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"I would hope, they live here too", she says as she smiled then closed her eyes as she started to feel lightheaded but closed her eyes and held unto the counter so she wouldnt pass out.
[b That damn bear again? How do is always manage to find you? must be your spirit animal] He said with a chuckle before turning towards the sound of footsteps that were closing in on the front door. He strode over to it and peeked through the peep hole [b Amy, Its the jokers]
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She shook her head as she looked at him then stood up, swaying a bit "like that bear that almost killed me?", she says laughing as she looked around wondering where the Jokers were at.
[b You should know by now that there is always something out there waiting for you. Wild animals just don't take too kindly to you for some reason] He turned his head in the direction of the car door slam [b I wonder who that could be? Did you invite anyone over?]
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"Ah you know, hunting had its consequences and hazards", she rasped out as she winced as her chest stayed to hurt then heard the sound of a car
Josh walked into the room and took notice the injuries that Amy had acquired recently and began internally freaking out while trying to remain calm on the outside. He Strided over to Amy and Forced a smile that hid an intense worry for his sisters safety [b What happened to you sis?]
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"Oooh evil people goody goody", she says as she smiled, the experiment X she went through have messed up her brain and way of thinking then twitched her neck as she looked around. About 4 hours later, She was sitting on the couch, Her face caked with dried and fresh blood, a small gash on her forehead, the right side of her shirt and her hip on her jeans soaked with blood, blood dripping from her nose and mouth, another gash near her hairline. Blood was dried on her left ear and had 3 claw marks on her chest and her left cheek.
[i Sal tilted his head [b What would that be?] He looked at Murr joe and Q and returned his gaze to josh Amy. [b Well Sally boy, there some very...evil people after us so we would like to ask the producer of the IP if we can use the show to draw them out.]
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She pulled out her pistol with her silencer then shoot the other sniper then put it back in her pants then looked around seeing Q, Murr and Joe.
[i [b Josh looked at her and nodded. He pulled out 45 caliber pistol and aimed his pistol at a window in a nearby city building and pulled the trigger killing the would be assassin before they could harm anyone] So sal, maybe you can help us with something?[b he inquired and looked back at amy, giving a slight nod]
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"Business is business, ya know?", she says as she caught a glimpse of the shining of a scope over Sal's right shoulder then looked at Sal as she motioned to Josh.
[i [b Sal opened the door slowly and looked into the car, Smiling at Amy] Are you alright? You don't look so good. [b He looked her up and down noticing the dry blood on her shirt and the wounds on her legs and arns]
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She jumped at the sudden noise then looked around groggily, shielding her eyes from the sunlight, a gold medical bracelet on her right wrist then smiled at Sal as she coughed wetly.
[i Sal was walking down the street just taking in the warm weather, which was a break from the cold which they had been experiencing for quite some time beforehand. he watched several birds fly overhead and waved to a few fans who had noticed him before peering into the vehicle in which amy was seemingly resting. he knocked on the window hoping it Amy would hear it [b Hey Aimes, are you okay in there?]
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She was sleeping in her 1967 Black Chevy Impala, wearing a red long sleeve paid overshirt, black shirt, blue jeans and brown boots. She had dust in her hair and on her clothes, blood on the left side of her face that went down her neck, a gash on her hairline and had blood dripping from her nose that wentover herlips and down her chin and some splattered on the right side of her face. She also had a slash mark on her right upper arm and some claw marks on her chest and upper back, holding her arm to her chest, around jet neck were 10-20 flat and round dog tags kept on what looked like different colored shoelaces, her knife holster on her side and a baseball bat listing by her feet.

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