A Bloody Encounter, and a Fearful Night

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He shook his head at her words.
"No it's fine Mina. You just reminded me of someone is all." He stated then began walking away.
"Nothing more, nothing less." He muttered under his breath then looked back at her.
"i'll be in my room if you need me. Or just call for me if you wish to train or talk to me." he said with a slight hint of sadness before disappearing into the shadows.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 104d 19h 34m 19s
He first answered answered her first question, and then after a slight pause answered her second. There had to be a good history with this significant other for him to be reacting like this. This probably coincided with what Toren had told her earlier in the garage.

[+purple "MAster, sorry if I have caused you any necessary discomfiture, if a punishment s in need then go ahead."]
  Mina / Arya / 2y 113d 4h 19m 36s
He nodded with a surprised expression.
"That would be fine. Just tell me when you wish to train." He said blinking then looked away at her question.
"N-Not all. You just.reminded of somebody that I used to know is all. I wasn't expecting you to be eager to train already." He said. Remembering Veronica and how she would asked to practice with him occassionally. He shooed those thoughts away and just sighed.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 116d 22h 11m 13s
She was somewhat taken aback when he had blinked, that meant what she had asked had surprised him in some way or another.

[+purple "Master, my curiosity currently lies in the close combat arts."] Then curiosity got the better of her, [+purple "Master? Did I ask a wrong question?"]
  Mina / Arya / 2y 116d 22h 24m 8s
He blinked in surprise at her request then soon smiled and nodded.
"That would be fine. Just tell me whenever you would like to train, and if you have any preferences on what to focus on for the training." He said, still surprised at the sudden request. Not quite expecting it from her.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 116d 22h 30m 20s
Well, he had heard her. That, was quite evident from him slowly appearing from her shadow and then asking her a question. That had worked extremely fast, another new thing learned out of the many things she'd have to learn to survive.

[+purple "Master, I was wondering if there was any possibility for extra training so I don't waste your gift."]
  Mina / Arya / 2y 116d 22h 34m 48s
A cloud of blood mist appeared from her shadow and soon formed Vad.
"What is it my dear servant?" He asked as he materialised. He had been down in his quarters drinking a glass of blood while reading a book Cole had gotten for him.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 116d 22h 41m 8s
As she contemplated over this Toren had walked away by the time she had finished. What Toren had said was quite interesting about this 'ultimate defense', it pretty made the house/mansion an impregnable fortress.

[+purple "Master, can you hear me?"]
  Mina / Arya / 2y 116d 22h 45m 18s
He heard her catching up to him and turned around.
"That's a more simple task then you may think. Just call for him. He will hear you. He hears everything on this property, he connected his blood to it. His ultimate defense he calls it." Toren answered then continue to walk away. Wondering how Vad would take it if he found out that Toen told her about what happened in the past.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 116d 22h 56m 21s
As he began to walk away, another question formed in her mind. How was she going to find Vad since he was so damn elusive? It wasn't his fault that he was so elusive, probably years living alone with no one else and with all that pain on his shoulders.

She ran after Toren and she did catch up to him since he was walking and she had run. [+purple "Uh Toren, how am I supposed to find him if he's elusive?"]
  Mina / Arya / 2y 116d 23h 1m 29s
He smiled at her answer and nodded.
"Though I respect your answer. I don't believe I'm the one that needs the reassurance ma'am. You should thank Vad or at least ask to train with him. Show you won't go down so easily and you can take care of yourself. Because even now when I saw him, he hid his pain but he seemed broken inside." He said then bowed and began walking away.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 117d 16h 1m 50s
She listened paying full attention to what Toren was saying to better understand the situation she was in. The story was indeed a sad one, and even Toren's feelings somewhat slumped at the very end of the story.

She paused to collect her thoughts, things were beginning to add up somewhat. Sure not everything made sense but at least something did.

She walked up to Toren and put her right hand on his left shoulder. [+purple "I won't be dying anytime soon, doesn't matter what's trying to kill me. That, is a promise that I won't brake."]
  Mina / Arya / 2y 119d 6h 3m 37s
Toren sighed and nodded to her question.
"Yes something did happen. Vad saved a girl from a vampire before, he did not turn her like you. He grew to be quite fond of her and her him as well. One day, he was assigned to kill a group of vampires in Brazil. He decided she needed the experience and she agreed because she trusted him. Cole objected then let Vad take her. She died on that mission and became a ghoul. He had to put her down." He explained looking away.
"We just don't want something like that to happen to him again, it almost tore him apart last time, he has been less and less like a human ever since." He added sadly.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 121d 20h 9m 9s
Personally, she liked to make sure that her bike was checked by her express self but she thought she could trust these guys enough. If they were running this whole operation without the public attention they had to have some damn good engineers.

WHen Toren asked about needing anything else, she did have a particular question in mind. [+purple "Yes please, if you can. It mostly is because of the way you look at me, I get the feeling that something happened in the past and now you're trying to figure out how it will work out now."]
  Mina / Arya / 2y 126d 21h 43m 56s
Toren smirked as he noticed she wasn't paying attention and saw her just put the key in the ignition of her bike and start it up.
"We will have a crew come in every now and then to make sure your bike is maintained ma'am." He said with a slight bow and his right arm going slightly across his chest as he bowed.
"Is there anything else you wish for me to do?" He asked with a smile. Still wondering why Vad would save a human, he remembered what happened last time he saved a girl. The only difference was, he didn't turn the last girl into a vampire.
  Vad the Vampire King / DarkVulpis / 2y 134d 1h 50m 29s

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