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The sun had been down for a while now, the meeting was now to be held. Kittamari rose from her spot on the mat. The room was a dusty cement room, with a large colorful mat in the center. Candles lit the room up, everywhere. The one window, opened up to the entire desert, she could see the facility just out at the horizon. Tomorrow she'd be back there again, but only to rob it once more.
She used to be a patient there, among the first. Her birth was a horrible story. She was a special project, that was classified as failed. However they kept her around, still trained her. They'd get results somehow, in some way. Even if it wasn't the ones they initially wanted.

Kittamari wasn't human, nor was she not human. A nice mix of half and half. Half animal, Wolf to be more specific. The other half? Human. Her mothers egg had been fertilized with a mix of wolf and human sperm. Then even more wolf DNA was injected into the the developing fetus that was to be her. These wolves however, weren't normal wolves. They were among the first experiments to biological warfare, after the nano-bugs were released. Kittamari was among the first "human" experiments. Being raised inside the facility and not knowing any better, she thought she was loved. She met a group of people, in a huge tournament, that was held to make room for the new incoming experiments. Anyone who died, would be replaced. In her group she met Shiloh, and Alex. It was only groups of three then, when the event was held. Kittamari soon learned of the terrors and the truths about the place she was raised. Quickly turning her back against her creators, she and a group of others escaped the facility. They hardly made it out alive. The run through the desert seemed hopeless, until they stumbled upon an abandoned factory, actually not very far away from their old cells.
Over the last year, they've turned the place into a fortress and safe place. Now a community of 40 desert dwellers, everyone coming from many different places. Some refugees from other labs in other countries.
There main goal now, wasn't to help end the war or to pick sides. Their goal was to end the experiments, to rescue and to save as many people from the labs as possible. Kittamari was the leader, voted in by everyone. Shiloh was her adviser, and Alex was in charge of security and defense of the place.

Tomorrow morning they'd be going back to the awful place. Not on a special break out mission, but a simple robbery. They had special subjects and guests that needed certain medicines. They were also running out of food, and scavenging in the desert is hard. Luckily the facility was holding an arena, so they'd be stocked up on extra supplies. They keep a cargo load full of things, locked inside a gate right next to the building on the outside. That was their target, to get what they needed out of that cargo crate. It was a huge one, the kind you can walk around on the inside. Kitta was sure they'd have medicines in their too, otherwise they'd take all the food they could and they'd have to come back. And once they come back, they'd have to send someone inside to steal the medicine. It would be Kittamari, no matter what Shiloh said or Alex. She wouldn't risk anyone else but herself.

Leaving the room now, it was time for the council.

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Approaching the group of kids, it was sun down and time for them to go to bed. [#D23F0B "Come on now, it's time to go off to bed."] he said grabbing the ball mid air, that they had been tossing around. The youngest one of the group looked at him sadly. Shaking his head he smiled and patted the young boys head. He was about 6 year old, the youngest. The other kids were all over 10. Ushering them off and making sure they all got to bed. He checked the doors and windows of the designated residential floor. Everything was safe, doors looked, windows now re-boarded. He opened them up during the day so sunlight would get in, closing them back up at night to keep them safe from any possible attacks.

Soon they'd be expanding the land outside, they had began to build a huge fence/wall around the factory. That way they could start making room for more people, things and such not. Having the protective border will help keep things away from the place as well. So far it was going well, Alex was in charge of it and the construction.

Walking up the flight of stairs to the council room he sat. Shiloh was there already, Kittamari was not. That was typical, she was always late. Alex didn't mind though, she was a leader. Late or not, she knew what she was doing. Knowing her, she most likely got caught up in meditation again, that was what typically happened before these things. Her routine before every council or big event, she meditated for a days time. Alex didn't understand why, but he respected it. That she could just sit and think for that long, Alex would have trouble staying still.

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh sat, he had been waiting in the council room all day. Drawing and revising three plans. The initial plan and two routes of escapes, back up plans. Calculating everything exactly, he now waited for Alex and Kittamari to show. He was ready to present his plan, he knew it would be a moment. Alex would show up first, like always.
And well, look at that he did show up before Kitta. That was normal, Kittamari always showed her face last. It was silly to him that their leader was the one always late, but it didn't bother him in the least. He knew she was always late, because she always thinking. Thinking as a leader should, about the well being of her people. Where they've come from and where they are going. It would be another thing if she was late because she was always fooling around. However, that was never the case.

Nodding his head at Alex, who smiled back. They waited in Silence, and soon the door opened. There stood Kittamari, she looked calm and ready for business.
[#8147A0 "Shall we commence then?"] he said without further delay. They all sat then at the table in the middle of the room. Shiloh laid out his drawing of the the plan. Looking to Kittamari and Alex, as they both nodded. Signaling him to speak [#8147A0 "What I've drawn out here is the safest options we have. "] his fingers pointed around the paper to certain spots and things drawn out. [#8147A0 "We take a jeep, and the moving truck. Myself will drive the Jeep, with Kittamari in the passenger seat. Alex will be driving our truck. The gate is going to be heavily locked, and so will the crate. We aren't going to waste time, we are gonna bring the rocket launcher."] Shiloh looked up as Kittamaris eyes lit up with excitement. Smiling small at her enthusiasm, he expected it, he went on [#8147A0 "Kittamari, should wield the gun. First to blow the gate open, then to blow the crate open. Alex will jump out and stand defense, while you and I Kitta load the truck. Once the truck is loaded we will bail. "]
Shiloh looked at they both nodded, it was how they normally did supply runs. Then he revealed the escape plans if anything went south.
Everyone was happy with the plans. Shiloh nodded at Kittamari sitting down now, he was done with his end.

Kittamari then stood up and looked at the two boys. [#EC0E37 "You both know what I am going to say...We're gonna do great. Thank you guys for being here today, tomorrow and yesterday. Goodnight, rest up we are gonna have fun tomorrow."] with that she hugged both of them. Taking her leave she climbed the stairs to the resident floor. Alex followed, so did Shiloh. They all went to their own beds and let their heads hit the pillow.
Time to sleep, tomorrow would be fun.

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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton blinked, rolling her eyes. Kanzaki had said someting about her being cute. He had even thrown a wink at her. A small blush appeared on her face, but it followed a glare. With another eye roll.
How could he think she'd be in to him? Yeah he was cute, but she wasn't wearing his coat. N-not that she was into Eric, that was impossible. No matter how great he managed to smell still.
Peyton couldn't help but peak over when Styles mentioned Rose drew attention.
Snapping back to her conversation with Eric, she checked Rose out herself. Realizing what she was doing she blushed again and snapped her head around. Looking away from everyone she laid down, somewhat close to Eric. But Raine also laid very near.

Hugging herself on her sleeping bag, she tucked her nose inside Erics coat that wrapped around her entire body. Secretly, she was still cold. She wanted both Raine, Eric and even Alvin to be closer to her while she slept. Like a huge dog pile, but she wouldn't ask for that. Eventually Raine scooted closed on her own. Smiling as she wrapped her arms around the small girl, who did so back. It didn't even feel romantic to her, but it felt like something. Like safety, warmth, and the opposite of lonely. It was nice and as she began to drift to sleep, she sleepily moved closer to Eric, with Raine.
Then when she felt warm and safe, she fell asleep.

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[i She was in a hallway, it was long. Dark, with consuming tunnel vision. Peyton looked around wildly. She could hear laughter, but saw no one. From the shadows people screamed things at her. Looking down at herself, her fingers were fatter again. Her wrists her arms, her stomach. She wasn't skinny anymore, she was large again. She was in school again. She began running, as the voices called out. The laughter drew louder.]
[i A flight of stairs laid ahead of her and up them, she ran. Panting, heavily her chest rose. She reached the top, she could see people, but no faces. Anytime she tried to focus on a face it would turn black. Panic was grasping her. The people backed her over to the edge and then pushed her. Down the stairs she fell and once she hit back to the first floor, blood rushed from her mouth. The dream felt so real, Peyton could feel the heat of tears streaming down her face, again.]
[i Then, something was different. The hallway, looked normal. The lights were coming on and just as Peyton looked up two people were there. Eric, and Raine but they were silent. Smiling, down at her on the floor. Nothing was happened, until suddenly Alvin appeared between the two of them. Peyton was looking up as he offered her a hand up. Comfortable happy smiles on their faces, as she extended her wrist she noticed it had shrunk again. The fall made her skinny again. However as soon she she grabbed his hand, she grew in size again. The hallway grew dark again.]
[i The floor began to shake under her, Eric and Raine had disappeared. Looking back up Alvin, looked at her disgusted and he let go of her hand. Just as he did, the ground broke below her and she fell. ]

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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Peyton woke up to a jump, Raine had been shaking her gently. [#6495ED "Peyton, you were crying in your sleep."] she mumbled softly wiping the tears under her friends eyes. [#6495ED "Do you wanna talk about it?"] she asked again softly. Somehow Eric still lied asleep next to the them. Peyton shook her head no slowly. Raine nodded and laid her back down. This time though, she was laid down facing Eric, as Raine took and hugged her from behind. The smaller girl rubbed her back and ran her fingers through Peytons hair. Comforting her until she fell back asleep. Raine herself then also feel asleep again, her back to the cold air, she didn't mind though. Rex was off to the side, he wasn't close by. But Raine wished he was closer, however he was already asleep. Closing her eyes again, she let herself fall asleep.

Raine didn't dream, she never dreamed here. However she missed her dreams, they used to be like little escapes. While her body slept her mind didn't. Still so worried about the next morning, but she'd have to trust everything would be okay. They were gonna escape and things were going to be great. Eventually she put her mind to rest.
When the morning came, she didn't feel very rest, in her own mind. However her body was rested, and that was what mattered. Raines little bit of sparing with Peyton last night, made her feel a little bit better about going into this battle. However, she still felt unprepared. However she had to trust she'd be okay. With eight other people fighting, there was a slim chance she'd end up defenseless and cornered for long.

Once awake she stood up, reluctantly leaving the warmt of the huddle three of them formed. Alvin woke up to start, like he normally did. Raine went over to him. [#6495ED "No need to be sorry, come on now. Get up hun...It's time."]
Raine approached everyone and she nodded [#6495ED "Now we all need to feel around on our own skin and locate the chip in our skin...Then we have to remove it. I can heal the wounds up after..."] she sleepily mumbled. Knowing the first thing they should do, was well find and remove their chips.

With that she sat down, she began feeling around in her arms. Finding hers quickly in her bicep. Grabbing her dagger drew it out, then cutting into her own skin. Blood dripped out actively as she removed the chip. Once it was out, she dropped it and crushed it with her foot.
Peyton followed suit, feeling her skin. She found her chip located in her ankle. Taking Raines dagger, she dug her chip out too. Immediately Raine healed the wound, just like she said she would. Following that, she did it for everyone.

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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally wrinkled her nose. The night air felt nice, and she listened to the little banter that went on. Wishing she could feel emotionally attached too it. Curiously she watched as Rose lingered in the cave, focusing her eyes on Rex. Once she left the cave Mally approached her.
[#EC871C "You've been reading him."] Mally knew because when she looked at Rose, the combat screening would stream through her mind. She could see that her powers were being used. Her voice was monotone, and possibly conveyed she had a problem with Rose reading. However she didn't, she was glad Rose was reading.
[#EC871C "If you don't mind, tell me what you think of him... I can assess his power...I know he is a threat on combat level...But you can see his thoughts his actual emotions...Do you believe him a threat to any of us?"] she asked quietly. Not wanting anyone to over hear their conversation. It was meant to be a conversation she wanted to have with just Rose.

As the sun came up, Mally felt a small feeling of peace watching the sun rise. Once the others were up, and Raine directed the next step. Mally followed suit, she began to feel her skin up. However nothing, she couldn't find or feel a chip anywhere on her skin. Turning to Raine [#EC871C "I can't find my chip."] she stated. The small girl then blinked and nodded. [#6495ED "It may be in your back then, are you able to reach and try to feel?"] Mally shook her head no to answer Raine [#EC871C "No, but can you?"] Raine then nodded yes, turning Mally around. She moved her fingers around and pressed down on her skin, feeling around for the chip. She found it in the middle of the girls back. Taking her dagger she dug into Mallys skin, removing it. She crushed it on the ground once out. Then healing Mally right after [#EC871C "Thank you."] she stated. It sounded almost robotic, and normally might put someone off. However Raine smiled brightly and nodded [#6495ED "Of course."] she stated.

Mally then looked to Peyton, then Styles. The "leaders" of the co-joined group. [#EC871C "Well, lets carry what we can supply wise and head out."] and that is what everyone did. Carrying what could be carried in the bags they had. Raine carried one of them and so did Mally. With that the left and they began walking out. Away from the cave and away from this place. Raine had walked up next to Rose and held her hand. It was keeping her calm, the poor girls nerves were racked. Peyton had given Eric his coat back. Avoiding the fact she had woken up snuggled against him and Raine. She walked behind Mally, who lead everyone towards the border of the arena. There was a clear 50 yards of no cover between the forest edge and the built shield.

Mally stood at the edge of the forest line. Scanning the field, no mines anywhere. She then stared at the force field. They should be able to walk through that now. However she had to test it. Grabbing a rock she threw it. Once it hit the field it was incinerated. Shaking her head at the others she then looked at the large metal poles sticking out of the ground. They generated the field by block section. Peyton had arrows to use now. Mally nodded at Peyton [#EC871C "Even with the chips removed, we aren't getting through the field alive...The Metal rods need to be taking out. The transmitter lights at the top of them, the red poles, Peyton shoot them. It will disrupt the single and we can run through. I don't know how long, it was disrupt them for, so we need to get closer....Shoot when I say to."]
Peyton nodded, normally she'd dislike being given the orders. However, she had to trust what Mally was saying. She was the only one who could analyze.

Once they creeped closer, Mally gave Peyton another nod. Then the girl took her arrows out aimed and shot. Using her power to push the arrows the right directions, she went the extra measure to set them on fire when she shot them. Mally waited and watched at the field flickered away between the two metal blocks. Nodding then she ran forward with everyone. Once they actually hit the other side an alarm began to blare. Moving out a good 50 yards away from the arena. Mally then stood stable and looked at the others. [#EC871C "Be ready hold your ground. The desert stretches out forever and the only way we can get away is by fighting. They'll chase us forever, we need to end their pursuit here. Once all the guards they send out are down, we can go."] she yelled as a group of the steroid baboons came out and surrounded them.
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[center [h3 Warm Family]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdZt0ybmQCM]]

[center [b Eric had walked over with Peyton to talk about the next plan of action. As the two stood together Eric couldn't help but smile Peyton had really looked out for her huh? Not only was she taller but she really did act like an older sister. Eric had wondered if he could be an older brother to Alvin. Sure Alvin was only at Peyton's height around 5'6 and Eric was fairly tall. Standing at 6'2 but it was more than that wasn't it? To be the big brother. In a lot of ways Alvin looked out for Eric more than Eric ever could for him. Than again Raine had taken care of them right? Eric smiled softly as he began to think to himself. It wasn't like him to be in so much thought but being around them it made him think more than usual. It wasn't a matter of was or wasn't he. He had to be and that was that Raine,Alvin,Peyton had all been through so much and they were all so fragile in different ways. Yet even in that weakness they looked out for each other and even Eric. He hadn't expected anyone to protect him or care for him. He had felt warm and welcomed and it made him smile brighter than ever before. Even if it was the eve of a great battle it was times like these that reminded him what he was fighting for.]]

[center [+brown Peyton I think that sounds like a good idea it'd be a little too intense for them to start off like that. Heck I'm still a little worried I won't do very well! Haha I'd say this is more fair but maybe not? Either way Alvin I'm going to try and give you a run for your money!! Ready or not here I come!! Oh! And Peyton! Raine!! Good luck!!! Be safe all right?]]

[center [b Eric said as he walked past Alvin as he grabbed a large branch from a massive tree. Ripping it out with a little bit of effort given as he slung the massive stick over his shoulder. Alvin spun the stick between his fingers that he had wielded against Raine. A smirk across Alvin's face. Eric hadn't realized that he was more likely to not be safe than his comrades.]]

[center [+orange Don't just give me a run, try and put me on the run. I wanna see you beat me down today.]]

[center [b Eric's eyes widened a bit was... Peyton right? This hardly seemed like Alvin! He simply said that with a straight face with little to no problem. He was eager to see Eric grow Alvin always seemed eager to strike... But even when he recieved a good blow. Eric had wondered if Alvin enjoyed that too? It wouldn't have worried Eric if Peyton hadn't said this place tried and brain washed him. To turn Alvin into... A weapon to turn him into Rex. Well a little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone right? Maybe there were just overthinking all of it. Alvin just wanted to push Eric to improve right? Maybe that was the case... Or perhaps both could be true?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZxqob5F7MI]]

[center [b Though Eric's thoughts were cut off as Alvin dashed in quickly with a lunge into Eric's stomach. Stalwart as ever it didn't do much it was too quick and wild against Eric's endurance. As Alvin came in with a right hook Eric couldn't wield his weapon fast enough to block. The strike hadn't done much damage but it knocked him off balance. Eric leaned his head forward blocking with the thickest section of his skull. POP Alvin recoiled his hand it must have hurt with Eric's enhanced bone density and mass. Must be like punching iron poor guy-]]

[center [b As Eric reached a hand out to help Alvin out Alvin span around jumping up and kicking Eric in the face with both feet. Stabbing the stick into the soft dirt too hold himself in the air. As Rex pushed on the top of the stick doing a one handed handstand with perfect balance. Raining his feet down in several strikes to Eric as planted his feet on his hard chest. Pushing off he flipped away with his stick. Grabbing the blade with both hands as he converted to what look liked a more brutish powerful two handed stance. The stick across his waist as he looked forward with determination.]]

[center [+orange You need to learn that lesson even more than Raine, you can't worry about your opponent you must press the attack when you gain some ground. You have a solid defense I'll give you that.]]

[center [b Eric had stumbled a bit from all the strikes his head rung a bit Alvin wasn't as strong as Eric but with his enhanced power he wasn't a push over. It stung and it rung bells but as Eric shook his head the ringing stopped soon enough. Lacking enhanced endurance Eric had wondered... How does Alvin take this pain? This damage that others inflict on him? Though as Eric looked into Alvin's eyes the answer was clear. Raw willpower he didn't stop to think about the pain he was in. He was a survivor he'd cut through any pain,hardship,foe that stood in his way. Yet he held himself in such low esteem? Eric was a bit slow to learn that was for sure. Though even he could and it was at this point and time after several upon several reminders. Eric had realized Alvin was a warrior through and through. As Alvin rushed in yet again swinging from the right side Eric had blocked the strike stone cold with a two handed stance himself. Alvin had attacked head on? Brute force versus brute force? Alvin had pushed and pushed stubbornly as he grunted as Eric held him. He was strong! Eric didn't doubt that but Alvin couldn't push Eric back at all. Why was he fighting so differently? So stubbornly? It was almost as if he didn't want to admit his brute force couldn't match Eric's. That couldn't be it could it? As Eric began to push Alvin back he yelled and bellowed as his shoes drug dirt and he pushed Eric back.. A single inch. His willpower to push so hard had surprised Eric. He couldn't hold back like he had liked to. He had never had such a fierce clash even fighting all the life and death battles. Or the spars here or hell even when Eric lived in his small town. Helped his uncle wrassle some cattle back to the pin. The town folk had admired Eric for being able to go toe to toe with a bull take it to the ground without either side being hurt. This? Was even worse Eric had pushed back with a scream of his own swinging in full arc as he sent Alvin flying back as he landed flat on his ass. He was strong but he didn't weigh much and in that sense he was a bit of a lightweight.]]

[center [+orange Damn it!!]]

[center [b Alvin growled as he did a backward handspring back to his feet. Eric began to think to himself did Alvin do this crazy shit without second thought? By instinct? He made it look easy like anyone could balance off a stick with a handstand and flip off. He could be a gymnastic it really impressed Eric. Heck he couldn't reach his toes some days he wasn't flexible at all. Even if he was this? This was another level. Alvin came in with a flurry of two handed strikes as he growled and yelled almost as if he was forcing himself to stand his ground. To... Not be so flexible. True Alvin fought Styles and others with a mix of brute force with an agile edge but he did prefer to overpower his enemies. Why limit yourself? To prove something? Eric never tried to... Understand Alvin not till Peyton had said what she said. Care? Yes, give and protect? Yes and yes but to understand? He wasn't a smart person he knew that. Maybe he should start to try and think and try to understand the friends he cares so much for. Eric had blocked every attack as Eric grabbed Alvin's stick. Eric pulling his stick with right arm backward.]]

[center [b As he swung downward at Alvin with a mightblow as Alvin looked up raising his arm to block the strike. POP! Alvin had grunted as his arm began to bleed and shake and wobble his left arm in one strike seemed in a lot of pain. Numb... And jellow as Alvin shook holding it. He was trying to beat Eric at his own game this time around. At that Alvin moved in headbutting Eric in his skull as Eric stumbled back and Alvin began to bleed. As Alvin let his stick go completely and Eric held onto it. He hadn't expected that as he elbowed Eric into his sterdem in the core of his stomach. Eric gasping a bit as Alvin tripped Eric to the ground reaching for Eric's stick grabbing it from his hands. Spinning the large weapon over his head he swung down into the same spot. As saliva flew from Eric's mouth the blow struck sound and true as Eric became racked in pain. Though it began to ease quickly enough it hurt and did a number. Though Eric was anywhere near broken yet.]]

[center [+orange Huff... huff...]]

[center [h3 Shelter and Strength]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK5RWzXxG0E]]

[center [b "Damn it" Rex panted heavily as he Eric reached his hand up to the large stick. To the two playing an almost childish game of tug of war. Rex's left arm wasn't offering much aid as pain shot up his body and it bled more and more. Rex hopping back and grabbing his stick from the ground while his left arm hung limp. Not the first time his arm has been limp from damage and pain of it's been broken and shattered plenty of times. If not for the science the lab had offered he'd most likely be damaged for life no doubt. Not that Rex would ever admit to that. Perhaps this fight was omage to that Rex had knew he could defeat Eric. Though what he wanted to prove to himself? Was could he do it on his terms. The way he wanted to be a warrior... Is to be strong. That is what that meant to Alvin to be strong sturdy and reliable. If he couldn't prove his strength over Eric over every fighter how could anyone rely on his combat prowess. How could he believe in himself. So far Eric has been like a wall Alvin can't push him he only gets thrown back. Even wielding that massive branch was... Well it wasn't easy. Eric holds it around like nothing maybe Rex couldn't defeat him in brute strength. He had said early on his enhanced strength wasn't as great as Eric's. Yet he... it was complicated he wanted to prove that anyone can be strong with training. Despite gifts! Or size! That willpower can change anything and everything with enough hardwork and effort. Rex was always that way even before this place. Was it his own personal code of the "warrior?"]]

[center [b Come to think of it where did that code even come from? Why endure and push as hard as he did? Even before the way he had to be headstrong in any altercation. Even if he was reflective in any social situation. Was it to feel... Less frail? To be strong in at least one way? Maybe it had to with how much Anime he had watched. Oh yeah that surely played a part and he was even self aware of that fact. As the pain began to settle in he looked at Eric holding his stomach as he took a stance. Perhaps Rex was being a bit too rough on Eric wasn't he? Gah! He also lost himself in the moment didn't he? He got so direct... He must have sounded so stupid or cliche. So stupidly cheesy... Than again Eric could be cheesy too couldn't he? Well it was endearing to say the least.]]

[center [b Nothing about Rex at this moment was endearing sure it helped them survive for now but what else did it really offer? Why were these thoughts crowding him now? Why was he trying to prove his strength now? Yet question himself? He hadn't meant to take this spar so seriously what could it be? Was it the surge of excitement to know he'd leave soon? No... That wasn't it... Why would one try and show his strength in such a way? To cover a weakness maybe? What though?]]

[center [+orange S-Sorry Eric I... That was a little rough... Y-Y-Your getting better at s-s-striking back...]]

[center [b Rex held his arm as Eric smiled the two had carried on too spar. Though not as nearly intense the two were pretty banged up that was for sure. Rex again was the victor and the two needed healing from Raine. Eric was quick to ask for aid in that regard and as Peyton whistled for the boys to come back Eric placed his hands on the back of his head with a grin.]]

[center [+brown Shouldn't the guys be whistling at you instead Peyton?]]

[center [b Yikes! That was direct even for Eric! He did love to compliment them didn't he? The last shift they had Eric had tried boosting his ego. Eric seemed like he wanted everyone to feel better took Rex awhile to see it wasn't an act. Though sometimes it was so direct and goofy he had to remind himself Eric meant it. Yeah it sounded like teasing but he believed every compliment he through at this crazy team.]]

[center [b Is that what it truly means to be strong? To keep others happy? To protect them? Was that it? The feeling he had? His weakness he wanted to cover? Was he afraid... To lose his... His friends? Like he had lost...]]

[center [b Rex clung his hand onto his own chest shaking his head softly as they prepared for bed in the cave. Rex felt he was keeping them alive or that even Peyton took the reins. Or that Raine kept them alive but in a weird way it was Eric wasn't it? Even the plan they had now? Raine got that idea in her head from Eric, that hope and valor he had before any of them. Was he really so naive? Fearless? Or was he just brave enough to face it all? Despite the risk? Maybe he was wiser than he had let on. Rex had instantly written him off as his lesser upon that meeting but it was clear Rex admired Eric. He had admired them all for separate for reasons. Though Eric was in a sense Rex's goal a person he wanted to be. Strange when he was trying to change Eric to be more aggressive. To be willing to cut any foe down regardless. Rex didn't want to do that he's always wanted to be the hero to defeat his foes and change their paths. Strange wasn't it? That was the exact opposite of what he had been doing. Raine and Eric had done just that. Got Styles and Mally on board, if it were up to Rex? Well yeah he'd have made another choice. In the real world you can't always be the icon you imagine yourself to be. It's easy to watch a show or a movie and say. "I'd kill him he's too fishy! I'd save him and worry about the other stuff later!" you don't know what you'd do in the end. Not until you are thrown in that situation.]]

[center [+brown Goodnight to you as well Mally! Stay safe guys.]]

[center [b Huh? Oh Eric was just wishing them a good night nothing special. Rex looked at Mally's eyes before looking away. He was surprised she wished them a good night. She was so... Stoic but it was intriguing to say the least. She was kinda pretty too looking at her off the battlefield. Wait what?! How could Rex think this again?! Now of all times! The better question was how were there so many cute girls?! Not to be weird but even the guys here weren't that bad looking either. That was strange for Rex to think he was positive he didn't swing that way but he could notice an attractive person if he saw one. Claire as mean as she was and boy was she mean she made Peyton at first look like a kitten. Peyton... Kitten... Hmmm gah! Rex had shook his head wildly. "Did I just imagine..?" Well neko Peyton would be adorable. Than again she was already so cute oh gosh what was Rex thinking. Rex was grateful they wore clothing that wasn't too... Racey. Rex would have his thoughts on guard all the time.]]

