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[#EC871C "I'll bounty hunt..."]

Mally nodded her head when Kanzaki asked her about her horns.
[#EC871C "You know when my nose bleeds? It hurts...and I have a theory linking my horns to it."] she said monotone and soft, between small bites of food.
Despite not remembering her past, or how she grew up Mally knew all the proper eating etiquette and which utensils to use for which foods. It just came natural to her, and she wondered to herself why she knew these things.

The Romalian crew came to join them for dinner. Erna, Ken, Ariadna, Shirudo. She made sure to catch their names, but was too busy eating to introduce herself. It'd be something she'd make the time to do later. As Kanzaki gushed over this guy Ken. In a snap, Mally used her Royal arm to analyze them discretely. Her eyes moving over them each once, she nodded. They weren't enemies, but it was good to know the capabilities of all the people close to you.

When the Queen moved to make an announcement, and in came Alvin's mother. The boy had a mother? Of course he did, everyone alive or dead has a mother technically.
Mally waved silently at the woman. [#EC871C "I am Mally...Alvin is..."] she drew a blank. Without emotions, she wasn't sure how she felt about Alvin now. The only couple of people she's felt vauge emotions towards were Claire, and Kanzaki...Because she had been with them the longest.
[#EC871C "I am sorry, I don't know how I feel."] her tone was straightforward, and she didn't realize how that all sounded. Even though it was the honest answer.
Turning back to her food, she continued to eat then. Not realizing any social tension she may have created.

Afterwards, Mally finished her food, and got up. Approaching the King before he excused him. [#EC871C "I'd like to get my doctors examine done first...Which way do I go?"]

[#E02301 "I'd gladly show you the way."]

Mally nodded and followed Silas down the hall, she had went alone. Just the two of them.
[#EC871C "Your highness...I told your wife earlier I didn't need anything...but I think I may."]
[#E02301 "Whatever you need, just ask...and you can call me Silas. No need for formalities."]
[#EC871C "Thank you...ahem...Well let me start with an explanation first...The Labs, took away my memories...or rather locked them up in my brain...and my emotions as well. I-I thought I had lost those things forever, I was prepared to resign to whatever fate followed me in the labs and then I well I met all these people. That brought me here."]
[#EC871C "In my journey...I've experienced dreams that seem to real to just be dreams....and I've felt things I never thought I'd feel again...But all in brief moments, it's never for long... When it happens a sharp pain in the center of my head starts and then my nose bleeds. It gets worse if I try to hold onto the feeling..."]
[#E02301 "This is an interesting predicament you're in...You suspect your Royal Arm restricts access to your memories and your emotions? What exactly does your Royal arm do? Where is the implant located?"]
[#EC871C "Ah...In short yes...My Royal arm allows me to analyze and pinpoint all the strengths and weaknesses in a persons combat. I can learn all the abilities and disadvantages of someone in a mere few seconds...."] Mally pointed to her horns on her head.
[#E02301 "It's external?"]
[#EC871 "Not entirely...My Royal arm works with satellite and computers. It can access all the databases of the armies of every nation. That's how I am able to learn everyone's combat styles, etcetera... It connects in my skull. That's all I know about it, they told me this because it's very important I don't damage the horns, my satellite connection would be lost and it the technology where to short circuit under damage, it would fry my brain. I'd die."]
[#E02301 "I see...so what is it that you're asking exactly?"]
[#EC871C "...I...I would like you know if maybe you guys had some sort of...or any possible...resources to help me...feel human again."]
her voice wavered, something was tugging in her chest, it hurt. It felt desperate, and she could feel some water on her cheeks suddenly.
She was feeling now. Soon the sharp pain started and her nose slowly bled.
[#E02301 "Oh dear..."]
Silas pulled out a handkerchief, he wasn't sure what to make of this girl. Her poor circumstances, he knew what she was saying and asking for had to be true, because the second she started to cry, her nose began bleeding immediately. He handed it to her, so she could wipe her face.
[#E02301 "Well we are on our way to the doctor now...Let's see what they say."]

He patted her back as she nodded her head, continuing their journey through the castle. Soon they arrived. Mally walked in and Silas followed, he explained the situation to the doctor.
[b "Well...Let's start with a basic examination... and go from there...We might need more than a doctors opinion in this case...I'd recommend seeing some hackers or technologically capable persons. You mentioned your Royal arm being connected to satellites, maybe they could help if I can't."]
Nodding her head, it began.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine blinked and nodded her head, as Ren laughed and shrugged his shoulders. It didn't bother him to be mistaken as an enemy still. He was glad to see the Queen being inquisitive and cautious. It meant she cared.

Raine giggled at Kanzaki being shut down by the girls left and right.
A bit of concerned furrowed on her face, as the boys and Mally and then Claire and Rose all volunteered for Bounty hunting.
Raine knew she'd be no use doing those things, so she shook her head.
[#6495ED "I won't be doing that...I can't fight...but I'll do whatever else you guys need done around here."] she said cheerfully.

Her face flushed a bit but she smiled when everyone agreed to be happy for her and Zack.
She squeezed his hand lightly, and patted his knee under the table.

Raine blinked in surprise when Alvins mother was revealed. Tears welled in her eyes to see them reunited. Raine had jumped up from her seat, like everyone else had, to greet the woman. Raine smiled
[#6495ED "I am Raine, Alvins bled for me, and I for him..."] she giggled a bit at her pun before adding [#6495ED "Literally."]
While normally such a sentence would sound grave and noble, she made it sound cheery and grateful.
Then Alvin revealed him and Peyton were together. Raine knew this because of talks she had with Eric, the talk she had with Peyton, and she noticed when Peyton started spending more time with Alvin than Eric on the way here.
It still shocked her, because she remembered the way they fought at first when they all met. Raine remembered thinking at one point, they might kill each other. Now here they were, holding hands.

Raine eventually sat back down like everyone else, to finish eating. Mally went off for her doctors examination first, and she asked to go alone. Even leaving Kanzaki behind.
Raine wrinkled her nose, it struck her mind how she didn't get to swim in the giant lake at Galia. Then she wondered, looking to Kyuti she smiled and asked
[#6495ED "Is there some where I can go swimming?"]

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kita had heard everyone offering to bounty hunt, and bit her lip.
[#EC0E37 "I don't want to rain on any of your parades but...bounty hunting isn't very low key... I don't want us doing anything that could get our location or the fact that we are here out there in the air... If that can be promised then I'll let it happen. Otherwise you all might have to settle for creature hunting."]
She used her mom voice, and proposed the less dangerous, less attention drawing option. Hoping Kyuti or Silas may back her up in this, and advise them, more like tell them, not to bounty hunt.

Wrinkling her nose [#EC0E37 "I will stick to the woods, I will get your critter problem fixed."] she wanted a simple easy job. Kita needed a break from the extreme that had been her life for over a year now.

Kita smiled at Eric when he sat next to her to eat. [#EC0E37 "Hey buddy, how's it going?"] she asked between stuffing her face bites.
Kita didn't eat like a lady, by any means. She did use her napkin frequently though.

She got to meet the members of Romalias officers, she smiled and waved politely, her mouth full of food.
[#EC0E37 " Hello! I am Kitamari, call me Kita if you'd like. It's a pleasure to meet you guys."]
Shirudo had come and ducked down close to her and Alvin. Then she asked how they were doing. Kita blinked and stuck two thumbs up, and smiled. [#EC0E37 "I am better than I've ever been."]

Soon, Alvin was reunited with his Mom. Kita stood up, the others as well to greet the woman. Before she could blink, she was being wrapped into a hug, and of course she squeezed back.
[#EC0E37 "Hello Momma V. , I am Kitamari, or just Kita...You raised a great kid."]
she smiled and reached over, ruffling Alvins hair.

Kita blinked looking over when Alvin called Peyton his girlfriend. It shocked her, and she blinked. How did that happen? When? Kita looked to Eric, he seemed to be okay. Her ears showed her confusion as they pointed in different directions, even though she didn't express it out loud.

However, the topic was soon glazed over, and they all went back to eating. Kita knew soon they'd be meeting two more new people from Alvin's life.
Kita wondered one day if she'd get to go home to her parents.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex snicked at Claires lame joke and rolled his eyes.[#D23F0B "Ohhh sharp"] he laughed and patted her shoulder.
As bad as it was, as much as a fail as the joke turned out to be. He still laughed, because she said it.

Shiloh had been quietly observing, still like always. He followed close to Rose, and even sat next to her. Alex made sure to get a seat next to Claire.
[#D23F0B "Alex... Alvin is fucking killer Momma V. Super funny kid."]
[#8147A0 "Hello Vanessa, I am Shiloh...Alvin's been great..."]
[#6C80A3 "I am Ren, it has been an honor fighting alongside your son."]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]
She nodded her head and enjoyed her time with Alvin. Paying close attention to the things he showed her, and explained to her. She liked it too. So it wasn't even like she had to force herself to, she really wanted to. They spent the next couple days traveling basically doing this, with little breaks.

[h3 ]

Peyton had felt her chest flutter when Alvin held her hand. Someone, no one had really noticed them together yet. It relieved that they had their privacy, she'd rather avoid the teasing and what not else that came from the group. Considering Eric had a huge public crush on her, she wasn't sure how everyone would feel about her choosing Alvin.
She wanted everyone to know, she wasn't ashamed.
Just scared, and shy.

She was happy to see Raine and Zack together, they made a good couple. Cute little Raine, and the rough teddy bear Zack.
Then she thought, she never apologized for lashing out at him when he tried to be nice. It fumed her up a little bit, the idea of going to him and admitting he was right.
Though, she'd do it eventually, when she was good and ready too.
She smiled at the two of them.

Soon everyone was volunteering to go bounty hunt, Kita voiced concerns about it. Peyton also thought she'd rather not do anything to rigorous. Thought she wanted to talk to Rose still. About learning to control herself, secret weapon to secret weapon. Though for the moment she nodded her head [#8A2BE2 "I'd like a simpler job too..."]
she didn't want to go beast hunting either, infact she wanted to avoid combat.
She was afraid of herself, what might happen if she gets carried away in any battle. Once she lost control, it was over. She didn't know how many times she could be snapped out of it.

At the time they were all eating, Kyuti presented Alvins Mother. Peyton felt her palms sweating. Though she was so happy inside, looking at Alvin, she encouraged him alongside Eric. He had pulled them into a hug, and she of course hugged back. [#8A2BE2 "Go to her..."] she whispered gently in his ear. Watching them embrace and cry, she wondered if her parents would react the same way.
She hadn't thought about her parents since the lab...They signed her away, and put her in there.

Pushing those thoughts her way, her face flushed when his Mom came and hugged her. It flushed more when Alvin introduced her as his girlfriend.
[#8A2BE2 "O-oh..Hi"] she stuttered out, twisting the ends of her hair with her free hand.
She blushed more at the second hug, and when his mother complimented her again, her face was so red you could maybe see heat waves rolling off it.
[#8A2BE2 "I-I I am not sure, I wasn't very friendly when we first met...Wait, his hair isn't white?"] she blinked a bit.
[#8A2BE2 "I mean, It was when I met him, and Kita's hair was white too...I thought it had something to do with the wolves..."]
Raine chuckled in after Kanzaki adding
[#6495ED "He does drive her crazy...keke... just not in the way you thought."]
Peyton's face turned so red it was almost purple.

Peyton chuckled as they teased each other, her head cocked a little when Alvin asked if two other people were here or not. Serah and Vincent?
Didn't he say their names once when he was sleeping?
She'd ask about it later, or rather meet them soon actually.

Peyton sat down again when everyone else did, and she beamed from ear to ear. She was so happy to see Alvin happy, seeing him here with his mom. It was like watching him gain a piece of himself back.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/e50d4bad41b5f9c964ff121205d0bbaf/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Ariadna felt her face flush as Kanzaki proceeded to flirt with her, right after flirting with Shirudo. Right in front of her too!
He was not a gentleman by any means...She kinda liked it.
Chuckling when his partner tugged on his ear and lectured him, she stuck her tongue out, without moving the rest of her face.
Smiling at Claire she shrugged.
[#2A058C "Noted, will ignore."]

Ariadna watched how they all interacted with each other. Like they'd known each other for years. Like her and the rest of her crew. The four of them had been together for a long time, and it took a while for them to get as cozy with each other as everyone else seemed to be.
Was it all the trauma they shared together in a short time?
Ariadna shrugged it off, and helped herself to a small plate of food. She'd didn't like to eat much.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/c7715398d8e0c34a3caf9a65f658e1c3/tumblr_ouum2p42kq1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Midori blinked when Clyde joined up, she nodded her head when she heard Yushiro wanted to talk to Felicity. She let it glide over her head, and shrugged it off.
Looking to Clyde, she held a finger up. Bending over she unbuckled her boots, and left them there in the castle court yard.
[#F741B4 "These hurt my feet, I don't need them here."]
she proceeded barefoot from there, now shorter than him because she removed her boots. Loosing 5 inches of height, almost a half foot shorter now.

[#F741B4 "I was gonna go get some curry, spicy spicccyyy currryy"] she sung the last bit of her sentence, waving her head around excitedly as her hair flung about.
[#F741B4 "Can you handle the heat?"] she asked tilted her head at him and wiggling her eyebrows a bit.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicity blinked as Yushiro came in, she didn't expect to see him. He asked about what she wanted to talk about earlier. Then kneeled to the floor, her face flushed she was confused. She reached down and pulled him up to his feet. Then shut the door behind him.
[#FBB004 "Well, more so questions than just something to tell..."]
she mumbled softly before sitting on the edge of bed.
Inviting him to sit next to her, he did but there was quiet a bit of space between them.

[#FBB004 "How do you deal with the mortal sin of lying?"] she asked, her face straight and looking at the wall in front of her, she wasn't facing him.
Silence filled the room for a moment.

[#FBB004 "I am conflicted...I was raised...to never lie."]

[#FBB004 "Yushiro, I am scared...for our nation...not because of Germania or Albion...I am scared of the internal conflict that will rip our nation apart."]
[#FBB004 "...I wasn't in the labs by choice...I was kidnapped. Yushiro they interrupted my wedding and killed my husband and father before me...Then drug me away and stuffed me in the lab. I still don't know why..."]

[#FBB004 "Why are we lying to the Queen about what is going on? Why are we lying to our own people? How much help are we really providing by doing this... I just can't understand it."]
her grip tightened on the edge of the bed.
[#FBB004 "This isn't the greater good, we are just as evil as our enemies...Forcing our citizens to do things, lying to them about how things are... I feel we are just as rotten on the inside as our enemies..."]

She turned her face towards Yushiro, and it was pale white, her small arms where shaking as she spoke.
[#FBB004 "Why do we pretend we aren't?"]

[#FBB004 "I need help, I don't understand what good we are doing by lying to our queen, hurting our people...I-I am not okay with it and I don't think I can pretend to be..."] she shook her head, her voice had finally started to crack, and she exhaled a breath finally.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue crossed her arms over her chest and sighed a deep sigh. Listening to the two of them bicker, before her own thoughts in her head exploded out.
[#F64408 "I know we had tried other options, but we didn't explore everything before we started kidnapping children off the streets."]
Nimue glared a bit, reffering to Raine, Alvin, and quiet a number of other subjects.
[#F64408 "We have a large criminal database, lots of people serving life in prison. My suggestion to wipe their minds and place them in the labs, was turned down. It was a viable option we never tried. Most of us here asked to be in those labs. Evelynne gave me a choice when I was caught...Felicity you guys know how she got here right?"]
[#F64408 "We planted the virus on the imported flowers to asked to have at her wedding ceremony. Then we raided it on her big day, killed her father and husband and just took her...I don't know how or why she choose to come serve us...but Jessica I am sure you've seen in her mind...Just how well is she doing?"]

[#F64408 "Yes we were given a loosing hand, and we didn't use that hand. We've played some dirty tricks against our own people, to try to win this war...and if we don't? The guilt will kill me before any enemy does."]

Nimue felt her face flush when Jessica answered her questions that were geared at Zero. Though, she knew Jessica would never lie to her about this.
It wasn't that just was even doubting her feelings with Zero, or cared about his lack of emotion showing. She knew all about his struggles with that, she knew all these things.
Under the stress she felt her brain was cracking, she was coming to doubt themselves. Hearing the way others talked to them. How Shirudo, Ken, Ariadna, Erna...Their "allies" looked at them, and thought so little of them before even meeting them.
Maybe she wasn't ready for this pressure that Zero had to deal with.

Her eyes widened when she saw the tear leak down his face. Zero never cried, and even if was a very little bit of tears...It was something she had never seen before. It shocked her, and brought into perspective how much he did care of her right in that moment.
She listened silently to the rest of his words, and shook her head.
[#F64408 "I don't doubt your feelings now...I believe you...I always have really...I-I just...I had a moment. The stress caught up to me and it made my mind weak...I need to spend more time in meditation than I have been lately."] she held his hand to her face, and then reached up and wiped under his own eye too.
[#F64408 "I love you, I will marry you, and when you do come to pass I will fill your shoes."]
Her voice was strong and firm now.
Her mind now made up, all she needed was just a little bit of reassurance.

[h3 Time skip]

Nimue stretched her legs, finally walking off the ship. Zero was with her, and the others seemed to be eager to go off and do their own thing. Nimue looked to Zero, and then to the castle.

[#F64408 "Hey, we have some down time...How's about we start to plan that wedding?"] she asked quietly, her face a bit flushed.
She originally had planned to just plan everything out with Jessica.
Though Jessica was gone, and Nimue didn't like dealing with things like this alone. Why not ask Zero to help?
He was apart of the wedding after all.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Evelynne crinkled her nose a bit and wrinkled her toes under the water. Hearing the knock at the door, she sat up in the bath. Blinking she heard Simons voice, and the usual butterflies she felt stirred. Married for all this time, and still she got nervous.
[#56A944 "I am in the bath my dear, you can come in if you'd like."]
she called softly, inviting him into the room.
She loved how respectful he still was of her.
How could this man ever lie to her? Maybe he hadn't, maybe she was just letting the news and media get the best of her.
Her mind drifted and she began to remember all their times together as she leaned back down into the water.

[i Young Evelynne nodded her head, the boys tone was quiet harsh. Even after the piles of apologies that stumbled out of her mouth. Even after he accepted her offer to come to her flat so he could clean all the coffee off him. Though she mentally excused his tone, trying to picture herself in his shoes. [#56A944 "I know I know, I am so sorry...but to be fair as you read and walk right now...are you watching where you are going?" ] she added the last part in a smaller hushed tone, timid and like she was afraid he'd catch another attitude with her.]

[i Nodding her head, she held up a finger [#56A944 "One moment!"] she quickly ran to her bathroom and brought out a robe. [#56A944 "You can wear this while I wash your clothes!"] She gently took his notes from his hands and placed them on her table. Rushing back over to him she ushered him into the bathroom.]

[i [#56A944 "If the robe is too small, you can just wait in the
bathroom... just hand me your clothes."] she said gently through the door after a moments time. Soon she was taking the clothes through the door way, covering her eyes with her free hand. Taking his laundry, she rushed to machines and started them up. Hoping that she didn't stain his uniform, if she did? Well she'd buy him a new one, it wouldn't be a problem for her.]
[i Evelynne knocked on the bathroom door softly. [#56A944 "I've started the washing machine...Your clothes will be done soon...Uh soo...this is probably awkward timing but My name is Evelynne! What's yours?"] she tried making conversation through the bathroom door. Maybe she was too friendly.]
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[center [h3 Home Sweet Home?]]

[center [b Kanzaki had looked over to Mally as she talked with Kyuti. Her horns hurt her sometimes? He had, of course, sat next to her came time to eat as he looked over to Mally.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey boss I didn't think they hurt you like that. Maybe we should ask if the queen has any resources to help you out with those? Ya know?]]

[center [b Kanzaki had than saw Kita give the queen a bit of an introduction. The queen looked at Kita blinking a bit before smiling softly.]]

[center [#2a425a I suppose you all are more experienced than you looked. I just didn't want to put you through any more of that stuff. I can keep it simple such as small beast around the area things like that.]]

[center [+darkblue Awe! That sucks do we have to lay low? I was ready to charge to Germania's frontlines! See Alvin you may have been famous before but it's my chance to shine!]]

[center [b Alvin had turned to Kanzaki offering him a somewhat nervous smile as Kanzaki wiped under his nose with a grin. The group had begun to eat Alvin was unsure of how to approach his food. Kanzaki however? Went straight in no questions asked.]]

[center [+darkblue But if the captain and the queen suggest we keep it small time for a bit I guess I have to understand.]]

[center [#2a425a I know your lovely friend with the horns only asked for shelter but if you need anything let me know.]]

[center [+darkblue Just one thing! I don't actually meet the requirements here in terms of education and age but... Well, can you get me a license to work around as a mercenary? Oh and any of my friends that want to do the same too? I'll go ahead and ask for Alvin too cause I know he wants to just as bad as me he's just too shy to ask.]]

[center [+green I-I!]]

[center [+darkblue Oh come on you know it's true wielding sword for home and country? Even if isn't exactly our home... But still! I know you love the idea.]]

[center [#2a425a Umm.. are you sure? I know you're experienced but I'm just afraid of how casually you're taking this job. It is very dangerous and it's not what it always is cracked up to be.]]

[center [+darkblue I'm positive and whatever you do for me I'd like to pay back double! Starting with this food!]]

[center [b With that Kanzaki began to chow down again as he nodded agreeing with the doctors check up.]]

[center [h3 Ahoy Land]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Styles had walked through he was not used to being trusted so close to any castle. The queen had to have told from his appearance what he was. Not that who he was before really mattered he decided not to ponder on it. Instead, his mind drifting on something Raine said last night the queen looking his way and at Raine. Like he kidnapped her ha it was funny considering what she said. Though the sweet girl didn't realize what she implied by such a statement.]]

[center [b Though more pressing matters had occurred such as Raine coming to Ren's aid as well. He knew they had good heads on their shoulders as they helped explain the situation Kyuti surprisingly smiled and nodded. To trust a former enemy so quickly? No wonder Romalia was considered a paradise but he also wondered if that was why they were considered the weakest kingdom. Styles was the type to cheer for the underdog anyway. Ren had looked to him and Raine with a grateful expression as Styles gave a smirk back his way with a soft nod. Ren was part of the crew after all. Who knew the captain had such a sappy side?]]

[center [#2a425a I'm sorry for the accusation I've just been wary of late. Now you mention it I think they did have a replacement as for the units rankings? Tristania tends to be very secretive about those three distinct factions. Considering where I can guess they came from I get why. I feel a bit bad helping them in this war hiding how I really feel about the whole thing. I'd understand if any of you are upset with me on my shortcomings as a ruler.]]

[center [b Wow a modest queen too it seemed Eric had than spoke up a bit with his usual bright smile.]]

[center [+brown It's okay majesty I think you are doing the best you can. What's right for everyone and I don't think anyone blames you for that.]]

[center [b When Kanzaki had asked for his friends to receive such passes if they had wanted Styles raised a hand himself.]]

[center [+blue Aye, I could use some work to get by myself though we can't stay forever. I know our captain here has great plans of changing the world.]]

[center [+brown I... I think.. No I know I'd like to try too.]]

[center [b Eric had than raised a hand and to Zack's surprise so had Claire and Rose. What had gotten into the lasses?]]

[center [+purple I know I'm more of a backline fighter and I doubt I can do any jobs alone. Regardless I do wanna take this chance to get stronger to help everyone around me. I don't have the experience the fighters have. That arena was my first time it's true I'm a prodigy with my abilities but combat experience is still something I lack.]]

[center [+lightblue Same err.. Minus the prodigy part, I don't really have much. I've survived one "battle" royale and I was always into gymnastics but that isn't always going to cut it. I.. Don't think I can do any jobs alone either but I'd like to take this chance to work on myself.]]

[center [b Styles had whistled and clapped a bit he never thought he'd see those two eager to get on the battlefield. Claire always ran away from conflict and Rose was terrified of it matter of fact despite Eric being a fighter? To see him try this shocked Styles he had the heart of a lover, not a fighter.]]

[center [+blue Well well who'd figure you two and Eric would ever ask for that job. Tread carefully this life hails dangerous waters.]]

[center [+darkblue Well if either of you two lovely ladies needs me for a partner I can-]]

[center [+lightblue No way in hell.]]
[center [+purple No thanks.]]

[center [+darkblue At the same time!? I didn't even finish come on!]]

[center [b Kanzaki gave a small sigh as he shrugged and continued eating that boy was like a bottomless pit. Least he bounced back easy enough that's for sure.]]

[center [b Ren had even chimed in lecturing Kanzaki on how he shouldn't tease Raine and himself over the age difference. It hadn't bothered Styles the boy meant no harm. Still, it gave Styles a smirk anyhow to see Kanzaki look at Ren and Raine and flail his hands.]]

[center [+darkblue Nononono I mean I didn't mean any disrespect by it I swear!]]

[center [+blue Haha, aye mate buy me a drink after your first job and all is forgiven "savvy?"]]

[center [+darkblue You got it! Again, Raine, I'm sorry and I'm happy for you two I really am!]]

[center [+brown Mhm, I think we all are.]]

[center [b Eric had smiled and nodded Styles was glad she had so many people looking out for her. Raine than herself had begun to start eating and she held nothing back. Styles had let out a hardy laugh it was cute, to say the least. Life on the sea would suit his sweet little raindrop well. "Raindrop?" oh boy the former captain may have it worse than he realized.]]

[center [h3 Poor Humor]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire had walked in beside Alex not that she had meant too. Right? It just happened that way while they were walking in right? Regardless as she made her way in she heard Alex make a comment. She had seen recently Mally be a little more social. Attempt a few jokes here and there and she kept slamming doors in Alex's face. So maybe she'd try and do something nice for him. She looked at him pondering for a moment to his comment he said most likely to himself. As she pointed a finger up looking at him.]]

[center [+lightblue That's what.. She said? No wait.. does that even work? Damn it!]]

[center [b, Of course, one of Kanzaki's stupid jokes would be one of the only ones she thought of. Now he was going to stare at her like she was crazy. It wasn't like she cared? She shook her head looking down. Of course, she cared but didn't change the fact she felt like an idiot.]]

[center [h3 Night Before]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Alvin had smiled at her reaction to ever watching well yeah. It was really cute god she was really cute he knew he was going to feel like a broken record. Still, he couldn't help it maybe that was normal? To feel helpless? To feel wrapped around? Guard lowered? Was that normal in love? Or was that just the sorta person he was?]]

[center [pic https://myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/images/characters/8/224825.jpg]]

[center [+green M-Manga?! Really? I-I love those!]]

[center [b He smiled as he listened and then nodded. He knew a perfect show with beautiful fantasy and the main heroine herself had gone through a lot in her childhood. Drama? Fantasy? Yeah it was a good start if not a bit slow but he felt she wouldn't mind.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUnPZstS9DQ]]

[center [b Ancient Magus Bride, he never had finished it himself. He had looked over to be surprised her lack of judgment. He admitted his hobbies were a bit strange and hard to show someone. It took an episode or two but he finally found the courage to lightly put his arm around her. As he looked away fidgeting shyly as his face burnt red. She didn't stop him though this too was something he wasn't used too. He smiled and found himself laughing and making jokes like he used to with Vincent. Like when she the heroine was sold off for an obscene amount of money. As he explained the old countries and old currency of the world before the great collapse. Alvin wasn't an academic he just was really obsessed with the world before. He began to joke about how creepy it'd be if some skeleton looking dude decided to try and buy you! Though the concept of the show was meant to be creepy it was surprisingly touching.]]

[center [h3 Time Skip]]

[center [b It had been a few days and Alvin spent it hanging out with Peyton, Eric, Raine, Kita he was learning more about those four. He wasn't ready to branch out even further yet but if he was spending the most time with anyone? It was Peyton for sure he wondered even if the others noticed. Spending time with Eric was awkward at first but Eric wasn't really mad nor did he blame him for anything. It made Alvin remember himself with Serah and Vincent how poorly those three handled it. Alvin admired Eric's resolve he felt there were other fish in the sea. That wasn't to say that Peyton didn't mean a great deal to him. Eric was still even nice to Peyton and Alvin felt he should be jealous but he wasn't. If anything he was glad Eric was kind to her and didn't avoid her like the plague. Nor has Eric been scarce to be around minus the first night he took to himself. It went a lot better than Peyton or Alvin could hope for he was honest but at the same time pushing forward. If anything it made Alvin admire the guy that much more. Course he'd always be too shy to admit that out loud.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4COXTfo0Mc]]

[center [b A few days later and they had landed Alvin had hidden behind Kita a bit. He was rather shy and Kyuti was giving Kita and himself a lot of attention. His cheeks were pinched too and he blinked unsure what to really say. As they walked down he drifted close to Peyton while to being behind Kita. As the righthand man, he felt it was his job to have her back. It was strange to think he had thought he may have liked Kita. She was a lot like a sister to him after all. Without much realizing it he had reached out to grab Peyton's hand. He was glad about the choice he made this felt right to him like they were meant to be. As cheesy as that sounded he'd have trouble saying something sappy like that out loud. He had seen Styles and Raine being awfully close as Kanzaki teased the two he was soon shut down. Alvin had taken a deep breath to garner courage as he gave Raine a smile.]]

[center [+green I-I-I'm g-glad R-Raine... Y-You've been honestly done so much f-for us. Especially m-me I'm glad you get to be happy too.]]

[center [b What a sappy blessing but well.. Despite not knowing Raine as long as Kita? She felt like a sister to him too she was sweet and nurturing but at the same time? As much as she guided him he wanted to protect her too. Alvin had heard Peyton snicker a bit after Kanzaki had his epic fail. Alvin had looked over and giggled a bit himself. They all noticed Styles and Raine pretty quickly he wondered how long it would be before they figured him and Peyton out? Not that he was hiding her or anything. He just knew he'd pretty embarrassed if anyone started teasing him too he might not handle it as suave as Styles had.]]

[center [b Alvin had let go of her hand as the two sat down and he had begun to eat beside her. Kita at his other side and Eric even beside her. As Kanzaki spoke up about getting jobs Alvin listened as he threw him into the mix. Alvin spoke up stuttering but Kanzaki cut him off. He hated that Kanzaki knew so well what Alvin wanted. He was afraid to accept this that he'd seem easily swayed or that he was just in it for blood and glory. He had used his sword for... the wrong cause for far too long. In that arena to become a replacement for Zero sure, his memories were messed with. However, before they were? He was sure that taking Zero's burden and ending this war was his ultimate destiny his duty. The blade Alvin was given the Durandel Tristania's second finest blade. Made from metal from all other kingdoms even Albion. This blade represented the hope Zero had for him. Alvin couldn't fight with the lab going on he wouldn't be the hero who apologized for his sins. The hero that suffered that darkness for the world. Logical or not he'd cut through fighting for a brighter future than that. He'd never be able to sleep at night if he just stopped now. So with that he gave a nod and looked at the queen.]]

[center [+green Yes, m-my friend is right I'd like to s-sign up too.]]

[center [b Eric had even spoken up so had Claire and Rose even. When Eric said he'd surpass Alvin and that Kanzaki would be the next one to be famous. Alvin realized the two had meant it, it was strange he never saw himself as someone to admire. To aspire too he always thought he was just a killing machine. He... no, he refused to fall into that despair no more of that from now on things would change. He'd be someone he could be proud of.]]

[center [h3 Feeling Better]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Rose had hopped off the ship beside Shiloh and Styles as she looked around in awe.]]

[center [+purple Wow it's so pretty!]]

[center [b She was feeling much better after her talk with Shiloh the night before. She admired the beauty around her as she viewed the area with her clairvoyance. She scanned ahead to see around the castle it wasn't she hadn't trusted them but she wanted to be safe. She saw... was that? Vanessa Alvin's mother and Vincent and Serah even. She kept quiet reading through the queen's mind. Hmm.. she meant no harm she wanted to wait the right time to show Alvin probably during dinner or after even.]]

[center [b The king too had introduced himself he and the queen looked rather young attractive even. It was almost like a fairy tale story he had a booming but comforting voice. He too seemed like a kind man at heart. He hadn't even scolded Kanzaki yes he was a kind man indeed. She had come up and shaken his hand tilting her head.]]

[center [+purple Thank you truly for everything your highness.]]

[center [+darkblue Yeah man it means a lot!]]

[center [b Kanzaki added in as she tilted her head giving a smile to the king. She had nodded agreeing to his rules as they enjoyed their meals. He had then excused himself he must have had a busy day he was a king after all. She could pry but she saw enough to see he was truly a good man. She had this secret worry that Jessica was here blocking her power or altering it but she didn't feel a disturbance at all. By all accounts it truly seemed safe here.]]

[center [h3 Introducing Ken!]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ritsuka.Fujimaru.full.1957959.jpg]]

[center [b It wasn't much later that Romalia top guards had arrived a bit late but here they were. Ken had walked up giving a wave while skipping the formalities. Ariadna was quiet but more social than Erna. She had taken some food said hello and left. He gave a nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head.]]

[center [#a51d29 Heh heh.. you'll have to forgive Erna she isn't exactly the social type. Hey there! The names Ken Takakai!]]

[center [+brown Hello Ariadna and Ken it's a pleasure to meet you.]]

[center [+darkblue Holy hell THE Ken!? World-renowned fighter?! You always win the hand to hand tournament known as the Iron Fist! No weapons no armor just fist! I used to watch you and your dad on TV! They get fighters from everywhere but with the war, it's harder for fighters to come for the tourney. Still, you like never lose! I gotta fight you! Hope you don't mind I bring a sword though I'm sure you can use something like gauntlets maybe some Magitech to make things fair.]]

[center [#a51d29 Fair? Oh yes, the infection right so what they say about the labs is true? Here I expected to see traumatized children but you all seem rather lively! I'll take you up on that umm... What's your name?]]

[center [+darkblue Kanzaki! Kanzaki Muller! My name will be famous here one day!]]

[center [h3 Introducing Shirudo]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/dni91zU.jpg]]

[center [b Shirudo had too entered the room giving a soft bow and a warm smile. Ken had already hit it off pretty well with one of them. She gave a soft chuckle as Erna made herself scarce it was nice to see somethings don't change even here in wartime.]]

[center [#eb99ca Hello my name is Shirudo Gadian you can just call me Shirudo.]]

[center [b Kanzaki had looked over to her giving a smirk and a soft whistle.]]

[center [+darkblue Wow let me guess her title is Romalia's most beautiful woman?]]

[center [b Shirudo had blinked her cheeks a light pink as she tilted her head at the strange man.]]

[center [#eb99ca Hm?]]

[center [#a51d29 Hey eyes off lady Shirudo!]]

[center [+darkblue Heh heh.. oh wait I think I missed someone a possible rival for that title! The commander Ariadna a pleasure to meet you too beautifu-]]

[center [b It was then Claire had stepped up grabbing him by the ear as she yanked him down.]]

[center [+darkblue Ow ow ow Claire that hurts!]]

[center [+lightblue It's supposed too! If you get us kicked out I swear! Ugh, I'm sorry my names Claire and he's an idiot so you can just ignore him.]]

[center [b Shirudo had giggled lightly as Claire sat Kanzaki down and the two began to bicker like family. They all seemed so close and so much happier than she expected them to be. She had walked over to Kita and Alvin as her smile softened she had to ask. Where they just as happy? Even after what happened?]]

[center [#eb99ca This may seem untoward of me but may I ask. How do you two fare? Are you all right?]]

[center [b Alvin had blinked looking away after giving a soft nod. He seemed timid but it wasn't like he was upset just nervous. She hadn't come off too forward, had she? She hoped maybe Kita could maybe share a little more on how she felt. Shirudo was glad to help and protect whoever she could. It was in her nature after all.]]

[center [h3 Moving Forward]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90ROhLwSfCY]]

[center [b Eric had spent his days spending time with the others. Kita, Raine, Alvin and even Peyton though it didn't stop there for him. He spent time talking with Rose and Styles. Sure it still hurts but day by day he was pushing past it. It didn't change the fact that he and Peyton were friends and Alvin too for that matter. He hadn't treated them any different they had followed their hearts. Eric was, in fact, grateful for how honest they were. He was getting through this easier than he had expected he took the time to reflect on himself. Even talking with Kita and Raine about how he felt. He was new to this talking about how he felt but Raine showed him that part of being a friend is relying on others. He was new to this concept but Kita has proved to be a good friend. He always let them know that they needed an ear he was there. It was nice to have people willing to let you help them and willing to help you through something hard in turn.]]

[center [b Eric may not have realized it but he had grown a bit matured just that little more. Taking the time to ponder and think on things but his childish goal never did change. To make everyone around him smile he was just finding new and different ways to go about that. He thought on the future for those around him and even for himself. Before he knew it a few days had already passed and they had landed. Rose had commented how beautiful it was he gave her a smile and a nod. When they had taken a seat he bowed his head to the queen and king as he sat beside Kita.]]

[center [+brown Thank you guys it means the world to us.]]

[center [b He had begun to eat diving right in maybe not as brash as Kanzaki but still. It was then more friendly faces had appeared through a woman named Erna had made herself rather scarce. Guess she was just busy? Eric had smiled looking at Shirudo and Ken.]]

[center [+brown Hello! My name's Eric it's a pleasure to meet you all thank you for having us.]]

[center [b Eric had thought about accepting the job he had. The beast from unclaimed lands? Eric would have an easier time fighting those than people. As a country boy, he knew sometimes you had to hunt animals to survive. He'd always pray in their stead he believed that one day when he would die and become one with grass they would, in turn, eat that grass. A circle of life kinda deal it helped him handle this fact so maybe he could practice his sword skills against mad beast trying to hurt people. He meant what he had said he was going to surpass Alvin so he could protect those he cherished. So that Alvin and Kita wouldn't feel so pressured to play the role of hero for everyone else. Here this woman Shirudo was worried about those two with what happened on TV? It had made sense Alvin had stuttered a bit as Eric put a hand on his shoulder.]]

[center [+brown Are you okay bud?]]

[center [+green I uhh.. y-yeah I am.. W-We've all been through a lot though not just m-me or K-Kita..]]

[center [+purple That's true Alvin but I think she was just worried considering what happened on TV.]]

[center [#eb99ca Oh of course! I'm sorry I am worried about everyone here and I do hope everyone can feel at home.]]

[center [+brown I know I do!]]

[center [b Eric had smiled as she returned his kind smile with her own. With that the queen had clapped her hands together giving everyone a chance to settle in.]]

[center [#5d194f I need your attention for a moment, if I knew you all better or rather if you knew me better. I would ask for Alvin in private for a moment. Because this may be emotionally overwhelming for him but I don't want to try separating anybody and make you all feel uneasy. I do however have important news well... I'd rather show you, hun, you can enter the room now.]]

[center [b Important? For Alvin? What was it? Was it bad? Who can come in? Someone Alvin knows?]]

[center [h3 Reunited]]

[center [pic http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Kdn6l8CRciE/UCqpTbV8upI/ALE/ZZzO9CAtz54/s1600/anime-cute-girl-kawaii-manga-Favimcom-327609-1.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da-yQJeL-d8]]

[center [b Vanessa had stood at the door as she heard the queen called for her to enter. She was ready to burst in before but now? She was unsure what if her son seeing her so soon upset him? The last thing she wanted was for him to feel guilt. It wasn't his fault he ran off she understood why it hurt but she understood. The poor kid had been through so much and he always felt like such a burden. Vanessa had taken a deep breath as she entered the room.]]

[center [b Alvin had looked at the queen to see the door open. He had shot up his eyes began to water almost instantly.]]

[center [+green M-Mom..?]]

[center [+darkblue Mom!?]]

[center [b Alvin stood shaking a bit as he thought of everything. What she must have seen on TV? What she learned living here in Romalia? That he was a monster nothing more than a killing machine. That he was a criminal that he just ran away. He did it for her too but now seeing the effort she put to find him he felt the pang of guilt crush his heart as he turned to run. He bumped into Peyton taking a step back he bumped into Eric too. He looked at her than to him and took a deep breath as they gave him a look of reassurance. He took a deep breath and decided to pull them both in for a tight hug. Tears trickling down his face he wouldn't run away from his problems, not this time. His stomach was doing flips and flops but at the same time, his heart panged with remorse and relief. He had missed her so so much as embarrassing as it sounded he did. He walked up to her ready to explain himself.]]

[center [+green Mom I'm sorry I-]]

[center [b Before he could even finish his mother had pulled him in crying as she stroked his hair holding her baby tightly. Alvin had blinked as he slowly reached up to hug her as she clung to him. As he patted her head hugging her close tears trickling down.]]

[center [#5d194f I know, I know and I don't care it wasn't your fault. It was me your father and that godforsaken country taking advantage of lost souls. I'm so proud that you found your way from that darkness that you found that light. I know you've always felt like a burden but I was a wreck without you there. Even with Serah and Vincent checking up on me.]]

[center [+green I-I.. heh mom stop crying it's okay honest! I-I didn't find my way by myself actually. They helped me.]]

[center [b Alvin pointed behind him as Vanessa smiled she saw the man and woman he embraced before he walked over as well as the woman who fought beside him on TV. She came over pulling each one into a different hug as she fell to tears. As she shook their hands crying.]]

[center [#5d194f Thank you so much for watching my son all of you thank you.]]

[center [+brown No problem but he did his fair share of watching out for us to miss.]]

[center [#5d194f Oh god excuse my poor manners I'm a wreck I must be embarrassing poor Alvin. My names Vanessa what are all of your names if I may ask?]]

[center [+brown My name is Eric and me and Alvin have been pretty close actually he and everyone here has come to mean a great deal to me.]]

[center [+darkblue The names Kanzaki! Yeah, he's been the badass! Though he never mentioned how pretty his mom was.]]

[center [+purple Kanzaki ew! Stop that's his mom come on!]]

[center [+darkblue Huh?! No, I didn't mean it like that! Haha maybe that just comes out naturally for me.]]

[center [+purple Oh good grief my name is Rose it's a pleasure to meet you. He's been a little timid but he's a sweetheart.]]

[center [+lightblue Err.. yeah he's been umm.. Nice? The names Claire.]]

[center [+blue Aye lass the lad has been selling himself short he's helped man the sails fine as well.]]

[center [#5d194f Oh wow it seems my boy has made quite a few friends! That's such a relief he's always struggled to talk to others especially pretty young women. He just freezes up my poor bab-]]

[center [+green Mom! They don't need to know that!]]

[center [b Vanessa had than grinned and chuckled a bit as she ruffled his hair. When did she become the embarrassing mom?]]

[center [#5d194f Well consider that payback for running off! I understand but don't ever think I don't need you again got it?! I'm not done embarrassing you yet though. So which one of these lovely ladies is going to be my daughter in law hm?]]

[center [+green Mom! I..]]

[center [#5d194f I didn't hear "it's not like that mom" well I'm sure she's a sweetheart. With a lot of patience.]]

[center [b Alvin had rolled his eyes and shoved her playfully as the two laughed a bit. He had gotten swept up in the moment with his cheeks plastered red as he picked up Peyton by her small hand. Rubbing the back of his neck shyly as he looked at her than Vanessa. God this was so embarrassing but better this than her mom prying around. That and he didn't want Peyton to think he was trying to hide her. He wasn't ashamed he just was easily embarrassed was all.]]

[center [+green Peyton this is mom Vanessa and mom this is Peyton my... My.... My..... Girlfriend.]]

[center [b Alvin had never really introduced Serah before at least not as a girlfriend. He always had this weird feeling not to and now he understood why. Though this? As embarrassing as it was it felt a lot more right. Vanessa had opened her mouth with a gasp as she shook Peyton's hand taking her in for another hug.]]

[center [#5d194f Oh wow she sure is so pretty! How did he ever manage to talk to you? Also, can I ask why he's decided to dye his hair white?]]

[center [+darkblue Wait that's dyed?! The legend said the white swordsman was born with snow-white hair. I guess that couldn't be true huh? Well he was wearing orange contacts too weird I wonder how that happened.]]

[center [+green Mom it's not a big deal it's j-just hair!]]

[center [#5d194f Why are you stuttering so much around me young man? You've never done that before- Oh it's because your pretty girlfriend is here huh? I see oh boy I got a ton of questions for her!]]

[center [+darkblue Wait a second... It just hit me... Girlfriend?! Peyton!? Alvin? I always thought he might've driven her crazy. I remember her telling Alvin he was going to kick his ass when we had those sparring bouts. Why didn't you guys tell us sooner!?]]

[center [+blue Aye I've never expected it either the lad always seemed so timid and to himself.]]

[center [+purple Way to go Alvin! Your mommy's even proud!]]

[center [b Alvin sighed and hung his head as his cheeks burnt red as he looked to Peyton. His face blushing even hotter red.]]

[center [+green I'm sorry Peyton m-my mom can be a little... Embarrassing b-but she means well.]]

[center [#5d194f Hey mister I'm right here!]]

[center [+green I know that is why I said it!]]

[center [b He said jokingly to her as she hit his arm playfully sure she was his mom but for the longest time? She was his best friend and in a way she still was. It was weird to call your mom a best friend sad even but they were awfully close. That actually reminded him to ask.]]

[center [+green Wait! Does that mean Serah and Vincent are here too?! I doubt it but-]]

[center [#5d194f They are they'll meet you all in a bit. They wanted to give you time to digest seeing me first they are very sweet. I couldn't believe it when I got here I'm sure you have questions on how I got here but I want you and your friends to relax for a bit first. Also, I heard about you taking dangerous work around here. I know we can't go home but... Well, I thought I'd get somewhere nice here we can call home when things settle down. I never imagined you'd want to keep fighting not after everything you went through dear.]]

[center [+green I... I have got a lot to atone for and I-I no that alone wouldn't be reason to push forward. Even if I had nothing to if I felt I had the power to help others and did nothing? I'd never be able to sleep at night besides that I can feel it. I can feel this is my calling what I was meant to do remember that incident? Where I was bitten I-]]

[center [#5d194f I know I realize you and everyone here is special. You and Kita most of all you weren't born that way into this. You... were.]]

[center [b Vanessa had sighed as she gave a weary smile to her beloved son.]]

[center [#5d194f You've made up your mind huh? Well, all I ask is you stay for a bit and visit me got it! Don't do anything too reckless and you got no choice but make it back. You are lucky your eighteen or I'd probably drag you back but I'll settle for lecturing you instead!]]

[center [+green Haha o-okay mom okay! I'll be okay and I'll visit I promise.]]

[center [b With that she gave him another hug as she sat down. Giving Alvin a bit of silence to process all of this. To let them see their new home whenever they were ready too. Alvin too had sat down a bit silent but he did, however, have a lot on his mind. At least he was smiling sure he seemed embarrassed but happy all the same.]]

[center [h3 Laying Back]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [b Clyde had talked with Midori as she told him the pants and the boots come off. He chuckled as he began to tease her.]]

[center [+lightgreen Ooh la la.]]

[center [b He bumped his shoulder against her playfully about her stripping as she added that she was also much shorter.]]

[center [h3 Time Skip]]

[center [b They had landed and it'd be a hot minute before they'd be prepped for the invasion. To let the chaos settle in and to make preparations it was better to let Germania lower their guard think they might not even plan a counteroffensive. Nah that kinda thinking was way too hopeful. Midori had come up asking if anyone wanted lunch Clyde had nodded and looked back to Felicity.]]

[center [+lightgreen Sure! Can you come to boss? I think we'd have fun, hey and you too Yushiro you gotta come, man! Loosen up a bit!]]

[center [b Clyde had knocked on their doors as Yushiro had come out giving a soft sigh looking down at the shorter male.]]

[center [+darkblue Hmm... perhaps but first I must speak with Felicity allow me that and we will catch up.]]

[center [+lightgreen All right big guy just don't be too long!]]

[center [b Why did he need to talk to her? Knowing Yushiro it couldn't be anything of that nature so why the privacy? She wasn't his commander even. It confused him but he went up to walk beside Midori anyway.]]

[center [+lightgreen Yushiro and Felicity will catch up I wish my brother would come with his fiancee. They will probably be busy though and I'm sure Jessica is on covert operations. So I guess it's just us two for now huh? So what do you wanna get?]]

