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[center [h3 He Didn't Mean It]]

[center [b Alvin had sat there as Claire began to dig into Eric and his current actions. Than Peyton next had started to attack him! Alvin had rushed to throw his body in front of Peyton to prevent her from attacking him anymore as tears filled his eyes. Normally when the enemy attacked someones mind? It was always Alvin but this time? It was his turn to help his friends. What would Eric have done...? What would he do....? As he saw Raine began to leave his heart began to sink before... Before it hit him. He knew what Eric would do he placed a hand on Peyton's head as he smiled Raine's way.]]

[center [+darkgreen D-Don't worry Raine I'll fix this I promise, Peyton! Eric didn't... k-know this was a lie. He's just a victim of this situation the time he spent with us was real. I-I know it was E-Eric please listen to me!!]]

[center [b Eric sat up as Peyton's words seared into him. He reached his hand out to her when she had said he never cared about her. That... he was just a big lie.]]

[center [+brown I... no... P-Peyton.. I...]]

[center [b At that Alvin could hear Kitamari yell at Jessica as a blush hit his face. She made it look like Alvin was a womanizer! He shook his hands almost as if to deny it but what did he have to prove to the enemy? Jessica.. Was she an enemy? Than Alvin had hurt Ren insult their petty alliance as he drew his sword at Ren from a distance. Hearing Kitamari taunt Jessica that Alvin didn't learn how to fight properly.]]

[center [+darkgreen H-Hey sir! We are a family and nothings gonna change that! Ren I always respected you but I can't let you take Raine back to the arena!! Eric listen to me! Remember when Peyton and me fought? How you and Raine pulled us back? Peyton... I-I remember when you did the same for me. Eric I've always admired how you looked after u-us... it must be hard.... But I know what your going through. T-They took away... Who I was and everything I knew. P-Peyton...]]

[center [b Alvin put his hand on her shoulder giving a stern look unlike himself. Sure this wasn't what Eric would have done but this is what Alvin could do. As he took a breath patting her head.]]

[center [+darkgreen It's o-our turn to be here for Eric all right?]]

[center [h3 I'm.. A Lie?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b As Peyton attacked Eric what really had landed it's damage was her words. As his heart began to sink... His head hung low as Peyton told him he was nothing but a lie.]]

[center [+brown I... I didn't lie!]]

[center [b Eric trembled as he looked at the ground remembering the time they spent together. A part of him... That Eric was still in there. To make matters even worse he saw Raine take her leave. As Eric felt it was all hopeless he heard Alvin's voice tell her... It would be okay. Was that... Really Alvin? Sure he was stuttering... But he spoke so true of his comrades and of... Eric. Tears dripping from his face as a smile crept along his face.]]

[center [+brown T-Told you talking wasn't too hard dummy..]]

[center [b He chuckled as the words came out softly Alvin turned around as his ears perked up. He wiped under his nose with a grin as he walked over Kanzaki yelling to be careful. Alvin leaned over offering a hand to Eric.]]

[center [+darkgreen Wanna know my secret? I-I always tell myself.. What would y-you do?]]

[center [b At that Eric looked up to Alvin as the tears simply began to flood even more and more. Eric had never cried before at least since he's met Peyton and the others. He wiped at his tears chuckling.]]

[center [+darkgreen H-Hey we can always make new memories and start over. No reason to let them win n-now right? B-Besides who's gonna make P-Peyton blush if your g-g-gone? Hehe]]

[center [b Eric's usual smile began to form upon his face as he took a deep breath. A pain still left in his chest from the actions he had committed. As he reached his hand out to Alvin with a smile patting his shoulder.]]

[center [+brown So they won't take Alvin back cause he can't defend himself? Don't worry that's my job after all! Not because of some stupid mission because..]]

[center [+darkgreen Because were brothers and that's that! Eric will be my s-shield]]

[center [+brown And Alvin my blade no matter what thanks for helping me realize that. Wow I guess I really am pretty dumb huh? I'm sorry Peyton... For everything I won't ever hurt you like that again.]]

[center [b The two placed a hand on each others shoulders before looking forward with vigor renewed. As Kanzaki managed to charge his way through and this disfunctional little family was beginning to regroup. With that Kitamari and Nimue had began to fight and it was apparent Kitamari was hurt! Nimue was healed however rather easily not that Eric had really knew Kitamari's opponents name.]]

[center [+brown I'm glad you came back Claire, I have to say I agree with Mally glad your back.]]

[center [b Eric smiled softly he knew he had a lot to do to fix things like before. He hurt Alvin... but it wasn't like Eric to ponder on things. He'd be hard on himself afterwards right now? His friends needed him!]]

[center [+darkgreen Claire if w-we manage to take R-Raine back r-run off with her o-okay? At least you t-two won't need to go to the arena... S-Same for you P-Peyton you three can get out of here!]]

[center [+brown Well Alvin and here you said I was doing all the growing I have to say I'm pretty proud of you.]]

[center [b Alvin blushed looking away before looking forward again as Claire rolled her eyes. Rushing beside Kitamari holding her face what was she up to?]]

[center [h3 Give Me A Break!]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue Kita hold on I'll back you up! Good job Alvin and welcome back Eric!!]]

[center [b As Kanzaki charged to assist beside Kita's side soldiers began to surround the two. He just got done fighting these guys and they were tough even he could only take four at a time. Kanzaki drew his blade]]

[center [+darkblue Come on give me a break not cool when does the hero get the spotlight? Least I'm fighting next to you cutie.]]

[center [b Kanzaki hadn't realized it but these soldiers would take most of the forces they had to combat really. Kanzaki giving Kita a wink as he egged Jessica on and Nimue ready to close in on Kita. Kanzaki gulped them two versus that with an army? Oh boy oh boy!]]

[center [+darkblue Cutie I'm not trying to question you but I've heard hell has no fury like a woman's scorn. Heh heh..]]

[center [b Even in a fair two on two they might be outmatched wouldn't they? Though it wasn't long before Claire came to even up the odds. She was about to heal Kita wasn't she? Though it wasn't long before Styles came garnering the attention of the soldiers.]]

[center [+blue Aye you two handle the lasses savvy? I'll fend the cabin boys off got it? Alex! Shiloh! Captain here is in need of a little assistance.]]

[center [b Maybe... Maybe those three could hold off that terrifying battalion they even wore Kanzaki out a bit. They were no joke three men to fight that? Seemed like a hell of a stretch but Kanzaki was sure they could do it!]]

[center [h3 Mally and Claire]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire crossed her arms blushing as she looked away. As her voice seemed... Less harsh than usual.]]

[center [+lightblue You can't... Possibly mean that I'm insufferable.]]

[center [b With that she had heard the horned woman begin to play mind games with Mally as she patted Mally's shoulder with a growl. She was sick of these guys playing the same dirty mind tricks.]]

[center [+lightblue I'm tired of all these mind tricks you guys have anything else? Seriously? Mally don't buy into this bullcrap.]]

[center [b With that Claire decided she'd take the role of the groups sole healer. Did she think poorly of Raine? Surely she talked about looking after this group waaay more than Claire did. Yet look what ended up happening? Claire hated deep down she was still a big softy no matter how hard she fought it. As she rushed beside Kitamari she grabbed the girls face grunting as she leaned in kissing him softly as she offered the same for Alvin and Eric. They had refused cocky as ever huh? They weren't hurt too bad though on the plus side at least. Claire had decided she'd help Kanzaki and Kita against Nimue and Jessica. Two on three should help level the odds hopefully right?]]

[center [b As Claire finished her wet kiss with Kita she had flipped her dagger around taking a stance behind the two. Kanzaki giving a grin and a thumbs up.]]

[center [+darkblue Girl on girl action? Here I thought today was all doom and gloom!]]

[center [+lightblue Don't you ever shut up?]]

[center [+darkblue Afraid not sorry about that cute stuff.]]

[center [b She let out a long sigh she was going to die next to this idiot wasn't she? Things didn't look and for a vote of confidence? Alvin and Eric told her to run away with Peyton and Raine. She of course rolled her eyes she came this far she wasn't going to run now. She hated to owe a debt after all.]]

[center [h3 Giving In?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b As Rose sat there in dismay... She had watched Raine head straight into the airship. Unguarded or detained she had went so willingly. Rose feeling weak had clutched at her chest... It wasn't long before her body began to move. She had... Began to do the same surrendering to her fate right alongside Raine. Sure they'd be thrown in the arena to be trained further but this... Hurt too much. As Rose sat beside Raine she had gotten her mental message as Rose huddled up crying softly.]]

[center [+purple I... I don't blame you....]]

[center [b She had heard Alvin promise Raine to fix this... But after everything he's done? How could he know how to fix anything? Rose's chest tightening as she watched what unfolded outside with her gifts. Jessica probably could block her out but she wanted her to see how hopeless things were. Wait... Jessica was starting to grow unhinged her blockade on her comrades weakening but not broken. Kitamari's words were upsetting the tiny girl.]]

[center [b Rose smiled as tears fell seeing Eric... Had returned to his usual self. As Rose put a hand on Raine's shoulder mentally sharing the situation with her. That things were coming together... Rose had felt like a coward abandoning them she had stood up. It was apparent she was ready to go back outside but not.... However without Raine if they'd take Raine to the arena Rose would go to.]]

[center [b She owed Raine so much and she owed Eric just as much but Eric had friends around him. Raine was in here alone besides Eric would want Rose to look after Raine. Maybe knowing that they were getting along Raine would come out? No... There was more in why she was here she might stay all together. Alvin was going to get himself killed trying to bring her back. This was looking better... But bleak all the same.]]

[center [h3 Heartbroken Captain]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b Styles watched breathlessly as both Rose and Raine as he yelled out to them. They hardly had the strength to look back at them as he took a deep breath. He had lived long enough on the seas to no that becoming close to fellow crewmates meant... Accepting they could be gone in a instant. If this was the path they would follow he would respect it. He however knew he could never give in to Tristain and the way they handled things he'd go out fighting instead.]]

[center [b As Styles watched them Shiloh had spoken to Rose about her sister. She stopped for a second as she trembled looking back at her captain than Shiloh. She turned back around heading into the ship distraught. Styles looked at Shiloh... He loved her... Too?]]

[center [+blue Wait you knew her too? Were... you her lover? Rather awkward mate I wondered if she loved someone else all this time.]]

[center [b Had Styles met Shiloh before? Before his horns? No... Not that he recalled. He had promised to look after Rose... but he can't look after someone who made a choice. Alvin and Eric were sure to get Raine back but you can't convince someone who's made that choice. Than again that was those two's choice as well. Right now Styles had to focus on the fight ahead as he clashed with a soldier in front of him backing up firing into the squad as the bullets bounced off the armor. Styles managing to finally cut a single soldier down after extended fighting. Blocking each strike avoiding the situation he ends up surrounded as he began to think a way out of this situation even with his gift. His altered perception of time he felt... He didn't have enough time to figure a way out. The armor prevented him from sapping their stamina. Maybe he was better off fighting one of the four unarmored generals.]]

[center [h3 Side Tracked]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b Jessica growled looking into Kitamari's head seeing... It was true they had slept together. Jessica knew... This was a ploy to distract her.]]

[center [+teal I know your just trying to distract me but... You want my attention? You fucking got it!]]

[center [b Jessica growled she was pissed she had slept with her Rexy. Said her feelings weren't true she meant it all that Jessica was just a child. She loved Rexy and that was that!]]

[center [+teal For your information he loved the name Rex! He loved everything about me!! So what! A few more test at best I know he'd nail them! He's only ever lost against myself and Zero and I'm sure it won't be long before he surpasses us. So you need to back off when you knew from day one in the lab... He's mine!]]

[center [b Jessica growled as she came in teleporting from behind throwing a flurry of swings and than vanishing to the side to attack Kita again. Hoping to cut her down while she was wounded but Kanzaki had pushed Jessica back as she slashed at his metal face dealing no real damage. As a friend came to heal Kitamari Jessica was ready to fight Kitamari alongside Nimue as she heard Nimue talk of Yushiro fighting Eric. Sadly Eric and Alvin were now fighting side by side. She turned over looking at the two growling as she looked back at Kanzaki. Metal huh? How cute! She lifted Kanzaki into the air with her control over metal she started to pull at his body as the sound of bones and flesh ripping filled the air and his screams filled the air.]]

[center [+teal Fine I guess as soon as your dead that bitch will have one less knight in shining armor! Die already die die die!!]]

[center [b Kanzaki screamed in agony and pain as Eric came in swinging at Jessica followed by Alvin tackling her to the ground as she vanished back on her own two feet. Twirling her spear as she cooed.]]

[center [+teal Change of plans I guess me and Ren can handle these two. I'm a little confused though Eric why are you doing this? It's not like you care about that man he's a murderer remember? Why try and protect your friends? You said so yourself you deserve to be punished. You even drove your dear little Raine away from you and Peyton? Oh I'm sure that tramp hates your guts.]]

[center [b Eric chuckled as he took a stance taking a deep breath before looking forward.]]

[center [+brown Even if she hates me that won't change a thing! I promised to look after her and that is that! We didn't start off on the right shoe to begin with. Think that slowed us down any? I'm pretty sure she had me wrapped around her finger attitude or not.]]

[center [+teal What?! I never instilled the need to protect Peyton in you that strongly... Were the hell is this coming from? They weren't the mission!]]

[center [+brown That's where your wrong these three? No.. Everyone here will always be my mission. No matter what you do or say.]]

[center [b Rex nodded taking Eric's side as she sighed she enjoyed the warmth of Rex's arms around her. That tackle was tickled her she saw it coming but she couldn't help but allow it it made her squeal. Ignoring her advantage over Kanzaki she zoned in on Rex. She'd current Eric her mistake and take Rexy back no matter what. Ren could help her or Nimue it didn't matter to her either way.]]

[center [h3 Taking The Front]]

[center [b Yushiro crossed his arms as he began to yell at lady Jessica. Ren had given orders Yushiro fight Eric with him and now Eric was sided with Rex so that made them two Yushiro's duty. So yelling out Yushiro barked at Jessica.]]

[center [+darkblue You have awakened the subjects memories now you may ask him one last time. Is he coming with us? Or not if not me and Commander Ren will handle these two. Lady Jessica I implore you remember the mission.]]

[center [b Jessica groaned as she batted her eyelashes her way to Rex and before she could open her mouth Rex had shook his head.]]

[center [+darkgreen No.. After you take Raine? Hurt Eric? Peyton? Rip Rose and Raine's heart apart? Hurt Kanzaki like you did? I remember you guys fight to stop Germania's tyranny but... Y-You... A-Aren't any b-b-better... I don't wanna hurt you Jessica... Or you Yushiro! Ren! Y-Your good people... I... Your on the w-w-wrong side.]]

[center [b Jessica sighed as she walked over kissing Rex on his forehead. Looking at Yushiro as she gave Rex a rather sad expression before going to aid Nimue.]]

[center [+teal Rexy I can only break so many rules I have to let them fight you if you act so stubborn. If you take Yushy down I'll get another chance though so I'm not too worried sweetie Eric remember to keep him safe got it?]]

[center [b She cooed but Eric stayed calm giving a smile to Alvin still. As Styles fell back to regroup panting Yushiro watched as Styles examined the situation. As the captain began to throw orders at his comrades.]]

[center [+blue Claire take care of Kanzaki! Kanzaki take my stead in holding the soldiers back! Shiloh and Alex help him! You three are more suited for crowd control than me. Kanzaki can't fight Jessica anyhow Alvin and Eric you handle those two! Mally... Peyton and Kita along with Claire! Us five have to handle the Jessica and the lass with a lack of clothing. Those two look to be the most dangerous!]]

[center [b Yushiro stood back holding his troops back as his foes began to fall into position. Styles looked at the generals with a scornful look. Yushiro let a cocky smirk fall onto his rather serious face. Drawing his large blade he was glad to be done with the mind games. He respected these people as warriors not silly children. Yushiro believed in honor and glory on the battlefield letting them fix their ranks would give him a chance to grow even stronger. Claire rushing to Kanzaki's side Yushiro even let her take the time to heal her. Her healing was much more limited than Ren's let her waste her energy.]]

[center [b As Claire held Kanzaki onto her lap distraught enrapturing her face as Kanzaki chuckled.]]

[center [+darkblue Cutie.. I'm all right don't worr-]]

[center [+lightblue Seriously! You idiot! The one time your actually hurt? Fuck that shut up and just let me take care of your stupid ass.]]

[center [b With that the foul mouthed Claire leaned in sharing a rather deepened kiss with Kanzaki as she panted heavily. Kanzaki's wounds began to close up as he sat up patting her head with a soft smile.]]

[center [b His limbs were almost torn off... And yet they perfectly fine she wasn't half bad but it wore her out.]]

[center [+darkblue Claire... You rest us four can handle this! Captain are you ready for this?]]

[center [b Styles smirked as he turned around leading the three behind him. Strange wasn't Kitamari in charge? Who the hell was this man to suddenly take that role? Yushiro had no respect for how they handled things. Yushiro would always obey Ren to a tee no matter what. Along with lord Zero as well as Yushiro stepped forward drawing his blade. The real battle finally began he was ready to take on Rex.]]

[center [+darkblue You may have won before but I've grown since before. Prepare yourself white swordsman.]]

[center [b As everyone took their positions it was no more time for talk this was the time to do what they had done since the arena. Fight for survival and to fight for ones ideals. It all would go down right here and now.]]
  RR / Isamu / 2y 233d 18h 6m 52s
Peyton could feel her blood boil in her skin. Her head hung low, her fists were clenched. So much was just suddenly revealed, it felt like she had ripped a band aid off, only to find out the wound underneath was infected. Festering, and spreading across the skin. Peyton looked up, was she just called a tramp? Rolling her eyes, she ignored the comment, because she knew it made no sense. Peyton was the furthest thing from a tramp.

Then this girl, Peyton believed her name to be Jessica? She wasn't sure if she had caught it or not. Anyway, the girl had kissed Alvin. Peyton felt her body pulse with anger. Her eyes, began to shift and change. Pupils shrinking and growing. Hot tears leaked down her face when the news about Eric was released. He wasn't even....He was made in the lab....He never even lived a real life....Everything was lie. Peyton wasn't sure if he should be mad at him, or mad at Jessica...She was angry at them both. It was then when Eric and Alvin started fighting, that her attention was taken. Peyton jumped in just as Claire did, using her powers she picked Eric up by the throat. Even ripped his sword out of his hand, and slung it towards some armored guards.
[#8A2BE2 "Enough."] her voice was dark, and her eyes began to turn black. While wrapping her mind around his throat she brought him close. [#8A2BE2 "Everything about you, it was a lie. [b You] are a lie."] her voice would tremor with anger as she spoke.

She couldn't stand to look at him right now, she also couldn't bring herself to look at Alvin. This time, she couldn't play hero, she couldn't set them back into a reality check. She herself, was having a crisis over the new revealed. [#8A2BE2 "Not only did you lie about caring about him, you lied about caring about me. You lied, to everyone."] her voice deepened as black slowly consumed the entirety of her eyes. Suddenly and violently she flung Eric towards Jessica, his body flailed through the air. [#8A2BE2 "How about you get mad at the bitch, that did all of this to you?!"] As she did this, an eruption of blue fire exited her body. It stayed constant and radiated. [#6C80A3 "Well now, it seems we've turned some of you against each other. What a petty alliance."] Crossing his arms, he watched them. Specifically Peyton at the moment. Her fire still radiating around her body. It wasn't a high flame, but it was still interesting. Ren had also noticed her eyes had gone black. Nothing about any of this, was recorded in her files about her powers. So she had unlocked some of those mystery dormant ones. Something told Ren, that Jessica may squeeze another one out of her.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine stood there the entire time. Her head was confused, and she couldn't quiet follow what was going on. Rex, that girl, and Eric... Everything she knew shattered, her mind was stuck. She just watched now, in horror as Eric choked Alvin out. Rose had fallen to her knees, and Raine met her there. Wrapping her up in a hug, she felt weak herself. However to watch Rose crumble like that...she knew that feeling. She knew that face, that went along with that feeling. Right now, Rose couldn't even use her mind reading power...and that girl kept bringing up her sister too.

Raine understood what it felt like to feel useless, like you couldn't do anything. She also understood what it felt like to loose someone. So, she knew what Rose must feeling now to a T. Sighing deeply, she just kept trying to comfort Rose. It gave her an excuse to not have to focus on what was unfolding in front of her. She couldn't take it, she couldn't. Her mental capacity had been met. She was scared, scared about what was going to happen next. She didn't want this, she didn't want of this to ever happen... Maybe it would be better if they had stayed in the arena....if they all just fought each other like they were supposed too. So very slowly, she got up. She walked over to Ren, and spoke so quiet only he could hear. [#6495ED "...Excuse me...I-I uh...this is all my fault...It was my idea to escape...for all of us to work together. I'll take the punishment..."] her voice was small, meek. Raine felt weak, she felt small, she felt responsible.

He then dropped a heavy hand on her head, messing her hair up. [#6C80A3 "Oh little one...This isn't all your fault."] he whispered very softly right back to her. Kneeling down, he looked her in the eyes as he spoke next. [#6C80A3 "Come back, join my ranks...You'd be under my wing...What's your name?"]
[#6495ED "R-Raine."]
[#6C80A3 "Raine, I know that you are an extraordinary healer. I could use, someone like you in my ranks. Please come back with us."]
Tears began to strike her eyes, while she was full of fear...she didn't want to be apart of this anymore. The rebellion, they had huge enemies...and no alliances. They were too small, even though Raine loved them all so much though.
[#6495ED "I-if I come back willingly...will I be hurt or punished?"] her voice was even smaller now. [#6C80A3 "I will see to it personally, that you are not."] the man smiled. It reminded her of one of her brothers.
[#6C80A3 "After all, we are family."] then it clicked.
Raine and Ren lived in the same foster home together, he was basically her brother. He looked...so different now. [#6C80A3 "Go sit in the air ship, you don't have to watch what happens. Just wait in there."]

That's what she did, Raine walked up into the air ship. Tears still brimming her eyes, but she didn't look back at anyone. She'd change her mind immediately if she did. Over and over in her mind, she kept saying sorry. Hoping it would get through to Rose, she didn't want any of them to be mad at her...but she couldn't do it anymore.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally had let Raine heal her up, then she took a stance. Claire had come back, and Mally rushed to her side almost instantly. Peyton had joined them. When he slashed at Claire, Mally threw a strong strike to counter it. Staggering him back, just before Peyton had gotten to him. Mally looked at Claire, and despite their circumstances she smiled.
[#EC871C "I know we suck...we are all drama...but uh... If I could feel emotions, I know I'd really love for you to stay."]
Mally could be sure of that, Claire had always been one of Mallys favorites. Simply because she wasn't so emotional, just like Mally. While she was a bitch, she could be rude, and sometimes a very unpleasant person...Mally wanted her around. [#EC871C "Now isn't the time to talk about it, but I wanted to say it. In case..."] she couldn't finish her sentence. But in case they didn't make it, she had to tell Claire she appreciated her presence.

[#F64408 "Mhm...Oh Mally."] she giggled sweetly, Nimue hovered over, stay above their heads in the air. [#F64408 "You know... if you stuck around and finished your training like you were supposed to, and finished your testing you could've had your emotions back."] Flicking the crack in the other girls horn, she laughed watching a Mally buckled in pain to the floor. [#F64408 "But now it seems your horn is damaged...see if those break you'll loose everything."] her voice was a teasing hum as she floated around everyone's heads.
Mally growled low, getting back up of her knees, the area around her scalp was throbbing.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari couldn't believe everything Jessica was revealing. She cleared her throat and put a hand on her hip. [#EC0E37 "You realize how dumb you are right?"] she spoke to Jessica.
[#EC0E37 "It was still cheating, because you coddled him he won't know how to actually defend himself in a fight. His defense isn't that great to begin with. You knew that, but you wanted him to win. So you assigned a human shield. You picked Eric because of his self healing ability, so that he could be a continuous shield."] Kitamari sounded casual, she wasn't afraid of conversation or of what was going on.
[#EC0E37 "But now that you've revealed the fact you've cheated for him, you do realize they're going to put him right back into training. They'll probably keep you guys separate, so you can't cheat for him again. He'll have to go through those tests all over again...You're going to be the main source of turmoil for this boy, all over again."] again, her voice stayed very calm. Like she was having a normal conversation.
[#EC0E37 "You must not really love him then do you? To selfishly throw him back into all the pain, repression, lies, and for what? So you can kiss him?...You aren't a compassionate adult, you're a child. A selfish child."]
Kitamari knew well, what would happen if she kept talking to Jessica, chaos would break out, the girl couldn't handle strong criticism. If she was able to distract her, she could keep her from continuing to tear Eric and Alvin apart. [#EC0E37 "You don't even love him enough to know his [b real] name. The name he had before you guys created a whole new person inside him. His name isn't Rex, that's just what you all decided to call him. His name is Alvin."] her voice still hummed on casually. [#EC0E37 "Why would he love you back? After all you've put him and his friends through? Besides, I might say he already likes some one else. Or rather multiple someones. The way he danced with Raine, the way he looks at Peyton."] Kitamari chuckled to herself, enjoying the look of twisting anger beginning to appear on Jessica's face.
[#EC0E37 "Hell, right before you showed up, he and I were sharing a bed. And if you think that's bad, even with you right there in front of him, he had looked at Nimue too."] Kitamari smiled still casually waving her hands around while she spoke.
Ren then caught on to what she was trying to do, quickly he nodded to Nimue. He couldn't let Kitamari provoke Jessica any bit further. [#6C80A3 "Nimue, silence her. Jessica, focus."] his voice cut clear through all the other talking and murmuring going on.

Nimue stepped forward, actually placing her feet on the ground. Kitamari took a stance too, crouching low. [#F64408 "Come here little puppy."] Nimue teased on, and Kitamari charged. On all fours, she was quick, and she tackled Nimue. She got in a few hits with her fists before Nimue threw herself up into the air bring, Kitamari with her. She was holding her by the hair. [#F64408 "You think you're so clever, so strong, so smart."] Laughing as she held the girl in the air hovering about 30 feet up. [#F64408 "You're just a runt, you were and always will be just the runt of your pack."] she whispered right before delivering a kick right to the girls chest, still holding the girls hair.
She then flew higher and higher into the air, Kitamari struggling by her hair, she didn't fight much. [#F64408 "I see why Ren has me tie my hair back now."] she giggled, saying her thoughts out loud. Once she was another 50 feet up in the air she looked at Kitamari and smiled
[#F64408 "I hope it's true what they say, about cats landing on all fours...Too bad you aren't a cat."] she said right before she let the girl go.

Kitamari began to plummet, and Nimue flew along side her laughing, every now and then delivering a kick to the girl as she plummeted. Kitmari in a panic grabbed at Nimue. Once she got a grip, she was able to grab the girls wing, and restrict it. [#EC0E37 "You're coming down with me."] she said just before they fell and hit the ground, head first. A giant crater formed where they landed, it was almost more like a hole. Dirt and dust had flown every where. Nimue emerged, with a few scrapes, and Kitamari climbed out limping. They immediately took stances again, but neither of them made a move again yet.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex had rushed out to Kitamari once she had hit the ground with Nimue. He couldn't exactly follow everything that was going, but Kitamari was his leader. She was fighting and in danger, He'd fight with her. He had saw Claire came back too, he wondered if it had anything to do with what he said to her the night before.
He'd focus on that later, way later. Right now, a bigger much bigger situation was unfolding.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh blinked, his ears began to ring. Something was different, something was weird. Listening to Jessica, something clicked in his head. His lover, [i was] Roses sister. [i Rex...] or [i Alvin...?] had killed her. He didn't move a muscle, his mind began to flood with muddy thoughts. He looked over at Rose, who was being comforted by Raine before she...What was she doing? She just...left them all. Shiloh walked over to Rose, he picked her up to her feet. [#8147A0 "Rose, please... Please keep it together."] he mumbled. If Rose lost it, he'd lose the last alive connection to his mate. He understood why he was so pulled towards her. [#8147A0 "I have to tell you something, it will be hard to hear...but I loved your sister. I was with her, and that's why I like you so much."] his voiced sounded sad and pained.
[#8147A0 "Revenge won't fix this.... As angry as I am, as angry as you may be too... We've killed other peoples loved ones too in those arenas and tests...We are no better. I need you to stay with me here, we're going to need you if a big fight breaks out."] his voice was super soft, he was trying his hardest to bring her out of that state.
Even though everything felt like turmoil, his skin was crawling with angst...he kept calm.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue was breathless now. The way down with Kitamari wasn't exactly a pleasant trip. Checking her horns was priority, in her stance she inched away towards Ren. Whom immediately healed her with a simple touch, a pulse of electricity sealing any crack to have appeared. It even healed her scrapes she had acquired. Nimue had listened to Jessica the entire time...who just foolishly revealed she had cheated for Rex.

While Nimue adored Jessica, she greatly disapproved of what was happening now that the bull was rearing it's ugly head. This wasn't something she wanted to grab by the thorns. However, she followed her orders from Ren. Fighting when she was permitted to, she wondered how long Ren would let this go on. He was quiet disciplined, but she didn't expect conversation to take so long.

Nimue wrinkled her nose, putting a hand on her hip. [#F64408 "Ren, Yushiro should fight Eric. That boy needs to be distracted and held back. At least until Jessica succeeds... or fails."] she whispered that last part quietly. Ren nodded in agreement, turning to Yushiro.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren had watched, the leader in him wanted to pull back once Jessica revealed she had cheated for Rex. However something else was distracting him. The girl who had approached him, was one of his foster siblings. He remembered her very clearly. It was a rainy day when they brought her into the house. She didn't know her name, so they decided to call her Raine. She was so young then, and as she grew she was the happiest girl Ren had ever known. Despite how much she had gone through, she always smiled. She always made sure everyone else smiled. Ren wouldn't let harm come over her, and he wouldn't let them be separated ever again. He regretted leaving when the war broke out, he willingly joined the army experiments. He thought he was going to be saving Raine and all their other siblings.

Nimue had caught his attention, he then shortly turned to Yushiro, nodding.[#6C80A3 "Keep him away from subject Rex."] his voice was a firm command as he nodded the in direction Eric, who had just recently been flung by Peyton. Another growing concern of Rens.
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[center [h3 Crazy Party Huh?]]

[center [b Kanzaki had awoken to see several armored soldiers burning the place to the ground. As he and his new friends fought forward taking the battle out to the desert as the place began to burn down. Kanzaki had shifted forms taking on around four of these armored soldiers. The weapons and armor they wore augmented the body.. Were these gifts harvested into equipment? Kanzaki span his blade around pushing the four as his voice changed into a more robotic almost demonic like voice. It still had his casual laid back attitude it was only an effect of his armor not by choice.]]

[center [+darkblue Here I thought the party was over! These small fry aren't any laughing matter wow! Still if you wanna see the boss you gotta go through me!]]

[center [b As Kanzaki fought he had saw Mally bleeding and Raine taking care of her. As the fighting began to seize the man in charge calling his dogs off with... Three unarmored people beside him. Those four must be leading this attack as they asked for the white swordsman Kanzaki rushed beside Raine and Mally as well as Peyton drawing his blade.]]

[center [+darkblue Are you lovely ladies all right? How dare they lay a hand on the boss! We aren't giving Alvin up not now not ever! So you might as well take a hike! I don't care how hot two of you may be!!]]

[center [b It was ashamed one... Was rather docile and cute wielding a spear and the other? Had they met under better circumstances? May have driven Kanzaki's hormones crazy rather easily. However they had hurt Mally and despite his tone being casual? He was pissed about that no doubt.]]

[center [h3 Me?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Alvin couldn't deny he wasn't as offensive as before but it was just a spar right? It wasn't like he was losing his touch by caring for his friend. As Kita began to lecture Alvin he had rolled his eyes but he hadn't met too. Eric had nodded eager to learn more but Alvin? He couldn't help but rather grow on his own the idea of a teacher upset him. The feeling... was familiar how was that? Had anyone tried to act like they were superior to him before? Defensively huh? He had never cared for his own safety he didn't care if he lived or died. Would he have to fight being afraid to die now? Alvin couldn't find that healthy fear of dying no matter how hard he looked for it. He simply nodded at Kita hoping she hadn't noticed him rolling his eyes. He didn't mean too... As Rose lectured them he chuckled a bit as Rose gave him a smile. Strange... They got along at all didn't she... Hate him?]]

[center [b As Alvin was ready to go to bed with Eric Kita had ended up dragging him away. As Eric grinned flashing him a thumbs up.]]

[center [+brown Awe guess I don't get Alvin tonight well good luck brother!]]

[center [+darkgreen H-Huh!?]]

[center [b Alvin blushed and before he knew it? He was thrown into bed with... A rather beautiful woman with animal ears. Aye every anime like ever right? Except... as unreal as it felt it felt rather... Nice as well. Feeling her body against his own he blushed yelping quietly he stared at her ears. Than her face as he gulped his heart racing and racing. She began to feel more and more familiar how? Wait he... He... before he could answer that obvious question he felt a wetness. Blood? Was he still hurt? No water... from his eyes as he reached at his face looking at her he began to spoke without thinking on.]]

[center [+darkgreen I... I missed you.]]

[center [b He blinked blushing heavily did he just say that?! Really? He hardly remembered her! Yet the more time he spent around her? The tighter his chest grew memories flooding in. There was a man... Who bested Al--- Rex wasn't there? Kita was there for it... Had this man broken Alvin? Who was this man? He had so many questions for Kita did he love her? No way she'd know if he had he wouldn't the courage to tell her. Not after Serah and Vincent but... Why were his memories erased? He didn't understand... What had he forgotten? Was it so important? Well... If Kita was apart of them? He knew it would be important. If he had loved her what about... Peyton? Wait no Raine wait... Not this song and dance again. He shook his head he didn't have time to worry about love it wasn't the time. He was happy to have friends who cared love was the reason he got hurt in the first place anyhow right? Best to avoid it not everyone is meant to have it or maybe just Alvin.]]

[center [b As Alvin went to sleep in his sleep he had wrapped his arm around Kita snoring softly. As his hair shifted around as his expression softened free of stress and tense nature. He seemed rather peaceful to his usual uptight nervous side.]]

[center [b Though the peace hadn't lasted long Alvin had awoken wearing still his gear a habit he never grew out of. He never felt safe naked or without protection. Being uncomfortable with his body sure but also he felt... Like nothing without his blade a habit he'd one day overcome hopefully. Though today it seemed to help huh? As fighting broke out between troops and his friends Alvin made his way out with Kita as she growled at the group. He was... Flattered to see everyone's protective faces but... Why? Than he had heard the words... "We are looking for the white swordsman" again him? This was just like before... With Styles and Rose. It was his fault he was the reason they had to fight again. Ready to turn himself in... He remembered Peyton's words from last time. She wouldn't let him go before she wouldn't this time huh?]]

[center [b Alvin seeing everyone take the front to protect him he realized he was such a fool. He had always thought he was protecting everyone and this? Proved even more so they would protect him. He couldn't convince them to step down could he? Part of him wanted them... To let Alvin go for their sake, another was glad they cared so much for him. If they got hurt... Fighting for him? He'd never forgive himself...]]

[center [b A woman with a spear began to step forward as the fighting began to seize]]

[center [+teal Oh my gosh I think I see him in the back! Rexy! Your still wearing that adorable vest and that gauntlet on your wrist? Oh gosh you look so freaking cute sweetie! I brought you a spare of contacts you must have missed them! Were here to take you back! In fact I'm sure Zero has seen your ready to graduate! Oh gosh I've missed you so much Rexy honey!!]]

[center [b Alvin blinked tilting his head as a blush invaded his face as he lowered his guard confused. A few looks directed at him from his comrades. Eric speaking up as he stepped in front of Alvin.]]

[center [+brown Wait is she a friend? Do you know her? Alvin are you okay?]]