[center [b Claire and Rose aside Rose well cause it was a bit tight almost like the sexy witch kinda look. Gah! No not that! Well yeah it was-- No just no stop thinking. Claire? Those shorts were... Well that way too short. Least she didn't have a large chest with a tight shirt on ROSE. Oh gosh what was he thinking? Did he not like that really? It wasn't his clothing he shouldn't be so controlling right? Rex didn't really want to debate with himself if he liked it or not. Either answer would find a way to upset himself. Strange he could think the most useless things ever known to man and never think of anything... Helpful. Like an escape plan? Or how to save everyone? Nope boobs it is! Rex had laid down and hid a small chuckle to himself. That was a funny way to put it. Could you imagine in mid fight? "Hey Rose I can't figure out a way to get outta here because we can't stop thinking about your boobs!" from the sounds of it Kanzaki and Eric would die laughing. Oh it'd be worth it for that but the girls? They'd stop respecting Rex heck if they ever at all in the first place.]]

[center [b Not to mention Rose already hated him so that wouldn't be a good idea huh? Thinking of which turning around he went to look at his new comrades. It was strange to find any of them cute or worry about hurting their feelings. Considering he had... He had well. It was strange in the heat of things he just... Tried not to think of it. Something about Rose though did seem familiar sadly not in a good way. It made Rex uneasy... Afraid even, why was he so afraid of her? What was it? Not just social anxiety but true fear strange to mix in with the face he found her beautiful huh? A dangerous beauty? No that would be attractive! It wasn't exactly like that what about her made Rex so terrified?]]

[center [b As Rex looked her way she had looked at him with a confused look she tilted her head. Looking at him for a moment she peered into his eyes. Almost like she was seeing right through him. As he looked away she began to giggle and laugh as her cheeks began to glow a bit. Though it didn't last long before she sighed sadly what was it? Why was she acting like that? As she leaned over whispering with Styles he chuckled a bit as he stood up.]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [+blue Aye Rose you seem to always turn heads don't you! Haha! Well rest easy all the lot of you.]]

[center [b Styles said as he gave a wave Rex's eyes widened a bit. Oh gosh! Did he have to say that?! Like really?! Rex shaking his head into a now as he decided to retreat laying down resting his head. Closing his eyes he decided not to think of it.]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue Hey! I wasn't looking that time! You can bet she's a cutie though!! Though my eyes hadn't left the angel who woke me up yet.]]

[center [b Kanzaki gave a wink to Peyton of course he'd be happy to have her wake him up. Not that it annoyed Rex if anything he found it kinda funny and even a little sad. A little sad how unique each and every personality they had. Mally seemed so cruel at first like a villain the horns? The way she seemed to enjoy attacking Eric? Like she had really wanted to see the man bleed. Yet she had it in her to wish them goodnight. Kanzaki was a literal black knight standing in Rex's way. Styles? A shifty backstabbing pirate. Rose? A sneaky witch with a pretty face. He'd have killed them and never learned a thing about them. They were people with feelings hopes and goals like Rex and the rest of them. Nothing was as black and white as villains and heroes huh? Hmm Claire still seemed to be just as bad though and the people holding them here? They were evil right? Maybe or maybe not maybe everyone just had their own idea of right. Though thinking of Claire she had set up making her way to Kanzaki.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Hitting him in the arm she rolled her eyes it didn't look to playful it was fierce. In fact she may have aimed at his stomach but he had simply moved in time.]]

[center [+lightblue Leave the girl alone Kanzaki you really wanna creep everyone out before the big fight? Want them to have nightmares before they sleep?]]

[center [b Rose couldn't help but frown a bit at Claire's attitude as Kanzaki chuckled. He acted like she was just teasing him but it felt like she really wasn't. If someone said that to Rex? Oh it'd sting big time hell it'd sting even worse coming from a cute girl. Would? It happened to Rex in school a lot. There were so many pretty girls who picked on Rex. Who would call him a creep or make jokes about how he prefers animated woman. Or "cartoon porn" though he didn't! Just thinking about it he got so defensive. Not to mention so many of their boyfriends really wanted to fuck with Rex. Rex didn't like to have such foul language roam around his head space. Yet it made him angry enough to forget that.]]

[center [b That anger? That hatred? Must have really helped fuel his punches. It was nice now he had another drive but Claire? She reminded him of all of that. He always wondered why a pretty girl couldn't have a deeper personality? Well Serah had proved that was possible hadn't she? Heck Vincent proved not every guy with good looks had to love sports or act like an idiot. NOT the loveable type either. Even now Rex had the urge to just... Strike Claire pretty female or not he just she just made him so upset.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh Claire don't be so jealous now you know I notice you too!]]

[center [b Kanzaki replied but she hadn't really much to say to that besides a scoff as she walked out of the room. Why did Kanzaki tolerate her like that?]]

[center [+darkblue Well sweet dreams Raine! Peyton! Try not to miss me too much okay? You too Eric!]]

[center [b He winked at the girls as he decided to put a fist up for Eric as they chuckled a bit bumping fist. Oh it was clear Kanzaki already felt at home.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh and Rex! I heard you guys fighting out there a bit! Hard not to with the shouting!! You owe me a match too! I want to see if I can beat the White Swordsman! I've always wondered!! Sleep easy man I feel pretty good having a hero like you around. Honestly? From the rumors I've heard I always wanted to meet you and I'm finally glad I did. Your even stronger than I imagined! I know we'll be all right tomorrow! Don't worry though it's not all on you!! I got your back!!! They don't call me the Black Berserker for nothing! Remember man we need a team name!!! All right night guys!!!]]

[center [b Boy he loved to talk huh? Another nice guy it seemed but it wasn't the same exactly. For starters it felt Kanzaki only saw Rex's title and the rumors. Not who he really was at all, that he was this brave and stoic swordsman. That he chose to be quiet strong and fight these harsh battles. Like he was this force of nature a true hero. A legend and Rex wasn't sure what to make of it.]]

[center [b Part of him? As vain as it sounded liked the praise. The other part? Embarrassed and upset he had liked Eric knowing he was and treating him that kind. To know him for him it meant a lot more. Still Kanzaki's words had made Rex feel a bit happier. Nodding with a weak smile as they took off so did Rex. Though it wasn't to leave the cave as he began to drift to sleep.]]

[center [h3 Alvin]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcsgNUjiuCs]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/b6/c6/fa/b6c6fae8423a1539488048e88dcf84bf.jpg]]

[center [+darkgreen Prom huh?]]

[center [b Alvin laid in the middle of a lush and green pasture it wasn't too far from the forest where he had met his friends. Covered in flowers and tall grass with a gentle breeze Alvin loved to lay there. It was when he could think about useless things and even talk out loud to himself. It was nice to talk without stuttering or worrying about sounding silly. One thing on his mind was how just a few days ago they had talked about how they met. It was so random it was easy to forget how intense that meeting was. They acted like regular school friends really despite how they had met. They had regular high school problems like homework school work. Family issues sure but nothing to outta this world. Nothing out of this world... Funny phrase to use seeing as they were his world. Nothing would ever be out of that right?]]

[center [+darkgreen Normal highschool problems huh? That's kinda funny, I'd rather fight another pack of wolves than think of prom! Ugh... I don't mean that... It can be fun.... I want it to be but I'm afraid it'll just...]]

[center [b He sighed loudly as he looked up at the sky holding his knee's close to him.]]

[center [pic http://img15.deviantart.net/844d/i/2013/124/0/a/anime_beach_girl_wallpaper_by_bakahp-d641enj.jpg]]

[center [+pink There you are! Oh my gosh I've been looking for you everywhere! Vincent was busy today by the way.]]

[center [b Serah popped up her face over Alvin's as she gave a smile and a wave. Alvin had began to blush as he smiled softly.]]

[center [+darkgreen T-T-Talking to a c-c-cute girl maybe...?]]

[center [+pink Yeah right! He's all talk he wouldn't really!! No his family dragged him to watch a movie. It's funny the prices are so low right now I bet it's cause of all the media placed for the war ya know? They want people to see it more and maybe pitch in. Speaking of which I want you to promise me something!]]

[center [b She pulled away placing her hands on her hips as Alvin sat up looking back at her tilting his head.]]

[center [+darkgreen Y-Yes?]]

[center [+pink I made Vincent promise to but please! Don't do any of that! Go to war I mean, I mean maybe a domestic knight... But I don't want even that. I'd be worried to death about you guys!]]

[center [b What brought this on? Well they were paying pretty well as of late. It was tempting for most people to even drop out of high school and sign up. Alvin would be lying if he had said he hadn't thought about it. Sounded like something he could do right? They had fine weapons and armor surely he could play the role of a frontline fighter. Maybe qualify as a Knight of the kingdom but Serah seemed serious about this didn't she?]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I... But I...]]

[center [+pink No buts! Alvin you mean the freakin world to me do you want me to cry? I will throw a bitch fit if you don't just give in. Don't make me I will!]]

[center [b Alvin laughed a bit placing his hand over his mouth as his lips formed into a smile.]]

[center [+darkgreen O-Okay okay I-I won't! U-Umm.. S-Serah... Could I umm..]]

[center [+pink Ask me a question now? Shoot go for it!]]

[center [b Alvin loved how she knew him so well she could tell when he was beating around the bush. Oh boy did he beat that bush often they had been friends for awhile huh? That certainly wasn't the only thing he loved about her. There wasn't a thing he hadn't enjoyed about her and to hear he meant the world to her too? Well it made him happy and gave him the courage to speak up a bit.]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I umm.. So uhh... D-Did ya get that song I sent y-you...?]]

[center [b Serah moving her hair outta her face as she sat beside Alvin. Blowing at her hair as she adjusted herself a bit getting comfortable. She smiled with a little nod.]]

[center [+pink Yeah I saw it, gah it was really cute actually! Sorry just my hair has been a real pain today ugh!]]

[center [b It was strange she'd say that Alvin really loved her hair. She loved to dye it pink a lot it was rare to see a girl act so... Like a girl. It's funny that phrase "you act like a girl"]]

[center [b That phrase was funny because most girls took that as an insult. They acted like tomboys or whatever style and before long things like dresses? Skirts? Well they were rare to see. Ripped pants and t-shirts with girls acting just like the guys was the normal nowadays. Not that it was bad! Just in a way being girly was sorta... Unique and kinda cute. The modern idea of girly a thing girls would actually wear that a guy couldn't would be short shorts. Serah was so... Classy but at the same time? She was such a dork just like Alvin. She really loved to kid around and make jokes. She emotional but at the same time she didn't make everything so difficult. She was perfect or anything no one was and she knew her flaws. She'd worry a lot and one flaw she said she had was she was a big clingy. Though to Alvin they were all endearing flaws. She was a sweetheart and Alvin had wished he could somehow tell her that. There was a lot of things he had wanted to tell his two friends.]]

[center [+darkgreen Y-Yeah..? I-It was... I umm... I-I...]]

[center [b This was so painful! UGH! Alvin sighed lowering his head as Serah tilted her head. She didn't know what he wanted to say this time around. Maybe because it was something out of character for Alvin huh? Oh wait! Alvin put a finger up as he dug around in pockets pulling a pen out and a wrinkled paper. Was this for notes today? The front had been used but he just flipped it backwards and tried to straighten the wrinkles. As he began to write on the paper his handwriting was always sorta poor and in a lot of ways? This was even more embarrassing. In fact he had almost decided to crumple the paper completely and forget about it. He would have if he hadn't already wussed out on this question about a hundred different times. He figured the risk wasn't worth the reward but after thinking about it so much? That wasn't true when it constantly ate at him more and more.]]

[center [b Well to be frank he hadn't even been to direct in his own mind but... Well it was time to be honest with himself. If he can do that maybe he could for her? As the words came onto the paper. He had decided to finally write how he had felt. "Honest with myself" "Well... I... I..... I've fallen that much is obvious. Whether I admit or not that or not I have fallen in love with Serah." That was a hard thing to even think but he had. She was simply so alluring how she had made his heart race every time he was around her. Even that first meeting to see how cute she was? How cheerful? She whisked him away from that very first meeting. He didn't know it or accept it he felt it was too cheesy or stupid to like someone that fast. So he waited and a year later? He still feels the same way in fact it's stronger. When he finds her cute? He doesn't shake his head and call himself stupid he really means it. In fact he already even found any other girls cute anymore really. His thoughts had always turned to Serah and he wasn't sure what love was. Though this had to be it right? It was worth a shot to find out right? Find out... Ha right no there wasn't much doubt in Alvin's mind. Part of him had wanted that to not be the fact. He was afraid to be rejected or to be abandoned what if she hadn't felt the same way? This could really ruin everything couldn't it? Sure he had watched so many romance anime but that hardly prepared him did it?]]

[center [b As he poured his heart and soul into that paper he had folded the paper up handing it over to Serah as he looked away. He was afraid to see her reaction or make eye contact. After he closed his eyes and waited for a response. She put the paper down and for a bit? Nothing, course she could be making any facial expression couldn't she? Alvin had hoped maybe she was smiling or even... Blushing. Though what he imagined? Oh boy that was a sigh and how to put him down gently. Or worst case scenario she flips out and leaves.]]

[center [+pink Alvin that was a very sweet letter thank you. I just... I don't know I have a lot going on. My dad has really been strict and my parents haven't been getting along... It's affecting my grades too. I never really thought about... Well that! I am so flattered your very cute! Adorable any girl would be lucky to have you.]]

[center [b Alvin let out a long sigh so that's a no than? He didn't ask her to... Well be his.... To be his! Just a date but even that didn't go too well. Boy that really stung rejected before it ever got a chance to start they got along so well he had really thought... Maybe? He felt so stupid.]]

[center [+darkgreen Y-Your right.. T-That r-r-r-reminds me I-I h-have h-h-h-homework I gotta-]]

[center [b As he stood up in mid sentence to walk off he was ready to bolt. He wanted to escape head home hug his pillow and watch some anime. Maybe vent to Vincent sword fight after the movies. Some video games or vent to strangers over the net it didn't matter. He was less shy online anyhow. He had just wanted to not be feeling the heat he was at this moment. Though as he stood up Serah had hugged him from behind as she clung onto him. Alvin stopping he wasn't sure what to think or how to feel. She was... So soft and warm it was a gentle embrace but at the same time it was bittersweet. A part of him? Wanted to... Turn around and just... The other? Break free and never look back. Kiss or run huh? It's like fight or flight wasn't it? Instead though he just froze as she hung onto him.]]

[center [+pink I umm.. I guess one date couldn't hurt right? I mean your a patient guy. You'll probably let me focus on school and understand when my father restricts me from some things. I mean well uhh.. I don't know I'm really bad with this stuff! We could maybe give it a shot..? Like a trial period? I just don't wanna get your hopes up hun.]]

[center [b Yikes she sounded so guilty and like she had felt really bad. She didn't want the atmosphere to be so sad or serious. He had imagined things in... A much more romantic sense. He had even planned something special had she said yes. A speech for her but... Well yeah it was a yes but barely he didn't need to look pathetic. The affection was already one sided. It took all in his power to not fall into tears right than and there. He wished had just messaged her something like this. It was easy to say over a message "oh it's cool no worries!"]]

[center [+darkgreen O-O-Ok-]]

[center [b He had choked up a bit before finishing his word so instead he had stayed silent as Serah clung tightly. As she turned him around holding him close her head into his chest as she began to comb his hair with her fingers. She began to hush him softly.]]

[center [b As Alvin reached his arms out to her he began to melt into her arms. It was strange he never expected this sort of comfort. It was embarrassing and he was even a little ashamed to admit..]]

[center [+pink Shh.. Don't be upset Alvin it's not that I don't like you I... I do I really do! I mean... I think I do I'm so new to this really.. What I said sounded really cold didn't it? I didn't want to hurt you Alvin your my best friend and I don't wanna mess it up. Like... What if I'm a horrible girlfriend? Than you hate me forever? What if like I fuck everything up? I mean I'm already a terrible fucking daughter a horrible student. Shit I'm even a horrible friend I was such a cold bitch just now. UGH! I'm really sorry hun I didn't mean to I just-]]

[center [b As she carried on with her worries and troubles Alvin had reached out to her hands. Leaning in as he pressed his onward against her own as her eyes began to widen. Tears flowing down his cheeks as his eyes closed. Water escaping Serah's green eyes as well. As tears met the kiss had deepened as she wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands reaching toward her waist as his heart began to race and race and race. He hadn't thought this to himself but this? This was what he always imagined a perfect romance to be. When a girl is down on herself? She can't take anymore? She has her doubts? This has been the first time Alvin has been the one to help Serah not Vincent. Not counting the day they met he's never made her feel any better till today. Least he had hoped he had he couldn't find the words and this was the only attack he had.]]

[center [b Oh what was he doing?! She was already so unsure he probably made her feel even worse! Stupid stupid stupid! As he parted his lips quickly he turned his head away again ashamed.]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I'm s-s-sorr-]]

[center [b As he attempted to apologize Serah had pulled him in now by his shirt collar counter attacking the young boy. As she smacked his lips against his own holding them against his own. As her lips curled into a smile as the two embraced one another. Alvin was shocked but all at the same time? He was happy to say the least!! The day was a success all and all wasn't it? Talk about highschool problems that was one of the most well known ones! Girls but this turned out to be more of a solution than a problem and Alvin thanked god for that.]]

[center [h3 A Date]]

[center [b Eight-Thirty PM! Ack how did he oversleep! He should really go to bed at normal times who else sleeps till nine PM?! Even if it is a weekend and now he's thirty minutes late! Rushing in the front of the theater he saw Serah. Instantly giving a soft bow.]]

[center [+darkgreen S-S-Serah! I-I'm s-s-sorry!]]

[center [b Even with what had happened he still couldn't help but be so shy. They've acted like a couple the whole week even though they really weren't? Not yet but Alvin was happy to at least have this shot. Even if it ends suddenly it'll be nice while it last right? To see what it feels like to... To be near someone like this. He was late in life to have his first kiss his first embrace. They really haven't... Not since than but the thought couldn't leave him. She had pecked his cheek but it wasn't the same and he was willing to take it slow. She was worth it she had become his world. Who was he kidding? She was always his world her and Vincent. Serah giggling softly latched on to his arm.]]

[center [+pink I'll forgive you if you get me popcorn! I think were late for the movie though sweetie.]]

[center [+darkgreen S-Sweetie..?]]

[center [+pink Oh gosh! I'm sorry I told you I'm new to this! Is that too much?]]

[center [+darkgreen N-No! Just the opposite I.. err.. I-I mean its perfect for someone s-s-so new t-t-to this!]]

[center [+pink Hehe what can I say I play lots of dating sims!]]

[center [+darkgreen Oh gosh! I like the RPG ones like Record of Aragest! But you choose girls in that one I doubt you'd like it!]]

[center [+pink Hehe you always get so forward when we bring up video games!! It's like your a whole new person! Hey I played that one! Ya know why? I swing both ways duh! Kidding kidding! It was fun but it was soooo hard! Gweh! You had to beat like every boss battle for me.]]

[center [b Alvin blushed as he laughed the two joked and played around back and forth. It was nice she really brought out a more comfortable side of him. Sure video games helped a lot but the fact it was her helped most of all. They had joked and kid around just like when they were friends. Well... They are friends but now? They got to be.. Close to hold hands to go arm in arm and it was small sure but he was loving every second of it. It was sad to say it was the happiest moment of his life right next to meeting them. As they sat down for the movie and ate and drank Serah had laid her head into shoulder as he smiled softly leaning into her.]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I... S-Serah...?]]

[center [+pink Yes what is it?]]

[center [+pink I... I'm so glad I met y-you two. I-I... N-Never had the c-c-courage to say it before but... I love you guys. More than you realize and I just... I feel like e-everything in my life. Job... Life my a-anxiety it's all going to be okay. I finally feel.. I can say what I-I want to. What I want to say? Is that I love you Serah.]]

[center [b Serah blushed brightly leaning in as she had pecked his cheek rubbing her nose against his own playfully. Gah how was she so adorable? It drove Alvin crazy but he really loved it. As she answered in a honey sweet tone.]]

[center [+pink I'm glad I met you too hun, it's funny you bring Vincent up during a date! I bet you had the hots for him first didn't you?]]

[center [+darkgreen Oh y-yeah you seen him? Good grades? Glasses? He's my type but when he rejected me I'd figure why not ask S-Serah? Hehe... Oh gosh no I'm kidding I've always l-l-liked you!]]

[center [+pink Hehehe your so worked up! It's really cute no it's okay I know the truth now! I'm kidding but... It's sweet you say that. I'm nothing special and I hear all the girls use that lame line but I'm just really plain. I'm glad you asked me out on this date and I'm proud of you. Me and Vincent always wanted you to meet a nice girl and be happy but this wasn't what I had in mind! Hehe~]]

[center [b Alvin had smiled as he held onto her hand tightly and everything had gone very well. Alvin had waited for a chance to kiss her like that again but the courage he had in that moment? It didn't find him besides if she had wanted to she could right? He wasn't sure but he didn't sweat it. With the way things were? It was fine and he didn't mind it at all. Even when he told Vincent he was so happy for Alvin and things were beyond perfect.]]

[center [h3 Changing Seasons]]

[center [b As the month came to an end it was finally starting to get colder. Was Winter coming up? The plains would be covered in snow soon wouldn't it? Alvin hadn't got a chance to talk with Serah much lately. As Alvin was walking home from school on a Friday he heard a familiar voice. Come across the corner bumping into Alvin as he dropped his book bag.]]

[center [pic http://orig11.deviantart.net/383c/f/2014/059/e/1/anime_boy_render_by_kiritowaifu-d78eg9u.png]]

[center [+darkblue Hey man! How are you doing? Aren't you glad today's Friday?]]

[center [b He wrapped his arm around Alvin as he nodded timidly but with a wide enough smile across the brown haired males face. Though it had faded away soon enough. Yeah Alvin was patient that Serah had her family issues and school. He didn't wanna push for her attention or anything but he was scared something was wrong. He thought maybe he'd take the chance to ask her out for real this time.]]

[center [+darkgreen Y-Ya! Winter break isn't too far! They have the prom coming up too oh I-I can't wait! I-I haven't heard from S-Serah t-t-though h-have you?]]

[center [+darkblue Me? I... No not really I'm sorry man but I'm sure she'll-]]

[center [+pink Talking about a lady behind her back? So rude!]]

[center [b Serah said as she pounced at the two with a tackle hug as they fell backward. As she giggled laying on the two with a tight hug.]]

[center [+pink I'm so sorry guys! I've just... I've been going through sososos much these last two weeks! UGH! I missed you guys so much.. I hate hate hate to do this but Vincent hun! Could you give Alvin and me a second?]]

[center [+darkblue Roger dodger! If you guys need me just look around the corner and hollar okay?]]

[center [b Vincent said as he patted the two on the back giving a wave as he walked some distance away waiting for the two. Alvin smiling wide as he looked Serah's way. She seemed... A bit drained and tired he placed a hand on her shoulder tilting his head to the side.]]

[center [+darkgreen Y-You okay s-s-s-s-sweet.. Sweet.. S-Sweetie?]]

[center [b He had said struggling he had never used such a term of endearment and it came out pretty bad. It didn't have the feel or effect he had wanted it to have but he was sure he'd get more practice. That's what he thought anyhow that he'd figure out to say in a way that felt... Right. As Serah sighed weakly she looked so fragile as she placed her hands on his own taking it off of her shoulder putting his hand on his side. Already he had began to retreat a step away from her. Why?! Why would she do that? That's not a bad sign right? Maybe she's just sad? Oh god why would she do that?]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I..]]

[center [+pink Alvin... I... Haven't really been honest to why I've been a-avoiding you... Agh look at me stuttering now. I... I don't how to say this. I just... I already hurt your feelings once and I.. Didn't want to do it again. I just... I'll be forward to rip this off like a band aid. You are an awesome guy and I enjoyed the time we spent together. I just... Well I'm going to be honest I started to grow feelings for someone else. Someone I've known for a really long time. I warned you early on just in case... Ya know? God I'm such a bitch aren't I? I'm really sorry hun I just didn't want to lose you as a friend I should have told you sooner. I just-]]

[center [b Per usual another person was cut off that was normal for the three of them to be cut off a lot.]]

[center [+darkgreen Y-Y-Your... Breaking up with me..?]]

[center [+pink Alvin.. We weren't really well... Ya know? Look I really am sorry I-]]

[center [b Cut off once again but this time? There wasn't any words as Alvin turned and bolted. As Serah grabbed at his arm he pushed at her in fear as she fell backwards tears filling her eyes. He looked at her like a frightened animal he wanted to help her back up. He never wanted to hurt her he had put his life on the line for her. Instead he simply ran and as Vincent tried to block Alvin he simply ran him over as tears filled his eyes and he sprinted like no tomorrow he needed to escape he needed to get away. Screw it screw school screw everything maybe he'd join the army after all. Whatever those wolves had? Why couldn't they have gotten him sick too? Infect him and he'd just die and be done with it. He knew something was wrong and... Damn it he had felt so stupid. Wait.. he had left his book bag behind hadn't he? Screw it he doesn't care about school right. Wait... he had something for Serah in it didn't he? "Of course just my luck!" With that Alvin ran back into a full sprint just grab it and go. They don't need to see anything more embarrassing. As he came around the corner he saw Vincent holding Serah as she began to cry. Vincent's eyes watered and his lips pressed against her forehead.]]

[center [+darkgreen Y-You... W-What...? Wait... Oh no I can't... No no..]]

[center [+darkblue Alvin! Wait I! I.. I was gonna tell you I just!! I didn't.. Want to-]]

[center [+darkgreen Lose a friend? Or make Serah look like a two timing slut? Whatever I don't care! Do whatever you want!! Oh wait we didn't date? You just get to go on dates kiss guys while doing the same with another one. With no titles you aren't breaking the rules! Or better yet avoid the guy for two weeks and make him worry? Thanks.. Thanks a lot.]]

[center [b At that he had grabbed at his book bag pulling the roses out from the plains he had enjoyed along with the flowers. As he threw them roughly at the two as they stood in shock and horror at their friends outrage. Was it a tantrum? Was it immature? Probably but Alvin didn't care they were his friends and he trusted them. Yet they kept a secret from him? At that he began to walk away as Vincent placed his hand on his shoulder.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey man wait Serah doesn't deserve that abuse it was my fault! You cut that shit Alvin you can't talk to her like that okay? Your being childish! Yeah we coulda said something but this is bullshit and you know it.]]

[center [b Vincent gripping Alvin's shoulder tightly as Alvin gripped his fist turning around pounding into Vincent's nose. As Vincent bled falling backwards Alvin began to kick at him in anger growling and yelling as he threw swift kicks into his closest and dearest friend. The person who saved Alvin the person whom he opened his heart to. The man he had admired more than any other. As Vincent began to curl up passing out Alvin had stopped at him as Serah threw herself on top of Vincent. Crying for Alvin to stop Alvin looking into her eyes filled with tears his face turning from anger to despair as he backed up. Looking at Vincent groan in pain coughing as Serah held him up.]]

