to keep her warm again, but truth be told she'd probably take it back again tonight.
[#8A2BE2 "Game plan, I think we should look for more supplies, and get to know the area...That way we can navigate if we get split up. We don't want anyone of us to get lost. We should stockpile while we can too."] Peyton offered something they could do for the day, instead of just waiting around to be found. Maybe she'd find arrows or figure out what this new power rushing through her veins really was.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine nodded her head in agreement. It sounded like a better idea, than doing nothing. [#6495ED "I am alright with that."] the girl nodded. Giving Peyton a smile, who returned one.
Looking around she blinked and then thought about another problem [#6495ED "Oh well, we can't leave the cave unattended...The supplies we have now are here...and what is someone else sees the cave and tries to claim it?"]
Peyton nodded and bit her lip. Walking out of the cave she started pulling in branches and breaking things off. Using her hands and her ability she bent the surrounding trees to cover up the supplies and the entrance of the cave.[#8A2BE2 "It's hidden from afar now....It's the best we can do. So we won't try to far today. We will just survey what's close by. "] shrugging she brushed her hands off and nodded again.

Walking out in front she lead the way, down the hill and into the brush. Stepping back into the forest. Raine followed lingering behind, so once they passed the spot she had agreed to leave supplies for Styles group, she could discretely drop them in the hidden spot. Which she did successfully, and once done with that she caught up. Walking side by side with Rex, who had walked behind the now side by side Eric and Peyton.
After walking around, with no luck of supplies Raine started making little landmarks in her mind. Soon after walking around for maybe a few hours, Raine heard water. Rushing water, Peyton heard it too, because she stepped off their little circle course to investigate.
Pushing aside trees and bushes she stepped out. Before them now was a pool of crystal clear water, and a little rushing waterfall. Raine's eyes lit up, because through the water you could see fish.

[#6495ED "Fish!"] was all she could say, her voice carried out her excitement she she threw herself on the ground. Childishly gazing at the fish from the edge of the bank. Sprawled across the floor, Peyton sat on her back and put her head ontop of Raines head.[#8A2BE2 "I am gonna try to see what you meant by them being interesting."] she mumbled, as the queen herself began to watch the fish curiously. Trying to understand why Raine was so fascinated by them.
As Raine peered in the water she could see something at the very bottom of the water. A bag, was it filled with things? It seemed water proof too. It was small and looked like one of those bags you pull the strings to shut it.

[#6495ED "H-hey! Look at the bottom, there is a bag."] Raine pointed hastily tapping at Peyton. Who then shot up and stood up, Pulling Raine up on her toes with her. [#8A2BE2 "U-underwater? That's odd, how are we gonna get it?"] Peyton asked, avoiding the obvious answer of swimming. She wouldn't be diving in to get it, because she couldn't swim. Peyton never learned how to swim, it wasn't something she was proud of. Raine looked at Peyton puzzled [#6495ED "Swim, duh. Here I got it, I love swimming and I wanna see the fish up close."]
Raine was about to dive in when Peyton grabbed her by the arm. [#8A2BE2 "Y-you don't have a change of clothes!"] Raine blinked and then began to strip. Taking the vest off, and the jeans she left her shirt on. [#8A2BE2 "R-raine!"] Peyton was blushing while the smaller, curvy and busty girl stripped. Eventually pulling her shirt off too [#6495ED "It's not a big deal. If I was in swimsuit, it'd be fine. Even though it would show off just a much skin!"] Raine's last comment silenced Peyton, who then started shooting the boys glares, protectively she didn't want some dumb boys [i oggling] over Raine. She was to naive to understand the huge attraction her body drawled in from, well both genders.

Raine smiled as she ran into the water, diving down. At first the water was cold, it stung. Like a rush, and when she opened her eyes she could see clearly. Diving down to the bottom, it began to get warmer. As she reached the bottom, she pulled the bag, lifting it she carried it up. Once back to the surface she gasped and took in a big breath of air. Swimming over to the edge she crawled out of the water with the bag. Which once out of water was suddenly heavier.
Dropping the bag on the floor she smiled. Dripping wet, she shook her hair out, it occurred to her that Peyton and Raine could be sisters now. They both had blue hair. The plain black undergarments she had worn, soaked looked almost like swimsuit pieces anyway. Peyton was holding Raines clothes, Raine looked back at the water. Tempted to jump back in, because it had felt so nice. [#6495ED "That felt so nice, we have to remember where this place is, because I will be coming back."] she smiled and rung her hair out again.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 255d 16h 23m 36s
[center [h3 But I'm Your Friend]]
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzidRwXjtb8]]

[center [b Eric thought Rex would have woken up Raine while he had helped Peyton up. Though he still seemed a little too shy for that? Maybe he was just tired? It was hard to tell what was on his mind. Still Eric had enjoyed the time the two had spent that night. When this match was over Eric wanted Rex to teach him everything he knew. So maybe he'd have the strength to protect those close to him.]]

[center [b As Eric woke up Peyton he had heard her talk in her sleep. Eric couldn't help but smile softly until she had turned to the offensive. As she placed a finger on his lips a blush invaded his face. Eric smiled as he nodded in agreement. Though before she could take off he had grabbed and pulled her in close to whisper into her ear.]]

[center [+brown Peyton, I like you plenty.]]

[center [b He said as he had taken a pause to before speaking again into her ear as he covered his hand over his mouth.]]

[center [+brown You're my friend for now and ever I promise that.]]

[center [b Eric chuckled a bit as he pulled away ruffling at her hair as he gave her a playful salute.]]

[center [+brown Goodnight you two thanks for giving us a chance to rest.]]

[center [b Eric had said in a rather grateful tone. Had Rex already fell asleep? Eric was sure Rex was pretty fond of the girls wasn't he? Why hadn't he said goodnight at least? Maybe today was just a big day for the poor guy.]]

[center [h3
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Rex had evaded the conversation between Eric and the others. It wasn't that he hasn't decided he likes the others actually that was the hard part. He had finally put together he simply adored the others and the biggest problem was it was only the first day in the competition. Was it so easy to gain his affection? One talk with each of them alone? Was Rex simply that easy to gain his loyalty and affection? Ha if he was a dating sim choice he'd be such a boring an easy selection. It wouldn't take much to raise his bar to max.]]

[center [b Rex had a fear of liking others more than they liked him. Rex had a fair share of one sided crushes sure but here was the thing. The other party wasn't aware he had a crush on them. As for friendships? He never wanted to seem to eager or to reliant on them. Even though if he really was himself? He'd surely be a clingy person that cared a lot. In fact... He'd be a lot like Eric wouldn't he? Eric in Rex's eyes did a good job of not looking so... Pathetic. Rex could never do that be that forward.]]

[center [b Speaking of gaining affection he remembered how he decided from his first meeting. He wouldn't have it in him to kill Raine! That he'd let her take his life and live on. That was partially because he had given up on trying. Though a lot was her charm... see? He must have felt more fondly of Raine than she did him. Not that he thought he meant NOTHING to her just maybe BARELY friend at this point.]]

