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[left [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]]
Mally found herself blushing, as Kanzaki swung her around. As her toes turned to point while he swung her around, she felt something in that moment. She wasn't sure if she liked it, but it felt like her heart was stopping. Yet, she felt what she thought was happiness. Heart stopping happiness. A smile danced to the corner of her lips, as his laughter echoed in her ear.
It was familiar.
[i A memory rolled through her head. Where was she? When was this? Mally was in a large library room, it felt like home. Was this her home? Mally had climbed to the top of a book case, she was trying to get a book. The short girl had misplaced a foot, and she was caught. Then spun bridal style, she heard her own laughter. The figure was to bright, she couldn't tell who it was.]

As she landed it lingered for a moment, but then it was gone. The smile slipped off her face and she fell back into her usual blank expression. Then as the memory faded from her brain a sharp ringing rang in her ear. Mally staggered in pain, grabbing her ears and holding them for a moment.
Once she opened her eyes and looked up, she had a small nose bleed.
The ringing stopped, and she was suddenly fine again. Mally wiped her nose and offered an awkward smile.
Leaving the room quick enough for him to now question what just happened to her.

This happened whenever she "unlocked" one of her memories. When the scientist at the lab created her the way they did, it interfered with access to her old memories. When something triggers a release of one back to her, it causes a physical set back. Depending on the memory they could be more intense.

Soon they bumped into Eric in the hallway, this kept Kanzaki from bringing up what happened again. Mally blinked, something was up with Eric...He seemed odd. He had just woken up but... this wasn't like him.

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Raine then went on to listen rather quietly to what everyone was saying.
Finding herself blushing and flustered after witnessing Rose's teasing of Alvin in front of everyone. Though, she still ended up laughing a bit. Which she knew would only encourage Rose, so she tried to hide it for Alvin's sake.

Soon though, her eyes began to get wider and wider with worry as Styles began to speak. The moment Eric volunteered she felt the tears brimming in her eyes already. She couldn't go anything, even if she volunteered she couldn't fight...and they surely wouldn't let her go anyway. A frown she kept pulling further and further on her face as Eric began to speak and give his talk. Tears were spilling onto her cheeks the second Kanzaki told Eric not to make them cry. She began balling when Eric himself finally addressed her.
Grabbing the closest person to her and burying herself in them, and it happened to be Rose.

At the end of everything they began to discuss a tournament because just about everyone was going to volunteer anyway. She had stopped crying but her frown was still deep.
[#6495ED "Where are you going to fight? In the ship? There isn't enough room for a tournament. Unless you're fighting throughout the entire ship...Which knowing you guys, it will get wrecked. So whatever champion wins, won't matter because we won't have a ship!"]

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[left [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]]
Peyton had a confused scowl on her face listening to Styles, but before she could say anything Eric had volunteered himself for a gauntlet. Of course she was cut off again, by Claire. And at that point she just let everyone else do the lecturing. She'd let him go through his entire speal before she began to yell. Her firsts clenched and arms shaking, because she could feel the sadness welling in her throat. Peyton was angry at him for making her feel sad like this. She couldn't even snicker at Roses snide remark about fighting her.
It felt like he was saying goodbye, and she wasn't okay with it.

However she felt her angry scowl turn sadder and sadder as he began to address her. At first she felt her heart melting but then, he brought up her past in front of everyone. Her face turned red and her anger came back, when she thought he was done, she began to open her mouth to yell at him. Just then he pulled her in, and kissed her forehead. Her clinched fists released and somehow she managed to get redder. As he pulled back, her hand turned flat and she slapped him. Loud and hard. At the same time a release of a few hot tears streaked down her face. Looking up at him, this giant of a boy in front of her.
[#8A2BE2 "You idiot..."] she coughed and pulled him into a hug. Then whispering in his ear [#8A2BE2 "If you go and manage to make it back, I will kill you myself...After giving you a lecture on revealing things you shouldn't."]
She was angry, angry he was giving her a good bye, angry he just revealed a bit of her past and herself to everyone. Angry he made her cry, angry he made her look to fragile in front of everyone.
Angry at the situation, and how they always seemed to end up in the unfair ones.

But moments later, a motion was pushed forward about a possible tournament. Raine had mentioned the space problem... Peyton thought if they fought throughout the entire ship it'd be quiet interesting. Hiding spots, and interesting moves. But they would most definitely destroy the ship. [#8A2BE2 "Sorry Peyton, but you actually proposed a good idea. Besides, if I am correct if we win we get to go? Or become in charge some how? We could just get another ship if we win."] Peyton shrugged and said [#8A2BE2 "I am for a tournament."] she then pointed at Alvin and Eric [#8A2BE2 "Since the day I've met you both, I've wanted to kick your asses."] she teased in a cocky voice.


Shiloh had listened to everyone the entire time. Nodding at the thanks from Eric, a small smile at the boys kind ignorance. He thought it was easiest to say good bye to him. Peyton and Raine seemed fairly upset by the emotional transaction. Though as others began to step forward and volunteer it seemed making a choice would be entirely difficult.
Shiloh caught himself thinking about who'd fight best.
Then Rose proposed a brilliant idea, and Raine with Peyton's help, encouraged it.

Shiloh nodded his head. [#8147A0 "Acctually...it doesn't sound like a bad idea. The strongest amongst us should be the one to go, to give us the highest possible outcome to win. Then at the end the healers who can heal will heal."]
[#8147A0 "We should have some rules though... No kill shots, we aren't trying to kill each other. Fight till you can no longer fight, but don't die. Not here anyway. Those who aren't volunteering will stay here in the main room, the tournament will be held throughout the rest of the ship...Everyone will be given a minute to get in position and then over the intercom I'll announce a start. Once you're too wounded to keep going, make your way back here, you'll be healed then."]
Shiloh shrugged his shoulders, waiting to see how everyone would react to these terms and see if it was a group vote.

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[left [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]]
Kitamari had listened to the conversation, the long rant.
She knew it, that this going to either be or end, or just the beginning for her. Eric of course jumped first to volunteer and she let him speak, keeping her cool the entire time. When Eric asked if anyone else wanted to volunteer at the end of his rant, Kita was the first to speak up after Avlin.
[#EC0E37 "It should be me, and there should be no debate about it. I need this, for me..."] she spoke bravely and actually it sounded like she was desperate for this. [#EC0E37 "I lost my people, I couldn't protect any of them. And none of you dare try to tell me that it's okay, because it's not and I failed them. But if I could do this, I'd redeem myself. I [b need] this."]

Though the desperate plea in her voice as she made her case to be the one to go, was heard. It fell upon deaf ears almost. As moments later a gauntlet, was proposed. They all fight, those who want too and the strongest will get to go. Kitamarie nodded when Shiloh finished talking and knew she was going to have to win. They were her friends, but now they were standing in the way of her goal. She'd have to cut them down. [#EC0E37 "I am in."]

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While the tournament idea was being discussed Mally couldn't help but begin to grin. Fighting, meant gore. A smiled peeled up onto her face and a sinister look fell into her eyes. [#EC871C "I am in...this could be fun."] her tone conveyed darker than she meant it too. It wasn't that she wanted to cut them up and hurt them. It as just, she liked seeing blood. And now she had a new toy to play with and try out. A transforming axe, and she couldn't be more excited about it.

Mally looked to Kanzaki, and in her mind she found herself entirely excited to dance with him...except this time this dance would be entirely different.

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Ren stayed in the main room, with everyone else who was not fighting. Raine was not fighting, as she could only heal. Ren wasn't fighting because his strength lied in hand to hand. The pirates would have weapons. Plus if they lost, he'd be sure to escape with Raine.
Shiloh was not fighting because he did better in group battles, as a ranged fighter one on one wasn't his thing.

Once all the volunteers left the room, Shiloh counted a minute as he said he would. Then over the intercom, he announced time had started.
[#8147A0 "Go."]

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[center [b Else where.]]
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[left [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]]
Nimue had very obviously blushed when Jessica made a goggle over her. She blushed ever deeper as Zero logically answered Jessica's question once she kept pestering him.
Blinking she did find it odd her answered the way he did, but that went away when he asked about her comfort.
Nimue nodded her head with a smile [#F64408 "Very comfortable."] she couldn't help herself as she leaned up close to him, cupping her hands around his ear, very lowly whispering. [#F64408 "I'll be more comfortable once you take it off."]
Just before dipping into the place.

It was nice, nice was a downplay...it was extravagant. Her eyes sparkled at the amazing sight of the place. Forgetting the flustering perverted comment she just whispered to Zero. Being swept up in the scenery she almost ditzily walked right past their table, Jessica had grabbed her though and steered her in the right direction.
Nimue smiled and sat down.

Soon the waiter was with them to ask them about drinks. Nimue ordered a wine for herself, red and sweet. While Riuku asked for water and so did Felicity.

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Riuku had blinked at Jessica's questioning. Boyfriend? Riuku tilted her head like she didn't actually understand at all. Her work life? Sure she had a busy job, but she wasn't uptight about it like Yushiro or Zero. She enjoyed her job, snooping around and being in charge of information.
Quiet convinced the whole operation might fall apart without her.
Riuku shook her head, not because of an obvious no. Riuku also didn't like boys, and instead of just simply saying no to Jessicas question she flatly blurted out [#F1F104 "I like girls."] acting as if it was no big deal, before telling the waiter she wanted water.

[left [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]]

Felicity felt quiet out of place, as the others bickered she was certain this wasn't correct. She was going to a fancy dinner, where the queen and king would be guests at? She was now in charge of the nations healing army. Just that morning she was confined to four white walls, as a subject. A simple test patient, and then suddenly she was VIP in the ranks. Her mind was a daze and she couldn't really get a grasp on how she felt.

Once they had all be seated Yushiro addressed her. [#FBB004 "Oh...Uh thanks. You as well....Yushiro."] her tone was a mixture of confused and surprised. She couldn't focus on the conversations that were happening around her she seemed to space out and look around the place. Low lit, and extremely lovely. White table cloths and real lit candles, cushioned seating. Everything was quiet lovely, and she had to admit it seemed to be taking her breath.

Nimue had turned to look at Yushiro and nodded her head. [#F64408 "I am very pleased, but Yushiro..."] she reached and touched his shoulder softly from across the table. [#F64408 "Relax...This is a night out, you've worked hard and this is a treat. I for once, want to hear you not talk about work and ranks. We're friends too."]
with that she looked over as the Queen and King themselves entered the room. Quickly everyone rose in their seats, even the other guests that had been seated around the room. The gentlemen bowed and the ladies curtsied, until they had reached their seats.

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[left [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]] Evlynne was draped in a magnificent gown, that hugged her body. It was deep dark emerald color and shimmered when it caught the light. Her hair, down and curling around her face. The midnight color of her hair contrasted against her light green eyes.

She walked up behind him as he looked himself over in the mirror. Reaching her hands up around his shoulders she straightened this neck tie and collar.
[#56A944 "You look great darling, let's go."]

Tonight they'd be going to the opening, as guests, to the newest high class royal restaurant. Funded by her kind himself, to give the people a boost in morale for the war. She thought it a brilliant idea, and was very excited herself for a night off.
Evlynne gracefully exited her carriage and they waited for all the other guests to go in and be seated before making their own grand entrance.
Smiling as her subjects bowed to them once they entered the room.
They were sat at the biggest table in the middle of the dinning room. This table would always and only ever be for the two of them.
[#56A944 "Oh it looks better in her than I had hoped."] the words left her mouth with grace. As she admitted the place exceeded her high standards.
Ordering herself some wine, white and dry, she smiled at her king. [ #56A944 "Are you pleased with it my love?"]
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[center [h3 Catch You?]]

[center [b Kanzaki had blinked blushing as she had made her way down to him. He had caught her and swung her small petite body around bridal style. He let out a stream of laughter he had always wanted to do that at least once. He had placed her on her feet letting out a soft chuckle as he nervously rubbed the back of his head. It wasn't long before the two had head out as they came across Eric.]]

[center [b The young brown haired male had given the two a yawn and a soft wave.]]

[center [+brown Hello friends!]]

[center [+darkblue Hah hello yourself been sleeping huh? Well me and Mally were just spending some time alone.]]

[center [b Kanzaki teased as Eric gave a gentle smile Kanzaki was sure it'd go right over his head. Eric had given a lighthearted smile with laughter just as bright to match as he shook his head.]]

[center [+brown Oh Mally how do you do it?]]

[center [b Eric had jested as he gave another yawn and a strech before heading ahead.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey Eric! Wait.. did Eric just sass me?! Of all people it was mr sunshines and rainbows? Haha wow! I guess he's more aware when he first wakes up huh? How backwards can that guy be?]]

[center [h3 A Crush On Who?!]]

[center [b Before Styles had a chance to start Alvin was teased by Rose of course like usual right? He thought to himself with a sigh as he held his side in pain. Ren had gave him a touch and like that... He was healed was he even better at this than Raine? Alvin had looked at his side and back at Ren. Well this was a bit awkward they were on opposite sides not long ago. Than again a lot of them were? No.. they were forced to Ren had chosen that side but.. had he really? Or was he dragged into it all the same? Regardless Alvin had found himself giving Ren a meek smile. It looked horribly awkward and obviously nervous but all the same it didn't seem or even feel forced. "Why am I smiling?" Alvin thought to himself that was more something Eric would do right? Weirdly enough the idea hadn't bothered him maybe it was time to admit that it was obvious he had admired the guy. He wondered if he had a problem with admitting things like that was he embarrased to even think thoughts like this? Like that Rose had gave a small giggle agh she's so evil! Wait.. she was looking at Kita oh great she was giggling too. Rose had raised a finger at Kita with her usual bubbly chipper smile.]]

[center [+purple I wouldn't say he has a crush on everybody hehe. In fact if I had two guesses it'd be--]]

[center [b Alvin had jumped up covering her mouth as he fell on top of her keeping both hands firmly placed on her mouth. As he looked at her pleadingly. Though he had let the moment sink in as he blinked blushing. Looking at her hair sprawled across the floor she seemed rather surprised he himself was too. He had jumped up and looked away as he took a few steps away shutting his eyes tightly. His face beet red as Rose fell into a fit of laughter.]]

[center [+purple Hehehe okay okay I'll keep it hush hush okay tiger? By the way hun I just wanna say don't take what Styles.. Or Zack what had said to heart. He knows you aren't that rabid dog he had actually said so right? He doesn't need my little gift to see how much you've changed. It takes a stronger man to stand down like you did you don't have a thing to prove to us hun. You've come a long way in such a short time. I'm sure it was because of a certain cutie right Peyton?]]

[center [b She giggled as Alvin had turned around flailing his arms he had of course denied it but he had stuttered and muttered so much it was hard to understand him. Even how dire the situation was Styles had found himself chuckling. Alvin had begun to think to himself how could Rose have any guesses? Two? Alvin himself wasn't even sure she could read his mind not know things he himself was even sure. Of course that only meant after reading everything she had two guesses huh? Raine? Kita? Wait.. She had brought up Peyton? No way! Not that she wasn't cute she well.. Gah! That just wouldn't make sense right? She seemed so tough and he seemed so emotional. Yet it wasn't like the idea had repulsed him right? How did his mind always come to the same subjects again and again? Regardless it... hadn't felt as stressful as before this social interaction? He was afraid to make a bad name for himself here. As a rabid dog or a horn dog! Or anything negative really sure he worried about what they thought. Yet spending time with them didn't drain him like it had before. Was this something that was hard to admit even to himself? That he had came to love everybody here?]]

[center [b With that everybody had begun to settle down as Styles had decided to speak up finally. Eric had finally made it along with Kanzaki and Mally. Alvin had given him a small wave as Eric waved back with a kind smile as always.]]

[center [h3 All Hands On Deck]]

[center [+blue All right Rose try not to kill the lad! Well sleepy head! Glad you made it. Raine, lass thank ye for holding down the ship while you're galiant captain left ship. Hmm.. so where do I start?]]

[center [b He had said as he crossed his arms placing his index finger and thumb on his chin. Styles had begun to explain from when he was first taken by the guards. How the man in charge here was his previous first mate. Leaving out some personal details he had simply shared his connections here weren't going to help. That the man had taken his crew and the guard but to save face with the men had challenged Styles.]]

[center [+lightblue So what's the challenge? I highly doubt it's a high stakes game of rock paper scissors.]]

[cente [b Claire had asked as she crossed her arms tapping her foot on the ground. Styles had given a chuckle that lass was feisty as ever wasn't he? Oh how he wished it was something as simple. He simply shook his head while keeping his usual demeaner about him.]]

[center [+blue The Sacrament of Blades so I'm afraid not. For those who aren't native to Galia it's a duel to the death with various conditions. Unlike Tristain which it's populace resembles much of the old modern world. Other places don't retain as much humanity I'm afraid save for Romalia. Though one could argue even Tristain doesn't have that anymore yes? Simply hiding it's barbaic acts for the greater good? Aye I suppose this isn't the time to ponder on such trivial things. The conditions are straight forward that each captain is to bring his first mate. In a two on two bout to the death what baffles me is Jack knows plenty about us. He's got rats in Tristains most elite forces even so why? Even if to save face how could he win? The lad is indeed skilled with a pair of purse cutters and a pistol. Not half bad with a cutlass either but he's an ordinary man well.. Compared to us like anyhow. I suppose though if you think about it he's presumed I'm the captain though really? We haven't decided now have we? I figured we could use that to our advantage when we choos--]]

[center [b Styles had stopped as his usual ruffian smirk vanished from his face. He looked at each of his friends and to Rose and than to Raine. Not that he had a paticular reason for it to be here but he had decided to stop his head shaking. It was hard as he was indeed clearly shaken. He placed his hand under his chin as he pondered no it couldn't be.]]

[center [+brown What's on you're mind friend?]]

[center [+darkblue Whoa hey don't be all omnious after telling us we got it in the bag come on! That's not fair cap!]]

[center [+lightblue Can you just spit out you know how impatient the boys are around here.]]

[center [b Alvin of course hadn't said much but to stare intently and Rose she was already aware what train of thougt Styles was onto. Kanzaki as impatient as ever Claire wasn't wrong and Eric? He was more worried about Styles than being curious. "Sounds just like the lad' that's probably why Styles had the most faith in Raine and Eric. Rose aside of course not to say he didn't trust everyone here with his life. Except for Ren whom the man wasn't entirely sure about yet but he had trusted Raine's judgement after all. He had shook his head getting his mind in a jumble like this wasn't his style. He took a deep breath before explaining.]]

[center [+blue If an old dog like me can come up with such a cheeky loophole than what if? What if Jack wasn't really the captain here? I presumed he wanted to kill me to assert his role as the captain but what if another man or even a young lass pushed him to it? Took the mantle while I was away? Someone who's power I wouldn't know? Someone strong enough for Jack to bet his chips on. If that's the case the first mate isn't the only unknown factor. If he was so sure of himself knowing as much as he does about us? They must be powerful no doubt.]]

[center [b Styles didn't want to be one of the two up there fighting. He was a talented duelist sure but he felt better having someone else take his place. If not for the fact it was sort of his fight could he really call himself a pirate? If he has some scallywag face the gallows for him? A captain sinks with his ship not watches from the sidelines? But were he to lose it would cost them all the same. He wasn't naive like Eric he saw the bigger picture. Speaking of the young man he stepped forward.]]

[center [+brown I'll go by myself we don't need to risk everyone right? In the meanwhile you guys try to escape if that's the case Styles we may have to accept Galia as a enemy right? If Romalia anything like.. I heard growing up I'm sure you all can still take refuge there. Galia wouldn't start a war over something like this with Romalia anyway right?]]

[center [b Claire had growled and looked at Eric with a scornful look.]]

[center [h3 Claire]]

[center [b As things had begun to unveil Claire had mostly kept to herself throwing in a few words here or there. As hard as she knew she was on them Styles wasn't a moron but she had figured it out herself. She just hated he had cut off like that just to what? Frustrate the boys? They were wild enough as is. As the blue eyed young woman began to think of a plan Eric had offered one of us own. A stupid one it was it drove her crazy how dense was he? How selfish? Did he really think his friends would just say "okay thanks pal see ya!" he was stupid it actually hurt her brain. He reminded her way too much of a certain jackass maybe less flirtious but Clyde tried to act just as noble.]]

[center [+lightblue Are you for real? Mr knight in shining armor? What? You think you're friends are just gonna bail? Seriously tell me you could imagine Raine or Alvin or Peyton saying. Oh wow gee thanks for taking a bullet for us pal! You're just so brave thanks for saving us mister! See ya! Peyton might slap your dumbass Alvin? You know he feels the same way right? He'd fight right beside you because he's just as stupid he just doesn't scream it out loud all the time. Raine would be the one to kindly let you know "Hey Eric I'm sorry but umm your a dumbass!" something like that. Tell me if I'm wrong seriously what the hell.]]

[center [b Kanzaki had held his stomach laughing she was dead serious of course but it came off pretty funny. Though that was not at all her intention.]]

[center [+brown W-Wait no I'm not trying to I just think-]]

[center [+darkblue Hey man Claire may seem a bit rough but she's not wrong. Look I love ya man but that is a horrible idea if we had a vote? No one would go for that besides if I'm going to be a hero one day? I'd be taking that spot side by side with my captain trying to win this. Don't just give up man after all I gotta surpass the legendery white swordsman right? Or should I say Alvin~]]

[center [+brown Kanzaki I..]]

[center [+green E-Eric p-please I um.. I... C-Claire was a bit... I mean... Please I... D-Don't ask us to leave you.. o-o-okay?]]

[center [b Claire had crossed her arms and huffed at the hair in her face as she got nose to nose with Eric. As she glared at the young man he had simply smiled shrugging with a small laugh.]]

[center [+brown Is that really how everyone feels? I'm sorry friends I wasn't trying to make things harder. I wouldn't want to disappoint my queen after all.]]

[center [+darkblue Or the neighborhood cinnamon roll Raine either! So don't go on any suicide missions that leave the cuties here crying got it? Or I'm going to kick your ass!]]

[center [b Kanzaki had said with a chuckle as he wrapped his arms around both Alvin and Eric as Eric gave a smile and a nod. Claire let out a sigh he was learning least he was quick to drop the idea. Maybe Raine's more subtle approach or Peyton's influence on him might even convince him to not to this again but Claire wouldn't hold her breath. Why did she get so worked up? Well.. it's my ass on the line too. Can't let a crazy person take charge after all!]]

[center [+lightblue Now that's to the side we don't need any stupid titles like captain around here or a leader. What era do yall think this is? We can think for ourselves right? Besides it's clear we should choose our two most talented rather than just who we feel makes a good captain.]]

[center [+blue Heh, aye that is how I felt lass but are you sure you want to be dragged into my fight? To take my place mate?]]

[center [+lightblue As far as I'm concerned we are already knee deep in your shit "mate." We need to decide but lots of factors come into mind we have to focus on fighters who excel in one on one or two on two duels not large groups. Styles you may struggle against groups but from what Rose has shared you even held your own against Alvin in fact Raine had to heal him from that licking. Granted I know you needed it to but you are a hell of a duelist. Even if your a dense idiot. Course those who volunteer should be considered morale is a real issue here. We aren't soldiers just a bunch of assholes clumped into a shitty situation.]]

[center [b As tough as Claire sounded she knew she'd crack under that pressure up there no way she could hold that burden for everyone. She wasn' unaware she lacked the skills to take her fight out there as well. She may have been the best fighter of the three healers but she was honestly the worst at healing too. She was the LAST person to pick and she sure as hell wasn't gonna volunteer.]]

[center [+lightblue So first how long can you stall Styles? Second who the hell is crazy enough to volunteer for this?]]

[center [h3 Step Forward Knight]]

[center [b Eric was lost on quiet a few details but all he knew was the fate of his friends hinged on this duel. He knew he couldn't convince them to go ahead without him. A crazy notion to throw one's life away so readily it wasn't that Eric wanted to die. Though when that woman.. Jessica had tore his mind apart he had felt in that moment? He was dead and his friends had brought him back it was only right to live for them right? Was that warped? The idea of living for others? Eric wasn't the type to really question himself besides he alreay felt this way whatever he could to keep his family safe. It was simple and straight forward and that was okay with Eric as he stepped forward raising his hand. Sure they had other strong candiates more versed in the art of war. Alex and Shilo and Kita too as well as Kanzaki and Mally. Not to mention they probably considered Alvin a lot more than Eric as not once yet as Eric been able to defeat Alvin in a spar or even come close. Even when Kanzaki and Alvin fought Alvin had pushed the black iron knight back had Eric and Raine not stepped in? Claire and Kanzaki might not be he was even ready to admit he needs to one day surpass Alvin. For a man who was more afraid and shy than the rest he hadn't realize others could look up to him. Still Eric couldn't help but feel the need to shelter Alvin from this him and Peyton and Raine and all the rest. Regardless how strong they were he felt he had to protect them.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdkg_IvdbrE]]

[center [+brown Before I step forward to volunteer I just wanna say. I know things seem hard and it feels we've had one tough break after another right? Heck not long ago I had almost made a big mistake and took the only person I had looked at like my little brother. Hurt my queen and Raine in the process and though I am not sure if such a sin could ever be forgiven or even redeemed. That isn't what matters here what matters is I know how strong and brave and kind all of you are. Each of you are so very wonderful in your own way and here I am just caught in that trance of beauty. A light even in this darkness I know for a fact we can get through this. Claire I know you come off as a little harsh but you were right! I was an idiot to give up on everyone here so quickly and accept defeat! That's not who we are! Claire you are wise beyond your years I admit I might not ever reach that peak. You hold grace and beauty with wit and inner power all the same. You came back before and stopped me from committing such a grave sin.]]

[center [+light W-What?! I-I called you an idiot n-n-not like I gave you a pep talk! Ugh you drive me crazy!]]

[center [b She crossed her arms looking away as a small blush invaded her cheek as Eric gave her a soft smile regardless of what she said. He knew she was a kind person he had than looked to Raine as his smile began to soften even more. He wasn't a man embarrassed to say what he found true. Even if it came off in a way he hadn't intended.]]

[center [+brown Raine, your quiet but you are very watchful. You always bail us out when we need it but not just our wounds are hearts to and you mean a lot to me. Beautiful and kind and tough as nails even if you don't realize that. I'm not sure what Kanzaki meant by cinnamon at first but you are the sweetest person I know. I don't remember much about my family before but when I imagine a happy one? I imagine someone like you in it.]]

[center [+darkblue Whoa I thought I was the flirty one making a move on all the ladies before we go out with a bang man?]]

[center [+brown Kanzaki, like I said friend I know we'll make it tomorrow so be ready to make fun of me anytime. You aren't the only one trying to surpass Alvin here. You are as strong as you are humorous a man of much laughter with few tears and even fewer regrets. You are someone who is sturdy and reliable and looks ever forward with someone like that how could we ever lose?]]

[center [+darkblue Heh heh.. come on man you swing that way now? Trying to butter me up too? You gotta buy me dinner first! Haha besides in sheer brute force we know your the toughest right?]]

[center [+brown Maybe, maybe not regardless I know all of you are so much more talented in the art of war than I. Alex I saw that gap even more when I had saw you on he battlefield the way you wielded that large blade? I think I should ask you and Kanzaki on how to wield my own. I may not know you as well as I'd like but you are kind to Claire. You see it to right? How kind she truly is? You are a good judge of character strong and laid back to boot. You seem to always go with the wind and I can't help but feel the same way. After this is all over let's hang out sometime in Romalia all right?]]

[center [+blue Aye mate not to ruin the moment but I think I can only hold this choice off for a day. Have enough faith we can decide by than mate?]]

[center [+brown I do have that we can with you at the help captain. Alongside our queen and Kita? You three are natural leaders you could say we are a wolf pack a royal army and a pirate crew all rolled into one right? Would you want to mess with something like that? Styles I want to thank you for all you've done this isn't your fight alone it is our fight. You've done good by us and the best you can you always keep a level head and steer us ahead you are a guiding hand. Besides I love the way you talk! Hahaha and All of you are so--]]

[center [+blue Beautiful? Leave to calling the young lasses that mate a man may get the wrong idea as young Kanzaki stated before. You sure are a flatterer aren't you? I can't say I'm complaining I only wish you were a wench with rum offering such sweet words to my tired bones. You have more of a sense of humor than I bargained on but can't say I'm complaining lad. Tsk the way I talk huh? Lucky I don't take that the wrong way.]]

[center [b The man had chuckled rubbing under his nose. Aloof as always that man was.]]

[center [+brown And Shilo, Kita too I feel I can never thank you two for helping usback than. The way you saved us when were at our ropes means the world to me. Kita I know things have been hard and things our rough now and I know you may feel you only know Alvin and those here who served you before but.]]

[center [b Eric had placed a hand on her shoulder with a soft smile.]]

[center [+brown Were you're pack now and you and Shilo I'd like to hang out with as well when this over. I know I'm being a bit silly and I'm glad Styles pointed it out. Still I want to say we are here to look after you to not just the other way around. I hope you continue to stay with us brave beautiful wolf. Ahh Shilo I'm sure when you were in school the young ladies loved you huh? You give me that sorta vibe maybe cause-]]

[center [+darkbue He's beautiful! Eric stop! I can't stop laughing man. I don't think Shilo wants to hear you woo him.]]

[center [b It was obvious Eric hadn't swung that way if anything if not for the affection he had shown Peyton? He seemed to be a man that was hard to imagine to be in a relationship he seemed so childish and dense. He ruffled Kita's hair and instead gave Shilo a thumbs up.]]

[center [+brown Thanks for coming on board man. I just don't want anyone here to doubt themselves. We'll strive and strive till we pierce the heavens themselves I know now there is not a thing we can't do.]]

[center [b As crazy a sentence that was? Eric had said it with a straight face. He was determined and not a bit of hesitation came from him and that was more than what Styles or Kanzaki could say. Or even Alvin Eric was that certain they would push past this.]]

[center [+brown You know Rose I'd give you one but you probably already know right?]]

[center [+purple Oh Eric, you have to know a girl would rather hear it right? Don't get embarrassed now!]]

[center [b She teased as Eric gave a laugh embarrassed was the last thing on his mind. He had nodded as he smiled softly.]]

[center [+brown Rose it's easy to say that your gift is the reason you make such a good friend huh? Easy to say what you need to and for awhile I didn't think of that. Still that aside it may seem like you just flash a pretty smile and can say the right thing easily. Though sometimes its harder to say nothing and you do that to. As well as even if someone knew everything about someone? It's hard to find the right words to express yourself. As involved with others as you are you never lose sight of you own self. Nor do you ever forsake anyone else. I'm glad we had met the way we had in that forest it may have been in a fight and I--]]

[center [+purple No hun I'm going to steal that thunder for a second. Eric.. Raine I'm glad I met you two there. At first Eric when I delved into that mind it hurt me to see that.. You wanted to save me. Claire isn't wrong you are a bonehead but a horribly sweet one. It hurt to think I'd have to fight someone like that I'm sorry I hurt you and Raine. Alvin you too in fact I'm sorry I thought you were just an animal. That I would have to bear the sin to kill someone as kind as Eric or Raine. I didn't forget about you Peyton it was hard accepting I'd have to fight someone with the same classification I had. Similar hardships and with such a precious little face! Hehe kidding aside though Eric you showed me we can make any choice and push past any situation and I thank you for that.]]

[center [b Eric had smiled and nodded as he turned to Alvin as Rose placed her hands on her hips playfully pouting.]]

[center [+purple Oh everyone gets sweet talk but me huh? You even sugar talked Shilo and the other guys but you nothing for little old me?]]

[center [b Eric had chuckled and patted her head as she let out a mischevious little grin. Than he again had turned to Alvin placing both hands on his shoulders. As Alvin tensed up giving a crooked nerve wrecking smile as Eric laughed a rather hearty laugh. Looking back up at Alvin he pulled the man into a hug.]]

[center [+brown Relax you are like my brother after all. I just hope you feel the same way. I'm really proud of how far you've come how much you have grown I know the others already tell you that but I'll say it again. I think.. before I had lost my brother in those cold dark mines. You remind me a lot of him timid and shy but when he finally talked? He was hilarious he was strong too we didn't see eye to eye but I loved him. I know you are your own person and in a lot of ways you are different. You are strong.. Maybe the strongest person I've ever met. Yet you seem the most fragile all the same you lack that inner power and yet. You brave on and that bravery is something to be proud of. Even if you were nothing like my brother I know I would love you all the same. Umm.. Alvin?]]

[center [b Eric had tilted his head as Alvin blinked looking at Eric as tears welled up in his eyes. As he wiped away at his tears frantically he hugged Eric tightly as he sniffled. Eric had patted the shorter male on the back with a smile. This must be Alvin's way of saying he felt the same way.]]

[center [b As Alvin pulled away hiding his face in his hair Eric had laughed ruffling Alvin's hair as well. Very similiar that he had done to Kita.]]

[center [+brown I'm glad Kita took care of you long enough for us to meet friend.]]

[center [b Eric had taken a silence as he made his way to Peyton. As he smiled and reached out to hold her right hand in his own with a bright smile. Though it was brighter than it had been since the young male had been awake. As he clenched onto her hand tightly he took a deep breath now the man felt for once.. A bit nervous.]]