[center [b He smiled as he walked beside her he wasn't sure what to eat but he knew one thing. Behind that pretty boy smile of his he was starving with a capital S.]]

[center [h3 Needed Talk]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro had knocked and waited for a moment in case she wasn't decent. Before walking into her room as he stood in front of her giving a bow of respect.]]

[center [+darkblue Milady before the battle that had taken place on Romalia soil. You told me you had needed to tell me something that it would have to wait till later. We were then split off soon afterward and it has been eating at me. What was it milady?]]

[center [b He asked as he knelt in a sign of respect. This was due to him barging into her room and if she was to punish him for that he would accept whatever punishment she offered.]]

[center [h3 Before Landing]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b Zero had let Felicity heal Nimue though the wounds were harsh on Felicity he hadn't expect it to be that hard. He had come to her side to offer her support. Despite his usual harsh expressions he would watch for those around him and under his command.]]

[center [i Are you okay?]]

[center [b He asked almost as if it was a demand to know her well being. She had then offered to heal him of his wounds as he looked away for a moment.]]

[center [b She had offered to heal his wounds and Nimue was willing to let her go off. He had looked to Nimue he was proud of her vigilant behavior but Felicity was the new chief of unit Ray. He would share a bit of his condition perhaps however not in great detail. He would add this is confidential information.]]

[center [i The wounds inflicted by my enemies you may heal. The wounds caused by my own power? I understand how your power works and even then? You could possibly prolong my death but even your power would hit a limit. The backlash of my power after years of use can cause you to shorten your lifespan. If you were to take it in and that is not a burden I wish to put on you. Also, the effects of my power are to be kept confidential is that understood?]]

[center [b It wasn't a burden he wished to share on anyone but he knew one day Nimue would have this power. The first few years it wouldn't have much effect on her to use it freely as long as she didn't go overboard constantly. Maybe the power would refine from person to person. However, hopefully, he could help this war come to a close so when she steps forward she won't have to use it long. Zero had let her heal his wounds caused by those he was fighting which were minor cuts and scratches. Maybe allowing her that duty would ease her mind. Zero may seem like the "heartless hero" but he had trusted Felicity. He couldn't waste time in doubt even with Ren's betrayal he would need to place faith in her. Even if he was aware of the chances of that turning on him.]]

[center [b Then it was time for the three to talk. Jessica had listened to Nimue as her thoughts got to her. It was clear Nimue affected Jessica the two were close after all. Zero, in fact, could tell this would shorten Jessica stay in Tristania to return and reassure Nimue that she wasn't out being a loose cannon. "If only she listened to me like that," the man thought.]]

[center [b Zero had looked at Nimue and her plan as he spoke up.]]

[center [i We can for the sake of keeping me and Simon working on the war front. I will however not let them execute the head of the labs.]]

[center [+teal Oh god care to explain why Zero? Are you going to share that piece of info now? If I couldn't read your mind I know I'd be mad if I was just now hearing this.]]

[center [i When this secret is brought to light and when it's pinned on the head of the lab. I will hold them in prison, yes but I won't let them die not until the war is over. Simon and I have agreed to share with the world our sins if we are still alive. He will step down and give his queen his power and if she see's fit? To slay him so the people can trust him. I, in turn, will let the world believe I have lied to my second Nimue so when Nimue and the queen step into power. The world will be able to trust Tristania again that is when we can shut the labs down for good. I have a list of families that we've hurt even if we are to perish that does not allow us to not atone for our sins.]]

[center [+teal I hope you know that is a stupid idea the world is going to "thank you" for trying to be noble. It will eat you up and spit you out it will ignore the fact that you two sacrificed everything for this war. You most of all literally tore apart your life force for these people. They'll paint you in history like some damn demon when they wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for-]]

[center [i It doesn't matter this is the path we have chosen to follow. I will make this world right again. That includes even the sins I have incurred. In this, I understand Kita's plight but I do not agree with how ineffective their tactics are. It's childish to believe we could have fought back without those training grounds. That doesn't change the fact that I stand in the wrong just as well.]]

[center [+teal Ugh... guys look I won't kill our former spymaster least I won't push to that point but Nimue can come up with a way to pin our favorite lab head. Honestly, this sucks its hard to feel like the good guys when you gotta lie your asses off all the damn time. I'm sure you never thought you'd hear that from me but even I get tired of it all. Nimue I hope you can talk Zero out of this. Also... after I find the spymaster which won't take me too long. I'm going to talk with Rexy one more time okay? I thought I'd go ahead and be honest since you guys were thinking it I'm sure. If he doesn't come to his senses this time I'll finally give up on getting him back. I honestly thought he was a great candidate for taking Zero's place. Not that Nimue's not like badass I just... I don't know he seemed so eager and naive to really change the world. Remember when Zero used to be kinda like that? Shy but like such a nice guy? Isn't that when you started liking him? That was like years ago wow.]]

[center [b She nudged the two playfully as Zero shook his head softly he was relieved she would take more caution on this mission. To retrieve subject Rex was her mission but to handle the spymaster would actually be helpful. Zero had thought about those years before when he was Rex's age. Timid but strong eager to change the world with ideals and his own two hands. How naive he was those days perhaps that is what made Rex... Alvin a poor candidate.]]

[center [b Jessica had listened to Nimue as she nodded and shook her head.]]

[center [+teal We had tried other options we tried training subjects like we had Eric. Carefully and they didn't.. Well, you see Eric compared to other subjects they weren't ready for that level of combat. We could have tried other things but we didn't exactly have time and they weren't guaranteed this was. That doesn't change the fact I know it's fifty levels of fucked up but we were kids thrown into those arena's too ya know. We did the best with what we were given when I got out I was so mad I thought about telling the world when I have been placed a commander. They had told Zero we could do that and crush this country or we can actually do something with it and take this country and lead it to victory. Zero knew we were being played that wasn't to say I know the queen and king care for us. We were still played like a fiddle but if we had taken off cursing this place well I'm sure Germania would have won this war by now. I think you and Zero are way too hard on yourselves we were dealt a losing hand and we played it the best we could. I'll try and be careful... For your sake, I'll stick to Rex and the spymaster I won't do anything brash I'll even be back to relax a bit okay? First comes the spymaster and I know where to look.]]

[center [b Jessica had then listened to Nimue as she spoke her feelings to Zero. Despite his expression staying firm, a tear had begun to slide down his face as he raised his hand to his face a bit of confusion. It had been so long since. What was this? This pain? Yes her words had they managed to wound him? It wasn't his backlash pain, right? Jessica then had spoken up.]]

[center [+teal I think he should still answer your question but I'll help out a bit. Sure he's bad at the whole feelings things but he had plans of marrying you even if Rex had taken his place. He broke rank and order to rush in to save you. He risked his life which he pledged to home and country for you. To answer that question he adores you.]]

[center [b Jessica had hugged Nimue and waved off before taking off.]]

[center [b Zero had looked to his fiancee as he pulled her in by his hands. His voice softer than usual with a course tone held behind his shaky throat.]]

[center [i I suppose social interaction is lacking. If I've failed to express interest then that is my downfall. Because I too have had my goal since that arena to make you my own. To offer myself to you that was before I knew my life would be serving this country. When we cursed that place and even our home. You had stood beside me my partner through it all. If I am, to be honest, you were possibly just as good a candidate as Rex. However, I had chosen him because you were the last person I wanted in this hardship. You are strong and by no means helpless so I couldn't understand why. I looked into the matter to this feeling to discover it was because despite your strength when a man loves a woman he throws logic to disregard and finds the urge to protect her regardless.]]

[center [b He had reached out to grab her hands as another tear escaped his eyes looking at her with a stern and somber look. He could see the pain in her eyes though he hadn't realized the pain in his own eyes. As he leaned in to kiss her forehead softly.]]

[center [i If you doubt my feelings or they prove to appear too weak. You may call off our wedding and our arrangement. Or even if you wish to remain engaged but simply give up that burden? I will find someone else if that is what it takes to prove my fondness for you. I see not why you would have an infatuation with a shell of a man. That does not, however, change the fact that I have come to terms that I am indeed in love with you. Or as I once read stated I am "madly in love" I do things that aren't always the best decision. Even now I feel pain when there is no wound and I cannot explain it. Perhaps I spent too much time to myself before the arena away from the world to understand these things. Perhaps my mind was so empty of human interaction that like subject Rex I was easy to mold into a perfect commander. However, if there is one part of me that was failed to keep empty. It was the only thing they ever truly gave me and that was you. That and my brother was given back to me. There are some things the higher-ups keep even from Simon that is a pandora's box for another day, however. I will do whatever you ask of me Nimue.]]

[center [b He had slowly and painfully let go of her petite and beautiful fingers. As he looked to see her sad expression his hand reaching out to her face. His stiff hand rubbing against her cheek as he wiped under her eye.]]

[center [i I want to create a world where a person like you with a beautiful heart can find happiness. If the world can't even do that then I will do what I can to correct it. I made that decision the day we met even if I was too timid to ever share that with you. It's the path I have chosen to follow the one you've helped me find when I was indeed lost.]]

[center [b Zero had come to terms with himself with his old self. The whole reason he even started this path. To make the most logical conclusion every time to better the world. Was so that people like her people with beautiful hearts and souls could live in a world deserving of that beauty. It was a childish ideal but one he'd even drag his name through the mud for.]]

[center [i If I feel anything besides this weight it's the love of those close to me. I feel the love that you have graciously shared with myself. Even if that is hard to see even if I don't even have a way to prove it. That is the truth, my beloved. Or Nimue if that is what you prefer.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I can't do a time skip for Zero either till I see how this goes.]]

[center [h3 Royal Welcome]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AiBQzca.jpg]]

[center [b Simon had canceled a few appointments and meetings when he had heard his wife had returned today. He had wished the royal arms were more compatible with himself however they were not. He had wished he instead could have gone in her stead. He had entered the room to knock on the large door to the tub. Yes, she was indeed his wife but Simon was not one to barge in on her unclothed for the respect he had for. Perhaps he was a bit old-fashioned.]]

[center [+gold Love? Are you there? I thought that maybe we could spend the day together if you weren't too worn out.]]

[center [b He knew he had other things to worry about sure but not before his queen. Despite the lies he had told her he loved her very much he hated to have Jessica provide a mental block. Or even precautions if she was to ever check out the labs. Even if they were Jessica's precautions the child only did it to help him. When this was over he'd accept his punishment he hated that Zero that poor child felt it was his duty to accept it beside him. He couldn't talk him out of it but until then he would spend what time he had left in this world beside his wife's side. As he waited memories began to encroach on him of another time. The time when the two had first met in their younger days.]]

[center [h3 Memory Lane]]

[center [pic http://i60.tinypic.com/33nvt5g.jpg]]

[center [b A younger Simon had looked to see a woman had crashed right into him. He had told her it was fine but she insisted he'd go to her flat. He had scoffed a bit as he begun to walk with her reading through some of his notes while the two walked.]]

[center [+gold You know you should be more careful where you walk.]]

[center [b He told her in a quiet but stern voice. He went to her flat as she let him in he looked around as he wondered.]]

[center [+gold Come to think of it I can I dry or clean this off? I doubt you have a spare change of clothes that can fit me.]]

[center [b The boy hadn't made too many friends or rather none with that sparkling personality of his. He kept to himself he got himself into this school with a scholarship wasn't like his family would help but they were happy to have him gone. It didn't matter he'd come here get an education and make something of his life. This was an academy that usually only nobles went to he bet she was one too. Pampered and loved by her rich relatives. He wouldn't let that affect how he treated her he just couldn't waste time here not focusing on his studies. That might as well have been the boy's life.]]
  Kanzaki Muller / Kudaketa / 5d 3h 39m 26s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally scrunched her nose up, and then relaxed her face. Kanzaki mentioned out loud, that she had spoken more, than ever before really.
It kinda of silenced her, back into thought.
[#EC871C "I didn't mean to discredit Rose...She has the part of the puzzle I don't."]
She understands what they were talking about, but if it was something like joking, or required emotions, she'd be silent as ever.
It dawned on her how much of her life had been taken away by the Royal Arm. Her socializing...Was she ever social before the lab?
Even though she tried desperately to remember she couldn't.
If she got all her memories back, and the ability to feel emotions again...Would she be a completely different person?

After her conversation with Riuku, she turned and left with Kanzaki.

Mally tilted her head at him, what would the others talk about?
His flirting going right over her head, as she gave him a confused look.
[#EC871C "What would they possibly talk about?"]

Ducking around him she yawned and stretched. [#EC871C "Get the light wont ya?"] she monotonously mumbled as she crawled into the bed, tucking herself under the covers.

Time Skip

As they landed in Romalia, Mally had been looking out the window of the ship. They were finally here...It felt like it had been forever...
Forever ago, she was in the labs, escaping, and running for her life.
It had only been a couple short weeks, but it felt like it had been years of this stuff. The lab sure, she was there from the start. Though the rest of the ordeal, she wondered why it felt like so much time had passed. When in the spectrum of time, none had passed at all.

Mally didn't rush off the ship, she had nothing to pack. Just her Axe, but yet she still carried a bag of supplies that had been given from the Galian elders. It contained mostly food, and some first aid stuff. They probably didn't realize they didn't need the first aid supplies, they had healers.
Soon Romalian soliders were unloading the ship for them.

At first Mally was taken aback by the rush of affection and worry, being delivered from the Queen, Kyuti. She blinked in shock but then shook her head. [#EC871C "T-Thank you...The horns are... well yes real, but they're part of my royal arm... So less like real horns, more like disguised computer towers."] she bluntly explained as she thought about the other half of her questions. [#EC871C "...They hurt me sometimes."] she thought about what happens she she tries to retrieve her memories, also what happens when she feels emotions. The headaches, the nose bleeds, the lack of normal human interaction.
So she answered honestly, as she always does with anything.
[#EC871C "I don't need anything more than the shelter you're providing, but thank you."]

Elegantly she curtsied, even though the Queen insisted it wasn't necessary, she still wanted to pay her homage.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kita had bowed to Riuku, showing her the door after they were done.
They exchanged thank you's, and Riuku gave Kita a way to contact her in emergencies. Riuku told her she had learned some interesting facts about Jessica, and the illegality in her actions to the way she tried to use Eric. It would hold as good leverage. If Jessica didn't already know Riuku was missing, she'd know soon.

Riuku also informed them this would be a slow mission. That she'd need to stay in hiding for sometime, as well as her spies. She had recently sent an order to go hide.
The location was unknown, and she was keeping it a secret. But she assured that if Kita tried to contact them, she'd get a response.

[b (OCC: Riuku is going into hiding with all her spies, in the Outerlands, so her remaining living spies and her can't be found at all for a few weeks actually...Just so you know!"]

Kita had waved goodnight to Eric before heading off to bed. It was beyond easy for her to fall asleep the moment she closed her eyes.

Time Skip

They had spent a couple days traveling, but once they got there she was a mix of emotions. Excited, nervous, unsure.
Sticking her chin up, she knew in her gut they were safe here. So whatever happened, she'd have to accept.

Once they landed they were greeted by soldiers, shortly after the Queen, Kyuti, herself, and Silas the King. Giggling at the banner, she smiled a bit and already felt very at home with the place.
She smiled very politely and stuck her hand out to meet with the queen.

Kita blinked, nodding her head. Her mind needed to catch up, it was time to play leader. Represent her fellow team mates.
[#EC0E37 "It is such a pleasure to meet you... It is true we came for shelter... However, we don't wish to go MIA...for a long time. We are used to hard work, and most of us don't mind it... So don't go too easy on us on the jobs... I plan on going back to continue fighting for my cause at some point... Though I think it's best if we all laid low for a little while... We can talk about all of that at another time."] she waved her hands in a friendly dismissal.

[#EC0E37 "As far as health concerns go, I can promise you we are all in top shape... We have a number of skilled healers. However, if it makes you feel better I am sure none of us would mind a quick doctors visit."]

Her cheeks hurting from the smile on her face, for once she felt safe. It had been a long time since she felt this kind of relief. Though she knew she couldn't stay for long. The idea that she was safe while others suffered, destroyed her heart. Whether the others followed her or not, she'd be back to her mission soon.
For now, she'd relax.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine giggled along with Zack's chuckles, rolling her eyes a bit at his dispute of her compliment.
[#6495ED "I wouldn't mind being tied up and taken away, if you were the one to do it."] she poked his nose and smiled innocently. Her own implications, going right over her head.

Sooner though, they were both wrapped up in each other and fast asleep. Safety, and warmth surrounded her, and it made it easy for her to sleep when she felt like this.
So calm, so relaxed.

Time Skip

When they landed, it didn't take long for Kanzaki to begin hitting on the Queen. Raine had chuckled when he got shot down, and called "Son" by Kyuti.
Soon though the attention was on her, her face flushed from her cheeks being pinched up.

Raine was just as quick to jump to Rens aid, just like Zack.
[#6495ED "He's my foster brother as well... When he learned I was in the labs, and that well I escaped the labs... He no longer wanted to take part in what Tristiania was doing. He defected to come with me and my friends!"]
[#6C80A3 "Kyuti, did you not notice my absence in place of the new chief of Ray when they were here a few days ago fighting for your border?... Or have they just not replaced me yet?"] Ren chuckled a little bit, he didn't feel alarmed or worried about the confusion at all. He nodded at Raine and Zack, in appreciation of how quick they jumped to his defense.

Kanzaki was now noticing her and Zack were now together. Raine wrinkled her nose, she was bit uncomfortable with Kanzaki so loudly pointing out their age difference, but Zack had a quick comeback. It also seemed everyone else supported it.
Ren even butted in [#6C80A3 "Kanzaki, she's an adult... They're just two adults who are together. None of that too young or too old crap."]
Ren would rather Raine be with Zack than anyone else here.
He was the most mature of all the other guys, besides maybe himself and Shiloh. Zack was protective, and reliable. He might have a drinking issues, but as long as it remained nonviolent and unproblematical...Ren would look past that flaw, because everyone has flaws.

Raine smiled and returned to her giggling along with everyone.

Once the food was presented in the kitchen, she was practically drooling, her stomach rumbled and it was no secret she was hungry.
She began to dig in almost immediately.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Time Skip

It happened, he was back here. Somewhere he never thought he'd return.
He didn't have bad memories here, or anything he was trying to hide or run from. Alex just never pictured himself making it back home.
He stared out the window, he wondered if he had any family left here. He knew most if not all of them had plans to move away, just like he had. Did they do it?

He always regretted not keeping in touch, no writing, no visiting. He said goodbye and that was the last he heard from any of them.
Did any of them try to contact him? He never gave them a contact address when he left. Would they be mad? Would they understand?

The ship landed, and as he walked off he was greeted by the King and Queen, Silas and Kyuti. He smiled respectfully and gave a friendly wave. He wasn't going to say thank you, the queen was insisting it wasn't necessary but everyone else seemed to be doing. He decided he wouldn't, well just because everyone else was. A simple man with simple reasons.

[#D23F0B "This place is huge on the inside..."] he commented, not really to anyone it just slipped out of his mouth.
He reminisced in his mind about being a kid, and looking up at the castle from the family store. He remembers imagining what it looked like on the inside. Well, now he gets to see.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b0bdc80ded272a03a475c0d5d8c9cb50/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton chewed at her lip, she felt like rocks were sitting in her stomach.
She was glad to see him...react humanly. She might've felt worse if he just smiled for her. Though it still hurt to see him so... distraught.

Peyton let go of Alvins hand to hug Eric, [#8A2BE2 "Thank y-..."] she felt him retrieve the letter, as she tried to say thank you. It changed suddenly [#8A2BE2 "I-...am sorry"] she whispered even softer.
The reminder that she didn't even open it, would that hurt him more?
She did mean to read it...but never gave herself the opportunity.

She waved goodbye, and walked away. A pit of guilt in her stomach.

Though the second Alvin answered her and said he wanted to hang out still, she felt some of the rocks turn to butterflies when he smiled that wide.
She chuckled along with his giggles.

They went to the room together, and she blinked. Sitting down watching him retrieve the computer. Her face flushed red at his question, had she ever watched porn before? [#8A2BE2 "N-no!"] she yelled a bit flustered, but her answer wasn't really the truth.
Relieved to hear him say he was kidding, her lips pouted and she blew air out of her mouth in relief.

Peyton blinked a bit, listening to him confess his interests in "Anime". It's from the old world apparently. She smiled lightly and giggled a bit.
[#8A2BE2 "Well, my parents were strict about my access to the internet and television...I did read quiet a lot...what where they called...'Manga'."]
[#8A2BE2 "Like backwards comic books! My best friend growing up showed me them... She'd print them out for me."]

Waving her hands a bit [#8A2BE2 "That was a long time ago though."]

Putting her finger to her bottom lip, she hummed a bit as she thought. What was her favorite genre? [#8A2BE2 "I like...Drama...Mysterious...Fantasy! Action is a big reminiscent of my real life now."]

She blinked ready to watch whatever he put on.

Time Skip

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/6993eff54681e1dc724734e0aab3d077/tumblr_of0bh8elBF1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

At some point during the trip, Peyton had changed back into her other clothes. Not then? She was watching anime with Alvin.
She's liked what he's shown her so far, she's also liked the relaxing trip.
No fights, no drama, no enemies, just sitting around relaxing.

Though it came time for them to land, and when they did the Queen and King were there, with soldiers of course. Though, they were welcomed very warmly.
She snickered when the Queen called Kanzaki her son, it was quiet funny to see him be shut down.

Peyton blinked looking around, Alex had just mentioned how big it was in here. They were just in the landing garage. What does the rest of the place look like?
They walked the halls to a dinning room, just as big as the landing garage. Three long tables filled the room, the ceiling was very high and decorated with lovely draped ribbons. Things shimmered, and glittered. The windows were huge and revealed a lovely view of the little kingdom below.
It occurred to her then how different every one of the nations was, you could tell in their appearances.
Romalia looked like a lovely bustling old city. With cobblestone streets, and lovely brick, wood, or cobblestone buildings. It was the closets to resembling old world cities, it mimicked them well. They also had the least technology of every country. The most welcoming, the most homey looking.
Galia was small, they were the poorest country, but they still had more technology than Romalia. This country is the only democratic country with a council, rather than a King or Queen. They were strict, but fair, and not evil. This country sticks more to itself, it's the least politically involved.
Tristania was a technological, modern mix. They're the second most advanced in tech, you could find technology everywhere. It is a vast city, in the middle of a surrounding desert. The city even has widely controlled air, for outside on the streets. It's not a rich super power city, but it's a modestly wealthy city.
Germania, an industrial smog country. Miles and miles of woods, forests and in spots in between were towns, and factory's. All of their money went into their military. Technology was reserved exclusively for government and military. The castle was a hug fortress surrounding by military bases. The stricter of all the countries, all citizens were required to have industry based jobs. Building machines and things for the military and government. The environment was horribly polluted, nicked name "Smog Land", due to it's always foggy air quality.
Lastly, Albion. The Computer City on The Island. Albion is a purely made of technology city, the floors even have computers in them. The buildings are long tall towers, and at night the city is still brightly light everywhere because of the technology everywhere. They're the richest and some consider them the smartest. Not much is known about the country, they aren't covered much in the texts at school.

Peyton had thought about all this while she ate a lovely meal, it was the first real meal she had in a while. It made her miss home again, the whole time she ate she stared at her bracelet.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]
Blushing as very faintly, as Rose grabbed for him. A soft smile on his face, as he gently held her.

Shiloh listened and pet her hair comfortingly, he understood how Rose felt. He too was uncomfortable most times just like her. He thought himself a coward for it.
Though that thought aside, he nodded his head.
[#8147A0 "It's okay to feel the way you feel...Just don't let yourself feel like that for too long."] he smiled softly and held her to comfort her.

[#8147A0 "You're smart...You'll figure out how to be okay again."]
He watched as she fell asleep, he followed shortly, his own heavy eye lids closing.

Time Skip

The few days of travel was nice, to relax and just sit around with everyone. He smiled and bowed as he got off the ship, the place seemed very pleasant. No one seemed to be in a bad mood either, Shiloh normally always felt comfortable but now he felt at peace.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f504e553e599712b3d3b5d94f2d340af/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Silas smiled and greeted everyone just as kindly as his wife, with less hugging though.
[#E02301 "It is such a pleasure to have you all here! Safe and sound. It is very true, we were expecting you."]
Silas clasped his hands togthere and smiled.
[#E02301 "You will meet the team at dinner, which we will escort you to now!"]
He said excitedly in a booming voice.
Pushing up the large doors, which lead into a large long hallway. A brief walk, and the second turn left, they arrived.
[#E02301 "We weren't sure what foods you'd all like or dislike, so we made it buffet style...Help yourselves, and you can sit anywhere you'd like."]

He then clapped his hands and looked to his wife. [#E02301 "They've made it, I am so glad we were able to make this work..."]
Silas looked at them all and let everyone eat for a bit first before speaking again.
[#E02301 "Well, now that your all full I am sure you'd like to get comfortable somewhere...Well we unfortunately have no rooms left...but we have another arrangement for your guys prepared."]
[#E02301 "The castle has an underground emergency bunker, and it's where you'll all be staying...It has a living room, a kitchen, a dinning place, and just by luck...12 rooms. The rooms aren't huge, but the living space is nice...Also there is a boarded up doorway...We only ask you do not take the boards down, or open the door. It's an old emergency exit tunnel, from predate the war. It leads out to the outside lands, that entrance has been blocked so need not worry about anything coming in either."]
He chuckled awkwardly and smiled.
[#E02301 "The Basement entrance is just down this hall, large door all the way at the end. You're free to roam the castle, and explore...All we ask is you stay out of the rooms that are locked, They're crown exclusive rooms. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves."]
Silas had pointed to his crown when he spoke and chuckled a bit at himself.
With that he excused himself away, and left for his room.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/e50d4bad41b5f9c964ff121205d0bbaf/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Ariadna had come quietly with the others to dinner, she wasn't sure how to feel about meeting these people.
They had just fought with Tristania, and they were allies now...But we were harboring their war criminals.
Ariadna did believe they were still in the right, because of what Tristania put these kids through...though it was still odd to her.
The whole political game confused her a bit. She mostly did as she was told, and let the others worry about why she was doing it.
Though she didn't question things from time to time, if they really seemed wrong but that was really never. Kyuti and Silas was so fair in ruling.

She had quietly introduced herself and politely bowed.
[#2A058C "I am Ariadna...top rifleman, navy commander."]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/4bee51c876a7029cb2294ad787852358/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Erna didn't like the amount of people she had been meeting this week. She didn't like guests, or visitors. She didn't mind helping them though, just didn't want to be social. She didn't enjoy talking like the others did, she didn't enjoy people trying to know her. She'd be alone, practicing, reading, doing something else.
Most conversation bored her too.
All she wanted to do was improve her own skills, all day if she could.

Erna had quickly introduced herself, and did not bow.
[#8D33A7 "Erna...Second in command of the Military."]
Grabbing an apple, a slice of cheese, and a piece of bread she turned and left. Taking her food out to the military yard, eating it quickly and then got back to practicing on the hay dummies.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/c7715398d8e0c34a3caf9a65f658e1c3/tumblr_ouum2p42kq1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Midori smiled a bit when Clyde asked about the heat in her computer room.
[#F741B4 "The pants, and the boots come off...I am also actually 5 inches shorter than this..."] she chuckled as she marched forward with him, joining the others.
Felicity eventually caught up as they all boarded the ship and got ready to leave.

Time Skip

Midori stretched her arms a bit, yawning. She had fallen asleep reading about new computers and technology coming to the market in the fall.
Awaking she realized they were finally arriving back home.
Taking a moment to let herself wake up, before marching out of her cabin in the ship.
[#F741B4 "Ahhh Home sweet home..."]

Looking around, Jessica was missing now. Midori had spent the whole trip back not noticing. Shouldn't superiors and students be more connected? She shrugged, their powers were so different anyway it's not like Jessica had stuff to teach her really.
Midori was really more there in case Jessica was absent, or something happened to her.

Her stomach rumbled and before even settling back in her room, she waved to everyone.
[#F741B4 "I am going into town, I want lunch...Stay or join me if any of you want.."] she shrugged her shoulders and began to stroll off.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicity waved off Clyde and Midori, and got back to her job. Healing the last of the wounded on her own. By the time she was finished her mind felt the way static on a television looked. Just blank grey fizzing.
She had never used her power this often or fast before.
All the tests she had been given pre-lab, was her being injected and then time did it's thing with her Royal arm.
She had also of course been subjected to wounds. Oddly enough with her royal arm, her own wounds don't heal.
She can only heal others, and has a super charged immune system. So she can never get sick, or killed be a disease. Unless maybe she took to much on her own.
Healing other wounds get's tricky for her. The only instance in which her body heals it's self of wounds, is right after she absorbs someone elses wounds.
When she touches someone, her body creates a wound mimicking the other persons. Then heals them both together at the same time.

She felt like a bug in a video game. She wondered why she had been chosen. What made her the best choice for new chief?
She thought about this, the whole way back. Which she had traveled alone.

As she was arriving Zero took Nimue to her for healing. Nimue wondered what would happen with Nimue's wings. Felicity's body didn't have wings to mimic healing that wound with. Would her power work here?
[#FBB004 "S-Sure."] she nodded and took Nimue's shoulder. Her hand illuminated that light yellow glow. Felicity could feel her back burning, then what felt like ripping, then bones breaking, she almost collapsed when her spine suddenly jerked. Though she didn't scream, even if the pain was intense, she didn't even whine or whimper. Silence.
No wings sprouted, but soon Nimues began to visibly heal, and Felicity began to heal too.
It took longer, maybe because the injury was harder to mimic, without wings.

[#FBB004 "L-lord...I know earlier you told me not to heal you, ever...but you look worse for wears again...I-it's my job...and I won't without your consent but...It isn't as big as burden on me as you think."]
her voice was very soft, and she looked paler than usual. She was so tired, but if people were still injured her job wasn't done.
[#FBB004 "Is anyone else injured?"]

Time Skip

Felicity had spent her time traveling back reading. Something she always liked doing, even post lab. She remembered they'd give her books to read while she fought contagious diseases.
It was more stimulating to her than anything else she did.
It let her escape her current situation, and her self doubting thoughts.

She didn't spend anytime with anyone else, she mostly avoided being social. She still felt new, despite just winning a battle together. She didn't want to celebrate with everyone.

Upon landing, she silently walked off to her room to go read more.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue blinked watching Felicity heal her, she almost gasped when she saw Felicitys back breaking and bleeding. Then healing itself immediately after.
Felicity had offered to heal Zero, despite the earlier no.
Nimue softly put a hand on Felicitys face.
[#F64408 "No dear, you've worked so hard...For reasons we can't explain healing Zero would be dangerous to you...You look so tired please go rest, we are all okay now. Thank you."]

She ushered Felicity to the girls room on the ship, and helped her in bed before fluttering back to Zero. Now turning her nose up at Jessica's suggestion of thanking Ken. Shaking her head. She didn't responded to Ken or Shirudo's kind thank yous.
Except with just a [#F64408 "Was happy to help."]

She didn't like them pointing out they knew about the fucked up thing they were doing. That being the labs.
[#F64408 "How long can we keep Evelynne fooled about this whole thing?"] she asked once it was just the three of them.
[#F64408 "She isn't dumb...Every nation knows we are lying about it just being rumors. We have escapees fleeing and telling their horror stories every where."]
[#F64408 "It's a matter of time before she finally figures it out...How do you think she'll react to all of us lying to her?"]

Nimue sighed, her heart hurt thinking about these things. On top of that Riuku had gone rouge to release the information to the Queen.
Nimue sighed, Jessica wanted to run off and was already calling orders to kill the nations former spies, some successfully already gone.
[#F64408 "Let Riuku tell Evelynne..."] she mumbled.
[#F64408 "What if... we could convince Riuku to go to the Queen and tell her that none of us knew the lab was taking people against their will? We could work a story to pin the blame on The Head of Lab. Say that he went power crazy down there experimenting and wanted more subjects...It's isn't the full truth, it's a bit of a white lie...but it's the easiest truth to tell. One man would go down for it... we could bring that to the people. It keeps blame of the Crowns and Us. It keeps our people together with us."]
[#F64408 "It's dirty...but politics is a dirty game. The Head of the Lab is creepy enough, and menacing enough to make that whole story believable...Jessica I plead that if you run into Riuku....You should try that route first. Anything else would be too messy...You know Riuku, if you go to eliminate her there will be an ace up her sleeve somehow, even in death she'd win...You both know she's trying to do the right thing...Maybe we should try to meet right and wrong half way...make things a little more correct...but still crooked enough to have an advantage."]

She sighed a bit and shrugged her shoulders. [#F64408 "It wouldn't hurt to try that, it'd surely bring better results forward than Riuku's plan of brash exposure."]

Nimue felt confident about Jessica going off. She bit her lip anxiously and hoped she'd be okay.
[#F64408 "I know you think you're doing everything the best way possible, and it's the only way to bring peace to the nation but...we're hurting our own people trying to do it the way we have been. Have we even alerted the families of the deaths of their children and relatives in the lab? I mean the ones who didn't get to sign consent forms. The parents of the kids we kidnapped, the families of the people we promised care to, do they know their children are dead because of us?"]
[#F64408 "How many of the kids of the missing posters posted around our city are in our labs, dead or alive?"]
[#F64408 "I want you to think and consider the amount of pain our people are in...It wasn't our only option and I am sick of pretending it was...I will never betray my orders or my people... I am too deep in to turn my back on it now...But if we could find a way to fix our mistake...I'd like that."]
She said this with her back to Zero, because she couldn't say these things while facing him. She worried his reaction, if he'd even listen.
[#F64408 "Y-you...didn't just ask me to marry you to take your burden when you die.... right?"]
her mind began to slip into all the doubts she'd been trying to keep buried deep.
[#F64408 "I mean... you never expressed interest in me much before...we had never gone on a date or...and I-I just...said yes because I am so infatuated with you..."] she laughed, but it sounded like a sad laugh.
[#F64408 "Zero, do you feel anything other than the weight of the world on your shoulders?"]
Her voice was filled with worry, tones of sadness underlying them.

Time Skip

[b OCC: I can't really write the time skip out much for her without knowing how this conversation went....So...yeah.]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Evelynne had retreated to her quarters the fastest she could. The ship was an auto to take them home. She lied down, the ringing in her ears still loud. The weightlessness in her knees, the trembling of her hands.
Closing her eyes she also drew the curtains around her bed. Breathing in and out to calm down.
Eventually she started to feel normal again, but couldn't bring herself out of bed.
There she slept for almost the whole duration of the trip.

[hr ]

Evelynne was eager to get home, eager to see Simon, eager to take a bath.
Eager to find out the answers to some questions she had, except she'd be finding the answers herself instead of asking someone else.
After the ship dropped the others off, she took it to the castle. Arriving she let herself in silently.

Straight to her bathroom she went. It was extravagant, a huge heated tub in the middle of the room, to the left was a ceiling shower with three shower heads. The floor was made of marble and stones, decorated gray with real plants every where.
This is was all her request, it was remodeled from the original palace royal bathroom.

Slipping out of her clothes, she tied her hair up and then sunk into the bath. It felt so good, she sunk so her nose was just above the water. Her muscles were finally intensifying. Once she was clean and relaxed, she could go see Simon.
Tomorrow she'd make her own trip to the labs, unannounced and by herself.
  Lypophrenia / 9d 3h 33m 47s
[center [h3 Playful Debate]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMgzH_DttV8]]

[center [b Kanzaki had listened to Mally about her thoughts though he believed her and Rose would know best. Rose could view their past memories and so forth while Mally had plenty of data, in fact, it had made Kanzaki chuckle a bit as he stepped forth.]]

[center [+darkblue As much as you are my favorite boss I think Rose's opinion is just as helpful being able to view ones past and current thoughts. I'd say even if you two differ in opinion no one person is exactly wrong I'm surprised how caught up you've gotten into this conversation.]]

[center [b He smiled her way he was glad to see her talking this much. He wondered two who had superior stamina between the two but he knew he was being childish in this. No point in wasting Mally or Rose's power to sate his childish curiosity. Even he had his moments of responsible responses if a bit on the rare side. Kanzaki had crossed his arms as Mally begun to talk now about a strategy he wasn't the one to come up with this kinda thing. With Eric being as quiet as he was he knew it wasn't his either. so he decided instead to call it a night. However, Mally had put a finger up to ask him to hold up a minute.]]

[center [b Kanzaki had blushed as the two headed into the room as he closed the door behind him looking at her.]]

[center [+darkblue Making a habit of heading in here huh boss? As much as I don't mind the others might start to talk.]]

[center [b He teased leaning in with a grin as he let out a flirtatious chuckle. She was such a treat so forward and demanding, of course, he didn't mind these traits if anything he adored them. Whether he realized that fact or not.]]

[center [h3 Casual Knight]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric had noticed her ears the way she moved her arm as she gave him a rather sociable hug he smiled softly. He hadn't ruffled her hair like he had to Alvin or the others instead hitting her shoulder gently as he gave her a reassuring smile. He had a lot of respect for Kita he wondered if it was because of his subject name but he liked the idea of having someone else in charge.]]

[center [b Eric chuckled and raised her hand beside Kita.]]

[center [+brown As will I! Who's a sweet thing? You don't eat us, do you? I see you are trying to lure Rose in to eat her yes?]]

[center [b Eric said with a soft and sunshiny voice as a moment of silence hit the air. He crossed his arms realizing that it didn't come off like he was joking as he rubbed the back of his head chuckling somewhat nervously.]]

[center [+brown Haha I was just kidding I guess I'm not as good as Kanzaki at joking around. Ma always said I always seem to be the straightforward type.]]

[center [b Rose had given Kita a soft smile blowing a playful kiss to Kita before trudging on. Eric felt something... was Rose okay? He was very apathetic he always felt... pain when others around him were going through it. Why would she be upset? Eric couldn't understand what was wrong or why Kita seemed a little off herself. Though it wasn't long before she asked the spymaster if she needed anything he nodded and smiled.]]

[center [+brown Yeah if you need anything we'll help out!]]

[center [b Eric had nodded and smiled as Kita told her she didn't mind him there. It caused his smile to burn a little bigger it was plastered across his face it made him happy she trusted him. He was a simple man to make happy he heard her answers as his smile began to weaken a bit. He was sad to hear about her past part of him had wished they had found her first. Of course, everything happens for a reason right? Did Alvin go through something like that? Or maybe he still was? Would that explain his violent nature? It was hard to tell and Eric wasn't so good at thinking these things through. As they went through Eric had patted her shoulder.]]

[center [+brown It was hard and you went through a lot but I think it's what made you so strong you know? I wonder if that means one day Alvin will be a little less violent? Or if he was that way even before? It's hard to tell. ..Hm? Do I mind if she's here?]]

[center [b He turned to her as Kita spoke up asking if he'd want her to stay or go. He smiled closing his eyes as he tilted his head.]]

[center [+brown I don't mind you being here I like having you by my side.]]

[center [b He said without realizing how friendly something like that could imply. He had turned over thinking over the questions she just asked Kita it was his turn right?]]

[center [+brown Hmm.. well surprisingly I grew up in Eastern Tristania too. Out in the country, no less near the Germanian border at times beast grew to be a problem. So I and father had to handle them but nothing to what Kita went through in that regard.]]

[center [b Time for the next question how was he brought to the lab? He scratched his head as he begun to think about it.]]

[center [+brown We lived on the outskirts of the kingdom so we were alert for bandits and things like that. Though one day a young woman had approached the farm her name was Jessica I know that now. She had a few others with her I didn't realize it then but they had used something a mental power I think? I'm honestly unsure what to call that kinda thing. My family had faded out I had tried to escort them off the arm next thing I knew I was on the ground bleeding. I remember her saying that I was perfect for the job. She took me and my family to a mining ground. Looking back on it she hid it from her co-workers she was very... Secretive on it I'm not sure if Simon allowed these. I worked hard I tried to do my siblings share as well as my Ma's. Jessica would come in and share stories with me. Her personality was wild and all over the place she loved to dub me as a "Knight." Perfect for "him" almost as if I wasn't in the room. I tried to keep everyone smiling but they worried when she took me alone for these talks. She showed me a lot about a woman a woman she'd feel I'd feel rather bad about. She wasn't wrong huh? I knew what she was doing it didn't change the way I felt about it. Peyton, she had a pretty rough life I think she even grew up in Galia. She eventually told me about the power I had that I could learn to use it to protect what really mattered. That if I complied I could protect her not only that she'd let my family go. In exchange, I'd have to protect someone by the title of the White Swordsman. The way she adored him? Described him? I imagined him to be a heartless killing machine. I feared her as much as I did this unknown figure. I tried to keep smiling though for everyone's sake and when she offered this to me? She told me she'd give me plenty of lovely memories and get rid of my pain. Said my smiles could be real but even if she could see my mind? They were real not because of what we went through but because I knew one day. Somehow and someway we would make things right again. She didn't share my thoughts on that matter, however. So she had a few others alter my memories and placed me on a team with Alvin and Peyton she even let my family go. I requested that she alter their memories so they wouldn't have to worry about me. She had laughed but she agreed to those terms. Thinking back on it I think Raine was just there by chance but for me Peyton and Alvin? The man I learned wasn't just a cold killing machine. We were meant to be a team but what she didn't really realize was just how much of a team we were going to be.]]

[center [b He looked to the ground for a moment as he raised his head up offering another smile. It was true Peyton was a carrot for him to nip at but he leaped in willingly. He knew they were going to take her too and she wanted to be by her side. Even if she was a stranger no one deserved to suffer that much alone. Even if his feelings to Alvin were altered to protect him when push came to shove and Jessica wiped that away. He realized fake or not the meeting Alvin was someone he too wanted to protect.]]

[center [b The next question being was how was he treated in the labs? He crossed his arms as he tilted his head thinking on this one.]]

[center [+brown I hadn't fought any life or death battles actually I was pretty well fed. I was forced to fight several spars mostly to hone my defensive capabilities while allowed to even keep my coat and other things. No one really talked to me much however nor was I allowed to leave without my memory I was a bit confused. I was told I was on vacation and I couldn't leave till I had some fun. I think I realize now that was a lie. The spars were explained as healthy "exercises" to stay in shape my opponents smiling no matter what. I wonder now if they had a choice? I never had to kill anyone though one day I was thrown in a dirty cell. Told I was playing "Jail Break" by now what I realize was Jessica. That is when I met Peyton and the others. They all seemed on edge I remember when we awoke in the prep room for the arena. I heard things about teams and elimination I wondered how intense this game really was? It wasn't till Peyton got shot I realized this wasn't a game. I smiled to keep Alvin and Raine calm but if I have to answer honestly? I panicked I was worried about her I knew that I'd have to take things seriously if I wanted my friends to make it. Though I wasn't really eager to kill anyone either.]]

[center [b Eric answered rather directly as he kept a smile on his face. This was his first time really backtracking thinking about how he really got here in the first place. Thinking and saying it all out loud made him a lot less confused on what was real and what wasn't.]]

[center [b Eric had waved to Raine and Styles as they went off to bed.]]

[center [+brown Night you two!]]

[center [h3 Scruffy Captain]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [b He blushed a bit rolling his eyes playfully as she joked about them being interrupted. It was hard to imagine such an innocent girl could really imply something like that. She had denied her obvious appearance while commenting on his own. As he shook his head chuckling.]]

[center [+blue Me? Handsome? Scruffy at best lass you know in a fairy tale I'd be stealing a pretty thing like you from your home.]]

[center [b He grinned playfully at the contrast between the innocent appearance of Raine and the scruffy appearance Styles himself had. He had blushed blinking as she so purely stated how handsome he was her stare. As she cuddled him close like he was some worn teddy bear wrapping her legs around him. He chuckled deeply as he played with her precious hair as he returned her sweet kiss. She was too tired for him to tease her besides he found himself caught up in her sweet affections. He never imagined himself to be so entranced again but here he was grinning like a fool who struck gold. He pulled her in as he held her to his chest letting her sleep against him as he whispered into her ear.]]

[center [+blue Goodnight my dear sleep tight.]]

[center [b It was simple but a pretty big step for the captain as he stroked her hair letting her sleep today away. As he kissed her forehead joining her soon to slumber.]]

[center [h3 Passing Thoughts]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire had hugged her pillow as she thought about Alex's response. He seemed happy right? How could he be? She was so bad at this kinda stuff making friends was not her strong suit. All the others spent so much time together and she was kinda limited to only so much social interaction. She kinda wondered if Alvin was like. Weird.. where did he come from? It wasn't like she coddled him like Eric or Peyton had oh she seemed harsh on him but she could tell that wasn't the case oh no. If anything he hated her for good reason she was extra hard on him and Eric. Though he was making a lot of progress speaking up something Claire still struggled with. Plus she felt her and Peyton had a lot in common talking to her came pretty easy which was strange. If she saw something in Alvin maybe he wasn't a bad guy. She knew he wasn't but his timid nature urked her. She was just as bad on not saying how she felt. Just in a different way right? Maybe she'd try making it up to him Alex did say to take things at her pace right? Well, she was a do things sooner rather than later kinda person after all. It wasn't long before she passed out dreaming about a certain idiot for the first time in a long time. It wasn't one of her troublesome nightmares.]]

[center [h3 Childish Alvin?]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/tSnajcD.jpg]]

[center [b Alvin had reached out slowly at first as he jerked his hand sudden grabbing her own. Letting a bright smile invade his face as he started to make his way back nodding rather excitedly. He wasn't excited about hurting Eric no he was excited however to try all kinds of stuff with Peyton! For the moment... he wasn't as afraid of her judging him. She always heard him out right? Maybe she'd give his dorky stuff a try.]]

[center [b She had gone to Eric as Alvin took a deep breath. He was going to speak up for her. As her... Her partner he felt it was his job to step and protect her. Even if he was... Terrible at this stuff what can he say? "Sorry, pal the best man won lol haha" seriously what could he say? She took the reins pretty fast however as Eric sat there and nodded listening he had started to smile. Instead, however, he shook his head wiping that smile off his face.]]

[center [+brown No I don't think smiling is the best way to handle this I'm sorry it's just a habit. I know though I mean I understand I know I'm dense but I could tell it wasn't the same for you that it was to me. Ma always told me there are plenty of fish in the sea right? Easy to say harder to do I don't think getting past this will be easy for me. That aside I don't want you guys to feel like you betrayed me or hurt me. You did the right thing and followed your heart even told me how you felt. I'm proud of you guys and I only ask that we all keep being friends that we don't let this change anything okay?]]

[center [b He reached his hands out as he ruffled their hair like they were a couple of kids. As Alvin looked back at Eric as he came behind Peyton reaching for something what was he.. A letter? Did he grab a letter? It had a heart on it was it from him? It wasn't opened but it seemed he was taking back.]]

[center [+brown I think it might be better if I take this back if that's okay? Hey, Alvin, I was told to give you a break tonight but I do wanna continue our training. Weird timing I know huh? It's important to me I'll tell you why though later. Normally I'd hang out with you two but I think I might just take a night break if that's okay? I swear I'm not mad or anything it just hurts a bit and I gotta find a way through it you know?]]

[center [b Eric had given a weak smile with a wave as he went to head to bed. Why was training so important for him to bring it up now? It wasn't like he enjoyed fighting right? Regardless Alvin was shocked he took it so well he gulped and waved back as he took a deep breath yelling back.]]

[center [+green This is embarrassing but I'll say it anyway! Eric, I'm sorry I hurt you! I but... Ugh, this sounds s-so cringey but... Well, I'll only admit it once b-but I... N-No quitting on being my brother! Got it?]]

[center [+brown Heh, what's a sword without his shield? Were brothers no matter what Alvin. That goes for you to Peyton were still friends okay? In fact, I hope one day you too can see me like a big brother.]]

[center [b He gave the two a more sincere smile as he rubbed the back of his neck. He began to head back with Peyton she had asked if he wanted to hang out. He nodded again smiling as he answered like an eager child.]]

[center [+green Yes!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeP7BusEhdg]]

[center [b He giggled excitedly it was a bit on the feminine side and were it anyone else? He'd be dying from embarrassment but he was just too excited to really worry about it. He noticed how girly his giggle was as he covered his mouth blushing looking away.]]

