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She nodded her head and accepted his arm with a soft "thank you." She looked around. "It is a nice room. Mine isnt this big."
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 2y 99d 12h 43m 33s
"Will this is the throne room or the great hall this is where we go for daily meeting with the people and any type of ceremonies like crowning and marriages. It my favorite room in this castle." Liam said as he looked around trying to gather his thoughts. " I can show you the Ball room and dinning hall next before i show you to your room and outside." He added holding out his arm trying to be as nice as he promised to his parents.
She smiled softly. "They did a great job. I would love a tour. I am fine with what ever you would like to do." She said with a soft smile not feeling like resting.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 2y 101d 11h 8m 10s
" Thank you.. but i cant take all the credit. It took years for my family to establish this kingdom." Liam said as he brushed his hair back. " Would you like a tour or I can show you to your room if you want to rest.." He said to her
She looked back at him and lowered her head some, not wanting to seem over formal. "My ride here was fine. It is a beautiful kingdom that you have." She said with a smile. She could tell that he was not that interested in her.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 2y 102d 13h 51m 20s
"How are your trip here?" Liam asked as he stood up and walked down to her. One thing he was brought up to do was be polite to all no matter what. He bowed his head looked back at her. For a brief second he gazed into her eyes before looking at something else.
Luna looked at the man and could tell that he didn't want to do this at all. She sighed softly and smiled sweetly. "Hello. Prince Liam." She said softly as she walked to stand before him.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 2y 102d 20h 29m 21s
" Your highness. May I introduce Princess Luna." the butler said as he opened the door for her to walk in. Liam sat a little slumped on his chair with this "I don't want to do this " look on his face. His hair was dark brown and gel back a bit. He wore a black suit and a grey tie.
Luna sighed softly as she smoothed out the lines of her simple white sundress. She was going to meet a prince through an arranged marriage that just might help her save her kingdom. A deep sigh was released as she looked out the window and saw them approaching the castle.

Once there, her door was opened and she stepped out, thanking her helper. As she approached the door it was opened for her. A butler informing her that he will show her the way to the thrown room as her heels clicked evenly on the wooden floor.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 2y 102d 21h 58m 52s
After days of arguing with his parents about this arrange marriage, Liam finally came to an agreement the day that the princess he would marry would arrive. He wasn't happy about it, he rather be a lonely king when the time comes than to share his throne with some princess.

Liam looked in the mirror at himself before going down to the throne room to wait for the princess. He didn't know anything about her other then she was from another country and she needed to marry someone before her crown was taken.


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