[center [+brown Last but certainly not least my queen right? Oh how could I forget you right?]]

[center [b He chuckled a bit nervously as he scratched at the side of his cheek with his spare hand.]]

[center [+brown Wow this isn't going to be easy I mean when we first met? I'm certain you I drove you crazy. I think you don't realize you had for me as well only in another way entirely. You seemed so... Sad and frustrated I... Wow I'm not good at this kind of thing huh? I couldn't take my eyes off you since we first met I think that much was obvious. For more reasons than you being gorgeous beyond belief.]]

[center [b Those last words had fell out as Eric continued to make fierce eye contact with her. He didn't even hesitate for a second. He was more nervous that he would ruin this for her than himself. He wasn't exactly aware on how embarrassed he should be saying this in front of everyone. However he continued on.]]

[center [+brown Because I still struggle to figure you out to learn more and the more I learn? The more I still adore about you even the part where you may stumble and struggle. You may be a queen but we stumble side by side you and me. In my heart and soul I've felt those pains I understand. I know it angers you when I bring it up but when Jessica had kept tabs on you in that school. You felt than because your apperance was different you were worthless. Not that alone but how others treated you the plights you faced only to be thrown into a new hell hole? It was unfair and even though I knew Jessica was using you and me. I couldn't stand by and not accept the chance to save you to help you. Even if I'd lose my memories I knew I'd adore you all over again and I did. I was so blinded to save you I didn't even realize I needed to be saved and that's exactly what you did. You saved me I wouldn't be here without you. What Knight is supposed to let his queen save him right? A poor one and even so that didn't stop me from falling in love with you all the same.]]

[center [b Eric had pulled her suddenly by that same frail and fragile hand of hers. As he closed the distance quickly he placed his lips upon her forehead. As he enveloped her into his chest tightly as he embraced her. He wouldn't place one on her lip not till he had recieved her permission. Not till they had gotten to Romalia and they have gotten somewhere nice. She was a queen afterall and she deserved better.]]

[center [+purple Aweeee Eric go for it! Woot!]]

[center [+darkblue Man! That was so cheesy! You're like one of the most cliche dashing knights ever. Woman like danger don't cha know? Heh heh.]]

[center [b Style had raised an eyebrow he was unsure on what had just happened. Rose of course was happy for the two and Kanzaki was trying to tell Eric how to woo a woman. Claire had simply rolled her eyes.]]

[center [b Alvin had blinked a bit surprised as he pulled tightly onto his arm. As he had hid his face embarrassed looking away. As he pulled harder at his own arm.]]

[center [b With that Eric had pulled away as he stood by Peyton's side as he again began to spoke.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry to have waste so much time for everyone. So who else is volunteering?]]

[center [b Eric had asked as he gave a warm laugh. Kanzaki had stood forward and pounded his chest.]]

[center [+darkblue Umm duh! You are so in right Alvin come on!]]

[center [+green M-Mhm!]]

[center [b Alvin had nodded raising his hand too.]]

[center [+purple I'm willing to if you have a strategy for me but I don't know if I'll be as worthy of a choice.]]

[center [b Eric had smiled why wasn't he shocked? He'd be more surprised if they hadn't volunteered.]]

[center [h3 Rose's Proposition.]]

[center [b Rose had stayed quiet as the other began to volunteer she was still surprised at Eric's sudden speech. Still it had put her at peace and she could see it had done the same for a few others. Even Claire it was nice to have someone be so positive even if he was a total dork.]]

[center [+blue Aye lass I feel the exact same way I'm ready to volunteer if you wish to have me. Though after everyone volunteers how are we going to debate the matter?]]

[center [+purple Well I was thinking if we really have twenty four hours we could hold off. With three talented healers? It sounds brash but we could hold a small tourneyment to see the last two to make it? If you want to play it safe we could also vote though if were to vote on a method? This may sound a bit strange coming from me but a tourney may help us decide what is best. This is a pretty serious thing to discuss after all. I doubt I'd compete in that though I think it'd be a waste of everyones time. It's up to you guys though of course.]]

[center [b Rose let out a grin as she placed her hand at her wrist. As she held her arms behind her back her posture straight. As she leaned on one leg her chest out as she began to stretch.]]

[center [+purple What do you think Shiloh is that a bad idea?]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [b As Jessica and Nimue spend the day hanging out the two got along as usual. Jessica had convinced Nimue to show up a bit late so the men had already had the details figured out. As they arrived Jessica had presented Nimue spinning her around in front of the rest of the team.]]

[center [+teal Doesn't she look cute af? It was hard to pick something she looks good in anything right Zero?]]

[center [b She chuckled as she placed a hand over her mouth. She was trying to get a reaction from their stoic commander. She was certain to flusster Mr serious here. Zero had raised an eyebrow at Jessica's taunting as he made his way to Nimue. As he grabbed at her hand walking toward the service at the front.]]

[center [i We are here for the reservations under Yushiro.]]

[center [+teal What the hell?! Doesn't she look gorgeous or what? Zero!]]

[center [i Hmm? Isn't that obvious? I thought we were already aware that she excels in the art of beauty. I once had caught the men at the barracks debate over such a trivial matter as which female excelled in such a talent. My theory was already certain that it was Nimue though regardless the men recieved punishment for holding such a ritual. I was unaware how many possible suitors she had due to this gift of hers. So it made my mission more difficult.]]

[center [b He said plain simple straight forward and flat as usual. Gah! How boring! How could Nimue like such a boring guy? When other guys say stuff like that it's supposed to be cute. Still she was happy that Nimue was. Zero had than gave a subtle bow to let Nimue in first.]]

[center [i Are you comfortable in those clothes dear?]]

[center [b Dear?! That seemed like it didn't match him.. Yet even that came out so bland! She didn't doubt he meant everything he had said. Still he didn't realize how lucky he was to have Nimue. He had bowed kissing the back of her hand softly. Gah he was so old fashioned proposing but he hadn't even kissed her yet? She knew his father was the strict old fashioned type but Nimue deserved a little more passion than that. After they got through all the boring details Jessica had finally taken a seat in a large round table. White table cloth and candles ooo! Fancy! Yushiro actually didn't do bad! Oh how she wished she could have Alvin at her side here. Still she was going to have fun anyway.]]

[center [+teal So it's going to be a bit before a waiter gets to us any idea what you want? I like BBQ ribs oh god I could get stuffed on just those but I know our commander might lecture me on diet. Besides I admit I might need a few greens to help my figure and healthy diet healthy life. Or is that happy wife? Right you love birds?]]

[center [b Yushiro had sat down as he purused through the menu as he looked at the new recruit.]]

[center [+darkblue Hmm.. soo Felecity is it? It's a pleasure to meet you I look forward to working with you.]]

[center [b Well he's as serious as usual no doubt. Hopefully the new recruit was a little more exciting it can't just be Nimue and Jessica can't be the only driving force of the conversation right? This was the first time they hung out without Ren afterall not that Zero and Yushiro took many breaks to begin with.]]

[center [+teal Hey Riuku I notice you don't take too many breaks either. I'm sure you're boyfriend must get real jealous of you're work life am I right?]]

[center [b Jessica cued as she teased the young spymaster.]]

[center [h3 Simple Man]]

[center [b Yushiro had simply kept to himself as he finally got a hold of a waiter they were ready to serve drinks. Yushiro and Zero had ordered water and Jessica of course wanted a huge class of cola.]]

[center [+darkblue I am sure they will be ready to order in just a bit I hope this place is to you're liking lady Jessica and lady Nimue.]]

[center [+teal Eww don't call me lady Jessica forget about rank come on Yushy! No though thanks your a real pal it's actually pretty nice!!]]

[center [b Yushiro had nodded as he looked to lady Nimue. He was eager to please his superior. He felt that was part of his duty as a man under her in unit HEROES. This may even be the time to ask how she ranked up so high.]]
  Zack Styles / Isamu / 1y 362d 4h 39m 30s
[left [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]] The girl shook her head, he was right. Jessica would be able to help her. Jessica dressed cutely all the time, it reminds Nimue of how she dressed before... well that didn't matter anymore. Jessica could help her. [#F64408 "Thank you hun."] she thought it was cute Zero used such an old fashioned pet name for her. It felt more romantic to hear darling as opposed to [i babe]...Bleh.

Nimue went up to her room first, and gathered up a little purse of things. While looking at her phone for the first time in weeks. She didn't use it, or take it anywhere with her. It often frustrated her friends and fellow fighters because they'd contact her and she'd never get back to them. Taking the second to sit down and look through the weeks worth of missed messages. One from Ren...her heart dropped a little bit, it was just a old reminder about paperwork...She already got in trouble for then finished. The next was one from Riuku, asking to borrow shoes. That was two weeks ago. The next from Jessica, from now!
Smiling she got excited, it was like Jessica had read her mind or heard her conversation with Zero. She giggled and took her purse, but somehow still left her phone, and rushed to Jessica's room.

She knocked the door, but then just opened it. [#F64408 "Okay Jess, make me pretty."] she threw herself unto the bed. Sitting up she watched as Jessica began to move around her room and go through her clothes. The two girls were fairly the same size, Nimue a bit taller but not a whole lot. She watched as Jessica pulled out all backless dresses for her to look through. Nimues eyes lit up with excitement as she tried each on. Jessica had such great taste, Nimue settled for an open back long dress which had slits for each of her legs to peak out of when she walked.

Looking at herself in the mirror she blinked a couple times. Her hair was still the same, long and incredibly hard to manage. She'd cut it...but she can't. When the lab was first starting she was one of the first experiments. Some scientists messed up some testing when trying to develop her horns and now her hair is simply invincible.
She twisted it a bit in her fingers before turning to Jessica. [#F64408 "I hate my hair. It's so long, and hard to do anything with."]
[#F64408 "I'd cut it but, ya know...Can you try to do something with it?"]

Eventually Nimue stared at herself hair braided exquisitely, in body tight black dress. She smiled, a gasp leaving her lips as she pulled Jessica into a tight hug. [#F64408 "You are the best."] she said warmly before the two went off and got into a carriage with Felicity and Riuku.
Riuku was in her normal attire, minus her spy masters robe and Felicity was dressed casually as well.


[left [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]]

Mally was rummaging through boxes and containers. She found first aid kits, but with three healers they meant nothing. As they searched around, Kanzaki kept talking like he normally did, but she didn't drown him out this time. She kept listening, her head twisted confused at his phrase.
"To be honest I've grown rather fond of everyone here, but mostly you boss."
She began to try to analyze the sentence, her face making a flustered expression, while being entirely unaware of it. He said he's grown to like everyone here...but then gave special mention to her.
Was he trying to tell her something? She didn't understand it.

Her thought process was interrupted by some loud rumbling. He asked if she was ready to leave, her eyes swept the room once more. There seemed to be one last crate way up high on a shelf. It was long but thin, like it could contain a weapon of sorts. Grabbing Kanzaki's sleeve she pointed up at it. [#EC871C "Hang on, we have on more crate to open."] Mally ran towards the shelves and quiet literally began to climb them. Pushing stuff down when it was in her way.
One she was all the way at the top she unlatched the box, inside was shinning axe.

Her face lit up with excitement, a brief emotion she felt in this instance.
It was black, the blade was black as well. Mally noticed in the staff part, it seemed to have ridges all up and down. Upon further inspection she found it had a button release, she pressed it.
Suddenly it seemed the grip of the axe had fallen apart but instead it became flexible chain that could swing out with the Axe blades on the end of it. Once she lit go of the button in snapped back into place.

Looking back down at the floor, she saw Kanzaki there waiting for her. She gently tossed her new axe down on the floor. [#EC871C "Kanzaki..."] she began bluntly, and monotone as usual.
[#EC871C "Catch me."] without a conformation or approval from him, Mally simply let herself fall off the shelving.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex decided to leave what Claire said alone, as he exited the room her by his side. Rose had bumped right into them. Alex laughed [#D23F0B "Slow down girly."] he offered but his smile faded seeing the worry on hers. However she still delivered a friendly tone him and sent them on their way.
Apparently something was going on and everyone was being summoned. He sighed and shook his head, is one break too much to ask for?

They got there and few faces seemed tense some others confused. He was told Styles would tell them all exactly what was going on once everyone was back together in there.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton was still wrapped in a towel holding her clothes, hoping she wouldn't have to put the dirty things back on after just finally getting clean. Bumping into Rose who made some flirtatious comment about her not being dressed, making the girl turn bright red.

She quickly slipped into a room and got dressed, her appearance changing back to blue hair and blue eyes. Leaving she then made her way to the front. [#8A2BE2 "What is going on?"] she asked as she got in there. Instantly she began to feel worried, as she was given no immediate answer and told to wait. It had to be big news, something was up and all she wanted was to wash her clothes and rest.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine didn't notice the gun pointed at her as she rushed to Styles side when he was released back to them. Rose had been there for a few minutes to comfort her but gave her no information. It seemed just the two of them knew exactly what was going on. Alvin had jumped into the room and much like she had predicted earlier, had drawn his weapon and gotten himself in trouble.

She frowned as she watched, but soon the men had turned and left. Telling Styles he didn't have much time to choose? Choose what?
All she could do now was wait anxiously with the others, she frowned because Alvin seemed to still be in pain. She went and grabbed Ren, who informed them a rib may have just been bruised.
It then dawned on Raine she can't heal broken bones, or anything inside the skin. She could only heal through blood... so open wounds. Maybe she wasn't very useful at all it seemed.
She'd let this thought go for now, because there were more important things. Ren healed Alvin through his touch, and then went back to where he had been.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamarie had kept her distance, her ears back the fur on her tail puffed out. You could tell she was stressed by the situation before them. Guns pointed at them, Alvin being recklessly violent again.
She had watched his face when it was time to protect Rain, his interaction with Rose. Kita thought it was funny the poor boy had a crush on every one it seemed.
Anticipation built up in her as people slowly gathered all into the room. Styles had an announcement and some sort of choice it seemed. She had heard what the soldiers said to him.
Was it a sacrifice ? Ultimatum ?
Kita wanted to know, badly.

If it was a sacrifice, she made up her mind already. She'd go, she wouldn't let them try to convince her out of it. She'd tell them not to fight it. She knew they couldn't afford to make enemies with two nations. If she stayed behind for whatever reason, they could all go peacefully. She couldn't save her people, she'd at least save these guys. The short time she had known them she grew to love them all.
If was an a ultimatum...she had no clue.

The feeling of not being in charge, the feeling of not knowing what was going on...It was killing her. Was this what her people felt when she went on a run and didn't return? Was this what they felt before they were all murdered?
Thoughts of her failure began to flood her mind again. Though now wasn't the time she could run off and hide in the bathroom. She had to stick around and here what there next move would be.
Kitamarie kept herself pulled together, showing now sign on the outside she was in such a deep distress. The only person that could probably know and tell was Rose.
Now they were all present and it was all eyes on Styles now.
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[center [h3 Hmm?]]

[center [b As Zero went to prep the journey he had saw Nimue his newly made fiance approach him. As she had asked him about her outfit Zero had looked with a bland expression.]]

[center [i Hmm..]]

[center [b Zero wasn't too socially inept but he knew more than Yushiro understood. Though it wasn't his strong suit to impress others he understood the revealing attire could turn heads. He was under the impression it was a high society culinary venture.]]

[center [i I suppose asking someone with knowledge of the field is the most reasonable course to make yes? I think Jessica would understand this plight more than I dear.]]

[center [b The way that last bit had escaped his lips. Dear? For the stoic commander? It had came out rather matter of factly one who didn't know him? May even say it was cold but this was simply Zero's way of speech. The reason he had even called her so was because he was raised to believe this was the proper way to show you're spouse attention.]]

[center [h3 What To Wear?]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [+teal Hmm what do I do?]]

[center [b Jessica huffed at her hair as she laid back onto her bed in her quarters. As fun as she found this spectacle and how happy she was for her dear friend. She wasn't motivated to get all dolled up at least not without Rex at the scene. He looked at her back with so much fear and disdain. She hated having the corp at special weapons play with his memories. He was plenty strong right? He basically volunteered and yet she wondered... Had he..? Changed? He seemed so angry at her like she was a monster. Couldn't he see she had simply loved him? She was fighting to save him and all of Tristain after all! She had began to text Nimue having someone to talk to would be nice right?]]

[center [b Jessica had giggled as she wondered where did Nimue keep her phone? Had Zero bought her one to never use? Or had she? Really with as little clothing as she wore where to keep it? Than it had struck her... She wanted something to do but not for herself exactly. Why not help Nimue dress up? It'd be something to pass the time if she wasn't already going to love bird mode with Zero anyhow. She had giggled as her fingers pattered across the screen as she kicked her feet side to side.]]

[center [+teal "Would you like to come pick out an outfit with me for tonight?"]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JdBJsMC4Ig]]

[center [b Yushiro again has went to dwindle his time training as he swung around his large hunk of a blade. He had thought of many things such as Ren and his betrayal. The thought agonized him but he has began to resolve that it was this elite forces job to protect Tristain and maybe so the world. The world was a cold and harsh place but that's why Yushiro joined unit HERO. To change that and with his two hands he will save his country and perhaps even everyone else. Germania and Albion what was their end game? Wanted destruction? No it was survival of the fittest. Ever since the great collapse that had changed the world things have changed. No more a war of attrition of politics an age of deterrence weapons of mass destruction to keep us off each other. Not that Yushiro or even his parents were around during that time. It was several generations ago when the world was like that. Yet with Tristain's hard work they have kept the populace from panicking. They lived still in a modern day utopia. Sure they knew of the war but it was glorified in such a way that not too many were worried.]]

[center [+darkblue Huff huff..]]

[center [b Yushiro panted wiping at his brow he had thought of all of this time and time again but now? He would get a chance to change that lie. "Don't worry" it won't be a lie from the government to keep them happy. It will be fine because he will protect the people and one day... He will lead heroes. Surpass Nimue and even.. Zero. He already possessed more brute strength than the both of them so what was he lacking? Come to think of it he was even larger and stronger than Rex wasn't he? So how did Rex defeat him every time? What was he lacking? Heart? Time on the battlefield? Regardless he will defeat Rex himself and reassure his lord of his power. Hone and refine himself and he won't anything stand in his way of... Saving Tristain. Though he wanted to surpass his comrades it was only because than he can..]]

[center [+darkblue Than I'll be able to... Finally... Protect you.]]

[center [b He thought aloud first he must help the war front and Romalia Tristain was a noble kingdom looking out even for others. He will save them as his first trial. This was to come before anything else.]]

[center [h3 Time To Party]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi4mxG1RoOI]]

[center [b As a few hours passed Yushiro and Zero had met out front admiring the sign. "Kings Meal" was that what they were sticking too? Maybe that was up in the air with the manager it was just being released tonight. Zero had found himself a suit and tie to fit into he seemed a bit awkward in it. Not that he himself was shy but to Yushiro it seemed it didn't fit the serious commander. Warranting the hardened warrior a rare but hearty laugh.]]

[center [+blue My lord I believe this trivial matter might not be you're strong suit.]]

[center [i Hm.. I can't argue with you on that one sir Yushiro. I see you've chosen to remain in that clunky armor of yours.]]

[center [b The two began to talk as they were waiting on Jessica, Riuku, Feliciti and last but not least Nimue.]]

[center [b Yushiro had saw a royal caravan enter as they drove behind the fine establishment in the night light sky. Decorated all around, could it be... Her majesty? Or even the king?]]

[center [b Captain's Duty]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Styles was kept a darkened room with but a single lamp. A bear and stone place with a bag kept over his head tied to a chair. Not the worst hello the man has ever been through. He chuckled to himself on that thought.]]

[center [+red Playing Mr tough guy again captain?]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/04/0d/c9/040dc9da56462d5f0880e9754e159944.jpg]]

[center [+blue ..Jack!? What in the bloody hell! I know that voice come out here you dog! Is this a way to say hello to an old friend? You caught too mate?]]

[center [b The man with the red banana let out a grinning sneer. As he took off the bag from the captains head to Style's surprise the man was standing free as a bird. As he let off a confident shrug shaking his head.]]

[center [+red So what we can escape like the old days cap? Nay as you can see you're first mate here is as free as the ocean waves. I'm sure you were hoping to smooth talk the commander her but you see my crew have dealt with her. Or should I say me specifically confident woman she was.]]

[center [+blue What?! The crew..? Everyone's okay? I told you not to kill--]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUH0flLf9TI]]

[center [+red Not to kill her huh? Right like all that mattered after you left on you're little "treasure hunt." Oh captain I'm on to you sure you get us a few nice connections here in La Rochelle but you hear of a nice little shin dig to attend. Come back a rich man? You had a duty to us to the crew did you not?! Not to make friends with Rosana here at the fort. Aye for the longest time I had thought love had bitten you for her huh? Nay that wasn't the case but it was her sister was it not? So you decided to look out for her blood Rose and Rosana wow a bit cheap don't you think? The names I mean how lazy am I right? Nobles can't be bothered with him you always did say that right? Craving for bounty and willing to backstab as much as any pirate. Only they can admit it right? Aye have you admitted your own faults cap? When you found out Rosana's two sisters were taken away to that special camp. You pulled that little treasure hunt crap. Told us to play it safe here with the chief right... Zack?]]

[center [b The man let out a sly grin as Styles looked at the man with both fear and worry. Styles was distraught so Rose had lost both of her sisters had she. Yes he lied to his crew to find himself caught rather on purpose but he left them behind with a plan. Sure he was afraid Rosana and the vicious Jack would bump heads but... He had trusted his first mate. The rather calm and collected pirate had began to shake as he decided instead but to laugh.]]

[center [+blue So how are you here anyway? Free as a bird after murdering the chief in command what did you raid the town and take charge?]]

[center [b Jack had pulled his hand into his bandana. Pulling out a red little apple as he had began to take a bite. Twirling the piece of fruit at the end of his fingers as he waved his free hand through the air.]]

[center [+red Hardly she had challenged me to an old tradition in Galia. One that applies to any and all regardless of status. One you know of well I am sure.]]

[center [+blue No I.. I told her to-]]

[center [+red Play nice? Yes it's what you think an ancient duel of Galian Culture. Sacrament of Blades a duel to the death see unlike Tristain they are don't sugar coat things. The strong here survive like it not mate. I was found prisoner anyhow so I accepted she wanted to prevent bloodshed between her own and mine. You had made her go soft captain the old hardass of a women I knew? She'd never take such a risk with a ruffian like me. The agreement was any weapon of choice and winner would lead both her men and my crew. She wanted to save everyone what a naive woman perhaps she had fallen for you. Though it was her and Rose that blasted women that had sidetracked you first fair is fair right? Well I'm sure you know what had took place next.]]

[center [b He had twirled the apple as he launched it upward pulling his knife out and slashing across the piece of fruit. Styles had hung his head low trembling... Trembling with rage as he looked up at the man he once called his friend.]]

[center [+red Next is of course our liar of a captain and Rose yes? I already heard of her sisters demise. The escape? Galia keeps a closer eye than you think and I'm kept in the loop. So to make life simple I gut you like a cod fish. Than mince those little friends of yours like mince meat or instead.. We have a little Blade of Sacrament of our own. You and I the rules are simple any weapons you see fit. A two on two fight with a captain and his first mate. The captain of your ship and his first mate against my own. Though you have to pay a little fee to earn the right of this "sacred passage"]]

[center [b The man scoffed rather coy, sacred huh? Sacred my ass Styles thought it was obvious he wanted something.]]

[center [+red You get up on a podium and tell our crew the truth and bow to me as your captain. That I was the rightful one to lead us and you ran off to get laid in some cell right? I've grown fond of this kingdom and it's rules I gotta say. Deny that and well.. I gut you now and send my men to kill all of your own. Everything in this room has been recorded so you know the rules of breaking a sacrament aren't pretty. Already running from one kingdom wanna another chasing you down? Maybe I can take a few of those estranged mutts on that ship and make use of them when you're gone. Now for what I gain when I win is everything on that ship as well as the people and belongings.]]

[center [b Styles let out a cheeky scoff he knew what this was about ambitious as always. Though stepping on toes always had its price huh?]]

[center [+blue Aye the men are giving you a hard time about moving on huh? They still see me as their captain but if I disown them and plead as the black sheep that changes. Not to mention you want to grow in power before moving on. Otherwise you'd never agree to such a risk as facing with me. You'd have killed me away from my crew as soon as possible.]]

[center [b Jack let out a sneer grin as he had a guard came to escort Styles back or to kill him if he refused. That was a obvious threat of course.]]

[center [+red Sharp as ever I see and I won't lie making nice with Galia wasn't bad business. You really weren't wrong about much had you stayed I'm sure I'd have loyally served you throughout your days on sea. A shame you had to double cross us huh?]]

[center [+blue Yeah, a shame all right mate fine I agree to you're little game.]]

[center [+red Oh I never doubted that captain, now send him back to his ship and strip the machine of it's engine and give them a few hours to decide on his first mate. I have to prepare on the sacrament anyhow but captain... You aren't the only one with a few tricks of his own. Just remember that.]]

[center [b Styles was stood up as they guards took him back to the ship he pondered on those words. "What tricks?" he didn't have any special abilities last he checked. Sure he had deft hands and he was quick with his blades and firearms. Could Jack really be a match for Styles? No Jack had something in store he had but study on the words and rules of engagement. As Styles returned he had saw everything a mess just as he expected. Already were the guards uninstalling the engines well that would go well with everybody wouldn't it?]]

[center [h3 Man At Arms]]

[center [pic http://static.zerochan.net/Akise.Aru.full.890176.jpg]]

[center [+blue Haha of course it was a joke I love that guy cute stuff. To be honest I've grown rather fond of everyone here but mostly you boss.]]

[center [b He said hardly batting an eyelash at the straight-forward comment. As her and him scoured the armory he had found indeed some ammo and a cutlass-like blade for their dear captain. Funny to call him that when was he really the leader? Ahh wasn't Kanzaki's place to think on nor did he really care any which way. Though he had begun to hear some disturbing rumbling outside almost as if several men on the outside were meddling with the ship from top to bottom.]]

[center [+blue You hear that? I can't say that sounds like good news huh?]]

[center [b Kanzaki let out a soft chuckle with a half smile as he rubbed at the back of his head. It seemed a bit tired though wasn't enough going on really? No it seemed they couldn't take it easy till they got to Romalia. Kanzaki should have realized he needs to keep his guard up but at the same time that could be Alvin's job right? Nah that's no way for a hero to think!]]

[center [+blue Wanna check it out gorgeous?]]

[center [h3 Like Hell I'll Stay]]

[center [b Claire had heard Alex make that offer to stay behind. Of course she had but she replied as she wrinkled her nose.]]

[center [+lightblue I mean if their being a pain the ass I might have to go play clean up again right? Just till we get to Romalia anyway..]]

[center [b She told a rather obvious lie what was the point? Really with what she's already risked by coming back for them. How could she? Find herself attached to such disconnected lunatics? She wasn't too far off herself in her own way and manner. Maybe that is why she could relate to them. She shook her head and sighed nodding at his question again as she stood by his side making her way to the front with Alex.]]

[center [h3 Storm Brewing]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Rose had looked down at the ground as she worried about Styles... Zack. Though it wasn't long before she could sense Raine's cries for help. Hitting her like an ocean of frantic waves the woman had taken a stand. A deep breath she had went off quickly to the front to see Raine.]]

[center [+purple Raine!]]

[center [b As she came to the front she began to read the guards minds from around with her clairvoyance to scout ahead. For awhile nothing but than.]]

[center [+purple The engine I.. I think they are disabling the ship. Talking about plans for later what? I'll delve in-- Wait I see Styles! He looks fine but a bit distraught.]]

[center [b With that she had looked into his mind and gasped about what had came. Both her.. Sisters were? No she knew this was going to happen when she was caught. That she was going to lose her and yet... so Styles really had gotten caught on purpose to save her and her sister. He was always like an older brother to her not that she told the others but she had known Styles for some time. She may have even tried to hint otherwise to the others she knew Styles like his fair share of secrets.]]

[center [b Even clouding her own thoughts to throw others like herself off. To not catch her on any thoughts about Styles but as she's grown close to the group and read more. She's realized no one has that potential. She took a deep sigh and a weak smile as she adjusted her illustrious hat.]]

[center [+purple I think.. He should tell everybody he knows what exactly is going on.]]

[center [h3 My Family Our Pack]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Though Alvin had many things invade his mind he for a moment let peace seep in. As he smiled looking toward her and nodded he wondered. Was this how Eric felt? Or Kanzaki? Or Alex even? Carefree and not worrying so much how others feel? No... Knowing they feel all right around you. Though at that Alvin had heard creaking and such around the ship. A bit on edge the two began to head to the front. As they finally got to the front Raine was speaking with Rose? About? It wasn't long as Alvin approached the front door had been pried open and pushed down with some machine. Two guards had hurled Styles into the ship as they stood heavily armed instructing them to stand down and sit tight. Alvin had ran forward his teeth gritted. What was this feeling? Normally he got like this when he felt threatened and yet when Eric before had attacked him. In fact the whole last fight... It was different like it was now. It's obvious isn't it? They decided to put a weapon at Rose and Raine and Alvin drawing his sword stood in front of Raine. Looking back at her.]]

[center [+green Raine are you okay?!]]

[center [+blue Oh yeah I'm fine mate don't worry about me.]]

[center [b The pirate jested as he dusted his coat off this only anger Alvin more.]]

[center [+green Styles!]]

[center [b A guard had came in to subdue Alvin for his aggressive stance as he raised his blade pushing forward quickly before the man could react. Slicing his gun apart with somewhat ease as he came in throwing the guy over his shoulder raising his blade to stab down at the fallen man.]]

[center [+blue Alvin stop it! You aren't a mad dog anymore okay? Aye mate we are grateful you care but if you do. For Raine please stand down okay?]]

[center [b For Raine? For Raine? It wasn't just her Alvin gripped his blade. Sure when he had met Styles he... Tried to kill him but now? He meant so much to Raine and to everyone else. He was a good man and he didn't deserve to be... Ha wow was Eric rubbing off him or what? Alvin felt a bit embarrassed as he sheathed his blade the man had stood up grabbing a baton and beating Alvin across the face. Styles reaching for his pistol as Alvin raised a hand not to. What a hypocrite but Alvin would never say that they were a family right? A pack right? Was that a play on Kita's ears? Cute as they were should he be focusing on that right now? Oh Alvin had a knack for never thinking about the important details. This was his solace as the man beat Alvin for a minute or so simple as it was. Maybe it wasn't just the ears but the woman behind them. Not fighting.. to solve a problem? This really was a new concept to the boy. It was a harder hit to his pride more so to himself though his endurance wasn't inhuman like Kanzaki or Eric he was as fragile as any man. Stubborn and tough sure but one of his super human gifts was not endurance and taking a beating laying down proved to be a challenge indeed.]]

[center Tsk thought so kid, well Styles get choosing commander won't stay waiting.]]

[center [+blue Commander huh? Not long ago that was Rosana.]]

[center Well she was weak and you know what Galian law dictates.]]

[center [b The guards scoffed as they left Alvin coughing up a bit. Great Raine and Kita saw him like this and of course Rose and Styles. He was embarrassed three gorgeous... Gah! For them to see this was just shameful could they.. Or even Styles trust him now? To protect anyone? Or will they feel he's too damn fragile?]]

[center [b Rose had giggled and shook her head]]

[center [+purple Hun, you think of the weirdest things at these times of course we know your strong. You've got nothing to prove thank you for stopping and... Stopping Styles too I'm sorry you got hurt. Maybe I can kiss them away if you think were so gosh darn adorable.]]

[center [b She giggled a bit but it was obvious the pain she was feeling. She looked rather worried about the whole thing. That aside.. Did she say that out loud?! Hopefully Kita and Raine weren't listening... Wait she's listening now! Ahh Rose is his worst enemy he thought to himself. A man who does nothing but think to himself to her? Child's play check and mate. He sighed blushing red but it wasn't long before he held his side wincing in pain.]]

[center [h3 Sleeping Knight]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Meanwhile through it all the heavy thick headed sleeper Eric. Had remained still into that fast slumber with a dumb grin plastered across his face. It wouldn't be long before he was worried about his friends. As Styles prepared to gather everyone in the meanwhile. Asking Rose even to go from hall to hall to gather everybody she had managed to tell Peyton and Mally and Kanzaki as well as Claire and Alex to come to the cockpit. Last but not least she came into Eric's room with a small smile upon her lips.]]

[center [+purple Dreamin of Peyton doll? You are just too much you know that? Haha now I sound like Alvin don't I? Come on sleepy head wake up!]]

[center [b She had screamed to no avail as she planted a bit of ice around Eric's body and began to write a note. Oh the cold will wake him up in time yeesh he as tired huh? She had than left the room leaving the door wide open.]]
  Zero / Isamu / 2y 7d 8h 51m 3s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

After Felicity changed, introduced herself and been told they'd all be going to diner together tonight on there way to Romalia. Her head began to spin, she was unsure what to make of any of this.
Yesterday, she was deathly ill after being force injected with a deadly disease. Now she was a Chief of a Unit, in charge of healing people she wasn't sure she wanted to heal. Before she could even settle in, they'd be going somewhere else and entirely new to her.
Gently she took up the envelope that had her name on it, it contained her ticket. Sighing, she kept her eyes on the floor as she walked back to what Zero said was her office.