[center [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/446746716e6d8c8f362603e22a72b443/tumblr_n410lhK1xr1tw09yjo1_500.gif]]

[center [+green I-I umm...]]

[center [b He looked back at her to see it didn't really bother her he gave her a smile and sighed in relief. She really wasn't that judgemental was she? She made him... feel safe and that was no easy task with Alvin. Alvin had entered his room the one beside Kanzaki's as he took his jacket putting it back on. He felt weird exposing himself for that long
as he looked back at her with a gentle smile.]]

[center [pic https://myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/images/characters/8/224825.jpg]]

[center [b He had looked around as he tried to find some electronics there was nothing he told her to give him a moment. It wasn't long before he returned with a laptop. He had opened it up to see they were looking at a broadcast from Tristania. He'd check that out later he didn't wanna worry about that. Instead, he looked up a few sites of finding lost culture from the Old World. They were a bit niche but he knew where to look after all he turned the laptop away from her.]]

[center [+green So have you ever... Watched porn before?]]

[center [b He laughed softly his cheeks a bit red at his own dorky joke as he waved his hands a bit.]]

[center [+green I-I-I'm kidding!]]

[center [b He was starting to joke a bit more around wasn't he? Thinking of improvements he was shocked to see Eric was so... Honest with his feelings. He didn't smile it away like normal did he? He handled it... So well did he really love Peyton that much? No Alvin could tell he adored her but he was taking it well wasn't he? Or rather he chose to be reasonable about it and to work on himself. For a goofy guy he could be really mature when it came to emotional stuff he was a simple guy but emotionally he was actually a pretty mature and smart guy. This surprised Alvin how fair and reasonable he was yet honest about how it hurt. Sure he felt bad but Eric really made him feel that yeah it'll take a bit that everything will be okay. Hopefully, Peyton felt the same way. He looked at her to say what it really was.]]

[center [+green I guess it's umm.. S-Sharing time huh? To be honest... I'm kinda a nerd. I'm not sure if you've looked up much about the old cultures but I did at least in the old World's media before the great collapse. They had a kingdom or rather a country called Ja-pan. It was actually kinda cool and I'll be honest at my school this thing was kinda made fun of apparently it was back then too. Even having unique and hurtful terms but the media I am referring to is called "Anime"]]

[center [b He took a deep breath as his hands trembled a bit. Hopefully, he didn't think he was a complete weirdo.]]

[center [+green I-I umm.. T-This and V-Video games were kinda... W-Well I-I loved to spend my time like this you know? What do kinda things do you like? Action? Romance? I mean... T-They differ a lot so if you don't like one maybe you'll like another?]]

[center [b He wasn't sure where to start if she said romance he had an Anime in mind. "Say I Love You" action? Maybe "My Hero Academia" or if she wanted a real emotional rollercoaster "Rezero" worked too. He looked at her waiting for an answer as he looked away a bit shy.]]

[center [+green I-It's okay if you think it's.. A-A bit weird... I.. I admit I-I'm a bit well... W-Weird...]]

[center [b He shuffled his feet looking down at the ground rather shy. His heart was racing and he was beginning to sweat he never shared this kinda stuff. Not with anybody really! Now here was in such a rushed explanation putting everything on the table it was a little soon wasn't it? Maybe it was? "Oh god I hope I didn't mess this up already..."]]

[center [h3 Twisted Rose]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Shiloh was talking to her as she listened. Commenting on how is Royal Arm wouldn't let her feelings go. Or rather they couldn't hide she listened to him as he reached his hand out to her face. It wasn't long before he pulled it away but the young girl reached out grabbing it as he pulled it to her own cheek. As she begun to explain her feelings she wasn't the type to hide them or shut others out when they really made the effort.]]

[center [+purple I guess I know I'm being petty but I'm unsure about Tristania... No, it's not that we can trust her it's just when I see her? The face of Tristania? Or rather a face from that place I imagine my sisters killer. To be honest I did the same thing to Alvin and in time I'll be fine. I'm just... moping around for the moment ya know? Like with Alvin I'll find a way to past it all and realize, like him? She just wants to make things right.]]

[center [b Normally she'd make a joke or jab at him always knowing if she was upset or not. Instead, however? She pulled him in as she snuggled against him almost like a little girl seeking shelter. As she took a deep breath she wasn't exactly crying but she did find herself trembling. As she whispered to him "thank you Shiloh"]]

[center [b It wasn't long but the scared little girl soon found herself in peace in his arms as she passed out. Snoring softly as she snuggled against him.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Yeah skip the travel but we can post the past conversations almost like flashbacks if that makes sense. Yeah skipping to Romalia.]]

[center [h3 Home?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro had looked to her as she smiled at her answer home. He bumped shoulders with his comrades in arms with a warrior's smirk in return.]]

[center [+darkblue Then you too have survived much I can commend that. It was an honor to fight by your side and I plan on it again if you ever require my aid. You have the heart of a true warrior Erna I am however sorry if you had to go through much to get where you are. Though the result is a strong dependable young woman.]]

[center [b He said as the two made their way back to the castle.]]

[center [h3 Tired]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [b Midori had come out rather pleased as she commented on how tired they were. As he chuckled softly responding in a teasing tone.]]

[center [+lightgreen Well Felicity here wore me out all day.]]

[center [b He jested giving her a playful wink as the team began to head back after everything. He looked back to see she really was going to handle everything.]]

[center [+lightgreen Well don't take too long okay? I'd offer to stay behind but I'll be honest I'm still growing used to this power. I wouldn't wanna slip up and heal somebody up the wrong way.]]

[center [b It sounded like an excuse but the man was at his mental limit and he was likely to make mistakes the way he was right now. He patted her shoulder with a reassuring smile as he made his way back to the castle with Midori.]]

[center [+lightgreen How do you handle things in that room? Just opening the door I could feel the heat coming out! Yikes I'd die sweating to death yeesh.]]

[center [h3 Important Talk]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b He looked back at her as he grabbed her hand leaning in he kissed her. Roughly and rather abruptly as he let out a gruntled sigh.]]

[center [i You must be more careful had Ken not pushed the line before you and me? Might not have made it back in one piece. You can't handle too much on you're own you have to survive more importantly then I. My time is finite love. You are the successor to my power and though I fight hard to make you not have to take this stead. You may be the one to end it. You must think of yourself as a high-value target for the enemy and one important to our kingdom. With the ring, I've given you and the DNA I've shared in our oral exchanges. If I am to die this power would find it's way to you.]]

[center [b He grabbed her hand as he stood up taking her to Felicity to receive treatment. Before taking his fiance to the castle and reporting to the king and queen how the battle went down.]]

[center [i This payment is not required we aid because you are our ally not for pretty trinkets your highness. Also, we will stay in touch and though we wish to charge soon we will return to your defense whenever it is needed Germania has received a crushing blow today.]]

[center [h3 Farewells]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ritsuka.Fujimaru.full.1957959.jpg]]

[center [b As the others made their way to the airstrip Zero had accepted the king to keep the reporters. Ken had run to Zero and Nimue as he took a bow to the two of them.]]

[center [#a51d29 I see why they call you a Heroes! I wanted to be... Well to be honest with you two! That I know what's going on and that we may all smile and pretend not to know. You know we know and I thought honestly... I'd hate you for everything. I can see now Zero and you Nimue it may not have been your idea the labs. You took the situation you were put in the power you were given. To help a desperate king who I still believe made the wrong call. Try to do right by his people even if he believes he is a lesser evil. I know you two are trying to do all you can and I can just tell... You hate them as much as we do don't you?]]

[center [i ... Hate them or not I still will burden my sin. Whether I created it or not I will pay the price for allowing it to continue. I, however, will deny fate that chance till I make things right in this world. Not because of a title or because of duty solely because it is what I desire.]]

[center [b Without Zero turned and headed to ship a bit slower than usual as thoughts began to fill the man's head. As Jessica turned around with a giggle.]]

[center [+teal Oh don't let Zero's harsh response get you down kid. He may not admit it but you got through to him more then he lets on. Also Nimue besty I know you're mad at Ken but the boy did kinda come through. You could say goodbye huehue a smile from a cutie would brighten my day!]]

[center [b She hit Nimue's arm playfully as she skipped back on to the ship.]]

[center [h3 See You Again]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/94/71/fd/9471fd50b8101300f0285896d4ce3c91--fate-series.jpg]]

[center [b Shirudo had than stepped forth to give a bow much like Ken's.]]

[center [+purple I agree with Ken though on Simon I do not. On you two, however? I do I was wrong about you guys even more so Zero a man I believed to be a monster till this day. I realize he may come off cold but he really has kept us from destruction with much sacrifice. As have you and for that even if the world comes to hate you for it? I will not to whatever little comfort that may bring you. I'll see you again at the invasion and hopefully? Even past that.]]

[center [b With that Ken and Shirudo gave their farewells as they begun to head back.]]

[center [h3 As Expected]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/1a/94/31/1a943166a79daaeabdac81b4fc04aebe--manga-girl-anime-girls.jpg]]

[center [b As the ship began to take off Jessica had figured the king and queen would keep the reporters. The queen had spoken very little this time though Jessica had peered why. Zero and Nimue could tell the king weren't their biggest fans. She knew the softy the queen was she would take Rexy's dear friends in that's why she's decided to have Midori whether she realized why or not. To help Jessica have access to those camera's for "PR" purposes but really she wanted to see when Rexy would show up. What he would say to his friends and how he was doing mostly she'd have to find a chance to talk with him again and maybe she would. This was the time however that she would tell Zero and Nimue of the spymaster's disappearance she could read minds after all she knew what was up. She, however, could not risk them thinking about it during this battle it'd prove to be too distracting. Jessica had gone to the two as she spoke up.]]

[center [+teal So I'm just going to be blunt with a piece of info I kinda held onto.]]

[center [b She grabbed the two taking them into a room.]]

[center [+teal Let me start by saying I didn't tell you guys so we could focus on Germania which to be fair? Is a greater threat than Kita's little rebellion. Our spymaster has left to go share with Kita all the information she could. I made sure she didn't have anything too hurtful being able to teleport has its perks. Also, I'd like to stay behind in Romalia keep an eye out for things. I can get a disguise with some of the money and with my powers? Lurking around isn't exactly hard to do. I can gather information see if she goes there next to turn Romalia against us. I leave an ambush to you and Nimue here my branch of command is already on the lookout. Set unit Ray and Hero's to do the same if she returns she'll be caught she has a number of spies loyal to her and I have a sent signals back to Tristania to have a few of them arrested she's yet to notice. A few have been held on trial and even executed and so this is actually going pretty well. Brash of her knowing that I'm around but perhaps she knew what would happen and decided it was the best way to go. I didn't really look into her ideals just her plans to be honest.]]

[center [b She had left out the part that Rex's group would probably be in Romalia soon. Fighting them before she knew this was their goal sure Zero might know but that was the real reason to stay behind. Get a conversation with Rex. She'd handle the spymaster all the same if she had too. Zero had looked to her with a bit of concern in his eyes he didn't seem eager to let her go.]]

[center [i I know it's not a good idea to leave you behind, you may think the sins we are doing makes us some underhanded snakes. That we can pry into our allies affairs because we are at an impasse. That we put up a false front but Romalia is our ally don't mistake that Jessica.]]

[center [+teal I don't think dear I know we've lied to Romalia for how long? Silus? He hates us he'd kill us along with Germania if he could.]]

[center [i Doesn't change the fact we are allies besides you have lied to our queen. You don't feel this way about her.]]

[center [+teal She's different! She's like our mother that's to protect her not ourselves okay? I trust her I don't trust Romalia though.]]

[center [i You are to stay with us after the invasion you may stay behind. ...Is what I want to say but I know you'll go either way and if you disobey a direct order you will be labeled a war criminal we can't play favorites. Take what you need and go but if you are caught? We will deny any affiliation with you.]]

[center [+teal Well duh I'm glad you know me so well by the way. Oh and don't worry I'll make it by the invasion no problem!]]

[center [b She leaned over and hugged Nimue rubbing her cheek against her own.]]

[center [+teals Zero's a meany! Calling me a snake! I'm just being caweful cutie! I'll misses chu!]]

[center [b She was teasing about her feelings being hurt however the hardest part about this plan? Was being away from the queen and Nimue.]]

[center [+teal As for mental blocking? Don't worry about that a lot like Eric I've rearranged your brains as well as the queens. Not to the same degree heavens no she just won't be able to read anyone's thoughts. You could tell her that royal arms disrupt the signal. Since the excuse was what lack of control over my power? ... Also Zero I know you think I'm being a snake but I may not have a shiny title like hero. I may sometimes be a selfish teenage girl that wants something else even. I do however care about this country hell more than our king seems to. I know you feel he was pinned to a corner and yeah I agree the strongest survive the weakest die. That's how the lands outside of the kingdom work he's not wrong about that. Doesn't change the fact he plays it off like he had no choice. So if anything I care more than Simon does!]]

[center [b Zero had given her a soft scowl before offering a sigh. She knew he cared about her but the two never saw eye to eye on that matter. It didn't matter she sighed to as she gave the two a wave before heading off taking what she needed before literally jumping ship. With her teleportation powers she'd have a safe landing anyhow.]]

[center [h3 New Arrivals.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrfX_I40x2E]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Imifumei.full.1903272.jpg]]

[center [b Kyuti had let her husband some time ago to handle the farewells to Tristania. She had written the queen and king a kind letter. As well as to Nimue and Zero expressing her gratitude and to a degree? She was grateful but at the same time? Well... it was obviously complicated. The girl had spent her days in her room and around the castle rather bored at first it was excitement and anticipation. Hell, some time ago a woman by the name of Vanessa had come! She was given VIP entrance by a man running for Prime minister! He was winning the polls too the Prime Minister was a powerful position indeed. Though she talked with this woman and it seemed she was the White Swordsman mother! The poor kid goes by the name Alvin she wouldn't share much about his father beside he left at a young age. She didn't share Alvin's last name but it was different from her own name it seemed she reverted to her maiden name recently that's crazy!]]

[center [b This boy Alvin is what Kyuti imagined about these children as she looked at the window. She knew they were misguided and hurt used and abused and she couldn't wait any longer! It was killing her and they were taking forever! What if they got hurt? What if something bad happened?]]

[center [b She enjoyed lunch with her husband as she sighed poking at her food. Of course, they had the same conversation how she was worried about the kids. She loved kids and she hated the idea of them being out there scared and alone.]]

[center [b She stared out her window for hours on end shaking her behind almost like a dog waiting for its master to come home. Though as usual, she passed out on the sofa.]]

[center [b A few hours later she was awoken by many guards coming to the airstrip to see a damaged Tristania ship. She sighed why were they back? Her and Silus had gotten ready to see what was up Vanessa was even in the hallway hiding from her own government? Yikes, that is kinda saddening to see actually. She had come to the ship to demand.]]

[center [#2a425a What is the meaning of this?! I know we are in your debt but you can't just show up!]]

[center [b She rubbed at her eyes as the thing opened up the guards on edge. To see a girl with wolf ears and tail and at her side was a boy with a mop of white hair followed by her many friends. Kyuti had squeaked as she turned back to her men.]]

[center [#2a425a Just like how we practiced come on men! You know what to do!]]

[center [b The men had begun to blow trumpets and drums as they shot out confetti for the group. With a banner saying welcome "Kita and Alvin with many friends sorry we don't know your names!" it was... A long banner.]]

[center [b Alvin had blinked blushing as he hid behind Kita a bit. As Kanzaki stepped forth with a large grin on his face.]]

[center [+darkblue Well the names Kanzaki! The next hero of Romalia! This is my kinda welcome! Wow, the queen is a cutie! I guess that's why they call her Kyuti am I right?]]

[center [b Claire had come up scoffing as Kyuti tilted her head at the children as she hit Kanzaki over the head.]]

[center [+lightblue Ignore him he's been hit on the head too many times.]]

[center [+darkblue Yeah by you! Ow that kinda hurt Claire!]]

[center [+lightblue Yeah right you've been hit by worse.]]

[center [b Styles had stepped out next with a bit of a chuckle. Kyuti was surprised to see an older man on the ship.]]

[center [+blue Usually when I come into a kingdoms capital I'm greeted with steel and guns so this is kinda a first for me.]]

[center [b A pirate? Kyuti normally wasn't fond of pirates but she felt the man had already been through much and he must mean well to be helping these kids right? He had a sweet girl by his side hopefully he hadn't kidnapped the sweet child. As the others began to come out Eric was next as he rubbed the back of his head with a bright smile. Awe what an adorable child him and the girl next to Styles. Kyuti had come up pinching his and Raine's cheeks.]]

[center [#2a425a Awe you two are just the cutest things!]]

[center [b She grabbed the two along with Kita and Alvin into a massive bear hug as she started to tear up.]]

[center [#2a425a You poor dolls have been through so much!]]

[center [b She wailed and sniffled as she sent her men to help them get everything off board.]]

[center [#2a425a Do you children want anything to eat? You don't have to now but can we do a medical check-up? I want to make sure everyone on board is okay you and Alvin most of all. I saw you on TV you two were fighting on... You don't have to think of it please make yourselves at home. I'm the queen here Kyuti and this is my husband Silus he's a sweetheart even if he looks a little gruff.]]

[center [b She playfully stuck her tongue out at her husband.]]

[center [b Eric had smiled giving a chuckle as Alvin blushed heavily trying to bow to her as she picked him back up.]]

[center [#2a425a Nonono you've been through so much doll don't worry about it. Here my people will help you into the kitchen we can talk about everything in there okay?]]

[center [b She came over and saw Peyton with Rose and Claire she rushed over hugging the three girls and helping them along as well.]]

[center [#2a425a Oh dear you three look lovely! Please come in! Come in! I hope everyone is okay. I know it must be hard to trust anyone after what you've all been through but you are safe here I promise.]]

[center [b Oh she just wanted to keep them forever she always wanted kids and they were just so precious! Not that she'd take them from their parent's heavens no she just thought they were so adorable. Vanessa hadn't come out yet how come? Maybe... she was giving Alvin a second to settle in she didn't want to overrun the boy. He did seem a bit on the introverted side oh gosh he was so precious and Kita she seemed so adorable. Kanzaki had stepped up with a smirk.]]

[center [+darkblue Where's my hug cutie~?]]

[center [b Rose rolled her eyes as Kyuti thought he was simply calling her by his name. As he she pulled him ruffling his hair and snuggling him pinching his cheeks.]]

[center [#2a425a You are such an adorable little thing! Oh gosh, I've always imagined my son being like you. A kind face with an affectionate spirit.]]

[center [+darkblue Son? Wait what?!]]

[center [b Claire and Rose had started to chuckle though Claires was a bit more spiteful as Kyuti pinched his cheeks and patted his shoulder along.]]

[center [+lightblue Wow stud good job your lucky your so young or her husband might have you executed Mr hero.]]

[center [+purple Try and not hit on any important women here okay?]]

[center [+darkblue She said... I would be her.. Son...]]

[center [b Kanzaki stared at the ground shocked in defeat as Claire and Rose laughed again walking ahead. As Kyuti helped Mally out patting her head.]]

[center [#2a425a Ooh~! That dress is so pretty! Honey are those horns real? Do they hurt are you okay? I hope so if you need anything just ask okay sweetheart?]]

[center [b After helping the children or at least younger looking folk off. She looked back to Alex, Shiloh, Styles, Ren a bit more like adults still offering a friendly smile.]]

[center [#2a425a Thank you for helping those youngins here it means the world to us. It really does you are also welcome here however long you want to be. I do hope you stay- Wait... Ren is that you!? The commander of unit Ray? What are you doing with these subjects? Is this a setup?!]]

[center [+blue Whoa calm down lass err highness. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't him he helped us along and took care of Alvin's and Kita's wounds. He's defected he couldn't handle what his crew was sailing so he switched sails.]]

[center [b Styles gave a casual bow as he went ahead with the others holding his arm around Raine. As Kanzaki looked at the two tilting his head.]]

[center [+darkblue Wait a second... Old man are you with Raine now?! Or did you become handsy without me noticing? I know she's cute but aren't you kinda old?]]

[center [+blue Aye funny that is lad, yes me and this lovely lass are indeed a pair till the locker. Better I too old then to be taken as one's offspring savvy?]]

[center [+darkblue Oh touche! You are good! Well good on you two!]]

[center [+brown Wow Raine you didn't tell me! You gotta invite me to the wedding! Styles who gets to be the best man?!]]

[center [+blue Aye that is a valid question though I am sure it will be you lad.]]

[center [+green H-Huh marriage?!]]

[center [+blue I jest but we are indeed a pair Eric I promise to look after your mate lad.]]

[center [+darkblue Isn't she your mate "savvy?"]]

[center [+purple Kanzaki your just jealous cause Raine's a cutie.]]

[center [+darkblue Aye me matey it's time for mutiny I see!]]

[center [+blue You know I'd like to see you say that in a bar off the coast in Albion.]]

[center [+darkblue I would! I'll take on all those scallywags!]]

[center [+blue I don't doubt it I feel bad the lasses Claire and Mally had to handle you as long as they did.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey! It wasn't that bad... Right guys?]]

[center [+lightblue Well if you don't count him hitting on us twenty-four seven bad.]]

[center [+brown Oh you guys sparred too? Alvin did the same with us!]]

[center [+lightblue Uhh.. I don't think Alvin hit on anyone here that way. The boys shy as is but Eric I don't think I should explain that to you. I'll leave that to mother queen here or maybe our fearless leader.]]

[center [b Kanzaki chuckled as Eric scratched his head as Rose patted his head afterward. The lot was taken to the kitchen to a fine meal as the queen and king sat with them.]]

[center [#2a425a If you want something else to eat please let me know and if I forgot to give any of you adorable little snookums a hug just let me know. We've been waiting for ages for you guys and I have a lot of news! For Alvin really in particular but one bit of news is you are welcome to stay here in a bunker my husbands made the arrangements. Though before I share the other news and it is good news it's just a bit emotionally overwhelming I want you guys to take the time to relax. If you have anything you wanna share or vent to me or my husband he'll listen.]]

[center [+darkblue Lady we didn't come here to be coddled! We came here to help out! I'm the hero who's gonna surpass Kita and the White Swordsman! Like I said the next hero of Romalia! We might not be able to fight with Tristania knowing but we can still help! I mean Germania is bad news for us all right? Albion too!]]

[center [+purple Kanzaki you can't just call her lady! Your Highness, I'm sorry ignore him. He does speak truth if not worded poorly I think it's better if you ask Kita about it.]]

[center [b Kyuti gave a worried expression as she looked over to Kita.]]

[center [#2a425a Oh heavens you've been through so much though haven't you? If it's about earning your keep don't worry when we help you recover we have safer easier jobs for you. You don't owe us anything I was under the impression you came for refuge not to try and fight our war sweetheart. Oh, and may I add that more guest are coming? Shirudo, Ken, Ariadna, Erna my four top people. I just want you to feel safe though I don't expect anything will actually happen. I just have to be sure no one comes up right behind you. I thought I'd let you know why they and other guards around I don't want to make you feel threatened in anyway dear.]]

[center [b Kyuti spoke softly as her butlers came to offer them all a drink. She gave the group a warm smile as she let out a breath of relief. They were so polite and well mannered though this Kanzaki was energetic his heart was in the right place and he was a good kid she could tell. She was glad that they seemed so lively and happy she was surprised but delighted all the same.]]

[center [h3 More OOC]]

[center [b Yes they can fast forward to Tristania! And Jessica will have open comms for anyone to call her as well.]]
  Kanzaki Muller / Kudaketa / 14d 1h 8m 49s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally crinkled her nose while she though, while they could all have their opinions, Mally had analyzed them both. She knew the actual facts, the actual statistics.
[#EC871C "If he did go Rex, she'd transform into her wolf form...It'd be an even playing field again. At that point, it'd depend on how much either of them wanted to win..."]

[#EC871C "As much as I'd like to repesct your opinions about it...I know the truth..."] she tapped her horns [#EC871C "My royal arm grants me that knowledge...If they were to fight, in any modes their strengths are practically equal. The outcome depends on their stubbornness, and determination. One trump Alvin has, his wounds self heal faster...Kita's don't heal, they just close."]

[#EC871C "Back tracking, they could publicly advertise the program, like Albion advertises theirs...But it would merit requirements, background checks, a length of citizanship requirement. I never meant to imply it'd be as easy to just walk in and say ' Take me I volunteer.'"]
Mally heard Kanzaki's little speech about what sides to take, and no matter what how'd they all stick together.
[#EC871C "Well, our next course of action will be an interesting choice. We don't have many straight forward options, we are gonna have to do a ton of back breaking."]

Mally, glanced very quickly to the girl who suddenly appeared in the room. With an apology, she introduced herself as the former spy master of Tristania. Mally at first wondered if it was true, everything the girl was saying. Though, she trusted Rose would speak up if it wasn't, considering the girls ability to mind read.
Mally gave the girl a wave. [#EC871C " I would talk to you if I could, however I am afraid my royal arm restricts me access to much of my memories...I don't remember much of the labs...but because of this I do have a request for you."]
Mally bowed respectfully and then put a finger up in the air to signal Kanzaki to hold a minute, because she would join him.
[#EC871C "I... I know you will be very busy with the revolution, and your own plans...I ask when you have a chance can you...send me the data on well, myself...my past, who I was before the lab...I'd like to learn these things...My patience is great, so please don't worry about making it a priory...but I do ask that you help me please."]

With that she bowed again, and turned on her heels to walk beside Kanzaki, heading to bed with him. Yawning a bit on her way, she realized how tired she was.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kita rubbed her arm a bit awkwardly, her ears folding against her head. They talked about her and Alvin fighting like...she wasn't in the room.
The idea made her beyond uncomfortable. Even in the labs, the second the drew blood, they'd stop sparring. She couldn't picture seriously fighting him.
Her little brother, her student...Though he was supposedly equal to her now, she didn't believe what Mally said. He was so strong, she did have much physical prowess. Shaking her head, she refused to give it further thought.

Turning her attention the new person in the room, but her eyes went back to Eric who had continued to talk. She smiled a little bit at his speech, he was always so good at rallying...Though it was starting to become ineffective, cause he did it all the time. She still liked it.
She simply nodded with a little smile on her face at him, she too hopped to feel more at home with them all. Minute by minute it got easier, she had always been a people person. Though the lab took a lot away from her, it never took her sociability away from her. Her ears perked back up and her tail hung low, but wagged a slight bit.
She wasn't shocked when he hugged her, and she wrapped her arms around him too. She was quiet tall, and only stood a few inches shorter than him. She was the tallest girl in the crew, next fell Rose, Mally and Claire -those two were the same height-, Peyton, then Raine. [b ]
She blew a kiss to Rose who said she'd be going to bed, Kita wasn't surprised to see her lack of interest in discussion with Riuku. That was okay, she expected not everyone to like the idea...Which was why she made it a personal choice for everyone, per Mally's suggestion.
[#EC0E37 "I'd fight to the death for you any day sweet thing."]

He approached Riuku, and she did too.
[#EC0E37 "You probably already know me...but I am Kitamari."] she followed Eric's lead and shook the spymasters hand.

[#EC0E37 "So, what did you need to know?"]

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku wasn't surprised to see so many people walk away. Ren had simply sat in the corner of the room. Listening to Mally when she spoke to her, about the request for information. [#F1F104 "I will do my best to retrieve your files and have them sent to you."]

[#F1F104 " Hello Eric, hello Kitamari."]
[#F1F104 "I am glad you guys have chosen to discuss with me. If I ask any questions you cannot answer, or feel uncomfortable answering, just tell me...We can skip them. I don't wish to upset either of you with my question, so if something is out of line please let me know. I apologize in advanced."]

[#F1F104 "Kitamari, if you don't mind I'd like to start with you...Eric can stay if you'd like him too."]
Kita nodded, she didn't mind Eric hearing her own answers.

[#F1F104 "I will start with the basics...and don't lie, not that I think you would...but I will be grabbing all the data files I can...It could be possible I find yours and pull it. If times allows."]

[#F1F104 "Where'd you grow up?"]
[#EC0E37 "I grew up on a farm, in East Tristania...An hour away from the bordering lines."]
[#F1F104 "Is that how you came to meet the wolves you infected you with the virus?"]
[#EC0E37 "Yes...I was out on the edge of our lands, trying to bring the sheep in during the winter. My parents were quiet old already then, they couldn't do it them selves."]
[#F1F104 "I see...How'd Tristania find out and bring you into the lab?"]
[#EC0E37 "The wolves had been moving through our lands, killing our neighbors live stock... My parents had been treating me in bed...I think our neighbors contacted Tristania royal officials about the increase of dying live stock due to wolf attacks...They found me sick in the barn bed during an inspection of the outer lands...They told my parents they'd treat me a hospital for free...They took me to the labs, I never saw my family again."]
A short silence fell over the room, Riuku simply nodded listening to Kita's story.
[#F1F104 "Are you comfortable enough to continue?...Or should I give you a moment?"]
Kita nodded her head softly, and smiled. [#EC0E37 "I am okay to keep going."]
[#F1F104 "How were you treated in the labs?"]

[#EC0E37 "At first... when the virus and the cure were fighting in my body it made me very violent...very hard to manage...While my body underwent transformation I was very strong...They treated me like a wild animal, they'd beat me till I was unconscious...sometimes it took hours. I was horribly spoken to as well...vicious things were said to me... I could understand it in the beginning, the virus in my body was making me loose my mind. Though once it stabled out with the cure, and I became normal again, the abuse continued.
We were kept in cells, and when it was over crowded they'd shove five to six of us into one cell. The food, I think at one point was actual dog food. Always mush, like the couldn't afford to feed us real food. We only saw real food in the arenas, after searching for the hidden supply crates. No air conditioning in the place, during the summers, subjects would die of heat strokes, in the winter, they'd freeze over. Sometimes we were forgotten for days."]
Riuku's hand moved just as fast a Kita could speak, her handwriting still somehow perfect.
[#EC0E37 " The only special treatment was given to those who had special royal arms implanted in them, or those who fought really well in the arenas. Even though, special treatment was hardly humane treatment..."]
Kita went on in detail, for quiet sometime about the horrors of the labs, the arenas, the abuse from guards and scientists. She didn't skip anything, making sure Riuku got it all.

[#F1F104 "My next line of questions... I think I am speaking to the right two when I ask these questions...You both broke out of the labs... Kita you've helped multiple groups escape. How do I get in?... what are the weaker points?"]

[#EC0E37 "Well, every time I've broken through an area, the turned it around to heavily fortify it...So I don't know any of the weakpoints anymore...But I can tell you where I've broken in and out of the lab, so you know what spots to avoid."]

Riuku pulled out a scroll and unrolled it on a table in the room. [#F1F104 "That'll do, mark the spots on the map please."]
[#EC0E37 "Here...here...here....and here."] she mumbled to herself as she marked the spots on the map, with X's to serve as reminders to avoid those spots.
[#EC0E37 "The inside, is pretty simple....The arena is this large area over here....everything to the left of that is the labs... They branch out into 10 hallways...Each hallway has about 20 cells...At the very last hallway, the end of that one is a staircase. Two more floors above it are identical...I've noticed there is another set of stairs to go up more, and there is two more floors. I've never been on those upper two floors."]
Kitamari had been moved around the labs often, she had seen quiet a bit of as well between her break ins and busts outs. She probably had the most information on the buildings layout than anyone else.
[#F1F104 "Thank you so much...Eric, now...same questions I asked Kitamari, but I'd like your own answers now."] she said politelty turning to face him now.
[#F1F104 "Kitamari can chose to stay or leave, once again it's an option for you both to decide upon."]
Kita nodded her head and looked at Eric, [#EC0E37 "Well, do you want me to stay or go?"]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine felt could tell the conversation had been making Kita uncomfortable, she offered a small hand on the girls shoulder, whilst her other was wrapped around Zack. Mouthing the words softly [i "Sorry..."]
Though she had no reason to be sorry, she was hardly even contributing to the conversation.

Raine figured everyone was busy thinking about the current situation, too much to notice her and Zack wrapped around each other. She knew Ren had noticed because he had glanced their way a few times. Rose definitely knew by now. Raine didn't want to make it a big deal, or announce it though. She didn't want the attention from them all at once about it. Though, once they noticed she'd excitedly confirm it.

Blushing a bit, she was suddenly being dragged away, she waved a cheery goodnight, before shuffling her little feet away with him.
Giggling as he showered her with kisses once they were alone, she smirked a little bit and her face was glowing a bright pink.
[#6495ED "We were interrupted..."] she joked softly, cuddling against him.

Raine scrunched her lips up in a pout [#6495ED "Pshhh, h-hardly...but thank you...You're quiet the handsome Captain."]

She felt so safe when she was with him, like nothing could go wrong, nothing could hurt her. It was nice he took charge, she was so submissive, and rarely made her own decisions. Though she'd never do something she didn't want too. She was just a passive person, and most of the time had no quarrels with what else there was to do.
Pulling the covers over them, she cuddled close to him, wrapped her legs around his, and squeeezing herself against him.
Her eyes were starting to feel heavy, but she was fighting it so she could stare at him.
[#6495ED "Goodnight, Zack..."] she mumbled sleepily before kissing his lips softly, one more time, before she fell asleep.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex had smiled a little bit, blushing at a little bit at her compliment. Then he smirked at her little joke about him being too harsh.
[#D23F0B "...I am a bit hard on myself."] he chuckled softly in agreement with her.

Once they were back, he walked her to her room. He had opened his mouth to say something, when she beat him too it. At first he didn't catch what she said, and the next thing he knew the door was slammed in his face. Blinking he rewinded in his head her words.
She enjoyed today.
A soft smile was on her face and he stretched a bit, whispering to himself
[#D23F0B "I did too..."] before turning around, and heading back into the hallway's. He could hear talking coming from a room, and heard a voice he didn't recognize, but he figured they wouldn't be there if they weren't invited in.
Passing the room up, he found an empty bedroom and chose to stick the night out there.

Once he hit the bed, he virtually passed out.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b0bdc80ded272a03a475c0d5d8c9cb50/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton's eyes were on the verge of watering when Alvin lifted her chin up, gave them a plan and reassured her it'd be okay. She nodded and stopped bitting her lip, while she couldn't help still being worried.
Looking up, she knew it must be getting late and he had a point. It was starting to get a bit nippy out too.
Peyton nodded her head, and smiled.

[#8A2BE2 "We should probably head back some time soon actually...Get our talk with Eric done, give us more time to hang out inside...Before it get's colder out here..."]
She took his hand.
[#8A2BE2 "Let's go~"]

[b ]

They walked onto the ship together, holding hands. Peyton looked at him nervously and hesitated walking in further. Though she took a deep breath, and then nodded.
[#8A2BE2 "Okay...Let's do this...."]

It took them a moment but soon they found Eric, heading into his bedroom.
[#8A2BE2 "E-Eric!"] Peyton stuttered out, blushing when he turned to look at her. The pit of guilt in her stomach flustering.
[#8A2BE2 "W-we...a-a-a....I-I am..."] she was struggling with her words.
What the hell was she supposed to say?
"Hey I am with Alvin because I liked him more!"? "Hey, I didn't choose you! Sorry."?
None of it sounded good enough in her head. Nothing she felt she could say would put it to him the softest or nicest way.
He was so sweet and nice...she couldn't bring herself to say it, averting her gaze to the floor she shuffled her feet a bit.

Taking a deep breath, she tried again. [#8A2BE2 "Eric...I...I do love you, but...Like the way someone loves a really close friend...I tried to like you, I tried to put myself in your shoes and feel the way you feel for me...b-but...I can't do it..."]

Slowly but surely she found her voice, and spoke very timidly.
[#8A2BE2 "I-I...I don't feel like I have to...force it...well I mean...It comes naturally w-when I am with Alvin..."]
Her eyes were wet, she was scared of hurting him.
[#8A2BE2 "I am sorry...I don't want to hurt you, or make you feel bad...b-but...this is what I choose..."]

Her hand was squeezing Alvins, she felt like if he wasn't next to her, she wouldn't have ever had this conversation. She would've dodge it and avoided Eric.

[b ]

Peyton was relived for that to be over, it went better than she expected but she was still worried about Eric. It would linger in the back of her mind for a while. Though as they walked away she looked to Alvin and gave a small smile.
[#8A2BE2 "Y-You still wanna hang out ?"]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh had simply chuckled at the jokes being thrown around. He stepped back out of the serious conversation prior, after he two cents he had added.
Rose had gone, and he wasn't sure he was ready to talk to Riuku, he still had boundaries about Ren. Even if he was related to Raine.
He suddenly realized he was the most alienated of them all. He had only connected with one person really.
Speaking of that one person, he could feel it. Her grief, her caving in on herself.
He hadn't been invited to follow her, but he couldn't willingly leave her alone, especially picking up on her emotions.
He headed toward her, the feeling only gettin stronger as he appraoched her door.
Knocking on it, he let himself in a moment later though.

[#8147A0 "Look... I know you came here to hide from everyone...but you can't hide your emotions from me...My uh royal arm won't let you."]
he went and sat next to her.
[#8147A0 "You don't need to talk...You don't have to tell me how you're feeling. You can cry, you can do whatever you need too...I just ask that you don't do it alone...Whether it's with me in here or someone else, I can always go grab someone else...But...don't shut yourself off."]

He reached out a hand to brush her hair out of her face, but then chose not too. Leaving her hair where it was, and dropping his hand to his side. What a soft coward he was.
[#8147A0 "And if to be alone is what you really want, I can't force you to chose something else..."] he said softly.

It hurt him to feel what she felt, and it frustrated him to not understand it.

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[b ]

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The next morning, they were all awaking. Kita seemed to be already up and was getting fuel for the ship, and thanking the Elders outside, in front of the ship. Everyone else is waking up and they're getting ready for take off!

[b ]

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/4bee51c876a7029cb2294ad787852358/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Erna stood with her sword out while troops began to retreat. Once it was clear to her they could relax, she sheathed her sword. Wiping sweat and blood from her face she huffed. Looking over at her allies to check on how they were. While everyone seemed to be beat up, they were all alive.
She found her mind quarreling with how to feel about these new allies of theirs. Nimue broke orders and ran off, leaving them all stranded. Forced the Queen into action as well as Zero...
Even with those reckless actions they still managed to win.
She'd let her mind stop there, and accept the fact that they won, and let it be simple like that.
The next time they all got together it would be to form a strike against Germania together.

Erna smiled a bit and looked to Yushiro to address his question.
[#8D33A7 "Home..."] she shortly mumbled. Thinking about the wastelands, the places outside of the borders, the Other lands. While she was great full for all she learned while there, she wished to never go back. Glad that Romalia took her in when she flee'd from where she came from.

With that she nodded and began to walk back to the castle, it was quiet a walk but she knew it'd be some time for clean up before they all gathered there again.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/c7715398d8e0c34a3caf9a65f658e1c3/tumblr_ouum2p42kq1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Once victory was announced, Midori threw her comm off her head, and jolted up stretching. She threw her pants back on, and her boots. Gaining four inches of her height back.

Skipping out of her tent she found Clyde and Felicity.
[#F741B4 "We won!"] she smiled at them and gave a big thumbs up.
[#F741B4 "Wow, you guys look tired..."]
she blinked at bit looking a them.
She supposed their job was a bit more demanding than her job had been, at least physically.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Once she stopped using her powers, she could her body ache. Her stomach turned, but the queen held back any feeling she had to throw up. A bit dizzy she waited a moment to move, standing still till all her composure had been regained.

Looking around she took note of everything and everyone. This was what a battlefield looked like?

Evelynne saw Zero and Nimue, he had over done it and Nimue didn't look good either. Jessica seemed to be fine, Yushiro was beat up, and so were the others.
Evelynne smiled at them all before returning to the ship. Locking herself in her quarters. For someone who had fought so little, she was exhausted. Her bed was surrounded by draping curtains and she laid down in it. Closing her eyes, she needed to rest for a moment.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicty gave a soft smile to Clyde nodding her head a bit. [#FBB004 "Thank you for helping me...I can wrap up here..."] she got up and patted his shoulder softly. Turning away from him, she got back to work. Beginning to heal the last of the wounded, she'd take her time and conserve her energy.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue looked over Zero with worried eyes and couldn't help but feel guilty beyond belief.
[#F64408 "I...I am sorry."] she hung her head a bit and disregarded all of her own wounds. Her broken wing, her broken ribs, she didn't care, ignoring the pain. Seeing the pain she forced Zero to put himself into.

She wanted to fight her own parents she wanted to do this without putting the rest of them in danger.
Ken broke line, and left everyone behind too, and didn't listen to her at all untop of that. She found herself to have quiet a distaste for him.
To directly disobey her order she gave him, and him to still smile and act all casual about it. It irked her.

Pushing those thoughts aside she fixated on Zero. [#F64408 "I... will be fine."] she lied, rather poorly trying to make is eyes fixate on her face rather than her wounded body. He was in worse shape than her, and he was more concerned with her well being still.
Frowning she held his face in her hands, wiping away the blood and cleaning him up with her hands.
[#F64408 " I am more concerned about you..."]

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f504e553e599712b3d3b5d94f2d340af/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Silas stood before them and smiled wide. [#E02301 "Thank you everyone, for standing by us and aiding us today...I will be in touch for planning our charge on Germania...But for now we've fueled your ships and given you payment, it's on your ship as well..."]

He bowed to them all and gave another smile. [#E02301 "Oh and we offered the reporters a job here, to do some aftermath reporting, we think they'd be perfect to help calm our citizens down and let them know they're safe again."] he nodded [#E02301 "I hope you don't mind, we will send them home when they're done."]

He saw them off and waved goodbye.
Sighing in relief to see them leave. As great full as he was for the help, he still had his reservations about them, and didn't want to prolong being in their company.

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  Lypophrenia / 19d 7h 59m 24s
[center [h3 Off To Bed]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csLqT7uQ5g0]]

[center [b Eric had heard everyone's thoughts as he smiled and gave a nod.]]

[center [+brown That's right! He could have asked right? Why did it have to be such a secret? Why did it have to be to the death? My spars weren't exactly lethal. Why not keep them that way? I read in history Simon used to be a kind and gentle king always in the public eye I know this war pushed him but it I agree with Kita and Mally it was the wrong choice here. We don't have to kill Tristania we can defeat them by fixing them from the inside out right?]]

[center [b Kanzaki had let out a bit of a sigh as he decided to give one more thought to the idea.]]

[center [+darkblue Fixing Tristania sounds nice but the shift in power is going to do some damage no matter how careful we are. Also, Eric, this may sound rude but these parasites inside us? Thrive in such controlled yet lethal environments. Imagine if Kita and Alvin had fought it'd hardly be safe right? The winner would learn and grow from the encounter and yeah it's true you didn't fight anyone that far but well... You see the gap between you and those two. Plus it had to be kept a secret and hidden if anyone found information to sabotage this even with volunteers enemy spies would find it no problem if it was just advertised. Again I don't agree with any of it I just understand I know it's easy to say two wrongs don't make a right. They don't you are right but whatever battle we fight? To change Tristania? To march into Germania? To hell and back I'm with you guys you can count on that.]]

[center [b Kanzaki turned his serious tone down a bit reverting to his usual laid back and frivolous tone as he took a yawn and a stretch. As he looked back to Mally about their little would be bout between Kita and Alvin.]]

[center [+darkblue About Kita versus Alvin Mally I think that edge could be fixed a bit if he was willing to go... What should I call it? Rex? I'm not sure but I don't think either one would really take a spar that far.]]

[center [+purple I sure hope not Kanzaki, that goofy stuff aside bud I... I'm sorry I lost my temper. Even if we disagree I know you got our back and I was kinda talking to you like you weren't on our side. I suppose I got a bit heated...]]

[center [b Kanzaki had responded with a goofy grin as he wiped under his nose with one hand on his hip as he leaned over. Raising his hand as he flicked her nose with a soft chuckle.]]

[center [+darkblue Oh come on I know that! We are friends, after all, you just were sharing your opinion. You guys find a way to deal with me after all haha.]]

[center [+purple Hmm.. true you are a hand full.]]

[center [b She wrinkled her nose and giggled as Kanzaki gasped with a "hey" as the two laughed softly. He was glad she decided not to hold it against him he placed his hands behind his back as he gave another brimming smile.]]

[center [+darkblue So I think I might be heading to bed! I'm exhausted maybe Mally would like to accompany me again?]]

[center [b He said giving her a playful wink as Rose rolled her eyes at him flirting with Mally. Despite his flirtation, a few thoughts began to float around his mind. Regardless of what path they chose Kanzaki knew he wanted to see them all safe and sound. He couldn't sit back anymore and let Kita and Alvin take the spotlight. A cocky way of thinking it but deep down he didn't wanna see his friends risk their lives for his sake. Despite Eric's smiles, he could tell the big guys felt the same way. Maybe it was just cause he was pretty easy to read even for a dense guy like Kanzaki or maybe it was simply because in a sense he could relate. With that in mind, Kanzaki gave his comrades a wave and a smile. Even offering the new spymaster a rather flirty wink before making his way off to his bedroom. He wasn't much shocked by her entering again he knew Rose could read her mind like an open book. Why worry? Besides it wasn't like Kanzaki to worry about too much anyway.]]

[center [h3 Solutions]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UIgpEz2.png]]

[center [b Eric was glad he was happy they found a way to stop Tristania without the idea of destroying them coming along. This way no one had to die at least Eric thought so. Maybe Simon could just step down and Zero could be shown another path? Or maybe even Simon could be if he would listen to reason. Eric was sure they'd have to defeat them first they were of course very strong and very stubborn. To add on top of things despite Eric's vast strength fighting was never his forte. Kanzaki was right he didn't have the same experience they did. He didn't envy it nor did he hate them for doing what they did to make it. It began to hit him a bit how laid back he took the whole ordeal the whole labs when for Alvin? Peyton? Raine? It wasn't so easy he actually has been thinking about it for a bit but only now has he really processed it. Maybe he'd take the time to say sorry to those three when they got to Romalia. No, he wasn't the type to wait for important things like this.]]

[center [+brown I'm glad we are looking for solutions that doesn't trap us to one answer. Just killing all of them I'm very grateful for your willingness to listen to Kita. I know they... hurt you and my heart aches for you as it does for all of my friends here. They put Alvin through so much with Peyton and Raine... When I met them I had this stupid grin on my face ma always said I was a dense lad. They hurt us even made me wonder if I really cared about Alvin or if I was just "programmed" to protect him. I know it's easy to just say to murder Simon but I think there is more than one way to stop them. I think it's no secret I've never killed anyone or that I'm not an exceptional fighter. That doesn't mean I won't fight for you're cause Kita our cause. I know you thought of Alvin as your partner but I hope you can learn to think of us in the same way. I don't want you to think you can only count on him to be by your side. Because one day I plan... Well I plan to surpass Alvin!]]

[center [b Eric said giving a thumbs up it wasn't for the same reason as Kanzaki. It wasn't for the thrill of combat or to be a hero or to prove he was the best. No, it was Kita's... Everyone's sake for what they believed in. Even if he didn't enjoy fighting he'd work harder to help them, to be their shield. Styles had given a whistle and a soft chuckle.]]

[center [+blue Well good luck lad! Haha, that is quite the claim! Don't let him hear ye saying that!]]

[center [+brown Let him hear I'm watching his back whether he likes it or not and one day? He'll be watching my back from behind for once.]]

[center [b Styles had blinked a bit before holding his stomach in a fit of hearty laughter as Eric gave a soft laugh. As he walked over to Raine giving a gentle bow.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry if... I came off insensitive when I first met you three. I just wanna say... I'm glad I met you guys and well it means a lot to me.]]

[center [b Eric had leaned in picking her up into a bear hug much like an older brother. As he walked over to Kita giving her a wave and a grateful smile as he too gave her a crushing hug. Though he hadn't picked Kita up like he had Raine it wasn't quite as brotherly. Strangely enough, he didn't ruffle her hair perhaps it was because she was his leader after all.]]