[center [b What about Peyton? Rex's chest began to tighten intensely and he had to ask himself why? "I mean Raine's more my type anyway isn't she?" true he had the daydream of fixing a tough girl like that. With a tough outside and a squishy inside. Though that didn't change the fact that initially he'd have chosen to save Raine over Eric and Peyton. Yet he was starting to wonder... did he like the rough girls? Rex had a short but hilarious image of Peyton whipping him around. As he carried her around a horse carriage as she laughed whipping him on.]]

[center [b Rex shook his head furiously she wasn't like that. Yeah she was bossy... And scary at first but she seems to... Think on things a lot. If anyone took time to think to themselves the most out of the three? Rex would have to guess it was Peyton from the talk they had. The fact he was defending her in his own head made him wonder if he really liked her? Did he want to like Raine more? To be honest he didn't want to like anyone like that. Friend was hard enough as is.]]

[center [b That stuff just leads to heartbreak and ruin least for a guy like Rex. It was petty and pessimistic Rex knew that but past experiences had only shown that was true.]]

[center [b Looking over Rex had saw Peyton mumbling something? No whispering? She had placed a finger on Eric's lips as she seemed to say something? Rex couldn't make it out, as she began to make way. Eric had pulled her in closer saying one more thing with red across his face and a smile. Whaa? Rex couldn't help but softly facepalm of course it was so obvious. That smile Eric has? That blush? How Peyton placed a finger on his lips? Her expression screamed to keep this a secret it looked like the two had... Exchanged confessions. Already? Maybe just a crush but it looked intimate enough. Rex than began to wonder, he was sure he liked Raine and Peyton more than they him. How about Eric? Eric seemed to be full of compassion and care but... It'd be weird to say but. Maybe deep down in both their deepest minds Rex really had cared about Eric much more. Than Eric had for him? No today was a good day.]]

[center [b Rex knew he shouldn't rush these things or ruin them. "Yeah cause it'll ruin itself I just won't lose it as quickly" Rex was starting to grow annoyed with himself. He hated the way his mind worked sometimes. They were all very kind today he needed to stop being such a... Ugh!]]

[center [b Rolling over and closing his eyes the young boy had finally decided it was time to get some sleep.]]

[center [h3 Sleeping Easy]]
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9chqKfcS7s]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/b6/c6/fa/b6c6fae8423a1539488048e88dcf84bf.jpg]]

[center [b There "Rex" stood behind the corner, he was back at school again. Waiting for his friends course being time to go home some students found him strange. It was strange to be just standing there not heading to a bus or anything. Certainly with the war going on and possible outbreaks? True they were far away but people were eager to make it back home quickly. Course school being as boring as it is right?]]

[center [+green Ugh..]]

[center [b "Rex" didn't enjoy having the occasional laugh or giggle pointed his way. He must have looked like such a creep but he didn't want to go without...]]

[center [pic http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/059/e/1/anime_boy_render_by_kiritowaifu-d78eg9u.png]]

[center [+blue A-A]]

[center [b Awe "Rex" could hear was the letter... A? It was a name he knew that much. The rest of it was interfered with that same static again what was that name? Was that? Was that name..]]

[center [+blue Hey man!!]]

[center [b A man wearing glasses had wrapped his arm around "Rex" it was... Vincent! Rex smiled a rather wide grin before looking away. He didn't want Vincent to know Rex had such little friends he'd just wait for him...]]

[center [+blue Whoa were you waiting for me and Serah? Dude that's... Freaking awesome! You know we hate it when we get all split up on the bus huh? Actually I know it's a long way man but Serah's dad isn't home today. So could we walk home? We all live in the same neighborhood anyway so we can right?]]

[center [b Rex's eyes brightened as he nodded that sounded a lot more pleasant than being surrounded by others. The two took a seat on a nearby bench as others passed the two by. This was nice "to be talking like this with my best friend?" it meant the world to Rex.]]

[center [+blue So man have you heard the kingdom has been culling people? Well asking for volunteers to help the war effort. Man I honestly don't know much about the war to be honest. Why the kingdoms are vying for power or any of that. Just don't go leaving us okay dude?]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head before giving a quick nod and a soft smile. As Vincent forced Rex to shake on it the two began to wait and wait.]]

[center [+blue Of course I'm sure IF you did you'd get serious ass out there man! I see you sometimes practicing with sticks the way you do. You exercise like some freaking monk too man it's beyond insane I'd rather stay inside and play video games? Or spend time talking to cute girls ya know what I mean?]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but laugh a little at Vincent a little.]]

[center [pic http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/124/0/a/anime_beach_girl_wallpaper_by_bakahp-d641enj.jpg]]

[center [+pink Oh I see cute girls are why you slack off at School Vince? Maybe I should let your mom know that.]]

[center [b A woman said placing her hands on her hips as Vincent jumped up a bit. Before letting out a devious smirk.]]

[center [+blue If you do that she wouldn't let me hang out with you anymore Serah!]]

[center [b Serah rolled her eyes as she blushed faintly it was like Vincent to always flirt with her.]]

[center [+pink Oh spare me I think you're mom wouldn't mind me one bit. So I'm sorry I'm an hour late the buses already left ya know. We have to walk home now.]]

[center [b Vincent stood up as he stretched yawning popping his back giving Rex a big grin.]]

[center [+blue "A" and me knew that would be the case! We wanted to walk you home. You know I heard rumors student walking home alone are... Kidnapped! Never to be seen again!! I mean the kingdoms gotta get volunteers somehow rigggghhhhttt?]]

[center [b Vincent teased as Serah shoved him and the three began to walk home together.]]

[center [+pink You know Vincent you've been bringing that stuff up a lot actually. I know your just kidding but is their a reason why?]]

[center [+green M-Maybe he's the one scared?]]

[center [b Serah and Vincent gave Rex a stare with a blink or two before laughing a bit as Vincent placed his arms around Serah and Rex.]]

[center [+blue You caught me and I needed my body guards here! Haha, nah all jokes aside I guess I just wanna know what's going on around here. I mean I've even heard that the outbreaks? Have helped grant some people like supernatural abilities! So they take volunteers to help train them or some shiz. Could you imagine? I mean I just thought "A" exercised plenty but my theory is true. Dudes a friggen superhero! I called it! It all makes sense now!!]]

[center [+pink Hahaha, you'll say anything to deny the fact that exercise is actually just useful won't you? I swear you're the only person I know who skips P.E and like nothing else.]]

[center [+green H-Hehe.. P.E is t-the only good class!]]

[center [+blue Yeah says the health nut! For people like me it's hell on earth. I'd rather take chemistry and see how much I have with Serah if you know what I mean.]]

[center [b The three laughed and talked as they took their time heading home. As Vincent looked up at the sky.]]