Closing herself in there, she began to examine the piles of neatly organized papers. One stack, the organized health files of every solider in this place. Another was a stack of detailed injury reports. Another smaller stack was detail on certain test subjects with health related abilities or issues. Felicity stared at the desk, taking a seat in the rolling office chair. She'd have to go join them all for dinner eventually right? I mean would it be possible they'd leave without her? Probably not...
Maybe she'd just wait till someone dropped by her room to tell her it was time to leave.

In the meantime, she put her head down on her desk and closed her eyes.

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue caught Zero's eyes as he was leaving the room. Then she looked to Jessica. Sighing, she hated their going out to relax occasions, because most times it meant she had to actually put on clothes...which was almost impossible with her wings in the way. Quickly she zipped through the room, grabbed her ticket envelope then sped after Zero.
[#F64408 "Z-Zero!"] her face was pulling into a pout.

Obvisouly worried about her appearance. [#F64408 "About going out...to this uh...place..."] she set herself on the floor in front of him. Avoiding eye contact, her foot rubbed the ground and she twisted her hair in her fingers. [#F64408 "It sounds great...but won't people be all uh...dressed up?"] her face flushing a little [#F64408 "I don't...have anything tailored to fit....around my attachments."]
Nimue refereed to her wings and her tail, the reason dressed "luid" most of the time. When, she'd rather be wearing some kind of cute outfit.

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku laughed when Jessica made a jab at Yushiro. The kid really never rested up. She took her envelope then looked at Yushi.
How'd he even manage to get his own tickets? Now he had extra. What a coincidence, it was funny.
Riuku wrinkled her nose, and then waved goodbye to the others. She was off to get ready.

In her chambers, she locked her doors. Riuku would probably never complain about the homes they were given. Most were custom, to fit the needs of the general occupying it, and decorated to their taste. Her room was medium size, since she didn't need a large space, but it was decorated exactly the way she wanted. The bathroom was large and nice, a heated bath and a walk in shower. It was a nice accommodation for everything else they had to go through.
Hanging her robe up, she began her shower. Rinsing off and washing her hair. She put a little effort into her appearance, nothing to drastic compared to her normal look, but something more than her everyday hooded robe. In fact she left her robe off.
She finished up, figuring everyone must be ready to leave by now.
The short girl hurried herself down to the office again, she'd wait there to see the others.

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally nodded her head, the usual blank stare on her face. [#EC871C "Don't make fun of him because he is a pirate."] at first she scolded him for his joke. After a moments thought she blinked again, realizing she misunderstood. [#EC871C "You...were just making a joke...weren't you?"] her tone flat, but it sounded heavier than normal. Mally never cared to make sure she got the social interaction stuff right. However...now she felt bad that she misunderstood, she wanted to get it right.

Eager to move most the mistake she just made, turning on her heel. She waved her arms around [#EC871C "I guess we could start in here, sort through all the cabinets. Then just make our way through the ship?"] she began to hum as she opened cabinets and pulled things out. Keeping a mental note and track of every item she found.
[#EC871C "We could find supplies too...Don't just look for weapons, things like extra clothes, and food too."] she told him, her voice carried firm like it was an order. She didn't mean for it to come out so strong, but it did.

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex laughed at Claire. It was funny to hear her try to correct her attitude. [#D23F0B "Knowing the bunch, I think you were on track with that first sentence."] getting up he stretched. No other loud noises or yelling had started yet so no sense of urgency to run over there kicked in. [#D23F0B "I can go see just what trouble they could be getting into, do you want to tag along? Or do you want to stay and rest, I'll report back."] he smiled a goofy side ways smile. Making a pace towards the door.
By looking at her, he could tell something was on her mind still. Her burrows would furrow whenever she began to think to herself. He began to feel a little bit like a creep, always watching her. Alex just, couldn't help himself.

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine blinked, alarmed at how rude these people were. She didn't expect it. Biting her lip she began to feel a bad pull in her stomach. Silently she watched as they dragged Styles away. Covering her hand with her mouth to keep the yelp quiet when she watched them hit Styles head. The corners of her mouth frowned but she nodded.
Styles seemed to have a plan, he seemed mostly calm. He wasn't fighting those men however rude they were being. Peering out the door, she gazed nervously over the pointing their weapons.
Raine knew the others may have felt the ship stop, may have heard the knocking they might be coming to check on things...Thinking quickly she cleared her throat.

Sweetly, but loudly she asked [#6495ED "Excuse me...but may I close this door?"] no answer was given to her. Determined she opened her mouth up again [#6495ED "It may startle some of my friends if they see the door open and pointed weapons at us...So I'd like to close the door to avoid that."] smiling and keeping her voice loud and smooth to hide how nervous she was. Keeping her shaking hands at her side [#6495ED "I'd like to keep it as peaceful as possible... So on behalf of keeping my crew calm, I'd like to close the door. At least even partially?"] her tone turned a bit pleading at the very end.

Raine wasn't even nervous about the men, she was nervous about her men getting riled up and starting a fight. Rex would overreact if he saw weapons pointed at them...Peyton might too. Eric would try to talk with them and negotiate...possibly making things worse.
After a long pause of silence and stares, with Raine still standing in the doorway, she got a simple nod of clearance. [#6495ED "Thank you, I'll be standing right here on the inside...So you know just knock when it is time to open up."]
Slowly she closed the door. Letting out all the air she had been preserving in her chest from fear. Wiping the sweat off her brow, was glad no one had made it to the room yet. Luckily the only windows were the ones in the cockpit, which was closed off by another door.
No one had reason to be going in there. So they shouldn't see the men, and Raine would have an easier time keeping things calm.
[i Rose...Could you please come here?] she repeated in her mind until she'd get a response.
Rose would be able to help her...she had the ability to asses the situation they were all in better than anyone else here. So Raine would ask for her help.

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton managed to crawl over him and leave the room. Running her hands through her hair. She wanted to shower, she felt so dirty. It had been sometime since she last bathed. Making her way around, the first bathroom she knocked on, no answer. She opened up and it was empty. She was so happy to see a shower.
Making sure to lock the door, she began to strip down. Surprised to find that once her clothes were off...Her appearance returned to normal.
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b0bdc80ded272a03a475c0d5d8c9cb50/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo1_400.png]
Before turning the water on she made sure there was a towel, luckily she found a robe. Turning the water on hot, she stepped in. She felt her muscles relax instantly. Taking the extra time to wash up.
Once done she dried herself up and folded her clothes neatly. Wrapping herself in a towel and placing the robe over and around it. She wasn't that interested in putting the dirty fighting clothes back on, she wanted to find a way to wash those too. Leaving the bathroom, her wet, now pink again hair sticking to her face.
Bare feet hitting the cold floor, steam erupted from the bathroom into the hall when she opened the door.
Now off to search for spare clothes or something to wash her clothes with.

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kita blinked and rolled her eyes. To watch him react she laughed a bit.
[#EC0E37 "Don't over think that, it's a wolf thing."] she winked just to mess with him a bit more. Playing her personalty up to erase the moments she was just vulnerable.

Sitting up on the bathroom sink, she blinked and laughed a bit. [#EC0E37 "I am not too much!"] laughing she punched at his arm.
Kitamari's eyes widened a bit when he reached and wiped under them again. She blinked curisously but then he spun around suddenly.
Laughing she shook her head, the boy was still so shy and funny.
Rex mentioned landing. Kitamari waited a moment and then nodded
[#EC0E37 "You know what, I think so. It feels like we stopped moving, let's go take a look."]
She hopped off the counter and opened the door.

Heading around the hall and corner till she found the place to go. Where Raine was standing in front of a door by herself. Kitamari's ears twitched curiously. [#EC0E37 "Raine, what's up? We landed? Whats going on?"] Kitamari noticed Styles and Ren's absence and patiently waited for an answer. Raine didn't seem very panicked so Kita stayed calm too.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 95d 12h 20m 30s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [i Yes you may get changed no need to be afraid to ask for anything you may need. Before you go I have left envelopes on the desk for each of you. They are tickets to come to tonight's opening of the Crowned Cafe. I believe it's important we rest and relax before heading to Romalia. Take one and attendance is mandatory as any warrior requires rest and reprieve.]]

[center [b Zero looked at Yushiro in general for that last part knowing him he would train instead. His comrades needed to relax as a commander Zero realized that. Though he was tempted to be working hard himself he knew this was important for them as a whole. With that Zero gave them a salute before leaving the room. He glanced his eyes toward Nimue as he glanced away softly. His expression softening though some of the others had noticed Jessica certainly had with a giggle.]]

[center [h3 Girl Needs Her Rest]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b As Zero left Jessica skipped over Zero's desk grabbing herself a letter. It seemed she was getting a free meal tonight. It was a shame she'd eat somewhere so nice without Rex but she knew they would soon enough.]]

[center [+teal Well a girl needs her rest after all so I'm not opposed. We all aren't as stiff as Yushiro here you'll get there one day Yushy. Just take it easy kiddo!]]

[center [b Yushiro simply scoffed as he gave a polite but somewhat forced bow to Jessica. It was apparent he had respect for her rank and skills and not much else. Jessica didn't exactly seem like the militaristic type she even left a lot of that to her own second. She really lived a carefree life doing whatever. She could even admit Ren and Zero picked up the slack with government. Something her and Rex had in common was they would fight for the kingdom but not exactly use their brains. Sure she was cunning on the battlefield but that was it.]]

[center [b Unlike Rex though she probably could figure a lot of it out she wasn't that dumb really. Rex couldn't she on the other hand? Simply hadn't wanted to she was glad to met a guy. Who approached life in a similar way.]]

[center [+teal See you all there my lovelies!]]

[center [b Jessica gave a little wave with her small fingers as she made her exit. Yushiro not far behind her he hadn't much to say. Except a bit of grumbling here and there.]]

[center [h3 Improving]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro closed Zero's door behind him as he leaned against it. Taking a sigh he began to walk away as him and Jessica went down separate paths.]]

[center [+blue Now of all times? I should be training.. What if the White Swordsman was holding back? Trying to lower my guard? Am I match for him? No I should be but I must be ready to defeat more than just him. That code name Knight has more will power than I expected. As well as that woman with the storm and lord Ren perhaps I can find a way to progress next mission. As lord Zero's second.]]

[center [b Sure it wouldn't be in one mission but it was a start. Yushiro was eager to take Nimue's place he had always admired Zero and wanted to be by his side. Though deep in Yushiro's heart he had the same dream Rex had some time ago. To defeat lord Zero and take his place. Rex and Yushiro couldn't even defeat lord Zero two on one in the old days. He was so powerful... Yushiro never even learned what Zero's second gift was. Every fighter had two no more or they were a secret weapon. Though Zero only ever needed his first gift "Titanic strength" though it wasn't as straight forward as just enhanced strength.]]

[center [b Thinking of his goals aside this time should be spent on training not... Wait no he was planning to go out the Spy Master. That is true he had forgotten about that but... That wasn't going to be something that took so long. With Nimue and Jessica? This could turn into a much longer party he'd get no training in at all.]]

[center [h3 Weapon hunting]]

[center [pic http://static.zerochan.net/Akise.Aru.full.890176.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki chuckled as she commented on him being rather silent as he rubbed the back of his head. She seemed to have misunderstood the atmosphere as always she may have read the battlefield better. This however was Kanzaki's strong suit well in a sense. He was pretty dense at the same time.]]

[center [+darkblue Sure maybe they got an axe too? We can find the old man a cutlass. Yarg me maties! I'll sail the seas yet again! Wheres me rum?]]

[center [b Kanzaki covered one of his eyes as he made a hook with one finger as he chuckled. He gave her a pat on the shoulder as he yawned and stretched his arms up. The ship had came to a stop well they could still look right?]]

[center [+darkblue Maybe we can get him so ammo while we are at it.]]

[center [b Strangely a sensible idea from Kanzaki suppose he even has his moments.]]

[center [h3 Simple Rest]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire had simply blinked and looked at Alex as she nodded looking away. As she curled up next to him taking a deep breath as she began to drift again to sleep. She felt a soft rattle as her eyes opened she huffed the air at her face. As her usual attitude began to return though it wasn't toward Alex.]]

[center [+lightblue Oh great I hope they aren't getting in troub-- I mean are what are they up to now?]]

[center [b She sighed was it really so needed that she kept this act up? She clenched at her arm maybe? What if they tried to play on her caring like... He did? No she couldn't seriously be admitting she cared about them right? She had came back but why? Maybe she felt she owed them? Maybe she wanted to fight for Tristaina? The idea of running her whole life doesn't sound fun. Power in numbers? That's a lame excuse isn't it... She didn't want to face the fact she was so weak and so lonely but perhaps that's the truth. If this were a movie it'd take a lot more to break her down but all things considered? She broke down rather quickly.. At least she felt she did. Maybe too quickly maybe it was time to start rebuilding some walls.]]

[center [h3 Knock Knock Guess Who?]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [+blue Aye girly we can't keep the masses waiting.]]

[center [b Styles taking a playful bow what chivalry he jested to himself. A pirate could show that sort of thing best leave that to an actual knight. Though it was fun in jest as Styles casually made his way to the door of the ship. As he pressed a button and it had fallen down Raine offered a lovely greeting as always. Little Raine was always the little sunshine though as the official looked at her with his eyes furrowed. He than looked to Styles and tilted his head as he crossed his arms.]]

[center Who are you lot? Tristania forces? We have a half mind to destroy this now and hide this incident we don't wish a war between you. You are to go to Romalia around the ocean or through boat if the skies prove to dangerous around those parts.]]

[center [+blue Aye mate but we don't have the time for that lad we need to hurry to Romalia we are but refugee's running from Tristaina though it's a good thing you spared us. I want to speak to a sir Charles he's the knight in charge around these parts unless the bastards been promoted than I'm rather screwed aye?]]

[center Charles? Captain! This man is requesting your audience!]

[center [b As the armored knights holding rifles parted to show a man inside an armored vehicle. He put his hand out giving a signal as he wore a suit and shades over his face. The young man talking with Styles had nodded turning around as he shoved his fist into Styles gut. Sure he could have avoided it but best not to resist in this scenario right? He chuckled as he groaned in pain holding his stomach we can't all be tough as steel can we.]]

[center [+blue Aye I saw that coming Raine I think they are taking me for a little get together. Me and Charles gotta catch up maybe over some tea and pastries Charles always was a charmer, heh]]

[center [b He grinned as two armored men grabbed him by his arms as he shrugged and chuckled again. A man smacking him over the head with the butt of his rifle. Whatever that sign wasn't too good huh? Though as they took him away he looked back at Raine with a soft smile but his tone of voice growing deadly serious. Something strange for the laid back captain.]]

[center [+blue Raine do not let anyone start a fight and do not come after me. I will return... I think if I don't than defend yourselves and break out. Find a boat and travel to Romalia it will take longer but these Galian bastards may say the sky is dangerous around the sea. Only cause their the ones doing the hunting take a boat I repeat but other than that just sit tight till I get back got it?]]

[center Quiet pirate!!]

[center [b The man yelled as he hit Styles again and the rest of the forces surrounded the ship. Not forcing the members inside to come out but training weapons on it if they were to take off again. Styles would have to sweet talk his way out of this one wouldn't he? Hopefully he's half the charmer he thinks he is.]]

[center [h3 Fool Captain]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Rose nodded as she stood up closing her eyes to scan ahead with her clairvoyance. As she delved into the others minds she saw they were okay but than she had seen the captain. Her clairvoyance couldn't catch what they were saying but reading their thoughts? She figured what Styles was planning.]]

[center [+purple Damn it Styles why are you always so reckless? Do we have one sensible person on this whole damn ship? You.. Rex... Eric damn it Zack... Damn it! We have to stay put they are taking Styles. If they strike at us we should break through but we don't wanna start a fight. Just gotta hope Styles knows what he's doing.]]

[center [b She sighed as she ran out the room to go meet up with Raine. She would need help to keep the more fool hearty ones in check. Alvin... No he wouldn't pick a fight now right? Maybe he would... But not to find an easy way out. No it would be to protect the people he's come to love. Eric would try and talk things out luckily those two for now were distracted. They could lie to them make the situation sound better than it was. Was that the right approach?]]

[center [h3 Fast Asleep]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b As Peyton moved around Eric had rolled over with a dumb little smile on his face. As he snored talking the same sentimental gibberish he always had. Of both Peyton and everyone there though his face soured for bits and pieces it never had before. For the most part? He was sleeping like a baby.]]

[center [h3 Still Alvin]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b As Kita laid against him he had blushed wildly. As he felt his hands close he had awkwardly patted at her back. He wanted to on the back of her head but... He didn't want to come off strange but speaking of strange. She had spoke in a strange tongue.. Had she? Did she speak too fast and he couldn't catch it? No it wasn't the same language right? He stood there confused as he looked at her. He hated to ask her to repeat himself so instead he found it easier to slightly tilt his head. It was cute in anime right? To tilt your head when your confused. "Gah what am I doing?!" he was so bad at catching things when people talked so when people did say things in another language. He always blamed himself first and a lot of times he was right to!]]

[center [b Before he could latch on to the words he wanted to say she had pressed her lips against forehead. His heart began to race he yelped as he covered his mouth blushing. Where did that noise come from?! God this was too much.. It was nice but... Nonono why was he thinking this? That he liked it? Did this mean he had a crush on her before? His memories would suggest... To be frank? With himself? Yes he had but... Did he now? No they are just friends baah this was so stupid. Maybe it wasn't even a crush before right? She was just really pretty after all so cute. The ears the tail and her eyes her smile it all really came together. He always wanted to tell her that how pretty she was at least once. Course he couldn't he'd just embarrass himself or she'd respond politely and secretly find him to be a creep. Kita was so kind after all she didn't respond harshly.]]

[center [b Though it wasn't long before she started to act a bit awkward herself. As she fidgeted and mumbled thank you toward him had what she done affected her? In a way... She was being just as shy as him. Alvin couldn't help but laugh out a bit as he wiped under his eye and by instinct under her own. As the brave persona he always felt beat in his chest on the battlefield filled his chest this once... Off of it.]]

[center [+green You are too much you know that? No.. Thank you.]]

[center [b He smiled as he looked at her realizing his hand was still on her cheek he looked back at her. His eyes widening a bit as he turned around one eighty as he gulped. His hands shot to his side as he began to sweat a bit looking at the wall. Oh lord you can't just face away from someone in real life without a reason people question that sorta crazy behavior he only drew more attention to how direct he was being. He needed a reason to.. To have looked away something to notice something to pay attention to, to give an excuse. Than there it was the ship had shifted a bit and he found himself looking up and down on the ground.]]

[center [+green U-Umm.. T-T-Think we've l-landed...?]]

[center [b He held on to his arm as he looked at his feet planted into the ground. He was eager to get some fresh air strange when he was a shut in? He never wanted that maybe this whole idea of adventure was getting to him. Despite all of its trials Alvin was having a lot of fun ever since they escaped it's been.. Nice. He really felt like he was coming into his very own story. It was all because of Eric and Raine and.. Peyton too.]]
  Reinhardt- / 2y 7d 9h 18m 51s
Felicity cracked her bare feet on the floor, she was still in a white gown, not the one she had arrived in but a dull patient one. Blinking she nodded listening to everything Zero was saying. Not having any clue how she should feel about everything happening.
She was pulled, and promoted to chief without finishing all her exams. Sure she had passed her arenas and never came close to a failure, but it came as a surprise they picked her, she wasn't even top rank. Was it because her ability was unlike any others? Was this even what she wanted?

[#FBB004 "Y-Y....Yes sir."] she stumbled out of her mouth when finally asked a question. However, was that how she felt? Maybe she was just in shock, after all she wasn't sure if it was a fever dream she could be having. Maybe she was still fighting the plague off and her mind was presenting her a delusion. [#FBB004 "I am sorry, to speak out of turn but...where are my things...I'd like to change out of this gown...put shoes on."] her request was simple, but she felt she may be yelled at for it or denied, because that was what she was so used to in the lab.

Yet she was granted permission, and she felt quiet silly realizing she asked to get dressed. However that's how stripped away of her humanity she felt. Going to her room, she was surprised to see a real bed, and a box gently placed on the bed, and some spare sets of new clothes laid across the bed also. Looking for old comfort she reached for the box, opening it she suddenly remembered how she had even gotten to the lab in the first place.
[i It was her wedding day... Nervous, anticipating, she had looked so beautiful.]
What had happened? She reached in the box and clutched the fabric, folding it over itself she found a blood stain.
[i While her father had been walking her down the aisle, he fell over and began to cough blood and seizure...The virus had gotten inside him! It began to spread like wildfire, she herself had gotten bitten but wasn't turning. Her husband dying in her arms, she remembered a loud banging began to start, an eruption of smoke.]
That was it....she remembered next waking up in the lab.

Something laid under her dress, looking deeper in the box she saw her old chemistry set, and suddenly she felt much happier about being her position. Wanting this to now be real, fever dream or not. Realizing she was taking quiet a long moment, she grabbed the first set of casual clothing and put them on, finding a hair band she tied her hair back too.
Opening her door, she found while she had taken her moment the others had arrived. Shyly walking back over [#FBB004 "Thank you for waiting for me."] she said polite and lightly.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue had began to squeal and smile, already excited to start discussing details with Jessica, when a message arrived for them each. The new chief was here... Nimue couldn't help but feel a sting in her chest. They replaced him that quickly hu?
She'd try her best not to feel bitter towards the new chief, it isn't their fault after all...but she didn't want anyone replacing her friend.

Once down there, she found Zero waiting alone, her face lit up she flew over quickly, throwing her force against him as she wrapped him into a hug. You'd think she hasn't seem him in years, but she had just spoken to him under an hour ago. Realizing what she had done she blushed and pulled back, with an awkward laugh, the excitement not leaving her eyes.

When the girl stepped out, Nimue felt her eyes dart to her location immediately. She was dressed plainly... but something about her... The symbol on her forehead, the red corners of her eyes... She had heterochromia...One eyes was a bright honey brown color, the other a deep ocean blue. Even dressed as plainly this girl, looked so exotic. Nimue nodded and smiled [#F64408 "Hello, I am Nimue...Lord Zero's second."] she stuck out her hand, taking the opportunity to show off the ring as well. [#FBB004 "Felicity...I suppose I am the new chief of Unit Ray."] she didn't even look at the ring on Nimue's hand and she kept her hand shake light. Felicity wasn't big on touch, because sometimes, she'd surprise absorb an illness.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku was in the middle of finishing her work up when a letter arrived to go greet the new chief. Riuku frowned, if she wouldn't be terminated for disobeying a direct order, she'd have stayed in her office and finished. Riuku was very reluctant to let Ren go.
Ren had been there for her through some stuff times. Ren had helped her break the rules, and covered for her and was her first real friend here. Most people wouldn't trust her because with the title of "Spy Master", it frightened people. To know Riuku would have the ability to pull any information up she wanted, and to find out secrets if she wanted. It intimidated people.

But not Ren. Ren didn't care if she dug or found things out about him, Ren didn't try to hide from her.
Now he was being replaced. Riuku should of seen the rebelling from a mile away, he used to speak often of his siblings when they were alone. Mostly because Riuku had dug, and asked about them. To thank him, she wanted to rally his family together again...he was gone now and she discontinued the search party.

Riuku joined them downstairs, upon seeing the chief she immediately knew who she was, how she got there. Riuku was the one that found out about the virus bug, on Felicity's father. It was her team that infiltrated and found Felicity bitten and still alive. [#F1F104 "Nice to see you again."] she said now having warmed up, knowing the person already she was pleased with the pick of Rens replacement.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally kept staring him down his eyes were so vibrant...and different. It took her a moment but, she began to see his demeanor change. She was making him uncomfortable. Turning her head, she looked away and tried to break the silence the best she could [#EC871C "I have to say...this is the most quiet I've heard you ever be."] pointing out the silence head on, she figured he'd be able to spin the conversation like he normally could. Taking a seat she crossed her legs and sat in a relaxed position.

Gripping the remaining bit of her axe, she placed the broken rod down. Normally people would feel upset or disappointed to lose they're favorite weapon. She felt apathetic, it didn't matter she'd just replace it. Looking up she patted the seat next to her, since Kanzaki was just standing there. Then she stood up herself, changing her mind [#EC871C "Ren never answered about spare weapons... Want to help me search for some?"] her voice was mostly monotone but she tried to add some sort of tone to it. It probably came out strange and odd.
Mally just desperately didn't want him to feel uncomfortable, now feeling slightly bad, as much as her mind allowed her too. Since she had noticed how the silent stare made him seem to react.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Once again, Alex found himself surprised by Claire. He could see her in pain, but he wouldn't be here if she didn't want him there. He had began to leave, when she suddenly clung to him. The noise she generated for someone reason made a blush arise on his cheeks. Putting his arms up behind his head he looked up awkwardly first, then back down when she pulled away.

He looked down at her, she looked awful. Unrested, and in deep thought. Still she looked beautiful.
Alex leaned down to be eye level with her, being quiet the tall man.
[#D23F0B "Don't be sorry... Do you want me to stay? We don't even have to talk...but you look like you need company, to be quiet honest."] he kept his voice calm, and sympathizing. He didn't want to upset her more, but he wouldn't dance around why he wanted to stay. He wasn't sure how else to say it either.

She looked like she needed company, like something has been eating at her. Something she's been keeping inside, and he didn't want to leave her alone with her mind in that place. She reminded him of his younger self. Never asking for help, dealing with his emotions himself...Young him thought he didn't need people, because others just got in the way and company always resulted in being hurt and lonely again. He learned better, and now seeing someone else going through it... it pulled his heart strings.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren had been shocked, surprised by the sudden emotional collapse of his younger sister. Even more so by the smack she had delivered, it had the street fighter sting it always had. It reminded him of the first time they met. Ren was trying to get her to come to the home with him, and she thought he was going to hurt her. Raine had fought, she could fight... Fist fight. She had to learn, since she had been homeless, and young. It was her only shot at survival so she made sure she'd be able to at least knock a guy out. Ren chuckled remembering how she broke his nose in the altercation...Later on back at the home, her first night she helped him reset it but punching him again in the other direction.
She was small, but she packed a punch. If only she didn't doubt herself.

Ren heard when the ship stopped and the knocks, since they were only the room over. [#6C80A3 "I think I must remain here... Since they may think me to be an official. Go back without me, I'll cover myself up some where."] he smiled and patted her head. Sending Raine back out to the cockpit to be with Styles. She nodded and listened without arguing she went. Hopefully they'd be right about Galia letting them pass through. Raine did want to stress they need to get a different air craft... As nice as this one was and is...it was rather obvious whom it really did belong to. They would probably get away with driving it for only so long...Or maybe they could re-paint and disguise this one.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine poked her self back in through the door way, she knew her face must still look puffy from crying but she cracked a big smile looking at Styles. [#6495ED "Ya gonna answer the door? Come on."] she paced quickly over, her chest bounced with her hair in the quick short jog.

Looking over at the handle, the knocks came again this time a bit louder. Raine quickly pulled the door open, not wanting to make these people wait any longer. She smiled upon seeing them and greeted [#6495ED "Hello! Sorry it took a moment, I tripped on the way over to the door."] she lied and made a bit of a joke, trying to come off as polite and cheery. Then she nodded to Styles so he could take over, since he was the adult with the connections.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh smiled gentle, charming and sweet. He stopped his tears from falling at Rose's touch. It was comforting, and he felt it much easier since she could just know what he was thinking, he wouldn't have to say it out loud. Something he always found rather hard. One reason he also enjoyed her so much, probably another reason he feels so at ease next to her. He doesn't have to explain and actually say the words, something he's always struggled with.

He smiled and then stopped for a second, the ship had stopped moving. His enhanced awareness picked up on the change of motion, which is normally undetectable. [#8147A0 "The ship stopped, Is everything okay?"] he asked, knowing she'd be able to use her powers to check and make sure they were all still safe.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton crinkled her nose, her heart didn't race. She felt calm now, and quiet tired. However her mind wouldn't drift away, Peyton began to think about it but...a shower. To be clean, warm water. She didn't move, she'd wait longer to shower but it sounded nicer than sleep. However, soon her mind got bored of her aimless thoughts, shutting it's self off she finally began to fall asleep after Eric mumbled in his sleep.

Her dreams began again. This time, it wasn't a nightmare it wasn't a pleasant dream though.

[i Everything was white, in an large open space. Nothing was there but she stood. Suddenly Rex and Eric appeared before her. No words were said. Each held a hand out, but when she'd go to grab one the other would disappear. Perplexed Peyton just stood there, staring between the two. Unable to grab them both, they way she wanted to.]

Eventually her dream drifted into darkness, and she continued her sleep without anymore dreaming. It didn't feel deep or well rest, more like a nap. She wasn't sure why her mind wouldn't let her rest, but she flicked her eyes open again. Maybe she should go try for a shower.
Gently she began to moved and try to climb over Eric out of bed so she may leave. She feared she couldn't just jump over him without making noise or moving the bed too much. Not wanting to wake him, she gently tried to slide over him. Extending her leg around him to the other side, hovering over him as she moved slowly.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari could feel hear Alvins heart, as she sobbed. She knew this was a far reach for him, to come out of his shell. Something she wished she could have always done, pulled him out it. Something these people have done... Thinking like that didn't help her validate herself in this moment, since she felt so pathetic already.
He began speaking and Kitamari looked up. Eyes sore, red and now dry. Her ears flat against her head and a frown stuck on her mouth.
She listened when he spoke though, he still believed in her. Even thought she failed?

Maybe he was right... She had some gifted people there...they must have not simply just thrown them all away. Some people must of offered themselves also. Kitamari blinked when he spoke the last part almost shouting it. He believed in her... them. She wiped her cheeks, for a moment she sat in the silence, her face pressed back against his chest. Finally calm, she felt reassured and focused again.

[i [#EC0E37 "Ni am grateful an tye, mime nur" ]] she spoke in a native hybrid wolf tongue she had discovered when roaming with the pack the lab had assigned her to bond with. He might not understand it, but she felt more correct saying it in that tongue. She'd tell him the translation later. Pulling herself up, she pulled his face in and placed her lips on his forehead. Not in a kissing motion, but simply just a placement. It was another gesture she had learned. With that she stood up, washing her face. She turned toward him her ears slowly moving back up she nodded, now that she was composed.

Blushing, because it was embarrassing to think that he watched her have a breakdown. Normally she did those things alone...but it was nice to have someone there for her. [#EC0E37 "Thanks...Alvin."] she mumbled a bit awkwardly. Now a bit unsure if they should walk out of the bathroom together...What if someone saw them? Would they assume something?
Did Kitamari care if they did? Probably not, but Alvin may. She'd let him make the next move and call.
  Lypophrenia / 2y 130d 6h 15m 6s
[center [h3 Calm Before The Storm]]

[center [b Zero couldn't help but let himself smile at Nimue's last kiss before taking his leave. He had felt lighter than he had in quiet some time perhaps... For once? Instead of focusing on preparation he may take a break before the meeting. It wasn't like him but he figured morale was also a real issue here. True his elite guards wouldn't give in too easily but they were also his friends.]]

[center [b He figured he'd take this chance to maybe be... Selfish for once spend time with Nimue and those close to him. Listening to his queen he had nodded as he stayed knelt he showed the royal family the utmost respect.]]

[center [i Yes milady I will make sure everyone is in the war room by the evening around ten. Than we can set forth to Romalia's borders after debriefing everyone. Leave the debriefing the new chief to us milady.]]

[center [b At that Zero gave a bow before taking the new chief Felicity back into the fortress. She seemed rather meek and weak rather timid much unlike Ren. Being from the lab would she be apt to rebel as well?]]

[center [b Zero wasn't eager to trust someone but he had to they were comrades now. As Zero made his way to her office he had showed her around.]]

[center [i As a chief you're expenses will be taken care of. You'll make around one hundred thousand a week. Though that does depend on several factors you should be fine.]]

[center [b It seemed like a crazy amount of funding but they only had three chiefs in staff after all. It was a rather important job only really out ranked by the prime minister and the royal family. Ahh the prime minister would he be at the war room? Edward Muller Zero despised that snake greatly. Something about the man rubbed Zero wrong greatly.]]

[center [b He was also the head of the R&D department and these were affairs of state Zero was discussing with her. He had also explained Kita's rebellion and how that was on hold for now. They were heading to Romalia's borders to help their fellow nation. They couldn't let Germania and Albion shatter through those borders.]]

[center [i As a chief their are matters of the world we keep hidden from our citizens that you are entitled to know. Such as the worlds geography itself. We have led the people to believe after the great collapse when kingdoms were formed again. That the world had only formed five kingdoms. The truth being? We don't know about the rest of the world be it infected or not. We aren't sure what lies beyond the five great nations despite we claim to. We can't have the people racked in fear of the world. Even the war itself has been rather downplayed on what Germania and Albion's true intentions are. Things are a lot worse than it seems but I trust that is where we come in. Are you ready to change the world chief of staff Felicity?]]