[center [+pink Oh my god your coughing blood Alvin call an ambulance he could die! He's hurt! Alvin! Alvin hurry!!]]

[center [b Though as she looked back at Alvin he simply turn and ran as he wiped at his face. Dropping the bag once again he was sorry he was sorry. He really was sorry he didn't mean too he didn't know what came over him what happened? What happened? "I'm sorry... I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I.. I'm.."]]

[center [h3 Reading Rex]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbI4gw8D5kE]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Before Rose had left the cave she had taken a peak at Rex's thoughts. She had to make sure he wasn't up to anything and... Well he wasn't. She was surprised the topic of her bust had came around! As she blushed covering her chest she didn't expect the white swordsman to be such a boy. Though it seemed to bother him didn't it? It was hard to read someone who was so unsure about himself. As the others headed out to guard duty she stayed behind about an half hour longer as Rex slept. She wanted to delve through his memories and a lot of them? He had forgotten but it seemed the more time he spent with this group? The more he began to rediscover himself. What had made him snap at his friend like that? Was it the way he was infected? That bout with the wolf? Did it increase his aggression? There was a lot to read and she'd need more time but she'd get it all. All in all... He was much more frail than she expected. He was just as scared of her as she was of him. It was strange he found her cute though she didn't know what to say about that. He did try to murder her after all. Or Styles anyhow, though delving deeper she had come across why he was afraid of her. Funnily the reason? Was even more of a reason for her to fear him. Hopefully he never pieced two and two together.]]

[center [b As the watch lasted till the morning Rex had woken up shouting that he was sorry. Panting into a sweat as he wiped at his face with his sleeve. Rose had heard it from outside the cave as the sun began to rise. It would be time to move soon wouldn't it? Reading her new allies she wasn't sure if they would have what it took to survive. However she was eager to try! She was a positive witch after all! She'd rather to try than just give up and kill each other.]]
  Eric / Isamu / 2y 231d 24m 42s
[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton smiled when Eric mentioned a dance. Her mind wandered a bit with that. Imagining herself in a dress, happy, dancing, fitting in. Then her mind took a darker turn...picturing herself spilling out of her dress, kids laughing at her, crying. Solemnly she shook her head and laughed a bit.
Her face flushed when Eric pointed out she couldn't peak at Raine. Blinking she got too flustered to comment back. Maybe Peyton did like girls? Well, she also liked boys already. Could she like both? For a moments time her mind wandered between all the options of this new extended group. Shaking her head, she surely didn't have time to think about this. Finishing up the arrows, a few were made and that's all she wanted for tomorrow.

Eric spoke up on Rex, well Alvin next. Peyton blinked, she should switch the name over in her head mentally too. Start calling him that as well, true it didn't fit now, but maybe it wasn't supposed to fit. Nodding her head simply towards his speech. Her mind scrambled into layers of deep thought.

As they got up and crossed over, Peyton analyzed the two from a far. Simple sparing, he adjusted her stance. They both seemed pretty flustered over it. Raine looked embarrassed and even though she was focusing, seemed to be visibly struggling with the idea she didn't know what to do. Peyton thought about her own sparing, if she didn't have her power...she'd probably be in the same boat as Raine. Eric engaged the conversation and as interested as Peyton was, she noticed Raine looked to not be. The small girl was frowning at the idea, her face looked nervous. Peyton walked up to her and patted her head.
[#8A2BE2 "What's wrong?"] she jumped straight to the question, because something was obviously bothering their healer.
Peyton handed Raine the dagger back and put an arm around her shoulder. The two of them next to each other was cute, while being funny at the same time. Peyton standing above her by half a foot. Raine the 5 foot flat even, while Peyton stood 5 foot 6 inches. It was kind of comical.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine nodded. Kinetic force, she didn't have much strength so she'd have to generate her own. The back and forth went on for a moment, he'd attack slow and she'd clash back. It felt foreign and strange to her, she didn't entirely like it. Maybe she was so nervous because he was so skilled, and she...wasn't. Sighing deeply she ran a hand through her hair. Her face flushed as Rex had adjusted her stance like she asked.
Despite her feeling and how much she wanted to do this, she felt majorly discouraged about it. There was no way at this rate she'd be ready to defend herself in the big fight tomorrow.

Raine looked up, Alvin pulling her out of her own negative thoughts. And just as she cleared her head with the words he said. Eric and Peyton came over. Driving her mind right back off the ledge, and for a moment she was fine. Until Rex and Eric brought up all three of them, fighting just Alvin. [i "B-but...I can't fight!"] she yelled in her mind.
She wouldn't be able to keep up with any of them. Sighing she was ready to say she'd just go sit off to the side. When Peyton approached her and wrapped an arm around her.
Being asked what was wrong, Raine straightened up and shook her head.
[#6495ED "N-n...I just... I can't fight...I won't even be able to keep up in a spar match with one of you...Yet alone all of you..."] trying to smile she shook her head. [#6495ED "I will just watch"] she stated trying to seem okay with it.
However it didn't seem to fool Peyton, who then said [#8A2BE2 "Look Raine, if I didn't have a power to lean on...I'd be in the same place as you. I don't know how to use a weapon, or even how to throw a punch. I lean so much on my power, I am really not that great at even using that."] Peyton looked at the boys and nodded.
[#8A2BE2 "As interesting as the proposition sounds, I think Raine and I will spar together. It's not the right time to do something big like that anyway....We have a big fight tomorrow, as well as-"] she pointed up in the sky at the moon. It was reaching the top soon [#8A2BE2 " It'll be our turn to sleep soon. Don't rile yourselves up...Once Raine and I here are better suited I'd love to try that match."]
With that Peyton smiled at Raine and nodded off to the side.

Raine walked over there with her and they picked up their own sticks. Shaking her head Peyton broke her stick in half. [#8A2BE2 "Your only weapon is a small one, a dagger and gun. You should be practicing wielding a smaller stick."] Taking a stance, as Raine followed suit.
Raine nodded and they started with slow simple blocks and attacks.
Feeling more comfortable, she didn't feel pressured to perform super well. Into their session she even started smiled and laughing with Peyton. Once she as able to loosen up, things began to flow easier for her, the same happens with Peyton.
Since they were both at the same level, there was no intimidation or stress about it.

They practiced up until the last moment, they had even actually began to strike each other gently. Raine felt better, and now would be able to sleep knowing tomorrow at the very last she'd stand a small chance on her own. Once they were done, Peyton whistled at the boys. Nodding up into the cave as she walked up there herself. It was switch time, and the closer Peyton got to the cave the more exhausted she began to feel.
Gently she woke up Mally, then Claire, and Kanzaki. While Raine woke Styles and Rose.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally woke up to a gentle touch, surprised to see it was Peyton. Nodding she stood up, leaving her Axe behind. Stretching as she walked out of the cave, standing by the entrance. She felted rested, but she never felt tired in the first place. The moon was high in the sky and it was quiet. No hum of bugs, or rustling wind.
[#EC871C "Evening, and good night."] she spoke addressing everyone. The ones waking and the ones going to bed.
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[center [h3 Crashing The Party]]

[center [b Eric smiled as Peyton had helped him make an arrowhead. He was glad to have had her praise him. He wanted to help her anyway he could and that little bit of gratitude? Well it sunk in deep for him. As he nodded listening on about why she wanted to wield a bow in the first place. Than it was back to boys wasn't it? On they only talked to her when it was about homework. Eric couldn't help but chuckle a bit.]]

[center [+brown Well I'd have talked to you about our annual dance! Believe me on that one I'd take an F or two or three for that.]]

[center [b His chuckle however turned onto full on laughter as she checked out Raine she began to really wonder huh? As Eric patted her on the back and a devious smile.]]

[center [+brown Than no more peeking for you! When she gets dressed you gotta look away with us!! It's only fair.]]

[center [b He said as he stuck his tongue out at her playfully as his laughter began to die down a bit. He was enjoying this conversation and working on something for Peyton. He had showed Alvin his efforts it was time to show Peyton some yes? Though as he had finished up he rubbed the back of his head with a frustrated sigh. They looked... terrible uneven and poorly made save a few that were decent. Though Peyton had surprised Eric when she had told him they were perfect.]]

[center [b Eric had blushed blinking looking at Peyton did she really... Mean that? They looked awful but Eric could never believe she would lie. His smile beamed from ear to ear as his sigh turned into a more lovely "heh thanks" it was soft. Incredibly soft hard to make out even but at the same hard to miss.]]

[center [b As the two went to crash the party and Eric had grown surrounded by his thoughts. Peyton had began to talk with him a bit more about Alvin. An answer to as why and as scary as the answer was? It made sense she wasn't just overworrying was she? That could very well be the case. Though it didn't faze Eric much because all he had to say to that was.]]

[center [+brown Does he? Stop stuttering? I haven't really noticed that actually... Does he change that much? Hmm... Well no worries! I mean we helped him remember right? So if that was their plan it's not working very well for them! I know Alvin can get a little intense but he's a nice guy inside I know it. We got his back right? Through thick and thin!]]

[center [b He nodded as she agreed with him to go crash the course between Alvin and Raine. As they begun to head over.]]

[center [h3 Crash Course]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [+orange A-Arcade games huh..? I-I didn't p-p-play those much....]]

[center [b That was a lie Rex had he just hadn't found an intrigue in them. They were too simple and despite Rex was an idiot in the real world? The video game was another thing entirely the boy couldn't cook mashed potatoes but he'd lead raids every week that grown men would crack under. Than the thought it him... He was eightteen wasn't he? He was a grown man right? Well he sure didn't feel like one he felt like a boy or a teenager. He felt like he was sixteen at most. Would he always feel that way? Once again his mindset has taken him way off course.]]

[center [b He nodded as she spoke of a way to defend herself despite her loathing for combat. A way to focus on defense till someone can aid her. Tanking mobs in video games was different than protecting allies in real life right? Rex was a good fighter but he had never really worked in a team outside of a video game before.]]

[center [b He listened and shook his head timidly as she reassured him he she didn't want to back down.]]

[center [+orange O-Okay..]]

[center [b He had egged her on to strike even as she continued she had no techniques or training. It didn't matter how poor the strike it only mattered she was willing to do so. Course he wasn't going to say out loud he was molding her mind into a warriors mindset. Not that he was trying to brainwash her or anything. He had just wanted to help her survive that was all. So as he blocked a few attacks he waited for her most powerful strike to miss a counter. Though he had done so on purpose she reached in to check if he was okay. He grabbed a bit at his face it wasn't a bad hit but it would need more power. Physical prowess was something they'd need to build up. Rex shook his head looking at her.]]

[center [+orange D-Don't w-w-worry about the people y-y-you strike okay?]]

[center [b He mumbled he had meant for it to be more of an order or at least firm advice. He was touched she had cared and felt bad for even saying so. Though that worry? Can slow you down and than? It'll be all over before you know what happened. Was Rex more of a natural? Well when he first played stick fought with Vincent he was. He struck a lot better than this but as for being able to hurt others? Maybe not maybe so Rex wasn't sure how to answer his own question. To answer his own doubts.]]

[center [+orange B-Blocking g-g-got it, s-s-see for now.. To reflect a-an attack.. Throw your own attack to move it away. Clash kinetic force with kinetic f-force a stationary block requires some brute f-f-force.]]

[center [b He said as he swung a few light and slow swings to let her knock his attacks away with her own strikes. They were strange he had never seen such strikes but she was new. Perhaps Vincent and him weren't as awkward beginners because they were having fun and actually enjoyed to do so? They didn't have to worry about dying tomorrow either.]]

[center [b Raine had stopped she had sat there blushing with a strange smirk on her face. It seemed sort of... Shy? Timid? As she asked him to place her back into a proper stance. He had blushed crimson red to match with her. Rex had wondered for a second if that smirk was... Was Raine? No she didn't mean anything by it! Not at all!! She just needs help that's all come on "focus Rex!"]]

[center [b Focus Rex? He still called himself Rex but from how she was talking. She was dead set on calling Alvin and so were the others by the sounds of it. At least Eric made a point he was. Why? Why did they prefer that name? Wouldn't they be more used to Rex by now? How did they just swap so casually? It made Rex feel... A little anxious and he wasn't sure why.]]

[center [b Rex had leaned in blushing as he began to sweat and tremble bringing her lower to the ground buckling her knee's. As he raised her arms up and her hands tightly on the stick. Lifting her chin up straight.]]

[center [+orange Don't be afraid don't look away and always look forward.]]

[center [b Rex whispered softly something he was told himself awhile back. Though it wasn't about sword fighting he had applied it to so. Though he had whispered it he managed not to stutter perhaps because he had said it without meaning to. Either way he wasn't too embarrassed for once. He felt it was an okay thing to say right? Well hopefully it was if not than hopefully it'll be ignored.]]

[center [b As Rex came around to stand in front of her fighting the urge to ask the question in his head. "Why call me Alvin" as he gripped his stick looking onward an arm had wrapped itself around Rex.]]

[center [+brown Hey Alvin!]]

[center [b Rex startled looked to the side like a raptor caught by a t-rex. as he saw it was just Eric with Peyton. Had they finished already? Did they want to go back inside? Rex had dropped his stick looking at Eric and than Peyton before looking away. His talk with Peyton was a good one! Though it had caught up the end was a bit embarrassing wasn't it?]]

[center [+brown Oh no Alvin don't drop it! Pick it back up me and Peyton wanna learn too! Could you teach the three of us maybe?]]

[center [b Teach the three of them huh? That was... Sudden wasn't it? To just ask that all at once. Rex didn't seem like the teaching type did he? He was so awkward to treat someone like his pupil? He didn't have the social talent to correct or improve others. Not like the effect Vincent had on Rex he could never do something like that. Yet if Rex said no? He'd be appearing aloof or like he didn't care about the others. Broody and difficult and that wasn't what Rex wanted them to see. "What do you want them to see?" well the question to that answer was obvious. Embarrassing but obvious as Eric looked at the smile plastered across Eric's face. "I know exactly what I want them to see" Rex had thought as he let out a half smile. Nodding weakly to Eric's question.]]

[center [+orange I-I c-can't train you... U-Unless I-I know w-w-w-what you can do.]]

[center [b Rex said as he picked his stick up taking some distance and pointing it at Eric. Of course Rex had expected them to take him on the offer. Maybe this way he'd get out of teaching right? Rex didn't feel right attacking woman. Well woman that were his allies anyhow. If they knew that would they be angry? Or would they be upset he was being so rough?]]

[center [b Serah was kinda girly herself despite being physically strong she didn't want to be seen as a boy. Though Serah said all woman are different Rex wasn't sure what to say or do. Well if they wanted to learn this was the only way he knew how to start. If they didn't? He'd go the next step further with Eric as he already knew Eric's limits. What would that next step be? Rex would need time to reflect on that... It may even take more sparring matches. One match isn't enough to read the core of someones combat style. Rex had decided the next step would be simply... Sparring until Eric can improve and Rex can learn more about him. Growing comfortable with combat is step one every time they got in a fight they were anxious. Even during sparring Eric's blood ran hot and he was a bit worried. They needed to grow comfortable in the thick of combat before Rex could start anywhere. Perhaps there was a nicer and easier way to teach them but this was the best way. Though Rex wouldn't force it upon anyone he'd take the time to try increase his own physical training.]]

[center [+brown Oh us three versus you? Ya sure Alvin? That doesn't sound fair ya know?]]

[center [b Rex shook his head into a yes he was positive though Eric had struck a nerve. Not fair? Did Eric believe that Rex would have trouble here? Eric must seriously not realize what Rex was capable of or perhaps he simply overworried too much. Rex enjoyed to be coddled emotionally but in this way? It frustrated him to be degraded in such a way. Well he'd make sure to let Eric know he was more than fine fighting this way. No no need to get angry... He didn't mean it that way? Rex had cooled a bit but it was obvious to himself he was still frustrated at that comment. "Not fair huh?" I'll show you not fair.]]
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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine blinked a few times as Rex asked her about video games. [#6495ED "Oh...Yeah. Tons of them!...Well whatever was in the arcades."]
Raine shook her head as he told her to be self preserving. [#6495ED "Of course. I have no interest in actually fighting Alvin, but if I am just standing around off to the side, I am an easy target. I need to be able to defend myself long enough, and dodge long enough till someone can intercept my attacker."] To busy focusing on letting him fix her stance, and holding herself in the position he placed her in, she didn't notice him blushing. Concentrating she bit her own lip and kind of relaxed a little when he began talking about being able to back out. She stared up at him, a firm little frown on her face.
[#6495ED "No. I don't wanna back down. No changing my mind."] shaking her head she firmed up in her stance again. For a moment she hesitated when Alvin asked her to attack him. Raine didn't understand how attacking was going to help her offense, she didn't want to actually do much hitting or striking herself.
She went to strike then sighed heavily a embarrassed blush hit her face. [#6495ED "...I don't know exactly what to do...like with my arms. I don't know any techniques...."] she mumbled looking at the floor, trying to smile through her awkward feeling.
Still in her stance Raine couldn't clear her mind [#6495ED "S-sooo I am just gonna swing."]

Bringing her arm back her first swing was wide, and the rest that followed were slow. Calm and careful, to someone who didn't know she had no clue what to do, she'd look lazy. However this was the closest she had gotten to fighting with a weapon before. Raine knew how to fist fight in the streets. From things that happened before and during her time in the foster home. Raine, used to be a street kid. She never liked fighting, but she did it for her and her family. But fists and weapons where different. If possible Raine would just use her own fists to defend herself. But against magic, swords, and bullets...they'd do nothing.
After quiet a few minutes of slow hits and readjusting. Listening to anything Rex told her to do, from how she held her elbows and other things. Eventually she picked up the pace and just as she was getting comfortable, thwack. Right across his face her stick went.
Panic took her eyes and she dropped her stick immediately. Grabbing his face she made sure he was okay. [#6495ED "Ah...I-I am so sorry!"] she gasped out. Examining, the red little mark she pulled back slightly and stood for a moment. Hand still on his cheek she smiled weakly and shrugged her shoulders. Sliding her hand away she sheepishly asked [#6495ED "A-Alvin...Can we focus on teaching me how to block instead? I-I just think it would be better to start there."]
picking her stick up, she got back down into the stance she had been placed in before. Though it wasn't right and she couldn't figure out why and then again looked up an awkward smirk on her face [#6495ED "Uh...Can you also readjust my stance again?"] she asked quietly a little blush on her cheeks.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton blinked looking between Eric and then Rex. Eric mentioned Rex may be smitten...well he had tried to kiss her. But now as she watched him over Raine. Maybe he was just working through something...maybe Peyton imagined it. Made something more up in her head?
Shaking her head, that wasn't something she wanted to over think. Scooting closer she looked at the rocks Eric was making. He was making them so fast...but they didn't look the best.
[#8A2BE2 "Woah...Slow down. Here...."] reaching over, she placed her hands on the outside of his. Making her hands look tiny, as she picked up the rock and another rock. [#8A2BE2 "Now use your force...gentler and slower...So apply some pressure and let me adjust your speed."] her voice was calm. As she explained what she needed him to do, using her hands to guide his speed. Slowly they shaped an arrow head and Peyton smiled at him once they finished it.
It wasn't perfect looking but it was nicely done. [#8A2BE2 "Good job."] she smiled for a moment her hands lingered.
Then she realized and moved them away quickly a small blush on her face. Wrinkling her nose, glad when Eric changed the subject.
[#8A2BE2 "Oh....Well if there is a barrier around this arena and say we can't find the chips and remove them...I thought it would be handy to have some arrows to possibly use to shoot out the barrier...if I set them on fire and directed them using my mind...I technically don't even have to know how to shoot."] shrugging her shoulders she smiled.

After Peyton explained her past a bit, with details missing. She found herself attentively listening for once, to everything Eric was saying. He was sweet, but he Peyton was different in school, outside of this place.
She had looked different too. [#8A2BE2 "No...only a few times people huddled me."] she mumbled refering to the times people would get together in groups to push her around or bully her. [#8A2BE2 "Boys only talked to me so I'd do their home work... Girls well, girls can be mean."] she said forcing a smile. Peyton blushed, thinking about it....Maybe she did swing both ways. Peeking over at Raine ,she couldn't help but notice how cute she was now. [#8A2BE2 "I-I don't know! M-Maybe I do?...I mean I was to busy academically to experiment around."] shaking her head she smiled softly at his naivety. He wouldn't have followed her around...No one would of. Shaking her head to his statement was all Peyton could simply do. Then suddenly he said it [i Peyton...I love you.] her face turned crimson her chest tightened and her pulse accelerated. Though the second he continued on with his phrase, she felt dumb. For over thinking what he was saying, she felt ridiculous. Looking at the floor she let her hair hide her for a moment. So Eric wouldn't see the blood that rushed to her face. He'd only tease her about it, probably.
Taking the other handful of carved out arrowheads he had made and finished. None of them the same looking, uneven with rough edges. Peyton looked at them smiled said [#8A2BE2 "Thank you, they're all perfect."] and her voice was soft, genuine. Even thought not a single carving was actually perfect or symmetrical....they were perfect.

Peyton again listened as he talked, about the girl he had loved, the best friend he had. Him talking about how they were his best friends now, they being Peyton, Alvin and Raine. Eric ruffled her hair and she pouted beneath his hand. Blowing the hair out of her face he had just pushed in front of her eyes. Then Eric asked about Rex...well Alvin. His name....

Peyton thought for a moment and then it clicked. [#8A2BE2 "Eric... When we met him...I don't think he remember his own name. Have you seen him fight, he looses himself. Like I've said, but literally he becomes different. He doesn't stutter, his confidence is there... this happens every time adrenaline pumps through him. "] Peyton thought again for a moment and looking at Eric seriously she offered the idea [#8A2BE2 "Maybe they want him to forget his name... Turn him into a puppet... They want him to loose himself."] wrinkling her nose she sighed, but it sounded frustrated.
She had found a way to secure the rocks to the sticks she had carved. Securing and making a few complete arrows she stood up. Leaving her bow and her arrows on the floor there.
[#8A2BE2 "Yeah let's go crash them."] she nodded over towards the two.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 243d 17h 6m 0s
[center [h3 Sparring?]]

[center [b Rex giggled softly at Raine's comment about Eric having the hots for his Queen. In fact it made Rex speak up for a moment to Raine. Since he wondered if they were on the same page.]]

[center [+orange Actually, I've h-honestly been wondering if he does! Y-Ya know?]]

[center [b He said sounding like he was kinda joking but Eric treated Peyton like royality it made Rex wonder. Not that Rex should care right? He just wondered if they were becoming an item would they hide it? Nah that wasn't his business to meddle in. Regardless Raine's comment was hilarious either way Rex was surprised to see her be so... Funny she was normally so shy and quiet. Well she wasn't as anxious or weak to say as little as Rex. Though he's one to talk to be surprised she has a funny side right?! Duh that'd be being a hypocrite but he was still shocked nonetheless but happily so.]]

[center [b Than Raine had begin to talk about teaching her something. His face glew red as he stuttered and stammered. "T-Teach her what?!" What could he teach her? As he listened he realized she had meant to defend herself. Rex wiped at his forehead letting out a breath of relief. Why had his mind gone there? Strange, he always knew he had a weird thought process though. Wait! He'd spar with Raine? Really? He couldn't she seemed so... Cute and frail he couldn't be stern to teach her like he was with Eric. She's just.... Gah so adorable. As she carried on she had instructed he'd be gentle and slow anyhow and he was willing to do so. If anything he wanted to be waaaay too gentle. If she were a boy Rex would be willing to push her harder knowing her body would heal up just fine. Was that sexism? Or was that simply because he just couldn't bring himself to be a strict teacher with such a little... C-Cut...]]

[center [b Rex couldn't think it he felt like a creep to even be so aware of her charm and charisma. Okay be cool be calm how does Eric do this? Cute girls was Rex's biggest weakness oh by a landslide was that his biggest weakness. That's always been the case, he had tilted his head noticing she was into calling him Alvin. They were dead set on this weren't they? That's... Not he was anymore and yet they wouldn't call him Rex. Even this place decided that name was best for him. So shy do they call him Alvin?]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but laugh as she compared sparring to a fighting video game. Combo? Dodge? Parry? Counter? Rex had wished life was as simple as a video game. She talked like he thought to himself a gamer. In fact he had to ask after nodding.]]

[center [+orange Y-You play m-many video games?]]

[center [b He smiled a little as she had trouble taking her stance. Well he could see why she'd want to defend herself more it was easy to feel like the weak link. Though in most RPG's it was okay for the healer not to fight. Unless they were an offensive healer but they usually couldn't heal as well. Though even as a support based in healer Rex liked to offer some damage in video games. In fact he played a Moba where he used a healer and though he'd focus on healing he liked to throw in some sound blast. He'd help finish off weakened enemies or even help his friends go 2v1 in tight corners. Raine wanted to that to overachieve as a healer. Rex could respect that but he wanted to remind her what her primary role was. A healer that focuses more on damage would be a bad healer.]]

[center [+orange O-Okay... B-But remember.... S-Self preservation and h-healing o-o-o-others umm..... That uh... Well.. T-That comes f-first o-o-okay? I mean... W-When a p-p-p-party loses a h-healer...? They tend to... Wipe.]]

[center [b He said rubbing the back of his head as he leaned over to try and help adjust her stance. He wanted to reassure her he wasn't against her fighting though. As he gulped blushing his body growing rather hot to be so close to her own. "She's a student right now she's not Raine the cutie. Eager student that's it nothing else right now!" He thought to himself but it wasn't helping much. As he spaced her legs apart and pushed her shoulders down to have her closer to the ground. He saw her stick was rather long perhaps she could use a sword instead of a dagger? She needed to decide what style she had wanted. Something light to start off with right?]]

[center [+orange O-Okay.. Umm.... F-For n-now we need to start with uhh... You sure about this? N-No you are okay if you change y-your mind j-just tell me okay? So umm... Y-You need to get comfortable attacking o-others. M-Mentally and p-physically it sounds easy but it takes time. N-Now.. Stay quick and l-low to the ground you'll be harder to knock over. I want you to attack me with that stick I won't h-hurt you. Just as hard as you can and in the most vunerable places y-you can find.]]

[center [b Rex said drawing his stick upward he had a plan in mind. He needed to let her get into a groove. He'd block and parry but when she least expected it? He'd block with his face yeah it was a harsh lesson but she needed to not feel bad about hurting others. Rex would teach her when he recoils in pain to attack again. To not let concern slow you down if she can get that mindset down. He can teach her more. If anything after that? He'd teach her how to protect herself rather than hurting others. She just needs to be able to strike if she's backed to a corner.]]

[center [+orange Y-You can utilize your healing, protect your heart and skull. Y-Your limbs can s-suffer more damage as can your core. T-This gives you more o-o-options over your f-f-f-foes..]]