[center [+teal Alvin? Who's Alvin? Eric come on you know he's Rex right?]]

[center [+brown Huh? How do you know my name? I don't think I recall you at all I'm sorry if we've met at all. Can you please lower your weapons and talk? If you care about him.. The man you call Rex? His name is Alvin if you care you'd lower your weapons your stressing him out please?]]

[center [b Alvin looked around he expected someone to lecture Eric on his calm nature to the enemy. Claire would have but... Wait where the hell was she? Figures she took off she didn't really-]]

[center [+teal Care about you? Oh I know sweetie none of these people do! Hehe you didn't think that gift was unique to Rose did you? Her sister could do the same thing but it wasn't enough to beat you was it! She was a unique hybrid... And still no match! I was so proud of you! I suppose she was just garbage in your wake huh?]]

[center [b Rose had stepped from the back grabbing at her staff. As she began to grit her teeth.]]

[center [+purple Shut up! She.. She wasn't...]]

[center [+teal Awe here's the twerp now huh? So cute waiting for a chance to take on my Rexy poo huh? I have to show you something that may help you make a decision.]]

[center [b At that moment Jessica had vanished and teleporting in front of Alvin as his eyes widened as she wrapped her arms around his neck. As she leaned in pressing her lips against his own her nose touching his... It began to form a warm glow. As Alvin stood there rather shocked. It began to hit him.... Everything all at once.]]

[center [b Her.... Yushiro and... Nimue? Ren? ....Zero? That was the man! As she pulled away with a rather innocent smile despite all the words she had said? It was rather.... Adorable it was hard to deny that. She had blushed even more after that thought... Wait she could read his mind! Damn it.]]

[center [+orange J-Jessica you promised you wouldn't look in my head! I-I... What?]]

[center [b Jessica giggled into her sleeve as she vanished as she smiled rubbing at his cheeks like a sweet little girl.]]

[center [+teal I know I'm sowwy Rexy but I had to help you out now I won't if you come with me okay?]]

[center [b Alvin looked at her... Than to Ren and to Yushiro as his eyes looked to Nimue. He gasped looking away what kind've battle attire was that! How did Zero ever handle this? Wait... How did he...? His head began to hurt as he looked down. Jessica seemed to frown at Alvin leering at Nimue as he looked at her it bothered him? To see her upset like this but why?]]

[center [b With that Styles had charged in taking the chance to strike at Jessica who had let her guard down. As Alvin pushed her to the side blocking the strike.]]

[center [+darkgreen Wait Styles! What are you... No wait... What am I... Doing?]]

[center [+blue Alvin! Move outta the way we have to take them out before they take you away. If that happened you know Raine would cry everyday missing you? Look mate I know Rose and you had a rough past but I know her sister? She wanted what was best for her and that wasn't revenge. That was something she made promise that was too look after her. I know I tried taking you away but... I wasn't going to hurt you all right lad?]]

[center [+purple You knew my sister? Zack why didn't you...?]]

[center [+blue Now isn't the time Rose we need to worry about that girl I don't know how to explain it but she's bad news! Mally can you get a read on her? Rose try and delve into her head hurry!]]

[center [+purple I-I... I can't she's blocking me out.. her power is around her allies too I can't read anything!!]]

[center [+teal Of course your mind reading wasn't half as strong as your sister. You can't even look into memories long forgotten it's not to hard to block you out little girl.]]

[center [+blue Is that it? Your brain washing Alvin too? Controlling him like a doll lass?]]

[center [+teal Yarg me matey! Hehe your rather silly aren't chu "mate?" No I just helped him remember what he forgot. It's one of my five gifts I'm sure Rexy remembers them.]]

[center [b "I do..." Alvin began to think... Memory control to a degree. Alongside teleportation and clairvoyance. She can control metal alongside her last gift accelerate. She can increase the flow of time around her body however it would make her heart rate increase depending how far she sped herself up. Rex started to remember his spars with her and Zero... They were flooding in one by one. Had he known Nimue before? He remembered sitting down and venting everything to Ren...]]

[center [+darkgreen Ren! Is that you! I know your a reasonable man! Please don't do this! You don't have to do this please!!! We are all of the same country aren't we? Please don't do this!!]]

[center [b Alvin began to tremble and tear up as Jessica wiped at his tears hushing him softly.]]

[center [+teal If they go back to the arena willingly we can let bygones be bygones right Ren? We need more help for the cause or Germania would win the war after all. We aren't the bad guys here Rexy their the ones who left our fair nation behind to lead a selfish life. Well not everyone here I do have a confession I haven't really looked over your files. Sure I knew of Rose cause she had a connection to you! Same goes for those tramps... Peyton and Raine but I don't know most of you really besides your crime of course.]]

[center [+darkgreen B-But... What about Eric...?]]

[center [b Alvin said looking at her... He remembered her now she was the woman who was there at his lowest. He... was conflicted between her and Kita's ideals. He didn't run off with Kita... He had chosen to stay behind. He thought becoming Rex was the only way to forget his past. Jessica helped locked his memories of Vincent and Serah.... She helped him find a purpose. She gave him peace and comfort he had remembered her telling him if he won the arena? She would marry him... That Kita abandoned him but that wasn't true. Jessica... Had showed him her soft side many times and... She cared for him. Heard him weep and fall apart... Encouraged him to become... Rex. He felt torn... Between his old family and his new...]]

[center [h3 Reunion]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGl9Vmm2iy4]]

[center [b Before the attack itself Jessica had cherished the time she had onto her beloved. Talking with Nimue and Ren was rather delightful. As her and Nimue played around with each other.]]

[center [+teal I hope his eyes don't wander much! I wish I had a body like that! Rexy compared me a lot to a "loli" hmph!! Oh yeah you do it's our commander isn't it? Zerooooo you sure like them serious don't you? I won't lie I think in the arena he was pretty cute. Him and Ren were easy on the eyes I remember Ren acted the part of big brother so adorable. I was smitten for a bit myself with Ren but well.. Ya know.]]

[center [b Jessica admitted without any embarrassment she wasn't obsessed though. Not like she was with Rex she loved how submissive he was. The two had so much fun together sparing.. As he showed her all these silly things. Anime and video games she loved teasing him too comparing herself to the girls he loved to watch on the screen. She'd constantly ask who was his favorite waifu? Or was she moe enough for him? Though as she sighed happily they began to talk of terminating Rex. She had begun to growl as metal dents began to form in the ship as she kicked her legs. She'd nod now and go along with it but no one was going to hurt Rex. Not even her best friend Nimue she loved her like a sister but that wouldn't fly. Yushiro? She'd kill without a second thought if he hurt him for real course he couldn't right? So she can let him try if he disobeys Ren.]]

[center [+teal Understood...]]

[center [b And with that? It wasn't long before the attack started and boy was Jessica excited! It all happened so quickly she wanted to be quick about it. She swooned and fell into Rex's chest as he protected her awe he still cared about her! She knew he did she gave him a look that screamed... "Your my world" of course he looked away shy as usual as she giggled. To her? This battlefield was a lovers park.]]

[center [b Than he had began to cry so she had hushed him explaining the situation to her dear Rexy. As he began to ask about Eric she smiled happy to drop him some good news.]]

[center [+teal That's some good news Eric isn't in any trouble! Cause well... He was apart of the whole plan silly! Sorry we kept that part from you.]]

[center [b Eric gripped his blade as Alvin looked his way Eric's face in disbelief.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKs9V5OEA8E]]

[center [+teal Oh it's not like Eric knew about it or anything! I wiped his memory of course had a secret weapon like Rose saw through it? We'd have been in trouble besides he needed to give a believable promise. He was raised in the lab since day one really he never spent any time as a farmer. Sure he was a hard worker he did lots of physical labor in one of our mines near the lab. Those weapons and armor aren't easy to make top of the line and only the best for you Rexy! He intrigued me he always seemed to hold to hope he'd break everyone there out. So as it figures he had displayed amazing gifts taking shifts for everyone else the old and young he was a lot stronger than we were aware. Of course the lab had eventually broken him through that we had him join our ranks. Though eventually a broken shell he started killing like a pro with that strength imagine what would be left of someone? A puddle at best oh boy! Still he was so stubborn at times! I'd catch him torn here and there so I offered him a deal. I'm sure Ren might yell at me for this but I was kinda worried about you in the arena Rexy. So I talked to Eric about you plenty he wasn't a big fan of the murderer the white swordsman. I was upset he declined to protect you for me... So I had to sweeten the deal.]]

[center [b Jessica at that moment vanished beside Eric leaning against his shoulder with a smile.]]

[center [+teal That I'd give him memories of the perfect life as the perfect hero. Growing up as a simple country boy sure I added troubles to make it more realistic but for the most part his life was perfect. Realistic huh? I think I made him too perfect the white knight shining incarnate! Hell reading Peyton's mind from day one she was afraid he worked for us! Yeah she was right to be worried he was too perfect and that... Was my bad. My powers can't control a person's mind completely unless they hand themselves over to me else I'd own everyone believe me. Eric wanted to lead a life were he'd protect others... Like the sweet Raine she was perfect to pair up with him. Not to mention Peyton the cruel yet sappy victim? Hehe oh it was perfect! So I programmed Eric to protect Rexy with the condition he'd protect Raine and Peyton as well. Looking at their files he knew they were good people and he wanted to lead a meaningful life so...]]

[center [+darkgreen Shut up! SHUT UP! Your lying! Your... Your lying!!!]]

[center [+teal Awe Rexy your upset I tricked him? He may not be in trouble but I hated him for turning you away! So of course I tricked him! He didn't understand you like I did Rexy!!]]

[center [h3 Doubtful Eric?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thty9gAr4ng]]

[center [b As Eric stood shocked blinking ready to smile and shrug it off. Jessica had touched her nose against his own as the same glow began to warm around the two. As she vanished again beside her beloved Rex. As Eric dropped his blade.]]

[center [b Eric fell to his knee's looking at the ground... His strong desire to protect Alvin... Rex? The white swordsman.... It wasn't even his own? No... Alvin was his brother? Was he....? Eric looked at his hands remembering all the lives he had taken... He was no better than that monster! Looking at Alvin with a scornful look tears began to invade his eyes. No... Monster? No that was his brother.... He was his... His... Enemy. Eric growled reaching for his blade as he ran at Jessica swinging at her wildly as she avoided every blow with ease. As Alvin blocked defending her Eric's scowl increasing as he slashed Alvin's chest with hateful scorn.]]

[center [+darkgreen Eric snap out of it! This isn't you! Eric... You've always cared about others we can talk this out with them!]]

[center [b Them? At the lab? These sick monsters? Die...]]

[center [b Eric began to tremble as that word filled his body and soul. Die... Die Die... They all needed to die starting with Rex! No... he can't... He had to protect him that was the mission... Mission? Screw that mission! "But I... I promised too.."]]

[center [+brown I... I hate you..... I had to suffer because... Because...]]

[center [b Tears began to enrapture his face... He didn't mean that he loved Alvin... That was his brother wasn't it? Alvin dropped his blade and began to walk to Eric putting his hands up slowly.]]

[center [+darkgreen Eric..]]

[center [+brown No... Stop! Get the hell away from me! Stop!! Go!!!! Go with them leave us alone!! Leave...]]

[center [b Eric held the blade over Alvin as he opened his arms looking at Eric with a look filled with determination. Jessica tilted her head rather confused.]]

[center [+teal Rexy I unlocked your memories didn't I? You always cut down anyone who attacks you like that. Rexy you have to fight he might actually hurt you.]]

[center [h3 Bystander]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro gripped his fist but nodded at Ren at his orders he would obey them. He had to for everything to go according to plan.]]

[center [b As the conflict began to unfold Jessica began to take charge after Ren made his demands and Nimue's attacks. Yushiro was the only one who hadn't said a word as he observed. Though a scowl appeared on his face Jessica had broke the rules! Looking at Ren for confirmation this made Rex's test null and void! To coax someone to protect him! Yushiro drew his blade looking at subject Rex.]]

[center [+darkblue I take it this means he refuses to come with us? It seems he even had Jessica cheat for him in the arena do we really want him?]]

[center [+teal Hey I programmed Eric to not kill any opponents! So all the heavy lifting was still Rexy! Besides the whole thing backfired they made him soft! He had done better with a random group! He's still stronger than Yushy we need him look I'll take the punishment all right? King Simon will understand subject Rex didn't plan this at all. Besides Eric even protected his enemies he was a big handicap really!]]

[center [b Yushiro sighed in the end it was Ren's call or maybe even Simon's. This looked messy of course Jessica complicated things but even more so than they expected.]]

[center [h3 Rose's Wilt]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Rose had saw Eric... Fall to pieces right before her the man that saved her life. He.. was programmed to do that? Rose clutched at her chest she wanted to step between the two. To save Eric like he had saved her... Would she stand up for Rex? He was the reason... Eric had to face these trials he was a good person even before this.... He took her sister away too. But... if Eric did this... He'd never be the same again she knew that. She wanted to step forward but all she could do was fall to her knees she didn't know what to do or how to feel. She... couldn't find the strength to do what was right. Was it right...? What was right here anymore? It was hard to fight when she didn't know what to fight for anymore.]]

[center [h3 Steadfast Crew]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b Styles watched as with mere words and tricks Jessica began to unravel his crew. As Eric and Alvin went at it Styles had decided it would be best to rush beside Alvin's side drawing his sword.]]

[center [+blue Eric I don't want to fight you Raine and you have done so much for us. I don't care if that was programmed or not that is the Eric I know. The person you really are to me mate? It wasn't any less real.]]

[center [b As a captain he would sink or sail with his ship and this news? It wouldn't shake him up maybe when it sank in it would but now? He had to be strong as Eric dropped his blade Styles let his guard down with a smirk. As Eric dashed in throwing Styles aside like a rag doll placing his hand around Alvin's neck. As he lifted him into the air. Alvin simply looking into his eyes as Styles watched in horror.]]

[center [+darkgreen Eric... I've caused you.. I-I mean... A lot of pain if this... Is... How I atone? For the l-lives I... I.... Well than you-]]

[center [+red Lives you... What?! You do so much than you act so squirmy? Like a worm inching in our hearts while you do as you please! Bastard! You think you can just... That you can just...]]

[center [b Eric squished around his neck as tears began to fall his face pain consuming his expressions. As Rex began to choke and squirm coughing under Eric's immense strength as he kicked and squirmed.]]

[center [+red SQURIM SQUIRM! THIS IS HOW THEY FELT! WHEN YOU... MURDERED THEM!!!! Don't worry I'll join you in hell! I'm guilty of the same sins! I'm no god damn exception!!!!]]

[center [b Kanzaki Ran to Alvin's aid as several armored foes stood in his way. Kanzaki scoffing as he screamed out to Eric.]]

[center [+darkblue Buddy don't this Alvin's our friend hell you two were like butt buddies! Come on this isn't cool man! Seriously your scaring the ladies!!]]

[center [b Eric's eyes widened as he looked over at Raine and Peyton... He hung his head low as he looked at Alvin squishing again. It didn't last long but Kanzaki saw a bit of Eric in his eyes. He didn't want to do this.. A part of him was still fighting this!]]

[center [+teal Rexy you have to fight back! Sweetie!! I know you can beat him!! Why... Why are you letting him... Hurt you....?]]

[center [b At a small metal swung through the air cutting at Eric's hand as he was kicked backwards beside his blade. As Alvin held at his neck coughing and choking heavily.]]

[center [h3 Damn It Alex]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire sighed listening to Alex this lecture sounded all too familiar sounded like something Clyde once said. Though he didn't seem as smart as this tall young man. Claire looked away as she scoffed heading to bed she never got to talk with Mally. As she decided to leave that morning she knew those words were sticking into her head. Most people give up when she pushes away that hard it was hard to push and push and push.]]

[center [b As Clarie made her way off she had heard an explosion behind her in the distance. Holding her bag in the hot desert she slipped away in the morning just fine. Now this?]]

[center [+lightblue Oh son of a bitch are you kidding me? Fuck this guys.]]

[center [b Despite her harsh words she had began to run back she supposed it'd be a chance to talk with Mally. That was the reasoning she gave herself anyway but deep down she knew she owed these guys. As she scouted and watched the scene unfold she saw mr knight in shining armor chock the crazy guy. What a role reversal he seemed to have let him. With that Claire had came down slashing at Eric kicking him back.]]

[center [+lightblue You can't seriously be the same idiot who let me stab him? Your kidding right? Chocking a guy who won't even fight you? Some nice guy you are.]]

[center [+red Urg... Shut up and stay the hell out of this!!]]

[center [+lightblue I wish I could but I hate to owe people and I owe these guys for everything. So consider this a debt repaid all right?]]

[center [b Kanzaki cheered as he put his hand on Mally's shoulder.]]

[center [+darkblue Hell yeah! I knew you'd come back Claire your the bomb, bombshell!!]]

[center [+lightblue Please shut up before I change my mind--]]

[center [b With that Eric slashed his blade at Claire as Alvin came to protect her grunting under the massive power. He was holding back.... Before huh? He never let loose like this before it was almost terrifying.]]

[center [+darkgreen Claire get outta here! Eric this is between us please don't hurt anyone here I know you don't want t-this! Please!!]]

[center [b Eric struggled as he clashed with Alvin the tears wouldn't stop pouring his eyes gave a look of love and pain. Yet the way he growled and grit his teeth spoke otherwise.]]

[center [+teal There we go Rexy much better! You got this!!]]

[center [b Claire scoffed and took Alvin's side she wasn't going to be a little damsel and let him be an idiot alone. She was exactly the obedient type now was she?]]
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Peyton's eyes, jolted open. Her body stayed still, wrapped up with Raine on a twin size mattress. That dream...that memory. Her chest began to heave, tears started streaking from her eyes. However, she did her best not to make a sound or sob to much. Raine looked so delicate and pretty while she sleeped, and the girl deserved some rest.
After sometime of just crying, Raine had woken up. The girl didn't say anything though, she simply grabbed Peytons face. Wiping under her eyes, she pulled the crying girl closer. Letting her cry and hide her face in her own chest, covering all but the top of Peytons head with the blanket.

Peyton began to calm down again, she was glad to have Raine there. She wasn't bothering her with questions. Glad to be able to be emotional, and it not be a big deal. If anyone else was here with her right now, to see her crying...they'd make a scene of it. They would rush over and hug her too tight, then constantly throw questions at her.
Peyton didn't want to talk about her feelings, it was the hardest part. She wanted to feel them, and just be understood. That's what Raine was doing. She wasn't raising an alarm, her companion was totally calm. She even readjusted so that if someone else walked in the room, they wouldn't see Peyton's crying face.
Peyton could feel a sense of gratitude for her friend now, began to seriously grow. As she began to drift to sleep again, this time dream less and much more peaceful.

That was until a loud, noise began to erupt outside. Peyton rushed up with Raine, everyone else seemed to be rushing out too. Who was missing...? Mally.
Much like everyone else, once the front door opened, a wave of panic hit. The sight, four strangers and Mally, who was staggering back up onto her feet, blood already all over the girl.
However, no one made a move. The bigger man, spoke up in a calm voice. [#6C80A3 "Nimue, it's alright stand down. Everyone's present now."]

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine had been lightly sleeping. A drift between consciousness and unconsciousness. Suddenly, she had felt a little shake of the bed, peeking an eye open, she saw Peyton. Covering her own mouth, and crying. Concerned, she pulled her closer, wiping the tears from her eyes. It was obvious she didn't want to be caught, so Raine covered her face too.

Not sure what to say, she kept quiet. Besides, striking a conversation in a room of other sleeping people...wouldn't be exactly discreet. So, the little girl did what she could. Quietly and calmly, holding her friend until she fell back asleep. Raine was right about to join her in bliss sleep, when a loud crack of noise outside shock the house. Startling her and everyone else out of bed. Running outside, to see Mally already almost drenched in blood.
Despite the clutching hand of Peyton trying to hold her back, she ran forward to Mally. To her luck, the other four standing there, with a small army behind them, didn't make a move.

Raine pushed Mally back into the groups ranks, and began to heal her quickly. Cutting her hand over and over until each wound was sealed up. Mally, seemed tense...the other fights Raine had seen her in, she seemed more relaxed. However, the girls complexion was paler than normal, and her robot stare seemed to be filled with fear. That's when Raine noticed a crack in the girls horn, it wasn't huge but it was just by the base of the skull.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally had listened to Alvin begin to try to explain something. However, she nodded understanding he couldn't. Just before she gave up on her question, Eric had butted in himself. While Mally had asked him for the answer, she accepted what he had to say. However, it didn't answer the question inside her. Did she want to stay emotionless... or regain her feelings? Would she lose her power? Would a new one develop in it's place? Can she even regain her emotions? All of these questions, she knew she couldn't pose on them.

Soon Kitamari had come outside her self. Mally let herself watch the two fight. It made her regret declining her invitation...however she couldn't spare with them. She'd go over board once she began to see blood. Even after they all went back inside, after the short little match was over, the horned girl remained outside.
Her eyes had closed, and she let herself start to meditate....When a little bit of far off noise distracted her.

Looking up she saw air ships, once one landed four people jumped out. Mally recognized them to be part of the royal ranks. However, she didn't know any of them personally. Staring for a long moment, while silence stuck between them. A man stepped out ahead of the others, he was tall and built strong. However he seemed calm, Mally analyzed him. He wasn't a huge fighter...still skilled. But his talents laid in healing, in more than one way. He could revive the dead, within allotted amounts of time. [#6C80A3 "Don't take this personally, but we aren't here looking for you. Where is the white swords man?"]

Saying nothing, Mally took a stance. They were looking for Alvin, she couldn't let them get to him...She could tell something was up. They were all fugitives now...but they asked specifically for Alvin. Or as they would probably call him, Rex. Shaking her head, her face expressionless. [#6C80A3 "I'll ask one more time, for you to go get him."] the man said, more sternly this time. However Mally just got even lower and stronger into her stance. Taking up her Axe, she was ready to swing. [#6C80A3 "Nimue."] he nodded between Mally and another girl...Who had horns...and wings....and a tail...and hardly any clothes on. All Mally heard was quick sharp laugh, before suddenly a swift round of kicks were being delivered directly to her face. Over and over, she swung her axe but her vision was now blurry. Spitting blood out of her mouth, she tried to find her target. [#F64408 "Yoo who~"] teased a voice from...above? Mally looked up, there floated the girl in mid air. Mally swung her axe, but the girl just flew out of the way. Before actually grabbing Mally's axe, throwing her in the air. Nimue then took the end of Mallys Axe and used it to send the girl plummeting into the ground. Before throwing the axe down, missing Mally by a hair.

The noise, from the landing in the ground was loud. An almost perfect body shaped crater was now in the ground. Mally braced herself for another beating, when the man calmly stopped the girl. The next thing she knew, Mally was being dragged back by Raine.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh had sat outside for quiet some time now, with just Alex. Nothing much had happened. Eventually, without words they went back inside too. Shiloh had found a bed to occupy, him and Alex laid on it back to back. The two slept like this often, simply because it was how they slept during training. It always felt safe to them, he had begun to drift to sleep.
His mind still active with thoughts of Rose and this other woman. How were they connected? Why did Rose remind him so much of this old lover? Was this the sister his love had always spoken of? That would make sense...they even had similar powers. He sighed, and just as his head began to float, a loud noise brought him back.

Just like everyone else he rushed outside, immediatly, he took a stance also. Defensive, nothing too direct. However, it seemed everyone was at a stand still now. When a man with long blue hair called out. [#6C80A3 "Do not bother a fight, you will all be terminated easily. Now, the white swords man...step forward."] his voice...was calm. It wasn't scary, or overly loud either. His words didn't match his tone. He seemed more nonchalant...but that somehow just made it scarier. Like he knew for a fact, that if any of them moved wrong they could just kill them easily. Shiloh let his eyes shift over to Mally, who was being healed. She seemed scared, panicked even.
Now analyzing his enemies the best he could, he began to feel a little fearful himself. Not too sure what to make of anything going on.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex raised an eyebrow [#D23F0B "Then, let me ask you this...Are you taking care of yourself by putting up an attitude like that?"] he crossed his arm and shook his head. [#D23F0B "Part of being a healthy human, is having healthy natural relationships with people...It's apart of a social need. You might feel, you're doing right by yourself....but being alone has never been proven to be effective, for anyone."]
before everything went down, Alex was a Psychology major in school.
[#D23F0B "Not to sound, uh condescending or anything when I say that...I-I uh studied psychology... before all this."] he waved his hand around, awkwardly trying to cover up his super forward moment there.

Ducking away as soon as possible after that. He waved her goodnight, before joining Shiloh outside, where moments of silence were exchanged. Perfectly content with the quiet, before they went inside and tried to sleep. An interruption triggered by a loud noise, once outside Alex stood in front of Claire. He hadn't meant to, but he more so did it unconsciously.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari clapped cheerfully, she had even giggled at their banter. Simply nodded when Eric gave her permission to hang out and watch them. Silently now, she studied them, looking for errors in their form. From defensive to offensive. Once the two finished up, Kitamari rushed their way. Clapping for them, as she smiled. [#EC0E37 "Eric okay! You first...This is my first time really watching you fight. I have to say, I am impressed. You did well, against someone who has really, almost total opposite stats than you do."] she clasped her hands together, pointing on finger in the air. [#EC0E37 "However, because you are slower, it is better for you to counter. Direct attacks from you, as powerful as they are...against Re-...ahem...Alvin, they'll mostly be ineffective because he can move so fast. So instead, counter, distract and learn how to stagger his speed, creating distraction opens direct hit opportunities...but don't rely on them."] she waved her hands around as she explained things. Wrapping up her advice for Eric [#EC0E37 "I am gonna have you train with Alex, he can show you how to do everything I am talking about the right way."] Smiling she ruffled the big guys hair, before moving on to Alvin.
[#EC0E37 "You have a huge speed, advantage here! You're form is practically perfect, but you don't try to protect yourself very well. You must, must work on defensive form. While your offensive fighting style is amazing, once someone finds a hole in your striking pattern, you seem to have no defense tactic!"] Kitamari made sure to give positives and negatives while she talked. Wrapping up her bit with Alvin before going inside with [#EC0E37 "You'll be training with me, I can teach you defensive fighting styles...They do come in handy, especially if you can incorporate them into a mix with your offensive style."] with that she ruffled the guys hair too.
[#EC0E37 "Alright...let's go to bed."] once inside Rose had said something to them about being too rough. Kita giggled slightly, going to the bedroom, only two beds were left. Eric took one and Kita was about to take the other.
Cocking her head to the side, she looked at Alvin, a curious wide eye'd look on her face. [#EC0E37 "We don't have any other open mattresses....You can sleep with me though!"] she made room, and basically pulled Alvin into bed.

Their skin touched, but Kita wasn't wrapped around him or trying to cuddle. She simply laid super close to him, it was a twin size mattress after all. She had quiet the voluptuous body...it took up a lot of space. He radiated heat, and it felt nice. She had just entered the stages of sleep when a loud outside noise startled her awake.
She was the first outside, and the first to began glaring at the people before them. Her ears pressing low, the fur on her tail spiking and flaring out. A growl began to protrude from her mouth, her lips open enough to expose large canine teeth. Grabbing Alvins wrist, tightly when they began to demand he step forward. She recognized one of their scents...it used to be a smell Kitamari found was always on Rex when they used to try to mate them. It wasn't until now that, she realized it was the smell of another girl.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku nodded, and then she finally left. Her group of 12 with her, six demolition experts, 6 of her "master" spies. They moved swiftly, and quickly in the direction of the base. Upon arrival, Riuku woke the people up. Capturing those that surrendered, and tying those that wouldn't to furniture or places inside the building.
While on her walk through, she came across a group of two young kids. Twins, about 7 or 8...they had red hair. Both of them were crying, begging for someone named Alex. Riuku recognized the name to be apart of the initial rebellion with Kitamari. She tried to coax them to come with her, but they refused. Sighing deeply, she could feel her heart begin to shatter as she closed and locked the door behind her.

Once outside the building, she waited for all the explosive units to be placed, coordinating the transportation of those who surrendered back to the facility. Staying behind, Riuku began to set of the explosives, watching as the building began to clasp into flames. The entire time, she thought about the children inside...That's not what she wanted to do...She was just following orders...This didn't define her. Guilt began to spread through her. Sighing, she turned her invisibility coat on, and snuck into the burning building. None of her spies saw, as she snuck the kids out of the building before it clasped. She placed them in chains, and put them in the transport van. She'd tell Zero the truth, and accept the punishment...but they were just so young. They didn't understand, they were just scared. Riuki began transport back, as the building began to crumble. They drove off in the transport van, which was accompanied by a tank. Once they had some distance, she signaled the tank. Which stopped, and fired at the center of the building. Just like that it was a pile a fire, ash, and corpse. Riuku felt sick, but it was only her job. She had to do it.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue had watched Zero's expression, he had been slightly flustered. She loved it, she was making a great pace breaking the hard shell down. Then she giggled wildly, as Jessica hugged at her back. Nimue was a bit taller than Jessica, whose face landed directly at Nimues chest. Pretending to moan while Jessica groped her, before bursting into another fit of giggles.
[#F64408 "Oh Jessica, you're adorable~ I am sure you'll have his attention. Even if his eyes do wander, I've got my sights on...someone else."] she wouldn't say it directly out loud, but she did have feelings for Zero. When she found out that she was selected to be his second, she almost broke out in flight.

Nimue looked over and rose an eyebrow as Yushiro directly asked to fight Rex. However, Ren had shaken his head no. Curiously now Nimue gazed at Ren, bending over to be eye level with him, since she standing and he was sitting. [#F64408 "Well...then who is gonna fight him, if our lovely girly can't revive him?"] her voice sounded babyish, when she spoke. Now she was curious, what was Ren's full plan? It was four of them, against way more people. What if Rex did join us? Would they murder all his new "friends" together? Or what they capture them? Zero said to end, so Nimue figured he meant kill. They'd be taking no prisoners.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg ]

Ren avoided looking at the girls as they hugged, and groped each other. Now wasn't the time to get distracted. Rolling his eyes simply at Jessica trying to expose his soft heart, to explain his firm commandments in how they fought. He sighed fondly recalling the arena, is seemed better in there than out here. Out here, everyday felt like chaos to him. This was the first mission he had been sent on in a month. All month he had spent his time in the infirmary, not once leaving until today.

When young Yushiro asked a question that peaked his attention. [#6C80A3 "No, I am sorry."] he shook his head. Waiting a moment between his answer and his reason why [#6C80A3 "You see, the only one here I'll let actually fit Rex is Nimue. While Jessica, you are very strong and capable...You have very complex feelings of affection for him. I don't need you second guessing the need to kill him possibly over those feelings. Yushiro, you as well have a personal interest in him. Those feelings could intervene in a fight. I myself, am not equipped enough to fight him. So, if Jessica you do fail...I trust you will step back and let Nimue take care of things? "] again, he sounded much like a father.

Once they landed, Ren directed them with hand signals, so nothing much had to be said out loud. Nimue got some action, on a poor girl who tried to give them the silent treatment. Ren then asked everyone, once they stepped outside, for Rex to step forward. He knew which one was Rex, and he'd drag him forward if he'd have too. However, he wanted this interaction to be as consensual as possible. It would make it easier for Jessica to reactivate him, if he wasn't being held against his will.
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[center [h3 Meaning?]]

[center [b As Kanzaki laid on the couch formerly occupied the lovely Claire. As he drifted to sleep he had thought upon Raine's question. Sure she was just teasing Kanzaki knew that but he wondered how he would even answer that. That kiss to the boss? Perhaps it was neither? Maybe he was just trying to cheer her up? Be nice? Under that flirty exterior he was a big softy. Not that he thought that was in itself a big secret as he smiled to himself looking up at the ceiling.]]

[center [b He held his hand hand out looking into his palm he always took this time before bed to think on these things. Sure he knew it wasn't his strong suit he felt he related with Eric on that note. Though unlike Eric Kanzaki was much much more aware of his surroundings. Though Kanzaki didn't dwell too long before dozing in and out of sleep. At one point he swore he saw Claire dancing with that long haired guy. That part must have been a dream right?]]

[center [h3 Learn More?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_k3Y1YFmQQ]]

[center [b As Alvin sat in silence with Mally he had heard her ask a question. A very odd straight forward question it had caught him off guard. He still wasn't too good with social interactions and the blunt Mally made that even more apparent. Was she... Taking this time to learn more? That lab must have done a large number to her mental state to struggle with something so simple. Alvin's expression softened as he looked at her before looking up at the sky. He wasn't sure what to say but with a soft sigh he took a pause to ponder on how to answer that.]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I... T-There isn't any.. Um.. One correct a-a-answer for that. I mean... uhh... It's hard to explain... I....]]

[center [b And with that Alvin had felt a hand on his shoulder and it being a familiar one it was Eric. Cutting in and talking about sparring and after Mally had given her answer to him? Eric had begun to answer her question in Alvin's stead. He wasn't too upset about that however.]]

[center [+brown Mally the answer is both, sure it hurts too feel sometimes. Sadness sorrow of... Losing someone or facing hardship it can be hard. They aren't easy things to face but in the end it-]]

[center [+darkgreen I-It's worth it! I-I mean... It's scary... Letting others in but... I guess... Letting anyone in. Caring for others will always hurt... So y-you have to find the people it's worth hurting for. The ones t-that make you smile... E-Even if they confuse you... The ones you can rely on. The ones t-that make your heart race... The ones you call...]]

[center [+brown Family! Alvin you took the words outta my mouth! Well not really I can't say I'd word it as well! I want you to know Mally your a part of our family too got it?]]

[center [b And with that Eric patted Mally and Alvin's back. Alvin couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle Eric always made these talks easier. Those three always put Alvin at ease and they always had his back to make the right calls. Alvin even found the courage to smile and nod in agreement as he looked at Mally. A tint of red spread across Alvin's pale cheeks. Sure he was still a bit shy but happy nonetheless.]]

[center [b With Peyton,Raine,Eric by his side he knew he could weather any storm. Sure it was a little cheesy but they way they laughed. Teased one another and always had each others backs. Alvin had thought it was up to him to protect them from the start. Little did he realize? They had saved him they ended up protecting him. Peyton and Raine pulling him away from his past. Eric pushing him to be more honest about his feelings. Alvin remembered when that man spoke to him from before how Raine pulled him from those mind games.]]

[center [+brown Hey buddy you ready to go?]]

[center [b Eric asked as Alvin smiled like Mally? He had a lot to learn and he still does but he knew as much as he taught his friends. They'd teach him just as much. Though on that note Kitamari had made her appearance as Mally looked back toward the sky. Alvin looked away a bit shyly he still felt bad he didn't remember her too well. Tips? Did Alvin need any tips? He grabbed at his chest oh no his ego was acting up again wasn't it? Alvin had to know he wasn't the strongest best around right? Yet his heart flared up as he took a deep breath that wasn't him anymore. That was Rex sure he had to be strong for his friends right? He didn't need to make it a competition the lab probably already compared Rex to her several times. He didn't want to be like them sure he still enjoyed the rush of combat but... In a more friendly way he had hoped.]]

[center [b Eric had rubbed the back of his head with a chuckle looking at Kita.]]

[center [+brown I'm not sure if Alvin needs the help but I know I do! I have a lot to learn, if there is one thing to teach Alvin? It's to not go overboard though! He's pretty reckless out in the frontlines.]]

[center [b Alvin blinked looking Eric's way he was flattered he thought that highly of Alvin. Eric seemed to always know what to say huh? Wait... Him reckless? Oh Eric was too! Alvin chuckled nudging Eric playfully as he laughed.]]

[center [+darkgreen Oh yeah? Says the guy who always goes "I have to save everyone!" I've seen you use yourself as a human shield more times than I can count hero!]]

[center [+brown Oh hush!]]