[center [+blue It's our last year in high school... Can you believe it? That we all turn seventeen this year? We aren't too far away from being adults. It's just crazy to imagine us three growing up it feels really.. Weird. I don't know maybe I'm just rambling.]]

[center [b Serah shook her head as Vincent kept his arm around her and Rex. As she perked her head up turning her head over as she spoke up.]]

[center [+pink It is really weird, we've known each other since we were fourteen but it feels like all of our lives too. It's crazy you two have grown up so much since than. I remember "A" barely even talked than he was almost like a zombie. Vincent would just skip school all together most days or sass every teacher. I'm really proud of you guys for everything lately. Speaking up or actually going to school and being polite to the teachers Vince.]]

[center [b Rex blushed looking away he was happy he had done something right. It felt he had barely really changed. It was just sorta easier.. To speak up around them two. They might as well been his entire world.]]

[center [+blue Hey we weren't the only ones with issues! You used to be such a prissy girl! You might as well have starred in mean girls!]]

[center [b Rex had never seen that side of Serah but apparently she used to really care how others thought of her? Mean girls? Was she really that harsh? That bad? She did admit peer pressure would get to her. It mattered to her a lot if she was in a sense popular. At least that was the short version Vince gave Rex.]]

[center [b Serah couldn't help but giggle as she hit Vince's arm. As she shook her head.]]

[center [+pink Okay yeah I was a bit of a bitch, but if I was? Than why did you come up and talk to me the way you did?]]

[center [+blue Umm duh cause you're hot! Kidding kidding! I don't know you just seemed really... Sad it's hard to explain.]]

[center [b As the two began to near their neighborhood the laughs continued on and on as the shoved and joked around. As Vincent talked about how he and Serah had met. It made Rex pretty curious it also made him remember how he had met them in the first place]]

[center [h3 Meeting Your World]]

[center [b Rex remembered around two years ago give or take walking home from school. His family was rather laid back about him coming home late. He had liked to think about his day and how he would try to have his day be tomorrow. Any way to not have his school days be so... Miserable. He always looked forward to playing video games or watching anime all night long. It made him wonder why he stayed in high school in the first place.]]

[center [b Every day was just him zoning out and in wishing he could be in another world. A world not like this own, a little bit of magic. A little bit of... Fantasy a world where talking to others wasn't so hard. Watching so much anime the quiet weak willed main character would always make a friend. Future Diary was one strange example the first episode Yuno Gasai loved Yuki even though he didn't do that much. They always made friends always found "that" girl. Their entire life was a bore until the day everything changed. When would that day be for Rex? Was it something he had to make the first step? Or would he have to simply just wait and pray? Get real things like that simply don't happen.]]

[center [b In life the least interesting answer was always the correct one. No kind girls no heroic guys nothing nada. Sex,War,Drugs,Foul language,Impulsive thoughts. That was the world people were all the same all so simple. Rex couldn't help but compare brain dead jocks or bitchy female clicks to NPC's in a crappy game. That's probably why he came home with cuts and bruises on his body rather often. His fist covered in scars he was singled out a lot by others. He did make himself an easy target. Though he always gave a fight because he would tell himself. The hero's on those screens? If he wanted to be like them? He had to fight he couldn't just give in and before he knew it he was a natural born fighter. Winning more fights than losing by the time he grew. He soon learned physical pain wasn't such a hinderence it healed and it was a state of mind. You were only in as much pain as you wanted to be. It was easy to ignore compared the other things in life if anything it made him feel strong. It made him feel like his favorite tanks his biggest idols. Though there was a big difference what was he fighting for? He didn't have an ideal, or a leader to follow he sure as hell didn't change anything. This world was turning in on itself and he'd get a heroic feeling from this? They'd still pick on him and other people. A hero would usher in peace but a place with peace would be a place Rex wouldn't... Fit in. No he wasn't a hero he was just a man that found solace in violence. Walking home everyday tears filled in his eyes he knew this was the truth. He wasn't achieving anything he was still miserable. The only difference was he was despised and fear which if anything made even the kinder people grow to hate him entirely. Teachers found him to be a bad example on the other students. Coach would always side with the other students of course! They actually socialize they enjoy sports and like it or not? "They offer more to this world than you do" he would tell himself that was the case. Even if he detested them found them simple it was true.]]

[center [b Dropping his bag Rex looked up into the sky as tears flowed down his face. It felt so meaningless so utterly pointless all of it. Rex deep in his heart... Was ambitious and that fire stung him only more. He wanted to offer something great to this world make it one he could love. How could he? He was just one person, and at the same time. He wasn't motivated to learn anything or to interact with others. It hurts knowing if you were to perish the world would just keep going on. It doesn't need you and Rex didn't think it'd needed anyone at his school either. Did he want to mean more to this world? What did he want? Maybe he simply just wanted to make a difference in a way he could be content with. Perhaps that's why he enjoyed tanking in his video games. True he may not be the most noticed or the star player or dealing the most damage. It's the hardest role to notice or give credit to. Yet at the same time? A team without a tank is as good as sunk. Playing it well really matters if they get to continue or not.]]

[center [b Protecting others? Is that what he wanted? How could something like that make any sense in a world like this?]]

[center [b As Rex neared his home he could hear some rustling into a nearby wood. Rustling... Yelling? It was hard to make it out it almost sounded like a pack of animals. It was somewhat distant whatever it was it made Rex's heart race and race. These forest weren't known for having any dangerous beast but still Rex wondered. He had been jumped and attacked by so many people. Students,hoodlums,jocks take your pick. He couldn't help but be on the defensive. Ripping a branch off a tree as he dropped his bag yet again. He had dived into the forest charging through he unafraid. Rex craved excitement to see anything that was worth seeing. It's not like it could be a portal to a world that meant actually mattered to Rex. Still the Otaku in him had to try and find out what it was.]]

[center [h3 Another World]]

[center [b Another world, Rex remembered No Game No Life. Another anime in where the main characters... Found another world. They too hated this world. Hated work hated school and lacked any motivation to do anything. Exercise aside Rex couldn't help but agree with Sora and Shiro on that sentiment. He had always wished he too could find another world just like that.]]

[center [b At the end of this yellow brick road Rex had saw... White. Snarling and a impending sense of hopelessness filling the air. What was this? What was Rex looking at?]]

[center [+green W-Wolves?]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but laugh a bit wolves were always the lowest level enemy in any RPG. Dragon Age they were weak beyond belief same goes for Skyrim. You could kill a pack of them with just a basic iron dagger. They weren't rewarding at all but useful to grind when at an extremely low level.]]