[center [b Raine wasn't a solder could she do this? It was apparent she didn't want to. She wouldn't enjoy it could Rex make it appear more enjoyable? Compare it to a video game? A sport? A challenge? Maybe after this death trap he could spar more playfully with the gang. The gang huh? Hmm Rex wondered if they should go three on one with him. They could learn some teamwork Eric does get separated from his comrades early on in battle. Heck if this large team stuck together they could practice team based combat. This wouldn't be the last battle they'd fight after escaping they'd have to face people hunting them down. Those? Would be even more elite and more prepared that was for sure. Though the strangest thing was? Rex was excited and pumped to see what the world would throw at him. He wasn't sure about being a teacher but he'll try. Though to be fighting on the frontlines against such a worthy enemy? He should have resorted to this day one even if he ends up dying the people here? Deserve every slash every cut every punch and every strike. Rex won't feel an ounce of remorse for these people if that made him a villian? He was willing to accept that, at least he thought he was. Deep down? Really deep down Rex could never really accept being... The "bad guy" even if bad and good were very subjective view points. He didn't want to be on a grey line that was... Too blurry. He just couldn't feel bad for these people the ones that trapped them. He was sure Eric could if they were to die or get hurt. He'd feel bad for just about anyone wouldn't he?]]

[center [b As a teacher Rex had a goal in his mind if he died he wanted his friends to survive. It'd take time... Plenty of time so he needed to survive tomorrow. He needed to train his three comrades to be one day strong enough to defeat Rex as a team. If they could do that? Rex wouldn't worry so much about them.]]

[center [h3 Me? My Queen?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric had nodded as she told him simple instructions. He wasn't sure how this whole carving thing even worked but he began to work on it. As he grinded the stones together roughly. Eric chuckled as Peyton tried to shove him back telling him to stop calling her his queen.]]

[center [+brown Hey now what kinda knight would I be if I didn't address you as such my lovely queen? Haha god your reactions are just too precious.]]

[center [b He laughed as he tried to grind at the rocks harder. They broke apart rather easily were they that fragile? Eric didn't know how strong he was he always held back a bit being around people he was scared he'd slip up. He wasn't sure what he could or couldn't do and he didn't really care to find out anyhow. As Eric began to carve a few arrow heads they looked a little sloppy but passible. Ridged and somewhat misshapen but hopefully it was good enough? On the plus side Eric was making them extremely quickly. Eric wondered if Rex would have been better with his hands? Sometimes this gift of force felt more like a curse.]]

[center [+brown You told him the bit you told me? That you didn't want to lose him? Well no wonder! He must feel a lot better now. Oh boy I see him looking over here a bit I think he's smitten my queen! Haha!]]

[center [b Eric laughed a bit as he pointed at Rex and smirked to get Peyton to look. He was busy with Raine though well... In fact they had taken sticks and Rex was adjusting her stance. Wait are they... Sparring? Eric was surprised that Raine had wanted to learn as well.]]

[center [+brown Looks like I'm going to have to share my sensei huh? Hmm? You've never used a weapon before? Oh it might take time to learn that bow than huh? Why do you want to use a bow anyhow? To keep some distance?]]

[center [b To keep some distance? That sentence really matched Peyton in a lot of ways. It was ironic she chose to fight far away as much as she tried to seem distant herself. Of course that distance felt like it was melting away rather fast. Eric had felt closer and closer to Peyton and at this moment he felt the two were glued together.]]

[center [+brown Don't worry I'm not too used to weapons either! Ahh so you were a educated city girl weren't you? Smart huh? Boy momma would have been proud if I brought a girl like you home!! I wasn't much for learnin to be honest. I did enjoy school though and it was hard to make decent grades. Still I'm glad I went it was a small school though I lived in a very small town.]]

[center [b Eric said he was a bit of a country boy he had liked the outdoors like this. It felt like camping and it made him feel at home in fact. Eric looked over at Peyton as he began to thunk how smart she was. He had a feeling she wasn't just a pretty face she was so smart and capable Eric really admired her for that.]]

[center [+brown I am glad to know my queen is a genius! I wonder how Raine or Rex- I mean Alvin enjoyed school. Wait... You didn't have friends? No way boys must have huddled around you to talk with you!! I can't believe that you must have had a nose to deep in the books to have noticed them hun. Never a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend? Ahh so you do swing that way huh? I see why you make Alvin and me close our eyes when Raine strips now! You want to look all to yourself don't ya?!?! Wait... Raine is my rival now? Oh no I should have known from day one. It's always the quiet ones course that means Alvins a threat too. Haha, well if it means anything if we went to school together? I'd have followed you around everyday pestering you to hang out with me. I know I would have till you gave in that's for sure. They really missed out on a good friend I'm just glad I didn't. Because Peyton... I love you. I love you.... And Raine and Alvin I can't place my finger on it but... It's like I was meant to be with you guys.]]

[center [b Eric said not realizing how misleading that "I love you" bit was at first. He really had sounded like a love confession at first but Eric was unaware socially. He was blunt and yet naive so that made for a strange combo. Eric had given Peyton a soft smile he seemed to be feeling better as his shoulders dropped a bit as he handed her a few large hand fulls of carved arrow heads. They weren't anything special or well made but at least she'd have a lot. Eric had stood up with a long stretch. He was eager to go spar with Raine and Alvin. He needed to practice too but before he could go Peyton had asked him some personal questions. Eric of course was an open book for her he'd answer anything she'd asked. Eric hadn't realized Peyton wasn't feeling too good. He at times could be aware of others emotions but that didn't change the fact of how oblivious he could be other times.]]

[center [+brown Oh me? Friends? I had some yeah are when our town got bigger and bigger things got a little messy though. I guess because of those complications I didn't have lots of friends not everyone got along. Still the people born in that our little town Horizon? They stuck together like fur on rabbits we were close as can be. I guess what I liked about school was being around other people getting the chance to make others smile. Even if I got in a lot of fights later on I knew if I just kept trying to talk with everybody I could work things out. Folks from the city didn't see eye to eye with us. I guess a lot of my friends didn't like I wasn't willing to fight back against it.]]

[center [b Eric said as he placed his hands behind his back he wondered why the city had came to take over the place so suddenly. Was it so important? That little town? Something about them seemed fierce like they were trying to own the people the income the town itself. Including even the ones living inside Eric had wondered if they were part of the kingdoms forces. Something about them screamed authority.]]

[center [+brown There was a girl I was sweet on though she could make the best juniper berry shake you could imagine. She loved to find things scavenge around she was so full of life and energy. Boy though did she take charge! Haha you kinda remind me of her, beautiful and fierce but deep down? She was a frail little thing. I think I was in love longer than I had realized it but things didn't work out. As for a best friend? I had a friend named Maximum he was a book worm. Actually he was the only one from the city who talked with me. He really listened to me he had a nose in the books always but he was a good listener. Well actually my best friends are you guys now!]]

[center [b Eric said as he ruffled her hair a little as he let out a half smile. Eric hadn't taken the time to think much about the past. All he could do was cherish the good memories and move on. Eric wasn't one to have regrets or even let himself consider to have regrets. The less Eric thought about it the less likely he'd think any negative thoughts. It was his motto to always have positive thoughts on his brain.]]

[center [+brown Maybe we can talk more about school and life after we escape right? Maybe we could go together! So my queen you wanna crash Alvins party? I'm sure he'd love to adjust your stance too!]]

[center [b Eric said as he gave her a playful grin pointing his thumb behind him. If she didn't want to he'd understand it was rough and he hoped Rex would take it easy on the girls. Rex... No Alvin! It was hard getting used to the change but Eric wanted to think of his name when he thought of his comrade. His actual name that way he wouldn't slip up otherwise. It wasn't like him to think this much about something but he wanted Alvin to be able to keep his name. To know that Eric him were friends on that personal of a level. Than the question came to Eric's brain as he crossed his arms. He hadn't meant to but he had begun to think out loud. It was a question Eric had been wondering for awhile. He wasn't one for mysteries or much of a detective he was just curious really. He'd much rather someone else figure it out and give him the answer.]]

[center [+brown Why didn't they just write Alvin on his stuff...]]

[center [b As Eric thought about he simply shrugged it off it wouldn't eat him up or keep him awake at night. Nothing would do that to him he believed one could get over anything with positive attitude. Eric would never let himself be haunted by negative thoughts like that. That affects the people around you too! You are as happy as you want yourself to be regardless of the situtation. You can control how happy you are.]]

[center [b Though it wasn't like it was a internal battle to ignore that question. Eric had other things on his mind he was trying to not let bother him. After shaking his head he decided to turn his brain off for a bit as he turned around looking at Peyton. He was ready to catch up with the other two when his queen was he wouldn't leave her behind after all.]]
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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine smiled wide when Rose stood up to Eric for her. Then her eyes widened in excitement as Rose sent her a mental message. Tip toeing over in a rush. On her tip toes she planted a kiss on Roses forehead.
[#6495ED "Goodnight!...Thank you."] she whispered the last part before rushing out of the cave. Catching up with the others she was smiling.

It felt nice to see everyone smiling and bantering. Like they had known each other longer than three days. Raine took the moment to just remembering them all laughing. Her eyes watered a little but she quickly recovered, before she started crying. Not wanting to ruin the moment for what it was, genuine without sentiment in conversation but full of sentiment inside each other. Those moments were Raines favorite moments in life.
Giggling watched Rex blush and fluster up. Raine listened to them banter. When Rex said Eric had love to confess to her Raine began laughing. [#6495ED "Hmmm I don't know Alvin....See I think Eric has the hots for his - "] Raine sucked air up in her chest and crossed her chest with one arm. Standing like a noble and deepening her voice [#6495ED "...Queen!"] chuckling after she smiled. Soon after their bantering Peyton and Eric went off to the side to make arrows. Peyton took Raines dagger because she'd need it for carving. Raine didn't mind at all.

Sitting down in front of Rex she smiled. Simply watching him for a moment. He looked happy, tranquil. She joined in drawing circles for moment with her fingers. Then her mind went back, Eric and Rex had mentioned sparing. Raine wanted to do that. She wanted to learn something. Looking up she caught Rex's eyes. [#6495ED "Alvin. I want you to teach me something."] she said pulling him to his feet, her hands lingered for a moment on his before she went off and found two sticks. Throwing one at Rex she stood before him. [#6495ED "T-teach me how to defend myself."] she blurted out. She could see the hesitation in his face but Raine wanted this.
Crinkling her nose she smiled a bit [#6495ED " I need to be able to get myself away from a fight if I get caught in one...I won't master anything tonight. But I need something to be able to do something tomorrow."]
Raine thought about all the fighter games she had played in the arcade and went on [#6495ED "At the very least teach me block, counter, dodge combo. Something simple...Tomorrow is gonna be a big fight and not everyone is gonna be able to defend me...I wanna be able to save myself!"] Raine continued on remembering how small she had been feeling lately.

Sure everyone said she was the best healer, but she herself and probably everyone else knew she was the worst fighter. What happens if she gets hurt because no one else can drop their fight to save her? She won't live, she won't be able to heal them when the battles done. Sure Claire can heal, but Raine wasn't confident she'd even bother healing anyone that wasn't on her original team. As far as Raine knew, Claire wasn't 100% interested in this alliance, she did stab Eric multiple times simply because he picked her up.

Sighing she wrinkled her nose and looked at Rex again, laughing awkwardly [#6495ED "I-I don't even know how to take stance."] despite feeling pathetic, she still laughed and kept a smile.
[#6495ED "Oh and uh before we began...Go slow and I need you to talk me through it."] the nervousness peaked out in her tone now. Looking at Rex though she stood stick in hand, awaiting instruction.
Determined in her mind, to no longer be the weakest link. She'd be able to defend herself at the very least. So no one would have to worry about her and they could do their best fighting.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

When Styles said she was forgiven. Peyton nodded, but she still didn't forgive herself. Giving him a small sad smile before before exiting cave.

The banter back and forth between them all was fun for a moment. It was nice, to smile and laugh. It felt nice too. Once they're discussions were done Peyton sat off to the side. Taking Raines dagger she began carving sticks. Listening to Eric talk she looked up at him, handed him a rock. [#8A2BE2 "Have you ever seen an arrow? Carve the rocks in that shape."] she made the shape with her fingers.
Eric had called her queen again, even though way earlier she told him to stop. Blushing again, her cheeks filled with hot air. Shooting a glare his way, however it didn't look menacing at all. Considering her face was red and her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunks, her glare had no edge. [#8A2BE2 "E-eric! I told you to stop calling me that."] she mumbled, but it sounded halfhearted. Because Peyton didn't mean it, she actually liked it. However admitting that would make her stuck up, and she wouldn't do that.

She thought for a moment, what exactly did she say? It couldn't be all her own influence that Rex...Alvin was suddenly so cheered up. Could it be all because of her? Her heart skipped a beat for a second. Shaking her head and the thoughts away, she shrugged her shoulders. [#8A2BE2 "I am not sure...I didn't even apologize. I just told him the bit I told you, but didn't tell him the first time around."] dismissing it she didn't care how or what made Alvin act like this, she was just glad he was. It was nice to see him smiling.

Eric nudged her and she almost fell over. Growling she nudged him back, but he didn't move at all. Sighing she smiled a bit and kept carving her sticks. Trying to make them at straight as possible. Then he asked about her life before this place. Peyton blinked and shook her head.
[#8A2BE2 "I never hunted or used a weapon my entire life. Until now of course."] going on she went on and answered every question. Even thought thinking about her past was a little painful, because she's always been isolated. [#8A2BE2 "Ah..Well I studied hard, all the time. I loved learning. History, English, Science, and Math. Math was the hardest for me, it's the only class I ever got a B in. I was a straight A Student until that one B...but I got a tutor and I brought it back to an A by the next year."] she smiled proudly. Always being proud of her grades and her academic accomplishments.
Moving on, she already knew she wasn't going to tell Eric about how she used to be bullied severely. Simply because she disliked talking about it. It made people pity her, and she hated pity. [#8A2BE2 "Oh no I didn't have any friends....I-I uh simply had no time for them. I spent all my time studying."]

[i Yeah studying, definitely not hiding in lockers or crying in bathrooms of being pushed down the stairs. I was never told to lose weight, or to kill myself. I just was too busy for everyone.] her voice echoed in her head, trying to ignore it she faked a small smile and shrugged.
[#8A2BE2 "So you can imagine I never had time for a boyfriend or a girlfriend either for that matter."] the voice came back this team screaming in her head [i Yeah it had nothing to do with the fact that you were overweight, awkward and ugly.] again she ignored her mean consciousness and just kept smiling as she carved at her stick. Shaking her head again. [#8A2BE2 "Nope. No friends, never had time for them."] she mumbled. Looking over at him she was desperate to change the subject.
[#8A2BE2 "What about you? You seem to get along easily with most everyone....Did you have friends? I bet you had many....How was school for you, what did you like about it?"] changing the subject off her, but she was still genuinely intrigued in those answers.
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[center [h3 Loud and Clear]]

[center [b As Rose listened on to Raine's thoughts she had nodded. Giving her a wide smile she nodded. She would have gave her a mental message but she felt that wasn't needed. So Raine knew Rose was readin them after all huh? Perhaps she wasn't exactly stealthy about how she did it huh?]]

[center [b As Rose peered into Raine's thoughts she saw the little cutie wasn't too happy with Eric acting like her father. Well Rose could understand that feeling Styles looked out for her the same way in a sense. Styles was older than her in fact he was probably the oldest here.]]

[center [b Eric and Raine weren't far apart in age but Eric didn't realize what he was doing so Rose had to offer a helping hand.]]

[center [+purple Hey Eric you shouldn't treat Raine like a little girl ya know. She is a woman after all! If anything man up and make a move on her already!]]

[center [b Eric couldn't help but blush and chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head. Oh he was eager to retreat now! Though maybe he'd treat her less like a little girl at least around Rose. Rose had gave Raine a wink. Sending a short little message back to her "Ya got it, also everytime he treats you that way? I think I'm going to give him a hard time~"]]

[center [b She giggled as she rolled over to head to sleep along with the others. It was final Peyton's team was taking the first watch weren't they? Styles though was sleeping on edge and a bit on guard. Rose couldn't blame him with Claire's reaction earlier? Still Kanzaki was already dead to the world! It was strange to see trusting people like that but refreshing all at the same time.]]

[center [b As Peyton commented she was saying sorry to them. Styles had waved his hand in front of his face smiling.]]

[center [+blue Aye don't worry about it lass, we are on the same crew now aren't we?]]

[center [h3 On Patrol]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Rex chuckled awkwardly as Raine had asked what was so funny. As he began to rub the back of his head.]]

[center [+orange O-Oh nothing...]]

[center [b Eric grinned at Rex as the two girls quickly turned the tables on Rex. Offering Eric his real name Eric ripped his arm away from Rex quickly looking at the two rather excited. Rex was thinking to himself "Oh no! Traitor! Eric how could you!" Rex simply watched Eric begged and pleaded. They cried out together and it was... Kinda cute but nonetheless embarrassing!]]

[center [+brown Alvin? Awe it is cute Raine! I think it's perfect! It's a lot more friendly than Rex or the White Swordsman. Alvin... That's what I'm calling you from now on!]]

[center [b Rex blushed brightly listening to Raine as he fiddled his fingers looking at her with a crimson face. As he gulped he felt rather flattered but he hadn't known what to say.]]

[center [+orange R~Raine I~I... U~Umm..]]

[center [b Eric snickered as Rex grew so shy and flusstered and Peyton had added it didn't match him. Did Rex match him better? Really? Well Rex hadn't always looked like this. With his hair dyed or even his contacts it was all a shield a facade. It helped him to believe his own change a little more and it was working wasn't it? If his new name suited him much better.]]

[center [+brown Ahh Peyton you don't need to lie! You know you like the name Alvin!! Haha I bet that's why you two took so long to kiss and make up! H-Hey! I don't sleep that dead do I? He really screamed it? Wow I guess I really did sleep straight through that!]]

[center [b As Peyton asked Eric for help with making the arrows. Eric had given her a salute.]]

[center [+brown Well I was going to train with Rex tonight but I can do that! Rex am I relieved from our training sensei?]]

[center [b Rex blinked as he looked at Eric he was surprised he was asking him if he was relieved. Was he being funny? Of course he was but he was really waiting for the okay. Did he take getting stronger that seriously? Why? Rex didn't mind doing the fighting but Rex supposed his friends wouldn't let him fight alone anymore would they? Rex crossed his arms as he thought about it for a second. He had wondered if it was time to start training Peyton or Raine too? Maybe they wouldn't be up to it Rex wasn't sure they had the same drive to grow.]]

[center [+orange U-Umm s-sure we c-can spar a-afterwards d-d-don't worry.]]

[center [b As Rex looked over to Raine Eric had decided to throw in one more piece. A late answer to Raine's question about what so funny. Oh boy Rex saw it coming he really did he knew Eric would spill the beans!]]

[center [+brown So Raine you asked what was funny huh? Well ya know what it was? See Rex was-]]

[center [+orange J-Just telling Eric how he should confess his feelings for you Raine. He's b-being such a baby about it!]]

[center [b Eric's eyes widened as he looked at Rex as he began to shake his head looking at Rex as he began to die laughing.]]

[center [+brown No that wasn't! Oh Re-- No Alvin! You got me good! You caught me off guard I didn't think you believed in sneak attacks! You win this round! Peyton what happened back there? Alvin's really getting gutsy!!]]

[center [b Eric patted Rex's shoulder as he chuckled he thought of Rose had said to Raine. Eric did treat them like children huh? Or even younger siblings did it really... Bother Raine? Maybe it was diffrent for a girl to be treated that way? Eric was attractive maybe she wanted him to see her as not a little girl? Did Rex mind it himself? It felt strange to his pride but at the same time? It gave him comfort if anything Rex would have loved to have a big brother like Eric. The kinder Eric was and the more time he spent around here? The Rex began to love him like a brother it was strange Rex didn't think he'd every grow so attached to other people again. As Eric and Peyton went out of ear shot but within eyesight Eric began to help her make Arrow Heads. Oh he looked clueless but Peyton would put that brute to get once wouldn't she?]]

[center [b As Rex looked over at Raine he let out a soft smile it was strange. It didn't feel faint or weak or a half of a smile or a nervous smile. It felt sincere warm and bright and it felt... Good to smile without worry. Rex hadn't realized it now but it was the same sort of smile Eric would have given his comrades. This time from a new face! As Rex sat down looking up at Raine he was looking forward to talking with her. Maybe learning more about her or simply asking a few questions. "Would you like to train?" Or maybe "Does it bother you when Eric acts like our father?" Things like that. Or just stuff about there life before. Instead Rex simply looked at her for a bit before looking back down. He drew his blade as he began to draw little circles in the sand with a smile on his face.]]

[center [b He thought it'd be best if they were to talk to let her talk first right? Rex was willing to admit he was opening up but he was taking baby steps. He didn't want to ruin it or talk waaay too much if Raine would rather have silence he'd understand. All things considered the day wasn't a bad one was it? Rex was really proud of himself for teasing Eric like that. He had always wanted to be funny like that! He finally had gotten a chance and made someone laugh! He wanted to be laid back like Kanzaki or Eric hell if he was they could be the three morons. Rex would love to play that role maybe he'd be more of a smartass with his banter. Or maybe not? It wasn't like he wanted to be exactly like them he just admired they could speak so outwardly. Though bit by bit Rex was learning who he was when he was speaking up.]]

[center [b It didn't hurt that Eric could take a joke Rex was going to need to work on that wasn't he? Rex could also tell Eric was adjusting from Rex to Alvin he'd probably call him by both names for awhile. How about the girls? Would Peyton stick with Rex? Raine seemed to like Alvin... What did Rex like? At this moment in time? He couldn't lie to himself Alvin had felt nice. That he was back in the world before surrounded by friends. More friends than he has ever had before. At the same time he was afraid by calling himself Alvin again? He'd lose the will to do what needed to be done something only "Rex" can do. Still that wasn't too much of a worry right now. At this moment? Alvin was surrounded by friends and bliss.]]

[center [h3 The World Before]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b As Eric sat beside with Peyton he looked at her with open hands. He was obviously unsure of what he was doing but he was aware of that.]]

[center [+brown So how do I do this? Carve out the arrow heads? I'm sorry my dad used to love to hunt but I never could get into it myself. Hey maybe you could practice afterwards? Alvin has been a really good teacher lately. In fact my sparing with him has helped me keep a more clear head on the battlefield. I don't want you or Raine to feel left out or anything if you'd wanna try with us. Course I don't think I could spar with my Queen. Attack that precious little face? It'd be impossible for this humble knight!]]

[center [b Eric laughed as he picked he patted her on the shoulder. Something to be on her mind but what was it? Eric wasn't sure but she didn't seem to be in a bad mood if anything he hadn't seen her smile this wide in awhile. Oh how her smile was beautiful they all were to him. Each smile was like a unique treasure to Eric and he cherished them all. Peyton smiled so little though Eric couldn't help but be extra excited. In fact he had to wipe under his eyes a bit oh boy here comes the tears! Of course they were tears of joy.]]

[center [+brown Haha see? It's obvious Alvin is the more clear headed one out of him and me. You know we might have some disagreements with him but I can't help but admire the guy. He's... Strong in a way I can't place my finger on it. It's like he's real life fairy tale warrior brought to life ya know? He's tender and frightening all at the same time. I don't know I'm just rambling aren't I? Still thank you for talking with him I think you really got him to open up. Heck I'm kinda jealous you got him to open up first! What was I doing wrong oh wise one?]]

[center [b He said nudging her shoulder with his own playfully it was a bit rough but that was because Eric had little control of his gift. He had hoped he didn't shove her over. He yawned streching as he smiled widely back to her.]]

[center [+brown So did you hunt before all of this? With a bow I mean? Or firearms maybe? Oh yeah that reminds me I wanted to ask! What kind've stuff did you like in school? What kinda friends did you have in school? Did you ever have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend I mean ya know just someone you were with? Or any best friends come to mind when you think of before?]]

[center [b Eric asked curiously he had really wanted to learn more about Peyton. He was going to ask Raine and Rex about before as well when he'd got the chance. Eric just wanted this chance to open up with one of his comrades. Eric in fact could have spent all day talking and talking if he was allowed to. It was relaxing to talk and to listen to others talk. Eric was very fond of having good company. He was even more fond of having Peyton's company but he didn't exactly make that a secret now did he? He loved all of their company so of course he'd enjoy talking with his "Queen"]]
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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine blinked as again, everyone kept talking before she could. However when the distraction of Eric and Claire came through she wasn't sure she'd get the chance to go back to the conversation. Yet she did, because Kanzaki brought it up again. Raine cleared her throat unsure now what to say about it because Peyton and Rex now stood in the cave too.
[#6495ED "I-it was a disagreement about their styles of fighting."] she mumbled trying to keep it as vague as possible. Then looking at Rose she didn't nod but she wanted Rose to know she was right. Without really discussing it out loud with the others. [#6495ED [i "Yeah...Rex wanted to go offensive and go look to start fighting....Peyton wanted to be defensive and just search for supplies and avoid the next fight for as long as possible...It wasn't really a talk because Peyton yelled a lot but Rex yelled too....BUT it's fixed now. "]] the entire monologue stayed in her head and she was hopping when she had made eye contact, Rose got she wanted her look into her mind.

Raine's face turned awkwardly red again as Eric had picked her up, going on about how proud he was of her. It made her feel like a little girl, she didn't necessarily like it. She wouldn't say anything about it though, she knew he meant well. It just bothered her a bit.
When shifts came up and Rex left with Eric, Raine glanced over at Peyton who had gotten up and began following. So Raine got up and followed too. Joining them at the distance they picked, they could watch the cave and watch the outside of the cave. But still talk and not disrupt the sleepers inside the cave. Smiling softly at Rex and Eric as she walked out with Peyton. Despite being extremely tired, she didn't want to just go to sleep if the rest of her team was on watch.
Sitting down, Eric was laughing at something Rex did. Curiously Raine looked at them [#6495ED "Whats so funnnnyy?"] she asked her lips pursing out in a pout.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally listened to Eric and she herself wanted to roll her eyes.
[#EC871C "Warning or not. You're an Ally now, it should be in her best interest to work with you, not against you."] again blunt tone, she directed a gaze between the two of them. Then looking over at the others while they discussed shifts. Both of the other leaders were okay with this plan so Mally nodded. However she would've done it differently. One person from each team is how she would've divided it. However, this was fine too. Mally laid down the furthest from everyone.