[center [b Eric wrapped his arm around Alvin's neck as he ruffled his arm. As Alvin latched his hands around Eric's arms laughing as the two grinned widely they sure were getting along more and more with each passing day. Alvin hardly noticed the times he could speak so openly now.]]

[center [+brown We'd love to have you hang out with us Kita! I know Alvin would you two are old friends right?]]

[center [b Alvin looked away blushing as Eric let go and Alvin held his arm looking back at Kita with a red cheeked smile. With that the two made their way down to the sand dunes some distance from the house. As Alvin unsheathed his blade taking a lowered stance. He wasn't going to blindly try to outbrute Eric this time around. He wouldn't cheapen Eric's lessons with his own pride anymore.]]

[center [+darkgreen I w-want to say... I'm sorry about last fight... I c-couldn't admit that you were the s-stronger man. So I...]]

[center [+brown Hey don't dwell on that now don't hold back on me I gotta learn remember?]]

[center [b Alvin smiled softly he was silly to think Eric could hold a grudge for anything. Things were different now Alvin... Was different now.]]

[center [h3 Growing]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBDsVcIt0Mo]]

[center [b With that Eric for once had taken the first blow! Alvin rather shocked jumped to the right as Eric's blade crashed into the ground. As sand went flying everywhere causing a small crater per usual by this point. Though with his blade Alvin could see it was even more devastating. Eric wasn't holding anything back this time huh? He had faith Alvin could survive these strikes. Eric was grateful to Alvin for being strong enough to let him go all out. He had to protect Raine and Peyton the way Alvin had protected them. Eric's goal... Was to surpass Alvin a fire lit into his eyes. If he was going to protect him? Tell him to be safe? He'd have to earn that right by surpassing him. He wanted to protect Alvin just as much as Peyton and Raine he couldn't stand things coming down to Alvin it drove him crazy.]]

[center [b Eric learning how vicious fighters of Alvin's caliber could be was ready to block the counter attack. As the blades clashed Eric pulled back swinging in a sideways swing as Alvin jumped over the blade. Lunging at Eric's shoulder Eric moved to the right slamming his head forehead into Alvin as Alvin hurled back catching himself. Something seemed different... Alvin's edge... His passion seemed a little off. Was this part of the change? From Rex to Alvin? As Eric underestimated the new Alvin he had charged in with a flurry of strikes as the tip of his blade reached over Eric's greatsword. Scratching and cutting Eric everywhere. He was still quiet the swordsman no doubt! As Eric managed to sprawl his way through the attacks slamming his blade into Alvin's expecting him to go flying Alvin dropped the blade ducking. As the sword hurled far away Alvin ducked in elbowing Eric in his sterdem. As he bounced up with a kick into his chin before it would have been at his throat. He was going easier wasn't he? He wasn't nearly as... Vicious as before. Eric took that difficult training for granted hadn't he? As Eric grabbed his leg throwing Alvin into the ground with massive amount of force. It was apparent that Eric was becoming a better fighter himself he was growing. Willing to go a bit farther to defeat his opponents than before. Course Eric figured Alvin would be find as Alvin crawled out of the hole retrieving his blade at break neck speed. As the two continued to fight on and on Eric was still no match but yet? He had held his own.]]

[center [b A fire in Eric was stronger than ever before and with Alvin? It was almost as... He wasn't sure how he was supposed to fight anymore. Eric hadn't exactly knew that but that was indeed the case in this fight. In the end Alvin's stamina had won out as the fight dragged on vicious but not as before. As Eric fell to his knee's panting and Alvin sheathing his blade putting a hand out to him with a smile. No harsh advice on to cut your enemies down? To change his mindset? Eric didn't think on it long before taking his hand as the two were covered in cuts bruises and blood they couldn't help but smile.]]

[center [+brown Any tips for me Kita? Maybe after I heal up we could spar? I could learn how to fight more opponents than just Alvin here! You went kinda easy on me today! Why is that?]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I did... I... I didn't notice... Though you are growing stronger. Y-Your aware of your slow speed... So your more prepared for counter attacks than b-before... Good job Eric.]]

[center [b Alvin said with a proud smile as the two made their way back to the house arms around each others wounded shoulders. They might need to be fixed up again by Raine wouldn't they? They always went at it pretty hard. One thought that crossed Eric's mind though... It was out of character the question had popped up. Did he want to surpass Alvin? Or the white swordsman? Eric shook his head that didn't matter. Being strong enough to protect them was all that really mattered Eric wasn't a prideful soul. In the end power didn't really matter to him. Sure he fit the role as a cliche hero or a do gooder and as teased as he was on that? He wasn't going to change anytime soon.]]

[center [h3 Holding Back]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b As Rose and Shiloh wished one another goodnight Kita had explained they may need to share beds tonight. Rose figured she'd be the one to help the captain to a room. Sure the others might get the wrong idea but it wasn't really like that. The two slept together almost every night really he always did look after her. Rose had a feeling from Shiloh's expression he was thinking on something. Rose had however decided to hold her power back on this one. She wanted to make friends and learn about them as a person not as a subject or a witch. Just as herself nothing more and nothing less.]]

[center [b With that she had saw Alvin and Eric enter the house covered in wounds as she gasped the two had explained what happened. She rolled her eyes with her hands on her hips.]]

[center [+purple I expected this reckless behavior from Alvin but Eric! This was your idea? Raine is sleeping she can't just heal you up! Most of us are asleep sure Claire is awake but I'm sure she'll make you wait. Hopefully Kita can at least tend to those wounds Eric I never thought your pretty little head was empty!]]

[center [b Eric smiled as he rubbed the back of his head with a chuckle. They knew they were in trouble she could tell that much without reading their minds. Boys will be boys huh? Her sister was just as reckless though but still this was a bit much! Rose had told them to wait there. She had went to leave a note in Raine's room so when she woke up she knew to look after the boys. Rose hated passing that onto her she wished she could have helped but in this department? She knew she couldn't really do much.]]

[center [b With that Rose had taken the captain to a bedroom to get some shut eye.]]

[center [h3 Sleeping Captain]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b The captain hadn't shown much remorse for tugging on Kita's ears just a hearty laugh. She was a feisty one he did like that, though that was the last thing he could recall. Before finding himself in a bed with Rose as he shot up holding his head.]]

[center [+blue Wait what are we... Did I get that drunk?!]]

[center [+purple Huh!? What no! Styles.. I mean.. Zack no come on someone had to look after you weirdo! You were singing pirate jigs and being all weird!]]

[center [+blue Haha, well than I'd say I made tonight rather lively ehh lass? Well that is good thank you for that. Tomorrow I am sure I want to know what all happened but for now mate? My head is killing me so I may get some more rest.]]

[center [b Rose beamed a childish smile with a nod as her hair bounced over her shoulders. As she turned over smiling to sleep however... Later that night Styles had awakened to the usual. Rose curled up to his chest tears under her eyes as she begged and pleaded "don't go"]]

[center [b She had the same nightmare almost everynight how she had lost her sister to the white swordsman. Though it didn't last too long before she smiled saying "thanks guys... for everything" Styles smiled as he stroked at her hair.]]

[center [+blue Aye lass I believe we have found ourselves a new crew along with a few new treasures of our own savvy.]]

[center [b He was glad to see she was cheering up it meant a lot to him that for her? Things were starting to look up finally he owed that to Raine and Eric... To all of their new friends in fact maybe... Just maybe in time to Alvin too.]]

[center [h3 I'm The Bad Guy Huh?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire crossed her arms as she listened to the tall man speak to her. For such an imposing figure he seemed as shy as a sheep. It made Claire feel... A little bad she remembered Clyde scolding her for scaring good people off. She let out a long sigh she looked like a total bitch didn't she? Normally that didn't bother her but the guy was giving her a place to stay. She had decided to bluntly pat the guys head almost like a dog.]]

[center [+lightblue There there you didn't do anything wrong all right? I'm just a bitch so don't take it too personally all I know is to take care of myself. Trust me there are lot cuter girls to be dancing with so don't lose any sleep over it all right?]]

[center [b She had decided to be honest to the poor guy with that she had turned around and headed to bed she figured Mally and her would share a room. Mally was the only person she could tolerate sharing a room with. Maybe she'd even convince Mally to make it on their own if not she'd be fine on her own.]]

[center [b As Claire curled up into bed holding a pillow tight into her arms she let out a rather long sigh. She couldn't help but overhear on the way to her room what Rose had said. They didn't have faith in her to play her part but for good reason. She didn't see herself pecking Alvin or Eric for something stupid they decided to do. Alvin... Rex whatever she felt this name change was kinda pointless and stupid. He probably had the right idea before if Claire had that kinda power? She wouldn't be so meek or rely on others. Why choose to go that soft again? He probably changed because of something painful he went through... She could understand that but by being soft again? He would just get hurt over and over again it wasn't worth it!]]

[center [b With that last lovely though Claire had drifted to sleep once again.]]

[center [h3 Soft Side?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b Before Zero had gotten a chance to send off his battalion to face Kitamari's forces. Riuku had asked him another question as he made his way to the airships he had shook his head.]]

[center [i Anyone who chooses to surrender will be captured and tried however if anyone is to take arms against you? Ignoring your warnings? Must be slain regardless of whom they are those are your orders.]]

[center [b All things considered Zero considered this to be fairly forgiving. Despite the defiance these people have shown against Tristania in the war against Albion and Germania.]]

[center [b Zero had pondered on Nimue's words she was strange. Telling him not to sound too soft he had meant that order. She was as careless as Jessica even if Zero didn't realize it? Nimue had gotten more slack than Jessica. Though really Ren,Jessica,Nimue,Zero were all pretty close. Despite the girls were a little bit more... Unhinged they were all indeed friends. Even if Zero wasn't a fan of Jessica's way of doing things.]]

[center [b Zero had offered Ren a partial smile it was good to catch up as he nodded and spoke with his friend. They had began to take off as Nimue blew Zero a kiss he scoffed looking away. Normally it'd be something he would disregard from any woman. Though Nimue being his friend? As well as looking so similar to his former lover? Zero had let his guard down a bit it was apparent it had gotten to him. Though his flustered face hardly matched the rather serious commander. He had shrugged off and with a salute they were gone. It was back to work soon he would lead a charge against Albion's forces invading Romalia.]]

[center [h3 Jessica and Nimue]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b Jessica giggled as she hugged Nimue close into a fit of giggles.]]

[center [+teal Long time no see Nimue! Nuuu your hair looks so cute! Your outfit is super sexy by the way! Hey if I was gonna let anyone kill me it'd be you look at that bod! They must feel pretty lucky huh? Hehe~ I mean look at these!]]

[center [b Jessica played along and groped at Nimue's chest with a smile as the two conversed they were.... Two strange peas in a pod. Jessica giggled as Nimue moaned at Ren fixing her hair.]]

[center [+teal Oh don't let that serious face fool you I know you liked it! He always did dote on us in the arena about this and that huh? Even Zero let him get away with scolding him sometimes remember that? Ahh I miss that sometimes, well I just hope Rexy doesn't stare at you too much Nimue I might get a little jealous! Besides we know commander Zero has a weird complex for you anywho~~]]

[center [b She giggled wrapping her arm around Nimue as Yushiro tilted his head confused looking at the two. He had nodded at the warning Nimue had given of maybe losing the element of surprise.]]

[center [+darkblue Yes mam!]]

[center [b At that Ren had began to lecture Jessica next as she let out a rather long sigh.]]

[center [+teal Okay okay I already told Zero I'd listen but I'm sure Rexy will come with us. I'm sure he misses us Yushy and Rex used to spar a lot! Yushy I hope your not too butthurt he won like every fight? If I remember he was likely to be Zero's first pupil! Maybe even a second right alongside Nimue one day. I'm still convinced he'd surpass Zero in a few years.]]

[center [+darkblue Mam! That is impossible no one could surpass lord Zero!]]

[center [+teal Cute, you say that but I'm sure that is your goal too yes?]]

[center [h3 Lighten Up]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro had sighed saying nothing back to his superior and with that Ren had told him to relax. He seemed to be the most professional man on this ship. Were these woman truly his lords former comrades? It was true Yushiro was jealous of Rex Zero was even harder on Rex. Giving him extra time in that lab before starting the arena's. He wanted Rex to have it even harder to prove his truest potential.]]

[center [+darkblue Yes sir Ren I will try to relax more sir. I ask if subject Rex doesn't comply that I be the one to fight him sir.]]

[center [b Jessica growled scowling at Yushiro it was apparent she wanted to toy with subject Rex. Yushiro wanted to prove he was the greater pupil that this time? He was the stronger one not Rex that the kingdom had no need of his power. Yushiro had given his heart and body for his country. Rex? He had only wanted a reason to die a reason to give up. He was no man just a desperate boy with nothing to lose Yushiro had no respect for him. So he had thought... But Rex had fought in a way... That reminded him of Zero no fear.... A fire in his eyes. He couldn't help but envy that but now was his chance to surpass even that.]]

[center [h3 Landing]]

[center [b As airships took the rest of the night as well the next morning to finally reach their destination. They found themselves in a hot desert fully rested Yushiro was ready to go. As the ships began to descend the two others letting out armored elite soldiers already setting the place ablaze to smoke the enemy forces out. As the metal doors began to open Yushiro and Jessica had stood up this was the time to end this rebellion once and for all. It must be stopped before Germania invaded Tristania next this... Had to end.]]
  Kanzaki Muller / Isamu / 2y 234d 9h 34m 59s
Smiling while Alvin choked on over his words. She laughed as he stumbled over his phrase, she giggled [#6495ED "Yeah but that would be amazing, to travel through time!"] after their moment had ended, she sat on the couch.
Peyton had joined her, and soon Styles with Kitamari. Raine was about to start answering Peyton, when Kanzaki plopped himself down between them. Now the couch, was really starting to become a tight fit. Blinking she laughed at his comment. More how Peyton blushed when she was called out. [#6495ED "I saw that little kiss you gave Mally, did that mean something? Or are you just a player?"] she teased back at him, just before he left off to go to bed.

Raine looked over and saw Styles pulling at Kitamaris ears, she laughed again. Shaking her head she stretched a bit then stood up. [#6495ED "I am actually quiet tired too..."] she muffled a yawn in her hand. Looking at Peyton, who seemed rightly buzzed and tired herself she smiled. Taking her friend up, she held the taller girl up. [#6495ED "Come one let's go to bed!"] That's when Kitamari chimed up, after laying Styles on the couch. [#EC0E37 "You may have to share beds, some of you...we don't have quiet enough in here yet."] she said, ignoring Kanzaki's flirtation verbally but she smiled at it.

Raine then nodded, she'd just share a bed with Peyton. They basically slept together every night anyway. Making her way to the bedroom sleepily, she followed the hall around to a bedroom with a set of beds in it. Yeah, there would be some doubling up. A few people would get to sleep alone. Happily she climbed into a bed with Peyton. It was nice to be in a bed, not on the floor. Raine now cuddled close with Peyton, who had seemed to have already passed out.

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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally couldn't help but enjoy the faint feelings that tried to hatch through when she was with Kanzaki. It made her smile, the dancing, the openness. It was over soon, and she had let herself outside.

Sitting there she just breathed. Trying to think about her situation, why she felt things then, and not other times. Like why she had felt nothing, when her team mate was killed. Or why she didn't feel anything when Eric saved her from the former Rex, who was now Alvin. Why she felt something then, while dancing...Was it because she was dancing? Dancing connects with her past, a time in her life when she still had emotions. Mally tried to think as scientifically as possible about it.

Soon, she wasn't alone anymore. Hardly turning her head away from her gaze out across the sand. She knew it was Alvin, from her peripheral view of him. The silence was nice, she didn't mind the extra set of quiet feet. He wasn't trying to converse with her, so she didn't mind. Until she started thinking of some of her own questions to ask him. [#EC871C "Alvin...You feel things yes?...Would you say the ability to feel emotions...is a curse or a gift?"] her question came out very odd. She wasn't to sure how to ask in the first place. It was an odd thing to ask also, but he was there and he could give her an answer.

Soon Eric stepped outside, and asked about sparring. Mally couldn't understand why...at this time of night, after the day they've had. They've done quiet a bit of fighting already. Standing up, she was offered the opportunity to join. The gore lover in her wanted to say yes, just because it was fight. However she shook her head [#EC871C "No...I've got things to think about."] she mumbled going back to her silent gaze. This time her eyes were lifted towards the sky though.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton was definite now, she had looked around and made a choice for her next move. She'd join Kitamari's cause, even if everyone else didn't or wanted to move on. This is where she wanted to be, these were people she wanted to fight for. Sure, she missed home...she wanted to go find her parents, but she'd put them in danger.

Peyton flushed slightly when Eric leaned down and kissed her hand. She smiled and then nodded when he said he'd be going to see Alvin. Laughing when he mentioned she'd be flirting with Raine. Shaking her head she rolled her eyes.
Sitting down with Raine, she leaned on her for a bit. Then eventually after a couple small conversations. Raine and her went to bed, sleeping in the same one. A bed felt nice, really nice. Much nicer than the floors she had been sleeping on. Hugging Raine, while she began to drift a sleep. A memory that she had been able to postpone popping up, now hit her mind. She couldn't help it either, drifting asleep this became her dream.

[i The wall clock ticked, people snickered. They threw paper balls at her. This was the usual every day. This time now, a new kids was in the room too. He was from up north. No one had really accepted him into a click yet. Peyton wanted to get his attention but couldn't.]
[i Until one day, she was out skipping class, sitting on some outside stairs. The boy walked around the corner and sat down to do the same thing. They started talking, and then started meeting their everyday. He said he was hesitant to talk to her in front of others. He didn't want to be paper balled. Peyton understood and kept their meetings secret.]
[i One day, he said he couldn't take it anymore and he wanted to be serious. He kissed her, and told her to meet him after school. She did, and they went to his house. Ending up home alone, he made a move on her. She opened up and let him in. They eventually had done something, quiet adult. She had let him have her, and in those moments he said he loved her.][i She believed him.]
[i Peyton was told the next day, they could talk and sit together and do whatever they wanted, in front of people. He told her things would be different. So the next day, she went to walk up to him. He seemed different, something seemed wrong. Suddenly some kids came around the corner snickering. Holding photos of them together, and he started laughing as well. It was a joke...he didn't mean anything he said. He did it so they'd accept him. He used her, and he never loved her.]
[i She felt so stupid, she went home and punched holes in her walls. Her parents let her stay home for a few days....This was just short, to when she was picked up by the scientist.]

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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh smiled, when she patted his face. It was childish, but he thought it to be cute. He had kept dancing with her until it was time to end the dancing. He shook his head at her comment, making a tsk noise. Not explaining why, but just doing it. He laughed again then.

Once their dance ended she had said he'd owe her a favor after their next one. Shaking her hand on it, he smiled. Her skin was soft, even her touch was familiar. However Shiloh had never known her, he knew that much.
Simply he nodded and then went outside, but out the back door. Not the front, where Mally was with Alvin and Eric. He sat in the backyard and thought about Rose actually. Why was she so familiar? Why did he feel like he had known her? What was that?
He sat at a little picnic table that was back their. Rubbing his temples he thought long and hard.
He remembered another woman, much like Rose. Shiloh remembered spending time with her, but one day he never saw her again. He remembered even more, she had mentioned she had a sister. Who happened to be inside the facility too...Was it Rose? Was Rose that womans sister?
That woman....Shiloh remembered it all now. He used to be in love.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari raised an eyebrow at Styles. [#EC0E37 "I am glad you think I'd be above and beyond that gender stereotype. "] she laughed. After being accomplished in getting him to lay down, and chase the alcohol with some normal juice. He had reached up and began pulling her ears.
Finding herself getting flustered, she twitched her ears under his hand.
[#EC0E37 "H-hey, no need to pull...They are real, so that hurts you know."] she barked softly at him, with a stern frown.

She raised another eyebrow at him, had he just complimented her? It wasn't very direct but she picked up on it. Smiling she patted his head, eventually he just passed out. Getting up Kitamari left him there and then pointed in the direction of the bed rooms. [#EC0E37 "Two rooms, over there...You might actually have to share a bed...So don't joke around like that."] she giggled rolling her eyes. He was flirtatious, that much was obvious about the boy.
However she had watched him dance with Mally, he had seemed more sensitive then. Except she couldn't know that for sure, she hadn't been the one dancing with him.

Kitamari wondered how everyone was doing, so very quickly she jumped around to peak at everyone. Making sure everything was okay. Smiling when she found things were going alright. Sticking her self outside with Eric, Alvin, and Mally. Just in time to here that Eric would be sparring with Alvin. Mally was sitting, watching, but not watching them. Her eyes wandered the desert and she seemed to be full of thought. Kitamari climbed up to the roof
[#EC0E37 "You two are sparring? I'll watch your training. I can give you both tips, and also make sure your practice doesn't go overboard."] she insisted she'd do it, just to be helpful. Plus, she enjoyed teaching and leading sparring matches. It was just a little hobby she enjoyed.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex was about to just walk away, and try not to make eye contact with her again. He felt incredibly awkward now, since he couldn't exactly communicate well. When she said fine, he kind of lit up with excitement, but then tried to play it off.
[#D23F0B "Uh, cool yeah."] he mumbled running a hand through his long long hair. Shaking his head, her tone didn't seem right. [#D23F0B "You can say no, if you don't really want to dance you know..."] he said before walking with her to the make-shift dance floor. Most everyone had either traveled to bed, or had stepped outside now. So...it was kind of just them. He took her hand, and placed his hand respectably around her waist. He wasn't going to try to over step.

Stepping, he danced smoothly. He wasn't bad, he wasn't Kanzaki, but he could keep up. Most of the time he was quiet, he'd try to make eye contact but, she didn't actually seem all that interested. So he sighed, wanting to respect her. [#D23F0B "You know what, I am sorry...We're both exhausted I suppose. It was silly of me to ask for a dance."] he twirled her a bit. Cutting the dance short, he turned the music off and smiled at her. [#D23F0B "I am gonna put this away now...You can uh go to bed now, if you want."] he muttered.
She was pretty, and it was intimidating to him. Alex decided he'd pretend this didn't happen, as he took the music player and the box of tapes back up into the attic.

[#D23F0B "Thanks for the uh, chance."] he smiled again, before leaving Claire to go outside to sit with Shiloh. They sat in complete silence, but they were entirely comfortable. Shiloh and Alex had become like brothers now, Kitamari being their sister. They had spent so much time together, been through so much together. They both knew, the other was going through something. Neither one of them spoke though, they both just sat quietly and peacefully together.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku nodded calmly at Zero's orders for her spy. The spy was to remain involved, and unseen. She'd put her best spy on it, her own second. The person who would take over her posistion if something happened to her. Riuku would go herself, but she had a whole other mission to lead. With that, she began. Sending a scroll out quickly to her top spy, with very clear specific instructions, to watch, remain undetected by both allies and enemies, and to document exactly what happens. Also, to not intervene no matter what happened.

Riuku then gathered a troop of demolition experts, a special cloaked truck, a few extra spies to run with her. She wouldn't need much, she didn't plan on engaging in combat, just destroying their base. Before the departed she ran back up to Zero's room. She had forgotten one important questions. Panting once she entered his chamber again. She caught her breathe and then stood straight [#F1F104 "Sir! I forgot an important question to ask you about my mission..."] a little winded as she spoke she continued on [#F1F104 "There are many other civilians at this base. All other experiments who were either released or escaped from other facilities around the continent. My spies estimated some children as young as 6 to adults as old as about 30"]
Swallowing a lump in her throat, she then breathed in quickly.
[#F1F104 "Do you want us to destroy the base with the people in them? Or shall we capture and detain them all...Technically sir they haven't committed as many crimes as Kitamari herself..."]
Riuku didn't want to have to kill them all, but she knew that losing actual people would do quiet the number on mental moral. Which had much bigger effects than one would think.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue had smiled widely when Zero had actually smiled for her. She recalled her first visit with him. He had scolded her outfit, and she tried to get him to just lighten up and smile. However, he would not...but now he was. It was nice to see it.
Soon it was watched away by a stern look. Playfully she took a stance of attention and puffed air into her cheeks. Mocking all the guards and scared little captains, when Zero would actually address them. Of course none of them were there to see it, except Zero himself.
[#F64408 "Oh, yes sir~"] she said as he made sure, she was aware it was Ren who was in charge.

While, that was a total buzz kill, because she couldn't rampage with Jessica, she'd listen. Nimue remembered the good old days, fighting in the arena, when any kind of fighting was allowable. Now really on the field you had specific steps and game plan orders. It wasn't as fun, as going completely berserk and getting covered in someones blood, but whatever. She knew better than to do what she wanted, despite it almost always being above and beyond outside of orders, she never went through with her own will. She'd tease like she would, but the case was, she was always extremely obedient in reality. She just hated making it known that she was. Not wanting the "golden star" for being a following lap dog, even though that's exactly what she deserved.

Smiling softly when he asked her to come back alive, she hovered over and ruffled his hair. [#F64408 "Oh, don't sound so soft Zero~"] she teased pecking his forehead. [#F64408 "We both know, I most definitely will."] Just before leaving the room, she giggled and teased him some more [#F64408 "You stay safe as well, in this big dangerous fortress."] sticking her tongue out, she left with that.

Nimue entered the air ship, she was looking over the list of the suspected people to be at the scene when they arrived. Nodding she made note of the clairvoyant. [#F64408 "Hey, keep in mind they have a clairvoyant...If she's awake we may not have the element of surprise...So be ready to start fighting at arrival."] she blurted out loud. Making sure everyone was aware of it. She nodded at Ren, and then once she saw Jessica she smiled widely. Rushing in for a hug, she picked the girl up in her arms. [#F64408 "Jessica!~"] she chirped happily. [#F64408 "You're hair is looking extra pretty today, your curls are bouncing, beautifully."] Nimue couldn't help herself, she was quiet happy to be seeing Jessica again. It had been quiet some time, since they two had been in a room together, yet alone fought together.
Nimue's fingers began to tingle in excitement.
Blinking, she looked at the young man speaking. Yushiro? Her masters pupil...technically in a way her pupil too...almost.
[#F64408 "I've met one of them once, I've never engaged with any of them in a fight though... I've read their files and I quiet agree with Jessica. One of them even has no fighting ability...She's quiet the impressive healer though...Still...No big deal."] she shrugged her shoulders, flipping her long hair back.
She had smiled at Zero once they were waved off, blowing a kiss as they took off.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren had stopped into Zero's chambers to confirm his mission. Getting a rather warm greeting. He smiled himself and greeted back just as friendly. [#6C80A3 "It's been long my friend."] he said bringing hand down on Zero's shoulders. Ren was much taller than Zero, much bigger looking too. However, his strength didn't match Zero's at all. Ren humbly accepted that, because it wasn't for him, Zero would of died in the arena. He used to fight so recklessly with his powers. Often time hurting himself, but Ren was always there to heal him and protect him. Zero may as well be his little brother. He would do anything for the guy, even if it meant to follow him blindly, he gladly would gouge his eyes out and do it.

Ren laughed at Yushiro, seeing how nervous he was. As he seemed to speak very respectfully [#6C80A3 "Lighten up some, you're quiet stiff."] he placed a hand on the guys shoulder. [#6C80A3 "Well, it will be last if we are successful, and we will be."] Shaking his head at Nimue and Jessica he sighed [#6C80A3 "Don't underestimate your enemies. One of the secret weapons still has inactive unobserved powers...We don't know how dangerous her potential could be, of when those powers could activate or what they are... You both know better."] he scolded them and then approached Nimue, taking her hair in his hands. It was quiet long. Nimue playfully moaned. Ren rolled his eyes and tied her hair back. [#6C80A3 "You shouldn't fight with your hair down like that, someone could grab it."] he said simply, Nimue rolled her eyes and left her hair up then. He was right after-all, but she hated wearing her hair up.

Ren also saluted to Zero as they took off, sitting next to Yushiro, rolling his eyes at Jessica's comment about him being boring. [#6C80A3 "Okay, I do have orders to let Jessica engage in conversation with Subject Rex first...So defensive combat only. After that, we will play offensive. Now, our goal isn't to kill them all. The more powerful ones, we'd like to actually detain. They will either have their powers harvested and placed into other subjects, or they will be convinced to join our cause. Do not, play offensively until I say it is okay to engage like that. Jessica, specifically you I need to be under control okay?"] he took a father like tone when he began to instruct the others.
[#6C80A3 "Jessica, I need you to maintain control and focus, specifically because you will be attempting to revive one of the labs most dangerous experiments.]
The airship was traveling rather fast, they would be there soon.
Ren stood up looking at the others [#6C80A3 "Be ready, we'll be there soon.]
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[center [h3 Be Cool Alvin Be Cool!]]

[center [b Alvin blinked turning his head to Raine's as she asked him if he was sure. As the dance came to a close and she had given him a curtsey in return. Alvin had thought how to respond to that. Was he sure? That she had thanked him for the dance. Of course the thought hit him what would Eric do? Hmm.. Eric would just be himself wouldn't he? Though it didn't come too naturally Alvin had basically mimicked Eric as he rubbed the back of his neck with a soft almost forced smile. It seemed more shy but at the same time sincere it was apparent he enjoyed her company. As he looked into her eyes his smile grew her smile was so cute wow! The way she had her hands on his shoulders? Or clapped cheerfullyor that beaming smile? That little stumble? She was as sweet as can be Alvin couldn't help but adore her. It was for once? Plastered all over his face it screamed how much he had adored her in that moment in time.]]

[center [+green N-No thank you R-Raine for the your time? I mean dance? Dance time? Time dance? No wait I uhh..]]

[center [b He had wanted to say spending time with her meant the world to him. Or something witty and funny to say at the least but he got all jumbled up. Though it caused a small giggle as he smiled with a blush. He still got tongue tied around her didn't he? At least he knew she'd had seen worse taking a breath he composed himself to speak. She had seen him sob terribly before in a cave alone.]]

[center [+green No not the time dance I don't think were time travelers! H-Haha.. n-no thank you and of c-c-course I was sure.]]

[center [b It hadn't gone as cool or awesome as Alvin had wanted it too. Still it felt... familiar he was more like this around... Serah and Vincent. As she took to her seat Alvin had wandered around as everyone began to scour for a second partner. He knew if he stayed long enough? He'd be joked or roped into a dance with Peyton too. With a smile he wouldn't have minded that he owed her a thank you. She helped him find the path he would fight for no longer would he be a burden. A threat to his comrades or his family as this tale of his began to unfold. It more and more began to feel so... Unreal like a fantasy incarnate. Though the chill that struck his bones was how he had felt the same alongside Vincent and Serah. He had lost them due to his own temper. That was due to the fight with the wolves right? The genes made his already aggressive and defensive behavior amplified. Kita explained so much for him. It was easy for a fighter or a swordsman in some fantasy to learn of these things. His past... His lost family his mistakes and than journey forward. It wasn't a drama he would just strike forward with no hesitation. Alvin however? Was just a man a boy even with a frail heart. Whimsey feelings and it didn't take much to overcome him.]]

[center [b What if he was? A threat to them again? Like he was too his last two friends? Alvin had began to head out for a breath of fresh hair.]]

[center [b As he stepped outside taking a breath of the cold night air as he stared out into the endless vast sand. Soaking in the sights as the hum of the music began to quiet. He had heard laughter and the chatter of his friends it wouldn't be long before the went to bed. Perhaps Alvin would stop training Eric,Raine,Peyton what was the point? They wouldn't be forced to fight for Kita's cause. They could lead a peaceful and happy life they fought to not live the life of a soldier after all.]]

[center [b Looking over Rex had saw a set of horns as he reached for his blade in reaction. It was... a soft and less intense reaction slower than that of the white swordsman. As he tilted his head he had smiled it was only Mally. What.. why was he smiling? They hadn't really kicked it off had they? True but fighting alongside her? Seeing how she treated Kanzaki and the others? She didn't seem all too bad stark contrast to her vicious nature at first. Perhaps Alvin in some sense could relate?]]

[center [b He looked out to the sky as he smiled looking at the world with his wide green eyes. Maybe it was time to change his hair back as well? The world didn't need the white swordsman anymore Alvin could fight as himself. Fight by his own terms and in his own way.]]

[center [b "Beautiful isn't it?" That's what he wanted to say about the sight they looked upon. He however could not they didn't have that kinda friendship for Alvin just to speak up like that. She seemed the quiet type anyway they shared that trait. He gave a shy wave to her before looking up to the moon. It was a gorgeous sight wasn't it? Never though he'd stand under the moonlight with Mally. Sure she was pretty but they were fierce enemies at first. Though as time went by? It became easier and easier to forget about the white swordsmans rivals. He had felt he had shed his skin of that distrust and worry it was apparent his friends rubbed off on him.]]

[center [h3 One Cute Boss]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki chuckled as she had mused her voice into a silly little statement. Oh he was sure he had told her before with a smirk he had leaned in whispering softly into her. To repeat himself in a more hushed tone that her smile was... Ravishing. Changing the wording a bit as he tilted his head from her reaction. She never seemed to act like this she told him she enjoyed the dance? He wasn't used to this sort of treatment he liked it though. Rubbing under his nose with another hand on his hip he chuckled into a large grin. As she went to get some air Kanzaki had decided instead of a formal goodbye? He'd hug her tightly before letting her go. With a more friendly goodbye he waved her off he was glad she had enjoyed it.]]

[center [+darkblue Your the boss, boss! I guess I should call you little princess from now on! You had some nice moves out there! See ya boss!]]

[center [b He waved as he scoured the room for someone to tease or give a hard time. There he had saw Peyton and Raine talking about their first dance. Ahh target acquired! Kanzaki waltzing right over all semblance of grace over. Sitting between the two wrapping his arms around the two as a few others chuckled. Sure the crowd was impressed a bit but he was back to his old self in no time.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh Raine? She loved that dance I could see it! But Peyton I saw the way you were looking at Eric lucky guy lucky guy haha. I think I might hit the sack soon!]]

[center [b He said standing back up sure he was eager to flirt with the two but maybe... Another time. That dance? It strangely had put him at peace it was a long day as well so with a wave he had walked right over to Kita who was dealing with damage control. Who knew Styles was such.. A free spirit?]]

[center [+darkblue So where are the sleeping quarters cute stuff? I don't mind if I have to share with you~]]

[center [b He said placing his hands at the back of his head with a smile and a yawn. He was pretty tired despite his attitude he wanted to be on guard. The Tristaina army couldn't have been far behind. He had already decided to himself he would help Kita and her forces fight the good fight as they say. Kanzaki had only hoped it was the right thing to do. Obviously it was! Easy to say that... Once upon a time fighting his new friends? Those guys were the enemy with that switch. To see the people who had offered him purpose? To be a soldier for his country? To see that all change? It was easy to doubt ones ideals but he knew wherever his friends go he would be. He promised to look after Mally when this all started her and Claire and he was gonna keep that promise. Pretty cliché as he chuckled to himself but hey? The hero always got the girl am I right?]]

[center [h3 Doubtless Eric]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric unaware of Kanzaki or Alvin's doubts had none of his own. He knew he would lift his blade for the cause and that it was right. He knew he wanted to be and what exactly what he was going to fight for. For his friends and for the girl standing right in front of him.]]

[center [b Eric smiled as she added that Alvin was important to them all. He nodded with a smile as he clumsily danced with her stepping on her toes. "Whoops!" He added in as the two conversed.]]

[center [b As she hid her face and she had told him not to joke on such things. He smiled as the dance came to a close he had reached for her hand. Kneeling as he kissed the back of his queens hand with a bright smile.]]

[center [+brown Heh heh, joking? I'm sorry to have teased you so my queen. I do thank you for the dance Peyton it was rather nice. Though it seems Alvin's heading off alone again huh? How about the usual tactic? I rush to his side and you flirt with Raine some more?]]

[center [b He joked ruffling her hair as after standing back on his two feet with a smile. Sure the dance ended too soon and he had done so terribly he still enjoyed it. He was a big ol klutz that was seen as he tried climbing that tree day one. Things were so different back than weren't they? Eric was so unsure of his future before them but now? He knew it was his goal to protect them no matter what.]]