[center [b This wasn't a video game they looked rather.. fearsome a force to be reckoned with. They had an aura that Rex had never sensed from a "foe" and that was... Fearlessness. True some larger males may hold tons of confidence. Having size or muscle to their advantage gave them a blanket of security but that wasn't from the heart. Deep down that gaze? Being watched by a crowd? They were afraid to be hit even once or knocked back. It wasn't about just winning but winning easily to look as tough as possible. It mattered what others thought of them and true Rex cared about that as well. Though being placed in a fight was the one place Rex could shut all other things out. It was the only thing in the real world he was any good at. They looked like they had no doubt the hunt would go fine. They had not a single feeling of remorse or fear. That if they did take a smack they wouldn't care who in the pack saw. No it only matter that in the end they overran and overwhelmed the enemy devouring them whole. Oh the thought was terrifying! Brutal beyond Rex's dreams! That's what excited him if even but for a single moment he wouldn't be stuck in this world!! He could be in a world of his own!!!]]

[center [b Rex never understood why a person would rob a bank. Or kill another person or several people. It was at this moment... Rex finally understood why. It all made sense it made the most sense if you really thought about it. Why waste you're life on a long unimportant existence one filled with boredom and disappointment? What if you thought slaughtering a number of terrible people would make this world a better place? You're life would be short lived sure but it be filled with excitement. On the run and on the fight constantly doing things on your own time your own way. Same goes for robbing a bank an all or nothing gamble! To Rex? A win-win situation manage to get away and you can live you're life being no ones burden help a charity live the luxurious life. The other? Dying? Cause Rex wouldn't be taken in so easily without a bullet in his head. Than he got to experience true excitement once before his life ended.]]

[center [b There was one more thing Rex had finally noticed about that icy glare of those wolves. Beside the white fur giving away they weren't from here. That glare... wasn't directed at Rex as his blood cooled down to pay attention he had noticed two other teens. Around his age maybe a year older at best. One wearing glasses and the other with dyed pink hair. They were in rough shape him more so than her clothes torn and bleeding plenty bite marks all over. Wait were they attacked? As the man fell to his knee the woman had placed her body in front of the male in hopes to protect him.]]

[center [b Rex not taking his usual time to soak in the two's presence. He dashed right in without hesitation smacking the one at the front as she woman winced. Rex bellowed and yelled smacking his stick into the ground. As they began to encircle him.]]

[center [+green Go! Get the hell out of here both of you!!!]]

[center [b A sense of confidence surged the boys body as the two blinked nodding. The girl grabbing the boys arm placing it over her shoulder as she helped him to escape. A wolf trying to follow the two as Rex grabbed a rock throwing it right into the beast face.]]

[center [+green Snowball your fights with me!!]]

[center [b A grin seeped onto the timid boys face as his eyes lit up this wasn't the world he knew. In a sense it was... It didn't feel as heroic as the world he had wanted. It felt more vicious cold and... Harsh but it was the best this world could give Rex. As the boy let excitement take his body the thrill the blood pumping as he moved to the side with one wolf lunging in he stuck down. Rex had several exercises some for reflexes some for strength both lower and upper body. He remembered his mom got him one of those... Rex didn't know what to call it. It would pitch fast balls she loved Rex dearly but she didn't know the boy hated baseball. She was always so supportive she told him he was so strong and passionate he'd be great at baseball! What can you say? "Sorry mom I'd rather be a swordsman!" That wasn't a profession or even a choice.]]

[center [b He did put it to use though grabbing and stick he could he learned to dodge to the left and to the right. While striking the ball downward upward or to hit it with a lunge. These wolves were large and slow in comparison but the real thing? Was much scarier, Rex would place his face into harms way. Meaning he'd have to stand and hit the ball before it hit him. Or even bare knuckle punching the ball back micro fracturing his bones in his knuckles. Something later he learned that kick boxers would micro fracture their bones to help them grow stronger. That's what Rex did to almost every part of his body for a small timid boy he had extremely hard bones. Thrashing kicking and screaming as he swung and slammed his leg into one mutts stomach. Sending it back a bit they sure were light but tough. Much tougher than video games give them credit for. Though finally Rex was bitten into his left shoulder than his swinging arm as another one grabbed at his stick. So like a dog wasn't it?]]

[center [b Another biting at his leg as they snarled and growled at him. Aren't we passed that? Passed the warning snarls? No time for bark it was time to fight. Rex had hoped maybe they'd see he was the same as them he wasn't going to back down anytime soon. Course perhaps he was just overthinking the small things. Perhaps it was one of celebration cause they'd be eating well tonight maybe they will but not without a fight.]]

[center [b Rex yelled as he bit the wolf hold his arm biting at its neck. As he bit down jerking away ripping its flesh off. It tasted... Iron-y? It almost Rex want to vomit it was a strong taste. Profound and putrid but not as bad as Rex imagined it would have been. It was like him to worry worse than what the actual outcome would be. With a free arm he let the stick go reaching for the wolf holding his stick. It retreated away barking and growling as it swiped at his arm damn it was fast. Taking his arm he grabbed at his right shoulder soaked in his own blood. Chocking the wolf at his right shoulder as he crushed it's tiny neck feeling it's life slowly sap away from his hands. These things were.... Rabid but at the same time it's almost like they too were trained.]]

[center [b Rex managed to struggled and slipped and squirmed the grasp of the last two. Having a few bites taking out of him as he reached for his stick. Slamming the ground again]]

[center [+green If you want me?! Come and get me! You've never held back before!!!]]

[center [b It was obvious that cry wasn't to the wolves that cry was to the circumstance. Not the one he was in now but just the fact that the world always seemed to throw a mean hook. Attacks that left scars that would never heal leave wounds that stayed fresh.]]

[center [b The Wolves regrouping hesitated at the "bark" and "growl" Rex had to offer. It was almost as if they treated him as another predator sure they wouldn't back down but they were being cautious now.]]

[center [+green Huff huff..]]

[center [b Rex winced in pain, of course it wouldn't break his will but his right leg wouldn't move. Rex growled in frustration as anger soaked his entire body. His will told him yes he could move he could charge he could kick and he sure as hell could fight and yet? His leg was telling him no was he really so weak? So pathetic? So small and frail? Yeah he was young but he'd take that for no exuse! This was bullshit! All the training and determination amounted to this? He can't even stop a pack of wolves? To most they'd be happy to have done that well but this Rex's only gift and he was furious this was his limit. No this wasn't his limit it wasn't! He refused to accept that! Grabbing his stick with both hands as he raised it up he took a deep breathe as he looked forward.]]

[center [b Striking with a lunge into the windpipe of one another lunging in he blocked with his left arm. Taking the "hilt" of the stick shoving it into it's eye. Another lunging for his arm as he turned the thing hanging on his back. Flipping it over stepping on with his good foot as the rest swarmed and overran him he heard a loud shot. Bang bang bang! What was that? It hurt like hell and the weight began to increase on Rex's body. The biting began to hurt less and less was this... What it felt like to die? Going numb? Hearing loud noises? Feeling heavy?]]

[center [b As he opened his eyes he looked around to see the two teens on top of the hill he had come from. Covered in leaves in blood Rex wiped at his face to see a man with a rifle beside the two. Wearing a crest with the chest piece "knight" across his arm. Was he one of the kingdoms knights? They went to get help?]]

