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This is a 1x1 between Luna and I. Please don't request entry.

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-This rp is a side prolouge to Ross Vanear and Alvaro Gray's history in [b Vampire Blood ]and is centered around Freashman year.If you would like to see what happens between them in the future, please visit the Main Rp as linked above. Thank you and have a nice day!


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[+red “What the hell!”] He growled as he felt someone grabbed him tightly by the back of his hair as he twisted one of his arms behind his back, dragging him back. He was able to see just who it was. “Ugh, you just can’t take a hint. Can you?” He snarled at the male before he was pushed into the boy’s restroom. The male had let go of him and Alvaro took that time to compose himself. He stood up straight, closing his eyes and sighed. [+red “Listen, I’m not looking for any-..”] Alvaro was soon cut off by the male slapping him across the face. Alvaro’s face held a shocked expression as he touched his cheek.
[i "Now listen here, If Ross or one of his cronies arnt helping you, then that means you denied his protection, which if I do say so myself means your not only cute but stupid to."]
Alvaro looked up at him just as the male snapped his fingers and the two jocks grabbed him by both of his arms. He watched as the male walked closer to him wrapping other piece of hair around his finger harshly, pulling at it painfully. Alvaro grunted in pain. [i ‘This guy is really asking to get his ass kicked…’] Alvaro thought as he tuned out to what the male was saying the only thing that caught his attention was when he spoke his name.
[i “Oh, and welcome to hell. My name's Rukko”]
[i ‘I’ll be damned…the devil does have a name…’] He thought as he as he watched Rukko walk out of the bathroom. [i ‘Man, this is going to hurt…’]
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Narrowing his eyes, Rokku pulled back his hand as alvaro smacked it awya "Oohh looks like we have a fiesty one." He laughed. Rolling up his sleeves, Rokku walked after Alvaro and clenched his jaw.jogging up behind him, the man grabbed a fistfull of the hair on the back of his head and then one arm twisting it vishiously behind his back "I don't think I ever told you that you could leave, handsome." He snapped dragging him back and shoving him into a nerby restroom. Rearing back he angrily swung at Alvaro, hi s palm catching him in the side of his face. "Now listen here, If Ross or one of his cronies arnt helping you, then that means you denied his protection, which if I do say so myself means your not only cute but stupid to." He chuckled and cis arms. He snapped his fingers again and watched as the two jocks grabbed Alvaro holding him by his arms. "That also means that your mine now sweet pea." He said and clasped his hands behind his back walking forward he tilted his head, a charming smile snaking onto his face. Reaching up, he took another piece of his hair twisting it around his finger again, except he made a point to hold it tighter and more painfully. "Now, I'm going to have to hurt you. I didn't want to have to," he poured before shrugging "I mean I tried to be nice, but by slapping away my hand and acting so cocky you're kind of forcing my hand here," He cooed sadly before turning away. Waving his hand dissmissivly in the air he shrugged "Do what you want to him. Beat him, fuck him, humiliate him, I don't care.He's obviously not Ross's claim so we pretty much have free range.Just make sure he knows his place when your done." He called to the jocks. Stopping he thought for a moment before turning back to him "Oh, and welcome to hell. My name's Rukko." He added simply and slipped out the bathroom door.