[center [b Zero had asked as he had men rearrange her new office. He had also told one man holding a clipboard to retrieve the new elite squadron. They would meet at this office so that would include. Nimue,Yushiro,Jessica he found himself thinking of Ren. That would no longer be the case would it? The idea saddened Zero whether or not he had realized it had.]]

[center [i In a moment our comrades will be arriving here. The third chief in staff will be here shortly. Hmm.. it seems I haven't properly introduced myself. I am chief of unit "hero" Zero.]]

[center [b It was obvious with a name like that? It wasn't his real name though with that introduction a though entered his mind. This may be the night to tell his fiance what his name really was. It was important she knew yes? Zero had many designs for the future in fact many involving Nimue in fact.]]

[center [h3 Maid Of Honor]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b Jessica giggled as Nimue had went on about the whole experience she was so jealous. Jealous but happy for Nimue all the same she was her best friend after all. Than she had asked her to be her maid of honor. The quirky girl had giggled nodding.]]

[center [+teal Bet you're sweet ass I'm going to be the maid of honor! You guys should get married in the holy empire. At Romalia! It's the most romantic place in the world to get married. In fact nobles and even royals from all over get married at Romalia's castle. It's so... Beautiful I mean they will owe us one am I right?]]

[center [b Jessica smiled and talked with Nimue her friend was so cute when she was like this. Jessica even told her how adorable Nimue was being she loved to tease her like that. As they ate and talked about rather mundane things love and such. A man had approached the two handing them a letter to head to the chief of Ray's staff.]]

[center [+teal Thank you, I'm guessing after the newbie gets a Zero lecture we'll probably head off ya know? I was hoping we could relax a little longer! Than again I am excited to see Romalia!!]]

[center [b Again Jessica wasn't taking the war too seriously she didn't think for a second they could lose it all. She had a rather puffed up ego, or was that it? Or did she just have the spirit of an adventurer? It was hard to tell with her at times.]]

[center [b Though it wasn't long before Jessica and Nimue found themselves at the office. Jessica considered using her gift to teleport her and Nimue there. Course she'd just receive another lecture from Zero about abusing her gifts.]]

[center [h3 A Break My Lord?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro had nodded to lady Riuku as he left her office he went into the fortress courtyard. He found himself again in another training session as he swung his massive blade through the air. He would be ready next time he fought Kitamari's rebellion. He would defeat Rex hopefully he will have sharpened himself to top fighting shape. His friends wouldn't be underestimated again for that matter. First he would be sure to save everyone he could in Romalia it was his duty as a man in unit "hero"]]

[center [b As Yushiro lowered his blade panting a man had approached him carefully. Yushiro tilting his head opened the letter it seemed rather rushed in the making. Ahh it was time to greet the new chief before heading to the war room.]]

[center [b As Yushiro went to find a change of clothes washing his armor and blade as well as washing himself up. He was wearing the same exact attire it appeared his entire wardrobe was just sets of the same. He wasn't one for style it fit over his armor well so it was hard to tell when he changed clothes.]]

[center [h3 Ouch Boss]]

[center [pic http://static.zerochan.net/Akise.Aru.full.890176.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki held his stomach as he chuckled in pain hearing her whisper in his ear. Pervert? All he had said was to woo her but he was a pervert often so he could see the misunderstanding. Well he couldn't really see it but it had made sense. Kanzaki laughed a bit as she stared at him.]]

[center [+darkblue Getting rough are we? If were gonna stare I can't say I mind much cutie.]]

[center [b He winked as he looked back into her eyes but... She had kept staring expressionless. Kanzaki blinked she had never looked at him this long. Even as blank as she was? She looked rather... Kanzaki shook his head as he looked away blushing.]]

[center [+darkblue I-I..]]

[center [b He wasn't sure how to respond to her staring it was rather intense. For how intense he was around with woman he didn't know how to respond when it happened to him. She meant nothing by it this was the boss after all. Still he found himself a bit flustered all the same. It didn't help they were alone that was for sure.]]

[center [h3 Runaway Dreams]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire found herself tossing and turning as her eyes opened up a bit. Twice in a row? It wasn't like her to dream of things like that quickly her mind went over it. It was a reminder of what loving someone did to her. "See you sweetie" ha yeah right. Cause that turned out so well right?]]

[center [b As Claire thought rather harsh things to herself Alex had begin to left the room. Despite trying to convince herself the whole thing was stupid her chest... Was tight. She had reached out clinging to Alex half asleep and rather tired. She had looked up at him as she let a noise escape her throat. She let go looking away what was she doing? She felt so pathetic clinging to the first person nearby just cause she was hurting?]]

[center [+lightblue Sorry..]]

[center [b Was all she found herself saying to Alex for grabbing at the boy suddenly. She wasn't trying to rub anyone off the wrong way she wasn't sure why she did what she had to be honest. Or maybe she had and simply didn't want to admit it even to herself.]]

[center [h3 Thanks Mate]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b Styles nodded at Ren when he asked if he could steer through this. It wouldn't be a problem at all though when he offered to take the blame if something would go array. Ren quickly stood up for Styles with a chuckle he waved at Raine and Ren.]]

[center [+blue Take it easy you two all right?]]

[center [b The former pirate found himself saying rather softly. As he flew the ship and hours passed he had hoped they found a weapon suitable for Mally and himself. As well as saving any ammo for his modified flintlock.]]

[center [b Though Styles was skilled with most firearms he was a decent swordsman yes but he did prefer fighting from a range. Maybe because he was a coward? Hmm well he wasn't exactly fighting regular folk as of late.]]

[center [b As time flew and the night went on by to the next day. Styles found himself landing in La Rochelle. Already many airships surrounding them he had to stop really they had to go through Galia to get to Romalia. Like Styles had said? Galia may not take kindly to this they didn't care what Tristaina was doing.]]

[center [b They might send them right back to not stay involved but hopefully Styles old connections in La Rochelle as well as his "suave charm" as he'd call it. Would be enough to get out of this one. Already there was a banging on the door. Guards around the area no doubt.]]

[center [h3 Thank You Shiloh]]

[center [pichttp://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [+purple Yeah... He is trying though so I'll try to be more trusting even if a bit. You're right Shiloh weary but not... Cruel.]]

[center [b Alvin was barely a man after all just hitting eighteen he may be one of the youngest ones there. He still had the mind of a boy too she knew that much. As she delved into Shiloh's mind he had made a joke not too look too deep.]]

[center [+purple Ew!]]

[center [b She shoved him playfully as she teased but she found Shiloh tearing up a bit. She hugged him close to her chest as she played with his hair. Rose was always so friendly she hadn't thought much of things like this. She remembered huddling around the captain in the nights he couldn't sleep. She wanted to be there for her friend like he was for her. She cooed at the man as she wiped his tears away.]]

[center [+purple Thank you Shiloh for everything.]]

[center [h3 Beside My Queen]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric had nodded listening to Peyton smiling as he nodded.]]

[center [+brown I think I understand I still wish to make things up to everyone the best I can. Including you of course my queen.]]

[center [b He smiled brightly as she pushed him to the bed crawling into him. He blushed as he continued to smile he found himself stammering for once.]]

[center [+brown I-I.. P-Peyton?]]

[center [b His chest began to pound into his chest was this... Love? What it felt like to be in love? Maybe starting off it was infatuation but as he spent time with her he didn't have a doubt. He had fallen for Peyton he remembered Raine teasing them. Saying Eric had a thing for his queen he didn't think so than but now? She was onto something it seemed.]]

[center [b Peyton had frowned when he had brought up her past. She showed him... That? It was hard and a lot for Peyton to go through though Eric couldn't help but wonder. Why show him that? Did they know she would be a subject? She was from Galia as Jessica told him... Thinking on it he did remember something. They had people searching for talent in other nations. Perhaps they knew Eric would have had a soft spot for her? Even if that was true it didn't change the way he felt about her or any of them.]]

[center [b How underwhelming the two were such a blunt and direct love confession. Peyton's response even was rather calm something not seen too often but maybe things were so calm. Because the two were already so close? Many men would wonder for an answer or the lack of answer being no even.]]

[center [b Even if it was a no? Or if she never answered him? Eric knew he would always remember her as the first woman he had ever loved. That regardless of what the two would or wouldn't become he would be her friend to the end. Though his chest stung a bit it wasn't like him to hurt over things like this. "I don't feel like myself?"]]

[center [b "What is myself? Is there a me?" Eric chuckled to himself. He let a few doubts creep in but he simply thought. "I am me and that's as simple as that" those were the last doubts he'd let himself feel. It was almost unreal but Eric was already moving past everything why dwell on the past? He had a great future ahead of him.]]

[center [+brown Hey don't frown my queen I'm sorry to have brought it up. I'm here for you no matter what okay? Don't worry about a thing I am you're knight after all.]]

[center [b Her face had grown red as she flustered into his chest. She had really kissed him back but than again it was rather sudden. That was Eric's first kiss he wondered? Was that her's too? As he began to ask she had requested to have some sleep. He couldn't help but smile and nod as he held her into his chest protectively. He nodded as he yawned he didn't think he was tired. Though quickly he found himself sleeping beside Peyton his smile turning into a peaceful look on his face.]]

[center [b As he snuggled into her in his sleep he mumbled in his sleep. "Yes you look beautiful in that Peyton" was one thing that escaped his lips. He went to sleep thinking about her and all his friends as usual.]]

[center [h3 Changed]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Alvin had listened to Kita fall apart as she pulled him into the bathroom. He let out a shy yelp as he blushed blinking before he knew it she had pulled him to the floor. "Oh gosh oh no this isn't the time to get embarrassed!" How could he not?! She was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen and here she was holding him? No he had to look past that stuff right now! Look past her cuteness that tail those ears her eyes her features everything. Right now she was a human being in pain reaching out to another human being. Eric would look past all that stuff! So would Raine and Peyton come to think of it.]]

[center [b Alvin felt any one of those three would help better than he could but he can't use that excuse. He can't hide behind other people's shadows he always had let Kita cry alone before. Alvin had reached his hand up as his fingers twitched in anxiety his wrist buckling back a bit. He pushed himself forward as he wiped at her tears wiping them away.]]

[center [b He managed to wrap his arms around her body as he squished her into a tight hug. As she began to cry into his chest he blushed as he took a deep breath. He put her on such a pedestal he felt he wasn't even worthy to be close to her. Though she needed help like everyone else he... Was slowly learning that lesson. He was growing bit by bit that's what he kept telling himself. Hopefully that was true right?]]

[center [b Alvin took this chance to speak up to speak up and hope his words would reach out to Kita.]]

[center [+green I-I...]]

[center [b He wasn't sure what to say! Alvin couldn't think of much "maybe they captured some?" Something to stay positive. He took a deep breath and decided he couldn't make it worse. He could risk upsetting Kita but.. He had to try. He never tried to help cause he cared more how others thought of him... Than how he could help.]]

[center [b He wanted Kita to think nicely of him but he had to try and help her. Even if it meant risking looking rather stupid, of course he wanted to say something he meant. Not something to just cheer her up so he would say what came to his mind and his heart.]]

[center [+green I-I'm right here.. D-Don't worry o-o-okay? I-I-I'm sure.. D-D-Despite the reports... T-They had to have captured some of them. I-If so I... Ahem.. I-I promise I'll save them! N-No matter what and.. One day? I-I-I'll.. I'll help you change this world.... You're... You're... Our l-leader. M-M-My leader I've decided that I want to fight for you're cause. Because Kita... I-I believe in you and I.. Will make your dream of changing this world? I'll make it into a reality I p-promise!]]

[center [b Alvin shut his eyes as he rushed the last part almost yelling. As he looked away his eyes still shut his hands on her shoulders. Gah so embarrassing and so stupid! Eric would have said that with a straight face and a smile no doubt. Raine can cheer up anyone with her kindness and Peyton? She had such a way with words... Even Kanzaki would be braver and say something like. "A pretty face deserves a pretty smile" hmm.. Not a bad line. Alvin tried imagining himself saying it but it'd probably come off weirder from him. This was already more than he normally could manage. Kita was there every time he fell to pieces. She..]]

[center [+green Every time... I fell apart at the lab you were there for me. I.. Want to return that favor to you it f-feels weird.. Like were meeting all over again but... You're my friend no matter what.]]

[center [b He had almost said that last part without stuttering which hopefully helped her understand him easier. He opened his eyes as he reached over to embrace her into a hug again it seemed rather timid and a bit meek. He was afraid to squish her again she was strong but right now? She seemed so fragile.. Like if he held on too tight she would crumble in his arms. Did he really call her his leader? Wasn't Peyton? Did Peyton want to be a leader?! Didn't Eric push that on her? No she gave orders on her own... Wait why did it matter?! Did he want.. Peyton to be his queen? Gah this wasn't the time to get so sidetracked!]]
  Zero / Isamu / 2y 168d 13h 19m 24s
Nimue didn't expect the kiss, even though she had asked for it. Blinking in surprise when he pulled her to him. Though, she soon closed her eyes and pressed into the kiss as well. Moving her arms up, she nudged his to go down towards her waist, as hers wrapped around his neck. He was a little dry, but she didn't mind. Too much saliva grossed her out anyway. Nimue kissed back just as roughly. While she wanted it to get much intenser, he had pulled away.
Right, they both had jobs to do. She had forgotten for a moment. Her face was flushed and she smiled proudly when the ring was finally on her finger. He ruffled her hair and began to leave the room. Quickly she grabbed his hand and pulled him over. This time, she kissed him and it was much gentler, it was soft, and a little damp. Smiling she then ushered him off.

Taking a moment to stand in the room alone, she didn't wait long. After all, she had to tell Jessica. Leaving the room, she found the devil she had thought of right outside the door. Smiling wide as she heard her shorter friend erupt in squeals. First Nimue tried to keep composed, she tried to just smile. However, giving in the girl jumped up and down and squealed a little too. Bringing Jessica in she hugged her.
[#F64408 "Let's get lunch, and I will tell you everything."]
taking her friends hand she pulled her off to go eat.
The towering fortress castle that they lived in, had a nice little Cafe inside. Nimue loved there pastries and tea, it was place she always went to eat with good news. Sitting at a table, she smiled ear to ear looking at Jessica.
[#F64408 "He confessed his interest, and he told me he wanted to Marry!"] waving her fingers around over the table, showing the rather nice ring off. [#F64408 "Obviously...I said yes."] she giggled enthusiastically. She felt like a grade school girl, sitting discussing crushes with Jessica. Smiling she twirled her hair in her fingers and smiled more. [#F64408 "He kissed me."] her voice was soft. You could tell from the way she spoke, she was infatuated with him. Easily, it wasn't hard to tell.

Getting up she ordered her tea and a slice of lemon pound cake at the counter, before sitting back down. Happily she looked at Jessica and couldn't keep a smile off her face. [#F64408 "So, that brings this question then...Jessica, you've always been a dear friend of mine here. Through testing and beyond. I'd be honored if you'd be my maid of honor."] she had taken her friends hands with an excited puppy dog look in her eyes.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]

The Queen sat quietly, she waited in the labs room. Summoning the next highest capable healer. While the ones already in unit Ray could have been suitable to be the chief, Evelynne had heard of someone in the lab to be more promising. Soon her scientists came forward holding a limp...sick looking girl by the arms.
Laughing, but not because something was funny. Evelynne summoned a ball of green fire into her palm. [#56A944 "Surely, you must be joking."] her voice was harsh.
Quickly the man in charge stepped forward with a bow. [b "Allow me to explain my Queen."] raising an eyebrow, she looked the man over and then the sick girl, who seemed to be regaining color again.
[#56A944 "Quickly, don't waste my time Simon."] her voice was cold and cut. If this had been her husband here, he would have fried them already. She was a tad more patient than him.
[b "This girl has healing capability we believe to be beyond what Ren could do."] at this Evelynne raised another eyebrow, the girl was still limp and being held by the arms. [#56A944 "Pray tell."] she waved her hand so he would go on.
[b "This is subject A47776...Aka Felicity. I had taken the blue print chemicals and solutions of three of are other healers. You may remember them, Ren being one and two of them now being rebels. Raine and subject Claire as well."] pausing for a moment he walked over to Felicity. Picking her face up then letting go, so her head hung again. [b "It give her the capability of some of Rens touch power, Raine's instant healing and what Claire could do. But the mixture also give her a special none of our healers have so far attained."] smiling the scientist handed the Queen a clipboard.
[b We recently infected her with the black plague, the virus that killed half the population back two centuries ago. We have not given her any antibiotics or methods of artificial healing."] his smile widened as he spoke going on now [b "Felicity here has super charged antibodies and an iron immune system. She can absorb disease and chronic illness, her body takes it in and dissolves and kills anything. Last week, she had been infected with Stage four cancers. Three days later, there was no trace of it. While, the body fights and dissolves what has been absorbed, it does take a physical toll on her. The only downside."]

Evelynne looked the girl up and down, watching as her color began to regain right before her. [#56A944 "I see...So according to the chart you've handed me...She can heal through blood, other bodily fluids like Claire...and she can touch heal like Ren...but if she touch heals and the person say has a chronic illness...her body will absorb it from that person and cure them? She will take it on for some time then be well again?"] the scientist nodded.
The queen smiled and nodded towards her airship. [#56A944 "She's my new Chief. Place all her things she came her with in a crate to take with us."]

Soon they left, Evelynne watched before her eyes as Felicity got better on the way over to their next destination. Amazed, she knew she was picking the best choice possible.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicity felt her body aching. Barely conscious, she had thrown up blood an hour earlier. This was another test, to see her limits. For once, she hoped they failed. That the sickness would take her, because she felt awful.She hardly remembered being taken from her room and presented to the queen. Who, she awoke to on the inside of an airship.

Suddenly, her eyes had opened. Her body felt fine, she felt healthy and better than ever.[#FBB004 "Oh..."] she said as she sat up and exited the bed she was in. Walking into a main little ship hall, where the Queen herself was sitting. Quickly she bowed, while like that she noticed she had been dressed but had no shoes on. [#FBB004 "M-My Lady!"] she forced from her mouth startled. She heard the queen chuckle.
[#56A944 "Please, come sit with me. I have news for you, talented one."]
Felicity nodded, rushing over she blinked taking the seat across from the queen.
[#56A944 "You may call me Queen Evelynne or Lady Evelynne. Felicity, you've been promoted from your lab days. I have assigned you to a very special possession. Based on your technique and ability."]

The girl could feel her heart racing. The Queen...thought she was special? Talented? Swallowing the lump in her throat she nodded her head and kept listening. [#56A944 "Recently...We had someone go rouge...You will be filling their shoes...As our Chief of Unit Ray. Now I must warn you...some of your underlings and staff may...resent you because they didn't get the promotion and you did. But don't let that falter you...Do your job. None of them have the ability or capabilities you do. Once they see that, they will accept you.You will alert me if anyone gives you a problem."]

Felicity silent, taking it in. She nodded her head, she still looked a little sickish and recovering, but she felt fine. Looking up, she had two differently colored eyes. One a hazel brown and the other a golden yellow. She watched threw a window as the aircraft began to descend. Nervous she blinked, once landed she followed the queen off the ship.

[#56A944 "Zero, I've brought your new Chief personally."] she handed him the girls chart full of her capabilities in battle and in healing. [#56A944 "Read her charts, I am sure you'll be happy to hear what she can do...Now Zero you and I have other things to discuss. Take Felicity to her office and quarters, have someone brief her. She'll start immediately. Then meet me in the War room."]
Her voice was clean cut and simple. With her instructions she waved her hand and walked off, throw a set of chamber doors.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku laughed at Yushiro shaking her head. [#F1F104 "I am not going to charge you."] Riuku found it funny how bad Yushiro was socially.
Raising an eyebrow at the offer for food. Being a foodie herself, she loved the idea. Blinking she waited a long moment to answer though, just to watch his reaction.
Hoping up on her desk, she sat on the edge, crossing her legs. Staring at him with a blank expression. Dead in the eyes, just to mess with him.

She waited almost five minutes before she finally answered.
[#F1F104 "Yeah sure."] she shrugged before hopping of her desk.
[#F1F104 "Now scram, I've got work to do. Fetch me when you're going."] she waved him goodbye and out of her room before going back to the stack of spy letters and reports she had to send and read.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally felt stumped, what where the boys talking about? She thought on it for a moment, the topic had passed but she needed to figure out what he meant. When it finally crossed her mind and hit her, her face turned red. The idea of touching....Her heat jumped a beat.
How inappropriate!
Mally with a frown on her face turned, grabbed Kanzaki by the shoulder and held him still as she drove a fast strong fist to his stomach. When he buckled a bit in pain she whispered in his ear. [#EC871C "Pervert."]

Soon, Alex had left he room carrying Claire off to bed. So then it was just Mally in the room with Kanzaki. Her mind was still caught up on the earlier conversation. Unsure entirely how the idea made her feel...for one it was perverted. But, it was funny? Mally couldn't wrap her mind around the social aspect of making jokes like that. Was it a joke? Was he being serious?
As Mally continued to think she stared Kanzaki down, expressionless.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex smiled when Claire fell asleep in his arms. Holding back a chuckle from fear of noise or moving to much. He took note she had murmured about him being cute too before she passed out. Taking her to a bed, he laid her down in it. As much as he wanted to crawl into the bed with her, he didn't. He wasn't invited too join her, so he'd feel wrong if he just did. He also contemplated kissing her forehead, but again didn't. He wanted to respect her in her slumber, and he would.
Now he'd probably go and sleep in a bed next door or nearby. He had to admit he was surely exhausted himself.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren nodded listening to Styles. [#6C80A3 "I think he may be right Raine...I know you love swimming but the lake is a grey area...We could be attacked there. We might have to pass up on the swimming..."] Ren kept nodding as Styles discussed his connections.
[#6C80A3 "They'll know me as a Tristiana knight from prior meetings... I should hide myself inside some quarters when you cross us over the Galia border...They might not let you in if they know I am present."] he offered more information up on how'd they be crossing.

When the ship shook and took turbulence Ren was quick to grab Raine by her shoulders to keep her steady.
[#6C80A3 "Captain, I trust you to guide us through and steer us straight. You won't be admitting to a kidnapping, say the capital of Tristiana took you for experimenting and you escaped. You're seeking safe passage to Romalia where you are all from, I am sure they'll see us through...possibly even rush us through. They don't agree with the methods of Tristiana, so I don't imagine they'd tried to return us to it."]

Ren nodded and then stretched out a bit. [#6C80A3 I am going to go look through the ship cargo and inventory. See what weapons we have avaible...Pick whatever we should keep out and set aside what we can sell. Raine, want to help?"] he turned and asked Raine if she wanted to come help him in the cargo area. She nodded and hopped off her seat.
[#6C80A3 "The intercom system works, if something comes up buzz and I'll come back immediately."]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine nodded, listening to Ren. She was bit disappointed she might not be able to go swimming. However, she knew he was right.
Almost tumbling from her seat when the ship shook, Ren had steadied her and she nodded in appreciation. A cat seamed to have her tongue, Raine knew why. Something heavy had really been on her chest and it was occurring to her why she couldn't feel happy.
Even when around people she cared about and loved. Ren was her first family, Ren was the one who scooped her from the streets. All of her siblings she missed, her foster parents too. While she knew she loved and cared about everyone else, close enough to also consider them family...
She never got to say goodbye to Ren or any of her other family when the war broke out. Coming off the streets, being welcomed in to a loving environment. While she loved everyone she met in the lab...nothing could ever beat your first real family. That's how Raine felt about it...but that's not to say the others were less important. They're just as important...but Raine knew she'd always love her first family more...They never fought or had bad altercations among each other.
It was just something that could never be mimicked...
However Raines heart is so big, she has room for everyone. And now that she's reunited with bits of her family, she could start to really feel whole again.

Once in the cargo room, Raine knew it would finally be safe...to cry. Raine had tried so very hard to now cry in front of any of the others. Despite her open, friendly personality...she was very selective about who she cried in front of. [#6495ED "R-ren...Can I..."] she began to cry before she could even finish what she was saying. Hanging her head, the tears started streaming and pouring down her face. Very loudly she began to sob. Her chest hurt, but it felt good to finally be able to release. Everything she had been holding back, she was able to stop pretending to smile and be okay with how things were.
Of course Ren had rushed over immediately. [ #6C80A3 "Raine!...What's wrong?"] his voice was concerned, it reminded her of every time he had forced her to open up when she wouldn't.
It made her sob harder and she began wiping her face on his clothing.
[#6495ED "I-I...I missed you."] her voice cracked and sounded horse.

Ren crossed his legs and sat on the floor, he pulled Raine down into his lap like he used too. [#6C80A3 "I know...I am sorry."] Raine kept crying and then she raised her hand and smacked him, hard. The slap resounded in the air. [#6495ED "You just left! You didn't say anything...to any of us!...You w-weren't there anymore..."] Ren looked shocked. His eyes watered looking at his sister, however he didn't cry.
Shaking his head he sighed. [#6C80A3 "I thought that if I joined...I could save you and everyone else...I could help us."] his voice was soft.
Raine slowly began to stop sobbing. Her frown still present, her eyes puffy and swollen now. [#6495ED "Ren...You won't ever leave me again."] with that she stood up and nodded towards the crates.
[#6495ED "Let's get started."]

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh laughed nodding in agreement. Summer was always so stubborn...especially if it was some one she cared about. Nodding his head listening to her speak. He bit his lip, because he too had conflicting feelings about Alvin.
[#8147A0 "Kitta is my friend...my leader in fact. However, that doesn't mean I agree with all her alliances. But...she has different experience with him than we do...It's okay to be weary, but don't let it blur your vision."] he took a moment to pause and think about his next words.
[#8147A0 "While...he is dangerous...he was done wrong by the lab...just like all of us. It appears they've split his personalty in to two people, sharing one body...but you can see he's working on it...doesn't change the fact he still isn't stable. You aren't wrong to be weary...caution means safety."]

Shiloh closed his eyes, snickering at her joke. Nodding his head, he would keep it "Pg thirteen" [#8147A0 "Just don't dig too deep."] he retorted back.
With that he summoned his memories to mind. Finally allowing himself to think about her after all this time. As the good times flooded his mind, he smiled very softly. His chest couldn't help but hurt a little. This was wound he never healed...He never readily acknowledged she was gone...he just stopped thinking about it. Well, it was time too know.
a small streak of a tear made it out of his eye. Falling down his skin, a faint smile stuck to his face as he remembered her.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton blinked and shrugged her shoulders. [#8A2BE2 "It's not that simple of a situation for Raine..."] Peyton remembered how Raine had opened up to her about coming from the streets and being adopted.
[#8A2BE2 "I don't know how much I can tell you..because it is her business...but you really should talk to her about it when you get the chance..."]
Peyton understand from some point why Raine did what she did. It wasn't that Raine was leaving them, but reuniting with her first family. The person who had saved her, way before the war. Eric may not ever understand...since his memories of family were false...Did he even have a real family?
Peyton wouldn't think about it. She was just happy he existed.

Rolling her eyes when Eric teased her about Alvin having a crush on her. Her face flushing. Shaking her head, she remembered him almost kissing her....His lips were so close then...did she want that?
Chasing the thought away from her mind she pushed Eric down to the bed.
[#8A2BE2 "I do have emotional issues...I am just good at talking...I can't manage to fix my own."] she laughed a little and then crawled over him. Stealing the blanket and pillow she yawned.

Her face on his chest when he began to speak again. [#8A2BE2 "Oh...She...showed you...."] her voice trailed off. Peyton couldn't help but feel...violated. Not because of Eric but... because those things were so personal to her. [#8A2BE2 "I don't want to discuss those things."] she shook her head. Placing a hand over his mouth [#8A2BE2 "Stop talking...dummy. I want to sleep."]
Her heart was racing, her face was definitely red. He had said it again, more than once...all in the same moment. But did she feel the same way? Could she feel the same way? Burring her face into his chest she squeezed her eyes shut. For now...she wouldn't answer. She felt she couldn't answer...not yet.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Walking away, she tried to keep her composure...not collapse and starting crying right there. Then, Alvin surprised Kitamari. He chased after her and hugged her from behind. They were about the same height, Alvins arms ended up right under her chest.
At first she just stood there, her heart beating, eyes widening. Glistening with tears on the brink of her lids. She listened to him stutter words out.
So shocked she couldn't think of the words she wanted to use. But tears began to stream down her un-moving shocked faced.

Turning to face him once he let go. Kita quickly grabbed his wrist, pulling him back into the bathroom. She didn't know why the bathroom...she could've easily pulled them into a bed room. However, she went there instead. Locking the door behind her, she stood for a minute silent again.

Before looking him the eye, the tears falling. [#EC0E37 "I-I...."] the lump in her throat tried to suffocate her but she manged to get her words out. [#EC0E37 "I failed them."] her voice was hoarse. Once she said it out loud, her knees buckled. She collapsed to the floor. Pulling her knees up to her face she started sobbing into her legs.
Ears flat and her tail still, she growled and punched the floor.
Just before she began sobbing yet again, this time a little harder.
[#EC0E37 "They trusted me...to come back... to fight for them...and I...I wasn't there."] with each word she said, the pain she felt was heard more.

[#EC0E37 "I let them all down..."]
Her spirit was crushed, at this point she had forgot she even pulled Alvin into the bathroom with her. Kitamari could feel her heart plummeting down a deep dark well.

Squeezing herself even tighter into her ball on the floor, she tried to get a hold of herself, but the tears kept coming. At this point she should have run out, but they wouldn't stop. Her eyes even began to hurt. Demandingly she pulled Alvin down to the floor. Still in her ball, she leaned against him, sobbing. Her face soaked with tears
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[center [h3 Proposal]]

[center [b Zero couldn't help but let a small smile show from his lips. She was more worried for him than eager to obtain more power. She was a selfless soul wasn't she? Sure she lost control on the battlefield many times but she had the makings of a true hero. Zero had for awhile back knew that she would be destined for greatness. Sure he had the same feelings for subject Rex or rather... Alvin. Tis a shame he didn't return to the empire Zero knew he was a nice fit.]]

[center [b Part of him wanted to pass this on to Alvin to.. To protect Nimue he looked at Alvin like a younger sibling. Though Nimue was a big strong girl she could do this. Though at that thought her pout before hand wasn't too convincing. Zero didn't doubt her he had felt a guilt throwing such a job at her.]]

[center [b Than she had asked if it was a mission he tilted his head rather confused. He scratched at his hair he hadn't really understood. This? A mission? Was it his tone? His manner of handling this?]]

[center [i I do not understand how this would be a mission for our kingdom. Though if you require proof I will achieve this.]]

[center [b Zero grumbled the last part with a small blush on the serious males face. Sure Nimue was beautiful and even the dense Zero had noticed she was. She had a grace that was hard to match. Zero... Frederick had attended a fair amount of marriages to know what Nimue was asking for. This was.. physical proof yes? He wasn't sure how to handle this or if he would do so right or wrong. Zero approaching it directly grabbed her shoulders. As he pulled her in close pressing his lips against her own. It was a rather rough kiss his lips were a bit dry. Though as he pulled her up in his arms he pressed in further. It was... Apparent he didn't know what he was doing. Though he would try his best for her.]]

[center [b His chest began to pound as the kiss stood long. He placed her back upon her feet putting a hand over his mouth. "Ahem" he didn't mean to hold her for so long. He smiled softly back at her letting his guard down for the first time in a long time.]]

[center [i Nimue I want you to know I'm proud of you. Always have been and no matter I always will be.]]

[center [b Zero pecked her forehead softly on his own will. As he took the ring placing it around her hand. Ruffling her hair he gave her.. An awkward salute as he made his leave from the room. He wanted to help unit Ray with finding a new chief. He needed to make sure the queen arrived safely as well. He felt bad leaving after such a tender moment but he would plan his wedding with Nimue as well. He hoped that could take place before they went into Romalia. Hopefully Romalia's borders were still holding strong. Germania's new unit was proving to be a rather large problem.]]

[center [b As happy this moment was Zero had to focus on what was in front of him. This way Nimue could live in a world with peace it was the least he could do. "For hearth and for home"]]

[center [b A few hours later Zero found himself at an air strip. As a young private came in handing him a clipboard. Zero couldn't have been much older than the man. It was true a lot of men admired Zero for gaining his rank at such a young age. It wasn't something he took credit for. He owed the arena and good fortune to be handed the power he was nothing more and nothing less.]]

[center [b Looking it over his eyes widened it wasn't... Bad news but the airship would be here soon. The queen was accompanied with a new replacement. Did the king... Queen? Did they know Ren would defect? Had they prepared replacements for them all? They had asked Zero to make sure he prepared a replacement for himself. He had hoped that Nimue wasn't so expendable so easily replace-able. Was Ren... Just a pawn? No even if that was all true it was whatever it took. Sure he loved Nimue and he still cared for Ren but... He had to muster forward. There he stood waiting for the arrivals why was the queen coming?]]