[center [b The two ran down the hill tripping and falling almost like children running for the first time. As they began to help Rex out of the corpses. Pulling him out as Rex looked at them.]]

[center [+pink Are you... Ugh okay?!]]

[center [b She grunted pushing them away as the young knight walked over to help the "children" out. The two hugging Rex tightly as tears streamed down their face. Rex looking at the two complete strangers. Overcome by their gratefulness their worry for a total stranger. The fact they came back to help him? He couldn't help but wrap his bloody arms around the twos he began to burst to tears as the three wept. Rex was weeping because of the terrible experience he wasn't even sure why he was sobbing! Though perhaps deep down he knew, he knew he finally found that portal to another world. He finally found HIS world and though it wasn't what he had expected. He wouldn't give that world up for anything.]]

[center [h3 Your Name]]

[center [b After the knight had questioned the children and everyone's parents have been informed. They later learned the wolves came from a nearby lab in the forest. News said the lab belonged to a radical terrorist group trying to learn bio warfare by infecting animals and letting them loose. Though Rex figured the wolves got free before being injected or he would have been infected but he was perfectly healthy.]]

[center [b The next day sure enough the those teenagers had knocked on Rex's door. Did they... follow him home? As he opened the door the two were covered in bandages they seemed shocked to find him. He probably should be at a hospital huh? He had a cast around his leg and a crutch as well as being covered in bandages. His mom was worried sick but at the same time her and that knight had praised Rex for the valiant effort he had given. His name was left out of the news but little did he know that's why these two were here.]]

[center [+blue Hey man! I umm.. Oh man this is awkward huh? Look friend can I just.. Be direct? We want to get to know you! And we'd love to start with an introduction ya know? My names Vincent and the cutie next to me is Serah!]]

[center [b Serah blushing a bit as she hit Vincents arm taking a light bow.]]

[center [+pink We were umm.. Wondering what your name was?]]

[center [b As she raised her head she smiled stroking her hair behind her ear. Rex blinked looking at the two... They seemed different from other NPC's Rex couldn't explain it. Sure they were both attractive and held themselves in a kind and modest way. It seemed almost surreal to meet people like that.]]

[center [+green "A" It's A-A..]]

[center [+blue Friend speak up what is it? Are you too hurt to talk? I'm sorry..]]

[center [+pink We can go if you want you get some rest okay?]]

[center [b The two had guilt filled... Nay consumed their eyes they felt at fault. Rex could understand why but what they didn't realize was that was the first time Rex had ever felt alive. The only time he felt another human being besides his mother cared for his well being they had done more for him. Than he felt he could have ever done for them. They gave him an adventure and a chance to a chance to...]]

[center [+green M-My names A-Al.. A-Al... It's Alvin! And I would like to be friends!!!]]

[center [b He clenched his fist to the side shouting as they already walked to the side walk looking back at him. As he panted heavily his face covered red from embarrassment. As he gulped panting heavily, this was his chance to make friends.]]

[center [h3 Back To This World]]

[center [b Rex shot up from his covers shouting]]

[center [+orange My names Alvin please don't go!!]]

[center [b As he reached his hand out he looked around to see if anyone was awake. Yet he couldn't bring himself too he had a habit of waking up screaming. Hell he yelled something embarrassing once in front of Peyton already. He looked at the ground staring at the ground as he sighed heavily patting his lap. Today was already starting a bad note.]]

[center [b Rex hated to admit it but he had forgotten so much about the world before. About he was hell in fact he had forgotten how he ended up here or what his actual name was. The more time he spent with this group the more he felt his humanity being brought back. Alvin... so that was his name huh? So why did the higher ups write his code-name? That made no sense to Rex, shaking his head he figured it was pointless to ponder about. Now it was time to stay quiet and see if anyone was awake or not. Hopefully just once he'd have a lucky break right?]]
  Eric / Isamu / 2y 255d 20h 39m 47s
Peyton had been to tired she had slept through all the noise of Rex and Eric fighting. She kept herself balled up next to Raine, and under Eric's coat. Raine was comfortable, and once they had fallen asleep they ended up cuddling. It kept them warm while the cold began to migrate in, Peyton only hoped that the winter months wouldn't last long and neither would this competition.

[hr ]

As she slept, she dreamed.
[i Winter time, her birthday. In a few weeks Christmas would follow suit, the snow fell. Peyton could smell breakfast, and it sounded like school had been canceled. Racing down her stairs, she sat excitedly at the table. Every year she got special birthday pancakes. Exactly, like they always were she could smell them.]

[i The dream jumped to later in the day, it just her and her parents. After opening the two presents she got, she remembered being disappointed no one she invited showed up to her party. As her parents sang happy birthday, she thought while she blew out the candles [#8A2BE2 "I wish I had friends...I wish people liked me."]]

[hr ]

[#8A2BE2 "I wish I had friends...I wish people liked me."] Peyton mumbled out in her sleepy stage as Eric woke her up. Realizing what she had said as her eyes bore open she glared at Eric. If he dared to say something about her sleep talk, she'd go ballistic. Putting a finger to her mouth, she didn't lower her gaze. Harshly whispering [#8A2BE2
" Don't say anything....please."] her tone changed when she said please, it was obvious she was embarrassed. Getting up she kept Erics coat, not saying anything about it. It was huge on her, her hands didn't even stick out of the arm holes. She didn't care it kept her warm, and she liked the way it smelled too. It kind of reminded her of home.

Heading out to the mouth of the cave with Raine, she sat in the middle of the entrance. It looked like a fight had broken out, but if one really had, Eric would've told her. She trusted he'd have done that much. So instead she figured they spared, it looked like damage only those two could've done anyway. There seemed to be not much blood on the floor anyhow. Shrugging it off she looked over at Raine, they hadn't talked much at all since they met. Yet Peyton felt so comfortable around, it was odd. Considering she was hardly comfortable around her own family sometimes.

[#8A2BE2 "Well, now that we have the time...Tell me about yourself...."] she muttered, trying to offer a friendly tone, but she wasn't too sure how to approach this. But she wanted to make an effort. Girls gotta stick together anyway.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine had woken up, rubbing her eyes. Smiling she moved to the mouth of the cave. Her sleep had been dreamless, but sleeping so close to Peyton made it feel like she was safe. Despite her earlier fear of the girl, she felt better after talking about it with Eric. Even though she had only discussed Rex with him. Looking over at Peyton when she asked her question.
It then occurred to her, they had spent the least amount of time talking. [#6495ED "O-oh...Well....My favorite color is blue, and I really like fish. Not to eat, to watch. I miss aquariums. "] she mumbled and then scratched her head. [#8A2BE2 "Oh, I like shades of purple and I never really thought about fish like that...Why do you like them?"]
[#6495ED "Well, they just look so cool...They float around and they just do their thing. Going with the flow"] Peyton nodded and listened. It was mindless talk, but it was nice.

