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Not a moment too soon. The two of them made it to class and into their seats next to each other just a couple minutes before the bell would ring.

"Phew... we made it!" Tomoe says as they both try to catch their breath.

"Now... now I really hope there's only that field trip for gym!" Eiji says.

"You're overreacting!" Tomoe says. "It wasn't that much of a run-"

Suddenly, Eiji's sister enters the classroom. Eiji could only guess that the reason she is here is because she had something to tell him.

"She sure has the fan group, heheh..." Tomoe says.

[i Wow, Onee-sama really is popular...] Eiji thinks.

Then Eiji's sister comes over and sits in the other seat next to him.

"Hello, Oneesama!" Eiji says. "I'm fine now and the nurse was really nice to me and... are you in this class now too?"

"What a load of crap." A voice is heard in the back of the classroom. "Just when I thought this damn class couldn't get any worse, now "miss perfect president" is here too!"

Both Eiji and Tomoe look over to where the voice came from. It was Fumiko Fuchida, a girl renowned around school as the leader of the bullies.
  Eiji Sato / Okimichi / 316d 9h 33m 17s
Nagi arrived at the Student Council room in a bit of a rush. The tall purple haired girl couldn’t stop thinking about her brother. Was he okay? And then there was Tomoe, his filthy hands on [i her] Eiji. The thought was almost unbearable. “Sato-sama, is everything okay?” A short haired brunette girl with glasses called out to Nagi. It was clear Nagi was well respected in the school. Of course, she had to be pretty popular to get her position after all. Nagi was also adored by many. Countless love letters shoved in the class presidents locker, all of them just hoping the attractive class president would actually notice them, but she never cared. She only focused on her duties and grades. She needed to be perfect at everything, that’s what her father expected. And that meant being the perfect big sister...as well. At least, that’s how Nagi thought of it. She just didn’t have time for any other silly nonsense.

The other stuff came easy for her. She was great at sports, top of her class in grades, on top of her duties as class president, she didn’t even have to try very hard. All of it was natural to her, all of it but caring for someone. She never could get that quite right. Maybe that was why she cared a bit...too much? Whatever it took to be perfect at this...she would do. “I’m fine Misaki-san, don’t worry.” Nagi snapped back in to reality and quickly reassured the Vice President. It was very common for students to call the class representatives by their last names, even among each other first names weren’t used that often just to show respect. “How could we not worry about someone as beautiful as our class president!” A male class representative by the name of Ken Yamada chimed in with a flirtatious grin. “That’s enough Yamada-san” The Vice President snapped protective over Nagi. But..Nagi didn’t seem even slightly fazed. Like the male didn’t even exist or had said nothing at all. “Alright let’s get started with this year’s events. We don’t have much time before class starts.” Nagi said in a serious almost empty tone. Her mind still seemed to be completely someplace else. Each pacing minute away from Eiji was starting to get to her. To the point she dug her own nails deeply into the palms of her hands over, and over, and over again until they began to bleed and drip on to the floor but held them under the table so no one could see. [i Eiji-chan...Eiji-chan...Eiji-chan...I’m going to make this right...I promise] Nagi thought repeatedly.

All Nagi wanted to do was rush through this meeting and go talk to the gym teacher. She was going to get Eiji on that field trip no matter what. Nagi had that kind of pull. It wouldn’t be too hard, and if the gym teacher gave her a hard time..she’d find some way to take care of it. 10 minutes before class, Nagi ended the meeting early and raced over to the gym. Just like she thought, it didn’t take much other then a charming smile and her reputation, the gym teacher seemed to have no problem letting Eiji attend the trip later. Now before she headed to class she had one last thing she had to pick up and that was her new schedule. She had changed to be in every single class as Eiji. She couldn’t handle the classes without him. Each of them felt like hours. She’d rather be spending those moments gazing at the back of his head counting each of the perfect little strands of hair that grew from his gorgeous head. And now, she’d have the opportunity to do it. To better protect him. And to make sure he’s never out of her sight again so he isn’t hurt.

Entering Eiji’s class, the class president beamed with a bright smile. Quickly everyone looked at her confused about why she was now in that class, but also excited since she was so well liked. Eagerly they all raced up to go talk to her. “Ms. President, ms. President! You’re in this class now?! Wow we’re so lucky! You should come sit here!” They fought but she just brushed them off as her eyes locked with her little brothers. She walked politely by them making her way over to him and sitting right next to him, claiming the seat. “Are you feeling better now, Eiji-chan?” Nagi spoke with deep concern, all of her attention and focus on him and him alone, ignoring the dry blood that now lined her palms.
  Yandere-chan / pinkra01 / 319d 2h 6m 51s
"It's okay, I know it was an accident." Eiji says.