[center [h3 How'd It Go?]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b As Zero exited the large metal room the large door creaking open. Jessica's eyes lit up as she ran past Zero running to Nimue. As she hopped up and down holding at her hands. The guards kept a close eye on Jessica last she was there? Well she had caused some damage but she was in a good mood. She let out a high pitched yell as she squished Nimue's hands the squeak grew as she saw the ring.]]

[center [+teal Oh my freaking god no way! I was hoping but no way! Did he? Did he?! Nimue come on tell me what happened? Please don't leave me hanging!]]

[center [b It was hard to believe these... Beautiful strange woman had held such a high rank in the kingdom. Power didn't discriminate it came to whoever without fail. Jessica smiled looking at her friend she was eager to hear what happened.]]

[center [h3 I'm Sorry Lady Riuku]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro wasn't too good at picking up on social cues. Even worse than his mentor lord Zero he hardly understood human interaction. So when she had told him he was getting pretty ballsy he lowered his head offering an apology.]]

[center [+darkblue I mean no disrespect lady Riuku I only mean that your good at what you do. Gathering information I wish to be prepared.]]

[center [b The two had this song and dance she'd mess around with him and Yushiro would take her... Rather seriously. Zero had at least learned such things at a young age he just grew outta of touch with them. Yushiro had never known in the first place.]]

[center [b Than she brought up her well being he shot up with a bit of sweat yelling. As his arms straightened by his side.]]

[center [+darkblue I am sorry! How are you milady? I meant no ill intent! I-If you wish to charge me I understand heroes do have rather endowed luxuries!]]

[center [b True as this was Yushiro already had donated most of his pay to many other departments. He'd simply sleep and traverse around the kingdom until called upon. Living as a sellsword among the common people handling beast and bandits. Yushiro had hoped it would help him build character.]]

[center [b Yushiro's nervous face shifted as she told him of the ones who simply gave up. Jessica may say the weak are weeded out... Yushiro however? He gripped his fist sure they were his enemies but it didn't feel right at the same time. He decided not to ponder on it for too long. Giving another bow he thanked her and had offered her a way for him to repay her.]]

[center [+darkblue I have enough money to eat at the capital tonight. I could pay to take you as well? Crown city is opening a new establishment. "King's Meal" as the name suggest the royal chefs themselves will be working behind the counters.]]

[center [b Sure it would take up Yushiro's entire savings it was the most expensive place to eat in Tristaina! People had booked in advance for some time. Yushiro could secure seats on his name but he'd still be expected to pay. Not many royal families opened their food to the public. In fact Romalia and Tristaina were the only ones known to do so. Galia having closed borders people were unaware how people lived there. They didn't let anyone in or out since the war had started.]]

[center [h3 Along For The Ride]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Romalia it was huh? Well Kanzaki didn't mind he was just here for the ride. Where these guys went he would follow they were too much fun not to hang around. Kanzaki was always the adventurous type and since Raine's idea to get out? It's been an adventure, as they talked it seemed Mally hadn't understood Kanzaki. Though Alex had made got it saying it was smaller. Kanzaki nudged Alex with a cheeky grin.]]

[center [+darkblue Not that much smaller though!]]

[center [b Talking further Raine had said if he was really hurt she'd help. His head felt rough but he'd be fine smiled softly rubbing the back of his head with a chuckle.]]

[center [+darkblue Awe that's sweet cutie I'm just glad your okay. I want you to enjoy catching up with your bro! Just know if ya need someone to talk to I'm right here. Were a family too right? Blood is blood but that doesn't matter around here. I think I can relate with that as long as the boss isn't my sister. How else am I going to woo her? That'd be pretty awkward don't cha think?]]

[center [b Kanzaki waved blissfully unaware all the worries and thoughts in Raine's head. Eric would have chalked it up to Raine being tired but Kanzaki? He had even less thoughts in his head he was a in the now kinda guy. As they kept on talking Mally had commented on Claire being beautiful. So did than Alex saying she was indeed pretty.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh hey guys don't gang up on me I was just kidding! Still I think Claire must have hit her head she's being... Nice and it's freaking me out big time.]]

[center [h3 S-Shut Up!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire had listened to them as she fell asleep. She grumbled blushing "S-Shut up" she mumbled. She couldn't believe anyone found her pretty after the way she treated them. Was it her gift? Mally can't be affected due to her emotional state... Alex? Only one time would charm someone to care about her that's it. Not... love not yet anyhow so... Maybe they had meant it? She wished she could cancel it's effects well she didn't dwell on it long.]]

[center [b As she fell into her asleep she mumbled in her sleep. "Your pretty cute too dumbass" she said rolling on Alex's lap. As she snored rather loudly sleeping heavily in his lap. Graceful? Wouldn't be the best word described for her sleep]]

[center [h3 Claire's Dream]]

[center [b There she was again in her shaman get up healing another slew of wounded. Spending the next day with Clyde and Mika her friends.]]

[center [b Walking home from the arcade Clyde turned his back looking at the two girls.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue So I guess we graduate this month huh? That really sucks I don't like the idea of growing up how about you two? Any ideas? My family kinda has this idea to have me enlist for the war effort. Part of the family name and all that jazz.]]

[center [b Mika kept her hands in her black jacket as she twisted a lolipop in her mouth. She had an almost bored expression on her face bland as always. Though Claire and Clyde hadn't let it offend them maybe that's why they were the only friends Mika had.]]

[center [b She opened her mouth as she began to speak in a stoic almost emotionless tone.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Dw5mgYr.png]]

[center [+blue Hmm.. I think I'm heading to a college in Crown City. Whatever will accept my application I want to become a doctor. What of you Claire?]]

[center [b Claire put her hands up with a nervous half smile she wasn't sure she hadn't thought about it! That idiot Clyde already knew what he was going to do before her? She really just spaced out these last few months huh?]]

[center [+lightblue I-I... I mean Clyde what the hell? Why the hell do we gotta talk about this? This question is stupid...]]

[center [b Clyde let out a grin as Mika blinked looking at Claire as she threw her hands into the air. With a frustrated groan she began to answer.]]

[center [+lightblue Fine fine but only cause Mika asked! I guess a doctor? Years of college sounds boring... I don't know I'll get by with something. I think I have a knack for caretaking believe it or not.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh I do baby! Take care of me anytime!]]

[center [b Clyde grinned pecking her cheek as she blushed brightly looking away. She still gave him a cold shoulder but... They had been dating for some time hadn't they? She wasn't sure how to handle all this mushy stuff! Why did Claire have to suck in school and at being a teenage girl?]]

[center [b She didn't enjoy the idea of Clyde heading off to war. A pretty face like that wouldn't last long right?]]

[center [b As time passed and seasons changed Claire had found herself near the borders. Away from home she pretended to have a real job but she wandered from place to place. As she carried on this hoax as the shaman. People were surprisingly generous for her efforts so she made it by well almost in style! Why take years of education when she could heal people so easily? She didn't do it for money or the fame though. She had always done it maybe this was her purpose in life? She kept in touch with her parents as well as Mika and Clyde.]]

[center [b They talked everyday on the phone even video chatting Mika was so busy. She was being sent to work at a classified lab and she couldn't talk about it. How long has it been now? Two years? Clyde had even grown more handsome as he earned the rank of captain maybe it was his family name but Claire was proud all the same.]]

[center [b It was getting easier and easier to express her love for Clyde over a call. She'd blow kisses without thinking twice over it and Clyde was shocked at first. Though in time... They acted like a normal couple. Sure they fought but they loved each other all the same them fighting was even more normal right? She finally let her guard down and she was doing the world some good.]]

[center [b Though one day Claire had a rather fateful call from Clyde. As she woke up in her hotel answering the phone his voice warm as always she couldn't help but smile to herself.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey sunshine I'm off leave! Think I could have your current address? I know you travel a lot for your work which you still haven't really explained yet! I wanted to see you cutie pie I even got my dad to put Mika's work on hold. I know you don't like him but he has his moments. Please sweetie? Please?]]

[center [b Claire couldn't help but chuckle as she crossed her legs holding her pillow close. Laying her head over the soft pillow as she sighed lovingly on the phone.]]

[center [+lightblue Okay dork calm down yes, yes! I'll text it to you I think umm.. My work will be fine I kinda set my own hours ya know?]]

[center [+darkblue Oh really? Wow your lucky! See you than!!]]

[center [b The two exchanged goodbyes as they blew silly little kisses over the phone. It was hard spending that time apart but she would be seeing them again. She could hardly wait she wondered what to say? What to do? She'd express her love verbally but... Now she'd have to.. The idea made her feel so light headed. She wasn't sure how she was going to do this! She needed to buy something nice she wanted to impress him as best she could. She was of course happy to be seeing Mika again he was always pretty thoughtful wasn't he?]]

[center [h3 Stops and Trips]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b Styles nodded and agreed with Ren in stopping in Tristaina being a problem.]]

[center [+blue The lake little lass could be a problem but we might not have a choice. We may need rations and supplies as well as fuel to traverse through the entire kingdom of Galia. The lake may have a town nearby and we could sell some goods on this ship like the firearms Ren brought up. We don't have a permit to sell these things... Also Galia is picky about airspace and who they let in their country. Luckily you have a world reknown on board! I've sold goods to Galia more than one could recall. I can't say they are friendly but they wanna stock up in case the other kingdoms launch an assault.]]

[center [b Styles began to steer the ship toward Galia south of the large lake. Hopefully the right officials found them cause the deals he made weren't exactly on record. They didn't want to fight with Galia and they couldn't say they were passing through. Even Tristaina had to swim around or go to the unclaimed land right of Galia to get to Romalia. Galia was rather stingy about it's borders they were standoffish to say the least.]]

[center [b Styles couldn't blame them these other nations could suck his--]]

[center [b Before he could finish that thought he felt the ship shaking. Hmm it seemed a little damaged from the storm before but repairs won't be a problem. He smiled looking back at Raine.]]

[center [+blue Don't worry leave all the talking to the old guys I'll handle things. Hey if worse comes to worse I'm sure I could convince them your just a bunch of innocent kids I kidnapped. Galia may even drive you to Romalia if you claim to come from there. They don't exactly want to start a fight despite their large size.]]

[center [b Sure that was one idea and they'd have to go without styles he'd probably be hung for his actions. Though he'd have died in the arena much sooner if not for Raine so he owed her. It wouldn't be much longer before Galia's airships would harass them to pull over. Either way he was going to make sure Raine would get to swim he knew a nice little town near the lake. He came around here a lot... Or he had before he was taken. He wasn't in the know didn't know who was in charge anymore. He was out of the loop but hopefully he could use his old connections to get something done. A few powerful men owed him a favor or two.]]

[center [h3 Summer]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Rose sobbed into Shiloh's chest as he comforted her. Talking to her he claimed.. To be as scared? Her sister wouldn't let him go? She wiped at her tears with a chuckle at him mentioning how stubborn she was.]]

[center [+purple S-Summer.. She... S-She... Was always pretty stubborn wasn't she?]]

[center [b Rose wiped under her puffy eyes as she blushed at him commenting on how unique she was. How she kept everybody happy regardless of how tough things were. Did he... Really mean that? She smiled tilting his head as she twirled the ends of her hair around her fingers.]]

[center [+purple Zackary told you to fight huh? Yeah he does take charge.. A lot he gets my butt in gear sometimes believe me! T-Thanks for talking this out with me... I know it's a lot to deal with. Honestly.. despite learning all of this part of me feels a bit weary about Alvin. I feel... bad he's not a bad guy. You must think I'm terrible him and Kita are friends after all... I don't know maybe I'll get over it. Well I just wanna say... Your super sweet and thank you like times a million.]]

[center [b She giggled perching up kissing his cheek. She found it kind of cute that he wasn't as macho or fearless as the others. He showed his fear and emotions she liked that about him he was a very reasonable person. As he asked her to look into his memories holding her hand she held his back nodding. She tilted her head looking into his eyes looking at everything between him and Summer.]]

[center [+purple Hey hey hey this is gonna stay PG thirteen right?]]

[center [b She teased like always despite how heavy the matter she couldn't help but joke around. When she first met Eric and his friends she had a laid back attitude about her it was how she knew how to handle things. She was glad Shiloh was willing to help her find closure like he was.]]

[center [h3 Cheered Up]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric nodded as he listened to her explain the situation to him. He chuckled softly as he played with her hair as she talked on and on. She was so precious being here with him the way she was.]]

[center [+brown Literal family? I'm pretty sure were all family blood or not right? Still I understand not leaving family behind she wanted to check on Ren right? I wonder why Alvin didn't look after Jess- Jess.. Jessi...]]

[center [b Eric grabbed at his throat that name was hard to spout out. Right? Was it... Was he... Afraid to say her name? Eric wasn't sure what being afraid had ever felt like.]]

[center [+brown I'll talk to her about it don't worry my queen I'll make sure Raine's okay. Hmm? He does huh? Hey! It's not like he doesn't care about you too! I mean your the reason he didn't attack me you helped him change you know? That's why he was as patient with me as he was. I love him to death but had it been before? I don't know besides I see him looking at you a lot I think he likes you.]]

[center [b Eric chuckled as he teased Peyton strange most men would be rather jealous wouldn't they? Perhaps it was the persona Jessica instilled into Eric but he thought Alvin was rather sweet looking at Peyton the way he did. If that had happened he'd support them regardless of his own feelings. Though what Eric hadn't known was Alvin wasn't so sure Eric on the other hand?]]

[center [+brown Thanks for cheering me up you always have a way to set my heart racing you know that? You always just.. Say the right thing it's hard to explain. Haha maybe I'm just bad with words huh? Thanks Peyton it means the world to me as always. You say you have emotional issues but your really good at this.]]

[center [b Eric seemed a bit more.. Insightful than usual maybe it was remembering who he was before? No.. It wasn't that it was the effect Peyton had him she helped him open his eyes. He wasn't.. as unaware but at the same times his naive nature was still present. His voice was childish and warm as always but he wasn't as misguided not at this moment anyhow.]]

[center [b As Eric and Peyton laughed together at Alvin catching the two running off with an I love you. It was almost like a son walking in on his parents or something to that accord. Eric blushed as she wrapped her arms around him letting out a warm smile. He held her into his chest as he stroked at her hair. There she went fighting the fact she was his queen he couldn't help but chuckle no matter how she struggled or fought she was his queen.]]

[center [b Eric's voice began to fill the room as he spoke up loud and clear. His voice coming off like a warm rising sun it sounded... Different a little more serious than usual. Warm but certain he wanted to be sure that Peyton could hear him. While at the same time he was laid back as usual resting his head on top of her own he spoke the words.]]

[center [+brown Peyton you I always wanted to look at you even before we met. I know it sounds weird but.. In those mines Jess... I mean she showed me a lot of things. Your time in Galia before the lab and how your world was turned around on it's head. How you had a hard time at school and how you shut everyone off it always made me wish... I was there. I loved you and I never even talked to you maybe I was just lost in the darkness? You were my light in that darkness my thing to cling onto. I know that was the tactic she was trying to employ but... I didn't care. That aside? Meeting you fresh for the first time again? I fell for you all over again I am so glad I came when I did Peyton I love you. I love you completely and without a single doubt in my mind I love you.]]

[center [b Eric fumbled a little bit at the end he wasn't the type to be shy. He didn't think he would be but he looked away with a red tint in his face. He had snuggled into her closing his eyes sure most men would be eager for an answer. It wasn't about... Pressuring her to be his own. It was about sharing with his friend his truest feelings and that is what they were. The rest was up to her and he would be okay with whatever his queen did. No matter what she would always be his queen and he would care for her. He wanted her to know that he would always care about her.]]

[center [b Eric hadn't cared what she looked like before or harsh she was the first time they met. None of that mattered to him the only thing he wanted was to spend more time with her and his new family.]]

[center [h3 Cheering Up?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Alvin jolted as Kitamari yelled there was another bathroom. He gulped to himself was this a bad idea? He was going to annoy her maybe he should take off? Escape? As his hand trembled it knocked against the door again. Youch! Nononono not what I meant nonono]]

[center [b Alvin backed up looking around he needed to escape this was a bad idea. Abort mission abort miss--]]

[center [b As Kitamari stood there she commented on this being familiar. It was they looked out for each other often before right? Her smile... Alvin remembered that smile. She was trying to shelter the burden alone again and normally? Alvin was too weak to speak up or say anything. The way she walked away... Tears shot up in his eyes. He remembered letting her walk away time and time again. What if he stopped her to help and she yelled? Got mad? Upset? Told him she needed to be alone and he just felt stupid for trying.]]

[center [b It was best to let her go right? Seeing her ears droop he let out a slight squeak. Covering at his mouth it worried him but at the same time? It was so cute! Why she was just... Beyond adorable he couldn't help but stare. His mind wandered but it wasn't long before he realized she was getting far away.]]

[center [b Let her go.. Let her handle this be a big boy and... Damn it what would Eric do? What did.. Alvin want to do? That doesn't matter he had to just... Let her.. Let her...]]

[center [b Alvin wiped at his face with his arm as he ran at her from behind. Wrapping his arms around her as he held onto her he wasn't tall like Eric. Nor was hugging something that came natural so it felt a bit awkward to say the least. The old Alvin would have hid and let her go but... He had to hurl himself out there even if he was terrified. Everyone had fought battles they weren't comfortable with. They weren't comfortable with the battlefield like he was. It was only fair... If he fought on a battleground he wasn't comfortable in. One he hadn't felt completely felt safe on. Sure Kitamari wouldn't hurt his body but her words? Her reactions? She could easily hurt him but he wanted to be there for them. Protecting your friends was more than just wielding a sword it was... So much more than that. Peyton... Had protected Alvin as well as Raine with words alone they changed the boy. He held on tightly as he trembled gently he had changed since last they talked.]]

[center [+green I-I... I-It's okay to.. I mean... I... It's okay to... I...]]

[center [b He took a deep breath and decided to throw this out best he could. His voice was shakey but it didn't show any doubt. He would do this like his friends had for him!]]

[center [+green It's okay c-cry.. A-Around f-friends... I.. Please d-don't.. D-Don't...]]

[center [b Don't go why couldn't he say it? He sounded even worse stopping like this. He held onto his own hand with his arms wrapped around her. He had wished he had the courage to pat at her ears tell her everything would be okay. Eric would have wouldn't he? What would Eric say... He'd probably say...]]

[center [+brown I believe in you Alvin]]

[center [b Alvin's eyes opened up a bit remembering a few choice words from Eric here and there. Despite him not being in the room he swore he could feel Eric's touch on his shoulder. It wasn't what Eric would do... What would Alvin do. That's what he would say at that moment Alvin smiled he could feel Raine,Peyton,Eric all of their hands on his back. He could feel them all pushing him forward to help their new friends as best as he could. Taking a deep breath he held onto her shaking still but more sure to move forward.]]

[center [+green I-I might s-s-sound I mean.... Weird? I just... I want t-t-to say.. I.. I'm... I'mHereForYou!]]

[center [b He shut his eyes closing them as he let go softly taking a step back. It may not be much but it was a step forward for Alvin. He was afraid to see Eric or Peyton be disappointed in this. Instead he could only imagine them smiling rather proudly. As he held at his arm he looked at the ground looking back at her and back to the floor.]]

[center [b Her being so gosh darn cute really didn't help she really felt like a fantasy. Those wolf ears? Her puffy red eyes? She had such a lovely aura... No he couldn't treat her like a cutout picture from a manga or an anime. She was a person a human being with feelings and she was going through a lot. She needed someone to be there for her and that was what he needed to focus on. It was the least he could do for her but even if he hadn't owed her? This... Was the kinda person he wanted to be from now on. A person his friends could be proud of his.. His family.]]
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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

As Zero spoke, Nimue had relaxed her straight forward stance. He had something else he needed to talk to her about. Since the topic was no longer the mission, she relaxed some. The whole time her eyes remained soft, rather than the harsh eccentric orange red hue they had. Once upon a time her were green. When the lab had enhanced her sight for her flying, the color happened to change. Mere side effect.

She blushed looking down, she puffed her cheeks up almost like a child. He had noticed her wing, she wanted to just sneak down to the infirmary later on her own. Her face lit up more as he wrapped the cape around her. [#F64408 "It's nothing, I am fine."] she said stubbornly, like a child denying a scraped knee.

Her face began to morph into a mask of worry, as he began to tell her about his heart condition. He's already fought so hard, Nimue knew that. She had seen him in battles before. She wasn't sure if she wanted to adore him more in that moment or fear for his life being shortened. On one hand, he was fighting so hard for the country he loved...but he was killing himself. [#F64408 "Z-zero!"] her voice sounded worried, she was upset hearing this news. Her eyes even watered a bit, because she didn't see it as fair.

His next speech, surprised her even more. What was he trying to say? He loved her? He wanted to....Nimue's eyes lit up, they turned huge and she almost collapsed to the floor on her knees too. Though...it sounded like a mission to him. [#F64408 "You mean it? You really wanna... Marry me?"] she blinked trying to hiding back the excitement her initial reaction showed. Turning a bit bashful, her legs shifted and she tucked her hair behind her ear. [#F64408 "You really want to...."] lifting a finger the girl pointed at herself [#F64408 "marry me?"]
[#F64408 "It's not just... a mission to you?"] her face was growing redder as she spoke. [#F64408 "Y-You uhm....L-l...Love me?"] her excitement was starting to pick back up, she couldn't keep it in.
However she wanted to be sure, so as she nodded her head yes. [#F64408 "Yes...but I uh...I uh....I want you to prove you want this."] her voice started to mumble now, but she looked him in the eye and her cheeks puffed out again. [#F64408 "Kiss me....! Kiss me right now....! A-and I will gladly say yes...to both proposals."] her excitement had peaked in her last phrase. Her face, red all over now as she stared down at him.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku had been doing the paperwork on more spy recon missions. Her spies reported many things for. From things going on in the lab, the castle, the city, the country, and the entire continent. If information was needed, Riuku would have it. If she didn't? Well give her an hour and she will have what you need and more.
Yushiro let himself into her office, one thing she didn't approve of in the first place. [#F1F104 "Ahem....Well hi, nice to see you made it back alive. My spies already told me how your mission went. You know, you're getting pretty ballsy coming in here always asking for information ya know?"] wrinkling her nose she stood up form her chair, putting a hand on her hip. [#F1F104 "You come in here, not even asking how I am doing. Just always asking you use my resources to stay updated."] Riuku rolled her eyes speaking sarcastically and pulled the file out. Only half serious, she threw the file across the desk his way.

[#F1F104 "Here, take a look. It was an easy job. "] she pointed a finger up at him. Riuku was short, incredibly short. Her smallness was not due to genetic nature, it occurred in the lab. They made her smaller so she could sneak into places much easier. Standing even shorter than Jessica. [#F1F104 "I should start charging you for all this free info."] again, she was only kidding.

[#F1F104 "It was fairly easy... No one really tried to put up a fight. Most agreed to go...Others simply sat in the building and burned with it....Kinda sad."] she said reflecting the mission. The two kids she had fished out of the building despite their refusal to come in the first place. She'd keep that part to herself. The kids were in the lab now, but Riuku had spies keeping tabs on them...She was worried about their well being, they were the youngest kids in the lab. She wasn't breaking the rules either, as spy master she was allowed to send her spies wherever she wanted. With the recent rebellion outbreaks and escapes, she could say her spies were placed there to watch for conspiring subjects.

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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally watched as everyone spoke back and forth. Not completely understanding all the emotions going on for some people. She was able to pick up on what was funny and even laugh a little when the time came. However, she still felt...emotionally dead. It made it harder for her to feel like she was apart of the group with everyone. Styles had asked if Ren had an Axes lying around. [#6C80A3 "No, I think the only weapons lying around here would be guns...Feel free to look around and through stuff though."] Mally blinked and nodded, she knew an Axe probably wouldn't be around. The next statement that came from Kanzaki flew right over her head.
[#EC871C "You have another sword?"]

Blinking she was about to thank Alvin for what he said about her being okay. As Kanzaki wrapped any arm around her, she blinked again and looked between the two. Then Kanzaki called her sexy, which she wasn't sure if she should actually respond to. However, just like that he was flirting with Raine. Mally shook her head and tsked at him.

Snickering when he started to bicker with Claire. She raised an eyebrow at him when he asked for help. [#EC871C "Well...first off personally I think Claire is beautiful. Always."] she paused for a moment and then went on [#EC871C "and I think you sir, have a poor idea of what a gentleman is..."] she shook her head and tried to smile like conversation was easy. [#EC871C "Claire is right, sorry."] shrugging her shoulders she bumped him, trying again to be playful.


[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton smiled when he started crying. Not cause he was crying...but well cause he was crying. She caught his tears as he cried, wiping his cheeks once he had finished. He began to talk but she shook her head, pressing her own forehead back against his. [#8A2BE2 "That's enough of that... Raine didn't run off because you scared her...She ran off because Ren is her brother. Her literal actual family...I am sure there is more to it also but it isn't you....You should talk to her yourself if you're so worried about that part too."] Peyton ran her fingers along his face, pushing his hair back behind his ears. [#8A2BE2 "Eric, Alvin forgives you. When him and I got in a fight, he threatened to kill me!...Haha but he refused to even strike you. He cares about you, just as much as you care about him."] clearing her throat she went from speaking softly at a normal volume to suddenly mumbling her next sentence [#8A2BE2 "And...I just have emotional problems...As far as that all concerns...Again not your fault."] it wasn't the words "I am sorry" but that was as close to one as she'd get.

He had hung his head again and Peyton frowned. Pulling his chin up, she put a finger over his mouth. She was going to say something when he wrapped her fingers into his hand. Noticing how much smaller her hands were, she didn't notice how close their faces were getting for a moment. Once she did she froze, her face began to glow red as he got even closer. Peyton heard him whisper something, making her face glow even brighter. The red spread to her ears and just as she was about to lean in herself, Alvin showed up at the door. Peyton jumped and made sure he couldn't see her face. She snickered though when he yelled he loved them as he ran away.
It had happened just like it had before...except the boys had switched roles. And now, it was all she could think about.

[#8A2BE2 "W-what...N-no!"] her face lit up once again as he mentioned her being queen. [#8A2BE2 "I-I uh..."] her cheeks puffed up and her mouth pulled into a pout. Rolling her eyes, she just let him cuddle her. Wrapping her arms around him too, she felt incredibly warm now. Her mind kept going back to being almost kissed again...This was the most positive attention she had ever received from the opposite gender.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari was still on the floor, sobbing. She felt weak, and like she could just melt away on the floor. If she could, she probably would. Everything she worked hard for, everything she had risked her life for was gone. Just gone...and she couldn't even comprehend it. The people she each promised to protect were gone, or right back in the labs were Kita had rescued them from. She just felt like a giant failure now

A soft knock came at the door and she put a hand over her mouth again trying to keep herself quiet. Breathing in deep for a second, she called out [#EC0E37 "There is another bathroom."] but the knock just came again and she sighed. Pushing herself up off the floor, she ran the water and cleaned her face up. Trying to make it look like she hadn't been crying at all. Despite her puffy eyes, she looked fine again. She could say she needed sleep to explain her eyes.
Who ever was at the door sure was quiet, she opened it.

There stood Alvin, and she remembered memories of this happening before. She nodded and smiled the best she could manage. [#EC0E37 "Sorry, it's all yours."] she managed to choke out around the lump in her throat. Her feet wanted to carry her away but for some reason she wasn't moving. Couldn't move at all, she tried to walk away but she couldn't. [#EC0E37 "This feels...uh familiar."] she mumbled trying to make herself laugh. The longer she just stood there the closer she got to crying. Her eyes began to water again and she let her head drop, her ears dropping over as well. Her nose was stuffed and she tried to breathe, but it just made sniffling noises instead. Finally her feet let her move, she began to move around Alvin and go find somewhere else she could lock herself up in.

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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine sat, being uncharacteristically quiet. Everyone was talking and they seemed to all be okay. Apologies and jokes were moving around the air in conversation. Wrinkling her nose she tried to smile when Kanzaki flirted with her, but she didn't feel right. Looking over him she blinked [#6495ED "If you're really hurt I can...I don't mind."] her voice was small, very soft.
Raine wanted to be with someone she knew liked her, or probably wasn't mad at her. Being left in the room with Alex, Kanzaki, Mally and Claire she felt weird. Personally she wanted to curl up with Rose, she was so sweet and nice. However Raine knew Rose had some problems she had to sort through now, and she couldn't help with them. Alvin had gone off, probably to look for Kita. Eric and Peyton both disappeared too. Shiloh was also gone, with Rose. Sighing she put herself in a seat, a few away from everyone else.

Raine felt guilty for just, leaving everyone like that. But she thought maybe if she just left, and took the credit for everything they'd be less harsh on her friends. After all, the idea to escape came from her in the first place. While it was successful she still didn't feel happy. She wasn't even completely happy the other night when everyone was happy and dancing. It was nice, but she missed her home. Her family. While she cared about everyone here so much, she missed her family. Happy that Ren was now back in her life, but she still couldn't make herself completely happy with that. She missed the rest of her family, she wanted to see them all. She wandered if they were okay, or stuck in the labs somewhere too.

Raine just hopped no one disliked her for leaving like she did. They had to understand right? If it was between friends and family...? Who would everyone else pick? Raine loved them all, she cared about each person in a certain way. But... was family more or less valuable to her? Eventually she stood up and left the room herself, she didn't want to be around anyone but Ren at the moment. She found her way to the cockpit where Styles was with Ren now. Quietly she joined them and sat down in the passenger seat side of the cock pit.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex wasn't going to question Claires sudden, less aggression. Instead he'd just enjoy it while it lasted. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder when she leaned against him. He laughed at Mally, who remarked about Kanzaki's other "sword". It seemed his innuendo flew right over her head. [#D23F0B "Yes he does have another sword, it's much smaller than his other one though."] Alex couldn't help but join in at that moment. Making himself chuckle quiet a bit.
Then Claire spoke up about going to Romalia, Alex had to say he agreed with Claire in that instance. [#D23F0B "Yeah they're allies...I don't know how much I'd trust being on their land."] however Styles shut them down and he shut Claire down even more.

Without another word about he, they changed the subject. Alex watched as Raine sat quietly away from them, before she then up and left the room. She seemed...distraught. Alex hadn't known her long but that wasn't like her, since he had seen. He didn't focus on it for long, though. Claire had thanked him, he shook his head. Throwing a warm smile at him [#D23F0B "Don't mention it. Not another word, really."]
Alex then watched as Kanzaki teased her about trying as well, his face turning red as she watched her do something quiet adorable. Looking away he then laughed at the conversation following it. [#D23F0B "Y-Ya know, for your information she's always cute."] he tried to say it smooth, but he had stuttered at the beginning. Still he kept smiling and then he looked down at Claire, who was still leaning on him.
[#D23F0B "Do you want to go lay down? You seem extra tired again."]

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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh listened as Rose talked, smiling when Alvin accidently walked in and rushed away. He couldn't imagine how bad Rose felt, but from her words it had to be awful. He placed a gentle hand on her back, rubbing it. He sighed listening to her, he tried a soft smile, picking her face up and wiping the tears under her eyes. [#8147A0 "Your sister, loved you. She talked about you, all the time."] smiling he spoke soft.
[#8147A0 "Your sister used to talk about how you'd always be able to cheer her up...Your few jokes are not stupid. You keep everyone positive and laughing when it's to hard for us to do it ourselves."] he spoke very gently and shook his head.

[#8147A0 "Your sister loved you so much Rose, even if you had chosen to go fight, she wouldn't have let you...You must know how stubborn she was. She told me about taking your fight...She was your big sister, she felt it was her job to protect you."] Sighing he looked at her again, recalling the memory of that discussion. [#8147A0 "I am not lying...I had heard of him too and when she told me she was going to fight him...I tried to convince her not too...But then she uh got mad at me"] he sighed shaking his head. [#8147A0 "You should look into my mind and my memories and find the ones where she talked about you. It happened more than once and she never had anything negative to say. She was so proud of you too, for staying strong and positive in that place."] he figured his words wouldn't be enough to convince her of what he was saying. So, Shiloh gave her permission to look into her mind. Maybe if she saw all those real moments and memories she'd feel better.

Shiloh frowned when she started to criticize herself he shook his head. [#8147A0 "Shh...None of that."] he pushed her hair out of her face, very gently. [#8147A0 "You are not just a shadow. You are a caring, unique person. You try your best to be happy, and do whats right."]
he couldn't help but laugh when she said he was brave.
[#8147A0 "Oh hun, I am not brave. I fight on the back lines too, I let everyone else do all the heavy lifting in a fight. I just run around and throw my knives, hoping they hit someone. I shake in my shoes when I have to fight. I couldn't even do something till I was ordered to fight by Zack."] he smiled gently. At this point he felt he was rambling on, he wasn't very good with words. He was the...listen quietly kind of guy.
But he had to find a way to comfort her. It was driving him mad watching her cry. [#8147A0 "Please Rose...Look into my mind, you'll see what I mean."] he voice was sad, but gentle he took her hand and held it.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren wrinkled his nose, he looked at Styles and nodded his head. The first thing he did was turn off the com system and the tracking systems of the ship.
[#6C80A3 "I agree with you about the regulations, but I don't want to stop the ship here in enemy territory."] looking at all the buttons and things he blinked. [#6C80A3 "But I think that there is a way to to reach the engine and things from inside the ship now..."] he stood up and moved around, looking for book on the ship now. Ren knew they had gotten new models and things but he wasn't sure if the one they were driving was one of them.
[#6C80A3 "Let me find the manual book, it can tell us what model this baby is..."] Ren was shifting around the front of the ship when Raine had walked in and silently took a seat. He sent a smile to his sister before continuing his search.

