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Hello fillies and gentlecolts!

I've been DIEING to get a MLP roleplay going, and my usual chat is running slow. So...I decided to come back to ES.

In this RP, anything can be done, I'm flexible with plot, perhaps the changelings come back...or discord goes back to being evil...or Princes Luna becomes Nigtmare Moon comes back...or an OC villain comes to Equestria.

Of coarse, OC are more then welcome, and incoraged.

As for rules, I just ask that you follow the general rules. Sexual or suggestive scenes are ok with me, and I can go to another place to RP as ES rules demand.

My character is an Earth Pony named Rockanne. She loves music and ALWAYS wears her headphones. She always listens to music, or her own so she can modify it to make the song better. She is very outgoing, and will tell you what she thinks to your face.

More details are to come, I'm working on her personality in rps.

PM me if you are interested in RPing with me, I'm desperate...

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