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"Is fine I'm used to being treated.differently", she says as she shrugged as she itched her neck
[b [i I guess... i just sorta fell]] she laid on the floor, [b [i Hey amy im sorry that i did what i did today... i just sorta.... i dont know]]
  Elizabeth Silverstone / -Dark-Melodies- / 2y 34d 13h 41m 16s
"Hey, I can to get. . You okay?", she asks, having a butterbeer frappuccino in her hand and Mikku having a candy cane one.
Max heard a knock so she tried to get up but her knees were wobbly and she fell to the ground and knocked some bottles down too. she yelled [i [b "Come in!"]]
  Elizabeth Silverstone / -Dark-Melodies- / 2y 34d 14h 9m 34s
She felt the car stop and knocked on the door, Mikku by her side, him dressed in blue jeans, a short with grease and dirt stains from work, work boots and his hair dyed a pink color, standing 5'9".
Max decided that the Whiskey set really well with her. She never really drank before and it was an experience. she pulled out the fireball and rum chata that her friends had stashed at her house. they had said it was great mixed together. she pulled out two shot glasses and waited for amy to show up
  Elizabeth Silverstone / -Dark-Melodies- / 2y 51d 7h 46m 51s
She and her friend were driving to Max's house but had to pick up some stuff "looooots of gaas, Louis ran away now we have Thirty rooms, Hello beans goodbye spraaaaay", she says in her Peter voice then coughed.
Max drove home after school and hoped amy would be coming back to atleast get her stuff. she could explain and clarify everything.

She grabbed a tumbler of her dads and put ice and some of her dads expensive whiskey to numb her nerves
  Elizabeth Silverstone / -Dark-Melodies- / 2y 51d 9h 7m 32s
She walked to her next clad then when school ended, she wad picked up by her friend Mikku, ending up driving up to the neatest mall, which was an hour away.
max slowly backed away. when she bumped into a locker she went out the door. the crisp air hit her, she gulped it down like fresh water to a parched person
  Elizabeth Silverstone / -Dark-Melodies- / 2y 59d 8h 45m 17s
She grabbed one of the male bullies by his neck and elbowed him hard in the face three times then threw him hard to the ground, ducking from a punch and kicked the other bully hard across his face as she threw the third over her shoulder.
Time skip:
The next day at school max decided to act out being a bully to amy again, she also decided making it a surprise to amy would be better than having her expect it. she just didnt expect amy and the other bullies to get in a fight. so you can imagine how surprised she was when amy got the upper hand in the fight.
  Elizabeth Silverstone / -Dark-Melodies- / 2y 60d 6h 48m 11s
"I'm sure, I've already had 3 but I'm good", she says then heard the sound of something breaking in the other room, going to the kitchen and having a knife, twirling it in her hand. It was now Monday and she walked up the steps and could hear people whispering about her but ignored them as she walked to her locker.
[#0000cc you sure?] she examined amy [#0000cc want an ibuprofin or something? i think i have asprin..?]
  Elizabeth Silverstone / -Dark-Melodies- / 2y 60d 9h 5m 10s
"Pain in my chest and stuff, don't worry is not a heart attack", she says reassuringly.

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