[center [+brown Thank you, Kita, again for showing up that day for today for being by Alvin when we couldn't yet. For holding onto hope I know Alvin's a bit of a shy kid but... He'll make a heck of a righthand man! Oh, wait what was it called again.. Oh, first mate! Captain!]]

[center [b Eric said as he gave a playful salute as Rose moseyed on by his side. As he she too gave Kita a playful salute as she stuck her tongue out closing one eye Eric had done the same.]]

[center [+blue Aye just when I thought maybe you two were growing up a bit you prove me wrong.]]

[center [+purple Hey!]]

[center [+brown Hahaha]]

[center [+purple Eric come on don't encourage him defend yourself defend yo honor boy!]]

[center [b She pouted hitting his shoulder as he waved his arms laughing trying to hold back her "fury."]]

[center [+purple Come on Shiloh tell him that he can't just take that!]]

[center [b As the two settled down Eric walked over to the Spymaster as Rose decided to give her a look. They knew she was reviewing over her story as Eric extended a hand offering a childish smile.]]

[center [+brown My names Eric it's a pleasure to meet ya!]]

[center [b Rose had opened her eyes after squinting them a bit. As she offered a smile. She wasn't quite as eager to introduce herself as Eric was.]]

[center [+purple Well I think... I'm off to bed thank you, Kita, for fighting in a death arena today! Hehe by the way that's a joke~]]

[center [b She said as she softly hit Kita's arm before heading off to her room as she looked over to Shiloh shyly before heading again down the hall.]]

[center [h3 Here Comes A Thought]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ou9vjzXs3Q]]

[center [b Rose had maintained her smile until she reached her bedroom plopping her face down into a pillow. She wasn't as forward as Kanzaki as too ask Shiloh to come hang out with her. Nor was she as forgiving as Eric to talk to that women so easily. Looking at her she just thought of... Tristania the people who took children into those labs the people that took her... Her.. sister. For a while, she put that face to a cold and heartless swordsman of white hair. A monster in human form as cold as the steel he held. Then she met a timid boy who was just as lost as she was. Now was this little girl who Rose could read was trying to do the right thing she knew it. Somehow knowing all the answers all the thoughts?! It made it harder! She didn't get to be mad like other girls because no matter what she knew if they were lying or not so she could be mad sure but what if they wanted to make things right? She always got to be in other's shoes their feelings and memories all laid to bare. It wasn't like this girl was the reason her sister died and yet? As unlogical as it was? It hurt her to see a woman that once served that kingdom. Sometimes seeing Alvin falling into that mindset even was still hard for her. Yet Shiloh was able to speak so calmly despite Rose knowing he lost so much. Sure she gave a smile and a laugh and she did enjoy being around them. However, she lost her cool and lashed out on Kanzaki while Kita and Shiloh who's lost just as much were able to stay calm. Eric even acted like his experience was nothing compared to their plight but they put that boy through hell as Jessica's former doll. Yet he just reaches out and says hello? Rose has wondered if Jessica left a trace but any mental blocking she's looked for seems gone. Whatever Jessica did it was gone he was so naive to follow his heart despite the chance someone may be using him? He just walks in blindly? Yet she couldn't help but envy that heart or Shiloh's calm nature or even Kanzaki's direct attitude. She wanted to be direct to say she wanted Shiloh's company and yet calm like he was to show she wasn't mad at Kanzaki. Or to have a big enough heart to wanna say hi to this girl she was risking a lot coming to them after all and Rose was grateful she just wasn't ready yet. Maybe she was just tired? Why was she being so emotional? They had enough drama and hardship to deal with it! With Claire finding herself in the party. With Eric and Alvin and Peyton those three finding a way to work that out and still be friends. She was glad to peer and see Styles and Raine had things all figured out it was kinda adorable and it's sweet Alex is looking out for Claire even if she's difficult. Ren seemed pretty happy to be here so she knew it wasn't all bad. She kinda wanted to get to know Ren it was strange he didn't make her feel so angry looking at him. Maybe because he looked out for someone she loved dearly Raine. She took a deep breath as she bit the bottom of her lip tearing up. Maybe today was scarier then she gave it credit they almost DIED today. She began to breathe heavily if this was tearing her apart seeing defected soldiers? WINNING battles? How is she going to handle a war? She's worrying about silly drama or her friend's FEELINGS getting hurt. What if they get hurt? What if they... What if she loses them too?]]

[center [b Rose felt her chest grow heavy as liquid began to fill her eyes as she took a deep breath. She was relieved and she was grateful even happy that all things considered? Were going pretty well but at the same time? It was so stressful she remembered her life before as the dorky class clown. She was never too good at handling her problems unless it was making a stupid joke. So what joke would it take to cheer her up this time? Maybe she just needed a little bit of sleep.]]

[center [h3 Tired Scoundral]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgzb_VcUm4Y]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Styles had listened to the others as he held Raine's hand. Only letting go when Eric had given her hug holding back on. Though beside Rose no one really had raised an eye though he was sure Kanzaki would later on. Styles had wrapped his arm around Raine as he let out a loud and relaxed yawn as he put two fingers loosely to his temple in a casual salute to Kita.]]

[center [b Styles had walked away giving a flippant wave with a nonchalant grin not paying much mind to the newcomer. He would trust their judgment he's spent his time as captain and though one day he'll sail the seas again as one. He'd enjoy the break from the job while he could with his beautiful maiden that was.]]

[center [b As Styles found the two a room he stretched a bit feeling a bit more sober then he had before. As he gave a playful smirk leaning in kissing her cheek with his rough face rubbing against her own. As the scoundrel kissed at her dainty neck twirling her around. Holding her around his arm falling over this time on purpose with her on the bed. Followed by him petting her hair behind her ear.]]

[center [+blue Aye lass I must admit I was awfully eager to have you to myself once again dearest treasure.]]

[center [b He said as he began to rub her cheek lovingly as he rolled over on top of her. Covering the small girl with kisses on her forehead her soft lips to her sweet neck as he held her close. As much as he was teasing her his "old bones" were feeling a bit tired. He pulled her close to his chest and quickly he felt right at home he wasn't sure if she was adjusting quite as fast but for him? It was rather the perfect fit his first mate.]]

[center [+blue Ye know lass you sure make for a beautiful first mate if I do say so myself.]]

[center [b A bit sappy for the old captain as his smirk softened a bit as he held her a bit dominantly he wasn't sure how well the timid Raine would handle it. Though perhaps this direct nature was that of a ruffian. Still, this "ruffian" had a soft spot for the beautiful maiden and that was clear to see. As he began to stroke her hair softly letting her rest into his chest.]]

[center [h3 Back To The Ship]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [b Claire had listened to him rather intently about his insecurities. She gave a small huff as she pinched his arm looking away.]]

[center [+lightblue For what it's worth I think you're... Hmm, how would Kanzaki put this? Pretty "badass" at what you do.]]

[center [b She said still averting her gaze as he commented on how bogus the show was. It didn't seem like him to discredit something so quickly though how well did she really know Alex? He was always trying to learn about her after all. She couldn't help but give a quiet chuckle as she shook her head.]]

[center [+lightblue A bit harsh don't you think?]]

[center [b She was joking as strange as it was to imagine she knew if anyone was the queen of harsh it was her. Still seeing him like this she couldn't help but poke a little fun at him. As she nodded about heading back as she began to head back with him.]]

[center [b It wasn't long before the two made it back as slouched her shoulders she was rather exhausted. As she the two made her way to her room as she opened her door looking back at him closing the door slightly not quite. She knew she couldn't just swan dive into bed or he'd think something was off. Was it? No, she knew she was just exhausted it was a long day after all. She looked back out and thought of something to say.]]

[center [+lightblue I umm.. I know we don't get many breaks but I um.. I really well.. I uhh.. IEnjoyedTodayOkay.]]

[center [b She spewed real fast as she shut the door suddenly closing the door rather flustered. Wow, that made it look worse she wasn't too hot at this stuff. She didn't want to hurt his feelings but she didn't want to come off as some clingy sap. She let out a long sigh as she locked the door she did have a lot of fun as embarrassing as it was to admit. Sure it was simple and he didn't say much but something about his presence... Gah whatever! I'm heading to bed! She thought to herself as she took her swan dive into the covers rolling herself up into a "Claire-ritto" in the covers. As she tried to get her mind off that "idiot."]]

[center [h3 Ship Sailed]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/tSnajcD.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfja006B1dM]]

[center [b Alvin had blinked blushing as she screamed out yes following with a more subtle answer. As he reached out grabbing her hands excited.]]

[center [+green R-Really?!]]

[center [b He smiled blushing as he squished her hands he realized how eager he was in turn and averted his gaze. Then her subtle answer suddenly made sense to him. He smiled softly they were so different but in some ways? They were pretty alike it was adorable instead of letting go in his flustered state he held on her hands tightly. He leaned in laying his forehead against her own as she began to ask what do they tell Eric.]]

[center [+green I-I umm..]]

[center [b Oh no what if Eric hated them? Hated Alvin? Blamed him for... He never expected to really win this he began to breathe heavily. However looking into her eyes he saw... Worry and love she cared for Eric even if not in that way. The Alvin he knew would probably panic and avoid the situation but for her sake? For Eric's? He needed to.. To step up a bit. He tried to calm down and think logically as he took deep breaths.]]

[center [+green H-Him and m-me did t-talk... A-About... T-To have no hard feelings n-n-no matter what happened. W-We jokingly s-s-said may the best man win... N-Not like you're s-s-some prize to be w-won! It was just to lighten the m-mood... God I-I'm bad at this but... We were both ready to be your friend and each other regardless o-of t-t-the choice you made. I-I thought I should t-tell you that s-so don't worry..]]

[center [b Even if Eric was okay Alvin will feel terrible about it well he already felt bad. How would Eric react? Smile? Flip out? Cry behind closed doors? He wasn't sure yeah Eric was happy a lot but this? As silly dramatic it seems is a hard pill to swallow. Alvin didn't handle it so well with Serah and Vincent but him and Peyton? Wouldn't hide it and they would handle this differently. Not that he hated Serah or Vincent but he did realize they and he himself didn't handle it in the best way. They were teenagers after all well. He still kinda was even if he was eight-teen.]]

[center [b Alvin had looked at Peyton as he leaned in kissing her lips softly offering a reassuring if not a bit timid smile. As he took a breath to talk calmly even if they were dating he couldn't help but be shy. If anything it made it more nerve-racking!]]

[center [+green I-It's going to be okay I-I promise l-l-love..]]

[center [b He mumbled the last word softly as he looked away a bit shyly. He was ready to head back and sit down and talk with Peyton she'd probably wanna sleep. Alvin knew everyone was exhausted but because of Alvin's enhanced stamina he had tons of energy and he wasn't really that tired. Emotionally exhausted? A bit socially drained but really? Thrilled happy and on the moon he wanted to stay up all night. He kinda found himself swaying back and forth with a childish chipper smile on his face.]]

[center [+green O-Oh w-when we head back and after e-everything... M-Mind hanging o-out tonight?!]]

[center [b He asked as he held her hands his eyes gleaming as he swayed his hands tightly. He didn't have many friends or girlfriends for that matter! All at once Peyton kinda became not only his lover but his best friend. Or maybe she always was but he was more willing to talk? He wasn't sure but he swayed back and forth hoping she'd say yes. He wanted to show her all kinds of things hopefully she didn't break up with him when she found out how much of a dork he was. Sure he knew Peyton wasn't the type but that was his low self-esteem speaking, however, his excitement to have someone to hang out with kinda overran that fear if only for a bit. God, her giggle her twitches and fidgets were driving the boy crazy. He couldn't take his eyes off her she was just so beautiful in more than just her appearance just... Everything about her screamed. "Adorable" for lack of a better word because honestly? She was so much more than just something so superficial.]]

[center [h3 Victory]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV6L92DA8nU]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/94/71/fd/9471fd50b8101300f0285896d4ce3c91--fate-series.jpg]]

[center [b As Shirudo fought on the commanders had screamed to retreat as the Germanian armies retreated and scattered some met with Galian blades the bulk had managed to slip past the two crushing armies due to the fact Romalia's army would be pulling out due to Zero advising they not come close to the Galian armies. Let them handle the stragglers as it were as Shirudo ordered her men back as they began to retreat this time not in defeat but in a resounding victory! As she heard of victories on the other fronts as well due to the increased number and the elites forced to fight here on the frontlines. Somehow they finally pushed Germania forces out of Romalia how? In a single day? She heard legends of the man Zero him and his men being the sole reason Tristania made it. This seemed to be the case and with that, they had earned her respect if not also her fear. The armies had begun to retreat on airships heading back to Romalia territory perhaps Galia would realize they were only defending themselves and nothing more. She could only hope but at this point, she's trusted Zero as a commander.]]

[center [h3 A Break]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [b Clyde had taken a deep breath as Felicity helped him get back on his feet. As he heard on the comms men cheering "victory" they won? Of course, they did it was his brother after all. Was he okay? Did he overexert himself? Of course, he did it was his brother after all.]]

[center [b Clyde let out a sigh as he put forth a frivolous and amiable smile.]]

[center [+lightgreen Sounds like a job well done doesn't it? Our work isn't done yet though huh? Thanks for the pick me up hun I'm sorry if I'm a bit wet behind on the ears on these matters. You did a fine job today if I may so myself Felicity.]]

[center [h3 Victory Huh?]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/1a/94/31/1a943166a79daaeabdac81b4fc04aebe--manga-girl-anime-girls.jpg]]

[center [b Jessica spun her lance around from within the airship as she watched another country basically finish the dirty work she knew the enemy commanders would survive. Germania would deny this army calling it a rebel faction acting against orders. Maybe even kill a few survivors in a show of good faith that may shake the Germanian PR. Causing a bit of discord all in all Jessica felt pleased with herself she may seem like a creature of chaos but that was only due to the hatred she felt for Germania. They ruined a lot of lives hers included and Nimue's on that list too she couldn't just let them slither around now could she? Her anger turned into gratification as she watched them all squirm from high above how it brought her joy. She saw Nimue and Ken come with Zero injured.]]

[center [+teal Oh great he overdid it again didn't he?]]

[center [h3 Our Victory Comrades]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro had looked to Erna and nodded as the two fought forward with Shirudo by their side as well. The battle ended but Shirudo's wounds and fatigue looked serious. He had held his arm bleeding badly himself as he entered back with Erna. Midori answered the comms with Zero not saying a word Yushiro stepped in.]]

[center [+darkblue Hold the hostages back at the castle. We'll let Zero decide what to do with them I'm sure he'll let Romalia handle it as they see fit.]]

[center [b He looked to Shirudo and then to Erna as he gave a bow getting on the airship.]]

[center [+darkblue Thank you, comrades, I am sorry if I lost my composure out there today by behaving rashly.]]

[center [b He then apologized to his queen he was glad she didn't fight long her powers were indeed great however her royal arms? Held a great toll on her body leading a shorter usage time then even Zero. Still that aside she was a force of nature on the battlefield today he wondered how many of her powers worked on the infected? Regardless she did glorious today he had much respect for his queen.]]

[center [+darkblue Erna your swordsmanship where did you learn to fight so valiantly?]]

[center [b Yushiro asked with inquiry and intrigue on the style of swordplay she used.]]

[center [h3 Shared Scars]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ritsuka.Fujimaru.full.1957959.jpg]]

[center [b Ken had helped carry Zero back to the ship as he began to come to not able to walk on his own his eyes were open. However, he wasn't responsive he seemed aware just quiet as if he was catching his breath.]]

[center [#a51d29 Hey Zero! You had us scared out there! Take it easy on whatever the heck that was it seemed it took a lot out of you!]]

[center [b Almost as if it were on cue Zero had coughed up a bit of blood as Ken patted the commanders back. Helping him to bed he took his finger to his ear reporting to Ariadna to let Romalia keep the hostages and share anything helpful with Tristania. Ken had held his arm hurt as he popped his shoulder with a cocky grin.]]

[center [#a51d29 Wow I fought alongside the great hero and I'm not the one in bed? I gotta share that story later! Hey, Nimue good fighting out there just be a little careful next time all right? I'm sure Erna wants our commander on the frontlines. You can help Zero take it easy I'll get out of your hair.]]

[center [b Ken gave her a battered grin as wiped under his bloody chin heading out. He was sure they'd head back to the castle gather the reporters head back and now? Romalia would aid Tristania in countering the first offensive they could in this war. It was about time they'd strike back soon! Ken had cracked his knuckles he had been waiting for this day and it'd be coming sooner than he ever hoped.]]

[center [h3 After Math]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b Zero had hopped on the comms setting up preparations for damage control. While reporting to Kyuti even on a possible date for a counterattack she seemed adamant on letting the reporters stay. Though Zero had only one condition that they return Tristanian equipment and their job licenses they'd be able to take refuge in Romalia. Despite Zero's efforts, he knew the people felt safe at Romalia not anywhere else. The "Safe Haven" one-day Zero would change that one day he would make sure people felt safe in Tristania even if it killed him.]]

[center [b Before Ken had closed the door Zero had looked at the man with a deadly straight face as he begun to spoke.]]

[center [i Good work out there.]]

[center [#a51d29 Ha! Praise from the hero? Today was a badass day indeed! You get some rest all right? Also, I know we've all been forced to work together but... Well I was wrong about you guys yall aren't half bad.]]

[center [b With that Ken offered a gleaming smile before heading off. As Zero let down his guard and his attitude wincing in immense pain. As he looked to Nimue with a stern look.]]

[center [i I am proud you did so well but I only ask that you take more caution then sprinting to the heart of the enemy. I understand you felt that was your battle but we have to exercise more caution you certainly. You are this countries future and you are mi-]]

[center [b He winced again holding his arm as he took a deep breath. They'd head to camp first get healed up and head back to Romalia. Fuel up then head back to Tristania with whatever forces Romalia could spare. Prepare for a counter strike than when the time comes launch an invasion of Germania they never have before. So it may catch them off guard so Zero had to do this the best he could.]]

[center [i Darling how are you holding up? Do you need medical attention? Are you wounded? Distraught? Stressed?]]

[center [b Despite his stern tone as he asked a hint of doting and overprotectiveness could be seen even if he himself did not realize it.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b If I made any mistakes inform me and again Zero's group won't run into Kita's group. Also not posting anything again on Vincent/Serah/Vanessa gonna wait till Kita's group lands for those three.]]
  Kanzaki Muller / Kudaketa / 14d 6h 11m 52s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally blinked a bit, listening.
[#EC871C "Well, Alvin and Kita were basically mutated with the same wolves genes. The same wolves that came in contact with the bacteria that caused the fall. I've analyzed them both, but no matter how hard I try I don't actually see anything. Though I can guess that they probably have the same strength and speed enhancements. As we saw today, both are stubborn...I think if they fought now it'd end a draw with them both dead or nearly dead...Kita might have the upper hand by a slight bit in her wolf form."]

She added in to their debate about Kita V.S Alvin. Mally thought about how gloriously gory such a fight would be. She'd pay to see it.

Once they walked onto the ship, Ren dropped the bomb news Kita had mentioned. Mally listened to both Kanzaki and waited her turn to speak, letthing the two go at each other for a moment. It was when that she spoke up.
[#EC871C "Well, I think Rose and Kanzaki are both right but wrong at the same time."]
[#EC871C "You can't do something wrong, and justify it to be right because it's saving some people. How many people have died in those labs? More have died in the labs than actual "weapons" produced. A fourth of the subjects are strictly healers, and don't even fight in the war. They had another option, something the Queen originally wanted to do with this project was publicly ask all the citizens to volunteer. To rally the people together with the truth and create a real sense of community. Simon convinced her to let him handle it, and he corrupted it, because he doubted the people and didn't want to give them a chance."]
[#EC871C "Not everything the lab has done has been awful and proven to have no results though. Albeit corrupt it's worked for sometime, but it's bound to fail very soon with more and more rebellious groups springing up against it...as well as more and more kids dying in the labs because their bodies reject the arms, or because of the gauntlets we go on...They're running out of options anyway...]

[#EC871C "Riuku, the fore mentioned spymaster isn't charging in to wreck the labs all gun ho right now. She's collecting information and details, and if she's smart she'll take all the proof she gathers to the Queen. Show the Queen what's actually been going on, and the Queen herself will correct the errors of Tristania, if she's successful. Which is why I want to help her...I think it boils down to our own choices...If you don't really want to speak to her or answer her questions don't...If you do, then do. This decision in the end is each of our own to make. I will speak to her, whether or not the rest of you choose too."]

Mally was putting her voice out strong and calm, her foot down. She saw both sides of the argument, and found a way to walk the middle line and still make what she believed to be the most correct choice. Both were wrong, yet right. Just needed to clean up the edges and make it correct, and that's just what she did.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh crinkled his nose, listening to everyone chat on about trusting the spymaster or not.
He himself felt the same pain Rose did, and very strongly agreed. Though he kept quiet because he didn't want Kanzaki to feel ganged up on.
[#8147A0 "You can't force people to do things they don't want too. You can however brainwash them, mentally destroy them, and turn them into your toys...That's super justifiable...So when the war is over and all these kids who were turned into killing machines, can't go back to their families because their families don't know...What then? Keep the kids away from their families? Would they be housed back in the labs? Kill the kids because they're no longer needed? That's the kinda of cruelty Tristiania will be led to if Simon isn't exposed to the Queen...I'll speak."]
He said calmly, but with a sharp undertone. He could feel the riled up emotions in the room, and it was deterring him from keeping his usual calm demeanor.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

[#EC0E37 "I...I've been there since the beginning...I've seen and killed so many people. I've seen so many people, become a different person. If you're gonna force people into this, force people to be the heroes you could at least do it humanely. The arenas, weren't necessary...You don't need to always fight to the death to progress, to learn, to become a better fighter. Since when do trainees, die in their training? They've spent more time murdering their own people in the labs than murdering the Albion and Germanian enemies...Young kids, teens, adults, the elderly. They've spent countless money on the resources for these labs, rather than improving their existing technology or supplying the armies."]
[#EC0E37 "...No matter what reason they did it, they still did it wrong. They're doing things wrong, because Albion and Germania are...but Two wrongs don't make a right. It makes a whole mess."]
[#EC0E37 "I will talk to her."]

Kita had listened to everyone else first, and she had to agree with it being better that Peyton and Claire, and yes even Alvin weren't here. Though part of her felt bad for thinking such things about her friends, but it was truth.

Kita nodded at Ren, who was going over to the door to open it and signal to Riuku, when...

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6ad1a831a4f190374b5cb42708c6900f/tumblr_ohfhh0l2CX1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Riuku pulled her cloak off, and let it fall to the floor, revealing herself in the middle of the room.
[#F1F104 "I am sorry to have startled any of you...I am Riuku, ex- Spymaster of the Knights of T....My disappearance from the war effort has been noticed according to my spies reports..."]
[#F1F104 "I also realize me having been in here the whole time you were privately discussing your choices to trust me, may prove to be untrustworthy from the start...Not my best impression. However, I saw the ship door closing and well, panicked. You were all my only hope, well the large vast majority of my hope...I snuck on without thinking about it in my panicked mind. I apologize for that... My head is normally very screwed on but...lately...I've been a little more than stressed."]

She offered her best bow, and smile.
[#F1F104 "I'd like to clarify the full depth of my plan to all of you now... I myself simply plan to gather all of the evidence of what the labs really are, and to break that news to the Queen and the community. I will first take all the proof to the Queen...If this meeting goes poorly... I will have a spy on standby, to release all the information publicly as a direct download to every ones devices. If it goes well and she addresses it publicly within a span of a week of our meeting, I won't release the information myself."]

Riuku concluded her plan clarification and then stood before them all.
[#F1F104 "So amongst those who agreed to speak with me, who will go first...and I suggest we do this in another room privately, I will be asking a couple personal questions...I don't know how comfortable you all are with each other...or with being in a room alone with me."]
she said honestly and softly.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex took note of what Claire had said and nodded.
[#D23F0B "I know I am strong...I just, it's my one thing. Speed? Nope. Great precision? Nope...I learned that strength isn't always enough, that's a story for another day."] he smiled and then they arrived to the fortune tellers place. When they first walked in, the woman he saw had a creature he had never seen. When she told them where it's from he took a step back.
The thing was cute sure, but what if it carried that bacteria? He's seen plenty of cute and deadly things, Claire being one of them.

He listened to the lady, she didn't seem to offer as much as he hoped, and he ended up rolling his eyes and one point. Was Claire rubbing off on him?

He left when Claire did and agreed with her [#D23F0B " Total bogus."]
[#D23F0B "Should probably head back yeah, don't wanna make them wait up for us."]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b0bdc80ded272a03a475c0d5d8c9cb50/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdOIdHmHijg]

Peyton couldn't keep her face from heating up, or make her heart stop racing. It was almost like her soul left her every time he kissed her, and touched her. His words, when he spoke to her. His voice was comforting.
In the back of her mind she felt bad, because she didn't want to hurt Eric. But this is what she wanted, she wanted Alvin.

Giggling a bit she rolled her eyes, and swept his hair out of his face with her hands, before the resumed kissing.
It was then she said what she said, and hid her face.
He then came forward and told her he'd like to make it special, wish made her heart skip beats, her rose tinted cheeks almost illuminated in the moon light.

[#8A2BE2 "Y-y...yes!"] she almost yelled it, popping her face out of his chest where she had previously been hiding it. Blinking she realized how eager she just sounded and covered her mouth. Clearing her throat, her eyes shifted nervously.
[#8A2BE2 "I mean, uh...I want that too."]

Twisting her hair in her fingers, she remembered Eric's letter in her pocket...She hadn't even read it yet. Should she read it? Would it matter if she did? She made up her mind and choose Alvin already.
She let it be in her pocket, she'd decide later what to do with it.
[#8A2BE2 "...W-Well...I think we are probably both thinking about this...but what do we tell Eric? How do you think we should handle that?...I-I don't want to hurt him, I do care about him and I love him but the way you love a close friend...not a...l-lover."]
Peyton was excited, but scared.
She was excited to be with Alvin, and happy to have figured out how she felt, and have it be out in the open. Though, she was scared to hurt Eric. What would the others think about her for choosing Alvin instead of Eric? Everyone knew Eric liked her, it wasn't any secret.
It wasn't her fault she didn't feel the same, she just couldn't. She had even tried, more than once to push herself and try to feel what he did, but she couldn't match it.
Though, she felt everything the same with Alvin, she knew she felt the same way about him he felt about her.

She sighed a bit and bit her lip, looking away worried.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/e50d4bad41b5f9c964ff121205d0bbaf/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Ariadna wiped the sweat from her brow. It had been well over an hour into the fight, but she managed to clear the decks with her men. The attack by the sea had been stopped.
Now she waited for her men to come back and report that all the enemy ships had been cleared, anyone alive was taken prisoner. They'd be let go to Albion and Germania after the two countries agreed to leave Romalia and Trisitaina alone.

Once her men came back and reported successful capture of 10 living hostages, 8 wounded 2 of them healthy, all the ships had been cleared and set up with bombs. Once they go back to shore, they'd blow up the empty enemy boats, now that they had been cleared out. Switching her radio she frequencies back to the base camps
[#2A058C "All attacking enemies by Sea have been defeated. 10 hostages, 8 wounded 2 healthy. Returning to the shore and detonating the enemy ships in 10 minutes time."]

With that she turned her ship manning the wheel, she signaled for the other allied boats to follow her back. Once they all got to shore she'd do a damage report. Unless they requested assistance on the battlefield. Then she'd report immediately. Ariadna wondered how the border was holding up. How was Erna? Ken? Her commander Shirudo?
Ariadna wrinkled her nose and fixed her hat. Ships now on autopilot back home, she polished her rifle.
Her precious baby, a Barrett M82 Rifle. Barrett was powerful and sleek and black. Modifying it's scope she had placed a military grade telescope to it, and found a way to attach a thermal digital screen. Giving her two sight advantage. The rifle could shoot clean through brick and concrete, being an anti-material riffle. It was her pride and joy.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/4bee51c876a7029cb2294ad787852358/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Erna of all of the men here from Tristiana she respected Yushiro the most. He did exactly as he was ordered and then some. He seemed to be the one fighting the least selfishly. A true ally.
She took mental note of everyone's actions. It was shaping her perspective of them more and more. Doing this all whilst fighting and slaying enemies herself.
[#8D33A7 "Push!"] she yelled after Midoris comm announcement.
Caked in blood and sweat, most of which was not even her own she charged and threw her sword through enemy after enemy.

She was turning to smile an encouraging smile at her own commander and thats when she saw Yushiro take the rocket for them out of the corner of her eye.
[#8D33A7 "N-No!"] she yelled hoarsely, her throat dry from fighting and yelling.
[#8D33A7 "Get up..."] she barely whispered before turning her head away and focusing back on the fight in front of her.

It wasn't long before she looked over again and he was up. Protecting the Queen. [#8D33A7 "Stop being so Reckless, straighten up now...We can't afford any mistakes at this point!"] she yelled to Shirudo as she ducked an oncoming blade, cutting the attacker off at the knees, literally.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicty smiled weakly and gave a short thumbs up.[#FBB004 "I have another idea."]

While their hands were grasped and they were sharing her power she placed her other hand on his face. She began to use her power, healing his found and restoring his energy. It was slower than normal, but because they were sharing her power, it was looping and restoring them both. It just took a moment longer to circulate between them both.

Once she felt better, she knew he did too, she stood up and nodded.
[#FBB004 "Well, we have a job to get back too."] Helping the solider up on his new leg she smiled comfortingly [#FBB004 "You're brand new, and I know it's scary out there but we need you to keep fighting. We won't let you die, I promise."] she encouraged them to go back out and join back up with the fight again.
[#FBB004 "We've almost won..."] she mumbled softly, a tone of relief catching on the end of her words.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Evelynne simply nodded at Yushiro. At first their enemies didn't recognize here, but then they did. That's when Midori came back up on the comms. She said they had noted the Queen was there, and were trying to come up with a plan, because they had also noticed the approaching Galia army behind them.
[#56A944 "Thank you Midori, please tell us what they're planning as they plan it."]

Evelynne focused her power out now, no longer focusing on the guns. It got intense and she could affect people quicker now. Each spasm she caused in the minds of her enemies was different. Stroke, aneurysm, hemorrhage, heart attack, and she kept switching it up. Making sure everyone had a unique death. What fun autopsy reports the Germania people would have.
Wow, war made her a grim person. Was this what it was like to fight? To kill?
She never liked the idea of it, but now in this battle she liked the feeling it gave her. She felt powerful, confident.

Moving her line forward, and could see the floating chunks of land and knew Nimue had activated her special. She must have been pretty hurt.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

[#F64408 "Ken, go back! You're gonna get-"]
Hurt. It was too late, he had thrown himself in combat with them. Though once they got him out of the way, her parents focused back on her.
[#F64408 "Nymnila and Toridad...Mom, Dad... Leave. You're falling too far back into Galian land...They'll either kill you with us, and let you retreat. Make a choice."]

She said this as Zero arrived and attacked.
Nimue felt her body give up when the mental shock of him being there using his power up, made her loss her focus on her power. Her eyes sapping back to normal, her pupils and iris's returning.
[#F64408 "Z-Zero"]
The lands masses fell back in their places and the lava disappeared.
Boss fight mode was over.

Nimue, her wing still ripped, flew shakily over and stood between Ken and Zero, and her parents. [#F64408 "Is he okay?"] she asked, looking back at them over her shoulder, worry written all over her face.

[#F64408 "Retreat..."] she said looking at her mother who was leaning over grasping her ribs. Her Father standing behind her mother, panted.
[#F64408 "They're coming to make you leave, go."]
Deep down she didn't want to fight them, they were her parents, cruel people, but her parents. Though she'd kill them if they gave her no choice.

They just stood and stared, for a long time. Galia approaching fast, they'd be there in any moment.
  Lypophrenia / 34d 10h 35m 53s
[center [h3 Talking Things Over]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjI1QTjfyYE]]

[center [b As Kita talked about her victory today and not feeling so good about it. He had decided then to pat her back and give her a soft and somewhat somber smile.]]

[center [+brown I understand.]]

[center [b Eric wasn't one to always perceive things well but he understood why Kita would feel the way she would. He knew no kind words or gentle pats could really fix that it's a wound time would have to heal but he'd stand beside his friend during this transition.]]

[center [b As the group carried on the conversation Eric laughed at Kita as she commented on him treating everyone younger.]]

[center [+brown Haha do I? I didn't realize that was how I treated everyone.]]

[center [b He chuckled a bit as she went further to say no sparring as Kanzaki groaned a bit Eric gave an understanding nod. Sure he was a bit disappointed not because he enjoyed fighting. Unlike Kanzaki or Alvin, he didn't enjoy fighting. Exercise? Sure but violence? Not so much rather he was eager... To catch up to Alvin so he, in turn, could one day protect him.]]

[center [+darkblue What?! Wait you used to kick his ass? The White Swordsman!? I hope he didn't underestimate you that was my mistake. Or maybe he shares my weakness for pretty faces... I wonder who'd win now?]]

[center [+purple From everything I've read into it'd basically be a coin flip on those two. Sure his vest is bulletproof and she is a gunslinger but it'd go either way. I can say this now because of the nature of their fighting styles? They couldn't spar safely unless you gave him a wooden sword and her rubber bullets.]]

[center [+darkblue Wow... On par with the White swordsman that's crazy. Well I'll catch up you'll see!]]

[center [b Eric chuckled as him and Kanzaki nodded about hearing more on the ship. It was then that Kita asked about what television was as Kanzaki smirked and wrapped an arm around Kita as he waved at the air.]]

[center [+darkblue Television! What we aired on? Oh, it's a magical thing when it's not being used to host live death shows! I'll show you! I'm shocked you were close to Alvin and he never brought it up!]]

[center [+brown I'm not he's always been a bit quiet though lately he's been doing better I think.]]

[center [+darkblue You think? I don't know he seems super quiet to me still..]]

[center [b Kanzaki scratched his head as Eric gave a soft warm laughter. "Yeah he has come a far way," Eric thought about him and Peyton how far both have come. How much has Eric grown in comparison? He's seen what it's like to handle hardship poorly even hurting his friends. To push past that to accept that... Fighting was sometimes impossible to avoid. He's learned to cry and he's learned that being sad isn't the same as giving in. Yet? He still felt in terms of growth those two surpassed him by a long shot. Even Raine has grown more confident and less afraid. He still found his hands shaking every time the ones he loved were in danger. Even Kita and Alvin who knew what they were doing he couldn't help seeing them in danger. He was so afraid sure he knew friendship was a two-way street. Yet he felt he hardly helped them as much in turn. Eric took a breath and gave another smile as he focused on what Kita would have to share back on the ship. Doubts or not he'd stand stalwart beside his friends.]]

[center [h3 Flustered Flirt]]

[center [pic http://static.zerochan.net/Akise.Aru.full.890176.jpg]]

[center [b As they made their way back and Rose teased Kanzaki about his "type" he found himself rather shy. Even after Kita's news and her past with Alvin, he was a bit flustered if only a bit. It was then he saw Mally look at her chest and comment on how if she should be offended. Rose then shook her hands wildly.]]

[center [+purple Nonono Mally you look beautiful! I was just teasing Kanzaki that he likes the slender pretty type. You look fine! Honestly, I wish mine weren't so big they are a huge pain in the neck.. Or rather my back!]]

[center [b Kanzaki had laughed softly as he wrapped his arm again around Mally tapping her small nose.]]

[center [+darkblue You look adorable! Small or big a man can't ever deny a cute girl!]]

[center [b Rose had shaken her head as she gave a shrug as Kanzaki offered his usual grin.]]

[center [+darkblue Hmm? Mally? Oh, Tsundere lol-- Well I wouldn't call you a tsundere. Ahh, I'll explain it... eventually. Wait... Mally are you saying Rose is right!? I... I-I guess you did ask first but t-that's cause I was busy scaring people o-off. I... I can make first moves no problem!]]

[center [b He said as he held Mally close around his arm giving his usual grin with, however... Flushed cheeks as he avoided eye contact.]]

[center [+darkblue I u-umm.. Ahem! I'm glad you enjoyed our dance too doll.]]

[center [h3 Game Plan]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3vPkEU7NIo]]

[center [b "Awe look at Kanzaki he's such a silly boy I swear he needs to sweep that girl up already. Question is though... Will Mally be able to emotionally handle it? Or rather understand?" As they made their way to the ship Styles and Raine had come up. He seemed a bit off and for that matter so did she. Rose had decided to use her little cheat sheet. "Hmm.." it wasn't long before she started chuckling her mischevious chuckle at the two.]]

[center [+purple Fufufufu~]]

[center [b She had stood beside Shiloh as Ren took a step forward and began to explain the situation. She didn't have time to tease her friend the captain over this new ordeal. Ren had explained everything and Rose had found herself a bit quiet. Raine was quick to trust him and it made Rose give a soft and small smile.]]

[center [+purple As much as I am up for shutting down Tristania a spymaster? Seems like the perfect person to set us up for an ambush. I'm on board because I trust Raine with my life. Not that I don't trust our friend Ren here it's actually because I don't want to see him or Raine hurt that I'm being wary.]]

[center [b She said offering Ren a soft smile to show that her concern wasn't from lack of trust but not wanting him to fall prey to an ambush. It was sincere to anyone Raine cared for Rose wanted to help look after too that was just the way she was.]]

[center [+darkblue Hmm.. shut down the labs? I think right now making any attack on Tristania? Is a bad idea this sounds harsh maybe even cruel but those labs? Are kinda keeping the world afloat. It's kinda why for the longest time I accepted my place there. They produced results like Zero and Jessica and yeah the latter of the two seems crazy coocoo. I don't like it but had they not done that? They'd be crushing our "hope" Romalia right about now. We'd never have formed such a powerful group we'd all have died one by one separated by Germania and Albion's might. Hell Kita and Alvin wouldn't be who they are without it as crappy as it sounds they--]]

[center [b Rose found herself trembling at Kanzaki's words. The easy going laid back flirt the usual numbskull had a thought on this? Sure that surprised her but how could it be so... Cruel?]]

[center [+purple They what?! Are you saying Alvin and Kita should go ahead and tell them? "Oh, thanks for making me a killing machine fam wanna work together to save the world?"]]

[center [+darkblue What they did was wrong and I share your worries about trusting a spymaster but Ren seems smart and we could have Rose scan her memories or whatever it's called. Trusting her isn't the problem she knows we can peer right in why chance it? No, the problem is we are letting our emotions get the best of us. In a roundabout way? Yeah, we gotta work with Tristania if they'd let things go I'd rather we'd attack Germania together. I'm not saying I wanna be their pals or anything I'm sure Romalia plans on having Tristania pay for their crimes too. Then again what would you do? If you were the king? Think about it you're people are dying you're allied kingdom for decades starts to fall apart too. Germania and Albion come in with this nonsense that the world can only survive and grow by breeding the smartest and strongest. That way the world united can settle into the Forsaken Land or better yet the creatures there don't one day overrun us the people there as well. Tristania didn't believe in survival of the fittest or they'd hop on board with Germania and Albion and submit it sounds hard to believe but they fight for the weak to have a future.]]

[center [+purple We know they fight for the right reasons! Who gives a damn when you turn on those believes and use whatever methods possible?! I don't care their plight I'm not going to sympathize with them!]]

[center [+darkblue You don't have too you just need to understand that you are outmatched in numbers and in state of the art tech. All you have is that rock that asteroid that fell here almost forever ago during the "Great Collapse" the disease in that rock. The event known as "Outbreak" had caused a lot of death but those who survived? Bred and had children? Evolved with this "parasite" in us Tristania left it alone till they were pushed into a corner. I listened in the labs I didn't swell in my hatred I understood I wasn't there for shits and giggles. I was still mad sure it's human nature to be but I understood. You wanna know how that disease survived? Without any host? They need a host to survive that's why these parasites help us "Evolve" to give us tools to survive. Healers? Are those "blessed" with the power to help this new species survive as a whole. Smart little critters some take a more liberal approach and try to host our thoughts. I myself have struggled with my "demons"]]

[center [+purple Kanzaki I..]]

[center [+darkblue I know you know but I'm saying it for everyone here that disease survived by breeding and eating one another. That's how it survived on that stupid rock and so Tristania realized like that disease they'd have to do what it took to survive till they could one day see a greater light. Keeping it a secret and finding young subjects was easier to convince and train. They tried throwing our kind on the frontlines without the labs without training and they were destroyed. We evolve through conflict and so... They created conflict made Germania's ideals in a small space. Survival of the strongest and smartest better in small labs then that be the fate of the world.]]

[center [+purple Better a few... Then the many? So we threw the weak to the wolves for what? For that reason? Is that why my sister had to die? You are gonna tell me it was for the greater good?! Oh, and them attacking Kita's people! Trapping you? Explain that! Forcing a young man to bear the mantle of "Hero"]]

[center [+darkblue If Zero wanted he could tell the world it's injustices he's just like us forced into a hard situation. No, he took that public mantle because he knew this was the only way the world would survive with the weak intact. I'm mad at Tristania too okay?! I'm sorry they hurt you and Kita all of you. I didn't have a blast myself okay? I just feel it's cruel to punish a king who wasn't left much choice. And morals aside? Logically? We need them till Germania and Albion are defeated then we can decide what to do with them. Though imagine this what if Germania and Albion alongside Tristania fall? That leaves Galia with closed borders and Romalia right? If we got our wish and crushed them? What's to stop those things? Those radioactive mutated creatures some merely changed by the "Great War" that scarred this planet some affected by that and our disease. The people out there who lost their minds or maybe even the sane ones who've grown to hate the five kingdoms. Who's to stop them? Galia will handle Galia affairs and Romalia can't protect three crushed kingdoms in fact from the war effort? I don't know how they'll protect themselves.]]

[center [+purple We.. we can help them!]]

[center [+darkblue What if more of us died taking revenge on Tristania? Will we make up the difference then? What if I'm gone with Kita or maybe Alvin? Will you guys soldier on and protect Romalia? With Tristania around, they have the power with Romalia to help keep the world in order. If they survive with enough power intact power they gain from those labs it sounds crazy but they are keeping us stable sure when this war is over I want to get rid of them. What if Tristania decides to get rid of them themselves? What then? Do we get revenge on them? I thought we were heading to Romalia to help them against Germania when did attacking Tristania come in? No offense I know you guys must be upset to hear that trust me I have a part of me who's pissed who wants to punch the guy who did this. Simon... right in his smug face and if anyone is mad enough at me to punch me? I understand I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings here. Kita and Rose, I know you guys have the biggest stakes to say here and I'd understand making them pay for taking farther and hurting those people. I just want to say that they are just as scared as us. In the end, I'm not the boss but my vote? Is that we tell this spymaster to help us win against Germania first.]]

[center [+purple Kanzaki..]]

[center [b Rose had reached up and grabbed his shirt as she looked at him with tears in her eyes. She gritted her teeth as she pulled back her tiny fist giving him a soft hit on the chin as tears rolled down her face. Kanzaki had patted her head softly as his eyes turned softer. He... "Rose stop the boy isn't trying to be cruel to you. She took a breath and patted his shoulder softly."]]

[center [+purple I'm sorry I lost my cool here guys Kanzaki is just stating his thoughts. He... has a point it hurts but I understand. I'm sorry I'll be calm from now on. As for my vote? I was on board but now I don't know... I'm not saying I agree with Kanzaki so is it okay if I don't have a vote on this matter? I'm not really sure... What the right thing is. If I had to say it'd be handling Germania first sure but... That doesn't mean after all is said and done I'm going to let them shut down the labs and not have to pay a price after all is said and done. Whether they shut them down or not it doesn't mean I'll forgive them even if the world needs them around.]]

[center [+darkblue True but Tristania is a huge country with most of its army? Unaware of those labs and the people there? They don't know either what if we crushed those protecting them? For revenge? A lot of innocent people would die...]]

[center [+purple I.. I don't know Kanzaki.... It's too hard for me to see things like that it just...]]

[center [b Rose had gasped a bit as she held back tears. She always thought one day she would have closure for what happened to her sister. That Kita would for her people now there is a chance they just have to let it go? She bit her bottom lip as she pulled back as Kanzaki gave a soft frown as she stood off on her own. As she looked at the ground holding her legs.]]

[center [+darkblue Rose... I'm sorry.]]

[center [+purple No I was the one that got emotional I'm sorry.]]

[center [b It was then Styles had come over to Rose patting her head giving her a rather fatherly smile. As he grabbed Raine pulling her over as he ruffled Rose's hair. As he went back to holding Raine's hand tightly.]]

[center [+blue I think it's a good thing Claire, Alvin, and Peyton aren't here. As much as we love those blokes I feel the blowout might be a bit worse with them here. I'm not sure I know Alex well enough to know how he'll react but he seems ready for anything. It's Claire and Peyton I'm more worried about. Alvin, that lad it could go either way I'm not entirely sure. As for my vote? Normally I'd say wait till things with Germania are handled but I put my trust in Raine. She hasn't steered me wrong yet and even if she ever does? This old crow is prepared to place his faith in this sweet little lass.]]

[center [b Styles said as he gave a gruff smile with a small rumble of laughter. He owed his life to Raine she did save him after all. Rose knew she owed Raine the same she knew item or not Styles would have followed Raine she saved him and the woman he promised to protect herself. Rose owed Raine just as much but she couldn't make a choice it was just too hard. That's when Eric had finally stepped in picking up Rose off her feet as she blinked looking at him as he grabbed Kanzaki's hand pulling him close. He too was a bit confused as he squished the two into a tight bear hug as Rose wheezed a bit trying to breathe. Kanzaki and she let out a soft laughter as Rose giggled a bit and Eric ruffled both of their heads.]]

[center [+brown No matter what we do let's try and not to fight okay? Kanzaki I thought you always got along with cute girls?]]

[center [+darkblue Yes but some roses have thorns, my good sir.]]

[center [+purple Ouch, that was kinda cheesy "good sir"]]

[center [+darkblue Hush! You want cheesy? "No matter what we choose I'll always be your guy's friends"]]

[center [b Kanzaki said mocking Eric's tone as he went around ruffling everyone's hair in the same manner Eric does as he went on to say. "Look at me I'm Eric I'm everyone's older brother!" Rose and even Eric had let out some soft laughter as Eric began to speak again.]]

[center [+brown Haha, as for my vote? I think that's a tough one I want to shut down the labs as soon as possible even if they need them. I think if we shut them down we should help Tristania and Romalia win this war. Convince Tristania they don't need those labs if we all just work together were strong enough right?]]

[center [+purple Really? Aren't you mad at Jessica about everything? How she hurt you?]]

[center [b It was then that Eric the gentle giant had begun to tremble a bit as he let out a weakened smile.]]

[center [+brown I suppose she's hurt me in ways that's hard to explain. It's hard for me to admit when something hurts that bad you know? I wonder if those close to me think I'm a mindless doll. That even out of her control? I smile because I'm programmed to by... that woman.]]

[center [+purple I think you should tell Peyton that buddy I think we were all a little worried if that's why you were happy. Aside from myself, I know the life you had before this simple but kind man is just who you are. That sure you were instilled the "will" to protect subject "Rex" for Jessica sake but now you protect Alvin you're brother not as some mission but as a form of a familial bond.]]

[center [+brown I... Gave Peyton a letter explaining how I feel my doubts my feelings my fears everything. So as for my vote I think shutting down the labs and working together with Tristania and Romalia will be my final answer.]]

[center [+darkblue Wow big guy I didn't think you ever got upset! You always seem so freaking happy!!]]

[center [+brown Well I didn't know you could talk about something serious for so long.]]

[center [b Kanzaki had nodded his head smiling as he opened his eyes a bit surprised.]]

[center [+darkblue Wait did.. Eric just sass me!? I can be serious too okay?! I just prefer focusing on more... frivolous pursuits.]]