[#8A2BE2 "Tell me about your life before this place."] she asked and then Raine blinked looking off out of the cave.
[#6495ED "Well, I was a middle child of 9. Yes nine kids, but we weren't all related. I lived in a foster home, I was in the zone were the war had broken out due to virus first. But before that, I was happy. I got along really well with everyone and we all took care of each other. I was behind in school, because before I was fostered I moved around a lot...So I am actually not very educated. And I never knew what I wanted to be. I focused on where I was gonna sleep for the night. Well, until I got fostered, the people were so nice. I didn't have to worry anymore. I miss them, those people were my real family."] her voice was nonchalant as Peyton listened. She had no idea, that's why Raine seemed to...used to everything. She didn't freak out, like Peyton did. Sure she got scared, but she didn't freak out at change and took things as they came.
It made sense now, why she acted the way she did. Peyton nodded and couldn't figure out what to say. Raine looked at her and then asked [#6495ED "And what about you?"] Peyton froze up for a moment and then swallowed a lump in her throat [#8A2BE2 "W-Well, I was an only child. I was in my last year of school and I studied really hard. I spent a lot of time alone or focusing on school stuff."] she shrugged. She didn't go as in depth as Raine had.
Silence fell over for a few moments and they both sat comfortably in their silence. Then Peyton remembered, taking her gun out she handed it to Raine.
[#6495ED "W-Wh-"] she began to question, and protest this action but Peyton cut her off [#8A2BE2 "Hush. You need to be able to protect yourself and if need be...One of us. With a knife, you can handle close range but a gun is best for serious emergencies and far away problems. Besides I have my powers and once I figure out how to make arrows, a usable bow too."] Raine just nodded and silently took the gun.
For the rest of the night and well into the morning they talked about old hobbies and other mindless small talk. It was nice and calm, they kept it up, until the boys woke up on their own.
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[center [h3 Lingering Touch]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=War7qWXKFuQ]]

[center [b Rex was happy Raine had held his hand all the way to the cave. As his fingers slipped from her own he had even loved the graceful way she had pulled away. He felt he wasn't worthy to hold such a soft and timid hand.]]

[center [b Raine was so squishy and soft and it really did wonders to spend that much time close to her. If anything it kept a weird content smile on Rex's face. As he yawned he was glad to see Peyton and Raine getting along. Eric had chuckled as Raine urged him to wear the band aid. She was so sweet wasn't she? A weird part of Rex wanted to gush over how cute and sweet and gah she was. Was Rex...? No he just... He'll admit he was feeling infatuation but that was all he'd say about the matter. Course he was infatuated with her from the word go it just grew more so. It was kinda hard imagining himself in any sort of relationship. He had wished it wasn't so hard to imagine but it was being around you're lover meant you needed to be comfortable around them? Was he not comfortable around her? He was a bit intimidated by her beauty and grace. It made him even more shy and timid.]]

[center [b As Rex yawned sitting down he was ready to hit the sack and get some sleep. He was used to sleeping high up in the trees during these death matches. Though Peyton had other ideas in mind. Rex raised his head almost giving Peyton a pout he was so tired of social interaction not that todays was bad. He just wasn't sure he could handle much more Eric was nice and all but he was just so drained.]]

[center [h3 Shift With Rexy Boy? Perfect!]]

[center [pic http://orig12.deviantart.net/13ab/f/2014/321/9/0/fairy_fencer_f_fang__psd_download_by_conflictluka-d86r0cp.png]]

[center [b Eric had smirked as she shoved a piece of fruit in his mouth. He enjoyed the bite as the juices filled his mouth. "Mmm" as he chewed the bite. He gave her a thumbs up she really was concerned with him too huh?]]

[center [+brown You're a sweetheart you know that?]]

[center [b He didn't mean to tease her that time though he had sincerely meant it. He thought she was a sweet person even if she tried to appear a bit tough. Rex's shield may have been the battlefield. Peyton's though was having a tough shell. He didn't understand what it was like to enjoy the battlefield or to have a tough shell. Still he knew past those things they both were sweet as could be. No different from Raine Eric felt that he had lucked out big time.]]

[center [b Eric pounded his chest as Peyton gave the order as he stood tall with a reassuring smile.]]

[center [+brown Nothing will happen on our watch promise Queen!]]

[center [b Rex blinked giving Eric a look, Eric would make sure nothing would happen no matter what. So with that Eric had wrapped his arm around Rex and taking his blade the two began to head out the cave. Eric had turned around grabbing a can of spam before heading out with Rex for sure this time.]]

[center [+brown Sleep easy you two.]]

[center [b As they went about eight feet ahead of the cave they looked around on watch. Rex's watch ahead into the forest and Eric's gaze left open the cave entrance itself as the two looked left and right from time to time. Rex seemed really attentive... He seemed so tired before. He really acted like a soldier didn't he? Eric wasn't as good for looking for enemies. He didn't have a keen eye for the that sort of thing.]]

[center [+brown You seem so strong and unafraid you know I really admire that? You make everyone feel a little more safe with that confidence. You have an aura that says you couldn't lose even if you had to fight the whole damn forest by yourself. To be honest I don't think I could fight without getting scared still.]]

[center [b Eric may have kept a smile and strong face in battle but he was afraid. He didn't want to die but more over he was afraid he would let his friends die. That idea terrified him he couldn't let them down. Rex had scratched his cheek blushing slightly.]]

[center [+orange A-Admire m-m-me..? I... It's nothing... Y-You're the one who... Umm... I... Talks to the girls j-j-just fine..]]

[center [b Eric rubbed the back of his head with a small smile. As he ruffled Rex's hair.]]

[center [+brown Ahh is that you're weakness pretty girls? I think we share that in common! Hmm just fine? Talking is a lot easier than fighting it isn't anything to be proud of but thanks man. Hey speaking of which no need to stutter or be shy around me man were both guys here! Wait don't tell me you swing that way? Raine is gonna be devastated!]]

[center [b Eric laughed a bit as Rex chuckled nodding his head. Rex took a deep breath Eric could tell he was thinking of something but what? What was on his mind this time?]]

[center [+orange Y-You're right about the shy p-part I'm sorry. I just get... Anxious. It's a little easier, in fact... You kinda remind m-me of my old best friend.]]

[center [b Eric blinked as he stood speechless wow Rex was really speaking up huh? A few stutters sure but it seemed like a lot of growth at once. Maybe the two being guys did help? Or perhaps the girls had made Rex feel a little less self conscious? Maybe he was finally beginning to trust Eric? Momma always said people are slow to trust a "hero type"]]

[center [+brown I do huh? Dashing and smart right? Haha, I'm glad you're starting to trust me a bit more. I know you guys were a bit weary of me at first so it does mean a lot.]]

[center [h3 Self Aware?]]