Closing her eyes her mind drifted but she couldn't sleep. Honestly Mally wasn't tired, or she just didn't feel it. Mally wrinkled her nose and rotated her neck a bit. Then laying completely still the sun was down now, she'd eventually fall asleep. For now, she'd think. She thought about tomorrow, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't looking forward to finding these chips in their bodies and cutting them out. Gore intrigued her, it didn't disgust her or excite her. She just found it interesting, extremely interesting. Before everything happened Mally was studying to be a forensic scientist. Something about blood just drew her, ever since she was little. She'd be the first kid to run up to the kid that fell and scrapped their knee, at school. Everyone thought she was nice because of this, she wasn't. Simply she wanted to see the blood.
Eventually she did drift to sleep, a dreamless black sleep.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Looking at Eric she blinked and shook her head. [#8A2BE2 "W-well actually I wasn't apologizing to you. "] she shook her head and then looked at Styles. [#8A2BE2 "I was apologizing to him...them."] she mumbled. Hoping they'd know what she was apologizing for, because she really didn't want to say what she did out loud. She didn't want to say it, at all. Peyton wanted to move on from it, she hated that she did what she did. She hated the way things played out back there. Peyton justified Styles attempt to kill her, because if they had done what Peyton had done to anyone else on her team, Peyton would've tried to kill them too. Moving on from the topic she jumped into the shifts for sleep.
[#8A2BE2 "That sounds like an alright plan. "]

Peyton agreed with the sleep shifts, she frowned the entire time Eric defended Claire for stabbing him. She specifically distrusted Claire the most now. Agreeing with Mally's approach on the matter. The point of being allies was...working together. Something Peyton didn't do so smoothly with Rex earlier, but they fixed it. So maybe Claire would fix what happened with her and Eric. Well, Eric would try that was a given. Eric might not see it as a problem though, he was already defending her actions. Was it possible they were alike? No Peyton wasn't that bratty was she? Biting her lip she stopped thinking about it when the boys walked outside.

Catching up with them, as Raine had followed her. Eric was laughing and Peyton didn't know why. While they all stood out there, Raine now sat. Peyton looked between them all. [#8A2BE2 "Yo...Eric wanna know Rex's real name?"] she smiled offering it. Remembering earlier Eric had been asking about it again. Laughing she bent over a little [#8A2BE2 "He yelled it out in his sleep! I don't know how you missed it. You were right there, you sleep like you're dead."] smirking she walked over and stood relatively close to Eric. His coat draped her body, it was almost as long as her, it stopped half way down her calf. Raine looked over and chuckled a little, remembering the incident.
[#6495ED "It's pretty cute actually. "] a light pink blush was on her face as the baby faced girl smirked too. Looking between them all she then stood up and crossed over.
Then at the same time the girls looked between eachother, nodding
[#6495ED "His name is Alvin!"]
[#8A2BE2 "His name is Alvin."]
Laughing Peyton playfully pushed at Rex's shoulder, smiling pretty wide for once. Raine giggled and watched Rex gauging his reaction.
[#8A2BE2 "It doesn't really suit him does it? Rex fits better if you ask me."] commenting on his name, in between laughs.

Peyton then crossed over and started picking up rocks and sticks. Sticking down she blinked. [#8A2BE2 "I am gonna try to make arrows....Because I feel like tomorrow we might need them."] wrinkling her nose again she looked up at Eric and sitting down. [#8A2BE2 "You should help me....cause I can do the stick part but I don't think I could carve the stones....and uh please."] she mumbled for once asking, nicely, well more so telling him nicely to do it. After watching Claire behave, she was hopping she wasn't like that. Earlier Eric had mentioned to Kanzaki how Peyton was difficult like Claire. Since she didn't like Claire she didn't want to be associated with that. So even if it felt awkward to her, she'd try to be nicer.
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[center [h3 A Fight? Mutiny?]]

[center [b As Styles listened to Raine about how they had fought. He had munched onto his bread sighing.]]

[center [+blue Was Rex giving her a hard time?]]

[center [b Rose leaned back looking out of the cave as she blew her air out of her face. She had giggled earlier about Raine's comment on she was simply short. Though the mood had changed a bit hadn't it?]]

[center [+purple I am guessing he wants to play a little too rough for Peyton's taste huh? Don't you and Eric feel the same way? About Rex's way of doing things? It seems a little... I don't know much.]]

[center [b Kanzaki scratched his head as things took a serious turn he was rather confused. Styles knew the boy hadn't really understood what was going on. They didn't read Rex like Rose had to Styles Kanzaki only knew the legend of the White Swordsman nothing else.]]

[center [b Kanzaki raised his voice a bit in surprise as Raine explained things to him.]]

[center [+darkblue Awe it wasn't a love triangle! That would have been awesome! Well at least that increases my chances right? I mean that's presuming everyone here is single!]]

[center [b At that Eric had entered the room and Claire had noticed the daggers Raine gave him. As Mally quickly snatched her dagger away and began to scold her Claire grunted.]]

[center [+lightblue I told him to put me down or I'd kill him. He just can't pick up people cause he feels like it ya know?!]]

[center [b Eric chuckled a bit rubbing the back of his head as Raine finished healing him up. Mally told Claire to get along with them huh? Eric had to throw in a bit of conversation to lighten things up a bit.]]

[center [+brown She's right Mally she did warn me it was my fault. I'm just bad when it comes to us splitting up I apologize for my brash behavior.]]

[center [b Claire shot daggers at Eric as if he was up to some major ploy to turn everyone against her. Eric simply gave her a warm smile as she rolled her eyes heading to bed. Kanzaki awkwardly sucking air through his teeth as he said allowed.]]

[center [+darkblue Awkwaaarrrrddddd, so what did that cutie and the white swordsman argue about anyhow?]]

[center [h3 Returning]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b As Rex talked with Peyton about everything, at the end she had told him. "Friends" Rex simply gave a weak smile as he nodded his head rapidly. Friends... He liked the sound of that didn't he? They may not have decided to do things the same way and even if they disagree Rex knew... She would be his friend. As he would be hers no matter what.]]

[center [b As Rex sheathed his blade she had asked him to be cool about this? He almost jokingly said "Me? When am I not cool?" though maybe he wasn't ready for that sort of banter yet. Rex deep down had a sense of humor he was just too shy to say many of the things that came to his mind. Maybe in time he would he didn't want to ruin this moment or give her a reason to make fun of him... Yet!]]

[center [b As Rex followed Peyton on the way back he had thought about the talk they had just had. Did he really? Almost? What if Eric hadn't interrupted? Would he have really? What about Peyton drew him to her? Was it because deep down Rex was a follower? Was it because even if he disagreed he liked she took charge? Was he a masochist? No really... She could be so sweet sometimes.]]

[center [b Rex wasn't sure what it was but he figured for once the less he thought about it? The better it'd be better not to develop any feelings like that toward Peyton or Raine. He'd hate to step on the wrong toes and make anyone uncomfortable he had enough emotional turmoil as was. "The last time I tried that road it didn't go too well" he thought to himself. Why did he say that though? Did he ever confess his love to a girl? It didn't sound like him but there was so much he had forgotten with his time here. Did he? How did he do so? He was a romantic... At heart! Out loud? Oh gosh no he could never say those words he'd rather ignore it and hope those feelings go away. The only girls Rex could ever see himself gushing about is 2D girls the ones on a screen. What a stereotypical otaku mindset huh? Well there was something surreal about those sort of woman that you'd never see in real life. Not just the looks or style or how they are perfectly drawn but how they have such unbelievable personalities. How they could be so strong and yet so frail at once? Or vary so much from person to person that you would feel for them. That you'd want to learn more about the story they had. Wait... wasn't that how he felt about Peyton? Raine? He wanted to learn more about them didn't he? Plus they were surreal themselves they weren't any friends he's ever had before. Course that goes for Eric too! They were close to him... Like Vincent and Serah was different true but close all the same.]]

[center [b As Rex shot Peyton a few smiles and peaceful looks to Peyton. While also shying his face away they finally made it back. To catch Mally lecturing Claire. Of course Eric was defending her wasn't he? A second healer couldn't hurt right? Well apparently it can it hurt Eric. Rex gave Eric a rather worried look and than he had realized those two hadn't made up really had they? Though the way Eric had smiled at Rex it seemed like he had forgiven him for everything hadn't he? Didn't change the fact Rex wanted a chance to apologize to him.]]

[center [b Though as they entered he had heard Kanzaki ask what Peyton and him fought over? Ack! Why were they talking about Rex? He didn't want to be the highlight of attention! How did this even come up? Oh gosh Rex simply took a seat deep into the cave away from the group. He wasn't sure what to say and with Styles and Rose so close to Raine and Eric? He'd feel weird crowding them they weren't his biggest fan he knew that. Considering he was their primary target to begin with due to his "nature"]]

[center [b Though Peyton had began to talk with Eric he had wanted to tell Mally one more thing. As he looked over finishing his conversation with her he had added that Claire and him were getting along. Of course that didn't feel very true did it? As Peyton began to share food with Eric he smiled as he nodded. Sharing with her rather willingly as she brought up the talk of a tunic he tilted his head? He taken his coat off and wrapping the massive thing around her body. Sure it had some small holes but it was large enough to make a difference right? She must have been hinting she was cold right? Why bring up the tunics? She had enjoyed his coat last night. Rex was simply surprised Eric had put that together himself. He was naïve and yet... He had a lot of emotional intelligence as if he was really connected with the rest of his friends. As if he knew something was wrong... If they were upset he didn't always know what it was but he knew if they weren't happy. Eric placing an arm around Peyton as he smiled trying to keep her warm he nodded as he began to talk back with her.]]

[center [+brown Night shifts? Oh yeah your right I see, by the way Peyton I have a question. Earlier when we were outside the cave... In that fight you had told me you were sorry? I forget when I just remember you apologizing and I didn't understand exactly why. Oh! I also hope you and Rexy worked things out to ya know? Did ya finally get his name? You should totally tell me it when we have some alone time my queen!]]

[center [b He grinned as Rex gulped squeaking quietly in the back. His name?! Whoa Peyton didn't know that did she? If what Raine said was true she did and soon Eric would know huh? Well if Raine and Peyton knew... He should too it felt unfair to keep him in the dark. He did trust them.... He just didn't enjoy his name very much too many memories. He wasn't Alvin anymore he was Rex. The White Swordsman whatever take your pick this was all that was left. Pushing that to the side it was time to talk about the night shift wasn't it? Eric had pitched in a bit. He was trying to help Peyton relax take the load off of her?]]

[center [+brown With a larger group we can sort this out easier I'm sure! You and me with Raine and Rex can take the first shift? Unless you guys are too tired? I can take it don't worry. Than for the second shift uhh...]]

[center [b Styles raised his hand with a smile.]]

[center [+blue Than the rest of us can take the second shift with large groups looking out like that? People might not attack us so eagerly. I mean if Mally and her crew don't mind shipping with Rose and I.]]

[center [b Styles said as he looked at Mally for approval and than to Peyton. Rex had noticed it made sense that the three leaders would be the most involved. Mally,Styles,Peyton. Rex shooting out off the ground as he stretched he was ready to take the first shift with Eric. Eric was dead set on it and if the girls went to sleep Eric would be alone. Maybe the two could practice again either way Rex wasn't going to let this chance go to talk with Eric. Even if the girls go with he'll find a way to talk with Eric about what happened he was sure of it.]]

[center [h3 I Don't Mind!]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki stretched as he picked up a sleeping bag laying into it nodding. He liked the idea of that! He had really wanted to be able to sleep first anyhow. He was felt more secure to go to sleep that the guard was reinforced. He was an easy target in his sleep but this way he could sleep without one eye open finally! He could just dive right into it and be dead to the world without a problem.]]

[center [+darkblue Yarg! Mally we get to work with a pirate! Hey Mally's captain I'd like to be her first mate!]]

[center [b He said giving the girl a playful wink as he rolled over heading to bed. Claire hadn't said much had she? She must be upset that Mally scolded her. Why was she so against working with these people? She was worse than usual she wasn't THIS bad and she even seemed to give Mally a dirty look. Oh boy that never happened maybe cause no one was as pushy as Eric to look after her. Even Kanzaki knew to let her run off if she had.]]

[center [b Sometimes Kanzaki wondered why he called Claire a friend. He didn't have much choice did he? Than again though he figured she must be upset for a reason. This place has a way of messing with you and Mally and Claire were proof of that knowledge. They probably always weren't stubborn or robotic. They may have been kinder people? Sometimes they showed a little glimpse of that and Kanzaki.]]

[center [b Sometimes the way Mally watched others or even watched Kanzaki when he'd try talking with the team. Something in her eyes... Felt something more than she let on it was hard to place his finger on. That wasn't the only thing on the boys mind though. He wondered still what happened between Rex and Peyton. Kanzaki was surprised how... Quiet he was he expected him to be more confident in himself. Or have this amazing... Legendary aura. He just seemed so timid and frail it was strange to see.]]

[center [b As Kanzaki laid over closing his eyes heading to bed he couldn't get his mind off of it. Was that really him? Rex? He seemed so afraid to talk to anyone here. Yet the way he fought... Awe well he'll get a chance to talk with them about it all soon enough. He was eager to learn about these new allies Kanzaki was glad to find a way out. He didn't enjoy or hurting or killing others and he always tried to justify the means to an end. He tried not to think of the guilt or pain it brought because he had heard of a man who had the ability and will to survive. To fight for his life even if it meant killing others a man Kanzaki came to respect. Or at least the stories he had heard of this man.]]

[center [b The first thing Kanzaki wants to do when he gets out is atone for all he's done. Making things up to Raine for offering him this path? That would be first on the agenda.]]

[center [h3 Witches Insight]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SDBW2mP.jpg]]

[center [b As Rose bantered back and forth with the group until Eric returned with Claire and the other two. Rose could tell Claire was not a happy camper but was it really Eric's fault? Or was he just being his kind usual self again? It seemed like him to take the fault didn't it?]]

[center [b Rose zoned out as the others talked about the night shift or what had happened. Peering into Peyton's mind and Eric's. She figured she could learn about what exactly went down. That she did and Rose had saw a side of Rex she had never seen before! Seeing how they felt about him. Eric really had faith in Rex and Peyton? She considered him a friend it was clear Rex didn't see her way of playing nice. At the same time though... Was he starting to trust her? Ahh Claire did warn Eric didn't she? Still she overreacted a bit! He was just worried of course.]]

[center [b Well Rose knew now not to take off on her own or Eric would just come chasing. She wouldn't want to cause the team any problems that was for sure. Next was Mally and Rex what was going through those two minds? Hmm... anything but simple that was for sure. Rose had looked at Mally and she seemed to be wondering a lot. Negative feelings toward Claire and wondering again if she could ever be.... Normal again. Ever feel the way she used to feel to ever be repaired? Yet she didn't seem overly emotional or heart broken over it.]]

[center [b Rex... Was actually feeling relieved at his conversation with Peyton wasn't he? He.. wasn't faking it not for her, could he be tricking Rose's power? Could the white swordsman do more than simply murder? If anything he felt threatened or unwanted by Styles and herself. That is why he was taking the distance he was. Rose realized she could serve as a mediator between this group at times. That she could help the group get along if she's willing to share the fact her gift works on them. Yet people don't enjoy being read like open books do they? They like to keep things to themselves.]]

[center [b Though she could reassure Styles about Rex a bit couldn't she? While at the same time tell Eric to be weary of Claire. Maybe even find a way to help Mally the more she could bring this team together the better. She wanted to help Eric with his goals to help others she admired him for that. She wanted to serve him and Raine in anyway possible. If she could lend her power to a cause like that she knew they would make a difference in this world. Maybe go beyond simply escaping who knows.]]

[center [h3 Trying To Sleep]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b As Claire laid on the ground she realized as long as they were up and talking? She wasn't going to get any sleep. She couldn't believe Mally had done that. Didn't she see Eric manhandle her like that? Because of a warm gentle smile he gets to do what he wants? Claire wanted to be on her own for a bit and he had no right making that choice for her. No one could control what she wanted to do.]]

[center [b She on the other hand didn't want to be the difficult one. Or cause any trouble or drama for the others. Had Eric not been here she would have been fine to do what she had pleased. It wouldn't have caused such a big ordeal. Most guys are smart enough to not talk to the bitchiest girl they see.]]

[center [b Claire knew she got a lot of cold eyes and daggers from everyone here. Kanzaki had even come over to ask what was wrong or what the hell happened. Claire simply kept her eyes closed ignoring Kanzaki she didn't owe it to him to explain herself. She said what she wanted to she warned Eric to back off that was it. It was crazy he even got away with that or that Mally and Kanzaki trust him already so much.]]

[center [b Kanzaki wasn't nearly as protective as he said he was huh? That didn't matter anyway just proved he didn't mean a word he said. What would Mally have done? If she told him not to carry her? Would she have seriously just let him do that and not fight? Not knowing him? Not trusting him? Claire thought not and if she would she was far too trusting. What was she supposed to do? Go back just cause Eric said too?]]

[center [b Claire sighed she was doing it again wasn't she? Being a complete and utter brat. She didn't mean to be such a difficult person but she was always trying to take care of herself. Sometimes that led to her taking a stand or coming off as standoffish. She didn't worry or concern herself with how others thought of her. This was survival of the fittest and she had to keep her guard up. It was a little insane how fast everyone went from fighting to playing one big happy family.]]

[center [b She wondered if she was the only sane one in the group here? Was she really sane? Or has this place made them all a little crazy? Maybe that's the reason why she was what she was. Well if she actually survives tomorrow she can start to worry about that stuff. Right now completing the current goal is what mattered.]]

[center [h3 First Shift!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-joeempNncQ]]

[center [b As Eric leaned against Peyton eating along side her. He rubbed her shoulder softly massaging her shoulder a bit before he sat up. Keeping his coat around her he gave her his usual smile for his queen. Than he turned over to Raine smiling widely.]]

[center [+brown I just wanna say it one more time Raine thanks for the vote of confidence. I mean... For saying we could get outta here ya know? Without hurting anyone? I'm really proud of you for getting Rose and Styles the way you did. You have no idea how much that means to me.]]

[center [b And with that Eric picked Raine up like a little doll. As he wrapped his arms around her giving her a big hug. As he rubbed his cheek against her own smiling childishly. He was glad Raine had taken the step forward to try to do things the way Eric had wanted to. He was glad to not be alone in that mindset.]]

[center [b Eric was gushing with pride and happiness toward Raine. He was glad to have a friend like her. He knew with her looking out for them? They'd make it out of here tomorrow no problem! "I still have to do my best tomorrow too!" Eric was inspired to give it his best. He couldn't leave it all up to Raine right? She was going to need a little help to complete this crazy idea of hers. Of theirs true Eric had the idea first but she convinced everyone to go on the ride. Even Rex and Peyton and they can be a little stubborn. Though Eric loved them all the same.]]

[center [+brown Rest easy everybody I'm going out now to take the first shift!]]

[center [b As Eric set out Rex shot up as he stood up. Awkwardly stepping over some of his party members to get outside. Claire he avoided certainly. Eric had saw Rex wasn't far behind him. "Of course he's got my back no matter what huh?" Eric smiled as he pulled on Rex's arm. Wrapping his arm around Rex's shoulder patting on the back with a hearty laugh.]]

[center [+brown Coming again huh!? Man maybe you can teach me some more cool moves! Or just kick my butt again? Hahaha am I right friend?]]

[center [b Rex awkwardly chuckled as Eric ruffled his hair smiling and they took some distance between the entrance. Eric was okay if Peyton and Raine had wanted to sleep. In fact he would have been okay to take the shift by himself. If they were that tired but Rex didn't miss a beat did he?]]

[center [+orange I-I.. E-Eric.. Umm.. S-Speaking of which I... I-I'm...]]

[center [b Eric frowned for a moment before taking a breath and forming his lips to a smile. He knew were Rex was going with this with the day he had? Rex didn't want to feel like he should just apologize to Peyton huh? Eric thought they were past this but the Rex had spoken. It seemed like he was still worried about that.]]

[center [+brown Don't worry man you were just stressed out! No hard feelings hey were friends right? No screw that man your my brother for now and forever right bro?]]

[center [b Eric took his arm off Rex as he walked backwards taking his fist as he pounded it into Rex's chest gently. Rex blinked looking rather shocked with a crimson red look on his face. As Rex began to smile it was faint but Eric could see it. Rex placing his timid little hand into a fist he placed it into Eric's chest as well as he managed to nod weakly.]]

[center [+brown That's much better! You look much better like that man!]]

[center [b Rex laughed quietly as he scratched at his cheek looking away from Eric. He was modest as ever wasn't he? He had such a soft aura about him. Eric couldn't help but feel like he was the little brother he never had.]]

[center [+brown So how are you holding up buddy? I'm sorry about forcing you and Peyton to talk. I just thought--]]

[center [b And like that Rex shook his head no as he began to speak cutting Eric off. This wasn't like Rexy boy was it?]]

[center [+orange N-No! I-I'm... Grateful you did that... W-We... Really worked things out.... T-Thank you... Eric!]]

[center [b Eric blinked himself looking at Rex this wasn't like him was it? Eric wiped under his nose with one finger as he let out a childish grin. Another hand on his hip as he snickered. Rex was starting to open up! Good job Peyton whatever you did is cracking away at his shell! Thinking of which as Eric put his hand on Rex's shoulder giving him a thumbs up. He looked over Rex's shoulder to see if Raine and Peyton were coming to catch up.]]

[center [+brown That means a lot to hear you say that, we are pretty much one big family ya know? I think I finally have a team name for us! That can wait for tomorrow though! So you think the girls are coming to catch up?]]

[center [+orange I-I hope so!]]

[center [b Rex said as Eric laughed a bit was he... Playing around? Wow! Rex the flirt who knew! Haha as he patted Rex on the back laughing he had managed to say through the fit of laughter.]]

[center [+brown Hahaha me hehe.. me too! Haha oh man that made my day Rexy. Haha oooh man that was just great!]]
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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine blinked, her face still flushed. Styles pointed out how much attention she was getting. It was more than she was ever used too. Realizing it she fell silent a bit and sat back and watched everyone for a moment. Raine didn't like attention not always, she got lonely but she did fine alone. Her time roaming the streets before being fostered, she did alone. Her time here in training, the dark room being stabbed everyday alone.
However she found that now she was surrounded by people, people she somehow connected with very quickly. If she ended up alone again, she might not be able to do it. She may go crazy and create her own company. Like those people who get stranded on an island.

Styles spoke to her again, it was about shifts. Raine looked back at him puzzled, because well...she didn't feel like a leader. Raine didn't want to be in charge either. So she shrugged [#6495ED "I-I don't know."] she mumbled scratching the tip of her nose. Then Rose called her a little girl, Raine blushed and puffed her cheeks out. Her eyes got wider and she frowned into a pout. [#6495ED "I am not a [b little] girl!...I-I am just short."] she crossed her arms and continued to pout for a moment.
Then they started talking about affairs and Raine giggled. Listening to the two banter off improvisation. It reminded her of when she saw the school play and planned on being apart of the one next year. But things changed and she couldn't do it.
Listening to Rose yet another blush spread her cheeks. This time, it wasn't from being embarrassed it wasn't from being flirted with. It was kind of like gratitude flushed her face. She felt warm inside and it felt nice. Reflecting on the moment she yawned again and leaned into Roses side were they sat.
Rose asked about Peyton and Rex and Eric. Raine looked up and was about to explain.
[#6495ED "Oh th-"] when Kanzaki interrupted her and began ranting off.

Proposing it was a love triangle, Raine sat and listened. For some reason something in her gut twisted hearing about love confessions. Now wasn't the time to be focusing on things like. Raine knew why Eric pulled them aside and it had nothing to do with that. However, now the idea was planted in her mind and she couldn't get it out. [#6495ED "N-no!"] she abruptly yelped out, once he finished talking.
Realizing her tone she stopped and blinked. [#6495ED "Sorry...But that's not it at all....Uh see before you guys came along... literally right before you guys showed up. Peyton and Rex got into a fight...and it was about strategy...So I am mostly sure that Eric wants them to make up before we go on and do anything else."] Raine's voice got small she wasn't sure if she was allowed to tell them this. If she got in trouble for it, she'd fight about it. After all their new team, doesn't need reasons to worry about secrets being kept.

Then Eric entered back in with Claire kicking, and stabbing. Raine blinked surprised. Something in her made her send dagger eyes to Claire. How could she do that to him? How could he let her do that to him? Anger was building inside her small body. She bit her tongue and grabbed her own dagger. Sitting Eric down she sighed, cutting her hand open she let her blood drip into his wounds. They healed up right away and Raine now standing just crossed her arms and sighed. Wanting to be able to say something about this, she couldn't. Unable to find the right words to spin off into lecture, she just grabbed some food and handed it to Eric. Taking her place then back between Rose and Styles. She sat quiet, unsure how to move past the situation or even how to address it.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally hardly felt connected in this instance. However logically from everyone's faces and banter, they all seemed happy. Well except for Claire who had gone off. Sighing she knew from the time she had already spent with Claire, that she was honestly a bit of brat. Stand offish, she was also well rude. Mally wouldn't express that to her however, because it made no sense to make an enemy out of an ally.
Her mind dwelling other places, she wondered what it be like to have to think with emotions too. Did she miss it? In moments like this were people could bond around her and she couldn't bond either, yes. On the battlefield, no.

What if Mally was never normal again? What if once they escaped they wouldn't find a scientist to fix her. What if staying here was her only shot at feeling things again? Maybe when they finished her she could do that. Or maybe they wanted to turn her into a stone cold battle machine. Her thoughts snapped back to the cave when Raine's voice abruptly caught through the train of thought. The girl had yelled no, but no to what? Mally had missed all the bits from before.
Listening on now, she learned that Rex and Peyton had fought before they showed up.
That's why there was a bit of disconnect on the battlefield between them then. Mally began to imagine how the stats of their team would change if they all were on the same mind. If they hadn't had that fight, they may have been able to wipe them clean off. They were in fact pretty strong.

Then Mally directed her attention to the kicking Claire and the bleeding Eric. Gauging the situation, Mally looked down at Claire disappointed.
[#EC871C "Alliance a union or association formed for mutual benefit."]
Mally stated the definition of Alliance, while maintaining eye contact.
[#EC871C "Where is the mutual benefit in you stabbing an ally?"] her tone was blunt, and stone. Mally then picked up Claires dagger, wiped it off and tucked it away herself. [#EC871C "I wish I didn't have to this, but I am taking this. Until you can get along, with our allies."] sounding like a robot mother. She finished scolding Claire and then she herself sat next to Eric, facing Rose. It was unacceptable what Claire did, and Mally wouldn't have her risking this alliance because the girl wanted to be a brat. Logically, if she acted out again Mally wouldn't have any bad feelings about letting her go. She really wouldn't feel anything, such as she did now. Well she felt frustrated, it was the only emotion that could still be felt. Otherwise, nada.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton gasped in surprise as he rushed into her. Blinking she sat with her arms by her side still. Shock took over her body she couldn't move, or even think straight all of a sudden. Her first reaction was to push him away, but he was warm. Peyton didn't move, as he began to shake and she could tell he was crying. What did he mean hurt? What hurt? Was something going to hurt? Her mind swirled confused. When he pulled back and began talking again, more shock hit her. It pulled her eyes open and it made her face start to turn red.
Crazy? She drove him crazy?
She gasped when he talked about picking her before anyone else. He can't mean that...Peyton thought that she'd be the last person to be picked. Eric and Raine they were so much nicer than her. He had to save one of them, before he'd save her. Peyton couldn't believe it but it was nice to hear. He sounded crazy, he had to be crazy. He looked up to her? How? Peyton didn't know what she was doing, she had no idea what she was doing. Ever! She just faked confidence, she swallowed her fear and made decisions simply because no one else would. She didn't want to be leader, it terrified her. Because if something happened to them, it would be her fault she lead them wrong. Her mind was about to trail off into it's own cave of thoughts when Rex said that word.
Peyton was Rex's friend. Her eyes snapped up from the floor, her palms were getting sweaty in his. A blushed trailed off her face, down her neck. He kept talking but it suddenly sounded clouded in her ears. Her mind fixating on [i friend.] His nose was touching hers and at this point he had her backed against a tree. Her mind was screaming, but she didn't understand what it was saying. It was just loud and her mind drew blanks, like she was frozen.
Suddenly Eric's voice came through the bushes and again Peyton didn't actually hear what it said, but she heard it. When Rex's eyes opened, his mouth wasn't far from hers at all. Her face was beet red all across, even her ears were red.

