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[tbl [center Skeleton ][list [i [size10
Skeleton. .
[b Picture |][i URL Link]
[b Theme Song |][i {Optional}]
[b Puppet-Master |][i Username ]
[b Puppet ][i {Optional} Character name first; last]
[b Puppet Alias |][i Nickname]
[b Age |][i Preferably ages 10+]
[b Gender / Identity |][i biologically male or female? / {Optional}]
[b Sexual Orientation |][i {Optional} Who are you attracted to?]
[b Blood Type |][i {Optional} A, B, AB, O. Positive or negative?]
[b Status |][i Human or Strain. If strain please put type. Also keep in mind you can start out human and later on become a strain. ]
[b Arsenal |][i {Optional} Primary, Secondary - If you choose to start out empty handed or even unskilled in using a weapon. Remember they can train to become adequate with various weapons and even switch weapons out over time. ]
[b 1 Fatal Flaws |][i [u Do Not Put How to Kill Your Character. ]This is something that hinders your character negatively and can even lead to their death. It can be mental or physical. Some examples would be things like a phobia{i.e. An irrational fear}, mental disorder, illness{i.e. allergies, asthma, diabetes, bad heart, ect-}, disablement{i.e. A handicap like mobility impairment, loss of limb, ect-}, morals{Personal beliefs}, or even something personality wise, ect- ]
[b Bio |][i {Optional} ]]


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