[center [b And for that? He would need to grow stronger become a more capable fighter. What he had said to Peyton being an excuse for him to train With Alvin some more. It was around that time and Eric was determined to keep it up every night. He learned a lot from the fights he had with Alvin. He had never fought anything so vicious or powerful before. It was like tough love that Eric was rather grateful for. Even though Alvin was always so kind and sweet afterwards.]]

[center [b As Eric made his way out he saw Alvin with Mally Eric smiled softly to himself. He was socializing and all by himself? Eric wasn't the only one growing stronger was he? Alvin was too... So was Peyton and Raine. Though he didn't want them to join Kita and her cause he wanted them to live a normal and happy life. Even if it meant... They would have to part but even that didn't bring doubt to Eric's stalwart heart.]]

[center [+brown Hey Al buddy! I need another sparring session! Sorry if I was interrupting you two! Mally you can join if you want I don't mind! Alvin just trains with me every night I still have a long way to go though.]]

[center [b Alvin turned around looking a bit surprised as he blinked and smiled softly. Why did he seem so... Surprised? He hadn't thought Eric was going to give up now did he? Eric wasn't the type to focus on it too long before Alvin pulled his longsword out.]]

[center [+green F-Friend y-y-you are ready to practice with real w-weapons!]]

[center [b Eric smiled reaching for the hilt of his large blade this must mean that Eric was growing wasn't he? For that he was glad one day he'd even be able to be the one protecting Alvin.]]

[center [h3 Like Me?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Rose giggled as she patted his face rather childishly at his comment of liking it rough.]]

[center [+purple Oh hush hehe your just too much!]]

[center [b She giggled playfully it wasn't too hard to pick up she hadn't meant that in a bad way. She wasn't a very ill willed person despite what her goal before being. Goal before... What would her goal be now? Would she still avenge her sister? For the fight that cost her... Everything? Her life? Defeat the White Swordsman? In a sense? Peyton had already defeated the white swordsman all that remained left was Alvin. Still it was a grudge and a pain that tore at her heart... One that was hard to let go.]]

[center [b Oh dear she had thought to herself how her mind had drifted away so quickly. Reading so many minds she had little control of her own hadn't she? Her and Alvin had that in common for sure.]]

[center [b Rose tilted her head as she sighed softly with a faint blush on her face with a softer voice.]]

[center [+purple [size10 Oh dear..]]]

[center [b She wasn't sure what to say it was so direct she had hardly known the guy. Sure he was cute but she wasn't the one to jump into things so headfirst. Despite her childish personality may seem she was the type to be impulsive. She had felt... That would be well...]]

[center [+purple Awe darlin that's sweet and all but I don't see why. I'm nothing special I know a lot of gals say that! Though I'm nothing but trouble trust me.]]

[center [b She didn't want to drag anyone else into her baggage she didn't feel like a witch in many ways. Though in this aspect? Love? She had.. She's never had a lover stay in her life long. She had troubles in the past where her emotions controlled her powers a lovely perk of being a secret weapon. She knew she'd never get to live life as a regular girl maybe that's why? She was so peppy? Girly? Flirty? To make up for that fact? She didn't want to hurt Shiloh or get him hurt at times it felt like she was cursed. That anyone that close to her wouldn't live very long. Styles... Well Zack he was one man who survived for awhile. Though he was more like a father to her than anything.]]

[center [b She was glad she could bring some shape of comfort to the man though. He did seem rather... Tense and even to a degree? Unhappy she hadn't read into him much but it was a mere feeling. It wasn't like Rose to grow too distracted to not peak at her comrades and teammates. Certainly Peyton and Alvin they were so reserved it was too much fun to do that! Now here she was being somewhat conservative herself!]]

[center [b As the dance came to a close and he had promised another dance she stammered a bit flustered. As she simply rolled her eyes she decided to give in. As she giggled and nodded.]]

[center [+purple Okay but on one condition! You'll owe me a favor back!]]

[center [b As his body began to pull away against her own her blush fading. She had realized pressed up against someone else... That her clothing was a bit.... Much. It made her blush even more and her large bust squished against him? Had made her feel even more strange she hoped to have not made the whole thing awkward. As she tried to focus on her words putting her hand forward in order to make such a deal with him. She knew exactly what she wanted! Without a single doubt in her mind!!]]

[center [h3 Wolf and Pirate]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b As Kita talked to Styles on his choices in song and that of drinking ahead of his crewmates. He had his last drink finished by Kita as he looked at the girl with a nod.]]

[center [+blue Aye of coure lash of coursh indeed! Have you ever thought of sailing the seas lassh? They say a woman brings bad luck on a ship but a woman like you would do wonders! Aye, I suppose the lads could use time to catch up.]]

[center [b Styles said as he leaned over her a bit woozily but for all his drinking he didn't vomit not once. He had been drinking for years on the seas before though in all his years? He had never seen a girl.... With animal ears before. In fact as the drunken Styles grew more and more curious he had been laid down staring at her ears. As she offered him a drink of juice he had taken it. With his other hand reached for her ears as he pulled at the them with a chuckle. It was a captains chuckle to be sure as he began to laugh.]]

[center [+blue I'll be damned these things are real! Hic, savvy you would be a sight for many young lads on a ship. That may not be the song on but I can't say I know many songs sweet lass. Hic!]]

[center [b Though it wasn't exactly direct it was Styles way of calling her "pretty" she was. Maybe a bit young for Styles but pretty all the same. She was probably around Rose's age maybe even younger though her appearance was rather unique. As Styles began to drink the juice he had began to snore and pass out on the couch. As he dreamt of sailing the seven seas again. Back with his old crewmates in the good ol days drinking like this everyday. Only now? He had Raine Eric...Rose and Kita along his side. Though strangely on the starboard bow was seen Alvin and the rest of the new youngins he's met. It was easy to say Styles was rather content to fall to sleep with such a thought in his head. Forget this war this rebellion a life of an adventure is what waited for them!]]

[center [h3 Play It Safe Claire]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire crossed her arms as she looked at him. He seemed rather fixated on her eyes and it was a bit hard to not roll them. Sure he was handsome like Kanzaki but guys like that liked to use that to their advantage. A pretty face to lure your guard down a bit.]]

[center [b Claire sighed she wasn't in the mood to have to push others away or be a complete bitch. Not after having another one of those stupid dreams. This idiot didn't it make it any easier as he felt just as bad for his offer right after giving it. Hard to say no that even for Claire sure it could be a well used ploy. Though if she wanted a place to stay? Best to treat her host with respect she knew not to bite the hand to feed you. What could they gain? A lot actually healing a soldier or even something as primal and predictable as something like sex. Maybe a change of clothes would help prevent provoking that last one but that seemed like a nuisance in its self. Claire let out a long sigh as she put her hand forward looking away.]]

[center [+lightblue ...Fine Alex one dance all right?]]

[center [b She said as she said his name in a rather exaggerated tone. "Aleks" a bit slow and more lower tone sure some attitude but a little less than usual. Enjoy herself huh? Like she'd have the luxury to do that no she couldn't not till she could find a way to make some money. Than maybe she could live alone and by her own rules but even than... Would she really enjoy herself?]]

[center [b She didn't feel like responding all of that noise simply answering his question was good enough. She hadn't cared too much about being ran over she was used to it by this point. She was ready to get this over with maybe suffer some small talk and get some rest herself.]]

[center [h3 Heading Out]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b Ruiku had asked Zero for any special orders if Jessica was to step out of line. Which Zero himself had responded simply to her with.]]

[center [I Nay simply report to me all that transpires and I will handle the situation accordingly. He hadn't want his comrades risking their lives due to Jessica's behavior despite his stern voice. Though dealing with Jessica wasn't exactly an easy task. It'd take both Ren and Zero together she was indeed that powerful her and Zero were on par in terms of combat.]]

[center [b Nimue had than entered the room wearing again a rather far fetched outfit. It always of course took the guards attention. It even warranted a reaction from the cold blooded hero Zero himself the first time. Though it was something he was used to by the second visit. She was his second and for that she was closest to his side. She Yushiro and Ren they all had a past together. Sure they grew alongside each other all of them even Jessica. Zero had cared for her sure but Jessica was in a world of her own and Zero knew to always put the mission first. His country and kinsman the kings idols? Those would always come first. Even before his most trusted comrades and his own life.]]

[center [b Zero had let a small smile invade his face. He was rather glad to have the chance to see Nimue again. Though it wasn't long before a stern tone took place again.]]

[center [I Nimue I want you to be aware on this mission Ren has complete authority. Despite what Jessica may say the battalion sent with you will heed his orders. With that I only have one more order left and that is... To come back alive Nimue.]]

[center [b He said as his voice softened at the end sure he was strict at times but that changed around those at higher office alongside him. Well it was still fairly strict to be fair. Though he had never cared for his title to be called lord or chief. He was a warrior for this kingdom and he had respect for those fighting alongside him lower rank or not. He inspired his forces with equal parts fear and mutual respect. Though with his right hand? It was only the latter mutual respect maybe even friendship. Zero wasn't oblivious to the rumors around the castle ground. How he had selected Nimue to be his second soley based on her sexual appeal or the fact she looked similar to Zero's late fiancé. She was scorned and others looked at her with dismay but she never let that distract her from her prey. From her mission and Zero respected her greatly for that.]]

[center [b In the letter for Nimue it had read she would receive further instruction when she returns from her mission. With that Zero had given her a salute as she began to set off.]]

[center [b Sure Nimue was a unique kind of unhinged herself but Zero couldn't help but grown to trust her all the same.]]

[center [b As Ren formed with Yushiro,Jessica,Nimue in the front of the castle with two envoys of airships with elite soldiers. Zero had given Ren a warm farewell on his mission the two went far back almost like brothers. They had survived in the same team in the arena after all. Zero,Nimue,Ren,Jessica two fighters a secret weapon and a healer. So it was safe to say the went far back to the early days of the arena's first fights. Ren had understood though they were harsh they were for the kingdom and the people's freedom. A lesser evil compared to that of Germania or Albion had in store for this world. Tristaina alongside Romalia had begun to fight back for the greater good. Though only Tristaina had only gone as far as it did proving itself to be the stronger nation of late.]]

[center [b As the unit of Savior received a third armored airship for themselves. As Zero saluted them one last time Yushiro had in great respect done the same in return. As Jessica simply giggled waving goodbye.]]

[center [h3 Long Trip]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b As the metal doors opened into the airship Yushiro had entered the escort. Luckily it had a few pilots in the front Jessica was a bit reckless when left with an empty cockpit. As Yushiro placed himself into the back of the escort he sat down crossing his arms.]]

[center [b Being Zero's top pupil Yushiro was glad to have been sent on this mission to end the rebellion. Though his face had a strange sense of a smirk and yet a professional tone to it. He was honored to fight alongside the infamous Nimue he had never earned that right before. In fact he had only saw Zero fight once seriously. Zero had taught him she was the most powerful fighter aside from the chief. Even greater than Yushiro though hopefully his title as grand shield would be shown in this fight. He was tasked with keeping his friends alive still Yushiro had wanted this chance to speak with Nimue.]]

[center [b Being a prodigy to graduate around seventeen he still was young despite the power he had possessed. He hadn't learned much about social situations or interactions this his first mission with a team of others that also have gifts. His first time being placed in a unit of savior and it excited him. He was with those with much higher rank than he! Two chiefs and a second? It was a bit intimidating but he wouldn't back down. For hearth and home he would fight to his last breath as Jessica and the others entered the envoy it began to set off as Yushiro looked at the others. He was warned not to set Jessica off though he had respect for her and most certainly sir Ren! He couldn't help but begin to the flight with a few words.]]

[center [+blue Sir Ren, Lady Nimue may I ask is this your first encounter with the rebellion? I mean sir is it true this will be our final bout with domestic spouts within Tristaina? I am honored to be here sir but I don't understand why Zero did not take my stead sir!]]

[center [b He said standing with straight pasture with his hands on his knees. Talking to his superiors with the utmost of respect like he was trained to.]]

[center [h3 Silly Yushiro]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [+teal Oh silly Yushiro so serious! I bet you bored your comrades in the arena oh boy! It hasn't been too long since you've been out huh? A year or so? You finished really soon Rexy poo was almost done despite only being there little over a year himself. I'd still say he has you beat though Yushy!]]

[center [+blue I.. Lady Jessica?]]

[center [+teal Hehe who cares if we have to fight the rebellion more or not? If they were too scared to fight in the arena than I doubt they can put up much of a fight. Rexy doesn't deserve to be surrounded by such weaklings. I'd consider this fight a vacation before going to war with Albion or Germania that's when the real fights start I warrant. Though I see lord Zero put Ren in charge as usual! How boring when do I get to be put in charge? I guess you two are king Simons favorite after all. Even though the three of us are basically equal in rank. Not that I care though being in charge sounds like a bore! That's probably why you stay cooped up in the infirmary so much Ren! Talk about boooorrrrriiiinnnnggg.]]

[center [b She twirled the ends of her hair as she let out a flurry of giggles as she span her spear around with her left hand. The boys were already proving to be boring teammates. Though fighting alongside Nimue and Ren did remind her of the old times in the arena and she couldn't help but smile she had loved those days. To her? It was one big adventure.]]
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Raine couldn't help it, her face was lit up. Her eyes had to keep wandering, because if she locked eyes, it'd get even worse. Not to mention she had to watch her feet, try not to step on him. When he leaned in and whispered to her, she almost stopped, causing a small stumble. Chuckling at herself, she smiled [#6495ED "A-Are ya sure?"]

Shaking her head she stopped chuckling when he spoke again. [i I love the way you do everything.] Her head jotted up, and suddenly she beamed a smile up at him. A blush spread over her cheeks and she reached up and hugged, while they awkwardly shuffled. Blinking she laughed and pulled back a little, keeping her hands on his shoulders now.

The dance was coming to an end, and Raine let her eyes wander again, watching Mally and Kanzaki she clapped cheerfully once they finished. Smiling, she looked at Rex then. [#6495ED "Oh...T-Thank you for the dance."] she did an awkward little curtsy. Smiling she went and took a seat. The next song began to play, but Raine wasn't sure who to dance with next. So, instead the girl decided to sit on the couch and watch.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally felt light, something was different. Never had she remembered dancing before, but now it was flooding her mind again. The images of her old ballet school. Her conscious going back and forth from Kanzaki and her new flooding memories. Her feet moved gracefully, smiling every now and then.
Suddenly he began talking, while Mally listened she felt something. Almost like empathy, he spoke of his home. It was very brief, but he had opened up to her in a way. It felt familiar, the feeling. In a sense she connected with it, but was unsure how. The more important thing is she was feeling. Just as he changed the subject. Her smile was beautiful? She was smiling ? [#EC871C "No, I don't believe you have."] she mused, entertaining the thought. Mally wanted to hear him say it again, because it made her stomach flip. She felt something again, and it was the first time in forever.

As they danced, at some point Mally had pulled herself close to him. As the music came to a slow end, he bowed her. Something was pulling in her mind, but she couldn't place it. Then, his lips pressed her forehead, flipping her stomach again. What was that feeling? The rising heat in her face? What was happening? Her thought process broke when Raine clapped for them. Blinking, she nodded her head at Kanzaki [#EC871C "Yes...I-I did too."] she mumbled, crossing the room she went and stood by the couch.

Why did she feel something, dancing with him? What was that? Her mind now raced and she couldn't think over the music. She needed quiet, walking quickly over to Kita, whom was occupied by a drunken Styles. [#EC871C "Sorry, excuse me, I'd like to step outside for a moment. I need some fresh air."] she said, before quickly escaping outside the door. She sat down on the ground and looked out, the air was colder now. The desert sand was cool and the music was a very faint hum. Mally sat, and just cleared her mind.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton laughed, she wasn't as skilled as Mally, but she knew how to dance basics. Coming from a family with a moderate amount of money, like the upper middle class, she had to learn the basics of everything. They wanted there daughter to be a jack of all trades.

She chuckled as he stumbled, her hands wrapped around his neck. [#8A2BE2 "Alvin, is important...to us all."] she said, as Eric thanked her. Laughing when he tried to twirl her, she moved her hips to play it off for him. Peyton noticed Mally dancing with Kanzaki, nodding. [#8A2BE2 "They are good at what they do."] she hummed.

Suddenly he leaned over and got really quiet. [i I love you Peyton.]
Her heart dropped, her stomach flipped, her face turned beat red and she stared up at him. A confused expression sat on her face, when suddenly he laughed. He was kidding...What was it disappointing to hear it was only a joke? She sighed frustrated and hid her face on his chest, while the danced in circles.
[#8A2BE2 "Jerk, don't say things like that."]

A memory was trying to invade her mind, but she wouldn't focus on it now. Eric was there and they were dancing, it was nice. However it was over soon, they bowed for each other. Peyton laughed then took a seat next to Raine. [#8A2BE2 "Hey girly, did you enjoy your dance?"] she smiled and nudged at her friend. Raine looked over and blushed, she nodded and smiled. Peyton giggled and perked up as the next song came on. It was time to find a new dance partner. Who would she dance with now?

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh smiled at her enthusiasm, she was quiet the shinning light. While everyone here was, unique and interesting in their own way. She stuck out to him, he liked it. Her witch get up, her quirky attitude, her laugh. It was all attractive to him.
As they danced, Shiloh held her body close. He smiled, sliding his feet under hers. That way, she could be as close as possible. Nor would she have to actually dance much. He laughed at her remark about her grip.
[#8147A0 "Actually, I don't mind."] he leaned in then and whispered quietly [#8147A0 "I like it rough."] he winked flirtatiously and then chuckled. A sideways smile he flashed, at her then.

He smiled again when she poked his nose. She was so familiar, Shiloh felt like he had known her before. He just couldn't remember.
[#8147A0 "Well, to be frank I like you."] he said bluntly, with a matter-of-fact tone. [#8147A0 "Something about you, it's familiar and comforting..."] he said, again just completely upfront about it. He wasn't going to try to say anything clever or, hint about it. Shiloh couldn't help it. He liked her and he wanted that to be known, and no better way than to just say it.

Eventually, like all the other dances, theirs came to an end. He smiled [#8147A0 "I will be back for another dance...Before the night is over."] he smiled and went and got himself another small drank. Well, now who would he dance with? Rose had been the only one to really catch his interest. Maybe he could watch, or just strike conversation with someone.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari laughed as Styles placed an arm around her. He was drunk, while she wanted him to enjoy himself, she was going to have to cut him off. [#EC0E37 "Hey, Captain...How about we slow down there? Maybe let the others catch up a bit! You don't want to party by yourself now."] she made sure to word it, so it wouldn't seem like he was being cut off. Trying to create the idea in his head that he needed to let the others drink too. [#EC0E37 "You're quiet silly, that's not even the song that is on."] she laughed at his singing.
Despite his sloppiness, he was kinda funny and cute. Kitamari patted his head and continued to sway. They weren't dancing traditionally at all, but Kita thought it was fun. To be able to kind of dance, together but not together. It was new, she enjoyed it. Taking the captains drink out his hand, she had the rest for herself. Kitamari, was capable to handle it. Her enhanced genes, actually made it almost impossible to impair her with most substances.

Eventually she was able to plop him over to the couch. Smiling, as he drunkenly stumbled with their dance. She handed him some juice [#EC0E37 " Here hun, drink some of this instead."] she pushed his hair out his face. Smiling, she wanted to make sure he didn't drink to much. It'd be awful if he got sick.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex had bumped into someone while Styles tried to drag him into a dance. He shook his head, declined nicely. He was worried about the girl he had basically run over, she was about to round the corner to go to bed. But he grabbed her arm gently. Turning her around he blinked and then awkwardly stared for a second before shaking his head.
[#D23F0B "Uh, I am sorry. I just basically run over you. You okay?"] he asked

Then he thought, he honestly hadn't caught her name... No wait he had it was, Claire. [#D23F0B "Claire right?...I am Alex."] he offered a hand shake, but wasn't given one. [#D23F0B "Look, I know you're uh...tired and all. I understand, but how about one dance? You should enjoy yourself too. I mean, that's if you want that."] he wasn't great at talking to girls. He wasn't a womanizer, but he wasn't super clueless. He just, wasn't good, but he wasn't scared.
Alex couldn't help but notice she was attractive. It wasn't even just her body, but she has really nice hair. Incredibly stunting against her bright blue eyes. It made them pop, he honestly just kept focusing on that. Her eyes, were just so mesmerizing. He noticed he was staring, and at this point he began to feel overwhelmed. Awkwardly he smiled and shrugged his shoulders [#D23F0B "W-well actually uh never mind. You probably need some rest... Uh...Goodnight."] he mumbled.
He walked away but he didn't go back out to the dance floor, he went the other direction down the little hallway and rounded the corner.

He took his hand and rubbed his temple. Why was he so bad at this? He stared too much, he couldn't smooth talk either. She probably thought he was weird. His sentences came out so weird, all the time. He put his forehead against the wall and groaned under his breath frustrated. Knowing he probably blew it, completely.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Ruiku watched and listened as Zero spoke with Jessica. Their Intel matched up in a perfect scenario. It set up a perfect route to their destruction. Earlier his softer tone had peaked out for her, something she hadn't heard in a while.
However, watching Jessica begin to throw a fit, almost startled her enough to leave the room. Riuku disliked Jessica, always has. She was brat, and got what ever she wanted. Her power was out of control and no one wanted to step out to try to control it.
Not to mention, Riuku had just watch Zero give her a privilege that got another man demoted then slain. Trying to hide her disappointment in what had just happened, she nodded at the orders given to her. Sending two spy birds immediately out to the people they'd be summoning for their mission.

Nodding when Zero asked her to place a spy on Jessica, she nodded.
[#F1F104 "Yes sir. Of course."] she nodded. Then sending a bird out for her best spy to go forth and watch the squad. [#F1F104 "Should I give my spy a special order, in case she does step out of line? What would their next move be sir?"] Riuku wanted to have a full instruction, because she did not trust Jessica to do as told. Jessica has only ever proven to do as she pleased, that's all Riuku had ever seen of the girl.

Soon her birds all came back, and they didn't come back alone. Zero's second flew threw the window herself. She was a fearful force of nature, well it wasn't exactly natural what this girl was.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue, smiled as a bird flew into her room. [i prey.] she bounced of a wall and flew up to it. Her chambers had high ceilings, and perches all over. A few windows, but no doors. The only way to enter was through a window of sorts. Riuku had sent a bird for her... [i not prey.] Frowning, the little scroll contained all the detail. Soon her frown disappeared, a slaughter mission. Her favorite, and the only reason they ever put her into action. When Nimue fought, she had overkill tendencies. So they preferred to use her for, extreme measure. That was of course, before they'd send Zero. If she failed, which wasn't often, or ever, they'd send him after her.

Flying up through her own window, she flapped her wings and brought herself into the main chambers through the open bird window. [#F64408 "My lord."] she smiled, licking her lips. Nimue smiled widely and bowed. Her tail flicked in the air, seeing Riuku she smiled at her.
[#F64408 "Spy master. I've read the scroll you sent, I know my mission."] smiling she walked over to a closet, inside it was filled with weapons. For a moment she looked at them all and glanced about wildly. Then walked out empty handed, unsatisfied by the line of choices, she'd user her powers and maybe steal a few weapons from her opponents.

Waving a goodbye as she walked out of the room and went to meet Jessica. Riuku left as well, going on her own way to set up her spies and some special demolition troops.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren was down in the infirmary, healing wounded soldiers right up. Shoving his finger down into bullet holes, and giving breathe back to those who had lost it. Reviving and literally raising some people from the dead. Since their deaths had been within the allotted time.
A bird flew in, and he immediately let his men take over the healing, they were capable. So he was fine with that.

He prepared himself, and met with Jessica. Nimue was their too once he arrived. He hadn't looked over the text much, he knew it was a special task force attack squad. Summoned by Zero, specifically. However, he didn't care for the full details. He was there to heal them when they got wounded. Which meant the wounds would be many, considering they summoned him. The chief healer, especially during a mass of healing. Since many soldiers were wounded by the fighters that had escaped earlier from the test arenas. Ren never understood why there was a rebellion, they were the good guys. Ren had even volunteered himself willingly, once the war broke out. How could these people not want to fight for their country and freedom?
Either way, they wouldn't be a problem much longer.
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[center [h3 F-First Dance?]]

[center [b It seemed that Kanzaki's question about a network was out the window wasn't it? It was a silly question as he saw them scramble for a simple music player? He doubt they had more in terms of entertainment. Though in a way that was good for him right? Would it be all right to hide out in a bedroom and just play video games? Watch anime? It was better to spend time with friends wasn't it?]]

[center [b Alvin smiled to himself sure the idea scared him but so far the time spent with them nothing bad had really happened right? No one has judged him... Though as Alvin tried to focus on the bad he had recalled one thing. That man said... Rose was trying to exact revenge didn't he? Was that true? That is something he'd have to ask Rose later. Though on the bright side Kitamari had cleared some things up! A story for a rainy day huh? She was really sweet as he chuckled about her being able to bench more than her friend. She was amazing wasn't she? To be a leader she had to be didn't she? He wondered if this meant Peyton wasn't queen anymore? G-Gah why is that a problem?! Alvin wondered if that would bother him it wasn't like he ever got to enjoy calling her queen. Wait... enjoy that? He'd enjoy it? Oh he needed to not think of it Rose might...]]

[center [b As Alvin turned around he had saw Rose take the man Shiloh's hand as they had begun to dance. Oh she seemed.. Fixated on him her power could only work on one person at a time. Oh that was nice Alvin could think to himself a bit! Even so his own thoughts would embarrass him rather often.]]

[center [b Raine had than talked about how Peyton took down a tank. Commenting on how friendly Styles was now. Alvin tilted his head looking at the two. He imagined them as... Wait why? Was he jealous? Oh he had no right to be! Wasn't like... He liked Raine did he? He didn't really have time to think about it. About that kinda stuff sure she was his type he said that right? Though... Peyton had pulled him from a hard place. Hmm.. so had Raine back at the cave when Eric and Peyton took off. Alvin hadn't forgotten what she had done and he never would. One way or another Raine had meant a lot to him but they all had. Wow he was starting to sound like Eric wasn't he?]]

[center [b Styles hanging onto Raine a moment before letting go chimed in.]]

[center [+blue I see everyone was amarzing but I! Peyton and Eric you took out tanks maybe Zackie here should retire I see.]]

[center [b He hiccupped with a chuckle it seemed like he was kidding as he ruffled looked at Raine's with a smile.]]

[center [+blue Aye of course I be friendly lass!]]

[center [b Wow his pirate talk... Was much worse when he was drunk! It really came out didn't it? It almost felt like cosplaying but the man had really traveled the sea's hadn't he? He wondered the adventures he must have had. Though before he could wonder too long Kanzaki had came over dancing with Raine but it didn't last before he was thrown into that dance with Raine!]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I..]]

[center [b Alvin blushed as the two danced somewhat awkwardly as Alvin held his hand high on her hip. So high it was probably more like the side of her stomach sure he was doing it wrong. He just didn't want to seem... Weird or creepy. As his other hand held to her own part of him wanted to remove his gloves. To really... feel her soft hand but another part of him? Felt they made a good social barrier not that he was trying to keep her out! He was just afraid... She'd not like.. his hands.]]

[center [b As the two danced a bit Alvin had heard her whisper she wasn't a very good first dance. She had warned him she wasn't much of a dancer but Alvin didn't mind she was adorable. With a small smile he leaned over whispering back.]]

[center [+darkgreen Nah I-I think you were the perfect first dance.]]

[center [b He said as he finally took the lead a bit sure he was a bit sweaty and shy he really had enjoyed it. He wasn't the only one worried to mess things up. She was too wasn't she? Worried she messed things up? Alvin had wanted to find a way to tell her... To tell her that..]]

[center [+darkgreen D-Don't worry about messing things up... Because I l-love the way you do everything.]]

[center [b He smiled to himself than looking up blinking oh crap! Had he really said that out loud? Great she would think he was such a creep now wouldn't she? They had been through so much for him to ruin it now! Gah stupid stupid! Alvin averted his gaze looking at the ground but the smile wouldn't vanish. "Why am I smiling? I just made an idiot out of myself!" yeah he sure did big time but he didn't mind it. Being an idiot it was nice to say... What he was thinking out loud sure he stuttered but still. As Alvin danced he wondered what his life would be now? Would he be taken to the base? Surely he'd raise his blade for Kita's cause would he start a family? Join a community live a simple life? The life of a rebel wouldn't be too simple and yet? It did feel different.]]

[center [b Sure he hated that lab but he had spent... Over a year there it had became the devil he knew. Something familiar that he had belonged to. He'd have trouble adjusting but he would be glad too for everyone's sake. Sure he'd be going by Alvin now but he'd be a new person. A person he never was before he could see his future had that with them. Start a family huh? "Me? Start a family?" strangely he had imagined himself a bit older beside Raine who too grew a bit. In front of a home with children laughing on the lawn. Ahh! "What am I thinking?!" Alvin had the strangest images in his head at time. Why did he treat it so badly? He wouldn't mind would he? What did he like Peyton? Or Kitamari more? No that wasn't it! Than there he was imagining the same thing beside Peyton. Shaking his head as he grew flustered he began to breath softly. As he raised his green eyes up blinking giving Raine a simple smile. As he twirled her around attempting to dip her as he picked her up. He took a somewhat awkward bow. Somewhat huh? Okay it was awkward but Alvin was happy to have had shared that dance with her.]]

[center [b It was nice to have been able to spend time with Raine like this. It had been far too long in fact he missed the talks they'd have alone. Well that came out weird huh? Well maybe he meant for it too they were awfully cuddily he wasn't sure. Best not to dwell on it too long. As Alvin noticed Raine look over at Kanzaki and Mally saying they were good. He tilted his head and.. Well he wasn't wrong! They stole the dance floor Kanzaki and her? Really knew what they were doing didn't they?]]

[center [h3 Dancers]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Earlier as Kanzaki drank some juice with the others. It was obvious Raine and.. Alvin too were a bit pouty on it. They must have felt so childish but Eric? Oh boy did he drink that juice box like a man! No shame hahaha! Alvin was a shy guy wasn't he? He was a human being with fears and weaknesses like everyone else. Kanzaki couldn't just... Admire him and put him far away on a pedestal he had to learn to bring himself closer. To be there for Alvin and this? Was a first good step to that for him. As Mally made a comment about Kanzaki washing his hands he let out a laugh nodding as he grabbed her hand.]]

[center [b As they took turns taking the lead, Kanzaki had moved with.. A surprising grace despite being such a brute on the battlefield. He had at one point picked her up much like those ballet dancers would. Grand Battement was it? Aye memories began to flush down Kanzaki as the two danced in sync. The two even performing an Affacé as he let her lead at times. At others as he carried her through the air like a graceful swan. Bringing her back down to the earth as the two danced and twirled they began to tilt the heads of others hadn't they? As Alvin's dance ended he had just looked and watched in awe. Kanzaki blushing at the attention grinned looking at Mally.]]

[center [+darkblue Boss I think you have everyone here smitten, it's strange I haven't danced since before the lab. I don't think I ever told you but my parents were pretty strict on this. They loved all forms of art in fact and though I didn't have the patience for most things? My noble family had found I enjoyed dancing. Moving around with a beautiful woman? Makes sense I suppose though I have to say sometimes? I just wanted to go outside and play with my friends it was grueling. Though it's nice to choose to dance of my own free will, so that gloomy stuff aside! Boss have I ever told you how beautiful you are when you smile?]]

[center [b Kanzaki grinned it wasn't like him to open up but he had been with Mally for some time now. He had truly enjoyed her company as his fingers interlocked with her own. It was obvious something was wrong with her like... That lab took a piece of her away. Though that didn't stop Kanzaki from caring about Mally so strongly. As the dance came to a climatic end. Kanzaki had smiled back at her stroking her hair behind her ear as he leaned over pecking her forehead. Oh a few people were surprised as he took a proper bow at the end.]]

[center [+darkblue Thank you boss I must say I enjoyed that little dance of ours.]]

[center [b Sure it would be time to switch partners soon but he was glad his first dance was with Mally. He had promised to stand by her side no matter what. Even if was as a black knight.]]

[center [h3 A Queen And Her Knight]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric smiled as Alex pulled Kanzaki as well with Eric as they talked about big swords. This was of course before the dancing but Kanzaki had sputtered laughing.]]

[center [+darkblue Penis jokes? Sir! You just made a friend for life! Let us compare swords one day!!]]

[center [b Eric chuckled as Kanzaki seemed to take a liking to Alex. Eric had told Alex thank you for the offer. He surely would take it his blade was his way of protecting his friends. A way to protect his..]]

[center [b Ahh thinking of her here she was! Eric smiled as he listened on. She was asking him to dance? Eric smiled brightly as he eagerly grabbed her hand pulling her close. As he looked intensely into her eyes as his gaze stood unbroken with a gentle smile across his face. As he fumbled a bit though he hadn't felt awkward about it. He was just a poor dancer letting out sincere laughter as he placed a hand on her hip. He had tried again this time not to step on her toes.]]

[center [+brown I did say that didn't I? I am happy to know that you realized I meant it my queen. Thanks for the compliment by the way we are ssooo funny aren't we?]]

[center [b He teased on her slur as he tried to keep the dance they held as simple as possible. Peyton was really something wasn't she?]]

[center [+brown Hey Peyton I just wanna say thank you for helping Alvin out again. He means a lot to me and well... Your a lifesaver. He's like the little brother I never had you know?]]

[center [b As the two carried onto dance Eric's smile grew even wider as he failed to twirl her letting out a chuckle. "I sure am bad at this aren't I?" As he looked over to Kanzaki and Mally as he held his own dance.]]

[center [+brown Wow look at them go huh? They sure know what they are doing huh my queen? Seeing that harmony reminds me I have to tell you something my queen.]]

[center [b Eric leaned over as he whispered into her ear softly. His tone had shifted into a more serious.. And at the same time? Yet gentle tone.]]

[center [+brown I love you Peyton.]]

[center [b He said fowardly and without recoil as he gave it a second to see her reaction. He couldn't help but laugh tapping her nose.]]

[center [+brown I'm kidding I'm kidding! I just wanted to see your reaction my queen. Though a knight and his queen? I could see that, though could I fall in love with you? Hmm... Maybe I already have I'm just a bit slow and dense at times I know that. For all I know I could've fallen for those charms ages ago.]]

[center [b Eric smiled childishly as a pause went on there was no recourse. That part wasn't a joke it would seem Eric had wondered if he had fallen for Peyton. There was a large chance he had to see her play the hero? To save Alvin like that? To care for her friends so strongly? How feisty yet sweet she was? If Eric had a type it was her and he knew that for sure. If she had ever asked what his type was he wouldn't be afraid to say her. He knew that whatever happened the two would always be friends no matter what. That was all he needed was for Peyton to smile.]]

[center [+brown Heh heh.. even now when everyone here tries to compliment you? You just redirect it back so modest quick to give others credit. If we didn't have you? I'm sure Alvin... and the rest of us wouldn't have made it. I know I wouldn't have, thank you for everything Peyton.]]

[center [b As the song came to an end Eric gave her a bow it made a find first dance. Of course of all people it was his queen wasn't it? He was ready to ask her of course. Though it seemed she beat him to the punch. She did that a lot didn't she? She was quick to look out for others and she'd beat Eric to the punch often. As Eric raised from his playful little bow he smiled looking into her eyes. He hadn't meant to but his gaze had... Spoke something to her. "You can lean on me no matter what" that is what it said. He had felt like that since day one after all.]]

[center [h3 Fairy Tale]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b As Shiloh told Style to slow down the man wearing an eye patch patted him on the back with a hearty laugh.]]