Peyton was speechless and once he turned away from her she looked back down at the ground. He spoke again and this time he was back to stuttering. Peyton had heard him talk so clearly for that long before. It surprised her, but she found she enjoyed the way his voiced sounded. Clearing her throat after a moment of being asked if she wanted to be done. [#8A2BE2 "Y-Yes..."] she mumbled shyly. Kicking the dirt at the ground. Her head snapped up to hear more yelling. [#8A2BE2 "Is something going on?"] she asked Rex who had run out of the brush already. Peyton peaked her head out.
Shock waved over her. Claire was stabbing him over and over. Yet Eric was just fine. Anger grew in her cheeks the red that had began to fade away coming back, but not from shyness or embarrassment or goey feelings. She was angry but Eric insisted it was fine. How on earth could that be fine! He was being stabbed over and over, she said she'd kill him.

Peyton looked at Rex [#8A2BE2 "Let's not attack....Eric said it was fine but s-still....I am pissed. I don't trust her....Let's leave that at that. "]
blinking she then looked away again and hugged him really quick.
[#8A2BE2 "Friends."] was all she said as she pulled away.
Then turning she started to walk back up the cave. [#8A2BE2 "Let's be cool about this....Or try to be."] she muttered to him.
Standing at the cave entrance just in time to see Raine healing Eric and Mally lecturing Claire. It seemed handled and it appeared another fight wouldn't break out.
Giving Claire a look over, distrust written across her face before turning and taking the spot next to Eric, in front of Styles. Hungry herself she looked at him. [#8A2BE2 "Are you okay?"] and of course he answered that was fine. Peyton then looked at his food [#8A2BE2 "Good then, now share with me."] she said leaning over and grabbing a small piece of what he head.

Peyton decided she'd let the incident slide. Mally seemed to have handled Claire, Eric said he was okay and Raine had already healed him. Peyton was also too tired to keep going on and on with problem after problem. This one seemed to have diffused it's self. So Peyton wasn't going to address it, and move on past it. Looking around everyone's faces seemed so tired. Blinking she wrinkled her nose. They had way more people now, so sleep shifts need to be discussed. However she didn't want to talk either. Leaning against Eric, she stole more of his food. Not being that hungry, she didn't want to open a whole other can of something she wouldn't finish. It would be a waste to do that. Wrinkling her nose she examined Eric's coat and frowned. [#8A2BE2 "...If you were going back in there, this is when they'd give you a tunic."] she weakly offered a smile, bringing herself back to the conversation, well really among her first words ever to Eric.
Frowning she shivered again and sighed. Now how was a coat with holes in it gonna keep her warm. Wrinkling her nose she got up and started pulling out wood from the back of the cave that they had stock piled. [#8A2BE2 "We should get a fire going and then...talk about about sleep shifts."] she mumbled to no one in particular, mostly just the entire group of people sitting there now.
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[center [h3 In The Cave]]

[center [b As Styles sat beside Raine with Rose on her other side it made him feel a little more at home. Like Raine really was a part of there crew without Eric here she and Rose were the only ones he felt that way with. The other three awe seemed a bit stand offish. Frightening like Rex but yet in a different way.]]

[center [b As Styles ate beside Raine he couldn't help but chuckle on how Kanzaki and Rose gushed over her. Aye she was as red as a newly bloomed rose.]]

[center [+blue You sure do you get a lot of attention aye little lass.]]

[center [b Styles bumped his arm into her as he smiled. As she told Kanzaki cutting her hand to take care of him didn't hurt. The girl must be lying of course no way it didn't. True the simple boy seemed relieved and he did believe her. Styles knew Raine was the most powerful healer he had ever come across. More so than Maria and probably a better healer than Claire here. Yet something about her seemed modest and humble. Like she felt she had to put on a brave faith and offer more. She's done so much already for himself and his comrade Rose. In fact if Styles could trade with her? To heal to nurture rather than to destroy? He would in a heartbeat it was a gift she could use to help the sick. In fact imagine the lives she could save who would need doctors? Could she make others walk again if they were disabled? What limit did that have? Not to mention she may never even age a hero that last forever and ever. Far beyond Style's time or any of these folk and Styles could feel Rose's presence. The way she entered his mind and the message was loud and clear if one person should survive this? It should be a person like Raine right?]]

[center [b Styles wouldn't settle for that though he wanted to get Rose and Eric out as well. Rose being able to do what she could do? To read others minds? To enter their mind? She could help fix so many broken lost souls. As for Eric? He could always be the brave stalwart shield to make sure these treasures were never buried in a chest again. True Styles may have been a better fighter than Eric but he knew Eric had great potential to rise above all of this. Listening to Rose speak of his mind it was almost something like an old wives tale. A story you'd catch in a bar or on the sea. Of a hero like that? That truly puts others first? Aye Styles would never the heart to protect those he feared such as Rex or Mally here. Though Eric would and has for others all the time despite them being against Eric.]]

[center [+blue So how should we take shifts lass?]]

[center [b He leaned in to Raine asking curiously.]]

[center [h3 Cutting Loose]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SDBW2mP.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEPW1EOjw1w]]

[center [b Rose giggled as she looked over at the two with a smile.]]

[center [+purple Is the captain asking a little girl for advice? I think somebody's smitten! How could you cap I thought we had something!! Yet little did you know... Raine was my mistress all along! Mwhahaha!]]

[center [b Styles couldn't help but laugh though it wasn't a smug little chuckle or the sorta laugh one would expect. It had a lighter tone and a higher pitch almost a bit on the goofier side. Genuine laughter as he held his stomach wiping under his eye.]]

[center [+blue Aye can't a captain even trust his first mate? How dare ye I'm sure we must duel for Raine's affections now! Or must I duel Raine for ye? I am all twisted up inside how could you do such a thing!]]

[center [b He said as he gripped his hands at the air in a playful dramatic tone. As the two laughed kidding back and forth.]]

[center [+purple Oh Raine should we have told him about our affair sooner? Here I thought our nefarious captain would be happy for us! What a cruel cruel man isn't he?]]

[center [b Rose said as she ruffled Raine's hair she couldn't help but look at Raine like a little sister. Rose knew the captain has noticed it too the two did look similar didn't they? As Rose began to hone in her talent of Raine she saw nothing but good inside the little girls heart. Ahh the thoughts crawling in her head Rose couldn't help but wrap her arm around her and help give her a little reminder.]]

[center [+purple Raine, I just wanna say thank you again. For healing us or even convincing everybody to do this! I have to say hun your the best healer I've ever seen!!]]

[center [b She said trying to reassure Raine a bit she didn't bother to dig deep in Raine's past or anything. She trusted Raine and didn't want to invade her privacy if she wanted more personal details? She'd earn them like a real friend would. She only took a peak to make sure Raine was holding up okay.]]

[center [b Raine had earned Rose's trust and she felt no need to dig around anything farther than the present. Though the same could not be said for the others. As Rose decided to simmer down a bit letting her captain doing the talking.]]

[center [b She had taken the time to scan the person who worried her most. Mally... Aye she had been stripped of her emotions for some time now wasn't she? Was it something she wanted back? Mally was beginning to wonder if she really truly was an AI. That would take a lot of time to delve into. How she came here how she lost herself but she wasn't up to something. Though her and Claire were obviously hiding a factor about Claire's scope of healing.]]

[center [b As Rose shifted her attention to Claire she narrowed her eyes as Claire continued to eat her food. Rose looking in to find that one little factor in the back of her head. Ahh she thought if she didn't think about it Rose wouldn't be able to see. She was aware of Rose's gift after all but the more you avoid a thought the more you are really thinking about it. Hmm... it wasn't anything special now was it? Wait a second... She can revive the dead? Yikes did that have a cost it would shorten her life span drastically. If she was to do so three times in her entire life she'd die right on the spot. Being a girl who puts her own life and self first Rose saw why she would hide such a factor. She wouldn't do that for any other human being and the gift could not be used on herself.]]

[center [b "Angel's Kiss" considering she could bring you back to life? Even if with such a hefty cause the code made sense. Claire was simply on board because Mally a woman she believed wise enough to get them out of here was on board.]]

[center [b Shifting over she had decided to look at Kanzaki as he gave a wink and a smile. Rose simply waved as she continued to stare. He hardly seemed to care as he dived right in the food. He was by far eating the most and rather messily. Rose didn't judge him for it in fact it was kinda endearing to her. Though she wasn't ready to trust this man based off a few charming traits.]]

[center [b She may be a ditz and seem pretty naïve but she wasn't as stupid as people may have thought. Nor was she the wisest person either she just knew how to use this gift fairly well. Nothing more and nothing less to it. Looking at Kanzaki she heard a..]]

[center [+darkblue "Heya cutie see anything you like?"]]

[center [b Rose's eyes wandered around the cave as she looked away. He knew she was looking? How could he have? She did yell it out loud didn't she? Yet she had said it couldn't work on those with gifts. Kanzaki didn't believe that did he? No wait... He was just testing it! Due to her eyes scattering away he knew that was a lie now! Yet he didn't seem to want to tell Mally or Claire.]]

[center [b Instead he simply thought "this can be our little secret cutie" Rose looking at the ground with a sigh. Even having such an advantage she messed that up didn't she? She'll read them more when they decide to sleep that was the easiest and most effective time to do so.]]

[center [+purple So Rainy? Why are Eric and the other two out? Are they gathering anything?]]

[center [h3 Good Question! My Guess?]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki shot Raine a smile as she told him not to worry about it. He wasn't the type to dwell on things long so he took her word for it. He found her reaction to be just the cutest she was far nicer than Claire and Mally maybe he got paired in the wrong group? Still he'd be lying if he said he'd miss Claire's healing. It was nice to be healed by someone who seemed like they cared at the very least.]]

[center [+darkblue I can't worry with that cute face looking after me. So why are they out huh? You guys wanna know my guess? See I bet it's a love triangle! Yup Eric had to know he had to ask the illustrious beauty Peyton. He had to ask "who will it be?! Me or Rex? Peyton I have to know!"]]

[center [b As Kanzaki boomed out into laugher he continued his little story. As he walked right over placing his arms around Rose and Raine. He was already enjoying the new friendly faces even if one was a bit invasive of his head space. He couldn't help but be flattered.]]

[center [+darkblue Of course Rex all like "Peyton my exotic beauty I cannot give thee up! I challenge sir Eric to a duel!" than as she began to speak with her lovely voice. As her cute little accent acted up she begged the two boys. "Please don't fight over me! I think... I've finally chosen..." and than with that she had screamed. "Styles! It was Styles! I like older men! Plus eyepatches rock! Plus pirates are sexy as fuck!!"]]

[center [b At that Styles had spat the water he was drinking as he began to cough pounding on his chest. Kanzaki leaning over to pat the man on the back as Rose couldn't help but fall into a fit of giggles. Of course Claire simply rolled her eyes as she finished her food and left the cave.]]

[center [+darkblue Don't worry she does that a lot she'll be fine. So Raine that's my guess but you know the two. What do you think it is? Maybe they are all fighting over you! Right right?]]

[center [b Kanzaki nudged her arm as he let out a chuckle. Claire left sooner than usual but than again Kanzaki had more partners to hold a conversation with. As Styles wiped the water off his shirt shaking his head with a soft smile on his face. Oh yeah Kanzaki was already digging these guys if Mally splits from these folk? Kanzaki may have to tag along they were very laid back.]]

[center [b Course Kanzaki at the same time... Didn't want to lose Mally and Claire. He was hoping he could do a little more to brighten there days. So hopefully it doesn't come to that.]]

[center [h3 Ridiculous]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b As Claire placed her dagger on her belt she had left the cave. She didn't have any goals in mind but she wasn't eager to try and befriend the new gang. Plus she's never had to hear Kanzaki talk for this long before. Could he really be making such jokes? With people who were enemies moments ago? Let his guard down?]]

[center [b Sure working together isn't a bad idea at all but that seemed a little much. Besides shouldn't they strategize? Take things more seriously goofing off could wait after this place. Yeah Claire had lost her sense of humor since being here but that's how she had to survive. It's hard to crack a joke when you have doctors slicing you open and cutting your neck. Or taking wounded victors from the fighters and say "Save him or he dies"]]

[center [b Raine was a healer too perhaps she understood that pain too? Though Claire wasn't ready to hop aboard on train Raine. The way they all flocked up to her? Like they were teammates? When her actual teammates were doing who knows what out here? It was almost as if Kanzaki just wanted a nicer pretty face than Mally and Claire. All his hot air of being a hero and he just wants a cute girl who keeps her trap shut around. He always wants things his way and he'd trade sides just for that to happen.]]

[center [b That Styles and Rose why did they serve under Raine like that? They weren't teammates but maybe it was that personality Raine had? Yeah well guess what idiots? She's playing you people who act like that? Or like Eric? Saving Mally? Saving those two? They just want you to add to there collection. You think they really care more about you than themselves? No it's just so your willing to throw everything away for them. Hell Kanzaki may be sticking his neck out for Raine tomorrow just cause of that sweetheart little act.]]

[center [b Besides even if it was real that's how people themselves get into deep shit. Claire got her with that attitude she was just like Raine. Always healing others and eventually guess what? She was black mailed by her closest patient. She had to "take care of him" be it showing off her power. Or any other disgusting needs all because she'd always have to look out for others. "Don't worry I got that!" or don't worry I got this! I'll heal that up yeah you think the worlds gonna pat you on the back? Good job? No it's going to walk all over you. Regardless of she was relying on using others. Or too naïve to take care of herself first? She couldn't get behind that it reminded her of too many painful memories.]]

[center [b The best one could hope for was a mutual partnership like between Mally and herself. Mutual respect and mutual gain they won't turn to new allies like Kanzaki in a heartbeat. He should be ready to defend his comrades if he wants to do his part. Not sucker up to them for all Claire has given Kanzaki and Mally only one does her any good back. He's just being a baby cause Claire won't be a little doll for him like that little girl.]]

[center [b She couldn't stand men like that and maybe that's another reason she came to trust Mally even more so. Mally was real and accepted Claire as difficult as she was. Mally didn't ever once sugarcoat things either she keeps her head on honestly more straight than Claire does. That's a person she could follow unless it of course meant giving her life up.]]

[center [b As Claire wandered through the forest she saw Eric. He looked like he was standing guard wasn't he? Claire circling around she had decided to take a look. Hmm... it was those two and they were talking. As Claire listened in to make sure it wasn't some crazy scheme to take them out and take their things. It wasn't it was just more ridiculous nonsense. What was this highschool? I don't wanna lose you bullshit? Claire was angry for ever being scared of these two. Even the white swordsman was around some woman's palm. He was just like every other man wrapped around her finger. Yet she was too scared to use that power? They were both idiots Mally would never let such power go to waste. If they had the White Swordsman beside Mally? They'd have won this thing course he needs to be coddled too right? Why else would they be out here?]]

[center [b Though this was the chance to learn more about them and to make sure how stable these two really were. One being a secret weapon she could snap at any moment like her last comrade had. As for the swordsman? Well he was just as bad with no excuse one second he hacks at Claire's neck? Almost kills Mally? Murders her comrade without a second thought? Now he was having this pathetic look on his face? This longing look to a woman who wanted to hold him back? He was worse than Kanzaki for crying out loud. At least Kanzaki would do what he thought was best this man had no agenda.]]

[center [b Oh yeah those two were crazy hell they all were how could this work out? The more she listened the more she began to think she could use them as decoys to make an escape. The only two making it out of this she decided would be herself and Mally. If he was willing to listen to this girl and hold himself back from killing others? Or get caught just wondering how she feels about him? He was useless no he was a burden plain and simple.]]

[center [h3 Don't Want To.. Lose Me?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8kTInuEK4M]]

[center [b Rex rubbed the back of his neck as she mumbled about Eric being an idiot. Yeah he knew Eric could be difficult huh? Still Rex knew that was just who Eric was. Rex wanted to say "oh you know he doesn't mean any harm in it!" but he couldn't this wasn't the time. Heck even if it was could he? The answer to Rex? Was obviously no he couldn't. As she mentioned no they didn't he put his hand to his side sighing.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm sorry...]]

[center [b That made them on the same boat on that one huh? If not anything else. Rex's face shot up as she mentioned she wasn't going to apologize. That was the problem was he felt he couldn't apologize just simply he didn't explain himself. Suppose she felt the same way on the subject huh?]]

[center [+orange P-Peyton why..?]]

[center [b He asked as his face shot up looking at her he seemed hurt. Was she not sorry? About what she had said? Or not sorry about how bad the fight itself got? Rex wasn't sure and she didn't make that very clear. She wasn't nearly as angry this time if anything... She seemed just as awkward as he was at this moment. This was a difficult talk but at least he wasn't the only one having trouble speaking it seemed.]]

[center [b Than the words hit him, because... I don't want lose you? His eyes widened as he stared into her eyes. As he gasped slightly his eyes rattling inside his skull. Did she... Mean that? Truly? Even after..]]

[center [+orange Even a-after our fight...? Really...?]]

[center [b He ended up saying out loud as he looked at her. His chest began to pound with disagreement yet... Happiness. He had such a torn mix of feelings and it was obvious she was feeling the same as well.]]

[center [b As Rex stood there his fist clenching up as tears dripped down his face. She mentioned how Eric couldn't force people to talk Rex laughed weakly as he wiped at his tears not again. Not in front of Peyton oh he was going to embarrass himself wasn't he? As she mentioned they were done Rex his chest felt tight. They weren't done they weren't even... Even.. Rex couldn't hold it in as he began to explode again. Like a nutshell of insecurity,anxiousness,pain was smashed open with a hammer. Slammed down again and again till the shell cracked and flew into every direction that was how Rex felt. He had never once felt so outmatched or defeated by someone opposing his ideals his believes and she never had to throw a single attack. She has gotten to him more than anything in this place ever has or has tried too. Rex reached his hands out as he ran into her hugging her into his arms on impulse as he began to shake as tears jerked from his face.]]

[center [+orange Why does this... Hurt so much...?]]

[center [b His thoughts were pooring out again as he held her tightly. He wasn't tall like Eric he was a short male coming in at 5'6 so he didn't exactly tower over Peyton or anything. As Rex tried to stop himself from pooring his thoughts out they fell.. Even worse than they had the cave. So many different sides and parts of him wanted to say something different do something different. A part of him wanted to ask if she was sorry for fighting? A part wanted to cry he was sorry! A part wanted to disagree with her that they couldn't fight with pillows and kind words. They couldn't spare everyone and yet for what she said about not losing him? The strangest part was he wanted to... Kiss her. He pulled away looking longingly into her eyes as tears dripped from his face. If he ever had a rival match him one he respected? It was here and now and he didn't know how to feel about it. He felt she overwhelmed him in every single way. More so than Eric or Raine or any foe he's face. She drove him crazy! Just absolutely..]]

[center [+orange Crazy... Peyton you drive me c-crazy. I can't decide if I hate that or love that about you! UGH!]]

[center [b Oh the nutshells went flying now as Rex decided he was going to be bested by this foe. That for once in his life? He'd speak up and he wouldn't stutter. Something he couldn't even do around his oldest friends but he just... Couldn't take it anymore. Being so closed off? He had to say exactly how he felt. How SHE made him feel she had him backed to a wall and he needed to take a stand. It was official... She was stuck to him. He knew he couldn't abandon her no matter how hard they fought so he was going to make his stand here.]]

[center [+orange I... Don't want to lose you either okay! How could I? I wish I was like Eric I wish I could tell you how great you are. I wish I could say without a problem how cute that accent was. Or how you made a fine leader or someone I'm proud to call my friend. I'm just... Scared okay! Cause you don't get it! None of you do! You can't win this without shedding some blood? What if I hold back? For you because damn it I wonder if I'd do just about anything for you. I follow you just as bad as Eric I just... Don't have the heart to admit it! You're wrong what if there comes a time your in trouble? That I have to choose? Them or you? I'm not Eric I can't try and save you both. You and I know every single time I'll choose to cut that person down if it means saving you!!]]

[center [b Rex clutched to her shoulders horrified he's spoken up so much. As he falls against her leaning his weight against her body as he broke into tears.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm sorry I said what I said at the cave I'd... Never hurt you. You're so crazy... Just as crazy as me! How could you say that after what I did? That you can't lose me? Your better off without me! You and Raine need someone like Eric not me I don't want to scare you like that again. That's how I feel sometimes... Other times I feel if I don't stick around you'll spare the wrong person. You'll find yourself dead because you were too afraid to strike. You must think I look down at you huh? Truth is Peyton... I-I... I look up to you. To Eric and Raine to.]]

[center [b Rex leaned his hands into her own clutching his fingers around her own. As he continued to stare into her eyes.]]

[center [+orange Yikes.. I-I've said a little too much huh...? Well now you know why I keep my stupid mouth shut. Peyton I respect you I might even go as far to say I adore you... I mean err... We all do! That doesn't mean I don't disagree that you can't run from that. If we are to break out of here we can't spare every guard in our path. You know that r-right?! If you get killed over this idea I'd never forgive myself. We may disagree but we are sorry aren't we? For the way we yelled at each other? In that cave? For the cruel things we said? Even if we disagree your... Your my... I-I..]]

[center [b Oh come on now your getting shy Rex?! Say it just tell her already! Come on you've come so far and now you are gonna wuss out!]]

[center [+orange Because Peyton... Your my friend!!]]

[center [b Rex said as he panted and panted as he leaned in to her nose to nose. He needed to face this opponent head on and she may be scared to speak up now. Yet she's stood up to Rex more than anyone he's ever met. Even if she was like him a bit socially awkward.]]

[center [+orange Peyton I know... Your not perfect your bad with words and... I am t-too Raine and Eric are better at being honest with how they feel. Heck Raine would hug any of us in a heartbeat if we needed it I don't think.. W-W-We could do that. Eric? He's practically telling us how much he cares about us since day one. To be honest? I didn't believe him and to be honest I was most weary of you. Yet now... I feel so... I don't know.... Like you have trouble talking like I do... Yet you brave it and say what you need to say. You... Inspire me to want to do the same. You all do really I just...]]

[center [b Rex was finally saying what was on his mind how much he had. As Rex leaned in closer to her, his lips pursed slightly as his eyes closed. He wasn't thinking clearly as his chest pounded he had no idea what he was doing or even why. Was he following impulse? Just winging it? Going with the flow? Was he following what he wanted to do? Was he taking Peyton's example to be brave? Is this what he wanted to do? At than Eric yelled through the bushes though he hadn't entered the fray in open sight.]]

[center [+brown Hey I'm going to eat dinner you two hurry and finish up okay? Just letting you know to stay on your toes! I'm checking on the others. I hope you two kissed and made up!]]

[center [b Eric couldn't help but laugh at his own cheesy and yet ironic joke. As Rex snapped back into reality back into himself as his eyes opened that joke was too ironic. His lips... Weren't too far off from her own. As he blinked he pulled away quickly turning his back to Peyton as he let out a nervous rather fake cough. As he began to cross his arms tapping his toe on the ground as a blush swarmed his face. A blush that hasn't swarmed around his face since he's been her he was beet red. He had always thought if he was going to do that! That it'd be a girl like Raine! What got over him? Maybe he just had a long stressful day. Though he had meant what he said Peyton was his friend he just... Well he might have overdone it.]]

[center [+orange W-Wanna b-b-be done n-n-n-now..?]]

[center [b Hopefully Peyton wouldn't pay it much mind. The part at the end most of all. Hopefully she took his speech in a good not aggressive way. Not aggressive in either aspect @///@]]

[center [b Well Rex was grateful for Eric's timing that as for sure. He might have gained Peyton's hatred for sure that time. Hopefully the two had made up. In fact he'd only know now by what she says next. This... could go anyway and Rex was afraid he might have messed this chance to make up. Still... even if that was the case he was glad Peyton had said what she said it meant a lot to him. He was even happy... To have gotten all his truest feelings off of his chest. Cheesy and cliché as they be he was glad he was able too.]]

[center [h3 Heading Back]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b As Eric came around the corner he couldn't help but notice somebody eavesdropping on the two love birds. Eric poking on the young woman's shoulder she turned around with a shriek. As Eric leaned in covering her mouth.]]

[center [+brown Hey isn't that rude Claire? To watch the two love birds? Come on let them be let's head back and get some food. I think everyone's worried about you if you just wander off like this.]]

[center [b Claire pulled away a bit as she crossed her arms with a scoff.]]

[center [+lightblue Cute, your the one who stopped the boy from making his big move. Why's that huh? Jealous? I saw the way you worried about her on the field. You may act like you worry about everyone the same but you were on the edge when she was in trouble.]]

[center [b Claire smirked as she was trying to hit a nerve. Eric simply shrugged as he let out a laugh.]]

[center [+brown I don't know actually maybe I am jealous? That's a tough one really. I think I care about everyone the same though the same amount! You could be right I might like some of them in different ways. I never really thought about it to be honest.]]

[center [b Claire's jaw simply dropped was this guy for real? He wasn't even going to defend himself? He'd just take it and say maybe? At least Kanzaki would defend himself a bit. This guy was far to laid back to be real he was more fake than the doll back at the cave. The fakest thing she had ever seen.]]

[center [+lightblue I bet that's why you saved Mally! It makes sense now the only thing that girl doesn't like in that boy is the fact he's willing to kill. Unlike the rest of you but if you show your a good boy and watch out for everyone? Maybe Raine or Peyton will give you attention huh? Don't think Mally's as naïve to think of what you had.]]

[center [b Eric gave a slight chuckle rubbing the back of his head as he simply shook his head.]]

[center [+brown I didn't want Rex to do something he'd regret that's all. He's a part of our family and now you are too! Plus I knew Mally must have friends counting on her. If something happened to her what would happen them? I didn't really have a choice I had to help her. Speaking of which she's probably worried about you lets head back.]]

[center [b "What the hell?!" Claire glared at him as she stepped her foot down shoving him away. Oh hell no she wasn't going anywhere with this loon. No choice? Yeah he had a choice it's called fight to win. She wasn't buying it she knew his type that act was the reason she was in this place to begin with.]]

