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[b [i We've all been to school, We all know how a relationship can shape the whole experience, but what happens in a school that thrives on the drama relationships create? ]]]

Silverheart Academy, founded in 1897 By a Mister Phillip Silverheart as a place to educate strange children of all kinds. The school has been passed down from generation to generation to the eldest son of the headmaster of the time. But things have changed. Now the school is opening its doors to humans for the brand new semester.

Welcome new students to Silverheart academy where you are free to be you. Our students come from around the world, making us one of the most inclusive schools in the world. We are proud to be opening our doors for our new semester to all kinds of students. To submit an application fill out the form and send to the address listed below:

[ 2386 Crim Lane, Dayton Oh, 45402]

[ Application form and Student handbook can be accessed at anytime with this link]

[h3 Other important links:]
[ Love Meters and further discription]
[ Classes and Clubs]
[ Student chatroom]
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A loud ringing sounded through the room as a girl shifted in her bed. Her hand fluttered out of under her pink sheets. Her palm slammed down into her alarm clock, yet the ringing stayed, causing a groan from the girl as she covered her ears with her pillow.
[+Blue "Get the hell up you potato!"]
A boy said from her doorway in her extremely bright room. The girl threw her pillow at him and hissed, rubbing her eyes as she sat up.
[+blue Not my fault summer is over! Come one you've done this for four years now Aiko, get used to it."]
The girl looked at her brother in her doorway and stood up from her bed, walking over and holding the wooden door.
[+Pink "I can't get ready if you are in here now can I?"]
The normally cheerful girl snapped, slamming the door. Yes it is true she was not a morning person, at least not until she's had breakfast. She slipped into her uniform after peeling off her pink pajamas. Geez did the girl love pink? She smelled sausage, bacon, and...she sniffed the air as she tied her hair into a half pony...Salmon! Her mother was making her favorite breakfast salmon and eggs Benedict. Sure its stereotypical of her to like that so much but what kitten could resist something as yummy as her mothers salmon.
She walked down into the kitchen and sat at the table just as her brother walked in. He pulled on her ear a little, chuckling. She hissed at him and sipped from her glass of milk. Her family was the kind of doting family you saw in all those tv shows, only they were a little different. As her mother finished cooking she yelled out to the rest of the family to come to breakfast. Of course the first person to come running down the stairs was her little sister, her pointy hat falling off as she ran. Her father walked in with a book in his hands, chuckling as her put the hat on the counter.
[I "You know the rules Lily, no hats at the table."]
He looked at her using her wand as a fork.
[I "No wands either!]
He took it from her and set it next to her hat while she pouted. Her older sister walked in, a dark cloud floating around her.
[b "Oh leave the child alone she just wants to have fun."]
she said as she sat down, stroking her black hair behind her ear to eat. Their brother chuckled as he shoveled scrambled eggs into his mouth and their mother sat down at the table.
[+Orange "We have rules in this family for a reason."]
No this was not your average family, no matter how much it would seem to them. The girls had all been adopted into the family from their human parents, Feu and Adonis Melan. The older brother was Edward Melan, human, 18, brown hair and a stern look on his face 99 percent of the time. The eldest sister was Edith Melan, half demon, 19, adopted young enough to be named by the family. The youngest Lily Mack, Witch, 7, blows up a new piece of furniture with a misfired spell at least once a day. And last but not least was the middle sister Aiko Chie, Neko, 16, abnormally obsessed with pastels, to the point she died her fur on her ears to be a pretty pastel purple. This made up the Melan family, a very happy and loving family to live in.
[I "How's it feel to be starting school again kids?"]
The father asked. All of the kids went to schools from the same "district" of sorts, being the few schools that treated creatures like normal kids. That also meant that they all started on the same day, finally including Eddy, who had been accepted into the same college as Edith. All of the kids groaned as if in physical pain at the thought of the first day of school. From now on they would all be staying on campus because the trip was too far to do every day. I was Aiko's first year without her older brother, graduating only a year before her, and it would also be the first year that Lily could get into any school after " the incident" in pre school when she set another girls hair on fire. These were new environments for the younger children, which scared them all.
As they finished the breakfast they all piled their suitcases and bags into the back of the van and drove to the train station where they would all say their goodbyes. Like every year their mother was in tears and their father had to drag her away to the car.
[+blue "Okay everyone we all know where our platforms are. Ill see you all next family dinner."]
with that their brother promptly walked away with Edith on his heals, leaving Aiko to get lily to her platform where she met a teacher who watched to make sure she didn't get lost or hurt. Finally it was Aiko's turn to get to her train where she would meet up with her friends, that is if any of them were coming this year . So she stood and waited at the platform for the rest of the students to get there. ]
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