[center [h3 Right As Rain]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Before the two had gone out with the group Raine had given him one more kiss. As she smiled patting the top of her head the two went. His fingers interlocked with her own the captain wasn't trying so hard to hide his affection for the young lass. Though even he was a bit shy then usual fidgeting here and there. "Perhaps this ol' crow has lost his edge," he thought with how flushed his face was. Made only worse by Rose giggling at the two as Styles rolled his only eye. Giving a soft smirk though it wasn't long before the debate took off surprisingly it was the one that normally had girls on the brain Kanzaki. He stepped up as a voice of reason Styles found himself a bit surprised. He knew, however, Rose wouldn't be happy to hear this it was even hard for Styles too he lost much in those labs. As the arguing settled he had spoken up ruffling Rose's hair and of course Eric had intervened too he was glad the boy had it helped lighten the atmosphere. Eric had then spoken his thoughts on the matter as he gave another warm smile. It was then he looked to Raine.]]

[center [+brown I should say this though I trust Raine and her judgment so I know if Ren says we can trust this person then we can right? Oh by the way Raine you missed all the games they were really fun!]]

[center [b Eric giving her a nudge as he smiled oblivious to the fact of Styles holding her hand. "Oh speaking of Ren he's like an older brother to Raine, isn't he?" Styles wondered what he would think if a one-eyed sea lover such as himself was next to his kin? Aye, he'd be a bit concerned, to say the least. This old crow had been through this before if Ren wanted to talk later about it he'd understand. Of course now was not the time for such matters.]]

[center [+blue What about you Kita? Mally? Shiloh? You guys have any thoughts on the matter? Aye, I think it'd be best if we spoke our thoughts before the rest of the crew return and give their own. It might make the ship a bit less chaotic.]]

[center [+darkblue Aye scurvy wouldn't want a mutiny aye savvy?]]

[center [b Kanzaki closed one eye as he made a hook with his finger getting onto Styles for his lingo. As he rolled his eye at the boy as Kanzaki gave a playful laugh.]]

[center [+darkblue Aye now you must walk the plank for defying the captain!]]

[center [b Kanzaki had burst out laughing as he wiped under one eye as Styles shook his head at the energetic boy. All jest and japes aside he was curious what the rest of the crew was thinking. Rose wasn't really in the right mental state to take a look herself sure she was feeling a bit better but he could tell this had shaken her a bit. Styles wondered what he wanted? Revenge? He wanted the labs down and for everyone here to find some form of peace sure that was what he wanted. He didn't really care for revenge but even so, it wasn't exactly easy to imagine everything working out just fine. That didn't mean this captain wasn't going to try. How they went about it though? He was determined to help Raine whatever it took. Right or wrong he wouldn't care she saved him and it was his turn to stand by her no matter what. As cheesy a thought, it was Styles would stand by that. Even a pirate can show loyalty after all. Styles gave a grin as he laid back wrapping his arm around Raine no longer for support but merely to wrap his arm around his lovely first mate.]]

[center [h3 Looking For Fortune]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm4K_Tydil8]]

[center [b Claire had listened to Alex about his feelings his confidence or rather lack of it. She took a deep breath as she grumbled a bit. He looked like some war vet and here he was openly admitting his doubt. It wasn't that it bothered her or anything. It did but it didn't why? Maybe it was because she found herself worrying a bit about him and she didn't know how to handle it. He wasn't like her teammate Kanzaki then again she never really asked Kanzaki that question maybe he had doubts too? What made her ask Alex anyway? She shook her head as she looked away. Alex then commented on the future as she nodded a bit.]]

[center [+lightblue Hey... you're not the only one who worries about... Not doing well enough. I think I worry about that all the time. I just imagined with how strong you were... That I don't know you'd... Agh! It's hard to explain!]]

[center [b She flailed her arms a bit as she sighed huffing the hair in her face. Why is this so hard? Can't she just say she was a bit worried he was sitting here doubting himself? It was just logical that he was capable! So why did she feel weird about telling him that?]]

[center [b Claire had begun to step forward as she let out a small pout. As she grumbled lowly.]]

[center [+lightblue You're plenty capable so stop doubting yourself okay....]]

[center [b With that she kept the pace fast as she dragged him around asking person to person if this place had a fortune teller. Getting bits and pieces as they asked around they finally found a large tent as she took a deep breath. "This should be the place" it took a bit but maybe it'd be worth it?]]

[center [b As they entered the room it seemed rather plain sure it had a few odd trinkets here and there but no Crystal ball? What was this? Then entered a woman who tripped a bit as she offered a smile.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/63/ee/d6/63eed6385327922a91ae1a9eed547ece.jpg]]

[center [b With a small strange creature on her shoulder as Claire raised an eyebrow the woman gave a chuckle patting its head.]]

[center [+pink He's friendly and before you ask he is indeed from the Forsaken Lands but I can't say most beast there are as adorable as this little guy right buddy?]]

[center [b "Kew kew" the creature cooed as she patted his head laughing. Claire had taken a seat a bit surprised people would want anything from such a place. That wasn't her business, however, it made her a bit curious, to say the least. Did she buy the beast? Tame it? A pretty little thing like her going out there? Again she was here for a fortune not to question this girls life decisions.]]

[center [+lightblue So um-]]

[center [+pink You want a fortune yes? Both of you? Put your hands out for me the both of you.]]

[center [b First she grabbed Claire's hand as she closed her eyes tracing her fingers through her hand. As she looked down into her palm.]]

[center [+pink I see... A lot of strife and struggle a lot of it caused by you're own stubbornness.]]

[center [+lightblue Hey! Like it's hard to tell I've got a bit of an attitude.]]

[center [b Claire pulled her hand away a bit unimpressed or rather trying to appear that way as the woman gave a soft laugh as she traced her fingers across Alex's hand.]]

[center [+pink I see... Strife and growth in you're future you too may experience ordeals in your headstrong endeavors. I see that you are one to follow your heart yes no matter what it takes. Hmm yes.. Ahh, I see well I wish you luck on that. Let me give you this advice on one such endeavor a woman may say something harsh but rarely does that reflect how she really feels.]]

[center [b She said giving the two a wink as Claire blushed with a soft growl as she stood up walking out of the tent. As she stepped her foot down. "What does she know? It's probably just the way she saw the two act walking in or maybe she did research on the new people in town. Either way, Claire wasn't buying it no way. She crossed her arms as she tapped her foot blushing waiting for Alex to come back out of the tent.]]

[center [b When Alex came out the tent she had looked at him as she gave a soft yawn looking away.]]

[center [+lightblue I think we should head back... I think the fortune teller thing was a bad idea...]]

[center [b She said as she grumbled heading back with the taller male. Why did Claire think she'd like someone talking like they knew her? She shoulda expected something like that it wasn't like someone could really read the future after all.]]

[center [h3 Falling For You]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/tSnajcD.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRg_Au_wqzg]]

[center [b Alvin had listened to Peyton talk to him. She commented on how she hated having all eyes on her he nodded alongside with her. He was in the same boat as her on that he wasn't one to enjoy being in the spotlight. Then there she was telling him that he said the right things as she offered that heart fluttering giggle as a boy sprawled across the boys face. Lovestruck was the only word that could describe the look plastered on the young mans face.]]

[center [b Then she referred to Eric being a little much as Alvin laughed softly holding his hand over his mouth.]]

[center [+green Haha yeah but I know he means well. I feel like you're the one he probably treats less like a kid and more... Like a goddess.]]

[center [b Alvin had blushed looking away it was hard for him to admit it but well he felt the same way. Seeing her like this... goddess stubborn sure and yeah she had flaws but he couldn't help but see her in a heavenly glow. Was that love? Regardless of logic and reason you can't help but adore them? As scary as it was... he adored the feeling in his chest as his heart raced. He smiled as she held on to him commenting on his height not giving her a chance to pull away he held her close as he smiled softly like a child being praised almost. "She... likes my height? Really?" he felt her hands tangle in his hair as he kissed her lovingly. It wasn't long before his confidence ran dry though she had reassured him rather quickly. "Romantic? Me?" sure deep down he was a hopeless romantic but that didn't mean he was good at being romantic as much as he wished he was. Though regardless if he was really so good at this Peyton thought so and that made him well... Happy.]]

[center [b Alvin chuckled softly it was a bit unlike him as he saw her shuffling her feet puffing her cheeks.]]

[center [+orange Oh my gosh when I met you I kinda got this daydream. Because of how feisty and pretty you were that deep down you'd be... Well like this so damn loveable. Course I was honestly... terrified to find out if I was just being stupid or not.]]

[center [b It wasn't long before she pulled him in kissing him as he held her hands kissing back at her. He felt his blood rushing as he picked her up kissing her against the tree as he held her tightly. She pulled away as she asked the young boy a question. "Want to keep going?" he gulped letting out a soft squeak as he blinked his face flushed red. He covered his mouth a bit embarrassed as she put her head on his chest. She was embarrassed too he could tell he then heard her mumble something. To... be with him? Was that what she wanted? Alvin's heart was racing when she asked him if he wanted more he. Oh wow, he wasn't sure about more he'd be afraid to mess it up besides she was so precious to him he wanted to take it slow make her feel... Special. He pulled her face back as he leaned in his forehead pressed against her own as he held her hand softly. As he kissed her nose softly with a gentle smile for once a relaxed smile filled with content.]]

[center [+green I-I.. I want t-time to t-take i-it slow a-and to make you f-f-feel special... Peyton I... Does this mean you will.. B-B-Be.. Be... M-My... My lover...?]]

[center [b He blushed looking away from her his face red as he looked back into her eyes longingly. "Lover?! Come on Alvin should you really pressure her that way? Why didn't you say, girlfriend? Cause that sounds so high school and just... It sounds dumb! Yeah but lover sounds so intense! Sure it's how I feel but what if I scare her off? What if she isn't ready to choose? She was ready too... Doesn't mean you presume! What if she likes Eric? Well, what about me? Do I like Kita? I... Don't think so sure she's cute and were close. She means a lot to me but I know... I want to be with Peyton if that's what she wants. Will Eric be okay? Will he hate me? Sure that's hard to imagine but he didn't want to ruin that friendship Eric was his best friend after all like Vincent was. Maybe even more like a brother despite not knowing him as long as Vincent.]]

[center [+green I-I'm sorry if that's t-too sudden... I-I don't wanna pressure you I just... I just.. IJustWannaBeYours.]]

[center [b He spewed quickly as he shut his eyes his heart racing. This was all so new to him a girl has never liked him so much before. "To go further?" that'd be his... First time would she know that? Would she know he wasn't experienced? Oh god, can I do this? Can I.. Make her happy?"]]

[center [h3 Pushing The Front]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/94/71/fd/9471fd50b8101300f0285896d4ce3c91--fate-series.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6jMsf4DBSw]]

[center [b Shirudo had heard Midori's comms as she took a breath rather surprised. Where they... Pushing them into Galia? Really? She kept her shield strong both her physical one and the barrier as she bore the front of the enemies attack as Erna and Yushiro covered her front they were managing to push them back soon they would be calling a full retreat. Shirudo began to cough a bit of blood as she held up her head began to feel dizzy she had taken a lot of punishment but she couldn't give in not yet not here not now.]]

[center [h3 Shared Pain]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [b Clyde had nodded agreeing to help her as he screamed in pain as the two worked to heal the man. As Clyde held his own wound he began to heal only because of sharing her power but he was still panting rather exhausted. He held onto her as the two decided to take a break. He couldn't break contact now or this wound wouldn't heal too well it wouldn't drain her he just needed to borrow that power. He looked at her wincing in pain as he gave a weak smile.]]

[center [+lightgreen Hey don't worry about it commander. It's what I'm here for all right? Don't be afraid to rely on me were partners in this okay? You, me, Midori are all the support they have out here right Midori?]]

[center [b Clyde spoke into the comms as he gave a chuckle his breathing was a bit shaken and uneven. Whatever it took he was going to do what he could to win this fight even if he wasn't on the frontlines he'd give it his best. Behind his pretty face held a fierce demeanor.]]

[center [h3 Blood Pumping]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/1a/94/31/1a943166a79daaeabdac81b4fc04aebe--manga-girl-anime-girls.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7cPUez_7v8]]

[center [b Jessica had taken a step up as she took a breath spinning her lance. She let herself caught off guard she didn't expect a unit to be created just for her she hated having to owe Zero one. Though coming that close to death? Almost meeting her end? The idea made her begin to tremble but it wasn't fear that overtook her. She looked forward with a look of excitement she remembered the first time she ever watched Rexy fight. He was a lot like her losing all of his control his impulses he may not have realized it but he was letting the parasite deep inside take him over. It wasn't just that the boy loved the thrill the cry of the battlefield and deep down so did Jessica.]]

[center [b By the spin of her lance she launched herself into the enemy lines as she skewered her enemies apart. Blowing them away using her magnetic pull to pull their weapons flying. As men began to drop their weapons coming at her unarmed as she ducked and moved stabbing each of them in blinding speeds one grenade thrown her way as she vanished to another area dodging and blocking bullets as she began to reflect them with her control over metal. Her Clairvoyance helped her see all around her as she began to plow through the frontlines her stamina was starting to run thin as she tore through the enemy frontlines. As bullets and fist grazed and hit her a few cuts and even broken bones she wasn't a durable woman but she wouldn't let that stop her. As she spun her lance opening her eyes widely as she let the voice inside cry for more. "More just a little more more more" as almost a hundred troops began to scream the metal around their body raising to the sky as she gripped her fist crushing them into hundreds of metal pieces sending them down on the enemy army as it decimated its way through as she begun to pant heavily with a grin on her face as the pain began to eat away at her. She focused on it letting it consume her as she pushed herself forward.]]

[center [h3 I May Fall]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmOZL_0rj70]]

[center [b As Yushiro began to push his way through the enemy made a desperate push trying to encircle around Shirudo and Jessica even. She was fighting recklessly though with Erna's help he was able to keep Shirudo guarded. Though Yushiro had seen one man sneak through the barrier firing a massive rocket toward Shirudo and Erna. Yushiro had pushed the two charging forward as he slammed his massive blade into the rocket causing it to explode. Sending Yushiro flying crashing into the ground as he huffed coughing up a bit of blood as he stood back up his armor torn and rigid his blade partially melted as he stabbed it into the ground. As he stood forward placing his blade over his shoulder. "Was this is it? Was this how I'd meet my end?" Yushiro didn't have time to be afraid time to wonder he had to keep fighting no matter what. Wincing in pain he saw the queen had stepped forward using her Royal Arm to cause mental attacks. Yushiro knew this gave away their secret weapon but also that the queen being the most powerful the Royal Arms had such a toll on her that her time on the battlefield was brief due to it. Yushiro had begun to walk and trudge in front of his queen as he began to pant heavily blocking bullets away as she continued to cause havoc on the frontlines this way she wouldn't need to waste her time blocking the bullets instead she could focus on a heavier offense.]]

[center [+darkblue My queen I... I will stand by you all of you if one of us is to fall allow the honor to be mine first!]]

[center [b He cried out as he continued to take shots blocking away as he grunted a bit. His eyes flared a fire set in them in he refused to take one step back as he continued down the frontlines with his comrades.]]

[center [h3 I Got Your Back]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ritsuka.Fujimaru.full.1957959.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WkZKMjP9Ws]]

[center [b Ken had tried to protest but it wasn't like before soldiers begin to encircle the two. As Ken put his fist up looking at every direction as he looked back to her.]]

[center [#a51d29 You sure about this? Agh.. fine fine just know even if we're from different countries I got your back got that?]]

[center [b Ken said as one man with a blade in hand tried to cut down Nimue from behind. As he grabbed the man by his wrist kicking his feet apart as he gave a resounding headbutt knocking him to the ground. As Ken popped his neck and knuckles as he looked forward waving his hand to himself.]]

[center [#a51d29 Bring it on!]]

[center [b Ken said as another came in as he jumped into the air drop kicking the soldier catching himself with his hands as he threw a flurry of kicks. As two more came in as he blocked with his gauntlets bullets now flying in shooting down the two he clashed with as he dodged each and every shot. Blocking a few with his gauntlets as he dashed in giving a straight then an uppercut to the two gunmen. As again a firey element came from his gauntlets as he begun to punch burst of fires all around him as he charged forward making sure to not go too far not allowing a single troop to Lady Nimue. It was then that he saw started to rampage but even then she looked like she was in trouble. "Damn it what is she doing?!" Ken then felt something fast quick it was...]]

[center [#a51d29 Heh, well hello to you too!]]

[center [b His left arm fell limp as he felt a sniper rifles bullet go through his arm. He barely avoided a headshot he knew that Germania had only one sniper who could wait for such a perfect opportunity. This didn't look good Ken continued to fight dodging the fast rifle fire as he punched with only one good arm. This... wasn't looking too hot.]]

[center [h3 "So Called Hero"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrl6fANFIzw]]

[center [b Zero looked ahead as he saw the battle taking place. Covered in wounds from avoiding combat the man's armor and body both were bent and worn. As he dashed in counting in his head "forty-five seconds"]]

[center [b Zero had dashed through the troops around Ken. "Slashing Canon" his blade glowing as each troop fell to the ground as he dashed at Nimue's parents. Coming to the armored one having a powerful clash with the man. Zero bursting his power further as his body became cloaked in a white energy his eyes glowing silver as he cried out.

[center [i Eternal Refrain!!]]

[center [b Zero slashed the man upward throwing hundreds upon hundreds of slashes as he dashed forward to the woman. His hand losing the strength to hold his blade as his arms grew limp. "Ten seconds" he came in her speed quick Zero had used his power around his legs as he appeared behind her. "Eight seconds" as he headbutted her from behind as he kicked her up into the air. As he jumped up slamming her down crashing back down to the earth he caught her with his leg into her stomach. Switching between each leg as he threw a hailstorm of swift kicks.]]

[center [i Marching Boots!]]

[center [b The last kick sending her flying as he began to cough up blood using a little over his limit for the day in terms of energy as the energy vanished. Falling down to the ground as the man began to lose consciousness. As Ken dashed forward putting Zero on his back as he looked around waiting for another sniper shot. It seems they withdrew from the battlefield.. Ken looked ahead to see the Galia army was approaching far in the distance coming to tell Germania to end this assault on their soil. Ken let out a soft smile with a sigh of relief.]]

[center [#a51d29 Thank god! I know a lot of people think poorly of you back home Zero but I think I know why they call you "Hero." You really saved my ass I'm not gonna lie. Nimue! How are you holding up? Zero looks in pretty rough shape!]]

[center [b Ken cried out to his other commander looking to her foes they both still seemed to be alive what did it take to kill these guys?]]

[center [h3 "Reunion"]]

[center [pic http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Kdn6l8CRciE/UCqpTbV8upI/AAAAAAAAALE/ZZzO9CAtz54/s1600/anime-cute-girl-kawaii-manga-Favimcom-327609-1.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN7tp3jcKcs]]

[center [b Vanessa had spent all day talking to authorities but when she shared her name and relation with the man she sought. Edward Vintsvent and her ID sharing the last name as him she waited awhile, of course, he'd be busy but he made time to see. Surely to keep her quiet but still her she was ready to talk to him as she was directed to his office.]]

[center [#5d194f Edward I..]]

[center [b She didn't know what to expect what he looked like. She had a strange flash an aura of memory when the two first met in high school.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/f5/55/1d/f5551d0e2bfba6008a393d6a5dd40a63--manga-boy-manga-anime.jpg]]

[center [b Young naive handsome and ready to take on the world that was the man she fell in love with. Though as the man turned around she saw he too had changed a lot.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/ea/3d/29/ea3d299def93401d8ffd0357a8dbc719--anime-male-anime-guys.jpg]]

[center [b His hair was darker now before perhaps he dyed it for his new job and his attire was rather flashy. He was to be prime minister after all but his eyes? They seemed grey almost dull like they lost all life of them like he was a machine functioning out of pure necessity.]]

[center [+grey What do you want Vanessa is it money? Are you here to blackmail me? If you want money for you and you're son I can make an arrangement of twenty gold coins if you are here to extort more I'm afraid I'll have to lose my job instead.]]

[center [#5d194f Edward! Damn it do you think that's why I'm here? For money?]]

[center [+grey Why else would you be here now? Goodness knows your son could use it for medication and therapy.]]

[center [#5d194f Now I'm here huh? Like I didn't want to chase after you before! You made it very damn clear you didn't want us around that in your pursuit to save the world you'd abandon "hatred" and "violence" including your own son who needed you! I couldn't just go leave and search for you because I missed you. He needed me he needed you god damn it, Edward!]]

[center [b The woman screamed slamming the desk as one man approached to grab her Edward raised his hand as he motioned the men to leave the room as he clasped his hands together. Giving her a blank stare as he began again cold and forward.]]

[center [+grey Again I ask why are you here if not for money?]]

[center [#5d194f Don't play coy with me if you are really are vying for the job Prime Minister then I know you keep up with the media. I know why you allowed me up here we both know that boy they showed on TV was our son. Sure his hair's a little different but that isn't enough to throw me off and sure as hell I know it wouldn't confuse you.]]

[center [+grey Hmm.. I hoped it was not the case but it seemed it was the White Swordsman the man fated to take the role of lord Zero when all is said and done. A man so-called "Hero" when murder is all he is good for it was befitting subject Rex took his place. Young male eighteen by the name of Alvin Vintsvent had volunteered to that lab attacked by experimental subjects. He and Kita were a result of that god awful project though he was merely by chance.]]

[center [b Edward said as he went through his drawers throwing the subject's file on desk as Vanessa began to go through.]]

[center [+grey We can't let our biased thoughts persuade us from the truth he wanted that life. A man-made monster the perfect killing machine he has effectively taken hundreds of lives and flourished even with his memories altered by Jessica Everheart which has taken a liking to the subject. They even altered a poor young farm boy known as Subject Knight to protect the lad when the experiments took a turn. He took off with other subjects to join the rebellion lead by Kita. Though I don't condone the use of violence her cause was for a just one backed to a corner left with no choice. Subject Rex which by the way the irony is too much you know the name Rex can refer to King or Minister right? What a terrible name for such a subject. He lost one cause to fight and found another one. One he found simply "challenging" enough to turn his back on those he offered himself too? Now Kita I know is a naive girl to trust such a veritable loose cannon. Knowing our queen Kyuti and her king Silus they will indeed take Kita's group in when they arrive. Hide her from Zero and the others risk limb and life for stray wolves foolish enough to make Tristania mistake. To rely on a killing machine to fight for them they didn't wait long to put him to work in that arena to earn respect from Galia. Those in power will see the boy as a victim but even before that parasite, we both saw what that boy was like. He was outta control Vanessa and now it's up to me to do what I can to handle this mess. I mean it's my fault after all and I won't let him kill anyone else.]]

[center [b Vanessa began to tremble as she clenched her fist together as tears flowed from her eyes. As she put the file down looking at this man she didn't give a damn if it was all true that was still her baby.]]

[center [#5d194f Your a monster how could a man treat his son like this how could you not even give a damn?! How could you?!]]

[center [b With that she smacked him huffing as he held his head to the right a red imprint on his face as he looked back into her. With fiercely determined eyes. He really treated Rex like he was some monster that had to be stopped at any cost.]]

[center [#5d194f You call our son a heartless monster but you are the one who looked a little boy in his eye. Told him that you regretted helping him into this world. So yeah he ran to find acceptance and Tristania and this Jessica easily used that to manipulate our baby. You made it pretty damn easy for them too! I tried my damnest but I couldn't be around often and the more tired I got? The harder I worked? The more he blamed himself for you leaving! He never once blamed you and he's never hated you! He cried every day hoping one day he could apologize to his asshole of a father! You know what? He felt like a burden in my life but he was the only good that ever walked into it. You aren't the same Edward I met you wanted to change this world but you let it change you instead.]]

[center [b She looked the man she once loved that was once her world when her family let her down. When her friends did the one man who held her up she looked him dead in his eyes with an anger she never felt before a hatred spewing inside her eyes. As Edward blinked looking at the once timid woman as he regained his composure with a sigh.]]

[center [+grey Our ideals aside I know an agreement we can both benefit from. It's apparent you are here to be able to talk with subject Rex when he arrives at the castle. I've accepted I lack the power to refuse his being sheltered here however if his name was to become known? If he was to learn of me? I'm not sure how the subject would react perhaps he would use the chance to gain power here in Romalia. So for starters, I've set up a proper divorce with Tristania and Romalia being allied nations our marriage there is still a problem here. Secondly that you denounce the name Vintsvent returning you and Alvin to you're maiden name and that you two will be legally denied any access of my legacy. This way you can't stand in the way of my career or goals of aiding this country. In return, I will give you a VIP badge to the castle where you can await for your son. Now if he does not arrive or is not granted shelter by some miracle then the deal will still stand and I'm only offering it here and now. You get what you want while I don't have to worry about my previous life interfering with my work.]]

[center [b The man stood up as he went through some more drawers throwing the contract on the table. "He must have prepared this contract when he saw the fight in the arena" the world may have seen Alvin as a monster. She, however, could tell he didn't want to kill that woman and he didn't right? Even if he had made mistakes before Vanessa couldn't blame Alvin no matter what. She took a deep breath as she picked up a pen and signed with her name. A name that she would only sign with one more time in her life.]]

[center [b "Signed By Vanessa Vintsvent"]]
  Eric / Kudaketa / 31d 2h 49m 46s
[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kita blinked and thought about how she was feeling as they shuffled about the dance floor. [#EC0E37 "I am just kinda of tired... I know today was a huge victory but I don't feel successful for some reason."]
She thought originally that if she did this, fought and saved everyone she'd feel better about all the people she initial failed. Though here she found herself, not feeling that at all.
She was glad to have won, but it didn't fill the hole her previous defeat gave her.

[#EC0E37 "Yeah, when they put Alvin and I in the same lab...He wasn't all there already...I think the connection we had with the wolves transferred between the two of us. I felt like I needed to protect him, like a little brother I suppose. Believe it or not I used to kick his ass. It wasn't until once we were separated that they really began training him."]

Kita scoffed a bit. [#EC0E37 "I am older than I look."]
[#EC0E37 "Eric just feels like everyone is younger than him cause they're all shorter...Correlation isn't causation !"] she jokingly nagged a bit.
[#EC0E37 "Also no fighting, no sparing, not tonight he fought hard today leave him alone. Also none on this ship, it's nice we are keeping it nice. I'd like to be able to return it to these people once we are done... They've already given us so much."]

Kita bit her lip when Kanzaki asked to know what we were discussing.
[#EC0E37 "No the goal is definitely still Romalia, it's kind of our only hope...It's just...Uh...It'll be easier to explain when we all get on the ship."]

At the mention of T.V Kita turned her head a bit.
[#EC0E37 "What's T.V?"]
Kita grew up on a farm, without any T.V or internet. Being home schooled, she never learned about it. She learned in the labs about internet and how streaming and recording worked. Though she had never heard of anime, or television.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

[#EC871C "Am I behaving differently?"] she asked tilting her slightly. Mally wasn't able to really track or understand her own behavior.
[#EC871C "I enjoyed our dance too..."] her voice hung in the air solemnly because she knew she liked it, more than liked it. Though that feeling was gone again. Locked off tight, she couldn't even remember it. Even though she just experienced it a few minutes ago.

Mally chewed into the slice of pizza she had grabbed with Kanzaki, Rose, and Shiloh. Walking silently alongside everyone as per usual.
Mally wondered if once she understood these things, the jokes and social cues again...how'd she chime in.
She couldn't even remember her own personality. It drove her mad sometimes, feeling constantly disassociated. She'd talk to Ren again, and ask about options.

Her head turned when she heard her name. Mally rose an eyebrow, then looked at her chest. Something told her in the back of her head she should be offended. [#EC871C "I think I am supposed to be offended?"] she said it out loud and it came it out like a flat question.
[#EC871C "Loli Tsundere?"]
[#EC871C "Type?"]
[#EC871C "I did ask you to dance earlier..."] she added in lastly, pushing Roses point further.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh chuckled with everyone else, though he kept silent. While everything seemed fine, he could sense something odd. His enhanced awareness was trying to tell him something was...well it felt like a feeling, someone was nervous.
It made him nervous.
He wondered if it was someone else in the crowd, maybe it wasn't anyone from the group.

Though as they boarded the ship and gathered around, he only felt the feeling grow.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex ran his hands through his hair, he wasn't prepared to answer Claires question. He never thought about it, he's been tall his whole life so that was a natural thing for him. Though to be so strong? He wrinkled his brow while he thought about it.
[#D23F0B "Well, I don't know. Never thought about it before... I don't worry about myself as often as I do others...I feel like it's my job to protect people because I am stronger than most...I don't always feel like I can do anything though. I still doubt myself all the time."]
Alex shrugged his shoulders a bit, opening up a tad to answer her question.

He giggle a bit while he shook his head. [#D23F0B "I don't think it's that silly, everyone is curious about the future, especially theirs. I've thought about it from time to time...To know what to expect, to know what's coming. Give me the upper hand in life then."] he agreed with her in his own way as he nodded his head.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Once they all gathered on the ship. When Raine and Zack had joined them after they're yelling. Ren Raised an eyebrow, they look flustered and it was odd they were here alone together. Though, he shrugged his shoulders. He liked and trusted Zack, so he wouldn't let it bother him what they did together, even if Raine was his sister and he wanted to be protective.

Ren cleared his throat before Kita could.[#6C80A3 "It's more me that needs to talk to you guys..."] he stepped forward and cleared his throat again.
[#6C80A3 "Well, an old comrade has contacted me...She's told she is defecting, and needs our help with a mission she is sending herself and her remaining loyal spies on. If you haven't figured it out, the old Spy master of Tristiania wants our help..."]
[#6C80A3 "I know it sounds...sketchy a bit right off the bat. So let me explain."]
Ren continued on, making note that Alvin and Peyton weren't present, however he didn't stop or pause. Maybe it was better they weren't here...They'd react the least pleasant possibly.

[#6C80A3 "Her name is Riuku...She wants collect information directly from the labs, and patients, and us former subjects. Mostly, you guys. She needs any information on the guards, scientist, and lay out of the labs we can give her. She'd also like to interview and record some of our answers...She plans to take all this information to the Queen. Who has no idea the cruelty of her own labs. King Simon has kept it a secret from her. As far as the queen knows everyone participating is a volunteer. Riuku wants to help prove to her other wise...She needs our help. Riuku is the only one of them all I'd trust my life with, even when we were all fighting together."]
[#6C80A3 "She wants your guys permission to speak to us, she's awaiting my signal from a far...So let's discuss this. How do you guys feel about this?"]

Ren was straight forward, he made sure he laid out every detail of what would be going on. Riuku wouldn't be joining them, just asking them for information, then heading back to Tristiania to infiltrate the labs.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine smiled between kisses, sometimes gasping for air, or just gasping because of the touch of his roaming hands. Her face was flushed, her fingers wrapping up around in his hair.
[#6495ED "You didn't hurt me, just frustrated me."] she smiled and then sighed a bit at Kanzakis loud interruption. Rolling her eyes she got up and as they were leaving he grabbed the door handle and stopped her.
She looked up wide eyed and curious at him, as he went on to ask her that important question. Her heart raced a bit at his dominant demeanor, though it felt good. It was exciting, and made every inch of her tingle. Goose bumps covering her arms, she nodded her head.
[#6495ED "Y-yes Zack, I agree to do the same thing..."] she shyly mumbled out before reaching up and pulling his shirt collar, giving him once last kiss she pressed into this one. Pulling away suddenly, and in a teasing manner.

Opening the door, she skipped out and joined the others with him in the room.

Standing there she listened to Ren. Raine didn't even have to think about it, it was easy for her to say yes.
[#6495ED "If you trust her Ren, I trust you, so I trust her too."]
She'd have no problem answering her questions.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b0bdc80ded272a03a475c0d5d8c9cb50/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton blinked her eyes, looking at him. Nodding her head in agreement [#8A2BE2 "No I hate having all eyes on me...I get nervous trying to perform with people looking at me."]

[#8A2BE2 "Sometimes, you say the right things...I know you're working on it..."] she giggled a little bit at his perplexity.
[#8A2BE2 "He treats everyone like a kid...It's kinda suffocating sometimes..."] she rolled her eyes a bit when they refereed to Eric.

Peyton looked up her eyes filled with concern [#8A2BE2 "N-no you're height is perfect!...You're only a few inches taller than me...S-so I don't have to stand on my tip toes to wrap m-my arms around your neck."]
She shyly mumbled as she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. [#8A2BE2 "See...comfortable... p-perfect height."] she said warmly, as she slowly pulled back and stood before him again.

Peyton listened as he talked about the arena, she was happy to hear him be so open. Her face turned pink when he mentioned how much he wanted to protect her.
Suddenly she heard his voice changing, his stuttering stopped, he was more confident. His phrase, made her heart start to race. It sped up when he pulled her closer, his hands on her hips then her face.
Then it happened, they were kissing again.
Out of shock, she hesitated at first though soon fell into it. Her arms reaching up around his neck almost automatically, as she pulled him in closer. Tangling his hair with her fingers.

Butterflies swarmed her stomach, goosebumps formed all over her body as his whispers made her shiver. She gasped a bit, a surprised smile popping up on her face when he picked her up, using the tree behind them. Peyton locked her ankles around his waist, squeezing him close to her. At one point between kisses, she had gently bit and pulled on his lip.

Her face flushing when he pulled back and told her [i " ...It belongs to you."] her heart was skipping beats. Her eyes wide, she realized she felt the same. She realized how much, she loved him, wanted him, needed him.
She never felt these things for Eric, even when she tried. As much as she cared about Eric, and loved him. She loved Alvin in an entirely different way.

When he put her down and began to apologize, she reached up and put her hand on his face.
[#8A2BE2 "D-Don't...That was...so n-nice...You were so r-r-romantic...I was [b very] comfortable..."] her eyes glared a bit as she blushed, looking away embarrassed her cheeks puffing up a bit.
She twisted her hair in her fingers, her feet scuffling at the dirt.

Growling a bit, she suddenly reached back over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him again. She didn't want to stop, but if he did, she would. [#8A2BE2 "D-Do you want to k-keep g-going...?"]
right after she said it she realized her phrasing. Blushing even more she blurted out [#8A2BE2 "K-kissing I-I..."] she pressed her forehead against his chest, hiding her face. [#8A2BE2 "I-I meant kissing...b-but i-if you'd like to...d-do more I-I wouldn't mind..."] Her mind was scattering and she felt how hot her face was getting as she kept stumbling over her words. The heat spreading to her ears and making them red as well.
[#8A2BE2 "...I wanna be with you...In every and any way...i-if you want that too..."] she mumbled softly into his chest.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/c7715398d8e0c34a3caf9a65f658e1c3/tumblr_ouum2p42kq1ucxjaeo1_400.png]
Midori scratched her head, making sure everything that came her way was pieced together perfectly. Armor soliders left and right, as well still maintaining the radios.
[#F741B4 "The front lines are starting to feel weak, they've said over the radio their infirmary is too full now...Keep going. Now is the moment to press in and push them back, they've lost their numbers."]

Midori kept them updated with every bit of radio chatter. Keeping her headset glued into her ear basically. Suddenly a huge dump of tech and scrap came to her table. Normally she'd fiddle with this herself and use her own brain power...but she didn't have the time for that. Now she'd use one of her royal arms. It gave her a hive mind to control technology, and make it all act in the same goal. A little zap of electricity moved from her finger through every piece of scrap.
[#F741B4 "Put yourselves together."] she said out loud as the scrap pieces began to move on their own, fitting back into their respective pieces and returning to full function.
This was a super special unique royal arms, she had special requested the ability from the labs too. She remembered being so happy to hear it could really be done.

With that now being finished, she kept going. Resuming her normal work. Fixing things when the arrived to her.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicity wiped the sweat from her forehead.
[#FBB004 "I-I am doing alright."] she said weakly as she began to heal another solider, this one had lost his arm.
Reaching over she grabbed Clydes hand and with wide desperate gold eyes said
[#FBB004 "Help me."]

She grabbed the solider, and began to heal them. A ring forming around her arm and Clydes. A deep gash appeared and it dug deep down to the bone. Felicity watched as the soldiers arm began to grow back. Her own flesh began to peel and she could feel fire in her bone. Clyde was receiving the same thing.
[#FBB004 "I am sorry I asked you to do this."] she said weakly before holding on silently for a few more moments.
The persons arm had grown back and soon their own wounds healed.

Felicity had to sit down. [#FBB004 "I-I need a moment."] she sat in the nearest chair, she knew she'd be okay in a few moments, just needed to recover.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Evelynne had been watching from a safe distance, though the second Zero asked her to step in she nodded her head.
[#56A944 "I will gladly step in."]
Removing her cloak disguise, she pulled the umbrella staff out of it's little container hanging on her back. Extending it out, one end was blunt the other end, right at the top of the umbrella was sharp dagger tip.
Not that she needed her weapon, she the most royal arms known to anyone. She had 12 of them.
Planet manipulation, fire manipulation, mind control, telekinesis, she could warp someones reality , barrier generation, enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced endurance, enhanced sight, she could sign a siren song , and self healing.

Evelynne simply began to walk towards the crowd, spinning her umbrella in front of her to block oncoming bullets. It wasn't made from a normal cloth material. Anyone she locked eyes with, fell to their knees and she'd make their minds shut down. The same thing she did to the citizen in the kingdom, she'd do to them.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue coughed and held her rib cage. She heard Ken talking, but it sounded more like droning. Her vision was blurry, she watched blood rip from her mouth to the ground. [#F64408 "Suspendisse"] she managed to cough as Ken began to fight her parents.

Like that, it's like the red in her irises broke and spread to cover the rest of her eyes. They glowed, and the ground began to shake and break, as lava seeped from spots in the ground. Chunks of earth floating up from the earth. This was her true, rampage mood. An emergency royal arm she could active when she was severely damaged. It would double her strength and endurance, and triple her speed. It also gave her a advantage with heights and lava. Though it would take a horrible toll on her afterwards.
[#F64408 "Ken...Stay back."] she calmly ordered as she stood up. Placing her broken rib back in place with her own hand. An awful crunching noise ringing through the air. She tried to flap her torn wing, and it worked with a few tries but it was hard for her to stay up.
[#F64408 "These are my parents, I will fight them..."]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/13f8d9c75b3c2c0ebf74a155fc4c01cc/tumblr_p0pi0oTGqn1ucxjaeo1_400.png]
[#F64408 "That's an order, go join the line again."]
her voice was louder and more commanding this time, as her head turned and she fixated on her father and mother.
[#F64408 "Torirad...Nymnila...Retreat, or die."] she pulled up a huge ball of lava and blasted it. Hearing her mother scream, as lava splashed her legs and arms as the woman tried to move out of the way. Her father took the direct splash, nothing but steam coming from his armor now.
[#FEB206 "You aren't a real commander, or even a real fighter. You are nothing but a farce with some fancy powers."] Her mother jumped from land mass to land mass, trying to reach Nimue. Her father circling the ground below them.
[#FEB206 "You weak bitch, stop dodging me, let's fight."]

Nimue flew fast around the chunks of earth, and then swiftly kicked her mother from behind. Trying to knock her off and make her fall into the lava. Quickly Nymnila grabbed a piece of earth below and saved herself.

Nimue landed and looked at her mother holding on, stepping on Nymnila's fingers.
[#FEB206 "Torirad!"]
Suddenly something hit Nimues back and sent her flying off the edge. Her father had thrown his sword. More damage had been done to her wings, as she fell. Gaining control just before she reached the lava pool.
[#F64408 "I know you never wanted me, but geez. Look me in the eyes when you try to kill me."] she said loudly and sarcastically.

Nimue floated back up and stood on piece of land far away from them. Giving her the time and distance to recover.
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[center [h3 Simple Knight]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IDTNHRXhXY]]

[center [b Eric had danced with her smiling as they went along.]]

[center [+brown Me? I'm doing fine how are you? After today's fight feeling okay?]]

[center [b He asked while they danced afterward she had given an order to grab some food and head back. Eric gave a salute as he left grabbing a HUGE plate of food. He looked around forever but he found a place to get a gallon of milk. Strange choice but it was what he really enjoyed back at the farm heading into town he'd get gallons of milk just to himself. His mother made jokes that's why he was standing six foot three he'd end up six four maybe six five just like his father. He laughed but it wasn't really for that reason he just loved milk. He was already drinking out of the jug as he ran up beside Kita smiling. As they began to head back.]]

[center [+brown I'm not gonna lie I was worried about you and Alvin but... You two were like eternal partners out there! Kinda like Kanzaki and Mally, it was really inspiring! One day I hope to stand by the both of you like that. Actually, Alvin owes me a sparring match tonight! I can tell you two were close before huh? He's kinda like... a little brother right? I mean in some ways he's really strong but... I still can't help but see him like a younger brother. I can tell you must've felt the same way with him.]]

[center [b Rose giggled a bit as she stepped in between the two.]]

[center [+purple Oh you guys can't be that much older than the boy! Heck, you and he are the same age, Eric! He does seem kinda like a boy in some ways... I feel kinda silly for ever being so scared of him.]]

[center [+brown Haha yeah I guess you are right but he still feels like... A younger brother you know? Kita... thank you for today and for looking out for him.]]

[center [b Eric smiled as he patted her shoulder giving her a wide smile. He was glad and felt very blessed to have a friend like Kita around.]]

[center [h3 Make Our Exit]]

[center [pic http://static.zerochan.net/Akise.Aru.full.890176.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki bowed and applaud blowing playful kisses to the crowd. As he saw his friends beginning to leave Mally had even walked over to Rose. So the plan was to get some food and head out? Some soda and pizza seemed a straightforward and easy choice for Kanzaki. He and Mally had gone to get some food as they caught up with the others.]]

[center [b He looked over at her as she blankly looked ahead. He came over and pecked her cheek playfully.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey cutie! What's got you so spacey today? By the way, you were awesome out there tonight. I had a lot of fun Mally I'm sure you had all the guys checking you out! How could you not? Look how hot you looked tonight!]]

[center [b He smiled as he wrapped his arm around her taking a drink of his soda as he let out a holler.]]

[center [+darkblue We get to live another day nice company kind friends and a cute girl on my arm what more could a guy ask? Not to mention how much this town adored us right? I didn't imagine that right? They loved us! I don't wanna jinx it but is it just me or are things finally starting to look up for team Kita? Hmm.. Team Kita... Maybe I should work on a better name for us.... Wait for a second! Did I hear Eric right? Alvin owes him a fight? Hell no! I got caught up fighting Kita! Which yes was awesome I wanna add! However, Alvin owes me a spar! I can wait till we get to Romalia though. He made a promise that he and I would get a fight...]]

[center [b Kanzaki muttered the last bit fairly softly. The others might not have been aware but Kanzaki had planned on not holding back that fight. For the longest time the White Swordsman for Kanzaki? Represented a goal a place to reach something to surpass. It drove him crazy to see Alvin out there by their leader's side. That should be the job of the hero, right? As petty as it sounded as useless as it seemed Kanzaki wasn't content in playing second fiddle to Alvin. To make that boy who had been through so much bear their burdens maybe it wasn't as pure of reasons as Eric. Sure Kanzaki wanted to protect his family but this? Being the best he could be? Has... become a shape of coping for him or maybe this has always been important to him. To be the number one hero. To hold a title like Zero but not to oppress others no matter the cost. He understood despite how much it hurt... Why Zero and the nation did it. For the greater good maybe it was even selfish that he ran away. Regardless he wanted to fight for the future and to be a hero in his own way. And defeating Alvin no matter what? The White Swordsman? In some weird way, he knew that was a part of his path becoming friends hasn't changed that for him.]]

[center [b Kanzaki's face had taken a serious turn selfish or not this was the dream he wanted to follow. As he gripped onto Mally's hand tightly as he realized he looked back to her smiling. As Rose gave a giggle and shook her head.]]

[center [+purple You and Eric always wanting a piece of poor Alvi! The kid needs a little break, doesn't he? Not that I feel he minds the exercise... But still!]]

[center [b Rose shrugged in a very "boys will be boys" manner as she shook her head with a smile. As Kanzaki and Eric simply let out a laugh Kanzaki was starting to grow curious what Kita had wanted to talk about.]]

[center [+darkblue So Kita I'm pretty curious what are we talking about? A new game plan? Hope we are still heading to Romalia so we can get a real break!]]

[center [b Kanzaki said as he stretched putting his hands up as he held his plate. Tripping a bit he almost dropped the whole thing and his drink on his plate as he held onto the glass. "Yikes!"]]

[center [+darkblue Hey tonight we should watch some TV if we got some wifi we can watch other stuff too! I'm sure Alvin would like to show you all his Otaku side he wouldn't be the only one!]]

[center [+brown Otaku?]]

[center [+darkblue Oh Eric you can be the first one we show! We can teach you the world of "Moe" and "Kawaii" mwahaha!]]

[center [b Kanzaki laughed evilly in a playful manner.]]

[center [+brown I'm not sure what that is but sounds fun if we all spent time together tonight!]]

[center [h3 Teasing Witch]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Before they went off Rose had giggled at Shiloh commenting how they needed help. As she laid her head on his shoulder yawning tiredly. As the two went to get food and head back as well Rose was starving herself. She came over taking a bite of his with a devious smirk.]]

[center [+purple Hope you are ready to share? Dis girl can eat a mountain of goodies~!]]

[center [b She said rather proudly as Kanzaki snickered and laughed a bit.]]

[center [+purple Oh groad! I didn't mean it like that you pervert! I know you wish I did.]]

[center [b She winked playfully as Kanzaki rolled his eyes laughing.]]

[center [+darkblue You aren't taking my role as the team flirt I earned this role got it? Haha besides I like my girls with a little less bang valley girl.]]

[center [b It was then Rose blushed covering her breast with one arm holding her food as she stuck her tongue out as Kanzaki laughed. She smirked taking the chance to fluster him.]]

[center [+purple Is that why you like Mally? You like them flat and petite? I can see that's why you hit on Peyton so hardcore! You like them a bit difficult... And flat-chested am I wrong? What's that called Mr. Otaku.. a Loli tsundere?]]

[center [+darkblue WHAT?! NO! First of all, don't use my brain to learn those terms! Second I-I don't have a type I like all girls!]]

[center [+purple Oh I got you figured out you may not realize it but you know Mally is totally you're type.]]

[center [b Kanzaki covered her mouth as the two fought a bit trying not to knock their food over as Eric laughed softly at the two offering a soft smile.]]

[center [+brown Peyton is really cute though I thought Mally and Kanzaki were engaged they act so close don't they?]]

[center [+darkblue H-Huh!? Coming from o-officer friendly here!]]

[center [+purple Yeah but he has more pure intentions, of course, I'm starting to learn you're more bark than bite!]]

[center [+darkblue I-I-I'm plenty of bite! I-I just umm.. H-Hold back for you lovely ladies of course!]]

[center [+purple Keeping being a scaredy cat and you might give up the chance of making the first move on her~]]

[center [+darkblue S-Shh! I-I've m-made plenty of first moves a-and kissed plenty of girls! I-I'd kiss a cutie like t-the boss no hesitation!]]

[center [+purple Suuuurrreeee~~]]

[center [b She mewled as Kanzaki steamed blushing a crimson red as she chuckled her devious laugh. She smiled yawning tiredly again as she continued to lean on Shiloh for support. She giggled a bit she could be such a girl sometimes but she really wasn't too insecure about that fact. She enjoyed getting this chance to really be herself around the others.]]

[center [h3 Fortune Telling?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [+lightblue Yeah wise guy suck at what?]]

[center [b She raised an eyebrow as she nudged at him. She laughed a bit as Alex destroyed the bottles. Wow, could him and Eric really struggle that much at controlling their strength? Claire wondered what that must of felt like... In fact, she found herself talking without really thinking.]]

[center [+lightblue What's it like... Feeling too strong..? Does it feel reassuring? Refreshing? Comforting? Do you feel like you can tackle anything?]]

[center [b She remembered a similar conversation on how Kanzaki and Eric were rather cocky and Alex in his younger days probably was too. It's most likely how he lost an eye actually.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SG-X0P2pnM]]

[center [b As she fell into that thought Kita had come over telling them to hurry back to the ship. She sorta looked away waiting for the two to talk. She really didn't know how to act around Kita but she knew it was best to stay out of the way when she had something to tell Alex. Sure it was for both of them but she stayed out of the way regardless. As she made her way Claire felt a bit bad for not saying much but talking to other people still wasn't exactly easy for her. Hell, she was still settling in with Alex as is. She thought about his question on some games but the idea kinda bored her. She crossed her arms as an idea struck her like lightning.]]