[i She's freaking out about this more than me.] Eiji thinks to himself. [i I'm only-]

"...Eh?" Eiji says in response to his sister's princess comment.

[i Did she call me princess?] Eiji wonders. [i Is she... trying to make fun of me?]

"A-am I not allowed to walk?" Eiji asks as his sister picks him up.

Then when Tomoe came over and Eiji's sister tried to argue over who would take Eiji to the nurses, Eiji started getting dizzy from the confusion of trying to figure out why there was argument about it in the first place.

[i Wh-why is- what- uh... who is- where??] Eiji thinks? as he is being handed over to Tomoe, not even being able to pay attention to what is being said by this point.

Luckily, he snaps out of his confusion when Tomoe asks him a question.

"Huh- oh... isn't that normal?" Eiji asks back. "Big sisters are protective over their brothers... aren't they?"

"...Y-yeah, sure." Tomoe answers.

"Do you know what the thing for gym today is yet?" Eiji asks.

"I heard it might be a special field trip to a water park." Tomoe replies. "Oh, wait... the teachers said everyone had to have no injuries, didn't they?"

"Yeah..." Eiji says.

"Maybe they'll make an exception since it was an accident?" Tomoe suggests. "We'll have to see what they say."

Eventually the two make it to the nurses' office. Once they go inside however, there was distinctly a lack of school nurses present.

"Isn't there supposed to always be someone here during school hours?" Tomoe mutters.

Then the sound of some metal clanging is heard in the hallway, just outside the door.

"Damn my clumsiness..." A female's voice is heard. "Lucky it wasn't something fragile this time."

"I'll go check that out, you just wait here." Tomoe says to Eiji as he sets him down on the examination seat then goes out into the hallway.

"O-oh, were you waiting for me in there?!" The female exclaims. "I'm sorry, I was grabbing extra pans from the storage room!"

"Are you alright Miss Wakai?" Tomoe asks. "Here, let me help you."

"There's no need, I've got it!" Miss Wakai answers. "Are you injured or sick?"

"Oh, no, I was bringing my friend here because he scraped his knee." Tomoe says as the two of them come back inside. "His sister kinda... crashed a little on their bike."

"Oh dear, let me have a look!" Miss Wakai says then goes over and inspects Eiji's knee. "Hmm... not to worry, he only needs it cleaned and band-aid to cover over it!"

"But Tomoe said that there might be field trip to a water park and now I can't go because the teachers said we had to have no injuries!" Eiji whines.

"You'll be fine!" Miss Wakai tries to reassure him as she cleans his knee then puts a band-aid on. "I don't think they could classify this as much of an injury."

"But don't water parks and cuts- oh- wait, I'll just shut up now..." Tomoe says.

"Well, you better hurry off to class now!" Miss Wakai states. "You only have a few minutes before the bell-"

"Oh ffffuuuaahh, come on Eiji!" Tomoe says as he rushes out the door.

"W-wait up!" Eiji says as he tries to follow after him.
  Eiji Sato / Okimichi / 322d 9h 46m 4s
Nagi pulled away from her little brother as he mention the pain in his knee. Her violet eyes widened and her lips parted as shock and concern consumed her. “N-No...You..can’t be hurt..!” The Class president muttered in a protective tone. Nagi couldn’t let anything happen to her precious little brother, not like what happened to the last thing she cared for. She had to prove she was capable of keeping him safe! That she could do this! Reaching for his injured leg, she went to inspect it. Her eyes widened more at the sight of his injury. His disappointed words about gym class began to blur in her mind as a flood of emotions began to take over her. [i That rabbit...This is that stupid rabbits fault! If it hadn’t jumped in front of my bike at that moment- Eiji-Chan would be fine! He wouldn’t be hurt or disappointed!] Nagi’s eye nearly twitch in irritation. Her rage towards this rabbit, seem to match the hatred for ones mortal enemy. But the most important thing right now as getting Eiji taken care of.