Finding the book he began to flip through it. This model was not the newer one, he'd have to stop and let Styles tweak the ship.
[#6C80A3 "Looks like we've struck out of luck there. Alright, we will stop but you have to be able to make those modifications quick. I don't want to put us in any risk."] he tossed the manual at Styles
[#6C80A3 "That should contain all the information about the ships design and build. Read up, figure out the mods you want to make. Once we get to Lagdorian lake, we will stop and you can make your mods there."] Raine perked up when she heard they'd be stopping at the lake. Maybe she could go swimming for a moment while things were being fixed. She could escape for a moment from everyone and everything bothering her.
[#6495ED "R-Ren! When we stop...can I uh...go swimming?"] Ren looked at his sister puzzled and shrugged [#6C80A3 "I don't see why not, so I suppose."]
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[center [h3 Setting Out]]

[center [b Zero with his back turned crossing his arms listened to their reports. Sure Jessica would take the fall Zero didn't outrank her one of these days though? Simon might simply dispose of her rash behavior and despite Zero's attitude that wasn't something he wanted. He may have earned the title "the cold hero" but it wasn't something he strove for.]]

[center [b As the two girls opened up Yushiro began to also readily take blame. Being of the lowest rank their he felt he dragged the team down as usual. Zero had taken a deep sigh Ren leaving was a painful realization they had went through so much. Zero wasn't too good at this thing called friendship but he believed the two to be so. Was he wrong? Did he miscalculate?]]

[center [i So he really is gone isn't he? Hmm..]]

[center [b As Zero walked over to the three of them looking at Nimue with a straight face. His blue eyes looking into her own as the brown haired male began to spoke.]]

[center [i I ordered you come back alive and you did so it wasn't a complete failure was it? This defeat was not any three of your own fault. As a commander I must bear the burden of defeat I entrusted Ren as your commander and he abandoned you. I was a fool not to be more careful. I wish I could have gone I had to worry about the rebellion home as well as gathering info on Germania.]]

[center [b Zero hardly showed it but his voice seemed relieved that Nimue was back. He was happy to have the three of them back. Yushiro had become like a son to the young man and Jessica and him were comrades. Though rumors swirl about Nimue and her appearance Zero hardly cared much either way. How she looked or not maybe it had an effect maybe not.]]

[center [i Also I have been granted permission from king Simon to create a new squad. Me and the new head of unit Ray when decided will be joined with the three of you. Along with our queen it would so seem though I was unaware she had any combat experience. I am sure you have questions but this new unit is to be called Crowns Guard. Charged with handling the rebellion as well as Germania and Albion's most elite forces. It seems they too have started to work with the virus as of late.]]

[center [b Zero knew it'd be some time for them to have the queen arrive as well a commander of unit Ray to be set and debriefed. He had explained furthermore till than they were on break. Zero dismissing Jessica and Yushiro as Yushiro took a kneel. Jessica winked and nudged at Nimue with a giggle as the two left leaving Zero alone with the two.]]

[center [i Nimue do you recall I had important matters to discuss when you return? Well this is that time, wait... Your seem bent of shape are you all right?]]

[center [b Zero said as he circled around her touching her wings softly as he sighed. Removing his cape as he wrapped it around her body showing a more than less professional side of Zero. Though he kept a straight face his voice showed concern.]]

[center [i For the longest time I always ventured to why I coddled you. You are Tristain's second most powerful hero in fact many believe when I fall in battle you will take that place. I know this will be true and so I have something to entrust you with.]]

[center [b With that Zero had handed her a box as he continued to look her way unflinching.]]

[center [i There is something only king Simon as well as our queen has been aware of. My gift? When it fully developed after the arena I gained an unreasonable amount of power. Further testing showed when unleashed it puts a strain on my heart shortening my lifespan. This is classified information but I may fall before this war is over. I will cleave a path for you to find success I will not die alone and I have some time yet years even. Though when I fall you will take my place the R&D department has a man with a unique gift. His gift being while a subject is alive he can transfer gifts into pieces of equipment. I made sure it was rather light but before I die I want my gifts handed to you. I believe you may be the one to win this war I've always had faith in you. You will lead unit "Hero" and back to the first matter. The matter on me coddling you?]]

[center [b Zero spoke he realized he was dropping a lot on her. Yushiro couldn't handle this the thought of losing his lord? He would fall apart in despair Zero was his icon. Jessica would even try to win the war and prevent Zero from using his gift. He needed to fight several battles if they wanted to win. He was ready to give his life for this cause for the people of this fine kingdom. He wasn't proud of the things they were forced to do but proud they had the strength to do so. He knew to the world to Romalia? To those who knew this dark secret? He looked like a heartless monster to help keep the lab running. Once he detested the arena but he hadn't known why it was needed it wasn't there just to be there.]]

[center [b Zero had continued to speak of what had been on his mind for some time now.]]

[center [i I had several people look into the matter it was... Illogical to look after someone so strong. I received strange looks though I was and still unsure why. So pardon if this sounds strange to you as well? They didn't take too long to return with an answer. Apparently I was reported the answer was love. A tight sensation in ones chest and fondness for another human being. As well as a caring nurture to that person. When asked what action I should take I was told I had a few options so I have chosen to select one. Not as your commander but as your friend.]]

[center [b Zero said rather straightforward perhaps he didn't understand this was a time to be shy? He wasn't very romantic speaking matter of fact wasn't appealing to be sure. Bumbling through the whole process and taking it too seriously to have others even look into it. Zero knelt as per instructed opening the box was two things. A letter of succession for when he was gone and a ring.]]

[center [i I was instructed to ask for your hand in a ceremony marriage. I'm aware of that we've had a few political marriages surely with our ranks being married into Romalia would be better. On a political level so I suppose this is my one selfish desire. You have as much time to think on both of these offers. I will not force you to take my place nor my hand if you wish it not to be. Though no one is better suited for either mission than you.]]

[center [b Calling marriage a mission? Zero was fairly bad at this but on the letter it read his real name. Not his code name but the name he was born with one only those in charge knew. "Frederick" that was his name rather ordinary to be sure for the strange man.]]

[center [b Zero had made sure to clarify succeeding him was meant to be held as classified. As for asking for her hand? She was free to share with whomever she wishes or keep to herself as she pleases. Jessica would surely pester Nimue what the conversation was about of course. Zero hadn't known Jessica pestered Nimue for gossip like this though.]]

[center [h3 Curious]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b Jessica waited at the door waiting for Nimue to exit the room. She was so curious on what was going on. Yushiro had stood next to her crossing his arms as he began to ask.]]

[center [+darkblue Lady Jessica what ails you? Are you concerned if lady Nimue is in trouble?]]

[center [+teal Nuu! Of course not silly they are in that room alone! That girls had it bad for Zero forever! Zero is just as into her I know it even if he doesn't realize it! Oh I hope it's something like a marriage proposal! That'd be so sweet maybe Rexy will do something like that for me!!!]]

[center [b She squeaked as Yushiro shook his head sternly while trying to remain respectful.]]

[center [+darkblue I doubt it lord Zero doesn't deal with such social trifles. Many nobles in Romalia had asked for his hand in marriage despite being a chief his father was a noble here. I believe Nimue held a similar title though I could be wrong. He has refused to engage in time wasting manners such as those. His love is for hearth and home as well as his comrades in arms. Further more milady Rex is an enemy of the state. We can't let allow him to live any longer.]]

[center [b Jessica moved her hand in a talking motion as she simply said. "blah blah blah" As she decided to throw a jab back herself.]]

[center [+teal Could you do it? Cut down lord Ren? When ordered too?]]

[center [+darkblue I... I'm not.... Lord Zero surely would.]]

[center [+teal Hmm... It'd hurt like hell but your probably right about that. I think he'd kill anyone including himself if it meant we won this stupid war. I just hope he sticks around and has friends left when the peace begins.]]

[center [b Yushiro staying quiet as Jessica's face began to contort with worry. Yushiro began to make his leave of the area.]]

[center [+darkblue I'm going to check on Riuku lord Zero sent her on a very special mission. I want to see how that went and look over the report.]]

[center [+teal Diligent as always maybe we should call you lord huh? I sometimes wonder why you aren't Zero's second. Nimue is the fun one after all.]]

[center [b Yushiro took a bow as he let a small smirk escape his lips before leaving entirely. Jessica knew he would contemplate his failure and lose much sleep over it. Despite her new orders may be? She couldn't kill Rex or Ren. She'd maybe go as far to capture them by force but kill them? Never she refused to with every ounce of her soul.]]

[center [h3 Defeat]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b As Yushiro pondered on his defeat and wondered how things went they went. Why did lord Ren defect so suddenly the way he did? Is that way he wouldn't let him fight Rex? A part of his plan all along? How must lord Zero be feeling?]]

[center [b With that Yushiro entered Riuku's office giving a knock. He sat across from her as he began to speak to her with a smile. He came here often for information.]]

[center [+darkblue Ahem I was wondering if I could look over the report on the assault on Kitamari's base? Did everything go all right?]]

[center [h3 Mally Healed]]

[center [pic http://41.media.tumblr.com/02392b3d3c2da83ec4f8146b774f5210/tumblr_n38y3hVHGT1rs4cg7o1_500.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki chuckled as Mally bumped him back as he let out a nervous chuckle. As Raine failed to heal Mally he began to worry but as Ren made his way to Mally Kanzaki raised his guard. He may have seemed as dense as Eric but he wasn't... Quiet as much. He wanted to keep the theme of trusting new people but with Mally? Any friend? He couldn't be careless to let them get hurt.]]

[center [b As he grabbed at her horn he began to heal it as Kanzaki smiled squishing the guy in a tight strong bear hug.]]

[center [+darkblue Ren thanks man your a lifesaver!]]

[center [b Kanzaki listened as Raine explained who Ren was as Alvin tilted his head looking at Raine.]]

[center [+green So... You knew him too...? B-Big brother...?]]

[center [+darkblue Haha let me guess you looked at him like a big brother too huh? So Ren if you and Alvin were friends? Raine as well than why did you come to attack us? Maybe I'm just stupid but I don't really understand...]]

[center [b Alvin made his glances at Ren as he looked back and forth Kanzaki smiled. He was glad Alvin had another friend around but what his relationship with Jessica? Or any of them?]]

[center [b As Mally looked down at her Axe Styles came to stand by her holding his hilt with no blade.]]

[center [+blue Aye lass we got shafted ehh? Hey Ren does this airship have any equipment? A cutlass and an axe would be nice on the menu? Right?]]

[center [+darkblue Hey cutie if you wanna borrow my blade I wouldn't mind. Though when I imagine you touching my sword I didn't mean this.]]

[center [b Kanzaki chuckled a bit amused at his own joke as Styles blinked almost giving the boy an appalled look. He couldn't help but chuckle but Alvin? He looked rather shocked Kanzaki had said that to Mally. Alvin reaching his hand to his arm he looked at Mally's horn and away before speaking.]]

[center [+green I-I u-u-umm... I... I'm g-glad that your... O-O-Okay..]]

[center [b Kanzaki smirked as he wrapped his arm around Mally with a playful tune.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey trying to steal the boss? I called dibs Alvin get your own sexy lady! We have lots to choose from! Speaking of which where the heck did Rose go?]]

[center [b Alvin frantically waved his hands as he shook his head. Kanzaki knew that wasn't what Alvin wanted he just wanted to tease the guy. Not like Kanzaki would really get jealous right? He was such a flirt after all but at the same time he wondered if he would.]]

[center [+darkblue So Raine sweet angel I wouldn't mind you tending to my wounds. Maybe without the cutting just a little love might fix me right up~]]

[center [b Kanzaki winked as she had gotten done with healing Styles after all. Kanzaki didn't waste any time going back to his old self. That didn't mean however he didn't hope the others were okay. Kanzaki even gazed at Kita as she took her leave of course so did Alvin.]]

[center [b Kanzaki wasn't sure what was going to happen now. He wanted to help everyone sort everything out but he didn't even really know what was going on at the same time.]]

[center [h3 Captain On Deck]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b Styles chuckled as Ren tried to tell them to get some rest. Some people here might not be fond of taking any orders from him. Styles himself wasn't sure how to make all of this but he trusted Raine. Patting her shoulder as he began to talk with Ren.]]

[center [+blue Sure I can drive this bad boy but I would like us to get some distance and take a stop. I want to see what's under the hood of this ol girl. See if I can make any simple modifications not a fan of bland empire regulations.]]

[center [b Ren had than asked if he could quickly get them to Romalia and with that Styles only answered with a chuckle. Wiping under his nose he was sure he could. As he began to make his way to the helm he looked back at Raine.]]

[center [+blue Glad to have you back lass, are lad here was awfully worried about you. Heartbroken in fact heh heh.]]

[center [b Styles said as he looked at Alvin as Alvin blushed looking at Raine than away as Kanzaki added in.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh yeah he yelled something out to her right? Like everything would be okay? Wait guys after she got in I'm sure he confessed his love for her right?]]

[center [+blue Aye mate that's how I remember it as well Alvin couldn't have said any sooner huh?]]

[center [+green N-No wait I-I... I mean... Uhh...]]

[center [+blue What he means lass is he was worried about you was all. Well thanks for looking after this old captain as always I'll try not to get hurt in the future. Try and play nice with each other.]]

[center [b Styles gave a wink as he made his way to the cockpit Alvin was a blushing mess but what was new? Styles knew they had a lot to talk about. He owed Shiloh and Rose a talk himself the reason he wanted to take Alvin in the first place. Though it'd be good for Rose and Shiloh to talk first perhaps maybe catch up. Styles owed Shiloh,Alex,Kanzaki for protecting the front. He would be sure to make it up to those three with a good drink in the future. Before Styles could go though Claire had spoken up.]]

[center [+lightblue Whoa whoa Romalia Tristana and them are allies! How could we trust them? Your just gonna follow the guy based on his word it could be a trap after all.]]

[center [+blue Aye lass it could but I've ventured far and wide I know Romalia isn't fond of Tristaina's gain to power. Or rather how they obtained it true they are close friends but the two keep their secrets. They'd be eager to shelter us if anything furthermore if Raine trust him? That's good enough for me.]]

[center [+lightblue Well it isn't for me I like staying alive "captain"]]

[center [b Here came the sass but Styles simply waved his hand as he began to leave the room.]]

[center [+blue I know yet lass you almost died saving us. So you have my word we have your back too like it or not your apart of this crew.]]

[center [b Claire blinked rather shocked but Styles hadn't even looked back. Despite his casual attitude he was determined to look after these kids. Well having Ren as a addition not all of them were kids huh? Well Styles could always use a first mate for his crew after all. Romalia was a stop but his goal was still set. He was ready to leave this life of worry behind and sail the sea's or the sky with them. First chance he got maybe after gathering supplies in Romalia. He was tired of seeing his crew at risk after all.]]

[center [h3 Much Needed Talk]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b As Rose and Shiloh talked alone she listened to what he had to say. When he brought up her sister being defeated she bit her bottom lip. As her dyed green hair began to fall over her shoulder into her laps. As she balled her hands up into fist trembling into tears.]]

[center [+purple Alvin he... He....]]

[center [b She didn't want to hate him when things got hurt she ran away. Alvin stayed behind and snapped Eric out of it told Raine not to worry. He didn't doubt Raine, Rose? She did if only for a bit. She doubted Raine and Eric... She felt she cared for those two more than Alvin. Yet he was going to save the two along with Peyton if he had too. Delving into his thoughts he was going to... Help her too.]]

[center [+purple I try.. And try and try to hate him... But everytime something happens... He's the one that does something.. I just ran away! Like a coward! That was my fight!! My sister took my place being a more powerful subject they cherished the idea. To help either one of them grow... I was supposed to be his first secret weapon... Opponent to help him grow. I heard so much about him.. I was so scared... And she... She.... It's my fault she's gone! He didn't have a choice but I cried and I let her go! I ran away than like I did today! Yet he takes the full burden of her loss! He's trying to make it right and it's all my fault!!]]

[center [b Rose began to sob hysterically she felt every word cut at herself. It was true it was all true... She couldn't stand it. She must have hurt Shiloh and her captain without realizing it.]]

[center [+purple Now I'm just her shadow... A promise to Zack.. I'm not her... Not as strong not as beautiful. She wasn't scared not even for a second... That's probably why she loved you... Your so brave... If you had to fight the white swordsman... If you were in my shoes? You'd have fought him for her right? I doubt you'd be afraid even for a second! You.. Her... Zack.... I can't compare to any of you I just fight on the backlines and have a few stupid jokes...]]

[center [b Rose raised her knee's as she wrapped her arms around them. She felt so useless... So helpless she had always looked into others minds and hearts. Yet here she was opening her heart mind and soul to be read to be open. She was just as helpless as the people she read. She was sure Shiloh would hate her... When Styles found out? He'd hate her too... Why wouldn't they after the way she let everything happen.]]

[center [h3 Lack of Weight]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b As Claire held onto Alex the two began to talk he reassured her that she didn't weight much. Though.. in more ways than one that she didn't have any weight as a burden. That this wasn't her fault she appears and his friends dies? Alvin spoke up taking credit for it as she scoffed.]]

[center [+lightblue It really pisses me off how hard you on yourself.]]

[center [+green I-I umm.. I-I...]]

[center [b She looked directly at Alvin as Alex basically told her... She was doing the same she took a sigh and looked at the ground. As he sat her on her feet she stumbled holding on to him. He had of course helped her take a seat. His look seemed to tell her to be a little easier on the boy and she felt she did owe them.]]

[center [+lightblue I... I'm sorry kid just.. Fuck ya did good out there all right? So don't be so mopey try to smile? Got it? Also... Alex I really suck at this kinda shit but thank you. I mean for having my back you could have left me behind I'm not dumb. I wish...]]

[center [b Claire trailed off as she looked a the wall... She realized she was opening up. Maybe she was tired so it made her guard lowered or maybe... She realized they weren't bad people. She wasn't sure of a few of them Eric and Raine near the top of that list. They both in a sense abandoned their closest friends but the others? Still cared for those two despite how they left them to fend for themselves. They could have died would those two even had cared? For all their sweetness those two rubbed her off a wrong way. The others? Peyton chasing after Eric the way she did? She acted tough but she cared Claire found herself smiling. She could relate to that shit couldn't she?]]

[center [b She hated to admit it but Alvin was... Sweet and rather adorable. Not in a cute guy adorable but like a little brother kinda adorable. Though speaking of cute guys she realized how close she was too Alex she scooted over as she looked at the ground. Stroking her hair behind her ear. As she trailed off.. with an I wish... She finished the thought in her mind. She had wished she met these people before she fell apart the way she did. The way she was? She couldn't ever befriend them despite what Styles or Alex said. With that Claire rested her head on Alex's shoulder as she began to rest a bit opening her eyes she saw Alvin trying to smile. It was a little forced and awkward but he was kinda easy to order around huh? Almost like a puppy that wanted to please everybody. She couldn't help but let out a small giggle as Alvin blushed holding the back of his hand.]]

[center [+lightblue Hey don't worry good shit just keep practicing kay?]]

[center [b With that Kanzaki chimed in as usual he never missed a beat that idiot huh?]]

[center [+darkblue Than you should practice too don't make him do all the practicing that's not fair!]]

[center [b Claire rolled her eyes but she decided hell fuck it. She could use the excuse later she was just tired. She tilted her head and fucking with Kanzaki gave the cutest smile she could even placing a finger on her cheek. Kanzaki blinking as his cheeks turned red it even caught Alvin's attention a bit as he seemed rather shocked.]]

[center [+darkblue Wow... You can be cute!]]

[center [+lightblue Hey! What the hell does that mean! Real nice coming from the guy who calls me cutie left and right! Saying your a liar?]]

[center [+darkblue I prefer to call it being a gentleman than lying!!]]

[center [+lightblue Oh but screaming you can be cute is real gentleman-like huh?]]

[center [+darkblue I uhh... Mally help me out here?]]

[center [b With that Alvin let out a soft little laugh it was almost like a little giggle. Claire shook her head smiling almost like an older sister would to her goofy little brother. He was an odd duck that was for sure but hell they all were right? It wasn't long before she passed out again falling onto Alex's lap as she snuggled up to him in her sleep. Hopefully she'd have a much better dream this time.]]

[center [h3 His Queen]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRftKDyDjLg]]

[center [b As Peyton left when Rose was still in the room she had told her your welcome. It was sweet of Peyton to say thank you Rose gave her a sweet little giggle. As she said "go get him tiger" she loved to tease Peyton and Eric's little "romance" but it was apparent Rose was worried about Eric too even if a little afraid.]]

[center [b As Peyton held on Eric she commanded him to cry Eric chuckled trying to protest through the tears. She wasn't having that but Eric thought.. It was rather sweet. Alvin was the kinda guy who always needed to hear.. "I'm sorry I said soso" Eric? Well he didn't need to hear that seeing the way she acted? That screamed she didn't mean it... That he wasn't a lie to her. The way she acted said "you aren't a lie to me and I'll always care about you"]]

[center [b Eric let the tears flow as he smiled softly pressing his forehead against her own. For once he had a lot he wanted to talk about. Taking his coat off he wrapped it around her as he rubbed his cheek against her own. As his voice stopped shaking he finally started to speak again his eyes puffy he smiled on. As he stroked her hair behind her ear he whispered gently.]]

[center [+brown Thank you... I... Look Peyton I'm sorry for everything. I.. Hurt Alvin and you and... You were so weary of me at first and I get it. I don't even know who.. Or what I am... But I know I love you guys all of you. Alvin was there for me and I... I can't forgive myself for hurting him. Or for making Raine run away or for shutting you down the way I did I!]]

[center [b Eric was tumbling into self despair but Peyton raised a finger to his lips. Such a demanding queen she didn't want him to be hard on himself she ordered him to cry and now this? Of course like before he didn't mind he never did not since first he laid eyes on her. Eric grabbed her hand into his own as he leaned in his eyes closing. His lips coming closer to her own as he whispered. "I love you.. Peyton" calling her by her name. He held on to her hand tightly his words were quiet almost impossibly hard to hear easily missed. His lips almost reaching her own before...]]

[center [b As they two came closer a door opened and it was a familiar face for sure. White hair green eyes? It was none other than Alvin Eric blushed looking up at him rubbing the back of his head.]]

[center [+green I-I.. O-Oh u-u-umm.. I-I was looking f-f-f-for Kita.. I-I'm uhh.. G-Glad you t-t-two are o-okay I... LoveYouGuysBye!]]

[center [b He screamed the last part embarrassed rather fast as he closed the door running off. His face was so red and flustered the last part had gotten Eric laughing and laughing as he hollered not embarrassed in the slightest.]]

[center [+brown Hey we love you too! Haha wow, Peyton thank you for being here for me as always. You and him really did a lot for me today it means more than you can realize. I won't let you down pey-- My queen! Wait a second.. Does this mean you finally accept your role as our queen?]]

[center [b He smiled softly with a mischievous tint in his eyes. Was he.. teasing her? Eric hugged her close as he cuddled his queen tight into his arms. He could have stayed like this forever sure he'd miss Raine and Alvin but this was nice. Well to be fair he'd miss everyone but still he loved having his queen near. He might not be able to forgive himself for today but that didn't mean he couldn't smile. He was ready to do all he could for them. Peyton was helping him figure out it wasn't who he was but who he is now.]]

[center [h3 Old Friendships]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Alvin sat in the room as he listened to everyone talk he found himself smiling. Mally and Kanzaki sure got along and Alvin... Tried to make an effort to talk with her. Of course Kanzaki teased him but he wanted to try to befriend Mally and Claire if he could they scared him a bit. They did come off as standoffish but so did Peyton right? Look how much he liked her now! Well.. That came out weird Alvin really wanted a chance to talk to Raine about today. He hated being so over sensitive but he... Well he wouldn't admit it but he needed reassurance she cared about him. When they teased him about Raine he was flustered sure but that wasn't why he was glancing at her. For once it wasn't cause she was cute either he just.. Wanted to know what he meant to her. Would she really have left forever? So suddenly?]]

[center [b It seemed Rose had her own drama... Alvin caught bits and pieces but if it was about her sister? It frightened him cause he knew he was the reason she was gone. Befriending Rose might be the hardest challenge despite how friendly she was. He was glad to have Eric and Raine back... Part of him wanted to talk with Eric too! He didn't hate him anymore right? Hearing he used to hate him hurt... Oddly though he was starting to... Miss Peyton greatly. It had been awhile since the two talked alone. Last they had talked alone he... Almost kissed her back at the arena. She was the one who took his contacts off right? With that he pulled at his hair seeing his dye was starting to fade. He was gonna try and wash it out as much he could Peyton wanted him... To be himself and that's what he'd do! It would revert him back to being even more awkward these things made him feel cool. He would feel like... just a boy and that'd make him feel... Rather lame compared to everyone else. Style... Looks these things mattered to him.]]

[center [b A lot of times his favorite anime character was decided quickly by style design and looks. He wanted to give the impression he was... What cool? In a more complex way than that? Yeah here was overthinking small little things again. Did Peyton think he was cute? Did Raine" Wait that doesn't matter! He was getting rid of his dye to be rid of the white swordsman. His hair was an obvious part of that no doubt. Maybe he could find a change of clothes too sure he'd keep the bullet proof vest and his metal hand guard but maybe be rid of the over vest.]]

[center [b As Claire began to talk with Alvin he attempted to smile like she asked. She couldn't help but laugh but... She seemed to not mean it in a harsh way. Sure they all teased him here and there but he knew they cared. He hoped they had... they did right? With that Kitamari had left shortly after the report and it seemed everyone was splitting up. Sure Alvin was better at one on one conversation over crowds that made him anxious. He didn't want to see his... family split up either though.]]

[center [b Alvin stood seeing no one went to see if Kita was okay. Sure maybe the mature thing was let her figure her own thing out right? That was the mature thing but could Alvin do that? Normally yes he'd leave people alone that's who he was even before the arena. Emotions and talking about feelings made him feel awkward. He wasn't ever sure how to cheer someone up he was so bad at it.]]

[center [b Though thinking of all the times Kita was there when he cried? Back than? Her and Jessica always had his back when he fell apart but Kita? She was intrigued by the person he was before the arena she really cared about him. Jessica had to right? He didn't want to think about that as it tore at his heart a bit. The two hadn't gotten along very well back than but he wished they had. They were his friends after all right?]]

[center [b It was so weird remembering all those things at once... They were friends but they felt like strangers all at the same time. As Alvin went from room to room trying to find her. He by mistake came in to Shiloh and Rose's conversation embarrassed he told them sorry. Heading out he had done the same thing again! This time to Eric and Peyton.]]

[center [b Alvin's eyes widened as he saw the two were... Were they? Alvin was afraid Peyton was mad at Eric but they were getting along. Alvin clutched at his chest a bit was... No was he? Was he jealous? Really? It's not like... Peyton and him made sense? Eric was her knight after all and the two were not afraid to speak their minds. They were strong people unlike Alvin. Despite trying to convince himself his chest tightened but at the same time? He was glad they made up he didn't want Peyton to hate her. He left with an embarrassing note as usual. Stupid stupid! He hit himself on the forehead sure he meant it but that's so weird! He was so bad at this that hasn't changed too much from day one.]]

[center [b Alvin wondered about his feelings on that... Did he? Peyton? Back than he wasn't sure with Kita or Jessica things haven't changed much than. Of course he didn't need to make a choice on any account! N-Not like anyone liked him or that stuff was important! Girl crazy as usual deep down he loved the idea of a romance but just was so awkward to express it. For some reason Raine and his dance entered his mind too gah he was as bad as Kanzaki! Nononono maybe worse he likes Mally right? It's so obvious no one has caught on but Alvin? Sitting quiet has advantages you do a LOT of watching and Kanzaki looks at Mally a lot! Here Alvin was paying attention to everyone! Bad bad bad! Kita,Raine,Peyton yeesh get a grip Alvin! He was bad around pretty faces but maybe it was because he shared a special bond with those three as well. He needed to focus on helping Kita not what Eric and Peyton were up to right?]]

[center [b As Alvin saw a closed bathroom door he let out a soft sigh. He had a few old memories of Kita doing this locking herself up and letting it out. Alvin always tried his best to be there for her. Course Jessica always got jealous but Alvin wasn't sure why.]]

[center [b Alvin didn't exactly think of himself as a prize as he knocked at the door. He listened in.. What am I doing what if she's using it? Weirdo! "I'm such a weirdo!" listening close he heard some muffled sobs. He knocked again softly as he held at his arm. She was going to try and run off of course thinking he needs to use it. What would.. Eric do? He'd grab her arm and pull her into a hug but could Alvin do that? He had with her before but... It was always a bit weird how he did it. Fail or succeed he had to work up the nerve to be prepared to try when she comes out.]]

[center [b He had to make a stand and try his best for Kita's sake for all she's done for them? Alvin owed her that much.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Maybe one of us could play as the new head of unit Ray? You or me? Also for Romalia's king and queen we could play one of each? I wouldn't care and in time we'll run into Germania/Albion's elite forces but these roles won't need a part in EVERY post. So don't worry about that I just wanna keep our characters even.]]

[center [b I might play Romalia's Queen and you the king? Than you could play Tristaina's queen sound good?]]
  Zero / Isamu / 2y 189d 15h 8m 44s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nodding her head when Yushiro asked if she was okay. However, she was not. Her wing was in pain, she had landed on it when she fell out of the storm with the two. The tips of her feathers at the end were bent. However, she wasn't going to call attention to them.

Nimue as they took the ship back, she thought about her interactions with those people in battle. Rex had tried to make her wear his vest...in the middle of battle. Balling herself up on her seat, she tried to hide her body. Nimue was aware she was attractive, with the additions the lab had given her, she was almost a succubus. She knew it distracted male fighters, and some female fighters. Though, that wasn't her choice, she had to wear her body confidently like that because of her wings. Clothes got in the way of them, they also added weight to her body. Making it hardly to fly faster, higher.
But that boy had seemed so bothered by it. Nimue could recall many fights were the men would purposely use their weapons to cut her clothes off. She'd keep fighting, she'd win obviously because they would be so distracted. Sighing she kept thinking about giving her report to Zero.

Nimue had never once, ever had to give a negative mission report. Her heart raced, she wasn't scared about Zero being angry. Nimue had him yell at her before, she wasn't afraid of that. Rather, more she was afraid of disappointing him. Nimue wouldn't lie, she wanted to impress him. The girl wanted to only ever be praised by him. Praise from someone else never got to her. But...the way he'd look at her when he would congratulate her. More that matter, even speak to her. It made her happy. She knew this conversation wouldn't make her happy. Nimue also knew he probably only looked at her like that because well, her clothing...and her resemblance to his old love.

Walking, something very out of character for her. She normally flew every where. However her wing was injured. So instead she walked into the room once they got back, she had to admit she could feel her heart rate. She was more nervous about this than ever going into any battle. [#F64408 "Yeah, Uh- Jessica's fault as usual."] she coughed out an awkward joke before sighing and shaking her head. [#F64408 "No, no but really...I could of fought harder.... I was fighting kind of casually...I just didn't think things would happen that way."] she couldn't make eye contact as. Shuffling her feet, she bent over and fixed her socks. [#F64408 "To be fair... The fight was cut short, one of the secret weapons summoned a huge storm, with killer lightning and this huge loud tornado."] Nimue made it a point to say they were literally cut short. Had that storm not been generated....They could've kept Ren from leaving with the ship. They could've stopped them all from leaving.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally had taken a beating during battle, but Claire had been there to heal her. When her axe broke, she kind of staggered back. Unsure what to do with it now. The end still had the retractable blade but...she wouldn't wield that like an axe. Mally had remembered Kanzaki showing a greater concern for her well being this fight than any fight ever before. It intrigued her, she'd find out about it later. Right now, she needed to focus and listen to everyone inside the ship now. Holding her broken axe dearly, as she took a seat. Mally could maybe almost weep over her axe. It was her first real weapon, the first thing she was allowed to keep in the facility. Plus, it would be hard to find a new axe now.

Finding a little seat to take in the metal ships entrance tunnel where everyone sat, she held her broken axe their too. Then running her hand up her horn, it was still cracked. It still hurt, Claires healing hadn't fixed it on the field. What would fix that? While she was concerned about it, she would voice it more privately later. So much was going on now, she didn't want to steal any attention from something that may need more than her. Concerned now she looked over at Kanzaki. Was he okay? How was Claire? Was she awake yet? Looking at her team mates she was relieved to see they'd both be fine.