[center [+lightblue I know it's kinda stupid but... I've always wanted my fortune told. There is just this curious side of me that wonders how well they'd tell our future course as crazy as our life is? I doubt they'll guess very close. U-Unless that sounds boring to you...]]

[center [b She said as she kicked at the ground looking away she wanted to make sure he was having fun too after all. She was difficult sure but she wasn't going to not ask what he wanted to do.]]

[center [h3 Heart Racing]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/tSnajcD.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiwDz09gm7w]]

[center [b Alvin scratched at his cheek with his fingerless gloves. As he let out a nervous laugh while she chuckled. It was almost a childish giggle he covered his mouth slowly as his cheeks burst red instead of shutting down he just... Laughed again holding his stomach. "What was this? Why do I feel so... Relaxed?" Alvin was a bit perplexed but relieved all the same.]]

[center [b She laughed teasing him about wanting her alone he honestly? Kinda did but she added she was teasing. A part of him wanted to just..]]

[center [+green I did... I mean umm... Oh, the d-dance scene? Ha wow, I thought only I got stressed at t-that stuff! H-Honestly the hardest part about t-the arena was... Having t-the world watch me ya know?]]

[center [b Alvin again scratched his cheek with a timid smile and a bit of sweat when she pointed out how poor he was at talking. Of course, he knew that but to hear it out loud he.. Then she cut his thoughts off. Says the right things? He pointed at himself tilting his head.]]

[center [+green M-Me..? Say the right things...?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xnn-orjz1aY]]

[center [b His heart began to race as he commented on him cursing. He chuckled a bit still a bit shy.]]

[center [+green H-Hey I-I may l-look young but I-I'm not a-a kid... T-Though Eric tends to t-think I am... I'd be lying if I said it w-wasn't kinda refreshing... Embarrassing though! You... l-love my h-hugs..? Really..? I always thought because I wasn't super tall that maybe... I don't k-know...]]

[center [b "Wow I'm being pretty honest tonight aren't I? Not that it's the first time I got like this around her but I... Still can't believe I'm just spewing things out like it's no big deal. Well maybe I sound like it's kinda a big deal..." it was then he heard her say she wasn't cute. Almost if by reaction or even instinct he grabbed at her hands looking into her eyes.]]

[center [+green You are freaking adorable!]]

[center [b With that he looked at her hands and her eyes as he put his hands down blushing as he gulped. Did she mean that? That she loved his hugs? He wouldn't crush her bones he felt himself smiling. Though he was pretty embarrassed he just screamed that outta nowhere. He had to have been coming off as desperate at this point. Before he could make a joke about crushing her he heard it. "I love you too" his eyes widened as he looked at her gulping and blushing dark red. He could feel the heat in his cheeks as his heart begun to pound into his chest. She... loved him? He laughed a bit as she joked about poking his eyes.]]

[center [+green I-I didn't mind trust me wow that came out w-weird! I just mean... It m-meant a lot to me..]]

[center [b Alvin had listened to her as she talked about how she planned on dying in the arena as he nodded listening. His voice clear and stable as he looked into her eyes stroking her cheek his hand on her face.]]

[center [+green I... Didn't plan on surviving may it be that arena or the next the way I fought? I fought like a man without a future. To be honest? It's still hard to fight caring what happens but... I don't want to hurt anyone... By just... dying most of all you. Had I succeeded my role joined unit Heroes? I probably would have died for Tristaina to stop Germania. I'd be lying if I said... I didn't admire Zero for the sacrifice's he's made for that country. For the world even but I still can't agree with those methods I chose that life to force people like you there? Even if it was for the sake of the world I can't just forgive that. You Kita Eric and all of my frie-... F-Frie.. ... My family.]]

[center [+green I think it's obvious but... I'm a bit scared too. As for you being.. t-that word... I don't think you are I'm sure that's a bit biased though. Also.. if I-I'm going t-to be more careful... I'll make sure nothing happens to you either!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiUHxoPxfhw]]

[center [b With that he gripped onto her hand pulling her close as she brought "us" up. He blushed looking away as she explained what she really meant. Was he... disappointed? Of course right? Was that so wrong? To want them to be an us? Sure he'd feel bad for Eric... Eric's feelings seemed so sincere even despite everything. So were Alvin's though... He thought of what Mally told him. More confident more confident if this were a battle? He'd take an opening and... No! It's not like a fight it's different!]]

[center [+orange You know... It's crazy we used to be at each other's throats now I just can't keep my hands off you.]]

[center [b His voice lowering softly as he looked into her eyes. His mind racing against his actions. "What am I doing?!" Despite his internal screaming he kept following through. He had a deep innate curiosity what would she do? Had he really followed how he felt would she scream? Yell? Kick? Sure he didn't want any of that to happen but at the same time, he had this curiosity this... Longing as he looked into her eyes. He wanted to drop this... stupid barrier around his heart and just pull her in. He wanted to smash his walls down and to hold her close. It was stupid it was reckless and foolish but he couldn't find the urge to all the same.]]

[center [b With that he pulled her in by her hips then holding her face lovingly. As he finally made the first move pressing his soft lips against her own his calloused fingers on her cheeks. As he pressed his lips deep into her own. As he kissed her longingly as he felt the tension the energy of how long he waited to do this again. How bad he wanted this girl. He felt his confident side... He felt his excitement his heart take right over.]]

[center [b As he pressed his forehead against her lovingly as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. How beautiful she was or how much she's smashed his walls. How much he admired and adored her he always thought words like that were better suited by Eric but they matched how he felt all the same. He kissed her more and more as he picked her up wrapping her legs around him lovingly. As he looked deep into her eyes as if she was some untold treasure as he smiled gently stroking her hair behind her ear.]]

[center [+orange God you are beautiful how could I have ever been so afraid to talk to you? When you're running rampant in my mind with those fine little legs. God... I'm wrapped around these delicate little fingers.]]

[center [b He smiled softly completely lost in his longing for her. He was wrapped and he knew it. "Oh my god I'm so freaking cheesy! Fine legs?! What the hell?! Creepy she's gonna kick me with those legs if I don't shut up!" despite how far he felt he dug his hole he kept going. Kissing again and again as he held her cheeks his nose touching her own as he told her he loved her again and again between each kiss.]]

[center [b He couldn't help but look at her lips like a burning question waiting to be answered. As he pulled away softly kissing her cheek softly. As he again continued to kiss her passionately as he fell deep into her embrace he had it bad and he knew it with every ache in his heart he knew it belonged to her. As he pulled away he looked into her eyes.]]

[center [+orange Peyton with every little ache in my heart I think I begin to realize more and more... It belongs to you.]]

[center [b He took a moment to let the silence seep in as he turned around noticing his hands were on his hips. As he squeaked blushing softly as he put her on the ground looking away. He hugged her tight to avoid eye contact as he looked on the ground. Before he hid his face he knew he showed a face of "Oh crap"]]

[center [+green I-I'm sorry I... I can act like a-an idiot sometimes I... I say things I-I mean in... The s-stupidest way.. God, I'm s-so bad at this! Ugh! I.. I-I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Peyton...]]

[center [b He said a bit worried if she was okay. He didn't want to move too fast or upset her or anything like that. It was a bit strong.. "I'm such an idiot god!"]]

[center [h3 "First Mate"]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [b He chuckled as she commented on it being a bit hard to tell. When he heard her call him captain he whispered into her ear.]]

[center [+blue Call me.. Zack.]]

[center [b Though it was meant to be a sweet and sincere smile it came off a more rough smile. His cheeks hiding a slight tint of red as she told him to stop kissing her. As he held her hips he obliged to the lasses wishes as he kissed her with his rough lips holding her in a tight grip. As he raised his hands up her stomach grabbing at her chest with rough calloused fingers as he kissed her neck softly. Coming back and kissing her lips again and then her forehead as he rubbed his nose against her own lovingly. Though he hadn't meant to gentle his grip was a bit on the more... Rough side as he let go taking it a bit easy on her. As he continued to kiss her lips feeling her sweet kiss.]]

[center [b He kissed her full on the mouth like his life had depended on it. He kissed her tirelessly as if he was trying to draw the air from her lungs. Like she was the most beautiful goddess to have ever placed her feet on the planet though being a few years older he was a bit rough with the lass. He was surprised how well she took it all as he gave her a playful smirk.]]

[center [+blue Maybe you aren't a kid, after all, Raine, I'm sorry if I hurt you a bit lass.]]

[center [b Before Styles could continue he heard the ship's front doors open and Kanzaki yell. "Styles you drunk were home!" with his usual loud laugh. "Oh hilarious mate" of course he didn't mean it but it was bad timing. Bad timing for? How far did he plan on going really? He did only plan on kissing her right? Even he wasn't exactly sure of that question he was the type to believe what happened happens for a reason. As he got up to go see the others he got Raine up feeling a little more sober now. However, before they went out he put his hand on the door rather dominantly even a little demandingly. As the scoundrel looked his angel into her big sexy eyes.]]

[center [+blue God I love those big beautiful sexy eyes little lass before we go I have a question before we go. I may have once been a man to disregard such things... Though after certain crossroads in this scoundrels life I've found a new way to set my sails. So I'll cut to the chase I'm willing to give everything to you as my "first mate" if you give the same to me.]]

[center [b He said leaning over the shorter lass his nose over her own as he smiled softly. As dominant as he appeared he'd respect her decision, either way, she was the angel who saved him after all. Though it seemed a bit cryptic this was Styles way of cutting to the chase and proposing that the two of them became an item. He wasn't one to try something and not buy it. If she had told him no he would leave it at that and he would understand that was life fleeting and fast like a ship on the sea.]]

[center [h3 "Eternal Shield"]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/94/71/fd/9471fd50b8101300f0285896d4ce3c91--fate-series.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8UIdpNyAw4&t=2703s]]

[center [b Shirudo looked to her comrades and heard Erna yelling at Nimue running off. Yushiro looked ready to break rank to protect his commander while Erna didn't trust them that much was obvious. Shirudo had moved in to defend the two as bullets and blades alike came to target the two. As they made easy work of the enemies in front with their large swords.]]

[center [+purple Yushiro you need to trust our commander on the field that she can handle herself. You can't afford to break rank to go look after her you can trust Ken will look after her. Erna, I know you find it hard to trust their methods me and Ken were unsure at first as well but look we've gotten farther here with them than we ever have alone. We have to place our hopes on something without them we can't do this so try to have faith.]]

[center [b With that Shirudo raised her hand in the air and closed in a tight grasp. As the shield let out a large shockwave not dealing much damage but pushing the enemy backward. As she started to cough up a bit of blood from the strain of using this ability. As she took the front soaking up the damage the enemy had fired upon them. Battered and beaten she took every blow as she held into a strong and stalwart stance. She would not move from this spot for the sake of those behind her and for the future in front of her. She would stand her ground here and now not only for her people for all people that Germania and Albion threatened together.]]

[center [h3 "Like Master Like Pupil"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue You're... You're right I'm sorry.]]

[center [b Yushiro knew she was right even with Zero on the front lines if he was to break rank here they could be pushed back. Yushiro had begun to talk on the comms with Midori.]]

[center [+darkblue Roger that thank you.]]

[center [b With that Yushiro had taken his armor off and even though his power had weakened he would not let that slow him down. He was grateful to have Midori shed his armor for him now wearing his traditional steel plate armor. He charged forward with a triumphant battle cry.]]

[center [b Gouging his blade into the earth itself carving in a circle as Shirudo protected him. As he carved a massive circle in the earth he placed his blade on his back shoving his hands into the earth as his bones began to crack and pop. As he pulled the massive piece of earth up hurling it to the enemy with monstrous inhuman strength.]]

[center [b Smashing tanks and infantry alike the men began to panic and fall back as a commander screamed at them.]]

[center "Hold you're ground damn it! If we are pushed too deep into Galia and discovered Germania may deny any involvement to us! We'll be killed by Galia as an Insurrection from Germania holds the line!"]

[center Sir the flanks are under attack from men believed to be killed on the field of battle! Wielding our tech in arms!]

[center "That's bullshit! You telling me not only the dead walk but they steal shit too? Damn it if only unit Chimera was here! Damn it Zero... I see why you've earned the title Hero but you're men are a force to be reckoned with. I'm sure even now while we speak he has someone attacking our commanders."]

[center [b Yushiro laid on the frontlines his arms bleeding as he pushed two more troops to the side with a broad swing of his blade charging ever forward.]]

[center [+darkblue For hearth! For home!]]

[center [b He cried out following Shirudo's lead as they took charge.]]

[center [h3 "Goddess's Downfall"]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuLW8qNShUo]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/1a/94/31/1a943166a79daaeabdac81b4fc04aebe--manga-girl-anime-girls.jpg]]

[center [b As Jessica was causing massive chaos from within the army she saw the flanks begin to crush the sides as Yushiro and Zero alongside Shirudo and Erna helped push the front finally this behemoth of an army was starting to fall back. She turned over to see a new unit of tanks a bit shinier than the rest as she spun her lance smirking putting her hand out.]]

[center [+teal More tanks? It may take a bit outta me but I'll crush em like the rest!]]

[center [b She felt a bit budge but the tanks weren't moving her magnetism wasn't working? She took a peer in with her clairvoyance. Titanium?]]

[center [b It's true that is more weakly magnetic thus why it's used in surgeries like hip replacements but it should just be harder to alter. Did it have... wooden inner workings? What the hell? She had been fighting Germania for years did they make weapons just for her? Men coming with plastic guns and rubber bullets as one shot her arm piercing the skin slightly and leaving a bruise as she winced in pain. An enemy commander had walked right up with a devious smirk.]]

[center [+red I've done it! My commanders kept telling me to focus on a solution for the Hero's unit. Oh no Ray's they said to handle the forefront or crush the medical supply laughed at my project called my projects junk and toys. Rubber bullets may not seem lethal but pile hundreds of them up? You're dead that goes for the tanks too giant massive rubber bullets those will kill you Jessica Everheart. Unlike Zero you don't operate under a time limit goddess of the battlefield? However, your power is a faulty one! Take away you're control over metal! What do you get? You aren't all that strong in brute force these might not fare against Zero but the leader of unit Raven? It'll work just fine! You're free to vanish and let me get back to work.]]

[center [b Jessica grunted and vanished all right as she appeared behind the man stabbing him. Her lance went right through but no blood? Damn it, it was a holovid. "Open fire!" the commander screamed as she begun to block several bullets teleporting from troop to troop cutting them down. As the tanks fired at her as she teleported side to side she'd have to use that power. As she put her hands gripping down the man laughed. However, the tanks had begun to decay as well as several guns but she could only get through about half of them leaving three tanks and possibly fifty soldiers. No problem! I'll!]]

[center [b She fell to one knee as blood came from her nose, unlike the other powers this one took a more serious toll on her body. As the man took a breath of relief.]]

[center "Six? Didn't Tristania researchers say five was the most a unit Raven could withstand? Six? You truly were the goddess of the battlefield! Men! Fire!!]]

[center [h3 Healing Hand]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [b Clyde had held onto her hand to be able to hold her power. So that the two of them would be able to work much faster as much as he wanted to strike open a conversation he needed to work fast he couldn't keep up with her obviously. He wasn't used to this power or ability like she was or the strain of taking damage and healing came with. She held a heavy burden... He came to appreciate that about her. He felt bad sending some of these men back but all were eager to defend their homes and country he began to wonder how Midori was holding up but he didn't have time to go check on her. He had to keep up the work]]

[center [+lightgreen Hey! How are you holding up over there Felicity?]]

[center [b He asked worried about his commanding officer.]]

[center [h3 Zero]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1vYtG_KTFQ]]

[center [b There Zero was following his units conserving his strength giving orders to the forces returning to attack the enemies in the more forward flanks to avoid the backline so when Galia found this mess it's Germania's backside they'll see. As he asked for update from his officers in intervals.]]

[center [b He noticed two were unavailable Nimue and... Jessica. Zero had asked Midori for Jessica's coordinates and from the lack of movement she was stuck in a skirmish it seemed. She didn't usually stay stuck in one fight that long.]]

[center [b There was a massive beast between her and him as he took a deep breath. This beast this behemoth being thousands of soldiers. He looked back to his queen on their discussion as she lectured him. She could prolong his fate but even Ren could fully heal him the toll this had on his body. It was a power a burden no man should never have been able to hold.]]

[center [b He looked at his hands wondering how Nimue would handle this? Beside her... he only knew one person who could take have this power and that was Rex. Zero shook his head swaying from those thoughts at this moment as he nodded to his queen.]]

[center [i I apologize for insubordination I, however, ask you help the front here charge ahead I must break formation for a moment.]]

[center [b With that Zero had charged ahead cutting his way through avoiding any soldiers he could as they tried to encircle him he growled in frustration as he leaped into the air. Covered again in a mighty white glow.]]

[center [i Alfheim!]]

[center [b He cried out as his soul and heart resonated with the shining heart in his blade as he spun the blade in a fast motion crashing back down into the earth decimating the enemy forces like a tornado of sword slashes. Thirty minutes expended he coughed a bit as the opening in the army caused Shirudo to push with the others even heavy he took plenty of them out. A small army even but beside the case, he used the chaos to charge forward five minutes left he needed to hurry.]]

[center [b It was then he saw Jessica on her knee's coughing blood as men fired rubber bullets her way. Along with massive ones from three tanks. These were strange contraptions but it made sense for Jessica dashing in as he severed each and every bullet in a moment of time as she looked up giving a playful smirk.]]

[center [+teal Your a little late hero.]]

[center [i Fall back and group up with the others the path should be relatively clear.]]

[center [b Jessica had looked behind her as she let out a whistle and a laugh scratching her head.]]

[center [+teal You are insane you know that? You won't see me complaining just give me a quick break and I'll be back! Don't keep the misses worried!]]

[center [b With that she was gone and before the commander could order his men anything Zero had dashed through the unarmored soldiers severing them to pieces as he turned looking at the holovid as he ordered his three tanks to retreat Zero swung three times sending blast to destroy each tank as he charged ahead again. Three minutes that was all he had left he had to find Nimue. He knew it was better if he was to head back.. No, it wasn't Nimue was important to the mission. Though was that really the reason he was chasing her?]]

[center [i Midori, Clyde, Felicity good job on getting the men out here. Midori I have more for you when we push this army far enough to be near a Galia communication tower. I want you to inform that tower as an anonymous tip to what is going on here. Galia will check it out causing the Germania forces here to withdraw or be destroyed.]]

[center [b Zero said starting off with a rare offer of praise from the stalwart and stoic commander. As he made his way through to his second in command.]]

[center [h3 Ken]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ritsuka.Fujimaru.full.1957959.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFtqmS73oxQ]]

[center [#a51d29 Emblazened Strike!]]

[center [b Ken cried out a passionately as his fist became covered in a hot red fire. From the magitech of his gauntlets as he used a rather dirty element of surprised to plow both of his fists into each of Nimue's aggressors sending them both back with ample force. Putting his fist up he took a sigh of relief.]]

[center [#a51d29 You okay Nimue? We can't have our commander dying out here in enemy lines. I'll be honest... I wasn't so sure about Tristaina about the nasty labs you all had... Knowing you and Zero are probably from one too. Now I see... you guys didn't have a choice if you haven't? We would have to or more likely we would have simply died. I'd rather die than do what you lot did. As much as that sounds like an insult I'm saying... You're king and his people took a fate worse than death not only for the country but for the state of the existing world. You can be painted a villain for all I care because as far as I'm concerned? Your all right in my book!]]

[center [b He said pointing at himself with a grin and looking toward the two enemy commanders as he dashed ahead. He wasn't sure if Nimue was in a position where she could back him up but he had to take the action to them regardless. As he jumped sending several skilled kicks in midair to the man in armor sending puncturing punches with his gauntlets covered in a hot red fire with powerful brute force. As he watched the woman sending quick straight jabs her way as he kept up the pressure waiting for any counterattacks he got the feeling these two weren't pushovers.]]
  Eric / Kudaketa / 42d 11h 30m 20s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b0bdc80ded272a03a475c0d5d8c9cb50/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Her face heated up in a fluster, when Eric called her adorable. Of course he wanted to dance with her. Peyton felt silly even asking, but she didn't want to demand it and seem bossy.

She put her free hand on his shoulder, and they danced a basic walking dance, she was glad the attention shifted to Kanzaki and Mally. Peyton felt she could breathe with less eyes on her. Those two were really showing off.

Peyton just kind of listened as Eric talked, he always had something to say it seemed. Did this bother her? She wasn't sure. Sometimes she liked a little silence. He had something for her, she looked a little confused as he placed it in her pocket for her. It made her blush a little for his hand to be there. Though she couldn't protest it mid-dip, because he'd drop her probably. She wrinkled her nose a bit and just hope'd she'd remember to read it later.

[#8A2BE2 "Oh, thank you."] she mumbled softly before he said again.
[i I love you.] Her heart raced and she felt bad not being able to say it back. She did love Eric, but did she love him like that? She appreciated everything he had done and will do for her. Though Alvin lingered in her mind. She felt bad not being able to just focus on Eric. She tried for a smile and just shook her head.
She still wasn't sure Eric's head was screwed on right yet since the Jessica incident. Did he really love her? Or the idea of her? The things Jessica planted in his mind, made him feel that way.
Alvin... Alvin actually fell for her.
While Jessica's version of Peyton was spot on because it was all things stolen from Peyton, it still didn't feel the same to her.
Eric's love for her was implanted into his brain, and even though he says it over and over that it still is his own will to love her...Peyton still isn't sure.
Alvin though... he was terrified of her when they first met. He fell in love with over time. He did love her right? He did say it...

Peyton noticed she had just fallen into silent thought, but was brought back out of it when Eric tripped up. Peyton chuckled softly.
[#8A2BE2 "It's okay... My teacher ended up teaching me a dance I already knew... So I guess we both need practice."]
She gave him smile before he took off.

Now she stood, scanning around. Alvin was done with his lesson, Mally had been dancing with Kanzaki now. That's when a pair of familiar, warm and comfortable arms wrapped around her. A smile lit up her face, as Alvin turned her around and grabbed her. They just began dancing as he said hello.
[#8A2BE2 "H-hey!"] she chuckled as she joined him in the high energy dancing.

Just like she had been quiet when Eric spoke to her, she had listened to everything Alvin had said. Her heart racing, her face flushed, the entire time. Her eyes widened when he said Fuck. Chuckling a bit, trying to ignore the burning sensation in her cheeks. Knowing very well her face was red. She laughed at his jokes, and nodded her head. When he put her hand on his chest, she slid it up and wrapped it behind his neck. Her fingers playing with the ends of his hair.

It was when she was about to open her mouth to speak back to him that he took her hands and pulled her away.

It was spontaneous and fun, she thought as she ran along behind him. She clearly wasn't as fast as he took off, she almost tripped a couple times trying to keep up. [#8A2BE2 "A-Alvin!"] she said in shock with a smile. Eventually they made a stop in the shallow woods.
[#8A2BE2 "H-hold on I-I...M-my breath."] she paused for a minute trying to catch her breath. She hadn't prepared to do any cardio tonight.

Their hands still touched and she didn't let go of his. Looking up once she finally caught her breath, she tilted her head at him.
[#8A2BE2 "Couldn't wait to get me alone?"] she teased him a bit before shaking her head. [#8A2BE2 "I am only kidding..."] she let a soft smile creep onto her face.
[#8A2BE2 "Thanks for the impromptu escape... Dancing with everyone is kind of stressful...scary even."] she played with his fingers her face kind of flushed still.

The moonlight was really pretty where they ended up. She leaned against a nearby tree, and then opened her mouth again
[#8A2BE2 "So...As I was going to say."] she chuckled a bit before shyly shifting her eyes around.
[#8A2BE2 "You suck at talking, you do...but you still manage to say the right things more often than others I know..."]
[#8A2BE2 "I love your hugs...So I wouldn't mind just don't crush my bones."]
[#8A2BE2 "Wow Alvin, you cursed...and I am not the cute..."] she kicked the ground a little her cheeks kinda puffing out as she protested being "so damn cute it actually literally hurts."]
[#8A2BE2 "I know I love you too."] she said this part very softly, a swift pinch of guilt flipped in her stomach because she didn't say it back to Eric. Though she wasn't sure she loved Eric that way.
Was she holding herself back from Alvin just because she didn't want to hurt Eric?
Shaking her head, she needed to think about those things later.

[#8A2BE2 "Let's see what else d-did you say....Oh yeah it was kinda weird poking my fingers in your eyes...but I don't regret it."] she joked lightly about her actions as she smiled. [#8A2BE2 "I was trying to scare you, I honestly didn't think we'd ever be friends. Not just you and me, but all of us. I thought I was going to be dying in the arena...and so I saw no point in trying to be nice or make friends at first...I should've died...I mean I was shot in the chest. So I was really mean at first...it was kind of an act I put up...and not that I am always nice now that that has changed....I-I know I am still kind of a b-bitch."]
She sighed a little bit and shrugged her shoulders.
[#8A2BE2 "Admittedly I am still kind of scared...B-but I am trying to be more open and friendlier."]

Peyton wrinkled her nose and shyly tried to make eye contact, finally looking up again and into his eyes. [#8A2BE2 "E-enough about me though...uh well just me...back to us."] Peytons cheeks flared up as she said it. [i Us.] Not meaning to it, just slipped out that way.
[#8A2BE2 "I-I didn't mean us like u-us...I meant our previous conversation."] she stumbled over her words embarrassed and trying to cover up her mistake. Thinking again she found she had actually responded to everything he said earlier..
[#8A2BE2 "O-oh wait...I think I said everything...."] nervously she looked away again, her face noticeably red even in the low light provided by the moon.
[#8A2BE2 "S-So...is there something you wanted to do that you dragged me out here for?"] she turned her head back towards him her eyes locking with his.
While she was glad for the escape from the crowd, she actually wondered why he took her out here. Was it just to talk? She'd be okay with that, it was nice to get away.
Though honestly her mind raced with other thoughts which she kept trying to chase away. Though they kept coming back, the most reoccurring one was that she longed to kiss him.
Thought she felt weird, she made the move last time...Would it be appropriate for her to do it again? Probably, she didn't want to seem like she just wanted a specific thing from him...She was happy enough with just his attention.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally felt a smile creep upon her face at Kanzaki's comments. Though once they started dancing, it was silence. Not the awkward uncomfortable the kind. The kind of silence that doesn't scare you, the kind of silence that's comfortable. To her it was nothing but them and the music. Every move he made, she matched perfectly.

The gears turned in her brain, specifically the ones were she could feel. Letting him lead, she simply followed every move. The entire time she stayed on pointe on her toes. Feeling her heart race every time they locked eyes. The music played, she could process her emotions while she danced.
While she felt things dancing with Eric and Alvin, they were normal emotions. Things she felt dancing with Kanzaki weren't normal feelings for her. Things she had never felt before.
She needed help trying to figure out how she felt, because she literally had no clue. She knew once they music stopped and they stopped dancing her Arm would go back to restricting her.

In the meantime she read Kanzaki's every move and matched them perfectly. When he lifted her in the air, she went to pointe on one foot. Performing pirouette turns in the palm of his hand. As he began to lower her she stuck the leg she wasn't using straight behind her and out. He threw her up and catching her by her hands swung her down and pulled her close.
The music stopped and their dance ended. Applause came from all around.

Kanzaki said something about how he could kiss her, and her heart skipped beats. Did she want that? Mally found herself still feeling things and knew it would only last a short moment. [#EC871C "I-I think..."]
she began to whisper as her brain shut down. Her nose began to bleed, and once again she couldn't access her own emotions. Wiping under her nose she looked over as Rose approached them and made her comments.

[#EC871C "Rest sounds good."] she said her stomach rumbled and it occurred to her she didn't really eat yet.
[#EC871C "How about some food first?"]

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kita looked up at Eric and smiled. [#EC0E37 "Sure sir Knight, let's dance."] Kita stuck her hand out, waiting for him to grab it and pull her up. Which he did, once on her two feet they began to dance.
[#EC0E37 "So, how ya doing?"] She asked as they stepped in squares over and over. 1-2-3-4 steps, then a turn, then 1-2-3-4 steps again, then turn again. Very simple dance to fairly simple relaxing song.

Once their song came to end, Kita bowed with a silly smile on her face. Approaching where she saw the others, she heard Rose mention rest and Mally mention food.
[#EC0E37 "I could eat, we all should eat then make sure we hit the hay. We start traveling again tomorrow...and there is something I need to talk to you guys about too."]
Kita nodded at Ren and then nodded her head off in the direction of where all the food is.

[#EC0E37 "So how about we all round up some plates and meet back at our new ship. We can eat and talk there."]

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex smiled a little bit watching Claire's attempts at the games. [#D23F0B "It's not that bad, you could suck at other things."] he laughed teasing her a bit but in a positive way.
Though now it was his turn and he was just as nervous.
[#D23F0B "Fshh....No big."] he said trying to play it cool as he threw the first ball. It knocked over the bottle and some surrounding bottles too. He sucked air into his mouth and then gently put the other two balls down.
[#D23F0B "Maybbee we should try a different game."] he chuckled a bit nervously looking around at the other booths.

Though soon he saw Kita and the others walking back this way.
[#D23F0B "No more dancing?"]
[#EC0E37 "Nopeee, food, then bed time. Well, there is something I need to talk to everyone about, so even if you guys already ate... you still need to come meet us back at the ship."]
[#D23F0B "You got it."]

Alex looked at back to Claire as the others passed by. [#D23F0B "So, maybe time for one or two more games...let's see."] he looked around but couldn't seem to pick a game out. Maybe Claire could.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh had been laughing and enjoying some moments with Rose when the others dancing began to come to their ends. He could feel he need for sleep creeping up on him, though he'd stay up as long as he could.

[#8147A0 "They could totally use the help."] he snickered along with her jokes.
[#8147A0 "Well it does seem to work doesn't it?"]

Once the dancing ended again, it was time to wonder about bed.
[#8147A0 "You're telling me, I wonder how Kita and Alvin are doing it."] he stretched and yawned a little bit.
[#8147A0 "Too old for all this excitement."]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine before she knew it was turning in the air, with a thump she hit the floor but it wasn't the floor. It was much softer. Sitting up, she found herself straddling Zack. [#6495ED "Captain! I am sorry, I tripped are you okay?"] her eyes filled with concern as she stared down at him from where she sat.

She sighed in relief when he said he was okay. Laughing at his follow up, of sleeping on the bed. She nodded in agreement and as she was about to get up, he touched her face and pulled her in.
It took a moment for her to process what was going on. He was kissing her, shocked her face turned bright red. Though she found herself, enjoying it.

Her eyes fluttered closed, and she began kissing back once the initial shock melted away. Her heart raced, and she found she had never felt more nervous.
It was a good nervous, the kind of nervous that tickles the inside of your stomach.
Her hands wrapped around his neck when he pulled her up and laid her on the bed.

When he pulled back, Raine shyly looked around for a moment before looking back at him, her eyes wide.
[#6495ED "I don't feel I did anything that extra-ordinary..."] she giggled a soft bit, her heart pumping so hard she could hear it in her ears. Her fingers played in the hair on the back of his head.

Rolling her eyes she smiled a bit, her face still flushed
[#6495ED "I am not a kid."] she pouted a bit squirming slightly as she pouted. She giggled watching his wink, rather it looked just more like a blink though. Him having only one eye.
[#6495ED "Just a tad hard to tell the difference..."] she laughed at his joke with him.

For a moment they were quiet and staring at each other, Raine's eyes lingered from his own and glanced back at his lips. She wanted to kiss him again. [#6495ED "C-captain..."] she mumbled a bit flustered.
Her fingers now tangled and embedded in his hair.
She pulled his face back down closer to hers, and started to kiss him yet again.
[#6495ED "D-don't...stop...kissing...m-me."] she mumbled between lip locks.

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/4bee51c876a7029cb2294ad787852358/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Erna was fighting her best she could. Much like Nimue and Jessica, she didn't show mercy. Erna wouldn't look at her enemies like they were humans. Thinking about it would only slow her down, make her reckless.
They were her enemies, threatening her home, her friends, and everyone way of life.

Erna noticed Nimue was taking off ahead of everyone, she was going through the crowds much faster than the rest of them. Despite her speech about helping each other out, Nimue wasn't hanging back to help them at all. Grunting as she swung her large sword around she frowned deeply.
[#8D33A7 "What the hell is she doing?"] she yelled out loud. Knowing it wasn't apart of any plan this discussed. Simply more, this angered her.
Making Erna fight harder and faster if only to catch up to Nimue so she could scream at her for abandoning them.
What shitty commander does this?

Erna would be telling Silas later they should never work with Tristania again.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/c7715398d8e0c34a3caf9a65f658e1c3/tumblr_ouum2p42kq1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Midori had been typing away and interrupting radio signals at the same time.
[#F741B4 "Don't give it go, it's a risk. Your arm could blow up if try to fire another one."] she yelled at Yushi over the coms.
Shortly after she saw his suit was failing on the screen.
[#F741B4 "Your suit is falling Yushi, I am disconnecting it. Abandon it."]

With a press of key, she deactivated the suit. Meaning it fell apart and came right off him.

Midori searched the radars that were supposed to be in the air ones. One of these drones had to be weapon bearing. They couldn't all be cameras for the battle.

Rolling her eyes at the now extra order, she scoffed. [#F741B4 "Can I do that?...Duh. This was getting boring anyway."]
swiveling around in her chair she yelled to some standby tent boys.
[#F741B4 "I need another table and some tools over here, place it down right behind me. Then start bringing me every scrap computer and metal pieces."]

They moved quick, and Midori was glad for that. Making guns, rockets, swords, anything she could craft. All while maintaining the radios without a breeze. Using her royal arm to control the nearby computers without even looking at them.
Each time a solider reported to her, healed up, she'd arm them and send them back to the field. Once they got a hang of this system there were going back out as fast as they were going in.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicty had blinked when Zero told her to never heal him again. Confused, why would she disobey a direct order from the queen?
She just nodded for now though, and watched as they left.
Sighing she blinked and looked at Clyde, who was offering to share her power.
Biting her lip she nodded her head, grabbing his hand.
[#FBB004 "Fine, let's do this."]

With that they went back to work, her ears were stilling ringing from earlier but she wouldn't let that stop her of bother her. She knew eventually her body would heal and it would stop.

With his help, she found her healing was going twice as fast now. She required less recovery time now. With the burden split, they moved much faster. With Midori repairing equipment just as fast, they were able to maintain a certain amount of soldiers to stay on the front line at all times.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Evelynne simply turned her nose up at Zero's demands to not heal him.
[#56A944 "Do you not understand how her power works? She absorbs the persons pains, and wounds. They become her own but then her body heals and completely restores it's self right after. I picked her for a reason Zero. She may be the only healer that can actually heal you...Don't pretend she is so fragile. She's hear because she wants to be, and healing [b everyone] on her team is apart of her job."]
Evelynne commented at him quickly, quiet unaware of how Felicity was even brought into the lab.
[#56A944 "She's overcome every plague, types of cancers, and so much more. Every time, she comes out with a sparkling clean bill of health. Her body becomes stronger after every restoration. You need to learn not all burdens are yours to carry alone."]

Her voice had stayed soft, like the kind of lecture one would receive from their mother who is slightly disappointed in them.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue had been racing ahead, leaving a trail of dead behind her. Though the remaining live soldiers around would move in and close the path behind her.
She was half expecting to see them here. It's partially the reason she raced ahead of everyone.

Once she reached the center, she saw them. Her parents, barking orders at soldiers left and right. Flying down she landed on the ground before them. [#F64408 "You both need to take your men, and retreat."]
Was all she said to them, as a stare down ensued.

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/13f8d9c75b3c2c0ebf74a155fc4c01cc/tumblr_p0pi0oTGqn1ucxjaeo1_400.png]
[#FEB206 "Nimue? Darling...It's been so many years. That's how you say hello?"]
Her mother mused at her, placing her hand on her hip. Nimue stared at them. Her Father was dressed head to toe in some sort of insane looking armor, standing right behind her mother.
[#FEB206 "Don't mind your father, this new armor Albion gave him took away his speech...I don't mind the silence. You remember all the screaming he used to do?"]

Nimue rolled her eyes, her hands on her hips as well. [#F64408 "Mother, I am here with Tristania and Romalia, you need to leave or we will force you to."] she tried to delay the warning one more time.
[#FEB206 "That's what you did? Well it's a good thing we held a funeral for you...You're already dead to us."]
[#FEB206 "You couldn't stand your training, so you ran away to get some artificial power is that it? You're so weak...here let us prove it to you."]

Before Nimue could react her mother was running, and fast. With no Royal arm she shouldn't be able to move this fast. Though Nimue recalled her mother had been training since before she could walk.
A kick to her back was delivered and it sent it to her knees. Her father began to charge forwards towards her raising a huge sword above his head.
Quickly she zipped out of the way, using her wings to push her up through the air. Flying above and behind her father she kicked the back of his head, sending him flailing towards her own Mother with his sword.
Her mother dodged this misplaced attack and rolled her eyes.
[#FEB206 "Don't be dumb Torirad."] she tsked, at her husband.

[#FEB206 "Fine it seems you came here to fight, let's."] Nimue watched as her mothers face twisted into a scary smile. Her yellow eyes shining bright and flashing a bit.
Nimue's red eyes did the same back.

They both took a similar stance, circling Nimue made sure to keep an eye on her father as well. He moved first, swinging his sword from the side to try to sweep her. Nimue moved, shifting out of the way though she had taken her eyes off of Nymnila. Whom had moved in, and began deliver swift kicks, and fast blows from the palms of her hand.
Nimue took the beating, waiting for her opening, and she got it.
Grabbing her mothers arm, she twisted it back and punched her in the face before flying up and flinging her mother down into the ground. Creating a little crater where the woman crash landed.

[#F64408 "I told you to leave, my offer still stands."] She said floating above her mother. Recklessly again, she had taken her eyes off her father who's metal hand now wrapped around her ankle. Pulling Nimue down he slammed her onto the ground and repeated this over and over. Tucking her wings tight against her back, she tried to protect them from the damage.
She screamed out, before quickly spreading her wings wide and pulling up. It became a tug of war match for her leg.

Nimue struggled to escape, Torirads metal hand clasped tight around her ankle. Focusing on the ground bellow him from above, the crust began to bubble up and soon a geyser of lava was created. Bursting right under him, it made him let go and stagger backwards in confusion. She fell to the floor, and rolled before standing back up. Looking around, she tried to spot her mother again.
It was too late, a hand grabbed a chunk of hair close to her scalp. Nimue was pulled down into a back behind. Her mother raising her leg, she brought it down fast and hard over Nimues stomach. Nimue almost buckled over, but her mother forced her to stand up. Doing the same thing again, before she threw Nimue down.
[#FEB206 "It didn't have to be like this..."]
Nimue panted, blood dripped from her lips.

[#F64408 "I know, you could've left."] she barked back before jumping up and sweeping her mothers legs out from under her.
Nymnilla sat on the ground as Torirad charged towards Nimue. She jumped just in time to float right above him. Using both of their momentum against him. She grabbed the hilt of his sword and swung it over her head. Him still holding on to the swords handle caused him to flip over Nimue's head too. Letting go she flung him to the ground.

Turning back around she raced towards her mother, who was beginning to get up. Pulling the woman on the ground by her hair, she was about to press her mothers face into the lava that was puddled on the ground and burning into the soil. [#FEB206 "You're so viscous...if only you were on the right team."]
[#F64408 "I am."]

Right then, her father surprised her. The sword hit her side, knocking her yards away. Her body tumbled and then slid through the dirt. A huge gash in her side, one of her wings bent and probably broken twitched as she laid on her uninjured side on the floor.
All she could do was groan, as her parents both now approached her slowly. She tried to get up, but couldn't.
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[center [h3 Apologetic Knight]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLWqxqMYlXE]]

[center [b Eric had danced with Mally as he began to loosen up still a bit clumsy he was getting the hang of it. As she offered him advice he, in turn, offered her a smile every time. As the two danced Eric laughed and smiled. At the end when she had ended her little lesson he patted her back ruffling her hair. Much like he had to Alvin before as he leaned in with a grin. Akin to that of an older brother not that Eric really realized that was the vibe he had given off.]]

[center [+brown Thanks! You really helped me out!! You're a lifesaver Mally I really owe ya one! Confidence... Got it I'll give that a shot from now on!]]

[center [b With a wave a smile and a casual bow he began to head off. "She's really nice isn't she?" the man said with a pleasant feeling in his chest. Lifesaver the term he used it brought a few thoughts to mind as he looked to Kita and Alvin they seemed like the life of the party. They were after all those who fought for them. "Lifesavers..." Eric had given Alvin a somber look but the boy was too caught up in his thoughts to notice Eric.]]

[center [b Eric had than been cut from his thoughts cleaved like a shining blade dispersing darkness. A gentle and yet relieved smile had appeared on the young males face. "Peyton.." his heart began to race as she grew rather timid. He laughed softly placing a hand over his mouth.]]

[center [+brown You are too adorable you know that?]]

[center [b Eric said as he rubbed the back of his head with a gentle blush. The tall boy for once looking away a bit shy.]]

[center [+brown I wish I could find the better words but... Yes I'd love to dance with you.]]

[center [b He gave her a nudge at her arm as he went from bashful to playful. Wrapping his arm around her own as he pulled her close offering a smile. As he held her hands up his heart racing what felt like a thousand miles per an hour. As he placed his hands on her hips a new song had begun to play. A bit softer more... Melancholy than the last.]]

[center [b He had begun to sway with her trying his dance he had with Mally as he placed one hand on her own. Taking a deep breath and a smile as he moved his feet with her own as he began to talk to her.]]

[center [+brown About earlier.. I'm sorry about calling you, queen. Sometimes I can't tell when you're being feisty or truly more adamant. Either way, I know I'm a bit much gram used to always tell me I was a bit of a hand full haha.]]

[center [b He started off chuckling before falling into soft and sincere laughter as he looked back to her.]]

[center [+brown I didn't mean any harm by it truly I suppose queen was my way of saying how much I admired you huh? I'm sure it's a bit much I'm an all or nothing kinda guy I suppose. Regardless what I call you that doesn't change the fact I'll stand by your side no matter what. Oh! I have something for you!]]

[center [b As he twirled and dipped her he reached into his pocket to grab his letter. He planned on it for later but he slipped it into her pocket before standing back up offering her a smile. He was a bit clunky sure but he was improving.]]

[center [+brown It's a bit cheesy so I'm sure you might laugh a bit but I couldn't word it any other way. You know?]]

[center [b It was then he had begun to stumble a bit tripping against her as he caught himself looking at her. His chest pounding against her as his eyes opened like a doe caught in headlights. As he stood back up chuckling softly.]]

[center [+brown See when I say I'm falling for you not sure this what I had in mind huh? I think I still got a few more lessons to learn before I stop tripping. It's almost like one of those cheesy romance comedies ma used to watch! Except... the guy wasn't usually the one tripping on her. Plus I'm pretty sure they aren't usually fugitives on the run.]]

[center [b He said pondering the comparison before laughing again as the dance came to a close. He had pulled her close as he ruffled her hair but unlike with Mally, his smile softened a bit. As he leaned over kissing her forehead gently as he stroked her hair protectively.]]

[center [+brown I know we as a group make a few jest about me being you're "Knight in shining armor" the truth is though? If anything? I feel like... You've saved me from a pit of darkness. Even if the idea was to manipulate me a ploy from that woman Jessica. Even if my infatuation was a tool? Witches spell or not I don't really care because and I've said it plenty before. I love you Peyton I know that's crazy, right? How long have we all known each other? Yet I feel like we've been fighting side by side bickering and laughing for such a long time now. Thank you really for everything. Maybe you can be the knight!]]

[center [b With that he gave her a playful flex hoping she would flex her muscles back for him as he laughed giving her hair one more ruffle before heading off to the next partner. Eric felt a lot better every time he felt a bit down something felt a bit off. As rare as that may have been it hit hard when it had. Even he hadn't realized how upset he was at times. Peyton... and all of his friends really have been there for him.]]

[center [b Those thoughts aside Eric had walked over to Kita giving a wave as he waited for her and Raines discussion to end. When she was ready he came over asking.]]

[center [+brown Hey wanna go for a dance miss "Wolf Spirit"]]

[center [b He said with his usual beaming sophomoric smile.]]

[center [h3 Nerve Wrecking Dance]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/tSnajcD.jpg]]

[center [b As Alvin met up with Mally she had started with a comment on late students. He wasn't sure how to react until she informed him it was a joke. He gave a light somewhat sheepish laugh but sincere all the same. "She's actually kinda funny when she tries to be" Alvin had a sense of humor but he was always too scared to say much. Though as she taught the young boy he started to get the hang of it. Act as if he did on the battlefield? Confident? As... what? Rex? That was an easy cop-out, wasn't it? To blame that mentality on a persona. It wasn't like Alvin wasn't to a degree like that when people picked on him in school. Those fights were a distraction from having to function as a normal human being. "Wow that got depressing fast come on the girl is giving you advice," he thought to himself. As the two danced Alvin tried to move using his nimble and agile nature still a bit timid but he was at least making some progress right? At the end Alvin had given her a bow as he looked back at her.]]

[center [+orange T-Thank you... C-Confidence... and c-c-covering for you're partners m-m-mistakes.. I.. I'll try it... A-Again thank you, Mally, i-it really means a lot!]]

[center [b With that Alvin had started to walk away. He was really bad at ending conversations sometimes he'd stand longer when they were done talking. Others? He'd leave too fast when they had more to say. "Maybe I should.. Try talking to the others more." it was at that moment Alvin realized he sorta stayed in his comfort circle. Raine, Peyton, Eric, Kita sure him and Rose got along but he didn't really spend much time with her. Kanzaki was cool too well they all were nice except maybe Claire she wasn't too kind to Alvin. He wanted to take chances to spend time with the others to show like Kita he cared about them all. Kita stood proudly and wore that mantle as leader and Eric? He basically always told them how much he cared about them. Could Alvin at least make an effort right? For a lot of people laying their lives down was the hard part and talking? Was the easy part right? Ha, he knew that wasn't the case at least not with him. Regardless he was going to do something that was hard for him. Even if she did... make him happy.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHyoAXILbA8]]

[center [b The song had taken another turn something with a little more step and a lot more lively. Alvin was actually a fan somber and peaceful music made him only realize how little grace he had on the dance floor. Maybe just in social scenario's in general right?]]

[center [b There she was... Beautiful and unaware of him about to ask her for a dance. Course she knew right? Alvin had rubbed his cheek he didn't much get a chance to respond to that. She kissed his cheek, right? She got really shy too... It was cute kinda relateable but cute he thought to himself. His heart had begun to race as his chest pounded what would Rex do? He thought of what Mally said to act as he did in a fight. "Forget that what do I want to do?!" if he wasn't so shy? Staring at her long flowing hair? For such a strong girl she had such a... Girly mystique about her. Not in a way that she was unique or helpless but... It was hard to place his finger on it. He clenched his hands as he took a breath it was hard to fight the urge too...]]

[center [b Wait... why fight it? "Cause it's way too awkward and that stuff only happens in Anime! Or movies it doesn't matter she'll freak out for sure! This is Peyton she's too tough to just let a guy lay his hands on her after all. Not that I mind her tough attitude.." Gah! He wanted to set one thing straight even if to himself. Hell conversation to himself was a past time for the boy. Sweet... sour however she acted he didn't care it was who she was. Not cause of this trope for tough girls sure it was cute but if she dropped it all together? He'd feel all the same he knew that but he wanted that moment to ponder on it. In a way to confirm his own feelings. "Agh... whatever I'll go for it! If she hits me then... I don't know I guess she doesn't like me..? No, wait I.." with that before he began to overthink the whole thing taking a breath. For once he'd do what he wanted to without fear of the consequences.]]