[center [+lightblue I'm not going anywhere try anything and I'll stab you got it? So run along before you lose your queen already. Shew shew go away.]]

[center [b Eric simply shrugged again with a smile as he wrapped his arms around Claire. Throwing her over his shoulder as he began to head back. As he shouted at Peyton and Rex he was going for real this time. Claire began to kick yell and scream hopefully his friends weren't going to fret too much over it.]]

[center [+lightblue That's it I'm going to fucking kill you!]]

[center [b Eric winced at the foul language yup Peyton and Rex heard that. Hopefully they wouldn't worry too much about that. Though he could hear bushes rustling and Rex's hair through the grass. As Eric continued to walk with her and Rex sat there watching rather horrified. He must have finished his talk huh? Good for him though Eric had felt something sting. A bush? No a bee? No a wasp? It stung a little worse than that. As Rex shouted and gasped Eric could feel something wet trinkle down his coat. Cold... Cold metal? Ahh Claire had plunged her knife into his back. Luckily his body was sturdy enough to let only a fourth of the dagger through. She was trying to stab it in more but to no avail as she kicked and screamed. Rex sat simply shocked as he reached for his blade.]]

[center [+orange Eric throw her I can handle this get back and get taken c-care of!]]

[center [b Wow Rex seemed a little more direct huh? Eric was happy for him he only stuttered a bit and said a whole sentence. Flashing Rex a wise smile he shook his head.]]

[center [+brown She's fine were just playing a little rough like when we spared remember? Don't worry about it I'm fine.]]

[center [b And with that Eric carried her back as he made it to the cave. He sat the thrashing Claire who managed to punch him across the face a few times. He placed her right next to Mally. As he reached at his back pulling Claire's knife out. The wound in a bit began to close but the blood still was lost and it had done it's damage. Internally it wasn't exactly... Healed and Raine probably figured as much. She had healed him plenty but hopefully she wouldn't worry as much as Rex had. He hoped Peyton hadn't saw she could be an over protective queen couldn't she? Throwing the knife next to Claire as she looked at the blood soaked knife. Looking back at Eric with scorn and anger but at the same time plenty of shock. Rose covering her mouth as she watched Eric sat right in front of Raine. Facing toward her with a smile as he saw Kanzaki between Rose and Raine. With Styles at Raine's left side.]]

[center [+brown So Raine do we have anything good to eat? Or am I too late?]]

[center [b Styles and Kanzaki stood silent blinking at the man. As Eric tilted his head. Why were they staring like that? Does that mean everything good WAS eaten? Ahh man he took too long! Awe well he'll just eat what's left.]]

[center [+brown Hello? Guys? Anyone something? I'll eat whatever I guess I'm sorry I took awhile. I think Peyton and Rex are gonna be just fine! Man I hate saying Peyton and Rex or rather... Rex anything! Don't you guys ever wonder what his name actually is? I bet it's something awesome like Vincent or what if his name was Eric? That'd be hilarious he'd be like my long lost twin am I right?]]

[center [b Eric said as he gave another bright smile but this cave was awfully quiet. He had wondered if something happened while he was gone?]]
  Zack Styles / Isamu / 2y 248d 21h 15m 9s
[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine's cheek didn't get to rest. One minute they were bright red and the next they'd return to normal, only to flare up again. In a group of playful flirts, Raine wasn't safe. Smiling and laughing though she nodded.[#6495ED "It doesn't hurt."] that was a lie, it did hurt but not enough to make her not want to do it. Raine was so used to pain she felt weird if she went too long without it. Being stabbed almost everyday for quiet some time to develop her gift. It was routine, one that was obviously being broken, Raine hoped it would stay a broken routine.Nodding a yes when Claire asked Raine to be Kanzakis healer. It wasn't a big deal to her and if it would make these newer team mates like her, she'd do it.

Kanzaki then said something about making it up to her, he called her cute again. Pursing her lips as she blushed she took a handful of her hair and played with it. [#6495ED "D-don't worry about it!"] she dismissed it, listening on then as he introduced himself. She took a place by Rose and Styles. Raine enjoyed them a lot, maybe too much for the few odd times they had run into each other. Rose placed her head on the girls shoulder. Raine looked around, she was the shortest one here. Rose, Claire and Peyton stood around the same height with maybe 1 or 2 inches varying between them. Mally was the tallest girl, Raine was the shortest girl. Blinking she sighed thinking about her height but then dismissed the thoughts and relaxed with Rose. Who now that Raine was up close, Rose looked like she could be Raine's older sister. Raine looked around again this time, gauging she may even be the youngest one here. Again sighing about those facts she cuddled up to Rose and decided to focus on conversations again.
[#6495ED "K-keep? Oh. Well of course, if I didn't a whole other fight would've broken out and that wasn't my goal."] she mumbled to Styles who had thanked her for keeping Rex in line. When Styles talked about being a pirate then Eric chimed in about the boat Raine couldn't help but brighten up. Oceans meant fish and fish were cool.

Her face flushed up again as Rose mentioned Raine being a cutie. [i Maybe I should just pain my face red! Then no one would know I was blushing.] Raine thought to herself, while Rose went on. Raine again just sat and listened. She couldn't help but be amazed by all the special things everyone could do. Claire, another healer even could do more things than Raine could. Smiling she couldn't help but feel a little...small. Compared to everyone else, she felt like nothing special. If she said that out loud she'd be lecture, but Raine knew it was true. Sighing she'd have to do something about that. Raine didn't want to be a weak link and possibly slow everyone down.
Once they moved into the cave, Eric pulled Peyton and Rex off to the side. Remembering they had fought earlier before the real fight. Raine shrugged and grabbed some food. A little box of crackers, she opened it and shared with whoever wanted some. Setting by Rose again, she just felt so comfortable near her. Styles on the other side, she looked really small between the two of them. Yawning as she ate, the sun was just starting to go down and she already wanted to sleep.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally had listened to everyone go on. Claire wasn't as honest but that was understandable. Mally nodded when her comrade glanced at her, to signify it was alright that she had done so. She didn't lie, she just didn't reveal another factor. Listening and readjusting to try to be comfortable. Mally's face was always expressionless. In combat Mally acted robotically. Outside of combat she was more like an AI, with a little more emotion. Of course she wasn't always like that. However the change didn't even happen in the lab. By the time she got here, she was already robotic. The scientists played off that and used it try their new experiment. It had failed when they placed it inside people with high emotions. They had actually replaced and added bits of technology to Mally's brain. So she may never get her personality back ever again.

Once everyone was done, the girls mind was finally shifting out of combat mode. Her brain was like a slow computer, but at the same time not. In combat if was quick and without error. Leaving combat, was like rebooting. It took forever, but the second she entered combat it turned on like that. Probably things the scientists could fix if she stayed, but Mally decided she'd rather leave. Entering the cave with everyone, she took the crackers Raine had offered. A small smile was attempted while she said thank you. It still felt wrong though, like Mally's brain had been cut off from making real emotional connects. It was a little torturing sometimes. It helped her survive and maintain fights, but she'd never be able to make connections. Real connections with people, unless she somehow finds another doctor to fix her. If she could even be fixed.
Mally could still think emotionally, but couldn't feel those thoughts. They felt fake, or artificial. Maybe she was an AI?

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton felt tired, listening. When Kanzaki focused on her accent for a moment she had to throw her hand over her mouth. A cherry red blush spreading through her face. Frowning she looked away, avoiding the topic of it.
She had used her powers, maybe even overworked herself. She felt drained. Looking at Eric when he asked her to do something she frowned. Before she could say no, he had taken her up by the arm. Glaring as she was dragged away with Rex too. Leaving them in the woods Peyton was quiet and wouldn't look at Rex.

[#8A2BE2 "That idiot..."] she mumbled once he left. A frown on her face she crossed her arms. Keeping her head turnt away, if she looked at Rex she might give in and take Eric's words into consideration.
However her pride, was extremely large. She wouldn't apologize either, especially since she thought she was right. Despite the way she had said it, and even left her emotional part out. Peyton wouldn't apologize, she already knew that much. Or maybe she would, if Rex could crack her shell. Which is why she avoided eye contact with him. He always looked sad, and if he looked sad it would soften her up.

Silence hung between the two for a while then Rex spoke up, of course he was avoiding the situation just like she was.
[#8A2BE2 "N-...No. They didn't tell me."]
Murmuring her answer, she sounded hurt. Truth be told she was, she didn't understand why they kept it a secret from her. Peyton didn't hate Styles or Rose. In fact she wanted to gain their approval. She never wanted to fight them. But...something pulled out of her. Her personalities mixed and she couldn't control it that time. It was after all her first time fighting, her first time killing.
Peyton regretted it, very much.

Crouching she put her head against her knees. Rocking on her heels, she shivered a little. Incredibly tired she finally shot up. Time to get this over with, she wanted Eric's coat and she wanted food. Then sleep. In that order.
Clearing her throat she looked up, but not at Rex. She couldn't look at Rex while she said what she was about to say.
[#8A2BE2 "Listen. I am not gonna apologize."] she mumbled clean and clear. [#8A2BE2 "I don't think I am wrong...But I didn't fully explain myself."] sighing she mumbled again. Clearing her throat a second time she shook her head.[#8A2BE2 "I don't want you fighting because...Every time you do you lose yourself."]
[i "And I don't want to lose you."] Say it come on, say it. Don't be such a wimp. Peyton struggled to say the next part her tone sounded hurt when she said it. [#8A2BE2 "A-a...And uhm....we...I...d-don't want to loose you."] she murmured even softer this time. She could hardly say what she had said. Standing up then she still wouldn't look at Rex. Something sat on her face that couldn't be read. It was pain, fear, exhaustion, embarrassment. All mixed in one little frown, sighing again she shivered. She couldn't stay in the cold much longer.

[#8A2BE2 "And uh...I helped you kill earlier...That was for Raine. Don't over think it."] she stated calmly. Dismissing it like it wasn't even an issue. Rubbing her hands up and down her arm, she was keeping herself warm. Shifting side to side, unable to keep still. Awkwardly she waited for a response. However more silence just filled in shaking her head she sighed. [#8A2BE2 "That big...dumb...idiot...he can't force people to talk....They won't talk if they don't want to..."] she sighed referring to Eric. Her head shook and she finally peeked over at Rex, who was staring at her. Blushing she looked away quick and down at the floor. Kicking the ground a bit she put her hands on her hips.

[#8A2BE2 "I-I uh...Guess we're done. Let's go back..."] she said. She didn't move though, she still waited for Rex. To speak, to do something anything. Peyton shut her eyes tight trying to keep herself from looking at him. She didn't want to deal with this now, not while the wound was still fresh. Still raw. It made things hurt more, it made it harder for her to talk. Peyton felt it was easier to let things happen then reflect on them later, but Eric wasn't going to let this be easy for her.
A deep sigh escaped her lips and she kept shifting her weight. Rubbing her arms again, Peyton didn't like the cold or the winter.
Finally she looked at Rex, but once she looked she couldn't look away. Her eyes fixated and she was trying to read him now, the best she could. Which was not at all, because she couldn't. Eventually breaking her stare she sighed and hung her head again. Peyton looked like if the wind blew the wrong way, she'd cave in on herself. It was hard for her to be open, or fragile. She just didn't have the ability to do that.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 249d 7h 36m 16s
[center [h3 Rushed?]]

[center [b Raine hadn't really responded much to what Rex had said. Was she being strict with him? Or was there too much to say? Was he not speaking up or enough? Maybe he hadn't said enough worth even a response too? Yeah it may not have been much but Rex would have been happy to have had anyone talk to him. Not anybody but her and his two other friends maybe? It was probably too much to ask for right now and it was a strange thing to worry about right now.]]

[center [b Rex sheathing his blade finally as his guard dropped he wasn't in the greatest mood to duke it out emotionally. At this point he wondered if he cared how he ended his life ended. Was the start of becoming a real outsider all over again? It doesn't matter as long as Rex could fight and serve a purpose he would. He looked forward to fight for a goal that was greater than himself. Even if he was unimportant a grunt or one nobody could trust. Fighting for a reason? That would be... A new feeling for Rex one he had imagined would feel nice.]]

[center [b Though Eric took the role Rex had always wanted, he had always to be the knight! The fighter! The right hand man! The most trusted... The guardian the one to protect his leader. Though he wanted his leader to be someone he could respect he didn't care if it was a man or a woman. Someone's ideals that Rex could give himself into. Would Peyton be that person? What does she fight for? Freedom to be sure but what than? Her freedom first the others second? If she escapes than what? Prepare for revenge? Try to inform the royal family of this lab? Live a normal life? Stay beside Eric and Raine's side? Or something else? Had she thought that ahead?]]

[center [b In fact why did anyone here fight? What were they fighting for? What did they believe in? Why did they want to survive? To escape? Fear of death? To achieve something? A warrior should know what they believe in. That being said why did Rex fight? Simple, to find solace and a distraction. Why did he fight right now? For his comrades he wouldn't let anything happen to them not while he was still alive.]]

[center [b Ahh the introduction game again huh? Sharing our abilties with these people? Rex wasn't sure if sharing that with Styles and Mally's forces was a good idea. Though he had heard Mally said she knew them already hadn't she? Styles knew of his reputation and went toe to toe with Rex no point in hiding it he supposed. No point in speaking up if nobody notices at the same time.]]

[center [b Mally had a unique code name the power to analize? Another fighter with a non-direct gift? Her and Styles were both leaders and very unique. This made Rex even more curious to have fought them. Though they would be dead and gone if not for his allies without Raine Rex would have found Styles and finished the job. If not Rex than someone else but Rex may have never let him run to begin with. Rex knew the best way to cut down every alliance he faced was takeout the heart of the party. It tended to crush morale.]]

[center [b Would Rex himself still be alive? Maybe or maybe not but that didn't concern him exactly. Hell if he lived that match it was a matter of time before he died. Even if they let him go it would be to aid the goverment in a war right? To be a lethal weapon with no rights no breaks only to be sharpened and taken care of. Hell take that a step further? Say he lived through the whole damn war? Than what? They'd hunt him down the remnants of the enemy army and his own country. He'd be a dirty little secret so no there was no fighting his way through. In fact what will this group do? They'd be on the run right? Not exactly only those with more of a reputation may have to worry? Hmm... no it was important they all were kept hush hush. They would all be targeted heavily they wouldn't forget a single subject no matter how new they were here. Take Eric for an example even a subject as fresh as him they'd be sure to remove as proof. Rex wanted to protect his friends but how? He knew he wasn't going to win but now? Now it involved more than just him! He had to win now right? Or could all he do was buy himself time to spend with this group?]]

[center [b "I'll handle anything in our way don't you worry!" Rex's eyes widened as he looked at the floor. Eric said that didn't he? He didn't have a single doubt that as a team... As a family they'd overcome any and every obstacle. He's even convinced Raine to take his idea and in turn saved Mally? With that he got Raine to take this group here. Raine and Eric even befriended Styles and his group. They had a weapon that was powerful was it even more powerful than a blade? Even if was could it cut them a path? You can't win a war with kindness... That's what this place says but Rex couldn't help wonder. Those two were something else entirely taking a unique approach in this place Rex never thought to think of. "I want to be just..." He felt like a broken record if he finished that thought he sure as hell would be. Though thinking of him and Raine she seemed to be getting along with Kanzaki. As for Eric? He was causing Peyton to stutter plenty were they really an item now? Was it a private ordeal? Or was Rex just imagining it? Well if Rex was a girl he'd see the appeal in Eric and as a boy he could see the appeal in... Well Peyton. Imagine a guy that never got his feelings hurt? Someone like Eric? Peytons qualities probably shone even brighter to a guy like that. Nah perhaps they were just becoming really good friends? More than he could say between himself and Peyton. He still cared for her greatly but he felt he ruined everything..]]

[center [h3 Thanks Sweet Stuff!]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b As Claire refused to heal Kanzaki Raine had came in to do so as he saw the way she used her gift. He remembered Mally's words this girl may not be willing to fight like Claire but... She was a better healer for sure. Well that was Kanzaki's thoughts anyhow best leave the smarty pants stuff to Mally here huh? It was strange she shared her powers like that huh? He may have seemed just as simple as Eric but he did have a brain... Somewhat. He just wasn't a fan of using it too much it didn't hurt to wonder he just wasn't going to be the one coming up with epic solutions. Unless of course that solution was "I got this!" and banging up anyone in his way.]]

[center [b Kanzaki looking at Raine as he gave her a thumbs up with an excited voice.]]

[center [+darkblue Wow thanks sweet stuff! You think we should wait on a team name? Of course! How could I disagree with that pretty face? Hey I hope that doesn't hurt you to do that.]]

[center [b As she healed him up he told her thank you plenty of times he wanted to show he was indeed grateful. He knew he wasn't good at small talk so he just said what was on his mind. He wasn't too naive or unaware like Eric he just chose to speak more openly. This was who he was if annoyed people awe well if he made a friend like this? Than it made him feel grand.]]

[center [b Yeah Claire and Mally were his friends but he didn't think he was their own. Claire would probably prefer to be around a more quiet guy maybe a guy who was a bad boy? A punk? Actually what did Claire like in a friend? She got along with Mally so maybe the dominate type who took charge? Someone she could respect? Knew when to joke around or not? They hadn't been a team so Kanzaki wondered about it alot.]]

[center [b Kanzaki never felt so guilty about going so lost in his thoughts it was fun too. He'd probably end up saying just as much out loud. Hell when he gets a chance he'll find out for sure how Mally and Claire feel about him. Maybe when they escape would be a good idea in case they lie just to make a comrade fight harder.]]

[center [b Eric chuckled as he nodded at Raine patting her shoulder.]]

[center [+brown Okay we'll wait on a team name! Awe don't say that's about it. You always know how to lift our moods your the heart of the team don't doubt that!!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rH_WyMRZ70&list=RD0rH_WyMRZ70#t=0]]

[center [b Kanzaki smiled a bit as he looked at the two yeah they sure as heck got along better that was for sure. Mally was so reclusive and Claire was difficult in her own right. Perhaps Kanzaki cared about them cause they were all he had? Even Michael was a fan of Kanzaki he rubbed that guy off the wrong way plenty of times. As Kanzaki streched he took a moment to be real.]]

[center [+darkblue Thanks for the idea Raine, it was sweet of you to heal me by the way. I feel kinda bad about everything I hope I can make it up to you all right cutie?]]

[center [b Kanzaki placed a finger under his chin as began to look up at the sky thinking for a moment.]]

[center [+darkblue Introductions? I gave one a bit ago but everyone wasn't here yet right? I think I mean it all happened so fast. Well I'll go in detail I suppose, I'm Kanzaki Muller I wield a greatsword in combat. My gifts are simple though. As a fighter I only have two gifts though I guess sometimes they only have one. My first one is enhanced strength and since you all are familar with the White Swordsman and Eric I can kinda explain. In brute strength I'd say I'm stronge than Rex but not right up to Eric. He's the first man I've met with more brute force than me actually. Ahem that aside? My second gift is my last resort my cells in an instant can morph and change. It's refered to a steel plate armor but the substance isn't the same. I'm not sure what it is but it's black and just as hard as steel plate armor. So it's nothing super special.]]

[center [b Kanzaki crossed his arms as he looked forward to all his new allies.]]

[center [+darkblue If we are all going to work together I should add I can only maintain my black steel while in high hopes. Excited,happy,glad anything that could release endorphins in my body. That's let to plenty of awkward test but yes before anyone ask weird questions that counts raging hormones! I've noticed when I'm upset or sad even angry it tends to shut itself off. So I've practiced plenty with my blade to make up for that weakness. Though in pure swordsmanship I'd say I'm honestly no match for the White Swordsman. I only stood a chance because of Black Steel. So there it is my limiations and weaknesses as well as my strong suits. It's obvious I can't swim in my black steel form and if I become FAR too excited have trouble shutting it off. Funny story it tends to turn on every time Claire has to heal me actually! Hahaha!]]

[center [b That right there is another reason why Kanzaki wouldn't ask his comrades. "How do you feel about me?" Mally is a strategist she'd lie with a blank forward face to get the job. She had a will that would not be compromised by anything even morales she was a strong willed person indeed. Claire of course would follow suit whatever it took to survive. Kanzaki knew it was too soon to trust these new allies but he trusted Mally and Claire just as quickly really. The only person he wondered a bit was the White Swordsman. He didn't seem like a bad guy... Though seeing him murder his comrade? It had Kanzaki out of sorts.]]

[center [b As Peyton offered them food Kanzaki smiled as he gave her a wave.]]

[center [+darkblue A pleasure to meet you! I'll do my best to make it up to you as well beautiful. I love your accent by the way it's really cute. Thanks for the offer I'm starving!! Oh by the way Codenames Black Demon but that is waaay too edgelord! Even my title I've gained? Black Berserker? I'd prefer Kanzaki! Well I'd really prefer being called handsome!]]

[center [b And with that Kanzaki began to make his way in the cave to eat some food!]]

[center [h3 So Stupid]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire crossed her arms as she looked at Raine healing up Kanzaki. Flipping her hair behind her shoulder she let out a rather cold smirk. Though she was really relieved.]]

[center [+lightblue Could you can heal him from now on so he doesn't have an excuse to get hurt like an idiot.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh no Claire don't say that! Awe man this sucks!!]]

[center [b As she turned to head in the cave which Peyton had offered food. She couldn't help but hear Kanzaki ramble on and share... Rather intimate details with these former enemies. "What a dumbass" yeah Mally said work with them but did they need to know our limits? Really? Now he was thinking this girl? She was just willing to kill them a second ago nothing personal but it still didn't mean they had to get all chummy. Luckily this girl didn't seem like the type to try and talk with Claire she didn't need that headache Kanzaki was bad enough. She wasn't a fan of people and yeah she'd admit it she was a bitch. She barely made friends and a lot of times they weren't REAL friends. Just whatever aided her in the end that's how this world worked. Always place yourself number one cause no one else will ever take care of yourself any better. No best friend no boy despite what people like Kanzaki say. They always have other goals, be it money,power,sex or simply cause that person is bored.]]

[center [b Claire knew she thought bitchy thoughts toward everyone and could even be two faced if she was forced too. She'd be bitchy outright otherwise but better than that than being an idiot. True the only friend she had made out here is Mally and she didn't give a shit if Mally thought of her the same way. Fuck friend might be going too far for that case. She just respected her choices and looked up to her... Was that a friend? She may have put a show on for Kanzaki not to rush in but she needed Kanzaki. He was such a horndog he'd die for Claire and having that kinda power under her thumb was needed. Perhaps that's even why she chose the clothing she had. That way her body could do them the kindness and she could be rude as she wanted. Sometimes she'd hate being so harsh but getting attached was a stupid notion. It was better she kept it up probably not what they were hoping from a healer. Without turning around she placed a hand on her hip sighing. Listening to Mally introduce herself she felt like she had to now didn't she?]]

[center [b Taking Mally's lead has kept her alive this long and she'd keep doing so even if she hated it.]]

[center [+lightblue Fine, the names Claire my codename? I don't remember a smartass comment about how I have to kiss my patients. Sweet kiss or some stupid shit? Obviously I'm of the healer role and we tend to have one gift.. For the most part. I heal others through an exhange of salivia and the more damage I heal the more energy is sapped from myself. A SKILL I have is I was top notch in gymnastics all my life I'm not to good with a dagger. I prefer to fight alongside a partner if I am left alone I'll avoid attacks and heal those in bad shape. I really prefer you not play the hero and try to "save" me I'm quick and I can handle my damn self. I can lick my wounds better though this takes more energy than healing others. So if I say I'm not fighting on the front I'm done period don't expect me to risk my life for any of you.]]

[center [b True Rex had pushed her down to her last legs but despite his longsword he was indeed... Quicker than her. Plus she never saw a man so willing to kill her before. The few times she was caught off alone most pigs would try to have there way with her first. TRY being the key word and this stopped the time she went onward with recon. True Rex didn't finish her but... Something about those eyes said he'd rather her be dead than to have her any other way. It was the first time she had been afraid here well in a battle at least. She was certain she didn't stand a chance to survive in her test but meeting Mally gave her hope to give a damn again. Someone who thinks so logically didn't seem like the overly sentimental type to make stupid mistakes. It was mistakes like that, that placed her in this lab in the first place.]]

[center [b Giving Mally a quick look she failed to mention one more effect of her gift. One Mally already knew something she couldn't hide but she had from Kanzaki and Michael. If Mally ordered her to do so? She would but other than that she'd keep it to herself.]]

[center [h3 Meet Some Style!]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b As Raine mentioned they should eat and Rest Styles full heartedly agreed. As he listened to them talk what Eric and Kanzaki argued about queens? It seemed Peyton and Mally were the other team leaders. Styles would be the only male leader that meant so who'd be the next captain? Three couldn't hold the helm that much was for sure. Well they may not stick together so it did not matter. In fact tomorrow they may have had a trip to Davy Jones Locker. Though if there was a debate Styles would need to learn who was the most capable if they weren't ready or simply forced into it? He'd gladly take charge though he'd just as gladly stick on the sidelines he was laid back in that sense. As long as they all survived they would be all right at least he thought so. As each member began to introduce themselves Rex and Claire were the first to head to head in. He hadn't even introduced himself yet and the other lass seemed to lack a kind bone in her body.]]

[center [b Styles made sure Rex had came out of earshot into the cave. As he leaned over speaking into Raine's ear.]]

[center [+blue Thanks for keeping him in check, I must admit lass I didn't think the lad would ever have such a sad look... I apologize for causing you a problem.]]

[center [b Rose had sighed rested her head on Raine's shoulder. Aye losing a crewmate so suddenly was rather tragic. It was rather noble for Eric to bury the body. It was sad to see his first mate grow so upset he counted on her greatly for much. Well now he could count on two more those who have saved them! Those they two have saved Styles didn't have an ounce of doubt to Eric and Raine.]]

[center [b She was a healer through and through in personality and otherwise. Eric was a true knight as well he wasn't a man without fear he was a man that fought through his fear. A man who spared his closest friend Rose. Styles had a lot of respect for this man and just as much for Raine. The young lass was so brave and mature beyond her years. As she began to introduce herself Styles placed his hands on hips as he took the floor. He'd do this for them but it'd take time before he trusted the others. Well... saying that it may never happen it depends how it sent.]]

[center [+blue Aye the name is Zack Styles, due to that and my combat style I've gained the title Styles. My codename was Lost Pirate since I was indeed a pirate before being taken in here. Though I never attacked anyone innocent I promise ye that much. I use a cutlass as well as a modified flintlock. Custom made "Scarlet" moving ahead to my gifts? Well I'm classified a fighter and though I may have gained a reputation here savvy I cannot say I'm eager to rush into combat. The first gift being enhanced reflexes and speed I move and react to things quickly. My second gift like miss Mally's here? Isn't so easily explained one could say this mates ship works a bit different than most.]]

[center [b He said as he pointed to his brain as he began to continue.]]

