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[center [b Greetings, people of Earth.]]

Uh.. So.. I got bored.
I made a thread. And I'm looking for people to casually talk or roleplay with! :D
Let's talk or something! So woohoo! Fun times.

Currently advertising this one!

[spoiler [size7 I'm a giant weirdo and you might like me or might not. Never know until you try! Just go ahead and message me if you'd like to talk.]]

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Hello everyone,

Currently salty, I have no reason to be salty but I am anyway. I have threads that I really want to kick off but kinda haven't and part of me is just like.... reee should I just give up again on rp. Anyways what's up?
  QueenVerlacian / 10d 1h 27m 30s
Wow. I really want to be able to join at some point, but I get that it’s just a thing for you and your friends. It’s amazing what a community can do, huh?
  Sklee / 11d 7h 24m 29s
*Prrums tail swaying*
I'm quite lucky to have found this server. As it initially started with a game that the world is based around, and created their own server that focused more on RP
Though I now find myself aiding the large group in a collaborative building of their world, as my own dragons that I have brought are originally from my own world

*Gives a slight nod*
I know what you mean
This was indeed a place to escape to and bring characters to life. I have so many on here, another main reason I mostly stick around. I really should transfer them all to somewhere safe to store them just incase something happens, which I hope it doesn't

*Glances over*
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 11d 7h 31m 34s
Well, Kenshi, I just joined, and I’m already doing ok. You can definitely do it too!
  Sklee / Sklee / 11d 16h 33m 0s
How long is it before we are considered veterans?

Also hi folks, for however long we're all browsing ES again.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 11d 19h 49m 45s
I should browse the roleplaying servers of Discord sometime. That might prove fruitful, but only time will tell.
*Reaching over, he pats the muzzle, rubbing both sides with his palms affectionately.*

Can't forget my favorite dragon. I do so enjoy our small interactions when we have them. I come back here for the few who remain, such as yourself, and can't help but be optimistic. This place was quite the escape for me when I was in high school.. Shame to see it fading, really.

I went searching recently and I'm kinda nervous to try to insert myself into any other communities. I don't feel welcome necessarily. >~> Everything is so proper and detailed, with everyone having built their stuff up over years. It's not that I don't have the literacy to do the same, I just lack the drive to create a new identity.
  Kenshi / 11d 23h 20m 37s
Neat, what’s your name? Fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
  Sklee / Sklee / 14d 8h 11m 48s
*Chuckles softly, lightly nudging Kenshi with muzzle*
Completely understandable
Well, the run the site had for awhile was a good one, I'll give it that

Unfortunately though, it is slowly dying

I've mostly moved to discord
As I have found a server with a group of individuals who enjoy RPing dragons

Also have a great friend whom I incredibly enjoy talking to on there

[hr ]

Though for the most part, life is keeping me busy
When I'm not writing in my free time, I'm playing games
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 14d 8h 14m 49s
I can fucking prove multiple realities are more then a thing!
  Sklee / Sklee / 14d 8h 24m 13s
I keep meaning to change my character. That Bun was only meant for a joke the first time.
  Charisma / Kenshi / 14d 8h 41m 4s
Hey Cita. Sorry about the delay, I usually hop on here once a day or so now just to lurk around. But I do agree, I should've expected a shift in the regulars here, but somehow I thought this place would never change. Felt like the site had this unbreakable structure and hierarchy among the old members.

But anywho- Time to nerd out because no one finds this as interesting as moi, so I'll just put it out in the world. NASA discovered last night, on the atomic level, decaying neutrons that were decaying suspiciously quickly. Well after some more digging, they found out that those neutrons are from ANOTHER DIMENSION parallel to our own, where time is moving BACKWARDS. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK? THIS IS SO COOL.
This has reinforced my ideals about how existence functions, and it makes me beyond ecstatic.
  Furious Little Cynnabon / Kenshi / 14d 8h 41m 37s
I was looking for a place to rp and a friend recommended this, hello, I'm new
To this thing
  Tristan / TrinyPsycho / 14d 15h 37m 30s
Tis completely fine

I've mostly gone into lurking for the most part now on the site. I'm normally always lurking somewhere
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 14d 23h 58m 0s
I think we might have, though not rp wise. I think just from seeing you on the site, is what I meant. I apologise. It's been a while and this account is new; replacing my old which I believe is now a sock puppet.
  QueenVerlacian / 14d 23h 59m 19s
Hm, I am unsure of you stranger, but as for the owner of this thread, Kenshi, I have known for quite some time now
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 15d 2m 52s

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