“Don’t worry princess. I’ll make sure you are taken care of” Nagi gave him an odd reassuring smile. But her words were kind of off. Princess? She had never called him that before. Standing up she scooped the small boy easily into her arms holding him protectively against her. Nagi was super athletic, and easily one of the best at sports in the entire school. It was easy for her to pick him up. Her odd, off-looking expression came to an end though as a tall friendly looking male approached them. “Miss. President, and Eiji. Is everything okay?” He looked a little conserned as he gazed down at his best friend, Eiji. “It’s fine, Tomoe. I have it under control” Nagi nearly snapped at him holding Eiji even closer in her arms in a more possessive manner. “Was there an accident? I dont mind taking Eiji to the nurses. You have a Student Council meeting to go to anyway, don’t you?” He chuckled and reached out for Eiji. “Like I would ever let you or anyone else touch my..!” The strange rage returned to her eyes, her pleasant kind attitude replaced with something much harsher but she stopped her self when she heard the Vice President calling out to her. Besides...how would it look if she ditched a meeting to fight with some nobody over “who took her little brother to the nurses office”. Even Eiji...might just get suspicious of her feels. “Fine.”Nagi stated coldly before leaning in towards him. If a hair on him is out of place, I’ll collect your entire head to replace it” Nagi said in a bone chilling emotionless tone, unlike one anyone anyone had ever heard before coming from the perfect class president. Tomoe didn’t take it all to seriously though. She was a worried big sister after all. Nodding reassuringly he took Eiji and headed towards the nurses office “You..and your big sister are pretty close huh?” He chuckled almost nervously.
  Yandere-chan / pinkra01 / 323d 11h 48m 11s
"I slept fine." Eiji says then sees his sister run off to get something. "O-oh, okay..."

[i She seems to always be in a good mood every morning.] Eiji thinks. [i I guess she must really like school that much!]

His sister soon came back and pulled him along with her to her bike outside. After she gets on, Eiji gets on too and holds her tightly to make sure he doesn't fall off.

[i It's always scary riding bikes... but luckily I have Onee-sama to help me feel safe!] Eiji thinks to himself. [i I don't think I could ever ride a bike unless-]

Then the bike suddenly stops and they fall off. Eiji's knee gets scraped from the impact.

"My knee hurts..." Eiji says to his overbearing sister who seems to have a firm grip on him now as she holds him close. "I don't think I can go to gym today now..."

[i And now I'll miss whatever is going to happen today...] Eiji says in his head. [i I hope they'll give me a band-aid and let me have fun at gym, but they might not let me because they'll be worried.]

"The teachers did say I would have to have no injuries for today." Eiji says. "I still don't know what we'll be doing but it sounds like it'll be fun... but now I think they won't let me go."
  Eiji Sato / Okimichi / 323d 14h 4m 7s
Nagi’s eyes widened at the site of her sweet younger brother falling onto his floor. She had to control her mind from drifting before her ears were consumed with the sound of his tender voice. The class president scrambled to put on her clothing and bursted out to race to her beloved Eiji. Though once she reached him, she did her best to hide the crazy thoughts she had about him and seem as normal as a big sister could. But even then...it was always just a little bit too nice, a bit too caring. “Good Morning Eiji-chan. How did you sleep last night? It’s a been a few weeks now so I hope you’re a just~” Nagi gave a small giggle. “Of course I’ll bring you. But I just got to grab something before we go.” Nagi’s eyes filled with excitement as she made her way down the stairs filling her backpack with two bento boxes. [i Mom and dad are hardly around, it only makes sense id make him lunch right? After all..I’ve watched everything thing that’s touched Eiji-chan’s Lips for the last few weeks and know exactly what he likes~ Nngh..E-Eiji’s lips...] Nagi’s eyes dulled over for a moment envision his soft looking lips and nearly knocked something off the counter before quickly shoving the thought in the back of her head. [i W-What am I thinking about...I’m his onee-san...I shouldn’t let such corpt thoughts of my brother go through me head] Nagi nodded and shoved the surprise bentos in her bag, deciding not to tell him about them just yet. She wanted to savor the very expression he made the second she pulled the meals out, so that she can capture and save the image in her mind forever.