[center [b It was then he ran up and hugged Peyton from behind holding her tightly. She was so... soft and warm he hadn't really had much contact with others. Sure he was gaining some experience in physical contact with this group. When Raine first hugged him or Eric ruffling his hair and patting his back. When Peyton and him... had his first kiss. Heck, he slept with Kita! The thought burst his face red. No as great as Kita was he wanted to think of Peyton for this moment and Peyton alone. Even if she couldn't read his mind "Rose" she deserved that. It was then he turned her back around and gave a shy smile. As he reached out to her hand and grabbed her hip as he began to chipperly dance with her. High energy a bit tense but high energy with a timid smile.]]

[center [+orange H-Heya!]]

[center [b He said as he then grabbed both her hands a bit afraid to touch her hips. As he shook them back and forth it was a bit dorky and it sorta threw his lessons with Mally out the window. Despite how shy he was? He couldn't help but want to casually dance with Peyton. Still, he was rather high energy as he hopped up and down pulling her along with him. It was high nervous energy but here he was he...]]

[center [+green I decided I'm going to say what I think t-this dance cause like... W-We both know I suck at talking right? L-Like if anyone had an award for social retardation i-it'd be... Well, you k-k-know. So if w-were honest? I'm terrified happy but terrified I don't w-wanna rub you the wrong way. Yet at the same time? W-With how sweet and soft.. I-I mean! Ugh.. too be h-honest it's... frankly... H-Hard to not squish you here in the tightest hug I could muster. I-I know I-I-I seem small but that can be pretty tight!]]

[center [b He said rather suddenly as he blinked laughing a bit. His face flushed with embarrassment oh he was embarrassed he said something that stupid but at the same time? It was kinda funny.]]

[center [+green T-That was such a stupid thing to s-say... I get so tongue-tied around you.. I e-either can't take one word out o-or turn into a stuttering rambling m-mess! C-Can you blame me...? You're just... Excuse my language and I don't normally curse but... Fuck.... You are so damn cute it actually literally h-hurts..]]

[center [b With that he put her petite hand on his chest as he looked at her. Like a timid cat trying to befriend its master for the first time. As his chest pounded against her heart he took a deep breath.]]

[center [+green I... I-I know I shouldn't say this cause you are so c-confused... I'm confused! I thought you m-might've been mad but w-when you k-kissed my cheek..? M-My heart melted away... S-So I want to say this even if you are confused. I... I-I still love you I k-know this is sudden and maybe it's not very romantic... But I do. I guess a-as generic as it s-sounds... I feel torn out of m-my shell around you. You're so... Strong and kinda intimidating t-to be honest. Yet it... p-pushes me a-and.. Yet a-again... You can b-be so sweet when I sleep I... T-Thought of how you took my contacts and l-looked into my eyes. MY. EYES. ME. ALVIN. VINTSVENT. You.. I....]]

[center [b He took a deep breath as he stroked her hair behind her ear looking into her eyes. Her beautiful bright orbs as he gave a soft smile.]]

[center [+green You.. looked into them not only like I was still human but like.. They were beautiful jewels when in reality those were right in front of me. It felt like it was the first thing my w-world had seen.. As in me in such a long time. It was you hahaha.. N-No wait forgive my laughter! I just.. It's funny when I met you guys? You.. well were the one I was most scared of I thought Eric was crazy to approach you s-so brazenly. Now here I am... M-Most eager to talk to y-you... Oh god that came off rude AND cheesy, didn't it? I'm so bad at t-this... I....]]

[center [b Like that the song had ended his dance and his talk was over. Or was it? Alvin gripped her hands tightly like he didn't want to let go. He took a look at the left then the right. He knew the group saw Eric confess his love to her and he didn't want Peyton to look bad before doing this. If anything he could just make up an excuse right..? Well with the coast clear and still looking around he grabbed her hand and bolted off.]]

[center [b "Oh my god I'm doing this I can't believe I just grabbed a girl and ran off! I make Kanzaki look reasonable! I'm crazy! Creepy! Crazy! Insane! I just... I don't want to.. I don't want to give her up not yet."]]

[center [b Taking her a bit out of the festivities in the shallow woods he looked back at her holding her hands still. His face bursting red as he decided to give her a chance to respond to everything he's poured out. Was that it? A chance to respond? Or was he horrified at what he did? He got her here and somehow he imagined having the courage to kiss her the way he wanted too. Yet somehow that courage melted and he felt like a mouse who just tugged on a lion's tail. What was he doing? He thought of letting go of her hands but what if she thought he regretted it? What if he holds on and she thinks he came out here for... Oh gosh! "I didn't think of that! She wouldn't think after a long and hard battle I'd... Do that? Oh hey, Peyton wanna bang in the forest?! GAH No that wasn't my intention! Oh god... what do I say? What can I say? Alvin, everytime you say something you take it so far you can't just play it smoothly? Like Kanzaki? Or sweet like Eric? You gotta go crazy? I don't mean to I just..." He found himself looking into her eyes as he sighed smiling softly. Even if she hit him he was glad he brought her out here even if to have her to himself for but a moment.]]

[center [h3 Spotlight]]

[center [pic http://static.zerochan.net/Akise.Aru.full.890176.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itu0SDslFo4]]

[center [b After Kanzaki had scared the girls off with a laugh he looked back to Peyton. Responding to her comments before he gave her a smile more sinister then intended.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey even if they don't know you're the same cutie we do! She may have a nice tail but you do too if you know what I mean. Haha!]]

[center [b He laughed a bit before he saw Mally. Like that his armor had vanished as she said rather bluntly. "My turn"]]

[center [b With that he smirked pulling her in as the music took another turn. He chuckled his nose touching her own.]]

[center [+darkblue I love a girl who knows what she wants. Want to show them how it's done, princess?]]

[center [b With that Kanzaki had begun to immediately twirl her letting her go a few feet away from him. He knew she'd spin with her usual grace as he transitioned her way with a chassé.]]

[center [b His sliding footsteps followed by a spring her way as he clasped his hands into her own. As he took his legs into a chaînés form shifting his weight quickly with each half turn in his footsteps. As the two began to flow together like water. "Ha makes sense she's the only who keeps up"]]

[center [+darkblue You dance as good as you are fine sexy.]]

[center [b Kanzaki said even more brash than usual as his voice lowered a bit. This was where his talking would end as he gave his mind and body to this dance. It was then that Kanzaki had followed with what wasn't any certain dance but a series of moves he's learned over the years he was sure Mally could keep up and know each technique. He had quickly engaged by holding her hips and lifting her in the air. That was his finishing move the last time and of course, she glided through the air like a swan. Spinning even faster to drop her to the ground to show off her strength and how hard it was to make the girl dizzy. A people already watching and clapping turning into whistling and yelling followed by the lights being dimmed. The lights focusing on the two even those who were focusing on Alvin and Kita turned over to watch. It was then that Kanzaki had begun to elevé rising onto his toes. As he followed with a quick dégagé to disengage a brush of the foot as he used precision and speed to garner distance with a glide or a jump. This was to draw attention to Mally on how she truly was still on her two "seemingly" delicate feet. With that, he closed the distance with a glissade. A sliding continuous movement with allegro and speed almost as if he was gliding on land. It was then he moved with her through the dance floor taking wide steps as he held her hand and hip. As he dipped her backward into a bridge showing off just how flexible she was. As he let go carefully to make sure she held that bridge without hitting the ground as the crowd gasped in surprise. As Kanzaki then followed up with a few grand battements his knee extended and raised. He did a few flexible swift kicks over her belly to show her unflinching resolve. His legs going over her body as the crowd gasped a bit. They were like dangerous fire it was strange in a fight he wasn't too flexible but when he thought of it as dancing? It came naturally it was then he decided to make up a move. He jumped over her body as he grabbed her hands letting her stay bent over backward. As he bent over and grabbed her hands pulling her under his legs he held wide open back to her feet with massive brute strength. He was able to move her like a beautiful rag doll. With that, he threw her in the air to let her land on his shoulders as he urged her to dance with both one and two legs. As he put his hands under her feet pushing her up. Even putting one arm down letting her twirl in the palm of his dance like a gorgeous little music box as he watched her awe the crowd he had let go suddenly letting her land with her own elegance and grace. As he grabbed her hands tightly pulling her in almost like a possessive animal as he stared into her eyes. Longingly almost lustfully as the crowd fell dead silent. Gripping her hands tightly he looked at the right pressing his cheek against her own as the music began to fade. Before playing the next one the crowd took the chance to applaud and cheer the two as Kanzaki returned to his usual relaxed smile.]]

[center [+darkblue Whew! That was fun! Mally I could just kiss you! You were badass out there nice job cutie!]]

[center [h3 Playful Duo]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks2hGA1yV3Q]]

[center [+purple Haha read a man's mind huh? I get it hehehe hey that's pretty good!]]

[center [b She laughed as the two carried on.]]

[center [+purple I should give them lessons huh? I charge cheap if you want some!]]

[center [b She laughed as they fell down he decided to give the poor girl a helping hand. She smiled as she stood on his toes "shuffling" with the man.]]

[center [+purple Smooth~ This the trick that works with all hopeless ladies that can't dance?]]

[center [b She was teasing, of course, she was also grateful for him to get her hat. For such a smart guy he was such a dork but she liked that about him. Though as the two got rather caught up in just goofing around she turned over to see the lights had dimmed watching Mally and Kanzaki as the crowd cheered and clapped she wiggled around as she gave a playful cheer.]]

[center [+purple Try not to skadoodle her on the dance floor buddy but nice job! Hehe oh, my gosh it looked like he was about to eat her up I won't lie if I was her? I'd be a bit scared.]]

[center [b She laughed a little bit as she stopped wiggling as she gave a stretch and a yawn.]]

[center [+purple I don't really wanna sleep but at the same time I do want to take a bit of a break. I love parties don't get me wrong! I just... Well, I'm not as good at getting over emotionally draining days as the others to be a hundred percent honest. I'm grateful it turned out well! Just a bit tired is all if that makes sense you get what I mean?]]

[center [b She asked hoping she wasn't being a total party pooper. She still wanted to talk and eat relax with the others she just wanted a bit to sit and relax at the ship. Maybe even just stay on the ship and wait for the others maybe she'd party more on a day she didn't almost die.]]

[center [h3 Time To Play]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4rZNd7AZ8Y]]

[center [b Claire had followed Alex till it was time to play. She turned back to him and gave a soft nod. "Having fun this can't be too hard right?" it was then she grabbed a ball. As she gave a throw the first one missing. The second one going too far as she threw the third one underhanded going not far enough as she growled in frustration.]]

[center [+lightblue Grrr when did I suddenly start sucking at stuff like this?]]

[center [b She let a sigh and a shrug well it was time to let Alex try. She'd wonder if he'd run into a similar problem that Eric did breaking things he was pretty strong after all.]]

[center [+lightblue You're turn give it a shot.]]

[center [b She said looking at him she was actually a bit curious how he'd handle this game.]]

[center [h3 Bold Captain]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPmclUWF8XE]]

[center [b Styles had mumbled a bit as the sweet beauty helped him into his quarters. It wasn't long though before he felt something was off as he felt.. Air? Were they? Falling yes and his little gift felt the drop in his stomach the rise of heart rate. His power seeing things in what was basically? Glorified slow-motion it didn't make him less drunk though or faster for that matter. He began to move his arms around her slowly as his mind began to strategize. He decided he wouldn't be able to catch her.. He could though cushion her fall. As he fell to the ground letting her land on top of him.]]

[center [+blue Oof!]]

[center [b He chuckled as he looked at her luckily she wasn't all that heavy. He was feeling a bit more awake after a sudden scare like that. There she was giving him that look of worry her eyes seemed a bit different. Was she okay? It wasn't like Styles to try read others but here he was trying his best to figure her out.]]

[center [+blue You know you're pretty damn cute when you worry about that lass. Aye I'm fine don't fret about a thing.]]

[center [b He looked into her eyes the way she looked back at him. What was that? He wasn't sure but he felt this urge down inside of him. Styles was one to believe drink made one do foolish things it simply brought a mans true character. Was he truly so lecherous? Or did Raine have such a charm to her?]]

[center [+blue Aye maybe we should sleep on the bed la- Raine.]]

[center [b Styles wasn't the type to fight an urge or a belief a feeling. He rolled with things he wasn't the type to fret perhaps when he was a cabin boy sure. Though he fought these urges before for little Raine's sake. Perhaps that's why Styles hadn't found many women that stuck around in his life he was rather impulsive.]]

[center [b With that Styles had grabbed at her face looking into her eyes. As he squished her face together giving her a smile a bit devious and yet soft. As the one-eyed scallywag leaned in pressing his rough lips against her own soft ones. As he picked the young lass up standing he fell to his bed. As he held her tightly into a secure and strong hug. He decided to kiss her the way he imagined if she'd push him away he'd understand and never bring it up if that was what she wanted. He rolled on top of her as he held his hand on her cheek tenderly much like a lover would. As he kissed her lips again and again as he pulled back softly his forehead pressed against her own.]]

[center [+blue Ya know lass.. being as attractive as you are around a man in his most vulnerable? To be at you're most radiant? Aye, I don't mean because I'm drinking. The way you walked in my bloody life how scared and angry I was at one of you're mates. How you buried that ship called grudge and lent a helping hand to me and my mate Rose. Rose I... made a promise to look after the kid and here you were helping us out. Ya know lass I'm sure a lot of us are convinced you're some sort of goddess. Maybe we can make you a goddess of the seas?]]

[center [b He chuckled leaning in his nose touching her own softly as the older man looked down at her. He decided to wait a moment to give the poor kid a chance to pull back if she wanted. "Kid" with a body like that she wasn't a kid in some ways. Though despite that fact Styles found himself giving her a softer look even if his hands were on her hips a bit suggestively.]]

[center [+blue Maybe now I can admit you aren't exactly a "kid"]]

[center [b He said as he eyed her up and down and giving her a playful wink as he laughed softly.]]

[center [+blue Hard to tell if I'm blinking or winking huh lass?]]

[center [b He joked as he held her even closer looking deep into those large sexy eyes of hers. So much for a good captain huh? Throwing himself at his first mate.]]

[center [h3 Stalwart Comrade]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/94/71/fd/9471fd50b8101300f0285896d4ce3c91--fate-series.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C-ZgJUVmto&index=2&list=PL2kd9j3aTyoRgE47xRtaPJvqf86EWXyZA]]

[center [b Shirudo had begun to charge the frontlines but as she did the forces that stayed to the front. The uninjured ones began to charge ahead as she bolted to the front slamming her shield in the ground as she grabbed the end. The magitech shield began to shock her body however it had created a massive purple shield over the small army as they shot through and bullets coming in were blocked they, however, could still walk past the shield. That's when Yushiro and Ken stepped in leading the frontline forces and spearheading the attack with Erna, of course, another powerful frontline fighter. Those three were sturdy strong and reliable she wasn't sure about Yushiro but he seemed to have proven himself.]]

[center [+purple Come men! We must rally together! We must not falter! We must not give them an inch we hold this line whatever it takes!]]

[center [h3 In His Stead]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [b Yushiro had charged forward as a tank fired a missile as he sliced it in half destroying it. Ken stepping in and punching the tank from the side as it's cannon began to turn Yushiro came charging in slamming his large blade down on it destroying it in one fell swoop. In terms of simple brute force, his surpassed even Zero.]]

[center [+darkblue Midori reporting in I've already used both blasts before I'm fairly sure. If I've got juice left I'll give it a go it's easy to lose track out here.]]

[center [b He had to keep fighting while his lord rested he must stand in the front. Shirudo and Ken were impressive, yes but for Zero's sake, Yushiro had to be more impressive still. As a few soldiers fired missiles directly at Shirudo to make her cancel her great shield. He jumped in the way slashing them taking one to his body directly as he coughed a bit of blood his suit damaged.]]

[center [+darkblue You will not hurt... not only Tristaina but Romalia as well or anyone for that matter!]]

[center [b He gritted his teeth as far as Yushiro was concerned his allies in Romalia were his brothers and sister in arms facing a tyrant.]]

[center [h3 Loose Cannon]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b Jessica had listened to Nimue talk to Ken as he nodded and listened Jessica had giggled a bit at Nimue calling Zero her man. It was rather sweet and like that they had a game plan. Yushiro, Erna, Shirudo with the main force would hold the frontline Nimue was trying to cut the head off the snake it seemed. Jessica knew she wanted a piece of that action as she ran forward several tanks had come to stop her. She raised her hand to crush six... pushing herself further seven of the tanks closing her hands as she crushed them throwing them to the side. As she began to block and dodge bullets with her super speed and teleportation. Putting a metal field around her to reflect the bullets back into them she didn't want to waste her stamina on this fools. She teleported dashing through touching massive machines with her hand accelerating the flow of time on the nonliving pieces to dust. As long as it wasn't alive she could turn it into dust with a touch. Her vast abilities had her earned the title goddess on the battlefield. However, she had a few glaring weakness's she lacked brute strength and endurance she knew not to clash a foe head-on or to take any direct hits so protecting the front wasn't gonna do her any good. Though in terms of raw damage she could easily do several more times then the frontline forces. Though her powers weren't killing her she too had to be careful how much she used. Using her clairvoyance she teleported ahead it's maximum distance as she spun her spear around killing two troops the third wearing armor stopping her spear dead cold. She pulled her hand up teleporting again crushing the man in the armor. She wanted to help Nimue but if she didn't do enough damage here? They'd crush the frontline! "Damn it Zero you put a heck of a lot of pressure on me and Nimue." she didn't mean that though she was having the time of her life here on the battlefield. Her and Nimue had no qualms about showing the enemy no mercy. Why should they? After everything they've done.]]

[center [+teal Well Nimue I hope you know what you're doing!]]

[center [b With that the woman span her lance charging again with several more high-speed rapid teleports.]]

[center [h3 Fellow Caretaker]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [+lightgreen You are taking on a lot of wounds I can copy abilities with the consent of the person I'm borrowing them from and with physical contact remember? You should let me help take a few off you're burden I can help you heal these soldiers if you let me do that. It is my job after all.]]

[center [b He said reaching out and holding her hands he was waiting for her to transfer her power. A bit pushy for the gentleman, yes but he wouldn't take her noble answer of no to burden it alone. This was his purpose for being here after all besides he couldn't see someone keel over trying to help others when he could have helped. It was then that the queen stepped in as she came over to have Felicity heal him.]]

[center [i Stop I--]]

[center [b It was too late and Zero looked back at the queen and back at Felicity. Before he left he grabbed Felicity by her chin. What seemed like anger at first... Turned into a pained look of anguish and frustration on Zero's face.]]

[center [i Felicity though we hold equal rank in titles I no less as a commander on this mission. Order you to no matter who asks to take on my burden do not heal me. Do I make myself clear?]]

[center [b With that Zero and the queen had left as Clyde sighed a bit looking to Felicity. Offering her his usual laid-back charming demeanor.]]

[center [+lightgreen Don't be alarmed believe it or not he's actually worried about your health. Even if he seems... a bit scary that aside my offer stands. I wish I could say demand but you are the boss after all.]]

[center [b He said placing his hands in his pockets as he gave her a look filled with worry in his eyes despite his smile.]]

[center [h3 Charging Ahead]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ritsuka.Fujimaru.full.1957959.jpg]]

[center [b Ken had kept trying to burst to the front but again he was repelled. He saw the way Yushiro had protected his comrade Shirudo and no matter how many Ken punched down or how many tanks he took down they just kept coming! If Yushiro was going to fight for an allied nation then Ken was going to help Yushiro's commander and punch his way through! At least he was trying to anyhow.]]

[center [#a51d29 Huff... there is just way too many of them! How is this fair?]]

[center [b Ken complained but holding his usual laid back brawler attitude as he wiped under his chin. If punching doesn't work? You just punch harder. That was Ken's motto anyhow.]]

[center [h3 Back To The Front]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Tr9NByHWaM]]

[center [b As Zero begun to make his way to the frontline he looked at his queen and the massive army about to engulf his army. As he began to speak on the comms to Midori as well.]]

[center [i Good work keep it up and keep me updated.]]

[center [b He had clicked the comms out as he looked at his queen.]]

[center [i You're highness... my burden could shorten the lifespan of Felicity she... Has had a hard life as is. I rather not shorten anyone's life after this horrible war. So I ask that we don't have her heal my wounds at the very least.]]

[center [b Zero already felt the guilt of the burden she bore for others to have her bear this? For her to pay the price for his fighting? He couldn't do that no way.]]

[center [i Queen I hope we can keep you a secret to the next fight but if you see you need to step in do so without hesitation.]]

[center [b Hopping back on comms he spoke reminding the wounded soldiers to send all scrap back to Midori while receiving treatment from Felicity.]]

[center [i Midori I want Clyde to aid Felicity in healing the wounded you use the scrap to arm as many as you can and send the most capable our way. Can you handle that and keep an eye on the enemy? ... To be fair I understand this is a lot to ask of you three.]]

[center [b With that Zero had turned his speaker off his voice had softened for that last bit. Those three may not be fighting on the frontlines but he respected the aid they gave all the same. With that Zero had begun to make his way back to the front.]]

[center [b He felt a presence... a voice it was Jessica relaying info from a distance to his mind. Nimue had gone ahead and Ken was trying to push the frontline. Zero had run as fast as he could but without his power was only about as fast as a man could run really. It'd take him a bit to get to the front but he had a strategy in mind he'd cut through the frontlines and give Ken an opening to come in and aid Nimue.]]

[center [i ... Damn it don't do anything too reckless.]]

[center [b Zero couldn't shake these feelings off despite his role as commander. He needed to focus on the mission for her sake to a world everyone can smile. With that he ran forward time passing by he finally made it drawing his blade he looked to Ken.]]

[center [i I'm clearing you a path go forward and help her I'll push here.]]

[center [#a51d29 Are you crazy how will you..?]]

[center [b Zero took a deep breath as he span his blade quickly faster and faster-gaining momentum.]]

[center [i Grimm Volesti!]]

[center [b He cried out as a flash of steel appeared a light encased his blade and body as he swung his blade forward what appeared to be one giant slash was Zero dashing through at speeds even superior to Jessica. A large slash in disguise, in reality, it was hundreds upon of hundreds of slashes as he slashed through the enemy army. "Twenty-five minutes expended."]]

[center [b He huffed a bit panting as he looked forward Ken's jaw dropping as he nodded taking the chance to run ahead punching the stragglers out of his way.]]

[center [i All units move forward behind my lead.]]

[center [b With that the men had cheered "Victory" Zero couldn't pant here he couldn't look tired. To this men, he had to look like an unstoppable beacon of hope no matter what. With that he began to decimate the enemies frontline forces pushing them back.]]

[center [+darkblue Lord Zero... sometimes it's more like he's a force of nature to avoid and wait out a living hurricane instead of a soldier... One day I'll catch up to you.. Come, men! Follow our commander!!]]

[center [b With that the tide had begun to turn as Ken used the chaos caused by them and even Jessica to go aid lady Nimue in her dangerous mission.]]
  Eric / Kudaketa / 45d 13h 20m 37s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally just nodded her head, as they danced she suddenly began to analyze him. Not using her Royal Arm though, just watching how he moved. The big guy was stiff, he had no grace. Mally tried to lead and see if he'd follow her flow but it didn't seem to be working.

How was is that a big guy like Kanzaki could move so gracefully, and effortlessly but Eric couldn't? What about Kanzaki made it easier for him to dance, rather than Eric?
Mally compared the two in her head and wondered what she could do to help.
[#EC871C "Eric, you're too stiff... Try to loosen up."] she said softly, but still in her usual monotone voice.
[#EC871C "Stop looking at your feet, in dance you don't move with those... "]
Mally pulled herself close to him, to help with instruction. Using her hips to push his, and her knees to push his.
[#EC871C "You move with your hips and your knees, and your feet just follow behind...Unless your a ballerina...but you aren't so don't worry about your feet."]

Mally wasn't sure how she could recall this information but it just flowed out of her mouth. [#EC871C "You're too worried about messing up."]
Moving in simple stepping movements, she kept leading him.
[#EC871C "Let your arms relax, they don't do much work until you spin or dip your partner, so loosen up your shoulders and elbows."]

[#EC871C "Once you feel comfortable, tell me and then I'll let you lead... Since you're the big guy, most of the time you should actually be leading."] suddenly her voice didn't sound robotic, it sounded human and it had traces of a noble accent.
As she danced with Eric she heard a voice in her head, like a sound bite from a memory.
[i "Confidence is key. If you confidently approach a task, like you know what your doing, you will do it successful. It's when you let doubt enter your mind that you will fail."]

[#EC871C "Be confident in your steps, if your doubt yourself you will falter and then mess up. If you move confidently you can mask when you make mistakes...and again don't look at your feet, look at me."]

Mally lifted her hand from his shoulder and placed a small finger under his chin and lifted it to make eye contact with her.
Half-way through the song, Mally decided she'd throw him to the wind.
[#EC871C "Take lead, you make the decision how and where we step and I will follow...In your head count along with the music, find the beats and step with the beats."]
At this point she literally stopped dancing, and waited for him to take control.

He did, Eric took control and Mally could tell he was still hesitant, but after some moments she felt him get comfortable. Things smoothed out, and he was doing just fine. It wasn't anything like dancing with Kanzaki, but it was still nice. No longer a toe stomping clutz.
Once the song ended Mally offered a small smile before feeling herself disassociate again.
[#EC871C "You did it Eric, you can dance now."]
With that she curtseyed and walked back off the floor to the sidelines.

Where soon Alvin approached her, asking for his lesson now.
[#EC871C "I normally don't accept late students...but I'll make an exception."] Mally tried once again to speak like she heard the others do sometimes. Making an attempt at a joke, though when Alvin didn't laugh she worried.
[#EC871C "I was trying to do that thing...Uh when you all joke around, it appears I don't quiet understand how it works still...Sorry."] she bowed her head a little bit for a brief moment.

[#EC871C "Let's dance."]
She grabbed Alvins hands, and placed one on her hip and one in her own hand, while her other hand rested lightly on his shoulders. She was only slightly shorter than him. Being one of the taller girls of the group.
Mally nodded [#EC871C "I will lead us first, and I want you to just move with me, okay?"]

Then she felt it click again, the dissociation was off once the music started. Slowly she moved her feet, and guiding them with her hips.
[#EC871C "Don't be so nervous okay?"] her voice as low so the others wouldn't here her instruction. Suddenly she felt she was aware of how easily embarrassed he could get. [#EC871C "I will tell you the same thing I told Eric, confidence is key."]
[#EC871C "Don't look at your feet either, you don't dance from your feet, it's in your hips... Pay attention to how mine move, yours should move the same way when you dance Alvin... More often than not you will actually be leading, seeing as you're the male...sometimes that won't be the case...But since I am leading now take note of what I do."]

Mally patiently and smoothly stepped to the beats with him,
[#EC871C "I know it's scary but try to make eye contact with your dance partner okay?"] the traces of nobility bleed out in her words.
[#EC871C "You know how confident you get on the field? When you fight? Use almost that same confidence when you dance."]
[#EC871C "If doubt yourself, you will falter and then mess up...If you move confidently you can disguise any mistake you might make."]

Somehow at that time Alvin tripped up, Mally moved quickly to make it seem like she had dipped him. [#EC871C "You can even mask your partners mistakes, once you get good enough and confident enough."]
Pulling him back up and right into dancing, she smiled a small smile.
[#EC871C "I am gonna let you lead now, count with the music in your head, and step with the beats, it will make it easy."]
Mally did the same thing she did to Eric with Alvin, and stopped dancing entirely until he began to lead.
[#EC871C "Confidence, Alvin you're in control make me move."]

It took him a bit longer to grasp in than Eric did, Mally figured only because he was easily made to be nervous. Though he slowly but surely got the hang of it. Once the music slowed and ended Mally felt the click in her brain again. [#EC871C "You did it Alvin, you danced and you did it fairly well. "] her voice was monotone once again and she robotically curtsied before him.

Turning she walked off, and past the few swooning boys and girls, straight to Kanzaki. Who was messing with people in his armor, as his form reverted Mally stuck her hand out.
[#EC871C "It's my turn."] she stared up at him and waited for him to grab her hand.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b0bdc80ded272a03a475c0d5d8c9cb50/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Peyton could feel the heat in her face, and thankfully it stayed in her face. Looking over at Kita, as she danced with Alvin while Kanzaki spoke about how cute they both were. Peyton felt a pit of jealousy in her stomach, and turned her gaze away to focus on Kanzaki and them dancing.
Her face was beat red and the more he spoke with her, the more red it got. Didn't have to share her? She rolled her eyes, she knew he didn't have a crush on her. He was just a flirt, she was used to being flirted with like this though.

[#8A2BE2 "I don't think it's just her ear's and tail..."] she mumbled softly referring to Kita's voluptuous body. It didn't help that most everyone had seen it naked now. Also, she had saved them all.
[#8A2BE2 "Most of these people probably haven't realized I am the same person who was with you guys earlier maybe..."]

He called her light as feather, she blinked. Peyton hadn't ever took a moment to look at how skinny she was now. Compared to where she used to be before the labs. Peyton laughed a bit actually at the comment.
[#8A2BE2 "I've never heard that before, but it's very recent that something like that could even be said of me."]

Peyton tried her best to relax and just let him lead, soon she recognized the steps and stopped struggling. Letting Kanzaki lead, she followed his flow. It was nice to dance like this, and soon she recognized the dance. It was the one she learned, the only one she had ever learned. Which made this easier.

Peyton almost yelped when he dipped her, and swung her through the air. Noticing the crowd forming she turned red in the face again, and could feel her nerves start to rake up.
He told her to ignore them, and she did. Focusing on him and their movements. Peyton found herself smiling, as she began to move just fine. He surprised her when they came nose to nose and her face turned bright pink, though once he swung her through the air again, this time it felt more natural, she stopped blushing and stopped worrying.
[#8A2BE2 "Well, you somehow picked the only dance I've ever learned."] she laughed at his comment at her being a natural.

Once their dance was over, she retreated to the sidelines.
Being approached by Alvin she blinked, this was the first time he spoke to her all day. Peyton couldn't help it when he asked her dance, and he called her cute too. Her heart raced and she felt her face flush again.
Maybe her nickname should be tomato instead of queen.

Forgetting about the jealousy that had run through her all day watching him with Kita, and forgetting about the thoughts she had earlier, doubting his words and everything. She smiled, a big wide smile and nodded her head.
[#8A2BE2 "I'd love to dance!"] she almost shouted it, and then blinked a few times. Her voice shrinking in embarrasment, did she sound too eager?
[#8A2BE2 "I-I'll wait."] she mumbled as she very quickly pecked his cheek before turning and walking away.

In the meantime, maybe she'd dance with Eric now. They'd both gotten their lessons. Peyton looked for Eric, and she didn't have to look hard, just had to look up and she could spot him in the crowd of people.
[#8A2BE2 "Hey, Eric...uh..."] she twisted her foot in the dirt back and forth and wrinkled her nose.
[#8A2BE2 "Wanna dance?"]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

Shiloh laughed as Rose came over and grabbed him.
[#8147A0 "You sure know how to read a mans mind."] he joked as he winked, spinning with her and when she fell, he made himself fall too.
That way no one would look at her alone and think badly of her for falling. He laughed with her and at her.
Rose was so cute, and fun. Shiloh enjoyed the childish nature she could have, because it made things exciting for him. Where he didn't have the confidence to do things, she did.

[#8147A0 "Oh, very professional maybe you should give Mally and Kanzaki lessons."] he chuckled with her and as they stood up and he nodded his head.
[#8147A0 "Super bad ass."] he just continued to chuckle and patted her head. Picking up her hat he shook the dirt off it and placed it back on her head.
[#8147A0 "Well milady, now that we've fallen on our arses, let us dance?"] he took her hands and then pulled her close. Lifting her up, he placed his feet under hers, letting her step on his feet.
He shuffled to the beat and smiled.
[#8147A0 "I can't really dance, but I can shuffle and now so can you."] he laughed a bit feeling the confidence she gave him

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex smiled and nodded his head, jumping up to follow Claire.
At first he had got disappointed when she got up, but he realized what she had done.

As the walked over towards the booths, she asked about money.
Alex blinked and reached into his pockets he was broke too.
[#D23F0B "Let's go find the others, maybe they have some left over coins we can use, they had to have had money to play these games."]

Alex led them through the crowd and eventually spotted them over everyones heads. He found Kita standing off the side of dance floor.
[#D23F0B "Hey, Kita my leada, did you guys have any left over coins for the games? Claire and I wanna play."]
Alex smiled and held out a hand much like a beggar would.
Kita nodded and happily handed him the left over coins.

[#EC0E37 "Here take em, use the rest."]

Alex looked back at Claire and smiled. [#D23F0B "You wanted to play the one with balls and the hoops right?"] Alex said taking them back that way as he found the stand again.
[#D23F0B "Let's shoot some hopes."]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/83a9cd34ac0eb3d029bb6de10149f601/tumblr_od5sa7b66n1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Raine smiled and nodded her head. [#6495ED "My point exactly, I'd be perfect on the seas."]

[#6495ED "Maybe we should find out since we are in civilization again"] she chuckled lightly, the thought of what year and day it was bouncing around loosely in her head.

Raine found herself blushing when he kissed her cheek, and whispered about her hips. Shivers went up her spine, and her heart began to race. Butterflies floated around her stomach, and she had never felt this before. He had leaned in was closing her eyes.
Was he gonna kiss her? Raine was just about to close her eyes and meet him when...he slouched over and started snoring.

Raine blinked, and sighed. Was it relief? Was it disappointment? A bit of both? As he snuggled her, she thought about it for a moment. Realizing the truth of her feelings. How did she not notice before?
Raine had a crush on him, and she could tell by the fact that her heart was still racing. Thinking about how often she wanted him to be around, even back in the arena.

They were cramped together on the couch, and Raine figured moving to a bed would be a better idea. Much better on the captains back probably too.
[#6495ED "Captain..."] she gently shook him.
[#6495ED "Captain, we shouldn't sleep on the couch, let me help you into a bed."] she wiggled out of his grasp and helped him up.
He sleepily leaned against her as she struggled through the ship until she found a bedroom. They were bigger in this ships, the rooms and the beds.

[#6495ED "Almost there come on Zack."] she said sweetly, but it was obvious she was struggling as she began to stumble with him towards the bed, she tripped over own feet.
Gasping she squeezed her eyes tight and prepared to meet the floor with a thud.

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[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/6b329c304c9d01e8e525675d8512e5f7/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Kita smiled and chukcled a bit at Alvin's nervousness. It was cute, and quirky how awkward he could be. She thought it was fun how shy he was, it made her happy to see him try to conquer his nervousness though.
[#EC0E37 "I'd love to catch up and talk Alvin, we can catch some drinks later okay?"] she smiled and faked a curtsy for him, since she wasn't wearing a skirt.

[#EC0E37 "I enjoyed our clumsy dance too, don't be so worried."] she patted his shoulder and then nodded her head with a wide smile.

Walking away she went and wondered off the side where she found Ren.
[#EC0E37 "There you are, hey let's dance... Everyone else you should too."] she grabbed his hand a to the dance floor they took.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren had nodded as Kita pulled him to the floor, he placed his hand on her hip and the rest of it followed through.
[#6C80A3 "Hey while I have you actually... I have something important to tell you."]

Kita rose an eyebrow and looked at him. Ren sighed [#6C80A3 "Well..."]
He told her everything Riuku did as they danced, the loud music covering it up.

Kita bit her lip and sighed. [#EC0E37 "I don't know Ren, how do you know we can trust her...? She is responsible for what happened to the people I was protecting...."]
[#6C80A3 "You have to understand she was just following orders and even then she didn't want to, she saved more than she let die. Even if they are living in the labs again they're alive... because she wouldn't let them just kill them all. She pushed for that...please Kita she's the only person of them all I'd trust... and she's supposed to be fighting with them on the Romalia front lines but she abandoned that to come here."]
[#EC0E37 "What if she's lying? What if she isn't supposed to be there? What if she was sent here?"]
[#6C80A3 "She just wants to ask some questions... even if she was lying would it hurt to help her mission?"]

[#EC0E37 "We will run it by the others at the end of the night...I don't want to ruin every ones fun just yet...."]

They came to an agreement and finished their dance before parting way again. Kita's happy energy now seemed a little sapped as she looked around. Taking a moment to sit down of to the side, she watched everyone enjoying themselves and each other.
It made her happy to know she did this for them, it made her feel better...but she had still failed the others before this...
Did any of this really redeem her?
If they helped Riuku and shut down the labs...That seemed more like redemption.
Then she'd be freeing the people who were taken again, and the ones that never got out. It wasn't the same as saving a town full of strangers.

Still she wanted everyone to have an input in this situation.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/715ecd50ebc4bd9c04baa0b4e8183817/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Felicity couldn't lie and say she didn't feel overwhelmed, because she did.
As she moved from solider to solider, she'd feel the pain of their wounds and some of them were carrying infections and sickness too.
One solider came in with a largely sliced open shoulder, and when she put her hands on him the transfer began.
It began slow, first a tiny cut formed on her shoulders as the mans wound began to shrink. Then the cut opened and grew in size, more as his shrank. Blood began to ooze from her shoulders, as the mans blood began to dry up and disappear.
Within a minute Felicity had a ripped open shoulder and the man was left without even a scar.
It took another whole minute for her body to heal the damage she recieved but then she got back up and kept moving.

It was like this for while, Felicity had never set foot on a battle field before but by the end of this she would have received ever wound imaginable you could receive on the battle field.

It was sometime with Clyde approached her again, with an idea he had to discuss with her alone. She looked at the wounded soldiers and held up a finger. [#FBB004 "One moment."]
Felicty placed her hands on both of the soldiers before her, they both had gunshot wounds. Within a moment the bullets popped out of their skin and the holes closed, with identical holes appeared on her body.
Though those wounds left within a moment as well.
[#FBB004 "Okay now let's go talk."]

She lead them both to an isolated tent where no one was.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/c7715398d8e0c34a3caf9a65f658e1c3/tumblr_ouum2p42kq1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

Midori clicked away, looking from monitor to monitor, switching between radio to radio.
Creating her own radio channel, which only she could link signals too.

Awaiting for a ready signal, once she got it she began the hack on the elite squad once she identified them on the the radars. Noticeably hacking, as to grab their attention. Otherwise, she'd never be caught but she wanted their attention.
Once radio began to go haywire and she knew she had their attention.

Now to pray that they'd move in to strike and Zero would take them down entirely.

Midori found Zero on the comms, and linked the signal to her private channel.
[#F741B4 "Zero, I've got their attention. Radio messages say they'll be moving in quick."]
She heard she needed to aquire a drone.
[#F741B4 "Easy peasey."]
Looking to the 4th monitor of her station it was a hack to sense drones in the area. Finding one, she hacked into and took control, now have a visual aspect of what was going on on the field.
[#F741B4 "Almost like streaming a hot action movie, where your friends are the stars."]
Even amongst a serious fight, she could joke a round. Though maybe it was easier for her because she wasn't actually on the battle field.

Midori saw the screen began to flash that was monitoring Yushiro's mech. So far it was fine, but he was finally in combat. This signaled Midori to know that the elite squads had arrived, and where. She guided the drone their and kept it away from the combat but close enough to see what was going on.

Midori had never seen Zero fight before, so when she witnessed the monitor scene she gasped. [i Wow.]
[#F741B4 "Glad he's on my side."] she mumbled to herself.

Jessica told her to send it to the reporters. [#F741B4 "Aye Aye!"] quickly typing away she sent it to the reporters and then cut the signal so they couldn't trace it. Though she sent it with a little message.
[#F741B4 [i "Here ya go guys, a little something to use for your reporting job."]]

As for the blueprints, she found them. Zero wanted her to destroy them, but could she really? Midori glanced over them and saw how amazing they were. With a grin, she took the time to download a a copy and then triple encrypted it and locked it in a zip file on her own private server. It was intensely firewall and password protected.
She didn't even want to weaponize, just study it later.
Then she deleted the versions of it off all other servers possible. Albion themselves had lost their own blueprints now.

Midori resumed her tasks now, listening to radio serves, allied and enemies and watching the monitors.

Midor took notice of the tanks hurting their front lines.
[#F741B4 "Yushiro, those blasts I attached to your suit? They should be powerful enough to get of the tanks too. Remember though use them wisely, only two times."]

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/518361671cf14de42a805446bcbfcaf0/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Nimue had been waiting and defending the front line while Zero did what he did best. Jessica had played it for them, as Nimue stretched and flapped her wings a few times lifting herself off the ground now.
[#F64408 "That's my man."] she remarked with a smile.
Even though she knew what kind of toll that took on him, she was still proud of him.

[#F64408 "We are gonna start disrupting their lines now, we need to reach the center of them...No mercy either...."]

Nimue took her stare and placed it on Ken, as he continued to question Zero even after what he just saw.
[#F64408 "The man just took out an entire elite and squall unit himself, in under a minute...That's a ton of energy to expel in short notice. he needs rest."]
Though it was much deeper than that, Nimue didn't even want him to step on the field again. She planned to reach the center before the others, once they got close enough she'd just fly over the other enemies.
She hoped to wipe out most of what was waiting there before Zero needed to step in again.
Less work for him, meant more time he had to live. Literally.

Nimue then looked at everyone and smiled. [#F64408 "Let's go, I think if we spread out in a line formation we can take more out and quicker like that...and then we will all also be right next to each other if one of us gets in trouble."]

With that she began to advance, propelling herself forward in the air. At some point she had picked up a quarter staff. Nimue just chuckled when Ken called her a Hero.
[#F64408 "Not everyone thinks that."] she said grimly before flying high right at the enemy line. She found a tank and closed in on it. Raising the quarter staff above her head she used the speed and momentum of falling to gather enough strength.
As she brought it down over the tanks barrel, crushing it. That took care of one tank. The quarterstaff broke at the impact though, she discarded it and then quickly flew back to her formation. Standing between Jessica and Shirudo.

Jessica dodge bullets and swords alike, without a problem. Being nimble and quick made it easy. Standing on her feet for a moment she grabbed a nearby sword wielding enemy troop. As he moved to strike her she ducked around him and twisted his arm back. Elbowing him hard in the face and pulling the sword out of his hand so hard it dislocated his shoulder. Raising the sword up she kicked the troop back and stabbed through the weak point in his armor leaving him alive, bleeding out and nailed to the floor as she moved to her next victim.
Nimue wasn't a hero, she knew that. She wouldn't kill any of these men quickly or without pain. She'd give them no mercy in a quick painless death. She'd let them squeal and wriggle in pain before death greeted them.
A woman with a long scythe ran towards her, Nimue simply flipped up through the air and turned coming down behind the woman, grabbing at her shoulders she pulled hard enough, using her feet to help her as she pushed the woman's back, breaking the lady's spine. With a loud resounding pop, the woman's arms came lose and Nimue discarded them off to the side. Leaving the woman disabled and arm-less to bleed out on the floor.

She'd make it to the center, and she needed to be quicker than everyone else if she were to delay Zero from further combat she needed to be quick and avoid being hit at all. So far, so good.
Nimue couldn't help but wonder though, what lurked at the center of the field. What commanders had they put in charge here?

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/4bee51c876a7029cb2294ad787852358/tumblr_oy221tGA5F1ucxjaeo3_400.png]
She stayed quiet while everyone talked, she wasn't keen on being social with them yet. Though she normally minded to herself anyway.

Erna had held her great-sword in both her hands, as they charged forward she thought about what she had seen Zero do. While she still didn't trust them, she knew they wouldn't leave Romalia to be crushed, that much she trusted.
Wrinkling her nose a little bit, she swung her sword effortlessly, limbs flying off enemies as she passed threw them.

A large solider stood before her and they began to battle it out, she dodged a slash just in time, as a little cut formed on her cheek from the tip of their blade. She smirked and swung low instead of high, lodging her sword into the persons thigh, before swiftly pulling it out and kicking them square in the chest, bringing them to their knees. The solider moved to get up and strike her again but she dodged by side stepping. As she did, she struck through their back, yanking her sword out she could see through the massive hole in their chest.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/3ae5762c572e153fb5bdcabebb539723/tumblr_okhy1lr5R61ucxjaeo1_400.png]
Evelynne looked out on the battlefield from the ships window.
It wasn't her turn to go fight yet, she was a final secret weapon. Germania wouldn't expect the Tristiania queen to show up here, and it'd stay that way until it was her turn in the plan.
Watching as the others began to charge, she scanned the place for Zero who was sitting down to rest on the battlefield.
[#56A944 "Idiot..."]

Evelynne threw on a robe, which concealed her identity and ran out to get him. While no enemies remained standing on the field near him, she would let him risk resting in a combat zone. Coming to his side, she grabbed his arm silently and threw it over her shoulder.
[#56A944 "Let's move, you shouldn't rest in a combat zone...and I have an idea. "]
Evelynne thought about Felicities ability and wondered if she could absorb his exhaustion and heal the wounds his royal arm was causing him at this very moment.

She stuffed them into a land rover, and drove back into the Romlian territory. Finding the tent Felicity was in, and bringing Zero with her.
[#56A944 "Don't be alarmed, he is fine but I was wondering if you could just patch him up now as is."]

Felicity blinked and looked at Zero, he looked tired and blood was oozing out of his ears. She just nodded and without question placed a hand on his head. A massive pain burst through her skull, and she almost flinched. Her arm certainly began to shake, as her own blood trickled out of her ears, his seemed to dry up and stop dripping.
[#56A944 "Thank you Felicity...Clyde."] she nodded at them her robe still hiding her face.

With that she took Zero back towards the front lines, it was their turn to wait on the others now.

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[Center [b Occ:]]
[center Ariadna is still just fighting and sniping on the boats, and the royals we can put on the back burner till after the fight now. Riuku is in waiting for Ren's signal to approach which won't happen till after the festivities.]
  Lypophrenia / 47d 4h 29m 28s
[center [h3 Dancing Knight]]

[center [center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-a53fm5wsM&t=1049s]]]

[center [b Eric had turned over to look at Peyton. Had it really bothered her so much? Had he misunderstood? Sure she was feisty but it was hard to tell which was more serious than the other. Eric had felt a small sting in his chest he wasn't sure what it was. He had offered her a bittersweet smile a little less bright than usual.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry... Peyton I hadn't meant any harm by it.]]

[center [b With that he offered her a half a bow as the group went to go dance. Eric hadn't meant to but he hadn't responded to her memories of home. "I really upset her huh?" he found himself in the corner of the dance floor. He rubbed the back of his neck but it wasn't long before he smacked his forehead. It wasn't like the gentle giant to feel regret or to be frustrated but perhaps this was part of breaking out of Jessica's control? Or maybe this is just what love does? Before Eric began to ponder on the thought Mally had come over offering him a lesson with a massive red mark on his forehead he gave her a brimming smile.]]

[center [+brown I would love to dance Mally so where do I start?]]

[center [b He put his hands out as the music began to play. Men and women began to vocalize as flutes and drums began to play in strange traditional music. Traces of modern music could be heard alongside signs and prayer beads being placed on the platform for "The Great Wolf Spirit"]]

[center [b As strange as it was it was awfully pretty and certainly upbeat it was... Relaxing too Eric had fumbled awkwardly as he let Mally take the lead. He tried his best not to step on her toes as he let out a small chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Haha I'm sorry hun I am a complete clutz.]]

[center [h3 Dancing With A Cutie]]

[center [pic http://static.zerochan.net/Akise.Aru.full.890176.jpg]]

[center [b Kanzaki had held Peyton's hands showing a surprising amount of gentle nature. Firm but not tight as he let out a chuckle to the strange choice of music. He let a shrug out as he looked back to Peyton.]]

[center [+darkblue These locals seemed to be so enamored with our fearless leader. Sure wolf ears are cute I admit but how many chicks can look like two different cuties? I think that'd warrant more attention huh? Though I guess I should be grateful I don't have to share you right now haha. Hmm? Oh yes let's get started adorable student of mine.]]

[center [b With that Kanzaki had begun to spin around Peyton as he twirled her around. She seemed a bit resistant to the flow.]]

[center [+darkblue I can tell from the way you move you don't like others trying to help you move along. You have to let that go and move with the flow count on that partner helping you move around. Course you being light as a feather so that helps too haha. Though a compliment like that doesn't mean much coming from freaks of nature like to huh?]]