[center [b Rex had turned looking at Eric was he self aware? That his hero act made others uneasy to trust him? Than why do it? Was he really that brave to be himself regardless? It was almost like he was real life hero. Rex had rubbed the back of his head thinking of what he had before. This was the time to try and open up to Eric he had risked himself for Peyton. It was apparent he really had cared and... He egged Raine on to talk with Rex and that was nice.]]

[center [+orange Dashing? Well he was likeable but he was a doofus and a flirt.]]

[center [b Eric had bumped his shoulder chuckling "gee thanks!" Rex chuckled a bit shyly. He was sweating a bit but Eric seemed shocked that Rex had teased him. Him and Vincent had moments where Rex spoke up if Serah wasn't around Rex was less shy. They were best friends and rivals. True he was still shy at other times but when he was exhausted he put less thought into over worrying. Plus being around just one guy made it easier. A guy that was open and kind like Vincent or Eric made it much easier as well. So in a way a lot of conditions had to be met for Rex to open up even casually. Even now he was a bit shy but it wasn't crushing anxiety at least.]]

[center [+orange Thank you for having Raine talk to m-me. It erm.. I... well... I-It went um... Really well...]]

[center [b Eric kept moving his head around as he laughed slightly patting Rex's shoulder.]]

[center [+brown That's good Rex I'm honestly glad it did. So did you notice Peyton's accent it's really cute right?]]

[center [b Rex's face instantly flared up as he began to scratch at his cheek looking up at the sky. Eric laughed even more so as he turned around facing Rex.]]

[center [+brown Awe don't tell me she isn't you're type? If I had met her back at town? I think I'd have asked her out to a dance by now. Maybe the movies course knowing our Queen she'd say no a million times first right?]]

[center [b Rex blushed and stammered turning around and looking back at Eric. As he flailed a bit how could Eric just admit that so easily?! That he would ask someone out and they would probably reject you a bunch? Rex would never admit that even if it was true! This guy didn't know how to keep any secrets huh? Wait what about Raine? Why was he curious? Was he jealous? That he might like Raine? Well Peyton was a catch too.. Her accent was cute--]]

[center [b Wait is that what he was jealous of?! This girl stuff is confusing Rex was better making choices on the battlefield not thinking about this.]]

[center [+orange T-Type?! N-No she's umm I... She's nice... A d-d-date? You r-r-r-r-r-really are b-brave...]]

[center [+brown Haha whoa brave?! She's not that scary man! Deep down she is the biggest sweetheart. You talked to her alone didn't you notice? In fact when we talked alone she just told me how worried she about you. She really cares about you Rex.]]

[center [b Rex blushed a darker red than he had since being here. He gulped true Raine holding him made him would have made him blush as much except. Well he was more happy than embarrassed for that single moment in time anyhow. Today Rex felt really out of character and all out of sorts. Was that a good or bad thing? He wasn't sure.]]

[center [b The moon was raising high but Rex knew Eric would keep going even longer to let the girls sleep longer. It just seemed like something he'd do.]]

[center [+orange S-She d-d-does...? I umm.. C-Care about h-h-h-her too... I m-mean a-a-all of you!]]

[center [b Eric had chuckled as Rex couldn't help but cross his arms pouting a bit. He was laughing at him wasn't he?]]

[center [+orange Well what about you a-and Raine h-h-huh? Y-You two were alone f-f-f-for awhile.]]

[center [b Eric blinked blushing as he rubbed the back of his head flashing his teeth into a smile.]]

[center [+brown She is pretty cute too yeah, I guess I'd have had a hard time deciding who'd to take to the movies. I'd probably just take all three of you. I mean who could resist not spending time with sweet little Raine?]]

[center [b Rex's jaw dropped he didn't even get flustered or anything! He pretty much admitted that he wouldn't mind going out with either one! He made no sense at all @///@ he really just went with the flow huh? He seemed more focused on hanging out with them as a group it seemed. Well it was endearing it made Rex feel a bit better knowing he had a comrade like that. Eric was a better guy than Rex could ever hope to be. Though it was starting to bother him less and less that it was true.]]

[center [+brown Hey Rex before our shift ends man I was wondering... Well if it's not too much trouble. Could you umm... Teach me how to fight? Maybe spar with me a bit? I have a lot to learn.. If I want to protect Raine and Peyton like you.]]

[center [b Rex blinked looking at him a chance to fight Eric? Really? Well Rex would be lying if he said he wasn't eager. Staying completely silent he drew his blade. As Rex left for a bit he had returned with two sticks. One large iron wood stick massive in size he threw Eric's way. The second a long and sturdy ironwood stick though not nearly as thick it was just as long. Rex had sheathed his blade it simply needed the blade to cut the sticks. True they could spar with blades and perhaps Raine could heal the wounds. Still it hurt her to do so and someone could still end up dead. So this was the better way to do things Eric had grabbed the massive stick slinging it over his shoulder.]]

[center [+orange R-Ready yourself.]]

[center [b Eric blinked he seemed caught off guard by how eager Rex was to go. This way Rex knew how much Eric would be able to do in a fight. Rex had grabbed the end of the stick with both hands.]]

[center [+orange Treat this battle as if it was a serious one. Try to avoid my weapon as if it were the real deal. As if we were truly fighting for our lives.]]

[center [b Eric couldn't help but give a nervous smile before gulping as Rex quickly dashed in with little to no warning. Eric flinched blocked the strike from Rex with his gauntlet. Eric feeling secure in his defense sighed relieved as Rex continued to attack the block head on. Eric backing up as Rex was eager to break through his guard. Rex had flipped up kicking his feet into Eric's face. Catching himself with his left hand as he handsprung back to his feet. Dashing in again clashing in with Eric. As Rex pulled back swinging forward with all of his might. The two clashed head on as Eric pushed forward sending Rex flying. His face draught with worry as Rex hit the ground bouncing back up to his feet.]]

[center [+orange Tsk]]

[center [b Rex was a bit annoyed to face a foe that was stronger than he. In all of his fist fights and his sword battles here. Both before this lab and at school he was always more brutish. He always had more strength than his foes. He did so much exercise even at this lab push ups curls ups and more. He had met foes that came close even since his strength enhancement with his gift. He always had the edge and now to face someone who had so much more strength than Rex? He'd have to fight like his enemies had against Rex. With speed and agility and skill, still they had lost didn't they? Rex would need to not feel like he was weaker even if he was. He needed to be as offensive as he always was despite Eric's power. Rex may have been slightly annoyed but he was more... Excited than anything. As a smirk planted across his lips as he charged forward.]]

[center [h3 White Swordsman?]]

[center [b "I'm glad he's willing to help me but this is a bit intense!" Eric thought to himself. He was afraid he had hurt Rex with that last toss cause he Rex had stated he didn't have enhanced endurance. Yet even despite being his own endurance and resistance Rex could take a hit. Eric admired that but Rex attacked so many times and so hard it gave Eric hardly any room to breath.]]