Speak of the Devil, Kanzaki himself walked over to her bumping into her, she tried a bump back. While to her, it felt like a body movement she figured it would seem like playful acknowledgment back right? He began to ask if she herself was okay. She wasn't in the best shape, Claire had healed her much, she had also happened to acquire really bad wounds after Claire had fainted. Her hand wandered to her crack horn, holding it she lied [#EC871C "I-I uh"] coughing she looked up then [#EC871C "I am fine."] she tried to wave it off as Raine come over per Roses request.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex had been mid battle, pushing himself on the front lines while Shiloh took more defensive means. When suddenly Claire had turned him mid swing and pulled him into a rather wet kiss. Surprised, he hadn't realized for a moment she was doing this to heal him. A blush spread his cheeks, but he noticed she looked pale. Rather exhausted, he was right. She collapsed right there, with soldiers moving in. Quickly he hoisted her up into his arms. Throwing her over his shoulder while he continued to fight. It became increasingly difficult to fight while keeping soldiers from attacking the side where he held Claire.

Once the opportunity to escape came, Alex would've rather faced the storm, but with Claire unconscious and his friends with all her friends running for the ship. He went for it too. Slightly soaked in rain water, he put his sword down and adjusted Claire in his arms. Carefully he held her bridal style, standing there with everyone now. Ren was here, was Ren an enemy? There was no way everyone just...ran onto an enemy ship over a storm...right? Alex looked around silently waiting for answers to be discussed. They likely would be.

As Claire stirred and woke up Alex raised an eyebrow when she asked to be put down. [#D23F0B "You don't look strong enough to stand...You sure? I don't mind...you don't weight like anything at all."] he placed her very slowly and gently unto her feet. Letting her lean on him if she needed. [#D23F0B "I can just hold you on my back till we find seats...The air ship is pretty big. It probably has seats."] she still seamed pale and weak. It worried him to see her so frail looking. Healing literally killed her it looked like, and Alex didn't like it much. Not her healing method, but the way she collapsed on the battle field trying to keep everyone alive.

Short into conversation Alex heard an announcement turn on. Immediately his attention was drawn to it. These people, were brutal. Exchanging stares of silent sorrow between Shiloh he tried to look at Kitamari but... she was literally glaring straight at Ren the entire time. Alex had never seen Kitamari look the way she did in that moment. Alex for once could see anger on her face, sadness on her face, all in one moment. He had listened closely as a list of names was rattled off describing who was killed in this. Who was captured too was listed off.
His nephews lived at that base, but there names hadn't been listed on either lists. So now, worry began to sit in he wondered what happened to them. Maybe they didn't know the boys names? They were young, not born in the bases. His sister had died in childbirth at that very building that was now...gone.
However Claire speaking brought his attention back. Shaking his head [#D23F0B "Don't blame yourself, ever. Yes...it's a hard loss. It's not anyones fault, but the people who did it."] with that his eyes wondered towards Ren. Who seemed to be calm amongst all the dirty looks.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari was ringing her hair out. Happy to be out of the fight, she was kind of weary of Ren. However, she had to trust fate. She'd request to be taken back to her base in a moment she'd let everyone speak and sort things out first. Well...after this announcement.
Her eyes widened, then quickly settled into a glare. However, she couldn't find something to say. He had been here fighting them..and he was now on their side...but...Her home. Her people...there were kids that lived there too. Young kids!
Kitmari could feel the anger began to dissolve and mix with an overwhelming sense of panic...homelessness...fear...grief. None of it was sitting well, hot tears started spilling from her cheeks. She shaped a fist and punched a wall of metal protruding on the inside of the ship. Denting it deeply, carving a perfect mold of her knuckles. She turned on her heal very quickly and began to walk through the air ship at a fast pace. Locking herself in a bathroom she found.

First she tried to breathe, then she tried to wash her face and calm down. However she stared at herself in the mirror. Her mind began to crumble around her. She failed her people, she failed them all as a leader. They must of thought they were caught...they hadn't returned from the supply run...and then suddenly they were all being rounded up and killed. Kitmari wasn't there to save them, to protect them. The way she had promised them all.

That was so many promises broken. Looking away from the mirror she sled down the ships bathroom wall. Balling herself up, she buried her face in her knees. Crying, now was the only thing she could do. Her cause was gone, lost, over. The tears came fast and they were hot on her skin. She was a quiet crier though, keeping her hand over her mouth to muffle her sobs. Eventually falling over in fetal position on the bathroom floor as she cried. She couldn't have broken down like this in front of everyone else. She was leader, it would've hurt her pride even more. To know that everyone knew she failed and then to see her...become this nothing on the floor.

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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peytons vision was still blurry, her eyes hurt. Her body ached, but she had sustained very little injury or attention in battle. She couldn't remember a large section of the fight. She remembered things going...black. Then running into the ship. Blinking she caught on quick, Ren...Raines foster brother...former Tristian Knight? Healer? What was he? Rose took a place next to her and quietly explained everything that had happened when Peyton blacked out in battle. She squeezed Roses hand in appreciation [#8A2BE2 "Thank you, Rose."] she smiled softly, realizing she had something to actually apologize for. That was how she attacked Eric so...readily.

Peyton remembered what she had said to Eric now. She remembered how mean she had gotten when he attacked Alvin. Peyton didn't want to meet his eye, but then she hazily recalled he still defended her on field...said he's still fight for her. Even if she hated him. Peyton didn't hate him, she couldn't hate him...not when she...When she what? Shaking her head she listened to Eric talk and apologize. Then she watched as he uncharacteristically left the room.
Debating in her head for a moment to follow or not, she had already watch Kitamari leave the room quick and quiet drastically at the announcement of her base destruction.
Peyton had to check on Eric...he had to be mentally going through a lot and what she had said... couldn't have helped.

Quietly she left the room too, finding the room Eric had taken. She was impressed with the size of the ship. It wasn't huge but there were enough little cots in these rooms to give each of them a bed and still have a few more spaces available. Peyton had found the one Eric chose to run inside of. He was... crying? Peyton first looked at him, he looked like he had been leaning against the wall but probably slid down. Quickly she rushed over and squeezed herself between his knees, pushing herself to the floor, wrapped her arms around his chest.
Placing her hands on his face, she stared at him.
He looked like he needed to cry, like he had been crying...but Peyton could tell he hadn't cried yet. He was trying to not cry. Looking him in the eyes she frowned and shook her head. [#8A2BE2 "Cry."] she said. Of course his face turned confused but before he could even say anything to her again she rolled her eyes.

[#8A2BE2 "As your Queen, I command you to cry."]
There it was, she could see the tears starting to form, but he was still going to try to protest. [#8A2BE2 "You big dummy. You need to cry...It's okay to cry."] she pulled his head down, placing it on her shoulder she pulled him even closer then.
[#8A2BE2 "So...go ahead...Cry."]

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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

There she was, surrounded by everyone she had ever grown to love or like in one room...well not everyone but...most everyone. The rest of her "family" wasn't here but...Ren was. Ren had beaten many bullies up for her when they tried to get her to go back to school. But she was so far behind, she couldn't catch up. She knew how to read, that was all she figured she'd need in life. So she convinced her foster mom to let her drop of out if she still saw a tutor once a week. She did, so she kept learning some things, but it didn't last long till she was taken away.

Ren had left long before that, when the war first broke out he went to join the troops. She had gotten one letter from him before never hearing from him ever again. Now he was here... in person she could touch him, see him. It was weird, she wanted to be happy she felt very happy however...she felt sad. Their defeat, Kita's loss, the new fresh reminder of her old life, the family she had made and missed very much. She wanted to start crying right there, but she'd suck it up.
[i Be a big girl.]

[#6495ED "Ren is my Brother."] she stated, ignoring the foster family part. While blood ran deep, they shared no blood. So Raine believed water to be clearer, cleaner, and much easier to drink. Than the "blood" of family ever was...at least in her case. [#6495ED "Uh...Long story short, I was basically a homeless orphan when Ren found me, took me back to his foster home...His foster mom became my foster mom. I don't like the terms adopted or foster...They're family, my family."] that moment was the firmest Raine's ever spoken. She was very serious about her own life and her family life. Many people didn't understand it, or her. She didn't like explaining it, but she also knew she couldn't just...not explain it. Blinking she looked around at everyone when Rose asked for help with healing. Rushing right over, she looked Styles up and down. [#6495ED "Neither of you are in good condition."] she frowned, as she moved to examine Mally. Taking the girls hand she moved it away from her horn, exposing the deep long crack. A small gasp escaped her lips.

She quickly cut her hand to heal Styles, which was rather easy for her. Moving on next she healed all of Mallys wounds but...her horn wouldn't heal. Raine blinked in confusion, slicing her hand again...it didn't work. Again..it didn't work. [#6495ED I-I don't understand."] she murmed as she went so slice her hand again, Ren had stepped in.
Grabbing her hand he shook his head at her. [#6C80A3 "Raine, your ability heals flesh...Her horns aren't flesh."]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Stepping in he was ready to just grab her horn and heal it, but he stopped himself [#6C80A3 "May I?"] he asked the girl before he just snap healed her. She nodded her head, and the proceeded.
Taking one hand he wrapped it around her horn, covering the wrack. He squeezed now, then he began to push energy out his body into his hand. Light gathered and absorbed around his hand, healing her horn. He let go once he was done and then backed up again. Nodding he looked at Styles and then everyone else.

[#6C80A3 "You said you've driven an air ship before? You can help me. I have this thing an auto...It's the only thing I know how to do with it."] he then looked around at everyone. He already knew where they could go to be safe. [#6C80A3 "In agreement or not, I am taking us to Romalia. They're the safest place to go, and as an "Ally" of the captial...they won't send attack squads after us into their land. Romalia may even shelter us...We will ditch the ship once we cross the border."] he nodded then and looked at Styles [#6C80A3 "My question is, can you drive us their any faster than this?"]

[#6C80A3 "Once we are safe, I will answer any question anyone has for me...I can understand you must all be uh mistrusting in me. I get it, but like Raine said earlier...She's my family and whatever side she is on, is where I can be found now."] With that he patted Raines head.
[#6C80A3 "There are cots...and two bathrooms... Sleep, uh maybe you can find some food in the storage bags and compartments if you want to look."] Ren then looked back at Styles nodded for him to follow him [#6C80A3 "Would you mind coming to take a look at the pilot set up? See if you can drive this puppy?"]

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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh had taken the news like a blow to the chest. He watched his fearless leader start to crumble, then go away. Sighing, he was crushed himself. Roses concern however lightened his heart a bit. She was so sweet. He nodded that he'd be fine, while it was a tough pill to swallow, he didn't consider the place home like Kitamari had.

After a bit more conversing, Rose had come over and asked him finally. About knowing his sister. He smiled very softly and gently, taking her hand, he held it. Nodding his head, [#8147A0 "We should probably go talk about that."] he calmly took her to one of the rooms with the cots in them. They weren't huge and roomy, but they weren't super tiny and crammed. A single bed in each room, he had sensed Eric and Peyton already in one, he picked one a few away. For privacys sake on both of their parts. Sitting down on the bed he clapped his hands together.
[#8147A0 "Well, so yes. I knew your sister...I knew your sister very well. Which is why, you're so familiar to me and it's easy for me to be found of you."] he smiled softly and patted her head [#8147A0 "Your sister was one of my first arena partners, and we fought multiple times together. At point we were even roomed alone together...We would talk about escaping, we had even set up a plan...One night they took her out and she never came back. I uh...hoped for the best....I never ran into her again and when the next oppurtunity to leave came... I took it with Kita."] he sighed kind of hanging his head [#8147A0 "I mean I kinda always knew she had must have been..uh defeated but I tried to stay positive...even after they gave me a new cell partner."]

Talking about it again, it was bringing back old pains. Old memories he had buried because it hurt to live without her. He couldn't even imagine how Rose must feel. Shiloh now was afraid of any feelings he might develop towards Alvin, considering the new bit of information Jessica had shown a light on. [#8147A0 "So..uh if you have any questions I can maybe answer them now..."] he ran his hands through his hair, but not the way Eric did or Kanzaki did. He started at his forehead, pushing that hair back and stopping at the center top of his head, before letting his hand just fall back down into his lap.
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[center [h3 Tough Choices]]

[center [b Rose settling back next to Raine as she heard her words. Peering into her mind she knew it wasn't Raine didn't care about Peyton or Alvin or Eric. Alvin had even considered coming back to his old family she knew this was hard for Raine. She felt guilty Rose now had a hard choice would she go back and help her friends? Her captain? Or would she stand by here with Raine? She didn't want to give up... Yet how easily these people? These monsters tore her family apart? It scared her... A lot more than their actual strength she knew if Jessica really wanted to? She could probably block Rose out from looking at her own friends. If Jessica wasn't so obsessed with Alvin... She could probably delve into Rose's mind if she so pleased. Rose held Raine close as she wiped under her eyes hushing her softly.]]

[center [b As she hushed her comrade the man in charge had ended up embracing Raine. As Rose took her distance giving the man a scornful gaze. Her eyes rattling with both fear and hatred as she began to shake. As Raine and this man talked and talked Raine had explained the situation to him. He gave his name and than basically told them he wasn't heading back. Was she to believe he was going to betray so easily? These people faked Eric's entire life... How could she believe anything these people say? It's all tricks and mind games this could be a sick game to get her hopes up. She refused to trust this man no matter what.]]

[center [h3 Nerve Racked Captain]]

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2990bfe5cc5fea63aa0235ee1700d45b/http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/DrakeandKieve/Anime%20Guys/Picture171.jpg]]

[center [b Styles hadn't meant to but he hadn't taken charge yet again. This was Kita's fight her cause... She should lead right? Well her messing with Jessica took her focus of the lad Alvin. Styles always enjoyed being a captain before... But here at war? With these freaky powers? It was nice when he was the only one who had these gifts gave him a big advantage of course. Life was easy before and now? He was outmatched one wrong move and his crew? Would seize to be... He gave orders with certainty sure but was he sure? No he wasn't he had no idea how this was going to turn out it could go anyway.]]

[center [b As Styles looked at Shiloh blinking he shook his head with a half smile. He had realized what he had said came out a bit... Strange it wasn't what he meant.]]

[center [+blue Aye lad, when I say that I don't mean the lovely lass and I were in a... Intimate relationship. I suppose I finally met the one she truly felt that way about. That's what I meant by awkward trust me lad I know that look don't worry.]]

[center [b He didn't need Shiloh to feel ill during this fight in anyway he would be counting on this man after all. As Alex noted with an aye aye captain Kanzaki had saluted goofy as ever that lad. Styles chuckled as he sent the three out to the frontlines. Kanzaki fighting side by side with Alex as Claire laid a bit tired Kanzaki's wounds... Were severe it how did Jessica do so much damage? So easily?]]

[center [b As Kanzaki charged the frontlines he focused on defending Alex and Shiloh's flanks. This was good the three were fairly powerful that much was certain. As Mally attacked at Jessica Styles knew he'd come in to help. Fighting alongside the horned mistress it almost felt Jessica was toying with them! Peyton seemed to be overwhelmed with emotion and distraught. It'd come down to Styles,Mally,Kita to make matters worse? The commander seemed to after talking with the young man with a large blade he took by Jessica's side. Great... Jessica against them three was already bleak. The commander also did a number by healing his troops so easily it kept numbers high and Alex and Shiloh along with Kanzaki? They wouldn't last against an elite force having a healer like that! Damn it.. but as things looked hopeless Alvin himself charged in yes! They still had the white swordsman!! As Eric rushed in to help the lass with a lack of clothing had cut in. Damn it they couldn't catch a break huh? Those two needed to defeat her and help everyone else... Could they even beat her? Something about her seemed... Ominous but of course Alvin and Eric seemed to be sure they wouldn't let her stop them. If these kids could put on a brave face? Styles had to as well!]]

[center [b Styles charged in his assault at Jessica as she vanished attacking him from the side. As he managed to barely block her strike she seemed... Surprised to say the least. If Styles hadn't his altered perception of time? He'd have never blocked that... She was even faster than the white swordsman. As Kita and Mally charged in she vanished around attacking the three from all sides as Mally managed to nick the woman's arm. After Kita's statement? Jessica fell into a frenzy as Styles suffered several slashes nothing too deep. She came in for a finishing blow at Kitamari? Makes sense after all she's said but with as long time as he has to think about this strike? Studying her pattern? He managed to predict.. Were she would appear it seemed his gift could counter hers. Having time to prepare were she would appear he swung his blade at her slashing into her back. The blade... Had stopped bending in half as it snapped. Her power to control metal taking effect as she grabbed Mally's axe destroying it in a fissy rage. It appeared Kitamari had relied on unarmed combat and that was... A good thing. Though Styles secondary gift wasn't too bad as he elbowed behind him for what seemed to be no apparent reason. However Jessica had appeared there just in time. As powerful as she was she was predictable! Maybe he could win with Kita and Mally's help? As Jessica slid back panting she narrowed her eyes looking at Styles she was trying to read why that tired her out. His sapping gift would only get one surprise attack. That was... insulting he was such an ant to her she didn't even bother reading him before? She only cared about Kitamari as a rival for the young lad.]]

[center [b Were the rest of them... That tiny to her? Well that would be her own undoing. As Jessica grabbed the shattered blade and Axe the metal breaking apart in several pieces high into the air she growled.]]

[center [+teal Your so annoying just let me at the mutt! I-I.. Alvin doesn't care about big milk cows! He prefers a more i-innocent body! He does love me! I know it I know it I know it! I won't let you trick him anymore! How about I destroy your loyal little boy toys first see how tough you are than!]]

[center [b As the pieces of metal shattered into tiny pieces she flew them forward surrounding Styles as she dashed in to strike at his shoulder. As he went to dodge she had scraped his shoulder as the metal from all sides flew in. Vanishing away the metal showered into Styles body managing to block his chest and throat with his arms. She managed to pick him up from the metal inside his body tossing him to the side and pinning him to the ground as she sneered. As she turned her attention to Kitamari despite winning her face was rather distraught.]]

[center [+teal He's always loved me! One time he even s-said I.. I was cute! Doubt he's ever told you that! Grr...]]

[center [b Jessica growled staring at Kitamari's chest before placing a hand over her own flat chest. Styles felt almost ashamed to be beaten by such... A crazy young lass. The rest would be up to them now wouldn't it? Two strikes on her was all he could manage... What a shame. Styles struggled to get up as he cursed his own limitations he couldn't sit here... And watch his crew be slaughtered.]]

[center [b To add further insult to injury the armored man in blue hadn't even stepped in! Only standing by her side! As he crossed his arms watching Alvin and his battle with the other Lass. They hardly... Took them seriously did they? They were here for Alvin and the rest were just... In the way.]]

[center [h3 Lost My Touch?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Alvin watching his friends in trouble... Styles and Kanzaki as Kita taunted Jessica even more. Alvin blushed rather red as he shouted in almost panic.]]

[center [+green K-Kita!!!]]

[center [b His face had never been so red before but it appears Alvin's reaction only upset Jessica even more. Why was Kitamari doing that? She was putting herself in danger! Strangely though he couldn't help but feel bad for Jessica... He hated he did she was hurting his friends! Was it cause of his history with her? His feelings began to seep in... Feeling abandoned by Raine... After all she said to him? She had left sure he put on a brave face before but it hurt like hell. Peyton hating Eric? Would things ever... Be the same again? He didn't want to fight these people... As Alvin looked at the woman in front of him he took a deep breath. Trying to keep his eyes onto her face instead of her... Attire it was rather distracting as he shook his head he began to shook a bit.]]

[center [+green N-Nimue...?]]

[center [b How did he... Know that name? His memories falling in one by one he had to wonder had they met before too? Alvin looking at Jessica and Kitamari with worry he looked at Nimue drawing his blade. As Eric placed a hand on his shoulder with a soft smile.]]

[center [+green I.. I.... What if-]]

[center [+brown Don't think about what if think about what is and what will be. My mother... Well even if that memory was a lie I still believe it to be a good lesson. We'll save our family you are the hero after all!]]

[center [b Hah yeah right if anyone was a hero? It was Eric not Alvin, Alvin only acted that brave Eric... Even after that bomb found himself rather quickly. Alvin? He's had weaker mental assaults tear him apart to sunder. At first he thought his words reached to Eric well enough... However perhaps the result only happened because deep down.. Eric was truly a kind soul. It must eat him up inside and he refused to roll over and lose his family. Alvin was torn up inside Eric had once upon a time... Hated him hated Rex the white swordsman. Yet his smile? It said... "I love you and I'm sorry I hurt you" Alvin felt almost... Like a child. Happy warm and protected but at the same time he wouldn't leave it all up to Eric. He was ready to fight by his side and strive to be more like him.]]

[center [b As the two charged forward together attacking Nimue she managed to avoid their strikes rather easily. Alvin coming a lot closer than Eric as he and her exchanged blows. Alvin had charged forward striking at her shoulder. Why... There? Why not her throat? Chest?]]

[center [b Was it cause he knew her? No... He hadn't realized it but when Peyton had done what she did. Taking his contacts... His name he wasn't the bloodthirsty white swordsman anymore. He wasn't striking to kill and Nimue was cunning enough to use that to her favor. His strikes lacked power and speed these weren't the attacks from the infamous white swordsman.]]

[center [b Receiving several attacks focusing on covering Eric's side rather than coming in for the killing blow. He was only willing to leave cuts and scratches on her as she had landed more direct blows on Alvin. For such a pretty girl... She sure was feisty even before? Alvin would have had a handful... He's never fought such a powerful fighter. Powerful was a vague term it wasn't like she was a powerhouse like Kanzaki but at the same time? She would be the harder fighter to defeat. Oh yeah... He remembered now back at the lab Jessica talked about fighters who achieved a higher rank.. Those who had foughten countless arena battles. The rank achieved was... Hero she must have been such a rank. Even the White Swordsman here... Was outmatched by Tristain's second most powerful hero. Sadly the white swordsman wasn't exactly her opponent now was it? Making odds even worse Alvin was even focusing on defending himself more than before. Why? Was he afraid to die? His combat style excelled at lack of care for personal safety. Making his attacks a terror as well as unpredictable sure he'd dodge and block vital strikes. He was rather skilled as a swordsman he wouldn't take an attack he could stop easily but if there was a chance to slash into his enemy? He'd neglect personal safety perhaps that is why they called him Rex? A predator through and through That... wasn't who he was anymore now? The thought of never seeing Raine? Eric? Peyton? Smiling again? How they would cry... If they lost him? He couldn't be so careless now but did that... Make him weak?]]

[center [b Yushiro gripping his fist as he yelled out to Alvin in anger and disappointment.]]

[center [+darkblue You may have grown from last we met but at the same time? You've grown so weak! This is a battlefield not a training ground!! I knew lady Nimue was too strong for the white swordsman. However the white swordsman always rose and rose the stronger his opponent! The only man to challenge lord Zero again and again! This isn't your first bout with lady Nimue either. Back than the two of you were much more equal sure but... You fought like a... A... hero against lord Zero. It pains me to say it.. I called you a rival but I could never match Rex Rider no matter what. A vicious blade on the battlefield your comrades say you care too little for defensive action. I say it was your strong suit sure it was reckless. You never showed fear it was beyond bravery you were fearless a force on the battlefield. You vowed to free this world of war even at the cost of your life. I believed you were the blade to cleave the battlefield. No one wants to die and you? Were eager to die for the sake of Tristaina for this world. Now your a sniffling coward like the rest of us. You focus on keeping you and your little family alive instead of completing the goal before you. You've grown weak and we came here for Rex Rider not whoever the man here is.]]

[center [b Alvin's eyes widened as he let his guard down Nimue coming in for a finishing blow. Eric had grabbed her throwing her several feet back into the air. Eric stout and prepared to defend his friends as always. Though Alvin had still stood there gripping his blade tightly was he... Weak? He couldn't see himself cutting down anyone here. Not Ren... Not Yushiro Nimue or Jessica was this weakness? He looked down at Eric for this before hadn't he? Isn't that what made Eric.. Weak? Or great? Alvin couldn't let his friends fall apart... As Yushiro walked to the side of Kitamari drawing his blade at her.]]

[center [+darkblue Maybe I need to strike you into reality maybe losing her or..]]

[center [b As Yushiro lowered his blade walking over to Peyton placing his sword in front of her face. A stern look from the soldier Yushiro as he looked at the girl. The girl who had stopped paying attention to the battlefield. Alvin grit his teeth at both threats as he gripped his blade.]]

[center [+green Leave... L-L-Leave..]]

[center [+orange Leave them alone you bastard!]]

[center [b Alvin screamed in a rage as his blood started to race his eagerness to fight returning. He'd enjoy fighting Yushiro he'd enjoy ki--]]

[center [b No he couldn't... This didn't feel right... Something felt wrong but how? "Killing those that stand in my way" that's how he's survived this long right? He had a choice now though he never did before. Than again... He did make a choice in the arena he killed many more than he needed to. Did he have a right? To feel guilty now? To try and pretend he was a good person? To let his closest friends treat him like a hero? A nice guy? Some sweet and awkward teenager? He had no right at all... All he deserved.]]

[center [+orange A-All I deserved... w-was..]]

[center [b All Alvin... All Rex deserved was to fight and die on the battlefield. He was a living blade nothing more and nothing le--]]

[center [b No that wasn't true! He.. before he could think about it much longer Eric had made his way over clashing his blade into Yushiro's. As he stood in front of Peyton defending his queen as always Alvin snapped back to himself as he shook his head.]]

[center [+darkblue Now you rely on these weakling to defend you? To achieve what you cannot? That is not the conduct of a hero even one in training. I always wanted to surpass Rex not the man you have become.]]

[center [+brown His name is Alvin, for all of you back home and second of all? Never raise a blade to our queen.]]

[center [b Despite the demand Eric's voice never for a moment sounded vicious as he clashed with Yushiro back and forth holding his own. The massive blade clanking through the air as Yushiro slid Eric back. Eric dashed in striking overhead as Yushiro managed to block. Yushiro moving to the side to slash. As Eric blocked with his gauntlet headbutting Yushiro to the ground. As Yushiro digged himself out of his whole rather literally bleeding from his head it was apparent the armored man had enhanced endurance. He was also strong enough to clash head on with even Eric the titan of the group. Yet Eric's training with Alvin had finally paid off. Sure he was still wet behind the ears but he was growing rather quickly he has improved so much from when Alvin first met him. Alvin tried to head over to help but Nimue stood in his way again. Alvin grabbing his blade with now both hands looking forward still he found her outfit rather distracting.]]

[center [b Alvin taking his red vest off revealing a bulletproof vest underneath he extended it forward.]]

[center [+green C-Could you umm... P-Put this.. U-Umm... I m-m-mean... I...]]

[center [b Even now he was awkward as ever but it was beginning to bother him immensely. He never liked to think of himself as a teenager with hormones but Nimue was bringing that to question. That was bothering him.. No he wasn't! He was just a normal otaku who loved to play video games! He's never looked at a woman in that way! It wasn't him right? Just the outfit and nothing more that wasn't his style. Funny style right? He sure wasn't a man with a lot of style that was for sure. He was never any good at making friends before cause of that perhaps. Style... Friends? Right Styles! Friends! He needed to focus realizing he was wasting his time he pulled his vest back on. He had to look past Nimue's attire treat it like another mental assault. With those wings she seemed cunning enough to use her body as a weapon against her foes. Alvin wouldn't fall prey to such a simple trick the warrior inside him couldn't let that happen.]]

[center [b Charging forward he continued his fight with Nimue doing better than before he wasn't exactly fighting to kill her either.]]

[center [h3 "Heroes"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Yushiro and Eric had continued to fight as Yushiro began to gain the upperhand. Eric had grown to be sure but he was still outta his league facing a hero of Tristaina. As Jessica and Kitamari began to fight more and more Eric turned his back to go and aid his other friends but not before taking a massive slash from Yushiro to throw him back. To keep him away from Peyton as he came to defend Kitamari's flank from Jessica as she managed to stab into his chest as he went to swing back she had vanished.]]

[center [+teal Oh my gosh how many boy toys do you have! Boy you can't go around protecting two girls tsk tsk. I suppose none of you understand being loyal huh? You girls don't deserve my Rexy.]]

[center [+brown Heh heh.. who said only the girls care about him? Alvin's my best friend ya know I mean we are brothers after all.]]

[center [+teal Grr.. so your trying to steal him too? NONONONO! That won't do! Stop using that name! That's not the name he wanted!! You don't even understand him! Why he ran away from that name! That life! Cause people who claimed to be his friends hurt him! Like you! I doubt he's ever told you about Serah and Vincent! He's told me! Because I'm his family! Not you! We are his family he was with us first!!]]

[center [+brown Than why can't we all be a family? A friend of Alvin's can be a friend of mine after all.]]

[center [b Jessica blinked as she held her stomach as she began to giggle. Holding a sleeve over her mouth as she giggled and giggled she began to talk in her fit of giggles. Her voice now much more relieved and cheery almost like a peppy high school girl.]]

[center [+teal Me? Friends with you? A husk of a shell? I basically made you after all a girl doesn't play with tools. Why do you keep this act up anyhow? They know the truth you know the truth these white knight routine isn't going to work on me. I prefer more sincere more.. Real guys like my Rexy sorry. Besides I can't be friends with people who'd let Germaina and Albion do as they please. Rexy finding you to be a hero confuses me why abandon your country? Really? I might love Rexy but that's not why I'm here after all. I love my country and this world and I refuse to let it fall to darkness or to weakness. So for that that means you have to die.]]

[center [b At the end her fit of giggles ending and her tone more filled with resolve and serious nature. As Eric rubbed the back of his head with a smile.]]

[center [+brown If that's all than we can beat Germania and Albion together right? If they are trying to ruin the peace we have they have to be stopped. I know Alvin wouldn't go his whole life ignoring them no matter which family he was with. We don't need that silly arena to beat them I think Alvin.. Was strong with or without that place. Strength isn't something forced onto someone. It's something we find for ourselves something more than just wielding a weapon. I promise you I'll find a way for everybody to be happy but that doesn't mean you can hurt anyone here okay?]]

[center [b Eric said as he let another smile surface he had meant it. Despite everything this woman had done to him... The way she had crushed him. Sure... He was a bit upset with her and that was saying a lot for Eric! He normally forgave people instantly but he could at least see himself forgiving her rather easily. He didn't want to hurt the people Alvin once cared about Jessica chuckled as she shrugged her shoulders.]]

[center [+teal Pretty words aren't gonna cut it strength isn't just pretty words. Pretty words can't protect the people you care about if we all thought like you? We'd have lost this war ages ago now if you really wanna join sides? You'd turn yourselves in to Tristaina.]]

[center [b Jessica was starting to seem less and less amused and more annoyed as Eric raised his blade as he shook his head. He couldn't just let them force his friends back there even if meant peace. For once Eric would have to CHOOSE to fight even if he didn't want to.]]

[center [h3 Army Of Three]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/rmvR5vR.png]]

[center [b As the fight raged on Kanzaki's form giving off a blue aura around his visor. The aura hadn't really done anything simply a byproduct of the metal form he was in. This form was hard to hold in he had to be in a happier mindset if doubt fear or sadness came in? The form would fall apart but he had focused on scoring a kiss with a hottie! He got to act badass and tell her to stay calm! Yet seeing Mally in danger his form began to flicker on and off.]]

[center [+darkblue Boss... M-Mally!]]

[center [b Seeing her Axe broken he was attacked blocking and pushing the soldier back. His form flickering on the heat of battle rushing through his veins kept his mood up. Yet the thought he focused on was Eric was over there he'd keep them safe. What kept his form going was that dance he shared last night.]]

[center [+darkblue Shiloh! Alex! Let's clean house and impress some hotties you ready? We can't let the girls show us up!]]

[center [b With that Kanzaki span his blade crashing it down to form a crater. It wasn't as large as Eric's but it had no restraint unlike Eric's it seemed with the intent to destroy his foes. As a few armored foes fell into the hole only the more agile ones could escape you can't heal what's trapped. As Kanzaki jumped into the hole to attack the heavier fighters left behind. The units came down to support the literally fallen comrades. This way Ren would need to approach the hole to help them just one problem... Kanzaki hadn't planned this at all. He was simply going wild and that was it at most he wanted a tight place to fight. As Kanzaki went to town his foes struggled dodging his blows as blades and metal clanked at his skinned he let out a robotic.. Demonic like chuckle. The armor again distorting his voice he didn't seem to appear like... A demon. Kanzaki crushing the troops below they just kept coming and coming as the troops swapped positions. Allowing the ones who wielded maces and warhammers to strikes. To deal blunt damage over Kanzaki his armor couldn't be pierced but his head being smashed with a warhammer did some damage. As a blackish liquid came from his head. He let out a grin he didn't have enhanced endurance but the armor did it's job. Still it hurt like a bitch Kanzaki racked with pain carried onward to cleave his way through.]]