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Alvaro gasped as he was suddenly thrown into the lockers his shoulder hitting them pretty hard.. [+red “What the hell!”] He growled. He looked at the group of people standing in front of them, but one stood out the most. It was because of the way he dressed but the way his was acting. His body language. Honestly you could tell he was an asshole from a mile away. He narrowed his eye at the male as he took a lock of his hair twisting it around his finger. He slapped his hand away in one quick motion. [+red “Touch me again…and I’ll knock your fucking teeth in.”] He told him trying to hold back his anger, not wanting to get into a fight on his first day. [+red “As for Ross I don’t even know the guy. So why the fuck would he help me? Now if you’ll excuse me I have class.”] he told him as he fix his backpack on his shoulder, pushing pass them as he made his way down the hall. [i ‘Asshole…’] he thought bitterly.
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Typical, he hated this place. So many demanding lowlifes taking up all his time. Why did he even bother with these people? To him they were nothing, trash under his feet. Not even close to being human. Animals, worthless stinking animals. Grunting softly Rokku narrowed his eyes, a sadistic smile laying on his face as he "listened" to whatever the stupid girl at his side was saying. In one ear out the other. Barely even worth his time. Currently, Rokku was waslkingdown the hall, his betas following like a pack of mindless pigs, two beefy jocks on following in the back and one cheerleader clinging to both of his sides. Grunting softly as the bell rang, he dismissed the girls happy to get them out of his way. "Idiots." He growled softly before starting up a conversation with one of the jocks. As of yet, they were roaming the halls.Each skipping a class to laugh and goof off. All three claiming the halls as their personal hunting ground until Ross got out of his next class.God how he hated him. So annoying, always in his business. Protecting the trash that were to weak to protect themselves. [i I wish he would just get his noes out of where it doesn't belong!]
Shaking his head, Rokku turned the corner and narrowed his eyes. A man with green hair clutching an itenerary walked the halls. New student, perhaps first year? Why wasn't one of Ross's cronies showing him around? Slowly a venomous smile snaked up his face, his hand raising and snapping his fingers, shutting up the jabbering meat heads behind him. Catching their attention he pointed Alvaro out and shrugged before picking up the pace. Moving within arm length, he reached forward grabbed the back of his jacket and yanked him back throwing him to the side so that his back was against the lockers. "Tsk tsk tsk. Opsie, looks like someone's running late." He cooed as his hand reached up and pushed against the locker right beside his head. Leaning forward he tilted his head "Why isn't Ross helping you cutie?" He asked his hand reaching up and taking a lock of his hair,twisting it around his finger he clenched his jaw. He would act nice until he knew his status. If he was protected by Ross then he would have to back off. But if not...then he would have a new little mouse to play with around.
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Alvaro growled lightly at the insults. [i ‘ Who’s does this prick think he is!’] He thought. Just as he was about to lash back with a few words of his own. The bell rang he watched the blond started packing his thing, making his way out of the room.
[+green “Hey! Where the hell do you think yo-“] He stopped in mid-sentence as he felt someone grabbed his shirt, keeping him back. Before he could get up. He turned around to find it was Montoya. He rolled his eyes when she said it was a respect thing. [i ‘I swear these people and their damn school.’] He thought as he watch the girl run off. He huffed slightly annoyed as he got this and put them in his messenger bags. He stood up and grabbed his vintage jean jacket and made his way out of the class, looking at his schedule. [i ‘Damn it..i should have asked that girl where these classes are. I have no idea where I’m going…oh well guess I’m going to be late yet again.’] He thought as he started to make his way down the the hallway of the school