[center [+blue Some ships cannot be anchored mate this one will sail to the ends of the world! Now where hic! Bes mar.. mer... My]]

[center [b Styles said as he held what must have been as Rose was keeping track sixty second drink? No it was more than that wasn't it? He raided these poor people hopefully they had plenty! Rose had felt so bad it must have been more she lost track! As Styles almost fell over loosing track of his sentence. Good he was going to say where is my booty and no he wasn't that drunk. Well he was and he wasn't he was making a joke. He was just drunk enough to make such a stupid joke. She couldn't help but giggle until he found the words! Screaming "Where is my booty!" with that the man made his horrible pun going around the room smacking everyone's "booty"]]

[center [b Everyone but Rose but even drunk he treated her like a daughter. Oh she knew he wasn't flirting though he was just being a goofball. See he thinks he can hold his liquor and she's never seen him drink. Though reading his memories? She saw his mates would hide the rum from dear ol captain. Because he became... a handful like this. Poor Raine! Poor Peyton! Rose had given everyone a little apology one at a time explaining the captains lack of tolerance to this stuff. By everyone she met everyone even the guys! Even those hosting them here! This man made Rose's job hard right now, sure normally she was the irresponsible one and he had his head on straight. She respected him and admire him but right now? Well she had to look out for the poor guy didn't she? It was funny to have a role reversal was having a father like this? She wondered.]]

[center [b Hopefully Kitamari wouldn't kick him out for that Kanzaki had already flirted with her hadn't he? Of course as Kanzaki kissed her hand and she had brought up that brothel thing. He yelled out]]

[center [+darkblue Ack! No I don't want a brothel! One lovely lady is enough for me! I just... Haven't found her yet. Though if your used to wolves wagging your tail for you I could too!]]

[center [b Kanzaki said to Kitamari as Kanzaki left and helped set his dance for Alvin. Though it wasn't long before he and Mally began to dance and boy were they good! Rose had blinked shocked to see Kanzaki was so talented she had tried to eavesdrop or rather peak into his mind. It was apparent Mally held a special place in his heart but he even wasn't sure how. Though she had realized why he was a good dancer despite the sad tale he seemed really happy.]]

[center [b With that Rose had thought she wouldn't have a partner but that wasn't the case it would seem! Shiloh had came over to offer his hand to her. It was funny the two did stand out a lot didn't they? Her with her attire and he with his horns. It looked like as Alvin thought.. Cosplay? Though Rose saw it more as a fairy tail a witch and a demon huh? Well a witch did need a good familiar!]]

[center [b She giggled and nodded offering him his hand as he the two began to dance. She clung both hands around his neck as she spun around swooning. She was having a good time as she clung on to him pulling a bit roughly.]]

[center [+purple Oh I'm sorry I got a little hyper did I hurt you hun?]]

[center [b She tilted her head curiously though she had behaved like such a little girl at times. She was cheery and happy she didn't want to just dance she had to fight the urge to climb all over him. She was hopping up and down in place as they danced she had felt so hyper. She really wanted to just hop on him and sallyforth piggy back style! Though she was too embarrassed to do that to a stranger. Eric? Maybe, Raine? Mally even! Though here? She was too shy she'd settle for clinging and spinning around with him.]]

[center [+purple So why ask me for a dance handsome?]]

[center [b She said tapping his nose giving a playful little purr. She was curious and sure she could look into his head and see why. Though she enjoyed having a conversation too much to ruin that.]]

[center [h3 Drink Up Me Hearty Yo Ho]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b As Peyton complimented the others and Styles had made his joke about retiring. Rose had cheerfully thanked Peyton.]]

[center [+purple Awe that's so sweet Peyton! Am I wooing you over yet~?]]

[center [b Styles flicked Rose's forehead with a chuckle as he continued to go around drinking. He had almost lost his sentence before but he found it. Har! That was pretty clever if I do say so myself! His mind a bit muddled from all the drinking he was glad to be out of that god forsaken place. What was his next move? Work with these people? Changing the world... Sure he'd help the poor out there and here. Change the whole world? He wasn't a soldier he couldn't fight a war. Sure he knew his way around gunpowder and steel but that doesn't make one a soldier. He was a damn good pirate though maybe he could convince some of them to start a crew with him! Rose Raine and Eric right? Though turning tail and running didn't feel right either. "Bah I'll think on it in the morning"]]

[center [b As Styles stood impressed with his own strange sense of humor. Not realizing he'd soon to regret that in the morning. Kitamari who had came over to offer the older man a dance as he raised an eyebrow. As she joked about dancing with Alex. He laughed slapping her back as he nodded taking one last swig of his drink.]]

[center [+blue Lassh I say the three of us have a jig sharl we?]]

[center [b Styles stumbled a bit into her as he pushed at her. Like.. a person would push at a wall for support. Though he wasn't too self aware of the fact he was pushing against her chest. They had offered good support as he found his balance with another hiccup.]]

[center [+blue Sorry lass I suppose I had a loonggg day. Shall we.. hic.. Start?]]

[center [b He said taking one arm around her own as he dragged her to Alex. Wrapping his other arm around the man as he began to sing drink up me hearty yo ho! Though for the song to feel more natural the two should have another drink! It is a celebration after all!]]

[center [h3 Wake Up]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b As Claire tossed and turned Kitamari had begun to wake her. As she raised her head quickly reaching for her dagger. She saw it was Kitamari. Ahh shit just great better not ruin my place to stay. Claire head her head nodding.]]

[center [+lightblue Yeah.. Sorry about that long day.]]

[center [b She had actually managed to sound.. Fairly sincere in that. If she got kicked out she wouldn't manage in the desert. She needed to make it to the point she could gather supplies and make some money. She repeated that plan in her head a lot. It had seemed everyone was having a hunky dorey time. Tsk that stupid dream again huh? It's been awhile since she had it so she wondered why she had it now. It didn't matter as she had begun to woke up it seemed Kitamari had other things to attend to. Cleaning and now dancing with the drunken idiot. He seemed so level headed before and Claire almost hadn't written him off as a fool. Well that was ruined now as she stretched standing up. She had went to find a bedroom and take Kitamari's advice. As she went she had bumped into Alex stumbling over. As she fell to her knee's catching herself with her hands. She stood back up dusting herself off as she began to walk again. She could have said sorry but he had a "jig" he could focus on. It was draining to have to be polite what was the point? Claire knew what it got you? Nothing a big stab in the back that was all.]]

[center [h3 Duty and Honor]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b As Zeroes men began to be rid of the body some of them looking at Zero with fear. It wasn't like he slayed the man for soley disobeying a demotion was all Zero would have done. Nay he had slayed the man because he had attacked Zero. Though he had no regrets or remorse it wasn't something he had wanted to do.]]

[center [I Riuki, fine work in finding that location. Yes you have authority to command the mission to destroy their base of operations. We will launch a simultaneous assault on their current whereabouts. When we of course track it down.]]

[center [b Zero had said as he begun to write out a report handing it to Riuku giving her full charge of the assault. As Zero stood straight as she offered a salute he had added in... A slightly softer tone.]]

[center [I Be careful we do not need to lose anymore brave woman and men in arms.]]

[center [b Despite being forced to cut that man down and being known as a strict chief in staff. Zero had cared for his subjects regardless of their rank. He was trained to believe those with power should protect those without. Those in arms should always look out for one another for the sake of the kingdom.]]

[center [b Though before the woman could leave another had approached Zero from the shadows of those dark chambers.]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [+teal Jessica Everheart reporting for duty sir! Hehehe so I hear Rexy poo has gotten himself in trouble hasn't he? Well don't worry the LCM corp has found out where they are hiding.]]

[center [b The LCM corp had contained those who were the greatest secret weapons it made sense it was hard to hide from them. Certainly if they had a hot trail on you in a large group. Jessica was strange and eccentric to Zero but she got the job done. Her salute was pointless both being chiefs of departments they were equal in rank. The most powerful woman in the LCM corp would be leading the assault. The only problem was... Her personal past with subject Rex.]]

[center [I Remember if unleashing his memories turns to be a failure than you must destroy the subject.]]

[center [+teal Awe boo Zero your still no fun! Rexy was our friend before I erased those memories wasn't he? He challenged you a lot more than the stories say! You loved that a man in this world hadn't feared you. Ahh how he whisked my heart away! Those fire in his eyes when he'd cross swords with you? Squee! It drove me crazy! He was always so shy after a fight but so hard on himself for losing. He was a lot of fun to... Console. So flustered and shy, he wasn't a bad sparring partner for me either. Awe look at me rambling I could talk about Rexy all day long! He was so... Vicious and strong and brave! He was hard to keep up with back than but I've gotten a lot stronger I hope he has too! He really knew how to take what I could dish out I loved that about him too. I could ramble all day long! He was my MINE after all! The corp promised me if I did my job I could have Rexy to myself! I did my job hell I even enjoyed thinning out the weaker weapons. Me and Rexy had that in common didn't we? I knew he'd survive but than Kitamari had to gain his affection! They tried and mate those two! Grwaaa!!]]

[center [b She stomped and yelled and kicked as the room around her began to crush slowly in itself. As Zero raised a hand calmly on her shoulder to stop the dangerous tantrum.]]

[center [+teal You're right she ran away! So he's all mine mine mine! And I'll kill anyone who tries to get in my way! I even brought him a new pair of contacts. So cruel Zero trying to hide the report from me! That little bitch Peyton had to take away my Rexy didn't she? He must be so upset without them! He was always a crybaby off the battlefield don't worry sweetie! After I kill them all you can cry in my arms I promise! He'd always make me blush the way he looked my way. Ahh..]]

[center [b She sighed as she placed her hands over her face some of the guards looked a bit... Disturbed by her behavior. The LCM corp was a bit eccentric at times but she? She took the cake in that one. Though Zero didn't agree with her train of though he had no choice but to work her.]]

[center [I Fine, take the royal guard two Heroes and someone from unit Ray. Head to the location you have found and handle this threat to Tristaina. We need to get back in action in Romalia we need to crush this rebellion quickly.]]

[center [+teal Awe yes the poor suffering weaklings in Romalia need our help! Your such a softie Zero! Didn't our training teach you? Only the strong survive! Fine fine we'll hurry! I'm surprised we are finally sending out a unit of savior huh? Well those fools had a good run I suppose see ya!]]

[center [b She let out a fit of giggles as she waved leaving the room Zero letting out a sigh looking at Riuku. Now despite her lower stand in power she was someone Zero could truly trust.]]

[center [I Can you place a spy to watch Jessica? I'm afraid she may not... Follow through on her orders regarding subject Rex. I wish you good luck on your mission you are dismissed.]]

[center [b Zero said as he gave the girl a pat on the shoulder leaving the dark and now damaged chambers. That girl was unstable but her power was invaluable to the kingdom not many people had five gifts. Though Zero always believed she may had been hiding even a sixth one she was head of LCM corp afterall. They couldn't abandon that kinda power but still.]]

[center [b As Zero made his way to his office to fill out some paperwork updating the king on the status of the rebellion. He felt his hand twich to his blade thinking about Jessica's words. Rex had grown stronger Zero kept a close eye on his progress. Instructed the researchers to give him no special treatment and no quarter. He had overcome every obstacle. He was strong he could have been Zeroes second pupil right beside Yushiro his first. Part of Zero had wished he could be the one to cut Rex down but it seemed it would not to be.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Okay so for Jessica's unit! It'll be a four man team of ELITES. The heroes are fighters who won over 1000 battles and as for the healers. They have gone through brutal testing saving tons of soldiers and healing self grevious wounds. Being put in stressful situations to save others lives. As well as fighting in the four man arena that Peyton and the others were in? Hundreds of times and coming out alive in them. The healers also eventually being pit against other healers in combat as intense as the fighters were. Same goes for the Secret weapons and fighters who have fought in the 4 man arena plenty of times. So they all have good teamwork skills, the secret weapons been through intense training of mind and body. Drugs and testing and eventually pit against other secret weapons.]]

[center [b The person from unit Ray? Can be the chief of it I was already planning you can play as the chief of Ray. Maybe even the right hand man/woman of Heroes and LCM corp. So I don't mind which two roles you want from the saviors unit. ]]
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Kittamari chuckled at Eric shaking her head. She had waited paitently for Rose to finish her story though and nodded. [#EC0E37 "Yes the wolves well, not so much came from me, but are related to me...They're dead now, we don't have to worry about them. Wolves are very loyal pack thinkers and they had grown to see me as Alpha, well once I turned my back on the Knights and escaped the labs they had to kill them, because they were loyal to me."] her voice reflected the sadness in losing her wolves but she smiled [#EC0E37 "However it's possible I am still connected with some wolves in the wild that may have mated and packed together with the escaped modified group."]

The man who had fallen asleep earlier came back out of the room he seemed wide awake now, like a power nap had really jolted him. Blinking she looked when he got on one knee and kissed her hand, she blushed slightly. [#EC0E37 "Kanzaki?..."] she looked over at Styles and Rose [#EC0E37 "He is the one you mentioned earlier....about the brothel?"] she blinked curiously then smiled.

That subject came up again then, about her being Alvins fiance and she just needed to clear that bit up too now [#EC0E37 "N-No no no. We weren't ever engaged."] she smiled laughing a little. The notion that her and Alvin were once romantic made her chuckle. [#EC0E37 "The knights don't believe in marriage or emotional bonds like that...They say it slows you down on the battlefield... I strongly disagree and that is a story for another rainy day! "] throwing herself up from her seat she wrinkled her nose thinking about music. She wondered if there was anyway to find some. Kittamari watched as excited as Alvin got, she couldn't not look for something to suffice. They all seemed excited by the idea, she'd hate to disappoint them. [#EC0E37 "Hm...You know I think I found something and left it here a long while ago....When I first escaped...Alex I think it's up in the attic..."] she mumbled.

Then Alex smiled and looked at Rex, he patted his head. [#D23F0B "There there, hold your horses...Let me go look."] with that he walked off into a hallway, opening the attic door he went in. Kittamari followed and waited down the little un-sturdy ladder. [#D23F0B "I think I've found it!"] with that call, you could hear shifting and moving. Grunting was heard just before yell out [#D23F0B "Timber!"] Alex dropped down a box with an older music player in it and lots of CD's. Kittamari yelped and caught it. Despite how heavy the box was she carried it just fine. [#EC0E37 "Alex! Give a better warning...Besides I am a girl."] she pouted a bit at the end, then Alex rolled his eyes [#D23F0B "Girl my arse...you lift more than I can."] Kittamari giggled and carried the music player out.

She set the player up on the table, she turned it on and smiled. [#EC0E37 "It works!"] she clapped. Taking another sip of her drink, she started to sway a bit as she flipped through CD's trying to find something familiar, reading titles out loud. She settled for one by an artist everyone seemed to know. [#EC0E37 "Let's try this one out."]
Placing the disk in she hit play. The music started up, and then Kittamari looked to the girl at the couch. Curiously she went over, she seemed to be dreaming already. Gently she sat on the edge of the couch and gently tapped her. [#EC0E37 "Hi...Claire? We are gonna play music out here now hun...Would you like to sleep in a bed so the noise doesn't disturb you?"] her voice was gentle, motherly.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh shrugged thinking about his horns. [#8147A0 "I went in for testing, fell asleep, woke up and had horns... I think they work like ahh...antennas."] he said [#8147A0 "I have enhanced awareness, and I believe these horns somehow give me that...They don't explain to you how you got the new powers and functions in the lab...but they let you know you have them...So I am not quiet sure."] he shrugged leaning nonchalantly against a wall. Taking his own swigs from his drink.

Laughing at Eric, Alvin, Rose and Raine, they had the cutest reactions to the alcohol. He gave them little juice boxes instead. [#8147A0 "You can't drink it all now...This is our emergency home after all. We have kids back at the main camp, who would need these things."] smiling he couldn't help but pat Raines head. Since she was so small, he couldn't help but think she was cutesy. Raine responded with a pout, snatching her juice box she growled a bit as she opened her drink. Shiloh just chucked before walking away.

Shiloh cracked a smile when Rose sent him a message back. Smiling he winked at her in response. Looking at Styles who had managed to snag drinks from some others he chuckled. [#8147A0 "Slow down big man."] he said in a sly yet playful tone. Watching as Kittamari caught the heavy box Alex dropped, he snickered at their banter.

Once the tunes kicked up and he smiled, watching as Kanzaki cut in and stole Mally from Rose, he choose now to make his move. Making his move now, he figured would be the best option. He approached Rose and bowed a bit, extending a hand.[#8147A0 "May I please have this dance?"] he asked, a goofy smile on his face [#8147A0 "Fair warning...I am not very graceful."] when she took his hand, he smiled. He placed a hand on her hip and one hand in her own hand. Swaying and stepping in circles, every now and then he'd twirl her around. Smiling he laughed a bit as he danced. Not being able to help himself, something about her made him feel like laughing.
Which was out of character for him, he acknowledged that. However something about her felt so familiar, that face the laugh, the silly banter. It reminded him of someone...Some he left behind when he escaped. He couldn't bring it up in his mind, it felt vague and repressed.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Eric had approached Alex about his sword, he smiled. [#D23F0B "Yeah she's my baby, I worked really hard to get her."] he blushed a bit humbly when they talked about what they had been doing on the field.
Waving his hands as if to brush the compliments away. [#D23F0B "Back at base we have things to help maintain are weapons, we can give your sword an ol' shine there yeah?"] he smiled and put an arm around Erics shoulder and then Kanzaki's. Knocking their heads together [#D23F0B "I say at another time, we take our big swords and see who has the better one, I love a good competition. "] he smiled and then let them both go.

Alex paused and then looked between Shiloh and Mally. Shaking his head [#D23F0B "Hey well, while it's possible ... I think not. Their horns are designed differently..."] he looked between their horns, then shrugged his shoulders.

Alex smiled and chuckled at Kittamari as she set up the music box. It turned on and was working. The tunes turned on and he leaned himself against the wall, he didn't really dance much. It liked to watch others though, the big guy was coordinated enough to take small steps like that. He kept drinking and watching, amused.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine smiled at Styles, he was quiet silly. And now that he has been drinking and letting himself get loose, it was even more funny to watch him. He was amusing to her and she couldn't help but chuckle watching him. Blinking she heard them talking about the fight back there and she chimed in [#6495ED "Okay but did you see what Peyton did with that missile! She stopped it, turned it around and then relaunched it up the tanks cannon hole thingy!"] she waved her arms around and imitated the explosion with her mouth. Leaning on back on Styles every time he leaned against her. [#6495ED "You're quiet friendly yourself hu?"] she giggled, recalling his comment earlier.

Raine smiled and jumped on her feet to ruffle Styles hair. [#6495ED "Hey come on! He isn't old."] she giggled and smiled. Then suddenly Kanzaki had taken her and twirled her around. Blushing as she got dizzy, her face turned crimson when he dipped her down. Before she could say anything else, she was handed off to Alvin. Blinking her face stayed red when her hand met his. Just a moment after the music kicked on. [#6495ED "A-ah...I-I am not very good..."] she mumbled looking down. Hesitantly she placed a hand around his neck, holding his hand with her other hand. She started swaying slowly with the music, watching her feet.
She was shaking a bit, worrying about stepping on his feet. Her bangs covered her face as she hung her head, watching her feet, trying to coordinate her moves. Despite her eyes she stumbled, stepping on his toe and bumping into him. [#6495ED "S-sorry."] she mumbled shyly.
Looking over she saw Kanzaki and Mally start to dance. They looked so graceful and Raine laughed a bit. [#6495ED "T-They're so good..."] she mumbled turning her head she meet Rex's eyes. For a moment she was very quiet. This time she didn't lower her head, still swaying in small steps.
Just as she got the hang of it, she stumbled again. Her hand fell loose from his, and fell on his neck. She kept it there, now both hands laid there and it brought her closer to him. Her face was turning red again as she stuttered [#6495ED "S-Sorry!..."] she mumbled looking sadly up at him [#6495ED "I am such an awful first dance..."] she mumbled low enough for only him to hear.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally looked around while everyone conversed, she was offered alcohol, but did not take the drink. It would do nothing for her, she already knew that. Politely she declined, and smiled. It looked robotic, but she was trying. Then everyone began to discuss dancing, and Mally saw flashes of brief memories. Mirrors, pointed toes, elegant tutus, dancing feet. It was quick and brief, she had dazed out. Until Rose called her name she looked up from her spot. Rose and Kanzaki bickered about being her first dance?

Standing up, she saw Kittamari bring out a music player. She stretched up, waiting a moment. Once Kanzaki came back she approached him. [#EC871C "Well...I hope you washed your hands...You said you wanted a dance."] Holding her hand out, she then pointed up on her toes. Mally had forgotten this bit about her, but she was a ballet dancer before the lab. However she didn't forget how to dance, she the memories from the studio and all the recitals.
[#EC871C "Let's dance."] her tone wasn't robotic, but it lacked emotion still. Taking his hand she first let him lead, however she couldn't follow much longer. [#EC871C "Let me lead."] she said it almost like a commandment. With that she began stepping in compound beats, following the music she twirled around with him. Even spun him around some, after a minute or so of dancing she began to smile.
Giving up her harsh lead for a moment, she let him take over once again. The entire time she danced pointe on her toes, when he would twirl her she'd pirouette. Every move he offered her she'd return in grace. She began to feel something, it was faint...but it was something. Though the more dancing she did, the more she'd feel but as she started to feel more her head began to ache. Ignoring it she finished her dance out.

Kittamari quickly moved furniture around the room to make space for those dancing. Alex had lent a quick hand as well.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

She shrugged her shoulders blushing a bit when Raine bragged about what she did. [#8A2BE2 "T-That was no big deal."] she smiled, shaking her head. [#8A2BE2 "Shiloh has some serious accuracey! Did you see him throwing his daggers between the armor plates like that?"] she quickly pulled the subject off herself. Pointing out another amazing thing about their comrades [#8A2BE2 "Oh and Rose creating that ice thing! I don't know what it was by that was crazy cool."]

Peyton had been sipping, she was almost finished with her bottle. The warm feeling felt so nice, and it was making her feel fuzzy too. Peyton could feel a warm glow spread up into her cheeks. She was holding Styles up with Raine as he made a remark about how Kanzaki might makes moves on her drunk. She laughed and rolled her eyes [#8A2BE2 "I-I feel fine! "] she smiled stammering a little. Peyton wasn't quiet drunk yet, but she wasn't sober anymore.
Normally she'd ignore flirting but, the whisky was making her feel friendlier. Rose commented about wanting a turn and Peyton laughed a bit.
[#8A2BE2 "You guys are all ssoo funny."] she smiled and her words slurred a bit. The music kicked on and Peyton almost fled the dance floor. By force of habit she stayed away from these things, however she remembered where she was. Who was around her, these people wouldn't bully her. Not like the ones in school, or at least she hoped.

The music had started and Peyton caught eyes with Eric. Blinking she walked over and stared at him. [#8A2BE2 "W-well?...You said once you'd ask me to a dance..."] she put her hand out, the fuzzy feeling put a big smile on her face. Hinting playfully at what she wanted she stood waiting.

Kittamari now crossed the room and smiled at Styles. He seemed fun and partnerless for the moment. She smiled [#EC0E37 "Well hello, it seems you and me both are without partners, unless you'd like this dance?"] she asked playfully extending her hand then she pointed over to Alex leaning against the wall and jokingly chimed in [#EC0E37 "Or you could dance with him."] she giggled.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku had waited, she stood in her robe. Outside Lord Zero's doors, patiently. Her ear fixed on their discussion, surprisingly she had news that would correlate to it. After a moment of silence in the room she readied herself. Knocking on the door, she waited for permission to be granted. Once it was she stepped inside, seeing the commanders dead body on the floor, did not phase her. It was common for such things to happen, after all...he was defiant he deserved it. Even if he had resurrected Rex, he would have been punished for disobedience. The man was fool, he needed to be cut down.
[#F1F104 "Sir!"] she called as she took a military stance and bowed low. She waited to be addressed again before speaking.

Removing the hood shrouding her face, she gave her reports to her lord. [#F1F104 "Lord Zero, I have reports from my spies concerning the location of Kittamari's rebel militia base."] her voice echoed through the room. Waiting for permission to continue to speak again she nodded and then continued. [#F1F104 "We believe we've located their main operating house, just north of Lagdorian Lake. However, my spies report that Kittamari with her other officers, are currently not protecting the base...May I propose a plan of action?"] her voice carried sure and resounding. Careful not to stutter or speak out of turn she waited yet again, for permission to continue on.
[#F1F104 "My spies report the base is harboring around 40 other people, some refugees some escapes from labs in the other nations. Sir, I believe if we attacked the base now, while no one was there to properly defend it we'd do a big damage against the militia group. Not only running them out of a place to stay and hide, we'd be taking back all the stolen weapons and supplies they've taken from Lab Sector Tristania. As well as dealing a heavy damage to their morale."] keeping calm she kept her back straight. Careful, cautious, she made sure to never overstep. Kept her tone sure, point black and emotionless with her reporting. [#F1F104 "I can take a group of spies and plant explosives around the building and surrounding area. Keeping our troops from engaging in unnecessary combat, and with the explosives we get to entirely destroy the building."]

Placing a hand over her chest in salute manner before resounding to her final bit of speaking [#F1F104 "Lord Zero, as your spy master may I proceed in leading this mission?"] despite her fear of her power, she didn't back down. Yet she did not overstep either, Riuku recalled once being friends with him, long ago in training. Before he had advanced so far above her. She knew it wasn't personal, it was simply his job now. As her job was her own. She waited now, chest raised and in salute, waiting for her permission to be granted or denied.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 268d 16h 1m 15s
[center [h3 Confetti?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTa5MLYjtfM]]

[center [b Alvin smiled a little as she popped out a little bit of confetti. She was really cutesy wasn't she? He wondered how the two hung out to begin with? He was so awkward and anti social and she? She seemed... like a strong and unique kinda person. It takes charisma to lead a cause like that something Alvin couldn't do. He felt a little out of his league on ever having a friend like that. Though as Eric began to tease him about her being his fiancé he blushed and stammered pushing him softly. As she began to explain everything. Wait...]]

[center [+darkgreen H-Huh!? T-Those wolves... T-T-The ones I fought r-r-r-really infected me? T-They were f-f-from you..?]]

[center [b Wow she really was... Was his maker than wasn't she? In a strange sense it made him curious how strong she was. Nonono Alvin don't think about that! Be good now, well.. Alvin had always enjoyed sparring! That's not bad right? It's friendly and safe that was okay right? It was going to be hard to pull apart which parts were Rex and which parts were Alvin. It was weird he didn't feel like two different people ever at one point. He always felt he was just... Himself he was shy and awkward around Raine and Peyton meeting them the first time. What kind of weapon is willing to die for Raine upon the first meeting? He looked over at her smiling it was nice the first thoughts he had when he met those three? Was breaking her out but dying in the process and now? She was out and free how things have changed since than. Alvin had changed since than hadn't he? Maybe it was slow and bit by bit but he was changing. As his eyes met Raine's he offered a smile as he looked at the ground a bit shyly. As Eric responded to Kitamari about that story.]]

[center [+brown Wait... Alvin fought wolves even before he had gifts?! Wow your a pretty brave guy! Now you gotta do story time too man how did you even find those things! Why fight them? Wait... Kita.. Kitamari right? Does that mean you aren't really Alvin's fiancé? Awe shoot! That really stinks! Since Kanzaki said Alvin would love those wolf ears!]]

[center [b Rose giggled and Alvin knew... She was ready to sell him out wasn't she? She may be teasing but it embarrassed Alvin! Though she had looked and Shiloh for a moment and giggled as she stroked her hair behind her ear with a blush. Huh what had stopped her? Whatever it was it wasn't for long as she pitched in.]]

[center [+purple Oh yeah Alvin loves the wolf ears girl trust me!]]

[center [b Alvin covered his face as he groaned softly, guys don't make her think.. "Think I'm weird!" though it was strange. He really had this strange connection to her. The cause she spoke of.. It was nice she knew what she was fighting for. Alvin knew now right? Raising his sword for Peyton and the others huh? Now they were safe was there a reason to ever fight again? The obvious approaching his mind being what if he helped Kitamari out? They could maybe even try to end this war or find out how it started! Why? What ideals are worth going through this trouble? Which kingdoms were we up against? Germania? Albion? Romalia?]]

[center [b Well not we as their own kingdom was an enemy but it'd be nice if one day they could somehow fix that. Alvin had loved this kingdom in fact it was a knight who had saved him against those wolves. Hmm.. it made Alvin feel better to know they weren't regular wolves it was a hard fight.]]

[center [b Story time huh? Alvin looked at the ground and held his fingers together he wasn't sure what to say. Now Rose could speak up! He wouldn't have minded now, though with that she giggled and nodded as she spoke up. Though she had to pitch in what Eric and Raine were talking about. Those gross men from before.]]

[center [+purple Oh Raine imagine seeing what they were thinking? Yuck! Soooo Alvin here has kinda gave me permission to tell that part of the story! It seems from what I've delved into... He was on his way home, did you guys know he had brown hair before too? We should get that dye out of his hair it was adorable he looked so young! Ahem, I'm sorry so he was walking home. The details seem a little hazy but he had went through the forest for a little adventure I believe? Maybe he had heard something but being on guard as he always was. Seeing as he was ambushed a lot by jerks from school. He had grabbed a thick sturdy branch to check it out. There his friends were covered in scratches and bite marks. Well... They were strangers at the time Serah a beautiful woman with long pink hair. Vincent the grade a student with a bit of a flirty side. Vincent had tried to protect Serah as best he could as he was in a lot worse shape. Alvin hadn't really processed the whole situation he saw others in danger? He swooped right in! Charging into danger as he gave the creatures one for! Though they were vicious and in a large pack he could only take out so many before approaching his limit. Angry with his limitations as he figured they must be regular wolves now we know better huh? Though as the two had escaped early on Alvin layed beaten battered and defeated. Ready for one last charge he had saw the two return with a knight in tow! As he managed to somehow beat the beast back saving Alvin. Thus making two new friends! The end, did I tell it okay Alvin?]]

[center [b Eric clapped cheerfully and patted Alvin on the back as Alvin nodded his head slightly. He had begun to thought about those wolves that day and what Kitamari had said. She never knew his name huh? Strange but at the same time... He was sure they were friends right? What was really on his mind was Serah and Vincent were clawed and bit too. Hearing the whole story like that he wondered if they could have been hit by the outbreak. Were they infected?]]

[center [+darkgreen Do y-y-you think... That Outbreak... I-Infected t-t-them too...?]]

[center [b If so maybe they survived? Or maybe they were at the lab? Or... Died at the lab by now. Either way Alvin should be happy they managed to break out themselves.]]

[center [+brown Hmm... Outbreak... Huh?]]

[center [b Eric said as he scratched at the bottom of his chin.]]

[center [+brown Well Alvin I'm proud of you that was very brave of you!]]

[center [b Alvin smiled a bit shyly like a small child being praised by his older brother. That wasn't a bad comparison though in his goal to step forward? He had always told himself he wanted to be like Eric. Well now he could try a little more look up to him. Alvin looking at Eric giving a rather thankful smile. As Rose scrunched her nose with a giggle but it wasn't at them two. It was at Kitamari oh she was at it again wasn't she? What did she read this time?]]

[center [+purple Kitamari sorry for intruding I know we don't know each other very well. Though I just wanted to say our friend Claire had only... Done that to heal her comrades that's how she heals others. Were crazy don't get me wrong but not that coocoo! Course I'm sure Kanzaki wouldn't mind there to be a lovefest.]]

[center [+blue Aye you mean a brothel? That man worries me at times if he makes any moves on you please let us know we'll put him on a leash mam.]]

[center [b Styles said to Kitamari as Alvin found the whole thing pretty funny. Though it brought Alvin back to Eric's first question were her and him really? Engaged? Willingly was it something they had wanted? Probably not she acted like they were childhood friends. Though Alvin wondered if they were so close why... Why did she leave him behind? He had to find a way to ask that. Maybe she'd bring it up but he doubt it he just... Wanted to know why. Maybe it was too hard to bring him back huh? Also Kitamari only had two others in her group? Had the fourth member died? So much he wondered about the illustrious Kitamari.]]

[center [h3 Apple Juice?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b As Styles asked for a drink the earlier they had finally broke the stuff out! It seems this is where they would stay for now wasn't it? It sure was nice huh? As Claire and Kanzaki were taken into the temporary home. They had began to stir and wake up a bit Claire still half asleep while Kanzaki was already up and about.]]

[center [b Alvin had grabbed a drink taking a sniff as he stuck his tongue out. Eric had held his stomach laughing as Raine had done the same thing! He walked over ruffling the two's hair.]]

[center [+brown You two are so adorable you know that? I think I agree though you guys have anything else to drink? Like apple juice?]]

[center [b Alvin nodded agreeing as he put the drink down Styles walked right over chugging it down. Kanzaki hadn't wanted his either nor Eric so Styles had drunk everyone's that didn't want it and more. As he stumbled and slurred going to town on the whiskey he began to hiccup a bit.]]

[center [+blue Thark you! This is what I call hospitality! Remind me to star here again! Cheers me matey! Yo ho it's a pirates life for me!]]

[center [b He slammed the drink on the table wiping at his mouth letting out a large and hearty laugh. Eric had never seen Styles act so... Strange he made himself at home quick. Though Eric couldn't blame that he felt at home too. He was glad to see Alvin had a friend even before them. Kitamari seemed... Special like Alvin like she could really hold her own. Eric extending his hand forward to her as he smiled shaking her hand.]]

[center [+brown I know it was hectic before but it's an honor to meet you! Thanks for everything we really are grateful for everything. If I could pay you back in anyway I will.]]

[center [b Eric smiled tilting his head into another one of his usual bright smiles. As his hand held onto hers as he pulled away softly. For a warrior she had very soft hands. All these stories had made Eric begin to wonder how everyone back home was doing. How much time had he spent in that lab? Though whatever the case Eric had already decided what to do. That he and his friends would help Kitamari with her goal! Maybe even go farther with it Eric wanted everyone in the world to ravish in this peace. He even had a team name in mind and ready to shoot.]]

[center [b Though as Eric tried to continue his conversation with Kitamari Kanzaki had slide right over kneeling. As he grabbed her hand with the both of his hands kissing the back of her hand softly.]]

[center [+darkblue Kanzaki Muller at your service milady! I thank you for your timely rescue beautiful sweet angel!]]

[center [b Eric rubbed the back of his head as he began to laugh a bit. Oh boy he didn't waste anytime at all huh?]]

[center [+brown Kanzaki that's Alvin's maybe possible I'm not sure but could be fiancé!]]

[center [+darkblue Hey I don't see a ring on this lovely hand now do I?]]

[center [b Kanzaki said with a smirk as he stood and the two laughed a bit. Eric felt Kanzaki had become a good friend to him the two really hit it off. In fact he even trusted Eric faster than Peyton,Alvin,Raine had but that didn't change the fact he loved them all the same. He had just hoped he could get... Claire to come around.]]

[center [b Speaking of which Claire had looked at the ceiling with her arms crossed. As she took a sigh before asking.]]

[center [+lightblue So who the hell carried me in here? It was you Eric wasn't it? Please stop doing that all right?]]

[center [+brown No mam! It wasn't me it was one of our new comrades! You were asleep and they didn't want to wake you!]]

[center [+lightblue .. All right fine, .... Sorry I accused you than.]]

[center [b Eric scratched his head it wasn't like her to apologize but he had simply smiled with a wide grin.]]

[center [+brown It's no problem I mean we are friends after all forgiving is what we do! So Shiloh how did you get the horns? Also Alex right? That blade was a nice piece I think my sword could use a little work on it. It's nice to know Kanzaki and aren't the only one's who prefer larger blades.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh yeah Alex man you kicked ass out there! I can't believe you guys had taken out tanks the way you had. Though Eric you weren't to shabby chucking one like nothing! Man! That was insane!]]