[center [h3 Sidelines]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire had saw Shiloh,Alex,Kanzaki take to the frontlines and the three did a good job holding that company back. However it was only a matter time before the three started to be counterattacked. The three suffering slashes strikes and all manners of different attacks. Kanzaki and Alex put on a cocky brave face but she knew they were in trouble. She had to go heal the three of him without Raine that was her job now. As Claire hobbled over she hated how... Tired she was. She hated using her gift... The effect it had? Charming others? Every kiss shared with her made that person feel more and more better about it. She hated that she wanted people to... make their own choices and her not change that. She was a bitch but not a controlling one. Not like these sickos here anyhow as Claire made her way to Alex covered in blood and bruises he still seemed standing. Claire had pulled his shoulder in from behind without time to explain. She had leaned in sharing a wet and passionate kiss with the young man. It wasn't like she chose him of the three! Hell Shiloh seemed to be the guy to make the least deal outta it! H-He was just the closest that's all! Shiloh moved to fast and with Kanzaki in that hole? This was the easiest way to start! As the kiss began to close his wounds she felt rather woozy. She hadn't realize Kanzaki's arms... Were barely on his body when she started that long kiss how twisted up his body really was. Claire feeling tired... As darkness began to seep in she had passed out into his chest. As a few more soldiers tried taking the chance to strike at her and Alex.]]

[center [h3 Lord Ren?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b As the fight carried on Peyton had spoken up... Tired of being called a tramp. True Jessica had called her that a lot it seemed but what she do about it? Well that question would be answered rather shortly as her eyes turned black filling the sky with storms. Rather fitting her and Kanzaki appeared as demons further reassurance Yushiro felt he was on the right side. Selfish monsters that was all they were. As the storm began to tear the battlefield asunder it appeared lord Ren had came with an airship good call! Wait... Ren had gathered the opposing force into the airship. Some or rather all of them seemed rather unsure about getting in but it was that or the storm.]]

[center [b Yushiro screamed out to Ren.]]

[center [+darkblue Lord Ren!!]]

[center [b Yushiro had saw a man at unit Ray a beacon of hope and light for Tristaina take off with these same monsters all at once. He figured Jessica the head of LWM corp would have been a loose cannon but Ren? The man in charge of this mission? Distraught and feeling betrayed Yushiro was eager to work with the man as his heart sank he felt this was the end. He would die in this storm abandoned by his commander. Had he only been stronger... More ready like lord Zero this wouldn't have happened.]]

[center [b Though that would not be the case as Nimue came in to save both Jessica and Yushiro but Jessica seemed unworried about the storm. As they began to fight the currents Jessica sighed.]]

[center [+teal I hope you two can keep a secret all right? I'm sure Zero had his theories but I know he isn't sure but I do have a sixth gift.]]

[center [b Jessica taking a deep breath as the storm began to seep away sure all three airships were already gone but it was all right. As Nimue let them down and the enemy escaped. Jessica sat down to focus was she still using her gift? Why? For what? What was it?]]

[center [+darkblue Lady Nimue thank you I am fine I apologize for my failure mam! I can never repay you!]]

[center [b Yushiro kneeled to his higher ranking officer as he placed a hand on the ground. He could have tried and survived the storm but... Living with failure was too much to handle. He had let Nimue and Zero down why had Ren done this? Was this because of Yushiro...? Was this all somehow his fault? Hopefully this was part of Ren's plan to defeat Kitamari and her forces... He could only hope.]]

[center [+darkblue How fare you lady Nimue are you all right?]]

[center [h3 Turn Back The Clock]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b Jessica still hadn't practiced her sixth gift and was still learning it's limitations and maybe even more aspects about it. However the storm had destroyed one of the airships but as she focused touching the ground the shattered airships began to reconstruct through the air. This however wasn't her power over metal she wouldn't know how to build them back and that'd take several hours even if she did. Hours? More like weeks no her gift was to turn back the clock. It however could not work on living things and it had to be within a certain range from her. It took some focus but with practice she'd learn to wield it in battle and become even more powerful. She was certain this was her final gift it's hard to explain but a secret weapon... Had a feeling when they would no longer learn anything else. Most had three or four Jessica having five was unheard of but having six? No one had even had more than four she was an arsenal in herself. She wasn't cocky enough to say she earned it she was just lucky enough to be born with that power. She was proud of her prowess as a warrior her skill with a spear and willingness to go to battle. She agreed with Zero on one thing even if one thing. Those with power had a duty to look after this world. That's why she couldn't ever forgive Kitamari and her army. Jessica took a deep breath turning around as she smiled at Nimue she could tell the other two were upset.]]

[center [+teal I'm okay thank you Nimue at least we have a ride back?]]

[center [b Even without peering into their minds she knew they both were thinking how Zero would respond to this. Yushiro has a student and pupil and Nimue? Well maybe more than just as his "second" losing their dear friend Ren? That was a problem too Jessica and Zero may disagree on a lot but they were friends. Losing Ren may deter even him the two were like brothers in the arena. Than... That mans voice hit her again. He called himself Rexy's brother... It reminded her a bit of how close Ren and Zero were. Still they were different they did the right thing unlike Rexy's so called brother.]]

[center [b As they took their time to regroup many troops were lost in the battle and in the storm but many troops still dug their way the ground. As they salvaged as many forces as they could Jessica spoke to the men a few of them.. Ren had revived so this must be a delicate situation.]]

[center [+teal It appears that Ren has defected to the rebellion I know this must be hard to hear. He has taken care of you for some time as protocol dictates his second will succeed him after taking the chiefs exams. If he is too fail we go down the ladder till someone passes them. That aside he was a dear friend to me and Nimue and I am sure he was too many of you. He was serious sure! And he gave so many lectures of jeez never let a girl have any fun! I am sure though he has helped us all one way or another. Boring or not he was always there when I got hurt either as a warrior or as a person. Keep in mind this will be just as hard on Lord Zero so you must not falter! You must be strong for him lest our country will fall. I am grateful for your services take the wounded to the ship and I will report the failure to lord Zero. I understand my behavior has played a part in this defeat so do not fear being punished.]]

[center [b Jessica may have been bratty and obsessive and sure she convinces herself her world is Rex. That however isn't true before him she had a life. Nimue Ren and Zero were her friends ARE her friends aside from Ren. She had an ideal to help protect this country she loved Rex because he accepted that. Her goals and her friends as well as saving this country he understood and she adored him for it. In fact at one time she almost left Tristaina and he was there to convince her to follow her dreams her own path. Now she had to help him come back to them! She owed him so much and she refused to let him go. Hopefully she could capture Ren too she didn't want to kill either one of them.]]

[center [+teal Furthermore can anyone here pilot an airship?]]

[center I can milady!]

[center [b A soldier giving a salute he appeared to be hurt she smiled softly nodding telling him thank you. Unlike Zero she was rather informal to her soldiers she did care about others and that's what she believed Rex liked about her. They were strong sure but they didn't neglect others. Jessica spoke of weaklings but to her that wasn't really a matter of military might or personal power. It was being able to do whatever it took for the ones you care about. Sure it sounds similar to Eric but sometimes for the greater good? You have to do what's a little hard or even a lot. That wasn't too say Jessica was exactly a sane woman. She enjoyed bloodshed a lot more than any woman should she found her calling was the battlefield. It was one of the few places she felt she was really at peace. That might be why she connected with Rex the way she did.]]

[center [b Jessica helped her friends and survivors head into the ship as she let out a long sigh. Next time they found the rebellion? She knew one thing for sure that Zero would be with them. Along with the new head of unit Ray no doubt. Yushiro might be left out but than again maybe not Savior units didn't usually have five men but against the rebellion overkill is an order. Certainly if Ren would be helping them in the future but for now they had to worry about the fight in Romalia. Before they left Zero said the borders of Romalia were in trouble if those fall that could be a problem. Romalia... That was a weak country they were too weak to utilize the virus in the arena. Yet they fought alongside Tristaina acting like they were equals? It was no secret because of Tristaina's actions they were the stronger country.]]

[center [h3 Back With Our Heroes]]

[center [b It was silent except for the hum of the engine Alex had carried Claire into the ship. She was out cold her healing by herself put a lot on her. Alvin looked at her curiously he had wondered why she put herself on the line for them like she did. He thought she had hated them. Alvin wasn't sure what to say a lot had happened Peyton wasn't fully aware of what had happened she must be confused too. Rose knew Peyton wasn't fully paying attention. Another question was why was Ren helping them he was getting rather nasty looks Alvin rubbed the back of his head and let out a smile. It was a bit nervous but maybe Ren took his advice to heart.]]

[center [+green S-So y-y-you umm... H-H-Heard me out...?]]

[center [b Eric wrapping his arms around Ren and Alvin as he let out a large grin as usual he didn't question anyone. He wasn't one to suspect anything but Alvin did love that about him. The others regardless of they did or didn't still didn't really trust Ren. Rose was unsure certainly about him. How did Kita's forces feel? They must be more worry than them their army had been fighting them for ages.]]

[center [+brown Heh heh, well I guess that means you were Alvin's old family right? Welcome back from what I see you all were really close right? Before he lost his memories for the testing.]]

[center [b Rose peering rather almost obviously into Ren's mind looking for a memory of Raine. To see Raine wasn't tricked like Eric was before but it seemed to check out. He wasn't fully aware of everything but did that make her less weary? Not exactly hardly at all but it kept her from attacking on the spot. For Raine's sake anyhow she had to remember... She felt the same about Rex for awhile. Taking a deep breath she spoke up.]]

[center [+purple Raine too apparently they were a foster family so this must be a nice reunion for her and Alvin. Lucky too we weren't exactly winning that fight. I... I'm sorry I...]]

[center [b Styles spoke up and smiled as he shook his head. Sure some people may doubt Raine and Rose's loyal nature now but Styles wouldn't.]]

[center [+blue No need to worry lass neither of you. You were checking on Raine and things got a little crazy back there. With that in mind Eric mate are you all right? Truly? That was a little hectic I think we all have some talking to do in the cabin-- Wait this a state of art airship? Aye this brings back memories!]]

[center [+purple Wait captain you sailed the skies too?!]]

[center [+blue Aye mate I hope the hold has something to drink! Hoho! Our luck is spinning up welcome to the crew mate. Any friend of Raine... And Alvin's is a mate of mine.]]

[center [b Styles patted Ren's shoulder as Rose took the time to sit next to Peyton. Rose explaining to her a bit what happened when she had zoned out. Rose was the first to see her zone out last she must remember Eric was going berserk. So she had to of been worried and Rose felt it was her duty to keep her up to date. Would this make everyone trust Eric less? Rose... Was a little more afraid of him but mostly? She felt bad for the poor guy she just hoped he wasn't prone to snap ever.]]

[center [+brown Am I.. All right?]]

[center [b Cutting Eric off the comm device had went off in the airship. A report on how destroying Kitamari's homebase and murders that took place there were explained in detail. Alvin looked at Kitamari as Eric frowned a rare sight indeed as he placed a hand on her shoulder. Alvin wanted to comfort her as well but he didn't... Feel it was right too. He was unsure of how to show affection or touch that way. He was too shy to think it'd come off creepier than he means it too. With that Rose turned her gaze to Shiloh those two had a lot to talk about. Along with Styles but right now she mostly wanted to comfort him he lost his home.]]

[center [+lightblue Well that must suck dick ugh... My head.]]

[center [b Claire woke up stretching in Alex's arms she wasn't really questioning his hold on her. She had an attitude but she wasn't stupid she figured Alex saved her life. She was too tired to stand on her own two feet. Though... She wondered why someone would help her? He could have increased his chances to live not carrying her. She must have slowed him down. Letting out a huff she looked into his eyes crossing her arms.]]

[center [+lightblue I'm sorry I made you carry me lay me down and I'll be all right. Look I suck at this kinda thing.. But I feel you losing your home now? I feel like it has to do with you saving us you'd have been better letting us die I'm sure.]]

[center [b At that Claire looked away she didn't want to be used but... She didn't want to slow others down or get them hurt. Looking back at her dream the night before she used to help others... Often. Even healing Alex worked against his favor charming him slightly. The world started to seem like it'd be better if she just died. She was angry sure but it was at herself. Alvin shook gripping his hand tightly.]]

[center [+green N-No... It has n-n-nothing to d-d-d-do with you Claire it was cause... C-Cause...]]

[center [b Tears filled Alvin's eyes as he turned around to run off into the ship. Kanzaki however stopping him as Alvin bumped into him. Kanzaki holding him still decided to go ahead and give the guy a hug. Pulling off he let out a smile.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey dude come on that's not really fair I don't think Kita blames you. This is Tristaina's fault! Uhh.. No offense new guy? What's your name again? Ren? Cool, err... this is kinda awkward huh? Well like the guy in the patch said welcome to the crew. We have a habit of making friends with enemies it seems! Don't feel too awkward most of us met trying to kill each other. I can say Peyton and me didn't hit it off our first fight but were friends now! Right cutie? Same goes for me and Alvin and Eric and that adorable little Raine. I sometimes feel bad I caused them trouble really. We didn't have a choice before right?]]

[center [b Styles smiled and chuckled as Kanzaki and him gave Ren a hand on his shoulder.]]

[center [+blue Former enemies unite right? I wasn't Alvin's biggest fan meeting can't say Peyton and I kicked it off great either. Though I might not flirt with her like Kanzaki I'd consider her my friend. Certainly the same for Eric and Raine and even Alvin.]]

[center [b Rose let out a small giggle as she leered over the captain with a mischievous look.]]

[center [+purple Huehue maybe not Peyton but I looked back my dear captain you called Kita a pretty lass last night. Sure you were drunk and it was fairly classy but I caught onto it!]]

[center [b Styles blushed shaking his head as he let out another chuckle. Placing a hand on his hip]]

[center [+blue I'm a bit old for anyone here Rose what is she? Around your age I'm sure maybe even around Alvin's though lass I thank you for your attempts. You do your captain proud though this isn't the time for such jesters I am sure.]]

[center [b Rose pouted she was just about to say he was no fun to tease. He wasn't wrong though Kita and her friends must be distraught. Rose herself wasn't good at being serious too long... Despite she had questions for Shiloh and Styles Eric too! How did he feel? Peyton... Raine about Ren and Eric so many things. Sure looking into their minds wasn't a bad idea... Wait she had time look at Styles mind didn't she? How did she... Wait with Jessica blocking her out... Did her sister do something... More permanent to Styles? Where she couldn't read everything? Why would she do that? Keep the truth from her? Rose may seem ditzy but she had her moments. She wanted to give them a chance to talk and relax but it was eating her up. To the point she was glancing back and forth at Shiloh she just... Had to know. Walking to him she tugged at his clothing almost like a child she had a habit of acting childish. As she looked to the ground...]]

[center [+purple You... Knew my sister....?]]

[center [b She was being selfish she should check on Eric or Peyton or Raine hell even Alvin it was hard on the four of them. She just... Wanted... Needed to know. Why would Styles keep this from her? She felt almost betrayed didn't he care about her? Or was she just a promise to him? Nothing more?]]

[center [b Kanzaki rubbing the back of his head as blood fell he was apparent not everyone was in top shape. Though Kanzaki breaking the ice wrapped his arm around Alvin asking Ren and Kita a rather forward question.]]

[center [+darkblue So Ren... Kita did you guys meet at the lab? With that Jessica lady? I just don't want any more curve balls next you'll be saying. "Kanzaki everything was a lie mwhaha!" did you guys really do that though? I have like a million questions not gonna lie! Like who the hell is Serah and Vincent? Why do they matter to Alvin? Are they more troops back at Tristaina? Also who's this Zero guy? Sounds kinda scary heck Alvin you can answer these questions! Did you forget about all of them?]]

[center [+green I-I... I remember Vincent and Serah... D-D-Didn't... Rose tell everybody...? I-I.. I...]]

[center [+brown Heh heh Kanzaki don't drill them too hard they'll explain everything. You guys must be tired right?]]

[center [b Eric walking over to Raine as he smiled patting his head the smile seeming... A bit sad. He had felt rather guilty for scaring her and Peyton the way he did.]]

[center [+brown I'm... Sorry for the way I acted ya know?]]

[center [b With that Eric pulled her into a tight hug as he made his way to Peyton. Pulling her into a tight hug as he held onto it his shoulders began to tremble as his smile stoodfast. Her words... Did something Eric had never felt before. They stuck with him... That he was a lie? Despite how he appeared on the outside... Deep deep down he had doubts of he was. He really was... Was still a bit foggy but he remembers... Blood on his hands or scorning Rex around Jessica. The torture with her was clear and vivid as possible. Eric taking a deep breath as he let out a soft smile not as bright as usual as he patted her head.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry for hurting you my queen.. Peyton I didn't mean to let you down. I don't deserve to be forgiven or to say sorry. Chocking your comrades isn't exactly something a friend does yeah? I hope I can be there for you in the future.]]

[center [b With that Eric turned around to head into his quarters that wasn't like him. Normally he'd be consoling everybody wouldn't he? Sure as he left he gave them one last line. "If you guys need someone to talk to I'm here" He said looking at Kita and her two friends way. Eric was worried about them greatly despite barely knowing them. Though... He still felt off Alvin had thought he let it slide off his shoulders but it did it's damage.]]

[center [b Alvin raised his hand out to Eric as Rose bumped Kanzaki. His little jest about his life being a lie was a little too soon. Alvin couldn't speak up but what could he say? "It doesn't matter it's a lie you have me!" that sounds vain. Alvin couldn't make up for Eric.... having nothing to start with. How could Alvin... Help him? Peyton? Raine? Kita? Rose even? Claire? This was... regardless of what his friends say his fault.]]

[center [b Alvin taking a seat as he let out a long sigh and Kanzaki rubbing the back of his head with a nervous chuckle. Things weren't looking too good were they? Just when Alvin thought he could change everything goes wrong. Maybe if he went back they'd be safer right? Maybe he didn't have a choice. As Rose pestered Shiloh for an answer and the news hit Kitamari's gang.]]

[center [b Eric gone and Raine united with Ren, Peyton seeming distraught and out of it. Kanzaki walked over to Mally as bumped his shoulder into her own.]]

[center [+darkblue Boss... I mean Mally are you okay? I mean I saw.. You and Styles get hurt. Wait a second captain you need to get checked out! What is wrong with you!! Mally don't tell me you waited this long to be checked on are you okay?]]

[center [b With that Rose rushed over checking on Styles and than Mally. As she began to panic as she started to scold them.]]

[center [+purple Please tell me you guys will get checked out! Kanzaki you do have a brain! Raine can we get a little help please? Claire is exhausted.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh Mally please be okay! Oh yeah speaking of which thanks Claire your like the freaking best man.]]

[center [b Claire couldn't help but let the tiniest of chuckles escape her lips. Man? Who was she like his bro? Kanzaki always so informal but she didn't let the smile last too long. It was unlike her to let a man carry her as long as she was. Hell she stabbed Eric over it... She wasn't sure what got into Eric so she had to ask.]]

[center [+lightblue So he's on our side now huh? Also I don't really understand Kanzaki's joke? Is he being stupid again or did something happen? Why the hell did Eric go berserk? For a guy who lets a crazy lady stab him though may I add I warned him. He showed a lot of patience before so what was it? Mind control or some shit like that?]]

[center [b Styles raised his hand up at Rose's offer he wasn't too willing to let Raine cut herself. Or Claire waste her energy but it was apparent he was barely standing. He was a tough customer in fact untreated he could go into critical condition and here he was laughing and making jokes. He was in rough shape but Rose convinced Styles he was showing too much bravado. He wasn't like Alvin and Eric in that sense he wasn't afraid to ask for help. Working together is something a captain has to accept the more comrades the better. He wasn't a prideful man. He simply felt it was a bad time to ask something for himself.]]

[center [b As the group conversed and chattered Eric leaned against the door in the next room over. As he listened to them a smile creeping on his face. As he looked up at the ceiling tears falling down his eyes as he tried to hold onto that smile. He remembered how his "mother" said not to cry that the best thing to do was smile. To smile for those around you the people you care about. Remembering that? Only made him cry more it was hard to hang on to that. He wanted to smile for them to be there just like before. He was happy to be his queen's knight. Alvin's shield and Raine and him were two peas in a pod. He was happy to be all he could for them that didn't change he had loved them. Yet all the same? It still hurt him and he began to doubt... If they could ever see him as a friend? Or a just a husk of a man? A lie like his queen had said? She was right not to trust him he had let her down after all.]]

[center [h3 Back At The Capital]]

[center [b About a half day later Nimue and her friends had made it to the capital. Back in Tristaina as they made their way to the castle in the lower belly. The three of them stuck together as the their men were debriefed. Yushiro had knelt as Jessica stood alongside Nimue Zero standing up in a already serious and strict tone.]]

[center [i Where the hell is Ren! Was he lost? Jessica if you let subject Rex kill him there will be a price to pay. He was your commander he-]]

[center [+teal Ahh Zero he defected okay? Ask the men you know goody two shoes Yushiro would rat me out in a heartbeat. He worships the ground you walk on after all. I don't get why he would defect like that.]]

[center [i Hmm, as I suspected he made contact with Raine I suppose. I worried on that and I'm sure Ren found me unaware of that but I had the LCM corp dig up something in his past. As well as Raine's though I miscalculated I was sure he would choose this nation. The regulations and orders as well as our morals over the rebellion. Those with power-]]

[center [+teal Yeah yeah have a duty so may I add we failed okay? Don't be too hard on the other two with Ren gone I was the highest rank there. It was my fault as usual~ I'm sure you can't disagree afterall I'm a pain often aren't I?]]

[center [b Zero placed his hands behind his back as he looked at the three before looking away. It seemed he had something important to report or tell them. Jessica delving into his mind she couldn't help but let a snicker out. Though he was giving them a chance to speak for themselves after all Jessica was doing all the talking out of the three. He wanted to hear from Yushiro and his precious Nimue after all.]]
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[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine was sitting alone, she could hear the fighting outside. Her eyes were leaking and she couldn't get them to stop. Snapping her head up when Rose joined her. Raine tried really hard to smile, but she couldn't. Shaking her head, she started crying again. [#6495ED "R-Rose I am sorry...."] as tears ran down her cheeks, she wiped her nose with her sleeve. [#6495ED "Ren is my brother, my foster brother...One of them. I-I just..."] she shook her head again. Thinking about home, thinking about all her adopted siblings. [#6495ED "I can't loose him again Rose, I-I gotta stay with him."] she bit her lip, as she sobbed.
Knowing very well, she'd be put back in the arena, back into testing. For a long time, before she'd even be able to serve next to Ren. However, she'd do it. She'd do it if it meant she'd be with her family again.

[hr ]

[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally had been fighting off armored guards. When she noticed Styles seemed a bit out flanked. Rushing over she swung her axe through multiple guards. Cutting them in half, she stared at Styles and nodded.
[#EC871C "Got your back."] she said simply, as she literally moved to stand back to back with him. She fought her for a moment, until she heard Kanzaki began to scream. Looking over quickly, she saw Jessica pulling and damaging his metal form.

Running over she swung her axe wide, she didn't manage a direct hit but she nicked the girls arm. She was close now, much closer than she'd like to be to this girl. She seemed so powerful, and so unpredictable. Mally began to analyze her, it was hard. She couldn't predict her next moves, but she was able to figure out her powers...Boy she had a lot of them. Way more than the average special weapon designed by the lab. Creating some distance, she lined up with Kitamari, Claire and Kanzaki.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex swung his sword high over his head, creating a little pathway so he could take Mally's place at Styles back. [#D23F0B "Aye, aye captain."] he smiled and began to fight off the troops he could. Playing defensively to be safe. In the long run, Alex wasn't sure what to make of this. Or their group.

He did know however, he wanted to stay with them. Fight with them, be with them. It was nice to have new people around, it made him happy.

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[pic https://67.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh blinked, Roses sister had also been Styles lover....? Shaking his head, he wasn't sure how he felt anymore. Never minding all the extra social cluster going on. He stopped focusing on the drama and began to just focus on the fight. Coming to Styles aid still, when he requested Alex and him come join him in combat.

Using his daggers he found the weaknesses inside each guys armor. Sending his blades to those spots each time a direct hit. Sometimes either directly killed them, or began to disassemble their armor, making them easier to fight.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren had been watching, snap healing when he could. Soldiers too, not just his generals. Yushiro went to fight Rex, quickly Ren grabbed the boy and shook his head.[#6C80A3 "Not. Your. Battle."] was all he said, shaking his head. Ren had been very clear to say, only Nimue would be fighting Rex. He then sent Yushiro to fight anyone else he wanted. He felt bad, the boy was really eager to fight Rex. However, Ren wouldn't have any more personal conflict and confrontation draw the battle more.

With that he withdrew into the Ship. Where Rain was sitting...and Rose was there too. Simply paying Rose no mind, he approached Raine and pulled her up off her seat into a strong hug. Where the girl began to cry even more, hugging back just as tight. [#6C80A3 "Raine...I had no idea you were even here..."] Ren put her down and he leaned down to look at her. [#6C80A3 "You've hardly changed."] he smiled soft and patted her head. [#6C80A3 "I am so glad you'll be coming back with me....But I am worried."] he sighed and shook his head [#6C80A3 "I don't want them to punish you for running...Nor do I want you in that arena...If you come back, that's what'll happen."] Raine then cut him off, loudly and almost like a child [#6495ED "But Ren! That doesn't matter...I wanna be with you. You're my family, my brother...I'll go through it all...but...I have one concern myself."] she let her head fall before she looked up at Rose and then back at Ren.
[#6495ED "What's gonna happen to my friends?"]

Ren sat for a long moment, he thought hard. He couldn't answer Raine, he just couldn't. He sat on the floor in front of her. He was so tall, he didn't need to look up to maintain eye contact. He smiled softly and shook his head. [#6C80A3 "Raine you know I can't guarantee their safety...."] sighing he frowned. He had to say, he was significantly impressed by them. They had their moments, some fell apart more easily than others. However, they all took their soap boxes, they stood on them proudly. Rex had said earlier, he was on the wrong side...They were no different than their tyrannical enemy. Ren couldn't wrap his mind around what they meant, were they mistreated inside the facility? Didn't everyone go inside willingly? [#6C80A3 "Raine, what I don't understand...is why did you all try to escape if you wanted to be there in the first place?"] Raine looked up at him wildly and shook her head violenlty [#6495ED "R-Ren none of us went in willingly....They've started taking kids and people from their homes. They forced us to be there, they feed us crap. They lock us in dark rooms for weeks without food, Ren why wouldn't we run away?"] Rain lifted her shirt to expose her stomach, the scars that ran in a line across her stomach. In size order from bigger to smallest, to non existent. [#6495ED "They stabbed me...over and over until my self healing kicked in. "] Raine felt her eyes began to water, watching as Ren's face mixed with confusion, and anger. Like he was mad but he couldn't wrap his mind around the concept. They forced...this upon their citizens? [#6495ED "Peyton isn't even from here! They took her from Gallia."] Ren's face kept twisting through emotions.
Shaking his head he stood up [#6C80A3 " Then none of you are going back...I am not either."]
He looked at Rose and stuck a hand out [#6C80A3 "Ren, my name is Ren. I have a favor to ask you, can you go sit in the cock pit and start the ship. Don't do anything else, just start it and then come back here and sit with Raine."] with that he left and went back out. Glancing at Jessica, Nimue, and Yushiro he noticed something odd going on with the weather. It was sunny just before he went into the ship. The sky was turning black with thick storm clouds now...they were moving in quiet fast....As he watched closer, some weren't even gliding in they were just appearing.

Preparing himself for the backlash, he'd receive from his...former? Team mates, he cleared his throat. [#6C80A3 "Rex...You're right."] he yelled out, which caused a stop to some of the fighting, but it then kept going. Ren crossed the field and nodded back at his air ship. Which just started up. [#6C80A3 "I was on the wrong side. I was no better than who I claimed to be fighting. "] as he spoke winds started to speed up. Looking up at the sky, he wondered what the hell was going on with the weather. Nimue had been standing there fighting Rex when Ren had walked over. Her face changed from perplexed to angry to shocked. When he looked over at Peyton, who was glaring at Jessica, and guards they tried to approach Peyton were just blasted away by her telekinesis. Her eyes were black, he noticed as she glared, the more the fought too the more the storm began to blow in.
So there it was, he was right Jessica had squeezed another power out of her.

[hr ]

[pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Her hands were shaking, her eyes were still entirely black. Alvin had placed a hand on her head and she shook it off. Still mad, still hurt, still ready to fight she kept a steady glare at Jessica. Her mind wasn't letting her expand her focus. Peyton couldn't even hear anything they were saying anymore, something was holding her body in place as well. Peyton suddenly became aware of the sky, just a thunder began to rumble loudly. The sky had been clear, hardly any cloud in sight. Now, it looked like the sky was turning black. As Peyton began to glare even more at Jessica, high speed winds began to erupt and pulse through the air as well.
[#8A2BE2 "I am tired., of you calling me a tramp."] she mumbled angrily, as rain began to pour down from the sky.
Lighting, thunder, strong wind, thick sheets of rain. Peyton had summoned an entire storm, and something else. For a moment is was just rain when something began to sound like a loud train. The noise and water hitting her skin, brought her out of her state. Blinking through the rain, she saw what looked like a giant tornado.

Ren saw the tornado and he knew it was time to leave. [#6C80A3 "Rex! I need you too get your crew to follow me into the air ship. That tornado could kill everyone."] he yelled as loud as he could. The tornado began to twist closer and as it did it got bigger and louder. Ren ran up into the air ship, buckling himself into the pilot seat. He waited

The tornado didn't phase Peyton, as her eyes stayed locked on Jessica. Summoning Lightning then, it was only when a giant bolt hit the ground by Jessica that she snapped out of it. However the storm didn't go away nor did the tornado. Peyton looked around, the rain was getting so thick she could hardly see. Soaked, she heard yelling and watched as her friends began to run directly into the air ship. Sighing, she didn't have another option so she ran in side of it also.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kitamari was surprised when Claire kissed her. Nodding her head she smiled [#EC0E37 "Thanks!"] she exclaimed before throwing herself into a fight again. Charging Jessica, she dodged a swing from a spear and grabbed it. Delivering a blow to the girls stomach. Just before she had to flip backwards and dodge again. Nimue had tried to sweep in and grab her again, but she ducked and rolled. [#EC0E37 "Watch out for the sky harpy."] she yelled at Claire and Kanzaki.

Kitamari knew she couldn't head on fight Jessica, but is she could keep her distracted, the others wouldn't have to risk fighting her head on either. Smiling she watched as Rex rejected her and when Jessica came back over to the fight she laughed [#EC0E37 "Awh, it looks like your "lover" doesn't want to be with you."] While Kitmari was more reserved on a sexual aspect she decieded to do something out of character to fry at the girls nerves again. Grabbing her chest she, she giggled [#EC0E37 "Maybe cause these can keep him warm at night."]
Kitamari knew that wasn't true, but the comment would maybe mess with Jessica's head. Considering she was so infatuated with Rex, and also flat chested. Kita was slinging double daggers with her words.

Soon however, a storm coasted over head. Suddenly and strangely, a tornado came about also. Kitamari had watched Ren and Rex talk briefly, but she couldn't hear over the storm. Before she knew it though, everyone was rushing into the little air ship. Except...Jessica, Nimue, and Yushiro. What exactly was going on? Once inside, she noticed everyone was soaking wet, except for Rose and and Raine. They had been in here the entire time, the storm had started.
As they began to take off Kitmari closed the back hatch, turning back around she looked at everyone and put her hands on her hips. [#EC0E37 "S-So uh...What exactly is going on?"] she asked, a little embarrassed to say she didn't know what was going on. However it wasn't her fault, she couldn't hear over the fights and the sudden storm.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue had flown over when Rex had finally said he wouldn't be joining them. Even after his memories were given back, after everything, all of that. Jessica had failed, Nimue didn't want to be around for the hissy fit that might follow.
[#F64408 "Nimue, is my name. Sorry you won't get to know it for long."] she giggled as she implied she'd be killing him today. Right here, right now. Just as she was about to swoop in to attack, Ren had stepped over. What was he doing? H-He....Ren was siding with them?

As the storm began to cast over, Nimue placed Peyton was generating it. Looking she saw it was a big storm. She had to fly out of it now, she couldn't fight in the air with a storm. She no longer had that advantage. To make matters worse a tornado had appeared. Blinking wildly, she couldn't do anything to stop Ren. Instead she worried about her other two team mates. They'd be thrown around and maybe even killed all to hell if Nimue didn't get them out of there. Quickly she took flight, despite the rain and wind. Grabbing Jessica, she also then grabbed Yushiro. Flying fast and hard until they were able to leave the storm. Nimue couldn't carry them all the way back to the fortress, collapsing into the sand once she had carried them out. Her wings were really only big enough to support her weight and some other weight.
One reason she had to dress light. She could carry more weight, but she'd fly slower and lower because of it. Laying in the sand for a moment before she stood up. They had to abandon the other two air ships they had come in. Nimue didn't know how to start them, nor would they have had time to start one. That tornado was dropping in fast. With Ren gone...Nimue assumed she'd be responsible now for their well being. So her first question [#F64408 "Are you two okay?"] came out a little strained.
How was she going to face Zero now? She failed...Ren left them... The entire mission failed. There wasn't an ounce of success on their side. Nimue couldn't give the report to him with these results.
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