[i 'Why is this school so Damn big..."] he growled in his head.
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Montoya (Cap) has connected.

The girl narrowed her eyes and stared at him reluctantly. Her happy and bubbly stature crumbling and leaving her umcomfortably quiet. "Well,"she started quietly and paused for a moment thinking over her responce. "I guess you can opt out, there are people who have taken that path before, but they didnt last very long before Rukko claimed them. Honestly, if thats how you feel your intitled to that. But i dont think you know what you're doing. Under normal circumstances, you would be claimed by ross, sence your a lower income student, along with the fact that you share his first class. But, if you refuse his claim he won't open his arms to you again. Your status will be with you and Rukko will take advantage of that."She murmured softly and shook her head shivering "That man is so vile. I just cant stand that piece of sh-" she growled out, her voice halting suddenly as Ross made a small movement.
Off to the side, Ross shook his head "Enough Montoya. Its rude to use such vulgar language about your peers.If you have somthing to say, then say it to his face."He said simply. Sitting up straighter he closed the book and shoved it off to the side of his desk silently. His amber eyes turned on the two, that natural dominance lighting up his narrowed gaze. "If he wants to make such a daft choice then its up to him. This-- Is nothing but a rouge and when Rukko and his people figure out that im not covering his ass, he will wish he had had better manners and watched his tone."He said simply before shaking his head. Standing he narrowed his eyes down on Alvaro, before grabbing his bag and throwing it over his shoulder.
The bell rang loudly over heared as if signaling the motion. Even with this though, nobody moved to stand. It was silent, all except for the teacher who started preparing for her next class, and montoya who leaned forward and grabbed Alvaro's shirt holding him back gently until Ross slipped out the door and dissapeared in the hall.
Letting him go, the girl, and everyone else for that matter stood and gathered their things. "Sorry, its a respect thing."She laughed softly and stood up. Slinging her bag over her shoulder she gave a big smile. Well it was nice talking to you, Garay! Good luck being a neautral!." she gigled happily and skipped out of the room happily to record the days announcements with the press club
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Alvaro looked up from his blank paper as he felt someone tapped him on his shoulder. As he did this his headphones were taken out of his ears and took his phone. He growled lightly. [+green “Hey, what the hell is your problem?”] He asked as he turned to come face to face with a girl that sat behind him. He watched her with a confused expression as she started to go through his phone as if she was searching for something. He didn’t have anything to hide so he just let her. He rested his head on his hand as she said his name. “Yeah, that me…You know you could have just asked. I would have given a pretty girl like you anything.” He smiled, but she seemed unfazed by his charm so it just shrugged it off as she started talking happily. Something about him being new, and being careful or he was going to be destroyed, but somehow he wasn’t too worried. [i ‘She has so much energy…it’s exhausting’] He thought as she introduced herself. [+green “Nice to meet…I guess…”] He told her as she smiled at him, which made him slightly uncomfortable.

