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Eiji woke up a minute before his alarm would go off. He stayed in bed and laid there, wondering what today would be like.

[i Wasn't there something special we do in gym today?] Eiji wonders. [i I remember hearing that from someone... oh well, I'll find out eventually!]

Eiji's alarm goes off and he quickly gets out of bed while shutting it off.

[i I wonder what Onee-sama has in gym today, or if she even has gym today?] Eiji says in his mind while getting dressed. [i Does she do anything for gym because of how busy she is with school?]

Eiji trips over himself trying to get on his pants and falls flat onto the floor. Lucky for him, his room has vert soft carpet, which made the fall not hurt at all. But still, he reflexively says,
Then he eventually finishes getting dressed after getting up.

Afterwards, Eiji left his room and searched for his sister.

"Onee-sama, I'm ready now!" Eiji calls out. "Can you take me to school now, please?"

Though, Eiji completely forgot to eat breakfast... he would have to hope there's something he could eat at school when he starts feeling hungry, otherwise he might starve a little.
  Eiji Sato / Okimichi / 7d 23h 41m 14s
[i It's been three weeks. Three wonderful, amazing weeks, since the universe gave me my perfect little brother, my Eiji-chan.] Nagi thought as she woke out of her restful slumber. The class president wore the biggest smile a person could muster as the name Eiji rolled off her tongue. "Eiji, my sweet Eiji-chan. Are you awake yet? Did you dream of me? Of your Onee-san?" She whispered to herself with no one around. Getting out of her bed she practically twirled as she made her way over to a picture of a rabbit that hung from her wall. "How lucky can a girl be, Koko" she spoke to the photo of the rabbit as if it could hear her clearly. "I promise, I'll take good care of him, Koko. I won't let anything happen to this one. He'll have the best big sister anyone could ask for!" She giggled cheerfully. "What? You don't believe me?" She stopped her swaying as her smile slowly faded. "You don't think I'm capable of it?!" Nagi voice began to rise as she glared at the rabbit. "YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE KOKO I-wait" Nagi stopped and moved the photo out of the way pulling it off of the wall. "He's...awake..."

In front of her on the now empty wall stood a small, very tiny, barely noticeable dot. Leaning in against the wall Nagi put her eye to the black dot and was able to see right into Eiji's room as he began to change to get ready for school. Nagi took a staggered breath as she gazed over her sweet younger brothers body. Oh how she adores him. Was if too early to call this love? She wasn't sure, her heart was racing as she watched her beautiful Eiji-chan. This was perfect. But the only way it could be better was if he lived in her room with her. If she had control over what her younger brother wore. She could invision the perfect skirt for him to wear. But at this moment he dresses himself. Surely he had no idea what was best for him. But onee-san does.

Nagi counted down the minutes. Sound her beloved little brother would be calling for his older sister to take him to school on her bike like she did for the past 17 days they went to school together. His gentle soft hands wrapping around her torso. She could hardly handle such a lovely thought without bursting into joy. Soon, soon he'd call for his onee-san. He would need her. He would need to rely on her. And that's all that mattered in this world to Nagi.
  Yandere-chan / pinkra01 / 8d 2h 15m 29s

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