[center [b That in being a reference to the inhuman rather monstrous strength the two had. Sure Kanzaki knew even if his partner was heavy it wouldn't matter but she was light on her feet. As a dancer, he could see that but instead of giving her too much verbal aid he decided another approach. He may have been a little slower a bit more clumsy on the battlefield but on the dance floor, he was another man entirely. His face had turned more somber as he corrected each of her steps with his own feet. With swift descent but yet with gentle force as he began to dance with her. He decided a more traditional dance much like one that would be seen in a ballroom he repeated this pattern with her for some time. It was much like his dance with Mally having some ballet to the mix. He had forgotten who taught him this dance perhaps it was an old dance in Tristaina. Regardless he had tightly held her hands dipping her and picking her up into the air as he swung her around. As a small crowd began to look Kanzaki had pulled her close.]]

[center [+darkblue Ignore them beautiful just focus on the here and now and look at me.]]

[center [b Kanzaki said trying to make sure she didn't get caught up in her embarrassment. Letting each of his corrections be as subtle as possible so no one would have to know. She was, of course, getting the hanging of it she was a smart girl after all. Kanzaki had pushed her leg a bit backward his nose close to her own. This action was a bit more aggressive than the rest as he picked her up by her waist swinging her around letting her legs swing through the air in a more proper manner due to him pushing them before. With that, a few people had offered the two an applause as he gave her a smile with a chuckle.]]

[center [+darkblue Not bad cutie not bad at all! I gotta say you are a natural milady!]]

[center [h3 First Dance]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Rose had come over to see Shiloh all by himself. What a goof he hasn't asked anyone to dance yet? She thought to herself rolling her eyes with a giggle. Of course, she gave the man a peek and giggled even more at the reason. He was awfully shy for such a smart guy she had come over and grabbed his hands with a childish grin. As she began to spin around with the man. She knew she couldn't really dance but the music gave her so much energy. She had kept right on spinning and spinning in this quaint adorable little place. As she held on to the man.]]

[center [+purple Whee!! I think I'm getting a little dizzy~!]]

[center [b She laughed as her fingers slipped and she fell on her behind her hat had also flown right off. She had reached over grabbing it as she looked back to Shiloh laughing.]]

[center [+purple I think we all know who the best dance really is fufufu~ Wanna know my secret? See when I was a child... Aliens came and said "Little lady you wanna learn the ways of badass and awesome dancing?" and I said "Nah fam I got this" so then I taught them all to dance. The secret was the Rose spin an ancient art that I was born with!]]

[center [b She said as she gave the man a cocky grin as she placed her hands on her hips.]]

[center [+purple Pretty badass right~?]]

[center [b She mewled playfully as she placed a hand over mouth with a small fit of giggles.]]

[center [h3 Hmm]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/V1e9qet.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyv-icdcE8s]]

[center [b Claire had eaten and drunk though instead of alcohol like the others she chose soft drinks. Though she was sure some of them like Alvin wasn't much of a drinker either. Booze wasn't exactly her thing nor did she like the smell of it for that matter. It was then when Alex had asked if she'd want to go play games. She had stood up and began to walk away as she stopped to look back at him.]]

[center [+lightblue You coming? We are playing right?]]

[center [b She asked as she waited for him to catch up before coming to a broken high striker with a sigh. So they had looked for another game it was then she saw a hoop with balls at the end. She looked at Alex realizing she hadn't brought any cash.]]

[center [+lightblue You have any coins? I think I forgot to ask the others about that..]]

[center [b She said looking away a bit embarrassed to admit she was flat broke. Sure they all were right? Maybe Kita and the others got a reward here? Or they found money on the ship? Regardless even if it made sense she didn't have any coin. She was still embarrassed to admit it anyhow. Perhaps because asking for help wasn't exactly her strong suit after all.]]

[center [h3 She Said Yes?]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/tSnajcD.jpg]]

[center [b She... Did she say yes? Alvin had held onto her awkwardly as he danced at a rather slow pace. He didn't try anything fancy just spinning around slowly as he held her hand another at her waist. High on her waist so as to not cause any attention. His palm began to grow sweaty as he avoided eye contact being this close to a girl. Not just a girl but Kita it drove him wild sure they were just dancing as friends he knew that! Still, it drove him wild he couldn't look her in the eye. God, why is this so awkward! Was this a good idea? "I didn't think this through did I?"]]

[center [b It was then he saw Peyton and Kanzaki dancing and of course he was a bit of a show-off. He did rather well he was confident and sure of himself as always as he was trying to smooth talk, Peyton. Alvin couldn't help but feel a little jealous. Wait for a second... if he was jealous how... No, he was giving Peyton space to make sure she was okay. Was that it? Or was he scared to confront her? "I want to talk to her! What if she isn't mad... Stop being so damn paranoid Rex! Alvin ugh whatever! Just stop! What if she... and I know your brain can handle the idea. What if she meant what she said? That even as complicated as things are? She still feels that way? Then you ask Kita to dance cause you are a big scaredy cat! How will Peyton feel?" God, he felt like an idiot. He hadn't meant he didn't enjoy his dance with Kita though. However, it felt a bit of a guilty pleasure he never had to worry about hurting a girl before. It was all so new to him he felt so terrible he found his heart racing.]]

[center [b No he wouldn't let guilt show on his face he didn't want that to affect this dance with Kita. She was his first friend at the lab she deserved to see he enjoyed this. He'd talk with Peyton... let her know that he... Didn't just... Why would she care? If you forget? He thought to himself "Why?" ugh "Damn it no more running away I'll tell Peyton nothing has changed and if she doesn't care? She can reject me it's fine! We can be friends she deserves to know how I feel! How I still feel and that's final!"]]

[center [b With that Alvin had sighed softly and smiled at Kita it was a shy and nervous smile. Though as awkward as it was he managed a smile all the same.]]

[center [+green S-So umm... You did really awesome out there in the a-arena. H-Hey umm... M-Maybe later we can catch u-up..? I-I know that sounds so weird! It's just been awhile a-a-and umm.. I-I've missed you is all...]]

[center [b Though the song playing hadn't lasted very long before Alvin knew it. It had ended as the announcer stepped forward with a mic.]]

[center Are you guys and gals ready for that special slow dance? Grab your next partner and let loose!]

[center [b The energetic man yelled hinting at the crowd to shake it up with different partners as Alvin looked back at Kita's eyes than the ground. As he held his arm looking back at her with a small timid smile.]]

[center [+green I-I'm sorry I-I can't really d-d-dance but I-I.. I really e-enjoyed it!]]

[center [b With that he reached in to give her hug stopping about halfway through. As hesitation hit him he reached out to give her a handshake and a bow. As he turned around rather stiff walking away. "Ugh! Alvin, you are an idiot!" he thought to himself as he facepalmed his forehead. Though dancing with her... When he looked at her eyes she looked every day. Of course, she did but regardless he enjoyed dancing with her all the same. It was then he walked toward Peyton as he tugged her arm he looked around seeing that lots of men had asked Kita to dance. Kanzaki had looked back at Alvin as he looked to Peyton. Before he could speak however a few females had approached Alvin asking him questions.]]

[center [+pink Hey is it true your the wolf's champion? Would you like to dance with me?]]

[center [+red Wait could you maybe spare me a dance?]]

[center [b Alvin's chest started to pound what was this attention? Was it because he and Kita fought in the arena today? Was it him they liked? Or the reputation? He didn't want to be rude and he was flattered sure. Though he just wanted to talk with..]]

[center [+darkblue Hey ladies why dance with him when you can with me?]]

[center [+pink That's nice but--]]

[center [b Kanzaki had turned and given Alvin a wink as his form suddenly changed into his black steel form. His voice distorted as he again spoke.]]

[center [+darkblue You sure ladies? I'm a killer dancer!]]

[center [b With that the women let out a small shriek taking a few steps back as Kanzaki laughed heading off. He had given Alvin and Peyton a wave as his form reverted.]]

[center [+darkblue Thanks for the dance cutie I wonder who my next partner will be.]]

[center [b Alvin had taken a deep breath as he gave Kanzaki a small smile with a timid wave. "Wow he's... actually a pretty nice guy isn't he?" sure Alvin felt rude for thinking that. He wasn't sure if Kanzaki was just a ladies man or not but he was actually kinda perceptive when he wanted to be. Unlike Eric though it wasn't as if Eric's naive nature was exactly unpleasant. Alvin was glad to have made such nice friends... Oh, thinking of which! He said he'd take lessons from Mally! Crap he got so caught up in everything yikes well... Maybe...]]

[center [+green U-Umm.. I-I w-was wondering... M-Maybe after Mally g-gave m-me a few p-pointers i-i-if we could um...]]

[center [b Alvin's heart had begun to pound and pounce as he looked back at her and away his face flushed red. He wanted to ask in a way that felt special in a way that felt smooth. Smooth like Kanzaki or sincere like Eric. He looked to Peyton and took another deep breath.]]

[center [+green I... I'd love to share this next dance with you. I-I want to learn a-a few things... As... As cute as you are and... as sweet as you are... I think learning a few things is the least I can do....]]

[center [b He said mumbling the second half as his eyes widened as he looked at her cheeks burning red. As he shook his head but followed with a nod to reassure that's what he really wanted. He stood in silence as he gave her a wave and began to walk away. He'd give her a bit to think about i-]]

[center [b Wait did he? She already had Kanzaki hitting on her! "Cute and sweet? Yes, she was... I was going to tell her later I still.. Wait is this me trying to flirt?! Me flirting?! God if it is I suck at it running away right afterward! What if she thinks I'm just toying around or being a player? Really Alvin you? A player? She could think that still! Even if I am terrible with women... Should I really be so willing to admit to myself I am bad at this? How can I fake confidence if I don't believe in it! Ugh! It's okay even if she says no you can let her know you meant everything. We can be friends, right? It was then that Alvin walked over to Eric and Mally as he was giving her a bow patting her head afterward. Offering another genuine "Eric" smile or as Alvin called it. "Knight in shining smile." With that Eric had walked over to Peyton it was obvious what he was going to do. Alvin had looked at Mally he had looked away and back at her.]]

[center [+green I-I'm r-ready for t-those l-l-lessons... Sorry I-I didn't umm... C-Come here first...]]

[center [b Would she mad? Sure she was stoic but knowing Alvin's luck he'd find a way to mess it up. Or be the one to make her angry sure that wasn't thinking logically. Alvin knew that but he couldn't help but worry he'd upset her perhaps it was a habit to think that way? Those thoughts aside Alvin had given Mally another timid look before looking back down at the group. Always with the look of guilt or awkward struck upon his face.]]

[center [h3 Been Awhile Cap]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6368/7d3be7e144f4ce477304afaf8f9aa9079f2fb615_hq.jpg]]

[center [+blue Never die huh? Immortal band of scallywags? That doesn't sound half bad!!]]

[center [b He laughed as he patted her shoulder she seemed rather energetic when you got her talking. She was a sweet little thing but she was enjoyable to talk to as well.]]

[center [+blue Ya know... That is a good point I'm not sure if any of us know what year it is haha!]]

[center [b He had chuckled with a light tint on his face as she rather naively hinted they use her hips. He had caressed her hips softly before tapping her lips while she began to nom on his fingers as he again laughed softly. As he leaned in whispering in her ear.]]

[center [+blue I wouldn't mind using those hips little Raine heh...]]

[center [b He smiled as he leaned in kissing her cheek softly. As he sat up leaning his nose against her own as he held onto her body tightly. Falling closer to her lips as the captain made his bold move. As his lips fell inches from her own his eyes falling shut as his forehead bumped into her own. Followed by a low rumble a snore? The captain had fallen asleep on the young lass. As he snuggled her into his arms pulling her into his chest almost as if she was a small stuffed toy. As he snuggled into her in his drunken sleep.]]

[center [h3 War Front]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QlcgzVj.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgtmerhwbK0]]

[center [b Yushiro had put his suit on as the airship began to fly into the fight. They'd be going in blind right? Sure this was the enemy main force but beyond that? What did they know? Magitech suits right? Numbers and advanced tech. Yushiro didn't need to know what was in front of him he was ready to face what was needed no matter how hard. As the Airship landed they could hear bombs and bullets as well as clashing of steel ahead as they unit stepped of the Hero Storm ship. Yushiro had then awaited the order of his commander Zero.]]

[center [h3 Left Behind]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]

[center [b Clyde had put a hand on Felicity's shoulder with a smile and a thumbs up.]]

[center [+lightgreen Hey this is why I'm here! Don't worry I'm trained to handle stuff like this I'll feel better in no time!!]]

[center [b He said as he patted her back much like a brother in arms as he offered her a smile. With that, they began to head to the wounded in the infirmary. As he watched her work her job he had placed his hands too on many soldiers those were shaken those who were lost. Clyde knew better than to absorb it all bit by bit while offering words of encouragement. He smiled talking to each and every man and women. A good way to start was with a smile checking if they were okay and letting the mood settle then follow with a joke. This has to be well executed if they laugh ask about their life back home. Get them rambling if you can and show plenty of emotion to any story they share. If they don't laugh it may take further absorption and further inspection. A pat on the shoulder and show of affection with perhaps another later attempt at humor. Laughter was the best medicine after all others to be taken to a tent alone and given a chance to cry and scream out one's frustrations. It was important he introduced himself here as a counselor of sorts. One who volunteered to be here it was important to look as if he'd rather be nowhere else then here. That was true, right? He did want to help after all though he had come over to Felicity to ask.]]

[center [+lightgreen Are you okay? If not let me know and I have just the idea but we'll need to discuss it alone.]]

[center [b The plan was obvious with contact and consent he could borrow's one's power. Sure Royal Arms weren't secret but he was told to keep his unique ability under wraps if at all possible. He could borrow her power and take some of her burden sure they'd have to stay in physical contact but he could shoulder some of her burdens. He was here to offer her support as her second that was his duty.]]

[center [h3 Heavy Burden]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6lFv09.jpg]]

[center [b It was then that the group had landed comms at the ready. As Zero looked to his men behind him and began to give further instruction.]]

[center [i We don't have any visual comms for Midori to intercept so if possible confiscate such technology from a Germania soldier it will be Albion made. She will be hacking into the servers and causing chaos these pieces of tech will be worn around your head over the eye. Speak Midori's name in intervals until she responds the piece should be able to use audio. Once she secures a channel we can use these to be her eyes on the field any questions?]]

[center [#a51d29 Yes Lord Zero the front lines will be riddled with the elites once this hacking starts. Maybe-]]

[center [i I am aware this will grab the elite's of Germania to the front and so is Midori this is what we intended. Any further questions? If so the order is to stand as one unit and charge. I will give further instruction when the time arises.]]

[center [#a51d29 Huh..? Sir are you sure you're THE Zero? A man of strategy and blade this seems a little...]]

[center [+purple Understood we will charge forward me and Yushiro can take the front.]]

[center [#a51d29 Haha okay fine fine! I won't argue sounds right up my alley anyhow!]]

[center [b With that Zero had begun to walk ahead as the rest of the team had begun to charge forward as he pulled his comms out.]]

[center [i Troops on Galia border I order you to cover the withdraw and cover the rear. Supplementing forces are on the way stay alert on standby while tending to the wounded that is an order. Any troops severely wounded will stay on standby regardless. Now call in Midori take a drone and follow my movements if possible I will be requiring you're assistance. As well as try to secure channels into Germania comms be careful Albion will have hackers trying to pinpoint your location.]]

[center [pic https://zyrogatefaine.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/army-1.jpg?w=457]]

[center [b It was then that the enemy army had finally sent in not only it's armed frontline soldiers armed with firearms. Now it's knights wielding advanced weapons and armor as they charged into the fray.]]

[center [h3 Yushiro]]

[center [b Yushiro had charged in headlong to the fight with Shirudo as they ravished the frontlines.]]

[center [+darkblue Ha! If these are the frontlines this will be easy!]]

[center [+purple No they haven't arrived yet stay alert!]]

[center [b With that a few tanks had entered the fray firing missiles. As Shirudo took the front holding her massive shield blocking each missile for the unit as Romalia's army started to withdraw.]]

[center [+purple What is Zero thinking? Is he trying to spare the troops? Can such softhearted actions really be befitting of a commander?]]

[center [+darkblue Hey do not question Lord Zero! It is our job to follow his orders got it?!]]

[center [#a51d29 Ha! If you say so then fine!]]

[center [b Ken said wielding his enhanced gauntlets and magitech "armor" rather a white cloak enhancing strength and speed. As Ken showed his martial prowess charging forward blocking and avoiding bullets punching his way through the enemy ranks. As Yushiro fired a laser himself handling a few tanks as Shirudo kept this unit of three safe blocking gunfire, bombs, and heavy artillery fire. Her nor her shield would yield as she protected her allies and Yushiro had respected that. The army had begun to close in on the three as new forces begun to arrive.]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Pixiv.Fantasia:.Sword.Regalia.full.1176340.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue So here are the elites! Nice!!]]

[center [+red Yes the Squall unit has arrived as well.]]

[center [pic https://hdqwalls.com/download/robot-scifi-anime-war-dj-1080x1920.jpg]]

[center [+red You three intend to be a frontline all on you're own? Ahh, Ken... Shirudo I see you've gotten new friends.]]

[center [b The woman spoke holding a bright sword with a large mech behind her. Her armor too had begun to glow as other women like her began to show up.]]

[center [#a51d29 I guess you got a new toy huh what is that a giant living magitech?]]

[center [+red A gift from Albion what it is.. Isn't you're concern. I'm here to prove a point to the futility of this war. Men do not interfere in this fight Unit Squall will handle these three and this so-called hero "Zero" yeah? Thought we didn't know?]]

[center [+purple Enough talk.]]

[center [b Shirudo raised her shield determined as Yushiro ran ahead firing his massive laser his second and final shot at the mech damaging it a bit as he slashed at the woman. The mech, however, standing in the way and blocking Yushiro's strike and sending him back. As a few of these quick women had dashed in slashing at Yushiro from all sides as he grunted and struggled in pain as Ken charged at the commander herself.]]

[center [#a51d29 Scarlet!]]

[center [b Ken had dashed in throwing a kick as she grabbed his foot with rather quick reflexes dashing through and slashing him. As the mech began to move in Shirudo stood in the way slamming it back with her shield. As it fired missiles at her shield and clawing at her as well. As a large energy barrier covered her massive shield as she grunted in pain her arm had begun to bleed as well.]]

[center [+red We've gotten a few upgrades since then Ken I think these "prototypes" are pretty operational so we can send the data back and say it was a success after killing you of course. Ha! Even Yushiro the prodigy of Lord Zero himself is being pushed back! See how pointless this fight is? Do you see?]]

[center [b With that Yushiro had been flung back into Ken as he caught the man placing him on his feet. As the group heard rumbling of... A second mech.]]

[center [+darkblue Heh.. hate for it to get boring right?]]

[center [#a51d29 Haha couldn't have said it better myself! Shirudo you holding up all right?!]]

[center [+purple Yes! Though I'm not sure if I can hold both of those back.. Where are the others?! Probably handling the massive army behind. This doesn't look so good.]]

[center [h3 "Hero"]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtKrrkazRWE]]

[center [i The ruckus here should have bought Midori time to observe what is happening here.]]

[center [b Zero had entered the fray as he slowly drew the white steal from his scabbard. As he looked to Yushiro and the others.]]

[center [i Go supplement the others.]]

[center [#a51d29 Are you crazy?! Look Zero I know you are super tough and all but even you--]]

[center [+darkblue He said go! If you want to win this battle you listen to him! Let's go help lady Nimue and the others she'll be serving as commander when Zero is occupied with combat!]]

[center [b With that Shirudo and the others left as she gave a bow and a prayer off to aid and serve Nimue. Zero had looked at the woman with her taunting glare and machines as her guard drew their blades. Zero had closed his eyes taking a deep breath holding his blade.]]

[center [+red So if it isn't the "Hero" himself you know looking on the television the other day I saw that boy. What was it called again... Project White Swordsman? He was going to take your place because you're a has been right? If he's the next hero? Then I'm not impressed not at all sure he's tough I'll give him that but he couldn't change a war. Hard to believe I was told you can has been. Forcing that boy into that role? Like they did you right?! When the world faced the great Collapse you guys always relied on filthy solutions! This is why Germania is going to rule this land! It is within our right for not forsaking our humanity!]]

[center [b With that she gave a snap of her fingers with a cold glare. Zero knew that glare it was masked with hatred to hide other emotions. Disgust anguish and even pity. So she knew the boy Zero once was Frederick a boy hurled into this role a nations savior. To become the worlds savior by bearing its sins. Though that wasn't the time to recollect on such times.]]

[center [b As the women charged in Zero had opened his eyes as his heart began to race quickly. His "gifts" had been activated, with that he ducked the first women seemingly walking past her as she stood still. Before they could yell at her she had fallen to the ground Zero's blade soaked in crimson red. It was then they all had charged at full speed.]]

[center [i Impressive with such power and ferocity I am proud Yushiro held off as long as he did. Proud in him and Midori for the suit he was blessed with.]]

[center [b He couldn't waste time he could only fight like this maybe... an hour a day. If he was to fight everyday even than it will shorten his time limit. With that, he had twirled his blade around blocking every strike from the remaining unit as the blade came apart into two. As he split them apart swinging them around as the women flew back some of them not exactly in one piece. As he merged the blades together it had extended as he came toward the woman. His blade "Excaliber" modified by Midori and those back at the lab. Was able to take his "power" into living energy and swirl it around even changing the air. As the blade grew bright yellow he charged in as the mech's fired his way as he twisted his body jumping in the air deflecting the massive bullets back at inhuman speed as he crashed to the ground creating a huge crater. Turning back around his blade had grown again with yellow light this time. As he gave a few dozen swings sheathing his swords.]]

[center [i Thirty minutes.]]

[center [b Was how much power he had expended into this fight more then he had expected he had begun than to walk away as Scarlet began to yell seemingly untouched.]]

[center [+red We are still standing! Where the hell are you going?!]]

[center [+teal Awe Zero you're slipping you used to use that power to the "exact" amount needed. Are you thinking thirty minutes? So you expect us to heavy lift you till we reach the heart of the army? That is cruel you put a lot on me but really you put a lot on Nimue tsk tsk.]]

[center [+red I'm right here--]]

[center [+teal Honey I don't talk to dead people I'm sorry.]]

[center [b With that the woman had tilted her head only to have it fall right off. To see her in final moments her machines and her people had fallen apart. Zero had then placed his hand on his ear.]]

[center [i Troops will remain on standby I will be as well. Nimue I sent Yushiro and the two others to use as you see fit. Midori that woman had spoken of those suits to be prototypes sending data back as a "success." Find those blueprints and...]]

[center [+teal Weaponize it right?]]

[center [i Destroy it, I repeat destroy it do not allow anyone weaponize this data that is an order. I say this to you on a private channel and is expected to confidential only to be shared with Nimue if required.]]

[center [+teal Wow I should've peaked into that pretty little head, you really aren't hiding much from Nimue are you? Ya know I was afraid that poor woman was a replacement for Rexy, to be honest. Don't get me wrong were best friends her and me but I wasn't going to meddle. You really love her, don't you? She's not the replacement Rexy was huh? You didn't want her to face what you had to.]]

[center [i You are to go stand by Nimue as her second you're order is to disrupt the enemy forces whenever possible. You and she will be key to reaching the heart of this army before pushing it back to Galia.]]

[center [+teal Ya know... you aren't much fun you are a dreadfully dull man. Tragic,powerful, handsome the ideal of a perfect hero. It's just... so boring ya know? Doesn't help you aren't one for conversation the perfect hero would humor a pretty lady you know!]]

[center [i I... Need rest.]]

[center [b Zero had begun to cough as he looked into his head seeing blood. Jessica had clicked a button as Zero looked her way she had managed to get a visual radar. Zero wasn't sure what Albion had called them that was more Midori's creek then his own.]]

[center [+teal I recorded all of that it's kinda ironic she was going to record this fight to scare Romalia into submission. I bet to offer them some sort of deal to betray Tristaina since we are the "big bad wolf" right? Ha like we had a choice in the matter. Funny because now I'm going to use this as positive media for Tristaina. Speaking of Irony when I can actually see you fight? You're swordplay... quick decisive and despite you're personality savage. Watching Rexy poo fight in that arena I see he really did learn a lot from you. Do you really have in you? To kill the man you raised to face you're fate "tragic hero?"]]

[center [b Zero had stood there in silence as Jessica gave a shrug and a giggle as she skipped off before teleporting again and again till she found Nimue.]]

[center [b Zero had looked into his hand as he sat back down hanging his head low to the ground.]]

[center [i ... I'm counting on you my.. beloved Nimue and even you Jessica.]]

[center [h3 Getting Started]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx6tXLq27hQ]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/b3/46/35/b346353b215e14779ce4d58abe105de6.jpg]]

[center [b With that Jessica had sent the data of the fight to Midori as she made her way to Nimue.]]

[center [+teal Hey bestie! Send this data back to those reporters that can be a special scoop for them! If people around the world believe Zero can really save them maybe they'll chin up!]]

[center [b Jessica had given an innocent giggle before shutting her comms off with a frown and a sigh as she muttered.]]

[center [+teal Honestly... it's that idiot who needs saving.]]

[center [b It was at times like this Jessica wondered why she needed these tapes? This proof of his effort? His hard work? He gave up everything for the world and yet rumors grew more and more that he was a monster. He enjoyed killing he enjoyed enslaving others he hated it. He hated it all Jessica knew only the strongest could survive sure but she felt sorry for her friend. How online they painted him as cold as this villain how Kita's rebellion scorned him. Sure she gave Zero a hard time but she did so knowing he wasn't a man who wanted pity. He was a man who would bear whatever it took to save others. When he was younger he wasn't much different from Rexy or even his friends wanting the world to be a better place. This was the only way he could and he was what this villain? This monster? She loved Rex still but how could he help the people who tear down Zero?]]

[center [b He gave this world everything devoting his whole life to give people a new future and what does the world give him? It spits right into his face that's what it does.]]

[center [b It wasn't long before Jessica reached Nimue as she played the visual data for them to all watch. Ken and Shirudo watching in amazement as she gave what would otherwise be an unbelievable report.]]

[center [+teal We will be charging into the heart of the army Nimue the troops on standby are under you're command. I feel this to be pointless to report but Zero has slain the elite Squall unit. The enemy is scrambling to reform and regroup what are your orders Nimue? I was told to "disrupt" enemy lines but you are subject to change those orders. I am obligated to share that even though normally I outrank you on this mission until Zero enters the field again you are in charge.]]

[center [b Jessica gave a stretch and a smile she didn't enjoy talking like a commander. Though after that report she wouldn't have to that was all up to Nimue now.]]

[center [#a51d29 I can't believe he... How is that even... I don't understand if Zero is that strong than lady Nimue! Why doesn't he fight on the front lines?! Sure I may be a glory hound but... I hate to sound brash but he's almost like a god. How has he not ended this war? Don't tell me he enjoys being a commander so much that he doesn't push till the end?]]

[center [+purple Ken don't jest like that they won't know you are you kidding. I'm sure he has his reasons... I doubted him until now but this is proof he has a plan. This is farther than we have ever gotten so lady Nimue we are aren't your disposal use us however you see fit.]]

[center [+teal Ha, girl you can use me if you know what I mean! Wink!]]

[center [b Jessica winked giving a smile as Yushiro stood forward giving a nod looking at his current commander. This was a lot of pressure on the young girl but Jessica was sure she could handle this.]]

[center [h3 Your Shield]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/94/71/fd/9471fd50b8101300f0285896d4ce3c91--fate-series.jpg]]

[center [+darkblue As am I lady Nimue I am ready when you are. Shirudo are you okay? You took a massive beating from that massive Mech.]]

[center [+purple I am fine I am known as the "shield" for a reason I must be stalwart and firm. I'm ready to fight on the frontlines and protect each and every one of you. Zero may have proven himself but me Ken and Erna will do the same.]]

[center [b Though Shirudo hadn't said it out loud she had thought. "Why would Zero avoid combat now?" was he too valuable to risk on the frontlines against "fodder?" or was it something else? Was it to mask his presence on the battlefield? Or would he be fighting another battle? Was he truly resting? The fight was short how could he be so tired?]]

[center [h3 Fighting Alongside A Hero!]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ritsuka.Fujimaru.full.1957959.jpg]]

[center [b Before Ken had left the ship he thought about his talk with Nimue. How she was so sure that things would go well and how adamant she was about not letting Zero fight him. How come? He had shrugged and thought it was okay fighting alongside a hero is what he'd settle for! It was still quite the honor!]]

[center [b Though when things had happened the way they had Ken had realized something. As they all were ready to take orders from Nimue Ken had given her a smile.]]

[center [#a51d29 I think I get why you said I couldn't fight Zero I don't think I could ever be a match for him. Though that doesn't mean I'll stop trying you'll see! I won't let him show me up so easily! If he really needs a break then we got his back! Or I guess really we got you're back! I mean you are his second right? That basically means you a hero by association! Right?]]

[center [b He smiled as he gave Nimue a strong and sturdy pat on the back with a heartfelt laugh. Romalia had distrusted Tristaina so long but after today? Zero saving his and Shirudo's neck the way they had? Nimue willing to lay her life down for them as their commander. Ken had gained a lot of respect and fondness for Tristaina. Even if Erna and Shirudo still seemed a bit reserved to the whole idea. At least they were playing nice though.]]

[center [h3 Thank You, Dear]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Imifumei.full.1903272.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy6KGDUac4o]]

[center [b They could give a reason to give for the reporters staying maybe they got jobs here? Lots of people did come to Romalia after all but that wasn't the biggest thought in her head. She had leaped into his arms pecking his face like crazy as she smiled nodding.]]

[center [#2a425a Sounds perfect! We can say we offered the reporters a job! You'd really do this? Thank you! Thank you a thousand times over!! You're the best!]]

[center [b The normally elegant woman had held onto her husband lovingly as she shewed the guards away. She was really lucky to have a person like him in her life. It was amazing how eye to eye they saw on things like this. It was a huge risk but she wanted to help those people they looked like they had been through so much... She couldn't help but feel like a little girl seeing a poor puppy lost in the rain. Yup that was exactly what it felt like and she imagined her king beside her too picking the puppy up. "Hehe not that'd be pets but still!" she smiled brightly rather content they had come up with a plan together.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b My coding may be a bit off here may change it for Shirudo anyhow. Also! We don't have to do Romalia royalty until the main group gets there! It's up to chu! If I forgot anything or messed up anything in my post let me know I'll edit it! ^^]]
  Eric / Kudaketa / 55d 8h 51m 58s
[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1f92f2c65cfea1225bb803585b6e167/tumblr_og8cptCdvC1ucxjaeo1_400.jpg]

Mally had just stared at everyone while they spoke, like normal. Jokes going right over her head. It seemed they were all going to dance now and when they made their way to where the music was playing. It was a cute little dance floor, where other people were dancing too. Little flower banners hung between rustic looking lamps that were placed around a rectangular dance floor. Music thrusting out of some speakers placed around, and a stage to the far left of the floor was the source. A live band was playing, and Mally thought she felt a twinge of excitement.

It seemed Alvin was asking Kita to dance first, despite the promise of lessons earlier. If she had emotions, she may have been upset. Instead she shrugged her shoulders. Kanzaki wanted to give Peyton lessons it seemed, so Mally turned to Eric.
[#EC871C "Eric, let's dance. Let me teach you, since Kanzaki is helping Peyton learn."]

Mally held her hand out, and waited for his answer.

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/704bb7840806a8d8caa98067e88c2748/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Alex laughed a bit at Claires joke, pretending to be rocked almost out of his seat when she nudged him back. Slowly but surely, they obliterated the cheese fries. Alex finished his bit of his drink, and then stood up.
[#D23F0B "So, I know all the others were off playing games...We're a bit behind them but would you like to go play some of them with me?"]

Alex wanted to win her something, that's what he had in mind. Though he admitted the idea in his head sounded kind of cheesy. Maybe she'd like that? Is she into guys who win things for her?
Alex wondered how he could gain her affections without it being too obvious. He wrinkled his nose, and then rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.
Getting a bit shy, he avoided eye contact until she'd answer him.

[hr ]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/64afc1700d49ccc703d3afb2acc29ec2/tumblr_ohbrycLnIU1ucxjaeo3_400.jpg]

[#8147A0 "I think you can make anyone swoon."] he said as Rose thanked him for the input. He laughed as everyone joked around but as usual stayed rather quiet. Every now and then he'd chip in a little bit, but Shiloh would rather watch everyone.
He was a people watcher, and when he watched people he gathered information about them. He learned things about them, without all the awkward questions.

Shiloh's gift of enhanced awareness helped with this. He felt at peace watching those he cared about have fun together. It made him happy just to be there to see it.

He looked around the festival as the walked towards the music, the place put things together rather quickly. He thought it was a cute and quirky place. He knew they'd be leaving tomorrow, but it made him a bit sad. Maybe when this was all over, he'd retire here. Maybe some of them would like to come back with him...specifically Rose.

Speaking of which, Shiloh looked up and around. He saw Rose, and knew he wanted to dance with her but would it be odd to ask for the first dance? She knew he liked her, so he couldn't say he was worried about it being obvious. Still he found himself nervous, the only thing to ever make him nervous before was well, her sister. Now here he was, staring at her and he was feeling that same feeling again.

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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/0475b05ac2d1ac86be54ce6edfaa92c9/tumblr_oipo3ymCGu1ucxjaeo2_400.jpg]

Ren had been walking through the market when he thought for a fraction of a second he saw someone he recognized. He knew better than to doubt it and went that direction. He found he was correct, he followed them and knew that this person wanted to be followed. By him and him alone. Ren knew this person was maybe the only person he could trust from the past. Though he didn't expect to see them here, though knowing her profession he should have expected it.

Eventually he found them going through residential and into an isolated alley.
[#6C80A3 "What are you doing here?"]
he skipped the formalities, the hello's.
He was on guard just in case his assumptions were correct.

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Riuku had bated Ren, made him follow her. She knew that if he saw her, that he would.
She was here on a mission, an extremely private and important mission. Sent here by no other than the queen.
Once she got them to the meeting location, an extremely private spot, the most private spot in town. For extra measures she had her scouts keeping an eye out for her. They'd signal if someone was to approach and Riuku would disappear.

Ren of course spoke first, and he spoke directly. Riuku expected him to be defensive, but she knew he wouldn't be hostile. Especially since he followed her.
[#F1F104 "Ren, I am here in matters of something extremely important. I need your help, most importantly I need your newly found comrades help."]
Riuku skipped the formalities too.

Her heart race, and she felt the blood moving all through her body. Riuku had never been nervous about a mission before, but this one... this one could end badly for her.

[#F1F104 "The Queen caught glimpse of the Blades of Sacrament...With all the rumors of the lab cruelty circulating she's starting to lose her trust in Simon and what the other officers tell her. She's finally doubting them."]
[#F1F104 "She sent me here. Specifically to seek information, and once I leave here with the information I get...I will be going to the labs. The Queen is with the others at the Romalia border, they are fighting Germania now as we speak.]
[#F1F104 "Simon stayed back, he is at the Kingdom."]

Riuku removed her hood and now stared at him straight on.
[#F1F104 "The rumors, the accusations. You and I both know they are true. I need to gather as much information as possible...This includes statements from your friends who were former victims. All I need is to speak with them. I don't even need in depth information, just answers to a couple questions... After I leave here I am supposed to sneak into the labs and interview the subjects..."]

Riuku looked sadly at the ground. [#F1F104 "I need your help Ren... and if we can prove the wrong doings to The Queen, I know she won't stand for it. We both know she won't. I left the war front, so that I could do this...and if I fail...my cause will too. I could also loose my life now..."]
Looking up with a desperate hope in her eyes. [#F1F104 " If we can convince Evelynne of the truth, she'd stop the labs. She'd grant everyone access back into Tristinia. She'd get rid of every corrupt member of the army...You know she'd never let harm come to any of her people without good reason... You know how strongly she felt about consent being needed for testing. You know how we lied to her from the start because Simon and Zero told us to. I know you know the right thing to do..."]

Riuku placed her hood back on her head. [#F1F104 "I'll be watching from afar. I need you to ask your friends for permission to speak with them. I will awaiting your signal...and if you leave without ever granting me it... I will be forced to infiltrate the labs blindly. I need you Ren, please don't disappoint me."]

With that, she vanished. Using her invisibility to vanish and walk off in a direction unknown to Ren.
Riuku knew that since she had snuck away from the war effort she was already considered a traitor in the eyes of Tristania. The second they notice she's missing... Riuku felt lucky that her scouts were loyal to her and not the nation. Riuku never lied to her scouts, they all knew the truth of Tristanias sins. They all agree'd they'd work together to stop this corruption. If they failed, they'd all hide together and come up with a new plan.

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Ren stood there for a moment before turning and going back the other way. He knew Riuku was always sincere, he trusted deeply it wasn't a trap. He knew that everything she said was right, but he needed to ask and convince the others now that it'd be okay.
He'd do it at the end of the night. Let them have their time of worry free fun. With that, he began to browse back through the markets.

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Peyton had found her face slightly pink at Kanzaki's offer. She didn't expect him to ever ask that of her. Though she knew it wasn't supposed to mean anything. [#8A2BE2 "Uh, s-sure I guess."]
She also knew, she could use some pointers because she really didn't know to do dance well. She knew the waltz, she learned it before the lab. That was it, and she wasn't even very good at waltzing.
Peyton had caught Alvins smile and her rosey cheeks turned pinker. She looked away though, ignoring that fact that seeing him smile made her heart skip a beat.

Then Kanzaki asked her why she changed so often, and called her hair changing and eye changing skins. Peyton didn't change that often, in fact this was the first time some of them were even seeing her out of her blue. [#8A2BE2 "Well, I found that other outfit back in the arena and it gives me an additional power so when I need to fight I like wearing it..."] Peyton didn't want to come out with the full truth yet so she'd be partial about it. [#8A2BE2 "Plus, I don't want to be in the same sweaty outfit all the time."]
Rolling her eyes, she moved on from the topic.

[#8A2BE2 "Also I am gonna say it for the last time in front of of everyone here. Stop calling me Queen, Eric and the rest of you. It's not my name. My name is Peyton."] her tone went from sarcastic and fun to firm. She really meant it. Peyton hated being called that, she hated it.
She had a name. Everyone else was called by their names, she should be called by her name too.
[#8A2BE2 "I am in no way a queen, nor have I done anything to deserve the title. Even if I had, I wouldn't want to be called it. My name is Peyton, call me by name like everyone else get's to be called by their names."]
This all came out demanding, maybe even a little harsh but she was tired of saying it. Tired of asking to not be called by that title, it was the last time she'd put her foot down.

Soon after everyone agree'd to dancing first, Eric asked her why she picked up the bracelet she did. Peyton again would only answer in a partial truth. [#8A2BE2 "It reminds me of home."] was all she said, softly.

Once they reached the dance area, Peyton couldn't lie she thought the area was set up very cute. Looking to Kanzaki she sighed, her face turning red. [#8A2BE2 "L-let's get this over with."] Out of the corner of her eye she saw Alvin stammering over Kita again. He hadn't even spoken to her yet today. No prize... just a smile, no question to dance. As she grabbed Kanzaki's hand, she tried to bury the jealous fury storming up her throat.
Did he mean anything he said to her the other night? Did he kiss her just to make her feel better? Cause now he seemed more wrapped up and involved in Kita than anything or anyone else.
Is it because they fought together and escaped death together?
But so had Peyton with him?

She decided to stop focusing on it, looking up at Kanzaki, she tried not blush out of embarrassment. [#8A2BE2 "W-what am I supposed to do ?"]

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtlgYxa6BMU]

Kita had been tail wagging, and happily interacting with everyone.
When everyone agreed to dancing she had nodded and lead everyone closer to the music.
Kita marveled at the sights, and felt a little odd to see a path created for her by the people as she made her way around.

Kita blinked, when Alvin approached her. He was stammering over his words, and obviously very nervous. Kita hadn't ever noticed him looking at her like this before. Her ears fell against her head, shyly but her tail was wagging, slowly back and forth. Her face flushed when he finally got out what he was trying to say. [#EC0E37 "I will dance with you."] she said her voice soft and a little quieter than her normal speaking level.

As they held onto each other, Kita noticed his body had changed. She remembered in the lab, he used to be smaller than her. Though know here they were and she was looking as his muscles up close, and well touching them a bit too. He had always been just a few inches taller than her, but when he develop these muscles?

Kita remembered the first time they met. She had been in there much longer than him. She remembered him being thrown into the cell, carelessly. Covered in open wounds, and scrawny as all hell like they hadn't been feeding him. Kita gave him her food, she had remembered watching as his wounds healed themselves. Kita remembered him trying to fight her when she wrapped her arms around him. Kita remembered not letting go, until he gave in. She remembered the whole exchange being silent. They didn't actually share words until three days later.
Three days of silence, until she had finally asked for his name.
It was Rex then... or well it was still Alvin but he believed his name to be Rex.
Kita remembered taking care of him, protecting him. Showing him how to hide and survive and stalk in the arena. He was like a little brother then.
Kita remembered the day they were finally separated.
When she escaped she wondered if she'd ever see him again, if he'd survive.

Now here they were, escaping death together. Dancing together, like they weren't on the run. She thought about a few days ago, when he came to her aid in her emotional time of need.
Did the dynamic of their relationship change?
Her heart thumped as they slowly danced.
Was something different now?

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Raine giggled a bit [#6495ED "I can't be bad luck, if I can heal everyone on the crew, no one would ever die!"]

Thinking for a moment, she had to wonder if her age was eighteen. [#6495ED "Well... I think so... I actually don't know...I was seventeen when I was brought to the lab... Being locked in a dark room and stabbed every day makes you loose your concept of time. What day and year is it now anyway?"]
she asked inquisitively, laughing a bit lightheartedly about her trauma.

Raine looked at him and raised her eyebrows. [#6495ED "Well, old man if your hips are bad then we can just use mine!"] a naive tone rang through her sentence but she didn't realize the weight of the adult implication in her sentence.

A squeak escaped her mouth, and she blushed when Zack tackled her and touched her. An innocent dazed look on her face, as he whispered to her. Calling her chest, and her a treasure Raine found her heart skipping beats and her face was turning red quickly.

After getting him water, he had pulled her close and tickled her again pretending to eat her. She fell into another fit of giggles, before he placed his finger against her lips. Her face light pink, as he called her lips a treasure? No maybe he meant her laugh?
Anyway, Raine took the opportunity to bite his finger, chewing gently at it "nom nom nom".

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Midori shook her head. [#F741B4 "Don't worry about that, technically you're my test dummy. So I can see the algorithm of how the suits actually function, hence the link to my laptop."]

Midori nodded at the instruction from Zero and saluted her Queen before bouncing off. Asking the closet private where the tech room was, he pointed her in the right direction, it was connected to the medical tent so that they could all be together.
[#F741B4 "Well guys, let's buckle up."] she said as the three of them got to work.
Kicking off her boots Midori shrank half a foot, and also removed her leggings because the heat from the computers was already insane and once she linked in and started using her powers it'd only get hotter.
Within a minute she was linked in, she could see the suits stats, she could hear the enemies radios and was controlling drones to start shooting Germanian forces.

Midori kicked her feet up and kept a close eye on every computer and listened to the radios through her headphones. Sending codded reports to each posted base. That way the Germanian advancing forces plans could be foiled and revealed.

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Felicty had jumped at Clydes touch at first, she hadn't expected it. For a brief moment she began to feel better, and she forgot about what was stressing her out. Her knee swayed a bit, but she steadied herself with Clydes help.
[i That was odd.]
She thought as she looked at him.
How could he tell her not to worry, what did he mean that's we he was there for?
A million things were running through her mind all at once, and suddenly it stopped when he touched her.

How'd he do that? She didn't understand.

Felicty cocked her head looking at him, why was he asking how she was doing, he was crying right in front of her. Felicty was used to the emotions she felt she had normalized them for herself. Even before the lab, she had a hard life. It wasn't ever easy to face stuff like this, just she was so used to it she could function through the emotions and not give into them.

Felicty made sense of what was happening though. [#FBB004 "Your royal arm, you absorb emotions?"] she watched him as he cried, but she began to feel better.
It was like her power, she absorbed peoples illnesses and wounds and healed them. He did the same thing but emotionally.

[#FBB004 " I am fine, you're the one crying...Did you try to absorb my pain?"] she pointed out to him, and then asked him.
Felicty smiled a very small soft smile.
[#FBB004 "Thank you for the attempt, but I don't recommend you do that... In short I am used to feeling this way, I can function through it really...It seems you can't...Don't hurt yourself trying to fix me."] she said it all very sweetly and with concern, but also a mix of gratitude.
[#FBB004 "Save your power, we are gonna have many soldiers I will need to heal and you comfort."]

With that she patted his back gently. Soon after they left the ship and went to their posts. Some beds were already filled with the wounded, and Felicty looked at Clyde.
[#FBB004 "Let's get to work."] she said with a soft, stressed sigh.

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Nimue giggled a little with Jessica, and rolled her eyes at Erna's little snap speech. Nimue saw it pointless to put up such a tough act. If Jessica really wanted to know something she'd find it out, whether Erna liked it or not. Though she also thought Jessica shouldn't push it any further seeing how Erna was already ticked off.
[#F64408 "Don't question my leader, be glad we are here helping you. No offense but none of you have seen any of US on the battlefield either. All we know about each other is rumors...."]

[#F64408 "Germania isn't expecting reckless from us. They don't even know we are here to aid you yet. The element of surprise is a strong one when, especially when you don't have a back up plan to counter said surprise. Thanks to our spymaster Riuku ... Where did she go?... Anyway, we have a run down of what Germania is expecting, and has planned for. The plan Zero has formulated it going to scramble them and lower their morale... Plus if you taken into account all of our strengths and powers being used correctly in this plan. It's sure to succeed. Sure we may leave with some scrapes, bumps, bruises and scars but we will leave. We are going to lose a number of our own soldiers those but all those soldiers know what they signed up for when the agreed to fight in a war."]

Once they re-boarded the ship, Nimue could feel her heart racing now. Anticipating the coming fight, she turned her head at Ken's question. Asking for an arrangement duel.
Nimue remembered what happens every time Zero uses his powers and fights.
Shaking her head instantly. [#F64408 "Absolutely not."] she plainly and flatly said.
Giving no reason, because no one knew of what his power did to him.

With that being said, she received a stream of Zero's thoughts. They concerned her, and she wondered what to do with this information now.
Was it really his will for her to marry him? Or just inherent his powers once he was dead?
She'd worry about those things once they survived this war.

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Erna gritted her teeth a bit at Jessica and Nimue, but turned her head and chose to ignore them. Nodding her head at Shirudo's question.
Erna was fine, and she'd be fine.

Now she was just ready to fight and get this war done and over with and never need to deal with this others every again.

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Silas had kissed his Queen back softly and tenderly. He nodded as she spoke her idea to them.
[#E02301 "How will we explain that the reporters won't be leaving to go back to Tristania with them? And what of the other rebels? The group with the white swordsman...they are surely going to be coming here to seek refuge you think?"]

[#E02301 "I want to shelter them too, even if we have no room we will make some...but we need to do it in a manner that won't spark a fight with Tristania...We can't afford to lose our only alley against Germania and Albion..."]

Silas stood up and placed his hands on his head. Thinking of how to grant safe hiding to them. The refugees so far had been staying in the empty rooms of the castle, secret underground places below Romalian cities. Silas then thought...
[#E02301 "We have room in one more location...Here in the castle...well under the castle."]
he looked back to his queen with desperate eyes.
[#E02301 "We could store them there, they'd be safer under ground. Right under our feet too. The reporters and possibly The White Swordsman's group too, there is just enough room for them there."]

Underneath the castle was a beautiful cave, it contained an underground spring, and also an escape tunnel to the out lands. As well as a bunker, all for hiding in case of war. The bunker contained a food supply and other possible necessities.
The escape tunnel had been boarded up in the first war because they didn't want anything from the out lands coming in. So now it was just a cave with a spring, and a food bunker.

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