[+red "I can see your pretty lost, and forgive me or not i was listening to your conversation with the King and you reeeeally fucked up."]

This got his attention.

[i “King? Don’t tell me blondie here refers to himself as king. Is it just me?Or does this guy have an ego the size of the moon?] He thought as he looked out the corner of his eye at the male named Ross who was unfazed by their conversation as if it was a normal everyday topic. For him, it probably was. Alvaro turned his attention back to the girl as she mentioned something about a hierarchy system. [i ‘Please tell me she isn’t serious…’] But it seemed that she wasn’t, so he listened as went through everything from King Pins to Omega. In his mind it was almost like a game of chess, something he like to play often. But all this made his head spin to be honest.[i ‘Status… Higherranks…Kingpins…Vivzars….Betas…Deltas…Caps…Norms...Omegas…this has to be a joke.. Right?’] He thought as he stared at the female before him broadly.

He sighed as he closed his eyes yet again.

[+green “Damn rich people…”] he growled as he looked over to the so called “King “and back to the girl. [+green “So what happens if someone refuses to be on either side?"] He asked curiously.[+green " You said the Omegas or whatever are claimed for numbers. What I refuse to be anyone claim? The idea of this hierarchy make want to shoot my brains out. But can I change it? Not likely? Can I choose not to be a part of it? Yeah. If it means I have to give up my scholarship. Gladly. Will it cause a slight panic? I hope so.”] He told her, taking his phone back.[+green “Thanks for the knowledge though, cutie. But These King Pins jerks can kiss my ass.”] He smiled as winked at her turning back around, facing the front. He picked up his pin and started to write his essay. Talking to her had given him some idea of where he wanted to be 10 years from know, even though it wasn't perfectly plan, it was still something.
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Suddenly, two fingers tapped on Alvaro's shoulder and plucked his headphones out of his ears. The move was quick and nimble. Giving a quick tug, the unknown person happily snagged his phone right out of his hands and acrolled to rhe inbox. "Alvaro Garay, huh?" a happy chirp sounded from behind him, which was coinsidently to his right as well. "You must be new here, and im not talking about the school!"The girl chattered happily "From the looks of it you already met the school head, Careful, dont get on his badside or he will destroy you!"the girl stated cheerfully and crossed her arms.
Shifting so she was onto her knees, she leaned over her desk and got real close to him "Its nice to meet you, my name is Montoya and im captain of the Tech club!"she announced and gave a big friendly smile "I can see your pretty lost, and forgive me or not i was listening to your conversation with the King and you reeeeally fucked up."she giggled brightly.
The girl was small, standing at five foot two and weighing in at one hundread and twenty pounds. Her mood seemed almost uncomfortably entergetic, though it was obvious she meant well.
"So, its pretty obvious that your kinda new to the hierarchy system that this side of Japan runs on so im going to fill you in. You see, from what ive "heard" your the Scholarship student. Which is great dont get me wrong, it takes skill to get in here. Its just that, unfortunatley for you, using a scholarship kinda locks you into like the omega status unless you directly affiliate yourself with a higher rank than you."she stated before taking a breath and continuing. "This school, prides itself on being seperate from the government, and runs souly on funds donated by top tear students. We call these, the KingPins a.k.a The Alphas."she explained and hiked her thumb descreatly at Ross. "They, are literally the reason the rest of us can do anything here. Coincidently, the two current KingPins are from major clans that dominate most of Japan. The Vanera clan, and the Hakigora Clan, but thats not important."she said happily as she lulled herself back on track.
"Anyway, the Kingpins hold the power in this school, and fund all the clubs, and extracuricular activites this school offers. Except its not that clean and dry. Each Kingpin claims territory in the school, and funds only what they claim. Ross over here tends to lean towards more intellectualy advance clubs like my Tech club, courtsmenship, book club, chess club..."She rattled off a few more but figured he had gotten her point and switched to Rukko, who leaned towards the athletics.
"Ross does claim tennis,volleyball, and soccer but everything else is under Rukko's control."she added and shifted more comfortably into her chair.
"Under the kingpins, are the Vivzars which are friends of the KingPins. Vivzars can be anyone, and are honestly the fastest way to get to the top. Unless of course you claimed by Ross. He only choses a select few each year. Under them, student counsil president-the betas, the disiplinary commity- the deltas, and then the club captains, like me! We ushually go by Caps though. "she explained, pausing for a brief moment just so she could readjust her headphones. Smiling , she thanks his patience and continued joyfully. "At the second to last, are the people involved in the clubs/activities and then the Norms. Norms dont ushually get noticed and are claimed strictly for numbers. You my dear sir would fall under that catagory. Your like the Omegas. Sadly, other than being directly noticed its really hard to get any higher in rank once school starts." she admitted.
"Most of the people sign up for elective classes in the summer. The people who dont are still placed in those classes, but its marked as an unregistered entry so you stay and Omega, or a Norm. Whichever you would like to call it. "she giggled happily. Her bubbily nature was so incredibly disarming, compared to the subject she was explaining it was almost sureal. Leaning back she smile.