Giggling softly to herself she made her way to Eiji and grabbed a hold of his hand pulling him along behind her. “let’s go Eiji-chan, we don’t want to be late!” The Class president insisted as she dragged him to her bike out in front. This was it..the favorite part of her mornings, when his small arms wrapped around her frame. Nagi smiled brightly as she waited for that wonderful moment and closed her eyes briefly just to take in his scent, to focus on the beats of the heart that kept her perfect little brother alive. Nagi was greedy over him in this moment, the contact alone was enough to make her burst with joy. But of course, it needed to end as their were other responsibilities that needed tending to...for now. Soon Nagi began peddling her usual way to school. A bright smile taking over her face, everything was right in this world, everythi- Just a few yards from the school slamming on bike breaks could be heard and then the sound of metal hitting the ground as if it had fallen over.

Sitting up on the ground, Nagi saw a rabbit limping away her dazed eyes began to flick to something more like rage before concern grew. [i I guess I didn’t notice it...I was so wrapped up in....Eiji...] Scrambling up she raced over to Eiji. It wasn’t a bad accident at all but it didn’t matter. Anything that so much scrapped his perfect body deserved the worst of punishments. Cupping his cheek with an over the top concern in her voice and face she held him close to her as tightly as she could, “Eiji-Chan..are you alright. Nothing can happen to you, nothing is ever supposed to happen to you, not while I’m here’ she spoke in a frantic tone. “I-I’m sorry...my Eiji-chan” she whispered against his skin.
  Yandere-chan / pinkra01 / 324d 3h 8m 23s
Eiji woke up a minute before his alarm would go off. He stayed in bed and laid there, wondering what today would be like.

[i Wasn't there something special we do in gym today?] Eiji wonders. [i I remember hearing that from someone... oh well, I'll find out eventually!]

Eiji's alarm goes off and he quickly gets out of bed while shutting it off.

[i I wonder what Onee-sama has in gym today, or if she even has gym today?] Eiji says in his mind while getting dressed. [i Does she do anything for gym because of how busy she is with school?]

Eiji trips over himself trying to get on his pants and falls flat onto the floor. Lucky for him, his room has vert soft carpet, which made the fall not hurt at all. But still, he reflexively says,
Then he eventually finishes getting dressed after getting up.

Afterwards, Eiji left his room and searched for his sister.

"Onee-sama, I'm ready now!" Eiji calls out. "Can you take me to school now, please?"

Though, Eiji completely forgot to eat breakfast... he would have to hope there's something he could eat at school when he starts feeling hungry, otherwise he might starve a little.
  Eiji Sato / Okimichi / 337d 7h 45m 52s
[i It's been three weeks. Three wonderful, amazing weeks, since the universe gave me my perfect little brother, my Eiji-chan.] Nagi thought as she woke out of her restful slumber. The class president wore the biggest smile a person could muster as the name Eiji rolled off her tongue. "Eiji, my sweet Eiji-chan. Are you awake yet? Did you dream of me? Of your Onee-san?" She whispered to herself with no one around. Getting out of her bed she practically twirled as she made her way over to a picture of a rabbit that hung from her wall. "How lucky can a girl be, Koko" she spoke to the photo of the rabbit as if it could hear her clearly. "I promise, I'll take good care of him, Koko. I won't let anything happen to this one. He'll have the best big sister anyone could ask for!" She giggled cheerfully. "What? You don't believe me?" She stopped her swaying as her smile slowly faded. "You don't think I'm capable of it?!" Nagi voice began to rise as she glared at the rabbit. "YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE KOKO I-wait" Nagi stopped and moved the photo out of the way pulling it off of the wall. "He's...awake..."

In front of her on the now empty wall stood a small, very tiny, barely noticeable dot. Leaning in against the wall Nagi put her eye to the black dot and was able to see right into Eiji's room as he began to change to get ready for school. Nagi took a staggered breath as she gazed over her sweet younger brothers body. Oh how she adores him. Was if too early to call this love? She wasn't sure, her heart was racing as she watched her beautiful Eiji-chan. This was perfect. But the only way it could be better was if he lived in her room with her. If she had control over what her younger brother wore. She could invision the perfect skirt for him to wear. But at this moment he dresses himself. Surely he had no idea what was best for him. But onee-san does.

Nagi counted down the minutes. Sound her beloved little brother would be calling for his older sister to take him to school on her bike like she did for the past 17 days they went to school together. His gentle soft hands wrapping around her torso. She could hardly handle such a lovely thought without bursting into joy. Soon, soon he'd call for his onee-san. He would need her. He would need to rely on her. And that's all that mattered in this world to Nagi.
  Yandere-chan / pinkra01 / 337d 10h 20m 7s

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