[center [b Rex gave a rather.. Terrifying smirk before dashing in. He was just having a little fun with Eric? Yikes, still he would need to grow stronger if he was going to be able to hold his own. He did have power and endurance as an advantage but that didn't reassure him much. With a smile on Eric's face he grabbed the stick clashing with Rex again and again. Rex was almost like an animal every strike Rex sprawled to the side quickly to attack again and again. Attacking low and high he as Eric blocked each strike just barely. He came down to finish the match maybe impress Rex a bit. With a powerful overhead strike downward with all he had. Rex had back flipped before coming forward ontop of the stick. As he came in striking Eric across the face three times. Eric in pain through Rex into the air with his stick. As Eric looked up Rex fell back down with his stick facing downward. A smirk across Rex's face as Rex crashed on top of Eric. His stick striking through Eric landing onto of him as he simply hopped off letting Eric back to his feet.]]

[center [b Eric coughed a bit he was expecting that the force of that fall on his stomach really hurt. So this was the white swordsman huh?]]

[center [+orange Eric, strike back attack quicker harder and faster. If you think I'm strong this world is full of men much more powerful than I. Even faced with a foe stronger than you, you have to give it you're all.]]

[center [b Rex almost barking an order as he charged forward clashing. Eric tried to push Rex away again as Rex simply side stepped landing a few punches on Eric. As Eric thrashed his arm at Rex he blocked with his stick and his arm. The stick breaking in half with ease. Eric had thought the match over but Rex sliding back simply charged forward holding the broken stick backhanded. He didn't even hesitate for a second! Eric must have fractured something right? No it hurt but Rex's block kept from anything being broken. As Eric swung Rex struck with weaker but more precise strikes he was even harder to keep up with. Circling around Eric striking from all sides as Eric swung and flailed trying to defend him. Eric finally dropped his massive stick grabbing at Rex's wrist. As Rex grabbed his other arm without a second though both arms occupied. Rex jumped up holding on to Eric's arms kicking at his stomach rapidly over and over like a wild animal.]]

[center [b Rex's strikes did pack a punch, though Rex had let go Eric held on. Rex's eyes widened shocked Eric would want to hold on. Still Rex kept the onslaught of attacks growing stronger with into a more crazy frenzy. Eric spun around as he attempted to throw Rex. However Rex had made a sudden choice to hang on kicking even more.]]

[center [b So Eric simply kept spinning around as Rex kept the kicking up. Eric span right into a tree, smashing Rex into the tree. As Rex coughed a bit of blood. Rex had held on! Eric pulling back went in to slam in a headbutt. Rex sliding under the taller Eric as Eric slammed his head through the tree the entire thing falling over. Eric a bit dazed Rex now behind him grabbing at Eric's massive stick. Eric holding his head in pain as Rex turned around slamming the stick over Eric's head. Slamming Eric to the ground. It took all of Rex's strength to use that massive weapon and he was much slower with it than Eric was. As he put the stick to Eric's face wobbling as Rex bleed profusely he forced himself to stop wobbling. As he took a deep breath giving Eric a fierce look.]]

[center [+brown I... Wow.... You win man.]]

[center [b To be honest had that been with actual blades Eric may have been dead even sooner. He wasn't sure how much is body could take, in fact even now Eric knew his body could take more. Though Rex would get at least one more strike with that massive blade before Eric could stand. Yeah Rex was hurt but it hardly slowed him down and somehow Eric felt him being hurt would make him fight even more savagely and desperately. Eric saw for now this was the best he could do against Rex.]]

[center [+orange Well I must say you're pretty crazy taking all those blows just to get one back? Crazy but I like it, I didn't hold anything back so good work. I think we can count on you.]]

[center [b Rex put his hand out to Eric as Eric gave him a stunned look. Raine wasn't wrong.. On the battlefield he was another person wasn't he? He wasn't the timid soft Rex they knew he was a soldier through and through. Eric had almost told Rex the truth of what Raine and him had done. He knew for sure Rex would have disagreed with that mindset. That was a secret for him and Raine maybe he could tell Peyton one day. Rex though? Eric liked him plenty but he knew that would not go well.]]

[center [b Oh crap! It was way past time for the girls watch! Rex had looked at the tree and sighed. He mumbled something about noise and racket? Oh yeah... That wasn't a good idea was it? Though Rex didn't seem to worried. As the two headed back Rex was limping a bit, Eric had realized his body wasn't as frails as a humans. Rex's... Was Eric had offered him a helping hand. Though Rex had simply shook his head putting his hand up. Human body or not his will was unbreakable. It wasn't much of a walk being about eight feet away still. As they got to the entrance Rex stopped looking at Eric than at the ground.]]

[center [+orange U-Umm... I-I'm sorry I umm... Got so... I...]]

[center [b Eric shook his head putting his arm around Rex ruffling at his hair.]]

[center [+brown No it's okay I wanted you to help me out so I am glad you didn't hold back. I finally got a taste of how badass you are friend! Don't feel bad okay? You're okay we should practice even more and thank ya bud.]]

[center [b As Eric began to walk in Rex tugged at Eric's shirt looking away. Well Rex was back wasn't he? Shy and timid as ever Eric couldn't help but think this nice guy was the same one that just kicked his ass. He patted Rex's head stopping.]]

[center [+brown What is it?]]

[center [b After a long pause Rex had finally began to speak or rather mumble. It really hard to hear Eric found himself leaning closer just to hear what Rex was saying.]]

[center [+orange I-I umm.. Next time... C-Could you.. Erm... T-Train m-m-me? On umm... I... To talk to.. umm....]]

[center [b He trailed off as he nudged his head the direction of the cave at the girls. Eric tilted his head confused before he hit his forehead. Oh he got it! Rex wanted help to learn how to talk to the girls easier. Eric nodded his head rapidly.]]

[center [+brown Ahh don't worry about you'll surpass me in no time I guarantee it!]]

[center [b Eric was eager to help make Rex more social, like Peyton said they had to pick up the pieces. This was a good chance to do just that right? Maybe soon he'd enjoy talking more than fighting right?]]

[center [h3 Shift Change]]

[center [b Rex smiled lightly as he walked into the cave laying down. Eric really was nice he was like the older brother he never had. Rex couldn't help but look up to him. Rex wasn't really minding it when Eric had ruffled his hair anymore. Is this what being a little brother felt like? Rex closed his eyes as Eric began to shake Peyton and Raine trying to wake them up.]]

[center [b Eric had the potential to become a pretty good fighter himself. He lacked the will to ever throw a killing strike that was for sure. That's something Peyton proved she had the stomach to do. Eric however had the bravery and strength to be a strong warrior. In fact if Eric had her mindset? He'd be dangerous to anyone he faced Rex still admired that Eric would rather be a shield to protect others. Rather than to hurt anyone but it's hard to win a fight like that. Still his crazy style wasn't half bad now was it? Rex was curious how far this team would go.]]
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