[center [+brown Heh.. Oh it wasn't like nothing it was actually a pretty hard throw believe me. I'm surprised Alvin was able to dodge one like he had. Or that your still here in one piece thanks for looking after Alvin for me.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey it's like your catchphrase but we are friends right? It's what we do!]]

[center [b Styles stumbling over to Raine and Peyton as he wrapped his arms around the two with a grin. As he stood off balance.]]

[center [+blue Mates for life! Aye lass you are crazy without the stuff! Though don't letsh Kanzaki catch ye too drunk!]]

[center [b Hic! Styles had hiccupped with a sly grin as Kanzaki crossed his arms looking away.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey I'd want a girl to choose me because of my awesomeness not a drink! Old man!]]

[center [+brown Old man? He doesn't look that old does he?]]

[center [b Eric had chuckled as Alvin took a seat smiling as he watched everyone talk with one another. He was still as shy as ever wasn't he? Though Eric had noticed eye Raine a bit hadn't he? Was he worried about her? What was on that boys mind? It was hard to tell. Lucky Rose got to actually know huh?]]

[center [+brown Come on Alvin don't be a sourpuss hang out with us!]]

[center [b Alvin stuttered as he scratched at his cheek looking at the wall as he stammered.]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I-I umm..]]

[center [h3 Taking it Easy]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b As Rose watched and giggled at the crew joking around. She had pitched in her little story but before that? When Shiloh had sent her that dorky little message. She smiled and giggled a bit as she retorted a little message back to him. "Want me to pet you in return?" she was surprised how friendly everyone was but it was nice. It was cute how ruffled Peyton was as her thoughts wondered. As she thought about how she enjoyed that kiss with Claire Rose had giggled.]]

[center [+purple Well Peyton she is pretty I don't blame you! Though here I thought I had a chance huehue~ I guess my hopes are dashed! What a world what a world I'm melting!!]]

[center [b She joked around as Raine pegged in at Peyton playfully as everyone began to laugh even Alvin. Of course with Kanzaki and Claire asleep they were out. Even Claire awake though? Well.. Yeah still Rose hadn't thought on that long. There was too much good to focus on. She had taken by Alvin's and Eric's side as they asked for juice she raised her hand right next to them.]]

[center [+purple Me too please!]]

[center [b Styles had chuckled at the group of non drinkers as she playfully stuck her tongue out at him. He knew what he was thinking but this crew didn't all need a bottle! They were so much fun to talk to she couldn't help but adore them. Shiloh calling the men and female attractive she realized that was pretty true too. So if he swung that way? Oh it'd be so cute and hilarious to see him flirt with Alvin! Oh Alvin would be so confused and helpless!!]]

[center [+purple So do you guys think Mally and Shiloh got horns the same way?]]

[center [b Rose offering Mally a small smile back she was trying to help the girl be a part of the conversation more. She really was quiet but Rose was determined to help her out. The same way Eric had helped Rose out.]]

[center [b As the banter continued and went right along Eric had asked Alvin to join along. Rose turned around and ruffled Eric's hair as she gave a smile.]]

[center [+purple Good boy!]]

[center [b He simply smiled tilting his head she had praised him for his good idea. She found it endearing he really hadn't minded her treating him like a dog. Though she hadn't meant it to degrade him Eric was a good boy afterall! He was really sweet and considerate of others so Rose following the idea walked over and grabbed Alvin's hand than she had looked for Mally to do the same pulling the two of them to the center of the room.]]

[center [+purple Hey if we have music we should dance! Jam out and maybe find dance partners later on what do you say Eric? You'd dance with me? I mean I think I owe you a dance for everything don't you? Or saving that for your queen? Oh I'll make sure you two dance trust me! Kitamari does that sound okay?]]

[center [b Eric rubbed the back of his head with a faint red upon his cheeks with a nod. Of course he was willing to do whatever his friends had in mind good boy indeed!]]

[center [+purple Don't worry Mally I'll save a dance for you too! In fact you may have my first~]]

[center [b She giggled as she nudged Mally a little bit playfully as Kanzaki charged right into the scene reaching at Mally's hand.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey whoa! If anyone gets to have the bosses first dance it's me! Trust me I've been waiting for this day!! Get in line sister!]]

[center [+purple Awe! Your so cruel!]]

[center [b She crossed her arms into a pout as Kanzaki rubbed the back of his head he had felt a little silly. Though as he pointed at her with a hand on his hip.]]

[center [+darkblue Your charm spells won't work on me! But Rose is right Alvin you should hang out with us we'll have a dance to main! Make sure to dance with all the ladies for me!]]

[center [b Who would Alvin want to dance with first? Ooo Rose was curious but she had three good guesses. Peyton of course! Raine? Oh yeah she could see that he found her affection sweet. Kitamari as the mysterious newcomer for sure. Sure she could read his mind and be done with it but in times like this? Rose like to be.. Surprised. She was sure not to read anyone's mind on their first dance. Though she was curious who the captain would dance with. Peyton too she seemed to grow kinda jealous of Kitamari and Alvin. Yet? She really liked Eric's attention hadn't she? Must be a tough choice! If Rose were in his shoes she'd want to ask Eric that wasn't to say she didn't trust Alvin. She saw he was a good guy but still. Rose had planned to have a dance with everyone though she was eager for that she hadn't really cared in what order either. She'd dance the night away if she could and seeing as Mally was so graceful? She wondered if she had would too. It was strange how fond Rose was growing of Mally not that Rose was sure she swung that way. She was sure she liked boys but something about Mally was really cute in a weird non traditional sense but also so sad. Rose had really wanted to help the poor girl out.]]

[center [h3 Returning The Favor!]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Ever since Kanzaki had been awake he had realized he had begun to feel better hadn't he? So who had done it? Healed him? Claire had in his sleep before so he wouldn't enjoy the process. Yet it really seemed more likely it would be Raine wouldn't it? He was so tired he couldn't tell it had happened. So with that thought on his mind and with Rose's idea for a dance? He had walked past everyone as he extended a hand out to Raine.]]

[center [+darkblue May I have your first dance? I wanted to say... Thank you for taking care of me. I mean I was asleep so it could have been Claire... But I kinda doubt that cutie. I'm sorry about being stubborn I guess I'm kinda cheesy like Eric huh? I just really don't wanna see you get hurt. Why would any guy? Look at that face you are just way too cute!]]

[center [b He said as he grabbed her hand twirling her around and dipping her with a grin. Ahh Kanzaki loved to dance with a partner it was one of his few talents. Though he wouldn't have been heart broken had she wanted to well..]]

[center [+darkblue If you wanna dance with Alvin first I understand! I saw you looking your way and he did give... A little bit of a look. I'm pretty good at seeing attraction like that if I do say so myself! I just wanted to thank you for everything ya know?]]

[center [b Kanzaki smiled as he wondered if they even had music to play. Than... Another similar question popping into his head.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey Alex! I got a question man do you guys have like any electronics! I doubt it but any network connections? It'd be easier to track I bet... But man if you had a console or anything? Alvin would love you guys! Hell I would too!]]

[center [b And like that Alvin had rushed right past Eric and Rose and everything as he began shake up and down with glee and excitement in his eyes. Looking at Alex waiting for an answer.]]

[center [+darkblue Whoa that was quick! Hey Alvin will you hold my dance for a minute or two? I gotta really use the john!]]

[center [b And like that Kanzaki's true intention of repaying Raine had set into motion. Receiving a little message from Rose Kanzaki chuckled. She wanted to see who'd Alvin choose on his own huh? Hey he's just holding that dance a bit! He can choose his first real dance afterwards. If your so curious crazy lady! Kanzaki chuckled handing her hand to Alvin's as Alvin gulped with a blush as his eyes widened looking at Raine.]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I..]]

[center [h3 Celebration]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b On the way there Styles had enjoyed the trip, as Raine teased Peyton about looking. Eric had added that he had accused Peyton of that actually. Styles chuckled at the group as they got settled in Raine had sat beside him. As he smiled leaning back into her.]]

[center [+blue Aye you sure are friendly aren't you?]]

[center [b Styles offered a smile as later on he become awfully friendly as he went heavy on the drinks. Using Raine as a support beam for a lot of the ongoing conversation. He had noticed her look at Alvin than Peyton and Kitamari. Styles wondered if the poor thing was a little jealous. The white swordsman? With the sweet little Raine? Perhaps he wasn't the white swordsman anymore. Though his reaction to that man? That shouting? The way the man said Alvin volunteered? Styles... Had known that already as a theory but it really happened hadn't it? Did that make... This Alvin thing an act? Styles had hoped not for everyone's sake but he was beginning to hide the fact his guard was raised. He didn't hate the lad he simply was prepared for the worst. That was all. Aye now it was time for a jig wasn't it! Though Styles may have trouble dancing around with all his stumbling!]]

[center [h3 Out of Place]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b As Claire watched everyone laugh and talk and drink she refused the drink politely. As she looked the three rescuers and looked back down at the ground. Was this where she parted ways? No she still needed coordinates of where she was. Supplies and money as well as a destination but it'd be time to go soon. This had reminded her... Of when she had friends before the lab. How everyone could be so sweet and gushy? It reminded her friend Mika she was like Mally but not at the same time. Quiet but with a soft side and Clyde? Claire had started to feel her heart race as she sighed. Look how well that turned out didn't it? It got her into the lab in the first place.]]

[center [b As Claire rolled over on the couch heading back to sleep as she curled her legs up. Wishing she had a real pair of pants right now. She hated how much these shorts really showed off. She knew shy they gave her those shorts. That last factor about her gift what made it such a valueable weapon. Part of why Claire felt she had to be a bitch. The factor she had left out being was the mental effects it had. It could change one's mood bring them to a happier place. As well and good as that sounded the skill was refereed to as "charm." It made sense as the person she healed? Would feel a strong connection to her and begin to grow in feelings toward her. Sure one time wasn't enough to make someone fall in love. Maybe.. a good friend and if she waited long enough? The effects would where off and it'd start over. Though repeated use again and again could cause almost anyone to become her pawn. To fall desperately head over heels for her and she hated that. Sure it probably had no effect on Mally she had her emotions altered however Mally felt about Claire? Was natural and that's why Claire let Mally in more than any other. People would love Claire as... A daughter an older sister figure. A relative or as a lover all soley based on her gift. Though that wouldn't happen to Mally.]]

[center [b Claire falling asleep with these things on her mind rolling over and tossing and turning.]]

[center [h3 Claire's Dream]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Dw5mgYr.png]]

[center [+gray Claire, hello you there? You sure zone out a lot huh?]]

[center [b Mika said in a reserved somewhat stoic voice as Claire looked down at the ground. She was still wearing the same clothing and yet.. Where was--]]

[center [+gray So Clyde said he'd be here soon to pick you up remember? Though he's late.]]

[center [+lightblue Clyde..?]]

[center [+gray Yeah blue eyes cute? Popular? He'd taken a real shine to you. Did you hit your head Claire? I'm here to make sure he doesn't try anything too forward.]]

[center [b Mika said with a straight face motherly just like Mally huh? Claire smiled wait... Who was Mally? She felt really confused but the tone of voice reminded her of someone else.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [+orange Oh come now me try something? Claire is beyond beautiful but I know better.]]

[center [b With that Clyde had showed up wrapping his arms from behind Claire. What a smooth talker huh? Reminded her of someone else she knew tsk. Wait.. Who though? She couldn't help but blush as she looked away crossing her arms looking away as her eyes shut.]]

[center [+lightblue Y-Your late dum dum.]]

[center [b Clyde turned her around as he placed his lips upon her forehead. Yup a smooth guy all right huh? Though.. Claire hadn't really minded her heart wouldn't stop racing.]]

[center [+orange I'm sorry it won't happen again. I just got so caught up reading about some of the legends around here on the network. Ever heard of the masked shaman? She--]]

[center [+gray No time.]]

[center [b Mika said forwardly as she pulled the two ahead as Clyde chuckled. She took the lead always huh? This seemed like deja vu... Like she had two people in her life she knew like this. Hmm.. Strange.]]

[center [b After the movie Claire had raised her head realizing it had laid on Clyde's shoulder.]]

[center [+lightblue I-I'm sorry I'm just tired that's all.]]

[center [+orange I doubt that's all but don't worry about it. I'll take that as "I love you" in Claire. I love you too.]]

[center [b So freakin cheesy though she couldn't help but smile and flick his forehead as the three took separate ways home. Of course Clyde offered to walk her home but she insisted she'd go alone. She was flattered all the same even if she didn't show it. As she began went into her house she began to undress. Putting on a black robe and a dark visor that served as a mask. As she locked her bedroom door so her parents wouldn't try to hard to get in. She must seem so bratty to them... She really had loved them but. Well she had to do this and they'd never allow it.]]

[center [b As Claire made her way into the slums she had entered a straw hut changing the sign to "Open"]]

[center [b As the hours passed someone had finally entered. An older man late thirties.]]

[center [+violet My back is killing me mam! I know you only help the citizens here in the slums.. I didn't.. Still not sure if I believe in this legend. Who can heal any wound? I got in really bad accident and my work has been failing over it. I really need to get better for my familes sake could you please help me? Your my last hope.]]

[center [b Claire placed a finger on his lips as she nodded to keep this charade up as a "wise shaman" she stayed completely quiet. Handing him a card with simple instructions. Close your eyes and go to sleep, it was simple. Claire had preferred to work on her patients asleep. It made sense considering how she healed them! She had a gift.. But it could be... Off putting how she used such a gift. Perhaps that's why she hadn't kissed Clyde yet? If his wounds suddenly healed? Old scars? Current pain? Maybe he'd chock it up to love he was corny like that but still. Though... She knew she had wanted.. She had wanted.... No now wasn't the time to think about that.]]

[center [b As time passed the man slept he must have came tired he must have knew how the "shaman" worked. As she leaned over and began to do what she had done. Though if only she had known what she knew now. That last factor of her gift the fact that it did more than just heal them. Had she only knew that.]]

[center [b As the man awoke from his slumber feeling at his back looking back at the shaman he smiled. As he reached over and hugged her tight tears filling his eyes. As she smiled patting the back of his head. It was hard to be silent in fact she wasn't she had giggled a bit.]]

[center For a shaman you sure are lively! Thank you so much thank you! I can pay you! I own a company you could work for us! You'd be the richest woman alive! You have to meet my wife and kids we owe you so much. I don't know how to explain it but... I feel like I've known you for ages!]]

[center [b She placed a finger on her lips as she shook her head no. She had hinted that this was important to not be let into massive media. The man nodded trusting the woman as he shook her hand waving goodbye as he left. The line had grown by than hadn't it? As she helped the children and elderly of the slums along with the men and woman. As it began to grew late she had changed the sign to closed as she than carefully made her way back.]]

[center [h3 "Heroes"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b Meanwhile back at Tristaina whilst Kitamari and her new friends began to relax. A new storm had begun to brew.]]

[center [+red Lord Zero! I apologize for letting them escape! The Royal Knights had their hands full with the reinforcements.]]

[center [b The captain in leather had knelt as Zero stood up with his blade at side his arms held behind his back. As he took a stern tone one filled with that of authority. Something behind that reserved voice felt like a quiet fire had been set ablaze.]]

[center [I I understand you disobeyed my orders. Trying to bring subject Rex back alive? If he has disobeyed he deserves no special treatment.]]

[center [+red Yes but chief! He was the first man to ever lose in combat to you... Whilst not fearing you. He had showed true promise! He could change this kingdom you said so!]]

[center [I Silence, King Simon has entrusted me to end this bloodshed any means needed. Albion is growing stronger even Romalia cannot stand against them. We cannot let Albion take over this land or that of our fellow man. We have a duty to protect the people and what they stand for. I said he could protect this kingdom not that he will. Those with power have a responsibility to use it. With great power comes great burden for those who were born without it. Rex had taken his power and decided to fight selfishly for himself. As Kitamari they wish for all those with power to shirk those duties. To leave this world to fall in the clutches of Albion's tyranny.]]

[center [+red My lord I do understand! Though Jessica Everheart the chief of the LCM has sent us a final request. To let her restore the subjects memories and if than he doesn't come to our side? Than we eliminate the subject sir.]]

[center [I He slays royal knights and yet deserves another chance? What could that woman possibly be thinking. Her infatuation with the boy has proved to be a nuisance to this kingdoms interest. Though the chief of unit Ray would surely agree with her. Fine with one condition that she allows me to build strike teams to take care of the matter when they fail.]]

[center [+red Strike teams? Sir you mean... Comprised of heroes LCM and unit Ray? We've only used them to gain ground back in Romalia from Albion. Are you sure?]]

[center [b This sort of unit has yet to fail a mission. Two Heroes one Ray with a LCM. As King Simon as decreed these units the "Saviors"]]

[center [+red Thank you sir we are on there trail it won't be long before we find them. I will not let you down they should be in a current safe house they are too smart to head straight to base.]]

[center [I You won't let me down because you are being demoted down to member of Royal Knight. Staying at the capitals defense from now on a cushy life for a cushy captain. Jessica will take the Royal knights as well as form a single unit of saviors. That is your last mission as captain to deliver that message.]]

[center [+red Grr... Sir I implore you I!]]

[center [I Wish to defy me? Defy the king? This kingdom? To deny freedom itself? To deny justice?]]

[center [b Zero spoke in a stern tone as the man growled reaching for his blade drawing his sword as he charged at the brown headed man. As Zero drew his sword taking a few steps past the man he than sheathed his blade. The man turning around to swing as several slashes suddenly appeared on the now former captain. As his body fell to the ground.]]

[center [I Those who deny justice will fall hear me now Rex Rider. The same goes for you Kitamari.]]

[center [b Zero said as he began to leave his chambers as it was now apparent he himself would have to send that message. Though if you want something done right you know what they say.]]
  RR / Isamu / 2y 269d 5h 13m 1s
Kittamari watched, as everyone bounded up and worked together. She watched...Rex?...Did they call him Alvin? That must be his real name! Blinking she now realized she knew nothing of Alvin...She knew Rex. Either way, she felt connected to him. She was glad, that everyone trusted her aid. It saved time, listening as the began talking and joking around. Naturally after all that stress, one of them even made out with two others. Then attention was turned to her, they had parked and gotten out of their vehicles.

Before she answered anyone's questions she took out a party popper and set it off. Confetti flew everywhere and she smiled wide. [#EC0E37 "Congratulations! You made it out!"] she smiled widely and clapped her hands. Alex and Shiloh took to her side and they clapped too. Alex looking happy and cheery, while Shiloh seemed calmer, more reserved.
Settling down she whisked everyone inside. [#EC0E37 "This isn't our real base, its a place to hide for now. Until they stop looking for us again, then I can take you all back to our real home."] she said, stepping inside the building. It wasn't huge, but it had separate rooms, furniture and supplies scattered around inside too. A Table with lots of chairs and a kitchen too. Even a bathroom with running water.
[#EC0E37 "As for your questions, I can answer almost all of them I am sure."] she nodded.
[#EC0E37 "Ah, yes you're right. That is Shiloh, that is Alex. I am Kittamari."] smiling she cheerfully introduced herself.

Kittamari couldn't help but blush as they began asking questions about her and her connection to Alvin. Blinking she laughed and shook her head as they talked about her being cute. It rolled off her like water.

[#EC0E37 "We are the only other group to have ever escaped that specific lab...Until now."] her eyes lit up with excitement. She clasped her hands together and looked around at each and every person.
[#EC0E37 "I think I gathered all your names from conversation..."]
Mumbling she pointed at each person and then stated their names
[#EC0E37 "Rose...Eric...Peyton? Yes....Raine...Claire...Kanzaki...Mally?...Styles... and R-...Alvin."] smiling she adjusted herself and sat with her legs crossed.

Nodding her head she blinked at then smiled again [#EC0E37 "Ah, so it's story time now!....I know Rex, and yes I am saying Rex because that's who he was when I met him...Who was and now is Alvin, again? I think I caught on to that part...."] she wrinkled her nose thoughtfully. Then went on [#EC0E37 "I suppose I should tell you about me first, it will be easier to explain why, Alvin and I are in a sense 'connected.'"]
She cleared her throat and then told the story she's told to Alex and Shiloh before. [#EC0E37 "I was born and raised inside that lab. My mother was a human subject who had been impregnated, they took her egg which was me and mixed it with Wolf DNA. Now these wolves, aren't normal these species were a specific species who where being raised for biological warfare. I was the first "human" test subject."] she moved her hands around while she talked and explained things.
[#EC0E37 "Now, these wolves had escaped once and mated and populated. Now, surprisingly this pack of wolves actually attacked, and even infected...Alvin. Restructuring his DNA. Once they found Alvin, they began the testing and restructured him to be a weapon."]
Her tone was nonchalant as she explained everything, it was odd for her to be so calm about this subject. [#EC0E37 "They introduced us and they had plans to yes, mate us...So that our DNA would produce naturally born powerful children they could also morph into weapons."]
Kittamari yawned, as she spoke all to casually. [#EC0E37 "I was aware of everything they had done to him, but they never let me know his name. But I knew he wasn't really himself. He was someone else they had created. Learning this I started listening to others voices and opinions about the beloved lab I was raised in. I quickly learned how horrible the place really was."] her tone started to turn a little more serious as she shivered thinking about the things she had seen and done there. In the name of praise from the scientists, her otherwise father figures. [#EC0E37 "It was my final test, graduation test. It was a group test...Groups of three. Alex, Shiloh, and Myself...well we became quick friends and we all escaped together."]
Talking still she looked at Alex and Shiloh smiling at them.
[#EC0E37 "Now we lead a group, of well militia I suppose you could call us. Our goal is protect and save people from the labs. We've destroyed two labs across the continent. We protect refugees and anyone harmed by the war. Our main goal is to end the experimentation and stop the bio-warfare that started this whole war in the first place."] she then clasped her hands together again.

Eventually she wanted to have a conversation alone with Alvin. However she'd let him celebrate with his friends now.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Once they had pulled up to the house, Kittamari had thrown confetti at them all. She was always so happy, she also somehow always had party poppers. It was strange. Alex saw the two who had been sleeping in the truck already. He chuckled, one of them was kind of cute. He picked her up and carried her inside. Someone tall like him, also picked up the other boy who had fallen asleep. Alex showed them the room it had several beds all around. Placing her on a bed, as the other guy did the same. He found out, his name was Eric. They stood together at the same height.

Alex couldn't help but grin as the witch...Rose? Had called him cute. A light blush crossed his nose and he nudged Shiloh [#D23F0B "Hear that, she called us cute."] he chuckled. Shiloh smiled softly and let his eyes sweep up and down Rose. Giving her a sly smirk, he winked, but kept quiet. Alex observed the action and chuckled again. Shiloh was bit of a womanizer. He began to study the rest of the group, just like his friend another girl with horns stood around with the new people they had saved. [#D23F0B "Shiloh she's like you!"] he said pointing straight at the girl, who didn't seem to even notice or look their way.

He fell silent as Kittamari explained who they were, who she was, how she knew that other boy, Alvin. He had cracked open a drink that had been stored in this house. It was of the alcoholic variety, he looked over at Kittamari finished [#D23F0B "Oh man I wish we didn't store these here. We always need an interruption in order to drink them."] he plopped down by Kittamari. Who then grabbed the drink away from him and took a swig herself. [#D23F0B "Hey."] he muttered shaking his head taking his drink back.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh couldn't help but feel smitten. A troup of attractive men and beautiful women, he had just saved. Even as mature as he was, he felt a bit flirtatious being around all these people. He looked at the Witch, he had already caught on to her power. Being his enhanced awareness skill, gave her away easily. He wouldn't say what he wanted out loud but he instead sent her message mentally. [#8147A0 [i "I am no dog, but I must say... I'd wag my tail for you."]] It was corny, not as smooth as he normally operated, but he felt it would make her chuckle at the very least.

Shiloh rolled his eyes at the two friends. [#8147A0 "You both have horrible hospitality. "] he muttered. Then he grabbed what other drinks they had and offered them around to who would ever take them. He took a seat by the new group members actually. Sitting himself on the floor. [#8147A0 "Now, how about we celebrate you guys getting out of there? It's a huge accomplishment what you guys have done. And for now, we seem to be safe...cheers."] he said raising his own drink.

He then sat back and observed everyone. Some were talking more than others, and it was nice to hear chatter. Rather than silence, as he watched them all talk. Them seemed like nice people, Shiloh would smile and chuckle over hearing conversation.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally had watched everyone talking. Hearing Roses voice but only in her head she looked over and met her eyes. Nodding her head she offered a small smile. It felt forced but she needed to try. After all, now her only hopes in getting her emotions back lied within herself...or finding a scientists that didn't want to make her a weapon. She studied Shiloh, he also had horns. However he didn't seem to be emotionless like Mally. The couple times he did speak it sounded like he had emotions. Wrinkling her nose once inside she didn't sit down till the man had gave her a drink. She took it, and sat next to Rose actually.

Her mind thought about the lab, about Kittamari and Alvin. It wondered different places as she began to shut her ability down. If she was reading people, she wouldn't be able to relax. She wanted to feel something, she had to feel something. Mally ran her fingers through her short hair, finding the scar on her skull. They had operated on her...so maybe it was something she'd never get back. She had to try though, she had to feel again. Right now she should feel happy, celebratory even. However she did not, she didn't feel anything. Despite how much she wanted too, and it frustrated her. However she kept to herself, drinking and listening to everyone converse.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine blinked and then just like that...suddenly they were safe. Kanzaki still wasn't healed. Claire only healed Peyton and Eric. Why? Raine immediately stepped to, to do her job. However she was told not too. Shaking her head she frowned [#6495ED "It's all I can do, so let me do it."] she frowned. Despite the protest she healed Kanzaki anyway, and anyone else that was injured. Smiling the whole time as she did it.
[#6495ED "It doesn't hurt."] she lied, it did hurt but to see her comrades healthy again always made her feel better. They took lots of damage to fight these fights...She could at the very least hurt a little to heal them.

Eric had pulled her over and she sat in his lap with Peyton. Smiling she was starting to feel better and happy about everything. [#6495ED "Ya know...I think Peyton does swing that way...Every time I start to strip she makes the boys look away but she gets to watch me."] Raine teased as the subject of Peyton possibly liking girls came to light. Sticking her tongue out at Peyton, whose face lit up bright red.

Once actually inside the building, Kittamari began to talk to them about everything. It made sense, what she said. What she knew and the idea of her being a warrior for people like them, made her sound amazing. Raines eyes brightened and boggled as she spoke. This girl seemed amazing. Shiloh came around then and offered everyone a drink. Curiously Raine took it, not knowing what it was. As he cheered she took a sip. However the burning it delivered she regretted it. Shaking her hand she handed it back [#6495ED "W-what is that?"] she asked.
Shiloh then laughed and patted the girls head. [#8147A0 "This is whiskey."] he smiled.

Raine then looked over at Eric who asked how she was doing. Blinking she thought about it. [#6495ED "I think I am okay...the things that man said shook me a little...but I know I am safe."] she offered a smile with her phrase. Looking around at the others, she sat herself by Styles and leaned on him actually. Peyton sat by her and Eric on the other side of her. Raine noticed Alvin kept looking between Peyton and Kittamari. It slightly bothered her, and she wasn't sure why. It then crossed her mind that Kittmari had history with Alvin. That suddenly bothered her too. However she shook it off, and focused on other things.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton blinked listening to everything. Alvin had a possible fiance?...She was so pretty and much more...grown looking than Peyton. Her curves, her breasts...were also so big. Her eyes were amazing to look at it. Peyton then found herself checking the woman out. Blushing she snapped her mind back into the conversation at hand...Which happened to be about Peytons taste. Blushing even more as Rose teased her and Raine did as well. [#8A2BE2 "I-I!...I d-d..."] she couldn't even finish her sentence because it would be a lie. Peyton had liked it when Claire kissed her, more than she'd admit.
Staring at Rose she pouted [#8A2BE2 "S-so what! I like girls...big deal....I can like b-both g-guys and g-girls if I please."] she stated avoiding eye contact after. She could feel the heat in her face, it even spread to her ears.
Well it was now official, Peyton liked girls and boys.

She sat on Eric's lap with Raine the rest of the ride to this shelter. Following inside she sat by Raine, and made Eric sit by her after he put Kanzaki in a bed, as Claire was also placed in on by the other tall male. Alex, was his name.
Peyton had actually grabbed his hand and pulled him down to sit by her. Listening as Kittamari began to talk, about her past. Knowing Alvin...she had known he was manipulated and went forward with orders...Well not for long because that opened her eyes and it fueled her escape. Peyton wasn't sure how she felt about it, but she knew when the girl mentioned Kittamari and Alvin mating, she got...jealous? How could she be jealous? She didn't like Alvin...did she?
Shaking her head she gladly took a drink from Shiloh as he passed them around.

Peyton had never drank before, and seeing Raine react to alcohol the way she did was cute. Peyton didn't like the taste, but she moved past it. The warm feeling it put in her stomach, she enjoyed that. It felt cozy and nice. Peyton looked over at Styles and nodded, remembering what he had said earlier. [#8A2BE2 "You think we are rowdy without this stuff! This will be a fun celebration."] she smiled offering her joke forward with a laugh. A genuine laugh, she let herself relax and it felt nice.
Smiling she took another sip, she was a while away from being any sorts of intoxicated. The warm feeling just feel so nice, she didn't want that go away.

Then Kittamari leaned forward from her spot on the couch and smiled. [#EC0E37 "Haha, you guys please feel free to relax. This place is safe, reinforced. We have rooms with beds in them, you can sleep where ever you choose. There is a bath too, if any of you want to utilize that. We have food and other back up supplies here. Indulge yourself and relax, you're free and safe! Celebrate."] she smiled and toasted her drink up and taking a sip again.
Looking at Shiloh and Alex she knew they'd eventually have to re-discuss their original adventure plan. However now wasn't the time and it was time to relax and bond with these new people.
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[center [h3 Rex? Or Alvin?]]

[center [b As Rex laid on his knee's defeated Peyton had made her way to him. She had ended up hurting her knee's as Rex tilted his head looking at her. Her lips flapping as her words began to sink in. They wanted him around? They wanted... Alvin? To not be alone? Than at that Peyton had taken his contacts off revealing his naïve green eyes. They were much more gentle and timid than those of a warrior. They hardly screamed a screamed a swordsman. Not like his orange eyes had before with a fire in them. He had blinked looking at her.]]

[center [+orange R-Rex o-o-or..]]

[center [b He listened to her continue as a smile crept along the gentle boys face. He hadn't felt like this in far too long perhaps he gave in too soon? Yet the way she looked at his eyes? His real eyes? She really had cared hadn't she? With a smile he leaned forward pressing his forehead against her own.]]

[center [+darkgreen Or.. Alvin huh? I think I'd like the sound of that.]]

[center [b He said in a hushed whisper as he reached his hand forward to stroke her hair behind her ear softly as he smile. He wasn't afraid to talk to her even if just for this moment at this time. If anything it felt like the most natural thing in the world.]]

[center [+darkgreen Thank you Peyton for everything, so you! In the leather! Y-You tell that Zero guy? I'm not going anywhere if you want to hurt my friends? Like my friend Eric said you have to go through me!]]

[center [b Rex... No Alvin gripped at his blade as hugged Peyton into a tight embrace with one arm. The man growling as he shouted at his men.]]

[center [+red Get them! Kill them!!]]

[center [b Than it seemed all hell had broken lose! The man had managed to preserve his life but he had retreated the scene to let his men do the fighting. A poor captain to avoid combat like that wasn't he? Maybe Styles was right something could be said about a good captain who sinks with his ship. It was strange... The way Peyton's words melted Alvin's heart. It was almost as if he had really wanted to give their new friends a try. Maybe one day he'd even find Kitamari! Without these guys help he'd get his memories? The only thing that worried him? Was being told these of the hero class? Were even stronger than Alvin. While Zero laid on another level entirely? It was scary sure it was still exciting. The thought of an adventure with his friends? How could it not be exciting? He grabbed his blade with two hands as he grinned this time not as Rex the killing machine. As Alvin a man who was ready to protect his friends whatever it took. In turn? He knew they would protect him sure he wouldn't change overnight in a single go. He knew he would struggle and to think of that past? It hurt because it probably all really happened but... He can choose his goal here and now. Though it seemed fate had a funny and sudden way of doing things hadn't it? Here she was Kitamari right before Alvin. She had yelled out... Rex hadn't she? In fact she had taken him to his feet just now as he held onto his blade. His heart begun to pound as he grinned even wider but why? Were the two really such good friends? Something about her really drew Alvin in. Her ears were even cuter in person weren't they? Than he giggled a little as she called him buttercup. She always did that huh? Wait... How did Alvin know that? Strange but her voice was incredibly charming wasn't it? Ahh even the way she fought she held herself rather well didn't she? Though they had a sudden rescue Alvin and the others had pitched in fighting as well.]]

[center [b Alvin being quick enough to run and block gunfire whatever he hadn't? Landed into his chest and stomach luckily his gear protected him. It did cause immense blunt force trauma to be shot that much even in protective gear. At least he wasn't pierced through as he dashed and danced across the enemy lines. Fighting armored opponents as he clashed with the knights pushing them to the ground. Stabbing the next in the neck as he span his blade around. Stabbing the fallen through the same area as Alvin lost himself in the fight. Though... It wasn't quiet like before the fight wasn't the only thing on his mind. It was Peyton and Raine and Eric how they all believed in him.]]

[center [+brown Hell yeah Alvin that's what I'm talking about!! I got your back bro!]]

[center [+darkgreen Okay than mr big brother! Get o-over here a-and help out than okay?]]

[center [b Alvin smiled brightly as Eric blinked and smiled the two clapping hands as they begun to fight side by side. Styles joining in with his cutlass as Rose showered the enemy lines with ice spikes. She had managed to take out even more than Alvin! Though she had time to soak the water in the air into ice due to her friends protecting her. She'd never manage that alone Alvin was sure of that. As she slammed her staff into the ground she prepared to launch another large scale strike.]]

[center [b Eric had turned around slamming the ground with his blade and feet as the earth shook a bit knocking a few troops back. With the loss of morale the one who had made eyes for Raine had decided better to... Well....]]

[center [+gray He's some kind of demon! I get it they aren't humans but this is crazy!! Fuck this I'm out!! Big tits or not it ain't worth dying over! Bye!]]

[center [b He had with a few comrades as Eric slung his blade over his shoulder with a grin. Alvin hitting his chest playfully if he was going to have a new start? He needed to be honest with his feelings and when they get outta here? He wanted to tell Eric he really had looked at him like an older brother. Sure it could be embarrassing but knowing how gushy Eric was? He'd be happy to hear it.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey don't forget about me now!]]

[center [b Kanzaki yelled as he charged in bashing his blade through a few shield users hurling them out of the way.]]

[center [+darkblue You know that speech that cutie gave? It makes me realize I've been pretty insensitive Re- I mean umm.. Alvin right? I'm sorry I should have saw you as a person. Not just as a tit-]]

[center [+blue That's nice mate but we have to get moving now they've brought in the cavalry!]]

[center [b Styles cut Kanzaki off as tanks and reinforcements had arrived. One shot firing directly at Alvin as Kanzaki ran in front of the blast. It landing directly as he flew back pieces of armor flying off with a spew of blood. Though Kanzaki had stayed in piece standing back up with a weakened grin. Firing a second shot Alvin had managed to dodge the massive shot with some effort. As Eric dashed from the side sheathing his blade. As he grabbed the tank from the side straining as his face turned hot red. As he strained and groaned pulling at the tank with what seemed like all of his might. As he managed to lift the thing up throwing it into the forest as it landed on it's backside! The man exiting the vehicle as they began to yell and escape. As many battles Alvin had fought he's never convinced a foe to run away from fear of Alvin's power. Eric was a force of nature wasn't he? Wait..]]

[center [+darkgreen Kanzaki! A-Are you okay?!]]

[center [+darkblue Hehe I'm fine! I just need a little TLC and I'll be as good as new!]]