[center [+blue I'm an extremely quick thinker to the point my sense of time is almost different from others. It feels like I have longer to make decisions on the battlefield than most lads or lasses. Not to mention my brain is keen to learn and adapt extremely fast.]]

[center [b At that Rose had token a deep breath and smiled. Styles could tell she was doing her best to brave a strong face. He was sure later that night she would need a shoulder to cry. As she lifted her head off of Raine's shoulder she began to speak. Styles had to hold back his tightened chest. He had wished he knew how to help her but he wasn't the best person to talk to about such matters.]]

[center [+purple Oh Styles is being modest! That second gift as helped him gain more experience from each battle! With a longer frame to think he's a better swordsman than even the infamous white swordsman! That's my captain for you amazing!!]]

[center [b There she went bragging on her comments she could be biased to her friends talents. Sure that would be adding Raine and Eric to the list now wouldn't it. As he began to sweat shaking his hands trying to hush her as he shook her a bit. If the White Swordsman heard that he'd want a rematch for sure! Sure it may be true he had more skill and Rex fought for more matches but Styles has probably learned more. His motions have even more purpose than Rex's. That aside Rex is the second most skilled swordsman he's seen. Despite not having a gift in combat he is observant not up to Styles but.. Paired with that lack of fear? He wasn't brave like Eric he didn't FEEL fear he was unafraid of death. Added with that extended stamina,speed,strength? Styles knew he was outmatched one on one. He could tell Kanzaki meant outmatched without his second gift. He still had hope to beat Rex maybe he could or maybe he couldn't.]]

[center [b That aside Style's wasn't sure of himself he was sure of himself fighting alongside of his crew. That didn't mean he wasn't afraid. At first maybe he felt he could defeat Rex but after an actual encounter... Despite the wounds Rex suffered he was relentless to Styles. This reminded him how grateful he was to Raine for everything. Yet how unsure he was of them all teaming up. Peyton had murdered one of his comrades and that worried him very much.]]

[center [+blue Don't let that comment give you the wrong idea or anything my body isn't quiet as fast as his. We have crossed blades before. I suppose since the crew so far as been so detailed you deserved as much from myself. So on that note I suppose Mally and me also have in common we have no real downsides to our gifts which can be rare here I've noticed. Though in hindsight the most powerful gifts tend to have some downsides aye?]]

[center [b As Styles finished he decided to listen to everyone else. Rex must have not cared to here of any more gifts why? Was that it? Or was it hard to fight the urge to attack them head on? Well that was a question to wonder another day if this crew would be lucky enough not to sink. Nay Styles had faith Raine,Himself,Eric,Raine would find a way to win.]]

[center [b At that Kanzaki had to throw in his own two cents of course Eric was very far behind the fray.]]

[center [+darkblue You fought the white swordsman!? He even beat you! You are a master of swordplay! Your gunplay is just as skilled in fact if not better. To be honest I think we should handle Claire's firearm to you! Man I gotta see what he can do one of these days for myself.]]

[center [b Kanzaki said as the back of his hand began to glow a pitch black shifting back and forth. Black Berserker... Does he enjoy combat too? He seems... More laid back but to want to fight that? He seemed like a loose cannon. Mally spoke almost like a robot trying to fit in with the rest of us. The woman who killed his comrade? The way she teased with Eric? Got along with him?]]

[center [b Maybe she was a reasonable woman... It'd still take time before the captain could decide how he felt about her. Speaking of Eric he had something to add himself. Styles seeming a little more at peace to hear Eric out.]]

[center [+brown Whoa! You were a pirate really?! My code name was knight but I wasn't one!! That is so awesome! Man if you have a boat we should sail the seven seas! Yarg me matey walk da plank!]]

[center [b Styles rolled his eyes and chuckled lightly aye they were still young weren't they? Styles was starting to wonder if he was the oldest mate among this ship. It wouldn't be too polite of him to ask now would it? Still a man would always have his wonders. At that Styles gave Rose a look shifting his head forward it was a motion for her to go up ahead.]]

[center [h3 Rose The Good Witch!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SDBW2mP.jpg]]

[center [b Giving everyone a wave as she tugged her hat down a bit. Leaning over with her eyes closed into a small. Holding her staff behind her back as she smiled on.]]

[center [+purple Wow we sure do have a lot of don't we? I'm guessing when Kanzaki was counting hotties he listed Eric in that right? Or maybe he counted Raine twice! Hehe, oh the names Rose! I know it's a cliché name but parents try to find something pretty don't they? Hmm let's see...]]

[center [b She placed her fingertip under her chin as her face showed a more concentrated look. Though it didn't last before she bursted into her bubbily cheer as she began to explain herself. She was happy to see she had made Eric and Raine blush. Eric though simply let out a smile as he blushed he didn't seem hardly as flustered as Raine.]]

[center [+brown Nah I sincerely doubt that he probably counted one of you twice. Thank you though.]]

[center [b Rose let out a rather genuine smile at both Eric and Raine she was glad to have made such quick friends. She was in fact thrilled she'd get to travel with them! She wasn't going to let anything happen to them or her captain. Course at the same time she knew the best way she could protect them wasn't such a direct way. She might not be a frontline fighter but she'd keep an eye out for them. Like they had for her she wasn't too proud to accept help. In fact she still carried the supplies Raine had left behind.]]

[center [+purple Well I'm here cause of those two cute little cherries over there. I guess were skipping straight to our gifts though huh? I'm classified as a Secret Weapon and as such we must have three gifts or more. Or at least show that promise to form a third gift. Let's zip through the boring stuff okay dokie? Okay gift one my primary source in combat in head on combat. I can control ice as well as make ice from nearby water. This goes as far as anything made of liquid and grabbing moisture from the air to create ice from thin air. So obviously I'd excel in wet or moist places and frozen tundra. I'd probably not make your jaws drop if we were to trek a desert but even dry air has a BIT of water. I can move the ice around freely as well with pretty good control or change its shape even.]]

[center [b Taking a deep breath the peppy teen continued to list what she had. She felt comfortable being honest as Kanzaki was she'd feel rude not to right? Raine and Eric seemed like trusting people too. They trusted an enemy... They trusted Rose and they ended up saving each other.]]

[center [+purple My second gift is ESP I can read others minds clear as day. What your currently thinking of and what's in the back of your head things people might not even realize about themselves! I can only read one mind at a time and it takes a minute to swap between minds. Plus I need to be able to be able a certain range. With no solid objects between your head and my own. Something large like a wall and such!]]

[center [b Actually as Rose thought of it instead of wondering about her allies maybe she'd give them a read? Ahh she was such a ditz! She always thought of things rather late. She wasn't a strategist in combat or out of. She was a tad clumsy but mostly just a bit of a blond even if she wasn't one. She was good in science at school! She was still a ditz when it came to having some basic common sense or basic strategy. Most of the time Styles had to remind her to use or second and third gifts. It was time to read while she gave her final gift away.]]

[center [+purple Oh I'm such a blonde! I forgot my codename and weapon! I use a staff and it was created for me it helps me wield my ice more quickly believe it or not! I can fight somewhat with it... I really prefer not to I'm sowwy! My codename was witch and before you ask yes I'm a good witch! So don't worry I won't get you or chur dog! :P]]

[center [b Rose bringing her staff up as she covered her mouth with her left hand giggling a bit. She was a bit of a goofy girl she'd love to crack a joke without a second thought. She loved making friends and socializing even she was eager to get to know everyone! Everyone except Rex... He made her worry a bit. Reading a bit into that boys mind concerned her greatly. She left out how powerful that gift exactly was what it could do. It was by far her most powerful she could read ones past and pretty much traverse through their brain. She could even take that a step further but she never really had before.]]

[center [b Rex was the only one she had read fully so far he fought a lot before this place. He wasn't a murderer and he wasn't a bad boy. She had felt bad for him but he enjoyed inflicting pain on those he deemed to be cruel. True they were but it helped him adapt to this place and he had saved others before. She was touched by that wolf story but horrified how easily he adapted to killing creatures before coming here. Things he had even forgotten that Rose had saw. He seemed by far the most... Unstable. Than again she was still getting a read wasn't she? She didn't add it takes plenty of plenty and plenty of time to read that much. She couldn't get your life story in a single moment she had Rex under eye for some time. It'll take awhile for her to read ALL these life stories PLENTY of time. That and she couldn't hold a conversation while doing so. It made fighting slightly harder but she could so.]]

[center [+purple My third and final gift is clairvoyance I can see about 5-10 miles all around me. It depends how tired I am so five is the least and ten is the most I've ever seen when using it I am aware how far I am looking. My brain is good with distances I guess? It's helpful for tracking and not getting ambushed easily. I'll be honest I had been keeping an eye on Raine and Eric since our first encounter. I didn't read much but I saw they were simply sweethearts! I guess that's all for now sheesh that was long! I hope I didn't talk your ears off!!]]

[center [b Reading around Rose learned a little of the group. Of who they were and what was on their mind up to maybe 15 minutes ago? Maybe a little less it was easier to catch more fresh memories. True she was talking but she was more so rambling than trying to focus on another persons words and talk with them. It was an easy tell for people to know if she was reading them if she was being slow to speak or not talkative. Course sometimes a girl just wants a moments peace she was hyper and rather talkative!]]

[center [b Rose wasn't surprised about what was on Raine's thoughts. She seemed a little worried but she believed in her own plan to work together. That was good!]]

[center [b Mally... This girl seemed a little strange. Her stoic outlook wasn't just an act. Rose needed to read into that girl she sensed she had a love for gore. She was too tired to give that too much of a read she needed sleep. Her and Rex seemed dangerous but Mally would behave with logic it seemed. So she wouldn't attack them based off that intrigue. What made Rex such a wild card... He didn't know his own self. Yeah Rose could see what others couldn't in themselves but he wasn't sure what he'd do in the future. Even combat because of his lack of fear he fought on impulse a lot. Her gift was hard to use on him, yet it could be most effective against him. He thought to himself so much but Rex wasn't sure to trust Raine? Or kill Styles and be done with it? Rex wasn't sure what he was going to do he was so lost... His mind was easy to change. Rose knew with enough time he'd be easy to control.]]

[center [b She wasn't the type to find herself charming but he was easily charmed it seemed. She could read his mind and say exactly the perfect thing he'd want to hear. Example "I wonder how nice it'd be to just... Hold her" simply lean and hold him. Heck he'd be easy to take as a slave and Raine was so naïve. She had no idea that in two seconds she could own him same for Peyton. In a way they were taming Rex already and without Rose's gift was impressive. Rose would do so to keep Rex in check but... She was too scared.]]

[center [b She could see ones past almost like a front row seat in a movie theatre. From that persons point of view... To see so many murders. Some murders were of girls he found cute but didn't want to. When he saw Rose he first wondered how he would kill her because she was pretty! Course he made a comment about her clothes being revealing! Gah! They aren't that bad they are just cute! Eric simply cared to spare any fighting and her life she could see that from the fight they had.]]

[center [b Rose reading into Mally realized Mally's gift had advantages. Rose was more... Easily swayed since Mally saw the non emotional aspects she was more logical. That was a strength if Mally knew a way to control a titan? She would do so without any fear Rose being able to see so much? Was both a strength and a weakness.]]

[center [b Peyton was a secret weapon and that meant Rose would have to read in numerous situations. In and out of combat for starters. She had a respect for Mally's gift didn't she? Hmm it seemed she had a rough day but why? It was more than just this fight. She needed time to deep deeper in that. She may keep herself silent and read the others. Was it a good idea being so honest? She may lie and say her gift doesn't work on others with gifts. Than again Mally could read her gift couldn't she? She could tell Mally,Raine,Eric the truth. Yet Rex and Claire heading in already gave her an advantage.]]

[center [b Rose was going to see how much control she had over those personalities. If not much she'd like to offer her help she had done a really good job keeping her personalities in check. She hadn't gotten the hang of them she wasn't perfect at it but she was a skilled secret weapon.]]

[center [b Kanzaki seemed like he was genuine about working together. So easily? It would be hard to believe if she couldn't just dive right in. Eric and him both seem unreal, Kanzaki seems dead set on working together. Even if Mally changed her mind and said killed them it seemed he deemed this path more heroic. Plus she could see he was checking Raine and Rose out huh? Did he prefer bustier woman? Oooh boy he was just a flirt. Yet his mindest seemed like... Innocent virgin. How cute is he more bark than bite?]]

[center [b As for Eric he had a lot of worried behind that sweet little smile. Rose couldn't help but frown and grab at her arm. She was starting to worry about him it was easy to grow attach to others... Would one could in a intimate way see what your feelings. Well that was the problem Rose seeing it would feel bad alongside them. Though his worries didn't last long as he started to think positive. Awe how sweet of him huh? He had so much faith in his friends and he really didn't want Rex and Peyton to have to kill anyone. He even was ready to call everyone here a friend. Even more so than Kanzaki where did they make sweet sugar like that? She loved to know to have a friend like that. She hoped his friends knew that but part of her felt only Raine could be the only one to trust him.]]

[center [h3 Last But Not Least?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYM2efYY2Pg&list=RD0rH_WyMRZ70&index=44]]

[center [b As Eric listened to everyone he wanted to be polite and wait when everyone was done. Before Eric could really say much Kanzaki had to thrown in his two cents.]]

[center [+darkblue Read minds!? Please tell me your kidding! That's not fair if you know when I'm checking you out! Wait.. Wouldn't you know I was counting you as a cutie?]]

[center [b Rose giggled as she raised her hands in a playful surrender.]]

[center [+purple You caught me I can only read those don't wield gifts I'm sorry. Least we'll be fighting those without them? So that can help! Sorry to disappoint.]]

[center [b Kanzaki sighing in relief as he covered his mouth realizing he kinda just told on himself. Eric gave Rose a playful punch into her arm.]]

[center [+brown Don't worry I still think it's an awesome gift! Hey friends! Sorry about my friend who left his name is Rex wish I knew his actual name.... I'd tell if I did. So my gifts? Kanzaki mentioned the enhanced strength huh? Being a fighter my second one is enhanced endurance. Blood recovers quickly wounds close up quickly dense bones. With thick muscles and skin tissue the downside? Because of the added strength and endurance on my body it causes stress on myself. Every action I do I'd say takes twice as much as stamina? So for example one swing making two? Or jogging for ten minutes would feel like twenty? That's it really! I hope can't wait to work together!]]

[center [b With that the gang headed back to the cavern as Eric thought of everyone's introductions. He had hoped it wasn't too much information for Peyton his queen in fact... Thinking of her Eric wanted her to do something. What he had in mind before the fight had taken place to begin with. Eric looking at Peyton with a rather serious look he wasn't anger but it screamed "this was important"]]

[center [+brown Peyton I think we need to handle something before tomorrow. It would... Mean the world to me.]]

[center [b For once he hadn't called her his queen, he wanted her to know this was important to him That it meant a lot to him.]]

[center [h3 Back to Rex?]]

[center [b Back in the cave sat Rex as held his arms around his legs. He didn't want to be rude but he took Claire leaving early a chance to escape as well. He just wanted to avoid Peyton until he could... Talk to her... Alone. He wanted to... No he felt like he needed to work things out with her. It stayed on his mind even during that fight. Not just her! Eric too but he felt his fight with Peyton was much worse... It was more on the forefront of his mind. In fact he needed to talk with Raine too on why she kept things a secret? No... He didn't have the heart to ask that. Maybe just talk to her to just talk? No he was afraid to... The way he fell onto her? She probably would think he was coming onto her.]]

[center [b He had heard only Kanzaki and Claire's section course he heard Kanzaki and Eric talk about everyone's names. Mally,Claire,Kanzaki were the new faces. Claire was a healer and Kanzaki was a fighter. Mally? She had an ax so one could guess fighter? Rex wasn't sure but it didn't matter to him, he was too upset to stick around. Though what did slightly frustrate him was Kanzaki saying out loud that both him and Eric had brute strength than him. Rex had a lot of pride in his brute strength he barely admitted it himself!]]

[center [b Nor would he accept it... He wanted to train and grow in more brute strength than them. With the way Eric fought... Is that humanly possible? Rex was always none for is brutish strength before those two. That must have made him sound like a weak armed quick fighter. That was not who he was hell he considered using a greatsword himself. It wasn't offered to him everyone had set choices and they felt he'd perform better with a sword,katana,sword and shield. Though he did consider sword and shield he was so furious not to get a greatsword. He grabbed the largest one handed sword he could and tried to hold it like a mock greatsword to show that is what he wanted! When that didn't work he used it as a proper heavy one longsword. He could wield it easily with one hand though and practice makes perfect.]]

[center [b The point being he didn't want to be looked down in that sense. He didn't want Eric or Kanzaki to have more brute strength than him. He'd fight them head on to prove it. He hated how competitive he was. What was strange was he wasn't competitive if a foe had more skill than him like Styles. That didn't bother him or if they had more range like Peyton. He didn't care for skill or range so he doesn't mind that. He wouldn't care if an opponent was more agile or faster than him. He cared to a degree if he could run faster not swing faster, he wanted to run faster so he could charge first into battle. Or build up momentum dashing forward with a strike. Or so no foe could escape his grasp. So the only things he'd care to be outdone? Video games,otaku-ness,brute force,running speed,endurance. One more thing he was envious of? If someone was more charming or handsome but he wouldn't compete! He'd give up on that one easily he didn't think he was good at that. He wanted to think he had those five things and know Eric has endurance and strength? Well it being said out loud bothered him.]]

[center [b Agh! He admitted it when they first met though! Why did he do that? He shouldn't have! Come on it just sounded like Eric and Rex were just bragging. The girls weren't really listening right? They didn't catch Eric was stronger than Rex? Did they think that? Rex almost wanted to ask. If he ever got a chance to ask a question for "fun" he'd ask. Maybe ask Raine because she tended to have more sweeter ways to put things.]]

[center [b As Rex's blood began to cool down and he looked at the floor. He had realized he wasn't mad at Eric but at himself for not having more physical raw power. He'd love to be able to rip a tree out of the ground and throw at his enemies with a cocky chuckle. Or take a stab through his stomach and cockily tell his friends not too worry. He had to train harder and harder. So that he wouldn't be disappointed. He always worried his strength and endurance wasn't good enough. Yet overpowering his foes with strength and insane pain tolerance made him worry less. He could tolerate pain the best but... Eric was so sturdy. Kanzaki was literally a steel titan. If he wasn't stronger how come he was able to defeat him? To Rex guts,power,endurance,heart,willpower was what it took to win a fight between warriors. Yet Eric's heart was bigger... He was stronger with more endurance. Same for Kanzaki and yet Rex had an edge? Rex loved to be the frontline or a tank in all video games. They may look at Rex as the best fighter... What if they have a strategy to have the defensive fighters look after Raine or Rose? Or Peyton? What if they assign that to Kanzaki and Eric saying they can take more punishment and just tell Rex to worry about dealing damage. He'd loved to be the one to protect the que-- "I mean Peyton!"]]

[center [b Speaking of Eric and Peyton when Rex finally looked up the other entered the cave. Rose dropping supplies... Wait that was a portion of supplies they had before right? Hmm... oh! Eric and Raine must have shared that with them huh? It seemed Eric had an arm around Peyton as he leaned over grabbing Peyton off the ground.]]

[center [+brown You guys start without us we'll catch up!]]

[center [b Eric cried out as he grabbed Peyton's hand and Rex's. He went to take him out into the forest. The shallow part it wasn't TOO deep from the cave. What was he thinking? Did he need to talk to about something?]]

[center [+brown I normally... Hate splitting up but I really think you two need to talk. You two are friends and it'd matter a lot to this team if you two made up. I won't be waiting far off I'll be close, I just wanna give you two a chance to talk. Momma always did say going to bed with a hardened hard is never a good idea. It makes it harder and harder and one day you guys won't be friends anymore!]]

[center [b Before Eric could give the two a chance to object he ruffled their hair. It was gently... It despite every time he did that? Each time he felt Eric was a little more into it. Like it was a little warmer like... He grew even closer to them. Maybe that was just Rex but it never felt the same familiar yes. Exactly the same? That would be a no.]]

[center [b Eric left the two of them as he headed back to stand guard. Out of earshot unless they were to scream for him. Eric grabbed at his arm as he looked at the ground. Looking down at her shoes he had wished Eric would have waited. Maybe gave Peyton a day to think about this? Give Rex a day to think a better apology! Rex hated it when a teacher or a parent made him say sorry. Cause imagine you want to sorry right? Than that other person knows your being forced or pressured to? Now the apology you give looks like it based off that reason cause they said so. So it makes the apology feel so weird and ugh!]]

[center [b Rex wanted to wait for a chance... Or Peyton take him to talk about it. That way she would know he's.. That he was sorry.]]

[center [b Rex lifted his eyes looking up at her as his eyes met her own as he gulped. Poor Peyton she looked so tired didn't she? She must have been drained from the fight and from well the actual fight. Part of Rex wanted to run in and hug her crying. He felt like crying he wasn't sure why he did cry every day and night. He hated that fact about himself but when Eric placed a hand on her? She asked him to stop and she must care for Eric much more than Rex.]]

[center [+orange I-I umm.... I...]]

[center [b His eyes gleamed so much guilt and shame he didn't know what to say. Is this why Eric hadn't said much? When she said don't call me queen? Normally he'd say something sweet or give her a hard time in a playful way. Was he eager to make this talk happen? Was he? He literally pulled them here! Rex wanted to find something to say. Even small talk starting off but instead he just... Sat there as he chocked on the stop. When she was that tired she looked... Gentle but in a different way from Raine. Not worse or better but different. She really looked so... Pretty he could see why Eric fell for her. Well that was Rex's guess anyhow. So as Rex couldn't find any words he simply looked back down at his shoes. He hated it when this happened! He had to let her take the floor he had nothing. If it were Eric he'd take the first step and just say. "Peyton my queen I'm sorry" hell Kanzaki basically said I am sorry cutie! They were strangers and former enemies. Though... Peyton may think Rex as an enemy. It took all of his willpower to not burst into tears and simply explode.]]

[center [b His palms began to grow sweaty as his forehead dripped in bits of sweat. His body trembling lightly what could he say? What were his choices? Be overly sweet like Eric? Be flirty like Kanzaki? Be both?! Be gentle and comforting like Raine? Be direct like Peyton? Any choice was better than this long awkward silence. They all had way to handle tough one on one social situations except Rex... Their own style and approach. It worked... for each of them and maybe they were even proud on the way they could talk to their comrades. All of the except Rex...]]

[center [b Instead of facing things head on he decides to run away from the subject as always. It was easier than saying the wrong kind of apology... Or saying nothing at all.]]

[center [+orange S-So umm.. y-y-you didn't know a-about S-Styles t-t-talking w-w-with um... the others.... t-too?]]

[center [b Rex winced closing his eyes he was so stupid! He must look like he's shifting the subject and blame on Raine and Eric. No! He wasn't trying to do that he really wasn't! Hopefully Peyton wouldn't jump to conclusions. He was even bracing himself for her to ask him to leave the team. With so many new allies he wouldn't be as needed right? Wait what Raine said... Eric was asleep but Raine and Peyton heard Rex say his name! What if she said... "Alvin please just leave" that would honestly crush Rex more than any weapon ever could.]]
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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Blushing as Rose wrapped arms around her, her face getting even redder once she pinched her cheeks. A small laugh came from the girl and she busted out in a smile. Just before being attacked, the chain had stayed in for a moment before it was removed. As soon as she hit the ground to her knees, the wound began healing. Her wounds would always heal once the weapon was removed. They wouldn't heal if they ever hit a vital organ, like the brain or the heart. Those were the only places cells didn't stick around to regenerate. She could heal a cut on the skull, however once something penetrated through the bone and hit brain she'd die. Just the same with her throat. Raine's power was quiet incredible because one could slit her throat and it would heal. She'd be fine after the uncomfortable part of being cut like that, but she'd live.

Raine, once she herself was healed up looked over and remembered Claire being asked to heal Kanzaki. Before Claire actually could Raine jumped in [#6495ED "H-here I can do that. "] getting up Raine went around healing everyone. Each time needing to re cut her hand because she healed so fast. Healing everyone that got injured before finally sitting down and resting. Her energy didn't deplete much and she was fine. However, just tired from the mess of today.
After what Raine hopped was the last moment of chaos, Mally had spoken up and gave her stamp of approval on the plan. Raine smiled a soft proud smile. [#6495ED "Well...if we are all gonna work together we should introduce each other....Before we come up with team names."] Raine said looking over at Eric who had sputtered back and forth with Kanzaki for a moment.

Before she introduced herself she looked at Eric who asked what to do next, Peyton didn't say anything so Raine blinked [#6495ED "We should rest...maybe we can eat. "] rubbing her stomach before looking up and then remembering she should introduce herself, officially.
[#6495ED "I think this is obvious...I am Raine, and I heal through my blood...That's about it."] rubbing the back of her head as she introduced herself with her one power and one ability she waved a hand around. Motioning for whoever wanted to go next to go.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally stepped forward and nonchalantly introduced herself, almost like a solider would at round off. [#EC871C " Code name, Maleficent, but no one calls me that. Call me Mally, is my real name call me that."] introducing herself with her code name and her real name she went on [#EC871C " I have enhanced strength...Like most fighters do. My other power is the ability to analyze. In combat I can look at someone and almost like a computer I can see all the algorithms of their strengths and weaknesses. I can't read minds, or measure attacks before they happen, but I can see your fighting style before I fight you and make accurate predictions based on that."] Mally explained her ability bluntly and as best as she could. It being so unique made it harder to talk about sometimes.

Mally ran through everyone in that moment actually. Analyzing them all so she wouldn't have to listen very hard except for all the names. That way she could start to focus on what should be done next. Most everyone was tired. Mally thought rest would be next, the sun was almost down now. They could all rest through the night and then in the morning remove their chips and head out.

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton blinked her eyes. One moment these people were her enemies and the next they weren't. It took a moment to adjust and let herself fall comfortable from being tense. A blush crossed her face when Eric out loud called her the queen in front of everyone. [#8A2BE2 "S-stop calling me that."] she mumbled crossing over to Eric before shoving him lightly. Rolling her eyes she crossed her arms across her chest and pouted slightly.

Relaxing and focusing once Mally started introducing herself she blinked. Peyton was impressed by Mally, because she could literally pre screen her opponents. That meant it was virtually impossible to surprise her in combat. Clearing her throat once it was her turn [#8A2BE2 "Oh, I am Peyton. I have the ability of telekinesis and just recently acquired this blue flame power..."] quickly introducing herself she wasn't super invested in talking about herself. It wasn't her favorite thing to do.

Once everyone had gone around Peyton offered a small smile [#8A2BE2 "So...Is anyone hungry? We have some food in the cave..."] offering her new comrades provisions with a wave of her hand she walked up the rest of the way up the hill, into the cave. Pulling their supplies out she nodded [#8A2BE2 "Please uh...help yourselves."]
trying to be nice, her nurturing side showing a little. Hints of her accent peaking out again in her speech. She sat down off to the side, to let everyone help themselves.
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