  RobinGale / 3y 19d 2h 25s
Alvaro flickered his eyes over to the male as he started to snap his fingers as if he couldn’t hear him.[i ‘What an ass...Are all these people like this...?.’] He growled as the blond male told him it was rude to look away from someone when he asked a question. He watched as the male leaned back into his chair crossing his arms of his chest and started to answer his question. He rolled his eyes as the mlae asked question and then answered it. [i ‘Does this make you an less on an asshole? No.’] He thought as he stared ar him boredly. [+green “Valedictorian, billion dollar industry, Not have to struggle….you have it made. I get it. Damn.”] He mumbled as he told him he should stop daydreaming and so his work. He wasn’t that he was daydreaming, it’s just he couldn’t picture himself 10 years from now. What did he have? Little above Average GPA? Pretty much. Money? If he did, he wouldn’t be walking to school. Working hard for all these things? Every damn day. The only reason he was here was because a scholarship. [i ‘I shouldn’t be here…’] He huffed as he opened his eyes and watched a the male suddenly changed personalities. He raised an eyebrow at him as he smiled warmly. [i ‘Vanera Syndicate? Where have I hear that name before…and what the Hell is a KingPin. He must like hearing his self talk’] he thought as she put his headphones back on as looking down at his blank paper. Where did he see himself 10 years for now? Then it hit him as he grabbed his pen and started to write.
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Ross's designer pen stoped in the middle of an O. The ink driping down to create a dlot on his paper. Raising it he stared at the imperfection sourly. Narrowing his eyes on the pen he sighed lowly, and carefuly lifted it off of the otherwise flawless page. Setting it down, he looked over to the man sitting beside him and narrowed his eyes. The amber gaze flickered for a short moment as they scanned Alvaro, the emotion in which they flickered indescribable. Reaching forward, he snapped his fingers in the mans face to grab his attention "When you're asking a question, its rude to look away."He sighed irritably before leaning back and crossing his arms "To answer your question, i dont. I couldn't tell you what we are having for lunch tomorrow, let alone an hour from now, but when it comes to extended periods of time i like to look at probabilty. So the probability of a 4.0 valedictorian getting into Harvard? High. The probability of inheriting my fathers billion dollar industry? Certain. The chanse that im probably not going to have to work for sucess? A given. And, "he paused for a moment "This here is the kicker," he continued "The chances that im never going to have to work for any of this? Zero."he said simply and shrugged "I have my life figured, because ive worked to get it that way. Instead of daydreaming and blowing off my work, i actually do it. So maybe, instead of scrutinizing my lifes schedule you should get to work."He said blankly and turned away. Stopping suddenly, he turned back and offered a suddenly innocent and warm smile "Oh, by the way, im Ross Vanear, heir to the leader of the Vanera Syndicate, and current KingPin of the school. "he said simply before turning and finish the sentence. standing he simply walked to the teachers desk, and sat back down cracking open a leo tolstoy.
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Alvaro sighed as he looked around the class room to see his fellow classmate with their heads down and their pencils moving. He groaned as he looked to his left at the blonde haired male, to see he was also working on his assignment and by the looks of it he had everything figured out. And honestly it pissed him off. How could anyone know where they would be in the next 10 years. It wasn't possible. Right?
He rested his head on his hand and continued to started at the handsome male with a small pout. [+green " How the hell could you possibly have everything figured?"] He asked out of the blue. [i 'Shit...i was suppose to say that aloud... oh well. He'll probably just ignore me like i'm trash on the street.'] He thought as he looked away for him. [+green "How can you be so sure that life will work out that way...you don't know what tomorrow holds."]
  Alvaro Garay / KelliannaLunaX34 / 3y 19d 7h 19m 1s
Glancing up, Ross narrowed his eyes on the man standing in the doorway. He didn't look like he belonged here. Not in such a prestigious highschool. Maybe he is a scholarship entry. Probably got inrolled through some public school lottery that pays your way. Letting out a short grunt, the blonde shook his head and turned away focusing on his paper. Well, at least the guy had some good looks going for him. If Ross didnt have default claim on the lower class, Rukko would probably have snatched this gem up. Shaking his head free of the thought he sighed, and peered up at the teacher. The assignment was minimal difficulty at best. Smirking at the thought he shook his head "10 years? To easy."he grunted softly to himself. Tearing a piece of papers out of his notebook, the man sighed. uncaping his black obsidion pen he bagan to write. His curvsive a beautiful and flawless style As his hand flew over the paper. In 10 years he wanted to inherit his fathers buisness. To go to harvard and study a vast ciriculum. To suceed. He wanted to live a prosperous life and elegant life free of the stress that happened when you struggled.
  RobinGale / 3y 19d 5h 43m 12s
[i ‘Maybe I should have skipped this class.’] He thought as he found himself standing in front of the door to his language art class. He placed his headphone around his neck, his rock music blasting from them. He sighed. [i ‘Too late…’] He thought as he opened the door as he walked into the room. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him.
He gave them a small smile and waved as the teacher walked over to him. He handed her his pass.