[center [b At that the new allies had instructed them it was time to escape. That was impressive but more forces simply flooded in with more tanks. Claire was the first one to hop on the transport.]]

[center [b Eric had grabbed Kanzaki as his skin reverted and he wheezed and coughed a bit. Though Kanzaki was standing Eric wasn't having it was he? Eric throwing him as he reached a hand out to Alvin pulling him in. Eric had worked to help every comrade on. Peyton,Raine,Rose,Mally.]]

[center [b As they began to escape one of them asked about firearms as Styles reloaded his pistol with a nod.]]

[center [+blue Aye I'm low on ammunition but I can offer suppressing fire mate. Thanks for the save.]]

[center [b He said as he began to shoot at the men with again grand accuracy. As Alvin,Kanzaki,Eric stood up in the back of the large transport. Blocking the gunfire as Styles and Peyton prevented a few missiles from making contact. Rose had still been mustering the water from the air as she focused the rushed ahead. Using a rocket launcher to dispatch the remaining pursuit. Though as that pursuit was thrown into a total and impressive halt.]]

[center [b Driving up ahead was a military checkpoint figures they'd set up a roadblock in case they got this ahead. Wasn't one tank in front of them enough? Though as Rose swung her staff around she had managed to encase a floating ice dome around the vehicle. As they rammed there way through knocking the opposing tankers off to their side like nothing. What power! Given time and she seemed to be the most destructive force! Her and Peyton were... if compared to a video game? Like devastating yet fragile black mages! As Peyton bled she seemed rather hurt didn't she?]]

[center [b Claire had sighed sheathing her dagger she hadn't really fought at all. In fact she didn't not even a bit she had merely kept herself alive. Though Peyton had internal damage perhaps? Alvin wasn't sure the extent or how Raine would apply healing to a wound that can't be seen. Though that wasn't really thought of long as Claire made her way to Peyton. She had grabbed her face gently with a sigh as she leaned... Pressing her lips against Peyton's! The bleeding had lessed and her body seemed to loosen up. Was that really working? It seemed Claire's tongue was really moving in Peyton's mouth was it the more saliva the better? It had really lasted too! A deepened sloppy kiss as Claire pulled off. She had leaned in too Eric and had done the same with him! Panting a bit she took a breath as he blinked looking at her. He wasn't exactly sure what to say he looked... Shocked! Alvin couldn't help but hold his stomach and laugh.]]

[center [+darkgreen I-I've n-never umm... Well I... Never s-seen E-Eric so quiet..]]

[center [b Alvin smiled weakly as the blood in his body stopped pumping so intensely he had started to grow a bit shy again. He wondered if Peyton had kept his contacts? He was really shy having everyone see... Well him! His own eyes!]]

[center [+purple Hey Rex! I mean Alvin! Don't be too shy about it I took a peak Peyton thought they were just adorable!]]

[center [b She gave a wink as Alvin blushed looking at Rose than at Peyton. Oh it was out in the open that Rose could just do that now wasn't it? Wait... How embarrassing! Rose stop it stop looking right now!]]

[center [+purple Nope! You think the silliest wittle things how could a girl not look?]]

[center [b She talked more like a succubus than a witch! Not that it was a bad thing but at the same time it tortued Alvi-- Wait a second she's looking right now isn't she!]]

[center [+purple Doesn't bother you huh? I see Alvin you know you should buy a girl dinner first before thinking things like that! Hehe I'm teasing I just think... I wanted to see how you were flustered. It was cuter than I expected. So this Kita.. Uhh Kita... I forget I'm sorry, how do you know Rex? Err I mean Alvin?]]

[center [b She said looking the girls way she was straight to the point. Though Alvin wanted to know who these people were who... She was. Though it seemed Rose was treating him better wasn't she? That... Was a good sign wasn't it? Though why was she? He'd have to ask her that at a later date wouldn't he?]]

[center [b Though she had instead invaded his thoughts with a message. Hmm... so that was why? Well he hadn't have done so without... A push from his friends. He was glad to know him and Rose had a chance to be friends. He wasn't very social... Oh dear! Speaking of which the group was already so big! How was he going to keep up with this? Alvin had stretched his arm out realizing he was lucky he wasn't as wounded as Peyton or Eric or Kanzaki. Well maybe luck hadn't played a factor in that did it? Sure his shoulder had hurt plenty but it seemed wasteful to heal it. Though the bleeding wouldn't stop and that was annoying.]]

[center [b Wait... Claire hadn't healed Kanzaki! Did she heal the others and not him? On purpose? That little! Alvin took a deep breath, no he wouldn't let that anger consume him. Course he still got angry! Pissed off even! Yet though he managed to try and focus his attention... At Kitamari and those wolf ears didn't hurt to grab his attention. Though he smiled at Peyton for a bit first. He wasn't sure how he could ever thank her for what she had done.]]

[center [h3 Mally and Rose]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b As Rose waited for an answer from Kita.. Kita whatever her face was. She had decided to send Mally a little mental message based off what she had said earlier that day. Though she wondered why.. Kita.. Whatever took so long to answer. Perhaps it was a hard question wasn't it? The message had entailed. "Mally about earlier... I wanted to say if you want we could be friends now! It may seem impossible now and you may feel numb but I'll be your friend okay? Maybe I can help you learn the ropes again? So I guess Alvin wasn't so bad after all huh?" than flashing Mally a smile.]]

[center [+purple Oh and another question who are the two cuties that came along? Wait give me a second... Hmm... your Alex right and the other is wait for it... Shiloh? Cute name I had a puppy named Shiloh before I loved him to death.]]

[center [b She said as she gave the two a soft smile turning her head. Alvin was envious how open so many of them were about their personalities. How silly goofy or playful and in some of their cases? Flirtatious they were Alvin was afraid to speak his mind. He was afraid... He'd upset others but he knew he'd work on that. At that Eric had wrapped his arm around Alvin grinning at Kitamari as Alvin smiled at Eric. The two had really grown close like they really were brothers. Rose had peered into his thoughts yet again and to see this? Well she was glad he was happy. Things were looking up for the poor kid.]]

[center [+brown So were you like Alvin's fiancé? That guy said you were supposed to be his mate! All the other stuff he said was stupid. Though the way Alvin looked at that picture? It was so obvious you two were engaged right? That's our little Alvin! I you sly dog you!!]]

[center [+darkblue Ouch my head.. Wait he's the dog now? Come on Mally I thought I was the hound dog right? Speaking of dogs are those wolf ears real? Talk about well.. Woof! Those are so freaking cute! Oh man Re- I mean Alvin you lucky dog! A real life anime girl? Dude like every otaku's dream! You probably aren't even grateful too man you have no idea what that is like for us.]]

[center [+brown Otaku? What's that? Real life animal girl? What?]]

[center [b Eric was pretty confused as Claire scoffed heading back to her seat. Alvin smiled widely shaking his head like crazy as his eyes popped like a child on Christmas eve!]]

[center [+darkgreen N-No I do! I'm a t-t-total otaku! Wolf girls are t-t-the best! I-I mean err... I....]]

[center [+darkblue Oh my god dude you know? I'm sorry Eric I love you dude but I think Alvin might be my main man for awhile. You were a good squeeze while it lasted!]]

[center [+brown Ouch my poor little heart! I can't let you get in between Alvin and his fiancé though!]]

[center [+darkblue Hey you saw the way he was all close with Peyton! Alvin's a real player! I think he'll let me be his side hoe trust me. Unlike Rose? I won't make him buy dinner! We can just skip to the good part... Anime! Video games!! Tons of freaking hentai too man!]]

[center [b Rose held her stomach laughing to the point she had started rolling on the bed of the truck. As she rolled and rolled laughing her hat falling off her head behind her. Her hair hanging loose everywhere as he smiled she had already felt like she was at home.]]

[center [+purple What's hentai though? Hey Peyton I got a question! Is Claire the only one who gets sloppy kisses? I was just wondering for future reference! Hehehe I'm kidding I'm kidding don't worry. Though I wouldn't let her do that with Eric too much! He might share his coat with her!!]]

[center [b Claire didn't really pay them much attention as she began to head to sleep. Despite how serious things were? It seemed things had began to lighten up almost instantly though even on the eve of battle they had this banter. Though now? It was even better to have Alvin involved along with Peyton too. Rose felt she could start trusting the two.]]

[center [+blue I think ye lot have lost me but see we must battle for Rex.. Arg.. Alvin's love must we? Ha! I swear you lot are rowdy enough to be the craziest pirates I have ever seen and that's without getting drunk! I must say I stand impressed.]]

[center [+darkblue Aye captain my captain! Oof! I'm sorry just.. My... Well my everything kinda hurts right now.]]

[center [+purple Awe Raine honey I know it hurts chu and you don't have to but-]]

[center [+darkblue I don't need mind reading to know what your gonna ask cutie! No Raine don't it's really... Sad to see you have to cut yourself. I don't think you should have to be hurt cause of me. Heh heh... yeah it's cheesy but let's chalk it up to your cute face has me smitten. Please don't angel I'll be fine.]]

[center [b He said as he held his at his arm letting go slowly as he winced with a smile. Now Rose didn't need her gift to see what he was saying boys could be so silly with that bravado at times. Styles didn't have that bravado though and that's one thing she respected about him. Though it wasn't something she found entirely bad it was in a way? Endearing oh it was stupid beyond belief but it was endearing.]]

[center [h3 Bravado]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b At that Kanzaki had fully returned to his normal state as he removed his coat using it as a pillow. He had loved to talk with his new group but to restore the way he was? He would need to sleep he didn't heal faster than others. He didn't have enhanced endurance like Eric had though Claire healing his wounds? That doesn't hurt it makes sense Claire skipped Kanzaki. It was a reminder that he was Raine's job now but he didn't want to be her job. He wanted to be her friend and to see her slice herself up? For him? If Styles said his job was to protect her he couldn't let that happen. He wanted to look after his friends not be a burden to them.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh man I love you guys but I think I'm gonna get some sleep! Raine you could always join me that might heal me up nice and fin-- Fff... Ow! Ow! Sorry to yell like that I just... Well don't worry I'll be fine.]]

[center [b He said giving her a wink and a smile his armor wasn't unstoppable and today was proof of that fact. Sure it'd take five or six more to destroy him and that was without his blade. That didn't change the fact one did do a number on him. Luckily? Raine couldn't read minds like Rose could right? As much as Kanzaki wanted to say and wanted to add. To meet the three new comrades? He simply gave the three a thank you with a soft smile as he began to head to sleep. Today had been a tiring one and for Alvin it probably wasn't over. He had a big reunion to look forward to after all.]]

[center [b As Kanzaki cuddled his coat like a pillow he had kept his eyes closed as he smiled he had one more thing cross his mind.]]

[center [+darkblue Peyton? I just wanna say thanks... For keeping Alvin around and... For not making the same mistake those people made. The same I had I'd like to get to know you all as... Just Kanzaki. Not the Black Berserker and you gave me that chance. So that little speech? Hit home for me too thank you and with that last bit of cheese I'm headin to bed! Well... Kinda! Peace!]]

[center [b And as quick as Kanzaki could flirt with a girl he was out like that. He hadn't really known this group very long but it was nice to be treated with kindness. Though Mally had surprised him with his joke despite her tone? He knew she was kidding and he had enjoyed it greatly in fact. He'd show her hound dog all right! Hehe as for his new friends? He was eager to learn more about them wherever they were heading? Hopefully he'd have a chance to talk to them more they were... Beyond interesting but even past that they seemed like nice folk.]]

[center [h3 New Crew New Ship]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b As Styles sat there and listened to his fellow crew mates. He had kept an eye on the new three of course he was sure to be polite. Though he had to ask them.]]

[center [+darkblue Who are you lot? I'm just as curious as Rose and why were you there when you were? I think we actually have a lot of questions for you guys. If that's okay and we are grateful to your crew for everything.]]

[center [b Hopefully Styles could get a chance to restock on ammunition soon. Though hopefully? He could find a way to not have to use that ever again. So what would happen next anyhow? Would they stick together? Be a crew? As Styles looked toward the horizon he began to ponder on that. Would they split up now? Where were they going? What was going to happen next? Styles hadn't let down his guard but he could tell Rose had. Perhaps he had lowered his own just a bit. He wanted to trust Rex.. Or Alvin whatever as everyone made that a big deal. A name is a name isn't it? Hmm is this the part he should mention his actual name is Zack? Maybe at a later date now wasn't the time. It did seem like it mattered to them they were a sentimental crew but Styles hadn't minded. Funny for a man who had tried to do everything with style? With grace? He sure had stumbled upon this makeshift team with none of that. Though he hadn't minded really all he had hoped was wherever they were going? They'd have a drink waiting for him it'd had been far too long.]]

[center [h3 Big Brother Huh?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Alvin seemed to really not mind Eric wrapping his arm around him. It was funny how he had started calling him bro but Eric? Well he hadn't minded it not one bit he was glad to be able to look after Alvin after everything. Though today? Peyton was Alvin's hero more than anyone.]]

[center [+brown Oh Claire I was a bit shocked before but umm.. Thanks for healing me! I normally thank Raine and I didn't want to treat you any different we are friends after all right?]]

[center [+lightblue Tsk.]]

[center [b Claire hardly graced that with an answer as she closed her eyes leaning back Eric still had smiled. Though he had turned to Peyton and Raine along with Alvin and he had to ask.]]

[center [+brown Are you three okay? I know we skipped straight to making jokes but things got rough back there. Peyton are you fully healed? Alvin that guy.. I mean.... Are you okay? Raine.. What that other man said? You must have been so scared.]]

[center [b Eric said as he looked at the three with worry and heart ache. His brows furrowed he had never been... Never been so angry before! He had wanted... He had wanted to hurt those people! That's wrong! It's wrong to want to hurt others! Had they laid a hand on Raine? Would Eric have sliced it off? Though he didn't really ask himself that question or even wonder. Perhaps it drifted in there somewhere if he did ask that question? He'd find a peaceful answer or try too. Eric started tapping his foot as he rubbed the back of his neck.]]

[center [+brown I'm just glad everyone made it out safe and sound now you guys don't have to worry about fighting anymore. It's finally over you don't have to hear anymore silly stories anymore.]]

[center [b Silly... wasn't the best way to describe it but Eric wasn't sure how else he had really wanted to say that. Perhaps they were a bit scared from the incident but he would be here for them just in case. If he could he'd just wrap the three into a bear hug and hold them close. In fact when they come to a stop? He was going too! Hey why wait! As Eric sat up he took his coat off wrapping it around his queen. As he picked Raine up placing the sweet little girl onto his lap. As he pulled Peyton in and than tugged Alvin closer to him. As he took his long built arms and squished the three into a big tight loving bear hug. He hugged them relieved that everything had gone so smoothly. Any mental damage done Eric knew he could help repair.]]

[center [+brown Peyton did that healing help you recover at all yet? Hey that was a good test to see how things swing right?]]

[center [b He chuckled a little as he ruffled her hair playfully. Eric was glad to be able to joke around with them even after everything. That wasn't to say if they ever cried or needed someone for them he would be there for them. He always would no matter how they were feeling.]]

[center [h3 Cut Them A Break Claire]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire had ignored any comments made about her well she did hear them. She just didn't have much to say but she tried to not scoff as much. It was easy to call Eric a womanizer the way he grabbed Peyton and Raine they acted like some weird.. Lovey dovey polygamous cult. Maybe it was Claire's lack of faith in men and people as a result. Though the day they had? Yeah she was a bitch and she could be a sassy brat but she didn't wanna kick anyone while they were down. They went through a lot and hell she was too tired to keep her guard up all the way. It couldn't hurt not to be so vicious she was planning to leave first chance she got. She needed money and supplies and a destination as well where her whereabouts were and she would be set. Claire could try and not trust these new people but it'd be pointless to they did save them right? Besides that wolf girl knows Alvin doesn't she?]]

[center [b Well also bothered Claire was the fact how sneaky Rose was. Claire's own thoughts couldn't be kept to herself could they? Why stay in a group where that was the case? Though she admitted it they had it rough and she was glad they made it out. She had nothing really... Personal against these people. She just felt she wasn't built to really handle people. Maybe it's cause of everything she's gone through but she knew she'd be better off alone. Sure she'd try and make it up to them before heading off. She did have some honor she just knew to never put that above her own needs.]]

[center [b And with that Claire too had begun to catch some sleep as she decided to go to sleep.]]

[center [+lightblue I'm getting some rest... Well.. Night everybody.]]

[center [b She said without using her usual sassy tone like she had told herself. She was going to cut them a break they had done a lot for her. Not to mention today was a big day. With that? She was out like a light she was pretty drained from all the stress really.]]
  RR / Isamu / 2y 269d 18h 4m 43s
Mally let Rose drag her behind everyone. Listening quietly the entire time, as Rose went on. Mally could tell she was holding something back, but she felt it wasn't her place to ask about it. Considering she was already dishing so much over. Maybe this thing she was holding back was personal. Peyton now, Peyton had control over him. Mally took each bit of information like a grain of salt. Once their conversation was interrupted by Kanzaki Mally frowned slightly. He mentioned her being an open book and Mally felt a tinge of laughter leave her mouth. It was soft, but she could feel it. That was odd, to be feeling something.
Blinking she looked at him [#EC871C "You don't quiet hide your intentions...hound dog."] she said, it was meant to be a joke. However due to her tone it didn't sound like a joke. She tried a smile to back it up, erasing any damage her tone might have set.

Walking forward again she sighed, catching up to Rose. Placing a hand on the witches back. Softly she said [#EC871C "It might not mean much...but if I had emotions and feelings, I'd consider you a friend."] her tone wasn't the normal monotone robotic tone. It sounded sad, like she was reflecting. With that she took the front again, not saying another word until they arrived and left the arena.
Mally gave Peyton a nod of confirmation, to tell her she did a good job taking the field slice out.
Styles then began discussing strategy and again she nodded in confirmation. Listening to his ideas for strategy she took herself to the front line. [#EC871C "I will fight here."] she said next to Rex and Kanzaki but she stood a big behind them. She'd catch anything they missed. She tossed Claire her dagger and nodded, keeping quiet.

Then the creatures began charging. Peyton had stood back with Styles by Raine. Raine kept herself ready in case something happened. As the creatures began to swarm, Peyton would simply push them back with her power if any got past Mally. Some she'd hold in the air for Styles to shoot. Mally had taken a stance, with a sinister smile on her face. Her power began clicking. She found each creatures weak points, slicing them in half with effortless swings. Beheading others, and as she fought it almost like like she was dancing. Swinging her huge axe around with ease and grace. Her footing danced, she even pirouetted on her toes when she spun around. Mally had never noticed she fought like this, Mally like Rex didn't remember much of her past. However, it was apparent she used to be a dancer.

Rose called out about the other soliders and men coming. Preparing herself she was ready to strike however, the Army before them stopped. A man stepped forward and he began talking with Eric, and Rex....Alvin?
No this was Rex he was talking too.
Mally listened and for once she felt a fraction of fear, maybe because everyone else around her was feeling it too. Looking she studied Rex, two things were pulling him, his stats kept changing. The facility literally tried to create a new person out of him...but they didn't erase everything. They just buried...someone had been pulling it up out him. Peyton? Raine? Eric?....No it was all three of them.
Mally watched carefully, she knew she'd be ready to fight Rex...but she didn't want to. The man was pulling at Rex's mind heavy, when Rose spoke up she pulled him back a little but at the same time pushed him towards the man.
All Mally could do was watch and hope, that Rex...Alvin, wouldn't lose himself and join those men.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton had been using her power to a pushing limit, one creature after another. Her nose even had started to bleed, her vision was cracking already. Something interrupted their fight, wiping under her nose she looked. The group Rose had yelled out about had arrived. Peyton blinked the men were talking about....Raine and Peyton.
[#8A2BE2 "I am no pet!"] she yelled out. Standing herself in front of Raine, whose face was pale white.
The man began addressing Alvin, well he was talking to "Rex". The lab tried to destroy who he was and create something new. They just wanted to use him. Peyton felt her heart cracking watching as Rex danced between the people who had grown to love him very quickly, and the people who only loved him because they could use him.

Watching as Alvin fell to his knees, Peyton ran forward. Sliding down on the ground. Her knees hurt, she had scrapped them. She came face to face with him. Her mind was racing with thoughts, the most present one was [i "Don't loose Alvin."] Taking her hands she grabbed his face and made him look at her. She didn't raise her voice or yell, she spoke calmly.
[#8A2BE2 "Alvin... Please, you're listening to this guy right? Alvin...They tried to erase who you were...They wanted to create someone knew. They used you....They don't care about you Alvin. They don't. They care about Rex, their weapon. They don't want to loose their weapon. You have to know the difference between them...and us."] her voice was pleading she searched his eyes desperately. Then she did something they could possibly get her stabbed or killed. She placed her fingers on his eyes. This must hurt, it had to hurt. Quickly and as gently as possible she removed his contacts.

[#8A2BE2 "They don't love you, they could never love you. They love their creation...You've been split into two people...Alvin and Rex."] her voice was still pleading as she looked at his real eyes...they were beautiful. She placed her hands on his ears, ran her fingers through his hair. [#8A2BE2 "Alvin...We don't just need you...we want you around. They don't want you, they need you. Not even you, they need Rex. You have to choose who you're going to be... You can be Rex and you can join them and then cut us all down...Or you could be Alvin and choose us and never have to work alone..."]

Then just as Peyton was talking a loud explosion ripped through the air and hit the center of the army behind her. Standing up quickly she looked around wildly. Off in the distance a jeep, and a cargo truck was moving their way. She could hardly see them, but as the got closer another rocket was launched into the men. Moving quickly she rushed back over to Raine.

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

The desert was hotter. Kittamari sensed something odd, as Shiloh got in the jeep. Tossing the Rocket launcher in the back she stood on her seat, the roofless jeep allowed her to so. Leaning on the frame she looked down at Shiloh [#EC0E37 "Where is Alex? He is late?"] she asked. Shiloh shrugged but then Alex appeared running out of the building.[#D23F0B "Sorry! Let's go!"] he yelled as he jumped into the van.
They started up and left.
Kittamari let the wind ruffle her air and push it back behind her face. They were half way there when Kittamari called. She was looking out and she noticed something odd. The Guard was there.... Why? She focused even harder, a piece of the shield was gone...That alarm that was blarring. She knew that alarm.
[#EC0E37 "Shiloh change of plans! Look... The guard is there...the alarm is going off. People are trying to escape we need to help them."] with that she jerked the steering wheel with her foot, and made them straighten up towards the army. Turning she signaled Alex to follow them from behind.

Grabbing the rocket launcher she loaded it. As they got even closer she took aim. Firing a rocket into the center of the grouped up men. This would kill them, and scatter them too. If they weren't in tight formation it was easier to attack them. The second shot was in the back of the crowd of them. Scattering them even more, but no kills with that one. Shiloh whipped the Jeep around and just as they were sliding into the scutter of people. Kittamari saw someone she knew, someone she remembered fondly.
[#EC0E37 "Rex!"] she yelled. Noticing he looked weak, almost broken. Then she looked and saw that evil man. Glaring she hissed and jumped from the jeep. Rushing over she stood in front of Rex.
Giving the man a coy smile she winked [#EC0E37 "I bet you miss me, hu?"] she then pulled Rex to his feet.
[#EC0E37 "I don't think you remember me, Kittamari. I can explain everything to you later. But I need you to keep fighting...It looks like you've got people depending on you."] she nodded at the many people standing behind Rex.
[#EC0E37 "Chin up buttercup."] she said before lifting her rocket launcher up on her shoulder she took aim.

Without a second warning or wasting her time trying to converse with the leader, she shoot a rocket at him. He dodge, but his men did not. With only three shots, she had cut down the men that had stood before them. Well not all of them, and more were sure to be on the way. They could drive away now. But Kittamari wouldn't lead them back to her safe place. They had many people there who couldn't fight. There was a safe house that left the skirts of the desert and met the woods. Kittamari could go there take them there, that would be safer.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex jumped from his truck, his sword was huge and he stood by Kittamari, Shiloh had also taken out of the jeep. Alex smiled at Kitta's statement [#D23F0B "Oh I am sure he misses us."] he chuckled. His sword was as tall as him and the blade was wide.
After Kittamari fired another shot, he blocked the man from charging at his leader.

[#D23F0B "Ahah....Pick your battles."] he said shaking his head. Referring to the fact that now only so many men stood. This however didn't keep the army from charging. Battle broke out, and he focused now as a a rain of gunfire had opened up, and men in armor moved forward. Blocking what bullets he could with his sword, some had landed hits. It didn't slow him down, in fact it sped him up. The more damage he took the faster he got. Swinging his sword he cut down the men he could. His moves where slow, so do the most damage he attacked charging clusters, spreading them out, killing the ones he could.

Kittamari had engaged combat with multiple people, Shiloh stood and defended. Throwing daggers, teleporting around to confuse enemies. The fight went on for a bit. Then the men were called to stand, as more arrived in tanks. [#D23F0B "Kitta! We can't stand and fight. They have tanks now! We need to go."] he yelled, but their leader looked at him and shook her head. Just as she stole an armored mans sword and drived the blade through a weak spot in the armor, his blood spluttering out violently. Shiloh then took to Alex and nodded, it would be time to leave. Alex ran over to the cargo truck, they could have the others load up in there and then they'd drive away.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh huffed, as Kitta jerked his steering wheel. Of course they were going to go play heroes. It was their mission, but they couldn't afford to risk not getting supplies for their people. However, off they went.
Kitta was unloading on them and Shiloh wipped the jeep around to a stop.
Exiting Kittamari knew someone here, Shiloh looked curiously, and listened. His name was Rex? Kitta had spoken about him before, but Shiloh couldn't remember what was said. It was a brief conversation about her own past. A small scrap broke out instantly, he loved that she didn't waste her time talking. She knew who her friends were and who her enemies were almost always instantly. He threw his blades around, fatal shots to the throat only. He didn't waste his time playing with his toys. He focused on taking out gunners, because they were the most dangerous to them right now. Too much gunfire, made it hard to fight melee. You can't dodge a bullet and a sword at the same time.

Kittamari was fighting like she normally did, fast and almost reckless. However, she as just lucky enough to never have a direct hit, maybe knicks and small cuts. No one could land a solid blow on her. Shiloh smirked, so either she improved or the armies been slacking.
Alex called out just as more men and tanks rolled up. Sucking his own teeth he looked between the too.
[#8147A0 "Kittamari, Alex is right. We have to go! We won't go home, but we can't stand this fight. Pick your battles!"] He called out Kittamari looked just as a tank fired a loud shot towards them.

However it stopped mid air. Something was holding it, Kittamari looked around wildly. How? Then she spotted a girl who was standing relatively close, her nose was bleeding. She was shaking violently too, her eyes were locked into dagger stares at the tank missile. Her eyes were also crazy looking. The girls pupils were huge and taking up almost her entire eye. Then it was slowly turned around and relaunched back up the tank's firing hole. A large explosion disrupted the fight. Kittamari took that then, would be the moment to flee the field.

Racing over she opened the truck up, and yelled [#EC0E37 "Please! Get in! We can take you to safety."] she called. Knowing very well they may not trust them. They were strangers after all. One girl jumped into the truck quickly, she was short blue hair, and she looked terrified. Soon people followed her and one by one they got into the truck. By then Alex had gotten in the truck.
[#EC0E37 "Alex you know where to go, we aren't going home tonight...You!"] she pointed at the girl that drove the missile before.
[#EC0E37 "They're gonna chase us. I am gonna fire shots at them...You can help my accuracy. Anyone else with a gun, come forward...Use it."]

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Her skin crawled as the men yelled out grossly about her. Her face fell pale and she looked down at the ground. She began to shake and tears flooded her eyes. How could they say such gross things? How could they think this was funny. Peyton yelled at them and stood in front of her. But she didn't feel safe anymore. She hugged her chest, trying to press her chest down. Not understanding why it drew so much attention. She thought about her father...the smell of booze. The way he used to watch her, make her feel uncomfortable. The way the men in the labs would look at her and sometimes touch her...Her skin crawled violently as tears began to leak from her eyes. Keeping her eyes on the ground she, tried to keep her mind stable. Where she was, the loud explosion cut her thoughts, she raised her head. Wiped her eyes, swallowed the lump in her throat. She felt like throwing up, but didn't.

Raine had stood behind everyone from the get go. Not having a chance to every actually fight, she was relieved. The creatures came and then went. The fight was interrupted by the men Rose warned them about.
Then...something was happened. Alvin was being spoken too, and it made Raine fearful. Her hand was on her dagger, but that didn't make her feel safe, even with everyone defending her, she wasn't the one in danger. It was Rex...and well of them, if Alvin decided to be Rex and to go with those men. That's what scared her, she wouldn't be able to stop him. She'd let him kill her, there was no way she'd survive that.
Her knees locked and the entire time she watched. Even as Peyton took to the ground to try to talk to him. As new people showed up, the girl called herself Kittamari...the man who had been speaking mentioned her.

Raine blinked wildly her head hurt with possibilities, trying to keep up with what was going on.
All she knew was next she running into this van. Blindly trusting these people that showed up. Raine had a gun, she didn't know how to use it.
As the began to drive off, the girl stood holding the van door open. Peyton was next too her, Styles had stepped forward too. With his gun, shakily Raine moved forward, drawing the pistol she had.
[#6495ED "I-I have one...I don't know how to use it."] she mumbled quietly. The girl looked over at her, Kittamari smiled [#EC0E37 "Do you know where the trigger is?"] Raine nodded and pointed at it. Kittamari nodded [#EC0E37 "Then now is the time to practice...Aim down the middle of the gun. Squeeze the trigger when you want to fire. "] Raine nodded.Looking out she stood between Styles and Peyton. Her hands shook, she was scared. She didn't want to be firing at people, why did she even step forward?

The guy driving was keeping the truck steady, but also he was moving to avoid fire. Aiming was hard, and once the others started opening fire. Raine hesitated but she took a deep breath. She remembered what Alvin said to her the other night. Everything inside her screamed to now pull the trigger...but she did. Raine started aiming and firing shots. Looking at the men, she aimed for drivers or men hanging off the tank. Her hands shook and it was hard for her to shoot. She got a few shots out, one landed. She flinched and closed her eyes, taking a deep breathe again. She then opened fire until she ran out of bullets.

Kittamari then looked and a tank was lining up right behind them. [#EC0E37 "This is my last rocket....This shot has to count. If we take the front tank out, it while spiral back and take the others outs...I hope."] she yelled over the loud wind, and shots being fired at them. Then Alex yanked the truck suddenly. Kittamari almost fell out but she got stable. [#EC0E37 "This shot has to count...When I fire it, direct it at the front left wheel."] she yelled over to Peyton. Who nodded, she looked bad. Her complexion was pale, extremely pale, her nose was bleeding badly. Both nostrils were gushing. Raine looked over at her, she seemed like she'd collapse soon.

Shiloh was driving near by, keeping off to the side, and a bit behind the cargo truck. He'd throw the jeep in the way of any advancing vehicles he could. Then Kittamari fired her last shot, as directed Peyton sent it into the wheel of the tank. The hit caused the tank to flip and exploding. Just like predicted it stopped the rest of the enemy pursuit. Kittamari took a deep breath and waved at Shiloh. Just as she waved Peyton began to lean and tip. Raine grabbed her and sat her down, wiping her nose she let Peyton lean on her.
[#EC0E37 "You don't look so good... It's over now. Sorry to have worked you like that."] she offered, as Shiloh pulled the jeep close to the truck. Kittmari jumped into the jeep.
[#EC0E37 "I will see you all in a moment."] she yelled out as Shiloh drove the jeep infront of Alex, and off they drove towards their safe house. Once they were certain any pursuit had ended, they'd go back to their home.

Raine now sat there, silent. Everyone was silent, and she wanted to feel happy. They had gotten away, they did it. They escaped...but this uncertainty laid in her mind now. Who were these people that saved them? Their intentions seemed golden, but who were they?
Raine was also now feeling the guilt settle in from using her gun. She shot people, she had shot and even hit some people...They wanted them dead sure...but they were people. With families, and friends...they were only doing their jobs.
What was Alvin thinking? What was he going through? How was everyone else? Her mind just raced in the silence between everyone. She sat there, holding the exhausted Peyton, watching through the open truck doors as the land expanded. The lab began to disappear behind the horizon too.
They were out, really out...So why didn't she feel happy?
  Lypophrenia / 2y 269d 20h 31m 41s
[center [h3 Figured Out]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=RDvEPW1EOjw1w&v=JcbmibZf4oY]]

[center [b Rose blinked as she tilted her head looking at Mally. She had simply nodded before heading to bed. She thought if Mally would keep this a secret? She had to work with her whether she trusted her or not. Reading her thoughts she didn't seem to be a threat. Sure she loved gore but she seemed tame compared to how unstable Rex was. Though as Rose spent the night scouring and reading Rex she gave the rest of the group a little bit of attention but she focused most of the night on Rex. She had giggled seeing Peyton wondering if she had swung that way. Oh Rose knew she'd have to mess with Peyton. Though from the looks of it? She already got plenty of attention from Eric and Kanzaki. Hmm... peering into Rex it seems even he's taken a shine to her. How did she do that? Tame him? She'd have to devote a night to Peyton if they survived. Did she do it because she cared? Because she needed to use his skill? He would be easy to wield like a weapon in a strange way he already had a will of his own. Like a living breathing sword with the occasional odd thoughts. He'd fight for anyone else's goals he'd already cared the reason. He didn't seem to enjoy the murdering factor but he was more comfortable with it than most people should be. Rose smiled peering into Rex's comrades thoughts. The more current ones didn't take as long to read. They all wanted Rex to sleep a little closer didn't they? Eric,Peyton,Raine a dog pile huh? If only she knew they wanted the same thing. Oh it seemed Rex would be pretty shy but he'd enjoy that wouldn't he? They had a good effect on him, but what effect did he have on them? That would take more time to figure out.]]

[center [b Perhaps they did care for Rex more than just a sword, perhaps they wanted simply a warm body close? Though Rose seemed cheery and trusting having the gift she had she had read plenty of dirty laundry. People always tend to be different than they seem. Than again... Eric wasn't and Raine? She's been just as good too perhaps Peyton really cared for Rex. Even when they thought of him it wasn't Rex was it? It was Alvin but Rose couldn't bring herself to call him that. It seemed he had some dirty laundry in his past didn't he? As he woke up shouting sorry Raine had told him not to be. He wasn't the most sane person but... Rose slowly but surely began to pity him. He was never taught how to talk to people just handed some things he wanted and boom. Figure out how to make friends kids and well.. Of course he didn't know what he was doing. If they had met in other circumstances perhaps she wouldn't be so weary of him.]]

[center [b As they began to head out Rose had tugged Mally to the back. Styles giving her a look as she urged him to move ahead with the rest of the group. Lingering at the back she took a deep breath as she began to speak softly.]]

[center [+purple I'm kinda disappointed I got caught so quickly ya know? Hmm is he any real threat? To be honest? Even with my gift that's a hard question. I don't even know if he thinks he is, it's obvious he cares about Eric,Raine,Peyton it seems Peyton really has control over him. To a degree anyhow but he's not what I expected the white swordsman to be. I'm not really strategist so maybe if I share the details you can decide on my behalf if he is.]]

[center [b Rose took a deep breath was she really going to spill all the goods? Well it wasn't her comrade, not like Raine or Eric or Styles. What if Mally used it against Rex? That would hurt Raine... No it was important that someone level headed like Mally had this info. It was actually a good thing she caught Rose. Sure Styles would have helped Rose figure things out but Styles has exactly dealt with crazy before. Plus Mally would be less biased perhaps.]]