[b “Well since it the first day, I’ll let it slid this one time. Please find a seat.”] She told him.

Alvaro nodded and looked around the class for an empty seat. He spotted one next to a blonde dude, well it was the only seat opened at the moment so it wasn’t like he had a choice [i ‘Well at least he’s cute.’] He sighed and made his way over to him, sitting down next to him. He took of his vintage jean jacket and placed it on the back of her chair. “I'm sooo tried..." Alvaro sighed as he complained, as he laid his head on his desk and closed his eyes, trying to find some peace in this hell. But that was soon interrupt by the teacher telling them to right an essay about where they wanted to be in life 10 years from now. He sighed as he sat up and grabbed a pen and paper from his bag and started on his work. He would have to go school supplies shopping soon, but he didn’t get paid until next week, so he would have to make do with what he had at the moment. A few minutes passed and there were still no words on his paper, suddenly finding this assignment difficult at the moment. The question wasn’t something he thought about often or at all. I mean why would he?

[+green “Is this some kind of joke…”] He said to himself. There was no way in hell he could possibly know where he would be 10 years from now, specially not in the state he was in now with his health. The next 10 years were too clear to him.
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The ride to school had been typical, and uneventful at best. When he arrived, he parked his car infront of the office, the sign marking it as his bearing the symbol of the prestigious Vanear clan. Next to him, sat Rokku's, and although he didnt bear it much mind, he couldn't help but notice the small lettering that read [i Fuck You] on the side. "Im not even in the door, and already my previous claims are defacing his things." he mumbled softly and shook his head in a miniscule feeling of pride.
Grabbing his bag out of the back seat, he silently made his way to the front entrance and stepped inside. The room fell to a hush, His fellow freashies already filling in the news of that generations king pin to the older sophmores, juniors, and seniors. Giving a small huff he shook his head. It was rare for an older generation to be upscaled by the middle school king. Rare indeed.
Shaking his head he quietly walked to his locker and pulled it open, shoving the freshly bought supplies inside. He could sense the looks people were giving him, each person wavering on if they wanted to side with Rukko or him. But he didnt need to look to know who would do what.
Rukko, who had arrived before him, had already snatched up many or the athletic clubs. He ditched band for color guard, and went straight for the kill by grabbing up the cheerleaders. That alone would attract many men to his side. Meanwhile, Ross had yet to make his claim's. He favored pursuits of the mind and the arts, so he would probably grab up Dancing, Drama/Theater, Courtmenship, Chess, and the like. Hell, he might even take in the Choir. He was going to join up with it anyway.
Lost in thought, Ross just barley noticed as two loud rings rang through the hall. [i Shit. Two minute bell.]. The thought snapped him from his thoughts, and made him jump to action. Shutting his locker he flipped open the list and glanced it over before navigating the halls to his room. language arts. Stepping in he gathered his thoughts, and took a deep breath. Looking around he gave a warm smile to the girls, who just about died. Walking to the back of the room, he took a seat in the back corner by the window and leaned back. From where he sat, he could see everything. Which was just how he liked it. Perfectly in control.
[i Ding! Ding! Ding!]
Three bells and zero minutes to spare. Bending down, he pulled a notebook out of his bag and started taking down notes, the teacher wasting no time to dive into chapter one.
  Ross E. Vanear / RobinGale / 3y 19d 10h 2m 40s

Alvaro groaned lightly as he slowly reached over to shut off the alarm clock. He really hated getting up early foe anything, but it was the first day of school, and he had already slept through five of his alarms and was now late for school. Slowly sitting up he started ran his hands through his blue hair as he scanned the room, which was filled with boxes that he would soon have to unpack. He yawned lightly as he got out of bed turning on some rock music and made his way into the bathroom turning on the warm water to take a shower. He and his mom just moved to this part of town after she found out his dad was cheating….things got a little dark after that and it was too much to handle.

He sighed as he turned off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist body as he stepped out of the shower and walked into his room going over to a box that was labeled ‘Clothes’ and picked out a few things. He walked back into the bathroom and he looked into the mirror at his now blue hair that he had dye last night and pinks eyes that he had gotten from his mom. He turned around and started to get dressed himself in a grey tank top, black skinny jeans with his biker boots and of course his vintage jean jacket. He ruffed his hair slightly as he grabbed his tooth brush. Once that was done he walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his messenger bag his phone and his headphones as he made his way out of the empty apartment.

Alvaro yawned slightly, running his finger through his blue-ish hair. He was currently making his way onto the school’s ground. [i 'Man this is so annoying…’] He thought as he grabbed his headphone and his phone out of his massager bag. He placed his headphone on his ears, quickly unlocked his phone and started to play his rock music. [i ‘Its just the first day how much could have I missed…’] He thought as he looked around the courtyard. [i ‘Now where is the office…’] He looked at the map that he got off the school’s website.

Finally making his way to the office, he sighed as he opened the door walking in. [b “Late on the first day? What’s your name? ”] The lady behind the front desk asked. Alvaro gave her one of his charming. [+green “Alvaro Garay”] He asked, signing in his name. [b “Is there a reason your late Mr. Garay?”] She asked. [b “I have a very rare sleeping disorder.”] Alvaro chuckled. [+green “I can have my doctor called and explain it, but I do have a note from him.”] He told her as he handed her the note from his doctor. [b “ Try not to be late again.”] She told him as she hand him as pink piece of paper. He smiled and took the paper and waved to her. He made his way out of the office and to his first class of the day.
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