[center [+purple Well he's had it rough for starters he's been here for ages but you know that part. He obviously enjoys the thrill the combat but he doesn't actually want to murder others. Yet at the same time when he does hit the field? He becomes ruthless he's willing to cut down anyone or anything. I suppose the only thing that slows him down is a pretty face but even than? It depends on the mood he's really in. Speaking of his fondness for pretty faces he seems surprisingly normal in that aspect. Like a normal teenage boy... In fact he had even commented to himself how you were pretty. It shocked me how he could think of something so benign after the way he's attacked us. From what I've read he almost killed you if Eric hadn't stepped in. Though I guess at first he saw you as a and I quote a villain someone who wanted to hurt his friends. He obviously doesn't trust us and he's weary of us like we are of him.]]

[center [b Rose adjusted her hat with a little sigh it wasn't like her to talk so much business except with Styles. She was cheery and peppy heck she could relate to Eric in that department she just wasn't as naïve as he was. She knew it was important to talk about and get out of the way even if she hadn't wanted to be so serious. Though she couldn't help but smile and lighten up a bit she didn't have the give the lowdown with so much doom and gloom.]]

[center [+purple He's weary but checking you out? Totally makes sense huh? Hehehe I'm sorry if I found that funny. He's not really a threat if we don't push him or make him feel threatened or his comrades. In fact Peyton made taming him look... Easy I'm still learning why she did it. He's strangely easy to control it's like he hardly has a will of his own. He's made his friends goal his own goal and he truly is ready to die for that. Though it's hard to explain how that balance seems a bit delicate.]]

[center [b That being said Rose wondered why she threw that tidbit in did she want Mally to try and keep Rex under a thumb? Hmm.. it seemed she lacked the charisma to do that. Than again Rex wasn't a hard case to crack if one really tried. He would be less scary in someone's total control. It was apparent he had fought Peyton once and he got... Well rough as Rose turned over to Mally she began to spill and pour everything out to her. Rex's time here the way he enjoyed each and every fight. She had left only one thing out that being Rex's fear of Rose and why. That was personal for Rose but how he felt about a pretty face a soft girl. How Claire really set him off and made him even more unstable. His past before this place Rose couldn't answer if he was a threat. She basically went "this is what he's like it's up to you to decide." That didn't help as much as Mally probably wanted but awe well it was the best Rose could do after they escaped shed' share the same things with Styles see what he thought.]]

[center [h3 Gossip]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki had followed the group holding his hands behind the back of his head. He had stayed close to Rex he was eager to fight side by side with the white swordsman. Black and White pretty badass sounding huh? Least that's what Kanzaki thought to himself but as he looked around during the walk. To enjoy the lovely ladies who had joined he had noticed his leader talking with Rose. He couldn't help but slow down a bit and turn his head back as he asked.]]

[center [+darkblue Ooo gossip! Can you let me in? Talking about cute boys? I hope I at least made top three!]]

[center [b Rose rolled her eyes playfully as she giggled. Kanzaki wasn't used to that sort of reaction he was more used to a reaction like Claire's or Peyton's. Though Peyton wasn't as harsh as Claire it was the same sort've shut down. As Rose placed a finger under her chin she thought for a moment before speaking up.]]

[center [+purple Oh your close we were talking about the cute girls in the group wanna join hun? Although I think I saw Peyton checking you out.]]

[center [b Kanzaki rather gullible as his eyes lit up he fist bumped into the air.]]

[center [+darkblue Really? She did? Yes!! Finally a little bit of attention! Haha! Wait cute girls? Hell yeah I'd join! I think you'd make top three for starters!]]

[center [b Rose placed her hands on her hips with her face glowing red as she gave a playful little scowl. Almost like a cat playing with her prey.]]

[center [+purple Top three huh? Here I thought you were a smooth talker guess I was wrong. Here I was going to invite you to sleep in my tent if we ever set one up. Awe well your loss.]]

[center [b She mewled as she shrugged with a playful wink walking up ahead. Something about the way she looked at his eyes... It felt like she could see right through him. Though it made him feel a bit strange he didn't think he minded. Though at that comment his face grew into a large red bloom. He wasn't expecting anyone to flirt back as he looked at the ground a bit shy he scratched at his cheek with a weak chuckle.]]

[center [+purple Awe how cute your all talk aren't you? So if a girl ever did come onto you, you would have no idea what to do huh? How quant~]]

[center [b Kanzaki tried to speak up to argue as his manhood was being questions she had however leaned in with a grin. As she traced her fingers down his cheek he had simply shut up. She let out a giggle in glorious victory as she made her way to the front of the group with the others. Kanzaki looking at Mally with a sigh.]]

[center [+darkblue Woof, she seems a little dangerous doesn't she? It's almost like she just read me without even trying. Am I that much of an open book boss?]]

[center [b He asked tilting his head as they began to near the destination. He decided that he would take the front he was surprised nobody gave them party formations. Though he knew that him and Rex would have to be frontline fighters he wouldn't take no for an answer on that account. Even if it was from a cutie!]]

[center [h3 Crew Formation]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b Styles was a bit worried as Rose had spoken with Mally so much. They had agreed to trust only really Raine and Eric but maybe those two were rubbing off on her? They were so trusting it may have made Rose gone soft. As soft as she always appeared to be the two shared a cell long before this tournament so they were close. Styles had looked at her like his own daughter and from talking with her he seemed to be one of the older subjects. It happened with teens and young adults often but he was a strange case being around what was it? It's been awhile.. twenty-seven? He was young he hadn't felt old but in comparison? Oh he was starting to feel old and yeah Rose would be too old to be his. Yet that didn't change how he felt perhaps he was always an old soul though. Though what was growing old was the trip itself wasn't it? Though they had finally come to an end. As Mally took charge on how to end the towers Styles frowned a bit at the last part. It seemed like a head on battle, they didn't have much of a choice huh?]]

[center [+blue Aye, I think we should prepare a formation in case the more durable members like Kanzaki and Eric should take the front. I think Rex should be able to fight freely and deal whatever damage is needed in fact I can support him in that area. Kanzaki and Eric need to focus on protecting our healers and secret weapons so they can assist from the backlines. Dealing damage and assisting us when needed, Mally I'll be honest I have no idea where to put you. I haven't got a chance to see you in action. Or even hear much about you perhaps you could be on the offensive with us?]]

[center [b Already though Styles was starting to receive some sass and that would be of course from Claire. Oh she was going to be fun wasn't she? He didn't have enough rum to be dealing with her.]]

[center [+lightblue Who died and made you in charge? Look I can handle myself just fine I don't need two idiots to look out for me. Let them look out for short sweet and busty over there I don't need it. They can fight about who gets to save the "damsel"]]

[center [b Oh boy she was extra moody wasn't she? She had lost her dagger from Mally and Eric must have really made things worse. Not that he blamed Eric in the slightest but she would need a weapon and tactically? She had a point she could defend herself a rare attribute for a healer and a poor one to waste. Thought the way she went about it? Was uncalled for.]]

[center [+darkblue Aye lass calm down Mally could you hand her back the dagger? She'll need it for the battle ahead, Eric and Kanzaki focus on defending Rose,Peyton,Raine while Peyton and Rose deal any damage they can from a distance. Raine? Well I think your part is obvious enough and Claire? Since your so damn sure of yer self? I think you should be a more... Pro active medic. Your with Rex's team in the frontlines since you can handle yourself so well.]]

[center [b Claire shrugged and crossed her arms as she looked away it seemed she was more okay with the second idea. Though that was a poor way to say yes wasn't it? Though her outburst wasn't wrong she could focus on healing Rex and himself along with Mally if they joined the two. Styles was a bit nervous fighting alongside the legendary white swordsman. The man had tried to kill Styles before had his friends not stopped him from chasing? Styles wouldn't have lived but it was nice to have that on his side! Well.. It was on his side for now wasn't it? It was going to be scary that was for sure despite being a former pirate? He wasn't exactly the murderous kind, so he knew he was plenty soft himself.]]

[center [b He stole and fought only those who deserved it like this messed up kingdom for starters. That's how he got caught in the first place anyhow. They may listen they may not we'll see Styles will improvise accordingly if they don't.]]

[center [+brown You got it captain! Arg me matey! I've always wanted to try being a pirate! Honor to join the crew!]]

[center [b Eric said with a salute as Styles laughed shaking his head oh that boy was crazy. It was nice to know someone was on his side him and Raine were that was for sure. Raine could work on healing Kanzaki,Eric,Peyton,Rose those near her but on second thought..]]

[center [+darkblue On second thought Kanzaki and Eric should take the front they can take the most gunfire. Rex and I may be in trouble against that kinda firepower.]]

[center [b Rex turned his head looking at Styles oh boy he wasn't happy to hear that wasn't he? Though he quickly looked away sighing holding at his arm. Listening to Rose about everything so far? He knew what Rex was thinking he was thinking I can handle anything and everything. He did wear bullet proof material which served as no protection to blades obviously but here? His head was still an open target but maybe he could handle it. Still Kanzaki and Eric would be more likely choices in terms of receiving enemy attention. But Raine and Rose with Peyton can't stand near the biggest heat of the battle perhaps Rex should focus on cutting down foes near them? Styles hadn't really thought this out had he? Though this is where his gift had come into help. The fact that time had a different effect on him a second or two? Felt like a few minutes to ponder on the fact and it was a useful gift in a pickle. It may certainly help him dodge some bullets to see them coming huh? Along with his enhanced speed he should be fine he didn't have to fight this battle alone after all.]]

[center [b Though as Mally said they'd have to handle the incoming guards Rex had gave her a timid nod. Makes sense he'd be behind that plan but he seemed... Awfully timid and shy. Though Kanzaki had decided to pitch in a bit himself.]]

[center [+darkblue Don't get me wrong I'll protect every cutie here don't worry! Though I'm not letting you steal the chance to fight with Rex! Not cool Styles! If anyone gets to fight by his side? I think it should be? Please?]]

[center [b Styles sighed he wasn't as rude as Claire at least but it wasn't like it was an honor Styles wanted. The idea terrified him in fact he wasn't a fighting machine like Rex or Kanzaki. Sure he had survived some time but that was due to how Styles used his gift. Rose keeping him company having someone to talk to helped kept him fairly sane and a level head.]]

[center [b Perhaps that is why he hasn't adapted to really be a machine that could make sense but now wasn't the time to ponder about that. As strange creatures began to set in an alarm had been set off. They must not be the first to try this escape huh? Wonder if they'd be the first to actually break out.]]

[center [b Styles flipping his modified flintlock pistol as he drew his cutlass spinning it around he began to fire into the creatures. With his gift it felt he had all the time in the world to line up his perfect shots. As he began to shoot each one directly into the head. In fact had he not been as wounded as he was when he fired at Peyton? She'd have surely suffered a killing blow. It was strange to use that same weapon to be helping her out now. He knew Rex's sword made him nervous he had hoped his pistol didn't have that effect on her. Strange considering she did take Maria away from him... Though they weren't as close. It still had hurt to see that happened but Peyton did out of fear that was all. He had to let go if they were to fight together.]]

[center [h3 I Got It]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Earlier on the day as Raine had gotten every chip from the team. Everyone had thanked the cheery squirt as Claire denied her aid. She had grabbed Kanzaki's blade slicing her arm up to get the chip herself. As she sucked and licked at her arm healing herself clean. May it have been more effective to let Raine do it? Perhaps but Claire didn't really want to be in her debt.]]

[center [b Carrying on as they headed over they had all talked Eric still seemed tired and groggy. Rex was quiet but he seemed more awake. Kanzaki was hyper and chipper and already hitting up that Rose woman. She wanted to get some more sleep herself but they couldn't till they escaped. Though first chance she got she'd probably take off on her own.]]

[center [b As they made it to the field and Mally talked a plan to disable the tower. Claire discussing with Styles on how she didn't need protection. She had put her hand up to Mally waiting for her dagger to be returned she was ready to get to work. She'd be sure to pull her weight but nothing that'd put her own life at danger.]]

[center [b Though as they closed in Styles had started to open fire into the creatures as a loud alarm began to set off. Rex had ran in recklessly cutting down the creatures as Styles tried to keep distance staying close to Raine. As Rex chopped one's arm off another ran in to bite at him grabbing at his left arm. Rex growling as it sunk it's teeth in his shoulder as he bit the beast back! Stabbing his blade through its chest as he ripped at its flesh with his teeth. As he turned around wildly that's the best way to fight animals huh? With your own animal? He seemed even more desperate and angry when he was in pain. Yet he fought with more elegance than anyone she had seen when he had control of the situation. Parrying and deflecting the claws removing their hands quickly and ignoring the wounded ones to focus on the ones retaining it's limbs. He really knew what he was doing almost as if he had fought multiple foes at once before todays arena. Perhaps he was reckless in the free for all arena's. Grabbing the blade with both hands he managed a cartwheel without using his hands to evade further blows. Moving to the side as he hacked down the creatures shoulder it felt Eric and Rose had watched for a bit. Heck it really deterred Claire she wondered where to even enter in. Though Kanzaki? He was beyond eager as he ran in drawing his large blade. Slashing through two of the beast in a single stroke. As he tripped over a bit almost falling over Rex had kicked a beast into the next oncoming one attacking Kanzaki. As he danced around the two cutting them to ribbons as Kanzaki thanked him with a shy chuckle.]]

[center [b Rex had hardly payed Kanzaki any attention though. Kanzaki seemed more worked up than usual. As he began to bellow his skin turning jet black. His armored skin appearing as his voice began to change. With a long laugh he charged to cover Rex's back as the two went to town on the beast. It was almost crazy to see how well the two fought together. Rex had to deflect some of Kanzaki's strikes as he almost cleaved Rex into two. That's why Claire and Mally felt fighting beside Kanzaki was a fool hearty. He had little control of his wild swordplay. It seemed when they fought Eric the other large sword wielding man he was more aware of his allies wasn't he?]]

[center [+darkblue Oh man! Rex I'm sorry dude! You okay?]]

[center [+orange I'm fine f-focus forward!]]

[center [b Rex said it hardly bothered him as Rex looked around for another foe to strike a beast had tried to strike Rex from above. Though Kanzaki had blocked the strike. The beast hopping on Kanzaki's large blade like a platform. Rex had flipped to the side jumping backward onto the blade as he balanced himself cutting the wild beast down. They focused solely on attacking they didn't try much to preserve themselves but they appeared so savage. Claire was sure she could only handle one at a long time maybe two. Though she'd be risking her life either way she did know she could avoid and deflect two or three's attacks no problem. Killing them was another story they seemed to possess plenty of brute strength.]]

[center [+lightblue Hey idiot try and actually aim at the damn monkeys! If you kill him I don't think his friends would be to happy with that!!]]

[center [b Oh she was one to talk wasn't she? Stabbing Eric the way she had. Yeah well she gave him a warning she wouldn't almost cleave one in two for no good reason now. She really wasn't into the whole blood and gore and having Eric bleed that way? It did scare her a bit but she was too angry to really display it. Yeah she knew she overreacted but she really respected her personal space. They all had their own damages and she could respect that. Rex? Oh he was crazy him and Kanzaki both. Sure they all were and that was just her own damage.]]

[center [b Though right now her damage was being unarmed she really needed Mally to get with the program and her the damn dagger. She may have respected Mally but not so much to let her mother Claire. Sure Claire could be a brat but when it came to a fight she kept a level head. It wasn't like she wasn't aware of the fact she was a brat anyhow.]]

[center [h3 Knight Enters The Fray]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric drawing his blade reluctantly as he let out a large sigh turning around he smiled at Peyton and Raine.]]

[center [+brown Everything's gonna work out just fine I mean that is the job of a knight right? These names are kinda silly but might as well see if they have any truth to them right?]]

[center [b Eric said as he stood in front of the two his goal was solely protecting the two he'd have done the same for Rex though. Though Eric was sure he'd just get in the way of his progress at the moment. Styles had bumped shoulders with Eric as the two gave each other a soft smile. They had the same idea in mind it was to look after the others.]]

[center [+purple Awe Eric already forgot about little old me? I think you may have just shattered my heart.]]

[center [b Rose giggled into her little "huehuehue" as Eric scratched his head. He was getting used to having so many members around and it was easy to lose track of it all.]]

[center [+brown Of course! I'm sorry Rose I didn't mean to forget your my friend too.]]

[center [b He said as he turned around patting her shoulder before looking ahead she smiled softly. She was teasing him but it seemed she had really smiled at his words. That was all Eric could hope for was to relieve them. Though he had felt bad for the beast they had encountered. The lab made these poor animals suffer and being a country boy? With an uncle who owned a farm? Eric had loved animals so dearly. As they rushed their numbers thin they began rush in at the backlines. Sure Styles thinned them out but as he went to reload heading beside Raine. Eric ran forward as blocked four or five at the beast. As they began to bite claw at him more began to crawl around his body and overwhelm him. He as he grabbed one throwing it far into the forest as it slammed into the tree. It was stuck unable to break free, Eric had kicked thrashed and squirmed he wanted to be rid of them without killing any of them. Though he had began to distract the bulk of them and as Rex and Kanzaki finished up they began to slice the beast off of Eric. As he panted bleeding stabbing his blade into the ground only he'd survive so many vicious attacks without ever attacking back. It was obvious though he needed to be healed Rex had a wound on his shoulder and so far Kanzaki had been fine.]]

[center [b At that however the remaining beast began to flee and leave the scene. As Rose grabbed at her staff taking a breath she'd have to prepare herself to support the frontlines. As she used her clairvoyance scanning the area around. As she closed her eyes she began to yell at.]]

[center [+purple Guards approaching! They have several types of soldiers. Some wielding assault rifles others along with rocket launchers and even armored melee specialist. I guess that last bit must be the Royal knights of Tristaina huh?]]

[center [b Eric could tell that last line made her feel a bit uneasy. They were battle hardened soldiers the title knight is given to those wielding blades and armor in battle and who have lived. Sure there were dragoon knights fire arm elite specialist. Sure of them were probably even Dragoon Knights. They may not have gifts but with enhanced steel and proper training and numbers? A bunch of green horns didn't seem likely to win did they? At that the group had time to prepare to move into a more proper formation. Who would take charge for the second wave? Mally? Styles? His queen?]]

[center [b Eric never thought he'd have to fight... A knight as the squadron of troops arrived. Many well built training guns on the group some wearing a purple armor. Yeah dragoon knights some even dual wielding pistols they must have been well trained. Explosives to boot Eric's gauntlets shaking a bit as his hard coat began to whisk in the air. As he closed his eyes holding blade he decided to walk forward as a man holding a megaphone began to yell at the group. He must have been one of those in charge around here. A captain? Commander? Eric wasn't good at that type of thing he just knew that guy must be in charge.]]

[center [b Knights... Attacking innocent people like this? Eric's smile vanished as he begin to grit his teeth. He had respect for them he had even said Rex would have made a fine knight. His father had even enlisted to be a brave knight before. They were something he had always thought to be an heroic icon.]]

[center [+brown How could you call yourself knights! Attacking the innocent in such a way!? This is wrong! Please we can end this bloodshed I don't want to hurt any of you!!]]

[center [b Some of the men grinning and laughing at Eric's "threat" as the man began to speak into the mic. Wearing a hard black tight leather outfit with it's collar up. It had a silver medal across his chest with a blade on his side with a crest on it. While having a large rifle strapped across his body. His tone was stern and professional as he began to speak to them.]]

[center [+red I implore you to drop your weapons and desist now or my men will have no choice to cut you down. We know that we may not all survive but surely you see this is fool hearty. If you are to surrender now you may compete in this arena match still. We only demand that you'd start so now and end this folly. That your separate groups must return to the field of battle. That starting here and now the surviving members may leave.]]

[center [+brown So.. That's it?! You just... Want us to kill each other?! I.. I...]]

[center [b Eric stared at the ground for a moment as his body began to tremble. He was raised to believe that all people had good in them. That even those that seemed cruel and angry were misunderstood. Hurt lost or alone like Peyton is. They didn't mean it right? There was no such thing as evil not in this world. People simply misunderstood one another wasn't that right?]]

[center [+brown If you know that your friends can't all live than why?! Why?! Are you doing this?]]

[center [+blue Aye Eric those aren't his friends they are nothing but lackeys to a man of his stature. If a ship were to ever sink a captain should sink right along side it.]]

[center [b Styles added as Eric looked at the ground he knew... They could win this battle without killing them right? Maybe they'd see the error of their ways?]]

[center [+gray Oh wow get a load of this kid! Hey captain sir! The chief of staff said as long as we kill them or get them in the arena. That we could do whatever we want ya hear that boys? Been too long since some nice tail has tried to break out. Let's make this quick I've been waiting for this for awhile! How about this! Whoever racks up the most kills can have one to himself? I call the one in the back with the big tits!]]

[center [b The man shouted as he pointed at Raine and Eric's face simply fell into shock. This... Couldn't really be happening could it? It seemed this man had made his eyes onto Raine he was eager to get her first.]]

[center [+gray Hell if she dies it'd be a shame but it still could be a little fun I guess.]]

[center [b Eric had begun to tremble even more so what was this feeling? It felt like... Fire? No not like that but it made his face... Hot? Was it a gift? No it wasn't that was it? What was it? Why was his chest pounding? Was he scared? He was but now? He wasn't sure as his teeth clenched. As all these urges began to enter his body. Was this... Was Eric angry? He had never felt anger before not really but is this what it felt like? To be angry? As Eric pondered this a woman stepped forward wearing armor drawing her sword as she licked her lips.]]

[center [+gold I think I'd rather have the one next to her. I'm sure I could convince the chief to let me keep her as a pet. She has a lovely little face doesn't she?]]

[center [b The troop had began to prepare themselves some ready to claim a prize others who had stayed stalwart believing they were serving their kingdom. Was she? Peyton? His Queen? His Raine?]]

[center [+gold You boys probably don't want one of the little boys here though huh? Unless we have any priest right? Haha I think I want her and that Rex kid. I've enjoyed watching his battles it always got me... Going. I've always wondered what it would take to see him break? To see him fall apart. So strong and steadfast I think him and her would make just the cutest pets. I'd love to keep them.]]

[center [b Now Rex even? One by one they began to bicker over members of the group. Rose... Mally and Claire it was relentless. One had even talked about having a pirates head for a fine trophy and a good war story. To use them as bodyguards,challenges,objects of lust. Or even just a plaything were they that meaningless? Because of infection? They were treated like monsters... Outcast beings that had no real feelings of their own. Rex had dashed forward rushing at the captain in charge pointing his blade at the mans neck as he flinched stepping back. Every soldier cutting into focus as they aimed their firearms at him drawing their blades and spears and shields.]]

[center [+orange Bastards! T-These... T-T-These our...]]

[center [+gray Oh wow not as brave now huh kid? That's what happens when you fuck with the royal knights! You want to be pumped full of lead?]]

[center [b Eric had ran up ahead to stand beside Rex as he placed his hands on Rex's shoulder. As he looked forward with a straight look on his face.]]

[center [+brown Don't mess with our friends! If you want Alvin? You have to go through me!]]

[center [+red ...?! Alvin? The subject has remembered his name after all. This is as bad as Chief of staff said it was. You don't know what you are talking about. That boy isn't your friend he is a weapon for the kingdom. Hell he's even said so himself but I'm not sure if he even remembers that little fact. Regardless my deal still stands come on Rex if you listen. I'll even let you fight Eric next I know you eager to. He's been trying to look out for you. Though you know you are the top of the food chain! The chief had high hopes for you, though you weren't exactly spoiled for that. That is why you have earned my respect as a fellow man. You could become this kingdoms hero! With blade in hand the first step now is cutting apart the foes you began with. Styles? Oh we saw that encounter. You were doing well! Bravo bravo! You even put Mally at the end of her ropes we were afraid her intellect would best you. Though her pretty face and vicious behavior gave her a fighting chance or so I thought. Though this man? Eric? As well as his comrades? They've undone so much of our progress Rex! So much! Look how strong you've grown fighting these battles. We made you and we can make you grow even more. I tell you what if you manage to slay those three in your group? The ones who have held you back? I say your ready to be the next subject to... Lets say graduate.]]

[center [+brown Liar! Alvin would never agree to something crazy like that! His name isn't Rex anymore all right?! He isn't your... Your puppet!!]]

[center [+darkblue Wait.. Graduate what the hell does that even mean?!]]

[center [b Eric and Kanzaki chimed in as Rex lowered his blade tilting his head. As the man chuckled a bit taking a few steps backwards and a breath of air.]]

[center [+red We aren't monsters sure my men are unruly I know that much. Though they do the job, as for graduating? We weren't going to have you fight forever. Though only a small force ever has it's those who have won around one thousand battles. While swearing loyality to the kingdom. When this is done? They gain the ultimate rank of "hero" it can only be outranked by those in the royal family. Money,fame,power and glory? These men even outrank the royal knights in terms of combat and social status. No longer will you be in the shadows Rex. You made a promise to the chief of staff. To the first hero ever made lord Zero. Though you haven't won enough battles yet you have shown such true dedication we have fed you more than mice! We have fed you mighty lions at your caliber! Yet you had still come out on top oh we had lied to you. Told you the foes you faced for some time now lacked any combat experience. You were our first test in that aspect sure your still not as powerful as a hero. In terms of strength or loyality they outmatch you. Ahh but see? That would drive your fire crazy to just hear that! Hahahaha! You have the same fire as lord Zero to grow and grow! You would challenge each and everyone and climb the latters. Not for social power when there is none to gain but to simply prove you are the best of the best. Zero believes you could never best him but I? Oh lets say I've staked my career on you lad! You could become stronger than him you are still so young. You would be the youngest hero plus I mean your the first to volunteer to come here! That was a crazy meeting you came to us! Even Zero hadn't done that nay you have showed true loyality more than I or my comrades. For that I am proud of you the shining image of a hero. Now stand forward and slay the fools who know not of the world we live in. You tried to teach them didn't you? The knight? Eric? Oh he simply clashed blades with you. Impudent little fool and as for Peyton? What did that girl do? She held you back didn't she? Raine? Oh she only threated that if you let your true nature emerge? To end Styles and his comrades? The ones who attacked you at first! Who hate and despise you even now. Hell Rose? Oh boy you don't recognize her do you? Well let's just say you have good reason to hate her. I'd be willing to share if you just continued to listen. Why yes my point Raine had threatened to leave your side to and I do quote she would never forgive you wouldn't she. As soon as you escape into a world of peace where do you belong? You told us about the world before. The world of peace and how did that work? Sure you attacked Vincent and felt your violent nature was a curse that you wanted gone. Zero told you it was a gift and something we needed in this world. Something that we need right now, you'll lose them the same way. They don't belong in the world that we do Rex.]]

[center [b Rex backed away slowly as the man continued to attack him with physiological warfare.]]

[center [+orange I-I.. I...]]

[center [+red Zero left your name off of your stuff and your stuff alone and he had a reason my lad. For that I apologize to my men but they cannot have you as a pet. Unless of course you choose to be with people who don't accept you? I mean when you first came here Zero's right hand woma really had liked you. Jessica Everheart? It broke her little heart to alter those memories in your pretty little head. You had promised her after you had became a hero the two of you would fight for this kingdom. Your memories would be restored when all was done! We had to make you feel like a captive and remove those memories give those who fought you a fair chance. So you two would feel the same stress but Rex you were never truly a captive you wanted this. Though at first we had planned another mate for you. Kitamari it made sense seeing as her fate? Was so deeply intertwined with your own, she gave you that power in a way. That nature though we aren't sure If she even knows. She was caused those wolves? The ones that infected you? Oh yeah! You don't even know how you were infected? We have so much to talk about you have no idea. Sadly like you she tried to fight her nature and her path. Now she's gone don't make the same mistake.]]

[center [b The man's tone had changed from professional to that of a father talking to a son. As a small half smile entered the mans face Rex had dropped his blade falling to his knee's as he stared at the ground. His eyes rattling as he had simply sat there.]]

[center [+orange I-I...]]

[center [+red Liked Kitamari more? Oh I know we had you two meet a few times before you got that hair dyed and those contacts. You really did get along hell if you want her maybe you can help her find her? I can give you a picture she's a beauty. I mean she has those wolf ears too like from those little shows you love to watch?]]

[center [b He said talking to Rex like.. Well like he was a child! Like he was bribing Rex as the man grabbed a picture from his vest. As he threw the picture at the ground underneath Rex. Blue eyes... Wolf ears and white skin. Rex had reached out to the picture tilting his head as confusion and tears struck his face.]]

[center [+orange K-Kita... K-K-Kita... Kita...mari?]]

[center [+red Whoa! You remember the name at least! I am so proud of you! She was raised her so in a way you two really belonged here. Straying or not I still believe that to be the case. You two truly were powerful sure she failed her first purpose. I hadn't lost faith in her really she made such perfect specimen. In turn? They made Alvin into... Well Rex!]]

[center [b As Eric wiped at his face standing in shock he had let out a furious growl as he charged at the man swinging. The man laughing as he ducked and Eric grabbed by his throat looking into his eyes. As Eric's eye begun to sting and water from his friend being attacked in such a way.]]

[center [h3 Who Am I?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Lost memories? Could that really be true? Could a gift really do that? Why he hated Rose? He didn't hate her... Did he? He didn't hate Eric or Raine or Peyton either! They didn't hold him back. He... He loved him? Did they... Love him? Eric had clashed blades with him and Peyton and him? He.. scared her and with Raine? She said she'd never forgive him.... Looking at this picture Kitamari Rex could feel some truth behind the mans words. He felt so warm looking at it... Like she really had made him into who she was. That's crazy! His maker? His mate?! Intertwined fates? She was... Mystique beyond gorgeous but something about her showed a majestic sadness with a cold fire that burned into her soul. Like she was ready to fight for something even greater than herself. Like she was a fierce leader behind that petite and beautiful face a woman who enjoyed combat as much as Rex. A woman that could blow things up and say let's have a little bit of fun with it all right? Yet at the same time it felt she would stand by what was right no matter what that may be. A person that counts on her friends and trust and work with her allies. Sounds to perfect as Rex was always the perfect follower to meet the perfect leader? Were those ears really real? Rex smiled weakly as tears hit the picture why was he crying? No he had only ever made friends with Vincent and Serah... Wait how did this man know about that? A promise? What promise?]]

[center [+orange E-Eric! L-Let him g-g-g-go! C-C-Can you restore my memories?!]]

[center [b Eric looked back at Rex than at the man as Eric with a low rumbled let the man go. Rex had never seen Eric so angry he really cared for... Rex didn't he? Or was it Alvin he cared about? Was there a difference Rex thought to himself. The man coughing and hacking on his knee's as he put a hand up to make his troop stand down he stood to his feet dusting himself off.]]

[center [+red Of course child Jessica could unlock those memories. The ones Rose tried to muddle her way through and I'm sure she thought she saw everything. Little did she know they've been blocked off see gifts with memories? Aren't a rare thing among secret weapons anyhow Jessica was a fine court. That's the term for secret weapons who graduate court mages better known as the mages of legend. Not to mention the infamous unit ray shine. The healers of course oh I was truly hoping that Raine would be along on that ride. She has to be one of the most gifted healers I've ever seen. Though her mindset? Well let's just say I couldn't see her belonging in our kingdom. Yes end the business between those three and I will restore your memories. Should sound fun right? I think Eric will be a tough cookie he's the first man to surpass you in brute strength. He's a fitting foe him along with Peyton and Raine? Oh those two were very special not all Secret Weapons hit change forms. Peyton doing so was a rare occasion and with that? I was sure the four of you made a perfect team! Eric to drive you crazier to make you grow. I personally decided that team made sense! On a gift based value alone? It did but I didn't factor in the chance of you getting along! You were all so different and yet? Yet?! They still managed to befriend you. Little good that would be as soon as you leave? You think they won't abandon you too?]]

[center [+brown We wouldn't! None of us would!! We are a team all of us and no matter what words you throw nothing will change that! Keep your title were leaving!]]

[center [b Rex held the picture tightly shaking this woman was... Was his friend right? Or was she a stranger? This man was his enemy wasn't he? Yet his words... Hadn't sickened Rex entirely. Rex felt so confused it was easy to grab his blade and fight and worry about that stuff later. Yet it was time... To choose a side wasn't he? As he grabbed his blade standing up his face covered in his white hair as he took deep long breaths. Choose a side? That's insane he's on Peyton's side! With Raine and Eric! No matter what till the end right? Yet... When they got out would they abandon him again? Had Rose... Really read his memory? Raine had stood up for her? Was that another secret Eric and Raine kept to themselves? Peyton had never really apologized for before hadn't she? So if they run into the same problem... Raine wouldn't forgive for his nature.]]

[center [b Rose holding her staff as she looked at Rex she had begun to yell out at him.]]

[center [+purple I'm sorry Rex! I'm sorry I looked at your memories! Your thoughts!! I was... I was just afraid! I know what your thinking and you should tell your friends how you feel! Peyton didn't say sorry for before because she wants you to be who you were! Alvin! Eric only fought with you for the same reason! To save your humanity! A good friend will be there even when your wrong! Raine had only told you she'd never forgive you because... Because she wanted to be stern for your sake. They love you Rex and I know that you love them.]]

[center [b She spoke up as she began to huff and pant so she admits it. Was backstabbing witch right or what? She lied about her gift! She liked like Eric and Raine had hid the truth! Like Serah and Vincent had! No... Wait Rex listen... Listen to her! No don't listen! Yes listen! No kill her! No don't! KILL HER. Stop it! Shut up leave me alone!]]

[center [b Rex held his head in pain, "no one but another warrior could love you" a warrior like who? Jessica?! Who was she? Kita... Zero? Who were they? These heroes...? Who were they... Who were.... Any of they? Who... Was Raine? Who was Peyton? Who was Eric? Had he really known them that long? To give up everything? His memories? To learn who he is? Yes he has! Yes he has... Not known long enough! No he has! "I almost kissed Peyton! I almost... Killed Peyton! No I didn't I love her. Yes I had I can't stand her, just like how Raine... Healed me. No... Hurt me? What did Raine do again? "She stood by me like.. Eric has he had protected me with blade in hand! With blade in hand he had... Stood against me! For who? Mally? Why had Raine hurt him? For Rose? A woman who... Peered into thoughts?]]

[center [+red Touching words from a witch if I say so myself you know why your so damn scared of her Rex? Really want to know? See since you've been here you've only lost one fight. That was of course when Zero wanted to test your abilities in arriving. You were sure you would win but he had sadly proven you wrong you had done well. Though you almost lost a second fight and this memory? We hadn't blocked it I know you remember it's just hard to piece together. Remember that attractive woman some time ago? The one who controlled illusions and could read others minds? Having only two gifts she classified as a fighter. Sure she learned to wield weapons but she had made her strike and that was at your mind. Boy was that a rough fight I thought I lost you to be honest. She had mentioned awful things like no wonder Serah hadn't loved you. Or you hadn't deserved Vincent all of your little worries? She read them and made you see terrible things. That woman was Rose's older twin sister. Funny if I recall the camera's watching her? She had vowed to avenge her sister to kill the White Swordsman. Funny little goal wasn't it? Her sister was so much more talented and yet she'd try and fight you? When her sister had lost? Maybe that's how she convinced her dear friend Styles to attack you. Now who defended the people who went outta the way to hurt you? The same people your willing to throw everything away for right now.]]

[center [b Rex looked up at the sky as his thoughts and feelings began to flood inside his body. That was the one terrifying battle he had thought about in this arena. When he had first met Rose he had thought of that fight. How did he not piece that together? As Rex's thoughts and feelings began to fight and clash with one another he couldn't help anymore finally he simply began to... Break. As he began to scream and shout into the air as laughter and tears fell from his face. He wasn't sure if he wanted to cry or laugh he didn't know what to feel anymore. Why was he fighting? What was he fighting for anymore? A question he's asked himself over and over again while being here he finally screamed into what felt like the empty void. "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR?!" as he fell to his knee's falling apart like never before he had begun to unravel. Rex had never felt so defeated in his life. He wanted it to stop he just wanted it to be over. He wanted somebody to just hurry up and end his suffering. He didn't know what was right or what was wrong anymore.]]
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